Compound Fracture (2013) Movie Script

From the dawn of time,
the Wolff sen family
has always taken the idea
of the pack very seriously.
Rituals of binding members
together are bloody and sacred.
But more unforgiving are
the ones who break that bond.
All that matters is
who is in the family...
and who is out.
My father has always been
a fervent believer
in the family lore.
You are part of the family.
My family!
Now hold still, son.
Now and forever,
I bind you to the wolf!
He was a very hard man
to live with.
You don't just walk away
from being a Wolff sen,
yet twenty years ago,
that's just what I did.
And now I have to go home.
We about done here?
That storm's getting close.
That's very funny, Michael,
because from the amount of help
that you offered,
I thought you wanted to get wet.
I don't know the first thing
about fixin' stuff.
Only breaking it.
I know.
I told you this trip
was a shitty idea.
Hey, I take no responsibility
for that.
I don't know what happened.
And, Brandon, no one asked you.
I cannot get in here and get
enough leverage on this wrench.
Hey, bring your big man arms
over here.
Didn't you just mention
I was good at breaking stuff?
I know. Sometimes you're good
in a clinch.
Come on.
I just...
I need you to just really
tighten that right there.
- Okay, I got it.
- And we should be good.
I don't know how that
even came off.
The tension rod was still on.
What are you lookin' at?
I did it right, right?
Yeah, I think so.
Can I have my ring back?
That was romantic.
I'm gonna piss.
Hey, kiddo.
Uncle Michael?
Don't be so nervous.
I'm not nervous.
I just don't understand
why this is
so important to you.
It's your family, Michael.
My family is not like yours.
Doesn't matter.
- Family's family.
- Right.
'Cause you're the one who said,
"He's your nephew, Michael.
You gotta take him in."
You were right.
It's only one weekend.
We can make it
through one weekend.
- I'm trying to be supportive.
- "Go or I'm leaving."
That's pretty much
what you said.
And it seems like you're
real eager to make nice
with the old fart that holds
the family purse strings.
Jesus, Brandon,
what did you do?
I didn't do anything.
- Let me look at that.
- Hey, don't... don't touch me.
Brandon, let her
take a look at it.
It was a tree branch,
all right?
I said I'm fine.
I don't need you playing mom.
Let's go.
I just want you to know
that your little trust fund
has nothing to do
with how I feel.
It's the only reason
I stick around.
Jesus, these potholes!
The more you hit,
the more points you get.
- So you're trying to hit them?
- Yep!
I'm a good driver.
Welcome to the Wolff sen
family compound.
You grew up here?
That's a little more
high-tech than I remember,
but just as homey.
It's beautiful grounds,
but what's with
all the security?
What's he so afraid of?
Being alone.
Oh, he's been busy.
What the hell?
God damn.
Well, we're here.
Get ready for
a fun-filled weekend.
That must be Anabelle.
How'd you get in here?
You need to leave!
- Get off my property!
- Gary, I let them in.
Calm down.
Go say hello to your son, Gary.
It's Michael.
My boy.
Is that you?
Look at you.
I'm sorry.
For everything.
But you're here now,
and we're all together.
You and me and Chloe.
That's Juliette, Dad,
my girlfriend.
Your fiancee, actually.
It's nice to meet you.
Mint. They say if you
keep it in your pocket...
It's just a superstition.
But if you're gonna be
part of the family,
we'll want to take care of you.
Let's get her in.
Brandon, come here.
Dad, this is Brandon.
You look just like her.
Just like her.
The eyes.
It's uncanny.
Maybe it's the eyeliner.
What the hell
are you waiting for?
Get their bags!
It's my son.
He's home at last.
No, I'll get them.
- What's with all of this?
- All what?
You don't like my decorations?
We should have a toast.
There's nothing there, Dad.
Well, we all shouldn't just
stand around out here!
You still like scotch right?
Michael, I'm sure you know
where your room is.
A welcome home present.
These have good mojo.
I am so glad you're home, son.
Now you go to your room
and put your things away,
and I'll tell you the good news.
I have news!
Ah. Good eye.
My latest addition.
What is it?
An eyeball.
A camera.
Military issue.
Military issue?
What the hell do you think's
gonna happen
in your living room,
for God's sake, Dad?
It's a little bit of overkill,
don't you think?
To homecomings.
Def Leppard?
That's hot.
Do you wanna make out
on your tiny bed?
You know, I changed my mind.
I think this is going to be fun.
That's new.
Well, at least the first thing
that he said was he's sorry.
I know. Sorry.
He does not get off that easy.
Not after what he did to us.
Michael, what is this?
That is my high school diploma.
Chloe and I were home-schooled.
She made it for me.
Why does it say your name is
Garrison Michael Wolff sen?
Am I marrying a Gary?
No, you are not.
Don't forget to wear your PJs.
I don't know if I got 'em all.
Michael, here.
He's watching.
I was coming to talk to you.
The intercom has been
on the fritz lately.
- Can I have a minute?
- Oh, of course.
Brandon is...
I'm sorry.
Take your time.
I'll be unpacked in a second.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know what else to do.
I'm in one guest room,
and the other...
It's just a little weird,
that's all.
It's kinda girly,
but I'm fine.
Okay, if you're sure.
You can come in if you want.
I don't know how you lived
without iPods.
It was her favorite.
Chloe said
it reminded her of mom.
Dad hated it.
I saw you had a guitar
in your room.
I didn't know
you knew how to play.
Not well. Why?
If you want to learn,
you should ask Gary.
He's really good.
At least he used to be.
I don't why you talk
so much shit about Gary.
He's weird, but he's cool.
You should try living with him.
Anything to get me
out of your place.
You should cover that.
This is what I wanted
to talk to you about.
What is this?
His panic room.
I'd panic, too, with all this
crazy shit in my house.
The passcode is your birthday.
My birthday?
I'm sure you remember.
God knows by the time you left,
he'd already amassed a compound.
But now, Michael,
the doctor says he's stuck
in some kind of rut.
His memory comes and goes.
But security is
a constant obsession.
After Chloe's...
After her murder,
he started going
downhill fast, Michael.
Progressive dementia.
What's with all that stuff?
Against what?
Good taste?
Spirits who mean harm.
These symbols are meant
to keep them at bay.
They don't like
their own reflection?
So what else
does the doctor say?
Have you talked to Gary
about what he ultimately wants?
A home?
Oh, he gets very upset.
Sometimes he thinks...
I'm your mother.
Has he...
I'm fine.
But I do need to ask for help
with your father.
I can't do it anymore, Michael.
You'll stay on at the house,
I appreciate that,
but no.
This house...
This house is too... full.
It's yours.
- I just want to go.
- That's why you called.
Well, I'll, uh...
wrap my head around it,
and we'll both talk to him
in the morning.
I'm sorry.
No, I...
I get it.
This is insanity.
I know.
Who's insane?
Uh, this great
new room improvement.
Command central used to be
a desk and a couple of monitors.
Well, home protection has come
a long way in twenty years.
And I am impressed.
Yes, well, I have
microphones and cameras
to cover the entire estate
and house.
Motion detecting,
infrared, EMPs,
night vision,
and ultra wide band radar.
Nothing can hide
from these babies.
You care to explain these?
This is a
very special place, son.
It requires
very special protection.
Maybe one day
you'll understand that.
And now maybe my wife
will stop trespassing
in my private zone,
and you and I
can have that drink.
And you can tell me that news.
Oh! Better make sure all
the windows are closed tonight.
I'm going to make some tea.
Anyone else?
Here, let me show you a song.
Since when do you play?
Never practiced.
He was lazy.
One by one
they left you there
Sitting on
a breaking chair
One by one
without a sound
They left you falling
to the ground
She felt you there
She took your hand
And with her heart
she helped you stand
Looks hard.
The best ones are.
Chloe likes that one.
She did.
Reminded her of Mom.
- There's something out there.
- Where?
With all of Gary's security,
I seriously doubt that any...
Garrison Michael Wolff sen!
Did you break my cup?
I found it in the cupboard
in pieces!
You see?
It's like he's just... gone.
That's what we need!
Would you like to dance?
Oh, never mind, you old hag.
I wanted to dance with
a young beautiful thing anyway!
Oh, uh, no.
I am not much of a dancer.
Well, come here
and let me teach you.
Michael, you remember
our dance nights?
Chloe loves to dance.
She would twirl the night away.
You twirled the night away.
if you hadn't been such
a party pooper since birth.
He's always so sour.
I don't see what you see in him.
I'll tell you
what I do remember.
I remember you
beating the shit out of Chloe
for spilling her milk
on the carpet.
Perhaps we should
just go on to bed?
Gary, perhaps it's time
to say good night.
How many times
have I told you, Beverly?
Do not question me
in front of the kids!
- Enough, Gary!
- I am the man of the house!
That's right!
I'm calling my niece
first thing in the morning.
Go to bed, Gary.
But, Beverly...
This isn't Beverly.
This is your new wife Anabelle,
and she's leaving
in the morning.
Just like Mom
left you several years ago.
And if you ever touch her again,
I swear to God...
Looks like we're staying
a little longer.
- Yes, dear?
- I just wanted to say that...
whatever it is you need,
we'll do.
You're family.
I'd be careful about using
that word in this house,
if I were you.
Well, regardless,
the sentiment remains the same.
Of course.
I know what you mean,
and I appreciate it.
Good night.
Good night, dear.
He'll kill you, he'll kill you,
he'll kill you...
Hey, Gigantor, move over.
Give me some room.
That sound is really annoying.
People are trying to sleep.
Oh, thank God.
I wonder if it's from the storm.
You couldn't save her.
Dad, no!
Oh! Jeez!
I thought I lost you.
Well, you... you almost did.
It's okay.
It's just a bad dream.
I don't blame you either.
Tonight was totally crazy.
Sorry. No pun intended.
I'm really sorry
I've been pushy lately.
- You haven't been pushy.
- No, I have.
Asking you to set dates and
stuff when you're clearly not...
I'm clearly what?
Well, you just... You got
a lot of stuff going on.
With Chloe and Brandon
and William
and now your dad.
I promise I'll back off.
Don't back off.
I don't want to lose you, too.
Then let's hope
that surly teenager
doesn't send me
screaming from the house.
You know I'm not with you
for the money, right?
Yeah, I know.
I was just angry.
What was that?
He was out there!
I saw him!
He pushed me, and I fell!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Calm down, all right?
There was no one out there.
You just tripped and fell, okay?
Jesus, Dad, give me that!
You could seriously
hurt someone!
What does he want?
He's always so much
worse when he's tired.
You gotta believe me!
You can't go around shooting off
firearms at nothing!
The cameras, they...
I went out to investigate!
He was out there!
I saw him!
Gary, let Anabelle get you
some clean pajamas, okay?
I will go see.
You're not wearing
your necklace.
And mine's all broken.
Is this new? It looks old.
What? I don't know.
I've never seen it.
What the hell happened?
Dad, it's bedtime, okay?
It's bedtime.
You always liked story time.
We had some good times,
didn't we?
What the...
What the...
Ah! Shit!
Dude, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
You're bleeding.
- Ohh...
- What did you do?
Glass cut my foot.
Shit. You want me to see
if there's any piece in there?
No, you're right, you're right.
That's a bad idea.
I don't really like feet.
Okay if I sleep out here?
Room getting to you?
The room and the cameras.
The crazy guy in the halls.
Pick that up, will you?
What is this?
Antique family records.
What language is this?
That is Old Norse.
No shit.
No shit.
You come from Vikings.
Gary was busy with that shit
my whole childhood.
Sat up at night
reading and translating.
That's where he came up
with this brilliant idea.
I thought you were
gonna hit him.
I'm glad you didn't.
I waited my whole life
for that moment.
Planned it out.
Maybe I should have hit him
for Mom.
It's different
when it's an old guy.
Yeah, apparently.
Did he hit your mom, too?
Oh, yeah. Often.
Then he made me watch her die.
No, not like that.
He wouldn't let me see her
for years after she left.
When I was 15,
and I had a choice,
I went to live with Mom.
Soon after that,
she got her cancer diagnosis.
She didn't have a penny
for treatment or meds.
And here he sat,
holed up with millions of
dollars of family fortune.
Not like he was
spending it, right?
After she left,
that's when he did that?
Mom said it was
to keep you guys together.
Oh, yeah, and it did,
right up until
I had a choice.
A little over
two years after that,
Mom was dead...
right before my 18th birthday.
That's your mom.
It eats away at me sometimes.
Chloe did love Dad.
Somehow she was always
able to forgive him.
Give him a second chance.
How could she end up with
another guy that beats her?
She was so stupid.
She wasn't stupid, Brandon.
She was duped.
Sometimes you just
go with what you know.
Get some rest, kiddo.
Gary, where are you?
- Hey.
- Hmm.
Hey, it's almost noon.
You've been out here all night?
I have to admit that double bed
does sleep a lot better
without you.
Your dad's snoring
finally woke me up, though.
I bet.
I have a feeling
he's gonna be out for a while
if we just let him sleep.
Did you make some coffee?
I don't know
where the coffee pot is.
- It's in the kitchen.
- Anabelle's in there.
Come on.
Is today still the day?
Please don't think
I don't love him.
I wish my mom would've left
years earlier.
You go.
We got this.
I'm gonna have
the first waffle.
Oh, you're such a jerk.
- You want it?
- Mm-hmm.
Pinky, Brandon.
Morning, Junior.
Don't call me that.
And it's after noon.
My dance partner.
How could I forget?
Why are we all
sitting in the dark?
Hey, can I go check out
that tree house out front?
I just want to see
where you and Mom hung out.
Fine, but be careful.
I think I saw a ladder
in the garage.
Put on a jacket.
Give me that.
There you are.
I was just looking for you.
Do you mind?
No, go ahead.
I, uh...
I put some things
in your luggage.
I don't want Gary to find them.
Like what?
- Keys.
- Oh.
Some instructions,
bank information,
stuff like that.
Do you mind?
Not at all.
Of course.
Partners in crime here.
Annabelle, tell me something.
The way Gary treats you...
Why did you stay so long?
You know, I ask myself
the same question.
But, honey,
love is enduring.
I do love Gary.
And I can see you love Michael
very much.
- Yeah, I do.
- And he loves you.
How much did Gary tell you
about Chloe and William?
He told me what he knew.
Chloe and William,
they were married for a while,
and he was... very abusive,
and everybody knew it,
but everybody kept quiet.
You're so weak!
Do you understand?
You hurt my son!
One day he just
lost it on Brandon, and...
he broke his arm.
There was a bone poking through.
And finally Michael,
you know, he had enough,
and he just said,
"You have to leave him."
So she did, and she came
to live with us,
but, uh...
a couple days later,
William broke into our house...
and stabbed her.
My God.
We never knew
that part of the story.
- Yeah, I didn't think so.
- I can't even imagine.
And then there's Brandon.
He hates me.
Come on, Dad, help me!
Come on, let's go.
- Oh, my word!
- Brandon, what happened?
- Oh, my God.
- Don't let go of me!
Ow! Stop it, okay?
They're just scratches!
I'm fine!
That's been happening to you
an awful lot lately.
What did you do?
He didn't.
He didn't do anything.
What does this look like to you?
No. No, Michael!
Don't touch him.
Not him.
Not ever.
Watch him!
But it wasn't me.
There's been an accident.
I wonder...
Actually, I was wondering about
the security footage.
Do you guys keep...
Stop it!
Just stop it!
Thank you.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
I'm sorry, Gary.
But there...
there are some things...
I just can't accept,
that I just can't live with.
There you go.
You stay safe, my darling.
He isn't telling you
and when he does,
it will sound crazy.
I may have gone a little crazy
myself to believe it.
You need to tell them
You need to tell them.
They have a right to know.
It isn't safe
to keep it from them.
Whatever you decide, my dear,
decide it with all your heart.
Brandon, I'm so sorry.
What are you doing?
Oh, my God.
What is this place?
I thought there might be
a manual switch
or some way I could restart
the server in here.
I don't know
how he's doing this.
- Anabelle is leaving.
- Right now?
Yeah, and she was talking about
something Gary is not telling us
that sounds very important.
So you need to come.
Is her niece here?
I don't know.
I came to find you.
- Shit.
- I know, right?
Where's Gary?
I don't know.
I lost him.
He was there one moment
and then he was gone.
I might have a concussion.
I'm seeing things.
- Well, is Anabelle gone?
- I don't know.
What do you mean,
you might have a concussion?
I'll get it,
Hey, um,
is Aunt Anabelle ready?
I'm Brandon.
Nice to meet you.
So what happened here
last night?
We should go inside.
What grade are you in?
Hi. I'm so sorry I'm late.
Is Anabelle ready?
I saw her bags outside.
- Are you Christine?
- Yeah.
We thought that she was
already with you.
With? But I...
I just... I just got here.
Did you guys see this?
Seen what?
It looks like you guys
got TP'd or something.
I hate to tell you this,
but they let the air
out of your tires, too.
Oh, my God.
I changed my mind.
Let's find Anabelle
and go in Christine's car.
I'll come back
with the authorities for Dad
once I get you guys into town.
My car? What's going on?
I really gotta get going.
Look, right now we just really
need to find your aunt.
Michael, where do you think
she could have even gone?
- What is it?
- Go inside.
Michael, what is it?
What happened?
Is it my aunt?
Is she all right?
No, no, no.
You don't wanna know.
Oh, God.
Oh, no!
Help! Help!
Get out of the way.
No, no.
Brandon, come on!
She's dead! Let's go!
Michael, help him!
Not so perfect now, are you?
This is just like when he went
ape shit on us at home.
It's a game with him.
He's gonna draw us out.
- What do we do?
- I don't know.
He's fuckin' playing with us.
I don't get it.
How is he here?
It was him at the tree house.
I think I saw him
when the car broke down.
I saw Mom, too.
Is he gone?
Never again.
- There you are.
- Get out!
Who the hell
is on my property?
Chloe's husband.
My dad.
But how did he
get through my wards?
That stuff isn't real, Dad.
Neither are ghosts,
I guess you'd say.
I seem to recall my precautions
saving your ass out there.
- Hey.
- Juliette.
I can barely move my arm,
and my head is...
You just hit your head,
that's all.
Let's get to the panic room.
Come on, honey, let's go.
You're saying Chloe's been
trapped here this whole time.
You called me insane.
The next words out of my mouth
were not going to be,
"Your dear departed sister
is living with me."
And while I'm truly sorry,
I'm glad, too,
I'm losing my mind,
you see?
It's going.
Faster than I'd like to admit.
Pieces at a time.
But now I know
that after I die...
no, after we die...
we'll all come back together.
That's impossible.
Michael, please tell me that
you are not believing this.
I didn't take it completely
seriously all those years ago.
Truth be known,
I was just an angry drunk
with too much time on my hands.
But our family
has a very unique lore.
I pulled this from the book
The Pack Eternal.
You used to say that
all the time.
It's part of an ancient ritual.
Once done, we shall be
gathered unto one place,
never to be cast asunder.
United in death as in life,
and by hallowed ground
of the ritual.
I've been working
on the "hallowed ground" part.
All this shit, as you call it,
is meant to make this place
safe for us.
Not now.
I have a trust that's been set.
It will maintain this compound
until the end of time.
And when I cross over,
it will be me and Chloe,
and then one day
you will join us.
I've seen them.
Both of them.
Me, too.
You cursed us.
The scar?
It binds us to the place
of the ritual at death.
Mom is here stuck...
and Dad is out there.
That's the mystery.
We got him.
It's a thermal reading.
He's got a heat signature.
He's working on my last level
of exterior protection.
What happens then?
This is all we've got,
and I don't know how long
it'll last.
We've gotta go
on the offensive.
We can't kill
what's been killed.
We must banish him.
I can't do this, Dad.
I can't watch anyone else die.
Well, at least Anabelle's away
and safe.
Where's Brandon?
Oh, Jesus, Brandon, stop!
Get it off of me!
Just get it off of me!
Who did this to you?
My mom!
Who else did she mark, Brandon?
Dad! She marked my dad.
So what happens
whenever he kills us
or what happens when we die,
are we gonna be stuck here
with him forever?
Dad, when did you first start
noticing activity outside?
When you got here.
Didn't you say that
the people who were marked
would be drawn together?
Yes, drawn to where
the ritual was performed
and to the other members
of the bond!
My mom did this at home.
She did this when I was little
at the apartment.
Hers was performed here.
Brandon was living with us
while Chloe was here.
William was pulled
in every different direction.
He couldn't fully manifest.
Yeah, but now you guys
are all in one place.
The balance has shifted.
He's getting stronger.
He followed us.
Is it reversible?
The book talks of a way, but...
The book.
Oh, stay here.
Shit. We got cut off
when I called.
They have to send someone.
How you doin' today?
Yeah, we got a call
from dispatch.
They said there was
a disturbance here.
- Is everything all right?
- Uh...
We're having some trouble
with the equipment inside.
Do you guys want to come in
and take a look at it?
What is...
Is that blood?
There's hair.
Sir, stay right there.
Is that blood?
What is that?
Just stay where you are, sir.
Just don't move.
Jack! Jack, call it in!
Is that a body?
What's over there?
Jack, call it in!
Call it in!
Don't move!
Don't you move.
- Jack, call it in.
- What happened?
Get over there!
Take it easy.
What happened?
A lot of weird shit.
It is hard to explain.
You will never believe it, okay?
The... The door.
Hey. Hey, he's right behind you.
He's right there!
- Just come in, please.
- He's right there!
He's right there.
He's right behind you.
Oh, my God.
Don't! Don't you move!
Michael, come inside!
Get back in here!
- Calm down.
- What the hell's going on here?
What is going on here?
Get up, Michael!
Come on, get up!
- Get in the house!
- Michael, come on!
Throw me the book!
Hey, kiddo.
Sorry. I'm sorry.
Did I get him?
Yeah, you got him.
So why can't I see him?
You don't have the mark.
The only way you would see him
is in these monitors.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
This translation's missing,
the one about the scars.
Dad, where are these pages?
I don't...
Hey, don't go foggy on me now.
This is
the most important thing.
I didn't lose them.
Somebody took them.
I've seen those before.
It's Mom.
It's a ritual.
We need to make a circle.
That circle's on
the floor of the panic room.
That's too close quarters
for this.
Help me.
Okay, but that's in here,
and he's out there.
Not for long.
If this doesn't work,
this room is your last holdout.
No, Michael, wait.
I don't like this idea.
I don't want to separate.
I should be with you.
Your only eyes and ears
are in here.
And besides,
you don't have the scar.
If all hell breaks loose,
maybe he'll leave you alone
'cause you're not
part of the family.
It may be the only thing
that saves you.
Brandon, you ready?
Not really, but I'm in.
Juliette, you holler
when you see him break through.
Come on, kiddo.
It's really quiet.
Where the hell is he?
Wait, was that him?
I don't know.
Get ready.
You can't go out there blind.
Then don't let me.
Where the hell did he go?
Where is he?
Behind you!
Michael, here!
Now and forever
I banish you from this bond!
Alone you shall wander,
bound by this curse.
Broken from the circle,
I shall see you nevermore.
You did good.
You put your family first.
That's all I ever asked.
All I ever wanted to do.
I'm proud of you.
She can stop now
Will follow