Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean (1982) Movie Script

Jimmy Dean?
Jimmy Dean!
Get back here to the 5 and Dime now,
Jimmy Dean!
Jimmy Dean, you are there,
I know you are.
Jesus has to carry the cross alone
And all the world go free
No there, is a cross
For everyone
And there's a cross for me
The consecrated cross
I'll bear
Till death shall set me free
And then go home
My crown to bear
for there
A crown for me
In the cross
In the cross
Darling, can I tell you
What really on my mind?
We play this game
Such a long long time ago
You think you're winning
But you don't know the score
Sorry I'm late, Juanita,
but they were short handed
at the truck stop,
so I helped out.
Should have known better
to expect never to be on time.
You never have been for 20 years.
Won't be all surprised
you end up being late
for your very own funeral.
I said it wasn't my fault.
Never is!
Did you see anything of Jimmy Dean,
out there?
No, he was heading
over to Luke Jacks,
last time I saw him.
When are you gonna to finish up
with them decorations?
I'll put my crap up here
and get right back to it.
Better shake a leg.
Before anybody is gonna
show up for that reunion,
they're gonna be showing up any time now.
I wouldn't hold my breath if I was you.
Mona get back yet?
No, the bus is late.
God damn, Juanita, you're not
going to turn that Jesus music,
I hope.
Watch your mouth!
I'm trying to get
the weather news.
I give you the weather news.
118 degrees in the shade,
as if there is none of.
Same as it was that day before yesterday
and last week and last month...
There is talk of a rain
storm over near Odessa.
Oh bullshit, ain't rain there
in 20 years, ain't going to.
Sorry I'm late, Juanita,
had to stop of at the truck stop
to pick up some thing.
I bet whatever it was,
is wearing pants.
Mona and Joe her yet?
Oh my God!
Joe's out back,
unpacking some them new
magazines that just came in.
Mona must be held
up in the storm.
I know, it's raining
like hell out there.
Watch your mouth, young lady.
For crying out loud Juanita,
this is 1955, not 1905.
Hell, everyone says
"hell" now-a-days.
You ain't gonna be saying that
while you're working here.
Is Sidney in there?
Hey, Sidney!
Bring up them new Photoplay magazine.
Hey, Sidney!
Hi, Joe!
Sissy in yet?
She is looking for Sydney,
but he's asleep.
Hi, Juanita, sorry I'm late.
That's alright honey.
-Some storm out there?
-Ain't that though.
Where are them new
Photoplay magazine?
-I haven't unpacked them yet.
You know I've been waiting for them.
There is something in there I think
you're not gonna want to see.
What? What it is?
He is in love
with someone.
No, he's not, believe me.
That Italian girl, Pier Angeli,
she's already married.
- Hi.
- Hi, Sissy, listen...
I heard you won yourself another
one of them...trophy last night.
Yeah, you know what, I think I'm the best
roller skater in the whole of Texas.
You look like you've eaten well.
-Juanita, make her stop.
-Juanita, where's Sidney?
I want to talk to him about sponsorship in
the roller skating championship next month.
The bible study club held a
meeting late last night,
I don't bother to wake
him up this morning.
-You mean bourbon club.
-What was that?
Juanita you know what?
You should turn this on
and liven this place.
Mona, Joe, come on out here!
They're playing our song
for the talent competition.
-I've up all night rehearsing!
-He's got a face?
I know I am.
also I worked at dawn.
Everybody in their position.
Oh yes, sincerely
Cause I love you so dearly
You are so perfect!
Jesus has to carry the cross
Jimmy Dean?
Jimmy Dean, is that you?
Who is that?
The sun is shining
in my eyes and...
It's me, Stella May!
And Edna Louise!
Sissy, come on out here!
It's Stella May and Edna Louise!
Edna, how long!
Oh, how are you!
Come on in here, and let me
take a good look at you!
Sit down here,
I'll get you an orange crush.
Our old home,
old, old...
Juanita, God damn,
you ain't change a bit in 20 years.
Stella May, you old slut!
I wanted to change my dress,
but Stella arrived early from Dallas...
Edna, Edna...
Edna Louise, my God,
look at you!
Edna, you got something
in the oven girl?
Beg your pardon?
Oh, yes, my seventh.
-7 kids.
Can you imagine
anything more horrible?
Pay her no mind,
Edna Louise.
It's so so wonderful to see you!
-You too!
Hey, hey, look what I found
in my attic.
-Ain't it a hoot!
-Oh my God!
Our old club jacket!
Can you believe it,
we actually use to wear this?
I was looking for mine,
and I couldn't find it any place.
I don't know where mine is.
Look at you,
I can't believe you.
I do not believe you
he had 7 children!
I did.
Lack of rain just about dried us out.
Good lord!
-Look at this.
-God damn it, you look just as fabulous!
-Thank you.
Those boobs of yours...
I'll kill for them boobs.
Wouldn't you, Edna?
-Ones I have...
Hey, what about me?
Well, you like a million bucks.
-Million and a half.
My Merl just brought in another one.
That man can smell that oil...
Look everybody,
a red gumball!
That's my favorite color.
My fortune in the newspaper said
today was my lucky day.
And it is.
Your lucky day will come
when you get them tubes tied.
Don't pay her no mind.
Come on, I have to finish the
decoration, come help me.
where's Mona anyway?
-She ain't back yet.
Back from where?
She went of to Marfa
this weekend
to get them others
in the picture show.
Her bus is nearly two hours late,
and I'm starting
to get worried.
Hey, I got me an idea.
Since Mona ain't here yet,
get over to to ol' Robert E Lee
high school?
I'd love to show myself off
to them old teachers.
-What do you think?
-They all have died.
Hell, there must be
somebody left out there after 20 years
to remember
who I was.
McGuire Sisters, got anything
livelier than this?
Liveliest place in
town is the graveyard.
-For you, it always was.
-Stop it.
Come on, what do you say?
-No, you and Edna Louise go.
I'm trying to get this place
look like something special.
Come on, Edna.
Christ, it is so damn hot here!
Listen, listen.
Don't say nothing to
Mona us being here,
I want to surprise her.
This is gonna be an awesome,
Come on, Edna!
-I want to change my dress...
I want to go out, see if I really
missed this town or not.
Hey, we'll stop over at
Luigi's Taco Grotto,
get ourselves a Dr Pepper
like we use to.
I'm not going to Luigi's with you,
my mother says not...
Mona is gonna be real please and
surprise to see them again.
You think anybody else is
gonna show up for this thing?
My heart is dead set on
all of them showing up,
we'll have to wait and see I guess.
Sissy, have you heard the news?
It is absolutely breathtaking!
-You all agree I could tell!
-Tell what?
Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson
are gonna be here!
-Stop it!
-Here in McCarthy, Texas?
Not exactly, over at Marfa.
-It's only 62 miles from here!
-What are they coming for?
-They're coming to make a movie.
You hush up Edna Louise,
I'm telling not you!
They are coming to make a picture show,
and the radio says it's about a...
A monster movie!
Will it be like
"Creature from the Black Lagoon"?
Died of fear
in that movie!
Edna Louise, just act dumb.
Mona, you're gonna fall over when
you know who else is coming.
-Tab Hunter!
God damn it, tell me who it is!
-James Dean!
James Dean will be in the movie!
-Damn it all to hell, Edna!
I can't tell anything...
His name fell out of my mouth
when I...I was thinking.
You never think!
You agreed I could tell,
you ruin everything!
I don't know why we let
you hang around with us.
She is younger than we
are and so damn dumb!
-Tell the rest!
-There is more?
The radio said they'll be
looking for people
to appear in the picture too.
Imagine being in a picture
show with James Dean!
Let us together tomorrow!
Not tomorrow,
it's my first date with Lester T.
Why does these things
always happen to me?
How do you suppose we
get on over there?
Ask to borrow your mum's Buick.
Who told you, she's not gonna
let me borrow her car.
Tell her you're on a hunt
for a better job.
She's never gonna believe that.
You just lie to her, Joe.
That's all, you have
to lie to her.
Juanita, what do you think
about these decoration?
It's very nice!
Well, I busted my gut
all strung up here.
I'm going over to Luke's
and be right back.
What you want?
Mortadela and cheese and...
-Don't forget the bread!
Hey, Juanita?
Our bus is pulling up now.
Oh, that darn fool of a bus broke
down in the middle of nowhere.
It took them forever to repaied.
Well, you look like something
the cat may have dragged it.
Thank you, Juanita.
You look stressed,
why don't you go over there and sit down?
Are you as excited
and nervous as I am?
I could hardly contain myself
that whole weekend long in Marfa,
just thinking about it.
20 years ago tonight.
Oh, my God, it seems like
only yesterday, don't not it?
When that fatal crash,
took away his life.
Do you think it is possible,
you can stop that slap for 5 seconds?
Thank you.
What is that?
What is that!?
This what I think it is?
Oh, my goodness sake!
It's the old club jacket!
-Where on earth did you dig this up from?
-Well, Stella May brought it in...
Stella May?
Oh my goodness, I just let the
cat right on out of the bag!
Stella May here?
Stella May?
My goodness sake!
Stella May? Stella May?
-How many of the others come?
-Stella May and...Edna Louise!
Edna Louise come too?
Don't you let on like I told you though,
cause they want to surprise you.
I promise, Juanita.
I was worried that they
might not all remember.
Oh, I really should've sent them all
those little tiny, what do you call,
those little reminder cards,
do not you think?
Lord, how would you ever know
where to find half of them?
I know.
They did scatter off every which way
the first chance they got, didn't they?
I remember the day that
we took this picture,
and I recall it,
like it was yesterday.
Stella May sticking out her tongue
and she is making that awful silly face.
I swear, she never could
be serious.
Sue Ellen had them
curler things in her hair,
and she tried to hide
behind Martha.
That was the very last time the
entire club was all together as one.
Certainly hope we'll all be able
recognize each other.
Would that be an awful thing?
I'm sure they'll all remember,
how could they have forgotten such a
devoted promise like that on was.
You alright?
It's my heart.
Just tend to skip a beat
now and then, that's all.
All this dry air affecting
my asthma something awful.
I've been panting and wheezing
for breathe all day long.
Sit yourself down,
I'll freshen up some orange.
No, Juanita, no, no, no.
I can't sit...
It may sound silly
Juanita, I'm back!
Is that...Mona!
My Lord child,
what are you doing back here?
We all walked you to college
not more than a week!
I know you did,
but I don't have to go after all.
Isn't that wonderful?
-You don't have to?
- No, ma'am.
What in heaven's name, went wrong?
Wrong? Nothing.
It was my asthma.
It got worse, the climate there
is not right for my asthma.
The doctor said.
-The doctor?
You mean they had to send for
the doctor?
Oh, Juanita, it was terrible.
You know what happened?
There I was standing in line, and I was
waiting to sign in for my classes,
and I collapsed into a dead heap
right on the floor.
I'll get you an orange crush.
-Thank you.
Was real scary for everybody.
They told me afterwards,
they thought I was died.
I though I had died myself.
All at once I felt me a premonition,
that death had come to take me away.
Just like the one they say
James Dean has all the time.
But when I came to,
I knew that James Dean
could not possible die,
and so I lived too.
Sidney will give me
my job back, won't he?
I'm sure he will.
-Oh, good.
-We're short of help.
-Ain't that lucky too?
Ain't that lucky that it
happened just in time
for tonight's meeting
of the "Disciples".
I was real worried,
how the club would continue
without my leadership.
You know something?
I missed you.
I missed you a whole lot.
Where's Sissy and Joe?
I can't wait
to see their faces
when they hear I'm
back home for good.
They're across the way,
at the ah...
Mona, honey...
-Yes ma'am?
Joe doesn't...
-Joe is not working...
-What do you mean, not working today!?
That's wonderful, we can spent
the whole afternoon together.
You don't care Juanita,
you know what?
We'll comet back around 5.30
and help you close up.
Alright, bye-bye.
See you later, Juanita
Joe, I'm back!
My throat is as parched
as the porch out there.
Oh, if you think
it is hot here,
my goodness sake,
you should have been in Marfa.
On the first day, here it comes, I thought
I would have die for sure.
Was things what you
were hoping they be?
There's hardly anything
left of Reata anymore.
Just 6 telephone poles sticking out
of the ground and nothing more.
Nobody knew what was there,
and they would never know
there was this beautiful
house in "Giant".
What use to be just the front,
What used to be the front,
was lying on the ground,
rotting in the hot sun.
Do you know what I did?
Do you know what I managed to do?
I managed to retrieved one
identifiable piece of that home.
It's one of them little pieces
I'm pretty sure,
was one of those little pieces
on top of the porch roof.
I really have to dig among
the piles of destruction
to find the one that had the
slightest bit of recognition.
Look here.
Ain't that beautiful.
Some of those you got from
other years are better.
It is really a sin the way
the citizens of Marfa
had let that monument
fall into ruin like that.
It's only the front, of course.
That's the way they do
things in the movies.
Deceiving to the eye,
they call it.
It would embarrassing, won't it?
To have the "Disciples" come back, to see
this town how this town had dried up so.
When I was riding on that bus,
this looked like a regular ghost town.
Hard to believe how everything
had changed so fast in 20 years.
Sure nothing much had
changed in here though.
I'm sure they will remember
in here at the 5 and dime.
You never know
You never know
Never know
You never know
Sissy just told me
about Joe, why?
Why Sidney have to fire him?
Sidney has done what
is best for the boy,
as well as for the rest of us.
You will understand better,
as you get older.
What did he do
that was so wrong?
He never bothered nobody,
he just stocked the shelves
and mopped the floor,
like he was paid to.
It's nothing to do with his work,
it is what he is.
Things will be better of
without him around.
-Sidney done the right thing!
-But...we're friends.
He should have friends that are boys,
not you and Sissy.
It's shameful the three
of you dressed as look alike
and pretending you were
those singers,
what's their name?
The McGuire Sisters.
The McGuire Sisters, it was
for the seniors talent show.
It was just for fun,
just for fun.
Well, it didn't turn out that way.
Everyone who saw it,
was shocked and disgusted.
First, the disgusting thing
at the talent show
then that incident at the final
school dance with Lester T Callahan.
Everthing turned into a scandal!
He's a sick boy
and should be treated
before he grows up into a communist.
No, Juanita, you're wrong!
You're all wrong,
he's just different, that's all.
It's not his fault, it's theirs.
Sidney knows what is best.
No, he does not know!
Sidney and I are good Bible
believing Christians.
And we have searched our Bible
from cover to cover
to find an excuse
for his behavior,
and there is none.
In the eyes of God,
he does not belong!
Then God is wrong.
God made hime, didn't he?
If God don't accept him,
than I do not accept God.
You listen young lady,
I will not allow
to speak of Our Lord
in that way!
And I will not stay here
and listen to...
He is not my God.
I do not want Him, I hate Him!
And I hate Sidney too!
Hey, Juanita!
Would you come here and help
me with this door, please?
I'm about to drop this damn thing.
Here, take this one.
Are you okay?
My God, it's hotter than I
don't know what out there.
Hey kid, I see you mae
it back in one piece.
I did.
You're not gonna believe what
I found in "Odessa-America."
News of a rainstorm?
No, no, no.
-What is it?
-The Ice Escapades.
is coming to the County Coliseum
to perform for 4 days, Mona,
and that's not all.
They are going to hold try out
for new skaters for them.
God, when I read this,
my heart skipped 4 beats.
This is the chance of
a life time for me.
-To do what?
-What do you mean, to do what?
-Ice skating.
I ain't talking about
my Aunt Sally.
The only kind of skating you know,
is roller skating
and you ain't done any,
since The Dixie Rink closed,
nearly 10 years ago.
Do you think skating is something
you forget easily?
But you never skated on the ice.
Skating is skating.
I don't care it you're roller skating ,
ice or water.
It's just a matter
balance and form.
God knows my form
is well balanced.
Don't you think it's
a late into life...
I'm sorry...
to do something like this?
Might be late for you,
but I'm just beginning.
The way you two been talk,
I'm ready for a
wheelchair or something.
You'll be likely to
break your neck
wheeling on a chair
than skating on it instead.
You know what?
You'll laugh on the other side.
What do you think of my new dress?
Is it going to stick too much?
It's too short and
mind your language.
-I ain't talking with you.
-What's it?
-What are you doing?
You know what it reminds me of?
It reminds me of those roller skirts
you use to wear.
Hey, Mona...
Remember how they use
to scream and yell
when I skate onto the floor?
Sliding and twirling
round the skating rink.
What was that,
usual to they me?
Joe use to call you...
of "Swanie Hinie, the
breartiest bird on 8 wheels. "
What makes you thnk about Joe,
I have thought of him in a million years?
I don't know.
He just popped into my mind.
I've been thinking a lot about Marfa,
at Reata,
and he's still upstairs
in my head.
Wow, the three of us still
have hell of a time, didn't we?
My God, Joe Qualley
was so a riot...
he was a riot!
I guess I'll have to make the
sandwiches all by myself.
I can not believe you're
home from college!
Like I'm dreaming, Mona!
You know what?
When Joe and Stella May
were gonna to the place
of the McGuire Sisters,
but she would never
as good as you.
Sissy, you know what?
I don't think we should do
that act anymore,
because of all
that has happened.
Juanita says it was because
of happened at the ball
with Lester T Callahan.
That's how all the trouble got started.
Everybody really believed
my cousin from Oklahoma City,
especially Lester T.
I know.
Joe looks a very pretty girl,
when he gets dressed up, don't he?
Lester T sure thought so.
You know, I'd give anything to see
the expression on Lester T's face
when he got Joe into the
back seat of the car,
when he puts his
hand under his dress
and he was squeezing his
strawberry gelatin
and exploding all over his white tuxedo.
Only that...
Joe shouldn't have
carried the joke so far.
Only that.
You think Lester T will seek revenge,
as he said?
I won't doubt that nuke head
I was so afraid this
summer will be over.
and it will be summer,
over all over again
I hope not, Mona, Jesus!
This heat is so,
that they're shrinking my bazooms.
-Your what?
That's what the boys like.
-Oh no.
-I don't think I'll...
-Let me show them to you.
No, Lord, they look exactly the same to me.
Mo, do you think they could be...
as big as Marilyn Monroe's?
I think the could be bigger.
-You think?
-I really do!
Sidney thought they were
but you know.
-Sidney told you that?
-But well...
let me tell something,
about his heart.
He's always pinching my
butt behind the counter.
Not that Juanita can see, of course.
She let the wool over her eyes.
They all cover it up.
Are you busting for
that movie to come out?
You're gonna be up
there with James Dean!
What are you gonna say!
We're going to the drive-in and
you'll be there with James Dean!
I don't believe it!
God, he send shivers
up my insides!
He can take me to the
graveyard when he wants to.
Do you ever dreamed it would be
like to make love to somebody
really famous like him?
All the time.
But you know, you should experiment,
before you tackle someone
as important as his.
That's what I'm doing.
It's can of like...
homework for a big cast later.
I feel something so
deep inside me
about James Dean,
I just can't...
I mean I can't put words into it.
You mean, love?
No, it's something
more than love.
No Mona, love is the end.
No, Sissy, you're wrong.
-No, I'm not.
-There is something beyond the end.
-You know what I'm gonna do?
-No, I'm afraid to ask.
Soon as I can save up the money,
I'll buy Reata,
and you and me and Joe
will live there forever and ever.
Wouldn't that be a wonderful thing?
Mona, it's just a front,
it's not a real house!
It's just a front.
No, it is real.
It is deceiving to the eye, that's all.
It is real.
What is real?
Are you gonna freshen yourself up?
Cause it's getting late.
Yes ma'am, I will.
I'll be just a minute, okay?
Oh Lord, it's heavy.
Its' heavy.
You're not serious about
this Ice Escapade, are you?
Hell, that I ain't.
You'll be just making a fool out
of yourself and you know it.
Well, it's my life to fool around with,
ain't it?
You do entirely too
much fooling around.
I'm gonna to ask my group,
next Wednesday night
to devote the next sessions you.
You better pray for those
poor people in China,
they need it Hell of
a lot more than I do.
We stopped praying for them,
it's don't seem to be doing much good.
We are now praying for rain.
-You know what I did?
You know what I did?
I turn on both faucets out there
and nothing comes out,
not a drop of water.
Well, it finally happened.
-Nothing's happened.
-Did you turn them all the way?
-Oh, please Juanita!
As far as they would go.
-You don't turn them further than that.
-"You don't turn them further than that."
You know what I think?
I think it is 110 degrees
out there today.
Thank God The Ice Escapade
is coming to rescue my arse today.
Garbage mouth.
Wonder where on earth is
Jimmy Dean?
He ran of Friday
after lunch
and I ain't seen
hide-or-hair ever since.
I hope nothing has
happen to him.
He is working.
He is working?
What do you mean he is working?
Got a job at the Texaco
as a post clerk.
Doing what?
He's patching holes in inner tubes,
and Luke give him 50 cents a hole.
I think Luke is taking advantage
of that boy's mental deficiency.
I just don't know,
I don't like it.
No, he's loving it,
just leave him alone.
Luke is just making him a laughing
stock in front of the whole town.
-Nobody is laughing.
-Yes, they do too.
They do too,
they laugh all the time,
just to themselves.
-No, you think they do.
-I don't think anything!
I do because they are jealous!
Jealous, because I was one chosen
to bring the son of
James Dean into the world!
Jimmy Dean?
Jimmy Dean, you out there?
For Christ sake, Mona,
he's old enough to have...
He is none of your business!
-You got yourself all excited.
You sound like all of those
warped people out there
who know so much more
than all those doctors
that I have spent every penny
working here in this dime store.
He is retarded in the brain!
It is none of my business,
it is just as warped and demented
to leave him cooped up all day,
so people won't be laugh at you.
Not him Mona, you.
-Sissy, stay out of this.
-Oh shit!
Jimmy Dean is her son!
I thought he belong to James Dean
fans everywhere.
Conceived in Mona and
dedicated to the population.
He chose me,
from everybody else,
to bring his child into this world.
Well, 3 cheers for Mona Magdalene.
Sissy, you know what?
You are...
You're a vile and wicked person...
Mona, stop!
Stop, Mona!
I do not know why
you turned against me!
-Stop, I'll fall!
-Shit, Mona.
-I never said anything that...
-I heard what you said!
It is the same kind of remark
they make behind my back
since I discovered
the truth about him!
I just... I wonder.
Can you hear me back there!?
You are just as warped and
demented as they are!
You are born and raised
in this town too.
Yes, but I managed
to rise above
attitudes of this town,
while you lay spread
over the gravestone
to whoever is inside you.
-Sissy, where are you going?
-I'm going outside to cool off!
Keep her away.
A slowly passing train
is so romantic.
Mona, shouldn't have said that!
Did you see him out there?
Jimmy Dean.
-Jimmy Dean?
You know, Juanita, he's all
that is left to remind me of him.
It's the heat.
Playing tricks with your emotions,
if you ain't careful.
Yes, ma'am, that...
You are right, could to that.
-There he is.
-I don't see anybody.
A boy.
I saw him, reflected in the mirror.
He was there,
and then he just disappeared.
It's probably Jimmy Dean.
Waiting for you to
turn your back
so he can sneak in here,
pretending he were here
the whole entire time.
No, ma'am.
No, ma'am it wasn't Jimmy Dean at all,
it looked like...
-One of the Ferguson boys?
-Roy or Bill?
Oh my God!
Juanita, Come here, quick.
-Now, what's the matter?
Somebody arrived in one of them
little yellow sports car.
It's parked way down the street there, you see.
-Can you see who it is?
-No, I can't.
It's a lady and she's looking
right over here at the store.
I don't seem to recognize her.
Ah, ah, me neither.
But...she is coming
this way.
Oh, you think maybe
it is one of those disciples?
Oh, God. I hope not.
I don't have time to
change my clothes
or prepare Jimmy Dean
for presentation.
Is there anything I
can help you to find?
I just like to browse, if I may.
Browse all you want.
We don't get many
browsers anymore.
People just get what they need
and then they leave.
I think we have become a very
hurried society, I'm afraid.
We don't see very many
stores like this anymore.
There are a few of us left,
still hanging on.
Are you just passing through?
You might say.
Sure is some funny car,
you're driving.
That's a aports car,
it's a sports car she's driving, Juanita.
I know, I know.
Funny looking to me.
I don't know how you
can squeeze inside it.
Must make you feel like
a sardine in a can.
I used to be a fan of him too.
-Not anymore?
He died, did you know?
Of course I knew that.
But he lives on in his movies.
Did you see "Giant"?
It was filmed not far
from here in Marfa.
I don't mean to sound boastful,
but I was in that film.
Only the crowd scenes,
but my face appear
distinctly in one segment.
It must have been
very exciting for you.
It was.
It was the most exciting time
in my whole entire life.
Yous voice sounds
very familiar.
Lots of people say
it is very unusual.
I heard it all my life,
so it sounds perfectly
normal to me.
Yes, I'm sure it would.
Are you the mother
of his son?
Oh, my goodness sake!
How on earth did you know that?
I saw one of your signs
down the highway.
"See the son of
James Dean.
visit Woolworth's 5 and Dime."
We never bother to
take them signs down,
the words become is so faded from the sun.
You couldn't read them any more.
You must have very
unusual eyesight.
May I have a glass of water, please?
We seem to be temporarily
out of water.
Would you settle for an
orange crush instead?
As long as it is
cold and wet.
When Jimmy Dean was first born,
nearly 3 thousand people
swarmed into town
over one week period of time,
just to see the son of James Dean.
It really helped put McCarthy,
Texas, on the map
for a brief but glorious
period of time.
We were the busiest, most prosperous
5 and Dime in all of Texas.
They gave us a plaque.
Is over there at the back,
of the cash register.
That boy was a boon for us.
That is Juanita,
behind the counter.
Her husband, Sidney,
was the manager at the time.
He's passed away,
since then.
-And those signs were his idea?
-Yes, ah ah.
He had this thing worked out,
just perfectly.
There were newspaper people here,
there were magazine people,
and they were taling my picture
and they wrote down everything I said.
I was quite the celebrity,
ha, ha
People bought up everything
they could get their hands on.
Thinking that Jimmy Dean
had touched it.
It was on display right over here.
We bought this nice little platform,
put them on display right here.
Sidney had to hire
two policemen,
only to protect him against
possible molesters,
and kidnappers.
They even elected to Sidney
the Mayor after that.
And then the swarms went away?
Prosperity unfortunately,
is a fleeting thing.
But there is talk of rebuilding in time,
as soon as the drought passes.
Time is such a nebulous
date to wait for.
And patience, they say,
is a virtue.
That there is something so
distinctly familiar about you.
That I can't put my finger on it.
Do you notice that too Juanita?
Well I never saw that before,
as I can recall.
I must be experiencing a...
What do thay call that thing Juanita, when
you think you have been some place before,
but you haven't?
Deja vu.
Deja vu.
Yes ma'am.
You suppose...
You suppose that water pressure
has risen up now?
-There it is again.
-I don't see anybody.
He was hurt and bleeding,
and he looked like he wanted to come in,
but wouldn't able to.
Are you sure it's not Jimmy Dean?
Why do you say something
like that to me?
Why do you say that?
Jimmy Dean was hurt and...
Jimmy Dean!
You out there, boy?
You answer me!
You hear me, you answer!
He don't answer, Juanita.
I just hope to God, nothing
has happened to him.
Mona, I want to talk to you.
Well, I don't feel
like talking to you.
I don't give a good God damn,
if you want to talk to me or not.
You've been drinking, haven't you?
-Drinking what?
Alcohol, I can smell it
on your breath!
Well, that ain't no water.
I had to drink me something
or die of thirst.
Sissy? Sissy?
Is Mona back yet?
Yes, but she's a bitch of ugliness,
you don't want to
talk to her.
Ah !
-Oh my God!
Stella May you sweet thing,
and Edna Louise!
Has she gone God damn?
5 minutes ago,
she tried to kill me.
No, she's just kidding just because
I let the cat out of the bag.
What cat, out of what bag?
Stella May and Edna Louise,
they wanted to surprise her...
I do not believe
anyone has 7 children.
Stella...Stella May!
You found anything out there
worth remembering?
-Ain't nothing out there period.
-It is true.
Much less anything
worth remembering.
Why the hell, you stick
around this town any how?
-So, Edna Louise...
Oh, God...
We all thought it
was phenomenal!
-You were...
You are just...
Well, anybody showed up yet?
Oh, shit!
Do not tell me,
let me guess.
-Stella May...
-Whoa, whoa, don't tell me, let me guess.
Phyllis Marie Tucker,
I'll be damned.
-No, it is not.
-Phyllis Marie died.
She died choking on a piece of meat,
at the state fair,
in front of the whole family.
Where is that club picture, Mona?
Holy shit!
Oh my God!
Tell me, that's not me!
Look at the outfit I'm wearing!
Oh lord, if any of those country girls
get their paws on it,
I'll be kicked out.
...They smelled like mothballs,
so I sent it to the drycleaners...
Edna Louise, stop belly aching
about the way you look!
She's been harping on that damn dress,
all the damn day!
Go put it
and shut up.
As if it would make
any difference.
The bathroom is right
where it always was.
At the end of the hallway.
I promise.
I just love to try and guess
people from old photographs.
Now, let's see...
That is me.
And this here is Edna.
Dumb, the dumb, dumb.
She look as dumb as she does now.
That is Sissy,
with the most beautiful God damn tits.
This is Mona...
And who is this?
Look at the hair, I can't...
Hey, Mona?
That fancy yellow sports car
parked down the street.
It was one of the things
you bought
with all that money you
racked in from Jimmy Dean?
-No not me...
-Then it must be yours.
Yeah, you look like you've
done pretty well for yourself.
As well as might be expected.
Now, you sure you're
in this picture?
I'm really concerned
about that boy.
I just hate to have him wondering around
out there and not knowing where he is.
-What is?
You seen Jimmy Dean out there?
-No, I...
I want...
to know where is he!
Couldn't have just disappeared!
You think that's what happened?
He just disappeared into thin air,
what happened, Juanita
What did I tell you,
something happened to him!
I knew it...I
I'm not able to breathe.
Come here and sit down.
-Help me.
Be quiet and sit down here.
All right?
Bring water.
Bring ice water,
she will faint.
-There ain't no water, Stella May!
-Get her a glass of whiskey, then.
There is no alcohol at this store
and will never be.
What about the bottle Sidney
hid behind this counter?
What do you mean by that?
It was right...about down here.
-Sidney did not drink!
-So, how did he died from it?
-Who in the hell are you?
-He died from a heart attack!
Died from a decayed liver.
Just a God damn minute...
-He was eaten up by alcohol.
You can't talk about him like that.
-Sidney was a saint!
And he is in heaven now,
with God!
The only time Sidney was in heaven,
Juanita, was when he had a bottle in hand.
Lies! All lies!
Christ, I identified
everyone in the picture,
who could you be?
In fact, it was in this corner,
I find him, collapsed,
hiding from you,
Juanita, and God.
Every wednesday night, when I
came to mop up these floors again.
I know.
I think that I know.
Oh God.
Oh God, it's Joe.
Holy shit,
The McGuire Sisters are reunited.
Oh, yeah, sincerely
Cause I love you so dearly
I will show you
what you did wrong.
Please say
You can't do it.
My God, Joe.
No, Joe! Oh, Joe!
What happened!
Sissy, get away!
Alright, alright.
What are you doing back here,
you supposed to be at school.
Don't talk,
you will only bleed more.
-Sissy, Where are you?
-I'm right here!
Oh Joe, my God!
Get out!
Get him out of here!
Someone will see you!
Juanita, can't not see
he's hurt?
-Joe, who did this to you?
They were punching in the face
while the others
held me down,
screaming about something
like no family...
-Who Joe...
-Get us outta here!
-Who did it!?
Then they laid me
on a grave stone
and he pulled my overalls down
and then Lester T...
-Lester T?
-Mona, it was so horrible!
I was so damn scared,
I tried to scream for help,
they kept punching
me in the face,
and he kept calling me Joanne.
Joe who?
Joe, why do you have
to come back here?
I had as much right to return
to this reunion as anybody.
Did't I?
Hell Joe, you look better than I do.
None of the girls in this picture
was named Josephine.
-It's me there.
Joe, shit damn!
You look like a real girl, boy!
I knew there was something
familiar about you.
Joe, take of your wig and crap
so we can see how you turn out.
Shit, I aint't driving
all the way from Dallas
to play "Who's a girl and who ain't."
Do you remember how we
use to do The McGuire Sisters?
Come on, Mo...
Come on, let's just do The McGuire Sisters,
Oh, oh, oh yeah, sincerely.
Stop it!
Those horrible things
you said about my Sidney
were lies!
And I want you to tell everybody
they were lies!
Sidney is dead, Joe,
So let's forget it.
Jeez Juanita...
I thought tonight was dedicated
to remembering those days,
that made us all
what we are today.
Joe, oh Joe, how many
of them were there?
I'm go and get some iodine
for your face.
Lester T and 3 or 4 of those
arseholes who hang out together.
Whole town was there.
I saw images among them lined up
over the graveyard fence.
-Sidney was a good man!
-He was a rotten son of a bitch.
Standing there of to the side,
watching it through the graveyard fence.
Yelling and cheering
like a bunch of Mexicans
in a cockfight.
I saw their faces,
I know who they were.
Lester T was doing the job, this whole
damn town wanted to do to me for years!
Oh Joe, don't say that.
It is not true!
Sidney was in Waco that day,
he wasn' around!
He was there!
I wish there was
something to drink here.
Yeah, let's get on with
this party.
It's hotter than hell,
and I need me a cold beer.
Where do you have beer?
Luke is keeping a cold for one, Juanita.
Weell you ain't bringing
beer in here.
Could you just off God for tonight
and have a good time?
I will not have a good time,
as long as he's here.
-Oh, you're not a she!
You're just pretending to one,
just like you always did.
Oh my Lord.
Come on, Juanita, take a look at them.
Juan...there is no gelatin
strawberry in these boobs.
Stop it!
It's not funny anymore.
Oh, Mona, he's just pulling
your leg ain't you Joe?
I am not Joe, Sissy.
-I'm Joanne.
-What do you mean?
I mean that,
unlike all of you,
I have undergone...a change.
I mean all of this is for real?
-Holy shit!
-He's playing!
-I don't believe this.
-You're kidding me!
-Oh my God, my God!
-That's disgusting.
The wonders of modern science.
-That is really the more disgusting thing.
I can not believe this,
you kidding!
Shit, I'd seen thing like you on TV,
but I never saw one up close.
Which is?
You are one of them perverts,
that's what you are!
Well, that's what you always thought
I was, Juanita.
Time plays crazy
tricks on you, I...
Joe, how long have
you be this way?
13 years come January.
My mama died, you know...
Left a bundle of insurance money
and I became what she
always wanted all along.
Ironic, don't you?
This makes me sick to my stomach.
You know what?
You know what?
I saw a hermaphrodite
in a traveling carnival once.
They said it was
half man, half woman.
It's that what you are?
In case anyone ever ask.
Just say I'm a freak.
All your friends,
should know what that is.
Come on, you all,
let's go to Luke's an have a drink.
Joe, take us over there
in that sports car.
Leave it to me.
Luke will piss in his drawers when
we pull up in that yellow thing.
It's amazing, ain't it?
What do they do with
these transplants?
This meeting is going to be a
lot more fun than I imagined.
Hey, everybody,
here I am.
Where is everybody?
Hiding, are they hiding?
All my love
That's just what I've been guilty of
Go away with me, Mona.
I can't take anymore
crap from this town.
I can't leave,
I just got back.
The weather here is perfect
for my asthma,
the doctor said.
I might die if I leave again.
You're going away with me.
We'll be happy together,
just the two of us.
It will be like Marfa, forever.
I can't leave,
I need to stay here.
You don't have to go,
things will change here.
This town is never going to change,
you know it.
All of my life I tried to be
I like them, I can't.
We can make them change,
James Dean showed us how.
They won't listen.
No one listen to James Dean
in "East of Eden"
but he did not run away
and hid.
He is James Dean,
and I'm only Joseph Qualley.
You know so thing?
You could be just like James Dean,
you know that?
You could.
You think you could ever
love me like you love him?
Love you?
I can't do that.
I promised to love James Dean
until the day that I die.
He's just a star movie, you can't!
No, he's not, he's more
than a movie star, he...
Mona, if you believe me,
we'll make out that you
believe in me too.
Joe, I just don't know.
Maybe they are right.
Maybe I should've been
born a girl all along.
...maybe, they're all right
Who do I turn to
Please answer me
Answer me
It says right here in Romans,
right here!
Where is everybody?
Oh, thank heaven.
I thought that
everyone had left town
and forgot about me in the bathroom
while I was changing me.
But I figured if I stayed
here long enough here,
someone will remember
and come back.
Edna Louise, my,
don't you look nice!
Thank you.
Must have shrunk since
the last time I wear it.
The drycleaners does that sometimes,
I heard.
-Do I look alright, othewise?
-You know what?
You look like a
whole new person.
-So, how do you feel?
-Oh a little funny, I must admit.
It's not very comfortable,
it's a little tight,
guess I'm not use to,
dress fancy like Stella
does all the time.
If I don't sit down,
I'm fall off these stilts
and break my neck.
I heard a girl from
Merl who got in line
and spent years there!
We could not even get
out of town...
Joe, I know you're
in love...
Beers is out on the curb
for anyone who wants it.
On the curb?
Can't leave that sitting on the curb!
Bring inside and hide it
behind the counter!
Juanita, I think the devil
done won you over.
Don't think this will become a habit,
cause it won't!
Get a look at Edna Louise!
How do I look, Sissy?
Well darling, you're the cow's sac.
I think you look ridiculous!
-I do?
You look like an Easter egg!
Stella May...
Stella May!
The uniform you wore earlier
looked hella better than this.
I wonder to myself, do you ever have
anything nice to say about anybody?
The other dress is the one I wear everyday
to the beauty parlour where I work in.
I wear it all the time.
It's so old...
Yes it is.
I feel so much more
relaxed in it then...
You glowed, you know that?
You glowed better
than anybody here.
-Do I really?
Nobody ever told me I glowed,
I think I'll change,
since nobody minds.
I'll be right back.
Don't go away again.
You're dead wrong
about Sidney.
He was very upset
about what he had to do.
And it hurt him deeply.
I'll have some bourbon now.
I'm very curious about
this thing you had done.
What they do?
It is just plastic parts they
glued all over you, or what?
It is a...
psychological process,
you undergo before they operate.
Changes that I don't think
you'll understand, Stella.
Wow, what a filthy party dress
you brought all the way over.
I'm spending so much time
changing and re-changing
I'm missing the whole party.
I propose a toast.
Does everyone have their drink?
Sissy, you have yours.
One glass of beer
comin right over.
Mona, a little pick-me-up
to refresh your memory?
Orange crush will do me just fine
this time, thank you very much.
Joe, did it hurt?
Your operation.
Oh, ahum, not until years later.
I had a delayed reaction.
You mean you regret it?
Only when I think
about it.
Well, what do they do with your...
You mean, you can...
-Have sex, I can.
-Have on occassion.
Me too.
Every occassion I can.
God damn!
Well, everybody for the toast?
-Hell, yeah!
-I want to drink!
Alright, to James Dean!
-Long live the dead.
-Long live the dead!
Long live the dead!
That's a good one, ain't it?
Sissy, I think you always
began with the ritual song
and the rest of us follow merrily,
the bounce singles...
You want to leave my
boobs out of this.
Is it impossible.
Is everybody ready?
Alright, ready.
1and 2...
The eyes of James Dean are upon us
All the live long the day
The eyes of James Dean are upon us
You cannot get away
Hell, no!
You may think you can escape them
Right up so early in the morn
The eyes of James Dean are upon us
Till Gabriel blows his horn
Would you take your assigned seat, please?
We want to start
the meeting.
Stella May, do not do that.
I already asked!
How many times do I have to ask?
Okay, Mona!
Edna Louise, best start reading
the minutes of the last meeting?
I have to announce
I am a little embarassed
that the minutes of
the last meeting
was accidently eaten
by my dog, Rosie.
But I think I can remember
most of it in the head,
if you want me to speak it.
-You said the same as the last one!
-But the last one.
Let's dispense with
reading of the minutes,
since we do not have it.
But I have them up here.
Too bad Rosie hadn't
eat your head instead!
Stella May, do you think you can
be serious for 5 seconds
and stop picking on Edna Louise?
I'm serious,
just that she's so damn dumb!
Sissy, can you give
the treasurer's report?
Stand up, please.
Well, we had $47.13,
but we spent it all buying the
beautiful emblems for our jackets,
well now we're all broke.
Pictures for the collection?
Does anyone have any pictures
that we don't have
to hang up on the wall?
How many more pictures do you
think you can get on the wall?
I found one with him
sitting on a motorcycle,
from "Rebel Without a Cause."
Well, where is it?
-Rosie ate it.
Come on, Stella, get serious.
Oh, pictures,
I almost forgot!
Where...where's my purse?
You girls are going to love this.
Now don't put your fingers all over it,
cause this thing cost me an arm and a leg
on the black market.
Girls, you're going to pop you eyeballs.
I am sure we all appreciate it.
-Are you ready?
The real James Dean
stands up.
Oh, my God, will you look
at the size of that thing.
-What are we talking about here?
-A good meter and a half!
That's disgusting.
You didn't think so at one time.
That's not a picture of him.
I know he would never let anyone
take a picture of him like that.
Well, sure it is
not my Aunt Sally.
Is that a tree branch
in his hand, or what?
You're the one with 6 children!
This is the one...
No wonder you're holding
on to his memory,
with such a monument,
I too would grab...
Stop that talk
indecent, stop!
That is not a picture of
James Dean.
Mona, are you sure?
You know, it was very
dark that night.
You maybe mistaken.
Why not look more closely?
Mona, if you do not want that picture,
I have it beautiful framed...
Oh shit!
For Christ sake,
that thing cost me over $50!
I thought it was a
perfect likeness.
How would you know?
In those day you had trouble,
identifying faces,
with your nose so close
to a gravestone.
Why don't you tell us
all about Marfa
and being in the movie with him?
Yes Mona...
why don't you tell us
the story about be chosen
to be the Virgin Mona
of the Texas Testament.
Come on, Mona.
Come on Mona, tell us.
I not going to tell it.
You all heard that story
100 times before.
Come on...
You want to be begged, that's all.
Well, we really
we want to hear it.
Alright, I will..
You all remember how everbody
in town was buzzing
when they announced
over the radio
they were looking for people
to be in it.
I wanted to be it,
but my mother wouldn't let me.
She said movie people were sinful.
It was like a regular parade.
People from all these parts,
headed over to Marfa,
bumper to bumper,
to be in that movie.
Joe borrowed his mother...
That's all right, Mona,
I was a "him".
Joe borrowed his mum's Buick
and right after work
we drove of into the sunset,
laughing and giggling and pretending
like it was the end of the movie.
It hadn't begun,
that was the funny part.
We were playing the ending and the
beginning that was yet to come.
I pretended that I was Natalie Wood.
Yes I did!
-And Joe was...
-I was James Dean.
Pretending I was not
Joseph Qualley.
There were almost 4000 people
in the small town when we got there.
An there was not enough hotel
rooms to accommodate everybody.
So Joe and I had to sleep
in the back of the Buick,
a long side of the road.
Next morning,
after I finished washing up in
the sink at the gas station
across the road,
almost tearing my skin with
Braxo and paper towels,
I was sitting in the back of the Buick
pouring lilac perfume
all over myself
to get rid of the stink of the Braxo,
when I saw him walking
down the road,
walking towards me.
God, I need another cold beer,
before I faint.
He stopped right next to the car and he
looking in his pockets for something.
and there was a cigarette dangling
from the corner of his mouth,
I took a chance that it was
a match he was hunting for.
I leaned out and I said...
I said: "I got a match,
if that's what you need."
He smiled and came over to where
I was leaning out the car window,
He took the matches
from my hand, hum,
"Thank you, ma'am,"
just as if he's been living
in Texas all his life.
I have those matches for the
longest time afterward.
I use to sleep with them
wrapped up in a lace scarf
underneath my pillow for years.
I tell you, I found a cigarette butt
by the back wheel
of the Buick.
It was Chesterfield,
the kind that he smoked.
Shh, hush up Joe,
so I can tell them
what happened next.
But I was there too.
In case you forgotten.
I remember everything,
it was at that very moment
I knew something was
going to happen
change my whole entire life.
It was a premonition you know,
like I always get.
When he lit his cigarette
and I looked up into those
deep shy blue eyes,
I could see myself as clear
as if I looking into a mirror.
Later on...
Later on at the place where
they were picking people
to be in that movie,
they picked me...
Me, out of those
thousands of others...
I knew for sure!
They said I was not
"Texas enough."
What the hell is Texas
suppose to look like?
They were looking for types.
You were not...
the right type, that's all.
You know, I always look for you
everytime I see that movie on TV
and I never see you.
It just that Elizabeth Taylor's head
keeps getting in the way.
But I'm there.
mostly behind her left ear...
in the scene where she first arrives
from her papa's plantation in Kentucky
and they had that big
barbecue picnic.
She gets hot, she gets real hot
then she starts to faint,
grabbing on to the branch
of a tree for support...
Well, right as the projector comes
in real close to her face,
at that particular point,
you will be able to see me,
peeking from behind
her left ear.
I felt like such a celebrity!
I think maybe because
everybody fuss over me so.
And all those people sitting
around watching, in the bleaches.
Just like a football game.
My whole life was starting to change,
I could feel it deep
down inside me.
Mona, you sound like
you were the only one.
There were so many people down there,
I had trouble finding you.
That night, as I lied there
at the back of the Buick,
kept thinking how
I had been chosen
above all of those
thousands of others,
staring out the window
at those millions of stars
and the outline of that very beautiful
house right of there in the distance.
Suddenly, as I was looking,
I see one of those star explodes
and burst away from
all the millions of others,
and fall from the sky right behind
the front of the house,
behind Reata.
Mona, are you going to tell?
Mona, are you going to tell?
Are you really go to tell?
Are you really go to tell?
I pulled my blanket
around my shoulders
and I started walking to where
the star had fallen to earth.
When I got up to the front gate,
there was nobody there.
There was nobody,
no guards, nothing.
And so I walked that long walk
down the road to the house.
It was so quiet,
it was so still...
The only sound was
from a far away train,
blowing it's whistle and
chugging of, into the night.
I got up to the front steps and there was
this voice that was coming out of nowhere,
He said: "Isn't it a little late
to be calling on your neighbors?"
And I was stiff as a post
it was him, I knew.
I knew the minute
I heard his voice.
Then he said, "Do not just
stand there, being unfriendly.
come on up and have little talk."
As I moved up the steps, I
reminded him that was I
the who had given him the
matches that morning.
We spent the whole
entire night together,
until the sun crept up over
the edge of the earth,
turning the sky the reddest,
red you ever saw.
Oh, Mona...
We walk together to the gate
and he kissed me
for the 13th time.
I counted, so I remember
every single one.
He thanked me again for
passing the night with him
and we both walked
away in separate directions.
Halfway back to the Buick,
I burst out running,
I couldn't wait
to tell Joe my memorable night.
Gee Mona...
that not the way that
happened at all.
Is it?
The next morning,
we had to leave real early,
cause Joe had to have
his mum's Buick back.
You recall, right?
That night your son was born.
Did you hear that?
-What, Juanita?
-It sounded like thunder.
-I think I also heard too.
Praised God, he hadn't forgotten us!
That is just Stella May's stomach.
Give me a beer.
It's coming closer!
Do you hear?
Maybe it will rain.
I hope not, I just had the car washed.
Oh, my God, Mona!
Come here, quick!
It's Jimmy Dean and he's driving
of in that yellow sports car!
It's not Jimmy Dean,
he don't even know...
Jimmy Dean!
He don't even know how to drive!
Jimmy Dean, you on come back here!
Hearing this?
Its't your mama calling,
come on!
I'll call the highway patrol,
maybe they can stop him
before you hurt yourself.
I'll do that.
My God!
How could he
start the car, Juanita?
You'll be surprised what
that boy can do, Mona.
You must have learned to drive
working over at Luke station.
A boy just drove of
with my Porsche, plate...
Porsche. P-O-R-S-C-H-E.
That's right.
I don't know the color
hair, look...
Sissy, what did you mean
in that mysterious observation?
A yellow Porsche,
license plate MX-309, we...
I hate that song, Stella May.
Juanita would love.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we just received
a special news bulletin
from the UPI wire.
Hey, listen to this.
One of Hollywood's brightest young star
was killed early this evening
on California state highway,
route 466.
A head-on collision took
the life of James Dean.
The 24 years old star,
James Byron Dean, left...
Mona, you heard?
It's not James Dean.
I say it is not James Dean.
Mona, I feel so funny,
as if it were the end of the world,
or something.
Hold my hand.
Hold my hand too.
I think we should kneel down and pray,
or something.
Would you, Mona?
Please Mona, hold my hand!
Or light candles.
Hundreds of candles,
it would be lovely, don't you think?
No, we won't let he die.
His son will carry on in his place.
-It's not his son!
-It is.
Just because he's dead,
don't you kill me of.
It's his.
What color is your hair?
Do not know,
probably blond.
Look, officer, we just want
him brought home.
5 and Dime,
it's the only one in town.
Thank you.
Highway patrol sent
out a car after him.
I sure they will find him, Mona.
Please, don't worry.
I do worry.
I worry all the time.
I can't let that boy
out of my sight
for one second.
It's not my fault
that he turned out that way,
All the doctors, said so.
It was the shock
of him dying.
It just jostled his inside
and created...
A son.
Or a moron.
-Did you hear what I said?
He said he's a moron, moron.
I have to keep him
hidden from everybody
I feel so ashame.
You know what happens to me?
Whenever I look at his face,
I feel sick to my stomach.
Mona, that's enough.
He could have been
a famous movie star
and have his pictures
in all the magazines,
just like his daddy.
I bet you, Juanita,
I bet any amount of money
that somebody in this town
put him up to this.
They are always putting
him up to crazy things
to make him look foolish,
so they can laugh at him.
Nobody laughs.
-They do too.
They do too, to themselves.
Know why?
Cause, they're drunks.
-Are they sure that the boy...
-Yes they are sure, positive!
Oh, well...
There must be something
they can do,
I mean, there must be...
specialists or therapy...
You think they can cut
his sickness away
as easily as they did yours?
It is easy for you to say,
for him there is no cure.
His mind will never mature,
never catch up with
the rest of the body.
He will always be a child forever.
Just as you always wanted
him to be, did you not?
Leave her alone, Sissy,
that's enough.
It is not enough, no.
I'm fed up up to here
with your stories, Mona,
makes me want to puke.
And everything is going
to turn out fine.
Sugar, God is watching over him.
Good old God.
It won't hurt none,
for us to join hands
and say a little prayer.
I don't pray no more.
I gave it up for lint.
Belly button lint!
When was that, Sissy?
When you stopped praying?
Is it when Lester walked out?
Joe, I don't know what
the hell you're talking about.
-Sissy, he did not!
Look, sister...
Look mister, I don't know what
you're trying to be.
Well don't...
Mess with me,
cause you don't know shit.
I know more than you think.
-Sissy, It's gone?
No, it was not, Stella May!
He got a job
in Arabia or Lebanon,
one of them foreign places,
as a wild cat for some big oil company.
-How long was it?
-Two years ago.
He wanted me to go
over, but I...
Could you see me with a
bunch of foreigners?
I mean...
but he writes me all the time,
sometimes twice a week.
When is he coming back?
When he is God damn good and ready, Joe.
Bastard is making $200 daily,
why should he come back?
I said, "Do not worry me,
Lester T, I'll keep."
Gee, that is a very believable
explanation, Sissy,
but unfortunately
not accurate.
You know Joe, I don't know what
you think, but...
I know what he told me.
Lester T told...
Joe, I think you...
Excuse me, anybody know I'm
wrong, tell me
but I thought the last time
you spoken to Lester your overalls was wrapped
around your ankles
and you were bent over
a gravestone somewhere.
No, Kansas City,
couple of years back.
How the hell can he
be in Kansas City
when he's over in...
-It is true.
Look, Sissy...
Let's just say I know, alright?
And not say...
-What do we not say?
What about?
I want to know...
Everyone here wants to know,
you want to know, Stella May?
-You may regret it in the end.
-Oh, bullshit.
I may enjoy your lies.
Okay, it's your funeral.
It was one of those chance meeting,
you know?
One of those faces from the past
that jumped out from memory.
I was working in this bar,
every night I get up
on my little perch
next to the juke and
sing the records.
Remember, like we use to?
The record turns and
you move your mouth
into your phoney microphone
and pretend you are Eydie Gorme.
Fan out your arms
When he comes home to you
I'm warning you
Then one night, I was looking
over the crowd
from my perch and...
floating ovre a cloud of
cigarette smoke
was his face.
I will never forget
that face.
You want me to go on?
No you can got on,
and pretend all you want,
you don't know the
crap from christmas.
We'll see.
He sure gave me the once over
while I mouth...
His eyes went straight to my boobs,
like the first time we
encountered each other.
He came over to me and
said he loved my voice.
Sounds like, guess who?
Eydie Gorme.
He invited me to join him for a drink,
Which I did.
Bourbon with water,
isn't it, Sissy?
He bought me another and another
and finally he began
this wow full tale
about the wife he left behind,
the little woman...
Shut up, he did not.
-Know what?
Finish telling what she know what.
I told you
not to marry him.
He never loved you.
-He worshiped me.
He said that I had...
the largest pair of melons in the
whole state of Texas.
He told you that, didn't he?
Joe, he told me he loved me.
He said it was ahum...
repulsive to him, it disgusted him.
I didn't want anybody to know this.
what are you talking about,
Look at me.
Mona, I begged them not to take them,
but they it would...spread.
-It would...
Oh, I'm so sorry!
You should have told us before.
What do you want me to do,
Juanita, come in here
and rip open my blouse
and say, "Look everbody, no tits".
That would be cute, wouldn't it?
I was...
scared to death to tell anybody,
especially Lester T.
He loved them so much!
Every night, he would come
home and fall asleep on them.
That's silly?
He was a wonderful lover.
Every night, two or three
times we make love.
After the operation,
it whittle down.
Of course I was
prepared for that.
I use to cry all the time,
because I knew...
I knew one day he would
not love me no more,
and of course
that day came
and he left.
Did you sleep with him, Joe?
He took me to some cheap hotel
room where he was staying.
He begged and, he pleaded...
and I considered it.
But I couldn't.
I just laid back,
staring at the cracks in the ceiling,
like a road map.
Tracing the route that led me
to where I was
at that moment.
And the more miles I traveled,
the more hysterical I got.
I started laughing,
and I lost all control of myself.
I would have given anything to
see the expression on his face.
What happened then?
I stopped laughing.
Stopped? Why stop?
I would have laughed ...till I cry.
He was crying.
-Why was he crying for?
Because I was laughing.
Are you kidding me?
It good to laugh about this,
don't it?
I didn't laugh this
hard in a million year.
Everybody use to laugh at Sissy
with the watermelon boobs.
For years I had
to lug them around,
so everbody could squeeze them,
and feel them...
I doubt they give a rat's
arse about me though.
What do you think, Stell?
It isn't that fun.
Hey everybody out there in
McCarthy, Texas, guess what!?
They are rubber.
They are rubber tits.
-Get back in here.
-I don't care anymore, Juanita.
Sissy, I'm so sorry.
I don't want your
sympathy, Mona.
I sure pull the wool over
their eyes, didn't I?
Not real tits, just retreads.
I need a drink.
You my leave the
party at any time.
Do not feel you have to
remain on our account.
-I can't leave.
Without my car?
They will return it and Jimmy Dean
at any time now, I think.
It's just...
It makes me sick to
my stomach, to think
that people can be so cruel.
Oh, God!
What's so funny now?
You are.
I am?
"It just sick
stomach...just thinking
that people...are...are
can be so cruel."
I just don't understand,
what is keeping them so long.
Maybe the phone
is out of order.
There is nothing wrong
with the phone, it's gone.
I know he's gone,
I'm not blind.
So why do you think
everybody else is?
-I don't understand...
-You understand me perfectly!
He's gone, run away,
flown the coop.
Read my lips, he's gone.
-Please stop that.
He can't run away.
The boy doesn't even know
what the word "runaway" mean.
He knows nothing unless
I'm there to help him!
You know that, my God,
what do you...
He is helpless.
the boy is a child!
No, No. You know those comic books
he's always reading
they are men's magazines.
He ain't looking at Bugs Bunny,
or Porky Pig
he is looking at naked women.
No, no, nothing like that...
-Hell, he don't.
...those trashy magazines.
How did he?
-I gave them to him.
You pig!
You dirty filthy pig!
Put that dirty filth
hands off a...
She lied about that.
I'm wondering if you can
let go of my wrist
for 5 seconds.
Thank you.
You're sick.
You are a demented and I feel
you should be locked up.
He has nearly 20 years.
-With the mind of a 10 year-old.
No, you treat him like a child,
he is nearly 20 years-old.
Body and other else.
You lie.
Constantly, I find you
tell nothing but lies!
What about all them doctors...
You never took him
to one God damn doctor!
Not one!
Not one God damn doctor,
he told me so!
Then he is a liar too.
You're one that is lying, Mona.
The boy does not know
the truth.
I am his mother
and I know what he is.
I don't believe you.
I do not believe one thing
that you said.
I know what you're doing.
Is easy.
You trying to trick me,
that's all.
You're trying to trick me into saying...
Say what, Mona?
That he is not
son of James Dean?
How do you know?
-I was there.
-We all know.
We all know and accept it for years,
except you.
Edna Louise...
Did I not show you that beautiful...
piece of Reata
that I manage to retrieve
it from destruction?
Didn't show that?
Come on.
It is not so easily recognisable
from some I found in the past,
but maybe next year when I go,
I can a longer time.
Take this longer trip.
-They all know?
-Yes, they all know.
All these years?
Juanita, I'm asking
you this question.
We didn't see how
it was possible.
He being such a big
movie star and all.
Oh, I'm so embarassed,
I...I feel like such a fool.
I just want to be noticed, that's all.
Like that time when I was in "Giant"
and was chosen.
For the first time in my life,
I was chosen.
I chose you, Mona.
-I loved you.
-Hey, wait a minute.
You mean you were...
You're Jimmy Dean's fa...
Hey, Joe, you son of a bitch,
can I buy you a drink?
-Now you're talking, buddy.
That storm just passed on by,
like we don't even matter.
Probably on some town
that don't even need it.
It's so sad...
It's sad.
I just know I'm starting to cry.
Come on gal, get your crap together.
Believing is so funny,
isn't it?
What you believe in,
doesn't even know you exist.
Does this really think,
I know what it is?
Not a bit.
Here Juanita,
go and take a swig.
God is not looking.
Sidney said it did.
I tried to protect him.
I even lied to God,
so he take him into heaven.
Goodbye Mona.
I hope they find
Jimmy Dean for you.
I had such a very nice time.
Thank you all for liking me
and being nice to me,
although I am not very smart.
I think you are
a very nice lady...
whatever you are,
I'm very pleased to have met you.
Thank you.
That's not it, is it?
We are going to see each other again,
will not we?
Shall we make a pact?
20 years from tonight.
Oh, that is exciting,
some thing to look forward to.
I can send postcards
to remind us.
I won't let us forget each other.
Well, next time pick some place cooler,
for godsake.
We can have it at my house.
With all those kids running
around there is no room for you,
let alone us.
You know you give everything you got,
for one of them kids, you know it.
I wouldn't have one in the house.
Can't Merl have a baby.
What good are they for?
Merl says kid are only good with beans,
potato salad and barbecue.
I feel sorry for you.
Sorry for me?
Who the hell are you
to feel sorry for me.
-Edna Louise Johnson.
-And who the hell is that?
Someone very important
to my family and me.
We may not have a lot of money
or belong to a fancy country club,
but we are happy
with each other.
Christ, anyone can be happy.
Look at me!
Laugh my arse off all the damn time,
about anything.
-But you're not happy.
-I'm happy God damn it!
I never could stand people who
keep saying they're going to go,
and the never do.
I wonder when it was that,
made God turned away from me like that.
I think there are so many people
in the world nowadays
it must be hard for him to
give personal attention
like he used to.
I hope you found what you
came here looking for.
Well, Joe?
Sissy, look.
Deceiving to the eye.
That's what he was.
But it is time...
-I got an idea,
what about The McGuire Sisters get
together for one final number?
I don't want to,
I don't even recall them words.
Oh no, I don't even
know where I stand.
Come on, Sissy.
Come on over here and show us how again.
Alright, Joe, come on,
It's a good thing I'm here.
I remember you were
on the left hand side.
Mona, you were on the ever popular right
hand side and I was dead center.
Sissy, you're center
was never dead.
Come on, follow these bells
and swing.
-Let's be serious.
Oh, yeah, sincerely
Cause I love you so dearly
Please say you'll be mine
Oh, you know how I love me
I'll do anything for you
Please say you'll be mine
Oh lord, won't you tell me why
I love that guy I saw
He doesn't want me...
For I never, never, never, never...
Oh, sincerely...
Oh you know, how I love you...
I'll do anything for you...
Please tell me, you'll be mine...