Come with Me (2022) Movie Script

So you were just going to
go without saying goodbye.
I thought you were asleep.
Asleep, in the afternoon?
(door closing)
Well, I don't know what you are always
doing in here, always cooked
up, Look, look, look at it
How many of these are you going to read?
Or watching one of those
of your Double 0 7 films
So, what are you going to do now?
So, what are you going to do now?
Do how?
You're going to be
here for a whole week.
Won't you be lonely?
No, I'm fine.
Nobody in the neighborhood, empty?
Are you sure that's even safe?
Maybe I should call Tinu.
Jason, there's no need.
I'm fine.
Are you sure?
No problem.
So have you given any thoughts
to what we spoke about?
What's that?
We've literally had a
conversation about...
Oh. Jason, there's
nothing to think about.
There's nothing...
Listen, I have moved on.
You need to do the same thing too.
Letting go of this house
is the only logical thing for us to...
Well, Logical for you.
This house is the only thing
we have left from mom and dad.
Your mom...
Look, I'm not leaving,
so we're not selling it.
I'm just just looking out
for you really, that's all.
So make sure that
you lock the doors at night and
be safe.
I will...
Don't let any strangers in
and don't stay out too late.
That's very important actually.
I know you like to stay out late so,
lock the doors and the gates.
- Jason please.
- Don't forget to..
What kind of taxi is waiting for you.
I'm leaving.
It's fine, I'm leaving.
That reminds me.
The mechanic is going
to drop my car today.
- Okay.
- All right.
Listen, we can't afford to
make mistakes all right?
I literally put everything
on the line for this
and if we make mistakes
and this doesn't go well,
then, I'm finished.
Okay, good.
So long as everybody keeps to themselves,
and does their job,
everything should go well.
Never mind.
How would you even know?
Hey Darling.
I'm on my way to the airport now.
I need you to do me a favor.
(Samira's phone ringing)
Hey, babe.
Hey babe.
What are you doing right now?
Nothing, I'm just...
Of course nothing.
We're going out tonight.
No I'm fine.
I wasn't asking.
I was telling.
Tinu I'm not going out tonight
Yes, you are.
No I'm not.
Oh yes, you are.
No, I'm not!
I could not believe what was going on.
As in this guy was unbelievable.
So I literally picked up my bag
and I was out of there.
Some guys...
As if...
What do you mean by some guys?
He said you should make love with
a woman and he'll make a video,
What's the big deal?
What's the big deal?
And how exactly does our
conversation concern you sir?
I beg your pardon
Okay, okay.
If he said he'll give you 500,000 Naira,
Won't you do it?
Ofcourse, we are in Nigeria
In Nigeria people will
do anything for money.
People would even sell their
family members for money.
What is? Let's drop this please.
What's with the face?
Anyway, Ndina and I wanted
to ask you a question.
The way your
friend looks, she would do it.
No, I wouldn't.
Not even for a million.
But what if?
What if that money was for one of us?
And it's like, a matter of life and death?
Well, if it was for you guys,
maybe that would justify...
She can do it.
(Ndina and Tinu laughing)
Did I not say it?
I said, only if...
Oh please, you'll do it.
That's all that matters.
I mean if Samira can do it,
then who exactly are we?
I'm so shocked.
Ah, you both set me up with this...
Nice one.
(vehicles moving)
(Inaudible chatter)
I just want to relax, I
don't want to be stressed out.
You can't
I know what happened affected
you, but you have to let it go.
- Things happen...
- I don't think it's the right time
- I would just love to relax
- No, you can't.
Go outside and look for a babe!
It's not that difficult
Would you accompany me?
I can't There are some things
I need to take care of...
Is that how it is now?
See I believe in you.
Let me say this to you,
All the ladies that come into
the club just want to have fun.
If you can give them
that, the rest is simple.
- You too, don't forget to have some fun.
- I've heard you
This word you've been repeating since,
It's like you learnt it recently
Cheer up please, it's
not the end of the world
I believe in you.
Ben my guy!
Ben my guy!
(club music)
Please when are we going home?
We just got here and you're
talking about going home.
Please do not make me angry.
Don't be a bore... come, lets go.
Well, I think you need a drink
to get you in the mood.
Loosen up.
What can I get for you lovely ladies?
and something for yourself.
Three tequilas coming right up
Sit down.
What are you doing?
I'm checking up on Jason.
You're a grown woman.
You're not a child anymore.
You freak control of a brother
will understand when you
need to go out sometimes.
It's okay.
This was actually his idea.
Oh, yes.
He said I should make sure you
have some fun at Cielo
while he's away.
So girl, relax.
And since when, do you
and Jason talk like this?
(Tinu giggles)
Okay, so
We've been talking like this,
for like weeks now actually.
Samira, you've got a great brother.
Broke ass.
Let's go.
We will still have that conversation
How many sir?
I'll tell you when...
(pours drink)
Take it from me
Let's focus on why we are here...
Yes, you're right.
Let's hope homegirl over
here, get rid of some cobwebs.
(Tinu giggles)
How about him?
Oh, hell no.
He looks like Hannibal
Remember, we're trying to
get her drilled not killed.
Ndina, I can hear you.
That's the idea.
(clears throat)
Hi, I'm Drew.
And you?
You look thirsty.
Can I get you another drink?
Thank you Andrew.
But I'm fine.
I'm waiting for someone.
I don't have a job.
I'll keep you company (giggles)
You know...
My friends are keeping me company.
Ooh! My, my, my.
So beautiful.
You look so thirsty.
Let me get you a drink.
Before I kill you with my shoe.
You look so hungry.
Let me get your dinner.
You see what I did there?
Okay, I'll leave, sorry
(girls laugh)
Some guys.
I can't deal with.
Please I need to get another drink.
It's okay
How are you?
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Hi, I'm a big fan.
Thank you...
I absolutely love you.
Only you and Gentleman are on
my permanent wedding playlist
Oh, thank you.
Anyways, you look so
much better in person.
Thank you.
Can I have Vodka Martini?
Shaken not stirred.
Silly, huh?
I know.
Yeah, just a little.
What part?
Try all of it (laughs)
I'm Bond.
Ben Bond.
(Samira laughs)
I'm Samira.
Nice to meet you.
Where did he come from?
Don't know.
He is cute.
Oh, yes is.
It's hard to know if I
like it because I like it,
or because I love James Bond and
he orders it all the time?
(both giggle)
I know what you mean.
Have you had it?
Do you want to?
Can I have another one for Double 0 6?
(Samira laughs)
If that girl is being slow,
I'll have him, any day.
I said what I said girl.
You know what's funny?
I don't know if I like it like it,
or if it's because I like
James Bond too. (giggles)
Does it really matter?
Do it really matter why you like it?
What should matter, is how you feel
in this place, at this bar,
with me and that drink in your hand.
It almost sounds like
you're talking about a dream.
A dream?
You know in a dream,
it doesn't matter what you're seeing.
All that really matters is,
how you feel, you know?
And how do you feel?
Hi stranger.
So you just freed us.
No one will even know
that we're here together?
I'm Ndina.
I'm Samira's best friend.
And this is Tinu, her second best friend.
And you are?
Hello, I'm
Ben Bond.
What kind of name is that?
You don't sound like
you're from around here.
Well, born and raised in Namibia,
but I've been here for, like a decade now.
So I'm practically Nigerian, too.
We just came over and
say hi, we'll be leaving.
Thank you (whispering)
Your friends are really something, huh?
I know.
You on the other hand,
you don't look like you belong here...
You look like the type,
that just enjoys to read a book.
Just chill.
Tell me the truth.
They dragged you here, didn't they?
Guilty as charged
She doesn't know how to have fun.
Books can be fun too.
So is a good rolling bed.
That's also good
You guys...
(phone beeps)
No, brother.
You guys are close?
Like monitoring spirit.
Babe, would you like to
take over this conversation
or what?
I don't understand.
Close family is good too.
Well, when they're not
trying to control your life.
Oh, that's why you
have to set boundaries.
Well, he's gone for a week.
So you get to do what you want, huh?
(Ben's phone ringing)
It's my business partner.
He's a control freak.
Answer him.
No, forget him...
No, answer him.
That way, I'm sure it's not
your wife or your girlfriend.
Ben what's wrong? I've been calling
you since, but you were not picking up.
I am talking to an
absolutely beautiful woman.
And you're ruining the vibe
So soon?
Nice. You know what, I'd
leave you two to get along.
And Ben, she is nothing but a stepping
stone to get to where you want to be.
That wasn't so hard, was it?
Buys me a few hours.
He's relentless.
See who's talking to me
about setting boundaries.
(both laugh)
See you.
Come with me.
Let's go to my place.
Wanna come?
Come where?
You want to take her to bed already?
Just like that?
We're just going to talk.
Talk what?
I know exactly what talking entails.
Ndina, is that not why we're here?
It doesn't mean he can
just carry her to his place.
Look, we're just going to go and talk.
I'm going to be a perfect gentleman.
I promise.
(Ndina & Tinu whispering)
But her place, not yours.
Her place.
Is that fine?
That's, that's even better.
Let's go.
Sleep good.
Sleep tight.
Or don't sleep at all.
I mean, it is talking you
want to do all night, right?
Look, we're just going to talk.
You guys get your minds out of the gutter.
I did not say anything, at all.
Samira, call us.
(road traffic and vehicles horning)
Well, my dad and mom built it before
the place started getting developed
I just hope you're
not some serial killer
and the plan is to make
sure they never find a body.
Oh no, they'll find your body alright.
Or what's left of it.
(both laugh)
In that case, let me just
quickly text my friend,
where I am.
Just to be on the safe side of this.
A big man like you...
scared of little me.
- I'm scared of you?
- Yeah
(Samira laughs)
Come along then, if you are not scared
(both laugh)
(door opens)
Sorry, there's no power supply.
Just, sit here.
I'll just go turn on the inverter.
(inverter beeps)
Nice place.
Should I get you anything?
Yeah, I'm a little hungry.
Do you have food?
Nothing cooked.
Okay, just point me to the kitchen.
Let me work some magic.
Maybe we should just order in.
I'm too tired to cook anyways.
Samira point me to the kitchen.
I'll cook.
All right.
I see rice.
I see plantain
I can make it work.
So you really want to cook right now?
How about you just go in,
get in something more comfortable.
You don't even know where anything is.
It's a kitchen.
I'll figure it out.
Now where is the matches?
Oh my God.
Thank you.
She's supposed to have called us by now.
Maybe she's busy.
She could have at least texted
us, so we know she's fine.
Has Jason infected you
with his monitoring spirit?
Ndina I'm serious.
I'm sure she's fine.
Okay, you know what, I'm
going to call her later?
If she doesn't pick,
we'll go to her place.
I have the keys.
In which galaxy do you think we are in?
You think I'd leave Ric Hassani,
just to go see if my
friend got laid or not?
Hey, is everything okay?
As I was saying,
My Love with TJan and Johnny Drille,
My goodness.
It is amazing.
Melts my heart.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Love your cap.
Oh, thank you.
(Ben's phone ringing)
How far?
It's going well...
Is she hot?
she's absolutely beautiful.
You know, I have to go.
(Samira laughs)
Scared me.
You look very nice.
(Samira smiles)
You look peng... (Samira laughs)
Thank you.
Stop (both laugh)
It's not that serious.
I just wanted to type in my number.
So sorry
No harm, no foul.
(both giggle)
This is really weird.
I've never had a guy cook for me before.
Not even my brother.
(Ben giggles)
(Inverter alarm)
It's the inverter alarm.
It's about to go off.
That's why.
Oh okay.
I'll go put on the gen, okay?
Oh no, no.
Let me do that.
No (laughs)
I've been putting on the gen myself.
Before I met you.
I can do it myself.
Besides you're cooking.
I'll be back.
(inverter beep sound)
Check this out (laughs)
Sorry (both laugh)
Look, I can actually predict
when this is going to off exactly.
Okay, watch this.
(Samira laughs)
(Samira laughs)
I told you.
(Samira laughs)
You woman of the night
Just stay here, I'll be right back, okay?
When you're done with that,
just put your foot up I'll bring the food.
(both laugh)
I'll be right back.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
This is so good. (giggles)
- It is, isn't it?
- Hmm hmm
Food, wine,
Great company.
I've never done this before.
Eat what the guy cooked?
(Samira laughs)
Taking a guy home.
(both laugh)
I don't do this.
So, you go to your boyfriend's place?
Well I haven't been in
a relationship in years.
I haven't had the time.
Samira look...
(Ben's phone ring)
This your partner is a case.
You have no idea.
You know what?
I'm done.
(switches off phone)
I am done.
Are you for real?
I'm serious.
I'm done.
He should call me now.
(both laugh)
So, where were we?
This is so good
Thank you very much.
It's almost as good as mine...
Oh this is good...
Oh this is good.
(both laughing)
So, there I was.
my entire life a mess, in short.
Roy shows up.
He cleans me up.
We've been friends since high school.
he brought me into his business.
And here I am today.
(Ben giggles)
It's just so hard, for
me to see you as homeless.
You look so put together.
Believe me it happened.
Oh well.
Sometimes I guess,
you have to do what you have to do.
You never really know
what you're capable of,
I was wondering when
you were going to do that.
This just feels different.
Unlike all the other women I've known,
this is...
It feels like more.
Damn you're beautiful.
I'm not expecting a relationship, okay?
I don't want something casual either.
I don't want to get confused.
What I'm trying to say is,
if after tonight I don't hear from you,
it's fine.
But, if I do,
I want something serious.
The honest truth.
I've never felt like this before.
This just feels...
I don't know.
It feels different.
And I just wish I...
It feels like it's out of my hands.
Don't get me wrong, I...
(Ben switches phone on)
(Text alerts)
Even at this time of the night?
He's just making sure I'm safe.
Samira, I need to tell you something.
Stay away from me.
I'm going to need you to calm down.
Stay away from me.
I can explain.
I'll scream.
You don't have to do that.
I'm going to scream!
I will scream!
There's no one even around
and you don't have to do that.
Just look.
I'm not trying to hurt you.
Leave me alone...
(door banging)
You need to chill.
(locks door)
Samira, you need to open the door.
Samira, I just want to talk.
There's so much you don't
know about me Samira.
Everything that has happened, is a lie.
I know.
I know it's all a lie.
Samira, you need to
open the door, please.
Samira open the door.
(phone vibration)
This Roy.
This Roy that is calling you.
He's a monster, just like you.
Samira I need you to listen.
Just listen.
Open the door.
Do not pick up that phone.
That's trouble.
Please, just open the door, please.
Guy, what's going on?
What is wrong with you?
I have sent you like a thousand messages.
Why are you doing this? (sobbing)
why are you doing this?
(banging the door loudly)
Samira you need...
Samira, I need you to open the door,
so I can get you out of here safely.
So you think I'm that stupid?
You don't understand.
They are...
You don't have to do this,
Please just let me go. (crying)
I won't tell anyone..
I don't even know who you are.
I can't do that.
Because they are out there.
I promise.
I promise.
I won't tell anyone.
I promise.
It doesn't matter (inaudibly)
(Samira sobbing)
(banging door loudly)
Samira, open the door.
I'm not playing with you.
(bangs door loudly)
Open the door
Samira, open the door.
(bangs door)
Samira, I said open this door.
(hits door open)
(both struggle with doorkey)
(door opens)
(Ben's phone ringing)
This is your first and last warning Roy.
Leave this place!
I know you're somewhere close.
Just leave.
Ben, listen to me.
No, you listen.
I have audio recordings
of all our calls Roy.
You and Ejanla or
whatever he calls himself, okay?
Ben, are you talking
to me in this manner?
Leave this place Roy.
What is the problem?
You're the problem.
Have you sedated the girl?
I've not sedated her.
Ben, what is your problem?
This, this is just wrong.
What we are doing is wrong...
What are you saying?
What are you saying?
This is not me.
This is not who I want to be.
But you don't have a choice.
But I do have a choice.
You always have a choice.
Just sometimes...
sometimes we choose wrong.
Ben, shut...
(Ben ends call)
But we can change.
We can always change.
We can change.
We can change.
(hits pan)
(Ben yells in pain)
(hits pan)
You must be a bastard.
(hits pan)
Are you there?
She's here!
She's here!
What happened?
I don't know.
I don't know who this is.
Call, call.
Get my phone.
Get my phone.
Get my phone.
She'll be fine.
She's a lot stronger than you think
I know my sister, Thank you
Thank you.
Thank you very much, I know her
We're sorry.
What I want to know is
how a strange man ended up in the house
by 2am or 3am.
That's what I want to know!
I'm asking you a question.
Answer me!
The guy that...
The guy that what?
Can you imagine?
I leave you guys for a few minutes,
or a few moments,
and you guys decide to
be irresponsible, huh?
What nonsense is that?
We wanted Samira to have some fun.
We weren't being irresponsible Jason.
Calm down.
I should be calm?
Can you see her?
Look at her.
Am I the only one that can see
that she is unconscious in this hospital?
Jason we are sorry.
I don't know what we were thinking.
You don't know what you were thinking.
Now look at this.
Does this make sense to you?
Are you happy that she's like this?
My question is how?
How is she...
How are you sir?
Thank you...
Thank you so much for coming.
We're the inspectors from the
police division, that's Inspector Kalu
Hi, Inspector Kalu
I called you guys.
Look at her.
Can you see, unconscious.
And look at her friends, they were there.
They saw everything...
Female Hustlers
Female Hustlers
Sir, can we have a word outside?
Madam, just him, not you.
How about her?
Inspector Kalu will keep
an eye on your sister.
Mr. Jason.
Tell me what happened.
(Jason sighs)
I came back
to the house at around maybe 2am
or 3am.
And then there was this strange guy
with a syringe.
Maybe he wanted to steal the car or...
No, no, no.
Not from the middle of the film...
The beginning of what happened.
Well, that's the beginning.
I don't understand.
That's what happened.
That's the beginning.
That's how it started.
No, Mr. Jason.
I mean, why did you come home so late?
Where were you?
Can somebody stand as an
alibi for where you went?
What's that supposed to mean?
Well, you think I did this.
Is that what you're trying to tell me?
That's what you're trying to say,
that I did it?
That I did it?
No, we're just crossing
T's and dotting I's
Police work.
I called you.
Mr. Jason, It is said that it's not
always the one that calls the police first
that wins the case (laughs)
Anyways, you can...
Your alibi.
Somebody can vouch for you?
What's that?
My phone.
I was supposed to travel to Addis Ababa.
Look at it.
Me too.
I was supposed to travel to Ikot Ekpene,
but the two of us didn't make it.
Nobody cares.
Where were you Mr. Jason?
That's the question.
What is the meaning of this?
It is police business.
What kind of police business?
I am crossing my T's and dotting my I's
I need to do my own job too.
I just defended myself.
I reported my sister's assault.
And now you're accusing me?
I'm sorry for shouting.
I just need to do my job.
Cross T's
I just defended myself.
In fact the guy is still at home.
He's still there, locked in there.
The guy is there?
- As we are having this conversation?
- Yes
Then why didn't you tell me earlier?
You think I like to
be wasting the ink in my pen
and be investigating...
I would have sorted it.
I would have...
In fact, we need to go right away.
I need to call my...
But what?
If it is a taxify we will order one
for you don't worry if...
I think he is dead.
Mr. Jason.
Look, see.
He was there.
How you do you expect me to walk in,
my sister is there lifeless
and a strange man is there
with with a syringe
You want him to attack me?
I had to defend myself.
So what?
You just walked into the house,
you didn't even say any word
You just carried a bottle and broke
someone's head?
I defended myself..
I didn't do anything else.
I didn't attack him.
I just defended myself.
The body is still there?
We'll see.
Inspector Kalu!
[Inspector Kalu] Yes boss.
(footsteps approaching)
This man here says that
he has killed the man, inside their house,
and we will go there now
and find out what's happening.
Why do you say it like that?
So what's going to
happen to my sister now?
I'll keep a policeman here on watch.
And whatever happens, the
doctor will call me on phone.
What if she wakes up?
Don't worry,.
A doctor will be here to call me,
to tell me about whatever happens.
Are you guys leaving?
Who is always calling this
girl to ask me questions?
Madam, go inside.
Did I call you?
Did I call you on this list?
Did I call your name on this list?
Just go.
Did I call you?
Nobody called your name for you
to ask what's happening...
(police siren and cars horning)
(door opens)
I thought you said the door was locked.
Stand back.
Officer, clear the room.
I locked it.
It was locked.
Stand back, Mr. Jason.
Is the room clear?
Yes boss.
That's the kitchen (snapping fingers)
The kitchen is just straight down
That's where he was.
Don't worry about it, Mr. Jason.
Officer, that's where the kitchen is.
That's where I left him.
It's okay Mr. Jason.
We'll take it over from here.
Officer, clear that area.
Officer, you saw him?
That's what I was telling you.
Mr. Jason, there's nobody there.
That's where I left him.
He was inside...
that's where I left him.
He is a tall guy.
a little fair in complexion.
Look Mr. Jason.
That's where I left him.
All I think we would do now is...
You will just write a statement.
Once your statement has been written..
I'm not doing that.
I know what that means.
I'm not going anywhere.
It doesn't mean anything.
People come to our station.
To visit us...
I'm not visiting anybody.
I'm going to any station.
Am I under arrest?
Why would I go there?
For what?
- No Mr. Jason.
- I just brought you here
so that you see what...
- Let me show it to you
- Hey. Hey. Hey.
What's this?
Why are you pointing the gun at me now?
I said wanted to show you my phone.
What's the meaning of this?
What if you accidentally discharge?
Mr. Jason.
What is all this now?
It's okay, Mr. Jason.
She's just doing her job.
Protecting lives.
I was chatting with her.
Let me show you.
I was chatting with her.
And then they canceled my flight.
And I tried to reach her several times.
The phone was switched off.
Watch him.
I'm here!
What's she watching me for?
What's the meaning of all this now?
What the meaning of all this?
Calm down, you don't have
anything to be afraid of.
I'm afraid of the gun, first of all.
I'm afraid of the gun, first of all.
But the chat here ends well and
your last message here was not delivered.
Because her phone was switched off.
I just told...
I just said that now!
Sir, where's her phone?
How will I be with her phone now?
I don't know where her phone is.
What is going on here?
Mr. Jason, let's just
go back to the station.
We are serving tea and biscuits
this afternoon.
We'll write the statement and
you will be gone before long
I'm not going to any station.
I said I'm not going any where.
Sir, it is okay...
Let's get moving, so you
can write your statement.
You need to write a statement.
Mr. Jason!
- She was very good at shooting while at the police academy...
- Please
I don't want her to
practice on you here...
Alright! Okay!
Can I atleast change into something else?
Let's get going, there's
no need to change up.
We will have our bath.
I have a bathroom in the police station.
We have a shower.
Let's go, Mr. Jason.
I don't like this.
You're supposed to be protecting me.
I just told you that there's
somebody that was lying down.
Mr. Jason.
Let's not have any problem please.
She will be fine, okay?
She just needs some rest.
So what was it the
police wanted from...
(Samira screaming) No. No. No.
Calm down.
It's just us.
Where is Jason?
Please get Jason.
Doctor do you have the contact details
of the police that took Jason?
- Yes.
- Police? Jason?
It's okay.
Calm down.
I have it somewhere in the office.
What happened?
Ben attacked you.
But luckily,
Jason got there just in time
and he managed to save you.
I don't know what would have happened
if he hadn't...
You would have been
kidnapped and used for rituals.
Thank God for Jason.
I didn't like that guy from the get go.
Where did they take Jason to?
Maybe you should just go and get Jason
from the police station.
Samira you need to rest.
You know what, I'll go
to the police station.
Ndina, just watch over her.
Take it easy.
I'll go get Jason out.
Just have this one.
You wife will have a nice time tonight
So are you sure that if I drink this,
I will go 4 rounds with my wife?
- You can get even go up to 7.
- Good day
So with this, If I take it all...
Good day officers!
Young lady.
Nobody has told you that,
where you see the Nigerian Police,
especially when they
are having a good time,
you do not disturb them?
Im sorry,... i am very sorry
Inspector, I will drink it.
I dont know if you remember
me from the hospital
-I was the one who...
- Madam, as you can see, we are having a good time.
Nobody has time for you.
So what do...
ok,... my name is Tinu... Samiras friend
we spoke over the phone
The talkative..
What can we do for you?
I came here to clear
this thing about Jason.
Are you his alibi or what exactly?
He was supposed to be out of the country.
How do you know?
You were not traveling with him, so...
No, I was with Samira.
I can hear you.
So, there was this guy called
Ben, he took Samira home
- To his house?
- No... to Samiras house
So she took him to her house right?
Yes Sir......
What time?
What time?
About... i think 1am I guess
I tried calling her
and her number wasn't reachable.
So I thought to check on her.
Did Jason tell you that,
he killed somebody and the
body is inside his house?
Did he tell you?
I said, did Jason tell you that,
he killed somebody, and the
dead body is inside the house?
He killed somebody, and the
dead body is inside the house?
Hold on!
We went to the house,
but didn't see any corpse there.
That can't be true because
He was on the floor.
He was right there on the kitchen floor.
Samira can confirm this story
Is Samira awake?
So why didn't you say so since?
Keeping us here and feeding
us cock and bull story
You think we have that much time
to waste here with you?
To waste here with you?
You have no idea that
even as we are here,
we are now happy because,
We were agitated, so we had
to arrest Samira's brother
because we are crossing
our T's and dotting our I's
We do not play around here
Well, she's awake now!
That is good...
It is good right?
Okay, let's get going
once I'm done with this...
Officer, let's go
Sister, you would take an Uber because...
Mr. Jason, we are sorry
for the inconvenience.
No. No. No.
Don't be sorry.
You had to cross your
t's and dot's your I's.
Please, what do we do about Ben?
There's not much that can happen.
But, at least we know his face.
And we know he's MO.
That's his motive of... police things
Because ladies, usually,
when things like this happen
to young ladies like yourself
they don't come out the same.
Samira, you're lucky.
She's lucky.
No, no, no Madam.
There's also the story with regards to
the point of view of this...
What I'm saying is,
Is it a habit for you young women
to go to a club at night,
and pick up these men to
your different houses?
I think what my partner here
is trying to say is,
we are interested in your occupation.
You know.
Excuse me.
What exactly are you insinuating, please?
What are you...
Mr. Jason, even you
asking me these questions...
In my report, you're
traveling everywhere, going...
What were you really carrying?
I don't believe this.
I understand how you ladies feel.
But you must understand,
the police is on top of the case.
We'll handle this very thoroughly.
Because we know that, with
regards to this investigation,
there's a missing puzzle in it
(whispers) Oh my God
What if he comes back?
That is not possible.
Unless ofcourse he is your client
Excuse you?
He can't come back.
He has fled.
There's police everywhere.
We've covered the whole streets.
We've got the sniper.
Plus, he thinks he is sensible.
He put drugs inside the syringe.
We found out.
He wanted to make you weak.
Easy prey.
But as he didn't succeed,
He will go and catch somebody else.
I promise he will not get away.
No, I promise he won't get away.
Mr. Jason, there's no need for that.
He has escaped,
You don't need to worry.
But if you get to hear anything,
call us because, police,
is your friend (both
saying simultaneously)
Mr. Jason, let's not
keep you waiting for long.
And like I said, any problem,
any more information
ladies, call the police.
Sleep well.
Get well.
God bless you.
Jason, I'm so sorry.
No. No. No.
It's okay.
It's all right, okay?
Everything will be okay.
I'm just glad that my
flight was cancelled.
Everything will be fine,
don't worry yourself.
Hopefully I should be able
to take her home soon.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Okay sir.
Thank you.
Yes, just be on standby.
Jason, I'm really really sorry.
It's okay.
There's no way you could have known.
He seemed like such a nice guy.
I told her.
Don't stay in that house.
She said, no she wanted to stay.
I told her there are no neighbors
and it was so lonely,
she insisted.
Look, selling the house
is the best option.
That's true.
But, how did he even
get out of the house?
Your friend.
She just left the key, carelessly.
Very careless lady.
I saw the key there.
That's another kidnapper,
just roaming the streets like that.
May God just help us.
May He help us.
(door opens)
How's my wonder woman doing today?
Okay, you're good.
You're good to go home
But take it easy for
the next few days, okay?
You are not at a hundred percent yet.
Thank you doctor.
The nurse will bring her prescription.
It's nothing serious.
Just something to help you get some sleep.
Doctor, I've slept enough already.
I know.
But not to worry just to help you to sleep
and then help you get better.
It will also help you with your anxiety.
All right?
So I need you all to
please take care of her.
Yes sir, No problem.
Thank you very much doctor.
You'll be fine, alright?
Thank you.
And then, eat your food.
Alright sir.
Thank you sir.
Thank you.
Pack her bags...
Let's get you home now.
I need to go home.
I have few things to sort
and then I'll come see you tomorrow.
- I'm sure she can't wait to go home.
- I'm sure
Come let's go.
(vehicles horning in traffic jam)
We need to lock the gate.
Yeah, don't worry about it.
I'll do it.
I just want to relax a bit.
It's really hot.
Jason, can you put on AC?
We're using the inverter.
So it won't work.
Oh, okay.
Should we go to the room?
No, I'm fine here.
Don't you want to take it bath?
At least come out of these clothes.
We need to change all the
locks and keys in this house.
Yeah, I guess so.
We need to change them now.
You want me to go out
now and get new locks?
Yes please.
Listen, you're not the only one
that's been stressed today.
Look at me, I'm still dressed in what
I wore yesterday.
I spent the whole day in the freaking cell.
Samira, you really need to rest.
Let me go get you some water
to take your medications.
I'm not taking that.
(Tinu whispers)
Look at me Samira, you have to take it.
The doctor said you have to and you will.
That's the only way you're
going to get better.
Can you hear me?
Please, get her the water.
I know how this feels.
It feels like everyone's against you
and all that but,
I know you don't like to take medications
but you have to.
Thank you.
Take some more.
Take some more water.
You'll be fine, don't worry.
It's okay.
Lie down.
I don't think there's
any food in the house.
So I have to go and get
something for her to eat
and of course you too...
Okay, that's fine.
I'd watch over her.
And may be, clean up a bit.
I appreciate you.
It means a lot.
It's the least I can do,
We're like family now.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Alright, take care of yourself...
Please lock the door.
Okay... alright.
(Samira screaming)
It's not your fault.
It's all your fault!
No, it is not...
You are supposed to still be asleep.
Honestly, I can see why
Ben decided to betray us.
You would have been so worth it.
Oh, be quiet.
You already know what this is, so...
(door slamming)
(Samira screaming)
(banging the door)
Open the door.
You're trapped, and
the door is bullet proof.
I know.
I said, open the door.
(bangs the door)
I guess I'll just make do with your friend.
(breathes heavily)
Loosing everything is bad for business.
It's all up to you.
Hello boss.
Please come quickly,
She has escaped.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
If I come in, you're taking only me.
(door opens)
(door closes)
Forget kidnapping...
I'll kill you myself, you bitch.
Stop it.
Stop it.
Get off her.
Get away!
Get away from her.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
I think so.
Are you sure.
Oh my goodness.
Jason, how did you know his name?
You've got too much problems.
You've got way too much problems.
You had one job.
One simple job.
Go home with Ben!
But, you stupidly brought him here.
Of course there was that idiot.
Fortunately I got there in time.
And I would have finished you myself,
if not for your pesky friend.
Are you there?
She's here.
She's here.
Are you that stupid?
Are you that stupid?
I need the money!
My half sister is sitting on a house...
that can easily cost 40 million,
just because she wants to
feel like she owns something.
Your friends are married, and are
in their husbands' house
and you're here.
You're here.
Do you know the problems
you cost me and him??
Do you know the problem you cost us?
First, it was getting
her together with Ben.
She really likes movies and reading.
Double 0 7, especially
the ones with Pierce Bronsnan, all right?
So, use that as an in, okay?
Then it was getting you
to fall in love with him
But you messed that up again.
You're always messing things up.
Always messing things up.
You messed it up.
Then we had to improvise.
Why did you act this way?
Roy please.
Shut up.
Don't plead with me.
You brought this on yourself.
You brought this on yourself.
I don't have a choice.
No. No. No. No. Roy, No
You are my hommie.
Why did you do this kind of a thing.
And you are aware that we
really need this money.
Guy, what kind of a thing have you done?
The plan had to be perfect.
No lose ends.
No suspicions.
We kidnap you, the
police blames it on Ben,
and we do the whole ransom and pay dance
and then you die in the process. Q.E.D
I did my research...
Look, if you want somebody to disappear,
all you have to do, is to kidnap them.
Just kidnap them.
Nobody will suspect.
Not even the police will
do anything about it.
In this country, if you
want to be successful,
you have to sacrifice everything.
Every single thing you have to sacrifice.
From your humanity, to
integrity, to your morals.
You have to sacrifice
every thing to be rich..
No wonder we're not
from the same mother.
And the only reason you believe this
nonsense coming out of your mouth,
is because you're a lazy man.
Be careful!
Be careful!
You're just an entitled,
vile, lazy little man.
(inverter alarm)
It's the inverter.
Well don't act like you don't know what...
Open this door!
(banging the door)
Open this door!
(banging the door)
You can't escape.
I've locked the back door.
Open this door
Open this door (banging the door loudly)
I will blow your head off
I will blow your own head off
if you don't open this door
(bangs on the door)
Open this door!
(bangs on the door)
I will break this door down!
You should have been watching over her!
I was watching over her.
And she's inside.
How is she inside when
you were watching over her?
How is she inside?
Tell me!
Come out.
Come out of here!
Are you deaf?
Are you deaf?
Who turned off the light?
(frying pan hit)
(gun shot)
(frying pan hit)
(frying pan hit)
(Frying pan hit)
(Jason crying in agony)
Wait, wait.
Samira, please...
(frying pan hit)
(Inaudible chatter)
I'm going to check on Tinu.
Good afternoon, Miss Samira.
How are you today? (giggles)
I'm sure you're good.
On my way up here,
I actually noticed this was the hospital
my aunty gave birth to her first child.
I remember when I used to come here
and they used to serve this
a peppered noodles on Sa...
I just thought you'd want you to
try the peppered noodles...
So, hello.
How are they treating you in the hospital?
So I am here to let you know that
the police is doing our best,
to make sure that this is a closed case.
We're making sure that all
the angles are covered.
All the t's are crossed,
and all the I's are dotted.
We want to make sure
you don't get to travel.
So, you're here for questioning.
I don't understand.
I don't understand.
What sort of questioning.
Have you arrested Jason?
About the Jason issue.
We looked at Jason's
statement and your statement,
and after intensive comprehension,
we found out that (giggles)
It's actually funny when...
when when we found it out,
that the two of you are suspects.
My sister had nothing
going for her, so she...
planned this... this kidnap
with her lover... Ben
Shes dangerous,... shes
the criminal master mind
What the hell are you saying
It's past that one because
Jason told us that,
you are the main plotter
in this whole thing.
You are the mastermind.
And Tinu can even stand
as alibi for the report.
So, it's beyond us...
It's just my police duties (giggles)
So I'm just here to let you know that,
the case is still on going
and you need to be
available for questioning.
So, I've done my job.
Isn't there an air
conditioner in here any more?
When I used to come here,
there used to be an air conditioner
So try and...
Take care.
Try that noodles on Saturday.
(car door opens)
(car door closes)
(car door opens)
Good evening.
(car door closes)
Hey, missy.
Are you sure you don't
want me to come with you?
It's okay.
I'm alright, okay?
Thank you.
Alright, then.
I love you.
Love you too.
Oh, yes.
Forgot to give you this.
Oh, wow!
(Samira switches phone on)
Haven't seen you in a while.
(both laugh)
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Please be safe, okay?
(Both peck)
I love you.
I love you too.
Take care of her please, sir.
(car door opens)
(car door closes)
Excuse me ma.
Should I start the trip?
I hope you're ready?
It's a simple run and grab.
I understand sir.
Samira really likes
movies or reading okay?
Especially Double 0 7,
anything Pierce Brosnan.
Yes sir.
Roy will meet up with you after you
leave Cielo lounge with her.
He knows what to do with Samira.
But sir.
Any problem?
And you are aware that we
really need this money.
Guy, what kind of a thing have you done?