Come Back to Me (2014) Movie Script

Please, let me go, Jimmy!
You're not going anywhere. You're
staying here with me, ain't ya?!
Get back here!
Damn it, I said get back in here!
- You're very high.
- Oh, I'm high?
- You're scaring me.
- Oh, really?
Please, I'll take Dale, and
we'll stay at my mom's.
We'll let you sleep it off!
No, you're not. You're not going anywhere, bitch!
You always run away, you're
always runnin' somewhere.
I know it's worse this time.
You wanna go watch?
Suit yourself.
Stay here.
...That little freak? That little piece of shit?!
I ain't even certain he's mine! Is he?
Is-is that little fucking freak mine?!
Did you fuck around on me?!
Who you been fucking around with?
You're hurting me!
Help me.
Come here.
Put-put the knife down!
- Get on the ground!
- Get on the fucking ground!
- Drop the knife!
- Drop the knife!
Get on the ground!
Get on the ground!
- Get on the ground!
- Freeze!
Go, go, go!
Hey, kid, what's your name?
- Dale.
- Dale, you OK? Is your mom inside?
Stay here.
Reno PD, entering premises.
Police, coming in.
Stay there.
This is unit 610. Code 999.
Shots fired, requesting backup.
Did you hear that bang, mama?
I think they got him.
It's gonna be alright now.
Well, this is a disaster.
What are you doing up? I was
gonna make you breakfast in bed.
Well, you've gotta get it on the plate first.
Besides, I haven't quite worked
up an appetite yet, anyway.
Um, well, what about pancakes?
You can lick butter and syrup off me.
- Oh...
- I like it.
Um, did you notice, uh, someone new
just moved in across the street?
Really? That's what you're
thinking about right now?
Yeah, thought we could go introduce
ourselves before I go to work.
I just-I don't have time right now.
Oh, but you have time to meet the new neighbor.
- Sarah...
- Look, it's fine.
It's fine. I'll be down in a sec.
- OK.
- OK.
He's home, right?
I think that's his car in the driveway.
Hi, uh, we live across the street. Thought
we'd come and introduce ourselves.
I'm Josh... and, uh, this is my wife, Sarah.
Are these for me?
Yeah, welcome to the hood.
Did you make them?
No, I'd be lying if I said I did.
So you didn't make them?
No, they're from a packet.
It's the thought that counts.
Great house you got here.
Probably... rented it for a steal, huh?
With the, uh, economy and... and all.
Is everything OK?
It's just that you-you remind me of someone.
So, what is it that you do, Josh?
Croupier over on the... I work on the strip.
Yeah, no, Sarah's the brains
in, uh, this relationship.
Yeah. She's, uh, just finished grad school
and is working on her dissertation,
the, uh, Sociological Effects of Internet
Pornography on Modern Relationships.
Or, something like that.
Yeah, she's, uh, going for her doctorate in social
science and already has an offer from UNLV.
You know what, Josh? Maybe we should
let Dale go, don't you think?
Right, of course.
Sorry, listen to me. Umm...
Anyway, great to meet you, Dale,
and, uh, we'll... see you around.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, my God, Leslie.
I can feel him kicking.
How do you know it's a him?
Oh, no girl could be that cruel.
I know what you're thinking, smart ass.
I didn't say anything.
OK, wait, so... what was it, again? You've
slept with two guys since your divorce?
One was black, one was Korean, so when this one
comes out, it won't take a genius to do the math.
Right, right.
Black, Korean, it is all extremes with you. One
was probably too big, one was probably too small.
Yeah! No shit! That Korean
was hung like an elephant.
He'll come around. You'll see.
I know, I just...
I don't know, I want him to
be ready, too, you know?
Oh, my God.
Buster, come here!
That scares the shit out of me every time.
Best watch dog a girl could
ever have, aren't you, buddy?
- Do you want some more tea?
- No, I should get this one home.
Right, and yeah, I should get some work done.
But it's Sunday, a day of rest.
Mmm, I'll rest when I'm dead.
Hi, Sarah.
It's, uh, Dale.
Oh, of course, Dale. I'm sorry.
I'm a little out of it today.
So, how long have you been working here?
Um, I just transferred from the other Super A.
Let me help you out to your car.
Dale, this really isn't necessary.
Oh, that's your car, right?
Oh, here, let me get it for you.
Thank you.
This is really nice of you.
- Oh, no, no, no.
- Please.
- I'm your neighbor, not a stranger.
- Just take it.
No, no, no.
I'm your neighbor, not a stranger.
OK, thank you.
- Shoot.
- Oh, Dale?
I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on.
Thank you. Bye.
- And river...
- Whoo-hoo.
She's a winner.
Sorry, sucker.
You're on a roll.
You're my lucky charm.
Thank you.
And that's my cue.
Uh-oh. Can I buy you a drink?
Uh, it's a casino, Helen. Drinks are free.
So am I.
Bye, Helen. All yours.
What's that, your retirement fund?
Yeah, fucking day shift.
Welfare checks only, please.
I know, man. Hey, you wanna grab lunch?
I got the, uh, I got the good stuff.
C'mon, Johnny, you know I
can't do that shit anymore.
Besides, I, um, I got another
one of those appointments.
Wow. Wow, OK.
Well, you're a determined son
of a bitch, I'll give you that.
- Shot for luck?
- Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, come on.
On the house.
Thank you.
You do wanna have a baby with me, don't you?
I mean, starting a family, it's a big deal.
I-I guess I just need a little more time.
It's-it's only been, like,
the last couple of months
since your accident that we've...
even talked about it.
I got a second shot, babe.
I don't wanna waste any more time.
I want to make every moment count.
So, let's go skydiving.
Hey, babe, it's me.
Shouldn't you be home?
I know, I'm sorry,
I haven't been able to call 'til now.
Um, I am gonna rest up here for a
couple of hours and take another shift.
Yeah, I mean, I wanna take
as many as I can right now.
You know...
Night shifts mean bigger tips. I get it.
I mean, I don't like it, but I get it.
Look, as soon as I'm finished with this God damn
thesis, I will start contributing again, I swear.
No, it's... it's not that. I mean...
I think it's time we started
to save for the future.
I mean, who knows what that may bring, right?
Uh, yeah. OK, listen, hon, I gotta go. Umm...
You sure you're alright with this?
Yeah, no, I'm fine, of course.
- Go.
- OK, I'll see you in the morning.
Love you.
- There you are.
- Hello.
I'm glad you made it. How you doin'?
- Good, how are you?
- I'm good.
Look at you. You are just gorgeous.
And when I saw you in that club the other day,
I just had-I just had to have you...
Great ass...
Dale, what a pleasant surprise.
How can I help you?
Ta-da! All gone.
The cookies.
They were delicious.
I'm glad you enjoyed them.
Well, at first, I was a little
upset because they're not homemade...
because homemade's better, right?
But then I took my first bite, and
I... I didn't stop until I finished.
Well, I better get back...
You have things to do.
- Good night.
- Oh, just, uh, one more thing?
Wh-what was the brand, again?
Uh...of the cookies?
Um... Rainbridge Farm.
Right, Rainbridge Farm.
I'm gonna pick some of those up at work tomorrow.
OK. Good night, Dale.
To the extent that the consumption
of Internet pornography
is a factor subverting family life,
it harms not only those affected
immediately by the user,
but also by the wider society,
as well, as empirical research
testifies, to the relationship
between family stability and the desirable
individual and social outcomes.
It was awful.
I mean, I woke up hyperventilating, disoriented.
My heart was racing like a million miles a minute.
Pavor nocturnus.
Excuse me?
Night terrors.
They're most common with kids,
but not uncommon with adults,
especially those experiencing stress
or a recent traumatic episode.
I'd say you fit into both
categories, don't you think?
Look, they're not dangerous, but
what you do during them can be.
Using kitchen appliances, walking into things.
I mean, people have been known to
jump out of windows in their sleep.
Wow, I guess I should feel lucky
all I did was change my top.
I remember... a while back, I was
experiencing something similar.
Waking at odd hours,
panicking with this strange feeling.
Anyway, my therapist thought it probably
had something to do with my divorce.
I was feeling unsafe, unprotected.
That is why I adopted Buster.
He must've been right. I've felt fine ever since.
Are you saying that's how I feel?
I'm saying you want something
Josh may not wanna give you.
And your subconscious may be reacting to that.
This should relax you.
One before bed.
Thank you.
Oh, Jesus, babe.
Babe, you scared me.
You alright?
I don't know.
There. Better?
Thank you.
So, you saw Leslie about these things?
These, um... what did you call them?
- Night terrors.
- Ooh, sounds ominous.
She said they're not dangerous,
but it's what you can do to yourself
while you're asleep that can be.
Like spilling wine on your clothes and
taking them off? Yeah, pretty lethal.
I don't think it was wine, Josh.
OK, OK, I'm sorry. Umm... What else?
When I woke up... I smelled cleaning products.
- OK, well, um, I'm gonna call in sick tonight.
- No, you don't have to do that.
I know I don't have to do it. I want to.
Who is it?
Uhh... work.
So, uh, I'm gonna tell them that I'm not
coming in tonight, and you just relax.
Yes, speaking.
Oh! Oh, you-you have the results already.
Yeah, that was-that was quick.
Uh, no. No, now's a-now's a good time.
So, so that's it, then.
No, thank you.
You OK?
Yeah, I'm just tired is all.
Uhh, tell me about it.
So, why don't you stop work and join me?
Mmm, give me a half hour.
I'm kind of on a roll at the moment.
Alright, see you soon.
To the extent that the consumption
of Internet pornography
is a factor subverting family
life, it harms not only those
affected immediately by the user,
also by the wider society,
as well, as empirical research
testifies, to the relationship
between family stability and the desirable
individual and social outcomes.
Josh! Josh! Josh!
Josh! Josh!
Josh! Josh!
No! No!
Josh?! Josh?! No!
Oh, Jesus.
What time is it?
What's going... what's going on?
What is going on?
Oh, I think we must've fallen asleep.
Whoa. Ho-ho.
What, honey?
Honey, honey, it's OK, it's OK. It's fine, OK?
- It's fine.
- I think I...
I remember th... I thought I...
- Didn't I have... I remember...
- What?
- God, I can't fucking remember!
- Hey, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah!
You're really freaking me out now, OK?
Just... please, just calm down.
Calm down, calm down. Looks like nothing miss...
Come on, OK?
What happened?
How did my phone get cracked?
What is happening?!
There's nothing...
- What's happening?!
- there's nothing wrong, OK? It's fine.
It's fine. God, it's fine.
It's been two weeks, Les.
Passing out, waking up,
having flashes of nightmares
I can't fully remember.
We could try changing pills.
No, no, no more pills.
What's the point, anyway?
At least my place is clean.
When I... wake up, it smells like
I've been cleaning in my sleep.
Look, why don't you record yourself?
- What?
- Set up a camera.
Get a better sense of what
you're doing in your sleep.
Monitor your patterns.
Can I show you something?
Um, sure.
I haven't even shown this to Josh.
At what?
My scar... where my head hit the steering wheel...
It's gone.
Like it never existed.
Scars fade, Sarah.
They fade completely and after only 3 months?
What is happening to me?
Jesus Christ, that damn dog.
Buster, come here.
Wait-wait-wait. Not yet, not yet.
Now, ready, ready, ready?
- OK, OK.
- Open.
Oh, my fucking God. How did you get this?
Oh, I made a few calls, called in a few favors.
- Hmm.
- This is ours for a week.
A week? Yeah.
Wait, how did you do that? What
are we gonna do in a week?
Oh, everything.
Did you sleep well?
Like the dead.
No night terrors?
Oh, must be the change of scenery, then.
Mmm-hmm... I could stay here forever.
Or until she comes.
Come back in a week.
It was the best, Leslie.
A week of pampering, laying by the pool,
and finally, some peaceful sleeping.
I guess I was just stressed
out after all, you know?
Shit, Leslie, let me call you back.
Oh, God.
I am so not in the mood.
Please don't come over, please
don't come over. Please don't...
Oh, shit.
Hey, Dale.
Hi, Sarah.
Can I help you with something?
Where have you been?
Excuse me?
This last week, where have you been?
That's none of your business.
Sorry, I was just worried about you.
Is everything OK?
Everything's fine, thank you.
Good... good.
Is there anything else?
Oh, no, sorry.
I'll see you later, Sarah.
Shoot, Dale.
You'd forget your head if it wasn't screwed on.
- Shoot.
- Oh, Dale.
I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on.
OK... look to the left.
To the right.
Looks fine.
And there's no sign of a wound.
- Do you have a headache?
- No.
- So, this wasn't a night terror, but a...
- I don't know.
- A black out?
- I don't know, I don't know, I...
Take your time.
I don't-I don't fucking know, Les. I mean, I-I-I...
I think I went to go out for a run and then...
I don't know, I'm waking up on
the couch in the other room.
- Do you remember falling over?
- Look, even if I did, how did I end up there?
Oh, my God, oh, my God. Not again.
I'd come and hold you hair back,
but I'm a sympathetic vomiter.
Sarah, you OK?
What the fuck is going on?
A repercussion from the car accident, maybe?
Let's see the neurologist again, get an MRI.
Just give me a moment.
Here, this'll calm your nerves.
I'm pregnant.
You don't seem too thrilled.
I just can't believe it.
That's how I first felt.
I guess so.
You guess so?
Come on, this is what you wanted, right?
Hey, I'm sure Josh'll be over the moon.
Give me a call when you feel better.
I'll do a blood test to confirm the good news.
Hey, Dale.
Hi, Sarah.
Look, I... I know this may seem weird,
but... have you been home all day?
Did you see me go for a run or anything?
You didn't see me fall?
Are you OK?
I don't know.
Oh, hello, Dr. Dell.
You two know each other?
Dale used to deliver my groceries until, uhh...
Why did you stop?
I don't like dogs.
Ah, Buster.
Sorry to bother you, Dale.
Bye, Dale.
Just go in and tell him.
I often get told there's a hot babe waiting for
me at the bar, but none of them are this smokin'.
Oh, I think we can do much better than that.
Johnny, uh, something a little
stronger for my lady friend, here.
- I can't, Josh.
- Oh, come on, Tequila.
I already tried, bud.
I can't.
are you?
See you soon, Paul.
It's alright, babe. I'll see myself out.
Are you sure you're OK?
Yeah, yeah, just, uh...
- Yeah, well, that's what happens when a man...
- Yeah, I get how it works.
I love you so much.
I'll see you at home.
Shot of whiskey.
Listen, listen, man,
- I know what you're thinking...
- Just...
Just keep 'em coming.
Oops, sorry.
Jesus Christ, Josh.
What, you didn't hear me calling out?
I mean, what are you even doing home?
Did something happen at work?
Talk to me.
OK, fine, well can you at least
clean up the broken glass?
In, uh, in college, like everyone else,
I was-I was, up for some extra cash.
Some buddies of mine were...
getting beer money by donating their...
So, I gave it a shot.
But I was politely turned away.
Apparently, my, uh, count was...
I've-I've wanted so badly to tell you.
You know, at the... when we were
staying at the casino and...
well, since we've been married.
And I-I've seen every fucking specialist around,
but the diagnosis is always the same:
"Hey, sorry, kid, you're shootin' blanks."
But, you can't be.
Oh, well... there's the thing.
I'm sterile, and you're pregnant.
Now, I'm no Einstein, but you
know, I can add that one up.
I don't wanna know whose it is or how
long it's been going on. I just, I-I...
Wait! Wait, what is going on?
Well, that's what I'd like to know,
Sarah, but I really don't wanna hear it.
- What, you're leaving me?!
- Well, what did you expect?!
Wha-wh... what, do you want me to sit around and
rejoice the fact that you're cheating on me?
- I... I could never cheat on you.
- Oh, well, then what is this, huh? What?
I-immaculate conception?
- Josh, don't go.
- No, no, I should've expected this.
Yeah, what with you sitting around
watching that nasty shit all day.
Look, OK, you're drunk, you can't drive.
Oh, I'm gonna drink a shitload more...
until I pass out...
hopefully wake up, and all this
is some fucking nightmare.
What the fuck is happening?!
You got what you wanted.
That's what's happening.
No, Josh, Josh, please!
Leave me alone.
Alright, you've reached Josh McClaren. Uh,
leave a message, and I'll get back to you.
- It's me. I'm coming over.
- No, please, I'm fine.
You're not. You sounded terrible today.
You shouldn't be alone.
Look, I'm not gonna be much company.
Never thought you were.
See you soon.
OK, in ya go. That's it.
How many of those pills did you have?
Good, Buster, you stay there.
OK, in ya go.
There you go.
- We'll be right here, OK?
- Thank you.
- That's it, just relax.
- OK.
You good, Buster?
Jesus, Buster.
Sarah, it's OK, go back to sleep.
Buster, come here.
Buster, shh!
Buster, come on, seriously?
Buster... Josh, is that you? It's Leslie.
Come, buddy.
Come on, come on, buddy.
Is that Buster?
Buster, Buster!
Come here, buddy. Come here.
Why is the door open? Buster!
Buster, come in, buddy.
There's a beautiful baby boy waiting to meet you.
Thank you.
Hey. Congratulations!
Let me take a look at the little man.
I guess I don't know who the father is, after all.
I gotta go to work, man.
Come on, you're a bartender,
you're not a brain surgeon.
I thought you were gonna go home last night.
Didn't know what to say.
Well, "let's talk" is usually
a good place to start.
Shit, man, stop being such a pussy.
Yeah, she's your wife, for Christ sake.
I mean, even that ought to entitle
her to a-a civil hearing.
Uh, pretty sure you lose that right
when you fuck someone else.
Oh, come-come on. Seriously? Get
off your high horse, alright?
'Cause it's not like you've
been honest with her, is it?
Look, man...
I might just be some
cocktail-slinging stoner, right?
But even I believe good
things happen to good people.
Now, you thought you were shooting blanks, right?
It only takes one little swimmer to make a baby.
You let Sarah go without a fight,
you're more of a fuck-up than I am.
Think about that.
Go ahead, go take a shower, change
out of that stinking uniform,
and please, hey, please, at least give her a call.
It's me.
Hey, uh, how are you?
I wanna leave already.
For a doctor, I really hate hospitals.
How's the little one?
He's good.
I think you should stay at my place tonight.
- I can't.
- Please.
I don't know what's going on, but I sure as
hell don't think you should
be at your place on your own.
Exactly. I don't know what's going
on, and I need to find out, Les.
I... I'll call you tomorrow, OK?
Just like the last time...
Shh, it'll be just like last time.
You didn't like my other music...
so maybe this will relax you.
Would you like to dance?
Rainbridge Farms.
You introduced me to these, remember?
Can't stay long tonight.
But I can't wait to see you again tomorrow.
I really love our time together.
I think you're the one.
I'm dead?
I'm dead?
I'm fucking dead?
He killed me?
He killed me?
He killed you.
I just saw him kill you.
What is this?
- This is what's been happening since he moved in.
- You've gotta go to the police.
And tell them what?
My fucking neighbor is killing me?
You've got it all on tape.
But I'm alive, Leslie. If I go to the
police, they're gonna think it's fake.
That it's a joke, that I doctored
it somehow, it's special effects.
I'm a hundred percent normal.
Perfectly healthy.
No signs of trauma, anywhere.
He breathed into me.
He just breathed into me.
And it all went away.
Every cut...
every scar.
Let me show you something.
I did multiple searches trying to
figure out what the fuck was going on.
Dale plus bring back the dead,
Dale plus resurrection,
Dale plus back to life.
And then I found this.
This is what the first cop on the scene said.
"I saw her body. It was everywhere.
"It made me sick.
"There's no way she could've been alive.
It's like she was somehow brought back to life."
And the only other person in the house...
was the woman's 14-year-old son.
And then I found this.
She's a patient at the Nevada
State Mental Institution.
Jesus, Sarah, what are you doing?
I'm gonna find out who the fuck my neighbor is.
Be careful, OK?
You have a baby to think about, remember?
It's not Josh's.
Remember... a while back, I was
experiencing something similar.
Waking at odd hours... panicking
with this strange feeling.
That is why I adopted Buster.
Dale used to deliver my groceries until...
Why did you stop?
I don't like dogs.
- I heard you the first ten times.
- I'm sorry, I'm just a little...
look, I-I need to see Eileen Wallace.
Excuse me?
Eileen Wallace. It's urgent.
Do you have an appointment?
- No, I was just hoping...
- Not without an appointment.
Look, fuck the appointment, OK? I need to see
her, and I'm not gonna leave here until I do.
Yeah, I'm sorry to bother you, Dr.
Simmons, but, um, I have a, um...
Sarah, Sarah McClaren.
Sarah McClaren. She's here to see Ms. Wallace.
About what?
Her son.
This is highly irregular, Mrs. McClaren, but...
it was her decision.
I told her what you look like,
and she agreed to talk to you.
So, I see you do one thing to upset her,
I'll have you outta there so
fast, it'll make your head spin.
Mrs. McClaren, this is Eileen.
Ten minutes.
Nice to meet you, Mrs. Wallace.
I wouldn't think so.
Not under such...
Dr. Simmons told me what you look like.
Dale... has a type, you see.
I guess it reminds him of me.
He recently moved across from us, and...
I have proof he's been coming into our house.
Murdering you?
It's what he does...
Ever since he was 14 years old.
Since he first discovered his gift.
The night my husband killed me...
You hear that bang, mama?
I think they got him.
It's gonna be alright now.
Dale, come on, man. Where you at?
Dale? What the fuck?
Kid, get down!
Get away from the boy!
Get the fuck away from the boy!
It's OK, this is my mom.
I couldn't remember a thing.
Jesus Christ.
Later... at the hospital, once I was
told I was perfectly healthy...
Dale told me he just breathed into my mouth...
like he saw on TV.
After that...
he became obsessed...
with his ability.
He's not right.
He's not right in the head.
He's got the Holy Spirit in him.
But look what he does with it...
Mama... please.
I find... knives and clothes in
his room, with blood on them.
- Would you keep your voice down?
- You see? You see? You're afraid of him, too.
Stop talking this way, mama.
Dale is not evil.
He's just a boy.
And God help us all when he becomes a man.
Come back to me.
Nothing, no one was safe.
Stop that!
You stop that right now!
You have got to stop doing this!
Why? I always bring them back.
Back off, mama!
You want me to start killing you?
Bring her back.
It's time for you to bring her back.
Make me cookies first.
Bring her back now, Dale.
For mama.
You promised.
I couldn't take it anymore.
I couldn't live knowing that Dale came from me...
that I was somehow responsible...
for creating a monster.
But whatever I did to get away...
he always brought me back.
Come back to me.
Why do you wanna leave me, mama?
I need you, I love you.
You can kill yourself again and again,
but I will always bring you back!
You can't leave me.
I knew what I had to do.
Please, you can't ever leave me.
After all, desperate times
call for drastic measures.
Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. Wallace.
Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. Wallace, you need a...
- Put that down, Mrs. Wallace!
- Put it down, Mrs. Wallace!
- No! Don't do this!
- Get back!
- Mrs. Wallace!
- Don't do that, Mrs. Wallace!
If I didn't die that day...
I was hoping for the next best thing...
to end up here...
where he could no longer get to me.
But it seems there was only one way to
stop him, so why didn't you just...
Kill him?
You must not have kids, or you
would know the answer to that.
Dale... never really grew up.
Once he discovered what he could do...
he never... developed... socially.
Why would he?
He used his gift to get the girls.
and bringing you back...
that's how he connects.
That's how he loves.
If this has been going on for a while...
you must be very special to him.
But how...
how does he do what he does?
That is one of life's cruel ironies.
I mean...
why would God give a Christ-like
gift to the very devil himself?
I know where you can get a gun.
You find him in your home again...
you do what you have to do to stop him.
Promise me you'll stop him.
- Shit.
- Alright, you've reached Josh McClaren.
Uh, leave a message and I'll get back to you.
Josh, Josh, it's me. Listen, I need to see you, OK?
I know what's been going on.
I have proof, and I just visited...
just listen, don't leave
Johnny's, and call me back, OK?
don't go home! Please, whatever
you do, don't go home!
No, no, no!
Josh, no!
No, no, stay with me! Oh, stay with me!
Hi, Sarah.
Welcome home.
Y-y-y-you wanna shoot me, too?
That's not fair.
It's not like you can bring me back.
Dale, can you please...
Please bring him back?
But I didn't kill him, Sarah.
- You did.
- Bring him back!
No, I won't! Do you hear me?!
Never, ever! He doesn't deserve you!
It's better-it's better this way.
I heard you two fighting the other night.
I was here.
He's mean.
He left you. He doesn't wanna
take care of you any more.
I don't wanna kill you again, Sarah.
I'm just so tired from all of the...
the cleaning.
But don't get me wrong.
I still want us to be together.
I want us to be together...
as a family.
Do you wanna be normal, Dale?
You promise?
Are you hungry?
Just the way you like them.
Oh, this is nice.
To us?
Yeah, to us.
I don't have to use this, do I?
Not if you don't want to.
- Try not to eat too many.
- Why?
I don't want you ruining your appetite.
Let's go upstairs.
Wha-what are we doing?
What do you think?
But what?
You want to, don't you?
You want it to be normal, right?
Yeah, of course, but...
normally, you can't remember anything afterwards.
I want to remember, Dale.
I want to remember everything
that happens between us.
That's what being a real couple is all about.
Trust me.
- What if you think that I'm really...
- Oh, shh.
You're gonna be perfect.
Do you like the way I look, Dale?
Do you like my eyes?
My lips?
My hair?
My breasts?
Yeah, they're the best.
Kiss me, Dale.
Kiss me, Dale.
Kiss me, now!
You're tricking me.
Get up.
Come back to me!
Liar, liar, liar!
You're just like mama!
You wanna leave me, too.
Well, you're not going to.
'Cause I'm gonna leave you first!
What the fuck is going on?!
Come here.
I think it's time you both die...
for the last time.
Come back to me.