Compadres (2016) Movie Script

Hey. Hmm?
Hey, pleased to meet you, lieutenant.
Nice to meet you.
My men at Quantico
speak highly of you.
And the FBI is grateful
for your help, really truly.
Get out!
See the one here on the left?
That's Krishna.
He's a hacker specializing
in money laundering.
He has an associate
known as "the accountant",
but we don't have much on him.
We think Santos hired him.
Do you recognize
any of these men
who's ever worked with
or been connected to Santos?
Are you certain?
I'm sorry, I cannot help you.
Passport, please.
We gotta move fast.
Santos knows we stole the money,
we have to transfer it now.
We... we... we don't wanna
mess with the Mexican mafia.
These people
will cut your head off!
Wait, look.
I'm not gonna work
for a fucking Mexican
the rest of my life.
I got a... I got a nagging feeling
that we're fucking this up.
Don't be a pussy!
Do you have the token?
Nice. Let's do it.
Who's there?
Who's there?
Hey, buddy. There's a bad guy
outside looking for you.
Mike, I'm busy, man, I...
I am the bad guy.
Oh, shit...
And let me introduce you
my evil partner, porky.
Come on, guys, I'm... please...
No, no, no, no, no!
Please! Please, don't!
Your boss Santos
stole $10 million
from my boss, Gaspar.
And we want them back.
The accountant took the money,
I don't have it.
You both stole it.
And the accountant
isn't here, isn't it?
Mmm-mmm. No.
I can cut your ears off.
No, no, no, please,
please, don't!
Please, don't!
Stop. Please, no. Please, no.
Please, don't. Please, don't.
Anything, Guero?
Any coins? Any coins?
In the drawer, over there.
Okay, you gotta choose.
Me or him?
No! No, no, no! Please!
Please, don't!
Is your father at home?
My father?
Nice house.
Come on in. Dinner?
What you say to me, kid?
I'm not a kid. Is there
anything I can do to help you?
Hello, this is the
Montecito retirement home.
We've not received payment
for three consecutive months.
I'm afraid we'll have to
evict Mr. Patelski.
Pay now.
I'm not a kid.
Is there anything
I can do to help you?
Your father is an accountant,
and I need a good one.
You don't speak English,
or what? Accountant!
A-k-u... no.
My father isn't home,
so if you come by tomorrow.
You must be the gardener!
I'm so sorry! I can go get the credit card!
It's... it's...
You're not the gardener?
I don't like kids.
Specially fat white kids
like you.
I'm gonna go call the police.
I hope you have your visa.
Not like you're illegal, but...
Where is your father?
I... I...
The bathroom is right over there
and I can go upstairs and get you
his card so you can call him.
Right there!
Don't be afraid,
Mr. accountant.
Just give us our money back.
Is there any other way out?
And I'm not a kid.
Those guys are crazy.
You don't wanna mess with them.
You think this is a game?
I hope your dad doesn't get mad.
How old are you? 14?
I'm 17.
And don't hit me again!
I didn't hit you.
I only grabbed your ear,
like this.
What are you? A nun?
I'm a cop.
And I can help your father
to get out of this alive.
I'm not sure where he is, but
listen, tiny Mexican man,
if I tell him you hit me he's
gonna fucking destroy you.
If you don't tell me
where he is right now,
I'm gonna take you back
to porky and Guasa,
and they will rip your balls
off and feed them to you.
I need a Pepto.
Be with you in a minute.
I had never seen a Polish guy
in the store before.
He's not Polish, he's Irish.
I bet you one dollar
he's Polish.
Make it 10.
So what can I do you for?
Yeah. Listen...
That Mexican guy over there
was telling me
how all you Irish guys,
you know, have a...
A tiny dick.
Personally, I love you,
Irish people, but...
Irish, right?
Hey, kid.
Listen, you fucking Mexican!
How do you reckon
I shove both me fists
up your ass?
Come on, mate!
Take a fist!
Don't fuck with Ireland!
Come on, lad!
You want more? Huh?
Come on. Come on.
So how much is
for the kid's cookies?
And this?
Keep the change.
Well, thank you.
But I think I'm gonna borrow this.
Not me gun!
It was a gift from the old man.
What kind of father gives
his son a .44 Magnum?
Look, grandpa, I got you
the cookies you like.
Danke, Alex.
I don't understand
what you're saying, grandpa.
It's your grandson, Vic.
Alex is dead.
We are going fishing on Sunday.
Like I promised.
Still having debts
with Asilo Montecito?
That hobbit almost
killed me, Cabron.
That's too bad, I would've loved
for you to leave me alone.
The only reason I'm not
kicking your ass right now
is because I respect
your grandpa, here.
I'm so sick of you!
You come to my house,
you bring some Whackos
with a flamethrower.
I didn't bring them, okay?
This is your dad's fault.
If he wasn't Santo's accountant,
none of this
would have happened.
My father's dead.
I'm the accountant.
It's my hacker name.
You have a problem with that,
fucking speedy Gonzalez?
Okay, okay, stop fighting.
Talk it out, Vic.
Grandpa, you just said my name.
Show some respect
to Mr. Gonzalez.
He's an immigrant
like you and me, Alex.
Don't forget.
Bye, grandpa.
Thanks for coming
to see me, Vic.
I'm sorry about your father.
It doesn't matter.
Where is your mom?
They both died.
They were spies.
Ambushed by
the friggin' Taliban.
How did you meet Santos?
What you're talking about?
I don't know him.
All I did was deactivate
some security aids
so Krishna could
move around the money.
So, you helped him
steal Santos' money?
Krishna stole that money?
Well, that's why there's
psychopaths after me.
No, Gaspar sent those
guys to your house.
Who's Gaspar?
He's the boss.
And Santos stole
the money from Gaspar.
And they think
you have the money.
No, no, no, no,
I don't have the money.
I know. You cannot even
pay the nursing home.
Or buy decent clothes.
That's 'cause Krishna
owes me 15 grand.
Just listen, okay?
Do me a favor.
Don't run away from me again.
Let's go.
Let's make a deal.
I'll take you to Krishna,
you can give me my 20 grand.
20 grand?
I thought you'd said 15.
Did I say 15?
I meant 20.
This is Krishna?
Get to work.
So you don't have
any distraction.
I need Krishna's fingerprints,
otherwise I'm stuck.
Do you have a box cutter?
His whole hand.
I think this will help.
Which hand?
Right hand.
Which one?
The right
right. Okay.
Help me out!
The... the finger.
Okay, go and get it.
Put it together.
Okay, I'm in.
I'll handle it.
Who is it?
And David?
Oh! He's busy right now.
You should've come earlier.
He's waiting for me.
He's gonna take me dancing.
Ah. Dancing.
I don't know if he's
gonna be up for that.
He's always up for anything.
Yeah, but...
Right now he...
He's got a...
A what?
Runny nose.
He has a cold?
Yes. Yes.
And you?
Do you wanna go dancing?
I like older man.
With a long
list of experiences to share.
I put David to bed.
He's tired.
Come on, we gotta go, sweetie.
We're gonna be late!
New generations.
What did you get?
The ass.
Come on, man.
What did you get?
I got the ass! It's...
I tried to fish out
their last Skype conversation.
I didn't have much time.
Basically, from what I can tell,
ass-man has the token.
The token, I want the money.
I don't know what the token...
What the fuck is the token?
The token is what you need
to get the money.
It's a small device that
grants network access.
There we go.
It's basically
a consistently changing
authorization number
that millionaires will use
to keep hackers like me
out of their bank account.
He was short,
cute and interesting,
with a crew cut
and a Latino accent.
Too bad he's gay.
That is not Garza.
Krishna needed a banker
of some sort.
That has to be who this is.
I'll tell you what, you
give me a couple of minutes
and a couple of Brewskis, and
I'll tell you where he lives.
By the way, you owe me 10 bucks.
You're right.
He was pretty good, though.
A guy like you
gets a girl like that?
How does that happen?
I've never had a girlfriend.
You're sure this is it?
Good morning, guys.
The I.P. Address points his
computer to be in this town.
Hey. Order the cheapest thing
on the menu, okay?
Put a face on that ass.
I'll be right back.
Ah! No!
- This is bad!
- You okay, buddy?
I've been there, man, trust me.
Let me buy you a drink and you
can tell me all about it, okay?
Thank you, thank you.
You're my friend, right?
I am your friend, don't worry.
Let's get a drink.
- Wait a second.
- That was close.
Sorry, sweetie, no kids allowed.
D'you have a pen?
Oh, sure.
Yeah, thanks.
It's $23. $6 for the beer,
$17 for the double Margarita.
One more double.
Do you know the banker
who works across the street?
It's that guy.
You're the banker?
You have my gun.
No, no, no, no!
I left it in the toilet.
Guasa, the banker is mine.
I torture the banker,
get the token.
Let's not torture the banker,
I'll just give you the token.
You know I love
coming here, right?
You see? That's my baby,
right there.
Hi, guys!
Hi, sweetie.
Do you know
if I poke your artery
you will die
in three minutes, right?
I'm gonna need
that fucking Margarita.
Hey, kid.
Do you have any coins?
Yeah, but if you kill him,
he dies without telling us
where the token is.
Let's not kill him.
I'll just show you
where the token is.
All right?
I don't have any, uh...
Have any more...
Now he brings
the fucking Margarita.
Take this.
And get yourself
something, okay?
It's okay! It's okay!
He told me all the waitresses
here love Mexicans.
And she liked it.
Take it easy.
Freeze, asshole!
We don't want any trouble.
We're just leaving.
Drop your fucking guns,
you motherfuckers!
I know!
Do not use that thing in here.
Hey, kid! Kid!
Get out of here!
You shouldn't see this.
Come on, boy.
Thank you!
And the kid?
Why does he get to go?
I'm gonna get you out of here, baby.
It's gonna be okay.
Did he tell you
where the token is?
No, he's too drunk!
Then sober him up!
Fucking Mexicans...
That was nice.
Waitress kiss?
That was hot.
Find out what happened here.
I'd like to know.
How much did he drink, man?
He's like not even...
He's not even breathing.
He's dead.
What? Dead?
He's dead?
Shut up, kid! There's a trooper ahead!
Act normal.
All right, pull the car over,
get weekend at Bernie off me!
The token.
He didn't tell me.
The token!
What do you want me to do?
He didn't say anything.
He has the token!
Oh, man!
So what are we gonna do
with the dead guy?
"He wants to cry."
You know? Like...
He wants to cry!
He wants to cry!
You have everything?
Token, accounts...
I'll deactivate some security
gates and then, uh...
you can give me my 25 grand.
Now I understand why porky
and Guasa want to kill you,
you little shit.
Porky? Porky's mi amigo.
We located the suspects
in a two-door convertible,
heading south
towards the border.
Please notify border patrol.
The trooper.
The car's stolen.
Dispatch, this is
Charlie David four.
We're in pursuit of three male
Caucasian suspects. Requesting backup.
We're coming in.
Hey, let us through.
Those two are wanted.
Welcome to Mexico.
Let's go.
No armed foreigner can step into
Mexico without a federal permit.
Oh, man.
Only if you are planning
to invade Mexico.
Wait, wait, wait, wait!
Just go to the office,
fill out the forms.
You gotta be the first gringo
to cross the desert back
into Mexico without papers.
So, where is your girlfriend?
I don't know.
Santos kidnapped her.
Are you serious?
I'm sorry, buddy.
I thought those things
only happened in the movies.
Bad movies...
Wait, wait, wait!
We have to run.
That revolver only has six shots!
You have three left!
- You're out!
- I know!
What are we gonna do?
What? Is your grandfather
wiring us money?
Why the hell do you
wanna go there?
What do you think, they
wire money in an envelope?
They have Internet.
I know what "pendejo" means.
It didn't finish, man!
Get in!
Where are we going?
Who are you?
Can you please just
take us with you?
Just drop us off at the next
city that you go through,
just don't leave us here.
So why did Santos
kidnap your girlfriend?
He wanted me to help him
escape from prison.
Maria is pregnant.
Oh, my god!
And he killed my compadre.
What is "compadre"?
Have you ever seen
the movie El padrino?
The godfather?
It's got nothing
to do with that.
You don't like all the members
of your family, right?
Surely you have
a cousin that you hate?
No, I don't have any cousins.
Well, think...
think of someone that
is not your blood...
but you really like and trust...
and you wish
he could be your family...
so when you have a son...
you could ask him
to be "El padrino,"
and that makes him
your "compadre."
So I could be your compadre.
I already had one.
Come on!
You got everything? Yeah!
Clutch! Clutch!
Go, go, go, go, go!
They weren't spies.
My parents.
They weren't spies.
They died in a car accident
when I was one.
Left me with my grandpa.
I barely knew them.
Except for like photos and
stories my grandpa told me.
Stuff like that.
When you lose someone really close,
it takes away a part of you.
You feel lost.
Sometimes, you may meet
people along the way that...
will help you find yourself.
What about you?
It's a long story.
We got time.
We got time.
My pleasure.
Where did you get that?
What about the Internet?
Doesn't work.
If it's broken, I can maybe
try to fix it for you.
My dad wants me
to stay here forever.
But doing what?
What do you wanna be?
Maybe I can go
to L.A. with you...
and try to become...
you know...
You're beautiful.
You could be anything.
You really think I can
become a hooker?
You know, I like
taking pictures.
What do you like
taking pictures of?
Do you wanna see them?
Do you like them?
By the way, I didn't mean
to call you a hooker.
But if that's really what
you wanna do, then just...
charge a lot of money.
I will!
Is everything ready?
Oh, yes. Yes.
Okay, I...
I'm gonna let you work,
and I'm going to bed.
Let's get to work.
I press this button, all
the money goes to the FBI.
It'll be gone forever.
Let her go!
Let her go!
We're fucked.
Grandpa is fucked.
I might have met the
one girl in the world
who actually likes me...
and I'll never see her again.
Everything is so fucked!
Yeah. You're right,
you know?
Maybe I should have just went
back to that cop Dalton.
Yeah, you should've.
What are we gonna do, man?
You can't give up now.
Cell phones
can be traced, right?
Let's go get your 35 grand.
I thought we said 40.
Sounds good to me, man.
Mmm-hmm. Mmm.
40 grand.
Get your life together, okay?
Get a girlfriend or...
take your grandpa to Poland.
Thank you, Diego.
What are you gonna do?
Sounds like a suicide mission.
I have to find her.
Promise me you won't die.
I swear.
Do you believe in god?
Who do you swear to?
I swear to you.
Hurry up.
The bus is waiting.
You guys want $10 million?
Who's the kid now? Huh?
That's for the shoes.
What a bitch!
They're gone.
Okay, you're clear.
Let's get you out of here, kid.
You're in some deep shit.
Ever spend time
in a Mexican prison?
What? No!
Watch your head.
I'll come visit.
You take care of him.
I will.
I was starting to miss you.
Let's get some coffee.
I only asked you for one beer.
You're not a cop anymore.
But you know what?
You don't need a badge.