Commando (2013) Movie Script

Let's 9Q!
Sir, the helicopter
crashed in China.
The Chinese have found
the pilot's body...
...but there's no trace
of Karanveer Dogra.
Maybe the Chinese military
have arrested him.
Inform the Chinese side
that it's a crash.
Sir, the problem is...
...that the helicopter's
crashed into the river.
And, due to strong
rains and current...
...the entire wreckage
was washed away.
They didn't find anything.
- Oh my God!
In that case,
it'll be hard for them to believe us.
And they'll think we
sent Karan in as a spy.
And if, they're think that...'s hard to imagine
how they'll treat Karan.
We've no interest in torturing you.
I'm not interested
in getting tortured either.
What was the real motive
behind your infiltration?
Our helicopter crashed
during a routine training...
We didn't find any wreckage...
Nor did we spot any helicopter
on our radars that day.
I've told you before.
Our helicopter crashed
after a routine training.
Chinese government
agency has claimed, that...
...they've caught an
Indian spy infiltrating... the Lapcha border.
Calling it a serious matter...
...China is going to take this
matter up at the international level.
Sir, Capt. Karan Veer Dogra...
...will be tried in a Chinese
court on spying charges.
I admit.
They didn't find the wreckage.
We don't have any evidence.
But, sir. We've internal logs
and records, that clearly prove...
...that during a routine operation,
our chopper...
It's not about records.
It's about politics.
China wants to humiliate us.
They won't consider
any records as authentic.
But, sir. Their action is against
the military code of conduct...
Codes and conducts
have no place in politics.
Just deny that officer's existence.
And erase all records.
This should be our stand,
there was no such
man in our country...
...or officer in our army.
Do you know what Karan is, sir?
Karan's a commando.
The best amongst Para-commando's.
Do you know what a commando is?
How a common man is
turned into a commando?
Have you ever jumped
from 20,500 feet...
...carrying 65 kilos?
A para-commando has
to do five such jumps... his initial training.
And one of them is,
in the dead of the night.
One armed with the
weight of an entire battle-gear.
A 60 kilometers hike, carrying
50 kilos of weight.
Climbing to heights of 2O kilometers
with the same weight.
Handling 22 types of guns.
Diving deep into the ocean,
this is just a routine
for a commando.
Fighting armed
men without weapons,
infiltrating enemy regions,
and eliminating them... his own area.
Is just a day's job for a Commando.
A commando explores
those remote areas where...
...even the sun rays
find it difficult to reach.
Poisonous snakes who are responsible
for multiple deaths...
...are part of a commando's diet.
A commando re-captures those
isolated areas for the country...
...where even you would
be scared to go with Z+ security.
A commando is equivalent not to
thousand but ten thousand, because...
...out of ten thousand applicants
only one qualifies as a commando.
"Only one."
And, it's not just his hard work...
The taxpayer's money,
and the sweat and blood...
...of the Army's training officers.
...And their passion to die for their
country, all this makes a commando.
Without even thinking for a second,
you're abandoning
a commando like Karan...
Who without even thinking for a second,
sacrifices his life for his country.
And you're giving him up
to the Chinese army!
Colonel Sinha, what's more important...
"The Country" or "The Soldier?"
Our officers are giving
you one last chance...
...before trying you
in the Military court.
Confess that you're an Indian spy.
Why protect a country...
...that denies you're a soldier?
The government does exactly
what politics demands,
But the army doesn't teach
us politics, nor betrayal.
Let's not waste each other's time,
Let's finish what you have started.
Happy Diwali, son.
Should I fire?
Should I?
Go play!
What the... (playing game)
Hello, Mr. Sarabjeet.
Can he show some respect?
What a shot!!
Killing the enemy in his
own territory is so much fun.
I was talking about 'Angry Bird'.
Look, uncle.
Until yesterday, you were in power.
But today,
the five administrators of Dilerkot...
...are under my control.
I'll have no problem in getting
Elected to Parliament.
Before we start campaigning...
...I want you to get
Simrit and me married.
That will put an end to
this family feud, bloodshed...
Get out of here.
Or it will start all over again.
SP sir...
- Kairon Sir.
Your men will die in this bloodshed.
You know it well.
And I won't lodge
a police report either.
Taking action
is out of the question.
When I saw the cars outside...
...I knew I was in
for a free horror show.
See. The devil in 3D.
Father, who allowed his cars inside?
No one dare stop me.
And, as far as the
cars are concerned.
Consider them yours.
He's crossed all limits, right?
Who wouldn't fall in
love with this attitude MP!
You had an objection to me staring at you.
So, with due respect...
...I've proposed to
your father to marry you.
Simrit. Go to your room.
Father. You know I
won't sacrifice my life... a dutiful daughters-in-law.
Right, sister Simrit we're...
- Shut up!
You weigh just 20 kilos,
with the clothes.
I wouldn't mind shooting you.
The bullet will pierce
through your body.
I can wipe it and use it again.
Father, ask him to shut up.
Or else my shoe will do the talking.
Simrit. Go to your room!
You'll do as I say.
Fine, uncle.
I'll give you time to think about it.
I can abduct Simrit as well.
But I respect you.
So, I expect the same in return.
What now, Simrit?
What do you think your
father's answer will be?
Father will have to
think about everyone, Priti.
I think I'll have to
take matters in my own hands now.
But, Simrit, everyone
in my family's scared of him.
They say he's always
true to his words.
If he's dangerous, I'm Simrit Kaur.
I'm no scapegoat to
take it lying down.
You hear me!
I'll go call father, what do you think?
Won't AK know that you're
planning to run away?
I can't spend my entire life
as a vote-bank for AK.
I am not an animal who
can be tied to a hook.
Who does he think he is?
I will break away.
I will runaway.
Come on! Let's get her back.
Come on. Follow her.
Hey! You go that way.
There she is.
- We've found our sister-in-law.
- It's her.
- Greet her.
- Hello, sister-in-law.
do you need a lift back home?
What are you doing?
Don't be so stubborn.
She's already playing
games with her brother-in-law.
Come on, let's play hide and seek!
There she is.
Where are you going, sister-in-law?
Where are you going?
- You'll get tired.
Stop. Sister-in-law. Stop.
Sister-in-law. Stop.
You'll get tired.
At least hand us your bag.
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
Save me please.
Sister-in-law, I'm no villain.
Hey, silent Hero!
You bumped into her by accident.
Apologise and leave.
Get lost.
I don't know you.
Neither her.
I've no interest in saving her.
And, I've nothing to
lose in breaking your bones.
We're warning you only
because you don't know us.
We rule Dilerkot.
We're the most powerful
politician here.
Then you'll certainly
end up with broken bones.
Now, you've made this my war.
I see. How?
A year's anger.
You gave me a chance to express it.
We won't run.
We'll fight.
Beat him!
Come on. Let's go!
Hey, stop'.!
I'll show you!
(Crowd in background murmuring.)
We won't spare you!
Don't even try.
You'll live longer.
Wait and watch.
Hey! Hello. Hello.
You just made a mess.
Added to my troubles.
You're welcome.
- Welcome?
Oh Hey.. Bruce Lee!
Don't think you're a
hero by beating up 20 men.
There'll be another
200 here in 20 minutes.
I would've begged,
pleaded and slipped away.
But you messed up my entire plan.
Come on. Come with me.
Do you think I need to run.
Not someone as stupid as you.
But I do. Ok!
All because of you, now...
...In no time there will
be 200 men here to stop me.
And it's all your fault.
As long as I don't
get rid of these goons...
...and cross the border of Dilerkot...
...I won't let you go either!
Come on.
Stop! Listen to this joke.
It's a nice one.
Pat to Mike...
"Your dog looks just like a lion."
"What do you feed him?"
Mike replies,
"He's actually a lion."
"But looks like a dog because..."
"...he has been screwing
a lot of bitches nowadays."
Please, God. Please.
We're already in deep trouble.
Please don't test us anymore.
Please let us cross Dilerkot.
Please! Please!
Please let me escape the
clutches of that AK.
Say something, MP. Or you'll burst.
He shouldn't cross
the border of Dilerkot.
If you're so angry, you should've
Stopped him. Then and there.
Why come running home to me?
"Bro! Bro!"
Please, please, Lord. Please.
MP. See, another good joke.
Listen to this.
Bro, this is no time
for cracking jokes.
You aren't dead
yet why can't I crack jokes?
When and where we
need to catch them...
...the time and place
is all decided, here.
Don't worry, listen to this joke.
We've crossed Dilerkot.
We've crossed Dilerkot.
Sorry. I dragged you
along at the bus stand...
...because I was scared.
By the way, where are you headed?
This bus is headed that way.
By the way, I'm heading for Simla.
Thank you.
I was seriously scared
back at the bus stand...
...that's why I said those
things instead of thanking you.
Want to know a secret?
Actually, I'm still a bit scared.
That's why I'm blabbering.
I don't talk so much normally.
Like they say,
conversation helps divert your mind.
You should try it.
"Silent man."
Tell me something about yourself.
I am no fool to
blabber like this.
Don't you talk without a reason?
And you talk only without a reason.
Wow! You knock people
out with that blunt face.
People normally iron their clothes.
But you "Have an ironed face!"
Brother! We've found our sister-in-law.
Come on.
I told them... that
he can't be a local.
The problem is, after this
you'll be good-for-nothing.
So... if you've any jokes,
or one-liners...'d like tell us,
you can do that now.
the bullets will do the talking...
Your men, your weapons, your place.
So, you can crack
all the jokes you want.
See, Simrit.
Your bodyguard has
already surrendered.
Now, I'm your only hope.
You can't be anyone's hope.
You can only make people hate you,
not love.
God must have replaced you...
...with 100 bastards on earth.
When you'll step out after
our wedding night...'ll be swearing
on my name in entire Dilerkot.
I swear on AK...
I swear on AK... I swear on AK...
AK... AK...
Don't let him go!
No... no... no!!
Why were you laughing?
- No. no.
Come out.
No, brother, I didn't...
No... - He was laughing...
- No, brother.
You think it's funny?
- No. Not me...
I wasn't laughing.
Tell me.
Was that funny?
He hit me and fled...
He didn't face me.
He's a coward.
To everyone who's heading
out of Dilerkot... back in one day and
be witness to my revenge.
I'll tie a rope around his neck...
...and drag him to Dilerkot square.
And kill him there.
Just one day.
Who was that man on the bridge?
It's difficult to defeat
the enemy without knowing him.
Amrit Kawal Singh.
He was born on a no-moon-night.
His father was a tyrant.
And so, people called him a devil's...
...born to a devil.
He has no eyeballs.
Yet, he can see.
He was born in 1974.
So he calls himself AK 74.
If some unfortunate
soul stands in his way...
...he makes sure,
Not for much longer.
Just a week ago,
a District Forest Officer died...
I'll have still one good
jungle joke for you...
...before you die.
An elephant was
bathing in the jungle.
A little mouse came along
and said "Come out Quickly".
The elephant replied "What is it?"
"Come out!" the mouse said.
The elephant came
out in a fit of rage.
He said "What is it?"
The little mouse said
"Nothing, get back in".
- Tell me what's wrong?
- I said get back in!
I just wanted to
see if you are wearing any
His family know it's murder,
and not an accident.
But, no one dares to
face that bastard.
And those who could...
...are now addicted
to drugs sold by him.
He get's them addicted
while they're in school...
...they are young and a easy prey for him.
That was his master-plan
to rule over Dilerkot.
Anti-allergic medicines, cough syrup.
These boys get high
on animal drugs as well.
This guy owns the entire pharmaceutical
and distribution market.
Whenever a drug
license is canceled...
...the next day, he gets it back.
He controls the entire system,
so no one challenges him...
But you did.
His strength is not his money,
but the fear in people.
He didn't scare you, nor me.
He and his men will come after us... maintain his
fear amongst people.
After us?
My family's used
to challenging these guys.
But, what's your story?
I was locked away for a year.
The jail I was in, was really filthy.
They wouldn't let me clean it.
That day I realized,
that the filth in my country
has landed me in this mess.
If scum like AK aren't cleaned up...
...then someday he'll
be in the same position as a politician...
...that back then led me in that mess.
That's when I decided in that jail,
The war outside comes later, first I
need to clean-up the mess inside.
I'll start here, and finish there.
We're here,
and the bridge is back there.
We'll walk through the jungle,
parallel to the bridge.
They won't dare to
come on the highway.
They'll walk through the jungle.
We'll walk through the jungle...
...2- 3 kilometers
parallel to the highway...
We'll go on the highway
only when it'll look safe.
They've two options MP,
both are dangerous.
One leads to me, the other
leads them inside the jungle.
Right now,
that bastard AK...
...seems more dangerous
than this jungle.
There's no point in
choosing the jungle route.
In fact, it'll give
us the feeling of a hunt.
You could've just shown
your muscles if you wanted to.
Why tear your clothes
as an excuse?
Shoes leave a track.
And those who leave a track behind...
...often end up dead.
The hunt's on.
Yes, sir. - But don't kill him.
I want him alive. - Yes.
Then, I want to tie him up,
drag him to Dilerkot square...
...and kill him there.
Right sir!
In everyone's presence.
Stop! Stop!
Don't expect me
to grow wings and fly.
Let's go right.
Do you have eyes or compass?
How do you know where to go?
Can you hear a voice from above?
The sun rises from the east,
sets in the west.
See your position...
...and match it with the sun's position.
You'll know where you are,
and where you're headed.
Wow! Thank God!
Were not walking at night.
Otherwise we would've
been in trouble.
The stars lead the way at night.
- What a nonsense. Liar.
How can the stars guide us?
This isn't the time to explain.
Let's 9Q!
He can be headed in any direction.
We came that way.
That leaves three.
Let's divide in three
groups and catch him.
But don't shoot him!
I've told everybody
that I will catch him alive.
Get that.
Right, sir.
Let's go.
Just a minute.
It's a nice one.
Listen before you go. - Yes.
It will help boost your morale.
Mike's wife was kidnapped.
The kidnapper cut-off
his wife's finger...
...and sent it to Mike's
home as evidence...
...along with a letter for ransom.
Mike said "This can
be anybody's finger".
"Send me her head,
so I can recognize her."
Let's go.
Let's go.
Sir, few people have
sited him at Nurpur.
There's just one place left between...
...Pathankot and Nurpur.
Don't scream!
- A snake bit me.
- Quiet, you screamed for no reason.
I'm dying here,
and you're yelling at me.
Suck my blood out, quickly.
It's a trinket snake.
It's commonly found in these areas.
They are not poisonous.
There they are. Let's go this way.
Don't kill him.
We've to catch him alive.
Let's go quickly. Come on.
No please, let me go.
Say something Balvinder.
Did you find him?
Where are you?
Balvinder, we're taking
the mountain route.
Meet us at the post
at the river junction.
Let me speak to AK 74.
Look, just handover the girl...
- Just do as I say.
- Let me speak to AK 74.
- I think it's him...
- You know...
- Not me...
The smallest of idiots in
India keep using this dialogue.
But, I know you.
Because I can guess one's type...
...and one's stature from
their speech and actions.
You're just a local thug.
A lion in a herd of cowards.
You don't know me completely.
Actually you talk a lot.
now you're not in front of me.
You couldn't say
a word on the bridge... hey..
Because, I know the difference
between bravery and foolishness.
You don't.
Follow me,
and your people will end up dead...
...So Quickly you won't even
know how to count them.
What do you think?
We cannot find you.
Didn't you hear what I said?
If you don't go back,
I will find you and kill you.
Now you got me really scared.
The more stubborn a person is...
...the more I enjoy hunting
them down and killing them.
I warn you only once.
Listen carefully.
Stop following the girl.
Take these corpses home.
If you want more,
you can come after me in the jungle.
Which way did they go?
I don't know?
We cannot handle him alone.
He's no ordinary civilian.
He's trained.
And his biggest advantage is,
that he knows the jungle.
We'll need more men.
Tomorrow we will be better prepared.
For now, let's bring the bodies home.
We'll stay overnight here.
Back there.
Animals come here
to drink water at dawn.
You won't find a
better insect repellent.
This will keep you warm.
Who are you?
I mean... I was...
Or still am...
Don't know.
So, bodyguard.
Go on.
Last evening you threatened me.
This morning I'm in the mood.
Better surrender wherever you are.
Otherwise, you will be hanging
at Dilerkot square in the evening.
Stay wherever you are.
If you try to follow me,
I'll bury you alive.
I'm scared.
Listen. Listen.
This is a nice one. Hear it.
What did Mike say in Pat's ear,
that he died after hearing?
I'll give you the answer before...
...beheading you this evening.
You're so lucky.
You'll die with a smile.
You make me laugh.
No more talk, the game begins.
The game's already begun.
I'm coming after
you with hunter dogs.
You either step out with men or dogs,
step out alone sometime... get the feeling of being a man.
Wait until evening.
You'll know who the real man is.
Fine. This evening I'll
clear your misconception...
...that you're a man.
These many men are enough.
I'll beat him unconscious...
...and bring him
back tied on a bamboo.
Then, I'll surely beat you up.
This is my last warning.
Stop following this girl.
You didn't think that was funny?
Oh, I forgot.
You never laugh.
You just carry this
stone face all the time.
There's nothing funny about it.
It's a good thing.
You have taken up the responsibility
of defending yourself.
Let's go. They're coming after us.
'They're coming after us.'
As long as you're with me,
I don't have to worry.
You get so eager when
you see those thugs.
You kick there arses.
There won't be any left for me.
I just thought it's a good habit... exercise in the morning.
Really, who am I trying
to educate about exercising.
You're a live example
of benefits of exercising.
I meant example in a good sense, okay.
Wow! Till yesterday you were scared.
But this morning,
you've turned brave.
With you around, fear's mother or
sister will not dare come near me!
What's that?
It's a knife.
How about I teach you how to use it?
- No.
It can be useful.
Like this. Drive it in the stomach.
And, if you can't lift it...
...then, just place it
on this nerve on the neck.
On the jugular.
After that, no one can get up!
Do I look like a fool?
I've no interest in
acting like a warrior?
If you can't use a knife...
...then, just twist
the finger like this.
That pain's as bad
as breaking the neck.
He won't be able to fight you.
Or these two fingers.
Thrust them in the nose
and just pull hard.
The pain's unbearable.
Yuck! I don't want to do all this.
Don't just carry it.
Use it if needed.
I met so many guys who
wanted to look after me.
But you're the first
one who believed...
...I can take care of myself.
Come on, I'm hungry.
Anyway, there's not much difference...
...between you and the
animals on Discovery Channel.
Both can live on air and termites!
Your man Karanveer Dogra... behaving like a Chinese agent.
He injured a few men
at Dilerkot bus stand.
Killed a man at Andheria bridge,
kidnapped a girl and
fled into the jungle.
Before he does anything else...
penetrate the jungle, and kill him.
Without a military
court inquiry, sir?
I've made all the inquiries.
Carry out my orders immediately.
Otherwise, I can send any army unit.
Colonel Sinha, capture and kill him.
Where are you going?
- I've some work to do.
I'm going to miss you.
- No. I promise you won't.
The man you ran into trouble
with yesterday is a soldier.
And his unit's looking for him.
So, show them around Dilerkot.
Pretend you're searching for him.
And, bring them to Dilerkot
square in the evening.
They'll find his dead body.
Wow! Not bad Silent Man!
One thing is for sure,
with brawn's you even have brains!
One more thing.
Give me your address,
before you leave for Pathankot.
I'll have girls drooling all over you.
What happened?
There's something.
you wouldn't have noticed me...
...even if I was undressing
under the waterfall.
So, come on. What is it?
That's how wild
cats eat fish as well.
You know a lot about wild cats.
Do you like wild cats?
Tell me.
That soldier doesn't make a mistake...
...or leave any tracks.
But Simrit has left
a trail for me MP.
That's Love!
Just a minute.
where did this shirt tear?
Don't know.
He knows the game.
The dogs are going around in circles.
And, the water has
washed away the tracks.
They will not stay in the jungle.
If they're headed for the highway...
...they must go west.
The girl's with him..., he won't take
the mountain route.
He'll take the jungle route.
What if we take that
route and surround them?
Yes, come in sir.
How can I help you?
Him! He's an astonishing man.
He beat up thugs at the bus stand.
Or, they'll get alerted.
Stay here.
Now you are within
my reach, soldier!
(Cheering sound)
Why wouldn't you fall in
love with her spirit!
Now, I'll drag you.
tied to a bamboo, soldier
Incredible martial arts though.
Left-right... Left-right...
Hunters don't dare
to catch the lion...
...even if he's wounded.
And, you're not even a hunting dog.
Your jokes really hurt me.
...this annoys me.
I promise you, I will kill you.
...that should more than annoy you.
You like jumping in the river,
don't you?
MP. We forgot to complete
that joke.
- Oh no, pity.
- He would've died with a smile.
No need to be formal with kin.
But, who will we hang
at the square now?
Oh no...
Why did you beat him up so badly?
You guys are ruthless.
He doesn't look like a good duplicate now.
Sorry. we got carried away.
How can you get carried away?
Couldn't you control yourself?
Is he dead?
Brother. Bro...
Don't die before we reach the square.
You have to die there.
hold on, please.
Good. Bless you!
Hello, sister-in-law.
Congratulations on your marriage.
Me too.
So, finally I am
going to tie the knot!
- Hello, uncle.
Daljeet here from Canada.
What happened?
You said Simrit will reach
Simla in a day and call me.
I had to get her visa.
The entire plan went haywire, son.
That thug AK, was keeping a watch.
He found out about Simrit's escape.
"I don't care"
Yes, Ku ki.
News for AK sir.
Go ahead.
Simrit's father helped
her run from Dilerkot
He was trying to send her to Canada.
His nephew Daljeet
called from Canada.
I overheard their conversation.
- Come over tonight for your drug dose.
- Who was that?
Brother, just a minute.
That was Kuki on the phone.
Sister-in-law ran
with the help of her father.
He was planning
to send her to Canada.
You did a really good job today.
- Thank you.
After winning the elections,
I'll give you a promotion.
Make her watch everything.
She should realize her mistake.
Go ahead, gulp it down.
After that, run over them.
Don't worry.
Here you go behind the bars,
and there your family
becomes as rich as her family!
Come on.
Stop! Wait. wait..
Hear this before you go.
Teacher told Raju,
never say you don't know anything."
Always say "I know everything"
Raju goes home.
"Papa, I know everything."
"Son, here take this 50,
aunty only comes over to meet me."
"Mummy, I know everything."
"Son, here take this 100.
Don't tell anyone."
"Uncle only comes
to clean the room."
Uncle, uncle...
" I know everything."
"You know it all?"...
...Then why won't you
give your "father" a hug?
Go on.
MP. Kuki's left.
Won't people suspect
that he's the only survivor?
Yes, brother.
- No, brother.
Yes, Ku ki.
We should have at least
one real accident.
No, brother.
Please let me go, brother.
Bless you Kuki.
- But I have helped you.
Forgive me. Let me go.
Let me go. Forgive me.
- Sister-in-law.
Watch closely.
Let me go.
Forgive me.
Pardon me.
Pardon me.
Pardon me...
- We want a home run.
Pardon me.
Pardon me...
- We want a home run.
Sir... sir...
Home run!
Let's settle the scores.
I killed them, you forget that.
You humiliated me, I'll forget that.
The choice is yours.
Either we have a wedding
night a few days later...
...or you can spend tonight
with all of my men here!
I've kept my word.
You can see him hanging
here... after I leave.
I've brought Simrit back.
So, let the celebrations continue
Until my marriage.
I'm going to have fun tonight.
I've called for a
new girl coming from Mumbai.
You tried running away, Simrit.
What did you gain?
Lost everything.
You better compromise now.
I might have back then.
But not anymore.
It wasn't easy watching
father and the others die.
Now, I'm waiting
for the moment when...
What's the point in waiting, Simrit?
Don't you understand?
No one's going to come, Simrit.
He never leaves any job incomplete.
I started this, but he'll end it.
Karan will be here.
He'll come.
Come on, let's go. Quickly.
I'll get the police force.
I think I've got another good one.
But, you won't laugh this time.
Till we'll meet again.
Hey soldier.
Down here.
What happened?
Couldn't you find her?
You haven't crossed that level yet...
...after which then,
you get the princess.
He has killed everyone.
He has killed everyone!
She's praising me.
To come down here,
you need to cross to another level.
And after you cross that level,
we can play the final.
We couldn't find your body.
Since then he's been wanting to...
...kill you before me.
He's been at me...
" I'll kill him. I'll kill him."
So, you can finish playing...
I'm off to the next level.
Come on.
What the fuck?..
He won't die easily.
Come on!
Let me speak to the minister.
And tell him that the terrorist
has come back to Dilerkot.
Are you waiting for
Dilerkot to be obliterated?
Send a team to Dilerkot,
and kill him.
- You got it!
- I haven't reached there yet, sir.
I'll take the force from the
Police Lines and go to Dilerkot.
And listen,
the press is coming as well.
Tell them, that he's the
enemy's brain-washed soldier...
...a terrorist, and not
one of our commandos.
Shoot him on sight.
(Crowd running)
(Crowd running)
(AK cursing)
Don't worry, AK.
A commando's always fair.
A few thousand thugs like him...
...are suppressing a billion
people like you.
Because people have forgotten...
...that no one can be more
dangerous than a mob.
Hit just "one" of them.
And you'll know that...
...they thrive on your fear.
They scare you with 20 men.
So, you come in a group of 200.
And watch, who scares whom?
I made a big mistake.
I should've put you in
the car along with your father...
Your expiry date has come.
Better die quietly.
Otherwise, I'll clobber you to death.
Those who just watch,
become the next victim.
What good can we do at the border...
...if you let them
weaken us from the inside.
You'll pay for it.
Hey stop.
Stop or I'll shoot.
Stop soldier.
(Reporters murmuring)
Kill him. Kill him.
Shoot him, SP.
Kill him.
Kill him.
Stop it.
Your masters think...
...every guy in a uniform is their pet.
But people still have faith in us.
And Karan has strengthened that belief.
Colonel Sinha, this is our case.
It is our case, our man,
and, our country.
And now?
I've killed him in front of my unit.
So, I'm bound to be court-marshaled.
I'll be discharged,
with honors or without.
Well I don't know.
You could ask about me too,
it won't hurt you, Hero.
You're the real hero, for them.
Do what your father
used to do for them.
Thought about everyone.
But you didn't think about us.
That's what I have
to do after I leave.
Think about you.
You're going. So your only saying
this to make me feel better?
I'm coming back.
Just asking you to wait.
By the way,
I am Captain Karanveer Singh Dogra.
9, para-Commando.
Some people lovingly call me,
The Silent Man...
Nice to meet you, Captain.
Simrit Sarabjeet Kaur.
People lovingly call me...
- Blabbering queen.
No! But you can.
your eyes
Yes, Your eyes are unaware...
I didn't sleep for the whole night
You are my partner,
You are my love.
You are the road
And you are the speed
Everything that is mine is Yours,
I'll do anything for you.
I'll get robbed in your arms
I'll get robbed travelling on Your roads
I'll get robbed in Your arms
I'll get robbed You're the quest,
You're the desire
You're my heart and soul
If You're not there then everything
will suffocate
and die I'll get robbed in Your arms
I'll get robbed
travelling on Your roads
I'll get robbed in Your
arms I'll get robbed
I'll get robbed in Your arms
I'll get robbed travelling on your roads
I'll get robbed in Your arms
Ihey... Balle balle Darling,
Fall in love with me Balle balle
Balle balle, come dance Darling,
Fall in love with me Balle
balle Balle balle, come dance
Darling, Fall in love
with me Balle balle
IBalle balle, come dance Darling,
Fall in love with me without a
knock or a sound
Someone came inside the heart
Someone respects me a million times
And then makes the
heart restless
Someone gazes at my lane all the time
While someone makes me unseen
Just for once, just for once
Come and meet me,
the way I'd meet God
Your color is like mine
My color is like Yours
I'll keep my life on the line for You
I've been robbed by
Ifalling in love I've
been robbed by crying a
hundred times I've been
robbed by dying on
I'll get robbed I'll
get robbed in Your arms
I'll get robbed travelling
on Your roads Lutt
I'll get robbed in Your arms
I'll get robbed Balle balle
Balle balle, come dance
Darling, Fall in love with me Balle balle
Balle balle, come dance Darling,
Fall in love with me
Hey Some continuously
gaze at the road
while the others keep walking
Some makes the heart beat and reside
in Your heart
Some neither understand nor make others
understand They
just get intoxicated and make others
intoxicated I am the only one
who helplessly sees You risking Your
Ilife Without You my breath is
Iincomplete and meeting You is necessary
Without You, I'll suffocate and die
I'll get robbed even if
I lose my life in love
I've been robbed
as my peace is lost
I've been robbed, why do
IYou torture me,
my beloved
JTII get robbed I'll get
robbed in Your arms
I get robbed travelling on Your roads
I get robbed in Your arms
I'll get robbed Balle
Icome dance Kudiye
Darling, Fall in love...