Come Into Your Own (2019) Movie Script

[Conga drum plays]
[Bells jingle]
[Mambo music plays]
[Maracas shake]
Lirim, I'll be done in a bit.
I thought you weren't home till later?
Yeah, I only had a few accounts left to tackle
Decided to come home,
finish work here before we head to Terrance and Sam's.
Taylor, where's my cardboard?
Where I have continuously asked you to place it when you leave.
So what'd you get?
Of course.
Well, it's user friendly.
It's the safe choice.
We're having artichoke lasagna tonight.
You should have got the Sangiovese.
Well, we can go back and get one?
No, no, no. It's my fault. Information you were unaware of.
Are you sure?
Merlot is fine.
I'm gonna' jump in the shower, you wanna' join?
-What... Right now?
-Yeah, we have ten minutes.
Tick, tick.
Hey babe, do you have a cough suppressant?
I'm feeling a little scratchy.
-God, the last thing I need right now is to come down with something.
I saw the Beltracchi exhibit!
I mean, we start publicity packages next week
for three different companies and I'm getting sick right now, this is fantastic.
I saw the original forgeries.
Hey babe, get my back.
Yeah, yeah, okay, good.
Okay, turn around, I'm gonna', I'm gonna' get you.
-Alright, let's go.
-Ah wait--
Hello, Hello.
-Hello newlywed, good to see you.
-Welcome you two.
Looking good.
Likewise. Come in, come in.
Sam, honey.
Merlot, lovely, thank you.
Well it is user friendly.
I love the picture-
The picture is how I pick all my wines-
I like the picture, I like the wine.
Then people think you're cultured and no one knows your secret.
Well, now I know your secret.
Shhh, shhh, shhh ,shhh.
-Hey you two.
-Hey good to see ya'.
-Good to see you too.
-Looking good.
Oh here, let me take your things.
Yeah, sure.
And I hope you too are ready because the food just finished.
Um, Terrance, would you mind helping me?
No, no. Let me. Let me grab that wine Terrance.
-What are we doing?
-Okay, Great.
Wanna' see the house?
Oh, the food looks fantastic.
Thank you.
Here, you can open the wine.
We landed Morganstalk and Co. this afternoon.
We start finance packets this week for them.
-Oh my gosh, congratulations!
-I know, I know!
Oh my gosh! K, send me the numbers and I'll write you up a spread sheet.
No, Monday, Monday.
Anyway, how's the newlywed lifestyle going?
[Sam sighs]
I've um, gained fifteen pounds
and Terrance does nothing but drink and screw me.
Sounds fantastic, I'm jealous.
Don't be.
Oh, here, try this.
What do you think? As good as it looks?
Sam, I have to say, that wedding was gorgeous.
Everything that I would ever dream of.
Thank you.
Oh, and how are you and Lirim?
We're great, we couldn't be better.
I know everyone says it, but, I never expected it to be this good.
You know how it is?
Finding the person that you're gonna' be with for the rest of your life.
Aren't we blessed?
Yeah, and capitalism gives everyone an equal opportunity to forge their own bank accounts.
I mean, its also necessary to note that qualification is important
when it comes to establishing competitive commerce.
-Absolutely, if I'm gonna' hire you to manage my finances, you better have an idea.
Exactly, and that is the most important thing, qualification. Why are you the best?
Right, like, why should I hire you?
And there's such a lack of understanding of the importance of value circulation.
The more that goes around, comes around.
Yeah be competitive, there's always money to be earned.
Right, society created the value attached to the dollar we trade
So now it's up to society to adapt and keep up with that standard it set.
And that's why I love you baby.
You two disgust me.
Oh, you know what would have been great?
A Sangiovese.
Alright, enough talk about money.
Let's talk about you two.
Are there any wedding bells in your near future?
Absolutely, you know, when the time is right,
finances and all the other adult stuff.
And... and we haven't really discussed it
-It's a huge step as you both know...
-Right but when you know you know.
I mean I thought it was gonna' be so much harder to say yes to him, but
I was shocked at how easy it was.
It really is a weight that's lifted when it's all said and done.
How about you two just worry about making us uncles
and we'll make sure you get an invitation.
-Thank you so much for your hospitality.
It was so good to see you.
-I'll see you Monday right?
-Yes, absolutely, don't forget to send me those numbers.
Of course, of course.
-It was nice meeting you sweet heart.
-Thank you.
-It was a pleasure, absolute pleasure.
-See ya.
-Ok bye, get home safe.
-Are you safe to drive?
-One hundred percent.
So what do you conclude?
-'Bout what?
-Terrance and Sam.
Oh they're great, I'm really happy for them.
You know when I first met Terrance I thought he was gay.
He is.
So what do you think about what they said?
What specifically, they talked about a lot?
Well, about marriage and families and knowing when you know.
What are you getting at?
Look, I know we said we'd talk about marriage
once we're more comfortable financially
And, yeah, our twenties are our selfish years
But work's going great for both of us
And I don't know, I guess it just hit me tonight what they said about knowing when you know.
I feel that this would be a fantastic conversation to have tomorrow
when I'm not drunk.
Please, you hardly drank anything.
I am so drunk.
I'm serious, are we not ready?
They're right.
When you know, you know.
Well, I'm glad we're on the same page Lirim
'Cuz I know that I love you.
I mean, let's just go out on a whim here, move away,
you could save the world, I'll handle the finances.
[Lirim chuckles]
Becoming and idealist are you?
Yeah, you're right.
Not in my reality.
But that's what I love about you.
You know, me, I handle people's money.
I'm boring.
I know that.
You always seem to have both feet on the ground but
Manage to keep your head in a cloud.
[Heavy breathing]
[Conga drums play]
-Hey, Blair.
-Hey Lirim.
Is anyone here yet?
Not really, but Sam wants you to look up these locations.
[Indistinctive chatter]
Hey Ted, do you have a phone charger?
-What kind?
Oh I'm sorry brother, I'm strictly a droid user
I like the cross platform nature,
it makes the phone more flexible.
Oh shit, how did you destroy that screen?
Oh I don't know, it's not mine. I found it on the way here.
Oh man, whoever lost that is shitting brinks I guarantee you, I know I would be.
Hey, do you ever see those facebook posts with the fabricated statistic
And the quotes that say things like:
"Why don't you put your phone down every once in a while
and talk to an actual human being the results may surprise you."
And little smiley emoji faces?
Man, give me a break right?
I mean, I need my phone.
It's a technological age, do you hear me bro? Right?
Yeah, alright, right on.
-Sorry I couldn't help you more.
Na, no problem.
Oh, but I bet there's a shit ton of nudes on there in which case do not send me any,
because that would be creepy.
What if it's a guys phone?
Oh, dick pics are more your territory,
so if you find that shit on there do not send them my way k?
It's okay to explore your options Ted.
I got nothin against the gays. You guys do who and what you gotta do.
I'm just not gay.
-Well, are you gay?
Does your mom know you're gay?
C'mon Ted, that was like third grade.
Hey, you know what this phone mystery is like
It's like Sherlock Holmes right
Like, I'm Holmes and you're Watson, only less homoerotic.
I was thinking more like Cinderella and her missing stiletto
and I'm the prince.
Oh my god, you're so gay.
Well if the shoe fits.
You know, the actual story of Cinderella is not glamorous at all
What if this phone belongs to my one true love
and upon our meeting
We stare deep and long into each other's eye's and just know?
Okay. C-C-Cut it out,
you go write your Cinderfella fan fiction down at the library
Hey, aren't you gay dating some guy named Connor or something?
-Yeah, Taylor.
Well, Taylor would not be very happy to know that
you got your eye's on some other prince
You might become the boyfriend formally know as...
-Well, it's okay to fantasize Ted.
-Good point.
One time back in High School,
I was dating may first girlfriend Sabrina Miller and
Things were going kind of slow
So I have to admit
Janessa Velasquez occupied most of my alone time.
Okay, I should start work.
Oh. Yeah, yeah, sure, yeah, yeah, great, great, great.
Don't leave me hangin' man...
Can I show you any rings?
Yeah, um
Yeah, that one there.
Hey babe, how are you, how's your day?
Where's my charger?
In the bedroom where you left it.
Yeah, I figured your phone died
after I never received a response about tonight.
What are you talking about?
And no, uh, I found a phone on the way to work today
and whoever owns it is probable going crazy.
Your phone isn't dead?
Why didn't you respond to my texts?
-You texted me?
Babe, babe, babe, babe, babe,
slow down, slow down
Slow down, slow dow, inhale.
I texted you inviting you to go on a date tonight.
Did you not get it?
Did you? No, I... I never got it.
Got it.
I'm sorry Taylor.
Work just had me swamped meeting a deadline.
And you found a phone.
And I found a phone, yes.
-I'm sorry.
-No, don't, don't apologize.
You know me, I love a good deadline.
So, what do you say, you want to grab desert?
-Yeah, tonight.
We were just out last night?
Yeah, but not just the two of us.
I thought it's be good to talk about our future.
Yeah, yeah.
Let's uh, let's go out lat-- oh.
Well, this is good news.
I guess we just wait now huh?
Lirim, It's just a phone, no doubt they've disconnected it by now.
Honestly, worrying about it is futile.
What's going on with you?
-You're moving a million miles an hour, where's your head right now?
It's okay, it's just a busy day at work, okay?
Time is it?
It's quarter till.
I'll get ready.
[Phone buzzes]
Lirim, your phone.
Mmm, yours.
[Phone buzzes]
-Oh thank God, hello?
Hi, yes, is this the owner of this phone?
Yes, it is, I'm Audrey.
Audrey, hey I'm- I'm Lirim, I found your phone yesterday,
I'm glad you were able to get in touch.
I'm so sorry about all this.
No, it's no problem at all, uh,
do you want to meet up this afternoon and grab it?
That would be wonderful. Does one o'clock work?
Sounds perfect, uh
We could do The Steamroller, do you know that bar?
That's where I lost it.
Perfect, that's where I found it.
Awesome, you're a lifesaver, thank- thanks again.
I'll see you then.
Go back to bed now.
[Lirim chuckles]
[Latin styled music plays]
-How are you?
-Good, how are you?
-Um, here is your phone.
I've been going crazy.
Thank you.
Where'd you find it?
On my way to work, I rode past it.
What would the universe do without you in my world?
I like that shirt.
Oh, thanks, yeah, um
Sorry about the screen,
it was cracked when I picked it up.
I mean, it- it- I found it and it was cracked,
I didn't crack it picking it up.
I'm kidding.
What's a little dirt in you Canjica.
Uh, crazy night?
My coworkers birthday.
I let her borrow my phone
and I- I just didn't see it again after that.
I feel terrible though 'cuz I think she's been more upset about it than me.
Don't tell her that.
Well, she doesn't have to worry anymore because you have it back.
Kind of...
Uh, I like your dress.
Oh, thank you. I got it in Brazil it was a steal.
Um, let me take you for dinner or drinks sometime
Here, let me give you my number.
Oh, um...
Or not.
No, no, no, it's uh, I, well, okay?
If you want- I...
No, no, no, no, sorry no,
so awkward, no nothing like that.
Uh, I don't know what I'm thinking.
There you go.
No, thank you. Call me any time.
Especially in the early hours of the morning when I'm asleep.
[Lirim chuckles]
Hey, I got hungry and ordered out, I'm sorry I didn't wait.
It's okay, Ill make something.
-Hey, lets, let's talk--
-Um, I thought we could go get--
Uh, yea, I thought we could uh, go out and get desert
or drinks or something tonight. Whatever you want?
Do you want to watch a movie?
I- I wan- I wanna' talk.
Okay, yeah, um...
Is everything alright?
No, babe, it's not.
Listen, I've been thinking about us, and our relationship
Our future, and really coming to terms with where I'm at with you.
And I love you.
It's just, lately you seem a little
Off and that concerns me.
You're evasive and your priorities are all over the place.
Lirim, I want to spend the rest of my life with you I do.
This isn't how I planned on this occurring at all but
What the hell.
When I first met you
I had in my mind that you didn't stand a chance with me
We started talking
and I knew in that moment that I didn't stand a chance with you.
Your spontaneity, your idealistic mind completed elements of myself
I knew I could never complete on my own.
Lirim Alerio
Will you marry me?
-Taylor, I need you to stand up--
-Not until you say yes.
Taylor, please, I need you to stand up please.
You are smart, and driven, and handsome but
I don't know.
You don't know, what do you mean you don't know?
I don't know.
No Lir- Lirim, wha- what don't you know?
We're gonna' be fine financially.
It's not about money.
It's not about 401-K's or financial investments.
God, this is a lot right now.
Do you not love me anymore?
I never said that.
You never did.
I mean- how did I not see it?
After everything we're- you're done?
Lirim, I can keep you safe, I can keep you safe.
That's it.
-I'm sorry Taylor.
-No, no, no, no, no, come here, come here, come here, come here, come here.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
[Latin guitar music plays]
[People talking]
Hey my Homo Homie.
Sure, not- not tonight, I get it.
Pew! It's cool.
Come on in, uh, let me show you around, huh.
Well it's no Downton Abbey but
[Ted chuckles]
Um, you can have the couch right over here
And uh, the kitchen's right through here
So if you get hungry, there is pot roast in the refrigerator.
Uh, the bathroom is through my bedroom
But uh, use it freely
I've slept through much, much worse if you catch my drift.
Uh, well thanks for having me Ted.
Yeah, well, uh...
You watch Downton Abbey?
What? No...
Power Bottom.
[Pensive music plays]
The bed is too sharply dressed without you.
Hey Lirim...
I'm leaving...
For my job...
The one you also have...
But feel free to stay as long as you like.
Oh I, uh, I set up a DVD player for you
so you can watch DVD's, uh
I've got a whole bunch of them in the uh,
upper cupboard there, right to the left of the refrigerator so
If you get bored... you can...
[Latin music plays]
Alright, your Pisco Sour and your beer.
Mmm, one second.
Ugh, I was hoping for something a little more dangerous than a beer,
but I'll manage.
I don't understand.
So, on the count of three
We each take a drink of the other one's drink
and tell each other what we learned about one another.
You serious?
One, two, three.
I've never had that before, it's good.
So tell me something only you would know about me.
First thought... sensation...
Go out on a limb.
Oh okay... um.
Uh, you're bold.
Im- impulsive, uh
Palpable, palpable?
Hold on, let me see.
Sorry, this is so awkward.
Tactile, uh
Elegant, elegant.
Elegant, you're elegant.
You want to know what I learned about you?
-That I'm grossly underwhelming?
-No, no.
You're soft around the edges.
But when pushed, you can bite.
You opt for the familiar,
but you did choose a dark beer so you offer an element of mystery.
You got all that from a sip of beer?
And you're rooted.
You have a good relationship with your family?
Um, yeah I
Uh, Mom, Dad, little sister
Grew up in a very standard suburban home
Could not get more average.
I like average.
[Lirim chuckles]
Uh, what about you?
I was actually born in Concepcion, Chile.
I stayed there 'till I was four.
[Spanish is spoken]
-Habla Espaol?
[Spanish is spoken]
[Spanish is spoken]
-Probablamente no sos tan gringo como yo.
[Spanish is spoken]
-Si, me doy cuenta.
Oh, so sad.
So anyway, uh
Then we moved back to the states 'till I was seven.
Uh, My dad moved us to Tokyo 'till I was eleven for work.
And it was pretty much a bunch of short stints all over the country until
We ended up in Connecticut right before college.
That is amazing.
I would love to travel,
my sister's at NYU right now studying International Relations.
-My dad just officially moved to New York.
Yeah, he... after all the time moving around he's um
Trying to be an actor.
An actor?
Really? That's kind of awesome.
So, why LA?
Oh, uh
Born and raised, uh, college then career.
Uh, average.
I'm a lifestyle researcher for Soulace Health Beverage.
No way!
I love Soulace, my favorite flavor is Intuition.
Really, well I helped develop it.
That's incredible.
Yeah, its a good company... it's a great company.
We really strive to affect people from the inside out.
I enjoy seeing people enjoy it.
That's really beautiful.
Boulder, leaf, or river?
-I'm sorry?
-It's like...
It's like rock, paper, scissors.
Boulder, leaf, or river, you pick one.
Oh, uh, okay, um
To all the lost and fallen cell phones.
So, uh, thank you Audrey, I had a... I had a great time.
Maybe I could see you again?
[Maracas shake]
Hey man, how's it hanging?
Don't answer that.
[Ted chuckeles]
Uh, something I can help you with Ted?
Hey man, I
I don't know how to say this, but, uh
How are things on the home front?
It doesn't need to be said
but people do not usually frequent "Le Casa De Theo"
I'm really sorry Ted for inconveniencing you,
I can leave tonight.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, you don't need to leave.
My place could do with the feminine touch, no
I just
I just wanted you to know that
As your friend
I'm here for you.
Thanks Ted.
How are things with you and Taylor?
Okay, um, look.
Tell you what, why don't you and me
Go out and hit the streets tonight, huh?
Have fun, go out, get your mind off this, go crazy, huh?
Are you sure?
Yeah, let's do it.
You know what? First round's on me.
Okay. Let's do it. Thanks Ted.
In fact, I know just the place.
-Alright, then after work, you and me buddy.
Okay look, I got a, uh,
I got a pizza pocket with my name on it in there
So, I'll- I'll- after work tonight
Big man.
[Ted chuckles]
Um, uh Ted.
Yes captain?
Can- can I talk to you for a second?
Yeah, yeah, absolutely.
Okay, um.
I think I went on a date last night.
[Ted chuckles]
That's great, you fell off the horse
and you got right back on, that's great.
Uh, well, it's not what you think.
I went on a date with a woman.
When Columbus discovered America, he thought he'd found India.
Are you... exploring?
I don't know.
-Okay, so you know the cell phone I found the other day?
Well, it belonged to this girl, and we went out last night.
Oh, wha- you know
There's nothing wrong with two casual adults going out and chatting.
-Right, casual.
-And if you see her again, you gotta' let her know the truth
You gotta' be honest. Let her know you're gay.
Okay, right.
And ted, you can't tell anyone about this.
Scouts honor.
And Ted.
You are gonna' love this place tonight.
[Latin club music plays]
[Door unlocking]
Who's there?
Lirim, what are you doing here?
[Lirim sighs]
You're- you're drunk.
I was out with a friend.
And you look really hot right now.
[Lirim chuckles]
I'm sorry; I've been avoiding you.
I'm sorry.
I will go.
Lirim stop, stop, no.
[Taylor sighs]
[Burner ignites]
[Taylor sighs]
I'm not gonna' have this conversation with you right now.
You know, you always do this.
You always pick the safest route trying to avoid the issue.
Im here, aren't I?
Yeah at three o'clock in the morning!
I'm sorry Taylor.
I haven't felt like myself lately.
Some weird shit is going down.
For real.
I'm sorry.
You don't respond to my texts.
I haven't seen you in two days
and now you show up at my apartment drunk, what are you expecting?
Our apartment.
No, my apartment Lirim.
My name is on the lease.
I'm sorry Taylor.
I just came by to talk about how I've been feeling
Or how I've felt.
I'm not gonna' have this conversation with you right now.
You're right.
I'm not gonna' avoid it anymore.
I'm here.
Let's communicate
With our mouth's.
Lirim. Lirim, no, no.
Lirim you need to go.
Babe, be reasonable.
Lirim, I'm serious, you need to go.
I just wanna' hug.
Lirim, stop, stop, stop!
[Tea kettle whistles]
[Conga drums play]
[Latin club beat plays]
[Birds chirp]
[Cars drive by]
[Conga drum plays]
You like Beltracchi?
[Lirim laughs]
Uh, uh
Yeah. I'm interested in the lore.
Eh, uh, do you uh
Do you wanna' sit with me?
So this is it.
The lie that got him caught.
Beautiful isn't it?
The lie, or the painting?
The painting. Though I can't help but admire him for his tenacity.
I mean, what a life lived.
The stories he get's to bed every night.
He doesn't regret a thing.
It's a big debate in the art world:
Do we praise him for his genius,
or shame him for his actions?
I think it makes for a pretty romantic legend.
At the sake of integrity, betrayal?
Oh I don't think he adheres to the status quo.
Course he doesn't.
How many people did he have to be?
Get to be.
Regardless it's a beautiful painting.
How do you think Campendonk feels?
I think he's seeing red.
He says he paints in France because the light there inspires him.
His poor children.
I wonder how they managed when he was in jail.
[Soft music plays]
So, um.
Sorry I didn't respond to your text's.
Just been a
Crazy couple of weeks.
I just figured you lost your phone.
[Lirim chuckles]
But no, it's been crazy for me to, I have this
Project I'm working on at work.
What do you do?
I work with kids.
It's an after school program called "Out Of Bounds!"
Right now we're trying to fund them a trip to Mexico.
Wow, god.
[Lirim chuckles]
If you could have a conversation with any animal,
what would it be?
[Lirim laughs]
Probably the Bald Eagle.
[Lirim laughs]
-You should get a sprawling tattoo of one across your chest.
-No, no, no, no.
A Tramp Stamp all the way.
-Ooo, dangerous.
[Lirim chuckles]
What about you?
The Elephant.
They have deep eyes.
Think they hold all the secrets.
Mmm, I'd- I'd wanna' know what it feels like to fly with lightning.
I love the way Elephants step.
Their whole foot just presses the Earth.
[Phone buzzes]
Do you need to take that?
-It's my Dad, sorry.
-No. Please, take it.
Now, we don't
I'm sorry.
When my Dad moved our family to Connecticut
It- It wasn't for work.
He was having an affair and he wanted to be closer to it.
Of course my family was none the wiser.
-It was just
[Audrey sighs]
Another school, another move, another group of friends.
He told my mom that he didn't feel like himself.
That he was going through some things
and that he wanted a divorce.
He said he felt
The best course for his life was to be honest with himself and move on.
During the
Separation period, he moved to New York to be with Paul.
His boyfriend.
I know.
A family moves so much
and the only stable thing they have is each other and
He had an affair.
I haven't talked to him since.
[Audrey chuckles]
-This is the part where you say, "Its not you, it's me!"
[Lirim chuckles]
-It's fine...
[Lirim clears his throat.]
Hey, let's take a photo to memorialize our serendipitous adventure
[Lirim laughs]
-No, no, no, no, no, do a funny one!
-Do a funny one, do a funny one.
-Okay, alright.
One, two, three.
[Lirim and Audrey laugh]
-You have to do a funny one too.
-Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
Do a funny one, alright.
-One, Two, Three.
-One, Two
[Lirim laughs]
Let's look at it.
Alright, we can handle that.
[They laugh]
This your car?
So, I went on another date, I think.
Lirim, what am I eating?
This isn't chicken.
It's a new experience Ted, embrace it.
-So Ted this girl.
-What's her name again?
She's amazing, poetic, adventurous, leads clever conversation, she's lovely.
She's a good human.
But it's so weird Ted, on a personal level it's like so easy.
What about on a physical level?
No, no, absolutely not.
No, I mean do you find her attractive physically?
She's a beautiful girl.
Yeah, but how do you feel when you're around her?
God, um...
Have you ever been with a female?
Jesus Christ, seriously?
If you want anything to happen with this girl,
you've got to tell her about that.
-Why can't you?
Well, at first I didn't bring it up because I didn't think it mattered,
she was just this cool person
And then yesterday when we were talking,
she told me that her dad had an affair and divorced her mom because he's gay.
-If I tell her that I just got out of a relationship with a man then
Yeah, but if you lie to her then you will never get into her pants.
-God, Ted!
-You want my advice?
You tell her.
They love communication, let her know what you're going through,
she might thinks its kick ass that she's turning a gay guy!
I am not turning, I'm just embracing a new experience.
Do you think you might be Bi?
Are you gonna' finish that?
Oh, good.
[Thunder rolling sounds]
[Pensive music plays]
[Lirim laughs]
[Lirim laughs]
[Lirim laughs]
Uh, well the artists was confused
as to why I wanted the American Bald Eagle tatted on my back side
I told him, "'Cuz Merica!" Then we got beers after.
[Lirim chuckles]
Ye- yeah, um, I am
Uh, I actually wanted to ask you on a date tonight.
Oh, m'kay.
Oh, okay. Stupid.
[Lirim laughs]
[Lirim Laughs]
Uh, bring a coat, it'll be chilly.
No! Nothing like that- what?
[Lirim laughs]
Well I'm excited to see you too!
[Lirim chuckles]
Don't, don't, don't
Nope. No, you hang up first.
No, you hang up first- this is so du- okay,
I'm hanging up first, this is disgusting, bye.
[Lirim laughs]
[Waves crash]
Okay, so there's one rule, stay there.
Stay there. There's one rule tonight:
You have to make every wish out loud so that the Universe can hear you.
-What is this?
-Follow me.
[Lirim laughs]
Right here, right here.
In this bag
Is the power to create anything!
[Ethereal music plays]
This is our Universe.
And tonight, you get to wish for anything.
Alright, here we go!
My first wish:
I wish to travel to the places I research behind a computer.
Lirim, this is amazing.
K, you're up.
I- I've never golfed before.
I'll teach you.
-So, this is a sand wedge so you're gonna' wanna'
Place the shooting star in between your feet.
-About shoulder width apart.
Back a little bit, good.
-And keep your arm's straight.
And then you bring it back like this.
Crook your wrist just a bit, and then let it fly.
I wish that the kids I work with will get their trip to Mexico this summer.
[Audrey and Lirim Laugh]
-Go again, go again, go again!
-Okay, oaky, oaky, I'll go again.
[Lirim laughs]
[They both laugh]
-I can't hit--
-You know what?!
They're gettin' their wish!
[Audrey laughs]
They're goin' to Mexico!
I can't hit the ball.
[Audrey gently laughs]
The flower's are beautiful, thank you.
-Yeah, thank you.
Oh my god.
I haven't seen these since I was a kid.
My parent's made me read these to them every night for 30 minutes.
You read to your parents?
Oh they were very strict on establishing an academic mindset in the formative years.
They were always my favorite.
I wanna' live in a tree house forever.
[Lirim chuckles]
Brother Bear was always so mean.
The Berenstain aren't perfect, but that's what makes them relatable.
My parent's sure friend to be, we weren't
[Tea kettle whistles]
Uh, no.
[Ethereal music plays]
[Eerie music plays]
[Lirim turns on the sink]
[Thunder cracks]
You are my lightning.
[Birds chirp]
So this is the lounge room.
Games, movies.
And this week we're learning about apples.
[Lirim laughs]
This is a fun place, I like it.
And this is the Pre-K room, for our youngest kid's. The "Tot" room.
Um, they have their snack center, their reading center; arts and crafts.
[Children play]
I hope that this is a place the kids can develop some roots.
And I traveled so much as a kid that
I- I like the fact the program gives them a chance to explore and see the world.
That's why we're working so hard to get this fundraising under way.
And you're doing this all on your own?
Well the company, and the other counselors, they all play a part.
[Lirim chuckles]
It's just so brave.
-Where'd you get your cheek bones?
[Lirim chuckles]
Mmm, my dad I guess.
Your dad's a good man, he raised a good boy.
Oh, my Dad.
He wears soft soled dress shoes, tucks his polo into his khaki's
He's never without a belt, and his back left pocket is worn from his wallet.
Your Mom?
Mmm, beautiful, uh, talks a lot, life of the party.
She wears big jewelry, not to show off, she's just latin.
Do you not have a good relationship with them?
No, I do, it's just
Ugh, it's so boring.
Nothing new ever happens. Nothing spontaneous.
Our dog is like 60 years old. You know, nothing changes.
That's good though.
No it's not.
Uh, my family has always supported everything I am.
Uh, I'm grateful for that.
It's just, uh
I wasn't taught how to be different.
You don't realize how fortunate you are.
K, well, you know
I've been from my front door to my back yard
You were raised all over the world. Had romantic adventures. Uh
Tried different foods, had unique experiences; learned new languages.
Is that what you think I did?
It wasn't glamorous or easy.
My Dad was in politics, I've never had a pet, I've never lived in a house.
Well, you've tried chocolates from different parts of the world.
Uh, no.
Trust me, you don't want to know what it's like
to live with a suit tie around your neck.
-Do you have a best friend?
-Of course.
-I don't.
-Well, you have such a rich identity.
And you have a very stable family.
-You've tasted the Earth.
-And you're grounded in it.
Well, I don't want to be!
[Soft music plays]
Make a wish.
I like you.
I like you.
Thank you.
For what?
For being honest.
Will you be my date to the gala?
[A fighting sport event is on TV, a crowd cheers]
[Door unlocking]
Hey hey man, how are you? Here, take a seat!
Hey Ted, Hows it going?
Oh, just watching the fight.
Getting my daily dose of testosterone.
Hey, let's make this a guys night, I'll grab us a beer.
-No, thanks Ted, it's goo- I'm good, I'm good.
-You sure?
-Soda, milk, anything?
-Nah, thanks. I'm good.
So, uh
Who's fighting?
I don't know, I just like watching.
[Lirim chuckles]
Oh, I think I found a place so I can get out of your hair soon.
Oh... real- congratulations.
I mean, you-
So you know, you're always welcome here, day or night, right?
In fact, keep the key.
[Spanish is spoken]
-Mi casa, es Lirim's casa.
[Lirim laughs]
Thank you Ted. You've been a huge help.
I'm gonna' miss you man.
[Lirim snickers]
Ted. We work together.
[Lirim laughs]
So um, how are things with your uh, situation?
[A fight bell rings]
Good, yeah, they're good.
-Her name's Audrey, right?
-Audrey, yeah, she's great.
Great, that's great.
Man, you know
Sometimes you just have to watch two guys beat the shit out of each other.
Speaking of fighting.
How did Audrey react?
-React to what?
-You being gay.
Seriously Ted?
Ya' bang her yet?
-God Ted! We are not having this conversation!
-You banged a chick! How was it?
No, I mean I- I know how that is, but how was it for you?
Ted. Shut the hell up.
You didn't tell her yet did ya'?
I don't know Ted. I haven't thought about it.
-Lirim. I care about you, but you've got to get while the getting's good.
It'll happen when it needs to happen.
Lirim. Listen buddy, this is a big deal
and I don't want you getting shit on your face.
You tell her. You know, you tell her. If she cares about you
-She'll be there in the way you need her to be
-Ted enough!
I know you're going through some things and that's okay but
You gotta' be honest with the parties involved.
K, it's a complicated situation.
All I know is that I'm going through a new experience and embracing it.
-Yeah, I'm just saying that what you-
-You don't think I'm aware of that?
I'm the one going through it.
I don't want anyone getting hurt, especially her.
And I don't want you getting hurt.
So you talk to her.
Before this whole thing blows up and crumbles down around it's self.
I'm on your side Lirim.
You're right. I'm sorry.
[Peanut shell cracks]
[Birds chirp]
Sorry I'm late. I was getting the last kid to his mom.
-Busy day.
-How was yours?
Research and development.
Also, I feel pretty dumb having not thought about this before hand
but I'm gonna' talk to my boss about attending the gala.
Yeah, Soulace is all about representing causes like this so
-Thank you.
[Car door shuts]
Stop judging me.
Totally judging you right now.
Totally judging you.
So the- the numbers were literally perfect
And um, no this campaign is gonna' be absolutely fantastic. I'm so excited.
-Terrance. Sam. Hi, uh.
It's been a while.
-How are you?
-Uh, hi.
-Uh, I'm- I'm good.
I'm- I'm good. How are you?
-Um, I'm Sam and this is my husband Terrance. And you are?
-I'm Audrey.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
How do you know Lirim?
We're uh, dating?
Well, Taylor did let me know.
So this is, uh, a new development?
-Like a few weeks?
Oh, uh, that's new.
Where did you two meet?
-Art Gallery--
Uh, yeah it all kinda' just came out of nowhere. Uh...
Hey we should uh, we should get together sometime and catch up.
Wow Lirim.
It was very nice to meet you.
Uh, we'll- we'll be in touch.
Who's Taylor?
My ex...
They're friends of her's.
Um... Yes
They are...
-Well that explains why that was so awkward.
[Audrey laughs]
I'm so sorry, uh
Things are different now.
We don't have to talk about it...
Sure you don't want a ride home babe?
Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks.
I'll see you later?
[Conga drums play]
[A shrill ringing sound]
[Maracas shake]
I'm here.
Uh, do you wanna' go out tonight?
Uh, 7:30?
[Vibrant Latin music plays]
[Restaurant noises]
Oh my god Lirim, what happened?
[Lirim chuckles]
Um, I crashed on my way home last night.
-It's nothing, it's just a small sprain.
-Are you okay?
Yeah, it was a wake up call actually.
What did you do?
Uh, that back gear on my bike was wound too tightly
and it popped.
Oh my god.
Can I start you off with drinks?
Uh, yeah, um. Two Pisco Sours?
-I'll be right back with those.
-Thank you.
-Nothing's broken?
-Heh, no. Not yet.
Uh, eh- but it's fine really, uh.
Tomorrow's your big day.
-Can I tell you a secret?
-Yeah, of course.
I'm really scared.
No, you're gonna' be great, everything's gonna' be great.
I feel like I've just been dreaming about this for so long
That now that it's real I don't know what to expect.
Look at me.
Nothing wrong is gonna' happen.
Everything is gonna' work out.
I'm tired.
I think after the gala, I'm gonna' sleep for a week.
I'm so proud of you.
I feel like meeting you came right when I needed it the most.
Okay, um
To you, and all of your amazing hard work,
and all the success you're going to have tomorrow night.
I'm so sorry.
I made it about me and we came here for you.
It's fine.
What did you want to talk to me about?
Just that my boss confirmed
and Soulace will be attending the gala tomorrow night.
-Thank you.
-Of course.
I love you.
I love you.
[Latin Jazz music plays]
[Gala guests chat]
-How are you?
-I'm great, how are you?
Yeah, like that.
[They laugh]
Just look at this.
You did it.
You're flying with lightning.
Hello everyone, my name is Audrey Airhart and this is Moriah Hollingberry
And we're counselors here at the "Out Of Bounds After School Program"
We'd like to thank you for attending the gala
And for your generosity in funding the children we work with and their trip to Mexico.
Um, I was very fortunate to travel a lot as a child
"Out Of Bounds" is designed to give children the assistance to achieve dreams
That otherwise would be very difficult to obtain.
You are all personally responsible for shaping the lives of these children.
So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for all that you have done.
Please enjoy your evening.
[Latin Jazz music continues playing]
Encore, Encore.
-K, that was great. Now go shake their hand's.
-Love that tie.
-Oh, thank you, yeah.
-Uh- eh
-Is that sore, or?
-A little bit. Eh, it's alright now.
-He never stops complaining about it. Don't let him lie.
-Just a little bit of Tylenol.
-Not true.
Well, tender loving care right?
Hi, I'm Audrey. Uh, who are you here with tonight?
Hey, uh, Taylor Clark with C.J. and, uh, Affiliates
[Tense music plays]
-Um, thank your- thank you so much for your companies very generous contribution.
This is my boyfriend, Lirim Alerio.
Excuse me, boyfriend?
Really Lirim?
You know each other?
Sorry about this.
-What the hell?
-Are you fucking kidding me?
You need to leave.
-Let's just get out of here.
-Get the fuck off me! Get off me!
-What is going on, I don't know what is going on, but this cannot happen here.
-K. Tay-
Taylor, not here. Please?
Lirim, what is this?
You're okay with this?
Lirim is my ex-boyfriend.
You both need to leave.
Lirim, go.
Alright everybody. Um.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we are so sorry for the disruption
Please continue on with your night,
I promise there will be no further distractions.
Audrey- I can- I need to explain to you.
Audrey please.
[Audrey sobs]
-Before we met--
-I can't talk about this right now. I need you to go.
Audrey, please, please, please.
-Before we met--
-Please leave.
[Conga drums play tensely]
[Phone rings in the distance]
When we used to get this close, we'd make love.
[Tense music continues]
Lirim? Lirim, hey, hey, hey. What's going on?
Come on man, what the hell?
[Lirim grunts]
I should have listened.
I should have talked to her.
[Soft music plays]
-Ah shit.
Shit Lirim. I'm sorry man.
Oh, Lirim.
We all make mistakes.
Some you can take back, and some you cannot.
But the important thing is that you take those mistakes
And you put them in your back pocket and you do your best.
What am I?
You're my best friend Lirim
You're my best friend.
[Lirim sobs]
Hey, it's the shooting star.
Make a wish, they're very rare in L.A.
I think that's a satellite Ted.
Make a wish anyway.
[Maracas shake]
[Slow music plays]
How you been?
Audrey, I am so sorry.
For everything.
For ruining the gala
For lying to you.
We leave for Mexico in four months.
You did it.
Tell me.
Taylor and I dated for three years.
I was miserable.
My entire life has been safe.
Graduated high school with honors, valedictorian.
Went to college, majored in business
because that is what my parents expected of me.
I met Taylor and
He was everything my parents wanted me to be, so I dated him.
I've never done anything for me.
Nothing different in my entire life until you.
-I'm not an experiment.
You're not.
I am gay.
I always have been.
But when I met you
Something happened.
Something changed
and you showed me a way of living I had no idea existed.
You have no idea who you are.
I know I love you.
What do you love about me?
Your sense of culture.
Your sense of adventure.
Your idealistic mind.
The fact that you can keep both feet on the ground,
but manage to keep your head in a crowd.
...That's it.
I didn't know how to tell you with
Your Dad and
And I don't know what the hell's going on in my head
But I do know that right now, you and I, right now
We work.
[Latin music plays]
[Bar patrons laugh]
I need to head home.
I called my Dad.
How'd that go?
We talked.
Lot's of tears. Angry tears.
He told me how hard it was to lie.
Not just to us, but to himself.
He didn't know.
He left to find himself.
He's still not sure about everything,
but he feels closer everyday.
Lirim, you have to go.
You have to go and find yourself.
I forgave him.
I love you.
But you need to love you.
[Lirim clears his throat]
Thank you.
[Lirim clears his throat]
[Soft music plays]
[Upbeat Latin music plays]
Are you sure about this?
[Upbeat Latin music plays]