Communion (1989) Movie Script

Someone is here.
Come to bed.
She says... he says...
I like this. OK.
Really, because, you know, I like
a "knock-knock" joking.
You can do...
I can do "knock-knock" to...
Based on the true experiences
of one American family.
New York, 1985.
Get up!
I'm cookin', Im cookin'...
I'm on the roll.
What's the matter with you?
Where is dad?
I don't know, office maybe...
-Oh, now I have you.
I got you! Got you, baby!
What's the problem, the computer or you?
Today was everything, I tell you.
It was full scale revolution, total war...
Terrible day.
What a day, what a day, what a...!
Hey hey, what's the matter?
Give me a kiss!
There is something wrong with you?
I had such a terrible day.
First the computer turnes off,
then the wolf painting jumps off the wall.
It attacks me without provocation.
Then your mother calls that toilet explodes.
The duck I'm cooking tries to tell me
how to live my life.
The computer completely erased itself
when it turned off.
No wonder that I can't write my great
American novel.
Is this mean you're too tired
to go to the country?
No, it is simply not.
What did you loose?
I lost... you know, I lost another day, what I lost
was gold, golden notions... erased small dreams,
What I crave is... you know
Oh, brother...
You know, it could be the computer
turned off for a reason.
Why would that be?
It could be...
I felt that the book I'm...
working on is no good.
What why you do that to yourself?
It was a rotten accident.
-Once the duck...
-We'll get go out of fire stairs?
Not again...
-Give me something.
-Here, here. - Just give me something.
You got need some water.
...something to put on it.
I need to turn it off.
What the code is?
664... 6664...?
-It's 18-... 57
-Don't... don't... don't...! Please!
The year we were married.
Don't... The red light is on!
Oh no...
Remember what happened last time.
Oh God... do you get the door?
I'm sorry, we get...
we get the little...
small catastrophy...
What's the matter?
What isn't the matter,
will you look at this?
Open the window.
Get some air in here.
Could you save me? I married this.
Open the window over there, please!
We are not going to the country, right?
I know, the last time...
-That's it, heh?
-That's it.
Hi, Al.
-That's the fire?
-It's just food. Food.
The duck.
That.... burned the duck.
891 Feetstreet...
-It shouldn't happen...
-23, repeat, is a 23...
-You've been warned before.
-I know. I'm sorry.
You'll receive your summons
in the mail.
-This stuff is so sensitive...
-200 dollars.
No, stop!
New policies.
It just goes off, I don't know what happened...
Thank you.
-Back to the station!
-Thank you!
Let your wife cook.
Dad, turn this thing off!
I know what it is.
It's a geometric, not arithmetical.
-It's your birthday?
-It also does not work.
You never have that learned here before.
Ah, you see? You see?
Anne this had a making work.
Just read the instruction.
-What's up?
Go on, kill it!
Kill it!
-Oh, that is a big one.
-Here it is, here it is.
Now it's in your pants!
Alex, do something!
Now it's on you!
Just a peacefull night in the country.
There it going to sleep now, with you.
Will sing to you.
If you leave the room in form rigt back
in usually it's gone.
I'm glad...
that this is no my room.
Have a nice night.
You know... may not have been
what a spider I saw.
Say something dirty.
-Come on...
Say... say erect...
Can you say: erection?
I'll never say it!
What do you think he's doing?
What do you mean what I think he's doing?
I know what he's doing. He's doing
the old Romanian turn on, he's a singer.
Sing of the wolves.
I sing of the wolves... that...
You know I see the dark beautiful forests...
And she's like this...
She's like this.
In the night there would be
only silence.
And there you'll have the wolves.
In there are no wolves here.
I wonder is there ghosts.
The house is new.
No, I mean the ghosts of the wolves.
The ones that have been killed.
Stop it.
No, quiet, quiet...
So, you wanna fool around?
-You look good.
It's been an ice age
I've missed you... old ball and chain.
Is that someone there?
Hey, hey, wow...
What's the matter, boss?
What's the matter?
-There was something here!
-Shake it up, come on.
Something very bad!
Wow, it was the nightmare.
No, no dad.
-It was the nightmare.
-They had me, dad.
Nightmares do that. You know, sometimes, I mean...
If it didn't do that, that wouldn't be a nightmare... You know what I mean?
Daddies... daddies get the boys back, right?
Do you know any songs?
Do you know any indian hunting songs?
Do you know the old buffalo hunting song?
...and cocktails for two.
That's a good boy.
Go to sleep.
He was yelling, you didn't hear
he was yelling.
-You were yelling? Where was I?
-He had some bad dream I told you.
I had a bad dream too.
I was some sound of sleep...
I... I was asleep.
You were out. Like a log.
He said something was after him, some spider, huh?
Like a spider from last night?
It was real, dad.
Worst dream you ever had.
It wasn't a dream.
I'm not surprised about you, Whit.
You ate away till this
table last night.
I didn't eat to get up the stairs.
What's a good thing it was nothing. I wonder...
I pay fortune for this equipment.
Some animal must to set it all.
How do you sleep?
We saw a lot of light last night.
Whitley has that machine finally tuned.
Mosquito did set it all.
No, really there were a lot of lights,
it was very hard to sleep.
It's been the light from the bathroom.
No, it was light there came in from outside.
I can't believe you didn't see it,
it was like day.
I thought there was a fire outside,
in fact.
I came downstairs, you know...
there was light... it was this light.
But then... it must...
The flood lights were on there...
it was the moon maybe.
We were all dreaming, you know, on the moon
we all got involve in the same dream.
It wasn't the moon.
So was a dream.
This whole place was flooded
with the light from above.
It wasn't a dream.
So was the moon.
Oh, it wasn't the moon.
And it wasn't a dream.
I'm telling it what we saw.
So, why don't you have your usual huge
portion of... banana cakes?
Aromatic component...
OK. I want to go home.
I'm sorry, I'm not angry.
I can't explain.
Whitley, I want you to take us back today.
Come on, Alex. Give me a break.
I know I did not see the moon.
I want to go home.
Alex, what's the four letter word,
for the...
Take us home, Whitley!
Please, forgive me.
It's cool.
Would you... clean up, then we'll go.
We had the really rough night.
-Are you kidding?
-What's going on?
I don't know why we doing this.
It's crazy. You know.
Thank you for taking us home.
It's fine.
We could have taken the bus, Whitley.
There is no bus.
There is not even the bus station.
There were wolves in the closet, wolves in the base,
and wolves all over the place.
They work in advertising, they sell
junk food and beer.
The gigantic hamburgers, and their tank cold beers,
for the baseball games on the TV,
and the bags of the potato cheaps,
whitch were big enough to feed a horse.
They have a lot of fun.
There go the baseball games.
They had...
Get dressed!
I don't feel like it...
I all them lovely get hurt.
Come on, come on! Got ten minutes
to be allready Greenbergs. Andy's waiting.
Crack the whip.
Drive the slaves off to another cocktail party.
Make them bubble about glass nose.
That'll lost another day here...
He needs you.
He is over sensitive today...
in the funny mood.
What's the matter?
I don't know. He...
He overreacted this clean at school,
he won't talk to me, I'm a girl.
Here, put this on...
take this off...
You're going to be an elephant.
You prommissed him.
Is this the front...?
-...or the rear?
-I don't know.
You'll put your grey turtleneck on.
Elephants are grey.
-Put your pants on, come on, let's go.
-It's me!
OK! Remember! Only treat, no tricks.
Get your bags to the door!
God, help the rest to the building.
-Thanks a lot, Jake. Sorry about the mess.
-You're welcome.
-You can take off the nose.
-What's the matter, you know, I .... nose, how come I can any fun?
The other dads have noses.
Put this on ice......
You can use this, it's clean.
OK, guys...
-See you later. - All right.
-Come on! Let's go to work!
-You'e sure you've not blow this?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Bye guys, see you later!
Don't fear, right?
I'm starting get scared.
I'm starting get scared now...
Witch way in there?
I think, we're expect to go down there.
Trick or treat...?
Get away!
What... what you... what you...!
Stay away from me!
No more!
Are you crazy? What's the wrong?
It's the Halloween show.
What's the matter with you, you're going mad, guy.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry...
Please, leave us alone.
Am I in the dog house or what?
Danny, say good night to a father.
We're going put our son to bed
ant then we're going to talk.
-Oh, wanderfull.
-No, it won't be wonderful.
But it's needed.
That guy went crazy.
Not my fault.
Here we go.
How old are you?
I overreacted.
What's going on with you?
What's happening?
-What's happen to you...
-I got scared.
What do you take me for?
What do you think,
I don't know what you do?
You haven't problems with your writing?
You're so fine,
you're terrified our son tonight.
I scared myself too.
You're frightened by the halloween mask.
Mhm. Yes.
A halloween mask frightened you.
Is there an echo?
What do I must to say that,
What am I...
I don't know.
Why were had you been frightened
of a rubber mask?
It's like I've seen it.
Alive... real.
What do you think you do this to me...
Peng... zoom.
I've got one child.
I don't need another.
You're await.
You don't say anything word about it,
I won't.
This time something was here.
I'm sure.
We're alone.
-What you're doing?
-Same old thing.
Then working?
I got no ideas.
God, but this place is on mess.
How could you work here.
-I will clean it.
-Leave it that way. I like it that way.
I like my work place were crossed.
I told you, don't touch my stuff!
You know, you're used to be funny.
Welcome to the Saint Mark's
T.... School ..... great rable!
Andrew, that was wanderfull.
-Thanks a lot, guy.
-That was really wonderful.
That's why I call dishing out
some Christmas spirit.
Why are we sad?
Andy, what do you thing to say?
We are.
We start the great time.
But... dad's sad.
I'm in tough time, you know.
In my writing...
But won't we have fun
Santa's comming in just a few days?
That's right, Santa is comming and,
you know, it's gonna be great.
Not too fast! I'm trying to...
-Yeah, oo, I think so.
I asked Santa for professional model,
he sure gave me a professional model, allright.
-Santa knows.
-I think Santa knows just about everything, don't you, dad?
Who writes this?
Take off your cloth.
Let's go on another room and do it.
Is that someone there?
Hey, honey...
Was there an owl in here last night?
-An owl?
-I thought I saw an owl...
While comming the window.
They were closed.
It'll still be here,
I guess.
Aren't you cold?
Must have been a dream.
Hack of a dream.
Let me tell you some one more thing
about grizzly bears...
That not only do they get as big as vox wagons...
but they also...
...they can run 30 miles an hour.
And they get also chase you up a tree.
The truck's end.
There's a big foot...
I don't feel good.
-Come on dad, let's go.
-I just don't... I don't feel good.
-Dad, let's go!
-My head aches... behind.
Daddy you're OK now, let's go.
What's the matter?
You've got a little mark there, a litte...
Dad, let's go.
You bit something spider by.
Daddy, come on...
-It's a hurt when I'm pressing?
Oh, I'm sorry.
You're allright?
Go here...
I'll go home.
Hey, wait for... wait a second.
What's the matter with you?
Are you through?
You're scared?
Really you are?
I'm not scared.
Where are you?
Well, I'll check out the house,
something's wrong...
Oh, you're going to check out the house?
Why don't you stay right here.
-Why you get thought like that?
-Put your back over here in bed.
What's the matter with you?
........ you scared a cloud passed over the moon.
There was a cloud.
It's a clear night.
What are you talking about, what cloud?
There is no cloud, what are you talking about!
-What cloud!
-Who get scared just clouds over the moon?
Why are you get talk like that!
What do you mean?
Don't look a mean like that!
Cut it out, Whitley!
I meaned this isn't funny any more.
More I want!
Yoy got a child downstairs!
Cut it out, Whit!
You come back to me!
I'm so tired of this what is wrong with you!
Nobody get scared like that!
I'm right woman, I'm a good woman, and you have
a beautiful child downstairs, you have a good life.
What the hell you think you're doing...
Stupid fucking.....
Go to hell.
What's going on out here?
-Are you shootining, dad?
-Come on.
I... I think that I call Sam Freeman
in the morning.
I didn't know was you.
That's all.
I didn't know.
What about this, here?
-Just where you had the injury?
It's a little red.
Two days ago. Hurt so bad I thought
my head's going explode.
It's fine now.
You can dress.
I've been goin' on the notion in there
with some kind of hallucination, you know.
I speak of it, you know.
I've got to say it feels real.
There was as needle it stuck me
on the back of the head. With the needle.
That's the mark that I've tried
to show you.
And there is a matk there.
You told her about all this?
What am I suppose to tell her? What is to say,
I have to know what happened to me...
before I could say something.
I can't say I'm ...
I'm loosing my marble suddenly
out of the clear blue sky...
There is no reason for this.
I think the psychiatrist will help you.
Where have you been?
Took a walk.
What did Sam say?
Sam's fine, and he sends his love.
-Want some of this?
-No, thank you.
He said he is sending me to a shrinker.
It's a woman who specializes in...
would you believe, rape cases.
-You want something to drink?
-Rape cases?
-Remember that mark I have in there?
Well, I feel certainly I was given a shot.
You were... a...
When you... a...
Wait a minute. Hold it.
Sam gave you a shot.
That night, after Christmas.
The night that I...
OK, here it goes.
When I saw them.
Where'd you saw who?
Someone came for me that night.
Who came for you?
Somebody came into the house.
Wait a minute, what did you say?
Somebody came into the house,
then took me, and...
they gave me a shot in the back of my scull...
This is ridiculous... they were...
smal, bluish skin and...
...they were others.
One thin faces and big eyes...
this is the tough part...
they did not appear to be...
a human.
I'm sorry. What?
Sam... you know, he...
I don't know what he thinks...
but I think I'm hallucinating.
Major maybe psychotic... hallucinations.
So, that's it...
what I...
have been trying to say...
in knot shell.
You guys went out to lost me
whith a little while ago...
We just went out for a second.
We said to get some air.
Go haven't you no argument
you forgot me.
I would never forget you.
That's good, stay it is...
And now, you jelly bean,
go to sleep.
Mummie, is God real?
I think so.
I hope so.
But nobody knows for sure?
Actually they don't. Nobody knows.
So we are alone,
except these little blue doctors?
Who are the little blue doctors?
They come to the cabin.
They have big black eyes.
They're really scary.
They said "We won't hurt you", but
I'd pray for them to go away.
But they just keep shining their lights on me.
God didn't make them go away.
Can I dream dad's dreams?
-I'm Janet Duffy.
-Hi, Anne Strieber.
Sit down.
Sam and I've allready talked.
You're comfortable beeing here together?
A healthy sign.
So, Sam told you that I'm seeing a small people
coming into my house...
and they take me away in this kind of thing...
-Do you drink?
-Yeah, sure. But that's not...
-No. As a kid, you know, the usual thing, but that's...
I'm way too old for that.
Hallucinations? Flights of imagination?
Just the occasional delusion of grandiose.
Tell me what happened to you?
What can I say? These little blue .....
come into my house.
They... this's rediculous...
They took me out of the house,
and they stuck a needle in my head...
and I had some kind of rectal probe.
This happened when?
Day after Christmas.
Right? It was on 26ht.
Any disturbances ...........?
He does worry about prowlers.
Place is isolated.
But there haven't been any actual prowlers?
No. Sounds and these like that,
you know, nothing that you could...
No. Nothing that you could identify.
There was one weekend in october.
We had friends up, Alex and Sara.
They saw something that scared them
so much, that they left.
They saw lights. You saw them too.
There was light all over the place.
They got so scared, that they left the next day.
But I... I have all this
very sensitive equipment.
Lights and...
burglar top things...
So you discussed it, you investigated it?
We didn't... investigate?
There was nothing to investigate.
So what scared them? What happened?
I'm talking about it and I have no idea.
I have no idea. I have no idea why I'm here,
I don't know what I'm doing.
You know, talking about this.
I saw something... they saw something...
There was a lot of light.
That's all I remember.
It seems to me, that the overall vagueness
of your memory suggest...
we may clarify them a little bit by hypnosis.
Would you be agreeable to that?
It's a simple process.
It's sometimes very helpful in cases
of psychological trauma,
when people have difficulty remembering
what hapenned to them.
I'd stick pence in my eyeballs before I'd look
that... that ........... woman fool with me.
This woman is approve.
Sam sent you two worth of evidences
accepted in court.
Did you listen to her?
What do you mean I did listen to her?
Why should I pay someone to talk to me?
Because you fire God damned gun....!
I'm allright with thing in her!
She should pay me!
Selfish prick.
Sit up and talk to me!
I'd rather be dead.
I'm gonna tell you something:
You got to go back in that woman's office,
we gonna find out what's wrong with you...
while I can having marriage left.
I'm sitting up! I'm sitting...
I'm sitting. So, you know, lighten up.
Crazy women...
So, what do i do?
What should I do?
Where would you like me to go?
It's best he'll be alone his first time.
It's not exactly the electric chair.
Listen to me Whitley.
Look up at my finger.
That's it. Keep looking at my finger.
I'm going to count to ten,
as you're falling asleep.
And when I'm finnished, you're be
deeply, deeply asleep.
One... falling asleep,
two... falling asleep,
thee... falling asleep,
four... falling asleep,
five... falling asleep,
Whitley, let's go back to that first time,
the night of october 4th...
last october 4th
What do you see?
October 4th...
Busy day. Writing, cooking,
mess in the kitchen and...
Alex and Sara came out of the country.
So we went a car, talking, and
slot of traffic and it's getting dark...
We get up there and I can't get
the security system to......... it's
just when I touch it goes crazy.
Anna fixes it, we go in the house...
Hold a fire.
First fire in the season.
And we went to bed.
What happens after you go to bed?
I wake up middle of the night.
I don't... I don't...
Something went past by window.
-Something went past the window?
-A light.
Big, like a light.
I don't want to think about that, so...
I go back to sleelp.
Is that someone there?
You know...
I see you.
I'm seeing some...
I'm seeing something there...
I don't think I like this.
-It's going fine.
-Get out!
It's going fine...
Get away!
Out! Get out!
Get away!
Why me? What have I done?
This is no god. I can't do this.
Whitley, tell me what you see.
It's almost as if this figure is...
It's covered in something,
and sticking something into my mind.
Images exploding...
The wall is blowing up...
My boy is dead.
Why I have to die, dad?
I'm not hypnotized now?
Am I?
I think you just came out of it.
I want to go home now.
I can't do this.
I don't need this. Bad dreams.
It was a bad state.
But it's over.
Never be over, not now.
Whatever happened is in the past,
and you're fine.
You don't know, you said it.
That's truth, but it's all right.
Let him go, let him work this out.
Excuse me, I'm lost.
Can you help me? Do you know if this bus
goes in the end of the line?
You know...
I can't believe this.
It's an ambush.
You, people... you're really.
I'm telling you're really for one big surprise.
One very big surprise.
-You want anything else, Whit?
-No, thank you.
-They all looking for you.
-How did you know?
Anne said to look here.
Anne know everything.
Let's go home.
They tell you what happened?
A little.
When the doctor hypnotized me,
I supposed recall prowlers, or something...
but in fact I recall something else...
I sure do.
Little blue fuckers,
about that big.
We're back! I found him!
-How are you feeling?
I'm sorry... that I got so crazy.
Oh, don't worry about it.
-I've been thinking...
-Any calls?
There is a group, that meets that...
You might want to join?
People who seen the same other things you have.
No, I don't think so.
Whitley, they are real.
I have a dozen patients who have all report
had seen the same being as you saw.
There is one illness,
temple lobe epilepsy.
It might cause that you had hallucinations.
Is that we all saw the light.
Do we all to have epilepsy?
Then even I heard some strange noises.
There is a test that you can take
to determine what do you have the disease.
Oh, this is going to be just
a little bit unpleasant.
There's sticking... it sticking...
Don't move.
Stay very still now.
Don't talk.
How long this is take?
Not long, not long.
About 45 minutes.
Now I would like you to do
some deep breathing exercises for me.
OK, breathing deeply through your mouth.
Close your eyes.
Open your eyes.
Now, that medication I gave you early
is gonna make you take a little nap.
What is it, Whit?
Good news!
The test came back negative.
You do not have temple lobe epilepsy.
Hi, dad.
Dad, I waited ........ for you to come home.
Help me go to sleep, daddy?
I'm having a very hard time without you.
Without a sound the white camellia fell,
To sound the darkness of the deep stone well.
That's a lot of pictures for a few words.
It's a kind of poem called "Haiku".
Dad, I have a very bad problem.
-What's up?
-There's a skull staring at me.
With huge eyes.
I can see it in my head.
Do you have a bad dream?
I saw little blue doctors, dad.
And tall thin ones too.
With big eyes.
Were they real, dad?
I don't know.
What do you think they are?
I don't know. They're kind of scare me.
Kind of?
Not truly, they're ugly and...
that's scary, but...
they also ..... perfect.
Like that poem.
Ten... falling asleep.
Deeeply, deeply asleep.
Anne, let's go back in time.
Do you remember Christmas?
Allright, let's go back further.
Go back to the night,
that Alex and Sara came to the house.
Do you remember that night?
Well, it wasn't a very peaceful night.
Go on.
The house was full.
It was like a party.
A party?
I don't think Whitley was there
right much of the time.
What about your son.
Oh God, he's screaming.
It's painfull to hear.
Oh, it's like something's happening to with it's.
Whitley is going, I want to go.
I've got to go.
You are not suppose to go.
I've got to go!
You are suppose to stay in bed.
I've got to go, my baby is screaming!
Anne, who is talking to you?
I've got silly! I'm not suppose to say, I don't know!
I'm not suppose to do this!
Why? What's preventing you?
I'm out of it... I'm out of it, right?
I'm out of it.
Yes, quite suddenly.
I don't know...
there was somebody doing something...
There was somebody else...
He calls them "little doctors".
I don't like this.
He seems so little.
What should we do?
Should he be hypnotized, we send him to Janet?
No, he is too young.
I'll go back myself see what this is.
Whitley, let's go back now to the night of december 26th,
the day after Christmas.
What do you having for supper?
Goose... and a cranberry souce, sweet potatoes,
Now, go forward to later that night.
Go forward.
What happens?
I'm checking up the house.
In case there might be somebody there...
Those things people.
-Did you know about those people then?
Did you tell anyone?
Well, I didn't suppose them.
Have a gun.
Why do you have a gun?
I have that...
the feeling... that
it might...
...somebody there, hiding.
Not us.
I'm going to take you further forward
in that night.
You relax, deep sleep.
You're going to remain calm.
What happens?
I am you. You are me,
we are here.
I am the dreamer, you are the dream.
Is that someone there?
Wait a minute.
What are you doing?
Please, let me go.
Awful, terrible.
-What's terrible?
-What they did to me.
I had enough, I give up.
I want to go home.
In spite of...
Are you old?
Please, let me go.
I can't wake up.
Here I am! I'm naked.
I'm naked!
I'm talking to you like you are real.
Go to hell.
Can we talk this over?
It looks like we're going to see
the white Christmas.
You're probing my mind.
I'll kill you.
How dare you.
I'll kill you.
You've broken my mind.
I can't get out of this.
Oh, he wants a...
he wants his mum.
I can't get out of this!
One... waking up.
Two... waking up.
I'm seeing things in my whole life.
What is it, Whit?
Three... you're awake.
It's been...
Thank you.
Now I know, this thing has been in my life...
my whole life.
I passed it on.
Now it's with my son.
I've seen them before.
-In your childhood ..........
-No, no, no. Like I'm seeing you, like I'm seeing this.
Like I'm seeing everything...
seeing room.
You say, that...
there is a group...
Yes, a special group.
I don't want to be crazy.
I'd like to introduce Anne and Whitley.
Whitley's had some very vivid experiences.
He's a writer...
I'm not sure, I'm comfortable
with the writer beeing here, Janet.
Yeah, the force will kick me off
of this got out.
Do the rest of you feel threatened
by his profession?
Well, it's face that the newspapers laugh of us.
More like an entertainment.
Not that kind of writer I'm making up on,
I'm novelist.
So, what you got to write about us?
A comic novel?
Wait a minute,
Whitley isn't here because he is a writer.
He's here for the same reasons you are.
Why don't you tell us something
of what you can remember?
What I remember?
It couldn't be what happened that
what I happened, I don't know, I remember...
They came into my house.
The short stocky ones, and the covered alls,
with the slim willowy ones with the big eyes.
Beg your pardon?
Who was involve with you?
What do you mean?
Oh come on, let's cut the crap.
Which group ot the aliens abducted you?
Bob, we are not victims,
we are participants.
Well, I don't know' about you folks,
but I am very definitely a victim.
I didn't want what happened to me.
I didn't ask for this.
Wait a minute. Give the guy chance.
So come on, Whitley...
Which group abducted you?
-Did you see a ship?
This happened in the house,
in the country.
Oh, do you have circle or a triangle scar
anywhere in your body?
Because a lot of us them have.
You know, I want to get back to this participant thing...
I didn't want what they did to me.
I didn't want a rectal probe ........
It's not funny.
That's why I say victim.
Nobody wants it, nobody asked for it.
We have to make this experience work for us.
I don't want we'll live the rest
of our lives in fear.
So we get together.
-And we talk about it.
-And laugh.
Well, we all are space cadets, see.
So what a hack.
We have to make the best of it.
You know.
This isn't a joke.
These beings are real.
Even if we don't know what that means.
It may sound like a cliche, but...
these visitors do coming gigantic ships,
and they contact a lot of people.
A, not of course, we say it's a thunderstorms
or a bad dreams, hallucinations, meteors, whatever,
the joke's on us.
We are the ones who are hiding.
They came to me one night in 1959.
I was lying in bed, reading the book,
when suddenly a group of little men
in blue uniforms walked in the room.
Short, three-four feet tall.
Very round, their faces were...
Well, I was terrify.
One of them put his hand on my wrist...
-And it was...
...Like the skin of a frog.
And one of them said: don't worry,
it's not you we're interested in.
We are interested in...
the girl child you carry.
Did they let you keep her?
My daugter is a wonderful woman.
And now her daughter is involved to.
How old is she?
My granddoughter is six.
Passed it on.
The only thing to do
is to face it.
Because otherwise it's just gonna
tear you like the peaces.
Believe me, I know.
At least you two have each other.
My husband did not have the experience,
and he tried to have me committed.
Now at least he doesn't have me
to worry about anymore.
I wasn't as lucky as Laurie.
She still has her daughter and the granddaughter.
I was 3 months pregnant.
And my husband and I saw this huge light outside.
We just went to sleep.
That next morning I woke up
and i wasn't pregnant anymore.
Won't you tell us little more
about what happened to you.
God, honey I'd like to go home.
So, it's my wife and I, you know, we have a family too,
and we have ought to thing about this.
Thank you.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
-Very much.
-Come back.
I wish you to stay.
I tried hypnosis, I tried this I tried that,
I tried this I tried that...
No, it's not working.
I have to do something for myself.
You expect this, you expect anwers so quickly.
We don't even know all the questions yet.
Allright, of course. But...
if... if... if I was in my right mind,
I wouldn't know that too.
There is nothing matter with your mind,
be patient.
Take care.
Look at me.
Am I not gorgeous?
What the hell...
You don't like your toys from your
First Communnion.
Don't wait up for me, baby.
What are you doing?
I shall return.
Where you're going?
Going for pack of cigarettes.
You don't smoke.
I must be awake.
Is that what you mean?
I must be awake.
I'm gonna do a trick.
Look at this.
Empty, right?
Show him.
I should cast a spell.
This has to cook them.
Want to say a few things.
First I'd like to say seasons greetings,
then I'd like to say, keep your hands
on the table, at all the times.
I want to go home. Please, let me go.
Are you old?
You've broken my mind.
I'll kill you.
Can we talk this over?
I can't wake up!
I am the dreamer. You are the dream.
The only thing that really matters here
is one I'm about to show you.
That's not it.
I didn't come all this way...
for you to tell me
that that's what it is.
Is there something on ......?
Because I don't believe that one.
It's like a...
box. A Chinese box.
You open it, and there is another one inside,
and there is another one inside...
You know, I can let me
see you who are you.
It is a Chinese box.
And you're not...
you're not to be alive to see.
OK? So, just get that clear.
You're not going to let to see you.
That's a good idea.
One... two, three, shoot!
Anybody home?
Dad! Dad!
What are you doing up?
Why aren't you in school?
Mom and me to............ wait for you.
We are playing war.
I'm beating a pence afford.
That for sure.
-I saw them.
-You did?
Something happened.
-How are you?
Dad, come here, I wanna
show you something....
What happened?
They danced.
What kind of dance?
The bossa-nova, how do I know?
They let me know that I...
to something.
they invited me to come with them.
I had the feeling, forever.
Then was morning.
-They asked you to go with them?
I just came home to get my stuff.
You had that mark that invite in your head.
Thank you for that one.
...w tym okresie to za mao dziwne,
by traktowa to serio.
For the facts:
if we're talking about what they know about us,
you'd have to... you would have to consider
that they... they could be sitting at home tonight...
and watching "The Honeymooners".
Like Ralph and Alice... like us.
That's why they picked on me.
You know, what I think?
I don't think it matters.
Whatever it is,
they know, was pay way of television...
and bulls like that...
If... if we're talking about light years..
tonight they're watching the first episode
"The Father Knows Best"
It'll be narcissistic of us to feel alone in the universe.
People used to think that the world
was flat, you know, the center of things.
That excludes the possibility of visitors.
That's really another kind of...
of the same kind thinking.
The world is getting so small, that
it would be nice to meet someone new.
I don't know, I don't know, I don't know...
I don't know what you saw.
What is it matter?
It doesn't matter.
It's just God.
Who saw something extraordinary?
There are many faces of God.
Masks of God.
Our history is a response to their presence.
They might be what the face of evolution
looks like on the response to...
a conscious mind.
You know something?
You frighten me.
Because you went so far away...
but at your back...
you're different.
I think they gave you something.
I do. I think they gave you a gift.
You'd better use it.
You're sleeping?
Like this:
I gotta know, I gotta know what is...
Look at this, Anne , wake up, wake up.
I got this great.
It's the first chapter, look, look, awake.
OK, OK...
I got this great first chapter.
I got such a night, yeah. About of the start.
Andy... Andy wake up.
Come on, come on.
Wake up.
I show you something.
What's going on?
-What are we doing?
-It was a huge light.
What are we doing?
Mom, what are we doing?
Let's go back to bed.
You think it could have been a plane?
-So beautiful. You see the moon?
-Let's go back.
Andy, wait, wait... come here.
Come here...
Maybe we do have an afterlife,
but not quite in the way...
tradition suggests.
Maybe you and I are larvae,
and the "visitors"...
are human beings in the mature form.
Certainly, we are consuming our planet's resources...
But in state, I'm sure in transform...
...astronomers of India believed...
What do I call a book...
...about you?
The Striebers continue to live in
their cabin in upstate New York.
By October 1989, nineteen other people
had encountered similar unknown beings there.