Comoara (2015) Movie Script

Are you upset, son?
- A bit.
- Why?
Because you were late
to pick me up.
- But why do you think I was late?
- Because of the traffic.
So if you know why I was late,
why are you still upset?
Because I thought
you did it on purpose.
Have I ever made you
wait on purpose?
Robin Hood is never late!
He just hides.
Youre not Robin Hood,
and you werent hiding.
Youre right.
Sorry I was late.
I forgive you.
It was a very dangerous place
for anyone who entered.
King Richard lived happily
with his daughter, Maid Marian.
But Richards jealous brother,
Prince John,
wanted only one thing:
to seize the throne.
The day came when the enemies
of England declared war,
and Richard had to leave to fight.
The cruel and greedy-
Look at him!
Prince John suddenly seized power and
sent his soldiers across the kingdom.
And where-
The neighbor from the 4th floor
wants a word with you.
- Which neighbor?
- Negoescu.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Sorry to disturb you.
- No problem.
Well, maybe its out of order,
but I have a problem
I wanted to discuss with you.
- Come into the kitchen.
- No, I dont want to keep you long.
- Whats up?
- I need to borrow some money.
- How much?
- 800 euros.
I can repay it
in a month, maybe two.
Im sorry.
I dont have it.
I dont even have 700.
Im struggling right now.
Im desperate.
I dont know what to do.
The bank's going to
repossess my house.
- How much was the mortgage?
- 76,000 euros.
- Thats a lot.
- The interest alone is 17,000.
- When did you take it out?
- In 2006.
- When did you last pay?
- About 3 years ago.
You should keep up with
the repayments, or they get out of hand.
I paid the principal.
Its the interest that's
killing me.
- Whats the rate?
- 13%.
- 13%? Why so much?
- That was the deal.
- Swiss Francs?
- No. Euros.
I was an idiot.
7 or 8%, I could manage.
Mines 8%, which seems a lot.
When you have a salary, when
youre working, its easier to cope.
- But since my company closed...
- What company?
I had a publishing house.
It went bankrupt.
It was going really well.
Then the financial crisis hit
and it all went to hell.
A survey said only 2% of Romanians
read more than one book a year.
- In fact, I didn't publish books.
- No?
I made brochures, leaflets
for promotional campaigns.
I see.
I made a book for the Orthodox Church,
but it didnt earn us much.
But the promotional campaigns
brought in good money.
Then the crisis hit
and it all went to hell.
Neighbor, Im really sorry
but I cant help.
800 euros is a lot for me
right now.
I've got repayments on my car
and my apartment. I really cant.
- I understand.
- I'm really sorry.
- Sorry to have disturbed you.
- Not at all.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
If youre scared, Ill go alone!
Alone? Of course not!
cried his comrades.
The day of the celebration came.
In a clearing stood the stage
for the archery competition.
Prince John sat down.
Maid Marian stood behind him.
Disguised as a beggar,
a big hat pulled down over his face,
Robin Hood took to the stage.
His eyes met those of the Maid
Can you come a minute?
He wants to tell you something.
You carry on reading.
- From where?
- Here.
There is a legend
in my grandparents' village.
They say my great-grandfather
buried his treasure
before the Communists came.
I want to hire a metal detector guy
to see if anything's there.
If you pay, Ill give you half
of whatever we find.
Did someone
in your family tell you this?
My grandfather mentioned something,
but he wasn't very clear.
I remember...
when they took him to hospital,
before he got into the ambulance,
he called me over and said:
Take care of the house.
He only said it to me.
I was his favorite. He loved me a lot,
and wanted me to be a priest.
My grandfather was a priest himself.
Sadly, he never came back
from the hospital.
- He had a heart attack and died.
- God rest his soul.
I'm thinking that when he said:
Take care of the house,
maybe he was saying take care,
because theres treasure there.
Does your mother or father
know anything?
My father never got along with
my grandfather.
He was my mother's father.
I asked my mother, but she
didnt know anything.
You said your great-grandfather
buried the treasure, right?
- Yes.
- So why didnt he dig it up?
- Who?
- Your grandfather.
He couldnt, because
they didnt live there anymore.
In 47, the Communists
kicked them out of the house.
They were deported to Caracal
for 4 years,
then they came back and stayed
with relatives and neighbors.
I only got the house back later,
after the revolution. Around 98.
I think...
this could be
good business for you.
I dont have the money right now.
I really dont.
I went to hire a metal detector.
They asked for 800 euros.
But if you can find it cheaper
somewhere else
- Was your great-grandfather rich?
- Yes, very.
And your great-grandmother?
- What about her?
- Did you know her?
- No, she died earlier, in the 50s.
- I'll think about it and call you.
Where will you get 800 euros?
I have 300 in my account.
If I dont pay the bills this month,
thats another 200.
Maybe you could ask
your father for the rest.
Why dont you
ask him yourself?
You know he cant stand me.
Its not that he cant stand you.
He doesnt love you
but he can stand you.
Better if you ask.
Im not asking.
Hell say Ive gone crazy.
Tell him you need it for Alin at school,
to buy him something.
I think it's
a once in a lifetime opportunity.
I wont call him. Id rather wait
until we really need it.
- Were talking about an investment...
- No, we must discuss the environment,
because it is protected
by the constitution, in Article 35.
The right to work is also
constitutionally guaranteed.
Article 41 of the constitution says
the right to work is guaranteed.
I see. OK. Lets listen to
Romanian Academy member Radu Rey.
Our problem is sustainability.
The Rosia Montana gold reserves
are limited,
they will run out.
Weve seen many terrible examples
of these mono-industrial cities,
or what remains of them.
I've just come from Bazinul Dornelor,
and I can still picture what
sulfur extraction did to Calimani.
Youve never seen anything like this.
Weve tried to get things
to grow back.
Its impossible, for 200 years,
nothing will grow there.
The level of pollution is like
a global holocaust, to use a metaphor.
What will happen to the mountains?
You're a real defender of the mountains...
- Any luck?
- I found a company.
Ill call my dad tomorrow.
- 300 euros?
- Yes.
- I'm going to bed.
- I'll come soon.
- Can you help me with something?
- What?
I need to go to
I want to tell the boss that
Im doing an inspection with you.
- I dont have time.
- Come on. I helped you out before.
Where do you want to go?
I need to visit some companies
that close at four.
- What companies?
- I cant tell you.
Come on, I helped you when
you needed it for your niece.
- Hello, boss.
- Hi, Costi.
I need to go to
20 Moise Nicoara Street.
We received a complaint from
the residents association
saying a landlord
has built on public land.
- Does he have authorization?
- He says so.
But the association says
its illegal.
OK. Go and take a look.
- Who are you going with?
- With Liliana, boss.
- Goodbye.
- Bye.
- Shall we go?
- Did you figure it out?
- Yeah.
- Come on!
- You're leaving?
- Yes.
- Are you coming back?
- No.
Turn right. Next, turn left.
- Hello!
- Hello.
Looking for someone?
- I need a metal detector.
- An unexploded bomb?
No. A friend's house
in the country.
He says his grandfather, no his
great-grandfather, buried treasure.
- Whats going on?
- This gentleman needs a detector.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Come in.
- This way.
Whats the surface area?
I dont know.
Its very important. The price
depends on the area.
- Let me make a phone call.
- Make your call.
Hi. How big is the garden?
Yeah, in the country.
Great, thanks.
Ill call you later. Bye.
Its about 800 square meters.
And where is it?
- I dont know.
- Its not in Bucharest?
Its near somewhere
- Hold on, Ill call again.
- Dont bother.
The price is 1 euro per meter,
so its 800 euros plus VAT.
Plus petrol money for the guy
who comes with you.
- And when can you come?
- Anytime you want.
As soon as you sign the contract
and make the payment.
- So I need to pay first?
- Obviously.
- Is the price negotiable?
- No.
- Can you do the weekend?
- Weekends are ideal.
Weve got a big project on right now.
I'll come with the money
and sort it out then.
- Can I take your number?
- Sure.
You know if you find old coins,
you need to report them
to the police.
- Yeah?
- Of course.
They need to be inspected,
and if theyre considered
part of the national heritage,
they remain state property.
- I didnt know.
- Its no joke.
You must report it. If the police
catch you, theyll send you to prison.
What if it isnt coins?
Doesnt matter what it is.
It could be crockery.
Whatever you find
must be reported.
The police call someone
from the nearest museum
to inspect what youve found,
and if they consider it
part of the national heritage,
they give you 30%
of the total value.
- They give 30%?
- They do.
And if its not of
historical value?
Then they give everything back.
However, I think everything
before WWII has historical value.
Im not certain,
but theyre such smart-asses,
they won't let much past them.
OK. When you decide,
and have the money, call me.
- Im Cornel.
- Costi.
I can come with you, if you like.
Itll only be 400 euros,
plus money for diesel.
Thank you.
But I can only come
at the weekend.
Theres no one here,
I can take the equipment I need.
- I see. Thanks.
- Heres my card.
Careful with the cards.
Theyre all the same.
- Im Cornel.
- Cornel, got it.
Itd be unfortunate
if you called my boss.
Dont worry about the police
if you're with me.
Ill scan the place, mark where
there could be something, then leave.
We don't call
or know each other.
If you find something
it's your business.
Let me think and I'll call you.
- Hello. Is your father home?
- Yes. Please come in.
The company said that
if we find something,
we need to report it
to the police.
And the state gives
us 30% of its value.
No. If we go and we find anything,
then we get in the car,
drive to Bucharest,
and sell the gold to gypsies.
Theyll melt it down, and nobody
will know it used to be coins.
If we dont report it,
Im not coming.
OK, we report it.
I found someone.
- He can only do the weekend.
- Saturday would be perfect.
How long will it take us
to get there?
An hour and a half, maybe two.
- Whats the village called?
- Islaz. 11km from Turnu Magurele.
Sofronea hit him again.
This cant go on,
we should do something.
Well move him next year.
- Move him where?
- Another class.
Hell still get hit during break.
The teachers an idiot. I told her
to keep watch during break.
What does he do?
Doesnt he fight back?
Apparently not.
The best thing would be
if you spoke to Sofroneas parents.
It cant go on,
hes being traumatized.
Well speak to them.
It should be you,
youre the father.
OK, Ill speak to them.
What should I do, tell his mum?
Tell his father.
Man to man.
Ive only seen him twice.
His mum picks him up.
OK. Ill talk to his mum
tomorrow morning.
And Ill tell the headmaster.
Why do you want to tell
the headmaster?
I'll tell him the teacher
isnt doing anything.
I told her a month ago
and she did nothing.
What do you think hell do?
Hell tell the teacher.
She'll get annoyed,
and in the end our boy will suffer.
What can she do to him?
Who knows?
Not ask him questions,
not listen, not ask him to write
on the blackboard
Youre right.
Ill just talk to his mum.
It's better that way.
- Why did Sofronea hit you?
- Dont know.
- What? You don't know?
- Don't know.
- You upset him?
- No.
Look at me.
- Did you upset him?
- No.
- What were you doing?
- Eating my sandwich at my desk.
- And he came and hit you, right?
- Yes.
How did he hit you?
- And what did you do?
- I ran off.
Was he playing?
Did he hit you hard?
He hit me hard.
Next time, don't run off.
Grab his hands. Go on, hit me.
Grab his hands.
Hold them tight and shout:
- "Leave me alone!"
- OK.
"Leave me alone,
or Ill tell the teacher!"
- Right?
- Right.
Come on, pretend Im Sofronea.
Say it loud to scare me!
Leave me alone,
or Ill tell the teacher!
Louder! Lets see!
Leave me alone,
or Ill tell the teacher!
Thats it! Push him away
and leave. Right?
- But don't hit him. OK?
- Yes.
Just hold his hands, push him away
and he'll leave you alone.
- Its not nice to fight, OK?
- OK.
- Right?
- Yes.
- Did you take a file from my desk?
- What file?
- There was a blue file.
- Nobody touches your things.
Did the girls take it?
Where are they?
On a field trip.
- Good morning!
- Good morning.
- What happened yesterday?
- The landlord didnt show up.
Damn taxpayers.
Making us go out for nothing.
Bring that file and
see me in my office.
- A coffee?
- Right away.
Costi, dont be long.
Ive a busy day today.
I didnt go on an inspection
- So where were you?
- I went to hire a metal detector.
My neighbor told me that
his great-grandfather
buried some treasure before
the Communists came.
I wanted to hire a detector
to find the treasure.
- Are you making fun of me?
- No, boss, thats what I did.
I dont get it. Why dont you
tell me the truth.
- Why not admit it? Admit it!
- It is the truth.
Costi, do you think I dont know
youre having an affair with Liliana?
I'm not having any kind
of affair with Liliana.
Come on, were both men.
I understand you.
Thats life. It happens.
But youve taken things too far.
Dont you think Ive noticed
youre not pulling your weight?
That recently youre missing
all your deadlines?
Costi, your big mistake was
mixing work up in this.
Work and love dont go together.
Everything goes to hell.
Boss, there's nothing
going on with Liliana.
Costi, are you making fun of me?
Im trying to be fair with you,
and youre treating me like this?
- I have limits, you know!
- Its someone else.
- Who? Someone here?
- No.
- She works for a private company.
- What company?
They hire out metal detectors.
Thats why you told me
about the treasure
Costi, youre a married man.
You should remember that children
are more important than anything.
I hope youre not thinking
of a divorce.
No, boss.
How could I?
Bad weather has already
caused severe problems.
Three cars were damaged
this morning in Gala?i
by a tree brought down
by the wind.
The owners could only look on
and calculate the damage.
Two of the cars...
Did you check the weather
for Turnu Magurele?
- Cloudy with sunshine.
- No rain?
- Whats the village called?
- Islaz.
Wasnt that where
the proclamation of 1848 was made?
Which proclamation?
Thats where the Revolution
of 1848 started.
Islaz, next to Turnu Magurele.
- When do you leave?
- Six.
The Revolution of 1848
was started by the sons
of rich landlords,
whod studied abroad
and wanted to change Romania.
If our neighbor is
from one of those families,
theres a good chance
there will be treasure.
Was anyone in your family
involved in the Revolution of 48?
- The Proclamation?
- Yeah.
I dont think so.
My great-grandfather was the son
of a very rich Greek, called Xantopol.
The Greek sold everything he had
on the eve of the War of Independence.
- 1877.
- Yes.
He went back to Greece,
to his family.
But your great-grandfather
stayed in Romania.
Yes, he stayed in Romania.
- Your grandfather was born in Islaz?
- Yes.
- And your great-grandfather?
- Also in Islaz.
Turn right. Next, turn left.
In fact, my grandfather
was adopted.
My great-grandfather
couldnt have children,
and so he adopted
my grandfather.
Turn left. Go straight on.
- Good morning!
- Good morning!
- Hey, neighbor!
- It's a beautiful house!
Move the car so
nobody can see it.
- Shame its falling down
- My brother tried to do it up.
- He ran out of money.
- Your brother owns it too?
Its his house.
This one is mine.
There are two houses?
There are now.
In my grandparents' day,
that was the house,
these were the outhouses.
This was a kitchen,
the stables were back there.
- Where were the stables?
- Over there, at the back.
- And you knocked them together?
- Me? No, the Communists.
They made a kindergarten here.
See this archway?
They filled it in.
Good morning, Cornel.
What's up?
Where are you now?
OK, no rush!
Drive safely!
Who was that?
- The metal detector guy.
- Anything wrong?
He set off late.
Hell be here in an hour.
- So this is your garden?
- Yes.
And thats your brothers.
From here on its mine.
And that's my brothers.
- Go on, move the car.
- Where?
I usually park here,
by the walnut tree.
But well be using the
metal detector there.
Why would we use the
metal detector there?
If theres any treasure,
itll be here, by the mulberry.
Why by the mulberry?
Thats how they buried
treasure. At the roots of a tree.
Theres a tree here, too.
It could be buried over here.
This tree is 100 years old!
- Was it struck by lightning?
- Yes. 20 years ago.
I dug back there
but I didnt find anything.
- Is that a computer?
- Yes.
- How far down can it see?
- 30 meters.
- 30 meters down?
- Yes.
- At 30 meters we should find something.
- Nails at least.
At 30 meters well reach
the Roman Empire!
Maybe even further back.
OK, let's go.
- Can you see anything?
- Not yet. When I turn around.
We should have brought some
barrier tape, like the police use.
- Why?
- To mark our route,
so we dont cover
the same ground twice.
- I told you on the phone.
- I forgot.
Want to see the image?
- Where's the save icon?
- Its just a chart.
Wheres the pointer?
Ah, here. Here it is.
It should have todays date.
The 24th, thats the latest one.
Come on! Thats todays date!
What the hell?
I dont get how it can see
30 meters down.
Thats below the water table.
Its 21 meters here.
- Where?
- Back there.
Ive got a well
21 meters deep.
- It sees water.
- Sees water?
Of course.
- So, we need to save it...
- I saved it.
- Now press play.
- What play?
- Let me open this file.
- There! Now press play.
What the fuck?
- Shouldnt it beep?
- Not this one. The other.
- What other?
- Ive got another one.
- And does that see things?
- No. It just makes sounds.
Come on!
Weve got a file, right?
Look, here it is.
This has todays date. The 24th.
It's the most recent, right?
Here we have 'live'.
Heres 'peak'. It was 'peak', right?
No! We should see the image
with the cube.
- What cube?
- The 3D image. Theres this cube
OK then.
Weve got todays date, right?
Hold this. Ill get
the other one.
Hold this.
And this.
So, heres todays date
Do you have a gold wedding ring?
Hold your hand out.
Got it.
- Want to do the whole garden?
- No. Just by the mulberry.
- Theres metal here.
- How deep does this one go?
And here.
- How deep does this one go?
- About two meters.
And here.
Do non-ferrous metals
sound different?
- No, about the same.
- So its everywhere
Theres something big here.
There was a blacksmith and
an electric company storeroom.
- Its a big area
- Nails everywhere.
- This one has numbers?
- Yes.
4 digits means ferrous,
3 means non-ferrous.
Lets try here.
It could be here, right?
It could be gold,
silver, copper.
Or aluminum, if it was
an electric company.
I've got it!
I've opened it.
Come and see.
The red is ore.
The image is upside down.
- We can rotate it.
- So spin it around.
Look. Stop!
Thats the right image. See?
But theres nothing much
and its deep down.
There could be traces
of ore in the soil.
Theres no point digging here.
- There's something here, too.
- How do you know?
If theres a lot
the chart goes red.
- Shouldnt we wait for the image?
- Not necessarily.
You only need the image
to find out the depth.
So why did I bother?
Look. Here again.
- Red means metal.
- Yes.
- But we dont know what kind.
- No. But the other showed 3 digits.
- That means non-ferrous.
- So?
So it could be gold,
could be silver, could be copper,
or aluminum.
Anything non-ferrous.
- What does the blue mean?
- Blue means normal.
- And what does green mean?
- Another kind of soil.
And these figures here?
Im not sure about those.
I usually use the other one.
- This red is over there.
- Yes.
In that case,
let's start digging.
- And if we just find copper?
- Tough luck.
Lets scan the whole garden.
What if it shows other places?
I agree. Ill scan it all and mark
where there could be something.
- Then you can stay and dig. OK?
- OK.
In fact, here in Oltenia people hid
money in the walls of houses.
In the east wall,
facing the rising sun.
- How do you know?
- I worked a lot in this region.
I dug up hundreds of landmines
around Caracal.
- German?
- Some of them.
Theyd make a hole in the wall,
hide the coins and seal it up?
No, when building a house, theyd put
a few coins in the east wall for luck.
But were not after change.
Were looking for treasure. Got it?
Lets scan, then see where to dig.
Were paying him anyway.
OK, scan it, but we wont
find anything elsewhere.
You cant be sure.
Lets save this.
- Did your great-grandparents stay here?
- Yes.
- What does your brother do?
- Hes a lawyer.
Is there soil under the floor?
Yes, I think so.
What will this room be?
A bathroom and kitchen.
Can you move this ladder, please?
- Will he use plasterboard?
- Yes, to make a false ceiling.
Its 3.6 meters high.
Really hard to heat in winter.
Theres metal here.
And here.
Perhaps theres a cable,
or a drain?
Probably from the bar. This was
a bar after the revolution.
Its definitely a drainage pipe.
Strange you can't see it?
If they'd taken up a board,
you'd notice, right?
I dont know. Not my field.
What should we do?
Should I save this one?
No point.
Its a drainage pipe.
Lets scan here too.
Are they crows?
- What else could they be?
- There's a nest?
Yeah, in the attic.
There's a hole in the roof.
How will you get them out?
Ill do it when
we repair the roof.
- Thats what you think.
- If I repair the roof...
You wont be able to go in.
Theyll eat you alive.
- Dont exaggerate.
- Im not exaggerating.
Want to bet that you
wont be able to go in?
I'm in no mood for betting.
Ill find a solution.
Yes. Shoot them.
- Just mind your own business.
- Dont worry, I will.
- You really need to shoot them?
- Theres no other way.
You need a shotgun,
and a cartridge with 100 rounds.
Get them together, you can kill
30 or 40 with one cartridge.
- There are that many?
- In there?
At least 100 pairs,
if you ask me.
- Really?
- Im telling you!
You can also get them
when theyre flying.
If you get them in a flock,
you can get 4 or 5 at a time.
Its like shooting ducks.
- Ever hunted ducks?
- No.
You can get 2 or 3
with one cartridge.
Of course, it depends
how far off they are.
If its a long way,
the shot's less effective.
Thats why I said its best
to catch them inside.
I had a maple over there,
and theyve cut it down.
- Where?
- Back there.
Your garden goes
back beyond the trees?
- So how did they carry it?
- They didnt. Its still there.
But I have no idea how they got in.
The gate is closed.
Can you move back?
- Ill come for chainsaw later.
- What for?
I cut down that tree,
and I need to chop it up.
The loony's here
with someone from Bucharest.
Theyve got a machine that beeps.
Theyre after his grandfathers treasure.
Hes crazy.
He wont stay long.
- Can I take it tomorrow?
- Not tomorrow.
- The day after?
- Sure.
- Anything?
- No, its clean.
Lets dig where you said,
before dark.
From here...
to here.
Under the sensor.
Weve started digging.
Not yet, but were
on the right track.
The detector found something,
and weve started digging.
What are you up to?
Hows Alin?
Let me speak to him.
No, not yet, son.
I cant talk for long,
can you put Mommy on?
You told him Im looking
for treasure?
Come on, Raluca,
what the hell!
And what if I dont find any?
Couldnt you tell him that Im on
a business trip, or fishing? Jesus!
OK, well talk when I get home.
Move over!
Its there.
- How deep did you say it goes?
- 2 meters.
So if we dont find anything
at 2 meters, theres nothing.
I don't know. Wed have
to try then and see.
Or bring the other one.
So, if we dig for 2 meters,
and dont find anything?
- We try the detector again?
- Yes.
And if it shows 3 digits,
youll make us dig more?
- Im not making you do anything.
- Dont avoid the question.
Im not avoiding anything.
If the detector shows something,
Ill tell you, and you can
do what you like.
I think...
If theres nothing there,
your detector is to blame.
Its a first class detector.
Come on, lets dig to 2 meters
and see.
See what? If theres nothing at 2 meters,
theres nothing there.
If we dig down 2 meters
and find nothing,
there wont be anything
at 50 meters either.
- Are we digging, or what?
- But doesnt it make sense?
It makes sense. But we can also
try with the other one.
Its there.
But you need to take more
from the sides.
Anyway, your grandfather
dug the hole in one night.
How deep could he dig
in one night?
2 meters at most.
Like Cornel says.
- Want to bet?
- Bet what?
You find something deeper
than 2 meters, we go 50-50?
Im not in a betting mood.
Then stop having a go at me.
- Why so many bricks?
- I dont know.
- There was a brickworks here.
- You said it was a steelworks?
It was a brickworks
and a steelworks.
- A lot went on in this garden.
- And now theres nothing.
But it's OK.
If we don't find anything here,
you can sell this iron and
make a bit of money.
If we dont find anything, its only
fair that you dont get paid either.
- Why shouldnt I get paid?
- You made us dig for nothing.
I worked all my life. I didnt go
running after treasure.
- A real Communist slogan!
- What do you mean?
The Communists used to say:
We work, we dont think.
- They didnt quite say that.
- No? You've already forgotten?
I haven't forgotten. But I was
referring to something else.
You let the cat out of the bag.
Forget it.
Now youre pissing me off.
Watch your language, dont forget
youre in my garden!
There. Its there.
Stop scanning every bit of wire.
Youre making my head ache.
- I wanted to see if its iron.
- You still don't know?
Fine. Ill stop scanning.
Youll need a ladder here.
Ill get the one
from your brothers.
Get the light, too. Its pitch black,
I cant see a thing.
- Want a hand?
- No.
It's there!
How deep do you think it is?
- How tall are you?
- 1.91 meters.
- So about 1.80...
- Maybe more, maybe less.
- Theres no more iron here.
- Perfect.
- That means were on the right track.
- Or not.
You can be really negative!
Do you look for bombs
with that piece of crap?
Yes. Why?
- Just thinking.
- Thinking what?
Why do you care what
Im thinking?
You work, you dont think.
Now youre really pushing it.
Don't talk to me like were in
the army, youre pissing me off.
Costi! Costi!
Im leaving.
Go then.
Shut your mouth,
you didn't hire me.
Did you hear? Im leaving.
- Wait, let me dig a bit more.
- Let him go! We can dig without him.
- So why didnt you dig?
- Just because.
Get the other one,
and see what it says.
You cant put the other one
in the hole. It needs a flat surface.
Just admit
you dont know how to use it!
To use the other one
you need a flat surface.
This one tells me exactly whats here.
And it shows 3 digits!
- What the hell do 3 digits mean?
- 3 digits non-ferrous.
So you say.
You just want our money.
Its what it says. Three means non-ferrous,
four means ferrous.
What's so bloody complicated?
Why would I lie?
To get our money.
Even if I said there was nothing
in the hole wouldnt I still get paid?
Im going.
- Costi?
- Yes?
- Im going.
- Where?
Im going. Home.
- Let me dig some more.
- Im not staying any longer.
- Ive had enough of this guy.
- And weve had enough of you.
Shut your mouth,
or Ill knock you out!
What? Youll do what?
Whats wrong with you?
Give me a hand, help me out.
If youre not careful,
maybe well meet in Bucharest.
- And youll do what?
- Calm down!
Youll see...
I told you hes got money problems.
They're repossessing his house.
Weve all got problems. Youve
got problems, Ive got problems.
A man makes his own problems.
They dont descend from heaven.
Youre right.
Could you stay a little?
Im going. If I stay,
Ill punch him.
Come on, hand it over
so I can leave.
Hand it over.
- Sorry it ended like this.
- Thats the way it goes.
- How much for the diesel?
- Forget the bloody diesel!
- Come on, how much?
- Forget it!
- Thank you.
- All the best!
Neighbor! Lets go.
Theres nothing here.
Lets go.
Can you hear me?
Are you OK?
Is there something there?
Give me the light.
There's a thief I know.
Hell have it open in two minutes.
Be patient. Hed go
straight to the police.
No coins in here.
Lets call Lica.
- Lica?
- The thief I mentioned.
Better to go back to Bucharest
and try to open it there.
Good evening.
Your papers, please.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
We were just coming to see you.
Weve found some treasure,
and, as the law says,
I understand it needs
to be checked.
- So you know what the law says?
- Yes.
Why didnt you call us straight away,
if you know what the law says?
We dont know it that well.
- Where is the treasure?
- In the trunk.
You go with my colleague,
and Ill go with you.
Lets go.
Come on, Lica! My wife will think
Im having an affair.
I said itd take a while.
I just only got the soil
out of the lock.
Not long now.
- Done many of these?
- Not like this. Its really old.
Maybe you should
find a new line of work.
Who told you?
- Told us what?
- That we were digging.
You were going
to tell us anyway.
- Right?
- Yes.
I just wondered.
Was it Popa?
Enough questions,
youre starting to annoy me.
4 o'clock.
Ill call Turnu Magurele
to take over.
Youre open, you fucker.
Hey! Careful, careful!
- What are these?
- Something in German.
Are they all the same?
Theyre Mercedes share certificates.
How do you know?
Its written on them.
Mercedes shares.
I had a job in Germany and
stole some, but from KRUP.
Theyd expired, so I sold them to a
collector, 100 euros each.
100 euros? Not bad!
Look how many there are.
These dont count as
national heritage.
- I dont know. Well see.
- They definitely don't.
Heritage artifacts must be
connected to Romanian culture,
connected to the country,
to Romania.
I need to call Bucharest.
- Theyre from 69?
- Yeah.
- Where does it say that?
- There, issued in 1969.
- Impossible.
- Why impossible?
Issued in '69. I know German.
We done, boss?
Yes, Lica, you can go.
Sit down.
- Ill make that call to Bucharest.
- Yes.
145, 146, 147, 148, 149,
150, 151, 152
153, 154, 155, 156, 157.
156 divided by 2... 78,
- One left over.
- Yes.
Well share it when we sell it.
- Want to keep it?
- I dont understand.
Will you keep it,
or should I?
Leave them here,
well share them in Bucharest.
Who could have buried them?
The Communists?
How could the communists
have shares in Mercedes?
Could they have been buried
after the Revolution?
There were two bars.
One in my brothers place,
with gambling machines,
and another in mine...
a strip-bar.
There were all kinds of
shady characters there.
It was the most famous bar
in the county.
You think one of those guys
buried them?
But why didnt he
dig them up again?
Maybe he died.
- What have you got there?
- The treasure.
- Whats up, big guy?
- I'm fine.
- What are those?
- Mercedes shares certificates.
- Wheres the treasure?
- Here it is, son!
But where are the crystals,
rubies, gold, silver?
- Lets go and brush your teeth.
- Where are they?
You keep treasure in the bank,
not at home.
- Can I see it too?
- Yes. Tomorrow.
Its Sunday today,
and the banks are closed.
- Im going to see the treasure!
- Come on, brush your teeth.
- Will there be gold?
- Yes.
- And silver?
- Silver too.
And crystals?
Emma Dumont.
- Constantin Toma.
- Adrian Negoescu.
Please, take a seat.
Ive checked the share.
The current market value is 15,075 euros.
My assistant tells me
you intend to sell?
- Yes.
- Yes, absolutely.
- Who is the owner?
- We both are.
- Who will sign the contract?
- Either of us.
We charge a 7% transaction fee, which
will be deducted from the share price.
- Is this OK?
- Yes.
- Could I sell another four?
- Of course.
Id like to sell another four too.
- These are yours?
- Yes.
One moment. I need
to check the serial numbers
and I dont want to mix them up.
Of course.
- You are Mr. Constantin
- Constantin Toma.
- And these are yours?
- Yes.
- Four?
- Yes, exactly.
Sorry, Ive forgotten.
Your name, please?
- Adrian?
- Adrian Negoescu.
Itll take a while to check
the validity of the shares.
- No problem. Theres no rush.
- Well wait.
Therell be the same 7%
transaction fee.
Not a problem.
My assistant will take your
details and draw up the contracts.
- OK.
- Well wait here.
- It was a pleasure meeting you.
- Likewise.
78 times 15,075
1,175,850 euros.
- That much?
- Yeah.
Now, divided by...
- Minus the bank commission?
- I forgot the commission.
- Divided by three...
- Why three?
Ill need to give some to my mother,
and brother.
Listen. If he comes
looking for you,
tell him I just gave you 10 shares.
- Why?
- He wouldnt want to give you half of it.
- Why didnt he go look for it himself?
- Just say that and forget about it.
- What could he do?
- He could sue us.
- Could he?
- Yes.
The land's in my mothers name.
They could accuse us of theft.
That one.
That one. That one.
- That one.
- One moment.
- So, this one?
- Yes.
And this one.
- I'll put them here.
- That one.
That one.
The earrings.
That one.
- Shall I add it up?
- Yes. But Ill take more.
Thank you.
and 1,860
1,530 for the brooch.
- And 3,889
- And this.
And this.
This and this.
And this.
- Now you can tell me the total.
- Of course.
Lets take a seat.
Can you help me?
This way.
- Would you like a coffee?
- Yes.
With milk?
- Wheres Alin?
- Over there, on the slide.
- Alin, come and see something.
- Leave me alone.
- Come to see something.
- Let me play.
- Come on!
- What?
- Come and see!
- You brought it from the bank?
- Yes.
- Come on! He found the treasure!
He found the treasure!
What treasure?
- You want to see it?
- Yeah!
- Are you sure?
- Yeah!
Wait! Wait a second.
1, 2, 3 and...!
- Can we touch it?
- Yes.
- Can I take it home?
- Yes.
Give it back!
- Thief!
- Leave me alone!
- Give me back my treasure!
- No!
Youve got lots!
I dont have any!