Companion (2021) Movie Script

[Film whirring]
My girl, my girl,
don't lie to me
Tell me, where did you sleep
last night
In the pines, in the pines
Where the sun don't
ever shine
I would shiver
the whole night through
My girl, my girl,
where will you go
I'm going where the cold
wind blows
In the pines, in the pines
Where the sun don't ever shine
I would...
[Child screaming]
[Gus screams]
[Ephraim Banu]
My name is Ephraim Banu.
This is my record.
It was summer of 2024.
The little girl
on the merry-go-round.
She was my first.
Her tricycle had fallen over.
The wheels were spinning.
In time, everyone saw
the Entities.
These ghosts that feed
on our fears.
The dead move among
the survivors now,
appearing when we are afraid.
Fear is the enemy.
It is constant.
[Indistinct radio chatter]
We call them companions.
[Indistinct radio chatter]
We heard of the survivors
on the isle of bodega.
Tomorrow we begin
our journey there.
It gives my wife something
to hope for.
She is desperate for safety.
I told you to tie him
to a tree.
He can hear better
than both of us.
Oh, come on.
You know you like him.
He makes noise.
It's like they vanished.
Oh, don't start.
It's like the house is watching.
You're doing it on purpose.
Oh, this place is loaded!
I'll check the barn.
It's like being in a hurricane.
Gus Grace,
I don't know how you've kept us
alive for this long.
You are amazing.
It's my, uh, keen sense
of judgment.
Excellent choice in travelling
but she needs to start
Yeah, we'll see how you feel
when I'm running
from your companion.
Oh, I would so haunt you.
Ella, Ella, look
out here I'm more worried
about survivors
than companions, okay.
Okay, okay, we're like 20 miles
from the main road.
We're 4 miles
from the main road.
I ran why you studied.
I think I know how far
20 miles are.
Okay, I have a better idea of
how far 4 miles are but still.
I need to go out there.
I can't have anything else
to worry about right now, okay?
Just stay here.
Watch for Buster.
We need to...
Oh, water!
That was louder than I thought
it was gonna be, I'm sorry.
I'm just really thirsty.
Can I please?
Damn it!
Is that all you got?
Is that your box?
I'm collecting things to trade
at Bodega like you told me.
Good, we're leaving.
You said one night.
No, I didn't.
- You did!
- Now, Ella.
No, not now.
I'm not your fucking dog.
An egg beater.
...and aluminum foil.
We're rich.
Well, it's all on the list
of the top 100 things
to disappear first.
How do you know that?
I don't know.
We have a fortune in lantern
Did you see something?
Did you?
- A woman.
- A woman?
I don't know, Ella.
Her companion maybe?
Okay, well companions
are drawn to fear right?
So, as long as we don't get
afraid they don't come.
Besides they don't go very far
from where they died anyways.
It's like she's stuck in there.
I mean, Jesus Ella,
what if somebody died here.
And what if companions
have nothing to do with death.
I need a break.
Okay, one night.
Look, I don't want you
go anywhere near that barn
or in that field
or by that car.
There is something in there.
- I won't.
- [Gus] I mean it.
I won't Gus, I promise.
Besides, companions can't even
touch us so...
No, not companions, survivors!
Ella, something happened here,
The war was 3 years ago.
I doubt it happened yesterday.
Get in the tub.
It's my watch.
So, no sex for you.
Get in the tub.
[dog whimpers]
[Ephraim Banu]
Join us.
The isle of Bodega is a barrier
island just off the coast
of the town of Bodega.
400 miles south of Houston.
We have laws, food and children.
Wonderful children.
Your boyfriend is on the radio.
[Dog barking]
[Dog yelps]
I hope that wasn't your dog.
You know...
...we take life for granted.
Because that's the way
it's given.
People are changing, son.
All around but it mostly goes
Take your lady for example.
I doubt she'll ever be the same.
I'm a doctor.
I'm a doctor, okay.
I can...
Well, now that's bad luck
because Matty here
got his jaw broke.
No, no, no, no.
Have you seen an awful angry
fella running around here, huh?
Goes by the name of Abner.
Please stop,
I can fix your wounds.
Don't hurt my wife.
Son, nothing happens
in this world
that ain't absolutely necessary.
Tonight, you're witness
to a miracle.
[Ephraim Banu]
We have seen things.
Things that are hard
to understand.
[Knocking on door]
Uh, ma'am.
I'm a preacher.
There's something in here.
Don't be afraid.
Open the door.
What's uh...
What's psalm 23.
Oh, that's smart see,
a bible verse.
Now, I like that.
[Ghostly screeching]
There's a companion.
The lord is my shepherd.
Now that's old testament.
Now, personally,
my favorite is psalm 46.
Be still and know that
I am God.
[Ephraim Banu] We can bring
this world back together.
The isle of Bodega, huh.
Why we're heading there
Now don't that just sound like
palm trees and coconuts.
Hell of a place to start
a ministry.
You're looking for a savior.
Let me show you mine.
[Taking deep breaths]
Oh, my God.
- We have to hide.
- No! No!
- We have to hide.
- No!
- No!
- We have to hide.
No, I'll die in there.
Run, run,
run into the forest.
I'm not, no.
He's going to hurt you!
No, no, no!
It don't look like
you're gonna make it, son.
[Clears throat]
That's a shame.
Broken men make
the best soldiers.
Is she alive?
When given the option,
man always reverts back
to his most bestial character.
I believe she's beginning
to understand that.
Fuck you!
People are savages nowadays,
I know.
But now is the time to do
something about that.
Let her go, please.
Faith binds us together
like a fabric.
I'm building an army
and fear is going to drive them
right to it.
She's not safe in there.
Oh, you gotta let her go.
Let her go.
Hope is the only thing
a savage man suffers.
Hey look at me.
You know that fella
on the radio?
Well, everyone's heading
to his commune
so we're gonna take it.
We're gonna start building
the world back the way
that it should be.
Honestly, now that those two
are in there
taking turns with your wife... can you think of
anything other than violence?
You son of a bitch!
[Taking deep breaths]
No, no, no, no!
You failed.
Timely preparation
for future eventualities.
That's the definition
of Providence.
Fuck you.
You failed.
Fuck you!
Fuck you.
I failed too.
[Taking deep breath]
And I'm gonna kill that
fucking preacher for it.
He got away
but I know where he's going.
Stop looking at me.
[Taking deep breaths]
That man out there with you?
Stop looking at me!
He's gonna die.
He's been gutted.
That's weeks of agony until
it ends you.
Now, there's a time
for fighting
and this is a time for mercy.
[Taking deep breaths]
It'll be easier coming
from you.
[Taking deep breaths]
...this world don't remember
a damn thing... moment to the next.
You wanna survive... don't either.
Well, I am not going with you!
Gus, hey.
Protect yourself.
No, Gus.
I can't.
I got enough regret.
What do you want?
She can come with me.
My wife?
She's gonna die out here.
No, no tell him.
Tell him, Gus.
Tell him.
You wanna take my wife with you?
It ain't right just leaving her.
- Shit like that...
- You stay away from me.
It'll be worse for you.
They'll be other survivors.
Take care of my wife.
Take both of us.
Take us both.
We can help you find
the preacher.
The preacher's the last of them.
Now I ain't taking a chance
of losing him.
No he can make it.
I'm sorry but I ain't got time
to watch your man die.
Come with me or be stuck here
with his ghost.
[Gus] I've taken good care
of her through all of this.
The companions.
The truth is...
...neither of us are cut out
for this.
You know
what I'm not cut out for?
What are my intentions?
Do I plan on her keeping me
warm at night?
Some men would.
Women I know wouldn't put up
with that shit.
I can't imagine keeping
a woman like that.
Too much damn effort.
[Abner] That fella
out there in the barn.
He done the same thing
to my wife.
Preacher killed my son.
Revenge keeps me warm
just fine.
When that starts festering
you're gonna shit yourself.
Won't even be able to get out
of the bed to do it.
Is that how you want
you're lady remembering you?
Changing your fucking diapers.
- How do I know...
- You don't.
And I ain't got all day.
You got your guy,
why go after the preacher?
I ain't got nothing better
to do.
I am not going with him
and you can't make me.
He's right, Ella.
He's right.
Do you want me to go?
I'll be here.
Right here.
Baby, he's crazy.
When I was in the barn...
What? What?
Gus, Gus.
Wake up, Gus.
Gus, wake up.
Gus, please wake up.
Gus, no!
You wanna say something?
Bright lights above
Take me to the gallows
And I hold my freedom
To breakfree from the chains
within me
Bright lights above
Take me to the gallows
I ain't looking at you.
[Abner] I ain't spoke
to nobody in months.
Hell I was never known
for my conversation anyways.
[Abner] You smoke?
I got a carton...
Are you gonna hurt me?
I ain't got time to.
What kind of answer is that?
I ain't gonna hurt you.
The preacher's injured.
I'm just trying to spot him.
God damn it!
I would have stopped.
[Ella clears throat]
You didn't bring nothing like
I told you.
You expect me to fucking
feed you?
My husband just died.
We gotta clean it out.
Give me the keys.
You know, my father was a cop.
The kind that likes
for his daughter
to know how to shoot.
I couldn't have left you
back there.
That ain't right.
Take off you're fucking clothes.
[Birds chirping]
How does it feel?
I can't imagine.
I wouldn't wish that on nobody.
What are the handcuffs for?
I have to go places.
I get scared, all right?
I cuff myself
to the damn bumper.
That way I have to face it.
The fear can't be used
against me.
Teach me how to do that.
They're supposed to drain
the tanks but they don't.
I got it.
It costs too much to dispose of.
Put it in your mouth
and take a draw.
Put it in your mouth.
You gotta learn.
That's part of it.
I just left him there.
They ain't real.
People paint them so survivors
will leave them alone.
What's gonna happen to him?
Is he gonna turn into
a companion?
Sit down.
You're making me nervous.
Look, you ain't got to be
afraid of me.
What you're worrying about
ain't a part of me at all.
You can't save everyone.
[Ella] I thought you didn't
want anymore regrets.
[Ghostly screeching]
Run, run.
[Ghostly screeching]
[Ghostly whispers]
[Ghostly screeching]
No, wait.
- No, she...
- Stop...
[Ghostly screeching]
[Ghostly whispers]
Get out of the yard.
They can't go far
from where they died.
[Ghostly screeching]
Get in the truck.
It's okay.
You hear that?
[Ghostly screeching]
Look at her.
Can't come out no further.
I saw her.
I saw it too.
Ain't no reason for them
to be out here.
Don't try and figure them out.
Is she trying to talk to us?
Won't last.
We ain't afraid no more.
[Ephraim Banu]
What is death?
Does it understand?
Is there a beginning
and an end?
[Taking deep breaths]
No, no, no.
What do you want?
What do you want?
What do you want?
Why are you still here?!
[Taking deep breaths]
Say something!
She's gone.
[Ghostly screeching]
Leave me alone!
Women, huh?
They'll fail you every time.
Back here it looks nice
You'll have preserves in
You ever shoot somebody?
Look, we're wasting bullets.
Hitting targets is more
important than bullets.
You missed.
Well now you sound like Gus.
Don't blame me if you didn't
stand up to your husband.
You know it's not that
you're not known
for your conversation,
No, go on, say it.
It's that what you have to say
is useless.
I'm useless?
Everyone left is survivors,
Ain't no room for victims.
You should have killed that man
in the barn
for what he done to you.
You don't get to talk about
At least my family didn't ask me
to leave.
Gus died fighting for me.
You sure about that?
Because I remember him
telling me to go
and take you with me.
I'm gonna kill you.
I don't give a fuck.
Death's a joke.
The Lord's just waiting for us
to find something that matters
so he can tell it.
There's no telling
our shapes apart
When the killings
easy with guns
Killings easy with guns
Unique are the responsibilities
of the wife.
One of which are helping
her husband become
what he is intended to be.
I say let her go.
Hey, now.
I did not do that to you.
You attacked us.
You saw who I was with.
You can't control crazy.
Now I stayed clear of that barn.
I didn't lay a hand on her.
Now I could have split you open
with that axe but I did not.
You're not the only person
trying to survive around here.
So what?
You want me to be your soldier?
Oh son, I don't have soldiers.
I've got orders.
- Orders?
- Yeah.
What you're saying all this
is for someone else?
The man above.
There is something seriously
wrong with you.
It's twisted and you know it.
Do you know how long it took us
to come out of the dark ages?
The dark ages.
Thousands of years.
Now right now we are on
the precipice
and we can either correct it
or we can let people suffer.
Don't you see you're the one
making people suffer?
Hold still.
Oh, what do you go there?
Sugar, all right it keeps
the pH levels down.
Makes it hard for bacteria
to grow.
Just trust me.
Who's the soldier now?
I'm only doing this because
the guy that has my wife
won't stop until he kills you.
And you're gonna save her
are you?
Yeah, I am.
A woman should never abandon
her husband.
I made Ella go with him.
But you didn't want her to
did you?
Yep, see now that's your fault.
A good woman does
what she's told.
He told her I was going to die.
So she found somebody stronger.
You know, there is a serious,
serious corruption
with that fella.
You can see it in his eyes.
He's like a rabid dog.
And you can bet that wherever
she is right now,
Ella wishes that
she was right back here with you
because there's just no telling
what he's doing
to her right now.
There, that'll hold you
for a while.
[Taking deep breaths]
Now, where we're going
we're going to need a vehicle
so we'll probably have to take
one so I need to know.
What are you willing to do?
God, I miss the ocean.
Salt air,
makes me want to fight.
I could make it
if I was at the beach.
- Yeah?
- [Ella] I could.
I studied marine biology.
Stingrays were my specialty.
So stingrays are the key
to survival.
I wish I had known.
- Save me some effort.
- Hmm.
I know how to fish.
What else do I need?
A place to hide
when the hurricanes come.
South Texas storms ain't
too friendly.
I never wanted to live
in Houston.
Gus wanted to.
It's not a bad spot
for a doctor.
You know stingrays
can see auras.
Yeah, they have these like,
organs that can detect
electricity in nerves
and muscles.
I was a...
I was a welder.
That was my specialty.
I would have thought you were
probably in the army
or something like that.
Hell, no.
My dad was army. Hated it.
My father could barely keep me
out of the ocean.
You know
when you're in the water
for too long and your fingers
get wrinkly.
He would tell me
it was because all the sunshine
had gotten washed off
and I'd have to lie on the beach
to get it back.
I knew it.
You don't have an aura.
Come on.
We got shit to do.
I'm not sleeping out here.
I figured you'd be happy.
You want me to be
your guard dog.
You ain't gotta worry
about me cozying up
in the middle of the night.
You asked me to teach you.
You gotta get comfortable being
alone out here
with your thoughts.
This is how you do it.
These shades keep your line
of sight in the truck.
That way your mind don't wander.
Clean the gun over and over
and stay focused in here.
I'm just teaching you
how to take care of yourself.
If nobody had done that for me
I wouldn't know
how to do it neither.
I'm out in the open.
Yeah, they'll get you first.
Listen, in the dark listening
is better than seeing.
If anything happens, drive.
It's 100 yards of road.
You can do it blind.
You got a gun.
You got a truck.
You got a straight path out
of here.
It don't get no better
than that.
I can't wash you off
of my skin
Looking over trouble
on me
I can't get you
out of my head
Never kicked you of my bed
You said, baby calm down,
baby calm down
It's gonna be fine
Baby calm down,
baby calm down
One day you'll be mine
Baby calm down,
baby calm down
It's gonna be fine
Baby calm down,
baby calm down
One day you'll be mine
[Birds chirping in distant]
[radio turns on]
[ghost screaming]
[Ghost screaming]
Where were you?
Abner, where were you?
Talking to my son.
It happens.
But his companion?
A memory.
I got history too.
I can't let it go.
Did you bury him?
Did you?
I want to bury mine.
We have to go back
for Gus, please.
I mean, if you know
where the preacher is then
then what does it matter?
There ain't nothing back there
but misery.
There ain't nothing out here
but misery.
If we don't at least
try to fix
what went wrong then...
then what's the point.
Why continue?
[Engine revs]
If he's close we can
just bury...
We'll go fucking back.
You're right, okay.
You're right.
We should have buried him.
We'll go back
and we ain't gotta talk
about it no more.
I seen Ephraim once on the way
to Bodega.
He's dangerous.
That's funny.
You calling somebody else
I don't think that man believes
in anything.
What's in Bodega?
I don't know.
The end of the rainbow.
[preacher] I got close but
then I came across Abner.
You're a fucking monster.
[Taking a deep breath]
Even if you're right,
you can't just make people
follow you.
It doesn't work that way.
I am well aware that people
like me have got no place
once this is over.
I'll be a...
...dirty reminder.
They're gonna put me out
to pasture.
Now death may be the meaning
of life
but we alone are unique
in that we can see the design.
The merit.
The merit of life, well that's
what you put in to it.
What if you're wrong?
I'll go with misunderstanding.
It's a hell of a lot better
than not listening.
Did you hear that Gus?
Fear, now that's the real
[survivor 1]
No, no, no!
He made me do it!
He made me do it!
[Taking deep breaths]
[Taking deep breaths]
Have you ever seen
somebody's companion?
Have you ever seen somebody's
companion who's still alive?
Oh, come here.
I didn't come here to kill him.
I wouldn't do that to you.
Hell, I wouldn't do that
to nobody.
I've been through this too.
We were isolated at my ranch
for so long.
When the preacher showed up
I wanted to believe anything.
I was desperate for someone
to tell us it's okay.
I let my guard down.
Well that's not your fault.
We wanted to believe it too.
I lied to you.
I don't know why.
I tell myself it's because
you was dying alone out here
but it was me.
I'm dying alone out here.
I don't know
where the preacher's going.
He's going to Bodega.
He told me.
I ain't going back to Bodega.
He's gonna kill Ephraim.
We have to save him.
It's 100 miles from here.
It'll take months.
What do you mean go back?
What do you mean go back?
My family's buried in Bodega.
It's where my ranch is.
What if Gus is alive?
We'll find help.
And if he's dying?
We wait.
If he's going to Bodega...
...I can get to fucking Bodega.
Thank you.
You know the preacher,
he told me something.
He said that I was searching
for a savior.
He was right.
God don't make saviors.
He makes survivors.
[Loud thud]
[Footsteps approaching]
[Ghostly whispering]
You said he was gonna die!
You said he was gonna die!
It's the preacher's collar.
Your husband might be alive.
You should be happy...
[Ghostly whispering]
Gus was right, Ella.
It ain't safe here.
Is this what you want?
[Ghostly whispers]
[Engine revving]
Get in the back.
[Ghostly whispers]
You said you could beat them.
What are they getting stronger?
I'm getting weaker.
We have to get to Ephraim
before the preacher.
How far is the isle of Bodega?
[Taking deep breaths]
Then what's the point?
I don't know where it is
but if he's still alive I got
a cousin in Bodega that would.
Standing on the corner
with the lowdown blues
A great big hole
in the bottom of my shoes
Honey let me be
your salty dog
Salty dog
Let me be your salty dog
Or I won't be your man
at all
Honey let me be
your salty dog
Salty dog
Look it here Sal,
I know you
Run down stocking and a wore
out shoe
Honey let me be
your salty dog
Salty dog
Let me be your salty dog
Or I won't be
your man at all
Honey let me be
your salty dog
Hey, look what I found.
One for each of us.
You feeling all right?
I can cook.
I like to stay busy.
You ain't got a fever do you?
Don't! Don't fuss.
You can set the table.
Did you see it?
Did you?
I asked you first.
No, I ain't seen it.
[Knocking on the door]
No, thanks.
I already got me a good woman.
Hello, Merritt.
Looking good.
Damn, I thought you was dead.
You seen the preacher around?
The way you tore out of here
I thought you went after him.
Well he came back
a few days ago.
Ephraim's people took care
of him.
Hey baby, will you grab me
and my cousin a couple beers?
No wonder you look younger.
Well, they're hot
but they still fizz good.
So they're on
the isle of Bodega?
Ain't no such place.
There's patches of ground
right off the coast.
Mostly salt grass.
Us fisherman used to take ladies
out to one with the beach.
We call it the isle of Bodega.
Thank you, baby.
Airi, when we was in school
we used to ask Merritt
why he put page numbers
on his toilet paper.
[Abner] Still ain't got
a lick of damn sense.
So they could be here?
Are you looking for paradise?
From the radio?
Ephraim's out at your ranch.
Moved in right after you...
Well you know.
That forest is full of bones.
[Merritt] I don't know what
they're doing out there
but that's where they
take them.
What happened to the preacher?
They killed him.
But he was alone?
As far as I could tell.
You'll have to ask Ephraim.
Why don't they come after you?
I'm sick.
Why don't you all take him
with you.
Just give him a chance, please.
Do you think the preacher
killed him?
We'll find out in the morning.
Hey, look at me.
Can you talk to me, please?
What's the matter?
It's awkward.
What being in bed together?
I don't want you being
Deserted like the dwarves
at dawn.
It's the hour of departure,
oh deserted one.
Cold flowers are raining
over my heart.
In you, the wars
and the flights accumulated.
From you, the wings
of songbirds rose.
How terrible my desire
was to you.
How difficult and drunken
cemetery of kisses.
There's fire burning
in your tombs.
The tenderness, light as water
and flour.
The word scarcely begun
on our lips.
He was my destiny,
and in it my voyage
of longing fell,
in you, everything sank.
That's Pablo Neruda.
I did it for the 2016
talent show.
It's longer but Gus,
Gus he really liked it
but I performed it
for my father.
I'll take that.
You're not my father.
He would have given up
on me already.
I doubt that.
What do you think companions
I don't.
Punishment for what?
Like I said. I don't.
God's left the building.
That's what I think.
And there's no one to keep
score anymore.
He leveled the playing field.
Left us a reminder.
Do you trust him?
I ain't much for religion.
No, no, Merritt.
Do you trust Merritt?
You met him.
Yeah, but I hear talking.
- We're talking.
- Okay, I hear whispering.
I left my gun on the kitchen
God damn it, Ella.
You can't keep doing shit
like this.
I'm sorry.
Sorry ain't good enough.
We're in this together.
You gotta start pulling...
You gotta start pulling
your own damn weight.
I'm sorry.
[Ephraim Banu]
My name is Ephraim Banu.
I'm speaking to you from
the isle of Bodega.
I want you to know me.
The real me.
The anomalies continue.
Again we live in fear.
Angels must break their wings
to learn how to fly again.
Airi, where's the gun?
I'm sorry, Abner.
I'm so sorry.
Who are you talking too?
The preacher.
I ain't gotta choice.
We're blood Merritt.
What the fuck is wrong
with you?
She's sick, okay.
He's gonna help her.
You gotta wait.
They'll come quick.
Merritt, won't survive it, okay.
Give me the gun.
It's, okay. It's, okay.
Leave her alone.
It was me.
Abner, I ain't got the courage.
You know what he's gonna do
to us.
Just put us out
of our misery man.
How long?
How long until
he gets here?
15 minutes.
Y'all got to get.
Ain't no use.
You got to go, Merritt!
I ain't gonna go without her.
Well, she ain't gonna make it!
I don't want to go on
if she ain't with me.
I ain't killing you.
He died out there.
All them people.
There ain't no isle of Bodega.
They're all gone.
It was suicide.
They started to see things.
They saw themselves.
Only they was...
they was dead.
If you got out there you'll see.
There ain't nothing.
Ephraim just made it up
so everybody would come.
Is Ephraim dead? Is he?
Where is he?
Your ranch is gonna be full
of companions, Abner.
There ain't nothing.
They're all gone.
Hell, you might even see
In the hour to awake
This mountain is cold
In the fog
above the mountains
It carries our soul
Let's get it.
You and me. How about it?
I can fish too.
We can head further south,
find ourselves a little beach,
a bar, drink it dry.
Eat sushi 'til we're sick.
Yeah that does sound nice.
You can swim with stingrays
all damn day if you want.
I got it.
It can be good.
- It can be better...
- No, I don't...
I don't believe you.
I think you'll leave me
somewhere and come back.
I know you.
If you die out here it'll be...
Well, I don't want you to die
either but I mean,
it don't change a damn thing.
Did I move you just a little?
I practiced that all the way
down here.
No, not at all.
Give me my hat.
This one? This hat?
[Abner] You know we're
probably gonna die out here.
You want me to remember you
this way?
Yeah, I do.
I mean besides,
I have your hat.
I've got a gun.
I've got a straight path out
of here.
It don't get much better
than that.
You're really attached
to this thing huh, okay...
Hey, hey, Abner.
This is me showing you
I meant it.
I'll walk right out of here...
...taking you all the way
to Mexico.
[Ghostly screeching]
Stay put.
- Jacob?
- Abner?
- Jacob?
- Abner, don't leave me. Abner!
I am asking for forgiveness!
Not here.
[Thunder rolling]
[Birds chirping]
[Ghostly screeches]
[Ghostly screeches]
You was a good boy.
Did what you were told.
You and your mama.
[Ghostly grunts]
I am asking for forgiveness!
Stay down.
What have you taken from me,
My faith?
No...'ve taken my certainty.
We're in the dark here!
We went back for you!
You left me there.
We went back for you!
You knew I was alive.
Did you see it in the barn?
You know what it means right?
You know what it means!
It's all been decided!
It's all over!
Nothing matters!
Well, shit son.
I tried.
You tried?
Every time I breathe in around
you I am startled
by this cold wind that
is entirely full of piss.
Take it.
They're all dead.
Is Ephraim dead?
I can't say for sure.
That woman
ground you in to dirt.
I have to bring her back.
Tell you what.
I'll save her for you.
That's right.
You already told me
how this ends.
This will be interesting.
...we can get to phraim.
Okay, Abner?
Abner, I need you.
I should have stayed with her.
- Give me my gun.
- No, no, hey, hey.
You don't need it anymore.
Don't you see him?
You can go with him.
You can...
You can go.
You're gonna be all right, Ella.
Don't let that sunshine
get washed away again.
This place is old
And I feel its embrace
It calms to my soul
Then I feel it in my bones
(Indistinct lyrics)
With love
my grandfather see
I bleed for this man
[Ephraim Banu] We find ourselves
in the end, no great mystery.
We are the companions.
It's haunted.
Oh, God!
That tape rewinds itself.
I listened to all of it.
It's a confession.
All those pour souls were led
here on the confession
of a madman.
That was my purpose.
[Ephraim Banu]
The isle of Bodega is a lie.
This is my confession.
No use sitting around feeling
sorry for ourselves, huh?
[Ephraim Banu]
Stay away.
There is no life here.
[Grunting and choking]
[Ghostly screeching]
[Taking deep breaths]
I didn't think I'd ever
get to touch you again.
You're bleeding.
Did you kill Abner?
I tried.
Did you want him to kill me?
No, we went back to the farm
to save you.
Abner saved me.
The preacher was going
to shoot me.
I know why he did it.
Can you fix this?
Because I want to but please
be honest and tell me
did spending all that time...
I had to listen to him.
Believe him.
I wish he never would have came.
No, you did what you had to do.
You got back to me.
There is no isle of Bodega,
I know.
And nobody is going to save us.
We'll save ourselves.
No more radios, just us.
It's gonna take me some time
to get back to normal.
I know and I'll be with you.
I've done things.
It doesn't matter.
I forgive you
and that's what matters.
Those things are gonna
come back...
...and I've gotta take care...
No, you won't.
That was the whole point
of this.
We've earned it
and I want my ring back.
Did you lose it?
It's at the farmhouse.
You left it.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
Now we have something to do.
Oh, Jesus.
I made you a plate.
It's not Thursday night steaks
but you know.
Mmm, beans.
So...'d you sleep?
He made me sleep in the truck.
He made you sleep in the truck?
Yeah he didn't want me around.
[Ella] It's not like
what you think it was.
What makes you so sure of that?
I mean what if it is exactly
what I think it is?
No, he wanted them
to get me first.
Look, do you want to talk
about it?
Because I think we should.
You know what I think
we should talk about.
I think we should talk about
what you
and that cowboy talked about.
I was afraid of him.
But you didn't want him to die,
did you?
He didn't deserve to die.
[Drum pounding outside]
What's out there?
I hear it.
I don't hear anything.
It's like a drum.
Look, tomorrow I want to plant
a garden.
You know for the future.
I found these seeds in the barn.
You went into the barn?
I didn't think I needed
your permission.
Ella, I told you not to go
into the barn!
What difference does it make?
It doesn't.
I saw you.
Crying over him.
You saw me?
I was in the trees.
You love him?
[Taking deep breaths]
[Ghostly screeches]
[Birds chirping]
It's been in front of us
all this time.
Gus, please.
Not in here.
- Just let me go...
- Don't fight.
- Don't fight.
- [Ella] No, do it, no.
Don't fight!
...The ranch or something.
[Gus] I've had this
secret for so long.
I can't keep it in anymore.
Time doesn't mean anything
to the dead.
Okay, I'm sorry
but you die in here.
We both do.
We can...
We can stop it.
There's no end.
But don't you want to fight it?
I mean, I mean,
we can at least try.
We fought for each other.
I fought for you because you
were always coming back here.
We both were.
Give me the fucking keys, Gus.
[Taking deep breaths]
Give me the keys.
[Taking deep breaths]
Give me the keys.
I threw them in the field.
No, no, no.
No, you didn't.
You didn't!
[Ella screaming]
[Ghostly scream]