Color Out of Space (2019) Movie Script

"A oeste de Arkham
the hills rise wild,
and there are valleys deep roots
no ax never cut.
There are dark and narrow gorges
where the trees lean a fantastic
and where small streams run
without ever having reflected the sunlight.
When I visited the hills and valleys
to measure the new terrain of the dam
They told me that the place was cursed.
I heard the comment in Arkham,
and as this is a very old city
full of stories about witchcraft,
I thought the curse was to be something
grandparents came whispering to children for centuries.
Later, however, I saw the tangle of valleys and slopes west
and abandoned any questions
not versassem on the aura
ancestral mystery that hung over the place. " HP Lovecraft
In front of me,
Behind me,
To my left,
To my right,
I conjure the rulers of the earth,
air, fire, water and ether.
Be with me now.
Fire Spirit
continue to burn
any remaining cancer.
the body of Theresa Gardener.
My mom.
Me garantam
their protection.
Me garantam
My freedom.
And finally,
but not least,
take me out of here.
Excuse! Excuse mess!
This is private property.
I said it was the municipality.
It ends in the river. You're trespassing.
Said the mayor
He had warned residents.
I apologize. - It is the first time I hear it.
What do you now?
Sorry, I'm ...
Ward Phillips.
I am a researcher. Work for Hydro.
Hydroelectric Valley company.
legal history.
Well, thanks for ruining my ritual, Ward.
Yes. Ritual. Strength of will, good intentions ...
Is Wicca or Alexandrian?
What do you think?
Definitely Alexandrian.
It's your second mistake today.
Stay on the west bank
and will find its way back.
Leave it to me. Thanks.
Hey. What's your name?
Lavinia Gardener.
I live here.
Come on!
Nice to meet you. - Let's Comet.
Where were you?
I was trying to cause a heart attack in his mother?
I thought I'd take a walk with Comet before dinner.
It's nothing more.
I told you not to go without a helmet. And your boots?
What happened to them? -Dad! Relax!
It's OK.
Accidents happen, Lavinia.
I will have my children
and I will understand. -Exactly.
Did you see? We understand each other.
Now take barn pro Commit before his mother see.
Have you seen your brother?
He spent all afternoon outside.
He was supposed to be studying
just like you.
How do I know? You should be listening to music and smoking a.
Are you telling me that your brother is smoking marijuana
and listening to those horrible songs
and you did nothing?
Lavinia! You did not do anything?
Never mind, dear. It's all right.
Benny, can you feel the Marofa here.
Got me.
You give too much away.
He found a partner in crime.
I found some more old stuff Grandpa.
Seriously? -Look that.
It's mine. -Is not fair!
You've got the compass. -I need her.
He managed to curse us?
I do not curse.
They come back to you.
Now will keep these things
not to we're late for dinner.
Mom and not more pire.
I'm not your bitch, do not.
In fact, it is.
Witch, witch,
Sucubus soul sucking.
Hey. I found a strange house
near the river. He said he was doing research.
Search what?
The water table, or something.
Do not know.
It was kind of cute.
What are you looking, Jack Jack?
Dad said if olar enough,
you can see stars down there.
I would not look much.
Dad took too much acid in the old days.
But I'm seeing stars Yes!
Are your eyes playing tricks on you.
But why are you out here?
Dad sent me to fetch water,
I can not untie the rope.
Jesus. Why do not buy bottles like everyone else?
Thank you for cooking again, Dad.
They know that I love to cook for you.
The smell seems you've improved a lot.
I miss Mom's pancakes.
So, what's for dinner?
Oh no. Disgusting.
It is a traditional French dish.
In other words, peasant food.
Jackie, remove the cover of vegetables, please?
Yes. - The smell is great.
Is it because you're stoned. -Shut up.
We all know that you prefeirira fast food.
I love mystery meats.
Well, that is not mysterious, dear meat.
It is a dish with duck, pork,
regional spices and is the favorite of her mother.
Yay! I love Ducks!
Everyone loves ducks.
We fall down 4 points.
But not sobrevendemos. The market had a high.
No, we do not want to sign yet.
When I accepted this position,
I was thinking we'd get to ...
- Theresa, dinner is ready.
Listen, we have a great proportion of confluence.
It's getting cold!
Just take a look at strategy and I sent you ...
Return in an hour? Great.
I'm coming. You will not eat it?
Honey, you can do something with the router?
I will start losing customers as well.
Probably the ADSL.
I look tomorrow.
Oh thanks!
Sam. Deite.
Good boy.
What is it? - Cassulet.
But apparently,
our daughter prefers fast food.
And what kind of meat you think
You will eat in fast food?
I know that is anything but meat, but
it's delicious.
Wait until you try alpaca year.
Ai will know what is a delight.
No. I'm going to throw up.
Nobody eats alpacas.
They are used to make clothes.
I do not know why bought.
Why are the animal of the future, remember?
The Mayans knew what they were doing.
So they are extinct.
Pare, Lavinia. Coma bell.
Nathan, could go to the basement and
choose one of your wines?
I know exactly what.
I cook next.
It's not so bad.
What happened?
Nothing ... just ...
I Guess I can not take it ...
You know what time it is!
No, do not say!
Guess what time it is!
Father ... - Time for you to wash the dishes!
No! It is the turn of Jack! Jack! Jack!
Are you, Jack!
Are you, Jack. Need to wash.
It is time Lavinia!
It's my turn! It does not work like that.
We have an agreement in this house. It is the turn of Jack.
My God, hear me talking to her ...
I'm getting like my mom.
My God.
Believe me, you is completely different from her mother.
It's what they all say until the same parents.
And I?
Living in the former farm of my father.
Exactly as he said he would never live.
It's the first thing you did that he would approve.
I can still hear
abusive voice in my head.
You'll never be a painter, Nathan.
Get away from me, Nathan.
For. This will disappear.
Look at this place.
Nor would recognize.
It is ours.
Nathan had ...
It's been six months. Can not we try?
I just...
I do not know if still interested in me.
You know I always liked more legs.
Then cut my legs ...
Still going to love me?
Weird that but, yes!
I'm going to keep my suitcase wheels
and take you where I am.
Oh that's very sexy.
Look at all this.
Look at us.
All those years in the big city
and finally escaped. -Yes.
We are living the dream.
is even a dream.
Do not.
A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream we dream together,
it's reality.
You're even more beautiful to me than ever.
That's why you took your glasses.
It is true.
I feel...
ruined ...
You will always be my love.
I love you.
Ei, I ...
He is interested in the black hole, Sam?
My God, I missed you.
Jack! Dear.
Look Pro Dad. Jack!
What the fuck was that? An earthquake?
Looks like talking!
Chegem not close. Do not go near.
Sam. Come back inside. Inside!
I sent go inside. Come back inside.
What zone.
Wedding ring.
Nathan! There's something wrong with Jack!
It's okay, son. Just had a nightmare.
I think he's in shock.
We should take him to the hospital.
Is very far. Jack, talk to Dad?
Whether it away! Look at him!
Let's get out of here!
Have you heard? It seems that a pilot had an aneurysm.
It was not a plane.
It had a smell ... I do not know ... weird.
I can still smell it.
I thought we were being attacked.
The Russians and Chinese ....
Mom? - Yes son! I'm here!
My head hurts.
OK darling,
we will take you there up.
I'll by the bed,
you'll be fine.
I do not want!
It's okay, son. You do not have to be afraid.
Your child is ill and you will drink.
Well, in these circumstances, I do not know what to do.
Come on.
You sleep with me today
and in the morning it will be all right.
Prefeita Thomas,
Sheriff Pierce, thank you for coming.
It is better not waste my time.
I'm sorry for the smell.
Can you feel?
I do not feel anything.
It looks like someone set fire to a dog.
Anyway, that was my garden ...
Watch out. It's still warm.
It has a metallic sound here.
What the hell happened here?
Well, it was last night,
I was in bed with my wife,
It was the first time we ...
You know...
Since the operation and then
hear this "bum!"
kind of a sonic boom.
And a flash like a rose light ...
In fact, not really explain what color it was.
I've never seen that color before.
Then everything exploded and ...
it fell from the sky.
What are you doing here?
You think this is a result of its ritual yesterday?
I wish...
You are looking at my legs?
What? No...
I was ... - Of course it was not ... Come on.
Who is he?
It is that weird guy I met near the river.
What was your same name? - Ward. Phillips.
Let me guess,
Providence, actually.
He is researching the water table.
It was not what I said yesterday?
Yes yes, I am hydrologist.
Ward, have no idea what's going on here?
Oi, Ward.
Hi. Hi. I'm ready.
Do not get too close.
It looks like a meteorite.
Usually they disintegrate before reaching the ground
but not always. - Meteorite? wow.
We need some photos.
Nathan, do you mind if I bring the press next?
This can be great!
Mayor, wait!
You have here a doctor
working weekend?
My son is not well.
You can go to the hospital in Arkham.
usually they have someone in an emergency.
There's no one else around?
Welcome to life in the field
You know? You should have sold the farm when I could.
Bye Bye.
Is not that crazy?
Look that.
Come in and take a look at your mother?
Let me take care of that.
Can go.
See you.
Why do not you go?
Watch out!
Who's that boy?
Ward something.
He's hydrologist.
Like him, right?
What? No!
Why do you say that?
Oh come on. It's obvious!
He was playing on him.
I mean, dear ... - Mother!
Looks like he's dressed!
Think of signs that are ... sending ...
Oh God ...
You think it's radioactive? Type Kryptonite?
Christ ... I hope not.
And if some alien virus?
May have, is not it?
Usually they are not dangerous. They are like ordinary stones.
You think might be valuable?
Well, I had not thought of that.
If you do not mind,
it's time to milk the alpacas.
Milking what?
It's not like milking a goat.
Alpacas do not have much milk.
Demand patience.
And of course, you have to be careful
when they are already heated ...
Good father.
I think that mixing a little fennel
in feeding them,
Any increase amount.
Improves the taste.
Do you want to try it?
No, no. I have intolerance.
What a shame.
You can open, please?
I'm so sorry.
I do not know why I said that.
Lavinia, come on. Please open the door.
Has anyone else
living on that property?
In addition to its family ...
It Ezra. Our home.
But he likes to be alone.
Not seen him for months.
I could talk to him?
You can try.
Benny can take you there.
Yes of course. - But I do not promise
he'll talk to you.
He is...
It seems to come from a storm out there.
Are those cameras?
Ezra used to be old electrician.
Put cameras to everywhere.
Where does the energy of it?
It uses solar energy.
No! Ezra!
You have a visitor!
It is the face of Subaru!
Excuse. I think we have not met yet.
I am...
The Hydrologist!
Well informed.
Many birds flying this ecosphere.
Only need to know how to decipher them.
Come, let's talk about space metal.
You want a drink? - No thank you.
I thought not.
They want Java?
Yes. - Beauty!
What's her name?
Point G.
It is the coolest name!
A cat named G-spot? Hilarious!
I apologize for the iron taste.
Here it is.
The H2O was slightly brackish.
I can not smell anything.
It should be only rust from the pipes.
He tried to leave the tap running for a while?
This water came straight from Mother Theta.
We had problems with the well before,
but only in summer.
Something to do with the aquifer.
Yes, it has to do with the level of the water table.
But it should not happen this time of year.
It is the coolest above water here.
It's what the polls always say.
I'm sure it's all right but
I do a test on a sample.
My equipment is in my tent.
Better safe than sorry.
Have a good time.
Ours was very close!
Is so beautiful!
Lavinia! What are you doing?
Comes! Let's go inside.
It is attracting rays.
In my next term as your mayor,
We will be doing
the biggest infrastructure project
the history of our city.
... the construction of the dam ...
Who is it?
What the fuck?
How can something that big disappear?
I do not know.
But I'm happy.
You planted those flowers?
Do not.
They may be perennial.
Great. Here comes the circus.
Can you tell us what happened?
It was a blast, a few nights ago.
A lights and vibration.
We came to the outside and saw this ...
Big Rock...
My God, could not have given me a comb?
Nathan Gardnes. That say
that an unidentified flying object
landed ... - UFO Witness ??
You said UFO! I did not say that!
Oh holy shit.
Theresa, you can come here, please?
I think this crazy guy looks good on you.
Then the meteorite disappeared
mysteriously before we got here?
Theresa, come here, please!
Mr. Gardener, was sober when it happened?
Oh I take a little whiskey.
He comes from Texas.
Holy shit!
I drank a little the night before ...
But I was sober.
Jack, go get your mother.
What part of meteorite you ...
did not understand?
Mom got hurt!
Dinner is ready.
My God, what have I done?
It's all right.
Keep your hand up. - OK.
We called the hospital.
Benny, you're the man of the house.
I want those stilleth in the barn until 22h.
Beauty, Dad. - Ten hours!
What do we do?
Do not know. You're the man of the house.
Come on, Jack Jack.
Benny will take care of us
why he is so responsible.
Let's Race you to the bedroom!
Let's go. Come.
Benny! Come here now, your ass!
Fuck. Why?
You had to feed the alpacas.
Already did that.
What you mean? They are there.
I have the fed.
It takes them pro barn, ok?
And for smoking pot a little.
I can not do it alone, okay? Go there!
OK! - Go!
Your logo!
What are you doing?
Are you talking to me.
Who's talking to you?
The man at the well.
Pai? Alo?
Son? Lavinia?
Is that you?
Do not throw up.
Do not throw up.
Lavinia. Oi!
Not a good time now.
Are you okay?
I'm not feeling very well.
Right. That's what I wanted to talk to you.
I think something's wrong with the water here.
You have any kind of contamination.
Excuse. -I...
the water.
I do not know what happened.
We're sending a sample to test in Arkham.
I need to get.
Hey! Try not to drink this water, okay?
And then, boy?
What's up?
Playing with my friends.
then beauty.
Well, have fun, okay?
Hey, feel free, my friend.
What are you doing there?
I'm rearranging.
Whether Java?
No thank you.
That's what I wanted to talk to you.
I think we should not drink it.
I found something in the water.
A trace of something.
Hey. Where is the G-spot?
Who knows? Cats are always everywhere.
I have not seen since it started.
Since what started?
Can you hear them down there.
Hear them? Listen Who?
I could hear them in his sleep.
Moving, talking.
I knew no one would believe me
unless I record.
What exactly was I to hear?
People on the ground, man.
The aliens.
They are there.
Well, it's weird.
But it's probably geothermal activity
or some magnetic distortion. - No, no.
They came in the rock.
No offense, Ezra,
but this is kind of crazy.
You do not understand, do you?
It is not crazy. You are down here.
It's static. Humidity.
To up and down. Fast and slow.
What is here is out there.
And what is out there, is here now.
Look ...
Why not think of leaving here a while?
I'll be back tomorrow with more equipment.
This will make more sense in the morning.
In the morning? Man, it's already morning.
Just take water bottles, ok?
I'll let you come to Point G.
Maybe see but I think it will not recognize it.
It's ok? We are coming.
Yeah. Just I feel stupid.
I do not know what I was thinking.
And I do not even want to think
how many customers were pissed
not them answered.
It was fine in surgery.
That is important.
Watch out!
Did you see that? What was that?
You saw the eyes?
My God.
What are you doing?
I want to talk with the children.
Just to know if they are good.
Honey, they're right.
What are you doing in my room?
Where were you?
I was in the field from behind.
I have heard Sam. I was worried.
Look, I know it sounds weird but,
I kind of lost it out there.
Type was a second day,
and suddenly it was so dark
I could not even find the house.
What the fuck is going on?
It must be the dad.
I hope so.
Who was?
I do not know.
Christ. And now?
Where's Jack?
Dear? What are you doing here?
What is wrong with you two?
Why does your brother here?
It was not so. You do not understand.
What is it? Cats leave and the mice will play?
It's not like this? I'm very disappointed with you.
Father had that sound and I got sick
then you called and yelled at me.
Honey! What you mean?
I could not talk to you.
And believe me, we tried a lot.
Yes, father. There's something going on.
I do not believe in your excuses, too, Benny.
I'll take you to bed.
I'll let you deal with them.
Holy shit.
Holy shit ...
It was to be in the barn for hours.
Neither the fed, is not it?
Father, I tried ... but ...
As well "tried"?
Do you have any idea how much they cost us?
They are alpacas!
We should like ...
warn him?
Warn him that?
Come here, boy.
Fucking ass dog.
You too, right?
You know, if I could have ...
a little consideration here ...
just a little help
It would be fucking good.
Dad's strange, is not it?
You noticed?
Where's Sam?
They must have caught him.
What the fuck you talking about?
They. That.
That thing is fucking with this place.
Do not pretend you did not notice.
Nothing is fucking with this place.
Why are so in denial?
I'm already sick of his drama, Lavinia!
So do me a favor and go out of my way, okay?
In fact, I going to get out of him.
He did not mean those things.
Still dating that girl?
What was that yellow car?
She was not my girlfriend.
I do not see her for months.
Why we need to get out of this fucking place.
Look that. -Make pretty scary.
But what...
Are you okay?
I just explode with Lavinia.
I think it will not win any Father of the Year trophy.
She's at that age.
It is impossible.
Ok, dear, let's sleep.
We need a plumber or pest control.
It has some shit growing in the drains.
It has much chalk in bed.
Think Sam is with Grandpa?
Grandpa is in heaven.
And Sam, I do not know,
found a friend, or whatever ...
But he was afraid, was snarling.
I could see all his teeth so.
Do not look.
God, what's that smell?
What a smell?
We washed everything.
It's like what? Moisture or drain?
I have felt since that thing down on the farm.
It's kind of the mold that is in the basement ...
It has exactly the same smell
oncology ward where my father was.
Death and disinfectant.
The smell of cancer. Rotten milk.
You know the smell! You know that smell cancer.
Now the dog disappeared from the earth.
Then connect the dots. He said that Sam is with Grandpa!
No it's not! My God!
Stop saying that!
No, Jack. Sam is well.
Is it?
Honey, take it easy.
I do not know how to let you come home.
I just need the internet, okay?
I have so much work to do!
Right. - Daddy...
I'll take care of everything. It's gonna be okay.
Everything will be fine.
Just look at you, beauties.
And they grew a month earlier.
It grew very well.
If we go to 1439,
I can handle.
I could actually ...
It is not our ... your ...
My God...
So there should be at least ...
Can you hear me?
You have to do something with that antenna.
I'm losing all my customers!
It should be working. I looked this morning.
Why does not care about anything I say?
Nathan is listening to me?
You know, I did everything I had to do!
I followed all the fucking rule in the book!
And they still tastes like shit!
You know what?
Fuck this shit.
Okay. Stop it!
Do not want to fix this antenna?
Okay, you know ... I ...
I will lie down ...
But arrange this antenna! OK?
I think a great idea, honey.
I should have planted barley.
Is not that right, Dad?
Very cute, is not it?
Help me.
Protect me.
Take me out of here.
What is happening to them?
I ... I do not know.
Corre! Corre! Go!
Go! Go! - My God!
My God.
My God.
Come on...
take them inside.
Benny. Call an ambulance.
Your logo!
Is not working.
It is mute.
How well is dead?
From here to me.
Only static.
It is very difficult to call emergency?
I told you! Has no way!
What did you do?
Fucking bitch!
Motherfucker! Motherfucker!
Looks like she's absorbing it.
Reassimil trying it on her body.
Do not say that.
Shh. It's all right.
I'm here, Mom.
I'm here.
How can this be possible?
That thing of the meteorite
changes everything around.
Not only matter.
The time also.
The time...
stretches around it.
Like when you are approaching a black hole.
How long are we sitting here?
How long does the father went to the car?
God, I think she's trying to talk.
What is it, Mom?
This is useless.
We need to get out of here. -Do not wait!
We will die in this fucking place.
car will not go.
As well the car will not go?
What does that mean?
Something sucked down the battery overnight.
Probably the same thing that is
fucking with cell phones and computers.
A eletromagintico field.
You believe me now?
I do not know what to believe.
Why keep making that noise?
I do not like the light, Dad.
It is hurting them.
Do something!
I will take them up.
Is holding? - Yes.
Lavinia, throw the mattress.
We are here, Mom.
It's gonna be okay.
Can I get you some water?
There's something going on with the alpacas.
They need to stay here with Jack and his mother.
Everything is under control.
You son of a bitch.
Will leave my family alone.
Will leave my family alone.
No longer passed through too much?
Do not we?
They stopped.
I hope he's all right.
We are well?
Something okay?
I can not stand it.
Make it stop.
We need to get out of here tonight.
They go down. You two.
But ... - Do as I ask, please.
What are you going to do?
Take care of it.
As you did with the alpacas?
Come on.
You did what you could.
Forgive me, mother.
Excuse me, Jack.
I love you, Dad.
Love you too.
Theresa, dear.
I'm really trying to do my best.
Will my love forever.
You know what I do?
I'm going outside. And I will find help.
I promise.
So let's make that trip were talking.
Yes. That's what we do.
Fuck. It's what we do.
It's what we do.
If you can follow me ...
Would you like a glass of water?
No thank you.
That's why I'm here.
Can you come here a minute?
Jake knows.
Tell him.
I found this near the farm of the Gardener.
My God.
What happened to them?
They appear burned.
Do not know.
Jake said it looked like they were running away from something.
There is a bird,
rabbit, a fucking cat.
It seems radiation burns.
What's your problem? Let's go.
Go get the cell.
It's so dark.
I'll go pick up the cell.
Right. Watch out.
I do not want to lose you too.
Witch. Bad dream. Witch.
Do not look.
Do not look.
Easy, boy. Calm.
Jesus! Almost killed me!
Let's go. Calm.
What he's wrong?
There's nothing wrong.
Do not be afraid of him.
Looks like we'll have to go.
In the dark?
For 20 Km Ancient Forest?
What are you doing?
We have to leave...
Sam! Is that you?
Benny! Benny!
It seems hurt.
Slow down, boy!
What are you going to do?
We can not leave him.
You crazy?
I need, okay?
I'll put it in the bucket and you pull.
No. Benny!
Give me your hand.
It's just a dog, please. Give me your hand.
It will be only two minutes.
It smells of something dead here.
I'm seeing it move.
What else do you see?
I'm looking for you everywhere!
I'll have to do everything yourself?
What happened to the concept of traditional family?
We can all work together.
Only once. For the sake of his mother.
You're hurting me!
Honey, I'm not bad.
I'm not a monster.
I know I'm not like my father.
Please do not make me go in there.
I promise.
I do what you want.
Stop swearing.
I clean my room.
It is like I said.
We are a family.
There's something that families do,
they get together.
Now feed your mother!
You see this?
It is the horse Lavinia?
It is going to favorite movie.
I know that color.
I think...
Rome and the Coliseum,
We should go to
Greek islands...
Greek islands are beautiful.
You never know.
Sr. Gardener?
Oh shit.
Is that you...
the toxologista.
I am the hydrologist, sir.
We came to see if they are good.
Very kind of you.
We have had some problems, you know.
The car...
phones, wi-fi ...
is the country life. Come in.
Theresa will be happy to see them.
What happened to your arms?
It's just an allergy.
Where is your wife?
It's right there.
And the rest of your family?
Everybody is here.
We were all together.
Theresa said
less Benny.
Benny lives in the well now.
Accept a drink?
I'll take one.
Mother! For!
Get out of the way.
They are not my family.
Lavinia! Lavinia!
You'll be fine, okay?
It's gonna be okay.
I'll ... fuck.
I will carry you to the car, okay?
Are you okay.
Almost there.
You shot my father!
It's beautiful.
As the flowers.
It'll be all right, Dad.
Can you help us, Ward?
Dad, do not.
Do not.
Please do not leave me.
No! Daddy!
I have no signal. We have to get her out of here.
I'm not leaving here.
None of us will.
That thing will not leave.
Come on, look at this is ...
is bullshit, there's nothing stopping us.
Get up and let's go.
What the fuck was that?
It seems that came from Ezra cabin.
We can not leave him alone.
Ward, help me?
I'm not going with you.
Temos to go.
Sorry, but we need to go.
You can not stay here.
I live here.
I will come back to get you.
Be right back.
Are you there?
I'm going in.
Sucking the life out of everything.
It is in the well.
He grew up down there.
Poisoning everything.
Changing everything.
In something like the world you come from.
Whom he knows.
We all know what's coming.
But we can not escape.
Reached all down there.
They all drank the water.
He became strong.
He fed with ...
It came from the stars.
His skin is all ...
We are vanishing like them.
And the color.
She sucks and burning.
It's so beautiful. '
You are looking at my legs?
We need to get out of here!
It's all right.
I hope the damn water passing through here,
is very deep.
Even so,
I will never drink it.
Few of us remember those days strangers now.
What touched this place,
can not be quantified or ententido
to human science.
It was just a color
from space.
A messenger of kingdoms
whose mere existence stuns the brain
and numbs us.
with black extracsmicos chasms that opens before our eyes. HP Lovecraft
Translation: Nathalia Consolin - Scary Torrents
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