Colors of Wind (2017) Movie Script

I've waited here for you all this time.
I believed you'd come see me
The moment you meet me,
you and I will become one.
I threw myself away to become you.
From now on,
so that I can live in your mind and body...
Open the door to your soul.
And then, love everything I ever have...
Including her.
"Colors of Wind"
3 years ago, the world changed,
taking me with it.
And I just got dragged along,
not knowing anything.
Masao, where have you been for so long?
Didn't I say?
2 billion light years away on Planet Erf.
It's just like Earth.
What? Erf? It's just like Earth?
Exactly the same.
Exactly, huh? Then why go?
Right, there's no need to go.
But there are differences
Like What?
You're an edible ant there.
Excuse me?
And I'm dating the actress Haruka Ayase.
You might be served as a snack soon.
Why am I an edible ant?
And why don't you move there with Haruka?
Actually, I can take you all there.
What? Then leave Haruka
and me and go to that planet?
When I count to three,
you all will go to a different world.
Packing is unnecessary.
So are toothbrushes.
Girlfriends and boyfriends too.
One, two, one two...
One, two, three!
My name is Ryo.
I'm unemployed, but I wasn't always like this.
I just suddenly wanted to be like a cocoon.
Because in the end, a cocoon becomes a butterfly.
Today feels different from usual.
When I awoke, I was on a different planet.
Is that what is happening?
Until just recently, I was one of them.
Now, they're on the inside,
and I'm on the outside.
Or maybe it's the opposite.
"Bar Houdini"
So the owner has changed?
This was Mr. and Mrs. Tanaka's diner.
Starting today, it's called Houdini.
I see.
Wait, are you Ryo by any chance?
You really don't remember?
I'm sorry.
You asked Mr. Tanaka to hold on to this.
And Mr. Tanaka told me
to give this back when you came.
I really don't remember.
I left this?
It was exactly 1 00 nights ago.
You brought this box
and said that in 1 00 days...
You would come pick it up.
You also said you might not remember this.
And this is exactly what's happening.
Ryo, perhaps you want to become a magician?
Mr. Tanaka said that?
Gosh... Don't be surprised.
The theme of this place is magic.
Many famous magicians will come here.
If you want to become a real magician,
You should start coming here.
It's an awfully good picture.
Imagine it's me and greet it every day.
Don't be mean to it.
These are my belongings that Yuri had.
Rather, they seem like Yuri's things that
have a connection with me.
But what is this candy?
A present for me?
One day, I was told about her death.
I drank heavily.
After that, I turned my back to the world
And shut myself in here
like a cocoon for 1 00 days.
Maybe it's time to become a butterfly.
One day, she stopped showing herself.
She wouldn't answer my calls.
It was like a UFO abducted her.
She disappeared without a trace.
Then one day, I got a call...
From her number.
I'm Yuri's mother.
You know Yuri, yes? Yuri Kawaguchi.
Yuri died the other day.
Her funeral has already been held.
I was shocked, but I had expected it.
She must have died.
That's how she disappeared.
I thought I should tell you.
It seems you were close with Yuri.
We dated for a year.
She never told me, so I didn't know.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry.
I should have known about her passing.
I should be apologizing.
Oh no.
If you were Yuri's boyfriend...
Do you know anything?
Why did she take her own life?
How could I explain?
If I said Yuri didn't die
but disappeared,
will she understand?
Are you crying?
Yeah, I'm crying.
I don't know.
It'd be nice if you did.
Can you cry when you want to?
Laugh when you want to?
Emotions are selfish.
I can't cry when I want to.
Or laugh when I want to.
Why do I get those emotions?
I usually don't know why.
You smile unconsciously too.
You're right.
There's something I vaguely know.
I won't live much longer.
I might disappear from this world.
Afterwards, I think it was
when we went to Tokyo Tower.
Right now...
There's someone in Japan
who looks exactly like me.
She's much smarter than I am.
Much happier...
And much more beautiful.
I can't be as happy as her.
If I die, can I become her?
I feel like my life is fake.
If I die...
Go find her.
Right now...
She's watching drift ice in Hokkaido.
I want to see what she sees.
In my mind,
I see her standing on the deck
of an icebreaker boat.
Don't look for me.
I won't look for you either.
We'll meet again.
I can take comfort in knowing
that she had a boyfriend.
Thank you.
For being my daughter's boyfriend.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
I'll do a magic trick just for you.
It's clearly an empty box.
I'll put something in this box
that's from your house.
It can't be too big.
Close your eyes.
Now open them.
Look inside when you get home.
Study under Mr. Kitta?
That's a problem.
He doesn't take students
and he rarely comes here
But that's okay.
I know many great teachers.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Your magic teacher will come soon.
Okay, we'll be practicing.
Everybody, sorry for the wait.
I'm James Katsuragi.
You're the teacher?
I am the owner's doppelganger.
He and I are the same,
but we're different people.
Don't ever say that again.
I despise him.
However, he respects me.
Everybody, I have some super funky magic.
Tonight, your own two hands will create a miracle.
Magic is a miracle indeed.
Your own hands will create a miracle.
Eight, nine, ten!
Ryu Murayama was performing an escape trick.
After sinking in the winter sea,
he failed to escape and went missing.
Ryu's original plan was to appear on drift ice.
However, Ryu Murayama never returned.
Here is footage of the incident.
After Ryu went missing, the authorities and staff
Searched for the box he was trapped in
You know...
Doesn't that Ryu guy look like me?
Now that you mention it, yeah
I bet he's just like me under his mask.
Maybe he's your doppelganger.
You mean playing two roles like you?
You mean playing two roles like you?
Doppelgangers really exist.
Somewhere in this world,
there's someone identical to you.
Throughout history,
people everywhere have believed so.
Even Goethe and Edgar Allan Poe
had doppelgangers.
In old Japanese records too,
it's called the "Shadow Disease".
Even I've heard of that.
When one finds out about the other,
They become tormented by extreme suicidal thoughts.
And in the end, they take their own life.
Then you or the magic teacher has to die.
It's fine.
The two of us have already surpassed such matters.
So don't worry.
I don't buy it.
And maybe also with Ryu, the Hokkaido magician...
He was your doppelganger,
and because he learned of you,
He died from it.
"Ryu Murayama"
Yuri said someone like her was in Hokkaido.
If someone like her exists,
the same must go for me.
A doppelganger?
Will a double of her really be in Hokkaido?
Someone prettier and happier than her.
A magic trick like this isn't just for me.
We have an apology and an announcement.
Due to a cave-in accident,
The Okhotsk Train for Abashiri
Will stop at Kitami Station
The repairs will take about an hour.
Please wait inside the train, station building,
Or somewhere safe near the station.
"Kitami Station"
You're Ryu, the great magician!
What are you planning?
Not time to appear yet?
Still doing your escape trick?
Or was it...
An act to run away from me?
Say something!
I'm sorry.
I don't remember.
I don't remember anything.
I knew it.
That you were always beside me.
If I came here...
I knew I could find you.
Where have you been?
What do you remember last?
Don't worry. You can take your time.
I'm just happy we met again, Ryu.
You don't have to explain.
Just don't disappear again.
We're going to see drift ice together again.
There, I'll tell you
how we, Ryu and Aya, met.
We can just make new memories.
I didn't mind.
I was Ryu for her, she was Yuri for me.
She met Ryu and I met Yuri.
I met you in college.
It was the day of our show.
We were more excited for
your magic than our show.
We were more excited for
your magic than our show.
Because you were a handsome, young magician.
She started talking about
how she met a man named Ryu.
Great job!
I'm going now.
Hurry up.
You in the fourth row, pick a card.
7 of hearts Very well.
Go up there.
You are about to disappear.
Are you ready?
But don't worry. You'll come right back.
Here it goes.
Enjoy your trip?
You may go back now.
I'm interested in the supernatural too.
Anything that can't be explained by science,
People say it's an illusion or a coincidence.
The happiest moment
during a supernatural incident
Is when love begins
After all, Love is the most magical thing
The moment I saw you,
I had fallen for your magic, Aya.
Liar. You're lying.
Shall we see...
How much I fell for you?
Put your hand on my chest.
My heart has never beaten so loud.
Can you feel my heartbeat?
My heart popped out.
What's going on?
I didn't hear about this.
I'll show you a trick
where I escape from that ocean.
Isn't that dangerous?
The more dangerous it looks,
The more entertaining.
It'll be thrilling for you too.
You're lying. You're dumping me.
Magic is my job.
I have a bad feeling.
I wouldn't stay in the ocean
when you're on land.
Stop worrying.
Let go of me!
I want to see the ocean you're going in!
We're coming to you "live"
from Shiretoko, Hokkaido.
Ryu, the genius magician,
Will get tied up and escape
from a box sunk in the sea.
It's a new magic feat.
She is the girl I love most in this world.
This watch my father gave me isn't waterproof.
Hold on to it and put it on me when I return.
Ryu's arms are being shackled.
He can no longer move his hands.
Can he really escape from the ocean?
I love you.
The box is being locked.
The box gets lifted,
Mercilessly tearing apart the couple.
It is headed for the frigid,
midnight sea of Okhotsk.
Will this be an eternal farewell?
The box is in the water.
Water is flooding inside,
and Ryu is now submerged.
Now the box with Ryu
has been swallowed by the sea.
Ryu's heart monitor is on display.
His pulse is proof that he is alive.
The saw has now come in contact with the wire.
There are sparks flying.
The monitor has turned off.
What has happened?
The spectators are in shock.
Ryu! Ryu!
Please stop!
Listening to her story,
It felt as if it happened to me.
Does she really believe that I'm Ryu?
This is where you disappeared.
Don't you remember?
Hokkaido has the lowest latitude
for places with drift ice.
You don't have to go all the way to Alaska.
The weather is sunny while there is drift ice.
The ice prevents evaporation
and clouds don't form.
That's how you kissed me right here.
There was a man there taking a picture of us.
Hey. We meet here again.
I thought I'd see you,
So I printed the picture I took before.
Well? Nice picture, huh?
Nobody can take a better picture than that.
Aren't you going to kiss her today?
I already did.
Damn. I was too late.
You told me that you like cold lips.
Hey, where are we going?
You forgot my brother?
He's in a facility for autism
and I'm late seeing him.
The security is tight.
He flipped up nurses' skirts 9 times.
He set up a camera in the ladies' room 6 times.
He's also used Kojiro's false teeth
as tongs and castanets.
One time,
he even cut Mayumi's cane in half.
Ryoma is seriously hopeless.
You will grow to love me.
You're not funny.
How will you help me escape?
Ryu is a magician,
so he can let you meet Haruka Ayase.
Haruka Ayase?
Haruka Ayase is filming by the Sapporo TV Tower.
I'll take you there.
I signed you up as an extra.
I won't just be in Haruka's movie.
I'll film her acting
and edit it into a movie featuring me.
That's my plan.
Watch carefully.
It's gone. Where did it go?
Now, I'll show you a trick where I disappear.
Everyone turn around and count to ten.
Please turn around.
One, two, three...
Four, five, six...
Seven, eight, nine, ten.
He's gone.
What? The filming location changed?
Tell me why.
If the flight was cancelled,
Take a train, idiot!
What? Who am I?
I'm an extra!
I waited an hour to star with Haruka!
You think a Web notice will do?
I'm allergic to Internet,
So someone else registered me!
Go to hell!
What? "You go to hell"?
Damn it. Is that all you got?
I'll tell Haruka about this
and get you fired!
He hung up.
No one answered to begin with.
Is that so?
You're going to do my sis, right?
Or have you already?
How could you say that?
I speak the truth. Stay out of this.
I asked Ryu.
Can you calculate this?
234,567 x 67,899
Why are you asking me?
You're holding a calculator.
What day of the week was April 3, 1 986?
One in seven chances.
Ask me again, the odds should be good.
So the magic trick
from 4 hours ago finally ended?
I get it.
There's something on you.
Thank you for today.
You scared me!
Ryu, doesn't my sister look tasty?
Do her tonight! Got it?
Ryoma! That's enough!
I wasn't Ryu, but was she Yuri?
I don't understand any of it...
Where are you?
Don't tell me that was a dream.
Right now
there's someone in Japan
who looks exactly like me.
I can't be as happy as her.
If I die, can I become her?
Have you forgotten me?
I met you before.
I'm Ryo. I dated Yuri.
That's right.
I'm sorry I didn't recognize you.
I saw Yuri.
In Sapporo.
I'm sorry.
I'm truly sorry.
I'm her aunt.
I'm her only relative.
She had...
Severe depression.
In Sapporo, she lost the man
she was going to marry.
She was suffering, and I brought her to Tokyo.
When her depression was getting much better,
She met you.
She dated you by the name of Yuri.
She tried to forget that she was Aya.
However, her guilt grew stronger...
Thinking that her boyfriend in Sapporo
may be alive.
She started to have suicidal thoughts.
I had no choice.
So once again...
I sent her back to Sapporo.
So you told me she died?
As it turned out...
After she returned to Sapporo,
She forgot about her time in Tokyo
like she lost her memory.
She forgot everything.
That's why.
The girl named Yuri is as good as dead.
I'm so sorry.
"First Prize. Congratulations Ryo Murayama!"
Great to see you again.
I decided to become a magician
because of the trick you showed me.
Please teach me.
Now... I'm no longer a magician.
You would become a great magician.
But a magician shall not rely only on technique.
As you say, instead of using cheap tricks,
I want to learn true magic.
True magic cannot be taught.
It is something spiritual.
For example, the life of Christ.
He fed thousands with
five loaves of bread and two fish.
Did he really feed all of them?
Perhaps he gave them the illusion
That they were full without actually eating.
That they were full without actually eating.
It was magic, that only Christ knew about.
Well, about that trick you showed me...
The lollipop?
I really don't know how you did it.
Want to know?
If it can be explained,
It is no longer magic.
For winning the World Magic Competition.
Please pick a card.
The 7 of diamonds, yes?
I'm such a fan. Thank you.
Go ahead.
3 of diamonds.
Show them.
Please come.
Is this thing alright?
This person is here to see you.
You're cruel!
Aya's in a mental hospital in Hokkaido.
She has dissociative identity disorder.
You know something.
Who are you? Why do you torture her?
Are you Ryu? Ryo?
It's your fault she was admitted.
What are you planning, idiot?!
What did she do?
Why did she have to be admitted?
I was born dumb and autistic, but not her!
It's your fault she was admitted!
You ruined her life!
I left her Yuri's picture.
She mistakenly thought I was Ryu.
I just wanted to tell the truth.
You should've never shown her.
Aya Mogami became severely depressed
after her lover Ryu died.
Later, when she met you in Tokyo,
a new identity was created.
Her name was Yuri.
She couldn't accept that
she loved someone besides Ryu.
So through her new identity as Yuri,
she could love you, Ryo.
But Yuri and Aya's identities existed together.
She believed that her two identities
were doppelgangers.
Therefore, Yuri's identity killed herself.
And Aya's identity came back.
However, Aya had not recovered mentally.
Then she met you again in Hokkaido.
She was convinced that I was Ryu.
I imagine so.
But you showed her the diary of the dead Yuri.
After that, once again,
Pieces of Yuri started to come back.
Once Yuri returned
and Ms. Mogami started to feel confused,
She attempted suicide.
In the end, showing a desire to return to Aya
Means to accept Ryu's death.
So she's even refusing to be Aya.
I found out that Aya lost her parents in a fire.
When one becomes traumatized by a tragedy...
rather than overcoming extreme hardships,
They force it on a new identity.
The person then hides in their new identity.
Which identity does she have now?
I don't know.
Whether she sees you as Ryu or Ryo
Should reveal her identity
You may talk to her.
Where have you been?
How could you abandon me?
Do you know how long I've been waiting for you?
I can't be happy anymore.
I can't feel her
I think she died.
I, the unhappy one, should disappear.
And she should live.
That's the only way to happiness.
The girl in Hokkaido...
She died because of me.
I'm so worthless.
It's all my fault.
I should have disappeared.
That's why...
I took those pills.
But I couldn't even die.
It's too late now.
I want to see drift ice.
Did Yuri say that? Or was it Aya?
Maybe it was both.
If Yuri were still alive,
She might return to Aya.
Excuse me. Aren't you the famous magician?
You seem busy,
so can I have your autograph later?
First, make a loop.
Tighter. Good.
Tie it once again.
Now step forward
I'll untie this in three seconds.
Three, two...
Thank you. You can go back now.
Now I'd like one of you to come up
for a special trick.
The young lady in front.
Would you come up?
What is your name?
I'm Aya.
Now put this mask on.
We have an apology and an announcement.
Due to a cave-in accident,
The Okhotsk Train for Abashiri
Will stop at Kitami station.
Every year there's a festival,
and the train stops for repairs.
I bet there's no accident.
Maybe it's their strategy to
get tourists to the festival.
"Kitami Station"
Is this dj vu?
It's a scene from your memory.
I've heard from your doctor.
I know very well about my condition.
Two people are living in my mind, right?
Don't we all have someone living inside us?
I have two identities in me as well
I sometimes wonder.
Who I am...
Does it really matter?
Who should I be?
You're Aya Mogami and...
Ryo Murayama, yes?
Is that supposed to be a disguise?
I'm not really sure.
Please go back to the hospital.
You haven't recovered yet,
so you shouldn't be out.
Can't you use magic to disappear
or vanish them?
I can, but I need preparation.
Maybe they'll help.
I wish.
There's ice cream.
That ice cream is made from real glaciers.
So the ice is thousands of years old.
From before humans existed?
I think so.
I have an idea.
I'll show you magic.
Magic where you close your eyes
while we eat glacier ice cream.
I feel like I have to eat this ice cream slowly.
Scarfing down something thousands of years old
Would be a waste.
In summer, you have to eat quickly,
But in winter, you can slowly eat ice cream.
Glacier ice cream isn't your average ice cream.
When I think of the age-old glaciers,
I might cry.
Global warming is melting glaciers.
So to put a brake on the end of the world,
Eat slowly
You're right.
Which do I look like?
Aya or Yuri?
The name doesn't matter. You are you.
What was Yuri like?
Prettier than me, right?
Yuri is...
So is Aya.
You're Mathilda.
It doesn't work that way.
Because the person
who I think is Ryu calls himself Ryo.
What am I supposed to do?
That's enough.
Aya or Yuri. Ryu or Ryo. Who cares?
Why do you think we're dressed like this?
It's to get away from Ryu and Aya. So stop!
I don't know who I am,
and it's hard for me too.
Look at me.
I don't know what Ryu was like.
But he looked like this and you loved him.
That's how Ryu and I are different.
This Ryu guy could be dead or alive.
Get him out of your head.
I was happy on our way here.
Putting on different clothes like this.
Made me feel different and happy.
But my hair will grow again.
And I'll get confused too.
I'm scared of that.
Let's stay like this
I'm going now.
Oh no, you're not a criminal,
so I won't cuff you.
If your hair grows,
Just cut it again!
If you get confused
Just remember the happy times!
We'll meet again
I can tell. We'll meet again!
Next time we meet, we're Mathilda and Leon!
Got it?
Yeah, Leon!
Good job, Aya.
Can you go faster?
Is it okay that I'm speeding?
Be quiet!
Don't ruin the mood!
I'm sorry.
Look there.
"Bye, Mathilda. Until next time."
I heard she was discharged from the hospital.
The doctor said there could be
a recurrence anytime.
So that I won't confuse her anymore,
I must become Ryu and not Ryo.
That's what she wants.
Goethe and Edgar Allan Poe
had doppelgangers too.
But neither died.
Why is that?
Because their souls synchronized.
How so?
I will never tell you
If I meet your doppelganger, I'll ask him.
He won't tell you either.
Because he has the same personality as me.
This drink is from my doppelganger.
My doppelganger says thank you.
It smells like Aya.
Aya must be waiting for his return.
Jealousy grows inside me.
I want to see the ocean you're going in!
Like Houdini, he got the key from her kiss.
Then there's no reason he couldn't have escaped.
I will wait for my other self.
My other self?
That has to be me.
He's waiting for me?
Damn it.
In his notebook was a perfectly
planned escape magic.
However, he disappeared.
He chose this place
because the water suddenly gets deep.7
I'll come see you.
Then the assistants come...
He received the key along with her kiss.
If it were me,
I'd want another kiss after coming back.
Who am I supposed to get the key from?
Known as the second Ryu, or his doppelganger,
Ryo has taken the world of magic by storm
He will try to reenact Ryu's escape magic
which Ryu performed in Shiretoko,
Hokkaido 4 years ago.
It is a dangerous trick where he will be tied up
and sunk in the sea...
- Are you Aya Mogami?
- Yes.
This is for you. Thank you.
This doesn't leave things to fate.
I said I wouldn't go see him.
- I'm sorry.
- It's fine.
Were you going to buy a ticket to Abashiri?
Go ahead and use mine.
My baby was due soon,
so I was going to pray for a safe birth.
But I just got word
that a cute, healthy girl was born.
So I won't be needing this anymore.
I'll gladly use it.
Thank you.
I'm happy for your baby.
- Thank you.
- Congratulations.
The train will leave.
Take care.
The Okhotsk Train for Abashiri
will stop at Kitami Station for 30 seconds.
If you are getting off,
please check your belongings.
We're coming to you live footage from
the northern end of Japan, Utoro in Shiretoko.
The genius magician Ryo, is about to
try to escape from a sunken box
after being tied up.
The stage is now lit up.
What a glamorous stage.
4 years ago,
the magician Ryu attempted the same magic,
but never returned from this ocean.
And now...
Ryo, known as Ryu's doppelganger,
will take attempt the same challenge.
The men are wrapping
heavy chains around his body,
and cuffing his hands.
A great challenge lies ahead,
yet Ryo is keeping his calm
and confident composure.
Ryo is now tied in chains,
and is being lifted above the box.
It is a transparent coffin
an elevator to the seabed.
- Stop.
- Leon!
Ryo's body, shackled in chains,
is lowered into the box.
Is it really possible to escape
from the ocean like this?
The box housing Ryo has been shut.
There is no turning back.
You finally came to see me.
I've waited here for you all this time.
I believed that you would come for me.
You probably didn't know of me,
but I knew about you for a long time.
In two contrasting environments
of Sapporo and Tokyo,
you and I had lived.
Then one day, your environment
became visible to me.
It was something like dj vu.
I was able to see your future.
That you would meet Aya and fall in love.
In my dj vu, I couldn't see my future.
It was only you and Aya I saw.
I saw what had not yet happened
between you and Aya.
I learned that I would cease to exist soon.
If one of two doppelgangers must die...
I was the one.
If you would love
everything I possessed and loved,
I decided to gladly take my own life.
And then...
I threw myself away to become you.
From now on,
so that I can live in your mind and body...
open the door to your soul.
And then love everything I ever have...
including her.
Something is going on at sea.
I can see someone.
Someone is being pulled up...
It's Ryo! He did it!
The great magician has returned alive.
Ryo has come back to us
from the bottom of the ocean.
The crowd is going wild.
There is a thunderous applause,
and some are even crying.
These of course must be tears of joy.
Ryo has just returned to the stage once again.
From now on...
I will exist between you
and her as the emotion of love.
I have just become one with you.
Edgar Allan Poe had a doppelganger too.
But he didn't die.
There are many ways for both to live.
Just look at me.
What if there was someone you loved?
What if both of you loved the same woman?
I would choose to exist in her heart.
How did you do it?
A magical piece of ice.
It's a magic trick...
created by God.