Colossal (2016) Movie Script

I'm here.
Don't wander alone like that.
- You scared me, you know.
- I'm sorry.
Let's go home already.
- Mom, I found it.
- Really? Good, let's go home.
"25 years later. "
I got into the car at 2.
But then, I was going here.
Well, I thought I was coming here.
But then Georgia, wanted to go to the loft.
You know I want to head home,
so then I had to go to the loft.
And when we got there, he was like...
Well, now I want to take a nap.
Then I'm waiting for her,
until she wake up and then...
I fell asleep. I have been asleep all day.
Are you angry?
Okay, how angry you think I should be?
You think I should be,
really angry, little bit angry?
What do you think it would
be appropriate right now?
- What's the good response?
- A little angry.
- Can you be less angry?
- We're not gonna fight about this.
- Fine by me.
- I'm just not gonna do it.
The same old things.
Going over and over again.
Then I get angry cause the only time
I get to see you is when you hungover.
And you stay home all day and watch TV.
And then you say being
at work is affecting you.
- And that isn't true.
- And I say...
you're doing nothing to
change the situation.
And then you told me you're gonna prove
me wrong and then I catch you lying.
Lying again, to me, to yourself.
It's the same old day and
we're just talking in circles.
- I just getting so tired of it!
- Tim.
Georgia wanted to go,
I didn't even want to go.
Who the fuck is Georgia?
Glori, you are... You're a mess.
You are out of control and I love you,
but I cannot deal with you in that state.
What are you talking about?
So, I've packed your things,
they're in the bed room.
- You can keep the cases.
- What...?
I think it would be best for both of us if
you were not here when I got back, okay?
- So...
- Tim.
- I'm sorry.
- Tim!
- He's gone.
- Thank God.
- It's disgusting.
- I didn't know.
I don't know,
I never done anything like that.
Probably not.
Gloria, where's the plug?
My phone is on red right now.
Who wants to order Chinese food?
- No, I want Chinese food.
- That's healthy.
Are you ready?
- Oscar?
- Gloria?
- Wow!
- Wow...
I can't believe it.
Oh, My God. It's a miracle I recognize you.
- Well, yeah... I mean.
- Anyway, hi.
- Yeah, hi. Hello.
- Hi...
So, what are you doing here?
I needed a vacation and my
parents are at another house...
and you know, I haven't been up here
in so long. So it's like... you know.
Sure, yeah...
What are you doing now? Like right now.
- Nothing.
- Wanna hang out?
- Yeah. Sure.
- Yeah. Come on, hop in.
- Okay, it's cool.
- Yeah.
You okay? You need any help?
I'm sorry. I'm just totally blown
away that you're actually here.
Where are we going?
Oh, yeah.
We're going to the work at the bar.
Oh, you're work at bar with your dad.
That's nice.
Well, no. It's mine now. Yeah.
- My dad passed away.
- I'm sorry, Os. I'm really sorry.
- No need to sorry.
- When did that happened?
- A few years ago. Yeah.
- He's a really nice guy.
I bet your mom having a
really hard time without him.
she died long before that.
- Jesus, I'm so sorry.
- Yeah.
You're still with me. Don't you remember?
You went to the funeral.
Oh, it looks differrent than I remember it.
Oh, yeah.
I did a renovation in the wall back.
Yeah, less and less people
start showing up and...
I think the whole country western play
list scaring the people away. Honestly.
Hey, I like it.
- Yeah? Really?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I thought you would.
It's more refined, right?
Yeah. I just wanted something that had a
little bit more of classic feeling bar.
You know? Something that does not too
rely on theme or anything like that.
- Well, there's a theme.
- No, it doesn't.
No, I mean it's got a bite, yeah.
Sure, but it doesn't have a theme.
No, where would the theme be? Like a bar?
- Isn't this used to be bigger?
- Yeah. Yeah, good memory. Yeah.
I just ended up shutting that down.
Due to the people and everything, but...
It's alright. I got a buddy that comes
every now and then and helps me out.
Most of the time I gotta
spend for myself though.
You alright?
- You just...
- Oh.
It's the nervous tick I have,
I have this itch right here...
- You look like a monkey.
- I look like a monkey.
So what? You're Oscar secret...?
- No.
- We don't know anything about you.
We were friends in
elementary school
and then I moved to New York
and lived there ever since.
Now I'm just visiting for a few days.
- You know what your problem is?
- What's my problem?
I used to live in New
York too, a while back.
I worked there for a few months.
A print shop then I meet this guy,
who lost his passport,
he couldn't afford a new one,
so I helped him out.
Let him stay with me for a while.
After a week living with me,
I find out the police are looking for him,
because he beat up his boyfriend.
- Hey, Bart.
- Sorry...
- What's my problem?
- What's your problem?
Yeah. You asked me did I know
what my problem is, then you...
told the story and I don't know
what does it have to do with me?
I didn't ask you that.
- Did I?
- Yeah, you did. No, sorry...
He has this problem whenever
there's someone new,
he got very eager for babbling along.
That is totally not true.
What do you think of the main head?
Does itjams a lot?
The truth is I don't have a fucking idea.
Right back here.
Holy shit! Oscar, the horses!
Oh, yeah... no.
Oh, my God.
You kept this as the way it was.
It's awesome!
Why don't you use it? It's so great!
Well, I told you I didn't really need it.
Don't really need it. We ran out of
money in the middle of the renovation.
I couldn't afford to finish it.
This is his dark little secret.
Like a lower back tatoo. Hey!
- Oscar.
- Yeah?
You're nuts. This place is magical!
It's because it's not literral anymore.
It's like...
It's actually ironic now.
- Want a Tic Tac?
- Why? Does my breath smell?
Hey, Oscar.
- You got any tea bags?
- Why? You want a cup of tea?
No, I want a tea bag. With a good
little string and that paper at the end.
Yes, I'm familiar with the concept.
What do you need it for?
- I'm gonna do a trick.
- I don't know your name.
- Joel.
- Gloria.
Why are the boys do that?
They always introduced you all the
guys except for the good looking ones.
What do you wanna see? I'm gonna show it.
It's like a fucking Wes Anderson
movie in here, Oscar. I love it!
Yeah, I wish the song were better.
When we were kids back at school,
every year they have this short
story contest in the spring.
And Gloria here would always win. Always.
Oh, come on! My stories were terrible.
Oh, yeah? Well...
I bet they're better than the mind, so...
I'm gonna get more booze.
I didn't know that
you want to be a writer.
No, I didn't. That was the point, dumb dumb.
I'm not. She's the writer.
I'm not a writer. I'm not like...
I don't write fiction,
I write articles for an online magazine.
- Oh, they're on the internet.
- Yeah, they are.
- Well, that's cool.
- It is. Yeah.
Write down the address
then I could check it out.
I'm good.
- Yeah.
- Here we go.
- Sorry.
- Hey! What the hell's wrong with you? Huh?
- Am I get to kick your ass again?
- Oscar, nothing happened.
Please, spare me. Okay? Your first night
back in town and you're gonna fuck it up?
We both drinking, okay?
It's fun. We're just having fun.
Nothing happened...
- What's going on?
- Nothing.
Jesus Christ.
What happened?
Hi. Oh, yes. What's up?
I don't know. I'm okay, Just...
I'm okay.
Yeah. No, I haven't heard anything.
What are you talking about? What?
Oh, come on.
I mean there's gotta be like a...
just the internet prank or something.
It get viral.
Hoax. Right?
Oh, my God... Okay, you know, I need both
my hands. I gotta call you back. Okay, bye.
Oh, My God!
Holy shit.
"Seoul Under Attack!"
Oh, My God.
"Shocking Footage of Monster Attack. "
What is that?
What the hell is that thing?
- Hello?
- Is this a good time to talk?
I mean are you busy?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I just got home. What's wrong?
What's wrong? Oh, My God, Tim.
I wasjust look at the news
and I think I'm in shock.
I... a giant monster
just materialized over Seoul.
Out of nowhere. I mean...
It was crazy,
but that happened 9 hours ago.
You're just hearing about it?
- Yeah.
- Well, what're you doing all day?
I've been like, you know...
Doing chores around the house, I mean...
Hey, what are you getting at, Tim?
I'm worried about you, that's all.
You said you're going to figure things out.
- To get your life together.
- It's exactly what I'm doing.
Gloria, if you still think you and I can
be together, you need professional help.
You know, I've been there before.
Whether this shocking phenomenon is
considered an attack or a natural disaster?
Meanwhile the global state of emergency
continues with stock market plunged.
So far, this is the best footage we have
of the creature vanishing into thin air.
The unprecedented nature
of this phenomenon...
Do you get tangled?
You know you're watching something that's
gonna change the course of history.
Spoken among scientists,
raising the question...
whether we have to revised our entire
understanding of the laws of physics.
With hundred of specialists
already converging on Seoul,
initial scientific analysis has...
All those innocent victims, are there.
Never leave.
How lucky we are to be watching.
This are the high level of air contamination
triggered by the destruction...
have accelerated the evacuation
of many affected urban areas.
"Citizens Narrowly Escape.
" The UN just called for a worldwide seize fire...
and it's asking for support
from all nations able to help.
The US forces have already been dispatched
to help the search and rescue operations.
As the number of injured or
missing citizen continued to climb.
After the first public statement
from the South Korean President...
- Hello?
- Hi.
- Did I wake you up?
- No, it's okay. What's up?
I just wanna talk to you. I just woke up...
and um... I know you'd be on your way
to work, so I want to talk to you.
Gloria... you're drunk.
I'm not talking to you when you're drunk.
Well, look, I'm...
want to talk to you.
I didn't get the stuffs
in the house and say bye.
I slept on a matress.
I'm gonna get ready to work, okay?
I'll talk to you later.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I brought you a TV.
Oh, shit. I just gotta...
I mean,
I think we should probably put it in here.
- Yeah.
- Sorry.
Yeah, so, it's kinda of a mess in here.
This is the only place I can
get wifi without password, so...
- What did you say? Oh, okay.
- I didn't say anything.
Yeah, well, we pop it over here and
we got the outlet and everything.
- Do you need me to do anything?
- No, honestly I'm good.
- I know what I'm doing. I like those stuff.
- Okay, thank you.
Oh, I gotta say,
this is a pretty nice surprise.
- What, the TV?
- Yeah.
No, we talked about this last night.
- Don't you remember?
- Yeah.
Did the monster come back?
- Yeah and attacked Seoul again.
- What?
But not as bad. You know they're,
their appearance, monster and timeplace,
but itjust stood there like made
a bunch of weird hand gestures.
But it did destroy a few
buildings and people got hurt.
They get a false story.
- What time did it happened?
- 8.05.
- The same...
- Exact some place.
Same time as yesterday and same
time as the other time it showed up.
What other time?
- I'll show you.
- Yeah, please.
I can't believe you haven't seen this.
This is, uh...
Hell, it's like 25 years ago.
Oh, My God!
It appeared and dissapeared.
At exact 8.05. From the dark.
Back then everyone thought it was a hoax,
Yeah, it's the only photos I have.
Call in. You know you can tell
it from the celluloid, right?
- Seoul too?
- Yeah, that wasn't Seoul.
- Well, that's a shame.
- Why is so that?
Well, you know like...
if the monster only attacking Seoul...
then all the rest of the world
would stop caring, you know like...
all the cease fire that happened.
I just amped.
So, you don't remember anything
we talked about last night, huh?
- I really melodramatic, didn't I?
- Well, you...
told me that you weren't
really on a vacation.
That you been looking forjob for a year
and been living with your boyfriend, Tim.
And it didn't worked out and
since you don't have any money,
you decide to move back
here for a little while.
For the record,
I figured out that you're broke on my own.
So you don't have to feel bad about...
Oh, well. Congratulations.
Is there anything else?
I told you that if you want to give me a
hand with the bar, you're more than welcome.
You'll make little money
while you're staying here.
What did I say?
You said yes.
I'm sorry. I should not ask you when
you drunk, that's bad timing. I just...
No. What are you talking about?
It's such a nice thing to do.
But, I mean do you need help at the bar?
If this mess keeps going on. Yeah.
Yeah, definitely I need help at the bar.
I gotta drink.
Alright, I tell you what.
I'm gonna work at the bar,
if you agree that we
clean up the western side.
- Fine, you're hired.
- Yes!
Country side gonna open!
Make it official. Boom!
- Thank you.
- Start at 5, tonight?
- Well, there we have it.
- Hey...
Thank you.
Yeah, of course.
You need a sofa.
To get a sofa right here.
So, you can watch... you know.
- Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah...
- I know.
Alright. You want me to pick you up later?
- That'd be great. Thank you.
- Cool.
Can do.
Thank you.
- Perfect.
- Okay.
Despite the lack of recent attacks,
the city remains on high alert.
As there seems to be no discernible
pattern of the location
of the monster's appearance
or path of destruction
the entire city of Seoul and it's
surrounding suburbs are on high alert.
You see, I don't think it's alive.
What do you mean?
I mean...
it's not an animal.
It's like... a machine.
And it's been operated by
remote control or something.
You ever notice how it'sjust keep moving...
destroying everything in it's path,
but it never looks down?
If you were walking, surrounded by buildings
up to your waist or your shoulder...
wouldn't you look around to
see where you were going?
Even if you want to
destroy everything
it makes no sense to keep
staring straight ahead...
if everything is below you.
Hey, you okay?
Despite the confusion caused by
the creature last appearance...
NATO, the UN,
and coalition forces remain on high alert.
Come on. No... No...
- Hey.
- Hi.
- How are you doing?
- Fine.
I... I just want to apologize
for the other day I wasjust um...
[CLEARING THROAT] You know my...
my tone, I... I just...
been lecturing you a lot and I just
really lost.. you know if you...
you're okay.
Oh, thank you. I'm... I'm fine.
You know, I'm not trying to
pry or anything, I'm just...
don't really know what you've...
what you've actually doing there.
What I'm actually doing, um... I'm... it...
I'm um...
- working.
- Working?
Yeah. Yeah. I'm working in... a bar.
It belongs to a friend of mine from school,
and um...
he hired me part time.
And I am a waitress.
- You're a waitress?
- Yeah.
- Um... but...
Hold on.
You alright?
I brought the sofa.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Oh, a sofa?
Yeah, you want a sofa.
I wanted a sofa?
Okay, so... so bring it through here.
- Yeah.
- I think it would be good in here.
So we go against these wall here.
Yeah, yeah, yeah... that'd be...
- Oh my gosh.
- What?
A futon.
Yeah, you're gonna use it?
You remember my playable mattress? It...
has a hole in it or something,
I don't know, it's plated.
My back is killing me.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Oh my gosh.
That so nice.
It's a good timing then, huh?
I've never seen anyone so
excited about a futon before.
Highlighted my day.
Well, sorry to breakup the
love for a while, but...
we got to go to work.
- No...
- Yeah.
Not yet. Not yet...
You know it's time to work.
Let's go.
Hold on, I'm just gonna grab my phone.
Do it.
That's amazing. I owe you big for that.
so I want you to watch because
this is how Oscar dances when
he's trying to seduce you.
- It was a wedding.
- Right.
Okay, this is not my normal thing.
Note the fingers gyrating
around the entertainment center.
What are you doing?
So, the astronaut climbs into the capsule.
Hey, Joel, just make sure to
turn off the lights in here.
Don't try anything off and on...
out front, okay?
I got it.
Forget it. Nobody is even paying
attention, it doesn't matter.
- What?
- Listen to what?
To the story. About the astronaut.
Jesus Christ. Weren't you
listening to a word I was saying?
No. Who cares about the story.
Are you gonna do the trick or what?
I'll do the trick at the end of
the story about the astronaut.
If... if the trick's good enough.
Fuck the story.
What if the trick's suck?
Fuck the story.
Alright, just to catch
up with bla bla bla...
there's an astronaut etc
etc... Here we go. Showtime.
Don't blow it out.
Okay, gents...
Not all that interesting.
Oh, look at that.
Very cool. Very cool.
It likely would've been
better with the story, though.
Are you fucking kidding me?
I need to tell you guys something.
But you have to promise...
that you're not gonna tell anyone, okay?
Not a soul.
Alright? This is a secret between us.
No one else can know, okay?
We gotta go the park.
And I'm gonna show you guys some fun.
Okay. Uh.. there's a website called
"Seoul Under Attack" or something like that.
You gotta find that one.
And uh... everybody over there.
- Okay.
- Gloria, what is this?
Shh... I just need everybodyto be quiet.
Just go.
Alright. Good, good, good.
Everybody's gonna be over there.
And I am... in this side.
Alright, I got it. Now what?
Come on.
- Yeah, okay.
- Okay.
Um... uh... click on the window that it has a...
the river area... it's the third one, I think.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Look, it's gonna happen really soon.
Just wait for it.
Wait for what?
Just watch the screen,
and tell me when you see it.
See what?
Holy shit. Alright, it's back.
- It's... you see it?
- Yeah. I got it.
- Is it there?
- The giant monster? Yeah.
Holy shit! Gloria, you gotta see this.
What is it doing?
It's dancing.
It's dancing like?
Holy shit!
It stop.
Hi, assholes.
I'm blowing you... I'm blowing you kisses.
What the... okay... how...
- How?
- Wait, wait. This isn't happening.
No, no, no. This is not happening.
This is one of those practical joke apps.
- This is a joke.
- But, it's nice to be dancing so uh...
Can you guess which film this is from, huh?
The fuck is going on?
Do you want to make any request?
This is gonna last that long.
- It's a joke.
- What...
What the...
They're... they're shooting at you.
They're shooting at me?
Are you serious? Who? Where?
Where? Alright, come on fuckers,
you wanna mess with me?
Come on!
What was... what was that?
A helicopter crash.
In my head?
With the... pilot and everything?
- Alright, Gloria, what is this?
- Shit.
Shit, I don't want to be me anymore.
I don't... How do I get out?
Which way is the river?
I don't know where it is.
- Gloria.
- I don't wanna be here anymore.
Could you just show me where the river is?
- Holy shit!
- What?
Oh, you're up?
I... I took your keys.
Thought I don't wanna
wake you when I get back.
I hope that's... that's okay?
Also I don't... see you have any food.
How many people did I kill?
Give me the paper.
What? No, hold on... hold on...
Gloria, listen...
Could you please tell
me how many people died?
How about I fix you something
to eat and then we can uh...
we can just talk about it calmly, you know?
Not many.
What are you doing?
Alright, how many does "not many" mean?
Does "not many" mean...
- Gloria, okay listen...
- Does it mean a hundred people?
- Gloria, you got to calm down.
- Does it mean 200 people?
- Gloria...
- What is "not many" mean?
I gotta tell someone.
I gotta tell somebody.
Hey, you gotta calm down.
- I gotta turn myself and I gotta...
- What? No, hold on.
I gotta tell how it could happen.
- Yeah, but you don't know what happen.
- Yes, I do. Yes, I do.
I killed a shit load of people because
I was acting like a drunk idiot again.
Hey, Gloria. Hey. Hey...
That's not what happened.
Well, not the only thing happened.
I'm pretty sure that's me.
They're so freaked out by the giant robot,
so they're not paying for the dancing.
Had you ever been in the
park at 8 to 5 before?
I can't recall. I don't think so.
You don't think so.. You don't... come on.
Been in the park... that same one?
No. No, different one.
this is gonna happen at anytime this year.
It's crazy though,
it's happening to the two of us.
The first time my monster
appeared was once you're kid?
- Yeah.
- Excuse me, more coffe?
No... no.
I'm good. Thanks.
Do you think she heard something?
I think she heard something.
Hear what?
That we're the ones destroying Seoul?
Shut up! Don't say that.
- Calm down.
- Don't.
Even if she heard you, she have no
idea what we're talking about, okay?
I just... I think we need to keep it cool.
Be careful, okay? When
people looking at us.
Those people are looking at us.
Hi, I'm the robot. She's the monster.
I'm leaving.
- I'm leaving.
- Whoa. Hey, whoa. Stop.
I'm sorry, okay? Just calm down.
What were you saying? The time about
first time your monster showed up?
Okay. What were we doing back then?
Going to school.
No, what were we doing in that exact time?
We're going to school.
8 to 5 is gonna be walking
through the bus stop.
That's right.
I don't remember walking through that park.
In fact,
that wasn't even a park when we were kids.
You know,
I remember it was like just that...
It's a construction site.
You still wanna confess?
I feel terrible, but I'm... you know...
Our confessing,
that's not gonna do any good.
It's true.
Actually, there's nothing we can do.
Nothing we can do.
Yes, there is.
Did you think it was weird?
No. No, not at all.
No, I used come here for years.
Go ahead. It's your free food.
What is it, huh?
So, where do you want to meet later?
Oh, no. It's your night off.
You should probably get
some rest. I can do this.
You kidding? I'm not be able to sleep.
Me neither.
I guess, it was the wrong time to be funny.
One made a humorous solution
that way through sentence.
I thought it was funny at the time,
and you know it seem harmless
because it was uh...
Playing words.
Playing words is funny
because how it sounds.
They don't fired me, but...
When they started a downsize,
I was the first one to go.
Oh, you jerk. You already knew.
- Yes, I'm sorry.
- Oh...
Why don't you tell me?
Why are you letting me like...
I don't want you to think I was creepy.
I seem like a stalker.
Oh it was too late for that.
I know.
you've been following me all these years?
Of course I have.
Somebody actually made
it out of here and...
did something special for once.
You know this place is not bad at all.
You got your friends. The bar is cool.
Yeah. That was true.
Ain't some of the girls
have their eyes on you?
Hammer ladies.
You know, I'm sorry.
I was actually this close to
getting married about 6 years ago.
- Really?
- Uh-huh.
I uh...
Ask this girl to moving with me.
You know to see how thing could work.
And her, and the baby, actually, and uh...
Well, it didn't last.
You know she... get bored real quick.
I'm sorry.
I don't blame her.
Hard not to get bored.
I mean, it's her ways but...
It's not helping.
Hell, look what happened when
things get interesting around here.
Giants attacking South Korea.
I mean you.
What's that?
Siren's installed.
You know, with saying I might show up.
Way to go.
Wait, what are you doing?
What do you mean?
I thought we're gonna do this together?
No, this is my thing. He's my problem.
I'm confused why'd you ask
me to come out here then?
Whoa, I didn't...
You offered.
Can you just let me do it? Please just...
You okay?
Hold on.
Yeah. Yeah, you're there.
Okay, it's clear.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
Fine, go ahead.
A message just clear.
I'm sorry. It was a mistake.
It won't happened again.
This shocking gesture has
been made by sketicism
from government and
military leaders.
Just like I thought.
If it is a good monster...
It's the good guy the whole time.
I get that you don't trust the
translators on the internet.
But, your friend,
the one with the restaurant...
don't you think that he
wasjust a little blown away
when the monster wrote exactly
what you've told them to?
I asked other translators too.
- What kind of translators?
- Why does that matter?
What did you tell them they were for?
For tattoos.
Who gets a tattoo that says "I'm sorry,
it was a mistake, it won't happened again."
That's... how you... beg your wife for
forgiveness after you've cheated on her?
I don't make tattoo, I'm just...
I'm lost and I gotta pee.
Alright. Good.
I supposed it's not how it's turn out.
Yeah, I mean I see your point there. Yeah.
No, no, no... I got it.
- You tattooed it backwards.
- Okay. Why backwards? I don't understand.
That way, you're the only who can read it.
You're saying it to yourself.
And why are you asking
yourself for forgiveness?
For getting a tattoo?
- We...
- Shh...
Where do you live?
What's your address?
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Come on in.
- Thanks.
The guys still there?
Yeah, they're still there,
when I left they're still partying.
Thank you.
They uh...
They won't think it's weird?
No. Why would they?
They don't know anything about this.
Neither do I.
Do you want something to drink or...
Oh... oh my God. I'm sorry. Did you...
Was that...
I'm... I'm sorry.
I thought with you coming over here and...
I'm kidding.
I'm so happy that you say that,
I'm just thought...
I screwed it up all again...
Robot Taunts Business District
Wake up, wake up, we gotta go,
we gotta go, come on!
Come on.
What are you doing?
Are you outta your mind?
What? We just had a little fun.
Hey Joel.
Hey Joel.
Oscar, Oscar, get out of there, turn around,
walk toward the river and keep walking.
- No!
- Alright, alright, calm down.
I am not hurting anyone, ok, we're checked.
We're not fucking idiots.
Shit. Oh shit.
Shit.. becareful!
Oh come on, you're the one who
killed a shit lot of people, not me.
Spare me lectures.
Get out.
I don't fucking want to.
Oh hey, I need you to go in earlier today.
Start clean up western side of the bar.
If not too tired, obviously.
Why are you ask me to do that now, Oscar?
What are you talking about? You offered.
After what happen this morning
at the surprising turn of events,
the theory said by many has been confirmed,
the 2 creatures are not on the same side.
And the creature we first
considered the threat,
could very well be the one
protecting a city of Seoul.
As it's to be expected, social media
websites are talking about nothing else.
This is today's most watched viral video.
In other news, the monster and
robot has develop a large followers.
People are flocking to Seoul
from all over the world...
Same way tonight, right?
It's really uh..
It's really well done, actually, you know.
More time I watch it, the funnier it gets.
Hey, Oscar, why don't you give it a rest?
Was it problem?
I can't think it's funny?
You don't think I know
to laugh for myself?
No, no, no..
I just, you know..
You seen it thousand times,
I think you might be
exaggerating a little, right?
Excuse me, no, no, hold on.
I am not the one who watch it
thousand times, everyone else has.
You know, I mean look at this things, there's
not many people in the world, look..
Ok, ok, you're right,
you're right, never mind.
- Projections screen is down.
- What?
Screen, still down, you leave it
like that overnight it'll warped.
You ask me to close it?
I am asking you to do yourjob.
Well, umm..
- I got it.
- No.
Hey Garth!
Don't touch itu.
- Come on man.
- It's herjob.
Go on.
Garth! Stay out of this, ok?
If fact,
why don't you just go back in the bathroom?
I know, hey,
you don't have to flush the toilet.
We all know you're not
taking a shit in there.
- What?
- Buddy..
You can store it wherever
you want in my bar.
I.. staying be nice, if you trust in us
little more, that's all, we're friends.
Which is why we turn our head
for years pretending like,
you know, we don't know what
you're doing in the bathroom.
What.. are you crazy?
You know that I have a digestive issues.
You gotta wipe yourself properly.
Something wrong with your nose?
You know that I haven't
snorting anything in years.
I know, I know, I know that,
yeah, everybody knows.
- Very proud of you.
- What's with the tone?
What's the problem, Garth?
Taking a shit make you this nervous?
Sit down, drink your beer.
It's okay.
Gloria, sure you don't wanna beer?
No, I am good Oscar, thanks.
Why? Cause you're keep an eye on me, right?
Well don't.
Sound like people keep tabs on me.
I am not keeping tabs on you.
Then have a beer.
I haven't had a beer since sunday
or anything to drink, really.
Cause I don't wanna do anything stupid.
- Stupid?
- Yeah.
The way.. Stupid, yeah, stupid,
you mean like the rest of us, yeah?
No, Oscar, not like you,
like me, like stupid,
like when I got drunk and fell and
kill hundreds of people, like that.
And when that happen do we,
do we start
checking up on you,
like you're a little girl?
Are we judge you?
No, of course not, that's not who we are.
Hell, Garth here's been doing coke in secret
for the last 5 years, none judge him, right?
Fuck you!
You can go to hell. I am leaving.
Ok, see you buddy.
You're lucky that the
rest of us don't have..
I thought you were leaving!
Lucky that the rest of us..
You lucky I don't call the cops on you,
you junkie!
Come on, Gloria, have a beer.
I tell you what..
If you drink that beer,
I wouldn't take walk to the park later.
What? Are you kidding?
Drink it.
Please know that I am the only being to push
you because deep down I know you want it.
Oscar, Oscar listen..
- Alright, turn off everything, lock..
- Oscar.
Oscar, Oscar, listen to me, you are drunk.
Hey, you're drunk, there's real
people and this is not a good idea.
Hey, don't worry,
I am not gonna kill anyone.
I know you think everythink
revolves around you, but it doesnt!
- Not anymore!
- Oscar.
My life isjust as amazing as yours now,
for once!
And if you don't like it, fuck you!
Oh Good, you made it.
I was concern,
I didn't think you'd be here on time.
Nailed it.
Boy, you're pretty winded.
It's okay, I can wait.
Catch your breath.
Will you slap me again?
Come on. Well, you like hold on,
you hit me alot harder yesterday.
Let's give them a good show.
Yeah, I don't know..
Not the same, it must been a surprise..
- Oscar, stop it.
- No punching.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Oscar, Oscar, let me go.
- No..
- You're hurting, ow!
- You..
- Alright..
Not a direct hit,
but left a majority down there.
Get out!
Get out!
Fuck you!
It's over!
Hey, hey, hey, it's over, so just stop it!
Ok, please?
It's over, stop, please!
God damn it! Shit!
I think you broke the skin!
Look at this, look what you did to me.
There your keys,
I am not going back to your shitty bar!
- Yeah you are.
- Oh yeah.
You're gonna keep working at the bar.
Or I am come back here tomorrow
and destroy an entire neighborhood.
And I'll come back and
I'll kick your fucking ass!
No you won't.
I am so done being a Mr. Nice guy.
See you at work?
I'll see you at work. Come on, let's go.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Are you alone?
Sorry, I just.. I wanted to say I am sorry.
For everything that has been happening.
Now, I.. I was with Oscar all
morning and he's sorry too.
He is so sorry, he told me to
come over here and give you this.
What is all this?
Well, it's for you, for your house.
There's, you know,
couple of rugs and some chairs.
And then uh, there's some side tables
in the back, I can unload it all myself.
Gloria, where you're going?
- Gloria..
- What the hell are you doing?
Come on. Come inside.
You want some coffee or some drink?
What's with the furniture in the truck,
I thought I told you about that,
that's from my uncle's house.
They aren't using it so you
can do whatever you want.
I don't want it.
I am totally ashamed.
Yeah well you should be.
Did I hurt you?
I mean do you have any..
Catch or bruise or anything?
No, not really, no.
But you sure you're okay?
Like, we didn't kill anybody this morning,
ok, that's all that matters right?
I feel so shame. That I hurt you,
I just had such a shitty day..
I can't bear it.. to you, I think about..
I am so sorry, I..
I am sorry.
Please, can we be friends again?
Listen buddy,
you gotta promise me something, ok?
No more staying after hours at the bar, ok?
You close, and you go home, right?
- No more late night drinking.
- Ok.
- You promise?
- I promise yeah.
I am no strange to the fucking up and drug.
It's okay, we're good.
Thank you.
Jesus christ!
Hey, it's..
Hey, come on in.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
Do you want a drink?
Well, drink.. but..
No, thanks.
Yeah, you know it's..
Been emailing you a bit
and calling you,
and didn't hear anything, so..
A little bit worried.
So when your meeting?
Tomorrow morning.
Have you ever been up here before?
Actually no, no, first time.
We have not had client up.
It's pretty big coincidence you're here.
I think at least, speaking of,
it's pretty big coincidences.
- Yeah, but why you just say it like that?
- Like what?
Like, coincidences.
You know, no, forget about it, never mind.
- No, no, how about dealing with..
- Drop it.
A few, you know, big coincidences recently.
What coincidences?
You been looking for work for a year,
come home, suddenly pop! Job.
Well, maybe I should started out
looking for a job for a waitress.
Gloria, you're not a waitress!
This is new.
- What is it?
- Well..
You never been jealous like this before.
I am notjealous, you think I am jealous?
Look, all I am saying is this
pretty weird that you're here.
No, I am notjealous.
I am never been jealous no matter
how many times you
can made reason to be,
I am notjealous, and never been jealous.
Not about to be jealous.
And anyway, we're not going out.
- No we're not.
- So, doesn't matter.
You can do whatever you want.
Except find a job and take care of myself,
Oh yeah, cause you really doing that,
just.. you're doing just great.
Just great,
you move back home working as a waitress.
So what?!
In a bar, by the way.
Unless you hate it on the internet,
I'll leave you alone, in a bar.
We're moving on. Really evolving.
Used to get your friends to buy you a beer,
cause you have their money.
Now I guess you just lean over the
bar and poised over cheeky one.
Now I used to lend you money,
now you just working the tips.
It's great, doing really great.
- I gotta go.
- No, no.
Look, I am sorry, I am sorry, just..
No, it...
I been trying talk
to you for awhile..
I just..
I acted like a total jerk, I am sorry.
No, I mean, I have to go to the bar,
my shift is starting.
Well, let me give you a lift.
No, no, it's okay, it's.. no.
I am here, I don't mind.
Hang on, what's going on here?
Sports, wildwest,
I think it's nightmare, isn't?
Medieval barbeque or something?
What is this place?
This is.. this is Tim, this is Oscar.
- Hello.
- What's up?
- You know it's Gloria's idea.
- What?
You see,
this side of bar had been closed for years.
But Gloria here thought it was,
so ironic that
she was like "Hey,
you should open this back up".
And here we are.
Shall we?
What brings you in town, Tim?
Umm, work.
Good. Work.
I am sorry, do you want anything to drink.
Oh sure, I'll take a beer, thanks.
Great, make it two.
It's good to have her back in town.
And she's been a real help around here,
a lot of great ideas.
- No, it'sjust surprise, that's all.
- Oh yeah, why?
You don't think she's
capable doing job like this?
Well, no, of course she's capable.
Should anybody else do this, right?
No, I mean,
this worthy job as anything else.
Well, I am glad you find it worthy.
No, I just..
Never done anything like this before.
You guys keeps talking like I am not here.
Hey Oscar,
can I have another cup of coffee please?
Actually hold on.
Don't go. One sec, Joe.
Sit, sit.
Tim, what would say would the most
irresponsible thing to do in this bar?
What would you think about it?
For example.
Imagine I would do stand up
right here and show you my ass.
I'd pretty rude. And yet, it's not the
first time, so much that's happen here.
Not this early of course.
But it has happened. Right Joe?
Yes. Now can I get some more coffee please?
One sec.
I could take a pistol over there,
in that corner booth.
Break one of the windows.
You and me, we could get a big old
fist right here in front of anyone.
Those are all the
irresponsible things to do.
But none of them are the
most irresponsible thing.
I sec Joe, I'll be right with you, ok?
This has been sitting back there for..
That was 10 years now, wow.
Everybody thinks it's a bottle of fancy
bourbon or something like that, but..
That'd be wrong. Nope, nope.
This is actually the most
illegal thing in this bar.
You know, our pal, Garth.
And another buddy of mine gave it to
me for my birthday while back now.
You know, they get down in Mexico,
they're on vacation.
Still can't believe they
made it through customs.
Thanks for coming in
folks, have a good day.
Watch out.
Up until recently.. the boys and I..
We.. we had hopped in the pick up,
went to get a big bag of fireworks and..
Then we drive out to the suburbs.
We light them all up, you know,
scare the shit out of locak but this..
This firecracker, the biggest we ever had..
Never made the trip.
Not that we're afraid to use it,
on the contrary we just..
Thought it was so big, we wanted
to save it for a special occasion.
So we left it behind, everytime.
Then we reach the point
where we just grew up.
Stop screwing around like that at night.
And our friend here, make it's way
the shelf back there, and it waited.
Year after year, for it's big moment.
Joe you might want to get out the way.
- Oscar, Oscar..
- What you want to do?
- What are you doing?
- No, no, no, no.
Fuck, go!
Let's get out of here.
How about that huh?
You are a crazy person! Come on gloria.
I just did the most the irresponsible
thing to do in this bar.
You wanna out?
Even so, Gloria is not
gonna leave with you.
Of course she is, come on.
I am leaving here in midday tomorrow,
please come with me.
Gloria, I didn't have a meeting.
I came here for you. I lied, sorry.
What a schmuck.
I'm sorry about that.
Didn't mean to scare you.
Wait.. How did you even get in here?
Your parents gave my
parents a copy years ago.
- Okay, just.. Leave the keys and get out.
- Well sit down.
Take it easy.
Get out, get out or I'll call the cops.
I won't.
Thank you.
Now I uh..
Came in here because of
what your boyfriend said.
Ex boyfriend.
The whole thing about,
you're going back with him.
Thought you might be thinking about him.
Just here to make sure he'd call.
Look if you want to, please go ahead,
get some sleep, I'll be right here.
You've lost your mind.
You know that right?
What matters now is that
you don't lose yours.
What's wrong?
You hate yourself.
I used to think it was something else.
That you want me to be yours.
That you wanted to posses me,
but no this is so much simple than that.
You hate yourself.
What are you talking about?
You can't stand that
your life feel so small.
It's that simple.
And sad.
Tim, listen I can't explain now,
but I'm coming with you.
Okay? Bye.
Don't! No! Hey!
No! No! Stop it!
You can go home if you want.
Go back to New York.
Totally your call.
But every morning you're not here.
This will happen.
No, no, no..
No, no..
Gloria, what the fuck is wrong with you?
What is going on?
- Okay I'm sorry.
- Where are you?
I didn't know where you were,
what happen to you.
I know, I couldn't tell you before now,
but it's cause I'm on plane.
- On a plane?
- Yeah, I had to flight somewhere.
What do you mean somewhere?
Well.. Uh..
Are you.. Are you fucking with me?
Is this a joke?
No, listen I just want to
let you know that I'm okay.
And, I.. I'm really..
I'm very sorry that I.. Stood you up.
No, are you gonna..
Are you gonna tell me what's going on here?
No, come on,
I think you owe me an explanation.
What? Why? No, no.
When you kicked me out of your apartment,
you said that I was out of control.
And you couldn't help me in that state.
Well buddy.
Right now I'm more out
of control than ever.
Where are you?
Gloria? Glori..
Come on! Quickly!
Come on! Hurry up!
Come on! Come!
Hurry up! Hurry up!
Please.. Please..
Put me down, right now you fucking bitch!
Did you see, whatjust
happened to the robot?
Sorry.. Are you.. Okay?
Do you want to hear an amazing story?
Oh ofcourse.
Would you like something to drink?