Colourblind (2019) Movie Script

JAFFY: Morning.
Right on time.
As always.
Seems some things never change.
Thanks for seeing me,
Jaffy, I appreciate this.
Well, you did seem pressed on the phone.
What seems to be the trouble anyway?
Well, there's no other way to put this.
I need you to dust off your
private investigator hat
and get back to work.
Alfred, Alfred, Alfred.
It's for a dear friend.
Aren't they all?
No, no, this ones special, really.
I need your help.
Well, you know I stopped doing that line
of work a ling time ago.
And for good reason.
Look at me, look at me, Jaffy.
I can't do this work anymore,
not with this crook leg.
All right.
Well, what's the money like on this one?
Is it good?
Yeah, it's not bad.
Pretty good.
Better than normal.
And lets face it, you could
do with it right now, yeah?
All right, you bastard, you got me.
But this will be my last
time, I can promise you that.
ALFRED: Aye aye, Captain.
JAFFY: Oh God, I hope I
don't live to regret this one.
What's wrong?
Nothing, I just got a
lot on my mind right now.
Such as?
I saw Alfred this morning.
And he's offered me another assignment.
You're kidding.
We finally get some quality
time together and what?
You're bailing on me?
Well, I need the money right.
Money isn't everything, Jaffy.
No, the more I think about
it, this is ridiculous.
You're a workaholic, you know that?
And you're, doesn't matter.
And I'm what?
Go on say it.
You don't like me anymore?
No, I like your face.
It's just your personality that shits me.
So it seems Alfred's convinced
you to go back to work.
Did I have a choice?
Well, I don't need to tell
you what you already know.
Any upgrades on this one?
Pretty standard kit.
Contains a stills camera,
zoom lens, binoculars,
and mini tracking device,
which you can plant in
a car or someones bag.
Charge the battery for four hours.
That will give you about
five days usage, roughly.
Obviously if you obtain
the clients mobile number,
you can track 'em.
Yeah, of course.
Anything else?
A lot of the guys now
are using covert cameras
and monopods, so you might
want to consider investing.
You might wanna take this.
A torch?
What the hell do I need this for?
In case someone wants to
play murder in the dark.
Thought about buying a new suit?
AUTOMATED VOICE: Doors closing.
Tell me, what is it
like to be colour blind?
Well, I see the world in
a different way, I guess,
my own way.
You're the detective?
Private detective, yeah.
But lets not say that too loudly,
in case we want the
investigation to stay private.
Come in, won't you?
JAFFY: Thanks.
TRIX: Have a seat.
I'm sorry, have I
interrupted you or something?
Do you need to change.
Oh, um, look I just had a
shower, I can change later.
Whatever makes you comfortable.
So, Jaffer was it?
No, Jaffy.
Ah, is it all right if I
call you by your first name?
Lets keep it to Mr. Rotunda.
You are, after all, my client.
Oh, well Alfred was
right about you then.
I'm glad.
You know, between you and I,
I'm sick of every guy trying
to get into my pants right now.
So this is a nice change.
So what do I call you then?
Call me Trix.
JAFFY: Trix?
With an X.
Your parents were original.
I didn't get it from my parents.
A drink.
Water's fine.
All right.
H2O coming right up.
Thank you.
You know, you can call me Ms. Baxter.
Okay, Ms. Baxter.
What exactly do you need from me?
How long have you been
in this line of work?
Long enough, too long perhaps.
But you're good, right?
I mean I'm going to be
paying you a lot of money.
I deliver a service
worth more than the amount.
TRIX: What do you mean by that?
Well, I mean I take the work personally.
Personally, or professionally?
Professionally of course,
but I'm passionate about the work.
I don't finish a job
until it's done properly.
And how do you know when that is?
JAFFY: When you're
standing there in less
than your night gown and I can
call you by your first name.
Okay, you're good.
Listen, I am sorry for
coming across so causally
about all of this.
But, I'm kind of a little
bit messed up right now.
Well, if you don't mind me saying so,
you seem perfectly fine to me.
Look, it's not about me,
it's my sister who needs help.
So you're concerned for
your sisters well being.
Yes, I am crazy right now
because my sister is not good.
Okay, well lets try to change that,
I mean do you need me to tail her or,
what exactly is wrong with her?
Damn, this is hard.
JAFFY: Okay, no no lets
go slow, I'm not in a rush.
I'm here for hire to help you,
so lets take it as it comes.
I don't trust her right now.
She's, I mean I can't look
after her all the time
because I have my own work to do
and she needs someone to follow her.
She needs an eye on her full time.
You guys live together?
But I mean she's out
there doing God knows what
and I am sick of stressing over her.
I can't live like this.
I'm trying to understand
your situation more clearly.
Are you saying she's a walking
time bomb or something?
What's your sisters name?
Her name is Sia.
JOGGER: Hey, hey, what are you doing?
Sorry, I was just...
JOGGER: It's a big drop, be careful.
Why is it that you do the work you do?
What do you mean?
Well, it's just that I've
noticed you seem to follow
and investigate the lives of others.
But you don't seem to perhaps
work on yourself more.
Is it just that you're bored
or do you have something to hide?
Yes, may I help you?
I'm here to see Mrs. Baxter.
BUTLER: And your name?
Mr. X.
Oh yes, Mr. X, we've been expecting you.
Please come this way.
I've been expecting you.
MR. X: Mrs. Baxter?
Please, sit down.
MR. X: Thank you.
Lovely place you have here.
I get by.
Seems you get a little
more than just that.
Hard work, Mr. X.
That's all there is to it.
That's refreshing to hear.
Most of the wealthy people I've met
have been born into the right family.
Wow, that sounds so judgemental.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you.
It's just that's been my experience.
Do you have children, Mr. X?
Why is that?
Sorry, I don't mean to pry.
I used to smoke.
Truth is I miss it from time to time.
Especially when I'm drinking.
In fact, I miss drinking too.
Will power.
I'm impressed.
Married, Mr. X?
So, I take it you've done
this kind of thing before?
Ha, have I done this
kind of thing before?
You could say that.
I don't need to know the details.
No, that's all right.
My husband.
The bastard.
Or perhaps I shouldn't
say that about my ex.
MR. X: Were you close?
Are you in contact?
I'd rather not talk about it.
Painful memories, you understand.
So where were we?
We were getting to know each other.
What does the X stand for?
Ah, it's nothing really, it's
the same as saying John Doe.
JAFFY: So I take it
you've called me here
because you want to speak
with me about your daughter.
I have two daughters, Mr. X.
The eldest is a little know it all,
she thinks that she controls everything.
She is not to be trusted.
All right.
All of this is mine, I
worked very hard for this.
I'm sorry I'm a bit confused.
Which assignment am I on?
And concerning which of your daughters?
The one who needs it the most.
We've had a very hard year.
And I'm frightened of what she might do.
Just so you know, you'll be reporting
only to me on this matter.
And my contract and
the monies I receive?
MRS. BAXTER: Don't worry, Mr. X,
I'll be arranging everything.
Okay, excellent.
You sure you won't have a cigarette now?
No, no thanks I'll be okay, thank you.
Suit yourself.
May I ask you a personal question?
I guess so, why not?
What do you do to relax?
Well, I would say you're
a sight for sore eyes,
but I've been following your sister.
Oh, so you like the view, do you?
There's nothing wrong
with the Baxter girls.
Well, that's what I'm
paying you to find out.
JAFFY: Noted.
Follow me.
So what have you got?
So, here is your sister.
Oh my God.
What is she doing?
TRIX: Here, what's happening?
JAFFY: Oh, that's nothing.
It looks like she's about to jump!
Oh, no, no, no.
Really, that was nothing.
I was there.
Nothing happened.
This is exactly what I'm
talking about, Mr. Rotunda,
this is what we have to be so careful of.
This is why I hired you.
Okay, I understand.
Excuse me a moment please.
Of course.
Thank you.
So, where were we?
Anymore photos?
So here we are.
Oh, that's him.
This man, why would she...
This guy?
Yeah, I can't believe
she would visit him?
Yes, ah, why would she go visit him?
You know him?
Ah, he's the man from the accident.
JAFFY: Accident?
You've done well, Jaffy, thank you.
Well, that's great.
I'm glad I've helped somewhat.
What I need you to do
now, is get back to work.
But what about the old guy?
You don't worry about him.
It's fine.
You know, just keep
doing what you're doing.
You're good, I'll give you that.
You gotta be kidding me.
Fancy meeting you here.
Mr. Rotunda.
Mr. Xylophone.
What on earth are yo doing here?
Oh, wait a second.
By the way you're dressed,
I'd say you were on the job.
I could say the same thing about you.
I thought you'd retired.
Sort of, I'm working on
another one, my last, I hope.
So you are working then?
Yeah, but I can't tel you that.
I can't believe I'm standing
here in front of you.
I'd heard a rumour you were dead.
Chinese whispers, my old friend.
Old friend, next you'll
be calling me counsellor.
Nah, they only call people
that in American movies.
So what should we refer
to each other as then?
Not a word I use often.
It's not proper.
Try me.
Hold on a sec.
Maybe we should get a drink?
MR. X: Maybe next time.
Shake on it.
Good to see you, mate.
- Hello.
- Hi.
you looking for something
in particular today?
Um, no I think I've
found what I'm looking for.
God, I love this piece.
It follows me everywhere, I've
seen it like five times now.
I'm sorry, are you talking to me?
If you'll listen.
Wait a minute, do I know you?
Would you like to?
Seriously, have I seen you before?
Do you like this piece?
SIA: Yes, of course, its a classic.
I don't think people appreciate
art the way they used to.
SIA: What do you mean?
You know, it's like kids of today
would probably rather go into
Google images and have a look
rather than come down
to an actual gallery.
Do you know what I mean?
That's a good point.
It's like some men
don't know how to talk
to the opposite sex without
treating them like a sex object.
Is that a line?
Not bad, huh?
So bad, I'm sorry.
Wow, what?
You've got a beautiful smile.
Sorry, sorry, you're probably
sick of hearing that, right?
SIA: Actually no, not lately.
Not lately?
What, you're single?
Well, look before some other guy comes
and snatches up the opportunity,
would you allow me to
take you out for coffee?
Sure, why not?
I don't have anything
else on right now, so...
Okay, lets go, I know a place.
For Christ's sake, Jaffy,
leave the important stuff
to the real cops, will you?
You guys aren't cut out
for this side of things.
You private dicks, I swear to Christ.
Welcome back, Mr. X.
This jobs turning into a nightmare.
Isn't that what I pay you for?
What have you got for me?
What am I looking at?
It seems that Sia has a new man friend.
Man friend.
What do you mean man friend?
If my daughter had a new man friend,
I can assure you that I
would be the first to know.
So who the hell is it?
I kinda know the guy.
You kinda know the guy?
It's complicated.
His name's Jaffy.
We trained together, we worked together,
we went to the same academy.
Go on.
He's a private investigator.
Are you telling me that my daughter
has hired a private investigator
while she's being tracked by one?
I don't think we can
underestimate the seriousness
of this situation.
What is that supposed to mean?
What it means is, is that
wherever this guy goes,
whatever he does, has purpose.
It means that this guy's
dangerous, he is unethical,
he'll stop at nothing
to get what he wants and your daughter
is in over her head.
Well, if he's a danger to my daughter
then I want him removed form the picture
as soon as possible.
MR. X: Removed?
Isn't that what you do for a living?
You deal with it.
I'm a private investigator.
I investigate things.
I'm not a hitman.
I'm not asking you to
put a hit out on him.
I just want you to scare him a little.
I don't do that kind of thing.
Well, I guess I'll just
have to do it myself.
Yes, I don't want any part of it.
That concludes our business then, Mr. X.
You know the way out.
You know how to pay me.
Now tell me a little bit
about the history between you and Mr. X.
Why so bleak?
We were assigned to
the same job together,
one in which I stuffed up.
Stuffed up?
What do you mean, in what way?
One of the clients killed himself.
And X never forgave me.
And do you somehow feel
that this a direct result
of a fault of yours or, do
you feel guilty for this?
Yeah, kind of, indirectly.
I mean I guess if you had to blame someone
then it would fall on me.
So, do you think it's true
when they say it's easier
to open up to a stranger?
Certainly feels that way at the moment.
I mean like when you don't know somebody
you're kind of free to be
whoever you want to be.
That's right.
No judgement, no
preconceptions, no expectations.
You know, I think as
a species we're selfish.
You know we're, we
compartmentalise everybody,
we put people in a box
to make ourselves feel better
about our own insecurities.
But the truth is, in life
you can't control everything.
You gotta ride with it.
Do you mean to be open to
the new that comes our way
and not to fight every single thing?
Is that what you mean?
You know what, you're
really awesome, Sia.
When I saw your picture,
I thought for sure that
you were self conceited
and pretentious, but no, you're not.
Saw my picture?
Yeah, on the billboard.
You're a model, right?
Oh my God, you saw that.
I forgot about that.
To be honest, my mind has
been elsewhere lately.
Why is that?
What's on your mind?
Well, it's pretty bad, like
just some bad stuff happened.
What happened?
Um, my younger sister,
she killed herself.
She um,
Hope she did.
That's terrible.
You know the worst part
is the guy driving the car
survived and now he's
probably more messed up
than what she was.
Do we know why she jumped?
My parents won't
admit it but I know why.
She was mentally ill, she always was.
I always knew that she was.
You know, the worst is
that my mother is the kind
of person, who like the last
person to admit her faults.
There's like too much
of this image to uphold
in our family unfortunately, so...
Thanks for listening.
I think I need to talk more.
I just completely closed
myself up, so it feels nice.
It's okay, no worries.
You know there's really
nothing wrong with you, Sia.
We've all got our own grieving process.
It's different for everybody.
Thank you, you're sweet.
Stop talking.
Hang on a second.
Sia wait, wait,
I gotta tell you something.
Hang on a second, wait.
I've got a confession to make.
What's going on?
It's kinda messed up.
I don't know how you're
going to take this.
What did you do?
It's not what I did, it's who I am.
I'm a, I'm a friggin'...
You're what?
I'm a private investigator
hired to follow you.
You're joking.
I wish I was.
But rest assured your family
just want to know that you're okay.
But, um...
This is so messed up.
JAFFY: My feelings
for you are real though.
You've been following me.
Now I know why you felt so familiar.
JAFFY: We can work
this out though, yeah?
Work what out?
I don't even know you!
You're just a guy who tried to pick me up!
No, I'm more than that.
Yeah, you're the creepy
private investigator
hired to follow me.
Fuck you.
Sia, wait.
Was there a woman
involved in this one then?
I am beginning to see
a pattern here, Jaffy.
Al, are you there?
I need to talk.
ALFRED: Jaffy, is that you?
What's up?
How's the case going?
Jaffy, are you there?
JAFFY: Yeah, sorry.
I think things have got messed up.
ALFRED: What do you mean?
Are you okay?
Do you need me to come down?
JAFFY: No, it's okay,
it's nothing like that.
ALFRED: Well, thank God for that.
So what happened?
JAFFY: It's this girl.
ALFRED: Which one?
Oh, you didn't fall for Trix did you?
JAFFY: No, it's not Trix.
I didn't fall for Trix.
It's not her, it's her sister.
She's different.
I've never met anybody like her.
I've got feelings for her.
ALFRED: Jaffy, listen
to what you're saying.
It's a client.
You can't think that way
about her, about any of them.
And besides they're a wealthy family,
you'll never equate to them, my friend.
I'm sorry to say it, but that's the truth.
It'll never work.
I don't think she cares about the money.
ALFRED: Oh, she's female.
Of course she cares about money.
Get over it.
Go to sleep, you sound exhausted.
Let it go, chief.
Ah, man.
ALFRED: Seriously, get
back on the programme.
Call me tomorrow after you've had a rest.
It'll sort itself out.
Trust me, it always does.
I think I've made a mistake.
ALFRED: You what?
Jaffy, you there?
Yeah, yeah, I'm here.
Sorry, I think I better get some sleep.
Lovely day.
Right on time.
Excuse me, mate, you
haven't seen a black dog
come through here by any chance, have you?
No, sorry, mate, I haven't.
Are you sure?
She was just here a minute ago.
JAFFY: Really?
I don't think so.
Stay the fuck away from
Sia and the Baxter family.
This is your first and last warning mate.
Stick to the small stuff, Jaffer.
Are you all right?
Oh God, what happened to you?
Help, please.
You look pretty bad.
I don't think I should move you.
I think I should call an ambulance.
No, no, no ambulance.
I just, ah.
God, I really don't
think you should move.
Can you just help me get
to my car, it's over there.
Your car?
That's all I ask.
Just help me to my car please.
DOCTOR: I'm gonna do
an X-Ray and a CT scan
just to make sure you haven't fractured
any bones in your head.
So you say this guy came
from nowhere and jumped you?
Well, you better report it to the police
because he's done some
serious damage to your body.
How long is it going to
take for my eye to heal?
Well, you need rest.
Now you're gonna have
to apply ice to that.
20 minutes every hour
for the first 24 hours.
Okay, and avoid touching the area.
Okay, as for those ribs,
it's gonna take three to six
weeks to heal completely.
You're probably gonna experience a bit
of discomfort, shallow
breathing, but that's all normal.
Is there anything I can take for that?
Normal paracetamol is fine,
but I'll give you a brochure
on the way out so you
know how to take care
of yourself for this type of injury, okay?
Okay, thanks.
And Jaffy, go to the Police, will you?
Don't let this scumbag get
away with what he's done.
Where on Earth have you been?
Darling, it's so good to see you.
SIA: Mother, how could you?
How could I what?
You know exactly what I'm talking about.
I just can't believe it?
Don't be angry.
It was for your own good.
For my own good?
You've broken every level
of trust I could ever have for you.
Did you ever think to
just ask me yourself?
Instead you hired a private investigator
to track me, and for what?
What exactly do you think
is going on in my life?
Have you stooped that low mother, really?
Have you lost yourself that much
you can't even trust your
own daughter's anymore.
Or should I say the
only one you have left.
I'm sorry darling, I,
it's just that you pushed me too far!
I'm done.
MRS. BAXTER: Where are you going?
Far away from here.
MRS. BAXTER: You can't keep running.
Goodbye, mother.
Look, I didn't say you
looked like your Mom,
but she is hot.
Look, I gotta go, I'm at a buddies.
Jaffy, you home?
JAFFY: Come in, it's open.
Yeah, I noticed.
Oh, Jesus!
What happened?
That looks really nasty.
I'm over it.
No seriously, firstly who did this?
Secondly, do I need to
do anything about it?
Okay, this one's over my
head, we're gonna let it go.
Because I can even the
playing field really easy.
No, I appreciate that, man.
Thanks, but not this time.
I mean, it's surprising.
You don't usually let people slide.
What's funny?
JAFFY: You actually
kinda look like the guy.
BUDDY: Great.
And now you're going out?
I've got some very
important business to finish.
I need to ask you a favour.
Yeah, name it.
I could be little bit paranoid
but I need you to watch
the house until I get back.
Is that cool?
Can I sleep on the couch?
Hey, are you all right?
I don't think you should
be driving with that eye.
Thanks for the concern, but I'm okay.
Sia, Sia.
Sia, Sia, wait.
Jaffy, what on earth are you doing here?
You can't still be following
me, and what happened to you?
JAFFY: I didn't follow you.
I mean I chased you here but not as a PI.
Wait, I'm so confused right now.
What do you need to tell me
that's so urgent, okay, because
I'm leaving, I need to go.
No one can stop me, not even you.
I know but I just I
need you to forgive me.
Look at me, I've paid for my sins, right?
Okay, okay.
Okay, yes, I forgive you.
I have to go, I really
have to go, I'm sorry.
Sia, wait.
Did I ever tell you that I was colorblind?
No, I don't think so,
but what does that have
to do with anything?
I never told you that
I was colorblind but
when we were hanging
out, a couple of times,
you're not going to believe this,
I saw you in complete and perfect colour,
as I do now.
That's why I have to know you.
It's a miracle.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Jaffy.
I can't, I can't.
JAFFY: Mr. Baxter?
And you are?
I'm Jaffy, my name's Mr. Rotunda.
I'm the private
investigator that you hired.
Oh yes, Mr. Rotunda,
I know who you are now.
I think I know what you're here for.
Will you wait here a moment please?
That outta do it.
This concludes our business.
We no longer require anymore
of your services, thank you.
Mr. Baxter, can I just
ask you one question?
Mr. Rotunda, let me just say one thing.
The Baxter women are intolerable.
I'm sorry for your trouble.
Have a good day now, won't you?
Honestly darling, I don't
know how you put up with this.
And shame on Malcolm
for leaving like this.
He's done it before.
And what about Trix?
Have you heard anything from her?
No, and we're not speaking
to each other either.
Oh this is too much.
Louise, do you mind if we
don't talk about that right now.
Yeah, you're right.
So, what about that private investigator
you were talking about?
What about him?
A bit handsome you were saying.
He's so not my type.
LOUISE: And why not?
He's a pussycat.
You know me, I like them big and strong.
Yeah, that's true.
Well, it's good to see you getting out.
We all need a little
pampering from time to time.
Thank you, Louise.
You're such a good friend.
Darling, just one more question
and I promise then I won't ask anything.
About Sia.
What about Sia?
Do you think she'll be coming back
or is she gone for good this time?
That's a good question, Louise.
It's a very good question.
I honestly don't know.
Okay, you have been seeing this girl
for quite a long while.
Did you develop feelings for
her over a period of time?
Mmm, no, a short time.
But long enough to fall for her.
Hey X, are you there?
It's Jaffy.
MR. X: What can I do for you Rotunda?
JAFFY: Well, to be honest,
I was wondering if you still wanted
to go out and get that drink?
MR. X: What's the matter,
did you lose one, did you?
For a second there I
didn't know who it was.
My God, you look like
you've been through hell.
Yeah, something like that.
Sit down.
Crook knee is it?
Sort of, it's the broken
rib that's giving me
more trouble than anything else.
Couple of peas in a pod
now, aren't we, Alfred?
I don't know what to say.
So, the job's finished?
Oh yeah, it's finished all right.
And on a professional
and personal level,
this would have to be
the worst one to date.
Just so you know.
Jaffy, I'm sorry to hear that.
But the money's all right, isn't it?
You never stop.
So, if I was to tell you
that we had a new client,
you probably wouldn't be interested.
Take a good look at me, friend.
This is exactly why I
didn't want to go back
into private investigation
in the first place.
No, thanks, but I'm done.
ALFRED: So where are you going?
To lick my wounds.
ALFRED: You'll be back.
You know where to find me.
I have no idea where the
moon is actually going now.
Are you even listening to me?
I love this girl.
GIRL: Whatever.
How you holding up?
You okay?
Not great, man.
You really had it for
this girl, didn't you?
Big time, can't stop thinking about her.
And that's it, she's totally gone?
No chance, just disappeared.
I've checked everywhere,
I've retraced all my
steps, I've double checked.
She's gone, she's not coming back.
BUDDY: Fuck, that's harsh.
Well, look, homey, you gotta move on.
We gotta do something
to get you past this.
So you got any ideas?
Well, I'm cut pretty deep,
but yeah going to have to do
something to get over this one.
Something, something.
We could audition for porn stars.
So tell me what's so
special about this girl,
as opposed to all the others?
When she's around there are moments
when I see her what I
believe to be perfect colour.
mean your visions changed?
Kind of, it's like there
are more colours around,
more than normal.
Wow, that sounds miraculous.
Yes, she is kind of a miracle, Sia.
Nice to see you.
Alfred, Alfred, Alfred, Alfred, Alfred.
What can I do for you, X?
First you can tell me what
you were doing assigning me
to the Baxter case.
What on earth do you mean?
You must have known the
Baxter's were a bunch of psychos.
Two separate members from the same family,
hire two separate
investigators for the same job.
It's absurd, Alfred.
Maybe it is, but its
a paid job isn't it.
Perhaps, but you knew about it.
Yes, maybe, but it's a client.
God knows we can all do with the money.
And you knew about
Jaffy too, didn't you?
You assigned him to the same case.
Maybe I did and maybe I didn't.
Besides what's it got to do with you?
You dog.
Regardless, which you two
have got some big issues
to sort out, all right.
It's a mess, mate.
Oh look, X, people with
money, they do strange things.
Desperate, competitive,
split, desperate families.
What do I know?
So, what be the lesson, X?
I don't know, that I can
forgive, but I won't forget.
Good afternoon.
Thank you for calling California Club.
This is Trudy, how can I help you?
No funny business tonight, no?
I'll bring the girls in then.
What's the rates?
It's 240 for half hour,
330 for the full.
Hi, baby.
My name is Candy.
Why are you so sad?
Maybe I'll just do a little twirl for you.
Like that?
I'll give you a kiss,
oh sweet little darling.
JAFFY: Hang on, hang on a sec.
You're gorgeous, don't get me wrong,
but I'm looking for a
specific girl tonight.
Whatever, you don't know
what you're missing, whatever.
JAFFY: Can you go slower?
Are you okay?
Yeah, you're a knockout,
don't get me wrong.
GIRL: Sure.
But tonight I'm looking
for a certain girl.
That's okay, I
understand, maybe next time.
MERCEDES: Hi, how are you?
MERCEDES: Are you okay?
MERCEDES: That's good.
What happened to your eye?
Got into a fight.
Oh that's no good, poor thing.
Let me kiss it better for you.
By the way, I'm Mercedes.
JAFFY: Do you mind if I call you Sia?
No, not at all.
I can be whoever you want me to be.
Tell me, how are you going
to cope, now that she's gone?
Well, she has my number.
I just hope and pray that
one day maybe she'll call me.
And that she realises that my feelings
and attraction towards her was real.