Colors of Evil: Red (2024) Movie Script

Suckin' on my titties
Like you wanted me
Calling me all the time, like Blondie
Check out my Chrissie behind
It's fine all of the time
Like sex on the beaches
What else
Is in the Teaches of Peaches
Hold on!
You're not coming in with those shoes.
Would you let him in? He's my cousin.
Please, 'cause my mom's making me
watch him. He's a little challenged.
Suckin' on my titties
Like you wanted me
Calling me all the time
And I'd have to take him home
if you don't.
What else is in the Teaches of Peaches
Like sex on the beaches
Mario! What are you doing here?
You said that you were gonna call!
-Two beers.
-Ask the bartenders!
-Your service is shitty.
-Think that you would do better?
Pay well?
-We're not looking right now.
-That's a shame. You should.
Have you got a rsum?
I wanted to bring it.
The only thing is, well, I remembered I'd
never worked anywhere, so what's the use?
So go get some experience and we'll talk.
Stay in school 'cause it's the best
And those guys work for you?
Those guys have experience.
So then it's a club for incels.
all the time
Check out my Chrissie behind
It's fine all of the
So you're saying if you get hired,
we'll have better customers come in?
Yeah, on their knees.
Fuck the pain away, fuck the pain away
Fuck the pain away, fuck the pain away
Fuck the pain away, fuck the pain away
Fuck the pain away, fuck the pain away
Fuck the pain away, fuck the pain away
Fuck the pain away, fuck the pain away
Fuck the pain away, fuck the pain away
Fuck the pain away, fuck the pain away
On that day,
I decided to change.
That the old me would cease to exist.
My first memory?
I sit at the mirror
in my parents' bedroom.
I look at how my hair falls.
My nose.
My lips.
I grab fabric on my shirt,
which is too big.
-A Minnie Mouse shirt.
-Go ahead.
I see
how my breasts are growing.
And I think, "Remember this."
"Don't forget what you looked like."
Bilski, DA's office.
So far no ID, no cell phone.
No one saw anything of course.
Yesterday was Friday.
So what?
We end up finding floaters from these
party boats they rent out on the weekends.
So you find people this way often?
-We do in high season.
-Is it high season?
Who found her?
How was the body reported?
Over the phone.
-And who called?
-You can check with dispatch.
Excuse me. Which one of you
was it that called this in?
Talk with her, okay?
Bilski, DA's office.
-Why bother coming here?
You'll get the body.
You're new?
I prefer to inspect the body in context.
-Why'd you pull her out?
-She could've been alive.
But she's not.
Did any of you at least take a shot
before pulling it out?
Didn't they teach you that you can
learn a lot from how a body is floating?
You can turn the deceased over now.
Oh, fuck!
I know who she is.
A month ago, you had agreed
to very clear terms with the court.
Either you continue therapy
and stop drinking
and your son stays under your custody,
or you break therapy and your son
goes back to the care facility.
The court understands
that you have made your decision.
I need longer to figure it out.
And your son?
Do you think he can spare that time?
Helena Bogucka?
Prosecutor Leopold Bilski.
This is Doctor Tadeusz Dubiela
and his assistant.
We need to confirm the victim's identity.
Is this your daughter,
Monika Bogucka?
Please answer.
I'm sorry, ma'am, the report.
We need you to sign.
Right over here.
Severe injuries
to the occipital.
Older traces of beatings
and injuries to the genitals.
Lips were removed postmortem.
However, that is not the cause of death.
We'll know more after the autopsy.
aneta Kaleta.
Fifteen years ago,
she partied in a club with friends,
left alone and never came home.
It was a huge case here.
-The perpetrator?
-Great police success. Name was Jakubiak.
Her fianc. Forgot his first name.
Her DNA was found at his place.
-We got him quickly.
-And is he in jail?
Precisely why we're talking about him now.
He just got out.
You can't fix it till it's broken
You can't fix it till it's broken
You can't fix it till it's broken
So break the walls
Then we'll leave the door wide open
-Mr. Adrian Jakubiak?
I don't know anything about this.
I really don't know her.
I've never seen her.
You have to admit, it doesn't look good.
The officer who charged me
said the very same thing.
He's my superior.
I won't let them frame me again.
Do you know what it's like?
When they rape you every day?
Well, you know,
you were convicted legally.
I bought this for her.
A week before her death.
I'd booked a fancy restaurant for us.
I loved her. Do you understand?
Do you have an alibi?
I'm always here with my mother.
I never go out.
-Found something.
A T-shirt, covered in blood.
It was in the barn.
-You fuckers are framing me again.
-You're framing me again.
-Easy. Take it easy.
Where do you think you're going?
You should check the Shipyard club.
-aneta met someone there.
-First, we confirm your identity.
Mr. Adrian Jakubiak, you were born
on July 7th, 1978, in Wejherowo.
Is that correct?
You are hereby being charged
under Article 148 of the Penal Code,
which in this case means you are charged
with exceptional cruelty
in the murder of Monika Bogucka.
You will find all of the charges there.
Do you understand the charges?
Do you understand the charges?
I'd like some water.
Do you understand the charges?
Can I please have some water?
I don't feel well.
Watch him for me, all right?
You sold me a car welded up from
three others listed as "accident free."
What do I want? I want my money back.
I don't give a shit about the certificate.
Hey! Stop!
What's going on?
We found Bogucka's DNA on the bloodied
T-shirt from Jakubiak's house,
and this served as a ground
for pressing charges.
The bag is clean. Didn't have
Jakubiak's DNA or fingerprints.
So what?
So you're saying he took a bloodied
T-shirt off the girl, put it in the bag,
carefully wearing gloves
so we couldn't trace it back to him,
then took it to his place?
The perpetrator is dead,
but he has been identified.
So now, we're shutting down
the investigation.
We should make sure
the evidence wasn't planted.
Jesus, the worst part is
you aren't kidding.
We're closing the investigation
because the perp is dead!
-Even though he was never proven guilty.
-Because he's dead!
Listen, the families
are getting justice, believe me.
They'll feel better
knowing that the guy is finally dead.
And that's the reason
why we have to be sure.
Because you're ambitious?
No one likes those people.
They like the effective people.
And you have proven
to be very effective. All right?
Even if I let you
continue the investigation,
my superiors will revert my decision.
Won't cause issues for me.
It could really hurt your career, though.
Listen, you've done
a really great job for us.
Your father would be proud.
Appreciate it.
Thank you for coming today.
I miss Monika so much.
If there's anything I can help you with
I'm sorry for your loss.
There are no words.
Really, I'm so sorry.
I don't know if Jakubiak
could have killed her. Goodbye.
You examined him, right?
-Well, a medical exam is effective.
Goodbye. If the patient is sincere.
But a psychopath isn't easy to recognize,
because they're good at pretending.
Usually kind and involved.
They have no care for the emotions
of others. They play the part.
They're not shy.
And would you say
a psychopath can commit suicide?
Well, yes, though rare.
You're asking about Jakubiak?
-You've got a good intuition.
If someone kills simply for fun,
then how much value
would his own life hold?
-Why would he cut off the lips though?
-Attributes of femininity.
Lips, labia, nipples,
all of them are trophies, really.
-He collects them?
-Yes, most likely.
-What does he do with them?
-No idea.
He wouldn't hang them on the wall, though.
Who could have done this,
in your opinion?
If not Jakubiak?
Male, likely. Around 30 to 60 years old.
He's probably Caucasian.
Not well-educated necessarily.
So someone like you or me.
Just about.
A psychopathic personality,
not necessarily a criminal.
-Could be, though not necessarily.
-So why does he do it?
-Possibly fantasy? Revenge?
He hates women?
Fifteen years ago,
after aneta's death, our lives collapsed.
Honor student in school.
Could have gone to any university.
First one in our family.
Anyone she was afraid of? Anyone at all?
Mm, she never said anything.
And we never asked.
Why not?
She was a grown woman by then.
She had her own mind, like me.
Did she work
in the Shipyard club?
Mm, I don't know any about any club.
Were you there to see it
when that fucker hit the cement?
I was.
I'd like to see that.
So why are you still bothering with this?
Bastard's already burning in hell.
We have to be sure, check everything.
Do you know who this is?
No, I don't.
Have you eaten?
You have to eat.
No, I don't.
We failed our daughter.
We failed her. It's that simple.
Oh God!
-Stop it!
-No! No! No!
Stop, shh, shh. Oh, shh.
Good evening. Leopold Bilski.
I'm from the DA's office.
Are you Roman Bogucki?
-Yes, is something wrong?
-No, and I am sorry to bother you so late.
We've been going over documents
regarding your daughter,
and I wanted to clarify some details.
-It's not a good time for that.
-I know, I'm sorry. Just one question.
Do you know if she was ever connected
to the Shipyard club?
-I don't know.
-She worked there.
At the bar.
I suppose you have your answer.
My daughter was wearing
my mother's ring with a ruby on it.
Do you have it in evidence?
She never took it off.
Uh, I don't know. I don't think so.
-Could you check?
-Yes, of course.
Thank you.
Good night.
Hi, honey. You're still awake?
No, today I wasn't by the ocean.
I also thought if you lived by the ocean
it would be always a vacation.
Nice spot here.
Is it yours?
It's the owner's.
Would you get them for me?
Is this an inspection?
I just like it here. That's all.
The owner's out.
So you're avoiding inspections?
-You have a warrant?
-I'm sorry?
I can smell the pig on you.
-What's this?
-Our lawyer.
I'm not at liberty to tell you anything.
Roman Bogucki represents you?
If you have questions, contact our lawyer.
So, Roman Bogucki, right?
Yeah, like it says right there.
Thank you.
I saw you at the funeral.
Listen, a prosecutor
came to my house. Understand?
If if you had anything at all
to do with it
If you were involved
in any way
I'm listening.
After work?
Um, good afternoon.
This is Judge Helena Bogucka.
Could you check an address for me?
Yes, I need it for a case.
Gdynia, Five Lena Street.
Mm-hmm. Thank you very much. I'll wait.
Yes, I'm still here.
Would you repeat that again?
Are you sure about that?
Thank you very much.
Good evening.
I have a meeting with your dad.
Good evening.
-Come on in.
Your place is nice.
My wife's doing.
She passed a little over a year ago.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You know,
I I don't know if I'll be able
to give you any information
that wasn't already in the report.
-You autopsied the first victim as well?
Were there
any differences in the murders?
Please sit.
aneta Kaleta, similarly to Monika,
died due to head traumas.
The red zone of the lip
was removed the same way.
With what?
It was likely done with, uh, a knife.
Utility knife.
Like the ones you'd buy at a supermarket.
-And were the penetration marks similar?
-Penetrated with a hard object.
-What kind of object?
Could have been anything. A bottle.
A tool's handle or anything.
I see. And the lips?
I'm not a psychologist, but I don't think
it was done out of love.
The truth is
they should have never
paroled a freak like Jakubiak.
Do you really think it's Jakubiak?
Well, that's your job, isn't it?
Good night.
Do you know the Shipyard club
by any chance?
Sure. Monika was a bartender there.
-What kind of place is it?
-Just a regular club.
Vodka, hookers, coke.
Good night.
-Good night.
-Good night.
Thank you.
-Hey, gorgeous!
-How's it going?
-It's like Carnival versus Lent.
Well, well.
Well, hey, cutie.
What's up? I see you're doing good.
You disappeared.
I'm busy, that's all.
I can see that.
What have you got?
I really shouldn't be selling to you.
Thanks, sister.
Reach out sometime.
Why are you so sad?
Well, when I look around, uh,
everyone at this club is half my age.
You're not too bad,
for a guy who's my father's age.
He must be
a very handsome man, your father.
He's a narcissist.
Why don't you pour us two shots?
So, you want something new?
What do you have in mind?
How would you like
to feel a thing you've never felt before?
My, you're very bold young woman.
Good evening, boss.
Hi. We need to talk.
Let's go to the box.
I'm very happy to have met you.
Who is he?
A friend.
Does he know we deal?
Don't worry about that.
If I slipped up, what would he do to me?
But you didn't slip up.
-I'm finished dealing.
-Hey. Hey.
A gangster's girl has nothing to fear.
I'm not dealing anymore.
You're not quitting.
FROM: 19 TO: --
Hello, what's up?
Yeah, sorry I couldn't call earlier.
Did she get to sleep all right?
Okay. How much is it?
We don't have that ring, Mrs. Helena.
The Shipyard club
is owned by a Cyprus company.
The owner is ukasz Kazarski, a gangster.
I'm sure you have his file.
You won't be able
to find this out officially.
So, you don't believe
Jakubiak murdered Monika?
I found out
my husband represents Kazarski.
That could be a motive,
so, yes, I have my doubts.
Will you let me see Monika's room?
As soon as my husband leaves.
If this is true, then your husband
will be disbarred, Helena.
Was my daughter sexually assaulted?
We don't know.
There are certain marks present,
but they were inflicted
some time before the murder.
So it went on for a while, then?
Yes. It would appear so.
What kind of marks were they?
Mrs. Helena
Please tell me.
Why don't you tell me
Exactly what is going on?
We're opening the investigation.
What should we check?
Check and see if any of the girls
were connected with the Shipyard.
What's the protocol for this?
We have no protocol.
And if Ambroziak comes for us?
I'll take the fall for it.
-Do you know of ukasz Kazarski?
Well, now he's a businessman.
Got a few past convictions
from what I heard.
For what?
For fraud.
Why don't you check with the economic
crimes department? We wouldn't know.
Will there be any proceedings?
Officially, Kazar is kosher.
And unofficially?
Unofficially, he has businesses
that are legal. A ton of 'em.
Plenty of illegal ones as well.
Is this the guy?
on your mind
Didn't know where
A few years ago, some girl accused him
of rape and attempted murder.
But she withdrew the charges.
And can we find this girl?
Probably, yeah.
Hold on.
We said we were done with this.
I would give anything
to hold her one more time.
I don't know what I would do
if anything happened to Mario.
Do you miss your wife?
Yeah, sometimes.
Mario hates me.
Why is that?
Because he thinks I helped his mother die.
When she was terminal
she overdosed on morphine.
Monika may have known about us.
Yeah, Mario told her.
He saw us together.
I spoke with Bilski.
Monika and that first girl
were both working over at the Shipyard.
Bilski came here.
He asked Mario about it.
Those injuries on Monika
You think it wasn't Jakubiak?
-He was convicted.
-Oh, come on!
Do you know how many times I was wrong?
The same injuries are on Monika
and the first victim.
Cause of death, intestinal perforation.
Yeah, she was deeply penetrated
in her anal cavity with a hard object.
Punctured her intestine,
caused an internal hemorrhage.
The death occurred
a few hours after the penetration.
And her lips?
Why are you telling me this?
I autopsied her three years ago.
She was found by the Shipyard club
in a dumpster.
You were asking about the club.
Regular there. She was a prostitute.
No one looked for her.
No one cared about her.
-It was considered an accident at work.
-I'm taking a photo. Okay?
Copy is there for you to take.
Thank you for coming.
Hi, Monika.
How are you?
Beautiful profile.
I'll marry her one day.
Go get her, Kazar!
"Go get her, Kazar"?
What the hell was that?
Sorry, boss, it was just a--
You're talking about my future wife
like she's some slut?
I just, um,
was just having fun.
Someone's dealing on the side.
There's a Judas among us.
Norbercik? Norbert.
don't listen to those guys.
Who got you the goods?
No one.
Who was it?
It was the Russians! It was the Russians.
Which Russians?
From Kaliningrad.
Norbert, there's a war going on.
Haven't you heard of sanctions?
Kazar, take the money, please.
You're really lucky
my future wife is here.
You want me to take your proceeds?
Uh-huh. Yeah. All of it.
-And what else?
-What do you want?
What if I needed a kidney?
Would you give it to me?
-I'm begging you.
-Or a testicle?
An eye?
Please, no.
-A lip?
-Please, no!
Pick something. Come on now.
A testicle, a lip, or an eye.
If you had to pick one. Well? Choose.
Please don't do this!
Pick one or I'll cut off everything.
An eye.
Take a lip! Take a lip!
Monika, what would you pick?
I couldn't decide.
Do you know this one?
So a fat woman visits her doctor.
She tells him she wants to be skinny.
And the doctor says,
"The only way you're gonna get skinny
is if you start eating food
with your asshole!"
So she comes back a month later, skinny.
But she keeps shaking her ass.
The doctor says,
"Why are you shaking your butt like that?
She says, "How else would I chew gum?"
You see? You see that? He's laughing.
Stop the car. Stop the car!
What is it?
Take me home now.
It's too late for that.
Too late for what?
You belong to him now.
But don't worry.
I'll fix it.
How will you fix this?
You don't trust me?
Are you related to Wojciech Bilski?
Yes. He's my father.
Did you know him?
We worked on a case a long time ago.
The whole community was in shock
when he was murdered.
-You haven't touched anything?
-Not really.
-Did Ambroziak open the case?
-No. He told me to close it.
Jakubiak was
one of his great successes early on.
If not Jakubiak,
someone planted the evidence.
Now and 15 years ago.
Someone who knows
what he's doing.
The truth is,
Jakubiak fits the profile of a murderer.
He wasn't behaving like a serial killer.
It's difficult when I try to imagine
the way a person like that should behave.
Someone like that wouldn't kill himself.
However, the murders and club
could be coincidence.
Can't find the connection.
Let's assume that it wasn't Jakubiak
in all three of the cases.
Dubiela mentioned a prostitute.
All three of those girls were similar ages
with similar injuries.
-All were connected to the club.
-Could be more victims.
I've been looking into it.
-So why haven't more bodies been found?
-Exactly. Where are the bodies?
So if aneta was the first victim, then
he could have panicked,
thrown her body into the ocean, and then
over time, he found better ways
to hide the bodies.
Right. But your daughter's body
doesn't fit this theory.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said it like that.
I'm sorry.
I have to do this for her
so I don't go insane.
Your daughter's killer
could have felt untouchable.
He threw the body into the ocean again.
Why is he using objects for penetration?
-I wonder if he's impotent
-There are pills for that.
Uh, maybe he's deformed in some way?
Ashamed of his body.
Where does he keep the victims' lips?
Where could you store things
like that? In a safe? Under the floor?
In a jar
filled with alcohol or formaldehyde?
Looks like we've got something.
It's for you.
I think it's for you.
I want you to wear it. Put it on for me.
Please do it.
-We're having a guest over.
-What fucking guest?
Hey. You'll see.
There are high heels upstairs. Put it on.
You're fucking nuts.
Just put it on.
No! I'm not your whore!
I'm sorry, just
Put it on. It's just sex. That's all.
Good afternoon.
I'm sorry. Um, did I arrive too early?
You thought he was in love with you?
That he wouldn't let anyone else have you?
That he would fight for you?
I won't let anyone have you.
Turn around.
Now, your hands.
Don't be afraid.
You promised something
I'd never felt before.
Remember that?
Want to go to Suwaki?
Why would I?
They transferred you here, so we can
transfer you to Suwaki. Or over to Sanok.
I'm not sure
if I can close the Bogucka case.
You better become sure,
because it's fucking closed.
Our victims both were working
at the club owned by ukasz Kazarski.
And both of them
were sexually abused before dying.
Turns out Bogucka's father
is Kazarski's lawyer.
Five years ago,
Wioletta Baranowska reported
that Kazarski raped her
and tried to kill her,
and then she withdrew her statement
all of a sudden.
When new leads emerge,
we have to look into them.
That's nothing.
Jakubiak was convicted
of murdering Kaleta.
Years later, he was paroled,
and he murdered Bogucka.
We found her blood on a T-shirt at
his home. The facts here are indisputable.
-Why did he kill Bogucka?
-Because he was a fucking wacko!
-And what if another girl dies?
-They won't.
The murderer is dead.
The case has been closed.
That's my final word!
Or it's Suwaki. They want you over there.
I was raped, and I
and I witnessed a murder as well.
A murder?
Tell me about it.
This guy
I don't know what his name was.
But his nickname was Fatso.
Um, first, he was mutilated, and then
and then his throat was cut.
And when was this?
It was last Thursday.
It was in ukasz Kazarski's home.
How do you know him?
Um, I work as a bartender
over at his club.
Are you aware he's a very dangerous man?
I am.
All right, listen.
If I write up your statement,
then it's official.
There will be an investigation.
A prosecutor will call you as a witness.
And ukasz Kazarski,
before he's convicted, if ever,
will be able to do
whatever he wants to you.
Do you understand?
I understand.
So, what now?
I want to testify.
I'm here with
-Monika Bogucka.
-Monika Bogucka.
She wants to report a rape and a murder.
The sea cucumber
has a unique defense mechanism.
When threatened, it can shoot out
its own organs at incoming predators.
called Cuvierian tubules
are white, silky strands
that entangle and immobilize
any unwelcome intruders,
giving the sea cucumber
ample time to escape.
Yes, Mom.
Are you hungry?
I'm just going to bed.
or Arctocephalus forsteri.
It is one of the most iconic members
of New Zealand's fauna.
This species of seal comes
from the Phocidae family, which inhabits
All right. Good night, honey.
The girl from 2009,
she wasn't associated with the club.
The girl from 2015, her family moved away.
We don't know where.
It'll take us a while,
but we can try and find them.
And 2016?
Um, that one was a hit
because she was working there at the bar.
In 2018, another girl went missing.
She was a cleaner there.
Oh, fucking hell.
We're not gonna find her.
All of these cases were closed.
So now what?
Check this for fingerprints.
See if there's a match.
Ambroziak'll kill us if he finds out.
-So don't tell him.
-He will fucking find out.
And our fathers aren't famous,
so we'll get fired.
They could even charge us for this.
For fuck's sake!
Some people's daughters were raped.
And then brutally killed.
There's a woman who's dead
because a man punctured her intestine.
Do you have kids?
Hi, excuse me.
Hang on.
-Could we just--
-Can I help you?
How long have you been working here?
A little over a year. Why?
Did you know Monika Bogucka?
She worked here.
No, sorry, I don't know her.
She worked behind the bar here.
Might've worked different days.
Uh, lots of turnover here.
You want anything?
Some water, please.
-With lemon?
-Yes, please.
-Thank you.
You wanna buy me a drink?
All right. So what can I get for you?
Could I get a mojito as well?
Are you looking for company?
Did you know Monika Bogucka?
She used to work here.
Why are you asking?
Because she's my daughter
and she was murdered.
Stop drinking that.
Don't drink it.
They laced it with something.
Don't look around.
They won't let you leave.
Go to the bathroom.
There's a window in there. Jump and run.
Where's the bathroom?
It's downstairs.
Leave your coat behind.
I knew Monika.
She was a wonderful girl.
Now go.
Is she okay?
Help her out.
Where's my car?
Ah, fuck!
Open the fucking door!
Open it, you bitch!
It was crazy. I came in and heard
someone snoring from behind the counter.
Behind the counter?
No, are you serious?
She's doing all right.
Her drink got laced over at the club.
Toxicology's in progress now.
-When's she out?
-Mmm, should be soon.
Uh, the fingerprints that we got
from the bag matched with
Waldemar Mila.
-Does he have a file?
-Yeah, he's Kazar's buddy.
I asked around town about him.
He disappeared
right after Bogucka's death.
-Any connections to murders?
A few assaults, extortions. Small stuff.
Can I help you?
Good afternoon.
Leopold Bilski from the DA's office.
Uh, my brother's not around.
Oh, all right.
What's this about?
I'm sorry.
The case details are confidential.
However, I can say that your brother
is the victim in this instance.
He's not in trouble?
No, he's not in trouble.
Please don't worry.
Do you know where I'd be able to find him?
-No, I don't.
-All right.
-Okay. Thank you.
Oh, excuse me. One more question.
Tell me, is this
your brother's current photo?
That's right.
Thank you.
Used to have a great kebab joint here.
You remember that?
How are we gonna do this?
Wait here, I'll go talk to him.
-Well, you're gonna die.
-I'm a prosecutor. He won't dare.
Are you lost?
I'm Leopold Bilski. I'm a prosecutor.
I want to talk about Monika Bogucka.
A slut with an expiration date.
What's there to say?
Who killed Monika?
-Crazy guy, you don't read the news?
-What was she doing for Kazar?
What do whores do?
And three years ago,
who killed the prostitute at the club?
You're hiding from him.
You could become
a key witness in this case.
You hear me?
-Police! Drop the fucking gun!
-Drop it!
What the fuck are you doing?
You fucking crazy?
-Calm down, we're talking.
-Drop the fucking gun!
Spider, chill out.
Fuck! What the hell?
What are you doing?
Are you crazy?
That was our only fucking witness!
He's dead.
Spider, what the fuck was that?
I was wrong. Not Suwaki.
Konin. Party capital of Poland.
Buckle up, because next month,
you're transferring.
Did you hear that?
There could be evidence
at Kazar's house.
But Ambroziak
won't issue a warrant.
Maybe I could convince him?
I doubt it.
You know, when Monika was 14,
she went to a camp.
She was different when she came back.
She wouldn't talk about it.
Went into some kind of depression.
She pulled herself together after that.
She was dressing differently
and partying a lot.
Her grades were good,
so I didn't worry about it.
Now I can't help but feel
I missed something.
That someone might have
sexually abused her at the camp.
How long have you worked for Kazarski?
So you found my flash drive?
Your password wasn't hard to figure out.
How long?
She came to see me
a week before she was found.
She told me about
the things that were done to her by Kazar
and that other man.
Jesus, sweetheart.
Kazar visited me about a month ago.
Showed me pictures he had of you.
And he promised me, if I helped him
with something, he would leave you alone.
I feel ashamed, Daddy.
-I'm so ashamed. I'm sorry, Daddy.
-Shh. Shh.
It's all right, sweetheart.
It's okay. Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Listen, he's a horrible man.
The work I've done for him,
he wouldn't dare break his word.
You don't know him.
When I was there, he murdered someone.
I think he seriously hurt other women.
Maybe even killed them.
You witnessed him murder someone?
I even went to the police,
but the officer there called Kazar.
I'll never get away from him.
Uh, you
We have to hide you. Right away.
Don't say where. Not even to me.
I'll give you money. You'll go away.
You got a place in mind?
I'll figure something out.
She didn't make it.
He was able to get to her somehow.
He still swears he didn't do it.
He threatened that if I did anything,
he would make you disappear.
What were you doing for him?
I started shell companies
as a front for his illegal businesses.
Made bank transfers, opened bank accounts.
That flash drive has all the information.
Down to the smallest detail.
Enough to make sure he'd be in jail
for many years and lose everything.
The prosecutor just needs
to turn on the printer.
You do know that for your involvement,
you're going to be disbarred.
Does it even matter anymore?
Without Monia?
I just don't know
any prosecutor that can be trusted.
I know one.
You can't fix it till it's broken
What the fuck is that?
You can't fix it till it's broken
Can't fix it till it's broken
So break the walls
Then we'll leave the door wide open
-Police, freeze!
-Drop the weapon!
Get down!
If I don't get what I want
There's gonna be trouble
In the town, there are matchsticks
Light the last candle
Sitting on the rubble
ukasz Kazarski?
You gotta fucking see this.
Oh my God.
Get in there, Spider.
Start looking.
I got him.
One second.
What is it?
I need you to stay here.
What for?
-Let Haircut take him in.
-What the fuck are you doing?
You're not going in this car.
I'll go wherever I want.
-Get out.
-What's your problem?
-Get out.
-I don't know what your problem is.
Get out. I'll take him in.
We've searched
everything thoroughly.
We secured all laptops,
drives, and documents.
The tools from the basement.
But they look like they've been cleaned.
We won't find biological material here.
-And the lips?
-No biological material.
No test tubes? Jars? Aquariums?
We've even opened the safe.
We'll go over everything again,
but nothing yet.
Nothing. I'm sorry.
If he hid it, it's not here.
Have you got his other addresses?
Oh, fucking hell.
It could be a small container.
Positively sure
you haven't missed anything?
99% sure, yes.
What if he shoved it up his ass?
Where did you take Kazar?
Look at me
Instant grace
More than just a pretty face
I don't play no silly games
Solid is my middle name
Rude boy can come and get it
Or is your mama gonna
Gonna forget it?
Oh my, my, don't be shy
Don't waste my time
Or I kiss goodbye
Why, why, why, why?
Mess it up
Why, why, why, why mess it up?
Come and get it
Don't make us sigh
Why, why, why, why mess it up?
What the fuck?
First round knocked me out
Don't wait
That fucker.
before I'm freaking out
Touch it, touch it
That's how it feels
Don't wanna make me
Make me kick my heels
Heels, heels, heels, heels, heels
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
We want our client released on bail.
Your client's gonna be charged
with multiple counts of murder.
With exceptional cruelty.
There's no proof of that.
What is this?
This is a bracelet made
of human skin that belongs to your client.
Specifically made
from six or seven different lips.
Our tests confirmed
that one of the girls was aneta Kaleta.
We are still identifying the others.
If your client reveals
where he hid the bodies,
cooperates with authorities,
and identifies the victims,
it could possibly help him a little.
Not much.
But a little.
Do you know why the husband
had buried his wife
but still left her ass sticking out?
He needed a new bicycle rack.
-Drop it! Police!
-Drop your weapon!
He's down! Clear.
I hear that Konin will have to wait.
Yeah, sadly.
How are you holding up?
I'm not.
What about Kazarski?
The evidence is indisputable.
He's never getting out of jail.
That officer, Spider, was helping him.
He was the one who framed Jakubiak.
Kazar still won't say he killed Monika.
And what do you think?
He's playing at something.
Don't know what, though.
And the DNA from the bracelets?
We confirmed aneta Kaleta.
Still haven't identified the others,
though it's just a matter of time.
Among the biological material,
Monika's lips weren't there.
He didn't say where he hid them.
I believe he just hadn't
gotten around to adding it.
What now?
I'm going to Sobieszewska Island
for the weekend.
A friend of mine
has an old windmill there.
And then
I don't really know.
How about you?
I'm going to Warsaw tonight.
My daughter's fifth birthday's tomorrow.
I didn't know you were a father.
You're married?
-No. Not anymore.
-I'm sorry.
Um, so what's your daughter's name?
Please be sure to hug her tightly.
I'm grateful for everything you've done.
Thank you.
Oh, can't you make up your mind?
'Cause you're so far away
Am I just wasting my time?
You got me crying like a child
'Cause you promised me, darling
A long time ago
That it would only be a while
Now the sun's going down
And you're not around
I've been waiting for so long
I love this band.
Always have.
-What are you doing here?
Well, it's nice to see you too.
Heading over to Shoal Tern.
I can't seem to leave you
Could've told me earlier.
-But I didn't know you'd be here.
-That's not true. I told you about it.
Well, guess I forgot.
But it it's okay. Really. Are you hungry?
And you're not around
I've been waiting for so
I appreciate what you said at the funeral.
It really meant a lot to me.
You were her friend?
I was.
But I don't think she was mine.
What do you mean?
I think she preferred having
another kind of company, so
Up to a certain point.
I knew nothing about her.
Are you guys together?
I think it's too early
for us to call it that.
-So he never told you?
He didn't tell you what he did?
When are you leaving?
I'll leave right now
if you give me the car.
You should tell her what you did.
She deserves to know.
Don't you think?
Before you're really together.
I told you.
He hates me.
No, he just misses his mother.
My daughter was wearing
my mother's ring with a ruby on it.
Do you have it in evidence?
She never took it off.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
Need help with anything?
No. I I'm sorry.
I I think it's too soon for me.
I'd like to go home.
Would you call me a cab?
-Did something happen?
-No. It was a mistake. I
-Maybe you could stay until morning?
-No, no, no, no.
I'm sorry, I I can't. It's just too much
right now. Would you please call me a cab?
All right.
It'll be here in half an hour.
Thank you. I'm sorry about this.
It's me who's sorry.
The whole place is yours.
You can stay here as long as you want.
My first memory?
I sit at the mirror
in my parents' bedroom.
I look at how my hair falls.
My lips.
My nose.
I grab fabric on my shirt,
which is too big.
A Minnie Mouse shirt.
I see how my breasts are growing.
And I think, "Remember this."
"Don't forget what you looked like."
How old were you?
I was 14.
Now I have to do it again.
I have to forget what happened before.
No one will hurt you anymore.
I won't let anyone have you.
No, we can't.
You know our parents are together.
I don't care.
Everything hurts down there.
I'll be gentle with you.
No! No!
No! I don't want to, Mario!
-Come on!
-Stop it!
Mario, stop it!
-No! Leave me alone! Stop!
-Come on!
Why does everyone else
get to fuck you but not me?
The number
you are trying to reach is not available.
Oh, fuck me.
He didn't mean to hurt her.
He called me, devastated.
I had to save him.
He wanted to turn himself in
several times.
And then he came clean to you.
He left that ring there on purpose.
On the desk.
No, no.
Why did he kill my daughter?
It was just an accident.
And why didn't you call the police?
He'd never survive prison.
Don't you get it?
When Joanna died,
he was all I had left in the world.
You've lost a child yourself.
A few months ago,
Jakubiak's attorney visited me.
I didn't know that he was innocent.
They were trying to get him parole.
He was gathering documentation.
Jakubiak was perfect.
No one would bother questioning
why that freak had killed again.
Her lips, what did you do with them?
What did you do with my daughter's lips?
Are you hurt?
Let's get you outside.
I wish he would have killed me instead.
So why did you come back?
It kept bothering me that Kazar
wouldn't confess to killing Monika.
Good morning.
I'd like to report a murder.