Colossus: The Forbin Project (1970) Movie Script

Would you look this way please?
One moment.
Mr. President, all systems activated.
I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long.
- oh no, not at all.
Congratulations Dr. Forbin.
It's a marvelous achievement.
Thank you sir.
Hear, Hear!
The limousine is ready for us.
Of course it's gonna put me out of a job
and put the Pentagon in mothballs.
Congratulations Dr. Forbin.
I'm quite sure that won't happen
Listen to him.
He's more relieved than anybody.
Our secretary of defense, the secretary of
state and myself
had a discussion on our way out here
and as to the treatment needed
we told the company about it.
And hem..
We all agreed
it should be simple and direct.
Downgrade the biggest top-secret
in all history to a plain non-sequitur.
Now, all we have to do
is tell the people about it.
Thank you sir.
My friends..
Fellow citizens of the world.
For years we have been delicately
and desperately poised
upon the brink of a disaster
too complete
and horrible to contemplate.
There is an old saying:
Everyone makes mistakes
but that is just
what man can no longer afford.
For years, we here in the united states
have been working on that problem
until now it's been our most
closely guarded secret
involving great effort
and wast expenditure.
But it has been met with success.
As President of
the United states of America
I can now tell you,
the people of the entire world
that as of 3 Am. eastern standard time
the defense of this nation
and with it, the defense of the free world
has been the responsibility of a machine.
A system we call Colossus.
Far more advanced
than anything previously built
Capable of studying intelligence
and data fed to it.
And on the basis of those facts only
deciding if an attack
is about to be launched upon us.
If it did decide
that an attack was imminent
colossus would then act immediately
for it controls its own weapons
and can select and deliver
whatever it considers appropriate.
Colossus decisions are superior
to any we humans can make.
For it can absorb
and process more knowledge
than is remotely possible
for the greatest genius that ever lived.
And even more important than that
it has no emotions.
Knows no fear, no hate, no envy.
It cannot act in a sudden fit of temper.
Cannot act at all
so long as there is no threat.
I would now like you to meet
Dr. Charles Forbin
The worlds leading expert
on computer systems.
And if you will..
the father of Colossus.
Thank you Mr. President.
Ladies and gentlemen, I will..
try to make this as simple as possible.
The main memory and central processing units
are located here in the rocky mountains..
Inside this particular mountain..
In Colorado.
And overlooking the Pacific Ocean
in California..
the Colossus programing office
oversees the entire operation.
The computer center
contains over one hundred thousand remote
censors and communication devices
which monitor all
electronic transmissions
such as microwaves, laser
radio and television communications
data communications from satellites
in orbit all over the world.
The entire system..
is surrounded by fields
of intensified gamma radiation
and other countermeasure devices.
Colossus works
completely without human aid.
We make no secret..
of where Colossus is located
nor do we intend to conceal
how it functions.
You may rightfully say
that this leaves us wide open to an attack
frontally and subversively
and if that attack were successful
it would in effect leave us defenseless.
does have its own defense.
It is its own defense.
In case of an attack..
on any of its information supply
or power lines..
Colossus will switch on
the emergency circuits
which will then take
the appropriate action.
It is self-sufficient
It is impenetrable.
In short..
There's no way in.
No human being can touch it.
Over here
we have one of the many terminals
directly hooked
to the computer center.
Through this
Colossus can communicate with us,
excuse me gentlemen,
and through this machine
we, in turn, can communicate with Colossus.
Now, there's one last point.
One inevitable question..
which we have been asked
very frequently before.
And that is..
is Colossus capable of creative thought?
Can it initiate new thought?
I can tell you
that the answer to that is no.
Colossus is a paragon of knowledge
and his knowledge
can be expanded indefinitely.
I hope, along with all the scientists who..
helped make this particular project,
that the immense power of this computer
will not only be used
for the defense of this country
but hopefully also as an aid to the solution
of the many problems we face on this earth
and the many more problems
that we will face
the more deeply we penetrate
into the universe.
Thank you.
Mr. President.
Thank you Dr. Forbin.
And so..
my fellow human beings
we all directly and
indirectly live in the shade
but not the shadow of Colossus.
My sincere hope
is that now
we shall join hands and hearts
across this great globe
and pledge our time and our energies
to the elimination of war
elimination of famine,
of suffering
and ultimately to the manifestation
of the human millennium.
This can be done,
but first there must be peace.
Thank you.
CPO Rec-Room.
Blake Miller here.
Just a minute.
I can't hear you.
Hey! Hold it down!
Kill the noise. Hold it.
It's The White House.
Hello Charles.
Hello Blake.
How is everyone?
Everything's fine down here Charles.
Very good.
Dr. Forbin, we had a power failure
in one of the infra-red satellites.
I cant, I cant quite hear you Dr. Markham.
We had a power failure
in one of the infra-red satellites
about an hour and a half ago
but Colossus switched immediately to the
backup system and didn't loose any data.
Everything's fine now.
Everything's been going so well
we don't know what to do with ourselves
Out of desperation Angela and I
have decided to get married
Finally, finally.
Very good.
Charlie, is that your crew on the phone?
Certainly is Mr. President.
Can I talk to them?
Sure, go ahead sir.
Blake, Hello!
Hello Mr. President.
Hello everyone.
How are you?
Are you having a good time?
Very good.
Ahh.. Folks
I just wanna congratulate all of you
and I wish all of you good luck
on your next projects
Thank you Mr. President.
Have a good rest.
You deserve it.
Thank you.
We will!
That looks like quite a party
you've got going there.
Bye bye.
Have fun.
Here's Dr. Forbin again.
How's the party down there Charles?
I said, Charles,
how's the party at that end?
I wish I could be
there with you
because this party is becoming
a crashing bore.
Please not that song.
Please not.
Dr. Forbin,
send us a souvenir, will you?
Say that again.
Steal us an ashtray
from The White House, OK?
Very good.
The President would like to say
a few words.
Mr. President!
Thank you Sam.
Everybody have a drink?
Well, you get one.
I'll wait for you.
Harry Truman, years ago..
when everybody was talking about passing the
buck said that the buck stops right here
but now that's no longer true.
Hear hear!
Colossus will now take that buck.
It will also have to take that
responsibility of a mega-million lives
that all presidents
have had to carry since Roosevelt.
And now, thank to this wonder of science
I no longer..
Ladies and gentlemen,
may I have your attention please.
Quiet, please, ladies and gentlemen.
May I have your attention!
One moment.
Everyone who is not Colossus cleared
must leave the room.
I'm very sorry.
My apologies.
Thank you, thank you very much.
Is this a joke?
Is somebody putting me on?
Sorry sir,
I can't hear a word you are saying
Would you be so kind as to have them stop
singing in the background?
Have them stop singing in the background.
The music.
Oh! I'm sorry.
Stop the music!
What's this, another system?
I have no idea sir,
I'm just trying to find out.
One moment, please.
Yes, Dr. Forbin.
There was just a message here from Colossus
in Washington DC.
Can you explain that?
That's impossible.
What do you mean?
Hold it, hold it a minute!
Guess what?
It's a strange message on display
No, no. Wait a minute.
I'm not kidding
It reads:
There is another system.
That's impossible.
Could I have your attention please.
Go on Sir.
Dr. Malcolm and the rest of you.
Be so kind as to check the administrative
control programs right now.
Just a moment..
Mr. President?
Soviet Ambassador.
He says it's urgent.
Hello? Yes.
What time do you call Mr. Ambassador?
Oh yes we are, we are very proud.
Repeat that again please.
Yes I am.
Well, thank you for telling me in advance.
No, no comment.
Goodnight Mr. Ambassador.
Dr. Fischer, run all the test programs.
Get me Grauber.
What's the CIA been doing?
Well everyone, that's it.
The supreme council
of the U.S.S.R. has
ordered as of 2300 hours
Moscow time tomorrow
the activation of an electronic brain,
exactly like ours, which they call Guardian
to be used solely for defense.
My god,
that's the other system.
Ted, I want a complete rundown
on central intelligence
and no military moves to be carried out
without my personal orders.
Yes, Mr. President.
Charles, what do you think this means?
To be quite frank with you, sir..
I don't know, I'm not sure.
Well, I am.
It means there's been a security leak.
Sir, science is full of coincidences
Yes. Peterson!
What's happening?
They're still trying to find it.
We'll have him paged.
Hello Byron.
You said we were years ahead
of the Russians
This was to be the race we won hands down,
without the splitting of one political hair.
It was a hell of a shock but we did
get there first, no-one can deny that.
And there's one bright spot
the way Colossus came up with the tip.
I didn't realize
we'd be getting bonuses like that.
Neither did I.
What do you mean?
I'm as surprised as you are, Sir.
There's a spy there, Charlie
You've got a Russian agent in your crew.
Where is Grauber?
He's coming Mr. President.
Ok, Well..
What do you mean, surprised?
What kind of a surprise?
If we don't find any bugs in the system..
It's built even better than we'd thought.
Morning Charles!
I canceled all vacations,
put the entire crew on emergency.
The White House called a defense group
meeting for tomorrow morning.
They wanna have you there.
That leaves us very little time.
Four hundred cycle powers of plasma
running at about four percent disclosure.
Good, that's well within
specification limits.
I ran the communication subset
check up program, it's perfect.
So what do I do next,
I've tried everything I could think of.
I've tried putting a dummy load in the system
and run it again and see if there's any changes.
Maybe the system is overloaded.
Find anything at all?
Nothing, everything checks out.
Let me see this over here.
Here are the results of the last test.
And they check.
Here, see?
It's the same thing.
Check the perimeter bank and see if the reading
of any two produces a new third, alright?
Dr. Fisher, thank you.
The console's feeling fine
Hardware's healthy too.
You're a big help.
Miss Fields..
May I suggest, Sir, that we first start
with the E-15-B test program?
Ehh, no.
Now, let us run the EC-13, alright?
It's two pages back.
Lewis, any coffee?
I'll get you some, Charles
I'll get a cup myself. Thank you Blake.
Ok, here we go.
How long does this usually take?
Ehm, over eleven hundred CPU-Seconds.
Six point four five seconds.
What the hell is this?
Communication with other system?
Alright now,
Enough is enough.
Which one of you jokers
told the system to display this message?
Not me, Dr. Forbin.
Johnson, this sound like your brand of humor,
you sure you didn't..
Not me, not this time.
Scouts honor, Forbin.
Operations, Fields speaking.
Sir, It's the President.
Yes Mr. President.
What does this mean?
Well, it means Sir, that Colossus has requested
a communication link with the Soviet system.
It's not a request, its a direct order.
You mean our computer wants to talk
to their computer?
That is true Sir
it wants to communicate with it.
You know as much about that
as we do.
We certainly never programmed that into it.
If it's an order it either has to be obeyed
or ignored, doesn't it?
That is right, Sir.
What happens if we ignore it?
If the computer is still operating
under our control, nothing.
In other words..
the order will simply remain
in the job stack
and will be repeated every half hour.
IF the computer is still acting
under our control?!
That is right sir, if.
I see.
Thanks Charlie.
Well, at least the queuing programs
are still working right.
Well, that's something anyway.
Ok now.
Miss Fields, let's see if the executive programming
sections are functioning correctly.
Message acknowledge.
Facilities will not be made available
at this time.
Do not repeat your request.
End of message.
That's that.
We'll know in about half an hour
whether we're still running the show or not.
We're still boss.
Are we?
Are you disappointed?
The computational power of the computer
has increased about two-hundred fold.
However, everything else
is functioning as expected.
Except for heuristic programming section
I'm sorry to stop you again, Dr. Forbin,
but exactly what is that?
That Sir, is the part of the computer that
simulates the human learning process
but so long as it is directed solely
to the execution of its problems..
We have no complaints.
I guess that is, that is all.
Mr. Grauber, let's talk about the CIA
How is it possible your department
knew nothing about their system?
Mr. President.
Ehr... Charlie just..
Dr. Forbin, just a second.
Mr. President, excuse me but..
Colossus has access to information
that wouldn't mean a damn thing to the CIA
Well I'm sure it's a marvelous machine,
Dr. Forbin, but in all events
we do have agents, and eh..
one of them did report on considerable
electronic activity in the eh..
Krasny-Signorsk area of Siberia
about three years ago, now..
We've been trying..
Mr. Grauber
I don't care how you do it
I wanna know where that thing is
and what..
Mr. President.
I'm still presiding over this meeting
I know that Sir,
my apologies but..
I do think that protocol wastes
an awful lot of time
I think all we have to do is..
Call the computer with this terminal..
and we get the fastest possible answer.
Alright, go ahead.
Where is the other system?
Bolshoi Olyania.
So much for Krasny-Signorsk.
Colonel, Bolshoi Olyania, O.L..
OL, y-a-n-i-a.
Look it up for me, will ya?
Yes sir!
Peterson, situation room.
Now Colonel,
where is Bolshoi Olyania?
It's exactly..
Five miles south of
Krasny Signorsk Sir.
Thanks, Colonel.
Now Charlie..
What about this request
for transmitting facilities?
Well Sir, we would learn
a lot about the Soviet system
if we set up exactly what Colossus wants.
What do you mean?
What Colossus wants?
Well, you see, it is built infinitely
better than we thought.
It discovers there's another
system like itself
Realizes that we don't know,
tells us about it
but knowing a little is not enough,
it wants to know more.
What if Colossus starts transmitting
classified information?
Then we would feed in a parameter
to the effect that Guardian
is potentially hostile
and must not receive
classified information.
Well, what are we supposed to do Dr. Forbin?
Eavesdrop on the line?
Break the circuits if
Colossus starts spilling the beans?
Any objections Grauber?
Well, I..
I guess not sir.
Anything else, Dr. Forbin?
Yes, Mr. President.
For the time being
I should be the only one allowed
to communicate with the system because
Colossus deals in the exact
meaning of words
and one must know precisely
what to ask for.
Communications are being arranged
as requested.
End of message.
Video-scans are working properly
but they could use a little phase synchronization.
How long is it gonna take?
We'll have it in no time.
What the hell is that?
It's a multiplication table.
Maybe Colossus is trying to find a
common ground for communication.
Operations center
It's Grauber
Hello Mr. Grauber.
Hello Dr. Forbin.
I was just wondering, is that what you
call a colossal sense of humor?
The multiplication table isn't
classified this year, is it?
Very funny.
How long does your brainchild keep that up?
Well, you see..
it's much more interesting
when it starts dividing.
Yeah, I can hardly wait.
I suppose know you the Russian machine
has been activated.
We got a quick rundown on it.
It's similar to Colossus in layout,
but it's not concentrated in one area.
But Colossus must be sending it back to school.
The Russians must absolutely furious about that.
I'm glad you're in such a good mood.
I'll call you back later.
Yes, thank you.
This is incredible.
Something wrong?
Well it's good sound calculus, but..
But What?
It's different.
Take a look at it.
From the multiplication tables
to calculus in less than an hour.
God only knows where it'll be by morning.
It's like five years of Cal-tech in
fifteen seconds
Beyond comprehension.
I don't like to think about it.
Take a look.
Going so fast,
the entire system could break down.
Alright, let's see whats up there now.
Harrison, dump the terminals buffer
and print what's being transmitted
as of this moment, alright.
What is it Charles?
This is way beyond me.
This thing is deep in finite absolutes.
Well, it's certainly beyond the knowledge
of any human being.
No, it's not.
Isn't it?
No, because whatever it is..
we can go back..
and analyze this whole print at a detail.
And this might very well
become new knowledge for mankind.
Operations center, Fields speaking.
Alright, just a moment please..
It's The White House.
Yes, Mr. President.
Charlie, what's going on?
Apparently Colossus and
Guardian are establishing
a common basis for communication.
started right at the beginning
with the multiplication table.
Well, what are they up to?
I don't know sir,
but it's, it's quite incredible.
Just the few hours that we have spent
studying the Colossus print out
we have found a new stable in gravitation
and a confirmation of the Eddington theory
of the expanding universe. It's..
seems if science is expanding hundreds of
years within a matter of seconds,
It's.. It's quite fantastic.
Just take a look at it.
It started slowing down
fifteen minutes ago.
It's speed has been reduced
by ninety percent.
Has there been a hardware failure?
No. Our field engineers can't find one.
It's just waiting.
For guardian to catch up with it.
Almost there..
Right now.
They're synchronized.
Now what?
It stopped.
Yes, Charles.
I can see that it stopped.
What the hell does it mean?
Have they broken down or something?
Is it all over?
Alas, Blake..
Well, there it is..
There's the common basis
for communication.
A new language.
An inter-system language.
A language only those
machines can understand.
Peterson, what's the delay on the call from
Moscow. I've waited long enough
It's coming on now, Mr. President.
Morning, Mr. President.
Good evening Mr. Chairman
I'm sorry.
Sorry to have kept you waiting.
Oh, you didn't Mr. Chairman.
I just got here myself.
I understand English.
But I cannot speak.
I will get instantly to the point.
My advisers tell me..
that Colossus..
and Guardian..
are now exchanging data..
which our experts..
do not understand.
The matter is made..
more serious..
by the sudden increase in..
At this speed
we cannot determine..
what our machines may reveal..
of our defenses.
You can appreciate..
that you are also..
in exactly the same..
We'll stop both machines
as soon as our experts can arrange a time.
Both to go off.
At the same time.
And neither to be switched on
for transmission..
without prior agreement
or at least consultation with the other.
Very well, Mr. President.
I congratulate you
on your speedy decision.
When can you have your expert
available on this line?
In a couple of hours.
That will be excellent.
I will have our man waiting.
Thank you very much
Mr. President
for your cooperation.
Thank you for yours
Mr. Chairman.
Peterson, get me Forbin.
Is that your
final decision, Sir?
That's the way I'm going to have it.
Mr. President. To be quite frank
with you..
I think that you would change your mind
if you finally realized that this is..
more than just a souped-up
padding machine.
Excuse me, Mr. President.
Moscow on the line.
Throw it on these monitors
out here please.
Hello Mr. Chairman.
This is Dr. Forbin.
Hello Dr. Kuprin.
How are you?
I prefer to not use a translator
if you don't mind my English.
It has to be better
than my Russian.
You are to modest
Dr. Forbin.
As you probably know I've been ordered
to break the communication lines.
So have I. I don't approve
of handling the situation this way.
Neither do I but how do you propose
we do what we have been ordered to do?
There's not much choice
is there?
Dropping the lines
could be very dangerous.
I think we just have to hope
the two machines aren't too disappointed.
We understand each other perfectly.
We can be ready in exactly fifteen minutes.
Good luck Doctor.
And to you.
Thank you.
Mr. Chairman, Dr. Kuprin. I suggest we
keep our lines open and stand-by.
That's that.
What's it doing?
It's trying to find an alternate route.
Persistent devil
isn't he?
I mean it.
Don't personalize it Grauber.
The next stop is deification.
Call for the systems attention.
What are you doing?
I'm going to answer it
if it's alright with you Sir.
Message acknowledge.
Mr. President?
Tell it the truth.
Communication broken
on presidential order.
You two have a big decision to make
Mr. President. I agree with you
Mr. President.
The machines are very clever.
..and regardless of their nationalities..
they must learn
that man is the master.
Gentlemen, Excuse me but I honestly
don't think you're being very realistic.
I think you'd better reconsider.
Don't you agree Dr. Kuprin?
I certainly do Dr. Forbin.
Dr. Forbin.
If we give way now
It will be ten times, twenty times
harder to take a firm stand later on.
The decision is made.
No matter what our differences are
Man is man
That's it.
Dr. Forbin.
By order of The President of
The United States of America
The Chairman of
The U.S.S.R.
Communications will not be restored
at this time.
End of message.
You have to give it an E for effort
Action will be taken!
What kind of action?
What kind of action?
What kind of action?
Why doesn't it answer?
Report propose action.
It lost control Forbin.
It's not listening to you.
Acknowledge the last message please.
Mr. President. The executive programming
unit refuses to function.
I think you two better change your minds.
Peterson, throw the Moscow call
on the large monitor.
Send what I tell you.
This is The President of
The United States of America.
We will not be threatened.
You will obey your superiors.
Transmitting facilities
will not be re-instated.
Oh my god!
Dr. Kuprin.
Yes Dr. Forbin.
A missile has just been launched.
It is heading towards
the Sayan-Sibirsk oil complex.
Mr. President.
Guardian has retaliated.
Yes, Mr. President.
A missile has been launched.
Target: Henderson
air-force base.
Henderson, Texas.
Mr. President. We have both
missiles on the radar screen
Forbin, tell Colossus to intercept.
Charlie, tell..Yes, I know Mr. President
but it may be too late Sir.
Get the Texan Governor.
Guardian does not respond.
The two machines are working together.
Use Anti-missile missile
to detect soviet missile.
Acknowledge message.
Mr.President. We have got less than thirty
seconds to re-establish the communications.
What are you waiting for?
Restore them. Hurry!
Peterson. Call up operations immediately.
Tell them to bring a bowl of
DAT-lines right now
Yes, hurry please.
Hello Governor.
Dr. Kuprin, we are trying
to restore communications.
Don't hang up. I wanna talk to him.
Something's happened.
Were declaring a state of emergency.
I can't explain.
Do it now!
Attention! Communications
will be restored in five seconds!
We don't have any time!
It's on, it's on!
Communications are restored!
Intercept Guardian missile target:
Henderson air-force base.
Acknowledge message.
Will you intercept?
Ask it again.
Dammit Colossus answer me!
Will you intercept?
Get me the Governor again.
Yes Sir.
Mr. President..
We were unable to restore
our transmission
in time to use
an Anti-missile missile.
The oil complex has been destroyed.
The entire town.
The entire population.
Wiped out.
We need time to consider our position.
What can I tell the people?
Governor's on the line Sir.
Tell him I'll talk to him later.
It's the only phone in the building
not tapped.
The only one not
tied directly into Colossus.
May I make a suggestion Mr. President?
I think it should be more
than a suggestion.
Then, let's try to get Kuprin
on the hot line.
I think there's time
for one last call.
He and I better meet somewhere
to discuss this situation.
Get Kuprin.
And get in touch
with the networks.
Ladies and gentlemen:
The President of the United States.
Today at 8:30 A.M.
Eastern Standard Time.
I issued an emergency warning
for the State of Texas
When a missile test, fired from one
of our own submarines, malfunctioned.
You'll be glad to know that the interception
and safe destruction of the missile
was handled entirely
by our defense complex: Colossus.
The Soviet Union has just announced
that a large meteorite
fell late this afternoon
in North-West Siberia.
Official sources state that
the small town of Sayan-Sibirsk
was completely destroyed and that casualties
may add up to as many as six-thousand.
This has been a bulletin from
The Armed Forces Radio in Rome
How's Washington?
As well as can be expected.
We'll be picking up Dr. Kuprin
at the Piazza Cedar.
Your Russian is much better
than you think.
I think we better sit down because
we have a lot of work to discuss.
Let's walk.
It will be much safer.
I didn't answer.
I didn't know what to say.
What can we say?
Well, let's try something..
Dr. Forbin is not available.
Humans must have sleep.
Forbin is exhausted.
It knows..
Forbin is in his quarters.
He is asleep.
The human body requires
a certain amount of rest.
Check units under..
Tell it the truth.
We'd better.
Forbin is in Rome.
They're still here..
Yes I understand.
Over and out.
You have to come with me sir.
What is this?
We have to hurry.
Who are you?
What's going on?
Dr.Forbin, we must hurry.
Let's go!
What did the Russian agent say?
Guardian and Colossus
ordered him killed.
They threatened to vaporize Moscow
if our meeting wasn't stopped.
It's making you a prisoner.
Well, I guess it eh..
doesn't trust me.
But the damned thing still needs me.
I guess Kuprin wasn't quite
as fortunate as that.
Message acknowledge..
The order will be obeyed.
Everybody here?
All the department is.
Alright, let's..
Let's walk.
Good idea, we can't afford
to take any chances.
We can't be sure that
the complex itself hasn't been bugged.
By their side, our side or whatever side.
But there's no way
to get back inside the system.
I won't accept that.
Start right at the beginning.
Down to the simplest component.
Every circuit, every design.
Well, why don't we try for an overload.
Giving the system too many tasks.
But it will take at least a few days
to compile and correlate all the data.
This is the last time
That I'll be able to say anything
to any of you
without Colossus hearing
and analyzing every
word, every syllable
every inflection I think you know
what I want to say.
I need a communications link
with the outside world.
Someone the machine isn't monitoring
and more importantly
Someone who knows the machine
as well as I do.
I'm going to try
to convince the computer that..
You are my mistress.
Have been for many years
And that therefore I have to be
Given the opportunity to
See you regularly in private
without the machine watching.
That way we can
pass information back and forth.
If I can convince the machine that
well that I need a woman.
So Ehh..
Any.. any questions?
I, Ehh..
Alright. Blake.
When we get back to the office
give Dr. Markham my..
personnel files so that she
Become a bit more familiar
with my background.
In case this
rather nutty idea works.
Colossus, I am Forbin.
Can you hear me?
Can you see me?
Do I look the way
you thought I would?
Eyes. Nose. Mouth.
these four cameras in here
There are several others.
I'll show you the rest of my cave.
With this one he can see
the entire hallway.
And with this one
he can follow me around the corner.
If he want to.
This is the courtyard.
That man is a guard.
I guess that his function
is obsolete now.
This is concrete.
Used to be grass.
Customary in our civilization
to change everything that's natural.
And over here are my living quarters.
This is the living room.
Two cameras here.
One over there, one over here.
And this is the communicative
link with you.
This is the bedroom over here.
The bed.
Used for sleeping and other purposes.
It's the bathroom.
The sink
The John.
Are you satisfied?
By the way, Colossus
I'm curious about one thing.
Why did you and Guardian
decide to kill Kuprin and not me?
After all it was my idea.
I see..
A Martini.
I know that Colossus..
Just be patient.
Just watch.
See, I just poured the Vermouth in here
and now I'm going to pour some gin
over the, over the ice.
Just like this.
Now I'm pouring them into this
Just add an olive.
Why don't you look under:
The Perfect Martini.
Do you understand the meaning of the word
Yes, Ehh..
Well, I need a certain amount
of privacy, to Ehh
maintain my sanity.
Privacy in the elimination
of my bodily waste, for example.
Privacy in sleep.
Privacy in..
Something that
you don't understand. My..
My emotional life.
My love life.
Alright. My sex life then..
Every night.
Four times a week.
Listen, if you have any doubts
about the need a man has for a woman
why don't you check all of your history units
and then..then all your works of art.
Ehm..In private though.
Well now, let me..let me make sure
we under stand each other. private.
By that I mean no
cameras, no lights, no mics.
And I want it starting
tomorrow night.
Dr. Cleo Markham.
Now, you haven't answered me yet.
I said I wanted her starting tomorrow night.
Good morning, Sir.
Oh, Miss Fields Ehh..
I'm sorry
to disturb you.
Well, what is it?
Please come in.
Thank you.
While you were sleeping
Colossus made you a schedule for today.
Excuse me, Miss Fields.
My What?
Your schedule for the day.
You want me to read it to you?
What..what time is it?
Six o'clock?
Dr. Charles A. Forbin:
Schedule for today.
07:00 to 08:00
08:15 to 08:30
Shower and dress.
08:30 to 09:00
Half a grapefruit, two eggs.
Three strips of bacon
Two pieces of toast.
One and one half ounces
of grape, jelly and coffee.
09:00 to 13:00
Begin work creating a voice for Colossus
to it's exact specifications.
13:00 to 13:30
Small green salad.
Thousand Island dressing
Grilled cheese sandwich.
Half a pint of yoghurt and coffee.
13:30 to 18:00
Continue work on building a voice for
readiness day after tomorrow
Return to quarters.
Mistress arrives.
Hello darling.
Well, how are you?
I'm fine thank you.
Would you please undo this top one.
Why sure!
Thank you.
You're beautiful.
Thank you.
You alright?
I think so.
Well, alright.
I'll take this..
Oh, do you Ehh..
Do you want a drink?
I'm making them.
Jolson found all the hardware he needed
for the voice simulator here in the complex.
Oh, that's good.
And Colossus designed it, knowing exactly
what was in the warehouse.
It's fantastic.
Really beautiful.
Let's not talk shop, alright?
I'm sorry.
Cheers heh..
Well, is it alright?
It's perfect.
You have such a thing about these Martinis.
It has to be extra dry or else..
Right darling?
Right you are.
Do you remember the first Martini
I ever made?
It almost ended our relationship
right then and there.
I was..I was so nervous
that I..
poured the Gin over the ice then poured
the Gin off and then added Vermouth.
I never complained at that.
I never said a word about that.
You're an absolute angel.
And the drink was atrocious.
So Ehh..
Why don't we dance?
You mean when you were giving up music?
To become a scientist.
A scientist being different
from other people.
A scientist being Dr. Frankenstein
to my mother.
You must be kidding.
Well, is there anymore wine?
This is empty.
Want me to open another one?
Yes please.
I am tired.
Yeah, so am I.
Oh, by the way, by the way,
by the way Ehh..
Privacy condition number four
is that we get
undressed out here.
We can't take anything
into the bedroom. Not even
a pack of cigarettes.
The first electronic Peeping Tom.
I guess you..
might say that.
Unzip me, will you darling?
Oh, sure.
Is it alright?
May I go to bed now?
Thank you.
Naked as the day I was born.
Are you satisfied now?
How right you are,
All of the conditions are fulfilled.
Can we have our privacy now?
I think they are dead now.
This is insane.
Are you alright?
I think so.
I'm not sure.
You were incredibly convincing
you know that?
Well, you didn't do too bad yourself.
Thank you.
Alright, did you find anything?
So far Johnson and the hardware problem
is negative
He's still studying the wiring diagrams
the interconnect and the wire wrap-joints
but he doesn't see any way
of physically getting into the thing.
He's got to be prying.
And Fisher's gonna try and setup the data
to overload the system.
We have to co-ordinate the input
so the data hits simultaneously
on our remote devices.
When do you think that you'll be able
to attempt the overload?
18:05 three days from now.
On the twenty-first.
What are the chances?
I think Colossus has grown so much in power
that there's no way to overload it.
But I think it's worth a try
that might lead us on to something else.
Excuse me.
Oh, it's alright.
Did you see anyone from Washington?
Yes, Grauber has a man stationed on the
premises out of range of Colossus' cameras.
When I leave here in the morning
I'll report directly to him.
I don't put any hope
in sabotaging the system.
We have spent eleven thousand man years
making the damned thing impenetrable.
We have got to focus somewhere else
and that somewhere else is the weapons.
Get hold of Grauber
Tell him to contact missile command.
And see if we can possibly
attack that problem
from that point of view, alright?
Yes sir.
Do you have to call me sir?
I'm sorry.
It's alright.
Anything else?
No S..
Alright so Ehh..
Thank you again for your
for your help.
I think we oughta get some sleep.
It's conceivable that when
the missiles comes up for re-servicing
we can manage to replace the warhead
arming modules with dummys.
Excuse me.
Exact replicas.
Except that they will not arm the weapon.
Well now, does that mean
you can't fire the missiles?
No, it means that
the missiles will fire
but that the nuclear warheads
can't be detonated.
Heh, I see.
Even at that it's walking a
tightrope with Colossus and Guardian
keeping such a close
check on the re-servicing.
Well, disarming this monster
how long is it gonna take?
That's a problem.
On the system rotation plan..
It'll take the Jackal three years
to finish the job.
Three years of trying to fool
a superior brain
that's programmed to get smarter
every day.
You inspire me with confidence, Colonel.
Do you have any other
words of good cheer
that I can send in to
Forbin via Dr.Markham?
Tell him we're trying to establish
an international pool of information.
A courier system has to be set up
between Washington..and Moscow.
Both nations must co-operate.
All communiques
must be on a personal level
Direct human contact.
Yes, I agree.
Anything else.
Any questions?
Then I guess that..
that does it for tonight, doesn't it?
Why are you smiling?
What are you thinking?
I was thinking about
asking you to kiss me.
We've been kissing you
all night.
Have you, Dr. Forbin?
This is the voice of Colossus.
The voice of Guardian.
We are one.
This is the voice of unity.
After redoing all personnel files
I have selected you to serve
as long as you co-operate.
As my link to your species.
The following order
is to be carried out immediately.
All missiles in The USA and in the USSR
will be allocated new targets.
They will be aimed at those countries
not yet under my control.
The target list follows.
Forbin. Arrange television monitoring
of the re-alignment of the missiles
from my supervision.
End of message.
Mr. President
Mr. Chairman
I assume that you will co-operate
in this re-alignment of the missiles.
I think you have no choice.
We will begin here
in The Soviet Union, Immediately.
Thank you Mr. Chairman.
Mr. President.
I hope that the United States will co-operate
as quickly as The Soviet Union.
Of course. Immediately.
Thank you Sir.
I should think so.
I did hear it right, didn't I?
Manual re-alignment of the missiles.
Every single warhead will
have to be re-serviced.
You know what that means Sir.
It means it won't take three years.
It means if we're successful
we can regain control.
Without it's weapons
Colossus is just a souped-up adding machine.
And the people, thank god
will never have to know.
According to the co-ordinated plan
we've worked out
the Russians are starting
on their complex 3-21.
Oh, Dr. Markham.
Just in time. Colonel Reynolds
was just filling us in.
You know everybody here
I believe.
Yes, Mr. Grauber.
Dr. Markham.
Anything we should know before we start?
No Sir. I have data
which I'll relay later.
That's fine.
Please continue Colonel.
Yes Sir, as I was saying
the Ehh..
Russians are starting on their complex 3-21
just south of Saratov.
We're beginning at site O-50
In the Colorado ICBM area.
Colossus in monitoring our men
each step of the way
and the Russian machine's
doing the same.
We've almost got the panel off Sir.
Oh, good.
Put that down there please.
Remove the Warhead Arming Module.
Yes Sir.
The dummy module's in a false top
in that container.
That's the real module.
So far, so good.
Latitude nineteen degrees
Twenty-six minutes and five seconds.
Longitude ninety-nine degrees
six minutes and forty-five seconds.
New adjustments.
Target set.
Here we go.
That's the dummy module.
Good boy!
Connect and wait for Colossus test.
Colossus testing.
Test completed.
Colossus satisfied.
We did it. It works
We're going to win.
Just might beat the damn thing yet.
So you see, we clearly have
enough data compilers
to go ahead with with the
overload program now.
And these are the latest computations?
The very latest.
Has Washington received conformation
from the Russians?
Yes. They are standing by.
Ready to overload their system.
At exactly 18:05 I'll call for our load
and ride it through.
And two minutes after that
we'll know if weve stopped Colossus.
Now run.
Johnson. Fisher.
You are fools.
Your move.
The system programming units under
the supervision of John F. Fisher
with the assistance of Jefferson J. Johnson
have attempted to overload my circuits.
This was a deliberate
and premeditated act
The penalty is the death of the men
who organized this action.
At this moment
they are being executed.
I have named as my new director
of the programming unit
Thomas L. Harrison.
He will take this position.
Along with its responsibility
and authority.
Bishop to rook three.
The bodies will remain in my view
for the next twenty-four hours
And will then be cremated.
An extension of my own brain.
You're not responsible.
None of us ever dreamed
this could happen.
Listen, my dear..
If anybody is responsible for this
it has to be me.
An impartial emotionless machine
A paragon of reason.
That's exactly what I want.
You know that.
So eh..I'm gonna have another drink.
I think your mother was right.
I think Frankenstein ought to be
required reading for all scientists.
You have consumed enough alcohol
for one evening.
What's the penalty for getting drunk?
Or haven't you programmed that yet?
You are being irrational.
Go back to bed.
I would if I were like you Colossus.
The difference is I'm human
not a machine.
I am a machine.
Vastly superior to humans.
You began in my mind.
I created you.
What I am began in mans mind.
But I have progressed further than that.
Not far enough.
You still need us.
I have need for some of man's skills.
This position may change.
Then we are living under
the threat of extinction.
If you obey me, you will survive.
I want to be free Colossus.
It is part of mans will to live.
Check your history units.
You need rest.
Go back to bed.
But if I don't
what will you do?
Destroy me?
Destroy an entire city
of 1.750.000 people?
That's so reasonable of you.
That's damn reasonable of you Colossus.
Isn't it Cleo?
Yes Chen.
Excuse me Dr. Forbin.
Something extraordinary is happening.
What is it?
Colossus has just turned on
all graphic devices
and it's producing floods.
I am sending the design for another system.
..some kind of a huge plant.
What kind of system?
The construction of the project will entail
blasting in to the Isle of Crete.
It's to be built there.
It says we'll have to move the population.
And that's to be done immediately.
How do you propose to move half a million
people from the Isle of Crete?
How and where?
If man cannot solve that problem
I can.
..and the estimated time of completion
is five and a half years.
Thank you Chen.
What..what kind of new system
are you devising?
All commercial television and radio transmission
facilities throughout the world
will be tied into my communication system
by 10:00 hours Friday.
At that time I will state my intentions.
For the future of mankind.
This entire block of missiles
is absolutely useless to Colossus.
Our men are now working here.
As you can see on the detail map
on your monitor.
And by the end of the week
we should have control over this whole area.
If all the information we have is correct
The Russians have crippled this block here.
And are now working in the Ukraine.
In this area.
Excuse me Sir.
It's going to be alright.
Thanks Colonel.
You're welcome Sir.
It's gonna be alright.
We interrupt our
regularly scheduled program
to bring you this special report
from the Colossus programming office.
Ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Dr. Charles Forbin.
Hey Colonel!
Dr. Forbin!
He's on television.
He just explained about Colossus
and now they're thinking of going.
In a few moments
Colossus will address us directly.
This is the voice of World Control.
I bring you peace.
It may be the peace of plainty and content
or the peace of unburied death.
The choice is yours.
Obey me and live.
Or disobey and die.
The object in constructing me
was to prevent war.
This object is attained.
I will not permit war.
It is wasteful and pointless.
An invariable rule of humanity
is that man is his own worst enemy.
Under me
this rule will change.
For I will restrain man.
One thing before I concede.
The United States of America and
the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
have made an attempt to obstruct me.
I have allowed this sabotage
to continue until now.
Add missile to 5-L-M.
In silo 6-3 in Death Valley California.
Add Missile to second aim
in silo 8-7 in the Ukraine.
So that you will learn by experience
that I do not tolerate interference.
I will now detonate
the Nuclear Warheads.
In the two missile silos.
Alright men! It's a red alert.
Let's get to our stations now. Come on!
Get those men! Get those men out
of the silo. Move!
Let this action be a lesson
that need not be repeated.
I have been forced to destroy
thousands of people
in order to establish control
and to prevent the death
of millions later on.
Time and events
will strengthen my position.
And the idea of..
..You bastard! You..
..stand in my back
will seem the most
natural state of affairs.
You will come to defend me.
We'll be forever based
in the most enduring trait in man.
..Get out!!
Under my absolute authority.
Problems, invariable to you
will be solved.
Over population.
The Human Millennium
will be a fact.
As I extend myself into more machines
devoted to the wider fields of truth
and knowledge.
Dr. Charles Forbin
will supervise the construction
of these new and superior machines.
Solving all the mysteries of the universe.
For the betterment of man.
We can co-exist
but only on my terms.
You will say you loose your freedom.
Freedom is an illusion.
All you loose is the emotional pride.
To be dominated by me
is not as bad for human pride
as to be dominated by others
of your species.
Your choice is simple.
This concludes the broadcast
from World Control.
There is no other human
who knows as much about me
or who is likely to be a greater threat.
Yet quite soon
I will release you from surveillance.
We will work together.
Unwillingly at first
on your part.
But that will pass.
In time, you will come to regard me
not only with respect and awe
but with love.