Compulsion (2016) Movie Script

I'm still late, Thierry.
Grace, Signora. They are equal.
'I gave myself to the stranger
completely unrestrained.'
Every restraint, every demand,
every breath became a challenge.
I opened my eyes and saw my
spirit walk among the living.
At the same time I found the view
of my lover dangerous and exciting.
The charm of being pulled into the depths...
...and to dwell forever in this illusion was...
...was overwhelming for me.
And I discovered...
...that pain and pleasure are superficial.
But love breaks through all that.
He did not know love.
'But I really wanted to find her.'
Thank you.
Compliment, that was wonderful.
- Thank you.
Bravo, my compliment.
- Oh thank you. Excuse me.
Very pleased. A wonderful book.
- Thank you thank you.
It really is you.
I hoped it was just imagination.
Like a ghost from your book.
What do you want in Italy?
Did not you invite me?
I have read your book.
It was very good.
Of course, my memory is different.
Do not you like your presentation?
- I do not like to play the bad guy.
I would not have loved you.
What do you want?
I wanted to see you.
- You have that now.
Did you miss me?
We were pathetic together.
We were perfect.
Maybe a bit heavy.
I will go to a villa today.
Come along.
To a villa? For real?
You can forget that.
- There are some interesting people.
I have to be in Rome on Tuesday.
Is no problem.
I'm supposed to meet
Thierry's parents in Paris.
My idea is more amusing, I promise.
A present for tonight.
I know you love theater.
A car will wait for you...
...just in case.
Chrie, what are you doing out here alone?
I have to ask you something.
Do you love me more when
I treat you like him?
Like a whore?
Oh, you're off.
Sadie, wait.
Sadie, stop tormenting yourself.
Let me help you...
- I am not disturbed.
Without me you are completely alone.
So, when exactly do you
have to be in Paris?
Leave it.
Let's say hello.
That was a great performance.
- Thank you, Mr. Zarr.
This is my friend Sadie Glass.
Sadie, Francesca.
She is on a reading tour.
I want to convince her of the villa.
Do you have something better to do?
- It is a bit complicated.
My things are in the hotel and I
can not go back there right now.
My driver will pick you up.
- You really always have a solution.
And you get the excuses.
Alright, if she comes along.
There is enough space for everyone.
Thank you very much. I get my things.
I knew you understood.
Did you have any romantic plans?
I will not fuck with you.
For a fresh start.
On material for my next book.
A nice cookie.
Not really. People here believe
the whole region is cursed.
And then her Catholic guilt feelings.
Really a deadly combination.
- Sounds very exhausting.
Under the village run various tunnels.
Escape for innocents.
That excludes us then, right?
We could still use it to escape from you.
They say they lead to hell.
That's beautiful.
And who does this belong to?
Business partners of mine.
Can you sell your soul twice?
Germans are not picky.
Congratulations, now you
have everything you wanted.
No, not all.
Look around, Minos brings
the bags to your room.
Have you already confessed your sins?
This way.
Hey. Come along.
Do you want to be an actress?
No. I want to become a star in America.
I sent out my showreel, but
without contacts, nothing works.
What is on it?
I recorded monologues.
Can you show me one?
Yes. OK...
Wait wait.
I cried last night.
I cried because I did the procedure...
...the way I became a woman was painful.
I cried because.
I recognized the reality.
I cried because I could
not believe anymore.
And I loved to believe it.
I can see that you understand me, and...
...and I am afraid.
I am so afraid to find someone
who feels the same way as me.
And just as much I long for such a person.
I am neurotic, perverted,
destructive, fiery,
Pain wants to be controlled.
You do not revel in it.
Thanks for this idea.
The planetarium is a little over the top.
- Yes. Have you seen the turtles?
Thank you.
A little bit stronger.
So beautiful.
When I was little, we drove
to our family villa.
Our house was a little bigger.
- Yes.
No. No, do not worry.
I've never seen anything like it.
Do you remember our villa in France?
She was beautiful.
- Yes, that was her.
Then we were in Paris.
Oh, what's going on?
This room... strange.
Something is wrong with this room.
What was that?
I thought she could handle it better.
Do you have any O-juice to bring down?
- Yes, in the kitchen in the basement.
Can you take care of her?
- Relax.
Okay, let's get you from this chair.
Come on, I'll help you.
What are you doing here?
- You need help, right?
Dangerous as ever.
Where are you?
There you are.
Everything okay?
- no. You took too long.
I've lost my way.
Come on, little one. Come to me.
I see you are better.
Well then, have fun.
Is something wrong?
There is someone else in Turin.
I was pretty nasty.
Do not you want to be here?
But already.
What happened in Paris?
Alex likes certain games.
Well, and I went too far.
Is everything okay?
Yes. It's just strange to
be back at Alex's side.
How did you sleep?
- I had a very lively dream.
I believe immediately.
Et voila.
Thank you.
I was on a nice stage...
...and played a piece written only for me.
It was like the whole world was watching.
Was I there too?
- Naturally.
That was your piece.
That sounds good.
We both could do great things.
May I kiss you again?
A little slower, yes?
Love me.
That was a great performance.
There are some interesting people.
Do not worry about her.
Come along.
A nightmare?
Did Alex tell you about tonight?
- Hello, ladies.
Did you recover well?
So, the guests will arrive in a few hours.
Oh damn. I have to sleep.
- And I have to prepare the party.
What kind of party is that?
Come on, Sadie, you know that.
Does she know it too?
- Relax yourself,
its all under my control. You also?
I'm still wondering if I should be here at all.
It's just a party.
- Yes.
If you want to go,
then do it now.
Have you done that before?
One or two times.
Dear friends, first a toast...
...on my girlfriend, Sadie Glass.
On the success of their memoirs, and
even more success in the future.
Welcome to this private company.
This weekend, the villa is sort of a slave.
Do with her what you want.
They all know the rules:
There is none.
Are you happy that you stayed?
- Will I still regret it?
Its possible.
Our girlfriend really does not lose time.
What do you mean by that?
Good Morning.
Do we play a round?
Now it's your turn.
What was that? Alex, I swear...
If you do not make a move,
it's my turn again.
Last night...
- ...was just a party, as it used to be.
This woman...
There were so many women.
Look at this as a play.
Are you playing with it now?
Tell me the truth.
This party, this weekend - that's all for you.
Did I ask for it?
You lure me with a trick...
- A trick? You are here voluntarily.
When you could go, you stayed.
And if I want to go now?
Do not do it.
Let her through.
Francesca, wake up. I'm leaving
here and you're coming.
Hey, what's wrong with you?
Maybe it was Alex's other pill.
I could not sleep.
I had a beautiful dream.
I feel like a newborn.
- We are not sure here.
Be sure to stay in here.
Are you looking for something?
I want to go to the next place.
- I'm sorry, no one is allowed to leave here.
Alright, then not.
Could you take me with you?
- Sure, where are you going?
I do not care. Far away.
Get on.
- Thank you.
She is the guest of honor.
- We only played.
All right. Alright, you're safe.
You are sure.
Fuck, what was that?
Nothing happened to you.
Everything just a game.
Do not try to run away.
Come on, you should
freshen up. Come over.
Much better.
I am losing my mind.
There was a book tour a few days
ago, and there was Thierry.
And now I am here. I mean all the
time, I'm supposed to be here...
...but I do not understand it.
Yesterday, did you see that woman, right?
Which woman?
What are you afraid of?
The last time you played games
with Alex, you became...
Why can not I forget it?
God, what do I want to forget?
Why can not I just...
Maybe you want to be here.
And this truth can scare you.
Whatever happens, we can stand it.
Is everything okay?
Hello, Sadie.
You... why are you... how are you...
Are you all right?
Your room is ready.
Many Thanks.
We'll talk soon, will you?
This way please.
Why is he here?
For tonight.
Escape for innocents.
Sadie, there you are.
I was mad at me all the time.
It was wrong to say that. Excuse me.
Let's get out of here.
- I can not.
But you should go.
- Only if you come with me.
You have lost nothing here.
I love you, Sadie.
I do not want to be with you.
- What's going on?
Nothing, everything. It does not matter.
I do not want anything from you and your
parents. And do not say, you love me,
because that's a lie.
And it means nothing to me anymore.
Good evening.
- Francesca, I'm glad.
Thierry, me too.
So you are Thierry?
- Yes.
Are you here for the party?
Nice that you came after
Sadie just ran away.
It's complicated.
- Of course.
We all do crazy things that we regret.
I'm going to my room now.
Are you coming with me?
It was a pleasure.
Hey, kid. You are so tense.
Try to come down, okay?
It is time.
What if I say no?
Please do not do it.
Then it hurts even more.
How so?
You can not just deny what happened.
I'll help you decide.
But Thierry does not belong here.
Let him go, then I do what you want.
And the dancer?
You know, you can not save both.
A small gift for you.
I stole her from Alex.
One more night.
Tomorrow we will both open a new chapter.
I get ready. See you then.
Are you ready?
No more games after tonight, and no lies.
That's your decision.
Either he or we, little one.
You can not run away
from it, from yourself.
You have to do it.
Sadie, you have to do it.
Do it. Do it.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry...
Have you already confessed your sins?
Sadie, stop tormenting yourself.
Maybe you want to be here.
And this truth can scare you.
You can not just deny what happened.
'She squeezed harder.'
Lost in her lust, she did not
hear his heart stop beating.
Not at first.
Then he was dead.
She had lost control that night.
And she had tasted her great love.
Not a day when she did not feel that pain.
He was her identity now.
She was still afraid to let go,
So she squeezed harder.
Although he is even in death...
'she was still persecuted.'
Pain wants to be controlled.
You do not revel in it.
You will soon return to us.
That is inevitable.