Comanche (1956) Movie Script

#Out on the prairie they tell a tale
#Jim Read was riding the Comanche
#He beat Art Downey quick
to the draw
#He obeyed the law so he could not fail
#A man is as good as his word,
#as good as his word as he
#And if he is as good has his word
#That's good enough for me
#A solemn promise he's bound
to keep
#Or else, he never could fall sleep
#He'll keep his promise
as best he knows
#And what he sows, so shall
he reap
#A man is as good as his word,
#as good as his word as he
#And if he is as good as his word
#He's good enough for me
Why don't you buy it?
The hair of the doll. Look!
It is real.
From the scalps of the Comanches.
It costs you three pesos.
Give me my doll! My doll. It's mine.
My God! Comanches!
Medicine arrow, guard this
this woman well.
I will come for it later.
Go! Go!
Maybe there's a way
to make a deal?
A rescue, perhaps? I have money.
I will pay you.
Plenty money. Plenty gold.
Many Comanche scalps.
How many times Huarte
Rosa get $50?
You know my name?
It is wise to know the name
of those who still
collect gold for Comanche scalps.
Mercy, mercy great chief!
Don't shoot me!
Many soldiers coming!
Hold! They have crossed into
the United States.
Get the scalps out of the wagon.
Hurry it up!
Burn them!
Burn them.
Untie them!
Let them go.
Give them horses.
Fresh Comanche scalps in
the their wagon.
The Mexicans are enemies
but white eyes are worse.
For each Comanche scalp,
take ten of theirs!
Why didn't you save them scalps?
I was saving my own!
We have company.
Coming fast.
You don't see Comanches until
they're on top of you.
- Any patrols out?
- No, Mr. Read. Just us.
Something is spooking
those riders.
We better wait and see.
It's Art Downey and his bunch.
- Friends of yours?
- Not exactly.
- What's you're hurry, Downey?
- Comanches.
They jumped us.
They got our wagons.
What are you doing in Indian
Hunting buffalo.
No law against that.
There ain't no law here at all.
That's right! We're west of the law.
There's the law of the scalping knife.
You know better than to rile
I'd like to rile them real good.!
Peters and Flanagan.
- How'd they get away?
- Thought they was dead for sure.
There we were, tied spread-eagle
to them wagon wheels
and them savages putting
brush around my legs ...
One Comanche looked
like the boss ...
Whoever it was,
told them to let us go.
Never seen an Indian with
a face like his.
I felt his eyes cutting right
through me.
They gave us horses and
turned us loose.
Quanah is trying to
say something.
I know what I'd like
to tell him!
I know, Downey.
You've made a career out
of Indian hating.
Now, I'm telling you: you stay
out of this territory.
Let's escort them to camp, French.
Hold on, Read.
Ain't you gonna try and get
out wagons back?
The whole regiment couldn't
get 'em back.
Are you really aiming to keep me
out of Indian territory?
First, you had me kicked off
the scouts, and now ...
You were no good, Downey,
and you know it.
They say you're prettty good
with a gun, Read.
- Well, just how good?
- I manage to stay alive.
I asked ya a question, Read.
How good?
That's your gamble!
At one time I would have
called and drawn.
But here ...
Here, I say you're an Indian lover
not fit to be around whites.
Nobody moves.
- Just who are you, soldierboy?
- Second Lt. John French.
Now move, or you're all
under military arrest.
All right, soldierboy.
I be seeing you, Read.
You probably will.
Why don't you two ride out and see if you
can save any scalps from those wagons?
Well, there's headquarters.
The general will probably be waiting.
Well, thanks for everything French.
Don't forget, you're on
Downey's list, now.
Thanks. I'll remember.
- How do you you?
- You got here fast.
You said it was
urgent, General.
- We cut across the staked plains.
- With Comanches loose?
We traveled by night, mostly.
Comanches hole up at night.
- It's a bad medicine for them.
- Today is going to be worse.
- What's the trouble, sir?
- Everything happens at once.
Comanches are raiding
into Mexico, again.
John Ward, Indian Bureau chief
is here from Washington.
Senor Gonzalez, Mexican
Ward wants martial law.
I don't, but he has the power.
Big medicine, huh?
Let's see just how big!
We signed a peace
treaty in 1848,
which terminated the hostilities
with Mexico.
In 1853, through the Gadsden
we paid $10 Million for parts
of this territory,
and established our borders.
These treaties, guaranteed
that we would stop the
ferocious Comanche raids into Mexico
and return all captives
and property.
President Grant directed me
to stay out here
until this is accomplished.
If the comanches don't come in peacefully,
we're going to make them.
There are thousands of Comanches.
Who's going to tell 'em?
- You.
- I don't think so.
You take Army pay, don't you?
As a scout, not as a political.
Read, Gen. Miles, rates you
as the best man on the plains.
These biggest outbreaks since
we took over the territory.
Washington ... the whole nation
want them stopped.
It's preposterous, this Mexican and
Comanche carnage,
should go on forever.
It's been happening for over
200 years now!
Senor Read is correct.
This hatred of the Comanches
and my people is ancient.
no one in truth can
say when it began.
When the Spaniards first
explored here
around 1707, they were
received with open arms.
It seems the Indians had
had some tribal belief
that the white man
come from the East
It would be something
special, almost a god.
Well, the white man came and he
proved to be really special, all right!
They discovered silver and forced
the Indians at gun point,
to work in mines for them.
It was slave labor, paid for
with beatings, brutality
and death, at the whims
of the overseers.
The Comanches got sick
of that. They rebelled.
They massacred every Spaniard
they could find.
By the time the Comanches,
Navajos and Pueblos
had avenged themselves,
There wasn't much left in the
settlements of Pueblo and Taos.
There wasn't much left
of people, either
with all the torture
and mutilation.
A pretty messy business.
So the, the Spaniards
passed a law,
offering a bounty for every
Comanche scalp.
Ranging from $25 to
$100 a scalp.
The $100 was for the warriors.
you got $50 for a squaw
and $25 for a baby,
the Papoose.
Correction, sir.
Since our Independence,
the Mexican government
has revoked it.
No longer will Mexico pay for the
scalp of the Comanche.
Your government is to be
complimented, Senor,
but renegades on both sides
of the border got rich.
They made big business out of
hunting down Comanches.
Looking for scalps, like
animals for their pelts.
Once they staged a big fiesta
and invited the Indians.
More than 400 came.
Men, women and children.
And they massacred them
all for their scalps.
So, that's the way it is:
Comanches kill Mexicans
to get even with
the Spanish,
And, the Mexicans kill Comanches
in revenge for that.
- It's become a way of life.
- I can see how it began.
But the Comanches must
throw away their war paint,
or we'll have to make them.
If they knew they'd paying a
bounty for the scalps,
It would make big medicine
with them.
That's right.
We could base peace
talks on that.
I don't know.
I still think troops are the answer.
People can't go on killing
each other forever.
You see, Commissioner, the
Comanches are known
as "lords of the south plains".
They're a very proud
warrior race.
Maybe they'd sit down
and talk peace,
but they'd get right up
and go again,
if they weren't given
honorable terms.
As the personal emmissary of
President US Grant,
I have explicit powers
to make the peace with the
Comanches and get it ratified.
But, naturally no agreement is good
unless it's fair to both sides.
If we could only get through
to Quanah Parker!
Parker? Quanah Parker?
Chief of the Antlopes, the
Comanches deadliest tribe.
If he'd stop fighting,
all the rest will.
But ... Parker, that's an
American name.
It's his mother's family name.
How could any American girl ...
She was kidnapped by
Quanah's father.
- Sounds like one of those frontier legends.
- No, sir, it's not a legend.
Have you tried to reach
Quanah, General?
I sent runners twice.
They didn't come back.
What about this Quanah?
Can we trust him to keep his word?
He's never been known to violate it.
He'll keep his word, if
you'll keep yours.
I believe my integrity, Read,
equals that of Quanah.
Then, it's on a pretty high plain
mister commissioner.
You really mean that, I'll try
to find Quanah for you.
Or let him find me.
I'll travel by day, this time.
You know, don't you, that since
Quanah bolted that peace council
at Medicine Lodge,
No American has faced
him and lived.
Until today.
Two of Downey's hunters were
and Quanah freed them.
I never met him, but
I known Indians.
Freeing those two men is
a sign of peace.
Well, it's your hair.
If you're not worried
about losing it ...
I'll tell the quartermaster to
issue your supplies.
By the way, who's going with you?
Next time, we play
with four aces.
Puffer? That old buzzard?
He knows the country
as well as I do.
What are you doing here?
Hiding from the Injuns?
At it again, huh?
Get down to the quartermaster's tent.
Get some jerk beef, biscuit,
bacon and beans,
plenty of cartridges.
Where are we going, Jim?
Back to our gold mine?
Get enough for two weeks supply.
Where are we going, Jim?
Dang it, Jim, where are we going?
What about that gold mine?
We're going to pay a social call
on the Comanches.
Please don't mention them
critters to me.
I'm a sick man. Go ask that General
for a leave of absence.
Except, you couldn't find your
way without me.
You'd just get yourself lost.
That's all.
- Puffer?
- Yes?
Just a minute.
I've got something for you.
- I got it in Santa Fe.
- Well, where is it?
- Open it and see.
This is the dangest scalp
as I ever did see.
It's not a scalp, you skinhead,
it's a wig.
What's it for?
To keep that bald head
of yours warm.
I'm sick and tired of hearing you
complain all the time.
- You look almost human.
- Damn!
Here, take a look for yourself.
I bet I'm the only dude
on the Staked Plains
with an extra scalp.
It might come in handy, sometime.
It sure makes a heap of difference, Jim.
It's been many years, since I enjoyed
being out in the cold morning air!
No matter what anybody says,
you wear it!
I'm not waving the flag,
you don't need it.
Just remember this. All
out Indian war
or peace hinge on the success
of your efforts.
Good luck and get back
as soon as they can.
Thank you Commissioner.
Two weeks, maybe less.
So long, Jim.
Normally, I would be warning you to
stay away from the Comanches.
Well, this is a little different, Sir.
- Ready, Puffer?
- I'm always ready.
Let's go.
Good luck, Read. You're sure
going to need it.
- Why do you say that?
- Oh, I got my reasons.
Just who are you?
My name Downey, commissioner.
Art Downey.
I used to be chief scout,
until I retired.
Retired? What do you do now?
Ah, a little prospecting,
buffalo hunting ...
Just what do you know about
the Comanches?
Well, Sir, I've lived out here
for 20 years.
I taught Jim Read
all he knows.
You said that he would fail on
this mission. Why?
Well, it's nothing personal, sir.
Jim's a good man. One of the best.
It's the thinking that's wrong,
You don't send out one man to
talk to an Indian tribe.
You just don't do it..
What do you do?
Well, Sir, the Comanches
are just plain savages.
They live by force and
obey by force.
If we try to reason with them,
They're going to think you're weak.
You got to show they you're
stronger than they are,
They respect force.
Just like they respect a
Cavalry regiment.
I said virtually the same thing to
General Miles and Read.
They felt otherwise.
You're the only person I've met
out herewho thinks as I do.
Well, sir, like I said, I've
lived out here for 20 years.
I scouted for six of them.
You got to learn something about
the Indians in that time.
The worst part is sending one cousin
to do business with another.
- Downey?
- Sir?
You're talking in circles.
To whom are you referring now?
Jim Read and Quanah Parker.
I hope I didn't hear you right.
Did you say Read was
cousin to a savage?
First cousin.
Their mothers were sisters.
- Why wasn't I informed?
- You mean you weren't?
No, I was not.
That makes it worse
than ever.
Two cousins ...
dealing for and against
the government.
I better speak General Miles
about having Read recalled.
Dang them Comanches.
Ain't never around when we want 'em.
# On the prairie he has his day
# He's on a journey to meet with fate
# He keeps on riding and takes no rest
# For he knows best that time won't wait
# A man is as good as his word
# as good as his word as he
# And if he is as good as his word
# He's good enough for me
# Quanah Parker the Comanche Chief
# Is on the warpath and time is brief
#Read knows that Quanah is brave and just
# They stake their trust on a firm belief
# A man is as good as his word
# as good as his word is he
# And if he is as good as his word
# He's good enough for me
You know, Jim, I just can't help enjoying
and looking at this here store hair
I can feel myself getting better in less time than
it takes a rooster to make a chicken green
A Spanish gal. She been shook clean down
to her innards
Do you understand English?
Comprende English?
Where did you come from?
Where do you live? Where's your home?
- What'll we do with her, Jim?
Poor thing's plum loco.
Come on. - No! I will escape again!
It is better to die.
Oh! The blood of my parents
is in your hands.
Get them away. I will not go!
You will not do this to me!
We're your friends.
I'm not going to harm you.
Sorry if I hurt you. Are you hungry?
I have not eaten since ...
I don't know when.
Rustle up some grub, Puffer.
- Do you feel better?
- Muchos gracias, Senor.
- It is a terrible country!
- No, It's not the country.
To me, it is. It's frightening.
- Where do you live?
- Durango, Senor.
- What's your name?
- Margarita Alvarez.
Where are your parents?
The Comanches ...
- Massacred?
- Yes.
I'm Sorry.
Comanches, savages!
All should be killed!
To stop this murder and torture.
No, Senorita. That's not the answer.
You defend the Comanches, Senor?
Trying to explain them, maybe.
You think they are human
and can be treated that way?
Most of them can, yes.
And you think it was necessary for
my parents to be killed by them?
No, I didn't mean that.
I hate the Comanches.
I will always hate them.
- Puffer!
- I ain't deaf.
Whoever it is, they ain't shooting at us.
Get up there.
It's Downey's bunch.
Yeah. A little scalping party.
We're friends.
- What's your tribe?
- Antlope.
Quanah Parker's tribe.
Can you take us to the camp of the
great chief of the Antelopes?
We come to talk peace.
The white man brings no
harm to our chief?
Where ever we meet,
your chief will need no more weapons
than I have now.
Then, I will take the white
man to my chief.
The camp of your chief
is not far from here?
One day? Two days?
He's not at the camp.
He rides at the head of
many warriors.
He's returning from an attack?
The last ... before the cold and
snow set in.
The women light the
victory fires, even now.
We'll rest here.
When the sun rises again,
We'll ride together to find your chief.
I will tell him,
when he is before his
warriors, that he ...
I hope he's all right.
Besides, we might spend days
looking for Quanah without him.
I never seen so much paint
in all my born days.
What do you mean?
Sure glad I got me
an extra scalp.
We're in no trouble.
That girl is.
We came to talk of
peace, remember?
You know, he knows it and I know it.
But, do them Comanches know it?
Let the young braves kill the
white eyes in the tribal manner.
We came to talk treaty with
the great chief of the Comanches.
- Is this the way to talk?
- Kill them!
My brother still lives.
We return to our strongehold.
My brother dies, the white man's
death will not be as swift as his.
We'll see your tongue
torn out by the root.
torn out by the root.
They are coming.
Quanah brings many things.
There is enough for all.
The west side of Blanco Canyon.
That's what I figured.
We've been looking for
this hideout for years.
No talking!
Look at that dirty, ugly face.
It's just one of those days when
everything is agin us.
And it's gonna be worse if
Quanah's brother dies.
Without telling him
what happened.
You have hurt my husband.
Morning Star,
the white men ...
I must speak to ...
There are many horses and mules.
Many guns, many bullets.
Much powder.
Cloths of many colors.
Mexicans captives for those
who need them.
There are two white faces.
Later, we'll find out how long
their spirits can stay in their bodies
under endless torment.
Great Spirit, mighty Sun God
here is the body of Nokona.
His blood has been spilled
without reason.
Hear the sorrow and grief
of his family.
There is no joy in that sound.
Let the sound reach
your heart.
Let this youth live.
Givethe word now!
The white eyes must die.
By nighfall, those Comanches
will be roaring drunk.
Kiowas. The worst dang
varmits on the plains.
Did you ever see a man when
they finish with him?
We have more plans for you.
Torture is for enemies.
We come in peace.
I bring big medicine from the chief of
my nation to Quanah.
Quanah cares nothing for your chief
or of his medicine.
He grieves for soon he will hear the
death song of his brother.
What is your death song,
white man?
The scalp moves!
The wig scares them.
They think it's a scalp.
Take it off.
Here. Here.
Cowards! Has the evil spirit
turned you into women?
His medicine, too big!
Your medicine not so big.
Now you will suffer for two.
Dark Cloud, unbind him.
Unbind him!
These Americans did not lift
weapons against my brother.
but drove away other white men
who were putting him to death.
From this day on they have no
enemies in my camp.
My brother lives.
Come with me.
Savvy Black Jack?
Savvy food. Savvy squaw.
Ah, nice. Very nice.
I got me a widow woman
San Antone.
When she sets her poor old eyes on
me in this store-bought hair,
she'll be a shak'n and a shiver'n
and a sight to behold!
And vica verse.
I come to ask the great chief
of the Comanches to
- a peace council.
- With the Americans?
The Comanches are at war
only with the Mexicans.
But there's much bad
blood than fighting.
My people have never first
drawn a bow
or fired a gun against
the Americans.
But there is bad blood in fighting.
Because the Americans have taken
the places where the grass is thickest,
and the timber is best.
Instead of hunting game,
they kill our braves
for campfires fires they
burn our villages.
Our women wail and
cut their hair short
in sorrow for the dead.
Yet, Comanches are
not weak and blind.
They kill Americans
like Mexicans.
Their scalps hang
in our tee-pees.
The white women cried, and
our women laughed.
But it was not begun by us.
The Americans sent out
the first soldier.
We sent out the second.
Many seasons ago,
when the war with the Americans
and the Mexicans ended.
The Americans gave much
gold for this land.
It now belongs to the Americans.
Soon there will be American forts
and soldiers.
Many Americans will come here to
plant grains and raise cattle.
They'll dig in the earth dig the earth
for of gold and silver.
This has been agreed between the
Mexicans and the Americans?
- No comanches?
Gold was given.
A line has been changed
in the earth.
The Americans and Mexicans
agreed, no Comanches.
We were here long before
the Americans.
Mexicans even.
But no one thought
to agree with us.
Yet, we are not a
conquered people.
No one has defeated us.
But ... our numbers do not increase.
The Americans are without numer.
Like weeds, like drops of rain.
No end to them.
The time has come to walk the
path of the Americans.
This has long been on my mind.
The Americans are brave ...
they know many things.
We must learn from them.
Or, the sun will set on us forever.
The sound of your words is good.
But there's another thing.
My country has pledged
to stop the Comanche
raids into Mexico
and to free all captive Mexicans.
The Mexicans still collect gold
from the government
for Comanche scalps.
Would you have me treat them
as brothers?
They will no longer buy
Comanche scalps.
I ask you
to call the Americans
and Mexicans brothers.
You ask me to be better
than my enemies.
I ask you to be greater.
A great man can grant great favors.
I have heard these words before.
- Where?
Many seasons ago, from the
wife of my father.
The wife of your father
and the wife of my father
were sisters,
with the name of Parker.
We are friends.
- And cousins.
I will call a meeting of the council.
Oh ... a ... that young Mexican girl.
No harm will come to her?
Tawaka and Morning Star
care for her.
She's captive. She belongs
to the tribe.
I'd like to help her.
Others desire her.
One man has already offered
four horses for her.
A man must have a fire in mind
to offer four horses
for one woman.
Black Cloud.
I do not question the wisdom
of the council.
But it is tribal custom
that warriors can buy
their captives.
The Americans ask us to
call the Mexicans brothers
to stop our war with them and
return their captives unharmed.
Americans ask us!
A race that shoots without
orders from their chiefs.
That kills buffaloes
they can not eat.
That fouls the clearwater, so
we can not drink.
That changes our earth,
until we can not live
on it anymore.
I do not think of Americans.
I think only of Comanches.
And of the children of
And the children that will
come from those children.
The Americans are here,
they will stay.
We can not drive them out.
They will grow strong, while
we will not.
We must learn from them,
so that our children
will not hunger,
so they will be warm in winter,
so they will grow strong as the
Americans are strong.
I have told my white cousin that
we will lay down our weapons
and there will be an end
to the fighting,
if there is a treaty with honor.
(scoffs) Treaty with honor! (spits)
I am among your warriors
and in your camp.
The end of my time may come
today or tomorrow.
That's in your power.
But I do not speak with
a crooked tongue.
My chief has pledged the word
of my nation to your nation.
And will there be laws for us
to follow,
like a conquered people?
There will be laws. Yes.
Those who obey them will be
given the same rights
as Americans.
Those who disobey them
will be punished
in the same manner Americans
are punished.
Your chief will know what
I have decided.
I walk the path of
the Americans.
Those who this displeases,
leave me now.
This is your right.
But those who follow me
must not violate my word.
If they do, they will be my enemies.
I hunt them down and kill
them myself.
It is Comanche custom that
no man leads
unless others follow.
The warriors will follow me.
- I will not.
If you make peace with Americans
and Mexicans.
And there are others
who think as I do.
Black Cloud, you have a head
for war and nothing else.
Our paths now separate.
You and your band leave
this stronghold.
Take only your ponies.
Go now and take your
your braves with you.
The girl and the captives
stay with the tribe.
If there is a treaty,
they will be freed.
It would be better if they
had died in battle.
Did ya?
You sure you ain't never
played Black Jack before?
One man, good
Beat two kings, back to back.
Black Jack.
That was my last silver dollar, too!
How do you feel?
- I am tired and frightened.
Everybody is freightened.
- Sure.
You know what I think that you, senor.
No. Not freightened.
Not inside of you freightened.
Does not fit.
It fits.
Lie down and see if you can
get some rest.
What happened?
- We're all hiding out here tonight.
Quanah wants Ward and General
Miles here for a peace council.
Might be, they won't come. Might be, they'll
think it's too risky. - Not the General.
And Ward is very anxious for
that peace treaty.
What about her?
She'll have to stay here until
we get back.
Safer anyway with
Black Cloud on the loose.
Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing.
Quanah is sending a couple of
guides with us
who know a shortcut,
water holes and all.
We should be back
here in three days.
Check the saddlebags and the horses.
I want to be out of the Canyon
before the moon comes up.
Black Cloud won't bother
us none, not at night.
Well, we're not taking any
chances. This is too important.
Might be, we'll get us
medal for this, hey, Jim?
You know, I've been
thinking, Puffer.
Maybe we're wasting
our time with the army.
If a man's country is in trouble,
a man's gotta stick buy it,
or a man ain't no man.
Yes, but what about that mining?
All that gold?
You think the U.S. government seen
fit to make a messenger boy out of me
then, by heck, the mine
and the gold can wait!
Now stop asking those foolish questions
and let me out of here to check them horses.
I'll tell you when I get back.
You are going away?
- Only for a couple of days.
You will take me with you?
- You heard what Quanah said.
You'll have to stay here.
I will die before I stay
alone with Comanches.
I'm afraid you don't have any choice.
No. I will not stay.
You'll be safe here, with Quanah
and his family.
Out there ... The Black Cloud.
I have great fear.
Nobody here's going to hurt her.
It is not just for myself.
But I am afraid.
Margarita ...
Is it not strange to find
love in this manner?
No, no it's not so strange.
You do not just talk?
No, I do not just talk.
I do not know how you say it.
With other men who stole
my heart,
there was nothing!
And with me?
I can not say it.
- Say it!
It's like a fire inside of me.
Is it shameful, maybe,
to love so soon?
So much has happened.
I have no time
to understand.
When I get back, I'll
be your husband
and you'll be my wife.
I belonging to him now.
In a very special way.
Do not let anything bad happen.
Without you, I'm so alone!
This is a good place.
- Yes.
We live here like our fathers
before us,
and their fathers before them.
We were born here, where
the wind blows free
and there is nothing to break
the light of the sun.
There are no enclosures and
everyone draws a free breath.
In a way, your words are
the same words
used by the fathers of my nation.
Tell your chief
The Americans and Comanches
live as brothers.
My chief will be happy to
hear your words.
He wishes to be your friend.
He'll return with me.
There is food in your saddle bags.
Medicine Arrow and Flat Mouth
will lead you
to the first water hole.
From there, you'll ride
to Palo Duro Springs
You'll know the way from there.
Wherever I am, is your home.
I'll be back.
Medicine Mound. Sacred.
Comanche only going there to
meet Great Spirits.
Duro Springs more far.
- Let's go.
#The stars are meeting
the setting sun
#Read has a mission that
drives him on
#I'll keep on going he told
his friends
#Too much depends on
how he's done.
#A man is as good as his word,
#As good as his word is he
#And, if he is as good as his word
#He's good enough for me
Black Cloud and his warriors
have been here.
How long ago?
- Two, three hours, maybe.
- I'm a hurry'n!
Play 'em, Black Jack?
Yeah, I'd sure like to get back
my silver dollar.
Play one game.
Silver dollar against
new scalp.
Not on your dang tintype!
No hurry.
I get, you come back.
We go back now.
When the sun leaves the sky
three times, we'll be there.
I hate this danged country.
Hotter than billy b.
in daytime
and colder than San
Antone winter at night.
Hurry up!
That's too much smoke
for a signal fire.
It could be somebody's cabin.
That's what I was thinking.
We better cut over there.
Mother and kids.
- Awful!
Stopping Black Cloud is
going to be a dirty job.
We 've got to get back with troops
before he holes up in the hills.
We better bury them.
It must be about mid-morning.
- Oh, I'd make it a mite past.
We must be getting close
to Duro Springs.
I reckon a mite nearer
than further.
- Yeah, lot's of 'em.
Part of General Miles outfit.
They sure been bushwacked.
We found you after all.
What do you mean?
We were sent us to bring you in.
Then they jumped us.
Comanches. About 50 of them.
Black Cloud.
A trooper got away.
He was rawhiding for help.
About four or five hours ...
He should be here...
We'll stay here until the
troopers arrive.
The regiment.
It's Quanah the dirty murderer?
It wasn't Quanah.
It was Black Cloud.
What difference does it make?
They're all Comanches, aren't they?
See, Commissioner,
it's like I told you.
You gotta use force.
There seems to be no
doubt about it.
- Sir?
Arrange a burial detail.
Yes, sir.
Quanah nust pay for this.
You're making a big mistake,
Quanah is ready to talk peace.
You don't make sense, Read.
I've just come from Quanah.
I'm trying to tell you.
You're telling me nothing.
You're through.
Downey is our new chief of scouts.
You should have told us Quanah
was your cousin.
What difference
does that make?
When two very close relatives are
settling important opposing interests
there is always the possibility
for personal prejudice.
Oh, I see.
With Downey here, we have
no such a problem.
I've transfered you to
to Fort Crook, Nebraska, Read.
Just a minute, Read.
I'm not through talking to you, yet.
Oh, yes you are!
We're now leaving for
Black Oak Canyon and Quanah.
It'll be a tough
forced march.
I want to get there
before sundown.
Lieutenant French.
- Sir.
Your troops are to move out
parallel to mine.
Stay 5 miles off my left wing.
If they attack one of us,
we'll get them in a cross fire
and wipe them out.
General, I must warn you
again, for your own good.
Stay away from that Canyon.
Still trying to save your cousin's
skin, huh, Read?
Downey, one more remark from
you and you'll answer to me!
Lieutenant French, Downey and
Marrow will be your scouts.
Read and Puffer, mine.
You won't object
if I ride with Lieutenant
French's column?
Commissioner, you may
ride where you please.
Let's saddle up.
What happened after I left?
Downey convinced Ward
that the Comanches can only
be handled by force.
Ward wired to the
Indian office,
They hopped on the War Department.
They wired me.
Quanah surrenders immediately,
or wipe him out.
I'm madder than a wet hen,
but what can I do?
Both of my hands tied.
Quanah's not going to like
an ultimatum, General.
I have to tell him.
Is that why you're taking
us to him?
Ward would have me arrested
if I tried to go alone.
So would I.
I tell you General, you couldn't hurt
Quanah if you stayed there a month.
His position is impregnable.
I'm not due back for three days.
If we could find Black Cloud
before that ...
Maybe we'll be lucky.
Ride fast to Quanah.
Tell him many soldiers
come for war.
Read spoke with
crooked tongue.
Tell him to sound the war cry
of theComanche braves.
I wait for his words at great
end of Blanco Canyon.
What are you stopping for?
- Comanches.
See, on the skyline?
Well, Lieutenant,
what are you waiting for?
I don't know ... I'd better
notify the General.
I'll take the responsibility.
Well, Lieutenant?
Well ..
Where in blazes is that
other column?
Let's head for Medicine Mound.
You can see for miles.
The Comanches don't go there,
except to die.
See anything?
No, not a thing.
How far is it to Quanah's
It's not far.
- Let's go.
Oh, General, I'll take you there,
but not them.
You're in command,
until I get back.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, General.
Now you get to see that female
he's been a fighting for.
- Name of Margarita.
You can dance at his wedding.
It's Black Cloud.
It's French's column.
Well, they been asking for it.
We got him trapped now,
in the arroyo.
I'd like a crack at them, but
what would the General say?
Get down there and tell those green-
horns to get away from there fast!
Yes, sir.
But I don't think I should ...
I told you before, Lieutenant,
I'll take the responsibility.
Come back! Come back!
It's a trap!
General's orders!
What are you afraid of,
soldierboy? Let's go!
Come back! Come back!
Come back!
I'm a friend of the Comanches.
I came from Washington.
I'm your white brother.
Then, it is you ...
who brings the white-eyes
to foul our land?
No, no.
I have come to protect you. -----------------------------------------------
No, no! Please!
General Miles.
Listen to me, Governor Miles.
Black Cloud said he would
let me go
if you let him and his warriors
out of the Canyon.
Fool! Does your white
brother let you die?
Miles! Please, Miles!
Read! Read!
Y ou want to take the
deal, General?
A man's life is at stake.
The ranchers lives are at stake.
And their families, too, if that
butcher is turned loose again.
This time, Black Cloud's trapped.
We've got you a form General
and one behind him.
If Quanah stays religious.
I'd stake my life on that.
- You already have.
Black Cloud, here is your scout.
He has brought me your words.
Here is my answer.
Dark Cloud ... you die!
Raise ... pistols!
Where in tarnation did you
find my hair?
I been looking all over
these rocks for it.
Ain't never found it so hard
just to stay alive!
I know this man's heart.
What he has told me before,
I have in my heart.
I'm tired of fighting.
I do not want my young
men to die.
I do not want my old people
to wail for the dead.
But let us be free men.
Free to choose our own teachers
free to follow in the religion
of our fathers,
Free to think and act
for ourselves.
We will keep the peace,
For, from where the sun
now stands
we will fight no more.
My chief is anxious that we
start with no bad memories.
We'll make a new beginning.
We'll put the fighting behind us.
My country has pledged its word
that our treaty never
be broken by a white.
#This is the story, there is
no more
#It was written plainly
#In western lore
#The man who's truthful
he'll make his way
#That's true today as
it is of yore
#A man is as good as his word
#As good as his word is he
#If you are as good
as your word
#Your good enough for me