Come Rain, Come Shine (2011) Movie Script

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October Pictures
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Produced by
bom film productions Co., Ltd.
Subtitle by
Dr. Muhammad Awais Amin
We're ok with the time, right?
How long will it take?
Around 30 minutes.
Since it's Gimpo Airport,
checking in won't take long.
What about lunch?
Will you be okay?
I can eat on the plane.
But in-flight meals are blah.
Grab a bite at the airport.
We'll see.
So, you're back in 2 days?
That makes it... Saturday.
What time?
I'll pick you up.
What's with you?
Don't bother.
It's okay.
It's a weekend.
You'll be caught in traffic.
So don't bother.
which will continue
throughout the weekend
But, from Sunday afternoon,
the Southern region
shows signs of hurricane
Tokyo and then Osaka...
2 nights and 3 days is a bit short.
Why not stay longer?
It's a shame to go there just for work.
It'll be weird to stay behind
when everyone else is returning.
Oh, and... KIM Sunghoon's going, right?
The photographer.
Yeah, why?
He lent me his work last time.
Please thank him for me.
His photos are great.
Especially the portraits.
Want something to drink?
What do you have?
Coffee and fruit juice.
Coffee then.
It'll be sweet since it's latte.
I'll just drink it.
You have the juice.
It's okay.
Just give me the coffee.
Are you sure?
You don't like milk in your coffee.
It's okay.
Just give it to me.
Is it sweet?
A little.
I'm thinking of moving
my studio into the house.
How come?
It's such a hassle
to have it downtown.
When I'm working,
I'm there day and night...
It's just too far
to commute everyday.
Yeah, I know. but...
Well, I guess you're right.
But won't it affect your work?
I discussed it with colleagues.
They all said okay.
It's not like a daily teamwork job,
I'll just stop by
for office meetings.
Then... I should empty
a room for you.
It's okay.
I can use the basement studio.
Really? That space is
already quite packed.
Don't worry.
I can rearrange things a bit.
Yeah, but still...
I'm the basement-type anyway.
And since you work at home a lot,
we'll have more time together.
Is that why you're moving in?
Cause I might need company?
It's not just that.
I'll be more comfortable at home.
I can save on rent.
I guess so.
I'm moving out.
What do you mean?
I'm moving out of the house.
What're you talking about?
I've made up my mind.
I'm leaving you.
I'll just make things simple
and move out.
So it won't be a hassle for you.
I've really thought hard
to come to this decision.
Although you probably
couldn't understand.
So, there's no room
for reconsideration?
I'm sorry.
What are you planning to do?
I can take care of myself.
Is there someone else?
But you already knew that, right?
Don't you want to know
who it is?
I don't know what to say.
Anyway, okay. I got it.
Will you be okay?
I don't know.
I guess so.
I guess I will be.
Yeah, mom.
What are you doing?
I'm still sort of packing.
Is there a lot to do?
Just a bit.
What's with the silence?
You made this call, remember?
Is it also raining hard
over there?
Yeah, it's pouring.
No need to do things now
when it's raining like this.
Why don't you think it over
for a few days...
I'll call you later.
I want to finish up first.
What about dinner?
Why worry about that now.
Jeez, mom.
Just concerned
you might skip meals.
Jiseok and I are planning
to go out later.
I really don't understand
you two.
Anyway, I'll call you later.
Mom? I said I'll call later
when I'm done here.
Yeah, okay.
And now's the weather forecast.
A constant stream of rain clouds
coming out of the Wheat Sea
are creating strong showers
at 30mm/hr in the central region.
Heavy rain will hit regionally
until tomorrow morning.
There seems to be
some serious rain outside.
I know.
I made reservations for 7pm.
I wonder if it'll still be pouring.
You made reservations?
Remember the long wait
when we didn't book last time?
Right. But with all this rain...
It's always like this
whenever we try to go out.
Just like rain on a picnic day.
How's the soccer going?
The first half's over.
That's no fun.
What were you doing?
Nothing much.
Why're you packing those things?
I thought you would take them
with you anyway.
Are you being helpful?
I had some time so...
I'll just leave them here.
You're not taking them?
It'll be a hassle.
I won't need them
right away anyway.
But you've been saving them up
for special occasions.
Then I'll pack and put them aside.
They're all yours.
Are you sure?
Of course.
It's been a while,
but they're still pretty.
Can you shut the staircase windows?
Rain's coming in.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
How come I can't close it?
It shouldn't be that hard.
Next time when you're stuck,
pull it back this way...
and then shut it again.
That'll do it.
It's hard.
And I keep forgetting.
It's cause you're using strength
instead of skill.
Isn't it about time
you got used to it?
I should finish up.
The 2nd half must've started.
Go watch.
Need a man's hand?
Let me know if you do.
Nope, I can do it on my own.
Come down later.
I'll make coffee.
Are you done?
No, not yet.
What're you looking at?
Didn't your company publish it?
This is the English original.
We used this well for cooking
before the translated version
came out.
Ah, right.
Yum. You're always right on...
We had enough practice
to open a pasta place.
With your coffee and pasta,
you could probably open one.
But you make better pasta.
Mine always looks sloppy.
I don't know why I can't
make it look like yours.
Looks don't count
when the taste is good.
Look here.
It's what people wrote
when you made rigatoni with chorizo.
Yeah, chorizo with those odd-looking
brown mushrooms.
I wonder if they wrote compliments
just to be polite.
I'm sure they were sincere.
Is this the last room
to go through?
You think you'll finish
by dinner time?
Is it because of the reservation?
It's not just that...
We can just whip
something up here.
Why go out
when it's raining like that.
It might clear up.
You're not up to going out?
No, it's not that.
You know
I love that restaurant.
Give me the trash
if you have any.
It's OK. I'll take it down when I'm done.
There's not much.
I see you've been smoking much.
I'll do it. Leave it.
Where's the trashcan?
I said I'll do it!
I'm all scatterbrained with things
lying around like this.
Take your time.
You know I'm not mad, right?
I know.
What're you doing?
A lot of rain came in.
Need any help?
No, I'm almost done.
What's all this stuff?
I'm gonna throw them out.
They're useless anyway.
Why have you kept them
if they're useless?
I know. Come to think of it,
you're right.
I always throw things out,
and you always stock up.
Sometimes I should throw
things out with no regrets.
But I seem to suck at it.
Your words are quite telling.
Oh, so here it was
I totally forgot about it.
The tail's broken.
I'll just take it with me.
What for?
But you made this for me.
When was it?
Wasn't it when your studio
was in Sangsoodong?
I thought you were just
wasting your time then.
But now you're making money
out of it.
I'll give you a new one.
So throw that one out.
Hey, I like this one.
The faded color even
gives it an antique look.
It's an old blueprint.
And here's another
embarrassing item.
Was this the cultural center?
Am I right?
Yeah, the one that failed
the architectural awards.
Are you really quitting
architectural design?
We've talked about it
the other day.
What a waste. To quit what
you've been doing for years.
Why bring it up again...
I never thought you'd really quit.
And so suddenly.
I like what I'm doing now.
I think the money's better even.
If I were you,
I couldn't have done it.
I could never quit something
I've worked so hard on.
Did you take pity on me?
A little.
I guess I did.
But they say
only the brave can let go.
You seem better now.
You'll be fine.
Whatever you do.
What's gotten into you?
I'm just being honest.
I was in a rush and
used all the towels.
Subtitle by
Aldi Arman
This new detergent.
It doesn't dissolve or
wash well in cold water.
I'm changing brands next time.
Would the liquid-type be better?
I guess so.
Will you make me
some more coffee?
What're you looking for?
There should be
some leftover muffins...
I put them over there.
Just use this one for now.
I'll repack it later.
It's really pouring out there.
I'll pass.
How come?
I'm not hungry.
And it'll soon be dinner time.
Then what does that make me?
No, we have to eat together.
So you're fasting to enjoy dinner
by yourself?
Yum, this is pretty good.
I slurped again.
Old habits die hard.
Thought I told you
it's how one should enjoy coffee.
Maybe it's the rain.
It tastes better today.
Did you make a call?
You mean, him?
He might want to know.
Like the time...
And with the weather like this...
You're just too nice.
You could be such a gentleman.
You know that's not
what I meant.
I don't mind.
Why should l
when you're being so thoughtful.
I'm sorry. I was just...
Why aren't you mad at me?
You're entitled to be mad.
Just look at the whole situation.
I really want someone to tell me.
Cause I don't know anymore.
Whether you were born
incapable of getting mad
Or just really good at holding it in.
This may sound strange.
But getting mad...
won't change anything.
It just seemed that...
once you've made up your mind,
nothing can change it.
And clearly
I share the blame as well.
So guilt's what's driving you
to help your unfaithful wife pack.
And prove to be the perfect man
by treating her to a nice...
dinner at a fancy restaurant?
Do you know
how selfish that is?
I guess you're right.
What am I saying?
I shouldn't treat you like this.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
Are you mad?
No, really, I'm okay.
I'm okay...
Those seem to be
your favorite words.
Are they?
I guess everything will
be okay as you say, right?
Excuse me, but is this
Mr. HWANG Jiseok's number?
Hello, this is In & In' Restaurant..
I called to confirm your reservation.
Ah, the reservation.
It's two for 7pm, right?
Then, we'll be expecting you
at 7, sir.
If you don't feel like it
we can cancel now.
No, I want to go and have
something good to eat.
- How is it? Is it okay?
- Will you bring me a towel?
Poor thing.
- Just wipe it dry.
- Okay.
Check its collar.
It's not a stray.
Is it hurt bad?
- Ouch!
- Oh my god!
Let me see.
That's a nasty scratch. Wait!
Oh my, you're bleeding.
I'll do it.
You go look for the cat.
How the hell can you do it
with one hand!
What should I apply?
I'll do it.
Just go look for the cat.
Where did it go?
No doors are open, right?
I wonder
if it went upstairs.
I'll check upstairs.
Just keep looking for it.
I couldn't find it upstairs.
- Haroo!
- Honey, we shouldn't enter
our neighbor's yard like this.
- Someone's home.
- He's coming out.
Can I help you?
Excuse me,
but have you seen a cat?
- Was it about this size?
- Right.
Small with silver fur.
Have you seen her?
She was in here just now.
But we don't know
where she's gone...
- Oh dear.
- That cat is driving me nuts.
It's raining,
would you like to come in?
Is it alright?
Then just for a minute.
- Hello there.
- Yes, hello.
- Excuse me.
- Excuse us.
Excuse us.
We're sorry for dripping
all over your place.
I'll do it.
Thank you.
This rain is insane.
She escaped through the door
while I was fetching...
something from the car.
I circled the block a couple of times,
but couldn't find her.
I was in a panic.
She's only 2 months old, you know.
Isn't it a relief she came here
instead of wandering too far.
Ah, we are from Apt. #1 25
Nice to meet you.
Yes, nice to meet you.
- Wipe yourself with this.
- Thank you so much.
What happened to your hand?
Uh, this...
Was it the cat?
- Where the hell is she?
- I should tie it up
from now on.
- Mind if I look around?
- I'm so sorry.
Well, go ahead.
It's just a little scratch.
Let's see your wound.
- Did you disinfect it?
- Yes.
Haroo~ Haroo~
I run a medical clinic,
although it's a dental one.
Thank goodness,
the wound's not deep.
Did you put something on it?
I had this ointment
lying around...
Strange. She always rushed out
when I called her name.
Maybe it's because
she's not used to this place.
Cats are like that.
They always do as they please.
Do you mind
if I take a look upstairs?
Honey, where're your manners?
- Come here and sit.
- But it won't take long.
Jeez. Come sit.
By the way,
what do you do for a living?
I'm an architect and
my wife's in publishing.
So that's why
you live near the book city.
We live in Seoul.
We're just here for the weekends.
Anyway, what if we can't
return to Seoul today?
I know. I can't believe
the bridge's been flooded.
The bridge is flooded?
Yes, we were stopped on our way back
to Seoul because of it.
It was all over the news.
I guess you've missed it.
It's chaos everywhere!
Shall we turn on the TV?
The news should be on.
Rain Showers will top up to
40mm around the East Sea.
Look at that.
Everything's going to be swept away.
The sudden downpour must have
caused considerable damage?
Yes, houses and roads have been
flood-stricken by the downpour...
I'm sorry but
do you have anything to feed a cat?
Well, I don't think so...
Like canned tuna?
The smell might bring her out.
- Let me check.
- Thank you so much.
There're some anchovies in the basement.
That might do.
You seem to know your way
around like a housewife.
My husband can't even handle
hammer and nails.
How come they can't control
the flood whenever there's rain?
- I hope this will do.
- Yes, thank you.
I'll leave it here and wait.
I'm sure she'll come out soon.
Don't mind us.
Honey, the layout of this place is
different from ours.
Right, there seems to be
more space in the living room.
I know. And we seem to
have a better view.
How long have you been married?
Five years.
Married for love?
Any kids?
Not yet.
I see.
Why bother
when it's such a hassle.
It's more fun
just between the two of you.
She's supposed to
have come out by now...
You look so young.
You must be successful
to live here.
My name is KIM Sunghoon.
No, it's leased. We ended up here
looking for a bigger place.
Sorry, but can I speak
to Youngshin?
Just a moment.
It's KIM Sunghoon.
- It's me.
- Yes.
Is it a bad time for you?
No, it's fine.
Quite a sum of money.
I couldn't reach you
on your mobile.
so I called here.
Yes, it is...
Besides, I wanted to check on you.
Everything's fine.
I just left my mobile upstairs.
That's a lot for commoners,
but to a king,
it's no big deal.
Are you finished packing?
Not much to pack....
But the value has changed.
A million marks must've been
a hefty sum.
Is there still something
that's holding you back?
Don't you agree?
I guess so.
Oh, it's Haroo!
- Oh my!
- She sniffed the anchovies.
Something wrong?
A kitten entered my house.
So my neighbors came
looking for her.
We left out a can of anchovies.
She just came out of hiding.
Uh, so you have guests.
Then I'll call you on my way
to pick you up.
The bridge has been cut off
due to the flood.
All roads heading downtown are
blocked as well.
Then we should call off today
with the rain and all.
Tomorrow will be better.
Yes... that might be better.
I'll call your mobile later.
Please pick up.
I will.
Let's go.
I give up.
And leave her here?
Then what?
We can't stay here.
Yes, go for now.
She'll come out eventually.
Right, why don't you do that?
We don't mind.
Sorry, but we'll take your advice.
Let's go.
She's not like this normally.
I'm so sorry.
Please call us.
Our number's on her collar.
You came from that way.
Oh my, we seem to be
totally out of it.
Sorry for all the trouble.
We'll call you.
Many apologies for bothering you.
Sorry for everything.
If you need a scaling or
orthodontic corrections...
...let me know.
Give me a call.
- Yes, I'll do that.
- You can count on a discount.
See you later.
- Good bye.
- Sorry about everything.
See you.
- Does the cat really listen to you?
- Shut up!
What should we do now?
Anyway, we can't
go to the restaurant.
And we still have a guest here.
What about dinner, then?
Anything left to make pasta?
Are you okay with that?
I don't mind.
What about you?
I'm okay with that.
You will make it, right?
I'll finish up,
so will you slice the onions?
What for?
I boiled potatoes yesterday.
I'll make a salad with them.
Your eyes must be stinging.
Yeah. A bit.
You forgot to light the candles.
I'm almost done.
Shouldn't you go wash your eyes?
It's okay.
It's okay...
Everything will be okay.
Directed by
LEE, Yoon-ki
LIM, Su-jeong
Woman next door
KIM, Ji-su
Man next door
KIM, Joong-ki
KIM, Hye-ok
The other man
HA, Jeong-woo
Jin-young YU
Presented by
NEW/East Gate Partners LLC
In association with
October Pictures Ltd.
Distributed by
Produced by
bom Film Productions Co., Ltd.
Executive Producer
Woo-taek KIM, Jaehyun CHO
Romeo NOH,
Gyunam CHOI
Executive Producers
CHU Chen On,
Daniel YU
Kwanghee CHO
Produced by
OH, Jungwan
Ellen KIM
Associate Producers
Lorna TEE,
Seungshik SHIN
Based on
The Cat That Can Never Come Back
by Areno INOUE
Hyeong-wook JANG
Kyeong-sun KIM
Production Design
Myeong-hye SEO
Production Sound
Sang-jun JEON
Jin-sook LEE
Hyung-joong WOO, Ara CHO
Hyeong-ju KIM (MONEFF)
Sound Mixing
Seung-cheol LEE (Wave Lab)
Visual Effects
CJ Power Cast
Jeong-hoon LIM (Digital Studio 2L)
Special Effect
Jang-pyo HONG (E-STORM)