Commandos (1968) Movie Script

October 1942
on the Eve
of the American landing in Africa
a secret base of commandos
in the mediterranean
These are the Italians,
and understand that you now are too!
Study them well.
Remember that you were
in the city of brescia for six months,
because the regiment base is there.
And you know
everything by heart, of course.
You know stadiums,
cinemas, theaters, uniforms, songs...
And the nurses!
Full check-ups at the park,
every Sunday at 3:00!
Okay. Stop it now.
A decisive battle in marmarica,
on July 28th of last year.
Get that in your head.
You were here, just like brescia.
You fought alongside
the Germans, naturally.
Here are your new allies...
The afrika korps.
Is he supposed to be
Freeman's replacement?
Yes. Just another pencil pusher
sent by the high command.
Thank you.
Fascist salute.
Section three of your instructions,
paragraph c, page 2.
Operational order.
Perfect, sergeant! I am captain valli.
Sergeant Sullivan, sir.
Sergeant, let's make
one thing clear right away.
I didn't tell lieutenant Freeman
to go out and break his leg.
- A strange coincidence.
- In what sense?
Dino and I had already known
Freeman will from bataan.
- Right, dino?
- Right.
A month there,
up against half division of japs.
Three of us came out alive.
Yes, I know.
I read the reports from that battle.
You wanted Freeman instead of me.
I didn't say that.
There was no need to say it.
Guys, this is captain valli,
the new commander.
He planned the mission they assigned us.
Thank you.
They've had special training for a month.
We chose the best, they all speak Italian.
As you can see, they are all
Americans of Italian heritage.
There is one all-American among them...
And that's me.
But, sergeant, we're all from America.
We all know how to eat hot-dogs.
You have Italian origins, too?
Of course.
My father is Italian, from palermo.
They chose us for our origins,
because we speak Italian,
and even if we were born
or lived in Italy,
but we are all
full-fledged American citizens.
Yes, even full-fledged jailbirds
like these two.
You don't believe me?
Take a look
at the police records of Chicago.
- Stop it, wise guy.
- You're not in Chicago, man!
Calm down, boys.
You did your show and we all had fun.
But enough joking.
There's no time. We're leaving soon.
Our new commander is here.
No, at ease, sergeant.
Let's forget formalities.
All right?
This visit isn't official.
I know you'd prefer Freeman was here
but the war cannot be postponed
because of a broken leg.
What do you want to tell me?
You know the men.
You trained them and they trust you.
Besides dino,
you are the only experienced soldier here.
I already got a medal.
Sullivan... I came because
I need your help.
Of course, we are all friends!
It's the same old story.
I know that you need me.
- Wait a minute...
- Sit down, captain.
How much combat time
have you had with the commandos?
Do you know what it means
to deal with these damn kids?
I know this mission exactly,
down to the last detail.
What exactly do you know?
You drew up some plans.
But do you know what exactly
it means to kill with bare hands?
Or with this?
You stick a knife
in the throat or the guts, and turn it.
You must hug him tight
so that he can't free himself
before the job is done.
Did you ever smell
the scent of blood, captain?
A warm, nauseous smell.
It's an ugly tale, captain.
Few come back to tell it.
What the hell do you know... exactly?
This isn't fun, is it?
I'll expect to see
you and the men at 10:00 hours.
I am sure that all my orders
will be carried out exactly.
And in case it's not clear,
remember that I am in charge here.
This is the oasis.
The drop zone is here.
We'll parachute into the desert,
three or four kilometers from the target.
We have exactly one hour
to take the water Wells
from the Italian unit
that we'll be replacing.
Do we have to kill them all?
Even those who are asleep?
Don't strain your brain.
As the captain exactly says:
We'll take no prisoners.
Itis what it is.
Only an officer and a radio operator
are needed alive for our mission.
I hope you understand
the importance of our mission
which is part of operation torch.
The American and allied forces
will deploy in north Africa.
We must defend
the oasis water supply at all costs.
It's the only source of water
for hundreds of kilometers,
and the enemies, in retreating,
must absolutely not destroy them.
Last reconnaissance: A German company
is camped in the area,
about 50 kilometers away.
It's important you know this
because you'll engage with them.
They'll come to get water
and things could get very complicated.
So memorize your new identities very well.
You are soldiers
of the royal Italian army.
Forget about being American.
We must eat, sleep and think in Italian.
And remember... the Germans are here
and must not suspect anything.
You, soldiers of the royal Italian army,
throw everything in here!
Loves, memories...
It is the last chance you have to confess
before falling from 2,000 feet
and breaking your neck.
You start.
Of course!
Here is my old man and his bad english,
my mother and her rosary,
my three sisters,
and 15 years of changing jobs
every week in America.
It's all in here. Gone. Finished.
What are you putting in?
I'll gladly throw in my shovel.
Why did my father
move to America to be a farmer?
He could have worked
to death in sicily too!
You two, with no records,
what are you throwing in here?
- I pass.
- Me too.
Some armed robberies?
A little blackmail?
Or some paid protection?
Throw it inside!
Take some advice, man.
You don't joke about certain things.
It's bad luck.
Ask the little guy
where he keeps his mother.
I'll kill you!
Have you gone mad?
Read it.
"Empire state photographers!"
Is it in Italy?
You are playing with our damn lives!
- Are there others with secrets...?
- Enough, Sullivan!
Go sit down, everyone!
"Everyone" includes you, sergeant.
- Ready to launch!
- Ready!
Good luck, Sullivan!
Hey! The signal.
Twenty-four, 25...
What'll we do? We're late.
Two are still missing.
Don't get nervous, captain.
Here they are.
That idiot got tangled up.
I had to free him.
- Sullivan.
- Let's go.
You, with me.
Come on.
Comrade, another round. You'll break even.
No. We're leaving at dawn.
Our work at the oasis is over.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- So, where is that coffee?
- It'll be ready in a moment.
No, wait. It's time for the guard change.
I'll come by later.
Who's there?
Hey, soldier.
It's so hot here. I can't sleep.
- Cigarette?
- No, thank you. Good night.
It's almost ready, sergeant...
Yes, captain!
- Are you the telegraphist?
- Yes, sir!
Listen to me carefully.
If you want to live, no tricks.
And do exactly what you're told.
What's wrong?
Hey, it's your turn. Up!
Wake up. Get up!
- Commandos? How many?
- I don't know.
Let's go.
Go on!
The Germans.
- Get out!
- They've surrounded us!
Go see if there are others.
Watch out, captain!
We are unarmed!
Sullivan, enough!
Didn't you hear me? Enough!
- You said take no prisoners!
- Don't start arguing now!
There's Germans outside. They know.
Let's go. Dino, watch them! Out! Hurry!
They are all dead.
There aren't any others. Go!
- Let's send the prisoners ahead of us.
- You are in the wrong army!
What do you suggest?
Sun is about to rise.
We'll have to blow the door.
We'll use explosives.
It's riccio.
There is also an entrance
on the other side.
Let's try there before it's too late.
Cover us. Come on!
On that side!
Riccio, the bazooka.
Try to get rid of that machine gun!
Damn! Who is that?
Why didn't you leave with the other girls?
Where was I supposed to go?
To tunisa? To Italy?
No, too much competition.
I earn more here.
Captain, what do you say?
Shall I search her?
- You'll stay in your room.
- I work right here.
What if clients come to see me?
I must be a good host.
The men can't come here. Understand?
- There isn't a drop of Coca-Cola!
- That's why we're at war with them!
No one ever told you?
Are you the hotel manager?
Did you explain everything, sergeant?
Save the Wells and Allah will protect you.
Yes, he understood.
What about the prisoners, captain?
Why keep them alive?
You follow my orders.
Of course, captain.
I just hope you know what you're doing.
- Go! To the basement!
- Move!
Just one question,
and I suggest that you answer well.
What were those three Germans doing here?
Did you hear? Three.
They didn't catch one.
- No whispering!
- Ugly bastard!
I was only waiting
for an excuse to kill you!
Calm down, sergeant.
Take the prisoners away.
I would rather get killed than talk.
Find out what the Germans
were doing here yourself.
You don't care much about your men.
- Now it depends on you.
- What do you mean?
If you don't cooperate
or make one wrong step,
I will have them all killed.
- You can't do that.
- We can do anything!
So? Those three Germans?
They were here to mine the water Wells.
They were to return
in the morning to their camp.
I hope they send us back to the front
as soon as possible.
Did you hear that?
The professor took off his mask.
Under his modest uniform
of simple lieutenant,
beats the heart of a real soldier.
Attention! There is
a new rommel among us, boys!
At ease. I am serious.
Don't you rest more
on the front than here?
No, professor.
You can't disappoint us
each time like this.
The destiny of professors like me,
is that of having to disappoint
heroes like you.
You don't make me laugh, lieutenant.
There's no reason to be offended, rudi.
I'm just kidding.
Until we are of equal rank,
because I know you.
You are always looking for a promotion.
Congratulations, rudi!
I've always seen you as colonel material.
No. It's too good to be true.
I see that an evening
at the oasis has been planned.
But I don't think the colonel
in charge will allow us.
This time you are wrong.
The colonel is in a great mood
because the new panzers arrived.
The new panzers?
You were hiding such news?
The truth is that yesterday
they bombed the postal truck
and the colonel didn't receive
the perfumed letter
that makes him so nervous.
- Any news?
- Nothing on their end.
- No mention of the landing.
- Keep listening.
- Tell me if there is any news.
- Yes.
There already is...
Italian tankers are arriving.
Play here in the yard.
- Make the goal!
- No!
- Are you all set?
- What do you think?
Keep it up.
- Hey, hole coverer!
- I'm almost done. Nice job, huh?
Such gestures make you look American.
Watch out.
They're coming!
Do I need to refresh your memory?
I hope not.
Hurry with that water.
- Hi!
- I've never seen you here. Why?
We are new.
Lieutenant! The bill.
Give it to me. Hurry!
Excuse me, lieutenant!
I didn't do it on purpose.
Here. Take the pen.
I'll hold it for you.
- You seem to be living well here.
- Right.
- Captain.
- Just the signature.
Adriana, my love! I got paid.
I'm coming!
What do you want?
Let me go filthy pig! Let me go!
- Be quiet!
- Let me go!
- Come on, beautiful! Come!
- No. Let me go!
Here I am!
Excuse me. I didn't know that...
Next time, make a reservation.
These are for you.
- Bye, honey!
- Bye.
Where are you going?
To the shop.
I need a wrench and some wire.
I don't know what you'll find here!
Here. We are very well equipped.
- What is that for?
- For the carburetor.
- The carburetor?
- Can't hold it together with spit.
Another two men at the pumps!
Stop where you are, friend.
It's hot. Yeah.
- I'd try. What do you say?
- Hey, don't you want to live?
Your machine gun is noisy.
What would they say outside?
Don't worry. There's this, too.
So not to disturb our guests.
The sergeant is looking for you.
- Goodbye!
- Have a good trip!
- Yes!
- It went well this time.
Half a dozen convoys like this one
will arrive daily.
That's right.
Don't be so happy.
You'll play this game with us
whenever we want and if we want!
Put him with the others!
Yes, sir!
I know the way.
How many Americans are there?
About thirty.
Not here. In America, I meant.
150 million.
All of them against us?
Come on, friend.
Politicians get tired, wars end,
and soon we'll be friends again.
Go on!
Here he is. Officers are all the same.
Lieutenant, know where he comes from?
- Partinico.
- Not me, my grandfather.
Come, you two. The food is ready.
- What about them?
- I ater.
Look, lieutenant.
This can be useful.
The breaker box is out here.
I did the electric.
We have to open the box.
If the Americans
call you outside once again...
I'm not hoping for a lot.
You know something?
We have to change tactics.
We must pretend that we have given up.
Talk to them. Get friendly, understand?
Yes, but you must change too.
I know an officer cares
about his uniform, his honor,
but we have to trick them.
I will try.
Guys, get to work. You at the window.
You two at the door.
- Quiet!
- It's not easy.
What are they doing?
Those scums are eating.
- You're not eating, captain?
- No.
It's shitty!
Now I know
why my father ran away from Italy.
How can you sleep in here?
Can you?
Take this.
Smoke it. Smoke. Do as I say.
Nothing yet...
- What if they don't land?
- They will.
Did your general friends tell you that?
Now stop it!
You feel trapped?
Why worry?
It's not the first time for me.
How does it feel?
- You can only talk about traps.
- It's the favorite topic of mice.
Don't create complications.
I already have my problems.
Don't worry. I am glad you are with us.
You get to find out
how things are outside the office.
I hoped you would help me,
but it doesn't matter.
It is my responsibility.
Just follow my orders.
Only my orders. Understand?
Do you understand?
Yes, I understand.
But listen to some advice.
No mistakes. Otherwise...
Yes! Of course. What is it? Over.
I see. We'll take care of it immediately.
Over and out.
They are the Germans
of the battleship division.
- Well?
- They are coming here.
- When?
- At 9:00 P.M. they want spaghetti.
- I could introduce myself to Hitler!
- Why would you do that?
To see if he'll say, "heil, Hitler!"
Guys, no nonsense. Understand?
If we have to shoot,
wait for the captain's orders!
- This is my seat.
- Nice, riccio. Who taught you that?
Bad company.
Boy, what a kick!
These wine is strong enough to kill them.
- Is this all right, captain?
- Yes.
Go on, drink, doll!
So when your German friends
will come to you,
they'll find you sleeping.
I won't talk, I swear!
I know how to treat women like you!
Come on!
You're a filthy bastard!
You are right, but drink now, angel.
No. No!
- Come on!
- Enough!
I'm sorry, but too bad for you
that you chose to stay.
You're in a war here.
This'll be better.
You'll wake up and it'll all be over.
- Everything is set.
- Good.
Come, lieutenant.
Which one is the officers' table?
- This one.
- Good.
It is the one abu Ali pointed out.
Are you becoming reasonable, lieutenant?
Don't get your hopes up.
Don't you either.
If something happens,
I'll blow up everything
and your men will be the first to go.
The sergeant will keep an eye on you.
I'm watching you, too, dear captain.
Don't doubt it.
He's green but he knows what he's doing.
Are you falling for it, too?
People like him always get by.
It's the others who pay!
Keep your eyes open, you two.
Watch them from here.
Pleased to meet you.
- Where is captain dalo?
- He was...
- They were transferred.
- There's just me from before.
But I don't know for how long.
Considering the latest news,
you'll be transferred soon.
Too many changes. Something is up.
- Maybe you know more than we do.
- What should we know?
The english or the Americans,
after Montgomery's offensive,
are up to something.
The Americans!
They are in deep water
in this madness at Gibraltar.
I don't think they're ready
to risk an army against us yet.
Of course!
- Welcome, officer.
- Welcome, my friend.
Tonight is a special evening.
You are our guest.
Let's wash this sand out of my mouth.
Lucky you being new here!
With this, you'll even
wash the teeth out of your mouth.
- What are you doing?
- Where are my explosive experts?
I don't see them around.
Where can they be?
In fact, they're not here anymore.
- Exactly. They left.
- They left?
It's not possible!
They were supposed to report to me.
Lieutenant, the desert is big.
They must have gotten lost
or went to the wrong base.
Not those men, captain.
They are four good soldiers.
I trained them.
Four, damn it!
What is it, captain?
I was just wondering they maybe deserted.
It's impossible!
You don't know my company
or you'd avoid certain words
that I find offensive.
Rudi, stay calm.
You'll take care of your men tomorrow.
- What'll we do?
- Nothing, idiot.
- Where do you come from?
- Me?
He's still a virgin.
First day of war for him.
We're the rearguard.
I haven't seen much war.
- Good evening, gentlemen.
- Abu Ali!
- Almost ready.
- It was about time!
I am going to check the Wells.
I want to see their work.
But the spaghetti is almost ready.
You wanted it.
There is
a German officer who is going out.
Keep an eye on him.
Dino, be careful.
Watch out.
I am sure I've seen you before.
- Yes, in tunisa, three months ago.
- No.
- In tobruk.
- Leave it.
I never saw Italians at tobruk.
Then, damn it, in brescia!
Yes. I spent a long time in brescia
delivering tank blueprints.
- Are you from brescia?
- Yes.
Ninetta... do you know her?
He's loads of fun!
Hear the joke about Chinese torture?
Yes, the Chinese soldier
who tied a brick this big to...
- They're deactivated.
- I don't want to explode.
You better get everything in order.
In case of alarm, the charges
must explode immediately.
The captain must give me the order.
Consider it an order.
War changes the character of men.
I used to love insects,
but here in Africa, I hate them.
He is a big professor in Germany,
an entomologist.
Insects are your little
personal world, right?
But it's instructive.
- Very instructive.
- You're hunting butterflies here?
Hunting the British
is a more serious sport.
Captain, what did you do as a civilian?
Me? The uniform cancels everything.
Everything is okay.
- Take my place.
- Yes.
You're a newcomer. You're still shocked.
Soon the war will make you
change your mind.
"As if whipped by invisible spirits,
the sun horses of time
run away with
the fragile chariot of our fate."
"Nothing remains to us but
to hold the reins with calm courage,
steering the wheels
to the right and to the left."
An Italian who knows goethe,
right here, in the desert!
If we were allied before,
now we are brothers.
Am I right?
But maybe goethe
wasn't talking about tanks.
But I recite goethe
when I am... closed in there.
Canned goethe!
- When are these bastards leaving?
- Do they always stay a long time?
Always a long time.
You! Can I have a drag?
Keep them all.
I don't even like smoking.
- Then why do you smoke?
- To quench my appetite.
When I worked,
I smoked and didn't get hungry.
What did you do at home before the war?
Does a farmhand
earn good money in America?
He gets by.
So much pepper!
It's good for...
I am going up to Adriana.
- No. She's sleeping. Too much work.
- I'll try waking her up.
An excellent idea, you old pig. Try it.
- Eat.
- Go on.
It's me, hans.
Hey. Wake up. Come on, beautiful.
What's gotten into you?
Darn it. Adriana?
Wake up! Understand? Come on!
I am losing my Patience!
Adriana, wake up!
She had a lot of fun before.
Of course, you Italians!
You've got a way with women.
Someone is trying to double-cross me.
You don't expect me to believe
that you really forgot
that special bottle of rum?
Some days ago,
our Italian friends lost a bet
and now they pretend
to be surprised. Right, tomassini?
But I know where the reserve is hidden.
Aldo, get the rum for the lieutenant.
No, I'll do it myself.
I don't need anyone.
I don't want tricks.
I want the good one.
I know you Italians,
and when it comes to women and booze,
are good at scamming,
but I won't let you fool me.
I want rum and not water.
I am in charge of the pantry. Let...
All right.
What is wrong, captain?
You aren't offended, are you?
And yet it should be here somewhere.
Was I right?
Okay, it's the medicine that we need!
Since you found it, you can have it.
I accept,
but next time it's on me.
They're having fun in there.
Does it seem fair?
I am going to drink a bottle too.
- More!
- Easy!
Darn it! They really drink!
All that booze with the Germans!
He wants to get in trouble.
Where are you going, sergeant?
- Orders for tomorrow, captain?
- A sip for you too, sergeant!
No, thanks. It's bad for me.
Drink up anyway. It's an order.
You can drink when not on duty.
If you're sick, it'll do you good.
Thank you. Gentlemen!
Come on, another round!
You're following me.
What do you want?
- What's wrong with you?
- I need some fresh air.
Alone. All right?
One for us, soldiers!
That way!
What is going on?
Who shot?
Who shot?
Me, captain.
- I saw a shadow.
- Who was it?
A jackal.
I wonder what he'd do
if he saw a camel!
They are nervous
with these constant guard shifts.
Guard shifts...
For the jackals?
I thought you'd been attacked
by a commando.
We could have helped you.
Excellent work, sergeant.
What's up with him?
Forget it. Let's take him away.
Did you save him from the Japanese?
Yes. There were about
a hundred that went in
and only three of us survived.
A massacre.
All because of a major
who sent us to sure death.
It's why he's upset with valli
and keeps you next to him?
Stop asking questions.
Don't think about it anymore.
It's over, finished.
What they said in the hospital.
"Now you've recovered from the shock."
"Good, sergeant.
We'll give you a medal."
All right, I had fun.
- A great evening.
- Sure.
Better than the folies bergere!
- Sleep well, captain.
- Thank you.
Let's go.
Captain, I'll bring the cognac
that I promised you.
And tomassini?
Where is the lieutenant?
- What the...
- I am here.
I can't run away on foot in the desert.
- Oh, god!
- What is the matter?
- I feel sick!
- Guard!
- What is going on?
- A man is sick!
- What's wrong with him?
- He is throwing up.
Let's go.
Come on.
Come on.
- Who goes there?
- The captain said...
Come on.
- Put sand in the gas tank.
- Let's sabotage the trucks.
Turn on the spotlight.
It doesn't work.
Get on!
Down! Take cover!
Enough. They're out of range.
- How much longer?
- We are half way.
- I hope the truck doesn't break.
- Relax. The hardest part is over.
Lieutenant, listen.
Hey, stop!
It's them. They're following us.
They fixed the truck.
Go! As fast as you can.
Go. If they reach the Germans, it's over!
Go left.
Stop a moment.
- They came this way. Come on.
- Wide turn, and be careful.
We are stuck! Get out. Push.
Come on. Down!
Accelerate. Try!
It won't move, lieutenant.
What'll we do?
Put your jackets underneath.
- Come on!
- Try!
Come on!
Come on!
There they are. They're stuck.
Oh, god!
Let's get him on the truck.
- Stop!
- Run faster!
I can't!
I surrender.
Lieutenant, a minefield!
Go on!
Let's go back.
- This is it.
- I have everyone on my list.
Poles, Russians, French,
english, Australian...
All I need is to shoot Americans.
Where did they land?
You'll soon find them in front of you.
Catch up with the general column
in El alamein.
- Are they all back?
- Yes, except for lieutenant Kasper.
He is looking for his explosive experts
who have disappeared.
- Call him on the radio.
- Yes.
Get a last load at the oasis
with the tankers.
Check that the Italians
carry out the instructions.
- Go on.
- Could I go?
I could give our Italian friends
a last goodbye.
I have a debt with them.
All right, but don't be
overwhelmed with emotion.
- You don't have much time.
- Sure, thanks.
- Let's go report to the colonel.
- Yes.
Sullivan, I...
Lieutenant, someone is coming.
Did you sleep well, beautiful?
You made such a fuss,
but now life begins again.
You're taking advantage
because I am alone here.
If we were in Naples,
my brother would
have killed you, coward!
If I ever go to Naples,
introduce him to me.
- A reconnaissance aircraft!
- He's one of us!
Finally we see someone!
A message!
They say we must leave.
- And the Wells?
- They don't even mention them.
"Due to new developments,
the mission is aborted."
- What?
- We have to leave this place.
We have to retreat.
We must head towards
the place closest to the coast.
They are crazy! Crazy!
All this for nothing. It's absurd!
Let's say it was just a picnic.
Right. We're all going back home.
Sweet home!
Guys, orders are orders.
They can't be argued.
There's a truck left. Get ready to leave.
I know. It's 300 kilometers
through the desert.
- And the Germans?
- The orders are to leave.
Captain, don't move.
I gave an order. Carry it out.
You've finished giving orders.
You shouldn't have made mistakes.
You wanted to play war,
but it's over now.
You are crazy.
You risk a court-martial for this.
This is insubordination!
Because of you,
six of our men have died.
You and the officers who don't give
a damn who dies, for a medal.
Calm down, sergeant.
I know what you went through.
- Dino told me...
- Move!
You don't understand?
If we keep on following him,
we'll all die.
I'll have you shot.
You can count on it, Sullivan.
I don't think so.
I won't give you
that opportunity, captain.
- Don't do anything crazy, Sullivan.
- Tell the captain!
The Germans are coming.
Careful what you do.
Here we are again.
I kept my promise.
Thank you.
What is happening?
Did the American landing upset you?
Don't give the enemy too much credit.
And tomassini?
We are moving too.
Tomassini has joined the command.
Lieutenant heitzel,
they're calling you on the radio.
- It's urgent.
- Excuse me.
I must get in contact with the command.
I'll come with you.
- Lieutenant.
- Thank you.
This is heitzel.
- Did you find the problem?
- No, sir.
He's on the phone.
This is heitzel. Over.
- Give it to me.
- Hello?
- It's Kasper. You've the headphones?
- Yes, why?
- Are you the only one listening?
- Sure. What is it?
Listen carefully.
Valli and the others
are American commandos!
They came for the Wells.
Don't let on you know.
Yes, I understand.
It's been verified? Are you sure that...
Tomassini ran away. He advised us.
They are all dead.
It's obvious. I understood.
What are the orders for me?
Stall for time.
I'll be there with some tanks.
- Perfect!
- Don't attack them.
Yesterday they put on a show.
Today it's our turn.
It's good news.
We'll be there soon. Wait.
Over and out.
Hurry! Let's go!
Too bad about tomassini!
I'd have liked to say goodbye.
He told me to say goodbye to you.
Let's toast to our alliance.
And our encounter.
To our encounter.
I drink to a friend I met some
time ago, and lost too soon.
Yes, because as of this moment,
our roads are parting.
Hey, youl!
Start the engine
and take it down there.
Tell the others.
I had a debt with you.
I wanted to thank you
for the lovely evening.
No debt.
Some camaraderie among soldiers.
No. Among friends, captain.
- What are they doing at the pumps?
- I think they are wasting time.
Go unbury the weapons.
Come on, guys. Hurry!
The bazooka...
Go see what they are doing.
A drink, sergeant.
It's bad for me. I told you.
This is a special occasion.
You won't have another chance,
and you can't refuse.
- Stop!
- Firel
To the tankers!
They'll try to get free
but we must block them! Go!
- Damn it! What the hell is that?
- An anti-tank weapon! I don't know.
You! Go to lieutenant Kasper.
Tell him that the Americans
have new anti-tank weapons. Go!
Let's cut off the road.
This way, hurry!
Go to the truck!
The truck! Aim at the truck!
That's it!
Damn it!
I told them to wait for me.
Aim at the center.
Take cover!
Someone should tell them
that the mission has been aborted.
Come on! Get moving!
- Help!
- Get away from there!
- You want to get killed?
- I can't see anymore! Help!
- I can't see!
- Come!
They're coming!
Get the bazooka!
- Let's get moving!
- Alright!
Go to your places!
Mother of god!
Holy Mary!
No! Why?
Sergeant. I don't...
Where do you want to go?
To finish the job,
with your permission.
Sullivan, come back!
Sullivan! Watch out!
Come out.
Come out, you scum!
The end