Combat Shock (1984) Movie Script

I go back there every
night without fail.
The events will happen all over again.
I know it isn't real,
but the terror is real.
It's part of me now and I can't escape it.
Everything is exactly as I remember it,
the same jungle, the same
paths, the same victims.
We were sent to Da Nang
on routine search and seizure patrols.
We'd enter villages and
interrogate prisoners.
Me and Colby always scouted ahead to warn
if there was any guerrilla activity.
But something happened.
I can't remember what.
It all looks the same.
I can't tell one place from another.
Somehow I've got to get back.
This place looks familiar.
I've been here before.
I knew it wasn't them.
Now they know I'm onto it.
I don't know how long
he's been following me.
I don't know who he is.
I only know he wants to kill me.
I remember her face so
clearly, her eyes and mouth.
She's so beautiful.
And yet why is she trying to destroy me?
She's leading them against me.
I keep telling myself, she's just a girl.
The pressure.
She's the enemy.
I have to kill her.
I'm just a kid.
I can't take it anymore!
I'm a hero.
God help me.
He's hungry.
There's no more food.
There must be somethin' left.
We ate it last night.
You take care of him.
He's too old for that.
The toilet's broken.
It won't flush.
I'm sick of this shit.
I can't take much more of this.
Much more of what?
Living like rats.
I'm starving.
The baby's starving.
So I'm hungry too.
Then do something about it.
What do you want me to do?
Get a job.
There are no jobs.
Look for one.
I am, it's not just me.
It's the whole country.
Well, the country manages to eat.
You roam the streets like a zombie.
You're not looking for a job,
you're waiting for the world to end.
Hey, that should be any day now.
Go ahead, make jokes, but it's true.
You don't care about us.
You're off on another planet somewhere.
It's not fair.
It's just not fair.
Get him out of here!
We need a doctor for him.
It's not right the way he's always crying.
He never stops.
Hey, I can't afford to feed him.
How am I going to pay a doctor?
Listen to him, he's your son.
Don't hand me that.
The jury's still out on that one.
Only you could have created this.
They said it was inconclusive.
Well, what did you expect them to say?
You knew what it was like out there.
You knew what you were exposed to.
You didn't tell me.
Well, what was I gonna tell you?
They didn't tell us nothin'.
And they wouldn't spray their own men.
Listen to GI Joe.
You know, you picked a great
time to start a family.
I could be working.
Hey, we don't need
that kind of money, thank you.
Mr. Dignity.
You don't mind living
in the sewer, though.
Hey, just shut up.
We wouldn't be here if
you'd call your father.
I don't have a father.
Cut it out.
You cut it out.
We don't need his kind of money either.
We made it this far.
How far?
Look at us, look where we are.
We have no food, no money,
the toilet's broken.
I'll fix the toilet!
Forget the damn toilet!
I'm talking about our future.
We have to start looking forward.
We gotta get outta here and we need help.
Now what happened with him is gone.
It's all in the past.
The past is never gone!
Just remember that!
You sure there's no
shrapnel in your skull?
Come back!
Do you live in a barn?
Hey, we got some milk left.
Taste it.
Hey, why didn't
you tell me it was sour?
After repeated correspondence,
you have chosen
to remain delinquent concerning your rent.
This situation is no longer tolerable,
and therefore your lease has been voided.
Vacate the premises by six p.m.
A failure to do so will
result in your arrest.
How long has he been
in captivity, Doctor?
Two years.
He's lucky he's not a vegetable.
Not too much physical damage.
He can't remember anything, though.
Look at those marks on his arm.
She's only after the money.
You hear me?
She's after the money.
She's my wife!
I'm tryin' to correct that.
I love her!
I love her!
I love her!
I love her!
Look, he's tried everything
he could think of to break us
and he damn near succeeded.
Well we'll break without him.
But have you forgotten
the things he's done?
I don't wanna remember.
Well I remember, I can't forget.
He hates us and he's made that clear.
And what makes you so
sure he'd help us anyway?
Because you're his son.
He never treated me like a son.
Well you never acted like one.
Well he never acted like a father.
You never treated him
- like one.
- Well he never acted
- like one.
- So you never...
Why you takin' his side anyway?
I'm not taking any sides!
I'm just too tired and
hungry to care anymore.
I'm tired of not sleeping,
tired of not eating.
At least talk to him.
Explain our situation.
Ask for a loan, not a handout.
Do you know what it would
be like calling him for money?
But so much time has passed.
So much has happened since then.
We can forget.
Maybe he's forgotten.
What does she expect me to do?
It's not my fault things are like this.
I mean, what happened?
This isn't supposed to happen here.
Somethin' fucked up.
You know, today is one of those days
when anything that can go wrong does.
All right, Frankie.
Where you been, fucker?
You've been avoidin' me,
but now I want my money.
I'm gonna pay you, Paco, I swear.
I just need a little more time.
You're goddamn right
you're gonna pay me.
What do you want, a broken arm?
Yeah, let's break his arm.
No, Paco, come on.
I swear.
Please, just 'til tomorrow.
I just need.
Just 'til tomorrow.
I swear, I'll pay you then.
Come on, let me break his fuckin' arm.
And where you gonna
get that kind of money?
Come on, Paco, you're not
gonna listen to this shit.
Let him break his arm.
Come here, shit stain.
You see the position I'm in?
If I let you get away with shit like this,
I lose the respect of my friends,
and with friends like that, I
can't afford to lose respect.
It's always the same with you guys.
You know, you were happy
enough to take the money.
But now you've gotta pay your debts.
I just can't make a vick.
You shoulda thought about that before.
This ain't no charity.
Now, you listen, you get that money.
I don't care how, but you better get it.
And anything that you don't pay off
your wife will work off.
Hey, you leave my wife outta this.
That little boy of yours
oughta bring a nice price
on the open market.
How old is he, a year old?
And he still can't sit up?
Yeah, he'd make a great
exhibit in a freak show.
You know they pay extra for retards.
No shit?
Sure, it's a delicacy
to fuck retarded kids.
Top dollar, man.
You see, Frankie?
We're gonna get the
money one way or another.
Either you pay, or your family does.
Come on.
Tomorrow, Frankie.
I want the cash tomorrow.
Come on.
I could never get the money
he wants by then and he knows that.
He makes it impossible to
pay so he can destroy me.
Well, we'll see, prick-o.
Don't move, or you're dead!
Frankie, I didn't know it was you, man.
Mike, what the fuck are you doin'?
Man, you gotta help me.
I need money bad.
- I don't have anything.
- Anything, man.
You gotta have something.
Hey man, I got nothin'.
My fuckin' wife's home waiting for me.
She's starvin'.
I feel like I'm gonna explode.
I can't take it anymore.
All right, take it easy, Mike.
Come on, rest a minute.
No, no, I gotta move.
It hurts less when I'm moving.
All right, come on.
That's right, cough it out.
You'll be all right.
I cough, man, there's
nothing in my system.
I haven't eaten in three days.
Mike, I thought you kicked that shit.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Tell me about it.
Yeah, I know, but what
do you want me to say?
I mean, look at you.
Hey, look at you.
Who the fuck are you to be
tellin' people how to live?
Hey, look, do what the fuck you want.
You know, I personally don't give a shit.
I didn't mean that, man.
I'm sorry.
Let's walk.
Maybe we'll see somebody.
Just do me a favor.
Don't pull any shit with me around.
Have you seen Paco?
Yeah, I just saw him.
He's sure been lookin' for me.
He's lookin' for everybody.
He owns everybody.
At least his family does.
You know, he wouldn't be shit
if it wasn't for his brother, man.
That's the animal to avoid.
I never met his brother.
Well, you're lucky.
Kill you for the fuckin' time of day, man.
He's a real fuck, you know that?
One time this guy was
yelling at his brother, man.
I don't know, he got into
an accident or something.
Ran over his fucking toe.
Hey wait, there's somebody.
Hey, you want a piece of this, man?
'I split it with you.
No, Mike, I'll pass.
You sure?
Mike, it's not the way to do things.
You're gonna wind up in jail.
What choices do I have?
I'll take my chances.
I need $100 a day to survive.
Where am I gonna get money like that?
You think I like doin' this?
I'm better off in jail.
Mike, if I get any
money, I'll give you some.
Sometimes I feel like I'm
oozing out of my body,
like I don't belong here.
And my mind forces me somewhere else.
I can't stop it because it's
so real that I believe it.
I hear it.
I smell it.
I can see it.
It's so fucking cold.
Now I know why they didn't kill me.
But what about other people?
There are no other people.
There's only room for one at
the top, you remember that.
I don't know
if I agree with that.
Well, you better agree with that
because that's the way the world is.
But he's my friend.
I don't care.
You're not to associate
with his kind anymore.
What's his kind?
Cut it out.
You know what I'm talkin' about.
You can't judge
everybody by their color.
And don't tell me how to live.
You're not gonna be seen
hangin' around with niggers.
You're being pig-headed.
You could be set for life.
I don't wanna be set for life.
That's the most ridiculous thing
I ever heard.
Why? I don't wanna do it.
I don't enjoy it.
Whoever said life was enjoyable?
I don't care,
I'm gonna marry her.
You better care.
She's only after the money.
I don't have any money.
She wants my money!
That's bullshit, she loves me!
a fool, and she's using you.
Don't you ever talk to me like that!
Fuck you.
You're not my father.
You never were a father to me.
You're a piece of shit.
Don't you ever talk
to me like that!
I'll kill you!
I can no longer tell
where one torture ends
and the next begins.
I'll cut you off from everything!
You'll starve!
I hope that...
What do you got for me, Mike?
I got somethin' good.
That's nice.
It makes business so much smoother.
Come on, gimme the stuff.
Wait a minute.
Let me see what you're
tryin' to pawn on me.
It's worth at least a hundred!
A hundred?
Why not a thousand?
No wait, let's make it 5,000.
What about a million?
It's worth at least that
much, right asshole?
Yeah, that's it.
It's worth a million, it's a million!
Shut up.
What do you guys provoke him for?
It only makes him worse.
This is costume jewelry, Mike.
It's paste.
It's shit.
It's worthless, you understand?
I'll give you 10 bucks for it.
Give him a 60 bag.
Look, come on, Paco.
I need the hundred.
Come on, I'm good for it, I swear.
Bullshit, you are.
I need the hundred.
Come on, Paco, I swear I'll come back.
I'll get the money, come on.
You'll get the hundred
when you get back.
No wait, here, take this.
Take this.
That's worth at least 40 bucks.
I can't accept that.
This is standard police issue, man.
It could be traced anywhere.
What are you tryin' to do, Mike,
pin your crimes on me?
No, I swear, nothing!
Look, from now on with
you it's cash on the line.
Or don't waste my time.
Now take the 60 or nothin'.
No, I'll take it, I'll take it.
You know, Mike, with you
there are always problems.
Everyone else is cool,
but with you there's always a problem.
Do you have any hardware I could use?
See what I mean?
Want us to inject it for you, too?
How about if I inject
it in your fuckin' face?
Mike, you don't understand.
You're a fuckin' imbecilic
pain in my fuckin' ass.
Now get the fuck outta my sight.
Did you give him the shit?
We got you, man.
Yo, got a line over here.
Get to the end of the
line, you smelly bum.
I've been waitin' here all day.
All right, the next in line.
Come on, let's go.
Yo, baby.
You wanna take me to Bayonne?
Got my wolf down there.
Jerry, Jerry.
- How you doin'?
- Good, how are you?
Do you have any hundred?
Why do you wanna keep it, man?
Look, look, look.
Let me explain.
You got some shit?
No, no, no, listen, listen.
You're full of shit, man.
I'm not full of shit.
Listen to me for a minute!
Listen, I just wanna...
You get it off Paco,
because Paco owes me?
No, no, no, no, no.
It's not what you think.
It's not what you think.
Listen to me.
Look, look, look, look,
it's for somebody else.
Please, gimme some of it,
- man.
- Listen to me,
- It's not for me!
- Please.
Please, a little, please.
Look, no, I can't.
It's not for me.
- Come on, look at me, man.
- I don't have it, no.
I know, look, I'll come back, all right?
You remember when I gave you?
Come on, Paco gives me, too, man.
Paco owes me!
Shut the fuck
up, it's not for me!
Come on, man,
just a pinch of it.
It's not for me.
- Just a pinch.
- It's not for me.
Shut up, listen to me.
It's not for me, okay?
Al right?
Listen, motherfucker.
You don't tell me to shut up.
You owe me, and I want
some of it, all right?
Would you just give me the fuckin' shit?
Come on!
It's not for me, I swear.
I swear, I'll come back.
If it was...
Even if it's not for you,
I can have some of it, right?
- I don't lie.
- Bullshit!
I don't fuckin' lie,
now give me it, all right?
Hold it.
Shut up.
Come on, man, please, for me.
I mean you guys.
I don't have anything.
You guys owe it to me.
I don't have anything.
It's not for me, man.
You don't believe me.
All right, okay?
All right, all right?
You okay?
- Listen, listen.
- Come on, man.
- I wouldn't do this to you.
- Please.
It's not for me.
Al right?
I'm not playin' ya, I'll come back.
- No.
- I'll come back.
I'll come back!
Leave me alone.
Gimme a little piece
- before you leave.
- Let me go.
I'll come back, I told ya.
Now stay here.
All right? Stay here.
See, I'll come back, I promise.
Al right?
You better come back, Mike!
You better come back!
Yo, got a line over here.
You want me to get
on the end of the line, Mr. Security?
Look, pal, I don't get paid
enough to take shit off you.
You want in, you get to the end.
Back of the line.
- Nice clothes.
- Back of the line.
All right, four more.
What do you mean four more?
All day it's been five.
Tell you you ain't got no check.
All right, five more.
Doesn't look
any better today, Frankie.
There's nothin' here for you.
Some computer jobs.
An engineering apprenticeship.
- I'll take it.
- You can't.
They want experience.
You don't have the skill.
That's just the problem,
you don't have any skill.
Isn't there anything else?
Check again.
Life is hard, Frankie.
And because it is hard, I am
compelled to remove my jacket.
The waiting list for manual
labor is still two weeks long.
Why don't you go back to
school, learn a trade?
I got a family to support.
And all the Fed programs have been cut.
What do they expect me to do?
I'm sorry, I know.
Hey, Ray, did you see my Veg-O-Matic?
Naw, I didn't touch it.
There's nothin' I can do.
You can keep tryin' to come here,
or you could go to Welfare.
But I doubt they'll do anything
because they're cutting back.
I don't know what else to tell ya.
Tell me some good news.
It's 1:30.
I can't tell how long
I've been here, days or years.
I'm not conscious long enough
to get my time oriented.
I forgot what it feels like to be home.
All right, fuck face.
Are you gonna talk, or you gonna die?
I don't know anything.
I was lost, I was running.
What happened in the village?
I don't know, I can't remember.
Yeah, well, try and remember.
- I can't!
- Try harder.
I can't, I tell you I don't remember!
I don't know anything.
Try and remember.
Just tell me what happened.
I don't know.
I didn't do anything.
I didn't kill anybody.
If you didn't Kill
anybody you wouldn't be here.
This isn't a golf course.
You're just makin' it hard on yourself.
Hey, who's side are you on?
Don't be a fool.
It wasn't enough to Kill
them, you had to mutilate 'em.
My wife was in that village!
They were slaughtered when we got there.
What do you mean?
Before I knew what happened,
the whole fucking squad went crazy.
Yeah, crazy.
How did they go crazy?
I don't know.
But you said they were already dead.
How did they die before you got there?
You've gotta remember!
Who killed them?
Your friends?
Then who?
I don't know!
Yeah, they slaughtered themselves.
I can't remember.
I don't know.
Leave him alone.
Leave him alone!
How could I ever call him?
He was right about her.
He was right about everything.
And she expects him to
welcome us with open arms.
He'll rub it in my face.
And I've taken enough abuse for one day.
I could never call him.
He probably thinks I'm dead.
Let me speak to Mr. Dunlan.
Who's calling, please?
Tell him it's a personal matter.
One second, please.
What does he mean personal business?
I don't have any personal business.
I don't know.
That's what he said.
Probably just another collection agency.
Call me when you're through.
Hello, Dad?
Who is this?
This is Frankie.
Frankie who?
Your son, Frankie.
Who is this?
Dad, it's me.
What is this, some sort of a joke?
My son is dead.
He died in Saigon.
They thought I was dead.
I was only separated from
my squad and taken prisoner.
No, it can't be.
Itis, Dad.
After my release, I was committed
to a hospital for three years.
What's that?
It's morphine, it'll
help relieve the pain.
But I'm not in any pain.
Well, then it's doin' its job, isn't it?
But I'm okay now.
I have a certificate
from the government.
But they never found my body.
I know you recognize my voice.
They say your body was
destroyed in a massacre.
It wouldn't be the first
time they were wrong.
Come on, Dad.
You know it's me.
After all these years,
come back to haunt me?
I'm not here to haunt you.
It's hard to explain.
I need help.
We can't make it out here.
I've been out of work for four months.
We have no food, no anything.
We're being thrown into the street.
Are you still with Cathy?
Yeah, surprised?
We have a baby.
A one year-old boy.
And we're expecting
another in three months.
I'm sorry for what happened between us.
Forget it, Dad.
We were both so stubborn.
It doesn't matter anymore.
What matters is that I need some money.
I can't help you.
I'll take anything.
No, you don't understand.
I've lost everything.
The business, my savings,
and now my health.
But how?
I'm waiting to die.
Everything around me is dead.
Your mother, you,
soon me.
Dad, I need to talk to
you once in a while.
Frankie, there's
nothing I can do for you.
I don't have any money or position.
And I don't think I could
face the past anymore.
There's too much time between us.
And too much pain.
I don't want to go back.
I go back every day, Dad.
Now, you cut
it out, you hear me?
I want the both of yous to stay here
and none of this fighting.
Now yous be good.
Just cut it out.
- You are.
- You are.
You are.
Big fat liar!
- No, you are.
- You are.
- You are.
- Shut up.
You're a little bitch.
You're a bitch.
- You are.
- Big fat liar.
- Shut up!
- Shut up!
Girls, girls, calm down.
You shouldn't be screamin'
like that in the streets.
Now, what's the matter?
Big fat baby.
- I am not.
- Are too.
Am not.
You are too.
You are, bitch!
Nah, nah, big fat liar, big fat liar,
big fat liar, big fat liar.
Shut up!
You're just a big fat baby.
Shut up!
Hey, come on, now, that's not nice.
Nah, nah, big fat liar, big fat liar.
Big fat liar, big fat liar.
That's no way to behave.
So what?
Hey mister, you want a date?
Do I want a date?
Cut it out.
Come here, sit down.
Here, watch this.
How do you do that?
It takes years of practice.
And about four years of college.
Does not.
Where's your parents?
I don't know.
Well, who do you live with?
Allot of people.
All over.
What do you mean all over?
Wherever Paco takes me is where I live.
I should have
known he was tied up in this.
Wherever the shit smells the
worst, he usually turns up.
She's so young.
She's just a kid.
What are you doin' with that girl?
What are you doin' with that girl?
You tryin' to take her for free?
Get your hands off of me, pig.
You tryin' to take her for free?
I told you not to
leave them alone.
I ain't their mother.
I can't constantly watch
them and do my own clients.
Why don't you get a babysitter
or somethin' for them.
You can't expect me to...
Shut up, bitch.
When I want a song and
dance, I'll get Gene Kelly.
Who's Gene Kelly?
You can go suck my ass.
Come back here, bitch.
Can I suck your cock,
- honey?
- I said come back here!
Absolutely not.
Go after her.
Why not?
Now, if you want that little girl,
it'll cost you 50 bucks.
Do you have any idea what
you're doin' to that kid?
Look, I do what I'm told to.
You know who to complain to.
How do you live with yourself?
Just tell me that.
Hey, get the fuck outta here, man.
I catch you around again,
I'll pop your head off.
Leave me alone.
I'm tryin' to find
out what's the matter with you
and find some way to help.
The only way you can
help me is to leave me alone.
Can't you understand?
Isn't it plain enough?
I cannot bear to be handled.
By anybody or just me?
You. Men.
I didn't wanna get married.
It's degrading, it's animal.
Anyway, I was doing all
right the way I was.
I wouldn't say that, Marnie.
Let's take another look.
What's yours.
Ain't comin' to Hollywood.
Stunning law.
- I am.
- Why should I.
From all the people.
But what about the baby?
Marcia, Marcia.
John, John.
Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.
John, John, John.
- Marcia.
- John.
- Marcia.
- John.
- Marcia.
- John.
- Marcia.
- John.
- Marcia.
- John.
- Marcia.
- John.
- Marcia.
- John.
- Marcia.
- John, John, John, John.
- Marcia, Marcia.
- John, John, John.
- Marcia, Marcia.
- John.
- Marcia.
- John.
- Marcia.
- John.
- Marcia.
- John.
- Marcia.
- John.
- Marcia.
- John.
They're starting to hatch.
And as long as I'm bleeding,
the flies will be attracted
to me and lay their eggs.
They're hatching!
They're eating me alive!
I can't go home empty-handed, not tonight.
Mike was right.
Sometimes you're better off in jail.
Let's get him!
All right, that's enough.
Don't kill him yet.
He didn't break your fucking glasses.
I said that's enough!
Frankie, you shouldn't resort to crime.
It's no way to solve society's problems.
You know, since this is stolen money,
I can't even put it towards your debt.
That'll teach you to
be a fuckin' criminal.
Shit, man, what the
fuck was in that bag?
What are you talkin' about?
When it hit me,
it felt like a ton of bricks.
Well, there's
nothin' in here now.
Right at that moment
I knew what had to be done.
It was all coming back to me,
a revelation that hit me like a bullet.
This chick was armed.
I felt a tremendous power
surging through my veins.
Where's the gun?
I have now become God.
Holy shit.
But it's not loaded, man.
It can't be.
We got the bullets.
Drop it or you're dead.
Frankie, look.
We'll make a deal, see?
I won't tell the cops
about the other guys, okay?
And you don't owe me any
money either, all right?
Here, take what I got?
Come on, put it down!
Don't kill me, no!
Goodbye, Paco.
We marched into the
village after three days
of intense fighting.
Our casualty rate was enormous.
We were expecting an ambush,
but everyone was dead
in front of their huts.
They had killed themselves,
the women and children, too.
Then we were ordered
to pump rounds of ammo
into the dead bodies to
scare the VC, and so we did.
M16s, pistols, everything.
The whole fucking squad just went crazy.
Bodies were butchered 'til
they looked like piles of meat.
My friends became animals.
They began to enjoy it.
I knew I had to get out
or I'd become one of them.
So I started running.
They called me a deserter,
but what was I deserting?
I had never understood
what it was, what it meant.
But now it was so clear.
You see, they wanted no part of us
and took their own way out together.
Their wives wouldn't be raped,
nor the children tortured and mutilated.
They cheated us, yes, they did.
They were the survivors.
It was getting clearer all the time.
The war is not over.
The battlefield may have
changed, but the war is not over.
And you were right, Dad.
Your son died in Saigon.
But now I've got to save my family.
Quick, in here.
We'll be safe.
I can't bear it.
You all right?
How are you? Are you okay?
That thing, whatever it is,
it killed Bob and Carol.
Where's Ted and Alice?
I don't know.
I thought you were there.
Well I'm not Ted.
And I'm not Alice.
It could still be inside.
Professor, Professor, come over here.
It's safe, quick.
Professor, get in.
Professor, how
could he still be alive
after all these years?
Yeah, how is that possible?
I have a theory about this.
Long ago these creatures
that inhabited the earth
had visions of utopia, and these visions
led them to an unrealistic
- socioeco...
- Wait, I think
I hear something.
My God!
Quick, get away!
He's a doctor.
He's a doctor.
Look at his face!
He's so ugly.
Hand me the cleaver!
So now we're being thrown out.
What happened?
God, what were you, in a fight?
Did you get a job?
Did you call your father?
What did you do today?
And what's the matter with you?
Well, where have you been?
In the jungle.
You know, I think
you're really crackin' up.
You are going crazy.
Where are we gonna live?
What are we gonna eat?
What are we gonna do?
God, my stomach hurts.
I can't take this anymore.
Shut up!
Shut up, damn you, shut up!
Why the hell don't you do something?
All you do is sit by and watch us suffer!
What do you take
me for, Frankie?
You think I'm one of them out there.
You think you can tell me your
story and I'll believe it.
Well, bullshit, motherfucker.
You're a fuckin' liar, Frankie.
The only massacre you saw
was the one you started.
You were the one who went
crazy, not your squad.
You flipped out and shot
everybody, even your own men.
He's right, it's true.
Who's firing!
I didn't give the command to fire.
It was Dunlan, sir.
He's gone crazy.
He's just shot two men.
Dunlan, Dunlan, cease fire!
- Frankie!
- Dunlan!
- No!
- Drop it!
- No.
- Dunlan, no!
Frankie, come back!
You're goin' the wrong way!
Cathy, I love you.
Die, damn it!
It's not supposed to be like this!
Open up in there.
This is the police.
I said open up in there.
This is the police.
There's somethin' blockin' the door.
My God.
I go back there
every night without fail.