Commitment (2013) Movie Script

2009, Seoul
Here, on the house.
Thank you for everything.
I'll miss this.
Do you have a lover
in the North?
- Would you like to see?
- Sure.
So pretty!
You're a greedy man,
not just one lover!
- Let me pour you one.
- Sure.
When will you come back
to the North?
Don't be so chatty,
have your drink and go on.
Please stay healthy.
Go back and
forget what happened,
and have a wonderful life.
Go on now!
Li Young-ho! Surrender!
There's no other way!
You got nowhere to run.
How do you think we found you?
The North has already
abandoned you!
Don't make a scene.
Li! What are you doing?!
Sniper unit, report.
- Target in range.
- Ready to fire.
Li Young-ho!
Yoduk Labor Prison Camp
Reporting, colonel!
Are you Li Young-ho's son?
How old are you?
18, sir.
An award from our great leader
as youth movement...
If it wasn't for your traitor father,
you'd have gone far.
My father is not a traitor.
Don't get worked up,
I'm not interested in that.
Myung-hoon, would you
like to leave here?
Is that possible?
There is a way.
For you and your sister
to leave here alive,
there's just one way.
What is that?
Become an agent.
THE COMMITMEN 2 years later
2011, Seoul
Unit 8, Comrade Kim Sun-myung.
Head of Recon Bureau Unit 8,
Kim Sun-myung.
He defected in 1992,
and ran a shell company.
These 3 are known sleeper cells.
All in the Unit 8,
and all died by the same suspect.
The lefty who uses Tokarev.
This is the CCTV footage.
He looks to be a skilled assassin
from the North.
All victims were from Unit 8,
they did not betray, but one day,
they were wiped out by an assassin.
It's part of a power struggle after
Kim Jong-il's health deteriorated.
Anti-Republic of Korea threw
the first punch.
A small drifting boat was rescued
from Japanese open sea,
and defectors reached
Incheon Airport today.
A group of 4 men,
4 women, and 2 children,
received support from
Nagasaki immigration,
and they all desired
to be in South Korea.
After debriefing their defection route,
they'll receive relocation support...
Kang Dae-ho.
19 years old.
Why did you defect?
I wanted to live like a human.
By yourself?
What about family?
They're all dead.
Please call in once a month
for a checkup.
Foster Care Agreement
Please call in once a month
for a checkup.
Dae-ho's quiet and gruff,
but he's a gentle soul.
Please take good care of him,
thank you again.
We should be thankful.
For Dae-ho and you,
could I say a prayer?
Give me your hand.
Our dear Lord,
thank you for your generosity.
You've given us...
About 20 years now.
Are you shocked?
I'm sure Dae-ho's your alias,
what's your real name?
Who cares?
I am his foster mother after all,
I should know.
I like his reticent personality.
Come on in.
Go rest up now.
This way.
This is your room.
You must be tired.
Who'd suspect
a teenage agent, right?
No good will come out of
getting involved.
Will he rob our safe?
Until the package is shipped,
don't leave the house unattended.
Which unit?
Unit 8, Special Ops.
You must be well trained then.
There's only one rule here.
Just stay out of our business.
Then we won't take interest in yours too.
I was looking forward to
a new family member.
No need for strong words
on our first dinner.
You have to wake up
early tomorrow.
Students study really hard here.
Sunrise till midnight.
Are you serious?
Everyone, attention!
We got a new transfer student.
Introduce yourself.
My name is Kang Dae-ho,
pleased to meet you.
That was dull.
Take that empty seat.
I'm begging you,
don't use cellphones in class.
Hurry up!
Lee Hye-in
Where were you yesterday?
Hye-in, got our money yet?
Let's do some accounting later.
She's a mute again.
She never answers right away.
What do you think?
My heart just stopped.
I'll fucking whip you.
Check out his fierce eyes.
Stand down, boy.
What a piece of work.
He's been working out.
Stand the fuck down, asshole.
Jackpot! Brand new bills!
If you don't want trouble,
keep your mouth shut.
Who's this?!
She's cute, who is it?
She looks Chinese though.
I think this fuck's from Yanbian.
Are you from Yanbian?
Take the wallet and walk away.
What the fuck's this?
You asswipes!
I saw this coming.
Come here.
You heard me!
Let's go.
Just my luck...
One, two, three...
What happened to your face?
Did they hurt you?
Is your name Lee Hye-in?
Why are they bothering you?
No reason at all.
And down.
I was never here.
What is it?
So who got caught playing
games during class?
You? Or you?
It's you then.
I knew you were
up to no good!
Who was late today,
raise your hand!
Don't bother trying to
skip the cleaning duty.
- Got it?
- Yes!
- Dismissed!
- Dismissed!
Hey, Yanbian!
Hear that?
Clean the windows too.
Don't wanna?
You got a new friend to help you.
I'll kill you if you take off.
Get to it!
This is your mission in the South.
The victims were all
sleeper cells from our unit.
They must've been killed by
an agent from Section 35.
Buk Doo-sung, Section 35's agent.
First, make contact with our network,
and gather necessary gears.
Find Buk and eliminate him.
You have it ready?
I had a great dream.
I see.
I'd like a cake.
No decorations.
There are plenty of candles.
Who is it?
Who are you?
Who sent you?
Where's Buk Doo-sung?
Never heard of him.
One last time, where is Buk?
Fuck, and you'll let me live?
Okay, wait, wait!
There's a guy
who saw him once.
He's a butcher.
You're a trash.
Total trash.
Clean it up.
What's with him?
Yo, Yanbian,
you two look good together.
Have fun with her.
Love between
a Yanbian and a loner.
Here, there's some more.
They look so good!
A. During zygote's development,
the sex chromosomes don't separate.
Or B. Sperm's chromosomes
did not separate.
Hey, newbie.
What did I just say?
Solve question #18.
X chromosome comes from the mother,
and nondisjunction in the father
causes Turner Syndrome.
It is a chromosomal abnormality,
in which all or part of
one of the sex chromosomes
is absent or has
other abnormalities,
and not caused by remaining chromosomes.
Since B and C are correct,
5 is the answer.
Right, very good.
Okay, let's move on
to question #19.
Check remaining questions
with the answer sheet.
Good work.
Hye-in, let's try together.
Sorry, I thought it was empty.
I was just leaving.
Don't just toss your shoes!
What is it?
Move aside.
Yo, loner!
What are you doing
in our practice room?
Did you dance?
She danced!
Can't you see
I'm talking to you?
Dance for us.
If you're good,
you can use this room.
Heard you danced
in middle school.
- All here.
- All here.
He's with us, don't worry.
Go to sleep now.
Who was that?
He fell from the sky.
Where you going at this hour?
Must I report my tasks to you?
You should've said
someone was upstairs.
I didn't want to.
It's a black Grandeur,
this is his license plate.
That's all I know.
Please, don't kill...
10 S 4097
Look into this motorcycle first.
Yes, sir.
Holy shit!
- Good work.
- Nice job, cutie.
That's for my private lessons!
He did it.
It was him!
Who's that?
Almost had a heart attack.
You got business with us?
You shit!
Having fun?
Think for once.
Go kneel in the hall.
When I get my cast off,
I'll make his asshole bleed.
A bucket full,
make sure of it.
He fucking deserves to die!
He's no joke though.
Look, look.
Do you know
where Hye-in works?
What is it?
I got a migraine.
Leave early?
Sure, you're free to go.
I'll give you a slip.
Why are you
looking for Hye-in?
I'm just curious.
I heard she's quitting school
to work somewhere else,
but I don't know the details.
It's your uniform.
Been well?
You cut your hair.
Why aren't you
coming to school?
I found something
I want to do.
I'll be going now.
I have a favor.
- Hello.
- Afternoon.
Did you come together?
Come here!
Part-time Job Consent Form
Lee Dae-ho
Older brother
What's with the rain?
Wait here.
Take this!
Please stop!
I told you not to
bother your sister.
You have to be good!
Shall we?
Come on!
Thank you, bro.
You like hearing that?
All guys without a sibling
go gaga over that.
I have a sister.
Same name as you.
How old is she?
Getting too personal?
Are you really from Yanbian?
Is there anywhere
you want to go?
Never thought of that.
You have somewhere in mind?
Somewhere no one knows me.
My parents passed away,
and no other family either.
It's okay.
I come here when I miss them.
My dream is in there.
I threw my gum,
and it stuck right here.
I looked it up and it has
a famous dance company.
They express themselves
with dance.
Isn't it great?
Wanna try it?
No, gum!
Try it.
Come on!
Do it properly.
Dang it.
Idiot, you should've
aimed for Europe.
You got it in the ocean.
This is where he lives?
Yes, sir.
It looked like the pharmacy houses
Unit 8 is safe.
What brings you...
You know I don't live by loyalty.
Let me live
and I'll do anything.
The package.
Master bedroom safe,
password is 'sunprayer.'
See? Anything you want.
If you disrupt this place,
you'll start a war.
I got everything.
Go ahead.
A little young to be a killer.
That's enough!
Madame! Madame,
drink with us.
That's enough!
I'm out for the day,
go next door.
The pharmacy's closed.
Then wait a moment.
- Madame, good bye!
- Bye!
See you!
What a clumsy bastard.
It's the only place that bought
a Ducati last month.
I'm certain it's this place.
Boss, he looks different.
Isn't it obvious?
These sleeper cells probably
faked their identities.
Check into this.
They channeled around
$30 million recently.
It all went to the North?
This also has to be part of
succession power struggle
between Unit 8 and Section 35.
Write it up, and conclude
this incident as a gas explosion.
There's one more problem.
What's this?
He was adopted by the deceased.
Go on now.
Look at you.
You look like a young noble,
but eat like a dog.
Is it always like this?
What is?
It's taking...
far longer than I thought.
Look here.
Do you know what
my first mission in 3 years is?
To feed your sorry ass.
It's only been a month,
wait it out.
Unless they abandon us,
all you can do is be patient.
Don't call me 'lieutenant,'
it's 'granny' to you.
Stop, stop!
Doing well?
Hard at work?
Like hell!
Come by after work.
Have a drink on me.
Sounds good, I will!
Okay, be careful now!
Write 'spy' on your forehead,
why don't ya!
You can just walk away casually.
How old are you?
20 this year.
Parents passed away,
and only my sister left.
Is that so?
Isn't she pretty?
Let me see.
She looks so beautiful.
She's very energetic.
Is that your father?
Shouldn't we tighten 35's throats?
To make our move,
we need our funds back.
Don't worry,
preparation is under way.
Piano Tuning
Mr. Kang Dae-ho?
Why haven't you called?
The situation's complicated here.
The Party decided to give you
a bigger role.
Don't let us down.
Remember the incident
at the pharmacy?
Don't think too hard,
we'll hit them back.
Is Hye-in doing well?
Don't you worry.
It's your last mission.
Bring back what was taken.
Then you can meet your sister.
I heard you'll be back
in a few days,
so I'm making this
as a present to you.
I miss you so much.
Thank you for
coming all this way.
I didn't realize
liaison officer would come.
It's important enough
for me to come.
This way please.
Please sit here, sir.
The package?
Street value is $30 million.
I organized it
for your convenience.
Who the hell?!
We got an intruder!
Sung-hoon! Sung-hoon!
Go outside and check!
We have to move, sir.
Officer, what about us?
Give it to me.
Why did they call the meet?
Off the record too.
They probably want a cover-up,
Let's talk after the Beijing trip.
Good work.
It's been a while
since someone returned.
What's this?
Just look at this tacky color!
I hope to see you back home.
Nonsense. My duty is to be
the backbone of our revolution.
Leave everything behind
when you go.
And return to being a youth.
Stay immature
as long as possible, got it?
I have to get ready,
you go on now.
please stay healthy.
Don't you worry about me,
go on now!
What brings you here?
I'm going somewhere.
Where? Far away?
To meet my sister.
That's great.
Keep in touch?
Here for the boat?
Come inside first.
Can I trust this intel?
We'll take the heat, and hand over
all Unit 8 agents,
and you don't want it?
This is taking the heat?
More like slap in the face!
Be quiet.
Listen carefully.
The era of great ruler Kim Jong-un
will begin soon.
Who did you say was
the great ruler?
You'll have to figure out how you'll
maintain relationship with Section 35.
Did you get the package?
I have it with me.
Where's your home?
Pyongyang, Usungdong.
It's 5 hours to Heju Harbor,
you'll have breakfast at home.
What the hell?
Sir, must we do this?!
Do it!
It's a commie sweep job,
so why not?
More like cleaning after
their bitch fight!
- It'll still be clean.
- Shit!
Let's say it's a power struggle,
as you said,
if we sooth the situation
like this...
This is from the top,
get it done!
What are you doing?
You're quite naive.
Who ordered you?
Who ordered you?!
No agent has
ever returned home.
But that doesn't mean
you can live here.
Wait, wait!
You look so scary!
Don't move!
Choi Ik-sung!
Spit it out!
Let go of me!
Situation under control.
Motherfucker! Don't move!
Don't move!
- Granny!
- Go away!
What are you doing?
Lower your knife, please.
I knew this day would come!
You piece of shit!
I still got some fight in me!
Why are you still around?!
Get out of here!
- I'll kill you all!
- Do not shoot!
Go back alive...
Toss the gun.
Kang Dae-ho, I mean,
Li Myung-hoon,
give yourself up,
that's the only way.
How do you think
we found you?
The North has already
abandoned you.
What can you do alone?
Li Myung-hoon?
What happened to you?
... Kim Yong-hwan was captured alive,
but Hwang Jung-sook was
shot and killed on the scene.
Kang Dae-ho and Park Ki-tae
are still at large.
Kang was posing as
a high school student,
while Park was known to be
a contact for the spy network.
NIS presumes that Kang is
in contact with spy network,
and they're coordinating with
the prosecution.
Foreign Affairs Section 35,
in charge of reconnaissance,
had a shakeup last year...
Dae-ho, are you awake?
Are you okay?
Dae-ho, what's wrong?
I shouldn't have come here.
You can't go like that!
I know you're on the run.
You're gonna keep me here...
and call the cops, right?
What are you saying?
You're my friend!
I don't have any friends.
Kang Dae-ho!
You don't even know me.
Tell me!
Where did he go?!
Send me to the South.
Say what?
I'll bring it back for sure.
I was his handler,
I can get in touch with him.
That was quite amusing.
Remember my words.
Wherever you go,
we'll come after you even in hell.
Make sure to kill the son of a bitch
who killed our agents.
How much is this?
$2 please.
Have you ever seen
these teens around?
Hey there!
Cha Jung-min
Do you know Kang Dae-ho?
I heard you two
were close at school.
Did something happen?
Could you be frank with me?
You got the wrong info,
I don't know him well.
I last saw him was
when I left school,
2 months ago.
Okay, I'll be right in.
Breaking news.
On December 17, 2011,
leader of North Korea
Kim Jong-il has died.
Dae-ho, you're up?
North Korean KCTV has reported that
Let's treat your wound.
on the morning of 17th.
General Secretary Kim Jong-il
was 69 years old,
and after taking reign
of North Korea in 1994
following Kim Il-sung's death.
His son Kim Jong-un will succeed...
US media, including CNN
has reported that...
... opposing parties will face danger...
... his death was unexpected...
So it finally happened,
hasn't it?
Myung-hoon, you and I
must have 9 lives.
what exactly is going on?
It's too long to explain.
What about my sister?
I brought Hye-in with me.
I'm in the South.
What are you saying?
Why is she here?
Myung-hoon, listen carefully.
You want to see her, right?
Hand over the Section 35
package to me.
What the hell's going on?
I'll call you back with
time and location.
I got it.
Get CCTV feeds from
Sinjung intersection.
He's mobile on a motorcycle.
- And you!
- Yes, sir!
Go bring in Lee Hye-in.
Right away, sir!
I found him!
He's Incheon-bound.
Follow me.
Dong-sup, give me sitrep.
I don't think it's here.
I'm heading back down.
Got him, he's making contact
with a man in his 40s.
Roof of parking structure,
everyone merge!
Where's Hye-in?
The package?
Let me see her first.
Brother! Brother!
Your turn.
Don't move!
Get them!
Myung-hoon! Help!
- Hye-in!
- Help!
- Hye-in!
- Help!
Get out of the car!
- Li Myung-hoon! You are surrounded.
- Myung-hoon!
Drop your gun.
Li Myung-hoon, stop!
I'm also from Pyongyang.
What's your name?
Li Hye-in.
I confirmed that she's the sister
of Li Myung-hoon.
She was with Unit 8's
colonel Moon Sang-chul.
We got a problem.
Blood is indeed thicker
than water, you traitor...
Why did you
bring my sister into this?
What happened?
You'll be hunted down as long as
you have that package.
Until you and your sister die.
I will kill you.
Sure, you must.
But when you come,
bring the package too.
If you do,
I'll let your friend go.
Making friends, it's not like you.
What are you doing?
Are you mad?
This is the last chance.
Before I really go mad,
bring me those diamonds.
Isn't it hot with the scarf?
This is for my brother.
I made it myself.
Yeah? It's really pretty.
Where are you?
Is my sister with you?
Yes, she's here.
Let me talk to her.
It's your brother.
Are you hurt?
No, I'm fine.
How about you?
I'm okay.
You must be scared.
I'm so sorry.
Wait a little longer,
I'll come for you.
You promise?
Please come for me soon.
I promise.
Let me talk to him.
Give yourself up.
I know what's happening to you.
Come see your sister.
There's something I must do.
I'll come tomorrow
after it's done.
Triangulate this call,
on the double!
I knew this would happen.
Unnecessary emotions
will get you in the end.
Where is she?
These meaningless stones...
you thought I'd keep them?
You're still a child,
a long way till adulthood.
You can't do this do me.
I followed all the orders.
I wanted to make you
our nation's hero.
But you...
made me into a killer.
Are you hurt?
Do as I say.
Resilient fuck.
Let's go.
Get out of here!
My diamonds...
You're finished.
Moon Sang-chul!
Don't move!
It's all over!
It's far from over!
Comrade Li,
if you want to live, shoot him.
Myung-hoon, drop your gun.
What can I do?
I can't even go back.
This must be the end.
I have to go...
She's waiting for me.
I'm sorry...
You must be Hye-in.
Are you Hye-in too?
Hye-in, wanna take a walk?
You said to me once,
you wanted to be somewhere
no one knew you.
How do you know my brother?
How nice would it be,
if I could too?
We were classmates.
Were you my brother's classmate?
I lived here as Kang Dae-ho,
but when I was with you,
I found myself again.
Thank you, Hye-in.
My name is Li Myung-hoon.