Columbus (2017) Movie Script

No, we were at the Miller House,
and now we're at the church.
Yeah, it's good.
That's nice.
Yeah, I will.
Yeah, later.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
Well... right.
First Christian is considered...
one of the first modernist
churches in America.
In the United States.
Designed by Eliel Saarinen,
and Christians consider...
Notice how the Cross
and the doors...
and the clock are all
This design, Saarinen's design
is asy...
Saarinen's design
is asymmetrical...
yet still remains balanced.
Here you go. All right.
There you are. Hey.
Look, marginalia.
Nice. Anything good?
Not sure. Might just be grad
student gibberish.
If you do a database dive,
let me know.
Yeah, of course. What's up?
Wanna catch a film tonight?
I... I can't tonight, sorry.
I'm having dinner with a friend
in Bloomington.
Like a date?
No, no, it's just an old school
Mm-hm, whatever.
Do you have your Master's?
Sadly, yes.
Was it hard to get?
Depends on what you mean
by "hard." Why?
I was just talking to Aaron,
and he told me that as a rule...
they only give full-time
positions to MLS grads.
That's not completely true.
Claire doesn't have one.
She doesn't?
She has a Ph.D. in Lit.
Yeah, whatever you do,
don't get an MLS.
It was recently declared the
worst Master's for a job.
And yet you have a job.
I'm an exception.
Anyway, you don't want
to be a librarian.
I might.
No, you don't. What about that
Deborah Berke?
You'd be crazy to pass that up.
Yeah, that's not gonna happen.
Why not?
It's just not. You wouldn't
Yes, I would.
Come on. Let's go see him first.
[ELEANOR] I still can't believe
how old you are.
You look just the same.
- That's not true, but thank you.
- You do.
You're sweet.
[ELEANOR] So how do you like
being back in Seoul?
It's okay.
What are you doing there?
I got a job at a publisher,
translating books into Korean...
from English.
That sounds interesting.
It is... not.
It's pretty painful, actually.
Um, I'm on deadline now. I just
got off the phone with them.
They don't expect you to work
while you're here, do they?
I think they do.
You know, it's that Korean
"We're so sorry, the family
is the most important thing...
"but really work is the most
important thing...
"so you better finish that
fucking translation on time."
That can't be true.
We'll see.
I wish you were staying
another day.
I know... but I was supposed
to be in Chicago...
a few days ago with your father.
And I have my work...
my husband.
I know. You've already done
so much.
I can't believe this happened.
[ELEANOR] He was doing fine and
then just... I'm sorry.
I just...
I owe him so much.
Your father means everything
to me.
Is there anything else I can
get you guys?
No, I think we're ready
for the...
Can I get another beer?
Definitely. Another glass of
No, thanks.
He didn't even tell me he was
coming on this trip.
Did he tell you that?
That's about right.
Did he mention me at all?
We talked a little.
What did he say?
Did he tell you that we haven't
spoken in over a year?
You're all he has.
That has never been the case.
He has his students... his work.
You're his son.
You've been watching too much
Korean drama.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Can we have the check?
Sure, I'll be right back.
I have to leave so early in the
morning. I should go to bed.
I'm sorry. I shouldn't have
brought that up.
The Inn knows about the
You should be able to stay in
his room as long as you need.
Do you know what you's doing
on Sunday?
No, I'll just drop you off
in the morning...
and then take it over
to Kenny's.
It'll cost us more if it
breaks down on us.
Ugh, I hate cars.
Me, too.
This could use just a...
bit more spice.
You think it does?
Um, maybe.
I was going for something
a little more subtle.
I don't even know what
that means.
You know, less obvious.
Because sometimes you can taste
the food better...
and there's a better aftertaste.
You crazy.
- You are.
This is the Irwin Conference
formerly the Irwin Union Bank.
It was completed in 1954, and
designed by Eero Saarinen...
son of Eliel Saarinen, who
designed First Christian Church.
Now like the church, banks
in the U.S...
did not look like this in 1954.
They were big, imposing
that had tellers behind bars.
No, no, he's not saying
it's an actual myth.
He's just questioning this
common usage...
of "attention span."
Or really this idea of a
shortening attention span.
So he doesn't think that
this is happening?
You're constantly talking
how no one can finish a book
Yes, that's exactly the point.
I'm bookish. We're both bookish.
So what he's saying, is that
when we talk about "attention"...
we're biased toward reading.
Like, I had this professor who
used to go on and on...
about the idiocy of video games.
He talked about how his son
would play for hours...
and that he once tried playing
with him...
but found it completely dull
after just a few minutes.
Now, if this was reversed,
if the son was talking...
about how his dad would read
for hours...
and he once tried reading
with him, but found it boring...
after a few minutes, well,
he would accuse the son...
of having a short attention
span, right?
But why don't we accuse
the professor...
of having a short attention
Because it's not about attention
for him. It just seems idiotic.
But what if that's exactly
the case for the son?
See, what he's saying is that
this boy is actually able...
to give hours of attention
to a video game...
because it's interesting to him.
Yeah, but that's because video
games are designed...
for people with short attention
Yeah, see, that's what bookish
people say.
But no, what this guy is saying
it's not a matter of attention,
but of interest.
The professor doesn't have
patience for the video game...
because he's not interested
in that kind of experience.
In the same way that the son
might not be interested...
in books, and it's not that he
doesn't have the ability...
to pay attention,
clearly he does.
Like the professor, he's able
to pay attention for hours...
if he finds something
So, down with books,
long live video games?
No, not at all.
What he's offering is a critique
of a critique.
But in its place, he identifies
a different kind of crisis.
Not the crisis of attention,
but the crisis of interest.
See, to talk about attention is
its own kind of distraction.
Kids pay attention to
things that interest them.
The real question is what
interests them? Or us?
Are we losing interest in things
that matter?
Words on a page, for instance.
Yeah, see, maybe that's not
so important.
What about everyday life?
Are we losing interest
in everyday life?
You got all this from
Well, you know, he also filled
all the blank pages in the back.
- Emma... hey.
- Hi.
I was hoping to see you.
Yeah, when did you get back?
Oh, just a few days ago.
I'm only here for a week.
My roommates and I, we're
getting an apartment this year.
It's gonna be so fun. We're all
flying in early to set it up.
Wow, it sounds great.
Yeah, I can't wait.
How was Amsterdam?
Oh my god. It was the best.
You have to go one day.
No, seriously, you would
love it.
The museums, they're incredible.
Guys are so much more
Yeah. Um, and school, how is
that going?
I love it. Sophomore year was
even better. LA is amazing.
It already feels like home.
I'll probably end up staying
out there.
I mean, I can't imagine coming
back here. Maybe Chicago.
What about you? When are you
Uh, to where?
To school. To anywhere.
Oh, I like Columbus.
- C'mon, Casey.
- No, I do.
I mean, you of all people,
should be in college.
I'm not in any hurry.
Well, you already missed a year.
You can't keep putting it off.
Uh, we need to get some book
carts in the back.
Right, yeah.
You should listen to me.
[CASEY] Uh, Emma, this is Gabe,
Gabe, Emma.
I went to high school with her.
Yeah, I was a year ahead,
but we were still really close.
She's like my little sister.
Um, I should probably get back
to work.
It was really nice to see you.
Oh, wait... text me, okay?
Let's hang out.
Yeah, okay.
Actually, I'll take one,
if you don't mind.
Yeah, sure.
Thank you.
You speak English.
You don't think Asians can speak
Yeah, of course.
No, yeah, I was just... I heard
you speaking on the phone and...
Sorry, I'm being a jerk.
You offered me a cigarette,
and I'm giving you a hard time.
I didn't mean to...
I know what you meant.
Sorry, I'm having a rough day...
or year.
I saw you at the hospital.
You did?
Yeah, it was early in the
Sorry, I don't remember.
Are you... I don't want this
to sound offensive...
if you're not, but are you
related to Jae Yong Lee?
I am, I'm his son.
How did you know that?
I was planning to go
to his talk...
- but it was cancelled obviously.
- Ah.
We heard what happened.
Is he okay?
He's stable... not enough
to put on a plane.
He's still unconscious.
I'm really sorry.
It's okay.
My name's Casey.
It's actually Cassandra,
but everyone calls me Casey.
- Jin.
- Jim?
Jin... with an "n."
Got it. Jin.
Are you from here?
Yeah, we moved here
when I was four.
Do you like it here?
I do. How about you?
Not sure yet.
Do you like the Inn?
Yes, it's quite fancy...
like I might break something.
It's not very modernist though,
is it?
Is that where your father...?
See, it's asymmetrical...
but it's also still... balanced.
So, you were planning on going
to my father's talk?
Are you familiar with his work?
No, but... I'm really interested
in architecture.
I've been to almost all the
talks in the past few years.
Yeah, I hear this town
is quite the Mecca.
I'm sure everyone here
is fanatical...
about architecture, huh?
Are you kidding?
No, most people, they don't
really have any idea.
I mean, they know some things...
but they don't really give
a shit.
Is that right?
Yeah, you'd be surprised how
little people know...
or care about architecture here.
Maybe not.
What do you mean?
I don't know shit
about architecture... or care.
I don't believe you.
It's true. I'm just like
everyone here.
You grow up around something,
and it feels like nothing.
Well, I never liked her.
Oh, she's okay.
She's a show-off.
She's not.
Don't start protecting her now.
It's not like everybody can go
to Monaco.
Monaco? Amsterdam.
Oh, sorry, did I wake you up?
No, I was up.
Thought I'd get back in time.
Thanks for taking the trash out.
Doing my part. Want some eggs?
We're out, I'm gonna have to go
to the store later.
Give me the butter, please?
- Okay, thanks.
- Have a good day.
You, too, see you later.
Hi, are you Christine?
- Hello.
- Hi.
Um, I am here to turn
in my applications.
You have more than one?
Yes, this one is for the
part-time newsroom assistant...
and that is for the internship.
Got it. Thank you.
Do you know when we might
hear something?
It's hard to say, but you're
welcome to call back...
in a couple of weeks, if you
haven't heard from us.
Mm-hm, thank you.
Jin! Jin with an "n"!
[CASEY] This is my second
favorite building.
Second? What's your first?
The house I was mentioning.
I'm gonna sign you up
for a tour.
It's the only way you can
see it.
But this is also by
Eero Saarinen...
and it sort of resembles
a house.
What do you know about it?
This was one of the first
modernist banks in America.
You can imagine at the time
that walking...
into an all-glass bank
was quite unusual...
radical, really, because during
that time banks were designed...
to be imposing, fortress-like,
with tellers behind bars.
The idea here was that you walk
in at street level.
You don't have to climb any
stairs. It's inviting.
Uh, sorry, what?
What are you doing?
Who are you?
Shut up. I'm just trying to tell
you about this building.
Okay, stop with the tour guide
mode for a second.
I'm not in a "mode."
You said this is one of your
favorite buildings.
- It is.
- Why?
It's one of the first modernist
banks in the United States.
No, no, that can't be it.
Do you like this building
because of all the facts?
No... I'm also moved by it.
Yes, yes, tell me about that.
What moves you?
I thought you hated
I do... but I'm interested
in what moves you...
particularly about a building.
But wouldn't you get tired
of it?
No, not at all.
And I'd get to interact with all
these interesting people...
from all over the world.
The problem with being a tour
guide is that you stop seeking.
You become some arbiter
of tidbit facts...
that you start repeating
over and over.
You'd hate it.
Take this walkway, then you'll
go through the building...
and you'll see signs for the
main hospital on the other side.
I like this building.
- Isn't it great?
- Yeah.
It's a little rundown,
but it's still great.
[JIN] Can I tell you something?
[CASEY] What?
[JIN] I know a bit about Polshek
and this building.
[CASEY] You do?
Yeah, he had this idea,
Polshek did...
of architecture being this sort
of healing art.
That it had the power
to restore...
and that architects should be
Do you mind if I...
For the tour?
Anyway, all the details of this
building are mindful of that...
"responsibility", especially
since it was a structure...
for mental health.
This building was meant to be
both a literal...
and metaphoric bridge.
Polshek had the same idea
for the Clinton library.
Did your dad tell you all this?
No. I think he was planning
on writing something...
about Polshek, but then he found
out that Polshek was writing...
his own book.
It came out very recently.
And you read it?
Some of it, the part
about this building.
And you don't care
about architecture?
I skimmed it, it was in my
father's room when I got here.
Wait, so you... you just recently
read about this building?
Yes, does that matter?
No, I guess not.
You're funny.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What are you doing tonight?
I'm hanging out with my mom.
Well, I'm free.
So, let's do something.
Did you not hear me?
What, are you getting me back
for the other night?
When I hung out with my friend.
No, why would I?
God, I can't believe you have
a master's degree.
And don't forget it.
Of course, it's the worst degree
you can get.
Better than no degree.
Hey, I was just joking.
I know.
C'mon, we were just joking.
You just called my degree
the worst.
Yeah, I know, we're good.
We're fine, just leave me alone
and never talk to me again.
Have fun without me.
Hey, should I hang out with you
and your mom tonight?
No, never.
- You sure?
- No, goodbye.
All right.
Uh, Mom, it's me, call me back.
Hey, I know you're at work,
but I'm just checking in.
Call me, okay?
Hey, sweetie.
I have to get back in a second,
but your mom's fine.
Yeah, I've been trying to get
a hold of her all night.
Her phone's out of charge.
Okay. Why couldn't she come out?
We have a supervisor with us
You know, we're not supposed
to have visitors...
or phone calls or texts.
Sorry, I was worried.
I told her I'd run out.
You know how she is.
Yeah, okay, sorry, I hope you're
not gonna get in trouble.
[VANESSA] I'll be fine,
but I should head back up.
Okay, could you just tell her...
that I'm gonna pick her up
No, sweetie, I'll give her
a ride.
She wanted me to tell you that.
Okay, she wants you to rest.
I gotta go.
What's going on?
I want to show you something.
It's late. I think I should
probably not.
[CASEY] It's not even midnight.
You're such an old man... c'mon.
It's number three on my list.
Number three, really?
Mostly because... it was the
beginning for me, you know?
This one here?
And you didn't know anything
about it?
I just saw it from over there.
I'd probably seen it a thousand
times before...
but this one night,
I was getting in my car...
and I looked up and...
saw it.
So I jumped back in the car
and drove up here.
Same spot and I just stared
at it for a really long time.
What was it?
Not sure...
It had to have been something.
Well, it was a pretty miserable
time in my life.
When you mentioned the whole
"healing" thing...
it sort of made me think
of that moment.
I don't know if I believe that,
you know?
That architecture has the power
"to heal."
That's a fantasy that architects
like to tell themselves.
Or people like my father.
People who are invested
in architecture, you know?
I wasn't claiming to be healed.
I'm sorry, I wasn't trying
to be dismissive.
You were telling me it was a
miserable time in your life.
What was going on?
I don't really want to talk
about it.
I just wanted you to see
this building.
Please, tell me.
I just need a cigarette.
Want to pass me those?
Thank you.
You know, meth is a big thing
here... meth and modernism.
Meth is big everywhere.
Even in North Korea.
Yeah. In China. Everywhere.
Were you addicted to meth?
Your mother? Does she do meth?
Sorry. That just sounds funny.
Funny, how?
"Your mother, did she do meth?"
You don't hear it?
Hear what?
"Your mother, did she do meth?"
"Your mother, did she do meth?"
- I don't...
- Never mind.
So, did she?
Did she what?
[JIN] You know?
No, no, I don't, what are
you asking?
Did your mother do meth?
That was even worse.
So she did?
No, she did.
But it was just because this
shit-head guy cheated on her.
That's her real addiction...
Yeah, it got really bad
after the last shit-head...
the worst, really.
When was this? How old were you?
15, 16.
There were nights that my mom
just wouldn't come home at all.
I had no clue where she was.
That's when I started coming
I found it weirdly comforting.
In the middle of all the mess,
in this fucking strip mall...
there was this...
I sort of weirdly became
obsessed with this building...
after that.
That's when I discovered Deborah
Berke, who designed it.
And I learned about Saarinen,
whom she adores, and...
just started reading all this
Suddenly the place I'd lived my
whole life felt different...
like I had been transported
somewhere else.
God, Dad would've loved you.
And you don't?
So things got better?
Sort of. Yeah, I mean... slowly.
It was hard. It was really hard
for a long time.
We sort of hit bottom before my
mom was willing to do anything.
It got ugly.
I'd rather not talk about it.
I met Deborah Berke last year.
Yeah, the Museum brought her
into town...
to discuss the Miller House.
She was amazing.
I sort of followed her around,
like a little fan girl...
and we actually hung out a few
times, but no big deal.
Yeah, she told me I should come
out to New Haven.
To Yale?
No, no.
She thought I could get into the
University of New Haven.
She had some connections there.
She also said I could audit
some of her classes at Yale.
Maybe even intern at her firm
in New York.
Really? You want to become
an architect?
I don't think so.
I never really thought about it
until she brought it up.
But you'll go, right?
No... we don't have the
and I really think I should
stay with my mom.
She's doing really well.
We're happy.
I just think I should stay here.
So he built this 22 years later?
Was the father still alive?
Uh, no.
Er, I don't know, uh,
Eliel died in...
19... when was it?
Let me... let me check.
No, don't! Don't. Give me a
second. No. Stop! Seriously.
Eliel died in 19...
19... 50, 1950.
Yeah, so he was... he was
definitely dead.
Yes, 1950. The tour guide
nails it.
I don't even know why you wasted
your data?
- Waste my data?
- Never mind.
Smart phone, dumb human.
So, you never use your phone?
For phone calls.
I have a dumb phone...
no internet.
That's not even possible.
What? What?
I search plenty of things
on the computer.
Does this make you feel better
than everybody else?
You'd love Eleanor, by the
she was probably a lot like you
when she was younger.
Yeah? How so?
You know... an architecture
Oh, is that what I am?
Without a doubt.
Hm... go on.
Well, Eleanor was telling me
about my dad's latest research.
He was writing something
on the Saarinen churches.
Really? Like what?
I'm not sure exactly.
Something about the paradox
of modernism and religion.
That's interesting.
I suppose. Are you religious?
I think religions are like
There might be a good king
here and there...
but the system is problematic.
Too easy to exploit.
So you're anti-monarchy?
Isn't everyone?
You'd be surprised.
What about your dad? Does he
believe in anything?
He believes in modernism...
modernism with a soul.
I like that.
I don't know what he means, but
he used to say it all the time.
Something about an alternative
What are you doing?
Just checking to see if this
might be it. It's not.
Take a look at this. What do you
think it is?
Those lines?
I don't know. They could be
But it sort of looks like a
tower, right?
Yeah, I guess. It's not this.
What's this mean?
It's just fragments... that
says, "Much ado about nothing."
"Nothing" underlined.
What's over here? With the
exclamation point?
That just says, "Yes."
It says: "Effort plus cost...
"to see what is invisible and...
"always visible."
No, "omni-visible."
No, "always visible." Always.
Wow. I should ask Gabe at work.
He's really into these kind
of riddles.
Yes, yes, what the fuck?
My father was always trying
to be so profound.
Why wouldn't he just the write
the name down...
or draw a better picture?
Well, I didn't think he thought
was ever gonna read this.
He probably knew exactly
what he meant.
It's still fucking annoying.
Can I ask you something?
Why aren't you at the hospital?
Nothing's changed, you know?
If I were there right now,
it would be just like...
the last time I saw him.
He'd just be lying there.
Why should I just stare at him
all day?
You could talk to him.
This isn't a movie, nothing's
going to happen.
You know, there's been
I don't want to talk to him.
We never talked.
He was never interested.
Why should I bother him now?
Do you think he's got a chance
to recover?
Even if it's just enough to go
back to Seoul?
God... I hope not.
The truth is, if I were
in Korea...
I'd be expected to be there
when he died...
to express sorrow in the most
dramatic fashion.
There's this belief that
if you're not there...
when a family member dies and
not adequately grieving...
your spirit will roam
and become a kaekkwi...
a ghost.
Of course, my dad didn't believe
in that shit...
but still, it would be expected
of me.
Do you believe in it?
[CASEY] But if you were in
Korea, you'd go along with it.
So what? You don't want him
to get better?
Maybe not.
Oh... that's so sad.
I think your mom was right.
Are you just trying to get back
at me...
for talking about your dad?
No, I've been thinking about it
since you told me.
What she says makes sense.
Stop. You have no idea.
[JIN] You're bright. You can
do a lot.
You should go to New Haven,
take her up on her offer.
What offer? What offer?
She was being nice, and I blew
it up in my mind.
And... I don't even want to go.
I can't.
You said your mom wants you
to go.
[CASEY] Yeah.
She just feels guilty and she
doesn't know what it would mean.
Give your mom some credit, huh?
I can't believe you're
lecturing me.
I'm not lecturing you.
I'm not lecturing you!
You quit grad school, right?
That is different. That is
completely different and...
The reason I'm telling
you this...
and the reason your mother
is telling you this...
is because you're smart
and talented.
You could do a lot better!
Than what? Taking care
of my mom?
You obviously don't get that,
do you?
Because you're here hoping
that your dad dies...
so you don't have to mourn
for him.
I should go.
It is one of the most
significant and modern...
domestic architecture
in the world.
Table that mimics the one
Where's the...
On the table...
A statue of Henry Moore's Draped
Reclining Woman...
used to reside on this up
but there was an auction one day
and Oprah bought it.
And over here to the right,
we have...
Can you do the translation work
in his room?
I just think you should be there
whenever possible.
I'm there a lot.
It makes a difference, Jin,
it does.
I think you'd really like her.
She sounds great.
She's a mini-version of you.
I mean, she's not smaller,
she's younger.
I get it. How old did you say
she was?
Um, I don't know, 19, 20.
Do you like her?
I think she's... well, what do
you mean? What do you mean?
Do you like her, like her?
How old are you?
You do, don't you?
You need to pull back
on that wine.
You love her.
First of all, she's way
too young.
Ah, wait, weren't you 18 when
you declared your love to me?
Or was it 17?
Shut up. I never did that.
Ah, you did.
I didn't.
Maybe you didn't use the word
"love" but...
aw, you were so sweet.
God, I was hoping that never
It did.
I just... I hoped it was
in my imagination.
"Eleanor, I want you to know
that I think you're..."
What did you say? What was it?
I was admittedly a little naive.
You were sweet.
I always thought you were
Just young, very serious.
I was... what? I was 20...
I did have an agonizing
crush on you.
God, you were like...
You look just like your dad
right now.
- Please.
- No.
- Eleanor.
- No, you have to go.
I can't do this.
You have to leave.
More glass.
More glass.
Transparency. Light.
This is number five on my list.
- Woo-hoo!
- Shh.
Look at the dummy!
- Ssh!
- [JIN] Who are you calling?
Just give me a second.
Hi, Vanessa, it's Casey.
Sorry to bother you, but I'm
just trying to get a hold...
of my mom again.
I want her to know that...
I will definitely pick her up
in the morning.
Can you tell her that?
Thanks, bye.
Are you fucking kidding me?
You okay?
Oh, hi. Sorry, I was just gonna
leave another message.
Yeah. Yes, I forgot that
she told me that.
That's why I was calling back.
Okay, got it, so you'll
drive her.
Hey, did my mom's phone
die again?
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Can I talk to her for a second?
I see. Okay, well, tell her
I said "hey."
Okay, thanks.
Everything okay?
Casey, what's the matter?
Do you wanna go to a party?
My friend Emma invited me to a
party. We could still make it.
[JIN] No, I don't want to go
to a party.
Yeah, you do.
Your lips are moving
but I don't hear a sound
And if you hang up
I'll still see you around
I know you've been out
'cause you don't look alright
But come on baby
it's time to eat the night
They see you coming
They all know you by name
What are you doing?
Oh, nothing.
Did I miss the party?
What party?
Didn't you say we were going
to a party?
Oh, right.
No, I wanted to come here
Where are we?
What is this?
This is where I went to school.
That's brutal.
Want to check it out? I know how
to get inside.
You do?
- [CASEY] Ssh.
- [JIN] What?
I thought I heard something.
Why aren't you answering
your phone?
We need to get to the hospital.
What's going on?
I don't know. There's been some
complications. We need to go.
Let me get my phone.
Hurry up!
[CASEY] What's going on?
Oh, hey... I need to go
to the hospital.
Is everything okay?
I don't know.
Oh, hi.
What are you doing here?
- Uh, I was just visiting someone.
- [CLEANER] Here?
Yeah, we have a guest that's
giving a talk at the library.
[CLEANER] Oh, I heard that
you're working there.
I am. I love it.
So how's your mom doing?
She's great.
[CLEANER] Good, good. I heard
she's doing much better.
[CLEANER] And she's still
working at the factory?
Yeah, she is. It's part-time,
she's almost at 30 hours now.
She's doing some night cleaning,
too, but it's temporary.
[CLEANER] Oh, yeah, that's...
I'm so happy to hear that,
And when will you be graduating?
I graduated last year.
[CLEANER] Oh, that's good.
Are you going to...
I really better get going.
Okay. Well, tell your mom, "hi."
Yeah, I will. Nice to see you.
Where have you been?
Cassandra, what's wrong?
What am I gonna do?
What do you mean?
How long do I stay here
and just wait?
As long as it takes.
So I just wait until he dies?
Or recovers.
He's not going to recover.
Whatever happens, you need
to wait.
I do?
If he dies, you don't want him
to die alone.
I don't?
You don't.
[JIN] It doesn't seem fair.
He never paused his life for me.
I know this is hard.
I'm so sorry.
So along with the music room,
the front parlor was designed...
for seating and entertaining
It was also meant to showcase
the family's art collection.
The Millers were more serious
than any generation before them.
In fact, the art collection
that was stored here...
and at the Miller House...
sold in auction through
Christie's in 2008.
It was the largest collection...
[JIN] Like you said, it's better
than what you thought, though.
But it's a pattern.
This guy's from work,
maybe he's the one.
I doubt that.
You haven't met him.
I'm tired of meeting new guys.
I'm just tired.
Then accept Eleanor's offer.
My mom would be lost without me.
Yeah... maybe.
Will you pass me one of those?
You want one?
Where does this building rank
on your list?
I don't know... probably late
teens, 20's.
I think this is what my dad's
referring to.
If it's not, I'm gonna say
that it is.
This table here, was designed
by Alexander Gerard.
The design of it is the same
that he put on the curtains
in the children's area.
- Hm.
- It's pretty, huh?
And he also picked out all the
pillow textiles.
- Hm.
- I love this area.
[JIN] It's bright.
And there's a fountain that
shoots up...
in the middle of the dining
and it sort of mimics the
fountain out in the backyard.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
I can't believe you're leaving.
Me, neither.
It'll be good for you.
That's what people keep saying.
It's true.
I should probably go.
Wanna know something?
I don't really smoke.
Shut up.
It's true. I just liked hanging
out here with you.
I should probably stop.
I better go. My mom's waiting
for me.
Last dinner.
Want me to join you?
[MARIA] I think that was your
best dinner yet, missy.
So subtle.
That wasn't subtle.
But it was good, though,
thank you.
What am I gonna do without
your dinners? Hm?
Use the microwave.
Oh, that's exactly what
I'll be doing.
I made you a list of recipes,
don't forget. Use them, okay?
I really wish that we'd done
more things together, you know?
Like taken a trip together
or something.
I really can't believe
we never did that.
Not even once.
Mom, you shouldn't...
We were... it was...
Oh God, it must have been so
hard growing up with me.
I'm so sorry, Casey.
Mom, no, it wasn't.
I love being with you.
I don't even know why
I'm leaving, honestly.
I just want to stay here
with you.
[ELEANOR] How's the apartment?
It's not the Inn.
Well, nothing's the Inn.
Is it bearable?
No complaints. It's actually
nice. I like the neighborhood.
It's a week-to-week?
That's still good.
Thanks... for everything.
Thank you... for being here.
I hope my mom's gonna be okay.
She's gonna be all right.
She wants this for you.
Casey, she's so proud of you.
I feel bad leaving you, too.
You gotta keep me posted, okay?
I will. But you need to stop
feeling bad.
Yeah... so do you.
- Think I'm gonna quit smoking.
- Yeah?
It's probably a good idea.
She's not a fan.
You better get going.
I know.