Commando 2 (2017) Movie Script

'On the evening of 8th November...'
'...the Indian government took a
historical decision of demonetization.'
'And with this decision...'
'...the entire nation has openly
declared war on black-money.'
'According to some speculations
because of demonetization...'
'...more than 4000 billion black-money
will be out of the system'.
'Today the poor and the honest people
of the country are happy...'
'...whereas those who accumulated
black-money are mourning.'
'Another question which is
still lurking in everyone's mind...'
' what about the black-money
hidden overseas.'
'According to Bank of
Italys senior economist...'
'...more than 181 billion dollar of Indias
wealth is hidden in banks overseas.'
'lf all of this money
can be brought back, then...'
'... 1 .5 million can actually be credited
in every poor Indians account.'
'Or all the essential
infrastructure projects...'
' roads, electricity, bridges, rail
and dams can be completed before time.'
'Every year more than 4000 Indian
farmers commit suicide...'
'...due to drought,
loan or crop damage.'
'lf the black-money hidden overseas
can be brought back...'
'...then no farmer will ever have
to commit suicide.'
'But is such a thing really possible
in our country?'
Reza... there's bad news for you.
- You are going to be encountered.
- Encounter?
Get out of there immediately...
you don't have much time.
- But who will encounter your men?
- Don't know.
lt's someone from outside the system.
We don't have any
information about him.
Now... get out!
Bala... get up.
Time for action.
This place is like a fort.
Look at all the guards.
Just be there on time.
l'll say just two words...
and you will tell me
the rest of the story.
Vicky Chaddha.
He's the biggest agent...
who launders money of all
the bigwigs of lndia.
But you won't be able to catch him.
Because Vicky Chaddha fled
to Malaysia today.
Bala... Vicky Chaddha fled to Malaysia.
- Now... draw your gun.
- But... But l told you everything.
- Bala... fire two bullets...
- Hey...
At Me...
What do you mean?
First bullet here,
in the leg anywhere.
But, avoid the femoral artery.
- Or else l will bleed to death on the way.
- What are you saying?
second bullet here,
on the side of the liver.
Exactly here.
Have you lost your mind?
No, lt's not me, it's the system.
l came all the way
to Taiwan for you...
yet, l will have to prove
that the encounter was genuine.
- But why do you want to encounter me?
- Bala ready?
You're not a cardboard cutout Karan.
- There are no dots on you.
- Then imagine it.
Why do you want to
get yourself killed?
No one's so lucky to get shot in
the exact place and survive.
Bala, shoot!
l told you... don't do it.
- No need to be so happy... your turn will also come.
- Me... me...
Why me?
What is he saying?
What is he saying?
- Bala, liver...
- No-no-no...
What's going on?
Now the court will believe, that...
you snatched the gun from
Bala's hand and shot me.
Goodbye, Reza.
Bala... place your gun in his hands.
But he told you everything,
so why did we kill him?
He wasn't going to
do any good staying alive.
Good morning sir
- Good morning.
Does your parents
know that their son...
who used to be a normal person,
is doing such tricks now.
Sir, they know... that our life is
always infested by danger.
l see...
But do they know that their son
can get himself shot...
and only to prove in the court
that it wasn't an encounter.
l mean you've become
a trigger-happy man, Karan.
That's genuinely how it happened.
Do you really think that
l am that stupid?
l should've let you be a Commando.
Bringing you in the
Special Cell was a mistake.
Sir, l am a Commando...
and will always be one.
Changing uniforms
doesn't change my duties.
So... when are you
coming back to office?
Well Reza's information came in handy.
Our two-year long mission
is finally completed.
Vicky Chaddha was arrested
in Malaysia yesterday.
lf the prey is already in the net...
then why call the hunter back?
Because there's a twist in the story.
Good morning sir...
Good morning... Good morning...
please sit down.
- Good morning, sir. Good morning.
- Bala... how are you?
- Vicky Chaddha.
- Which one?
People say all of them.
And this is the one who
was recently apprehended.
Vicky Chaddha keeps
changing his faces.
And we don't know whether
the current face he has...
is the real one or not.
And that makes him more dangerous.
He handles money for a lot of
people of lndia...
People who are quite powerful
and control the entire system.
And the worst thing is,
we don't know who they are.
Vicky Chaddha is the biggest
part of this network.
He is the one who controls
the entire network.
But sir, you haven't told me
the twist in the story yet.
Only the Special Cell
knows about his arrest.
And it's a ticking time-bomb.
We must first tap the phones
of all the power-brokers in Delhi.
After that we must publicize the news
of Vicky Chaddha's arrest in the media.
When this news turns
into a sensation...
they will definitely react.
And all we need is a single mistake.
The Malaysian Police
apprehended Vicky Chaddha...
along with his wife Maria
in Kuala Lumpur.
This is believed to be
a big achievement...
in the government's efforts
to bring the black-money money back.
The question still lingers whether
the government will stop at Vicky Chaddha?
Or will they apprehend the benefactors
of Vicky Chaddha.
According to sources Vicky Chaddha
has been laundering...
more than 1000 billion rupees,
plundered from the country...
in overseas banks.
Ma'am, can you please tell us...
why it took you so long
to apprehend Vicky Chaddha?
Ma'am, the people of the nation
are quite angry...
They want answers!
Please answer us.
We can understand people's rage.
We will bring Vicky Chaddha back soon.
And also apprehended those
who are associated with him.
The day isn't far, when the money
plundered from every poor Indian...
will be credited
back to his account.
That's our promise.
What's wrong, Mr. Runwal?
Dishank, what are you mother-son up to?
l've heard that your mother...
is going to deposit our money
in the accounts of the people.
Mr. Runwal,
you know one has to say these things.
She is the Home Minister.
Everyone contributed in this because
of their faith in me and Kamath.
Mr. Runwal, it's not just your
and your people's money he has.
He has my money too.
Nothing's going to happen.
Mom knows that if l get involved...
then the government
can crumble down.
Please... relax.
Mom, if Vicky Chaddha returns safely...
and exposes everyone, then
either l'll have to shoot myself...
or these people will kill me.
You've succeeded in doing what the
opposition couldn't do all these years.
You made me lose.
Mom... no... mom
- Leave..
- But mom...
Just leave, Dishank.
There's a big problem.
Why aren't we getting
any definite report...
about the situation in Malaysia?
the paperwork for bringing
Vicky Chaddha back is in process.
And the Malaysian government
has given us permission...
to shift him to a safe-house.
Let's not forget that we've made
a big promise to the people.
lt's the question of their faith.
Our priority isn't just bringing
Vicky Chaddha back...
but also finding the money.
Otherwise people
will lose faith in us.
Yes, of course... of course.
lt's just like we suspected.
Some brokers,
politicians and businessmen...
have completely
switched to silent-mode.
Now they will meet face-to-face...
and hatch a plan to
get out of this situation.
- But... there must be numerous places where they can meet...
- Exactly sir!
And that's why we will keep an eye...
on every party, every
five-star hotel, every wedding...
and all those places where such deals
are done, and will wait for them.
- Bala, l want their room numbers.
- Let me check.
Yes, Karan.
Home Minister Leela Chaudhary has just
reached Hotel Park International.
Her son is there too.
What does that prove?
Well, we've got some
interesting footage.
Take a look.
Sir Home Minister's
son Dishank is meeting them.
But Karan... these are
all very powerful people.
And it's really a big risk for you.
l've never enjoyed taking
small risks, sir.
Karan, just got the message.
Presidential Suite... 650.
Just before his arrest,
Vicky has transferred all our money...
the entire 1000 billion rupees
to some unknown account.
And he has neither left any paper
trail nor electronic.
All the details are inside his head.
And that is why killing
him will be stupidity.
and anyways my mom's going to
send a team of handpicked officers...
to bring him back.
Dishank, we want to meet your mom...
as soon as possible.
Let us know her plan.
We need to know who all
are there in her team...
- Mr. Runwal...
- who are bringing Vicky back.
Mr. Runwal, don't worry.
Please... please don't worry.
That team will consist
of people vetted by us.
Vicky Chaddha may try
to escape on the way...
or maybe someone
might come to his rescue.
Or even kill him.
And that's why we're
sending our best team.
Our team is being
headed by ACP Bakhtawar.
Sir, the crowd is growing big.
Shall l order for baton charge!
no... it's a peaceful protest.
We cannot use force on them.
There's not much difference
between a police dog...
a horse drawing a cart and
the politician's favorite Bakhtawar.
He will return only after fulfilling
the order given to him.
Yes, ma'am.
You have only 30 minutes, Bakhtawar.
- Clear the road.
- Sure, ma'am.
Bhavna Reddy,
our encounter specialist.
She's more of a 'gun-for-hire'.
Give her information and money...
and she will kill any gangster.
Good bye.
Shetty's name's been
scratched off too.
Gabbar Gang, Total finished.
English and imported
items both are her weakness.
There's a rumor in
the police circle...
that she killed gangster Lal Singh
just for a Gucci bag.
She aims to be as rich as
the poverty she has seen.
Our Cyber Cell's
most talented officer.
Zafar Hussain.
You have only 60 seconds...
to hack these terrorist accounts.
- Five...
- No!
- Three...
- No-no-no...
Not bad.
Welcome to the force.
60 seconds! Wow! That's impressive.
Wasn't your record in system's
hacking 90 seconds?
he's cleverer than you.
But he's never held a gun.
This man should've
been on Facebook staff.
Not in this team.
And Sharad Pandey.
l've seen him with you.
Thank you.
He's the sycophant-in-chief.
He will be madam's
eyes and ears on this team.
They have chosen
such a pathetic team...
their intentions can't be good.
The team is good, madam.
But we want to know your plan.
They will bring Vicky
Chaddha to lndia...
and will take
him straight to Tihar.
He'll be kept in solitary
confinement in Tihar.
Officers chosen by
the Home Minister...
will make him spill
the beans about the money.
And will they only kill him?
Since l am the Home Minister,
my plan is slightly better.
There will be a riot in jail,
Vicky will get hurt...
and on the way
to the hospital he'll...
Now l must come out in the open.
lt's time to infiltrate the team.
You got the team you wanted.
No more charades now.
Don't let those jokers
anywhere near Vicky.
Just bring him back to lndia.
There is no room for mistakes,
Consider it done, ma'am.
And anyway, Bakhtawar has never
failed to carry out any orders.
- Hello, sir. Zafar.
- l know.
lt seems Ma'am misunderstood the word
undercover as without cover.
Why hasn't Pandey reached yet?
Why scared? My name's Bhavna Reddy.
- You Jafar.
- Z-Zafar..
Yeah... Jafar.
- Computer man.
- Yeah...
ln police?
Police don't need computer,
they need gun.
Why you?
- A... actually, in today's world...
- Do you know better, or do l?
Forget it.
Everyone is saying that l am
looking super-stylish today.
- Sir!
- Sir!
lt's boarding time already
and Pandey hasn't reached.
Am l on time?
- l am Karan...
- Pandey.
Karan Pandey.
You're 52 years old.
l read it in your report.
You've really maintained
yourself very well.
Pandey didn't maintain himself...
he's got a stroke.
And l am taking his place.
You will slip on this soap...
and hit your head on that,
and you'll be dead.
l've 50 ways to kill you between here and
the airport, making it look like an accident
and no one will know.
You're going to the hospital
and not the airport.
And what if l agree?
You'll say that you've got a stroke.
We've made all the preparations
in the hospital.
Pandey, what's wrong?
Say something, Pandey!
Like l said, ma'am, it's a stroke.
How can he speak?
- Suddenly?
- lt happens suddenly, ma'am.
Can happen to anyone.
You guys take so much stress.
Even you...
Doctor, will l be fine?
We're all cooperating.
lf you will also cooperate,
then maybe...
l didn't know that Karan will turn out
to be such a rascal.
These are my papers.
Do you know who l am?
This is my first time
going out of country.
l've packed some really fashionable
and stylish looking clothes.
They will look amazing
on foreign locations.
- What are you going to buy from foreign?
- What?
l mean Armani perfume, Apple phone,
Ray Ban sunglasses, Rolex watch...
We're not going there for shopping.
These white-collar criminals
are such pushovers.
You don't need to be stressed
about bringing them back.
Take a flight... apprehend him...
catch a flight again.
What else will one do in-between?
- Shopping.
- Shopping.
Ma'am, there's some Karan
here instead of Pandey...
Pandey's got a stroke... suddenly!
And the Special Cell recommended
his name almost immediately.
He was a commando
with the 9 Para-troopers.
He was court-martialed... for
killing civilians in broad-daylight.
Doesn't believe in rules.
He's dangerous... keep an eye on him.
Finally l am here...
on foreign soil.
Everything's so nice here.
Even the airport flooring
is way more beautiful...
than the one's in Jaya Aunt's home.
These guys are way ahead
in cleanliness as well.
- Hello... How nice! Can l click a photo of your daughter?
- No!
Shut up!
Sweetheart, smile... say cheese.
- Evidence of foreign holidays is 101 % compulsory.
- Yes!
- Hi, l am Shrinath Iyer...
- Hi.
From the Indian Embassy.
Hi, ACP Bakhtawar
Khan and this is my team.
- Mr. Iyer, is there a shopping mall close to the airport?
- No!
We'll go straight to the safe-house.
This place is littered with roads.
And that too so clean.
Clean pollution.
Mr. Iyer, can we stop please.
We can click few pictures
in outdoor locations
What to do?
My brother Raju has
been insisting on Whatsapp.
Mr. Iyer, please handover Vicky's
phone and laptop to Zafar.
Zafar, Bhavna... and everybody.
We'll only record statements
of Vicky and his wife.
We don't have the power
to interrogate them.
l'll give that Chaddha
one tight hug...
Your hands and feet
are slaves to my orders.
My hands and feet
don't even obey my order
But you can always try.
Ma'am, Karan's going to be a problem.
lf he interferes in your job,
then shoot him.
l will handle everything back here.
Yes... go.
Go for the kill...
Go for the kill...
Go-go-go... just kill it!
Hey, guys.
you guys are showing such attitude...
as if you've surrounded
the ISIS chief.
But trust me,
when you will find out the truth...
you won't stop laughing,
just like...
Sorry. So sorry...
My love.
She's hot, isn't she?
l know.
ACP Bakhtawar Khan.
We assure you, if you'll cooperate...
we will behave in a very
civilized manner with you.
We also assure you, our
full cooperation officer.
- Maria...
- A... A...
Waste fellow.
lt's really hard for him to speak.
He only ever spoke to
spectacle girls all his life.
- Myself Reddy...
- Hi.
Bhavna Reddy.
Inspector. Encounter Inspector.
Your lipstick's shade
is really stylish.
- Where did you buy it from?
- Thank you, inspector.
l really don't remember.
- l didn't get your name.
- l didn't give it.
Vicky, your medicines
are right there...
but you will never
take them on your own.
No one can imagine.
- That he's such a dangerous criminal?
- No.
That he has such a hot wife.
l am alive because of her.
And she only has kept me alive.
Enough praising me,
now come on... take it.
lf you are done with
your romantic episode...
then, can we get back to work?
Ohh man.. l am scared... hands are trembling.
Listen you holier-than-thou
piece of sh
l'm just a rumor...
spread by the corrupt and rascal
politicians of my country.
Black-money is equal to Vicky Chaddha.
Chapter over!
They were looking for a scapegoat...
and they chose me.
Don't you get that, dammit.
l haven't done anything.
Vicky. Calm down.
Don't trust him.
After the demonetization
it's even more important...
that you bring
Vicky Chaddha back to lndia.
lf anything happens
to him out there...
then his people
here will go berserk.
lt will be a war.
Bring him back to lndia safely.
What do you guys think?
According to me.
Vicky is smarter than you think.
So stop racking your brains.
Just follow the orders.
l saw, you were completely mesmerized
seeing his wife.
Ladies and Police instinct.
Correct? Tell me.
Mr. Iyer gave you Vicky's laptop,
didn't he?
So let's get some work done.
lt's completely clean.
He's erased everything...
and rebooted the system.
Vicky Chaddha should've
been in the Cyber Cell.
He's definitely planning
something, Zafar.
What's brewing in your mind,
Vicky Chaddha?
- Mr. Iyer.
- There's a problem, Mr. Bakhtawar.
The police arrested four sharpshooters
entering in Malaysia.
Dubai connection.
This can't be a coincidence.
l feel they will either
attack Vicky or us.
if you were so
interested in computers...
then why didn't you join lT?
Why did you become a police officer?
You must have heard my name properly.
Zafar Hussain.
Owing to my name,
how many people do you think...
Would believe that l am a patriot?
This fact... really hurt me.
And l decided to do
something for the country.
Even give up my life if l have to.
Whether it'll be the police,
army... or anything.
But it's not my fault that...
God gave me more
brains than brawns.
But no matter what you say, sir...
- l am still a police officer.
- Absolutely.
Your choice maybe different...
But serving the country...
is much more fun
than anything else.
You say such meaningful things,
l am sure you hit just as hard.
Let there be a fight,
and l'll show you what l've got.
Well, l'll see you.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
The moment l entered, he left.
l guess he's scared of me.
Tomorrow morning at 9am...
we will be taken back to lndia.
lf they take us to lndia tomorrow...
We will never be able
to avenge Tara again.
Karan, we've conclusive information...
As soon as Vicky
arrives in Tihar Jail...
they will get the information
on the money and then kill him.
Sir, Vicky won't make it to lndia.
As soon as everyone falls asleep...
l will sneak into his room
and get all the information.
Those rascals won't get anything.
l'll call you back, sir.
- Excuse me...
- Vicky's sleeping.
You didn't come here to tuck me in.
You speak well.
Well you inspire me to.
You're smart as well.
lf you keep staring like this...
then l won't be able
to think anymore.
And you've this unique stare...
Because you look so amazing.
You thought this is
why l came here, right?
l admit... it's not easy to resist you.
But l madly love that guy on
the wheelchair who's my husband.
Away from the hustle-bustle
of the city of Dubai...
we had a home in
a very serene locality.
Vicky, me and Tara were quite happy.
Vicky was leading
a good and honest life.
He was a successful banker with
a leading banking corporation.
He was handling the top clients
from all over the world.
Someone introduced him to some
Indian politicians and businessman...
in an Indian Embassy party.
Next day they invited Vicky for lunch.
And offered him to launder
their black-money at 10% commission.
When Vicky refused,
they threatened him...
that they will kill his old parents
who live in lndia.
And one day his father, who went
out for his morning walk...
suddenly disappeared.
They said that his mother, me and
his daughter will meet the same fate.
That's when Vicky
apologized and agreed.
While back in lndia they started
making a police record of Vicky.
They turned Vicky into
a monster in those files.
His many faces...
the disappearing into thin air...
They turned him into a myth.
One day he said...
That's enough, Maria.
l want to tell the
authorities everything.
How long will l keep plundering
my own country?
l supported him.
He contacted the Finance Ministry.
But the very next day.
Nothing was more important
than her, officer.
Tara was the light of our eyes...
and we lost her.
But miraculously Vicky survived.
l kept blaming myself,
but Vicky said...
l got what l deserved, but now...
l am going to return this money
to our people, not them.
We've to take revenge from
those who killed our daughter.
Please, Karan.
Help us get our revenge.
Why should l believe you?
You can check all the past records.
And after this...
l promise l will convince Vicky
to tell you everything.
Their names... evidences
of their crime.
Even the whereabouts of the money.
Please help us.
And what do you want in exchange?
Two things.
First, you will get
all those rascals behind bars.
And secondly, our safety...
Get us to Thailand border...
We've relatives in Bangkok. And we
don't have any criminal record there.
We can start a new life out there.
- And l should believe you?
- Yes, Karan.
Because l am prepared
to do anything...
to save Vicky
and avenge Tara's death.
Even though l love my husband...
l can go a lot further than this.
Dubai's employment details, civil
court records, marriage registry...
birth and death records.
Everything she said is true, Commando.
They had a four year old daughter.
We're changing route.
Now you'll be taking a boat, and...
get off at a port which is 50 kilometers
from Malaysia-Thailand border.
My team will receive you there,
and take you to a private airfield.
From where you will fly back
to lndia in a chartered flight.
Are there duty-free shops
at private airfields?
l am sure he knows.
l am waiting for your affirmation.
You'll be making a big mistake
if you listen to her.
Why should l take you to Bangkok?
You've no interest in me, right?
But what about the money looted
from millions of Indians.
Don't test my patience...
go straight for the kill.
Come on... get me excited.
The biggest mall
of Bangkok in Thailand
Terminal 21.
l need a key from the
mall's locker no. 307.
That key opens the locker in my bank.
Once l've the money,
l will do as you say.
Now this is getting boring.
Fine, call up Terminal
21's locker room.
Ask them whom does locker no.
307 belongs to.
And then call the
National Bank of Bangkok.
To confirm whether l have an account
with them or not.
ls everyone okay?
We need to talk.
We need to head to a different port...
and not the one which
Mr. Iyer mentioned.
Karan, l knew you were crazy...
but, l didn't know
you were completely insane.
There's no point in taking Vicky to
Tihar and getting him killed, Bakhtawar.
lt's much better if
we take him to Bangkok.
Commando, let's just do what
we've been told, or else...
Or else what? Keep following
orders blindly?
- Then who's going to do the duty, Zafar?
- You!
You will do the duty.
- lf l shoot you now, no one's going to ask me questions.
- Sir-sir-sir...
- Don't test my patience...
- Bakhtawar sir stop...
lt's hard to say whether
he's telling the truth...
or his ears are resonating
with 'Maria-Maria' tone.
We've been compromised!
We can be attacked again.
Don't you guys get that?
- How can all of us fit in this?
- Let's see...
- Move-move...
- Commando!
- Move...
- What are you doing?
This was just a warning shot,
l won't miss next time.
l am telling you last time
You're making a big mistake.
Get him bandaged.
Mr. Iyer, listen carefully.
Karan has eloped with Vicky.
lf you want to ask anything,
you can.
l only ask questions when
l'm holding a gun.
That's the only time when you get
the right answers.
- This is the right thing, Bhavna.
- Bhavna.
Only time will tell whether your
this decision is right or not.
One more thing.
ln the morning when
l saw you jogging...
l felt for you.
But 30 minutes
back... that feeling died.
Thank you for trusting us, Karan.
There's a University up-ahead.
Please stop there.
Karan, you are very special.
Come with me, life will be great.
And what if l offer the same to you?
Come darling.
Miracles don't happen without
any divine intervention.
That means he
was fooling all of us.
Leave l say.
Let me go.
Vicky isn't going anywhere.
You can keep the body if you want.
You don't understand girls too well.
Actually l am Vicky Chaddha.
You must be curious...
about what that story was?
The story was true.
Just, that family belonged
to some other Vicky Chaddha...
who l got killed
and took his place.
But l owe you one...
So stay alive... and stay happy.
God bless.
Unfortunately, l owe her nothing.
Zafar, Zafar
Karan has gone hostile.
There's nothing we can do as long as
Vicky is in Thailand.
Iyer has been given orders...
to arrest Karan at any cost.
He would want to deal with us after
he's been arrested.
We'll also make a deal with him.
You wanted to prove, didn't you Zafar.
Well... you did.
You gave your life.
l kept telling you
not to trust that lady.
But you didn't listen.
l don't get it.
After years of secrecy...
why did you tell him everything
about who you are, and what...
l mean what did you
possibly see in him?
You won't understand
my equation with Karan.
And anyway, the Vicky Chaddha
he'll be looking for...
won't exist from Monday.
Tell Chang to admit
to the University murders...
and surrender with the weapons.
Let's go to Terminal 21 fast.
Karan will be right
behind us in a fit of rage.
Sir, Zafar's body is
lying in the University.
His body must be sent back to lndia,
with full honors.
Don't you talk to me about honor.
This is all your fault.
Just stay there and surrender.
Let's go.
You're talking about leaving
your partner like this.
We must stop Vicky Chaddha
from reaching Terminal 21.
And yes... l didn't
do this for some medal...
nor for a foreign trip.
You can help me if you want to.
What kind of a team
did you send out there?
Bunch of useless and...
Let's not talk about
who's useless and who's not!
You had no clue that he isn't
Vicky Chaddha at all.
Look, madam...
Will you let Zafar's death go in vain?
lf someone kills a police man...
then, the police doesn't
rest until he's dead.
Game on Vicky Chaddha
Mr. Iyer, l want a chopper.
Karan wouldn't have gone too far.
l'm going to send Karan's dead body
along with Zafar's.
Mr. Iyer, l want every police officer
in and around Terminal 21...
to have Karan and
Bhavna's photographs.
KP, we'll take the back-exit
instead of the main exit.
Ok lets go.
- KP, did you call the boys?
- Yes, madam.
No guy ever follows any girl unless
he's interested in her.
lt's hard to decide...
Whether you start flirting
when you sense danger...
or your flirting invites danger?
Yes, Iyer.
Karan is in the airplane
junkyard outside the mall.
- Okay.
- Stay there and guide me.
What's this?
l got a little tied up...
and you're already leaving.
What are you looking at?
Shoot the witch.
She shot a police officer.
What will you do with the key?
lt only opens the locker in
a bank which contains a bag...
which has a laptop.
And for which you'll need my retina
scan and fingerprints..
And even if you get that,
it's of no use to you.
Because the password is up here.
l had my intentions...
but now you gave me an excuse as well.
Now l'll also take the
lady along with the key.
Drop your weapons!
Oh s
Get in the car, ma'am.
We can decide on the percentage later.
Don't think, ma'am.
l'll tell you the reason myself.
Serving your country
isn't just boring...
it also makes you pauper.
l don't want a criminal
record in Bangkok.
Otherwise l would've never missed
this opportunity to kill you.
Do not move!
How much money is on stake here, man?
l must decide too...
whether risking my life
is worth it or not.
People like Bakhtawar
are turning bad...
- and l am originally the greedy kind.
- Just shut up!
Right... you didn't utter a word
to the one you should.
Arrest them!
Mr. Iyer, why me?
Have you ever heard anyone getting
kidnapped and arrested for the same case?
Silence is often a sign of danger,
What danger, madam?
l played all the right moves...
so that l get to come on this trip.
l went out so that Karan could talk
to you on the boat.
Otherwise you two couldn't
have made your plan.
He's a policeman, madam.
Trusting him...
You won't find anyone more loyal
than a policeman ever.
But once he turns corrupt...
he'll stay that way
for the rest of his life.
- What's your price?
- 10...
Nothing less than 10%, ma'am.
Get Vicky arrested, Iyer.
And as soon as you arrest her...
- shoot Karan and Bakhtawar.
- Sorry, ma'am.
Vicky doesn't have any criminal
record in Thailand.
We cannot arrest her in this country.
She murdered two people
at the University.
One of them was her so-called husband.
One of her men admitted
to the murders...
and surrendered
with the murder weapon.
We've no case.
Talk to the Interpol and get
a Red-Corner Notice issued.
We've to be very careful.
Indian government
will approach Interpol.
So from now on...
use only local criminals for any job.
What an idea?
Poor Jafar is dead...
and l'm in lockup.
How did her goons get there?
- How did they know?
- Are you crazy?
Even after losing
you are not accepting your defeat...
you're still going
around in circles!
Karan, tell me...
l know l am little stupid.
But why didn't you and Jafar
check Vicky's story?
Her story was correct.
There was a man by that name
and a family as well.
Mr. Iyer,
why did you lock me up with him?
l was taken at gun-point.
What's my fault?
The inquiry commission back in
lndia will decide...
whether it was your fault or not.
l see... and what about me?
Delhi has already decided about you.
Delhi is going to
change its decision.
- Give me your phone and go out.
- Why, What for?
Your Leela madam must be
in a bad temper right now.
But she will calm
down after talking to me.
Iyer, please give me some good news.
l can, ma'am... but l am not Iyer.
Wow, you recognized
me from my attitude.
How did you get your
hands on Iyer's phone?
Did you kill him too?
Bakhtawar thinks small.
He must have demanded
10 percent from Vicky.
l will take 20 from you...
but l'll get the job done.
But l can't take chances.
l'm going to offer 15 percent
to Bakhtawar as well.
And we'll see... who
collects the commission.
Him... or you.
For now... please tell Mr. Iyer
to give me a free-hand.
Today is Saturday,
bank will reopen on Monday.
So we have only 48 hours to find her.
How will we find her and where?
Vicky sent a message to her men
from the safe-house.
Through someone.
Mr. Iyer, how soon can we get all
the CCTV footages of the safe-house?
ln order to find me, Karan will
start looking from the same place...
where we met for the first time.
lf he figures out
my plan from there...
then he'll be
one step closer to me.
And so we must stay
one step ahead of him.
Thank you so much
for taking care of us.
The food was amazing.
Anyway... l don't have much.
This is all l can give you.
What a big miser
this Vicky Chaddha is.
She has millions of dollars
in her Swiss bank account...
and all she gave her poor
cookie is that bible.
- Cookie? Was that her name?
- No-no...
Her name's Erica.
But since she's a female cook,
so cookie.
There was nothing in it.
lt was just a normal Gideon's Bible.
Hold on...
Wait a second, Karan.
What did you possibly find?
All the information was in that Bible.
And Erica delivered Vicky's
all messages to her men.
We can get Erica's address from
the Embassy's records.
The entire system
was in Vicky's control.
Otherwise Erica who
lived in Bangkok...
would've never got a job in
the safe-house in Malaysia.
- But what was so important in that Bible?
- That's what we need to find out.
Please hurry up.
- Vicky is cleverer than us.
- But Bhavna Reddy isn't any less.
l'll definitely find some proof here.
The Bible isn't here.
She delivered it somewhere.
And also sent a record
of the delivery.
Her phone was lying under the sofa.
Forward this clip to your mobile...
and delete it from the phone.
And leave the phone
here for the police.
How can you make the mistake
of leaving the phone behind, KP?
Why are you getting tensed?
Even if the police find the phone,
it won't prove anything.
l mean... check this.
His face is completely
hidden in this clip.
l hate mistakes, KP.
So don't try and defend it.
Erica's dead.
This man's face isn't visible.
Nor can we see where these two met.
How will we find out who
she gave the Bible to...
and what was in it?
Good news!
The police recovered the phone,
but there wasn't any clip in it.
Erica had already deleted the clip.
lt's a dead end.
lt won't look clearer if he
keeps playing it over-and-over again.
Mr. Iyer,
we need a hi-tech forensic lab.
5 bells... so it's 5pm.
The place where they met is a church.
There are 407 churches
all over Bangkok.
And all the churches ring
their bells five times at 5 o'clock.
increase the mid-frequency from
1 .5 to 3.5 kHz, please.
lt's the horn of some small ship
at a distance.
lt's somewhere close to the river.
Don't try to impress us.
The entire city is
on the banks of a river.
What nonsense.
- Now increase the higher-frequency from 6.0 to 10.5 kHz.
- Sure.
Sound of birds chirping.
So the church is on
the banks of a river...
and there's a
bird-sanctuary nearby.
- Can l have the visual on the big screen?
- Yeah, sure.
Can you zoom into his hand?
- Can you clean this reflection?
- Okay.
This is the only church on
the banks of a river...
which has a bird-sanctuary nearby
and a McDonalds opposite to it.
Next time if you
do anything like this...
l am telling you l'll fall madly in love
with you, and l'll kiss you on the lips...
Take it as a warning or compliment...
And secondly...
Hey... bad manners, waste fellow...
They chose a really good place.
No one will raise an eyebrow...
if you handover a Bible
to someone outside the church.
And smart too...
The question is... what message
did Vicky send through the bible.
But the bigger question is...
who is this guy?
Jimmy. He's an Indian.
He came here for
some software contract.
He's a popular hacker
and a software developer as well.
He works on contracts.
He masks his LP and uses
free wifi of the local cafes...
so that he doesn't get caught.
We must catch him.
He's our last hope to catch Vicky.
l can't leave Jimmy alone
even for a second.
Tail him.
They won't leave Jimmy alone
even for a second.
But madam, he's a criminal.
Tailing him could be risky.
Whatever the risks maybe KP...
but we must keep an eye on him.
We want Jimmy alone...
Only if we tail Jimmy,
we'll know what he's up to.
Mr. Iyer, we will have
to create a diversion.
Why to waste so much time?
We'll pickup Jimmy
and interrogate him...
and he'll spill the beans.
Mr. Iyer... Are you ready?
Karan and Bhavna are being deported.
No-no... this is definitely a trap.
Let's not trust them.
Bakhtawar is right,
this is definitely a trap.
You two must personally check it out.
They are gone...
We saw it ourselves.
But we shouldn't take a chance.
KP is right. Leave Jimmy alone.
Now she won't take
the risk of tailing Jimmy.
Jimmy's up to something...
which is very important
for laundering black-money.
We have only one day.
Shall we?
There's some connection between
the Bible and these places.
What is he doing?
Neither is he doing anything...
nor are we?
- What do you want to do?
- Forget it... let it be.
Move-move... he's leaving... you know what
you are supposed to do, right?
Yeah tell me - Found anything?
- There's nothing here.
Neither out here.
l couldn't understand a single
item on the menu card...
so l pointed out to something.
Now l am sipping on something
that tastes like poison.
ls it alcohol?
No... l know the taste of alcohol
very well
He seems quite interested
in dead people.
Where is the bible?
- You knocked over my drink.
- l am sorry..!
Can l buy you another one?
- How about dinner afterwards, handsome?
- You're crazy.
How does she want
to use the dead people?
So what if l didn't answer your phone.
l do know what 20 missed calls mean.
Still you understand only this...
and nothing else.
Stop this charade,
he's waking up.
Who... who are you?
l am the one who can send you
to the hospital... or heaven.
You decide.
So you're making a database
of all those people...
whose families forgot to close
their bank accounts after their demise.
You're hacking their accounts and
filling in your user name and password.
Apart from this you're developing
another software...
which can transfer money from one
account to these 300,000 accounts...
with the single click of a button.
You're going to handover
this software and database to Vicky.
She will make small transfers
of 15-20 dollars in those accounts.
And gradually all the money...
will get transferred
to different safe-account.
No government or
agency of the world...
can track such small transactions.
So all the money will disappear.
After transferring the money you
will close all the accounts.
- So chapter over.
- No... you're wrong.
l am right.
Please give me this hard-drive.
lf l don't give it to Vicky,
she will kill me.
l also want you to give
her this hard-drive.
Stupid fool, have you lost your mind?
You want to give her
this disk on your own.
You do realize that
if she doesn't get the disk...
she can't transfer the money.
But the money still stays with her,
until we don't find her.
You're taking a big risk.
Do you know the
consequences of failing?
Call her.
She's calling you instead.
Speak to her... but carefully.
- All okay?
- Yeah.
Hi, Vicky Chaddha.
Was leaving the country a charade...
or you couldn't stay away from me?
Don't refuse to come along today.
- Do you love me or... you want to kill me?
- What do you think?
My mind says that you will kill me.
But the heart says otherwise.
So will your heart decide...
or your mind?
Let's move.
Her bullet may have missed...
but definitely left a wound.
So you want money and not love, huh!
Such a long face
over losing 20 percent.
l want the all of it back...
and not just 20 percent.
Why and for what? A corrupt officer
like you will never understand.
Yes, l am corrupt.
But l only take loose change.
l've no intentions of robbing
the entire nation, nor the stature.
Back in our village, one has to walk
for 5 kilometers to get drinking water.
One has to sleight-hands even for
your share of water from the tanker.
Every person who
hails from that place...
only dreams about
a simple ordinary life.
But, how can anyone learn about
honesty in a place
where one has to
sleight-hands for water.
l understand.
And l knew from day one...
that you're not doing
this for 20 percent.
Whatever you do tomorrow,
l am with you.
Her name is Haniya.
She's hiding in Libya's Tripoli city.
The Tripoli police has been searching
for her for the past few weeks.
She's been accused of a small theft
at her master's place.
At the most, she'll be sentenced
to four months imprisonment.
But she won't get caught.
She will run and get killed.
We will kill her.
And then l will take her place...
and the Tripoli police
will arrest me as Haniya.
Indian government will never look
for Vicky Chaddha...
in the jails of Tripoli as Haniya.
And four months later,
l'll be free...
and have a ball with all the money,
as Haniya.
This face is going
to change again, KP.
Monday afternoon 1 o'clock.
Yes, ma'am.
What if Karan fails to complete
the task tomorrow?
Then l will do it for you.
Tomorrow morning there's going
to be a big twist in the story...
that everyone will be shocked.
All l would like to say is that
l've done my preparations.
You must stay prepared as well.
You know l won't come
to the bank tomorrow.
And you know l will definitely come
to the bank tomorrow.
Neither the government is with you nor
the police.
First Vicky, then Zafar,
then Erica... and now Jimmy.
How many times are
you going to lose again?
When we're trained to be a Commando...
there's one thing
which they teach us.
Never give up trying...
until you're alive.
All the best.
All the best to you too... Commando!
lf she is so confident...
l'm sure she has some
trick up her sleeve.
Who's going to emerge out
carrying Vicky's bag?
- Hello Mr. Iyer.
- Karan, you were right.
That bag is out of the locker...
but there's a big
surprise waiting for you.
- Black suit and silver bag!
- Right
What's the surprise?
lf only she was here,
l would've touched her feet.
What a brilliant lady.
Go-go... get side.
Keep your phone on.
- Aren't you going to stop this?
- Just wait.
Now it's the right time to celebrate.
The money didn't go to the accounts
of 300,000 dead people...
in fact,
it went to the right place.
You were winning the game because
l was letting you.
But only till the semi-final.
l won the final.
lf you hadn't made it to Bangkok...
we could've never made it this far.
We only staged the attack on the boat.
And yes... fighting
amongst ourselves...
was a part of that drama.
Bakhtawar, stop acting now.
Now arrest her.
l highly respected you, Vicky.
But he turned out
to be smarter than you.
Your game was up long time ago.
Karan, l am under an oath...
to bring the black-money
back in our country.
But there's a problem.
- Your biggest problem is your...
- Are you talking about me?
Karan, l won't obstruct
you in any way...
but l cannot openly
support you either.
Because Vicky Chaddha's supporters
will try something else.
So we must all make a plan together.
There are few things that can't be
done in politics, Karan.
Her son is involved too.
l am not sad that he fell...
but if his name is exposed,
then the government can crumble.
This hard-disk contains
the bank details...
of all the farmers of lndia.
No need to bring the money back.
lt should directly
go in their accounts.
Because they are the ones
who need it the most right now.
The money has been transferred...
in the accounts of 30 million
Indian farmers...
who die because of people like you.
ln fact, the Special
Cell and the Home Minister...
have been planning
this for two years.
ln order to convince
Runwal and company...
that the Home Minister is on their
side, we had to put up this charade.
Karan's attraction
towards you was planned.
Bakhtawar changing
sides was also planned.
We were forced to kill Erica.
Collateral damage.
Home Minister's offer was planned.
Terminal 21 mall, in fact...
your escape during the Jimmy
stint was planned as well.
lf the plan had flopped...
then Bakhtawar would've taken
the money from you.
Your victory was impossible.
Vicky, are you ready?
You cannot arrest me.
Who said we're going to arrest you?
We're new generation officers.
We do justice in our own style.
And anyway,
the police always settles their score.
l will settle Jafar's account.
Yes, sir.
Congratulations, Karan.
Mission accomplished.
Thank you, sir.
Would you prefer taking a break...
or are you ready
for the next mission?
You know l am always ready.
And this time l've
even thought of a team.
- Okay... see you then.
- See you, sir.
l will go on any
mission after two days.
l'll do some sight-seeing now.
Because once you start...
l won't get a chance.
One more thing...
l warned you about what l'll do...
if you do something amazing again.
So making a fool out of Vicky
was your last mistake.
Now your lips must
pay for your brains.
what ruckus have you created?"
"horns start blaring in my heart."
"The sun's set... dusk is upon us."
"As the night falls...
l am coming after you."
"You tried to rope in a commando."
"Neither money nor
your charms will work."
"Sweetheart, your guy's not scared..."
"just try saying it once politely."
"There's no point...
in useless chatter."
"Let's talk about love instead..."
"and promises of eternity."
"My heart's dormant..."
"make it beat
with your touch again."
"Give me some peace...
and some torment as well."
"My arms are lonely."
"You know l need you."
"These eyes try to convey..."
"You know l want you."
"Let's forget the world
come and sing this song."
"Hare Ram - Hare Ram."
"Hare Krishna - Hare Ram."
"Hare Ram - Hare Ram."
"Hare Krishna - Hare Ram."
"Hare Ram - Hare Ram."
"Hare Krishna - Hare Ram."
"Hare Ram - Hare Ram."
"Hare Krishna - Hare Ram."
"You're my one and only..."
"don't make me wait anymore."
"Let me sway your body around..."
"Boy l want you come a little close."
"This night won't come again..."
"let this meeting
last till the morning."
"Let the heart's convey..."
"You are my rainbow in the rose"
"My arms are lonely."
"You know l need you."
"These eyes try to convey..."
"You know l want you."
"Let's forget the world
come and sing this song."
"Hare Ram - Hare Ram."
"Hare Krishna - Hare Ram."
"Hare Ram - Hare Ram."
"Hare Krishna - Hare Ram."
"Hare Ram - Hare Ram."
"Hare Krishna - Hare Ram."
"Hare Ram - Hare Ram."
"Hare Krishna - Hare Ram."
"Hare Ram - Hare Ram."
"Hare Krishna - Hare Ram."
"Hare Ram - Hare Ram."
"Hare Krishna - Hare Ram."
"Hare Ram - Hare Ram."
"Hare Krishna - Hare Ram."
"Hare Ram - Hare Ram."
"Hare Krishna - Hare Ram."
"Hare Ram - Hare Ram."
"Hare Krishna - Hare Ram."
"Hare Ram - Hare Ram."
"Hare Krishna - Hare Ram."