Comali (2019) Movie Script

'I am Ravi'
'Anything can happen in life'
'Things we do not even imagine may happen'
'One such incredible mine'
Sir, 'caste' and 'religion' haven't been filled in this form
- What is 'caste', son? - I don't know, pa
We are teaching them something they are clueless
Let my son grow up equally with his classmates oblivious of all this
I won't fill up those details, thanks
That's all Job over
He loves wasting time on Sundays claiming to make Dhokra statuettes
We should do the work we love even if people criticize us
It will always come in handy
Why is that broken, pa?
This piece, huh?
This is handed over in our family to the person they love
My father gave it to me I am giving it to you now
'I was thrilled to bits'
'Then what?'
'This proved I am appa's favorite'
Thanks, pa
Keep it carefully
Ravi, let's play a game of cricket
Coming, Mani
'So I grew up in the 90s'
'Our street was our playground!'
'Whatever our activities we were into it as a gang'
'We used to save money for a week to buy vermicelli popsicle'
'Hey! Ice, da'
'Remember, we used to hire cycles and bike everywhere?'
'Rs 3 for 1 hour'
'Book cricket, love letter, postman, Sachin Tendulkar, WWF, trump cards'
'How can we forget all that excitement?'
'20 houses shared 1 TV set'
'1 telephone used by 10 houses'
1 minute
Phone for Usha
'Phone for Usha it seems'
'Even if these antics were small our happiness was gigantic!'
[sit or stand game]
Why are you crying? What happened?
She broke appa's shaving mirror She's scared he will beat her up
Oh! Don't worry, dear
I'll tell appa it was a mistake
Come out for a minute
Why were you just watching her cry? Shouldn't you be consoling her?
I know anyway appa will punish her
How can I console her?
Listen to me
If someone cries in front of us or confides their worries
...they are not expecting us to solve it
Won't someone hold their hands and say
'I'm there for you Don't be scared'
These are the only words of comfort they expect
To them it isn't important what you can or can't do
But the reassuring words you speak at that time
'I'm there for you'
That is important Do you understand?
Okay, go
Reassure her now
'I'm there for you, Divya Don't be scared'
'I can never forget this year in my life'
'I was soooper happy'
'Not because I passed'
'New girls will join as freshers every year, right?'
'Girls in our school always tend to be so-so and lame'
'But today is new admission'
- Hi R.Vignesh - 'New girls'
'1st day of 12th grade with a pocketful of dreams'
Hey there!
Welcome back, showered with Lifebuoy soap, huh?
More so-so
'Idli' vessel
Mood out
Hi, I'm Bhoominathan
Shy maybe?!
- Akash Raja - Present, miss
'Anand Kumar'
What is this new practice of taking attendance?
Is it the end of the 3 'R's, revelling, rejoicing and reacting to girls?
Ravi, this section is only till names beginning with 'M'
You are in the next section
I have a biscuit
I have a pencil
And a pencil box with a push button
I have a scented eraser too
Do you have a biscuit?
I don't have
This half is for you
Let's be friends, always together
Okay, da
You go now, I'll cry my heart out and join you
Somehow come to that section
- Don't feel bad - Wangle it somehow
I'll come with you right away
Let go of me My friend misses me already
'Looks like he won't leave'
Soap box face! Tell him
He has gone...happy!
- My name is Nikitha - Excuse me, miss
Father's name is Krishnamurthy
'Yes, come in'
He works in HDFS bank
My mother's name is Sathya
And I live in Madipakkam
How are you so sure this is her house?
'Machan, attendance register has all the contact details, right?'
'I flicked it' it is
- Hey! No address? - Not filled I think
Aiyo! Note down her phone #
2258 2999 Let's go, quick
'I poured over the directory night and day for that phone # and traced it'
'But that street confused me with its share of old and new numbers'
'So I dialled that number'
'I confirmed it 101%'
"He is the King of Romance Cupid's avatar in every sense"
I think that's her mother
- She is missing - Her mother looks good though!
Er...excuse me
'I can see her father now'
She's saying 'hello' That's her!
She's saying 'hello'
That is Nikitha!
I heard a 'hello' Her mother!
'Who is this idiot calling daily? My broomstick will speak!'
"If you greet me with a 'hi' that will do I get a kick from toe to brow"
- I got transferred here - She said 'hi'
- When's your wedding? - Wedding, huh?
"If you giggle or glare at me my heartbeat races to a 120"
"Without any shame or shyness I'll follow you like a pup, princess"
"My cycle is the vehicle so handy Doodles on our school loo walls randy"
"Call her to the canteen daily Ask her to pay my bill duly"
"When she passes by, yell out 'Ravi' If she smiles, my love spells victory"
"I am the last bencher in class as a rule From now on I'll show swag in school"
"I make a scene without reason I'm the school don for every season"
"I show off for no reason whatever I am the school's don hereafter"
My dear son
Eat 'pakoda' and study
Drink it up Complan
Shall we get back to class?
List out 3 'semmozhi' Classical languages
Then mozhi, Kani mozhi, Ilam mozhi
Then mozhi, Kani mozhi, Ilam mozhi
'What's funny?'
'Loony lady! Why is she cackling?'
Mani, this is nice joke
- Thanks - Mani
Tell her it is my joke
How can I? Everyone is laughing
This is my joke now
Shall we get back to class?
List out 3 classical lan-
'Leave it, teacher'
Mani, that's a nice joke
Thank you
That was my joke I cracked it!
- Don't believe Ravi - Ravi, keep silence
- Quiet! - 1 minute, I'll be back
'Looks like it's joke of the year!'
This is why I don't joke much Others steal my copyright!
- Principal! - Mani
I shared your joke with our principal
Hey Mani It's a nice joke, man
Thank you I appreciate, sir
Plenty more in my head to present later
'This school is going down the drain only because of you!'
- Thank you - 'Super joke, Mani'
Nib broke, eh!
That joke
"Just for effect I'll pile book on book When you pass by flirtatiously I'll look"
"I'll act the goody-goody dude Given a chance I'll brush against you"
"Like an ink bottle is your heart I know Filled with love waiting to overflow"
"My pen waits here for ink to flow Love is my spring for life to glow"
"Eyes like marble mesmerize me My mind spark(le)s like roll caps zappy"
"Hearing her voice on the phone sleepless nights I spent alone"
"I'll stand with guts to surpass the boys from the next class"
"If any fellow tries to act funny I'll break his teeth, watch me"
"I make a fuss for no rhyme or reason I'm the school don for every season"
"Rain or shine I show off mighty I'm the don in this school almighty"
- I'll profess my love today - Okay
- I'll tell her later - Okay
"Call her to the canteen daily Ask her to pay my bill duly"
"When she passes by, yell out Ravi"
- I will - Tell later
"I am the last bencher in class as a rule From now on I'll show swag in school"
You want to tell her later, right?
"I make a scene without reason I'm the school don for every season"
"I show off for no reason whatever I am the school's don hereafter"
"I make a fuss for no rhyme or reason I'm the school don for every season"
"Rain or shine I show off crystal clear I'm the don in this school, my dear"
What is this?
I intend teaching how to make such Dokhra statuettes
- Wow! Soooper! - You like it?
- Take it -
I've brought my camera
Can I take a photo of all of you?
'That's his agenda! Photo...let's pose'
'Don't stamp my foot'
'Suresh, sit down Don't hide us'
So this 'bhajji' shop is the venue, huh?
Yes, this is the venue
Want to know why?
He comes here daily, rain or shine irrespective of the weather forecast
Every single day without fail
...he is hypnotised by the fritter shop lady's hip
'If we must kill Gaaja, he should not be aware of himself or his surrounding'
'Only when he looks at her waist and hip he will be in a trance'
When she finishes frying onion fritters and takes the raw banana to slice
...for 60 seconds she'll be in a bent posture
She slices the onion standing straight
She slices the banana like this
So in that 1 minute she takes to slice the banana
...he will be totally oblivious of what is happening around him
Bro, I'm so sorry
'It was sheer accident, bro'
If she bends to slice the banana
...we have only 1 minute to spring into action
'We must do our job before she slices the banana'
'We enter the fritter stall'
You pick the knife she has used
Because he shouldn't have any weapon within his reach
'The three of us go and sit next to him'
'You pick the knife we've brought and one swift blow'
'Fritter lady will be shell shocked'
We clear the crime scene of our evidences
'And scoot as fast as we can'
Suppose our plan misfires?
Even then the fritter lady will be shell shocked
Tell me why?
'Watching Gaaja kill him'
How the hell will it misfire?
No way, bro I'll kill him
- So tomorrow? - Yes
21st century
I'll be the new don Gaaja
Yes, machan
1999, December 31st
If I propose tomorrow, we will be the 1st pair of lovers in 21st century
Sounds cool, right?
I've asked her to meet me near Sona Bakery
Sona Bakery?
Kissing spree from tomorrow, huh?
- 1-4-3, eh?! - Don't tease me!
It's a private joke You do your job, teacher
Hey! He's waiting for you
Jolly times ahead!
He's coming Gaaja's coming
What's your tearing hurry?
Raw banana fritters
Time to enter
Where's he-
Slice it real thin
'Come on, you tortoise'
'Next plan is to finish you off!'
Now take that knife-
I was about to say 'Stab him when she bends'
Why are you messing up like this?
Hey! Take that knife
'Bro, wait'
'That banana is reducing in size'
Take...hurry up
For me?
You said you like-
You said you like it, right?
Our family custom, we give this to whomever we like the most
This is from me to you
Take the knife out, da
Don't waste time
- I'm telling you to give it to me - Bro, not that!
Let go of my hand, you idiot!
Finish him Finish him off!
I thought if any object breaks its life ends at that point
But when I saw you and my heart broke, I understood
Only after that a new chapter has begun in my life!
'Grab something heavy'
Smash his head
Not oil, you moron!
Hey! Super, da
Clear the evidence at once
- Bro, how to go in this crowd? - Pick that up
Okay, what are you trying to tell me now?
I love you!
Oh gawd!
Romance happening here
Whatever happens, love is blind?
I'll stab her with this Don't come near me
Don't take another step This is really sharp
I'll kill her Go away
I'll stab her for sure
Don't hurt her
- Let go of her - Get on to the bike
- Nikitha! - 'Start the bike'
Happy New Year!
Next Gaaja of the world!
'Office calling'
Yes, I'm Mani
It's alright, machan
Wait...wait Hear me out
Relax, don't get perturbed
Listen to me
Our uncle has woken up, ma
- Sister! - Bro, listen
Wedding chain
No's all a dream
Listen to me for a second
You had slipped into coma until now, da
A lorry hit you that day, right?
'We rushed you to the hospital'
'You lost a lot of blood'
'Your brain didn't get enough blood'
'Doctors said you had slipped into coma'
'He said either in a few days or in a few months you'll wake up'
'That doctor retired But you never recovered'
'Because the hospital charges hit the roof, we brought you home'
'I took such good care of you making sure not even a fly bothered you'
Hey! How often I've told you not to sweep the ant powder?!
If an ant bites, you'll scream Can he do the same?
Get out!
As an IT staff I'm telling you, out!
'Only the calendar changed every year But there was no reaction from you'
'Even then, I took care of you like a baby'
'Bathing you, applying powder, changing your Huggies'
- 'Huggies?' - I couldn't clean you up
My hand hurt
As usual I was keeping an eye on you today too
Looking at you Reading the paper
Action replay
'But I didn't notice the tyre enter, da'
'I should've let an ant bite you right then'
My fault! many days have I been like this?
2 x =
Just 16 years, da
Which year are we in?
Not lying to me, are you?
Of course not
1 second
'We'll retrieve Cauvery from Karnataka if we occupy the seat of power'
'We will make India a super power within 20 years'
Hey! This is 1996
Whom are you trying to fool?
They keep repeating this every year Take a look now
He has locked 500 and 1000 rupee notes and has released 2000 notes
'He's our nation's... He works selflessly for our welfare'
Who is your husband, dear?
Who is my bro-in-law?
My dear bro-in-law!
'Looks like he will slip into coma again!'
How come, da?
I told her that joke, machan!
'Then mozhi, Kani mozhi, Ilam mozhi...!'
'This is my joke Trust me'
'Copyright mine, only mine'
She became happy I became her husband
- Appa - What, da?
Ant bit me, pa
- Apply slaked lime paste - It hurts badly, pa
Go and do it
I did the same as a toddler!
Father...where's my father?
Died 8 years ago, da mother?
Amma is here
She's in the next room I'll fetch her, okay?
- Amma! - What happened, Ravi?!
I'm scared, ma
You'll be fine, my son
- I'm scared, ma - Ravi
- Ravi - I'm sooooo scared, ma
Aiyo! God help me
Oh my God!
- I'm really scared - You're fine now
Nothing to worry, dear
[episode of 'Chithi']
'Chithi' is still being telecast?
'Aiyo! Save him!'
'He's going to die He's dead now'
What happened?
Revive him Get a buggy
Look, squad has come
Fatso! Kill them
Grab the loot and kill him, da!
- 'Stop playing, will you come to eat?' - Mysskin, let's go
If you press and swipe up it will get unlocked
Oh! Is it enough if we just touch?
Just a touch will do
Your aunt has invited you for the baby shower
- Has my aunt come? - Hey! Stop
WhatsApp, invited us on the family group
Is it dull? Low battery
Here's the trimmer We must go for your check up
Do you know how to use this?
My father had one
Shave like your father did Wear his dress, it will fit you well
1st take a shower
Know how to bathe, right?
Don't be scared
That's my son Mysskin
He won't talk to anyone, go
Go, da, his head has to be tonsured at our family deity's temple
My friend has come out of coma after 16 years, sir
I'll take him for a check-up and attend office tomorrow, sir
'Bro, I'm ready'
I thought you'll be like Jayam Ravi You look like 'Nizhalgal' Ravi
This is the trend now
Do that again
Soooper! Come on
Chennai has become like America
Do you know how America is like now?
'It is so hot and so much of traffic?'
'- I can't bear this heat - This is the cold season'
'You haven't seen Chennai in May Everyone will strip even their pants!'
See...our school students?
Same dumb faces!
How is Nikitha?
Which Nikitha?
My girlfriend, I say!
That girl, huh?
She must be married and with a son as tall as you
Extend your right hand
Hey! I feel like seeing her
Flat tyre!
I want to meet her, da
Are you mad or what?
I told you she's married!
Who else do I know?
I'll just go see her once
Ask her, 'Are you fine?'
That's all!
Don't blabber! Just shut up
- For my sake- - You're next, sir
- Excuse me, sir - Yes
Good morning
Oh my God!!
I can't believe this
He came out of his coma?
No chance
Please sit down
His legs are fit to dance?!
'How did this happen with my treatment?'
- Do it - Do it, da
Wow! Good
Do it
Let me do this instead of him
I'm good at it
"With your eyes expressive"
Do it
Were you consulting this doctor all along?
- He's a good doctor - Take that tablet
Tab, bro Samsung tablet!
16 year lag, right?
That's how you'll react!
I'll send you a patient by name Ravi
Do a full body check up
There's no problem He's totally fine
Super, doctor
Akka, sit down
Did no one accompany you?
No, only my husband
He had some important work to attend
- I slipped -'s fine
- Shall I get you some water? - No, thanks, I'm okay
2 points to remember
What is it, doctor?
First of all, at heart he is still a 17 year old youngster
What happened?
You seem off color
I've lost 16 years of my life
I don't know what to do now
20 years for me
We've been childless for 20 years was my husband who suffered the most
You know how badly we were humiliated?
We used to wonder why we were even alive
It hurt that much
But...we believed in God
He did not let us down
After 20 long years
Have faith in God
He'll take care of you, trust me
2nd point
He is bound to be most psychologically affected now
Take a look
He didn't hear the alarm buzz
'So he woke up 15 minutes late and missed his interview'
'Now he can't get back the 15 precious minutes he lost'
'Neither can he attend that interview'
'Look how it manifests as a terrible temper'
If this is the reaction for just 15 minutes
He has lost 16 long years of his life
He must have had a long wish list then
He is likely to get angry and depressed he has missed all that
So if he wishes for something, fulfill it
- Got it? - Okay, doctor
Or else he might repent thinking 'Why am I alive?'
One day he may-
Or to someone else near him, he might-
Even you, he may-
- Doctor? - Fun!
Oh shit!
'Don't do it, da!'
Will you take your medicine or shall I inject you?
- Take it, kiddo - Shall I stab you?
Do it...just do it
Shut up your mouth, nurse
- What now? - I want to see her
I have to see her now
- Doctor - Fulfill his wish
Or else-
No worries Let's see her now
Whether the year is 2000 or 3000...
...we friends are here to unite you with your girlfriend
We'll definitely go, eh?
Don't do that I get the jitters
What is this?
Facebook, I say
Before coma only emails , huh? You won't understand ABC of this
Bro...this is like a park, da Like a meeting place for all
You can talk to any girl Cops won't hassle you
What you ate What film you watched-
Even when they die they will inform on this page and only then die
I intend searching for your Nikitha in this park
My Nikitha won't frequent such parks
Will she be with some chap in Marina beach?
My son is 3 years old
My son and wife roam around only in this park
My wife is with some chap in this park even after midnight
I don't even know who that intruder is
If I send her a friend request she messages 'I'll kick you with a broomstick!'
How did you raise a sister like this?
- Okay, go ahead and search - What a notorious family!
I've forgotten her face
- How does she look? - Simply superb!
She was superb then I'm sure she will be so-so now
Some heroine's photo, or rose or chrysanthemum will be her display picture
Some vague photo
Watch me nab her in this park!
Bro...that's her My Nikitha!
Studied at SVSS-
100% sure this is Nikitha
- Yes - But everything is different!
Even I noticed that
Check in Phoenix Mall!
Bro, she has checked in We can find her, hurry up
What's check in, bro?
Check in is telling the world where you are!
Why is she announcing that?
Then her character is doubtful
Let us ask her face to face, hurry up
She has informed the whole world she is not at home
What if a thief breaks in then?
I'm racking my brains how we can find her in that huge Phoenix Mall!
Hey! I've traced her in Spencer's Plaza that's even bigger!
- What?! - Spencer's Plaza
He's killing me with his ignorance!
Bro, that's Phoenix Mall
Your sister comes here often without my knowledge
Oh mall!
Bro, stop That car
- Look, that's Nikitha - Where, da?
But she has changed
Really? Then I must check her out too
She's like your sister Stop drooling
- Hands off! - She's mine, follow her
She has gone Go...go
- Speed up - Hey Nikitha!
- Go...go - Wait, da
Why are all the houses carbon copies?
That's row house for you
We'll ask someone here
- We'll just see her, right? - Simply see, that's all
- Then that dance? - Just like that
- Just like that? - Yes, jest for fun!
Okay, come on
'Undertaker, you are a Labrador 'You can't howl, silence!
- - What brings you here?
We came to meet someone living in these row houses
- Here? - Yes
- Who is it? - Nikitha
Sounds very familiar
Full name?
- Nikitha Krishnamurthy - Tell me, she is my wife
Can't be, she's my girlfriend
What is he saying?
Doctor, he is saying your wife is his girl
What the hell are you talking?
Aiyaiyo! Sorry, doctor
I'll get it right this time
What he means is
...your wife is not his love interest
But he is interested in your wife What the luck!
He got it this time
- Hey, are you crazy? - Yes
Are you mad or what? Nikitha!
What, doctor?
She is my wife
What are you blabbering?
Doctor, before his coma he was in love with Nikitha
That's why I brought him over, doctor
Sir, you were the one who suggested
All his wishes should be fulfilled
- That's why, sir - So?
He wished for my-
Go to your room now
Doctor, is she our child?
My child!
I was curious She didn't resemble you
You didn't come even once to see me, right?
No...I thought you were dead!
They were discussing about mercy killing
- 'She got me into trouble' - Mercy killing?
2 times
Kidney and liver will go waste, that's why
Who gave you the right to decide?
If we had asked you, would you have decided?
Sir, can we both talk in private?
Stuffing your feet into your mouth!
Sir, they want to discuss about their love
Why don't we have tea at the street corner?
Sorry, sir
Whatever it is, ask her in front of him
I can ask whatever right in front of him, huh?
- What would you have said? - What?
You were about to reply when I professed my love to you
What were you planning to say?
Tell me
Come on
I would have said 'no'
Hey! Don't be scared uncle is here
Asking out of curiosity What would you have said?
Thank God!
You say yes now, as if I'll force you to elope with me?
Let go of her hand!
Not eloped as yet?
Come here, none of you had better leave this place
Hey! Why are you behaving like a lunatic?
- It's just infatuation - Don't lie
The day I proposed
I saw your eyes feel shy, lips smile and nose twitch
Even I have not seen