Come Fly with Me (2023) Movie Script

Good morning.
Yes, it is.
Howdy, everybody!
- Mornin'.
- Morning.
I trust
you've all had an opportunity
to look over the ops manual.
Before we dive in,
I just want to take
this opportunity
to officially welcome
the newest members of our team--
"Hawk" Gilbert
and "Blitz" Fitzgerald.
Welcome, guys.
as our training gets underway,
we're gonna be working
in two teams--
the four-aircraft
"Diamond" formation, led by me.
Our goal is to demonstrate
the training and precision
of Air Force pilots.
And the "Solos"--
you two
are expected to highlight
the maximum capabilities
of the F-16.
And, together,
the Diamond and the Solos...
will give us
the Delta Formation.
Now, all right.
Let's get to it.
The Thunderbirds
are ambassadors
to the United States Air Force.
Our precision flying demonstrations
and our involvement with
communities across the country
support our mission
to inspire others
to excellence.
It's also our job to put on
one heck of an air show!
Thunderbird 6
cleared for takeoff.
Runway 3, left.
Thunderbird 6, maintain 8,500.
Now at departure,
Thunderbird 6
is passing 3,000 feet
for 8,500.
Lu, your mom's home.
Hey, kiddo!
What are you doing up?
Just wanted to see you.
Oh. Do you want
a warm drink before bed?
- Oh!
- Uh-huh.
Grandma's specialty.
Look at that.
That's true.
I remember my grandma would
make me a cup of warm milk
if I couldn't sleep.
I was about Lucy's age.
Grandmas are the best.
Yes, they are.
All right, let's get you
to bed, sleepy-head.
Thanks, Mom.
I looked up that bird
we saw last week,
and you owe me an ice cream.
Oh? Was I wrong?
It was an osprey,
not a hawk.
Okay, smartie.
Well, one ice cream
for winning that bet.
Hey, have you, uh...?
Have you seen my keys?
Here you go.
How'd they get in there?
What would you do without me?
I'd definitely be lost.
Yeah, and so would your keys.
Yeah. Where are we
flying to today?
I have some ideas.
Okay, Captain.
Morning, Aiesha.
Paul! Payroll is all done.
Just waiting
for you to sign off.
I don't know
what I would do without you.
You'd be late with payroll.
Uh, thank you for the bonus.
It was unexpected.
I appreciate it.
I appreciate you.
Time to take that vacation.
Are you still planning
on going on that camping trip
with your family?
Yes. Everyone
is getting excited
about trying
some new rock-climbing routes.
The employee discount
really helped
with getting all the gear.
Thank you.
Anytime. You deserve it.
I'm taking Alice
to her doctor's appointment
today after school.
I'll remind you at two.
- Oh, and Aiesha?
- Hmm?
Please let Ricky know
I love what he did
with this display.
Of course.
Afternoon, Carol.
How is my favorite future pilot?
Uh, training's going well.
My ground crew could use
a little work, though.
Yeah, she's definitely
keeping her dad in line.
Alice, I'd like you to meet
my granddaughter, Lucy.
She just moved here from Japan
with her mom.
Oh, my gosh!
You know the Pilot Girls?
you have the limited-edition
aviation Pilot Girls backpack?
Where did you get that?
I got it in Japan.
I also have a lot of
their other stuff, too.
Didn't see that coming.
Wait till she finds out
Lucy's mom
is a Thunderbird pilot.
Your mom's a Thunderbird?
Newest recruit on the team.
That's amazing! So--
It's just wonderful
having them home.
Lucy's mostly been overseas
since she was born.
- Hmm.
- How's Alice doing?
She's good.
Well, she's pretty good.
She transferred
to Jones Middle School.
Most of her friends are still
at Hastings Elementary,
so it's taking her
a little bit to adjust.
Lucy's going there as well.
That's where
I'm going to school, too.
Looks like Dr. Yvonne
is ready for you.
I'll be right back.
Come on, kiddo.
All right.
How you doing?
Just trying
to let it all sink in.
Well, please,
don't hesitate to call
if you have any questions,
about anything.
Thank you.
Oh. Excuse me.
Is everything okay?
Oh, no. Yeah.
No, it-- it slipped my mind.
Um... Okay, of course.
No, I am honored.
Um, I'll be there before close.
Uh, Carol?
I donated a scholarship
to a few kids
that just graduated high school.
I still need to pick up
the certified checks.
So, uh...
I hate to break this up,
but we gotta go.
Paul, we're almost done
for the day.
Lucy and I
are just gonna head home.
Why don't
we take Alice home with us
and you can pick her up
when you're done with work?
Please, Dad?
Well, I know better than
to mess with the Pilot Girls.
Hey, Mom.
Hi, honey.
How you doing today?
Oh, I'm tired.
Who's Lucy's playdate?
That's Alice.
She's been a patient
at the office
since she was a baby.
I introduced
the two of them today.
Her father had
something come up,
so I offered
to bring her home with us.
Those two are getting along
like two peas in a pod.
And they're gonna be
going to the same school!
I can't believe
I was so busy
I missed when my daughter
made a new friend.
Oh, a new job,
a new town?
That's a lot
to take in all at once!
Of course, you're gonna
feel overwhelmed.
It is my dream job.
I just...
I hope that now that I have it,
I can pull it off.
All you've ever wanted
since you were a little girl
is to fly
and be a Thunderbird.
You made that happen.
You have been
beating expectations
and pushing the envelope
your whole life.
Now you can do this, too.
Hey, Mom.
Um, this is Alice.
She knows anime,
she goes to the same school,
and she wants to be a pilot,
just like you.
What's it like,
being a real pilot?
Do you... Do you ever feel
like you're floating?
Or have you ever ejected?
Oh! What's your call sign?
Uh, well, that last part
is classified, but...
have a seat.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Can I help you?
I'm Paul.
I'm here for my daughter, Alice?
Dark hair.
Blue eyes.
Come in! Come in!
We've just finished dinner.
That must be Carol.
Uh, yeah. Come in.
Paul, this is
my daughter, Emma.
Hi. Sorry.
It's been a long day.
I can relate.
Why don't you have a seat?
We're just about
to have dessert.
Girls, help me clear the table.
I've got treats.
I've got mochi!
Oh. My favorite.
Uh, so, Mom tells me
that you have an outdoor store?
Mm-hmm. Everything you need
to enjoy the great outdoors.
Camping, fishing,
rock climbing--
you name it.
I don't enjoy
the great outdoors.
It's turned on me before.
Okay, what are you
talking about?
I was a Junior Girl Scout
and had a run-in with a raccoon,
so, I prefer to stay
in the sky now.
Well, I bet
we could change your mind.
I mean-- the store
could change your mind.
I do love a good challenge.
Your mom, she told me
that you're a Thunderbird.
Now, that sounds
pretty exciting.
- Yeah.
- What position do you play?
I fly "Opposing Solo".
Ah, well, that sounds lonely.
Oh, it's not. It's not.
Especially when
you're flying 500 miles per hour
straight at another jet,
and they're going
the same speed.
Okay, I stand corrected.
That sounds terrifying.
It can be, yeah.
Were you talking about
one of the opposing passes?
"Inverted" or "Calypso"?
'Cause my favorite
is definitely "Knife's Edge".
Oh! Impressive.
You know your maneuvers.
Get ready.
It's gonna be all about
airplanes now.
Don't I know.
Dad, Emma's call sign
is "Blitz".
Isn't that cool?
Oh, that's a great name.
How'd you get it?
Uh, it's classified.
you can call me "Blitz".
You have to earn the right
to know what it means.
It's between us pilots.
She told you?
You know already?
She likes me!
Girl's not wrong.
So, when do you think
I can come see your plane?
Oh, sweetheart, I'm sure
there's lots of rules.
Oh, yeah, there are,
but Alice has someone
on the inside now.
So, I'll put the request in,
and it shouldn't take
too long to clear.
Really? Like, what?
Like, a week?
It's classified.
I'll let Alice know.
All right. Well,
I see I'm outnumbered here.
Carol... delicious.
This was a huge help today.
Thank you for everything.
Oh, our pleasure.
Come on, kiddo.
Let's fly.
Do you want to come
to the store tomorrow?
Mom, can I?
Yeah. Yeah, sure.
It's the Pilot Girls'
secret handshake.
You must earn the right to know.
That's right.
It's classified.
And I know it.
I'm gonna find out
what your call sign means.
May I be excused?
Yes, of course. Of course.
Thank you.
he certainly
got your attention.
Ohh. Mom.
I barely have time
for you and Lucy,
let alone dating.
I need to stay focused.
I'm just saying
that he is a very sweet guy,
and an amazing dad.
Yeah, I got that.
I just-- I still have
so many challenges at work,
and I need to master
my maneuvers.
Thank you so much
for dinner.
Love you.
Love you.
All right, let's review
the Opposing Knife Edge pass.
Now I'll be constant,
down the center
of the show line,
and call the marks.
Your job is to see me
and adjust your timing
for us to cross
at the show center safely.
Now, timing is critical.
No room to be late
on the moves...
not like Hawk over here.
Hey, I'm on time in the air--
where it counts.
Right. Any questions?
Do you always start out
on this maneuver?
I've seen
your combat record, Blitz.
You can handle it.
- Just jump in.
- Trust your instincts.
Stay in the zone.
You know, there's a reason
why they get Frost here
to run this exercise.
Yeah? Why's that?
Because of the "frost"
you will get
if anything goes sideways.
Blitz, time to work
on our first maneuver--
Knife Edge.
Setting up
for the Knife Edge.
Hang on.
Keep it tight.
Coming at you.
On my mark...
Okay, one more time.
Don't hesitate.
Got it.
...hit it!
How'd you feel out there?
Well, I'd rather not be late.
You pushed it a little close.
Remember, you can't half-commit,
or wait for my call.
You'll have to anticipate,
or you'll be late.
"Anticipate, don't hesitate."
That's what the solos
are about--
knowing when to make
the call yourself.
Gotta trust my instincts.
This training
has a steep learning curve.
You've got the skills.
You wouldn't be here
if you didn't.
Trust me.
You're doing great.
So? How'd it go?
Well, there's...
a little room for improvement.
Ah. Sounds a lot like
Hawk's day over here.
Hey, we're talking
about Blitz here.
I feel like
I should be getting this.
Nah. You'll be leaving us
in the dust in no time--
calling me out
for sloppy formations.
Yeah, that's the truth.
You know, it takes time
to get used to flying
with a new team.
We shouldn't be
so hard on ourselves.
We'll get there.
We'll get it.
This system's gonna work.
Lucy, can you help me
with these boxes?
Sure. Where?
Okay. There are colors
and dots and stars.
The pinks go over here
with the dots.
The blues
go with the stars.
And then, the greens
go over there with the lions.
The lions?
I ran out of hearts.
This is fun.
It's like "Go Fish".
What's that?
Oh. It's my scar.
From what?
When I was little,
I had to have operations
on my heart.
It starts here...
and it goes down to about...
What happened?
When I was born,
one side of my heart was lazy.
It still doesn't pump blood
like it's supposed to.
Dr. Yvonne says
the problem's progressing,
and I might need a new one.
Are you scared?
Not really.
I mean, I'm more worried
about my dad.
he tries
to be brave about it, but...
I can always tell
when he's scared.
That's why I keep him organized.
One less thing to worry about.
to Outdoor Supply Company.
Can I help you?
Hi. I'm Emma.
I'm Lucy's mom.
I'm here to pick her up.
Oh, nice to meet you.
I'm Aiesha.
Lucy's been so much fun
to have around.
Good little worker, too.
Oh! That's very nice to hear.
Thank you.
What do you think?
Very impressive. Yeah.
I'll let the girls know
you're here.
I wanted to say thank you
for saving me this week.
Yeah. With Mom and I
both working,
it's been really difficult
to figure out
what to do with Lucy
after school.
It's so different being here
than on base.
How so?
Well, the base in Japan
is like a community.
So, you have a military I.D.
to get on,
and then, once you're there,
there are plenty of safe spaces
for kids to play together.
And if we were on base,
I didn't really worry
about where Lucy was.
Yeah, that is very different.
Yeah. Here,
everything's so spread out.
Gotta drive everywhere, and...
anyway, thank you.
No problem.
It's been fun having both girls.
Alice likes to keep
everything organized
and Lucy has been right there,
happily helping.
Those two are great together.
Lucy's been an absolute joy
to have around.
Hey, uh, check this out, huh?
Who doesn't need this?
It's great for camping
or for walking the dog at night.
Keeps you warm... and safe.
I think I need one.
You're, uh, quite the salesman.
Come on.
Let me take you on a tour.
Hiking and outdoor supplies.
Camping, to the left.
right here to your right.
RVs, outside.
We even have
a climbing wall.
Only thing
you're missing is a lake.
Oh, no.
We have that covered, too.
There's a small pond
by the campers in the back.
You're joking.
What made you decide
to open an outdoor store?
I was raised by my grandma.
You know, she was always
taking me on adventures.
Summers were the best.
We'd pack up the RV,
then we would go cross-country.
You know, camping, fishing...
hiking in Wyoming.
Pick peaches in Georgia.
We even drove through
New York City.
That sounds wonderful.
- Yeah.
- When did you open the store?
Oh, no.
That was all Grandma.
She started a neighborhood store
when I was in high school.
Yeah. She knew exactly
what to stock,
and the place took off.
I stayed close.
I went to UNLB Business School,
and we built
this place together.
One more thing--
the kids' section.
Oh... very cool.
I have one for you.
Hey, Dad.
Hey, Mom.
Nice raccoon.
Oh, no, no.
That one's just for you.
But where there's one...
there's usually more.
Here, Lucy. This one's for you.
I love it.
Thank you so much.
I've always been
wanting to pet one.
Well, we'd better be going.
Grandma is making dinner.
Come on.
Hey, Blitz.
Any hints
on what that call sign means?
Not a chance.
Dad... you're not ready yet.
It was worth a shot.
So, what did you do today?
Alice's dad helped us
with our homework,
then me and Alice
organized the store.
I liked it.
It was fun.
Well, I'm not
gonna complain about that!
How 'bout you?
Sorry. I was just...
looking at the maneuvers.
Alice told me today
about her heart.
She said if it gets any worse,
she's gonna have to go on a list
to get a new one.
Alice is gonna be okay.
Dr. Yvonne is the best.
She's gonna take
great care of her...
and so will I.
Thanks, Grandma.
Mom, can I go watch
Pilot Girls now?
Yes. Yeah, sure, honey.
Go ahead.
I had no idea
it was that bad.
with her diagnosis,
they can go along
living their version of normal,
and then something
will change.
Poor Paul.
I can't imagine
what he must be going through.
It's been a long road
for him.
What happened to her mom?
Alice's mom died
when she was two.
Paul has been mom and dad
ever since.
He loves that girl
more than anything.
I just couldn't
get rid of the Cessna.
We've had it
since Whit was a baby.
MaryAna and I flew it here
from Texas
with two kids
and a chihuahua.
Sounds like one of
those old Vacation movies.
Yeah, well,
it was quite an adventure.
MaryAna said, next time,
I can take the kids,
and she will fly first-class.
Oh. Excuse me.
How's Diamond practice going?
Ah, one day,
I feel like I got it,
the next day,
it's like I've never done
the maneuver before.
I feel the same with Solo.
It's like playing whack-a-mole.
Frost says everyone
feels like that
their first year.
That's what Rocker said.
I guess we should believe them,
but some days...
Briefing room.
Everybody, come take a seat.
So, up until this point,
we've been practicing
as two teams--
the Diamonds and Solos.
And today's the big day--
Delta Day,
where we bring the two together.
Cruising as one perfect unit.
Unless someone messes up.
That's not gonna happen.
Yes, sir.
Isn't it our job
to merge with the Diamonds?
But it's also on us
to adjust for the Solos.
Well, it's about teamwork.
It's about adapting
to each other
and to new environments.
We'll make it happen, sir.
Good. Let's get started.
Good to see you--
and your new hairdo.
Why, thank you.
It's all in the name of fun.
Those rollers are a little big
for your short hair,
aren't they?
It's never too late
to try new things.
Mom, it's
the new TikTok challenge.
It's a 90-second makeover.
You're next, Blitz.
That's right.
Your chair awaits.
Come on, Mom. Sit.
What are you
getting me into?
You've got 90 seconds.
I see you guys do
lots of outdoorsy stuff.
Camping's good for the soul.
Says who?
How was school today, sweetheart?
Zoe Curran invited us
to her birthday party.
- Ah.
- She's so nice.
Uh, Zoe's dad flies
with the Aggressor Squadron
at Nellis.
Have you met him?
Uh... Major Patrick Curran.
He was a Thunderbird,
like, a year ago.
Oh. Um, not yet.
Close your eyes.
Zoe's party's
gonna be at the store.
At the store, huh?
Well, there should be plenty
of adult supervision then.
we just let them run wild.
Well, that sounds fun
for the girls.
You should come, Mom.
Oh, I've gotta study, honey.
So, Lucy's been telling us
all the places you've lived.
That sounds inspiring.
Oh, it can be.
It's also kind of exhausting.
Air Force tours for officers
are three years overseas
and two years stateside.
We move a lot.
20 seconds left.
Does-- Does that mean
you're moving in two years?
Unfortunately, yes.
Sometimes, they make exceptions,
but it's rare,
and mostly luck.
Focus, girls.
We're running out of time.
- Um, we need more black.
- Yeah.
Ooh, definitely more black.
Five seconds.
That's better.
Time's up. Brushes down.
- Done.
- Done.
What's wrong?
Nothing. Um...
...absolutely nothing.
Nice work, ladies.
I can't stop thinking
about you moving.
One year, 11 months,
and counting.
It just doesn't seem fair.
I know, right?
I finally found a place
where I really want to stay.
There has to be a way.
Nope. I've tried
everything before.
Promised to get better grades,
do more chores...
I even faked being sick.
That one kind of backfired.
I got it!
Wouldn't it be great
if my dad liked your mom?
How great would it be
if we were sisters?
We need something
that gets them together...
That's gonna be hard.
My mom's really busy
with her training stuff.
My dad's busy, too.
I don't think
he's ever dated before.
Same with my mom.
Okay, we're gonna need
to teach them how to date.
We need to get your mom
and my dad
to Zoe's birthday party.
That could work.
You got us.
It is a good hiding place.
Do we have to go now?
Gotta finish our homework.
See you later, Fred.
Hoo! Hoo!
What are you
feeling like today, huh?
Um, not sure.
or the daily special?
Surprise me.
I kind of feel sorry
for Blitz.
Well, she just moved here
and she doesn't really
have any friends.
Well, she's busy
with the Thunderbirds.
I'm sure she's friends
with all of them.
Dad, you know work friends
are different.
Okay, when did you turn 30?
I'm just saying!
Like, I don't know...
I was thinking
maybe you could invite her
to help you
at Zoe's birthday party.
I don't think Emma
would be very excited
about going
to a kid's birthday party
at an outdoors store.
Okay, but lots of
the other kids' parents
are gonna be there.
She could make some friends.
It's a good point.
Hadn't thought of that.
Syrup or berries?
Uh... berries, please.
You got it.
Yes, please.
Maybe both.
Ahem. Hi, sweetheart.
How you doing?
I'm okay.
How long was I out?
'Bout an hour.
You were snoring.
Was not.
Was too.
You did not!
Oh, I miss these snuggles.
Me too, Mom.
Sorry I've been so busy.
I know I haven't been
around for you much.
It's okay
now that Alice is my friend.
Well, I know
this must be hard on you,
and I appreciate
you being such a trooper.
Do you still have
to study Saturday?
It's Zoe's birthday party.
It'll only be a couple of hours.
I really want you to come.
I miss being with you.
You're gonna play that card?
How can I say "no"
to that face?
I'm so excited.
Alice said
this is the only place
to get Zoe's birthday gift.
I love it.
Yeah, those are pretty cool.
Come on.
Let's see what else they have.
Mom, can we look
at these first?
Plants? Okay.
Girls name them,
like pets.
They're cute.
This is great.
Now we can look together.
Uh, yeah... let me show you
where the good stuff is.
Can we go on our own?
Sure, yeah.
Call if you need us.
We'll be fine.
Yeah. And we'll probably take
a long time.
You don't think that they...?
Seems that way.
Of course.
Those two always
conveniently find each other.
You want to join me at the cafe
while they're busy?
Sure, yeah.
Good idea.
They have
the best iced tea here.
Whenever I pass through
this part of town, I stop.
So you mean whenever
you have to make
a mandatory stop
at the Girl's Boutique?
Yeah, that sounds about right.
It's nice that you do
stuff like this with Alice.
And that's great
that she has a dad
who is not afraid
of wild animals,
and also isn't
afraid of girly things.
Ah, it's part of the gig,
and I enjoy it all.
So, aside from your gig
as an awesome dad,
what part of your other job
do you enjoy the most?
You know, that's tough.
I love the team atmosphere
we've created at the store,
but I think
the most rewarding part
is when our advice
or our gear
helps someone get outdoors
to create
their own memorable experience.
Hmm. That's nice.
That's a good way
to connect with people.
I've had some of my most
profound life experiences
It's the only place I feel like
I can really clear my mind
and be fully present.
Thank you.
Anyway, enough about me.
How's training?
Oh, it's great.
I'm really feeling it.
Every muscle in my body hurts
from pulling Gs.
Oof. What are they
doing to you?
Well, we started
Delta Formation this week,
which is really exciting,
but the maneuvers are tight,
so my hand went numb
from holding the position.
It'll get better,
but just don't expect me
to text for a couple days.
Alice has
the Delta poster in her room.
It looks like your wings
are almost touching.
They almost are.
At times, we fly about
18 inches away from each other.
Wow. That's close.
Yeah. Yeah.
It's definitely different
from how I'm used to flying.
Yeah, but you're doing it.
I've only known you
for a short time,
but I feel like
you can do anything.
- Hmm.
- I mean it.
I-I really believe that.
Thank you.
Thanks. I wouldn't trade
this experience for anything.
I really love what I do.
I love challenging myself,
being a part of a team.
It really is
a dream come true.
You light up
when you talk about flying.
Alice does
the exact same thing.
I remember being her age,
and just having this desire
to get in the sky.
I know
exactly how she feels.
My little girl
never ceases to amaze me.
It surprises me sometimes
how much she's aware of.
I feel
the same way about Lucy.
We're gonna have to keep
our eye on those two.
They're up to something.
Oh, you can count on it.
Have you thought about
coming to the birthday party?
I am looking for an assistant.
Oh. For what?
Well, I decided to put together
this friendly competition
to see who can set up a tent
the fastest.
Well, I haven't
set up a tent in years.
I don't think I'd be much help.
That's okay.
The kids'll feel better
if you're setting your tent up
Oh. Well, at least
my inexperience
can help the children
feel better about themselves.
You know, on second thought,
you might want
to show up early to practice,
so you're not too terrible.
I'll help you.
What do you say?
Okay, I'll come.
"Hometown Hero" nominee
is Paul Wagner.
He owns The Outdoor Store
in Henderson.
I know that guy.
"The Hometown Hero"?
Yeah. Hometown Hero
is someone
who goes above and beyond
for the community.
This guy had
the most nominations we've seen
in a long time.
He does a lot.
This guy custom-made
a piece of outdoor equipment
for a friend of mine
with a disability.
Didn't even charge him.
And, last year,
when that flash flood
hit the homes in Henderson,
he loaned out RVs, campers,
and supplies to the community
to help get those displaced
back on their feet.
And there's a lot more here.
Plus, he's got a daughter
who wants to be a pilot.
Just proof
she's being raised right.
We give the Hometown Heroes
a true Thunderbird experience--
a flight in an F-16--
which is scheduled for...
and we still need someone
to pick up the ride.
We have a Diamond practice
scheduled that day.
Ah, well, I can do it.
I know him.
His daughter and mine
are best friends, actually.
He's been good to us.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Well, thanks for stepping up.
Public Affairs
is reaching out to him today
to confirm.
They'll send you protocol.
So make sure you clear it
with Boss.
Nice work, Paul.
You made it through
your ejection-seat training
and your flight-suit fitting.
You look good.
I didn't realize so much prep
goes into
just taking a ride in a jet.
Well, we try not to hurt
our Hometown Heroes.
Just "try"?
I gotta admit,
the possibility of passing out
and getting airsick--
it did kill the buzz a bit.
Oh, you'll be fine.
Your G-suit will help
with the passing out.
Only you can
control the other thing.
I'll do my best.
I would appreciate that.
I'll be talking to you
throughout the entire process
so that you know
what's going on.
When I get the plane airborne,
I'll pull the gear up,
and then we'll accelerate
to about 450 knots.
That's over 500 miles an hour!
All right.
Let's head out
to the practice field
for your ride.
Carol, Alice, and Lucy
will be waiting for us
when we touch down.
We'll be flying the F-16
"D" model today.
Can I fly this thing
from the backseat?
You can...
but you won't.
Yeah, I had no idea
what you do.
This is incredible!
Mm-hmm. Best job in the world.
When did you know
you wanted to become a pilot?
Mm. Always.
My Uncle Joe--
my mom's brother--
used to take me up in his Cessna
when I was a kid,
and when I was
about Alice's age,
he let me hold the controls--
I was hooked.
Huh. Lucky girl.
And then what happened next?
What do you mean?
Well, how'd you go
from flying a Cessna
to a... a Thunderbird?
Oh! Ha.
You want my resume.
Student pilot license at 14,
solo at 16,
Air Force Academy,
pilot training,
fighter slot...
assignments here and there.
So when you go in,
you go all-in.
I like that.
That's enough about me.
What about you?
You don't seem
very nervous right now.
I trust you.
So, you gonna let me know
how you got
that call sign, Blitz?
Absolutely not.
You haven't earned it... yet.
Oh, ho, ho. Okay.
Let's get our G-suits on.
All right!
Ready back there?
Go for it.
You feel that kick?
Oh, yeah.
All right, hang on!
Hanging on.
Whoa, yeah, baby! Whoo!
All right,
now we're gonna pull some Gs!
Go for it!
Here we go!
You okay back there?
Oh, yeah!
Yeah, I'm okay!
Whoa! That was awesome!
Whoa! Oh, yeah!
You all right?
It felt like my face
was gonna slide off!
Yeah. That was a full loop.
You passed through 15,000 feet
of air on that maneuver.
Ohh, I'm just so happy
I didn't throw up.
Yeah, that's the first test.
It felt like
a roller coaster off the rails.
All right.
Well, we can do it again.
Yeah? How about a-a--
how about a sunset flight?
Next time.
That's a maybe!
That was amazing!
So, how did it feel?
Were you scared?
Or did you feel sick?
All of the above.
How many Gs did you pull?
Did you do a loop?
You know, I have to say,
I'm very impressed.
After aileron rolls,
a full loop,
and pulling almost nine Gs,
he still made it down the ladder
on his own.
I did not know that.
Nine Gs? Dad, you did so well!
Thank you.
Did you girls have fun?
Yeah. The crew chiefs
gave us ice cream.
Oh, that's nice.
You need some ice cream?
I think I might.
- Can I frame it?
- Yeah.
I'm sure your dad
can help you with that.
There you go, Alice.
All right, it's official--
you're an honorary member
of the Thunderbirds.
Thanks, guys.
All right.
I know that look.
Thinking about flying, huh?
What's it like
when you're up there?
Well, I love the...
the challenge, the speed...
It's quiet.
Like another world.
when it's just me--
no training maneuvers
or missions--
I feel... as a bird
at the same time.
It's just me and the sky.
Nothing else matters.
That sounds like
I always hoped it would be.
I know
my heart
will probably prevent me
from ever being
a real pilot...
...but I'll keep dreaming.
You never know.
Lots of ways to fly.
They're so adorable together.
Mm-hmm. Thanks.
That meant a lot
to Alice today.
Oh, I'm so glad I could
do something special for her.
Do you mind if she comes home
with Lucy and I later?
That's perfect.
I'll pick her up
after I lock up at the store.
All right.
The girls will be so excited.
See you.
I should be there around seven.
Hey! You're right on time.
It's cupcake night.
Ooh, impeccable timing!
Don't forget to add sprinkles.
That was so funny.
Mom thought we said
we couldn't find "the monkeys".
We were talking about car keys.
They're ganging up on me!
That is funny.
Lately, I feel like
my brain just doesn't function
past 6:00 p.m.
Well, that's because
you're always studying
and you don't take breaks.
You need to relax.
You can't keep this tempo up.
I'm afraid if I stop,
I won't start again.
You know, I have
just the thing for that.
Let's go camping
this weekend, huh?
Oh, I... I don't need
another challenge.
Come on, Mom.
All the sunshine,
fresh air...
Lu, I've already got so much
to do this weekend.
We could go to Ruby Lake.
It's gorgeous.
Yeah! We'll go out Saturday.
You'll be back Sunday.
I want to go.
Look, we'll even
go easy on you.
It's your first time, right?
So we'll go glamping.
It's almost like a hotel.
Trust me.
It'll clear your mind.
You'll feel much better.
Okay. But there better not
be any raccoons!
Scout's honor.
It's so luxurious.
Yeah, my dad started me
this way, too.
But now we just use
sleeping bags under the stars.
Oh, right. Well, let's not
get ahead of ourselves.
Is everyone ready
for some adventure?
I am!
Good. Alice?
What's on the schedule?
Okay, we have...
light hike,
doubles canoe, fire pit,
hopefully, cook fish...
and stargazing.
That's a lot.
Well, let's get started.
The fun isn't gonna
happen on its own.
I caught one!
Wait, wait, wait.
There we go. Nice catch.
Oh! I think I got one too!
Oh, you got one, too?
Okay, okay, yeah.
Not too quick.
Not too quick. Not too quick.
There you go.
There we go!
Uh... Paul?
Okay, nice and easy.
Nice and easy, you got this.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Good, good, good, good, good!
Lost it.
Can't catch 'em.
Are you having one of
your thingies again?
Um, it'll be over in a minute.
Hey, kiddo.
Another one?
It's fine, Dad.
It's almost over.
I think we should take it easy
for the rest of the day.
Dad, canoeing's
next on the list.
You have to take them.
You know...
I've done time in a canoe,
and I'm okay
staying on land.
I'll stay.
Dad, please take Lucy.
She's never been.
I'm fine. Really.
I-I can stay with Blitz.
You sure you're okay?
Do you want to go?
Can I, Mom?
Of course. Yeah.
I'll be right back.
Thank you.
Here's the deal, though...
we have to carry it all the way
down to the water.
Oh, no.
You okay with that?
Sure, I can do it.
That's it. That's it.
A little deeper.
- Good!
- Got it!
There you go.
You're a natural.
Hey, why don't
you just pull your paddle up
and just rest it on the canoe?
It's nice just to slow down
and be in the moment.
"In the moment"?
That way, you can take in
the whole experience.
What do you see?
Well, I see water,
trees, mountains...
lots of trees!
Wish I had my phone
so I could take a picture.
Can I teach you a trick?
When I want
to remember a moment,
I just stop...
and I close my eyes.
Why don't you give it try?
You ready?
Can you still
see the mountain?
Uh... yeah.
I guess.
What do you hear?
I hear the water making noise
on the boat.
Oh, and there's a bird, too.
Good job!
You're getting it.
Oh, I think
I see the mountain now.
There's a lot of trees on it.
You hear that fish?
Whoa, there's another one!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Okay, okay, okay.
I give up.
You win.
Do you want to go check out
that beaver dam?
Ooh! Yeah.
Feeling better?
Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm good.
I just needed a rest.
You know...
I think we pilots
are a lot alike.
Training for Thunderbirds
is really, really hard,
and, sometimes...
...I wonder if I'm ever gonna be
as good as I need to be.
And I get frustrated a lot.
I know everything's
going to be all right, but...
that doesn't mean
I don't get scared
on the inside.
I... I couldn't tell.
That's 'cause I hide it.
And that's not
always a good thing.
It prevents people
from being there for me.
I'm a little scared.
It's okay to be scared.
I just don't want my dad
to worry any more
than he already does.
Don't be concerned
about your dad. Okay?
Your father is going to worry
the perfect amount.
I've learned a lot
from you lately.
Like what?
you're the one that got me
to stop working,
come out here...
and spend some time
together this weekend.
Thank you for that.
I don't know about camping, but...
Dinner was delicious.
Camp cuisine has come a long way
since Junior Girl Scouts.
Well, I can't
just serve you hot dogs.
We want you coming back.
It's working.
I'm really enjoying myself.
Very relaxed.
That's good.
Girls! Bedtime!
Thank you for all of this,
and for playing with Lucy.
I have not seen her so happy and...
The one-on-one was nice.
I really like
spending time with her.
Yeah. Well, she doesn't get
a lot of rough-and-tumble time.
She never knew her dad, so.
May I ask why?
Yeah. Um...
...Stephen and I met
during pilot training...
at the start
of the second year,
we got married,
and at the end of that year,
there was...
there was an accident
on a rejoin-formation practice.
I didn't know yet
that I was pregnant with Lucy.
I am so sorry. I...
Lucy looks a lot like him.
Well, we have that to hold onto,
at least.
Um, Alice looks a lot
like her mom, too.
There is something
comforting about that.
Mom said she passed
when Alice was two?
Yeah. Yeah, that's right.
Yeah, she had a--
a heart condition.
The first year without her
was the hardest.
Being a single dad
to a daughter
is different than anything
I could have ever imagined.
You know, I'm the one
who has to teach Alice
all the big stuff in life.
You know.
I'm really not
looking forward
to some of
these future conversations.
Terrifies me, at times.
You are the best "girl dad"
I've ever met.
Thank you.
I just want to get it right.
Me too.
next to the purchase orders
or under the counter?
Yeah, that'll work.
Dad? You doing okay?
I'm fine.
You know...
if something's on your mind,
then the best thing to do
is to talk about it.
How would you feel
about me asking Emma
on a date, hmm?
Yeah. You like her, huh?
Yeah. I really do.
Well, then you should
definitely ask her out.
I don't know.
She just seems so busy.
Dad, she went camping.
You gotta think positive.
Well, yeah, but her schedule,
and her studying, and--
Wait. You need to take breaks
when you're studying.
You tell me that
all the time.
Besides, you'll be helping her.
You think so?
Dad, you gotta take a chance.
Get out of your comfort zone.
So, have you thought about
where you're gonna take her?
I was thinking
about maybe taking her
to a really great
Italian restaurant.
Okay. Boring.
She's a fighter pilot.
It has to be something fun.
Fun, like an activity?
That's good.
Yeah, let me think on this. Uh...
You're gonna do great, Dad.
How did you get to be
so wise, huh?
Good parenting?
- That went well.
- Yeah, it felt better.
You've got the Solo maneuvers.
You just need to work
a little more
on your Delta rejoin
with the rest of the team.
Aw, come on.
Let's go ten.
What'd you
get up to this weekend?
Oh, I went camping.
You went camping?
Paul took, uh,
his daughter, Alice,
and Lucy and I.
It was really nice, actually.
Wait! The Hometown Hero?
It's that, uh,
outdoor rugged look.
And those eyes.
Maybe it's the hair.
All right, guys, come on.
He seems great, Blitz.
Hey, we're heading out
for a night of "team building".
Guess who got to pick
the venue?
Oh... Hawk. Karaoke?
No. Please, please don't
do that to us again.
Guys. It's my calling.
You're an amazing pilot,
but you can't sing.
She has a point.
I have plans.
I'll take a raincheck.
Thank you.
I cannot remember
the last time I was in a place
just for adults.
No more singing mice
or sticking to your seat.
I find myself
thanking you a lot.
You always, uh,
come to the rescue,
make me laugh.
I'm enjoying
every minute of it.
We've been prepping so hard
for this run-through.
It's a friends-and-family
practice airshow,
and it's coming up soon.
It's... It's a lot,
so, I appreciate it.
I wanted to ask you, um,
what's it feel like
to be the newest member
of the squadron?
They treating you okay?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, it's great.
The guys are like brothers.
Always joking and--
but serious about what matters.
You know?
They really have my back,
and that's very important.
You're unlike anyone
I've ever met before.
I admire how much
you put into your work.
I really do.
Oh. I guess
I'm just proud of it.
Doesn't seem to be
much time for just you, though,
and I think
that we better change that.
this is a good start.
Do you have a... a bucket list?
Mm. Mm-hmm.
It probably needs an update.
Oh... good.
'Cause there are plenty
of places I'd like to show you.
Las Vegas isn't just casinos.
Us locals--
we know all the hidden gems.
There's this place
that's just outside the city,
has the most incredible view
of a sunset.
I like that idea.
And there just so happens to be
a small airstrip there.
You've thought of everything.
Well, actually,
Alice was the one who found it,
but I think
you're gonna love it.
So, have I watched
too many movies,
or do all you pilots
play pool, huh?
Only one way to find out.
Oh. Okay.
I'll take it easy on you.
Uh, you probably shouldn't.
I used to play at a bar
just like this at the academy.
Here's to healthy sportsmanship.
I'll take it easy on you.
You can go first.
You probably shouldn't do that.
Nice one.
This should be fun.
...Got an open sky
I got you by my side...
Yeah, I...
I got a big old heart
I got a big blue sky
I got you by my side
Everybody's waiting
Worried about their problems
Except you and I
Are gonna skip the line
Good game.
Very good game.
But I like this song.
Come on.
Dancing is not
going to save you
from losing the next game.
I don't know about that.
...If you need hope
If you feel low...
It's been a while, sorry.
That's okay.
...Can't take my eyes
off of you...
How's this, huh?
I like it.
I like it, too.
So... what about you?
Have you dated?
No, not really.
There's a lot of
great women out there,
but Alice and I--
we come as a package deal.
She's gotta be the right one.
I have to really be feeling it.
Lucy and I are the same.
Plus, um...
it's really hard to find a guy
that can handle
the moving
and what I do.
He's gonna
have to be very strong
comfortable with himself. without you
And the things that you do
If you need heart
If you need soul
If you need
anything at all
Can't take
my eyes off of you
Can't take my eyes
off of you...
You ready for another game?
In a moment.
...When it shines on you
Can't take my eyes
off of you
Airshow run-throughs
can be challenging.
I will admit,
I'm a little nervous.
Well, I'd be worried
if you weren't.
Now remember,
you would not be here
if you weren't already
an amazing pilot.
Time to work
on the Calypso Pass.
Gotcha, Five.
Smoke on.
Ready now.
Set 150.
You got it.
Calypso complete.
Blitz, prepare to rejoin Delta.
Joining formation.
Coming up on the left side.
Tighten up.
Push forward.
Push forward--
you're a little late.
Got it.
That's it.
Commit and go!
Come on, Blitz.
You were amazing.
It doesn't matter
how you got there.
You got into formation.
I was late.
That's why we train--
so we can improve.
Besides, no one gets it perfect
the first time.
Well, I did.
He didn't.
And unlike the rest of us,
you get worse with practice.
Good one!
Hey, keep doing
what you're doing.
Thanks, guys.
I appreciate it.
You weren't serious
about that, were you?
Ah, maybe a little.
Hey, Blitz.
We'll be performing
a full practice airshow soon
in front of family
and some press.
Now, that means
every component
needs to be tight.
You've been a little delayed
on the rejoin for the Delta.
You're doing great
once you're in--
nice and smooth.
You just need to fly the jet
more aggressively
to join the formation.
Just get into position
on time.
You know...
flying with the Thunderbirds
is different than anything
you've ever done
with any other squadron.
Stay aggressive,
but relax.
Got it.
Mom, my head is spinning.
I thought about Stephen
and his accident, and then--
Well, that makes sense with
all the maneuvers you're doing.
I mean,
you're only being human.
And then I thought about Paul.
I can't think about
anyone or anything
other than training right now.
That's the way I would go.
Oh, would you
excuse me a minute?
Mom, I gotta go.
Is, uh, is Lucy ready?
Uh, no, I don't think so.
You're a little bit early.
Um, but I can go
track the girls down.
Rough day, or what?
Yeah, you could say that.
How about you?
Yeah, same as usual.
I've just been chasing our girls
around everywhere.
What's going on?
Paul, this thing,
between us...'s just happening too fast.
Oh... okay.
I'll reel it back.
Slow it down.
I just need to concentrate
on my training.
I agree.
I-Is there anything
that I can do to help?
No, it's not that.
You do everything to help.
Emma, what we have between us,
it-it's a good thing.
I just moved across the world
with my daughter.
Okay? My job
is so much more difficult
than I ever
could have imagined and...
if I make one mistake
when I am training,
it could have
serious consequences.
I understand.
It's just too much.
I'm sorry.
So am I.
I'll let Lucy know you're here.
Ladies and gentlemen--
It's my pleasure
to offer you a warm welcome
to the Nellis Air Force Base
friends-and-family airshow
Should've known
Alice would get here early!
She's been waiting for this
all week.
No one got any sleep
last night.
Dad, is it okay
if me and Lucy go closer?
I want to show her
the upside-down number
on Five's plane.
I've been meaning to ask you--
why is the number
on Frost's plane upside down?
everybody knows it's 'cause
Five does most of his flying
upside down.
I didn't.
Okay, go ahead.
Lucy, you got your phone?
Okay. Be careful, girls.
I'm glad you're here.
I am, too.
And, Paul,
I'm sorry about Emma.
Carol, it's all good.
She's just under
a lot of pressure right now.
I understand.
She needs to concentrate
on her training.
She cares a lot
about you and Alice.
We care for her, too.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome
our two Solo pilots--
our Lead Solo,
Thunderbird 5--
Major Robert "Frost" Nelson.
And Thunderbird 6--
flying Opposing Solo,
Captain Emma "Blitz" Fitzgerald.
It's starting. There's Blitz!
There's my mom.
Hi, Mom.
We've got
some spectacular maneuvers
planned for today,
so, everyone, buckle up
and watch
America's Team in action.
This is so cool!
Do you remember
any of the maneuvers?
Are you okay?
Hey, what's going on, Alice?
I'm fine.
Are you sure?
We can go now if you--
No. I-I can't miss this.
I'm fine.
I just... choked on my drink.
...that every Air Force pilot
must perform...
And now...
the moment
you've all been waiting for--
sit back and relax...
because it's showtime.
Watch as Thunderbird 1,
known to the team as "Boss",
brings the team from takeoff
into the iconic
Diamond formation.
There she goes!
At times,
the team flies
a mere 18 inches apart.
They're coming up
on Knife's Edge.
That sounds scary.
It only looks scary.
Just wait.
Gotcha, Frost.
Solos ready...
hit it!
Six is really
on her game today!
That was close.
She was right on time!
Blitz, that's it.
Crisp and clean.
Now, look to your right
as Captain "Blitz" Fitzgerald
performs four consecutive
aileron rolls.
I told you
it would be like this!
And now,
one of my all-time favorites--
the Calypso Pass,
featuring our pilots,
"Frost" Nelson
and "Blitz" Fitzgerald.
Gotcha, Five.
My mom is so cool.
I know. I love it.
Nice one, Blitz.
That was a blast.
Look high,
and to the right,
as Thunderbird 1, "Boss,"
repositions the Delta
for the Delta Burst.
Nice work, team!
This is so cool.
We are proud to represent
the 66,000 Air men and women
who are deployed
around the world.
Mom! I'm so proud of you.
Oh, thanks, honey.
That was the best airshow
I've ever seen.
Congratulations, Emma.
Just like the announcer said--
Thank you very much.
Next year, Blitz'll be
taking over Number 5.
Oh, yeah! Then you'll be
the one flying upside-down.
I'm looking forward to it.
Did you get orders
for next year?
I'll be flying with
the Aggressor Squadron
here at Nellis.
You're able to stay
here in Vegas?
For two more years.
These slots do open up.
Anything's possible.
- Hey--
- Dad, this one's different.
Okay, I got you.
I got you.
It's her heart.
Call an ambulance. No sirens.
- I don't want to scare her.
- Yeah.
It's okay, honey.
It's okay.
They're on their way.
- Grandma, is she okay?
- Not now.
It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.
They've moved her up
on the transplant list.
It shouldn't be much longer.
Thank you for being here...
and for bringing Lucy by
after school.
It's made a difference
for both of us.
We know
it's been a long week for you.
Mr. Wagner?
I have news.
It is a miracle
to happen this fast.
We found a match.
Once the preparations
are complete,
the surgeon and I will come back
and speak with you
about all the details. Okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
How is this even possible?
I thought
everything was ready to go.
I-- I don't understand.
There was a mechanical issue
with the transport plane.
The team can't get out.
It's a remote airport.
We've tried everything.
Well, where is it?
Just outside
Kingman, Arizona.
It's about an hour by air
each way,
and there's
the possibility of bad weather.
We have under four hours.
What about a Medevac from here?
That's not
what Medevac does.
It's a completely different
service and protocol.
Isn't there another hospital
in Vegas that can help?
That's not how this works.
Contracts, liabilities--
i-it would take weeks
to get approval.
And time is of the essence.
Is there any special equipment
needed on the plane?
No, not really.
I think I have an idea.
Let me make a couple calls.
She's a pilot.
Frost? Hi, I need a favor.
I need to borrow the Cessna.
Great. I'll meet you there.
Frost says
I can take the plane.
I'll call Boss on the way.
I will alert the team.
They're already at the airport.
They can meet you at the plane,
and then I will arrange
for an emergency vehicle
to meet you
when you land back here.
Give her my information.
Text me everything
I need to know.
Got it.
Emma Fitzgerald...
It's getting late.
I'm gonna take Lucy home.
You gonna be okay
on your own?
Yeah. Yeah, I'll let you know
as soon as Emma lands.
Okay. Okay.
Here we go.
We'll say a prayer
for you tonight.
See you soon, okay?
Come on.
Come on.
Just five more minutes. Please.
There you are!
Kingman Airport Traffic--
Cessna 7-2-0-Alpha-Golf
five miles north
for a straight-in
to runway 1-7.
Full stop, Kingman.
clear visual approach,
runway 1-7.
Okay, okay.
That is it.
You are good to go.
Hey, thanks
for saving us here.
You looked at the weather yet?
I was just about to.
Multiple lightning strikes
reported near Nelson.
Just route west of there,
and you should be safe.
Should only add about 10 minutes
to your flight plan.
It's almost an hour there,
now an extra 10.
This is gonna be close.
Yeah, you've gotta leave now.
You've only got a small window
to get out of here
you are not going anywhere.
All right. I'm out.
- Okay.
- Thank you very much.
Come on.
Wheels up in five,
on my way back.
I love you so much, baby girl.
Oh, please.
Las Vegas approach
in Cessna 7-2-0-Alpha-Golf
requesting a heading
to deviate around weather.
are you medical support?
Affirmative. I am carrying
a heart for transplant.
I'll notify the authorities.
the police escort upon arrival
and notifying
the transplant team.
All right, we're good.
Hey. Thank you.
On the move!
You made it.
You're just in time.
They-- they're prepping her
for surgery right now.
Alice, she--
she always trusts me
to make everything okay,
to make everything safe.
I-I have never felt
so helpless in my life.
Hey. Hey, hey.
They're doing everything
that can be done for her.
She's gonna be all right.
Orderly, look into room 302,
Orderly, look into
room 302, please.
Nurse Franklin, please...
Nurse Franklin to Admitting.
Mr. Wagner?
How is she?
She is doing great.
When can we see her?
Let the nurses
get her settled in I.C.U.
It won't be long.
And what happens next?
She'll be in hospital
for a couple of weeks,
and then home.
Alice is a brave girl.
You should be
very proud of her.
I sure am.
Um... when you see fit...
can you please give this letter
to the donor's family from us?
Of course.
Thank you.
I should be going.
I'll, um, give Mom and Lucy
the good news.
Thank you.
so I'll be gone that Thursday
through Monday.
That's the same weekend
Dr. Yvonne is taking
the entire office
to the convention
in Hawaii.
Ohh. I totally forgot.
What am I gonna do?
You still haven't spoken to him
since the hospital?
It's been weeks!
Just a couple of texts.
Emma, you can do
better than that.
Do you miss him?
Very much.
I have seen you two together.
You haven't been the same
since the two of you
stopped seeing each other.
Go talk to him.
Ask him to keep Lucy
for the weekend,
and tell him
how you feel.
What if he doesn't
feel the same way,
after how I ended things?
I wouldn't even know
what to say to him.
Don't worry about the details.
Just go talk to him.
Tell him how you feel,
and trust that everything
will work out.
I'm gonna keep working
on the lettering...
Okay, I'm gonna get
these edges over here.
Good idea.
- You got that?
- Yeah.
Alice, how are you doing?
Oh, I'm good.
It's good to see you.
You too.
- I wanted to--
- I wanted to--
Um, you go first.
I have a favor to ask.
The weekend of the 19th,
I have a flyover,
and Mom is also working.
Say no more.
Of course, we'd love
her to stay with us.
Are you sure?
I know you have your hands full
with Alice already.
It's not a problem.
Happy to help.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Everything okay?
I wanted to apologize
for the way that I handled
things between us.
I feel terrible about it.
I-I was overwhelmed.
With the new schedule
kicking in,
I'm still not sure
how I'm gonna divide my time
with everything, and...
You don't have
to divide your time.
I'm worried.
With the upcoming season,
how I'm gonna take care of Lucy,
and do all the work--
- Emma.
- ...And studying, and...
I love you.
We can do this together.
I'll cover for you
when you need,
and you can do
the same for me.
We already know
we can do that.
I would've never made it
through Alice's surgery
if it wasn't for you.
I wouldn't have been
anywhere else.
And I love you, too.
You are an amazing woman...
in everything you do.
I really don't want
to be without you.
I feel the same way.
Are you sure
you're gonna be okay
with the two of them
without me?
Girls' night?
Of course.
I've been wanting to try
that Thunderbird-blue
nail polish.
It's all over TikTok.
you have enriched my life
in ways that I didn't even know
that I needed.
Your kindness...
...your vulnerability,
your strength,
and your perseverance...
they're an inspiration to me.
Lucy and I
cannot imagine our lives
without you and Alice
along for the ride.
I vow to be your wife today
and for
the rest of our lives.
you add to every moment
and make it better.
I was struck by you
the second you opened
your mother's door.
I am honored
to be joining our lives,
and to grow our family.
Alice and Lucy--
they brought us together.
Who would have thought?
We did!
You three
bring me the purest joy.
...I vow
to be your husband...
...and for the rest
of our lives.
I think it's time you know
what my call sign means.
That's what "Blitz" means?
I earned it.
Are you ready
to become a pilot for real?
Do you mean
you're gonna let me fly?
Just like we practiced
on the simulator.
I'm ready!
Me too.
This is the best.
So, Blitz...
I'm ready
for our next flight.
All right.
Let's take that ride.