Come, Closer (2010) Movie Script

Can I help you?
I'm sorry but where is this?
This is cafe.
I mean, which country is this?
This is Seoul, Korea
South Korea.
Oh, Korea. I have a friend
who works for a Korean company.
I see...
Are you calling
because of your friend?
Well, is there anything
I can do for you?
I'm looking for someone.
Well, it's just me here.
What's the person's name?
Ania is Polish, like me
Poland, People from Poland.
I don't know her.
So, are you calling from Poland?
No, I'm calling from Rotterdam.
Is that a country?
No, it's a city in the Netherlands.
Actually, I've been to
many cities looking for Ania.
Someone told me that she is here
but I guess she isn't.
I see.
Maybe she is not here, too.
So, Ania is your...
Fiance. It's a long story.
Well... I like stories.
Well, that's good,
because I have quite a story to tell.
So, tell me. I don't know
if I can help you, but...
I have some time.
Also you're lucky
because my English not bad,
not like other Korean.
Most people in Poland
can't speak English either.
Actually, it's always cloudy here,
and the clouds move real fast.
In Rotterdam?
Yes. It's not quite as cold as
Poland but it's always windy.
Other than that,
the weather's quite pleasant here.
Oh, and there are
a lot of seagulls.
You're at the beach?
Yes. And the crosswalk
signals make the loud ticking noises.
They sound of giant clocks.
That's interesting.
That's not all.
The streets are tidy, but there are
a lot of constructions going on.
The old giving way to the new.
A lot of Chinese live here, too.
And this morning, I saw a store selling
polar bears, of all things.
Seriously, Polar bears.
You're must be kidding.
It's hard to believe, I know.
Well, anything could be possible.
So, what else is interesting?
A lot of people riding bicycles,
and lots of Chinese people, too.
You already said that.
Are you running out of things to say?
Oh, no.
The little streams here are nice
and like I've said,
I like the weather here
I'm thinking of getting a job here.
What about Ania?
Yes, that's right.
Could you do me a favor?
Could you tell Ania I quit
and that I'm sorry?
I'll tell her if I see her.
But hey, this is Korea.
My phone card's running
out of money.
Okay. If I see Ania,
I will tell her.
Yes. Please do,
if you ever meet her.
Okay, I will.
Ania'll probably like the coffee here.
Ania doesn't drink coffee.
I see.
I really have to go now.
Okay. Wish you luck.
Thanks. By the way,
Ania doesn't like coffee but I do.
That's nice.
Yes. I'm Gruzek.
Ah, Gruzek. I'm Hyo-seo.
That's your name.
Goodbye Hyo-seo.
We lie still, in a line.
With the eyes closed
to see the unknown world.
If only there were
a station called Eternity,
I could ask you to come with me
to the eternity.
With a full knapsack
and a rose that never fades.
We lie still, in a line.
We lie still, in a line.
We lie still, in a line.
We lie still, in a line.
We lie still, in a line.
We lie still, in a line.
I heard you're dating a guy.
Is it true?
Is that what people say?
- You're tipsy, aren't you?
- No
I didn't think you'd
do something like this.
- It's boring, huh?
- No. It's interesting.
The drawings are really naughty
I like that.
The rumors must be wrong.
Is that him?
He's hot.
Is it true you like guys?
It must be.
I'm so embarrassed.
Coming here like this.
We're being awkward.
Yeah, awkward.
You must be a coward.
Are you scared?
The rain's stopping.
Do you want to do it with me?
that hurts.
What's wrong?
Are you okay?
It feels nice.
Try to move.
I'm sorry I need a minute.
It's alright.
Are you cold?
You like this?
Yeah, keep doing it.
If you want to come,
you can come.
Even after I come, don't stop.
Please keep doing.
I will.
It's so hard.
Oh, gosh...
What are you doing here?
Nothing, just being here.
Let's go, hurry.
Let's go.
How have you been?
You jerk.
Did you drink a lot?
Don't pretend you care, asshole
I've been thinking,
I'm not going to forgive you.
What have I done so wrong?
You ruined my life.
How are things with her?
I don't know.
You don't know?
You can't be doing well
I'm unhappy,
so you can't be happy.
I'm unhappy, so cope with me
shadowing you like this.
This is insane.
How will you make it up to me?
Make up what?
What you've done to me.
What are you talking about?
We dated and broke up. That's all.
And why are you being so rude?
Watch your language,
I'm older than you.
Is that why you fooled me around?
Because I'm young?
I didn't fool you around.
Stop the car.
Are you leaving?
I'm hungry
Get me something to eat.
Aren't you seeing anyone?
No. I'm dating impaired,
because of you
I'm too scared to date anyone.
Tell me the truth.
About what?
How soon did you start seeing
her after you broke up with me?
I told you.
No, I don't believe you.
If you don't want to, then fine.
Why would it matter now?
I'll never forgive you.
Did I commit a crime or anything?
My life can't be messed up like this
without me knowing why
I didn't do anything wrong to you.
I did all silly things you wanted.
Why should I just walk away?
Why this all of sudden...
It's a far past,
why are you doing this now?
Far past to you?
It's still present to me.
You treated me so bad,
you know?
I really did my best.
You need to be punished.
Is that why you're here again?
To punish me?
Yes You need to be punished.
What the heck have
I done to you?
Let's stop this.
That depends on you.
Don't answer that.
I said don't answer that.
You changed your hair.
It looks good on you.
Say something.
Anything, that'll help me
to get over you.
Why can't I be the one?
Why not me?
What can I say to you now?
Why didn't you work harder?
I really did my best.
Why didn't you do your best?
Your car's not going anywhere.
This road is pretty.
It's fall.
How timid you are...
Yes, I'm timid.
Why are you hung up on a timid guy?
Do you think I'm hung up on you?
I just want to punish your
absurdness in the name of justice.
I bet you do.
Why can't you forgive me
in the name of justice?
I'll be good from now on.
Are you saying you'll be good to her?
To her, To whomever, To anything.
Don't be good to her.
That's unfair.
What do you want me to do?
Why are you doing this?
Don't pretend to be nice
in front of her, you bastard!
Can we please stop?
Wow! She's so cute!
- How old is she?
- Two.
Wow! She's all grown up.
- What's her name?
- Mini
Mimi? So cute.
Look at her,
so cute, isn't she?
You really are very cute.
- Bye.
- Let's go.
You look a bit pitiful
standing like that.
What is the matter with you?
What did I do?
You're right, the weather's nice.
There was a time.
You used to like me, too.
You said you wanted me.
Yes. I did say that.
What changed?
I'm sorry.
I'm wearing really hot lingerie.
Aren't you curious?
I am curious, I really am,
but I'm not going to see it.
Why not?
Because I shouldn't.
You can show it to someone else.
Jerk. Why did you sleep
with me last time then?
You told me to
beg you for forgiveness.
Do you ask for forgiveness
by sleeping with someone?
You said it'd be the last time!
Do you know how hard
that was for me?
Was it hard sleeping with me?
Is that why you enjoyed so much?
Why? Do you feel guilty
toward her? Is that why?
Please let's stop.
Stay with me tonight.
You have to stay
with me tonight.
I can't.
Stay with me, or tell her you slept
with me that night!
We'll have a face off!
Crazy bitch... fuck!
Don't answer that.
It's yours.
Answer it.
There's a guy I'm seeing.
You said you're not seeing anyone.
You said you're dating impaired.
I lied. It's been two months.
But it's true I am impaired.
And it's true it's
because of you I'm impaired.
You need to keep feeling guilty.
Why do you want to sleep with me,
if you have a boyfriend?
I don't know.
I must have just said it.
He keeps trying to leave me, too.
Having been only two months.
This is all your fault,
because I'm dating impaired.
I'm not a monster,
so stop treating me like one.
And stop crying
with those funny noises.
I might come bugging you again,
if things don't work out with him.
I should go.
Want a ride?
You stink of alcohol.
Yeah. You're up?
I thought you were sleeping.
What were you up to?
Sorry. I had a drink after work
with the guys next door.
Did it bother you?
It's not that...
I got a hard-on,
maybe 'cause I was up all night.
Ah... it's nice
and cozy.
Is this cozy to you?
It feels like I'm home.
Will you look at me?
Happy now?
What is it?
What's wrong?
I'm just a little tired.
Tired of what?
Is this about me?
I just need to think.
I want to stay like this for a while.
You sensitive little bastard.
It's okay.
You'll ruin your health
drinking like that.
But, I don't drink that much.
Be careful anyway, asshole.
You know what?
I remember you as
a high school boy sometimes.
What do you remember about me?
You were... quiet.
You said you don't remember me.
I was invisible to you.
Yeah. You were like
that in high school.
I wished I were you.
I really did.
That's why I began to like you.
Because I wanted to become you.
I wanted to have you.
What's this we have?
There were days
I felt you were my whole world.
You mean it changed now?
I still like you.
I still think of you all the time.
Did something change?
I think so.
What do you mean,
you think so?
I don't want to
make love to you anymore.
You don't want to fuck me?
I don't want to fuck you.
Since when?
We still enjoy each other.
Yeah, I like sex with you
because you enjoy it
but that's all it means to me,
that you enjoy it.
That's why I enjoyed it too,
I was never satisfied myself.
I guess it wasn't
only pleasure to me.
You were never satisfied?
You never enjoyed sex with me?
I did enjoy,
because you were enjoying.
And I liked to give you pleasure.
that was it.
Are you seeing someone else?
I asked you a question.
Why the hell
are you telling me this now?
I wanted to be honest.
I don't know what that means.
Just answer.
Are you fucking seeing someone else?
Is it someone I know?
Who is it, sucker?
It's someone from school.
It's a girl.
do you enjoy fucking her?
Yeah. I think so.
I'm sorry.
How awesome, you son of bitch.
I'm sorry.
Shut up.
It must have been painful to be
with me all this time.
This is hard for me, too.
You must have been disgusted petting
and jerking off my cock.
I liked it.
You did?
And, you like something
better than me.
Better than you?
I don't know.
You're surely heavier than her.
Stop fucking nonsense.
You'd better shut up,
before I blow your damn face
I'll move out tomorrow.
Good. Fuck off.
You mean you're leaving, right?
If I could choose,
I want to like you more.
Are you really Young-soo I know?
I'm sorry.
What is she like?
Have you always preferred girls?
I don't know.
I really liked you,
But, I just...
found something I like more now.
What about what we have?
Are you okay with this?
I don't know.
Even if we go on like this.
There will be cracks between us.
I won't be happy anyway.
It's not good for any of us.
You and me,
We can't be together anymore.
You don't make me happy anymore,
and I already told you that.
We can't keep going like this
I want...
this to end.
What the hell are you saying?
we've been together
for long enough.
More than enough
with a pathetic moron like you.
You don't have to leave.
I'll leave. You'd better
pack up while I'm gone.
You'll regret if I see you again.
You'd better watch out.
In fact, you should
just disappear for good.
No, you're not going anywhere.
You'd better stay there.
You'd better stay right there until
I come back,
or I'm going to kill you.
What the hell are we doing,
Have you ever been
on the Namsan cable car?
Cable car? No
I've never been even up to Namsan.
How come you
Seoul kid haven't been up to Namsan?
That's exactly why I've never been.
I bet you've been to all those
63 building and aquarium.
It's usually the country kids
who hit all the city tourist spots.
Is that so?
I like going up and down
on the cable car sometimes.
I bet you do it every time
you get a new man.
OK, keep going.
How nice of you to say that.
I haven't been there with a guy.
I like going there by myself.
It's pitiful doing
that alone in an old age.
You go there hoping
a guy might ask you out?
You are so hopeless.
Can't you respect me
for once as a woman?
- Hye-young.
- Yeah?
Remember my sister, In-young?
She's six years younger than me.
When I was young, girls in her age
didn't seem like girls to me.
Now, women six years older
don't seem like women to me.
You're such a jerk.
I'm saying you need to look for
a guy among those 40ish year olds.
I have no problem
with a 40ish year old man.
It'd rather date a mature gentleman
than an immature loser like you.
Hey, you think the guys around
40 are mature?
Guys only think with their dicks.
What's wrong with dick?
I mean the dick...
- As long as the dicks...
- Stop!
As long as the dicks work
properly guys never get mature.
You know the thing called reason.
To guys, the reason?
It's used only to resolve the mess
we've made with the dicks.
- I said stop.
- Hey, dick isn't a bad word.
It's in the dictionary.
And, do men get mature
when their dicks doesn't work?
That's a totally different story.
That's when they turn into perverts.
Look at reality, huh?
Who's calling whom perverts?
Look at them
Aren't they amazing?
They're all over each other.
They're not afraid of anything.
They're giving each other everything.
They're not scared.
Right, they'll get all
worn out in the end.
Yeah, worn to tatters...
After some breakups and makeups,
they'll be run out of feelings.
Is that what you are?
Out of feeling?
I don't know.
I'm all worn to tatters.
Yeah. I'm sure you are.
So, are you full of passion?
No, but I pretend I am.
What do you mean you pretend?
I pretend to take
someone else's passion.
While yours is long lost already?
Yeah. I want stability.
Having passion in my heart?
It's too scary.
I don't have the strength left
in me to do that.
But girls keep trying to give me
that passion.
The fieriness of love?
I like to take that passion.
Why do you want to take
when you're not giving any yourself?
Wouldn't it revive my passion?
I feel like I'm disappearing.
- What is it?
- Hold this.
But the thing is,
those worn out girls also want stability.
They don't give out any passion.
In what way?
I want to feel my heart fluttering
but they want to be comfortable.
I'm in a flutter in the beginning,
but the girls...
They get too comfortable with me,
once they sleep with me.
They boss me around,
look for comfort, be demanding.
Overnight, I turn into a
6 year-long boyfriend.
Feeling stable can be
a way of passion for girls.
- You're so ignorant of girls.
- Hello.
- I love your music.
- Thank you.
Will you sign my CD?
- What's your name?
- Soo-jin
You're so pretty.
No, you're much prettier than me.
Right, you're prettier.
Thank you.
- Can I have yours, too?
- Sure.
You make such a nice couple.
Don't say that loud. Do you have
a single uncle by any chance?
Preferably around 40.
Hye-young fancies older men,
the mature gentlemen.
Your friend seems really... nice.
Seriously, introduce her
if you can think of any nice uncle.
It's okay if he's married and
going through a rough patch, too.
When you're older, you get more
open-minded and more flexible.
Don't listen to him.
Do you want me to sign your CD?
No. I'm good.
Do we seem like we're dating?
Yeah. I thought you were,
since you look so good together.
You shouldn't think so.
- Will you take a picture with me?
- Sure.
One, two, three.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- You should take one, too.
- Me?
Wow. You're really tall.
One, two, three.
Thank you.
May I take a picture with you?
One, two, three.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
No. I should be thanking you.
Thank you!
Will you wipe
that grin off your face?
Those kids are so sweet.
Being pretty means being sweet.
It's worth living.
Are you still eager
to be excited? So bad?
Of course.
I think that guy is
on an exciting stage.
Seemed like his heart
was throbbing.
That guy... It's him, right?
It's not been long since breakup.
He replaced you quite quick.
He didn't start dating her while
he was with you, did he?
You are really annoying.
Yeah. I'm sure he didn't.
I don't want the flutter anymore.
I don't want the comfort either.
I just like being alone.
It's a little annoying that
I have to walk this nice road with you.
But I guess this goes well
with this worn-out loser.
Guys who pretend to be nice
all turn out to be jerks like you.
There's nothing left to expect
from seeing someone.
They're all shitty once you take off
the cover called memories
I don't want to
pretend to be happy again.
I don't know what I get
from it I've lost everything.
However different they look at first
in the end, they look all the same.
They're all idiots.
You're talking like an idiot for once.
Like me.
Yeah, I'm turning into you
hanging out with you so much.
You know, the rumors
that we're dating.
I don't think that's too damaging
to my reputation.
You're really not my type.
Let me make that clear.
The scandal with you maybe
enhances my value or something?
Some guys like you,
and you're quite popular.
I'm sure you'll find a nice uncle.
Have you ever seen a baby pigeon?
Me, neither.
No one's seen one.
Right. I don't think
I know anyone who has.
Maybe there are no baby pigeons.
There are only grown-ups?
Pigeons are just pigeons
from the first place.
How many tears are
flowing in that smile of yours?
How many sighs have
filled up our promises?
We speak of love.
We hear of love.
These moments feel so stuffy
like a heavy coat of makeup.
Once everything passes.
It's all will be the same story.
It doesn't matter who.
It doesn't matter where.
In the end...
- It'll all be the same.
- We can dream again.
It doesn't matter who.
It doesn't matter where