Coming from Insanity (2019) Movie Script

Turn off your engine!
Where are you coming from?
From the factory down
the road there, sir.
Down where?
Dacula. The rubber
factory, officer.
What is there?
There's nothing, really.
Just rubber blocks, officer.
You say what?
Rubber blocks!
Come down from the motor.
But I just told you, it's
rubber blocks!
I said, come down
from the motor.
- Oya, take him there!
- It's rubber blocks, officer.
There's nothing there.
Open it!
The world is designed
to protect children.
We are the last
pure entity left.
Sorry, sorry, my phone.
But when you are
from Gbangbale, Togo...
no one gives a flying,
running, crawling fuck.
'Cause even parents sell their children
away for a few meals around here.
Our generation
was supposed to stay nothing.
I was sold to this house,
maybe rent...
but master did not want me here.
There's a civil war going on where
that boy just came from.
I'll say we're doing his family
a huge favor by taking him in.
The boy is from Togo!
The only civil war going on in Togo
right now darling, is in your head!
But honey...
No, honey.
Let the boy go back
to where he came from.
And that's final.
I'm sorry,
I didn't quite catch that.
I brought that boy into this
house for one reason...
to keep this house clean.
If his family wanted him around,
I'm sure that's where he would be.
Stop trying to save the world
and mind your own business.
My house, so it is kind of
my business, no?
This is OUR house!
May I suggest, you send in
your notice at work...
learn how to cook and clean
It's called house husbanding!
It's not such a taboo anymore...
Thanks, honey!
She is the real master.
So, I stay.
There was this bully from Japan
that her brother cannot protect her from.
I promised that I will destroy this
bully, so she became my best friend.
Her name is Oyin.
And on the other hand...
His name...
is Bastard.
You lose!
I forgot to mention that I used to
play this game with the missionaries...
back in Gbangbale.
You win! Perfect!
It was after this game...
master sir told me that
my mother died.
Oyin helped me plan my escape.
I have to go and save
my mother's fish.
I stayed.
Fifteen years!
I read somewhere that you should
never trust a man in...
Even if that man is your fianc?
Kossi please, I don't want to
talk about this anymore.
This is why you want to leave.
What will I do?
All you have to do is sort out
Femi's big head...
and you'll have time
to spend with Emma
Kachi and Muhtar
and oh!
Maybe you can finally start dating that
secret girl you've refused to tell me about.
I cannot be with her now.
Why not?
See, the things men should
know about women...
men don't have the time to learn
And if they have the time,
they definitely don't have the money.
So, where does that leave
someone like me?
The things that come out
of your mouth...
It's Kossi!
Come in!
You called me.
I fucking know that.
Wash the stain off that.
Put some towels by the pool.
My name is Kossi.
Do you want something to drink?
Will you get the fuck
away from there!
You crazy?
Emmanuel is from my village...
he always dress nice,
even in his uniform.
His master, the professor likes him
like the son he never had.
He even taught him
how to speak like him.
You know that sometimes
where you live...
determines if you live.
There was no hope for us
in Gbangbale!
And this is hope?
Tell me, Emma.
Show me.
I should have done everything for
them not to bring me into this country...
I should have held onto a knife
I Should have fought.
I shouldn't have done nothing!
You're acting as if
this is the end of the world.
This is not the end of the world.
Even the end of the world
is not the end of the world!
Emma, but it could be
the end of me!
Well, you're here now...
and you're a man.
So, what are you going to do about it?
Like what?
Go back to Togo?
What the fuck is wrong
with you, Emma?
See, the only way
I'm going back...
is in a private jet
and a baggage full of money!
So, bye bye Togo.
I cannot stay another day as a
slave to that shithead!
It is time.
First thing tomorrow morning
I'm leaving that house for good...
My real life starts now!
So, what?
You leave the house and
become homeless?
I did not fucking go anywhere...
but, I started to
make some moves.
I was looking for how to make money
and I saw the story of a man...
who printed ten million U.S. dollars!
In his house!
With just a computer, printer...
a sample of a $100 bill
and his brain!
I decided to look into this...
and I was blown away by
the world's money system.
You know, printing fake money is one
of the oldest crimes in the world.
But, what if I told you that the biggest
fake-money printer in the world...
is actually the government?
House boy!
Bloody factory worker.
Kachi, see...
you remember this paper
that I took from you the other time?
That paper. The one I said feels
like money.
Oh yeah, rag paper.
I need some.
You can't just get
rag paper like that!
Kachi, there has to be a way!
Yeah, actually there is!
Go to the Central Bank of Nigeria,
ask the MD to give you some.
Look Kossi, I have to go
I'm busy.
The United-States Treasury actually put out a paper telling
you the security features to look for in a real dollar.
This is like the teacher giving you
answers to the exam.
But the paper is the
foundation of everything...
without paper, I have nothing.
Only banks and top paper manufacturing companies
have the license to produce this paper...
and every single sheet
must be accounted for.
Lucky for me, Kachi works at a
printing press...
he knew another friend that works
for a top paper manufacturing company.
He was the only hope.
It took a few weeks, but Kachi
finally agreed to talk to his friend...
and it took his friend another three weeks
to get into some money trouble.
He finally caved.
He said when he comes out...
we have ten minutes to do
whatever we need to go in and do.
And you want me to go in there
and steal papers?
But you tell me that you have
a friend that has papers.
Well, when I told you he works here,
that is not a lie.
Kachi, it's like you telling me that
someone is in the film business...
and you get to find out that
they're just security at the cinema!
Well, that puts him in
the film business.
What the actual fuck?!
Kossi, time is ticking...
The alarm will be coming
back on in 10 minutes...
so, we either stand here and argue
or go in and get the paper for only
God knows what you need them for!
I don't even know why I'm standing here!
I just...
For everything else...
The underground dark web
of Lagos...
perhaps Africa.
for a fee?
Fake passports...
visas of any kind
anyone's house papers
Jesus's birth certificate
a baby
you get the idea?
You can get your hands on anything.
Along with the information
I found on the government website...
I was able to move ahead.
I spent many months working
on the look of the money.
If this is going to work...
first thing first,
it must look like money.
Then, I worked down the list.
But of all the security
features on any bill...
the most powerful test it must go through
is the one most people do
everyday without even knowing it.
When you collect money...
your fingers send a secret signal of
validation to your brain to put you at ease.
This I found...
there is no bigger test.
It feels like Paper.
Emma, don't be stupid!
Is it a book paper or a
magazine paper or what?
Book paper!
Look, can I open my eyes now?
You cut out paper?
You're going crazy, man!
Emmanuel was right...
I was going crazy.
They say practice makes perfect,
but this is a lie.
Practice makes good.
Only obsession makes perfect.
My money looks like the real money,
but it doesn't feel like it.
I tried everything.
I raised the ink levels,
neutralized the starch even more...
I soaked it in different solutions,
I put it in the microwave
I stored it underground to bake!
But every time, my fingers knew
that they were not holding money.
It was becoming more clear...
I had to find another way
to make money.
In all of this...
I hadn't been there for Oyin.
She was going through
a very difficult time.
One year ago...
she said yes...
to marrying this man that I never liked
from the first time I saw him.
He has proof that him cheating
on me was the work of the devil.
she will return that ring.
For the first time
in 8 months...
my fingers finally sent that
secret signal to my brain.
The secret ingredient that
had been missing all along.
I don't have my glasses on!
You don't have your glasses on?!
Come in!
What the fuck is wrong with you?
I thought I told you to
clean this place yesterday!
You don't have your
fucking glasses on?!
What, then somehow you
managed to miss that?!
Oh! Now, you found your glasses!
I did the cleaning myself, it wasn't there.
I did not see this.
What are you still doing there?!
Will you pick that shit up and leave!
Where the hell do you
think you're going to?
I want to go and get a packer.
Will you freaking pick that shit up
and get the fuck out of here!
Hey! Hey!
Don't use your hands!
You have crocodile hands.
I have my own.
Fuck you!
I'm just saying.
You hear me?
Fuck you!
How much is this?!
I'm working on something...
and I will need you.
Actually, I can even get you a room.
I already have my own room.
With air condition and tv.
I'll tell you what...
you get me a room, in this city
no tv, no air condition, nothing!
Just a room. Four walls...
I'll move in with you
I will cook for you, I will clean for you
I will even be your girlfriend.
Fuck you!
This is not even funny.
And you getting a house?
Not funny!
But, what if I do...
Do we have a deal?
We have a deal.
I'm getting a room.
What did he do?
What did he steal?
He tried to exchange
fake dollars.
Are you trying to kill him?!
He's a thief!
The last time, they put somebody
out of seventy thousand...
Okay, you need change.
move him over there! Move him!
I'm coming back, now.
We don't like thieves
around here!
Death to any thief
I get my hands on!
Where is he?!
This is the moment I mentally
resigned as a houseboy.
I just needed the rest
of me to catch up.
How are you?
if Femi sent you here
to apologize for him...
No, I didn't come here for anybody.
Just me.
I know you're wondering...
"What is this house boy
doing on my chair?"
But, here's a story...
In a very tiny village in Togo...
there was this little boy
by far, he was the brightest
kid they had ever seen.
Even the missionaries
saw this too!
That's what we called them.
They wanted to take him to Paris...
they knew with the right opportunities
he was going straight to the top!
You want to use my son
for witchcraft, isn't it Yovo?
Please don't go, come back here, please!
But the mother
never liked Yovo...
they take black people away,
they use them for sacrifice
and that is why they live
all this glorious lives.
According to her.
You're beautiful.
You're a bear, just like me.
I'll call you, "Mama Bear".
You know, I never liked
anyone in my life, before.
I'm liking only you.
I am a business man, and I'm
going to make a lot of money.
Very soon.
The kind of money that you
would like to come around.
Mama Bear
I am going to come for you.
Thank you for your time.
One more thing.
You forgot this at the house.
If you are ever interested in
meeting real-life clowns...
look for any property
agent in Lagos.
They are from another planet.
Is it really for you?
It's a 'No'?
This is one of the two bedrooms...
two of them en suite
and one is currently being...
It's another 'No'?
Tell me more about this place.
It has 3 bedrooms.
All en suite...
as you can see,
this is a great living room space
hard to find in an area
like this, for the price.
The kitchen is spacious.
You'll not have to beg your lady
before she cooks for you.
And in thanking her...
let me show you
the master bedroom.
What is the final price...
of this place?
If you are serious, I mean ready
like right now,
At this point...
I was making five hundred
dollars every day!
This unannounced visit
is actually about Kossi.
I suspect that living outside the
chaos of city life...
has made us to reflect
better on life.
And on decisions we may have
made that err...
may not have been for the best.
Your father and I...
we feel like we've maybe
not handled the Kossi situation
in the best of ways.
The long and short of it is
we're releasing him.
Releasing him?
To what?
To go back to Togo and to choose
whatever he wants to do with his life.
He's a relatively young chap and it's
certainly better now as opposed to later.
But don't worry...
we've hired a proper maid service.
They'll come, cook, clean,
take care of the house.
Does he even know
anybody in Togo?
Kossi is as Nigerian
as anybody that I know!
I'm sorry, but this
doesn't make sense!
Mind your tone, young lady.
Now, we have already considered that...
and we have made arrangements
to ease his transition.
We've already bought
him a plane ticket!
And we have a severance package of
500,000 Naira!
To help him sustain himself until
he figures out what he wants to do.
And this is why we're
having this conversation?
I mean, who cares?
It's Kossi.
He's useless. He smells!
You see what you have raised?
What I raised?
I raised this one,
you raised that one.
Dear, let's not start, eh?
Well, it's been real.
Good luck.
You have my email and my number.
Call me the second
you get there.
I'm going to miss you
so much, Kossi.
I love you.
So, you're a house boy?!
And your face looks like this?
You've eaten a pig!
Look at him!
House boy with pink lips.
Where are you traveling to?
Won't you answer me?!
I asked where you're traveling to!
I'm going to Togo.
You're going to Togo...
and you're carrying a refugee bag.
You're traveling out of the country?
Like this?!
No problem.
My only concern is to
drop you off at the airport.
Then they can do with you
whatever they like.
Help me fix the mirror well!
The side mirror do it!
I want to provoke you to talk!
Must we talk?!
You must talk!
Because I want you to talk!
I'm happy!
I provoked him!
What is all of this?!
Togo, Togo!
Can you tell me
what the hell is going on?!
We've just missed our flight!
We left our cab
with our bags inside.
We didn't miss any flight.
That was not my own flight.
You understand.
That was not my flight.
Taking me back to what?!
To Togo?!
You want to go back to Togo?!
You want to go back to Togo,
what do you know about Togo?!
See, I'm working on something,
right now...
and all I need from you
is your loyalty and trust.
And if all these things is too much
for you to carry, you can go back, now!
I got us a beautiful place,
you will love it.
But first...
one more stop.
Changing one hundred
dollar bill is one thing...
but changing...
Ten thousand!
You're holding big
money now, my friend.
That's good.
Maybe I should go
somewhere else.
No no no no...
Even if you go, you'll come back.
Our price is the best.
I swear to God.
Please sit down.
Sit down, please.
Just one minute.
My friend!
There's a problem.
You see this your dollar...
is 1996.
This is the recent one.
It's always ten naira less.
I'm saying the truth,
ask anybody.
It's ten naira less.
Pleasure doing business with you!
Kossi, you live here now?
This is me...
Head of Operations.
I am in charge.
this is you.
and Kachi
you're here.
Emmanuel will
follow my orders...
and you two will
follow Emmanuel's orders.
The way it is on the board...
it is the exact way that
it's going to be, but...
We are all the same.
If we do these things very well...
we're heading straight to the top!
You may have to resign, yeah?
How much are they paying me?
I'll resign, too.
From what?
You don't have a job, Muhtar!
I mean, I'll stop looking...
Shut up, Muhtar!
But first!
First thing first...
You see all these rags that we are wearing. We have
to put them all together and burn them to ashes.
Burn everything!
We need to look the part.
When people see us...
they think we're rich.
When we give them money, they won't
even have any reason to think at all.
choose your own style.
Do not look like anybody.
Because you're at your best...
when you are yourself, hmm?
I saw this place on
Mama Bear's phone.
So, it must classy.
I like everything!
Excuse me!
How much is this bag?
Very good choice.
It's $5,500 only.
We have a delivery for
Miss. Sonia Badu.
Where's it?
We have to see an ID, please.
I really can't keep up!
When did stupid become a style?
Hey! What's going on,
that's my bag!
There's a delivery for you.
You spoke with Don Jazzy?
A what?
Man, the only Don you ever
had anything to do with is Don Simon!
Thank you!
Have a good day, madam.
Thank you!
Do you mind?!
Is Femi in the doghouse?
Even if!
Ify! I can hear your
brain breathe!
Oh my God!
Did Femi send this?
Mama Bear?
Papa Bear?
You better start talking, Sonia.
It's Femi's house boy.
What if he stole it?
Did you see how it was delivered?
It came straight from the store.
He paid for this.
But you know...
if you don't want it
I can just take it.
What is this thing?
This is champagne!
It tastes like water
from raw pap.
You will like it.
You know how all those suicide bombers
are supposed to get virgins...
when they get to paradise...
this is paradise!
And you don't have to bomb anybody.
Just come to Lagos.
Best part...
none of them are virgins.
Yeah! Very true.
How the fuck you know, man?
Not you.
I'm talking to your
grandfather's spirit.
This is the closest you have ever been
to any girl, not fully dressed, Muhtar.
Again... not you.
Look at that girl, right there!
Muhtar! You wanna go talk to her?
It's easy! Just tell her what you
like about her.
Don't teach me nothing.
I know what to do!
Pay attention!
Hello, how are you?
And as we were having
the time of our lives...
this was happening on
the other side of town.
That came in this morning.
What's the trail on this?
They're that good.
The machine didn't pick up anything?
That's your problem now, detective.
Let me know what you find.
I'm leading this?
At some point, a man
has to lose his virginity.
And I do not see you wearing
a white collar, so...
yes! Your first lead.
Thank you, ma.
The good counterfeit will pass from
person to person and stores to stores.
They usually don't get noticed
until they reach the bank.
Now, the bank has agencies that will compare the notes for
tendencies, so they can trace where the fake is coming from.
That's where these guys come in.
The first step is usually a
shakedown of the usual suspects.
My bill was so good,
it took them completely off track.
Thinking it must be coming
from the guys at the top.
Yeah! The regular.
Money laundering.
Detective Toye...
he's a brilliant,
but troubled man.
She gave me the ring back.
Now, she's talking about going
to grad school in America.
I mean, I make one
mistake, one mistake!
She calls off the engagement?!
This investigation is not the
only headache for Detective Toye...
His personal life is also
going through some rocks.
Kachi, what is this?
What is the mean...
Listen! See, Muhtar!
Look, all it takes...
for this ship to wreck, burn and sink
is one single faulty bill.
Just one!
So if you're cutting,
make sure it's a perfect cut.
And if you are pasting,
make sure it is a flawless paste.
Every strip straight, please!
Because, you cannot
defend a fake out there...
but a perfect copy,
you can fight for!
I can't believe you're leaving
so soon.
Leaving me here all alone.
Are you sure about that?
How's the ticket?
You know, I have a bonus
coming in soon.
That should be able
to take care of that.
You don't have to do that.
I know I don't have to,
but I want to.
I want it to be my responsibility.
See, Oyin it's just...
Whose is this?
What is it?
It's a printed $100 bill.
I don't know.
It's probably for Kossi.
He has an obsession
with printing junk.
God, I miss him.
Mr. Abu!
You are ready for
the business, aye?
Come, let's go!
Abu, what is...
What is going on?!
How much is this?
Where did you get this money?
I don't know what this
has to do with you.
The last time you came...
you changed $10,000.
Now, you've come back.
What kind of business do you do?
Where is your office?
I swear to God!
We don't like thieves
around here!
Who's the thief?
You talk...
or we make you talk.
It's up to you.
I will tell you everything
that you want to know.
I was a house boy in Abuja,
for Mustafi.
The former Governor?
I want five naira
off the market price.
My friend, 15 naira.
This dollar, is old dollar.
No, Shagari, you have not impressed
me at all. You have not. I want 10!
Plus delivery service.
I call you...
I tell you where the dollar is,
you send the money to me.
My friend, no problem.
You can change big dollars?
Come on!
Everybody comes to me!
One million dollars,
two million dollars, no problem.
I have way more than that.
My very good friend!
God brought you to me!
My very good friend!
Hello Hammed...
I need you to call
Johnson, over at immigration.
Have him run a
flight check on a Kossi.
K - O - S - S - I
As in Singapore, India.
Get everything you can
in the last two months.
I'm on my way to the office.
Babe, uhm...
It's not what you think.
I can explain this.
She, uhm...
just came around to say hello, and uhm...
Okay, please!
Just sit down.
Hear me out!
Just sit for a second, please.
Oh fuck!
You didn't even ask any questions.
You just walked in and...
What the fuck are you talking
about, Femi?!
I saw you kissing and doing
shit with some fucking whore!
are you going to believe your
eyes or what you think you saw
or are you going to
trust me on this one?
We had a 109 Kossis depart
in the last two months.
Hold that thought.
Do you think those two
came from the same source?
At the least, it can't be ruled out.
All right.
Let's get a road manifest
for the same period.
You know, detective...
looking at the manifest by road, we could
be talking about over 2,000 names.
And your point is?
That's a whole lot of names.
You have to treat every crime
like the crime of the century.
You know why?
You never know what you'll find.
Frankly, I don't care
if it's a million names.
Go get them.
Sonia, please.
You know what...
you've got ten seconds to open this door.
If you don't, I'll leave and that's it!
Will you fucking open this door!
Open the door!
Open the fucking door!
Babe, don't worry about this.
He'll be gone in sixty seconds and we
can go to the club and have some fun.
Look at all these
girls here, tonight!
Kossi, we should live here!
You're gonna get
slapped again, yeah?
It's the pap water, again!
This is because we're celebrating!
Today, our business took
a turn for the moon!
The moon!
And me...
I am ready to enjoy this journey.
To a ton of money!
To a ton of money!
Oh my God!
What, what, what is it?
Mama Bear!
Oh, hi!
How are you?
Fine, thank you.
Is that your friend?
Yes, this is Ify.
You know,
I was calling your number and...
you did not pick.
So, I thought I...
had a wrong number.
- Yeah, maybe.
- Oh
I'm over there.
At the VIP.
You wanna come?
So we can talk.
Can I think about it?
Yeah, sure!
Take your time.
20 seconds...
30 seconds...
Any time, just take it, yeah!
Excuse me.
This is Mama Bear!
So, these are my people.
Is everything okay?
Um, I never got to
thank you for the bag.
Ah, oh yeah?
Do you like it?
It's gorgeous!
I'll have to give it back.
It was clear that she just
wanted to make him jealous.
But, you know what they say...
"Opportunity favors
the prepared man."
I have money now.
I mean, that shirt cost me
1,800 real dollars.
That's $100 more
than my perfume.
The people at The Polo Avenue
promised it will catch me a big fish.
Now, Sonia?
She is a mermaid!
Are you sure you really
want to return this bag?
But, First thing first...
this bag
is not empty.
Open it!
Open this bag, now!
Or I'll be forced...
to use
What's stopping you?
I'm in company of bad boys!
Bad boys!
Last night was the
greatest night of my life!
And you just missed her.
Is this boy lying or what?
Don't ask me...
Who was that?
The girl from where we changed the money.
I pulled her in!
Are you fucking serious?
How the fuck do you
not use your head?
Relax, man.
Do you know what you have done?
You just brought your shit
to the eating table, man.
That girl probably can't
find her way anywhere.
She can't even see!
So what you're telling me now,
is after all this money...
you cannot get a fucking hotel?
So, I have to stay
in my own house...
worrying about Shagari invading
my space with 1,000 swordsmen?
You tell me!
You know what we need?
I'm telling you,
I trust my instincts.
You want me to arrest a guy
because you think he's a criminal?
I know what I saw! Whatever it is,
it has to be illegal!
What's going on?
Femi here wants me to arrest a guy because, the
guy disrespected him in the club last night.
The fuck?!
That's not it.
I'm sorry, I'm wrong...
the guy also spent an obscene amount
of money, which he thinks is illegal money.
Go take a nap, you look a mess.
Whatever happened in that club,
I'm sure you caused it.
I caused it, really?
Our houseboy, spending money, buying
bottles of champagne at the club!
Putting moves on my girlfriend
right in front of my face, and...
It's my fault?!
Tipping the bouncer a hundred dollars
to assault me and carry me out of the club!
And that is my fault?!
Wait, hold on...
hundred dollar bills?
Do you have a description
of this bouncer?
How can I help you?
We're working on something
right now, and...
- we need protection.
- You know.
We need you around the clock.
Do you have any special skill
for that kind of job?
Do you have any special skill
for that kind of job?
Hey Rocky!
Some people here to see you!
I'm coming.
Give me one minute.
We're detectives from the
Special financial crimes unit.
I'm Toye,
and this is my partner, Hammed.
Uh, how can I help you?
We are in pursuit
of a guy called Kossi.
We learned that he was here,
in your club, last night.
We also learned that he...
gave you a tip.
The club is always dark.
I'd like to remind you...
lying to an officer is a crime,
with serious consequence.
Officer, I get tips every night.
It's nothing.
Mind if I have a look
at the money?
I exchanged it, already.
Or do you remember who
changed it for you?
Well, the window was crowded,
Where did you change the money?
I will triple your salary,
if you can work for us...
starting from now.
Which one,
is it dollar or pounds?
Have you seen this guy?
What did he do?
My friend...
this guy is flooding the streets
with high quality counterfeit.
Look well.
Are you sure?
Yes, sure.
I've never seen him.
If you ever see him...
you give me a call.
Hello, Abubakar!
You need what?
One million dollars.
One million dollars?
You're serious?
You have the cash?
I have the cash...
right here with me.
How about Friday?
Friday is good.
No problem.
Thank you, my friend.
Thank you, Abubakar.
One million dollars!
Yeah. baby!
Have you heard from
your house boy?
I'm sorry!
Have you heard from Kossi?
Since he left?
Not even one phone call?
Fine, if he calls you...
you have to call me immediately,
okay please?
He's a criminal,
in a world of trouble, baby.
Kossi, what are you still doing here?
Making money.
What do you do?
I make money.
I heard you.
I print my own money.
I know...
you know,
anyone can be a monster.
Except you.
Um, listen, can I call you back?
Not that it's any of your business,
but I'm having dinner with a friend.
Okay, bye.
Listen, Kossi...
that was Toye on the phone,
he's been looking for you everywhere.
Kossi, you're in
really big trouble.
Does he know that I'm here?
No, of course not.
you need to be really careful.
he has a lot of resources at the agency,
and sooner or later...
they will find you.
I have to go.
Please, call me.
I think we actually
need to take things slow.
This is all too strange for me.
It wasn't strange the other night.
I had too much champagne!
In wine, there's always
the real truth.
If you don't believe me...
Then, let us drink again.
What is it?
Don't you think you
should be here?
So I can hold your hand or something?
This money is stacking up fast.
We need to get everything
done by tomorrow.
Are you telling me
after all this time...
you don't know what to do?
I'm just saying that...
I don't know what you have going on, that's
more important than what we have going on.
Don't worry.
I'll see you soon.
Let us go away...
to somewhere new.
I have a deal tomorrow.
After then...
you won't have to worry
about anything.
For sure not money.
Mama Bear.
Hey, look!
That's the bastard!
Good morning, boss.
But, you people are aware that we have
neighbors everywhere.
What is this?
The first person step in here,
they see all of these things.
You're telling me that there's no locker, or
safe or something, to put all these things in?
Rocky is at the door.
Nobody can enter this place.
We don't even talk
to anyone here!
I don't want all these things here.
What do you want me to do?
You have to check the money
before it can enter the safe.
You're asking me what to do?
What do I want you to do?
Oh, okay!
How about you
take all the money...
take everything!
Put them together...
stack them
then put them outside.
Now, get a sign post
and write...
Money Printing Shop.
How about that?
Put these things away!
What... what... what is this?
Put this in the locker,
locker is over there!
Tell me...
why am I looking at a report about
counterfeit money machine seizures...
and I haven't got
one single report from you?!
Maybe I shouldn't have assigned you
lead on this case.
I do not think you're ready!
See me in my office, now!
Hey baby.
I came here for...
two things.
The other day you called me...
I lied that I was
with a friend, but...
I was with Kossi.
He confessed.
You love him like a brother.
I expected you'd
cover up for him.
Well, I don't know who this Kossi is.
if WE are going to be spending
the rest of our lives together, I...
I need to be sure
what side I'm on.
I have an arrest warrant...
being processed.
He's going down Friday night.
Thank God.
bought my ticket.
I leave on Friday night.
Hot off the press!
What is going on?
Listen, you need to
get out of here!
Out of Lagos.
Out of Nigeria. Please!
What do you mean?
Toye has a warrant!
The bastard is
going down, tonight!
But you are leaving tonight?
Kossi! Are you listening to me,
you need to get out!
Where will I go?!
I don't know!
Listen, I've been thinking...
do you have enough money
to charter a plane?
I think I have enough
to even buy a small one.
I will send you the details.
Toye will stop at nothing!
Assemble the team!
I need this wrapped up, quick.
Copy that!
Alright, go.
Just go.
You're fucking Sonia?!
I always knew you were baddass!
1 million.
Go and get Rocky outside...
all the laptops, ink,
paper, clips, everything...
Clear this whole house, now. Hmm.
Where are we going to?
I don't know.
My dear, the account
is now fully operational.
There's about $10,000
in it, right now.
I love you, daddy!
Isn't there something else...
Oh yeah!
Umm... Oyin...
Mom, dad, I love you.
I'll have to call you
when I get to the airport.
Okay, bye!
Where have you been?!
Larry has been calling me, they're
about to give the plane to someone else!
I just need to make
one more stop.
Okay, well...
there's no time!
It's $15,000,
or you can pay in naira.
Do you have the money?
Yeah, I have the money.
Okay, so I need you to go
to the airport, straight away.
I've text you the details.
He's expecting you.
Okay, but I will
have to go home, first.
No, no, no!
Kossi, listen to me...
you cannot go home.
Toye is either at your house,
or on his way there...
do not go home!
Do not fucking go home!
My good friend!
How are you?
You have the stuff?
Yeah, I have it in the car.
Do you have the money?
Bring it, quick!
350 million naira,
right inside here.
Give me one second.
One million...
dollars, eh.
Your request.
Uh, that's good.
Everything is okay.
But, just to be sure...
I want to test the dollar.
To be sure it's real.
But, I told you the story
about the money.
It's not about the story,
my friend.
This is reality.
I'll drop a liquid on it...
If the dollar is real...
everything goes fine.
But, if the dollar is fake, eh...
it turns black.
Will it turn black?
Give me liquid!
Will it turn black?
One time, my friend...
two times, my friend...
will it turn black?
My good friend.
My friend!
It turned black!
You want to scam me of
350 million naira?!
Let me out!
Get him!
Put him in the car!
Throw him inside!
I'll show you how we deal with thieves!
What do we do?
I told you,
I don't like thieves.
You've stolen a lot of my money.
You can take anything else...
my wife, my children...
they reduce my money, too.
But, when you steal my money?!
What I do to you...
your hand will never
be able to hold money, again.
don't do that.
I know you've been
trying to call me.
I'll explain everything,
when I see you.
Can I see you?
I've missed you.
I miss you, too!
So much that, I want to see you.
Next week.
When we get back on land.
On land?
Where are you?
We're at the beach house,
in Satellite.
So, you think some ocean
will keep me from seeing you?
There were other
five house boys there.
Only two of us knew
where the money room is...
we knew the police were coming...
and we packed as much as we could,
and I came to Lagos.
Hold him, tight!
Stop the music!
Stop the music!
Did I hear something?
Sorry, sorry, sorry,
I must be getting old!
You're angry?
Don't be angry.
Shhh! One word and
I'll blow your head off!
Where are you keeping him?
Get in, get in, get in.
Untie him.
Where's the money?
Tonight there's no sleep.
I swear, this is war!
Come! There's a fucking problem!
Come now!
What's happening?
Get back!
You know you don't
have to go, right?
Besides, if you leave,
how am I supposed to survive?
I've been thinking about this,
long and hard...
kinda like my, you know...
December 384
So, Oyindamola...
I've decided that my world
revolves around you.
Your happiness will be
my daily responsibility.
If you agree to marry me...
I will dedicate my whole...
Excuse me! You need to open that door,
I need to get through.
Do you have a reservation?
I'm a detective with the
special financial crimes unit.
There's a man about to board that plane,
I need to stop him!
That still doesn't give you
access to the tarmac!
I'm sure it's him!
A 100% sure it's him!
The EAU Hanger.
Please, the order has to come in,
right now!
Everybody, hands up!
What the hell is going on?