Coming Home for Christmas (2017) Movie Script

It's our favorite
time of year
the snow falls
through the night
Where is your sister?
I need to leave for my shift
in an hour.
She'll be here.
We show up for family dinner
every week, don't we?
Yes, but you girls might have
to finish the tree
without me tonight
so that we have enough time
to eat.
No, we finish the tree
It's tradition.
We'll finish sometime
you don't have an overnight.
You don't mind coming back?
the more Christmas
cheer the better,
after the year I've had.
I mean, first
Jake and I break up,
and then my company closes
right before Christmas.
It's like everything came
crashing down on me all at once.
What is that?
Well, the job situation
wasn't your fault,
and you and Jake were not right
for each other.
I know,
but I just hate that
i sent him away broken-hearted,
with an engagement
ring in his pocket.
Honey, you did what was right
for both of you,
and he'll see that too
Do you think I'm complacent?
I think it's an easy trap
to fall into
when you don't yet know
your thing.
Well, what if some people
never figure out
what they're passionate about?
I mean, it happens.
I studied art history
and ended up in insurance.
Well, for the time being, yes.
Are you happy, mom?
I love what I do,
and you girls make me so happy.
that I have raised
two smart and sensitive
young ladies,
that fills me up.
That's just it.
I don't know what fills me up.
I only know that what
I've been doing doesn't.
Well, then you need to look
at this time in your life
as an opportunity.
It's the shake-ups
that show us what we're made of.
We all learned that
when dad died.
Mm, we've done okay
all these years, haven't we?
Just the three of us?
Oh, baby,
we have done better than okay.
Look at this tree!
I learned from the best.
Your father
did love Christmas.
And so do I.
So, for now, I'm going to enjoy
some Christmas with my family,
eat more baked goods
than should be legal,
and figure out
what I want to be
when I grow up.
Now, that sounds like a plan.
I got it.
Ashford estate!
I'm the listing agent.
This is
my biggest property yet
and my third time
with the Marley family.
I never doubted
it for a second.
The Marleys trust you.
Something is very
wrong with them.
Well, you girls can help me
bring in dinner,
but I'm going to open
a bottle of champagne
so that you can celebrate
while I'm at work.
Please tell me that you made
a chocolate yule log.
It's tree-trimming night.
Oh, honey, I'm sorry.
I did not make
a chocolate yule log.
I made two,
so that you would each have
one to take home.
[Shop doorbell rings]
Looks like
we had the same idea.
Well, it's the first time
i haven't had to go into work
for a while,
so I needed
to keep myself busy.
I know.
Me too,
but at least
the board was able to approve
a little Christmas bonus
on our severance checks.
I just wish they didn't have
to close the doors
this close to Christmas.
You are going
to land on your feet, Carla.
We all are.
Thank you.
You've been a great boss.
You deserve to be happy.
[Rustles in bags]
...this is for you.
I saw it,
and I thought of you.
I was going to
drop it off later.
Thank you.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
You take care.
[Bell ringing]
[Meg sighs]
For over a hundred years,
your family has
occupied this home.
We should write that in
our promotional materials.
Uh, will the furniture
be included as well?
Yeah, everything in it
is for sale,
except for what my grandmother
wants to take with her,
but you'll have to ask her that.
She's not speaking to me
right now.
She's 80, Robert,
and she's here all alone,
even with this big staff,
now that you and your family
are in D.C. full-time.
You're doing the right
thing by selling.
Oh, wow, such
history here.
If only these walls
could talk, right?
The sooner
we unload this place,
the better.
Same old. Ugh...
What do you want to be, Lizzie?
Do I have a proposition
for you?
What kind
of proposition?
One that comes
with a paycheck.
Does this involve me
working for you?
Because we tried that once,
and you threw a pizza
at me.
I was 17,
and it's time you stopped
throwing that in my face.
However, this job
does involve me,
but only in a
peripheral manner.
It's really good.
What is it,
and does it come with dental?
Okay, so you know
how I'm selling ashford estate
for Robert Marley?
Well, they need
a new house manager
to oversee the property
and prep it for sale.
They've gone through, like,
three in the past month.
That's a ringing
What does a house
manager even do?
You manage the house.
the very wealthy have staff,
and then they have staff
who manage their staff.
Then who manages
the manager of the staff?
Heh. cute.
Come on, you basically did
exactly that for seven years
at your insurance company.
I don't know.
I mean, thank you,
but I'm just kind of looking
for something different.
You know?
I want to find
that thing that's meant for me,
like real estate is for you.
Yes, but remember,
I started off
in the payroll department,
and then I happened
to land on a realtor's desk
who needed an assistant,
and then
she mentored me.
I mean, that's how it happens,
By chance.
And you think
this could be my "by chance"?
Who knows?
But you love art,
and ashford estate
is a historical landmark.
Worst-case scenario,
you're surrounded
by that all day.
It's really nice?
This place is exceptional,
And it's only temporary
because the place
is selling soon,
and you might get an invitation
to the Marley family
Christmas party at ashford.
It is...
Only the creme de la creme
can get an invitation.
It's a huge stepping stone,
Come on, give chance a chance.
I mean, yeah, sure,
I'll... I'll meet him.
It's just a house...
That could fit
four other houses inside of it.
[Rings doorbell]
Hi, I'm Lizzie.
Miss richfield.
We've been
expecting you.
This house is huge!
What it must cost to
heat this place, huh?
I mean, it's got to be
5,000, 6,000 square feet.
20,000, ma'am.
20,000 square feet?
I'm not used to a house
that comes equipped
with its own echo.
Oh, thank you.
I imagine you need
a lot of staff
in a place this size, huh?
Uh, this way, please,
miss richfield.
Oh... oh... okay.
My last job,
i managed 22 employees.
Let me tell you, the fires
i had to put out there.
I mean, not actual fires.
I'm not trying
to imply that I'm a hero...
Or that bad things
happen on my watch,
but you know, I can
tell Mr. Marley all this.
How long
have you worked here?
Longer than I can count,
miss richfield...
Or is it miss Elizabeth?
You can just call me "Lizzie."
Yes, miss richfield.
You know,
i didn't get your name.
I am Gerard.
It's very nice
to meet you, Gerard.
Uh, miss pippa
will meet you in here.
It's like living in a museum.
I guess if you can afford
a real Van gogh,
the heating bill
is the least of your concerns,
I do not concern myself
with the bills.
That would be the job
of the house manager.
Mrs. Marley...
Your house is so beautiful.
Yes, it is.
The art is exquisite.
I actually majored
in art history,
and you've amassed
quite a collection.
I'm so glad
you approve.
So, if there's anything
you'd like to know about me...
That will be all.
Come. this way.
Oh... yes, okay.
isn't that what I just said?
Oh, just do
what I pay you to do!
I'm Lizzie...
Megan's sister.
Yeah. um...
Uh, yeah.
This is my resume.
You know,
Megan said you had one already,
but I just brought
one just in case.
Always be prepared,
that's my motto.
Um, not really.
I don't have a motto.
The boy scouts say it,
and it's, uh...
It's good advice.
You'll be living here
at ashford full-time,
on call 24-7.
The entire staff
will report to you.
You're going
to be the liaison
between me and the sale
here at ashford.
You'll need to pack up
and send all the antiques
to the auction house.
You'll also be coordinating
and planning
the annual Marley family
Christmas Eve gala.
This is going
to be the last one ever,
so it's got
to be one for the books.
My brother kip
will be home for it,
as will my sister Sloane
and her family,
I think,
so you'll need to plan
and coordinate
their arrivals as well.
-and lastly,
you're to see that all
my grandmother's needs are met.
She still lives here at ashford,
though not for much longer.
Is that clear,
or do you need me
to write that down?
I'm sorry,
I'm a little confused.
I thought
this was a job interview.
No, an endorsement
from someone I trust
is worth more than gold,
and your sister
has never steered me wrong
in a transaction.
So I'm... a transaction?
No, I... I didn't...
I don't mean
that I don't see you
as a woman...
Uh, I, a...
I do.
I mean, obviously,
you're a woman,
and you're also a person.
You're both.
And I was
just kidding.
Oh! yeah.
No, no, no, right.
Right. ha.
Yeah, I knew you were kidding.
Oh, good.
So you start
right away.
I'll make sure that Gerard
has your room ready, okay?
Uh... huh.
So, first day.
Are you nervous?
Insanely, yes.
What else can you tell me
about Robert Marley?
There's just
so little information about him
You're cyber-
stalking him?
It's called
due diligence, Meg.
I just want to know
what I'm walking into
this morning.
Like you don't
Google your clients.
Uh, when I get a listing
like ashford,
I tend not to ask
any questions...
What did you find out?
Not much.
He brokers mergers
and acquisitions.
His parents were killed
in a car accident
when he was 13.
So sad.
His grandmother raised him
and his two younger siblings
at ashford.
i know about his parents,
and it's awful.
I haven't met
his siblings yet,
but I'm really looking
forward to,
especially kip Marley.
They say
he's the most eligible
bachelor in D.C.,
and you're sort of going
to be living with him.
It's a job, Megan.
I know, I know.
And like you said,
it's temporary.
and it could be
very temporary.
I already have
a potential buyer
who's interested
in looking at the house.
It's not a house,
it's a county.
I'm not kidding.
I'm going to need a GPS
to find my way around there.
Oh, the place is so incredible,
but it's so... cold.
Don't you think?
I need to get some Christmas
in there right away.
Well, they picked
the perfect girl for the job.
Call me later.
With a full report.
Yes. [chuckles]
Miss richfield,
allow me.
if we're going to be friends,
you have to call me Lizzie.
Yes, miss Lizzie.
Guess that's a start.
Uh, come.
I'll show you
to your room.
This is Robert's room,
but we'll put you here
since it's close to miss pippa,
in case she
needs anything.
Well, it's lovely,
but I don't want
to put him out.
Oh, he doesn't come home
for Christmas, ma'am.
But the gala!
It's the last one ever.
He's going to miss it?
Why break his streak now?
I'll meet you
in the kitchen
once you get settled
to go over
the to-do list,
and if you're hungry,
Anna can prepare
something for you.
Thank you.
Uh, Gerard?
The last house manager...
What happened to him?
Or her?
Oh, um, miss pippa
drove him away.
Oh, miss Lizzie?
Welcome to ashford.
I'll meet you
in the kitchen
Here is the supply order.
We've been
without a house manager
for a while,
so we need it on a rush.
The piano needs to be tuned.
It's an 1870s steinway grand,
so find someone
well-versed in that.
Miss pippa wasn't fond
of the last gentleman.
There's a crack
in one
of the front hall windows.
Have a stained-glass company
come to repair it.
That exists? Okay.
That should be all for now.
Ah, this is Anna.
She'll take care
of all your dietary needs.
Welcome, miss richfield.
I'm not used
to such formality.
Please, call me Lizzie.
Well, a certain level
of formality is expected.
So, can I get you anything?
A sandwich?
perhaps a waffle?
That's quite a menu,
but I ate at home.
I think
I'll just get some coffee
and head to the office.
Oh! thank you.
Is, um, miss pippa up yet?
I'm looking forward
to seeing her again.
You may wish
to manage your expectation
where miss pippa
is concerned.
She is somewhat old-school.
She doesn't engage
much with the staff.
We tend to
meet her needs,
and she leaves us alone.
Got it.
Thanks for the tip.
and if you need anything,
I'm always right here.
Thank you.
Mrs. Marley!
It's so nice to see you.
Hi! uh...
I thought you weren't
coming home for Christmas.
I'm not home.
I'm working.
As the executor of the estate,
I need access
to my grandfather's files,
which are here
at ashford,
on paper...
Nothing digital.
Um, I need you
to scan this stack
and send it to me
as soon as you can, please.
Of course.
I hope you don't
mind sharing.
The office, I mean.
It'll only be for
a little while.
I'm in and out,
and I'll be spending
most of my time in the city.
Yeah, well,
whatever works for you.
Actually, I'm really glad
you're here.
I already have some great ideas
for the Christmas Eve gala.
I can't wait to get started.
It's my favorite time
of the year,
but actually,
you know,
the lack of Christmas
in this house
is frankly...
It's December already.
The gala's pippa's domain,
so you'll need to run that
by her first.
Um, you know,
speaking of that,
any tips on how to approach her?
She's not exactly... welcoming.
I'm the last person
you should be asking
for tips on how to manage pippa.
She doesn't want
to sell ashford,
so I'm not exactly
her favorite person
in the world right now.
Then why are you?
I mean, the house
is so beautiful.
The history, the architecture,
the antiques...
Could we just focus on this
for right now?
Please scan that
and email it to me
when you can.
i don't know
which pieces
will be up for auction yet,
but I can get you a list
by the end of the week.
This is a weird question.
I know you're an auction house,
but do you happen to know
where I could find
a stained-glass repair company
around here?
[Car speeds up]
Um, uh...
You know what?
Can I call you right back?
[Tires screech]
What was that noise?
That was Mr. kip.
Please introduce me
to this strange and
intriguing woman
at our doorway.
I'm Lizzie,
the new house manager.
It's nice to meet you.
Well, it's nice
to meet you too.
Have you alerted
the press?
Please do,
because I think my
brother has finally made
a right decision
in his life,
and I cannot
believe it.
I just mean
that our last house manager
was far less
interesting than you.
I mean, he was
terrified of pippa.
Can you believe that?
My sweet little
grandmother, pippa.
This house definitely
requires someone
who can hold
their own.
I will certainly try my best.
I don't doubt that,
and I have very good instincts
about people.
That's something
we have in common.
And what do your instincts
tell you about me?
I hope I made
a good showing.
Gerard, tell me
i made a good showing.
excellent showing, sir.
Thank you, Gerard.
You definitely know
how to make an entrance.
She definitely holds her own.
All right, I'm going
to go see my grandmother,
and we can get more
acquainted later.
great to see you.
Pippa Lou!
Where are you-hoo?
is that my kip?
It's so good to have you
home for Christmas.
Where in the world
are you returning from
this time?
[Kip]: you would not believe
the sights I've seen.
[They laugh]
Robert! hi.
I didn't know
you'd be in town.
Um, are you coming to ashford?
Do you need anything?
No, I'm not,
I have a meeting with
the estate's attorney
just down the street,
and then I have to go
straight back to D.C.
Oh, wow.
Oh, I promise everything
is getting done.
That stack is scanned.
Uh, bills are paid.
Piano's getting tuned
These are
Christmas decorations
for ashford.
Can't wait
to get started.
What's your fascination
with Christmas?
It was my dad's favorite.
To sit by the fire
with my family,
the lights flickering
on the tree,
I mean, it's...
It's magical.
We've never had that.
Then you should
definitely come home.
It's the last Christmas
at ashford,
and I promise I'm doing
everything I can
to make it
beyond special.
I don't think
anyone wants me there.
Don't do anything
without running the gala
theme by pippa first.
who is it?
Uh, it's...
It's Lizzie.
Who's Lizzie?
The new
house manager.
What do you want?
This is for your room,
a little
Christmas spirit.
Robert suggested
that I talk to you
about my plans for the gala.
My grandson is asking
my opinion about something.
How novel.
Yes, he...
He said that you are in charge
of the gala.
The only topic on which
Robert and I can agree.
I was looking
through some of the
old gala pictures...
Why aren't you married?
You're in your 30s, no?
Well, I...
I actually almost got engaged
a few months ago,
and he was a good man,
but I just wasn't
in love with him,
and, you know,
i couldn't take that leap
knowing that true love
might be out there somewhere,
but I'm probably just being
a silly, hopeless romantic.
You know what I mean?
May I?
Okay, so I have
a few options.
Winter wonderland.
Martinis and mistletoe?
Um, polar express?
-jingle mingle?
- apres ski?
You're... you're right
to be underwhelmed.
I mean,
none of these really do
justice to ashford,
do they?
It's the last gala,
so it needs to be pure class.
Yes, it does.
What about...
Silver bells?
Silver bells?
Uh, so the whole house
would be in silver and blue
with bits of gold
and woodsy garland.
Elegant, but warm.
I think this house could use
a little more warmth.
Do you, now?
Very well, then.
"Silver bells" is the theme.
Spend what you must.
I trust you will
not disappoint me.
I will do my very best.
Do better than that.
Thank you.
I've drawn up some plans.
I was up all night.
Oh, but it's so fun
imagining people's reactions,
you know,
when they walk
into the main hall.
I can't wait for it to be done,
and for miss pippa to see it.
You're quite good at this,
miss Lizzie.
Thank you.
Maybe in another life,
party planning was my path.
Well, why not this life?
Thank you.
Oh, there you are.
Looking everywhere
for you.
On the jogging trails?
Actually, I found
this incredible new restaurant
that I think is perfect
to cater the gala.
Oh, great.
Send me the information,
and I'll look into it.
Well, I can do
you one better.
I secured us a private tasting
of their catering menu tonight.
I had to pull a few favors,
but anything to make
the last gala at ashford
the best it can be.
We'll talk about ashford
the entire time.
I will bore you to death...
And then we'll, uh,
expense it back to the estate.
It's a business meal.
i appreciate you doing this.
I knew I'd get you to cave.
This is not
me caving.
This is me working,
for you, actually,
since you're my boss.
Uh-uh-uh, that would be Robert
who is your boss.
He cracks the whip.
Sloane, pippa, and I,
we just enjoy our lives.
It's actually
the perfect dynamic
for all of us.
If it's okay to ask,
what's the story
between Robert and pippa?
It seems... tense.
Well, I mean,
she's lived here
all of her life.
Robert's just selling the place
from under her.
What's to know?
Where will she go?
Again, you'll have to ask
the boss that question.
He hasn't informed
the rest of us.
So, tonight, you and I,
Oh, and hey,
by the way?
Silver bells?
Really great idea.
Thank you.
[Phone rings]
I need you
to pull a file for me.
It should be
in the second drawer
of the cabinet,
labeled "Virginia
historical society."
I was just taking
a little break from decorating,
exploring the grounds.
Let me head to the house,
and I'll call you back.
But where are you now?
I'm at the pond.
I think
it's the most beautiful thing
I have ever seen.
I know.
It's incredible.
This was your playground
as a child!
I don't know
if it's the air here
or the view,
but... being at ashford
makes you feel
like you're on the verge
of something...
Like anything is possible.
That pond was always
my favorite part of ashford.
Actually, it was the only thing
i liked about it.
If you don't mind my asking,
why don't you want to be here,
It's Christmas.
You ask a lot of questions,
and, uh, my answer
is that it's just complicated.
I know
there's stuff from the past,
but Christmas is the time
when we get to let everything go
and just be.
Well, you have
to see it here today...
With all the silver accents
going up...
Yeah, that sounds great.
Pull that file for me
when you get up to the office
and call me back.
[Music plays]
[Music playing]
It's really starting
to come together,
don't you think?
You ready?
i... I...
I would compliment you,
but words escape me,
and that never happens.
Thank you,
but there's really no need to,
seeing as how
this is a business meeting.
Right, of course.
Well, after you.
You decided to come
home for Christmas.
There's a lot of work
to be done here anyway,
I'm glad.
yeah, it's great news.
We're all beyond thrilled,
but we have, uh,
reservations to get to,
so we'll have
to catch up later.
Okay, big brother?
Here, I'll get
the door.
What's after the holidays?
Ah, they have some
of the most incredible
architectural feats
in the world,
and growing up at ashford,
i knew I had to see it.
I had to see the museums.
I had to see the ruins.
I had to see everything.
Experiencing other cultures
their artistic expression.
That's exactly
how I feel about it.
That's why I majored
in art history.
Well, you think
it's fascinating in books?
It doesn't even compare
to seeing it in person.
Oh, I bet.
I'll have to take your word
for it, though.
I haven't traveled much.
There's so much to see
in the world, Lizzie.
I even carry my passport
in my back pocket sometimes.
In case you need
to leave the country
at a moment's notice?
Hey, you never know
when you have to bolt
in the middle
of the night...
Or, hey,
maybe you get invited
to Athens or something.
Oh! oh, what?
What's wrong?
Oh, I'm so sorry.
No, I...
They... they...
They put me in this room
because it was
close to pippa,
and weren't coming
home for Christmas.
No, no, no, no.
It makes...
Um, I...
I should have talked to Gerard
about the room arrangements.
I'm the one who should be sorry.
I will go somewhere else.
No, no, no,
no, no, no.
It makes sense
that you'd be in here.
Um, I'll just go
to one of
the guest rooms.
I'll, um...
I'll leave you to it.
No, no, no,
that's okay.
I wasn't here long enough
to unpack...
So, uh...
How was your dinner
with my brother?
It was a tasting
for the Christmas Eve gala.
But it became a date.
No, absolutely not.
That would be inappropriate.
No, no, I'm...
I'm here to work.
We kept it all about the food.
Trust me, to kip,
it was a date.
That guy goes zero to 60
faster than a Tesla,
which he has one of those,
Maserati, Ferrari...
All paid for
by the estate.
Must have cost him tonight,
climbing to the top
spot at strozzi.
Look, the food was great,
but if it was a date...
And I don't
think it was...
I would prefer
something more creative,
like spending $20, Max.
Well, that would
require imagination.
Yes, it would.
It's... it's a challenge
my mother gave my father
on their first date.
And what did he do for $20?
my mother loves grilled cheese,
so he bought some ingredients,
and they had
a grilled cheese cook-off.
[They laugh]
He said, "if you're going
to make it a challenge,
I'm going
to make it a challenge."
She said
that that was the night
she knew
he was the one for her.
Hmm. so who won?
They both did.
It's an
interesting challenge.
I'm going to have
to think about it.
[Clears throat]
Good night, Lizzie.
Good night.
Um, it looks...
Uh, the whole house does.
It's, uh...
Mm... hmm....
Uh, unusual.
[They laugh]
You know
what your problem is?
You haven't done Christmas
Christmas wasn't
a very happy time for us
after my parents, uh...
You know,
here at ashford,
it's, uh, it's all
about appearances.
Throw an extravagant party,
spend a few hours
with guests and colleagues,
get in the newspaper,
and then go
your separate ways.
Well, it's never too late
to start new traditions.
Yes, my family
takes decorating
very seriously...
And food as well, so...
This is the best
of both worlds.
I give you
the popcorn garland.
[Laughs] it's for
the garland.
Oh, okay.
Popcorn garland.
Through here?
Slowly. nice.
You're a natural.
You know,
usually we have the staff
do all the sewing, but...
[Lizzie]: well, why should
they have all the fun?
[They laugh]
I like fun.
What are we doing?
Oh, this is popcorn garland.
Yeah, join us.
[Meg]: the crown molding
throughout is original,
and the chandelier
is quite exquisite.
Everything in this house is.
Now, let's head upstairs.
I'll just take
a little of this.
Hey, stop, stop, stop.
I've been working
on this.
So uptight.
Well, you're ruining
my popcorn garland.
Hey, I had a fun
time last night.
Don't be inappropriate,
all right?
Lizzie is just trying
to do her job.
Robert, you may be the
executor of the estate,
but you're not
the executor of me.
[Robert chuckles]
You see, Robert here,
he calls the shots,
and we just go along
for the ride.
Yeah, you don't have
any problem with that
when you're cashing the checks,
do you, kip?
I've told him
he can come work with me
whenever he wants.
Oh, that's nice.
Work for you, not with you.
Until you learn
the ropes,
yes, kip.
There's a learning curve.
And again,
I'm not interested.
You've done enough
calling the shots all my life,
and now you're
selling the house?
And pippa?
I haven't seen pippa
like this in I don't...
-Uncle Robert!
Uncle kip!
There they are,
my boys!
-Who's hungry?
-[Both]: Me!
There's popcorn here,
but look out, there's a shark.
Two trains, three delays,
and one case of motion sickness,
but we are finally here.
Where is the wine?
And who might you be?
Uh, this is Lizzie,
our new house manager.
And you're still here
after three weeks!
Wow, that's
I'm Sloane, the little sister.
Where's grandmother?
Uh, hello.
Uh, she's
She hasn't really come
out of her room lately.
hmm, I wonder why.
Well, do you want
to go see her?
Uh, boys?
You want
to go see pippa?
All right, grab some popcorn,
and let's go.
hey, careful, okay?
Don't get that everywhere.
You got...
[Kip]: come on!
Oh, you got handfuls.
careful, careful.
Home together at Christmas.
It's going to be a fun reunion.
at Christmas,
my father would line
a row of poinsettias
down each side
of our driveway.
I want to do
the same thing
for the gala,
but with a silver bow
around each one.
I was thinking
these would be nice
for the centerpieces.
You have a gift for this.
You think so?
Well, planning it
has been so much fun.
I feel invigorated.
I just hope
miss pippa approves.
Well, let me
put it this way.
If she didn't,
you'd already be gone.
That's very true.
Where will
she go, Gerard,
after the house is sold?
Do you know?
I can't say I'm privy
to that information.
i don't understand.
I mean,
she loves this house so much.
Do they need the money?
trust me,
it's not about the money.
Pippa will be well
taken care of.
I'll start lining up
the poinsettias outside.
I don't mean to be nosy.
Well, you're
quite good at it.
Only because pippa
very clearly wants to stay here.
She can't.
Why not?
you don't have to get involved
with this, all right?
It's already been decided.
I know. It...
It just makes me so sad for her.
You know, she barely
comes out of her room.
I'm only saying this
because I want her
to be happy.
And I want her to be safe.
She has a heart arrhythmia.
The stairs are too
much of a strain.
I've tried
every possible solution
for her to stay,
but it's not up to me.
I tried to get her
to move downstairs.
She refused.
I even looked
into installing an elevator,
but she won't do it.
She says
that it "ruins the integrity
of the architecture."
You're doing this for her.
And I promise you,
I will find a nice,
practical home for her.
Then why is everyone
so upset with you about this?
Because I have to make
the tough decisions,
and you always
shoot the messenger.
They don't understand,
they make me the bad guy.
It's fine.
I'm used to it.
Why don't you keep the house?
I don't want it.
[Phone rings]
Hmm, it's your sister.
An offer?
Let me call you back
when I get to the office.
The whole place
looks great.
Well, it's just like
with the art.
It's about placement...
How to accent the beauty
of an already perfect home.
Well, you definitely
made this place
look more beautiful
than it was before.
Thank you,
but there's still
something missing.
What could
be missing?
It looks good.
It feels good.
It's like a gift to the senses.
That's it.
Everything is beautiful,
but this house needs
to smell like...
Like cinnamon, cookies,
and... pine.
Thank you, kip.
Uh, so what do we do?
Do we go to a tree lot?
Do we order one off Amazon?
We go to the woods.
Well, we have woods
on the property.
of course you do.
i have to go meet
some old high school friends,
but first thing tomorrow,
we are chopping down a tree.
The fact
that I have no idea how?
Totally irrelevant.
I know how.
Of course you do.
You never cease to amaze me,
Lizzie richfield.
Family dinner
will now be served
in the formal
dining room.
Well, since you're all home,
I thought you might like
to do a family dinner...
To visit...
Catch up?
It's what
my extended family does
when we haven't seen each other
in a while.
So I had Anna prepare
something special,
a holiday meal
with a yule log for dessert.
Don't you just love
a good yule log?
Um... okay.
Yeah, sure.
Why not?
[Anna]: all right.
Please, follow me.
Thank you, Anna.
The young gentlemen
thoroughly enjoyed
their hot chocolate,
and they are both sound asleep.
Thank you, Gerard.
this is a yule log.
It's my mother's recipe.
Anna made it.
It is the quintessential
holiday dessert.
Prepare for your world
to be rocked.
[They laugh]
Wait, you're not
joining us?
Oh, it's a...
It's a family dinner.
I'll eat
with the staff.
Oh, no, no.
No, no, we insist.
Anna, would you
please set a place?
Thank you, Anna.
We're not really
your typical family anyway.
I'm sure Lizzie's
already gathered that.
Join us, please.
I suppose.
Thank you.
All right.
I love this.
My mother and sister and i
do it every week.
Thank you.
After my father
passed away,
my mother worked
a lot of nights,
but our weekly family dinner
was the one constant.
It's nice to catch up
and share stories,
remember the good times,
around the holidays.
I have a holiday memory.
Do you remember when grandfather
used to dress up
like Santa claus,
and he would sneak past
that window right there
when he knew
that we were at the table?
and kip would start crying.
I would not start crying.
oh, no, kip, come on.
No, admit it.
It's all right.
You were afraid of Santa claus.
Maybe it was one time,
and I was, what,
three years old?
Oh, you were
a lot older than that.
Definitely older.
You were, like, what, six?
Seven, maybe?
I was not 17!
I was a child.
Oh, emotionally,
you were a child, yes.
Enough, please.
Well, at least
we were all behaving
when we thought
Santa was watching.
[Pippa]: well, that was
your father's plan,
why he enlisted your grandfather
to do it.
You know, I think I still have
that ratty old costume
Unless that closet
has already been cleaned out.
Nothing has yet.
You'll be able to keep
whatever you'd like,
You know what would be fun?
If we'd get that
old Santa suit out.
Robert could put it
on for the boys.
I don't want
to scare kip.
Ah, just drop it already,
Oh, you must...
For your nephews.
It'll soften the blow of
their father not being here.
Why isn't Jackson here?
He's been unemployed
for so long
that I had to dip
into my trust fund.
But that's what
it's there for,
the rough patches.
But he wants
to provide for his family.
I told him
my money is his money,
but he hates to spend it.
That's why he's not here,
because this house,
it reminds him of everything
that he can't give us.
what can we do?
I wish I knew.
[Pippa]: that's what
we're all here for.
We'll figure this out.
Don't look now, but...
You're kind of acting
like a typical family.
Did you find him?
Mr. kip is still in bed.
He said he was out late
and he, quote,
"needs more sleep,
a lot more sleep.
Come back later."
It's okay,
but I should probably
get going.
We've got deliveries
coming this afternoon.
You can't chop down a tree
by yourself, Lizzie.
I will assist.
no, Gerard.
I'll go.
If you're sure, sir.
thank you,
but you might want
to change first.
Why, what's...
What's wrong with this?
You really are a bunch
of indoor people, aren't you?
You know there are services
that cut down trees for you.
I mean,
we've used them many times.
I know,
but this is the fun part
of Christmas...
And you could use
a little more fun, Mr. Marley.
Oh, is that so?
Might I suggest clothes
where mud is welcome, sir?
I'll be back in five.
Gerard, do you know
what you just did?
You called me Lizzie!
No "miss,"
no "richfield,"
not even
the full formal "Elizabeth."
Did I?
We're making
great progress.
Well, I'll go
see to Mr. Robert.
What do you say
we stop right here?
We can grab this tree
and call it a day, huh?
Not big enough.
We're trying to make
a statement with it.
What are we
trying to say?
[Heavy accent]
Is the tree Dracula?
Yeah, I don't know
what that accent was all about,
but the thing is,
it is the first thing
people see
when they walk in the door,
so we...
You know, let's...
Let's greet them properly.
But let's also sit
and see what Anna has
packed us for lunch.
Okay, you eat.
I'm going to look for a tree.
You have a vision, huh?
Yeah. I do.
You know, the last year
has been pretty rough for me.
I kept my head down,
and I got through it,
but then I came to ashford,
and I... looked up.
That is a very different effect
than ashford has on most people.
Most people?
Or you?
Before my parents died,
it was a happy place.
Afterwards, not so much.
Well, a home is all
about who fills it.
It must have felt
so empty without them.
Is that why
there's so much friction
between you and pippa?
I was 13
when my parents
passed away.
Kip and Sloane
were eight and six,
Pippa was overwhelmed.
She had her hands full.
Because of that,
I probably wasn't
the easiest kid
to deal with.
They got very close,
and I became comfortable
being a stranger in my own home.
Perhaps because of that,
i, uh...
a bit rough around the edges.
Well, I find that
hard to believe.
I mean, you know they all
call you Mr. warm and fuzzy
behind your back?
No, they don't.
No, they don't.
So, wait, I had a thought.
That $20 date.
Come on, you said
it's a challenge,
and I never back down
from a challenge.
Okay, let's hear it.
So, um...
To start off with, we...
My date and I...
We would go to the pond
behind ashford at dusk,
and from there,
we'd watch
the sun disappear
behind the mountains.
That would cost
Then we'd listen to
my mom's favorite song
on the record player
in the library.
A record?
Yeah, you know,
an lp.
No, I know what it is.
I just...
Forget it.
Keep going.
Then I'd plug the
Christmas lights in,
so that would be
the only light
illuminating us.
I'd twirl her around
a little bit.
So if we're talking
five senses,
that covers
sight and sound.
For taste,
I'd make her dinner
using only $20 worth
of ingredients.
Given that
it's the holidays,
perhaps a yule log.
That's my favorite entree.
Then we'd walk
to the solarium,
and I'd pick her
a white Rose.
Then we'd walk back,
and I'd take her hand.
What was your mother's
favorite song?
Silver bells.
It always signified that
Christmas had arrived.
I had no idea
when I chose that theme.
I know,
but it's okay.
It's a good thing.
Well, you...
You certainly know
how to rise to a challenge.
Mm, it's a good challenge.
But I... I couldn't
help but notice
that it all takes place
at ashford,
which you seem so eager
to escape.
I know it was a sad place
for a long time,
but it's okay
to like it again.
You can...
Look up too.
Oh, there you are.
I should have known
you'd take her to the bench.
I had a rough night,
but I rallied.
I hope I didn't
let you down.
No, no, no.
We actually have not
found the tree yet.
What do you mean?
You walked right past it.
Look at this thing.
It's perfect.
I mean, we wanted
to make a statement, right?
you're right.
That's the one.
That's gorgeous.
It's a good thing
you came along when you did.
Yeah, it was a good thing.
Ah, here, big bro,
i will, uh...
Oh yeah...
Show you how it's done.
Can't wait.
Sorry, I didn't know
anyone was in here.
Oh no, I'm just wrapping
some gifts for the staff.
Do you want some help?
I'd love some.
are you okay?
Jackson didn't get this job
that looked promising...
And he really doesn't want
to come here for Christmas,
and he's stressing
about presents for the boys.
And what is it
that you want?
I don't even care
about presents.
I just want my family
in a place where we used
to celebrate Christmas
with my parents.
This is going to be our
last one ever at ashford.
The Christmas spirit
costs nothing.
You know what?
Homemade gifts are
even more special.
What matters is
being together.
How about we put a moratorium
on store-bought gifts
this year?
must be homemade.
That could work.
Fight for your husband, Sloane.
I know you can come up
with a compromise.
You know, and i
can watch the boys
until you get back.
I worked my way through
college as a nanny.
And I'll help too.
[Both]: you will?
Why are you guys so shocked?
I can take care of kids.
Go back to D.C.,
and bring your husband home
for Christmas.
I'm going to go look
at train schedules.
You know, don't worry.
I... I...
You know, I know
a little bit more about kids
than I do
about chopping down trees.
Oh yeah?
Just a little
bit more?
Just a little bit more.
Little more... yeah,
we're in big trouble.
You guys have been so
good since your mom left.
I emailed Santa,
and guess what?
He's watching.
you think so?
I know so.
You guys ready?
-Ready for what?
-I don't know.
Ready for this!
I'm going to get you!
Ha ha!
Oh no!
You know, I can email Santa
back, you know,
tell him you've changed
into a bunch of mean meanies.
She wouldn't dare.
She's bluffing!
Get her!
No, no!
Hey, what's going on here?
Oh, my god!
look what you've created!
My monsters turned against me!
You're not supposed
to hit me!
oh no!
I'm sorry.
Oh, I got him. Yes!
[Cheering, yelling]
he's a sharp-shooter.
Hey, hey, hey!
Don't gang up on me.
I'm going to write "daddy"
on the roof in candy.
I think this is going
to be the best present
he's ever gotten.
And mine will be
the best too.
[They laugh]
Well, you can never have
too many gingerbread houses,
trust me.
I think I'm going
to go two stories.
Oh yeah?
Is that a challenge?
Because I can
go condo.
Multi-unit gingerbread house
with a low h.O.A.
[Robert]: so, guys,
when Lizzie gets back,
we're going to make
some necklaces for your mom
using some beads
we found
in your great-grandma's
sewing kit.
Whoa, wow.
Aren't you and Lizzie
just the cleavers?
A snowman and craft kits
and now necklaces?
I'm helping out
our sister, kip.
That's all.
Oh, that's good.
Then you won't mind
if I ask Lizzie
to go to Athens with me
after the holidays.
Does she want to go to Athens?
Bro, who doesn't want
to go to Athens?
Look, you and Lizzie aren't...
Things are looking up
for her...
After a very tough time.
She needs to be surrounded
by people...
By... who?
By you?
By people who care about her.
People who understand her.
Well, I think
Lizzie needs to be inspired,
and I'm willing to give
her that inspiration.
You just want to win, kip.
That's all you've ever wanted
is the win.
Will you just give me
a little bit of credit here?
Okay, maybe at one point,
that was true,
but I'm not a monster.
I actually...
I actually think
this might be... real.
I just don't see it...
The two of you
Well, it's a good thing
that you don't have to.
Um, I'm sorry if
this is a bad time.
I can...
Come in.
I, uh, I came to
find that Santa suit
to surprise the boys.
is very important to you.
It was my father's favorite,
and now,
during the
I... I can feel him
more than at other
times of the year.
That's probably why
i go so overboard.
Loving it as much as he did
is how I keep him with me.
My late husband, Bernard,
the gala
was his favorite night.
That's why it is
so important to me
that this last one
is perfect.
I will do everything I can
to make sure that it is.
What will you be wearing?
Oh, I brought a nice dress.
you need a gown.
The local boutique
is sending me some options
this afternoon.
I'll have them pull dresses
for you as well.
We'll find you
an appropriate one.
I appreciate that.
That one would do.
It's... beautiful.
But I like
the first one better,
and I will lend you
a diamond necklace.
Thank you.
What do you think
of my grandson?
Which one?
You have two.
Ha, I'm aware of that.
I'm speaking of the one
who has piqued
your interest.
Oh, that was not a date.
It was a dinner
for the gala.
It was actually a tasting
that kip had, like...
Oh, so it is kip
who has piqued your interest?
Uh, no. I mean no.
I... I mean...
I mean, they both have.
You know, they...
Everyone has.
I have grown very fond
of your whole family.
And they of you.
Let me tell you something
about my grandsons.
I love them both dearly,
but the differences
are quite monumental.
That's evident.
One is driven by conquest
and satisfaction,
while the other is driven
by duty and responsibility,
and they are both wrong...
And right...
But I think that's why
they're always at odds.
They would each do well
to be more like the other...
Kip to stay in one place,
and Robert to let go,
but I do think
you've had quite an effect
on both of them.
Well, I did get them
to cut down a tree in the woods.
A shock to us all.
But seeing
what being around you
has done to Robert
is quite substantial.
What does it do to him?
He's awake.
There comes a time
when our foundation
is shaken
in transformative ways.
For me, it's leaving ashford.
For him...
I believe
it's finding it again.
You know,
Robert told me
it was your
doctor's decision...
Why you have to move.
Well, that's quite true.
You know,
something I learned
when my foundation was shaken...
It's not always a bad thing.
Yes, I do believe your presence
has had an impact on us all.
Definitely the first dress.
coconut, coc
I'm going to crack
all of you,
because it's dinner
time, all right?
You sit down.
Let's fly you into here.
Oh, there we go.
Oh, look who it is!
Aw, hey, guys.
[Boy]: we made
you gifts!
I heard,
and I made you some too.
[Kip]: it's good to see you,
[High fives]
Oh, so wonderful
that you could make it.
This is good.
It feels great.
it's been too long.
[Bells ring]
[Lizzie]: what was that?
Do you hear that?
-who's that?
It's Santa claus!
He's watching!
You said he was watching.
I guess he is.
Pretty cool,
guys, huh?
Yes, pretty cool indeed.
You're not joining us?
Oh, with Jackson here,
it feels
like it should be just family.
you are family.
Of course.
There you are.
[Clearing throat]
there he is.
Hey. sorry,
that was a long call.
Did I miss anything?
Santa was here!
I missed him.
Okay, can we eat?
Because I'm starving.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Happy Christmas Eve.
Happy Christmas Eve.
big day today.
I just wanted to center myself
for a few minutes,
the calm before the storm.
The party's going
to be great.
Oh, please.
Oh, thank you.
Of course.
It's been so long
since I've been out here,
I've forgotten
how much I love it.
The mountains,
the pond,
In fact,
it's been years
since I've been
to ashford at all.
But lately,
I've been seeing it
through fresh eyes.
I've been looking up.
Well, that's because
you came home for Christmas.
You know, the holidays
have that effect on people.
No, Lizzie,
it's not Christmas, it's you.
Look, I know that technically,
you work for us,
but there's something
i want to say.
Since you arrived
here, I've...
There you are!
They told me
you'd be out here.
You're not answering your phone.
I tried calling 10 times.
Oh yeah, I left
it up at the house.
Counter accepted.
Ashford estate
is officially in escrow.
are the appetizers
in process yet?
Yes, absolutely.
Oh, look at you,
and you don't even
need a ladder.
Thank you, all of you,
for helping so much.
Note to self,
10% more staffers
next time.
Next time?
If I choose
to throw another party
I'm glad
you've decided to come home.
Me too, grandmother.
My wonderful
yeah, nice bows, guys.
Really good work.
[Whispering] don't worry,
I'll fix it.
Thank you.
I'll help.
Thank you.
Did you see the listing
i sent you
for that lovely house?
Uh, Gerard will be taking me by
next week.
Oh, good.
It's rather small.
It's almost
4,000 square feet.
That's true.
It would be an adjustment,
but at least
there's room for my art.
Well, some of it.
Well, that's the idea,
so you can bring ashford
with you.
We should all be surrounded
by the beauty that inspires us.
The hair
and makeup people
are upstairs, ma'am.
Perhaps it's time
to go get ready...
Both of you.
Go. we can finish
up from here.
-hey, yeah...
No, we can definitely
get it done.
I could be ready
for the oscars
in 15 minutes,
and actually, uh,
i kind of did that once.
Oh, and hey,
will you save a dance
for me?
Thank you for
all you do, Gerard.
My pleasure, ma'am.
Good evening. Good evening.
Hi. kip Marley.
Enjoy yourself.
Thank you for coming.
Enjoy yourself.
Uh, wow. Uh...
Lizzie, you look...
Shall we have
that dance now?
[Man]: kip,
someone you need to meet.
Don, right now?
I just...
One minute.
Mom! Meg! Hi!
Merry Christmas!
Oh, merry
Christmas, honey.
Merry Christmas.
Nice party,
and everyone
is saying
it's the best gala
they've ever been to.
I'm just happy that we c
all be together tonight...
And in
the most incredible house
I've ever seen.
Yeah, you just had
to make us work
on Christmas Eve.
Um, you begged to come to work
with me on Christmas Eve.
I know,
and I'm not
It's a really wonderful
party, Lizzie.
Um, mom, this is kip Marley,
and you know my sister, Megan.
It's a pleasure
to meet you, Mrs. richfield.
And you as well.
Your daughter is...
she's something else.
Uh, they both are.
Yes, they are.
They certainly are.
I can see
why planning this
has been such a joy for you.
Well, go.
Enjoy yourself,
enjoy your party.
We promise to
as well, okay?
You look incredible!
Aw, thank you.
Courtesy of your grandmother.
Oh, no, no, no,
it's you, Lizzie.
It's always you.
Kip, could you help
your old grandmother?
I have to greet
the kents,
and would like
to do that
with my handsome
grandson on my arm.
Well, I can't say no to pippa.
Uh, don't go anywhere?
I can't anyway.
I'm on the clock.
I thought
he'd never leave.
[ Playing
silver bells ]
This whole house
feels alive again.
Maybe it's not the house.
Maybe it's you.
Uh, I was thinking...
[Kip]: hey, uh, excuse me.
Sorry to interrupt,
but, uh, there's an emergency.
Pippa needs you outside.
There's something going on
with the desserts, I don't know.
Oh, okay.
Rain check on that dance?
After you.
Pippa shouldn't
be out here.
It's too cold.
oh, here.
Huh? oh!
Thank you.
No problem.
Actually, uh,
pippa's inside.
I'm the one who
wanted to talk to you.
I've been doing
a lot of thinking these days.
I know that some
people inside
might think
that's a dangerous idea.
You deserve
a life that inspires you...
To see the world
through the artistic expression
of ancient civilizations.
Thank you.
Well, what are
you waiting for?
Go ahead, open it.
Come to Athens with me.
It won't cost you a dime.
Now, I know that
I'm a bit of a nomad.
I tend to live life
in a little bit of a
faster Lane than most,
but something's
changed in me
since you got here.
There's a light inside you,
and I don't even know
if you realize it.
When you're around anyone,
You make them better,
just by being
around them.
I mean, look at me.
I mean, suddenly,
settling down
doesn't make me want
to run and hide.
Come to Athens with me,
and then let's just see
where it goes.
[Lizzie]: kip,
this is...
The kindest thing
anyone has ever said
or done for me,
and I would love nothing more
than to go to
Athens with you...
[Kip laughs]
But I can't.
You're a good man, kip...
But my heart belongs
to someone else.
I think
I just realized that tonight.
I'm sorry.
Um, well...
My brother is a good man,
and really,
i just want you...
And him...
To be happy.
I think I'm going
to go upstairs.
I'm done celebrating
for the night.
Thank you.
Merry Christmas,
Lizzie richfield.
Merry Christmas.
Have a good night.
Thank you very
much for coming.
Hey, Sloane,
any sign of Robert?
Hey, have you guys seen Robert?
No, not in a while.
I am Gladys vanderton.
Yes, of the Virginia
and you have done
the most exceptional
job here.
Thank you.
That really means a lot to me.
I'm having a little soiree
on Valentine's day...
Small, intimate,
only 200 people,
and I would love
to retain your services.
To plan it.
You do plan parties,
don't you?
She does.
She plans the most
magnificent ones around.
I believe that.
Here's my card.
Call me.
Thank you.
[They laugh]
What did I tell you?
Sometimes your
thing finds you.
Robert, where
are you going?
I'm going
back to the city.
Because there's nothing
left for me here, Sloane.
Don't go.
It's Christmas Eve.
This has been the best
Christmas we've had
in years.
We're all just starting
to find each other.
I can finish
the sale from D.C.
Have either of you seen Robert?
All we know
is that he left,
and kip is holed up
in his room
and doesn't want
to talk to anyone.
Well, that's probably my fault.
Everything was going so well.
We were together.
Why would Robert leave
without saying anything?
his work here was done.
That's what he told Sloane.
Go home, Lizzie.
Spend the rest of your Christmas
with your mother
and your sister.
I'm sure they'd rather be home
tonight anyway.
No, I don't want
to leave you alone.
Sloane and Jackson
and the two boys are here.
We'll have Christmas together.
But there's so much to be done.
Cleaning up
after the party, and...
Gerard and i
will take care of it.
Everyone should be
with their family
on Christmas.
[Fire crackling]
I left him two messages
saying I need to talk to him.
No response.
Last night, everything
seemed so clear.
The job and Robert...
It felt
like something was happening.
You know,
he was different
the past few weeks...
In a good way, I mean.
You know,
i let myself get too close.
I got caught up
in their world...
But this is me.
Here is where I belong.
And who knows
what the future holds?
And now you've seen
what happens
when you're open
to all the possibilities.
Yes, you found
yourself there, Lizzie.
You found your thing.
"Events by Lizzie."
It doesn't have
a terrible ring to it.
It's all happening.
Maybe try calling him again.
[Phone rings]
[Footsteps approach]
Uh, what are you doing here?
It's Christmas.
Don't families see each
other on Christmas?
You're a hard
one to find.
My first mistake was not
checking your office.
No rest for
the weary.
I'll go take a walk, ma'am.
Call when she's ready
for me to come get her.
When you get to be my age,
you start to consider,
what will my legacy be?
We never want to be defined
by our mistakes.
After the accident,
I went from weekend grandmother
to single guardian of three
in the blink of an eye.
You did the best you could.
I could have done better
by you.
But these past few weeks,
seeing how you've changed,
I wish I hadn't
let you shut down.
It should have been my job
to open you up...
But I didn't do it.
Lizzie did.
It doesn't matter,
She chose kip.
Dear boy.
I love your brother
with all my heart,
but Lizzie
would have never chosen kip.
What are you talking about?
Your brother got on a plane
to Greece this morning...
She didn't go with him?
This was under
the tree this morning,
with your name on it.
Open it.
It's from Lizzie.
Tell Gerard
that I'm ready to go,
since you have places to be.
[Doorbell rings]
Who could that be?
Oh, well,
maybe it's Santa claus
because he forgot
to bring me something,
like the love of my life.
Can I talk to you?
Why did you leave
last night
without saying goodbye?
I saw you with kip...
And I made an assumption.
It was more
than that. I...
Being at ashford
suddenly felt right,
and that is a very
foreign feeling to me.
A home isn't just
a house, right?
It's about
the people who fill it,
and it only felt right again
when you were there.
I've decided
not to sell ashford.
I'm sorry, Megan.
I really am.
There will be penalties,
I understand,
and I will have other work
for you, I promise.
Sorry, she's kind of
emotional about work.
I can see that.
The house needs to stay
in the Marley family.
It's just a matter
of filling it
with the right people...
that might happen.
Maybe we just need
more christmases
like this one.
What do you think of all this?
I found myself at ashford,
not because of the grandeur
or finding my passion...
But because of you.
I looked up...
And saw you.
I was hoping you'd say that.
Thank you for my present.
You got it?
It's perfect,
and I have something
for you too.
Can I steal you away
for a little bit?
As long as I can be back
in time for Christmas dinner
with my family.
We don'tkitraditions.
I have a thought to run by you
about that tradition.
Here Christmas comes!
Oh, thank you so much.
I still have to give
you your present.
Homemade, for $20.
[Everyone chats happily]
[Record player plays]
silver bells
silver bells
it's christmastime
in the city
Merry Christmas,
Merry Christmas, Robert.
Soon it will be
Christmas day
city sidewalks
busy sidewalks...