Combustion (2013) Movie Script

Come in.
Do you like it?
Fancy a drink?
Yes... rum.
- Neat?
- Neat.
Where's the bathroom?
Next to the front door.
Here you are.
You know what...?
I really wanted
to get you alone.
No screaming,
no funny business!
What are you doing?
Let me go!
What are you doing?
Open the safe.
- I don't have a safe.
- Do it!
- I don't have a safe, okay?
- Please! Please!
You! On your knees.
I'm gonna count to three.
- two...
- Please!
Please! No!
Stop! Okay.
Alright. Alright.
Okay, okay...
I'll open it!
Where is it?
Where is it?
Where have you got it?
Where have you got it?!
Open the fucking safe!
- Open the fucking safe!
- Alright, alright.
Don't you dare get it wrong.
Don't you move.
I'm out of here.
What? No, no, no.
You can't go.
I'm calling the cops.
You're staying as a witness.
I don't even know you!
I came here for a good time
and look at this shit!
How did it go?
So you'll always take me with you.
No, no, no. Not now.
One more score
and we're gone for good.
Promise me.
I promise.
It's a jewelry store downtown.
The owner, Julia Camacho,
inherited her parents' business.
They both died in a robbery
two years ago.
Since then, the store
has been connected to the home.
It's right above it.
This is the target.
His name is Mikel Gmez.
From a swank family
fallen on hard times.
He just moved in with her
and they're getting married.
Just get them
to open the door for you.
Then we can get into
the jewelry store.
Is it all set
with your catering guy?
Sure, as usual.
We find out everything
before we go in.
I don't like it.
Just because.
Burgling a house is one thing,
getting into a jewelry store
is another.
If something goes wrong,
we're trapped.
Nothing will go wrong.
We only need this job to get
the cash to take off to Lisbon.
I just mean we've got
the cops on our heels.
Maybe it's time to stop,
split what we've got and disappear.
If I win in Lisbon
we'll make one million.
You have to win first.
You know I will.
You'd better.
Shall I help you tidy up?
No, but you could help me
make room for all this.
So where do I fit in
in all this stuff?
- Are you calling me anal?
- A little.
Come here.
You've no idea how much
I wanted you to move in.
Me too.
And you played hard to get.
- You have to do the right thing.
- You've got a nerve.
- Are you happy?
- Ecstatic.
You're the perfect couple.
Hey there.
How are you?
Fine, hoping you'd pay us a visit.
No, no, no.
I don't want to bother you yet.
Besides, I'm a bit jealous.
You're taking my soul mate.
So take care of her for me.
Carla, you're never a bother,
and the guest room is always yours,
you know that.
I'll take you up on that.
Do it.
Got a light?
Nice car.
- Very fancy.
- Thanks.
You want some?
Thanks. I don't smoke dope.
No, you're a secret smoker.
I wasn't smoking in secret.
Alright then.
How can you work
and smoke this stuff?
I couldn't handle
those lame-asses straight.
Whatever happened to
booze binges on the beach?
And it's kind of a mixed party.
Yes, well, my fiance's
a bit traditional.
So, you get a hit?
Do you want to play a game?
Close your eyes.
Open your mouth.
What are you doing?
Just checking if
you're one of the good guys.
It turns out you are.
Wait... Wait.
So you're not one
of the good guys after all.
I'll be there on Thursday.
If you want to stop by...
I'm going inside, okay?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Welcome to your bachelor party.
Maybe I shouldn't be here...
Maybe it's the dress.
It's a bit over the top. Sorry.
No, on the contrary.
You look stunning.
- I'll get this.
- No, no, I will.
What kind of bachelor party is it
if the groom has to pay?
Do you want to sit down?
Yeah, sure.
I don't even know your name.
I'm Mikel...
I know.
Tell me something about yourself.
What do you want to know?
Got a boyfriend?
Do you want me to, or not?
Actually, I'll take the truth.
Sorry if I annoyed you.
Let's change the subject.
Let's go, please.
Where to?
I don't know, let's just go.
Let's go.
That's the chick that robbed me.
- Did you come by car?
- Yes.
- Where is it?
- Over there.
That car. Let's go!
Let's go!
What are you doing?
It's red, can't you see?
Go that way!
- Come on!
- No.
So who was that?
Some jerk I owe money to.
Where'd you learn
to drive like that?
There's a lot
you don't know about me.
I'll get out here.
Here? This is
the middle of nowhere.
It'll be a nice quiet stroll.
I could use some fresh air.
Was I so bad?
Quite the opposite.
I just gave you my number
in case you want to
call me sometime,
to hang out
and talk for a bit.
You're incredible.
And I wouldn't want to
hang out just for a bit.
It's been a pleasure.
Same here.
He had some wild moves.
Where'd this guy come from?
No idea.
But he sure can drive,
and he's tough.
You're not losing your cool?
I've got it all under control.
I overslept.
Why didn't you wake me?
I felt bad for you.
And I was starting to think
I was marrying a robot.
I was out late with Alfredo,
you know, bachelor party stuff.
you could've called.
Yes, you're right.
Did you get in very late?
A little,
that's why I didn't want to wake you.
- That him?
- Yes.
Sunday morning.
We'll be ready.
Good, good work.
Good morning.
You're an early bird, aren't you?
Where are we going at this hour?
It's a surprise.
Are you afraid of heights?
Then you're going to love it.
I loved it.
- Really?
- Yeah.
That's great.
I haven't been here in ages.
Is this your secret hiding place?
I don't hide.
So what else?
What else what?
What else do you want to do?
Are you hungry?
Shall we grab a bite?
Sure, I'm starving.
But let's go somewhere quiet.
How about my place?
Are you sure?
Yes. We're friends, right?
Girls don't buy that
from boyfriends,
just so you know.
Don't worry.
My fiance won't be at home.
Shall we go?
This guy is
full of fucking surprises.
Damn right.
Dude, this isn't the jewelry store.
I know.
So what do we do?
Do we go see what's up?
Maybe she's in trouble.
Go to the garage,
I'll stay and wait for her.
Whatever you say.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
I didn't picture it like this.
This is where I live before.
Are you alright?
Maybe this is a bit awkward.
I'll take you home if you like.
What's this?
I had an accident.
A flying accident?
Yeah, kind of.
No, no. Sorry, sorry.
I can't. Sorry, I have to go.
No, I'm sorry. I asked you over
for lunch and suddenly...
Really, it's fine, but I have to go.
I really have to go.
- I'll take you.
- There's no need, really. I'm going.
- Will I see you again?
- We'll talk.
You knew that wasn't the place.
What took you so long?
It was hard to get away.
I didn't want him
to suspect anything.
You've got him in the bag.
We'll keep trying
until he falls for it.
I don't want to.
- Excuse me?
- I don't want to do it.
You want me to screw him until
he takes me to his fiance's place?
Is that what you want?
Go fuck yourself.
And why's that?
It was a shitty bachelor pad,
for him alone.
You think he'll ever take me
to his girl's house?
It's a waste of time.
Navas, I'm sick of all this.
I'm sick of it.
Let's leave.
Please, let's go.
We'll forget about him,
but we'll find a new one...
the last one.
The last one?
You can't sleep either?
I've been having
nightmares all night...
about my parents.
Julia, don't dwell on it.
- It won't happen to you.
- Of course not, but... in this place,
over the same store where...
Promise you'll always be here
to protect me?
Of course.
Ari, can you hear me?
How are you?
What about you?
What do you want?
I want to see you.
Can we meet up?
My place okay?
I'm on my way.
See you soon.
We've got the architect.
We did some research at it,
looks okay.
The party's in two weeks.
That's cutting it fine.
I don't get why we gave up
on the jewelry guy.
It didn't work out.
We'll go ahead with this guy.
Talk to your man
and focus on the car.
Your hair...?
Don't ask.
Don't say a word.
I was climbing the walls.
I can't get you out of my head.
Who are you?
What are you hiding from?
You're much prettier like that.
I'm not hiding.
I'm right here.
What's your dream?
I'd kill to live somewhere
like Punta del Este.
Unspoiled beaches,
just doing my thing...
Let's go then.
Let's go.
To Punta del Este,
or wherever you want.
What are you talking about?
You don't think I'd do it?
Are you kidding me?
You asshole.
I know it seems I always rush off,
but I really have to go.
Don't worry, honey.
It's only natural that
he's scared about the wedding.
He could have told me though.
The engagement dinner was
his idea, not mine.
He's nervous.
His life has done
a U-turn for you.
You have to understand.
You think so?
I don't know.
Sometimes I think
I'm trying to turn him
into something he's not.
Julia, he adores you.
That's all that matters.
If he adores me so much,
why isn't he here?
Good luck.
Navitas, where were you?
Come here!
When are you going to race for me?
Not gonna happen.
I'm on my own.
Then race against me.
Just you and me.
One race.
For real money.
Whenever you want.
Honey, I'm sorry.
I totally forgot.
I'm really sorry.
I was up late with Alfredo
and stayed at his place.
That's odd. We spoke to Alfredo
last night. He was with his girl.
I'm going.
I can explain.
Then explain.
I was flying till late.
Then I stayed at the airfield,
just thinking, and...
I needed some time to myself.
I don't get it.
Yesterday was our engagement dinner.
Yes, I know.
I'll make it up for you.
I called you 20 times. 20!
Can you tell me why
you didn't pick up?
My battery ran out.
You disappear at night,
you lie to me...
and now you tell me
you need to be alone.
What the hell's wrong with you?
I don't know.
Do me a favor
and make up your mind.
What are you doing here?
I wanted to see you.
Hey, stop, stop.
What's your game?
When did you decide
that I owe you an explanation?
We've a few fucking nice days,
then you vanish...
Come on, cut it out.
- Am I interrupting?
- No, it's nothing, honey.
You look familiar.
Customer or friend?
- Friend.
- Friend.
You're Escribano, the driver, right?
Not anymore.
Formula GT's shattered hope.
An accident took you
off the track in 2010.
That's right,
I can't compete anymore.
Too bad.
I'm Navas.
If you need something
from the garage...
It's okay.
Nice to meet you.
Nice ride.
500 horsepower, all-wheel-drive...
Can I hear it?
Hit it.
I'll buy you a beer.
Let's go.
Wait inside,
I'll be right there.
- What the hell are you doing?
- I want to see how he rolls.
If he's not into you,
he's come a long way to find you.
Get this into your head:
Mikel's in love with his fiance,
he's going to marry her.
Maybe he wants to fuck me,
I won't deny that,
but he'll never take me
to his girl's place.
Not you,
but a good buddy, maybe.
Everything alright?
She gets jealous when I hang out
with her friends.
Couple of beers here.
You really like her don't you? Ari.
I'm not sure I feel comfortable
talking to you about it.
Ari and I have been friends for years.
Like brother and sister.
So how does it work?
If you approve, I can call her?
You don't have
much of a chance with Ari.
You bet...
Why's that?
She's into another type of guy.
Daring to do what?
Guys that dare to race.
Guys that dare to live.
What makes you think
I'm not one of them?
I don't know.
Are you?
Right, what is there to do?
We let the train pass,
and when I say, you step on it.
We beat it to the level crossing,
then cut across to the other side.
You're crazy.
I'll do it if you want.
You can be my passenger.
It's some people's place in life,
and that's cool.
It's cool, Mikel.
Let's go.
It's down to one second.
In one second you can brake
and slam us against the wall.
Or you can hesitate
and let the train take us.
Or you can step on it all the way
and reach the other side.
- Now?
- I'll let you know.
- Now?
- Now!
This is your fucking second, Mikel!
That's the shit!
So, you wanna race again?
Nano! This is Mikel.
He's racing with us tomorrow.
Well, we'll see.
We'll see.
How's it lookin'?
The upholstery could go.
We definitely have to
adjust the locks.
And unplug some of the electronics.
- Good. Charge him as a friend, yo?
- Sure.
You ready to race again?
I hope so.
Are you going to chicken out now?
2,000 to Navas.
Now we're all here.
May the best man win.
Come on, get off.
You wanna leave the car here?
It's too risky,
we'll run for it.
- How do we get it later?
- We can come back.
- Relax! Relax!
- Shit!
Think about it!
What could happen, a fine?
I can't get busted, Mikel.
Why not?
I can't get busted,
end of story!
Go, I'll lift you.
Then nobody can pull you up.
I fucking know that!
Come on!
Let's go!
Show me your hands!
Now get down!
- Make it fast!
- Relax!
Do you know...
the girl in the blond wig?
Look at her, it's important.
Really, like I said, no.
Let's see...
I was only racing.
I ran when I saw the patrol cars
because I was scared.
I'm not involved in all of this.
"All of this"?
What does that mean?
Do you know what we're looking for?
I don't know anybody from the race,
least of all that girl.
I've never seen her before.
You don't know anyone?
You only get in a race like this
by invitation.
Who invited you?
I don't know his name.
I met him through a customer.
We started talking about cars...
At the jewelry store?
Is he one of these men?
It's a gang of thieves.
They use the girl as bait
to get into the houses.
We've been after them
for some time.
Do you get it?
I'm sorry,
but I can't help you.
Very well.
If they contact you
or if you change your mind,
call me, that's my number.
I didn't want to worry you, Julia,
that's all.
You said you'd quit for good,
that you'd never race again.
And to top it off, illegal races.
I'm having a rough time, that's all.
Who is she?
This is because of the wedding.
Is that it?
You're scared, so you bang
the first bitch you come across.
Or is it serious?
What are you saying?
If that's not it,
then tell me what's wrong.
A person doesn't change
completely overnight.
Maybe now I'm who
I really want to be.
What's that supposed to mean?
It's not only the wedding,
it's everything, this life...
Julia, we got here out of habit.
Habit, Julia, habit.
We decided to get married
cause we were supposed to...
Who is she, Mikel?
Do I know her?
Do I know her?!
No, you don't know her.
You must admit that if we split up,
you'd be relieved.
Do you mean...
you're breaking up with me
as a favor?
I really need this.
I need to get away,
from the wedding, the store, you...
Then why did you let us
go this far, damn it?
Get out of my house.
And leave the key.
I wasn't with you out of habit.
It was out of love.
Let's just stick to the plan!
Nano, don't go on about it.
You let him find the garage!
You let him race!
It couldn't be more perfect!
I don't get it!
I really don't!
I don't get it either.
How many suckers like me
have you taken in?
- Easy, man.
- Fuck easy!
What the fuck is this about?
My car?
Julia's store?
Or did you want everything?
What did you tell them?
What the fuck can I say
if I don't know anything?
It's true,
we were after your money.
Now what?
Nothing. You know everything,
so we forget about your money.
- Just like that?
- Just like that.
Fuck, Navas,
he just came from the cops.
Nothing to say?
What do you want me to say?
It is what it is.
You better wise up, Escribano.
Now you're one of us.
Don't screw us over.
We can't let him go
just like that.
He could fuck us up big-time.
Open the door for him, Nano.
What are you doing here?
Nothing, man. Relax.
Ari's downstairs.
We want to sort this out
like civilized human beings.
Civilized human beings...
I'm not going to give you away,
but please leave me alone.
I know that, and we owe you.
All this has been
a bad smash-up.
You manned up for me.
Why don't you come along?
We'll forget about it.
There's nothing to forget.
Ari's with you,
that's pretty clear, right?
That doesn't mean
she doesn't want to see you again.
There's a party in the suburbs.
Why don't you come along?
You don't give up, do you?
I'll go get changed.
I didn't think you were coming.
Your boy can be persuasive.
- We're gonna have a blast tonight.
- Let's go.
Are you alright?
How do you do it?
You really want to know?
See that girl?
She's got a Lexus convertible
parked out front.
The keys are in her bag.
Grab them and take the car.
I'll wait outside.
So this is how it feels?
Cool, huh?
Are you okay?
I'm in heaven.
Fuck, you're so hot, Ari.
Cut it out, Navas.
You're kinda wasted.
Good morning.
Where are you?
That's none of your business.
You stole that car.
They saw you at the party,
and they're looking for it.
Hold on,
what are you talking about?
So don't bother us anymore.
Is that clear, Escribano?
- Yes.
- Good.
Now he won't come back
to the garage,
or even think about
talking to the cops.
You're a bastard.
Why didn't you tell me.
You wouldn't have come.
What do you know?
Don't you trust me now?
You tell me.
Can I trust you?
What's going on, Navas?
What are you doing?
I'm going to race against
the Argentinean.
Are you crazy or what?
We've got no choice.
We don't have time
for the architect thing,
and we can't risk
Mikel talking to the cops.
Navas, that's enough of that.
That's enough.
No, gorgeous.
I'm going to race in Lisbon.
There'll be other races.
There won't be any other races,
or any more chances.
You have to grab them
when they come along, Ari.
What if you lose?
It's my money too.
I'm doing this for you,
for us.
You don't care what I think.
Of course I do.
Don't worry.
I got it all figured out.
Count it if you like.
It's alright.
There's only 100,000.
Are you wasting my time?
It's 100,000 plus my car.
That makes it 200,000.
I'll take the car as collateral,
but it's no good to me.
If you lose,
you'll have to get the cash.
The race... there and back.
Everyone in their own lane.
Got it?
What's wrong with you?
It was meant to be separate lanes,
and you cut me off half-way.
I got here first,
and that's what counts.
Those weren't your rules!
Let's do the race again.
You lost.
I want my 100,000...
...the day after tomorrow.
Cut it out.
Stop playing with me.
I just wanted to know
if you were alright.
And to apologize.
Yeah, I'm fine, fucking great.
I left my fiance for a girl
who wants to rob me blind.
You left your fiance?
I sure did.
And my job, my life, everything.
And it was worth it.
Are you still into
running off to somewhere?
Where do you want to end up?
I really screwed up.
But I want to be with you.
I love you.
- What about Navas?
- I don't care about Navas.
I love you.
Open up.
Open the door!
Open up!
It's Navas.
Open the door!
Open up!
What are you doing here?
There's nothing for you here.
Get dressed,
we're going on a trip.
No. This isn't your fucking garage,
you can't walk in giving orders.
You shut your mouth.
You're in my home.
Get dressed, Ari.
I won the race.
Get out.
You're staying with this loser?
Come on, Navas...
Stop it!
Fuck all this.
You're more important than Lisbon.
It was all my fault.
I didn't take care of you,
but that's over.
It's over, babe, I swear.
You can't show up here,
come out with this shit,
and expect me to come with you.
But you know you're coming.
I'll be at the airport at 8 o'clock,
waiting for you.
You know why she'll be there?
No. You tell me.
Because she loves me.
You're just a toy to her.
You'll find that out.
I'm sorry.
Are you thinking about it?
Whatever you choose to do,
I'll understand.
Hello. This is Ari.
Leave a message and I'll call back.
Hello. This is Ari.
Leave a message and I'll call back.
Where are you going?
What are you doing here?
You shouldn't trust
your people so much.
A trip to Punta del Este.
Don't make a scene here,
you'll come off worst.
Do we tell the cops where you got
the money you gave me?
There's no need for that.
Shall we go?
What are you going to do?
I'll pay you, okay?
Just give me some time.
I'll pay you.
Put his right hand on the block.
Not my hand, no!
Not my hand!
I'll pay!
I'll pay!
Not my hand! Fuck!
Not that!
You won't be driving again
for a long time.
Let's go.
Are you okay?
I'm going to like having breakfast
with you every day.
It's a text. Check it.
Really, Ari, it's fine,
I don't mind.
You check it.
What is it?
What happened?
What happened to you?
Let's go. Get up.
Who did this to you?
Ari, get in the car.
The girl.
Ari, get in the car.
Son of a bitch!
- Don't touch me!
- Let her go!
Stay there!
Let me go!
Let me go!
What the fuck is going on?!
You'll never see her again
unless you pay up.
And if you're one day late,
I'll slice off her ears.
- You got that?
- Wait, I don't get it.
I know how you roll,
so you people better hurry.
But I need time.
I need time. Please.
I'll call the cops
and tell 'em what you're up to.
That's what I'll do.
Then you'll never see her again.
How much do you owe him?
You're rich.
You've got it, right?
Fuck off, I don't have
that kind of money.
But you can get it.
Yeah, but not overnight.
Well, you heard the man.
You're a piece of shit.
Let's go.
Julia, it's me.
Sorry to call you like this,
but I need to come get some stuff.
I'll send it to you this week.
Julia, please, it's important.
I don't want to see you.
I'll be there for
half an hour, tops.
Who did this to you?
The Argentinean and his crew
took me for a walk.
I didn't tell him
where to find you.
You bet our whole stake,
you lost it,
so you were cutting out
without a word.
You're a son of a bitch.
I trusted you, and this
is how you pay me back.
What are we gonna do, Navas?
- We'll help him pay the Argentinean.
- You shut your mouth.
If Ari hadn't lost it over you
none of this would've happened.
The Argentinean has Ari.
We have to do the score today,
it's our only chance.
How do we get in?
I'll tell you when,
and I'll convince her to play ball.
But you do not touch her.
Julia, it's me.
I'm sorry,
but I need to see you.
Can I come up?
I already said no.
We have to talk.
We have to talk and you know it.
Just grab it all and go.
Julia, look at me, please.
Let's talk.
Haven't you hurt me enough?
What are you going to tell me?
That you thought it over?
That you want me back?
I need a drink.
I'm sorry, Julia.
Forgive me.
Please, Mikel.
What was that?
Relax, relax.
Move and I'll shoot you
in the fucking head!
Hold still! You!
Where's the safe?
- Answer me!
- We don't have one.
I'm going to ask you again.
Where's the fucking safe?
Down in the office, that way.
- What the fuck is going on?
- You're making her nervous!
You shut up!
That's it.
Open the safe.
Open it!
I can't do it.
What the hell is wrong with you?
Open it or I'll blow
your brains out, bitch!
Back, back.
- Put the fucking gun down!
- No, no, wait!
Julia, you're making it worse.
Just open the safe.
The insurance covers it,
just open it and let them go.
What are you saying, Mikel?
Open it!
Open it!
Open the fucking safe!
You gonna let him get killed?
I'm doing it.
I'm doing it. Please...
That's it.
That's it.
Not that one, Julia...
the other one.
You heard me.
The other one.
There it is.
You son of a bitch!
Look at me.
Fucking look at me!
Why are you doing this to me?
Fucking answer me.
I'll pay you back, Julia,
I promise.
Go away, Mikel.
Far away.
We agreed you weren't
going to touch her!
It all went fine.
Fine? Fuck you!
You got the fucking money,
which is all you care about.
It's all here.
I always keep my word.
The girl.
Are you alright?
Let's go.
- Did they do anything to you?
- No.
Sorry, princess.
You're a son of a bitch!
They were about to kill me.
That's enough.
It's all over.
What the hell are you doing?
Where's the money?
Where the hell
are you going to go?
That's my business.
Where is it?
- You too, Ari?
- Where's the fucking money?
We can stay like this
all fucking day.
The next one's in your head,
then it's Nano's turn.
In the office.
It's in the office.
Open door.
Let's go!
Let's go.