Come Morning (2012) Movie Script

Better come out here
and get you something.
You're gonna get hungry.
I didn't hear you come in.
Do I take it from your not talking
that you don't want us to go?
I think you both should stay.
Now you know he doesn't
need to be out there.
How about me?
It's gonna get dark soon.
You should both stay.
I don't plan on keeping him
out there that long.
You never listen to me or anybody else.
I don't know why I even try.
This one time please listen to me.
We'll see.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
You know better than
to run with that thing.
There you go.
Is that soup?
Is it any good?
You're missing a tasty treat here.
We still going?
Well, it...
It is getting a little late.
I don't care.
Well, get you some soup first.
I'm not hungry.
You will be.
I'm okay.
Need to go use the bathroom then.
We might be out there
a little longer than the last time.
Well, go on.
And lift up the lid!
You never learn, Frank.
I guess not.
Just looking out for him.
Me too.
Watch down there.
They like to drink and
then they go over that a way.
Is the water froze?
Ain't it cold?
You cold?
I imagine that water's pretty cold too.
Yeah, creeks don't freeze
over all that easy.
Water runs so fast
that the cold can't catch it.
Load your gun.
Drink up.
I ain't tired.
I getting too old to haul you
back to the house.
Were you sleeping?
Nah, just resting my eyes.
See him?
You better watch out.
Those can spit poison.
You're lying.
What do you think happened
to Uncle Oscar?
I thought he was born like that.
I told you I'd get you back.
Told you he'd be drinking down
by the creek.
We got him, didn't we?
You do know that you have to
skin the first one by yourself.
Look at there.
Looks like we got him.
He's got a lot of blood.
Can we go back?
Go back where?
Back to the house.
We done killed him D.
We can turn back around now.
Stay right where you're at.
I told you to stay back.
Is that Mr. Mitchell?
Hey, Marion?
Hey, Marion.
Hey, Marion.
- Marion, please just wake up.
- But he didn't even have his vest on.
Marion, just...
Just wake up.
Just get up!
What is it?
Who do we need to tell?
We can't say nothing.
I killed him.
It doesn't matter, D.
It's Marion Mitchell.
He's dead, and he's on my land.
Come here. Help me.
Help you what?
We gonna call?
No. We're just not going to leave him
out here for somebody else to find him.
Grab his feet.
I think we gotta tell.
We can't say anything
to anybody. Period.
It's Marion Mitchell,
and he's dead on my land.
That don't matter.
It does too matter.
Everybody knows.
Let's go back to the house.
Come on.
Run around there, and get that shovel.
D, go on.
Hey, Friend.
I'm gonna go inside for a minute.
Why don't you just go dump
Mr. Marion in the river?
I need to take him out further.
I don't want to go.
I don't want either one of us to go.
But I can't do it by myself.
Then don't do it at all.
Don't come in.
Just stay out here.
Get you one of them jars,
and take it out to the well.
What's it for?
Just fill it up.
What are you going to say to her?
I don't know.
I'm sorry about this.
I wish it didn't happen.
Just fill up your jar.
What does that even mean? Huh?
How was I supposed to know that?
All you ever said was, "Don't go."
We can't let Marion stay out there.
Yes you can.
Don't look at me like that.
You know I can't.
We got our coats.
I'll take my gun just in ca...
It's not gonna help you, Frank.
It's not gonna help you one bit.
I told you you shouldn't
take him with you.
- But you never listen, Frank.
- I know what you said!
I know I should have listened.
But I didn't.
And what's done is over with.
Now I got to go finish it.
Finish what?
You ain't got nothing to finish.
I do too.
You're gonna hurt him even more.
I think his hurting
started a long time ago.
And we can't go back, can we?
We're gonna be fine.
We'll be just fine.
What were you saying to her?
Okay. Listen.
This is different that anything
that's ever happened to me.
And I know it's bothering you.
This needs to be the last time
we ever talk about this.
You can talk about
anything else you want to.
Maybe even tell some jokes.
This ain't funny.
I know it ain't funny.
There's a time to keep your mouth shut.
It's one of them times.
Come on.
What about my gun?
Nah, we'll leave yours here.
Let's leave that here too.
Do you think God... he'll get mad at us?
I'm not worried about Him.
We're going to lift him up.
Get his feet.
And the quicker the better.
Keep your flashlight on
unless we see somebody.
What do I do if we see somebody?
Kill it.
Kill somebody else?
No, the flashlight.
Let's head for the cutover.
- It'll be hard to get across.
- Don't argue with me just come on.
I'll get Mike to come down here.
You better not be putting up
anymore of these damn posts.
Come down here and
take a look at this line.
I don't care what you do, but you better
not put up anymore of these posts.
I mean that.
Well, these posts have been here
for damn near five years.
That don't mean shit.
I put up every one of
these sons of bitches,
and I'll put up that many more
if it keeps you off of my land.
This ain't your land. It's never
been your land, and you know that.
What are you doing out here?
Go get back in bed.
I better not be having
this conversation with you again.
Get back up to the house!
Go! Hurry up!
Can we stop and look at this flashlight,
cause it won't stay working.
No, come on.
The bulb keeps going out.
Do you want...
Do you want coyotes to come get you?
Then, we got to keep on.
My chest hurts too.
Let's go.
Cutover's just over yonder way.
That's a lot of blood.
Yeah, I got a lot in me.
Don't worry about it, buddy.
It's not all that bad.
Maybe we should go to the road.
Now what'd I say?
About what? We can tell somebody
we found him out here.
Don't you think it looks
a little odd that...
We have a wheelbarrow and a shovel,
and we just happened
to find him out on the road?
Hide him.
I plan on it.
Hide him here, so the coyotes
don't follow your blood and his.
No, we're, we're gonna be just fine.
Your head's badder than you think.
Oh, I'm pretty sure it ain't.
Here. Help me with this.
Tie it around, around my head.
That is a lot of blood, isn't it?
Tight as you can, alright?
Help me get him back in.
We shoulda never come out here.
I told you we shoulda called.
No, I mean we shouldn'ta come out here,
To this cutover.
Shoulda stayed more toward the road.
Turn out that light.
But what if it's coyotes?
What if it ain't?
Turn it off.
Quit staring at my head.
It'll be fine.
We're gonna have to head
back to the road.
I said that too.
I remember.
Think somebody will see us?
They'll probably see that light
your swinging around first.
Nobody in their right mind
would be out here.
But, what if they ain't
in their right mind?
I told you not to be coming out here.
If you're staying with Pappaw,
you'd better go back.
But you're so loud.
What'd I say? Go.
I want you to stop and come home.
What the hell are you doing,
God damn it?
I'm taking down this fence!
You are tresspassing and
destroying my property, Jim.
It ain't your land.
It's never been your land.
What did I just say?
Get the hell away. Now!
I'm kinda hungry now.
I've got those crackers in my pocket.
I'm sorry.
I told you you was gonna get hungry.
I didn't know we'd be out here so long.
Me neither.
I'll get them to you when
we get to where we're gonna stop.
When are we gonna stop?
Charlie's place.
How far is it to his gate?
It's a ways.
Somebody's coming.
Get off the road!
Other side!
Shit. Get this!
Get the end. Hurry!
Grab it! Go, go, go!
They turned.
You don't think they saw us, do you?
I don't think so.
Are you alright?
I'll be fine.
Let's just sit here a bit.
Can I get those crackers?
Yeah, I think they're mostly broken now.
Want one?
My chest is feeling a lot better.
That's good.
Can I drink this water?
That's what it's for.
Can I just go to jail?
Say I shot Mr. Mitchell?
They don't send kids to jail, D.
But you can't even get up!
I'm tired, I'm cold, and
I'd rather be in jail than here.
I can get up, and
nobody's going to jail.
I'm just going to say
it was an accident.
What'd I say about that before?
Why can't we talk about it?
Mr. Marion's still here,
and he's still dead!
We got nothing else to talk about.
Well, talk about hunting.
I ain't never hunting again.
Let's just...
Finish this and go on home.
I can't feel my toes.
Well, wiggle them around.
I'm trying, but I can't feel
if they are or not.
Well, they probably are.
Will we get in trouble for this?
Nobody's gonna find him out here.
I promise.
Behind that tree!
Is that Charlie?
Might be, might not be.
Come on.
Let's get this shit done.
Now, Wes.
Give me a minute.
I said wait!
Fine. You can do this shit yourself.
What are they doin'?
It's pretty obivous what they're doin'.
Alright, I'm ready.
C'mon, Jack.
Pretty please.
I am cold, and I'm ready to get out
of here just as fast as you are.
I figure you got it from here.
C'mon, I asked please.
That was earlier.
That was five seconds ago!
You're such a smartass.
Well, you're a dumb-ass!
You can quit your yelling anytime
unless you want that crazy son of
a bitch to come out here and find you.
You act like you ain't never
dragged me out here before.
You know the difference though?
I'll tell you the difference.
I didn't kill some pussy deer.
Oh, shut the hell up.
You know, you better be real glad
we're related, Wes.
Otherwise, I'd cut
your fucking tongue out.
What'd you say?
You heard me.
We heard that!
Come on out before we have to find you!
I'm sorry.
It's alright.
Just stay right here.
No more sounds.
Oh, hell.
You been following us.
You sure?
Cause I think it was you
that we done seen earlier.
Well, I think you been seeing stuff,
cause you hadn't seen me.
Then why the hell you out here?
Well, I was about to ask you
the same thing.
Yeah, but I asked first.
Now, Charlie lets me hunt out here,
but I know he don't like
you two boys very much so...
What happened to your head?
Well, it appears that I cut it, Jack.
Don't be a smartass with me.
Where's your gun?
Does, Charlie know you're out here?
That ain't what I asked.
Does he know you're here?
You ain't got your greedy hands
on enough land already?
Don't even start with that, Wes.
It never was yours.
What's my daddy's is mine.
And it was your goddamn son
who tore down his fence!
Don't you speak ill of my son,
Wes Mitchell.
I mean that.
Now you didn't answer my question.
That deer seem awful small to be there.
Burn in hell, you old son of a bitch.
Hang on a minute. Is that why
you think you saw me following you?
Cause of that little deer?
See? There ain't no need
for threatening.
Wes doesn't tell me what to do, Frank.
You sure as hell don't neither.
You plan on telling the game warden?
I hadn't planned on it.
What about Charlie?
Well, what about him?
Tell you what, you keep
threatening me with that knife,
I'll be happy to tell the warden
and Charlie about all this.
I wouldn't suggest that.
Jack, I done told both of you
I wasn't gonna say nothing.
Yeah, but if you do say something,
I might kill your dog, cut off his nose.
You ain't gonna touch my dog,
Wes Mitchell.
I guaran-damn-tee it!
Oh, you don't know what I can do, Frank.
It's dark. And you're a long ways
from your house.
I don't take to scaring real easy,
especially yours, alright?
Now why don't ya'll get on out of here
before Charlie comes out?
Ya'll know that crazy bastard,
he'll shoot you both.
If you ain't scared then
how come your running away, huh?
I ain't doing time cause
you ratted on us, Frank.
I am serious about that!
I told you I ain't rattin'.
And you don't go to jail
for killing no deer.
Yeah, but how do we know you
ain't gonna open your big mouth?
Cause I told you ten times
I wasn't going to.
Yeah, but you talk too goddamn much.
Ya'll just turn around and go home!
Don't leave that deer laying out there!
Why don't you just put that knife down?
I'm being serious, Wes.
Seriously, Wes.
Well, you ain't gonna do
anything with it, anyhow.
You might as well just put it away.
I want you to move out of the way, Wes.
I'll take care of this.
I don't know what's got into you two.
I ain't telling nobody about
you killing that little deer.
I done told you that.
You got my word.
Your word don't mean shit.
Go home, Wes.
Come on, Jack!
Come on! Come on!
Jack, we gotta go back down there.
He's gonna die!
He can rot down there
for all I give a shit!
Get your ass back to the truck,
or you're walking back.
Can you hear me?
Go get it.
Go get the lantern
out of the wheelbarrow.
Okay. I'll be right back.
Hey, Pappaw.
I got the lamp.
I said I got the lamp!
Got what?
I... I just told you.
I got the lamp.
The glass broke.
What are you doin'?
You didn't answer me,
so I was comin' down.
You'll just slip and hurt yourself.
Get back up there.
I'm gonna go get somebody and
tell them we're down here.
I'm gonna go get Charlie.
No, D.
But you ain't gonna make it!
You don't know that.
You're all...
It's way to cold to stay out here.
Everything's gonna be okay,
in the morning.
Go take care of Marion.
Charlie'll find me later on.
You'll be dead later on.
Who is that?
Go! Go!
Wes Mitchell!
That better not be you I hear!
I mean it, Goddamn it!
I'll blow your head of your neck!
I swear to God!
Sons of bitches...
Hey Pappaw?
Can you talk to me?
Where's your flashlight at?
My flashlight went out...
...a long time ago.
Did you bang on it?
I put my old lamp in the wheelbarrow.
I know. I already got it.
Well, you need to go get it.
I'm sorry, D.
I told you...
I'm real sorry.
I'm gonna drop down a limb
and pull you out.
No. Don't do that.
You'll just...
...wind up falling back in yourself.
I ain't waiting, Pappaw.
I'm gonna go get Charlie.
I'm tired of waiting.
Come morning...
Come morning what?
What's in the morning?
It's morning.
Well, they found Jimmy.
Where's he at?
I'm sorry, D.
He's gone.
Found him by the railroad track.
I'm sorry, D.
He was good, Morigan.
I gotta go back and make sure it's him.
It is.
You go do what you need to.
I'll take care of him.
Kinda early for you to
be out here, you little faggot.
What you doing out here so early?
I asked you...
...what you were doing out here.
Where were you at last night?
Whoa, what are you doing, Jack?
You got a speaking problem?
Cause your daddy sure didn't have one.
Neither did your pappaw.
All ya'll talk too much except you.
Can't none of you keep
your hands off other people's shit!
Is that...
Is that something that runs through
your whole family, you little faggot?
I'm gonna kill you...
Just how I killed your fucking dog.
Let's not be stupid now, Jack.
No, this little shit
was there last night.
I'm serious, Jack!
He's the one that was shooting.
- I mean it.
- It was you.
Wasn't it?
Answer me!
You should listen to Wes, Jack,
and get that knife away from my face.
Oh, shit.
It's Charlie! Come on!
Come on! Let's go!
Come on!
Damn it!
I'm gonna kill you, Charlie!
Don't you move even one little bit.
And I damn sure mean it, Jack.
Drop that knife, too.
What the hell happened to you?
I been looking for my pappaw.
Goddamn it, Jack!
I fixin' to blow a giant hole
right in the side of your face.
Oh my God, Charlie.
Shut up, Wes!
Shut up? You fucking shot me
on the side of the head.
What'd I say?
Stay there!
You start walking back home, D.
Your pappaw ain't out here.
Go on.
What'd I tell you?
I'll shoot you in the head next time!
Start walking, D.
Jesus Christ, Charlie.
What'd you have to call them for?
This is no time to play stupid, Wes!
Hey, Will?
Yeah, Jess?
Look at this.
Look in there.
I said wait!
Everything's gonna be okay,
in the morning.
Did you see this, Charlie?
I'm sorry this ruined your hunt.
What the hell, Will?
I didn't know ya'll were so close.
Somebody gonna swing by
and check on that kid?
We'll stop by and check on him
on the way back.
He's one unlucky little boy, isn't he?