Combat Wombat (2020) Movie Script

[dynamic orchestral music]
[whimsical music]
[ethereal electronic music]
[sparkling electronic music]
[pen writing]
[exuberant music]
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
What did I say about flying
out of bounds during recess?
Let's keep it below 10 feet,
- [All] Sorry, miss.
- 10 ...
nine ...
eight ...
seven ...
six ...
- I see you, Daniel Furbank.
Eyes closed.
- I wasn't peeking.
- Yes you were.
Start again, please.
- 10 ...
nine ...
- You better get moving, Mister
- Hide somewhere else.
- Nope, not here.
- Spot's taken, new kid.
- 10 ...
nine ...
eight ...
seven ...
six ...
five ...
four ...
two ...
[suspenseful music]
Ready or not, here I come.
Morning, team.
I hope everyone is
rested and ready to dig.
Today, we are starting
on a very important project.
[toy squeaks]
Teddy, the blueprints, please.
Right, let's see ...
Mm-hm, mm-hm.
These seem to be in order.
Time to check our safety signs.
[light music]
Mm-hm, everything seems up to
We're missing the most important
No boys allowed.
[both screaming]
What are you doing in here?
- I'm hiding.
- You can't hide in here.
Didn't you read the sign?
- Uh, what sign?
- This is a super secret fort.
But it's not super secret
if you know about it.
- I ...
I'm sorry, I just moved here.
It's my first day.
- So, are you staying here for
- Well, my parents really
like Sanctuary City.
So, hopefully for a while.
- I mean in my fort.
- Oh.
That's okay.
I can find somewhere else to
- Well ...
I guess it is a waste
of a good hiding spot.
We've decided you can stay.
[cheerful music]
[toy squeaks]
Besides, we could always use
another worker on the team.
Maggie Diggins.
I kinda run things around here.
- Bradley Burrows.
[stomach rumbles]
Can I go on lunch now, boss?
- Mmm ...
What's that?
- It's a Bush Bar.
Would you like some?
- Ew.
- Come on, you'll love it.
We can share.
- Okay.
[charming music]
Um ...
Maybe we can share one bar.
[energetic guitar music]
- All right.
All done here.
So ...
What should we hang here next?
- Hm ...
A photo of us eating bush bars?
- Good idea.
Keeps things fresh.
- Mwah!
I'm just happy that we finally
our own super secret fort.
- Speaking of, I better get to
if we wanna keep this fort over
our heads.
My boss is very strict
when it comes to tardiness.
- I'm sure she'll give you a
I'll race you to the job site?
- Loser has to cook dinner.
- We didn't say go yet!
Hope you like deep-fried bush
[exuberant music]
[machinery rumbling]
- Hurry up!
Bring in Cuddly Cub.
[horn blows]
- So, what are you cooking
for dinner tonight?
- [Worker] Watch out!
- Is it me, or do those guys
seem to be--
- Terrible at their job?
- I was gonna say
but, yes, that'll work too.
- Bradley ...
Did you feel that?
- I felt it.
[rock crumbling]
[suspenseful music]
Maggie, sweetheart, we need to
This way.
- Bradley ...
We're ...
Bradley, we're trapped!
There's no way out!
What are we gonna do Bradley?
- We just have to think with our
Trust me.
I have a plan!
Mags, through here!
I'm right behind you!
- Bradley ...
I'm stuck!
I can't get through.
- Hang on!
[stones rumbling]
- No, no.
Bradley, where are you?
No, Bradley.
- Over here!
I've got another one!
- No, let go of me!
- Miss. I ...
I need you to relax while I save
- Oh no.
[crane creaking]
- We've got a
hyperventilating wombat here.
We need oxygen!
- Let go of me!
I don't need oxygen!
I need to ...
I need to find my husb--
- Don't worry, ma'am, you're
safe now.
You've got The Flightless
Feather to thank for that.
Where are we with that oxygen?
- I don't need ox--
- It's okay, madame.
You're safe now.
[delicate music]
- [Announcer] Are you sick of
being bullied with the taunt
"chicken legs, chicken legs,
"check out his chicken legs"?
Well down some Cass Mass Protein
and you'll have the calves
of a Cassowary King.
Cass Mass Protein Powder.
[delicate music]
- [Reporter] Breaking news this
[overlapping reports]
- [Reporter] Flightless Feather
saves the day once again.
[tears paper]
[crying softly]
[breathes deeply]
[emotional piano music]
- Huh?
[bangs fist]
[upbeat drumming]
- Huh?
[enchanting music]
- Ah.
- Pizza!
[intriguing music]
- I can't believe you, Maggie.
Unlawful entry.
Property damage.
Digging without a safety permit.
What's this?
- I may have eaten a slice of
their pizza.
- What's it gonna take
for you to stop searching?
- Finding him.
- Maggie!
I know this is incredibly
difficult for you to accept,
but ...
Look, I just ...
I don't know what else can be
- I wanna read the case file.
- [grumbles] This again.
- I dug those tunnels and
I don't make mistakes.
There's gotta be something in
You have photographs, witness
- It was an accident, Maggie!
Regardless, those files are
for law enforcement only!
- And The Flightless Feather?
- Uh ...
He's a superhero Maggie!
He enforces the law.
- If he was such a hero,
Bradley would still be here.
And I wouldn't be here
getting a lecture from you!
- This isn't a lecture!
It's a friendly chat.
- Friendly chats don't involve
- Ha!
You know very well those
are so you don't eat my dinn--
- You were right to use the
- When are you gonna find
another job, hm?
[handcuffs ratcheting]
There's plenty out there.
- I don't need to find another
I need to find Bradley.
- It's been six months, Maggie!
What are you really hoping to
- My life.
[delicate music]
- Good evening, I'm Regina
Tonight's top story,
The Flightless Feather
has once again foiled another
brazen robbery attempt,
this time at Marsoupial
Kitchen in the city's south.
It's the fifth incident this
by the group being dubbed
The Bushy-Tailed Bandits.
We've identified their calling
card, which is a hairball.
Hm, gross.
We spoke with local possum,
earlier today,
who was present during
the attempted robbery.
- Well, uh, well, uh, I was
getting the soup of the day bro
and these robbers burst into the
But they--
- But they didn't realize
that this soup, a hero,
was on the menu.
- Another verbal treat
for our viewers at home.
- Well you know what
else is a treat, Reggie?
Zoom Plume.
For keeping my feathers
smooth and aerodynamic.
- I'm so sick of your stupid
[delicate piano music]
[bouncy music]
Well, this won't get me through
the night.
- Oh no!
We are being robbed!
Somebody help us!
[suspenseful music]
- [Toy] Cassowary Kick.
- Oh my sugar drops.
Oh my sugar drops!
It's Flightless Feather!
He came to save us! [shouts]
It's your arch nemesis, Monsieur
Monsieur Flightless, it's
time for you to rest in peas.
How will the Flightless
Feather get out of this one?
- [Toy] Bingo, bango, that's my
- Oh, well, fear not.
Here comes his trusty
sidekick, the Gallant Glider,
to offer support from the sky.
Super speed engaged.
End of the line bandit scum!
[dizzying music]
- Please no small talk,
please no small talk,
please no small talk.
- Welcome to Owlways Open, where
our prices are hooting mad.
Hoot may I help you?
Well, we have lots of
hoot, hoot, hooting deals
going on at Owlways Open.
We've got two-for-one
Flightless Featherade,
hooty percentage off
Flightless Candy Bars.
Can I at least interest you
in some new Flightless Chili?
Alrighty, just a moment.
Drop bears!
Aren't you three just the
How can I help you?
[jangly music]
Aw, you're thirsty.
Oh, look, they're thirsty.
Isn't that cute?
You know, people used to call me
that was before I got my
[enchanting music]
They say carrots are really
good for your eye sight.
I can't eat carrots
because they hurt my teeth.
[dramatic music]
Well, that wasn't so cu ...
[disturbing music]
That definitely isn't cute!
[thrilling music]
- Do you need a hand with--
- I'll be with you in just a
Okay, uh ...
Ow, ow!
[noisy commotion]
Hey, hey, little drop bear?
Get down from there!
No, no, no.
You're not allowed to do that.
No, no please don't eat the
No, no!
Not my hat!
You've crossed the line!
Please, please give me my hat
I love that hat!
Everything is under control!
[pot clanging]
Wait, what?
Stop wriggling!
[unsettling music]
[dramatic music]
Well, that's an
unfortunate turn of events.
[ominous music]
I was just saying that Mister
wouldn't be very happy
giving away his food for ...
Let me call head office and I'll
[smashes phone]
No, no, no!
Please don't eat me.
Please don't eat me!
Please don't eat me!
- Let go of the Bush Bars!
And the kid too, I guess.
You should probably put him down
[dramatic music]
Ooh, Eucalyptus!
[suspenseful music]
Oi, buddy!
How ya doin'?
- Uh-oh.
[glass shattering]
[soft music]
[cash register dinging]
- That ...
was ...
I am so fired.
Oh my sugar drops!
You were so, so cool!
You were like, whoosh, whoosh.
Oh, and then, he tried to
slice you, shoof, shoof.
- Yeah, yeah, I remember.
But you were just like, "I don't
think so.
"My butt, your face."
- [Maggie] Yes, I'm aware.
I was there too.
- I'm Sweetie by the way.
- Sweetie?
- Well, that's what my parents
call me.
You know like, "Good night,
My friends call me Sweetie as
Oh, well, that is if I had
So ...
What's your name?
- Uh ...
Babushka the Wombat.
- No!
No, no, no.
I meant your alias, Babushka.
A superhero should never
reveal their true name.
- Yeah, I'm not a superhero,
- But you saved the day,
- Yeah, really regretting
that name choice now.
- But that's what superheroes
Step 16 to being a
superhero: save the day!
That's what you did!
- Okay, so I intervened, but
that doesn't make me a superh--
- But having a superhero name
is the most important step.
You can't be a superhero without
a name.
- Not a superhero.
Don't need a name.
- Ooh, ooh, ooh!
How about Butt Woman?
Or Super Incredibly-Strong Butt
No, no, that's too long.
But Flightless says you need a
that should match your powers,
so we need something for
those awesome butt moves.
I've got it!
I've got it, I've got it!
This is it, this is it.
Combat Wombat!
- [clears throat] Well,
this is me right here.
Nice meeting you.
- Is this really your house?
- [Maggie] Yes.
- Babushka ...
- My name isn't even Babushka!
It's Maggie!
- Ooh!
A secret identity.
Anyway, I realized that
you don't have a sidekick.
And I'd make a great one.
Ready for the name, ready for
the name?
[clears throat] The Gallant
- Say what?
- We should hit the streets
Me soaring through the sky,
keeping an eye on you from
What do you say?
- I'm not going out looking for
And neither should you.
You're too young for that.
- Too young?
In case you haven't
noticed, I have a mustache!
[pathetic music]
Flightless says anyone can be a
Chapter fiftee--
- Well, I'm closing this
And by that I mean, our brief
whatever this has been.
- Oh.
- See ya round.
Or, you know ...
hopefully not.
- But, but wait!
You are a superhero!
You just don't know it yet.
And you will meet your arch
enemy one day!
[sinister laughter]
- Sooner than you think.
[sinister laughter]
- [Woman] Gerald?
What have I told you about
looking at
the neighbors sinisterly?
Get inside!
- Sorry, mum!
[soft music]
- Anyone can be a hero.
I wish you were right.
- Stop, thief!
[suspenseful music]
Watch out!
Here's Ibis!
- Masks!
Bandit-like behavior!
The Bushy-Tailed Bandits!
Oh Flightless, what should I do?
In case of a chase sequence, do
Wait for the hero to arrive?
- [Flightless Feather]
Feather, coming through!
- Oh my gum drops!
It's flightless!
Hey, it's me, it's me!
It's your number one fan!
And your trusty sidekick, the
All right, yeah, you ...
go take the lead.
You take the lead.
[thrilling music]
Oh, no, no, no, no, no!
This can't be happening!
Flightless, he's getting away!
Come on Sweetie, it's your time
to shine.
Anyone can be a hero.
Hey, hey you!
Stop in the name of Flightless!
Come back!
[thrilling music]
- Parkour!
- Wow, impressive..
Don't look down, don't look
[dizzying music]
I looked down!
[thrilling music]
You can do this Sweetie.
You can do this.
Don't look, don't look.
[dramatic music]
Ha ha!
End of the line, bandit scum.
If only you could fly.
Ha ha ha.
- See ya, sucker!
- No!
- Come on Sweetie, you
can still catch him!
Careful, careful.
Okay, okay.
Easy now.
You can do this Sweetie, you can
do this!
All you've got to do is glide.
[dramatic music]
Or ...
I could just walk.
I'll just walk.
Walking's just as fast as
Can't skip leg day.
Oh no, oh no.
No, no, no, no, don't close!
Don't close!
It's okay, Sweetie,
everything is gona be okay.
Just hold on tight and don't
look down.
Don't ...
Why do I always look down?
[suspenseful music]
- Somebody do something!
- We need a hero!
- I will save him!
[dynamic music]
[water gushing]
- [Announcer] When I sip on
gumnut coffee,
it gives me my daily cassowary
- Things are tense here, folks.
It appears the young sugar
is unwilling or unable to glide
to safety.
He better fly soon or he will
a "sugar faller" instead.
- I knew it!
I knew he would get himself into
Well, what would you do in this
[curious music]
You would ...
let the authorities deal with
it and not get in their way.
[rousing music]
Why'd you have to be such a good
[thunder rumbling]
Well, it looks like it's gonna
rain anyway
so I can't go out.
[stirring music]
Who even took these photos?
Oh fine, fine, I'm going, I'm
I can't go out looking like
Unless ...
nobody knows it's me.
[dramatic music]
[water splashing]
- Need ...
bigger ...
- [Onlooker] Just let go and
- You'll be okay!
[screw creaks]
[crowd gasping]
- Hm!
- Did she just crawl out of bed?
- Is that a onesie?
- And we're back, live in
downtown Sanctuary City
where an unidentified wombat
is attempting to save
the young sugar glider.
- Oh no!
The plug!
[suspenseful music]
[dramatic music]
[crowd cheering]
- Woo-hoo!
- Sweetie, get off me!
- Oh yeah.
- What does it feel like to be a
- Can we get a name?
[speaking gibberish]
[overlapping speech]
- Go on, tell them.
- Combat.
Combat Wombat.
[cameras snapping]
- Combat, is there
anything you want to say
to the animals of Sanctuary
- Yeah.
I'm going back to bed.
[camera snaps]
- He can do anything,
darling, he's a chameleon.
No, darling, he's a cassowary,
but he can promote anything.
Who cares if your product is for
We'll slap some gills on him
and you won't know the
Okay bye-bye.
- I don't understand, CeCe?
I'm not seeing my name
in this article anywhere.
- Oh you may have to
turn the page, darling.
- Turn the page?
What do you m--
[dramatic music]
[gasps] Page two?
I didn't even know
newspaper's had a second page.
- Ugh!
I stopped five robberies.
All she did was dig a little
I do that all the time.
I dig, like, seven holes a day
to poop!
- You poop seven times a day?
- Well I ...
I'm a page two superhero who's
been under
a lot of stress lately. [farts]
- Relax, my dear.
It's one measly little article.
It'll be old news by tomorrow.
Nobody will even notice.
[birds chirping]
- Good morning!
Are you alright?
- How'd you get in here?
- Well, first, I created an
and convinced your neighbors
I was your new roomie.
Beep boop.
Then, I had to--
- I left the door unlocked
didn't I?
- Yep.
- Dammit.
- Actually, it wasn't even
It was wide open.
- Well, that doesn't mean
you can just stroll on in!
- Oh, sorry.
Oh I knew it!
I knew it!
You are a superhero!
This is a map of all the
crimes you've solved.
Flightless has one just like it.
- No!
Just ...
It's nothing.
- You can see the whole city
from here.
Ooh, ooh, this is where I live.
- Stop touching that!
And that's where I work.
Ooh, and this is where I
take air saxophone lessons.
- What?
- I knew it!
I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!
And it's your arch enemy.
- Dun-dun-da!
- That's not my arch enemy!
- Um, then why is he dressed
like that?
- It was Halloween!
- Hallo-what?
- What do you want, Sweetie?
- Oh, yes, yes!
I brought you the paper.
You made front page!
Why are you so grumpy today
- Oh, I'm a little tired
from saving somebody!
- Well, that's the life
we live as superheroes.
- Oh do we?
So tell me, Gallant Glider, any
reason why
you couldn't glide yourself
to safety last night?
- I ...
I needed to save my energy.
- Ha!
Obsessed with superheroes
soaring through the sky
and you can't even fly.
- I can so fly!
- Maybe in your little
make-believe world, Gallant
- It's not make believe!
- Seriously, how come you never
learned how to glide, huh?
- Because!
- You're a sugar glider.
- Because I never had anyone to
teach me.
I was going to learn but ...
[delicate piano music]
[family laughing]
- [Dad] Come on, Sweetie.
- [Mom] Oh, we love you,
- But I ...
I never got to fill out the
rest of the pages with them.
- Oh.
All I wanted was to put
one story in my book.
- Bradley.
My arch enemy in the picture.
He's actually my husband.
- Oh.
- Tunneling accident.
He went missing and I can't find
I lost my job and the love
of my life on the same day.
[clears throat]
- So I uh ...
I know you said no more
drop-ins but I thought I'd
drop-in and say thanks ...
for last night.
Sanctuary City needs heroes like
- Thanks.
But they've already got a hero.
They don't need another.
- Well, maybe it's what you
- What do you mean?
- Maybe it's what you
need to get back out there
and live your life.
- I live my life!
maybe you have a point.
- Well, it's better than
sitting at home all day.
Besides, you said you lost your
old job,
so maybe being a superhero
could be your new job?
- Superhero?
- [Chief Furbank] Those files
are for law enforcement only.
- I'd be law enforcement.
- You could be just like
Saving citizens.
Stopping the bad guys.
- Or accessing files.
Your file.
- Huh?
- Nothing.
- Tonight will go down in
Defender of Sanctuary City.
Combat Wombat!
Except ...
you're a little rough around the
What you need is a sidekick.
- Yeah, you weren't gonna
let that opportunity
fly past, were you.
- A sidekick who can teach you
how to be a true superhero.
- What was that?
- A side kick.
You know, cause I'm your side
- I'm already regretting this.
[dramatic music]
All we need to do is carefully
every step in Flightless's
'How to Hero' book
and you will be a superhero in
no time.
It's simple science.
Step one: create your costume.
Step two: perfect the pose.
If we're gonna be heroes,
we need to pose like heroes.
Step three: get in superhero
Step four: find your super
- Cassowary Kick!
- Yes!
Yes, yes, yes!
Butt Power!
Step five: find your
civilian love interest.
- Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.
I already have a love interest!
His name is Bradley.
[soft music]
[determined music]
- So now that you've mastered
your basics,
it's time to move onto something
a little more interesting.
- Come on.
- Butt smash!
Butt stomp!
Butt power!
[dynamic music]
- Wow!
- Combat Wombat!
- Combat Wombat!
I thought this would be more
And we haven't even
done anything super yet.
Furbanks will never call us
Well, all we need is a citizen
in need.
- I'm a citizen in need!
[dramatic music]
- Well, that's extremely
[crowd gasping]
- And three, two, one.
Oh, I'm helping!
I'm helping!
[emphatic music]
- You did it Combat!
[crowd cheering]
- Combat!
Combat Wombat
Here to save the day.
Combat Wombat here
With her best friend Sweetie.

- Is that my ...
[horn honks]
- Uh-huh.
- It's just ...
so big.
- It's meant to be.
It's your butt!
[dynamic music]
Superhero montage!
Air saxophone solo!
[imitates playing saxophone]
[alarm ringing]
Butt power!
- Sweetie?
- Look out, Sanctuary City.
Combat Wombat has resurfaced
and she's not afraid
to get her paws dirty.
[energetic music]
- Yipee!
- Bradley?
[soft music]
- Oh my sugardrops!
Look Combat!
She's dressed up as you!
[cheerful music]
- Why hello there, young crime
How are you today?
- You've inspired me to give up
my dreams of becoming a
doctor to become a superhero!
- Aw!
- My dad dressed up too.
[pathetic music]
- Very nice.
- [CeCe] We should talk,
- Wow!
Oh wow!
- Sweetie, why are we even here?
- Well because even Combat
Wombat needs powerful allies.
Can you believe this?
Look at all this.
It's so--
- Pretentious?
Preten ...
Oh my Flightless!
Oh my Flightless!
- Oh, what now?
It's the Sanctuary City Peace
The symbol of unity in our city.
This was awarded to CeCe and
as a symbol of eternal
Only the greatest
superheroes get one of these.
- You my dear, are no superhero.
You are superstar!
And what should all superstars
- A mansion made out of
strawberry ice cream?
- Um, before that, darling.
A sponsorship deal!
- CeCe, what's this all about?
- It's about you taking this
and squeezing it for all it's
Starting with ...
Bush Bars!
- Wow.
Where'd they get the pic of you
- Bush Bars will be the first
building block of your empire.
I want your face to be
everywhere in Sanctuary City.
I'm talking advertising,
merchandise, the works!
And with The Flightless
Feather as your sidekick.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
She's already got a sidekick.
The Gallant Glider.
- That name means nothing to me.
Who is that?
- Me!
- Well, I guess that could work
Look, the point is,
Flightless is out, darling.
You're the next big thing!
However, I will need you to ...
how to say this ...
cut back on the hero side of the
in order to attend photo shoots,
product promotions, that sort of
So, what do you say, darling?
- [Flightless] You know
what else is a treat?
Featherade's new savior flavor.
When I sip on gumnut coffee,
it gives me my daily Cassowary
[ponderous music]
- To be honest, CeCe ...
I'm not really interested in the
business of being a superhero.
I appreciate the offer,
but I have another reason
for wanting to do good.
- Do you know what this
sponsorship even means, darling?
Free Bush Bars for life!
- For life?
- Any flavor you want, it's
And for your sidekick, Mr
Gallant Glider,
well who knows, we might
even have a costume for him.
- A costume?
- I'm afraid my answer is still
I wanna do this for the right
- How could I be angry when
you're so honest with me?
And to be honest myself,
I actually wish Flightless
was more like you.
Oh, the ego on that cassowary.
You're a real superhero, Combat.
Don't ever change.
[anxious music]
- Breaking news this morning.
Are the Bushy-Tailed
Bandits back in action?
- It has to be them!
The Pawlice found the group's
calling card
at each of the locations.
- So Flightless wasn't around
to stop any of the robberies.
As much as I hate the guy,
he'd done a good job of
stopping them so far.
- Uh ...
Oh, oh, oh!
Oh my god.
It's for you.
- What's it say?
- Welcome to the world of crime
Combat Wombat and friend.
It says friend!
- Keep reading.
- If you've been watching the
you'll know we've been quite
busy of late.
Since you're new to the game,
we thought we'd give
you a fighting chance.
Let's see if you really
are koala-fied for the job.
Our next target is the Koalaty
PR Agency.
We're looking to book in a
with your little friend, CeCe.
Regards, your new sworn enemies,
The Bushy-Tailed Bandits!
[dramatic music]
- This is our moment, Sweetie!
If we can take down the
Bushy-Tailed Bandits,
Furbank will have to
officially make us superheroes.
- Yes.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
- Now from the note, it
looks like the bandits
are planning to steal the
Sanctuary City
Peace Idol from CeCe's office.
- Remember the time they said
"Combat Wombat and friend" in
the note?
Good times.
- Ready?
- Ready!
- Ready!
- Frogman?
What are you doing here?
Shoo, shoo, go on, get outta
- We're gonna burrow inside
for a surprise attack,
give them no chance to escape
this time.
- Wait.
We are going to burrow?
- [Recording] Our office
hours are 9:00 til 5:00,
Monday to Friday.
Please call back during
regular business hours.
My bum!
- Shh!
[mysterious music]
- Maggie.
Hey, Maggie.
- What?
- Lets go back-to-back.
It'll look so cool!
- Back to--
- All superheroes do it.
- Wha?
We are not doing--
- Back-to-back.
Here he comes.
The Gallant Glider.
You like sugar drops?
How about a Glider-rang.
The Peace Idol.
[expectant music]
- A Bush Bar?
- Huh?
What's going on Combat?
- Sweetie?
I think we've been set up.
- But why?
Who would do that?
[mysterious music]
- Flightless!
- Hey!
What are you doing in here?
- Um, I uh ...
left my glasses here somewhere.
Oh no!
Can't see without my glasses.
- But ...
you were just wearing glasses.
They were on your face!
Where's the Peace Idol?
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no!
This is all a big mistake.
No need to panic.
[doors slam]
[dramatic music]
[siren blares]
We've gotta go!
- Shots fired!
Send back up!
- I can't find my glasses
[glass cracking]
- Come on Sweetie!
- Found them!
Found my glasses.
Let me just adjust them and--
Maggie, the exit is on the other
- Just trust me!
- Yippee!
Oh Gallant Glider, teach me how
to fly!
[crowd gasps]
- Combat Wombat, did you
just rob that building?
What do you have to say for
- Uh, Combat.
We might have a little,
tiny bit of a big problem.
- Yeah, you think?
[overlapping shouts]
How could I have been so stupid?
How did I fall for that?
I knew Flightless Feather
was hiding something.
It was always him.
- Little one, can you
tell me your thoughts
on your hero, Combat Wombat?
- Combat Wombat taught me that
if you believe in yourself,
you can do anything.
I guess that anything
includes robbing people.
You let me down, Combat!
- [Regina] Flightless,
have you got anything
to say to Combat Wombat?
- Yeah.
You just robbed your
life of freedom, punk.
- There you have it folks.
Combat Wombat isn't a superhero.
She's a thief.
I'm Regina Rogers, Sanctuary
City News.
- You want me to be a thief?
I'll be a thief.
[suspenseful music]
- [Sweetie] How you ...
How you holdin' up?
- [Maggie] Sweetie!
What are you doing here?
- I was worried about you.
They're saying some terrible
things about you on TV.
Wait, what's that?
- Nothing!
It's none of your business.
- Another break-in has
taken place this morning,
this time in the most unlikely
of places:
The Sanctuary City Pawlice
- Huh?
You stole that?
- So I can find my husband.
- That's--
That's not something a superhero
would do.
That's not something you would
- Grow up, Sweetie!
This is the only reason I became
a superhero to begin with.
So I could get the
information in this file.
- [Sweetie] So you never
even cared about any of this?
- Why would I?
Look where it's got me.
Or should I say, look where
you've got me.
- What's that mean?
- Well, none of this
would have even happened
if you didn't get me
involved in all of this
superhero mess to begin with!
- You think this is my fault?
- You tell me.
I was doing just fine
when I was by myself.
The way it should be.
You know, you may not want other
in your life, but ...
some animals ...
they need you in theirs.
[soft music]
- I really wish you were here
right now.
- [Bradley] Do you really have
to make
such a mess all the time?
- You mean of the living room
or just my life in general?
- Both.
He's a good kid.
- I know.
- You're gonna have to do that
you hate doing more than
cleaning now.
- Apologize?
- Mm-hmm.
But don't beat yourself
up about the floor.
Sometimes you need to
make a mess of things
before you can make sense of
- What does that mean?
[curious music]
[dramatic music]
- [Regina] We have a
witness at Sanctuary Plaza,
where the town's beloved
Combat Wombat, has not been so
Excuse me sir.
Sir, can you tell me what you
- Well, we all came out
when we heard the alarm,
and that's when Combat literally
flew out of the building.
She thought she'd gotten
away with it, but she--
Hey, do I get paid for this
[dramatic music]
- It's the same guy every time!
Do you need a hand?
- Don't worry about it!
I know helping others isn't
really your thing now.
- Sweetie ...
I'm sorry for what I said
I was way out of line.
You said that I don't want
other animals in my life,
but I do.
I just ...
I can't afford to lose
anyone else that I love.
Hopefully we can ...
save the day one more time
[soft music]
Every superhero needs a costume.
I didn't have much material
left so it's, you know ...
[ecstatic music]
- Thank you.
- And you were right,
we should save the day!
And I know just how to do it.
But I need my side-kick!
- No way!
You did a side-kick!
- Come on Gallant Glider.
Lets go get this guy!
- Please, no!
If you have any sense of
compassion ...
If you have any sense of
mercy, you'll let us go.
I am a loving brother, a son, an
No wait.
That's not right.
That doesn't hold enough
I have a family!
And I cannot bear the thought
of never seeing little ...
What's a cute name ...
something lispy.
Erica, Lily, Lilith.
That's perfect.
I cannot bear the thought of
never seeing
little Lilith's face ever again.
And ...
[dramatic music]
- I'm the Gallant Glider.
- Why are you doing this to me?
- You set me up.
- What are you talkin' about?
I didn't set up nobody.
- I got a note saying CeCe's
office was being robbed!
- You were behind it.
- I promise!
I never set up nobody!
I'm just an actor! [sobbing]
- Huh?
What did you just say?
- I don't know nothin' about no
set up.
Now would you please,
please just remove your butt
from my very delicate spine.
[cracks back]
My name is Perry Poslowski.
I'm part of a group of actors
to make Flightless look
like a real superhero.
We all play different
roles in his heroic acts.
- So it's all just ...
make believe?
- Wait, he's not really a
- Nah, it's all fake, lady.
But it's great dramatic
training for us actors.
Oh Flightless, please help me!
I was just robbed!
Much like I was robbed of
my youth as a young possum,
growing up in a broken family
in urban Sanctuary City.
- Wow.
That is just really, really good
but we're a bit pressed for time
- Backstory is important.
- So, what about the criminals?
- Yeah, The Bushy-Tailed
- You mean the Bushy-Tailed
Criminal Group?
They're all actors.
Very talented thespians
if I do say so myself.
I'm actually doing a show
with those fellas this week
at the Sanctuary City Community
You guys should come along.
- Regina Rogers reporting to
you live from the Bird Borough.
Now, we thought we'd seen the
of The Bushy-Tailed Bandits
but they've resurfaced in
a daring daylight robbery
of The Bank of Shiny Things ...
[crowd cheering]
That sound you're hearing is the
cheering the arrival of
who will hopefully bring this
event to a speedy conclusion.
[dramatic music]
- Hey wait!
You wanna take a few flyers,
pass 'em out to ya friends
for the show this week?
We need the numbers.
[dramatic music]
- All right, beaks on the floor!
Don't play anything smart on me!
I'm very smart!
I'm smarter than all of you!
Beaks on the floor!
Nests out!
- [Flightless] No, I don't think
Beaks off the floor, I say.
[dramatic music]
- Oh, you're going down,
- That's right, I am going down.
Downtown with you in handcuffs.
Let's fight!
Cassowary kick!
- I ...
have been ...
- Killed the panda!
[dramatic music]
- You ...
- No, you.
- I'm taking you in!
- No, no, no, no, no,
I'm taking them in, and
then I'm taking you in.
Let's fight!
Cassowary Kick!
- Not so convincing when you
have to fight a real hero.
- You're not a real hero!
You're a criminal!
- You're a criminal!
You set me up!
- I set you up?
I never set you up.
- Hey mate.
Was there an update to the
I don't know!
I am completely lost!
- Oh sure, just like you never
set up
all of the crime you've
- What are you talking about?
I never set up anything.
Now for the love of Flightless,
if you don't let me go,
The Bushy-Tailed Bandits
are gonna get away.
- Nobody is getting away
because none of this is real!
- What?
What are you talking about?
- Can't you see?
They're not real criminals.
They're just actors.
- What do you mean?
- It's all fake, Flightless.
- No, that can't be.
So, this is all just make
- You really didn't know?
[soft music]
Wait a minute ...
Flightless, if you didn't know
about any of this, then that
means ...
- [CeCe] You just couldn't
leave well enough alone,
could you, darling?
- Wow.
It's really dark over in that
- Out!
All of you!
[nervous music]
[door slam]
- CeCe ...
Why did you set me up?
- You were constantly taking the
away from Flightless, ruining
my business in the process!
Do you know how many sponsors
dropped out
after you came on the scene?
You know, it didn't have
to be this way, Combat.
We could have made a
lot of money together.
But no, you just wanted to be
a hero for the right reasons.
- Uh, so did I.
- Ugh, you got what you wanted.
I fake a few crimes, you
get to stroke your ego
and sponsorship deals keeping
rolling in.
- I may be vain, but I actually
I was doing some good in the
- But you were, darling.
You're a celebrity!
You gave every day nobodies
something to look up to.
Now, you're going to do your job
like the good little
superhero boy that you are
and convince everyone that
you've saved the day once again.
- Mr. Flightless.
Mr. Flightless.
I was a nobody once.
But you made me feel like a
- You want a hero, CeCe?
You've got it.
Cassowary Kick!
- Well, well.
Who knew you could actually fly?
You would be nothing without me!
I even collapsed an entire
stadium so you could be the
Where is my thanks?
- You?
You killed my husband!
- Oh, it's not personal darling.
It's strictly business.
- You're a monster!
- You know, it's funny.
I've made a fortune representing
those who wear masks.
But I suppose I've been
wearing one myself all along.
But now that you've ruined that,
I guess it's time to
start being myself again!
[dramatic music]
- CeCe's a Drop Bear!
Combat, what's the plan?
- Run.
Definitely run!
- [Sweetie] Flightles!
- I'm a fraud.
I don't even know how to tie my
own shoes.
- [Maggie] Flightless!
- [Sweetie] Come on, Mr.
[dramatic music]
- Run!
- Okay, give me a rundown.
- Chief, I need you to
get Sweetie to safety.
It's too dangerous here.
- No!
No way, no way!
I'm not leaving you!
- I can't risk you getting hurt.
I'll lead her away from
Flightless, follow me.
Time to be a real hero.
Come on!
We're almost there.
- Okay, what's the plan?
The plan, what is it?
Have we got one?
You've got a plan haven't you?
I haven't got a plan,
so if you've got a plan,
a plan would be great.
Bring it out now.
- All right, listen up
When I say so, get ready to
Almost there.
- Yes!
End of the line, bandit scum!
That was a really bad idea.
- Sweetie, get out of here!
[thrilling music]
- We're running out of time!
[ground rumbling]
- Sweetie.
You're going to have to let go!
- Wait, what?
Let go?
I can't do this Maggie.
- You know what you need
to do, Flightless Feather.
[dramatic music]
You can do this!
I believe in you!
- No!
No, no, no, no, no!
Wait, wait!
- Cassowary Kick!
- Butt Power!
[wind whistling]
[soft music]
- I did it!
I actually did it!
I'm flying!
Wing-suit engaged.
Yes, yes!
- Nice work, Flightless Feather.
- [Sweetie] Oh Gallant
Glider, you are so cool.
I want to be like you.
[phone ringing]
- What?
Please don't tell me that's a--
- It's a butt!
- It's just ...
so big.
- It's meant to be.
It's your butt.
[gasps] Combat!
We've actually forget to tick
off one last step in the book.
Step 21: Epil ...
Epi-low ...
Epi-logue ...
- All right.
I think I can do this one.
My name is Maggie Diggins.
I like sleeping in, Bush Bars,
and bad TV.
I also like to dress up
in a ridiculous costume
and save animals from time to
But this mask isn't what makes
me a hero.
Being a hero is about putting
the needs
of others above your own.
It's being brave and
overcoming your fears.
It's being the very best
version of yourself.
And I don't know why anyone
would want to hide that behind a
[dramatic music]
[soft music]
I love you Bradley.
Thank you.
For everything.
- Ready?
- Ready.
[thrilling music]