Concrete Utopia (2023) Movie Script

In this apartment complex
like a huge cement forest,
I stand as a tiny dot and
feel a sudden sense of loneliness.
For sure, apartments should provide
a convenient and healthy lifestyle.
So we must be able to entrust all we have
to this apartment.
Apartments used to be a way
to help people buy a home,
but now everyone talks
about their convenience.
What the apartment has created is a space
where we can easily upgrade our lifestyles.
(Based on Kim Soong-nyung's webtoon
"Cheerful Neighbor" - Part II)
(Apartment lottery)
No. 115, Building 2, No. 112...
The red ones are for sale, the blue
ones are rentals. (Urgent sales properties)
I want to keep moving to bigger units
and keep up this apartment lifestyle.
(Welcome new tenants)
Directed by UM TAE-HWA
(Civil service diploma)
(Concrete Utopia)
We can't reach the police
or fire department?
Is it really safe here?
How could we know that?
- What if it collapses?
- It's my first earthquake, too.
Better off here. They're
freezing to death outside.
I'd rather be crushed than freeze.
(Disaster management guidelines)
Is there any backup generator?
At least get the water running.
Everyone just calm down!
We're trying our best!
The water at least...
We've got 22 bottles of water.
Okay, 22 bottles of water.
How long do you think this will last us?
The rice cakes Dad sent
haven't gone bad yet.
I don't know.
Maybe a week?
We should've gone to Walmart
when you suggested it last weekend.
How can this happen?
I really think we should go to Dad.
I told you, it's too dangerous.
Let's wait just a bit.
A rescue team will come soon.
Don't worry, we'll be okay.
Who is it?
I said who are you?
Excuse me.
My son is so cold...
I'm so sorry, but can
my boy sleep in there?
I'm begging you.
You're the only one who opened the door!
Help us, please?
Our situation...
This is super expensive.
Take this, and at least help my son.
What is it?
I'm from Dream Palace
across the street. Please help!
There are three buttons. Push the top one.
Then turn this to make the light stronger,
shall I show you?
Yes, please.
- Turn it like this...
- I see.
Thank you!
We're all just helping each other.
- Sleep tight!
- Yes!
- Get some rest.
- Yes.
Give me some ramyun and water.
Have any gasoline?
What are you selling?
(No cash - Will accept
lighters, gas, water)
Do you take batteries?
Would you take this?
How could that pipsqueak
steal everything I have?
Get out! Get out, you thief!
We should just kick out
these damned outsiders.
Are they American or German roaches?
Why are they so big?
Hello? Are you getting the signal? Over.
There's no rescue signal.
Just a squeaking sound.
You're back?
It's cold, right?
What is it?
What's this? Where'd you get it?
Eat it, quick.
Let's share it.
Just this once!
Let's have it ourselves.
It was so hard to get this.
Hurry up... Here.
Is it good?
Have a bite.
There's another fight out there.
With the outsiders.
Can't people just be humane,
peace-loving citizens?
Don't worry. Whatever
happens, I'll protect you.
So impressive, my husband...
Bone... Bone...
What? What bone?
Boning who?
I wanted to make bone
soup, since it's lunchtime.
Oh, I disturbed your eating...
Tell them thank you!
Slow down!
They're so shameless,
even while living off us.
We were greedy, eating it ourselves.
You said it was hard for you too
when you had to pay rent.
That was totally different.
We're in a crisis now!
We take them in, and they
act like it's their home.
Beat it! Just get out!
- Honey!
- Those assholes!
Where are you going?
Wait here.
Honey, are you okay?
First, lie him down.
Are you a doctor?
- A nurse.
- A nurse?
Somebody bring a clean cloth or towel!
Mr. Oh! Are you okay?
How did he get hurt?
How could this happen?
What's that smoke?
Fire! There's a fire!
Get up, quick!
Move back!
Out of the way!
He went in!
Out of the way!
Pull this over there!
The water tank is frozen, it won't work!
Pull it that way! Hurry!
The water isn't running!
Huh? It's working!
The water's coming!
It's coming out!
Grab it. Grab it there.
- In the back!
- Yes!
Pull the hose!
Your throat still stings?
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
It was this man here!
So this was the man...
Oh my, your face is all black.
I'm the head of the women's council.
Oh, hello.
You saved us from a disaster.
How could you be so brave?
Can't let it collapse,
this is the only one left.
The building won't collapse from a fire
on the first floor.
Where do you live?
You're on the 9th floor?
So am I.
We came down in the elevator, that time.
Oh, right. I'm in #902.
An old woman lives there.
You're her son!
If it weren't for him, we'd
all have burned to death.
No, it was nothing. That young guy...
He and the other residents did a great job.
The guy who got stabbed owns the apartment.
He was out in the cold, then came home.
But a pack of strangers were camped
in his living room, so he blew up.
For them, freezing outside or
getting stabbed in here is all the same,
so out comes the knife! Stab!
And since that didn't work...
Oh, hello!
Joo-ran, come here and check in!
- What happened to your head?
- Mom! Mom!
Here, each of you take one. One each!
You there! No, no no!
You who took two! Give it back.
Or I'll take all of these back!
Excuse me!
Listen up...
Shall we start our meeting
on the outsiders issue?
So, is it only residents
here at this meeting?
I, Kim Keum-ae, can guarantee
the identity of everyone here.
On your way in, I checked
each of you in the register.
- Can I...?
- Yes, go ahead.
We lived in Samyoung Villa for 20 years,
and moved in here just three weeks ago.
Where's Samyoung Villa?
You know the pedestrian overpass?
Across from there, by the church.
In the back...
- Oh, that one?
- It was meant to be.
- Good for you.
- Lucky to move here.
Thank you.
To be honest,
I think we should evict them all.
It took us 23 years to
earn enough for this home.
Moving to this side of the street... My wife
and I worked our tails off to come here...
Hold on.
You say "evict", but in this weather
you're telling them to go die.
- Some people have no...
- How can you say that?
You think I enjoy this?
Then how about only letting them stay
until the rescue team comes?
Rescue team? Seen any helicopter pass by?
Nothing but sparrows.
Right, and soon we'll be
all out of food and water.
What will you say then?
You're too dramatic.
At times like this, you need to
act cautiously and rationally...
You can die rationally, I'm
going to live dramatically!
What did you say? You told me to die, pig?
How old are you anyway?
- I'm 99, why?
- Stop.
Stop your bullshit!
This complex is finished.
- Letting in trash like you.
- Where do you live, bastard?
#1004, bastard!
Will you please stop!
If you're going to fight,
then just leave. Stop this.
Let's return to the main point.
Almost all the outsiders here
come from Dream Palace.
Remember how they used to look down on us?
Putting up gates, screaming about
keeping school districts separate.
Honestly, if the tables were turned
they'd send us all packing.
Even worse.
That's right.
But still...
Shouldn't we try to find a
way to all live together?
Seeing it from their point of view...
All live together, or all die together?
From their point of view,
should we all get stabbed and die?
No, but...
Generosity comes from full stomachs.
But food's running low.
It's easy to say we'll help,
but you saw what happened today.
And even if we sit still,
there's no guarantee they'll do the same.
Why make such unrealistic proposals?
Then you think we should evict them?
I'm saying we should consider it.
You from #602, what do you think?
He's a public servant.
Don't public servants have plans
for this type of emergency?
He's a public servant?
Yes, well...
First, in an emergency
I think it's important to build a system.
Form an organization,
and pool our strength to solve the crisis.
Pool our strength how?
I could've said that!
The reason everyone is talking at once is
that we don't have someone to decide things.
So we need someone here
to stand at the center.
Right, we need a leader. A delegate.
- Right.
- But who?
Someone who's lived here the longest,
with the most age and experience?
The ones who have lived here longest
are this gentleman and lady.
- Why don't you just do it?
- Should be a man, of course.
No, they say women are
stronger in a crisis.
People, there's something
more important than strength.
Who knows if he's alive or dead,
but remember Lee, our leader
in the redevelopment fight?
- Right.
- Remember? A man of wrath.
We need a man who could risk his
life for us and with eyes blazing,
leap into the heat of a roaring flame!
Couldn't we entrust the fate of
Hwang Gung Apartments to such a man?
A person of such dependability
and decisiveness!
It's unanimous.
Kim Young-tak of #902 has been voted
our provisional Resident Delegate.
Everyone give him a hand.
What was his job?
I feel like our apartment
complex has been chosen.
And so, we must all survive
to the very end, and...
Yes. That's all.
(Kim Young-tak)
Sign here.
Next, take two stones.
So I'll explain again.
"Evict" is the white stone.
"Disagree" is the black stone.
You can only put in one.
You can't put in both.
Okay, put one in.
Then, you go out.
Put the other stone here. Right.
Then you go out. That way, yes.
But you need to come back.
Shall we start?
Have another of these.
- Come in.
- Yes.
#602. Name, Min-sung.
- Valuable human resources...
- I see.
It's a landslide.
- What was white again?
- Evict.
And the result is!
A majority have decided to
evict the outsiders. Right?
So Mr. Delegate, what's your plan?
Well... we better plan something.
They'll plan something, I guess...
Plan what?
If people are evicted, where will they go?
I don't know, let's just sleep.
There'll be some place they can go.
This building survived, right?
Honey, when you voted,
what color did you put in?
They said not to tell even your spouse.
Hey lady, over!
What's going on, over!
I told you to call me Sis.
- Need to poop?
- Yes, I do.
Let's go. Give me this.
Over here! Come and help!
Again! One, two!
Hyo-jin, just a second! We'll get you out!
What's that?
Help! Help...
Hyo-jin, I'm sorry!
Min-sung, you'll need to head
our anti-crime task force.
What? But I don't know how to do this.
You're young,
and did your military service not long ago.
Someone like you needs to help out.
I'll be counting on you.
So here we have 136 households,
219 survivors in all.
The people I mentioned before
are task force leaders.
We chose people who served in the military.
So... yes?
- I used to work at Happiness Realty.
- Yes, I know.
Since this is a sensitive matter
concerning apartment safety,
shouldn't the leaders all be homeowners?
Why look at me?
We have a lot of loans, but it's our home.
Don't make assumptions.
Just thought I'd check.
The banks have all collapsed,
who cares about loans now?
- You've got the deed?
- Of course.
Then it's your home.
Outside everything has crumbled,
only this building is left.
Honestly, there's no difference now
between a murderer and a pastor.
There's no high or low. Everyone is equal.
Everything's been reset. Am I wrong?
Anyway, leaders, spread the word,
and let's meet at dawn tomorrow.
Won't we need to take some weapons?
You mean we should carry
clubs or something?
Isn't it obvious?
You think they're just
going to file out willingly?
But we have no intention
of killing anyone or whatever.
It's just in case.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry, but my health is not good.
I'm sorry.
What? You're quitting?
Yes, I'm sorry.
If you do this, soon
everyone will drop out!
No, sir. My health is truly not good.
How bad can it be? This
guy here was stabbed!
Sure, I understand.
- Oh my!
- Let go.
- Excuse me.
- How can you be so egotistical?
You said you picked people
who served in the military.
I was exempted from duty. Kidney disease.
- Well, then...
- Ma'am.
I assume you'll find a replacement for me.
Good luck.
I guess his kidneys never recovered.
Just a second, almost done.
All done now.
Smells like strawberries!
I'll be back.
Attention, please!
Everyone who is not a resident of this complex,
please gather in front of the building.
Thank you!
Hurry, or the better homes will get taken.
See you later!
- I repeat.
- Bye!
We will distribute empty homes
to people from the outside.
We request your prompt cooperation!
So cold...
What are they doing?
What is that?
Thanks to all who contributed their efforts
to the renovation campaign.
Now I have something
unfortunate to tell you.
Those who are not residents
of Hwang Gung Apartments
are kindly asked to leave this complex.
I repeat.
From today, non-resident outsiders
are not allowed to live here.
We ask you to leave quickly.
- What the hell?
- What are you talking about?
You said you'd distribute empty homes!
Are those empty homes yours?
Did the owners transfer them to you?
- You're acting like you own them!
- Who are you to order us to leave?
Calm down.
Are you telling all of
us to freeze to death?
Chief Park!
I've worked here for 20 years!
Chairperson! Say something!
I can't believe you people!
Don't do this, okay?
Do you know who this person here is?
This is our district's
Congressman, Yu Doo-hyun.
- Heard of him?
- No.
Let's solve this with dialogue.
Please lower your weapons.
People! You need to remain calm!
We may be living through
this difficult time,
but if we all team together,
we can beat this, right?
That's right!
Congressman, please leave.
What the hell?
Who are you to tell him to leave?
Me? I'm the resident delegate.
Who the hell cares?
I'm Yu Doo-hyun! Don't you watch TV?
Just shut up, and please leave.
You told the Congressman to shut up?
People! Let's go in!
You bastards!
- Let's push our way in!
- Let's go!
Mr. Delegate, are you okay?
Let's go!
Stop them!
Stop them!
Wait, don't push!
You assholes!
Mr. Delegate!
- Mr. Delegate, are you okay?
- Blood!
Get out!
Everyone out!
Get out!
Get the hell out!
Beat it!
- Get out!
- Beat it, assholes!
You bastards!
We'll be back!
Bring a towel!
(Non-residents denied entry)
Thanks for your efforts.
Thank you.
- Thanks for your efforts.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
You look sexy!
- He does.
- Don't say that...
Long live our apartment complex!
Long live our apartments!
Yes, long live our apartments.
Long live our apartments!
Long live Kim Young-tak!
Long live our apartments!
Long live our apartments!
Long live Kim Young-tak!
Long live Kim Young-tak!
Long live our Delegate!
Long live Kim Young-tak!
Our apartments belong to the residents!
Our apartments belong to the residents!
Our apartments belong to the residents!
Our apartments belong to the residents!
Our apartments belong to the residents!
Our apartments belong to the residents!
Our apartments!
Our apartments!
Belong to the residents!
Belong to the residents!
Our apartments!
Our apartments!
Belong to the residents!
Belong to the residents!
Our apartments!
Our apartments!
Belong to the residents!
Belong to the residents!
Our apartments!
Our apartments!
Belong to the residents!
Belong to the residents!
Mr. Delegate!
Delegate Kim!
We appreciate your hard work
during our renewal drive.
Today I'd like to talk
about Resident Regulations.
(Resident regulations)
(1. Apartments belong to residents.
Only residents may live here. (etc.))
The only people allowed inside this complex
are residents.
No, this way, Min-sung.
Up against the side.
To maintain public order, it is forbidden
to go in and out at will.
(Non-residents denied entry)
Rations are provided according to
one's contributions. So that all is fair.
We can't have some people work
and others slack off, right?
The Anti-Crime Force is in charge
of patrols and maintaining order.
Men between the ages of 16
and 60 are all eligible.
- You can come to me to sign up.
- Loyalty!
The Rations Force, to regulate
distribution of limited resources,
will issue rations periodically
according to set regulations.
The Maintenance Force
improves living spaces
and takes the lead in
repairing electricity and heating.
Wow, Dad, you're the best!
The Medical Force provides medical care
and welfare services on each floor.
Now, don't trade this medicine for liquor
like last time.
Oh, shit...
And most important, waste management.
This practice of dumping one's waste anywhere
you like does not befit proper human beings.
Hello there!
That's a full one.
Goddamn creep...
We must trade, conserve, share, reuse
and exchange our resources!
And then, fire prevention!
If you start fires anywhere you want,
we'll all end up roasted.
Plus, we can't have disease spread,
so maintain personal hygiene!
Let's all live well together!
Most important is not to be afraid!
Whatever it's like
outside, whoever is there,
if we're not scared, we'll win.
If we don't want our families to starve,
our Anti-Crime Force must be brave, right?
Yes, that's right!
- Shall we shout our slogan?
- Yes!
One, two, three!
Hooray Hwang Gung! Hooray Hwang Gung!
Let's go! Win!
Watch where you step.
- Careful, on the left!
- Yes.
Don't be startled.
Isn't that the Congressman
we saw last time?
He liked to talk big, but now he's dead.
If you leave the apartments, you die.
What is that?
Are you okay?
Nice work, everyone.
Not that we can use any of this.
Thanks for bringing this... moldy food.
Okay, one, two, three!
Hooray Hwang Gung! Hooray Hwang Gung!
Let's go! Win!
The building was standing so they went in,
but when they opened the door,
corpses were everywhere!
And it was all the
result of human violence.
Oh my... Beasts with human faces...
Is this edible?
It should be okay.
We only have a few days of food, now.
We're in trouble...
One, two, three!
Hooray Hwang Gung! Hooray...
Give it some spirit!
One, two, three!
Hooray Hwang Gung!
Hooray Hwang Gung!
Let's go!
Let's go!
How did you meet your wife?
At the university, on a blind date.
What department?
Public Administration.
So your dream was to be
a public servant, then?
My parents died early.
I had no big ambitions,
I just dreamed of creating
a stable family life.
So I married early,
barely managed to buy an apartment...
"The strength of a nation deviates
from the integration of the home..."
You know that saying,
to protect your family is patriotic.
"The strength of a nation derives
from the integrity of the home?"
Yes, that's what I just said.
I had a family, too.
Though we didn't live together.
Then your family...?
But do you plan to have children?
- Last year we had a miscarriage...
- I'm sorry for asking.
It's okay.
I see.
It's not that we did anything wrong,
but something happened,
and it was really hard for Myung-hwa.
Still, we'll all be rewarded.
For all the trouble
we're going through now.
We'll all be rewarded.
Hey, Lady!
- The walkie-talkie!
- Hey!
You little brat, be quiet!
Joo-mong, what's going on?
You have to say "Over".
Right... "Over".
Mister, what number apartment is this?
Hey, you! Stop it!
I'm telling you, stop!
Go to your mother now!
Just a minute... Hello?
That boy stayed at our house before.
Are you with his mom?
I think I can help you.
Yes? Hello?
Came to the right place.
There really is something.
Son, you think you can
open that by pulling?
Grab by the lock and twist.
- I'll check out the area behind.
- Okay.
There we go!
Push, push!
He's got a gun!
You shitheads!
Just you try laying a finger on my store!
I'll blast a hole in his damn skull!
All right, okay.
We'll just leave, so please lower the gun.
I won't fall for it any more, shitheads!
Please calm down.
We'll go, honestly. Please let him go.
- You take me for a fool?
- Please save me!
We're going. Let's go!
Shit, don't move!
Let's go...
Grab him!
Take the gun!
Grab him! Grab that bastard!
- Is he okay?
- Yes, I think it hit his helmet.
You asshole!
How could you take a young kid hostage?
Don't you have any shame? You bastard!
Let's get the stuff.
Wow, it's a party!
Hey, put that in.
This is a real feast!
Hey, I get whatever's left!
Ji-hyuk lived thanks to you.
- Good job.
- Take the dog!
Let's get going.
Honey... Oh no!
Did you guys hear the rumor?
- What rumor?
- The apartment complex?
You dumb shit, you believe that?
An apartment complex here?
It's been like this for two months.
Don't be stupid.
I heard it, too.
It's just like before.
They say it's paradise.
Eat up.
I heard something different.
I heard they eat people there.
After spreading rumors
about paradise or whatever,
they use the people who show up as food,
stringing them up,
letting the blood drain
from their ankles...
They run like cockroaches!
The Hwang Gung festival is
about to begin. Applause!
Those people ate already.
The other side! Don't get them confused.
Don't serve them twice!
With your cheers and applause,
the feast can truly begin!
Give us a cheer!
Ladies and gentlemen,
a new year is upon us.
Let's all shout it together.
One, two, three!
- Let's have a Happy New Year!
- Happy New Year!
How long has it been since I've had meat?
The flesh of others is so tasty.
Bon appetit.
Aren't you eating?
Hey, Miss!
It was hard getting that meat.
If you don't want it, I'll take it.
- No, we'll eat it.
- Sure, isn't it tasty?
Min-sung! Mr. Delegate wants you.
Come have a drink!
We'll borrow our Min-sung for a second.
- I'll be right back.
- Okay.
Let's give a hand to our
Anti-Crime Force leader!
Scoot over. Sit down here.
Have a drink. Do we have a glass?
Ji-hyuk, don't think of me
as an old fart, just listen.
These hard times we're going through, think
of it as doing your military service early.
Besides, when you enter society,
this all goes on your resume.
Are you a good student?
Something's coming!
Don't change the subject.
Nothing's coming.
Somethings's really coming.
If there's nothing, you're dead.
It looks that way, right?
If you stare at one spot for too long,
that's what happens.
What the hell?
What is that?
Ji-hyuk, what is that?
There's a road I want to travel
It's been so hard and lonely...
She's a fierce one.
Her father
(Owner: Moon Seung-hun)
had an affair with the woman in #1010.
(Daughter: Moon Hye-won)
Somehow she found out,
and put up a hand-written poster!
So that woman fled and
moved to a new place.
Not sure about her mom,
but this girl made it back alone.
Hey you!
Come here and say hello.
Remember the guy from next door?
Nobody does these days.
Are you all enjoying your meal?
I think our apartment complex
is truly the best in Korea.
The most expensive!
And the best, right?
For the first time since our renewal,
we have a new resident.
Please say hello.
Population growth isn't easy.
But for any group to thrive,
one must respect the rules.
What's the first rule of our complex?
- Our apartments belong to residents!
- I didn't hear, what was that?
Our apartments belong to the residents!
That's right!
Let's welcome our newest
resident and family member.
Ms. Moon Hye-won from #903.
Give her a hand!
Now you've got the mike, sing a song!
Are you kidding?
Don't hold back!
Sing a song! Sing a song!
Song no. 539.
Song no. 539!
To all our residents, I love you!
Love you too!
So sexy!
Under the starlight,
crossing the bridge
Rah rah rah! Rah rah rah!
Passing through the windy reed forest
Rah rah rah! Rah rah rah!
Always there waiting,
always there waiting...
Your apartment waits for me...
Rah rah rah! Rah rah rah!
As abnormally low temperatures persist,
Korea continues to set new
records for cold weather.
Today's daytime temperature
will be minus 26 degrees.
Please dress warmly in the cold.
According to the Astronomical Research Institute,
a Gemini meteor shower will grace the night sky.
As you watch the shooting stars,
how about making a wish?
(Hwang Gung apartments)
(Taxi driver certification
Name: Mo Se-beom)
(Please pay by this week!
- Caregiver)
Why's the door unlocked, the lights out...?
What were you doing?
Did you eat?
Kim Young-tak!
Who are you? How'd you get in here?
I moved in. I'll live here.
I'm reporting you for trespassing.
Give my money back!
I'm just listed as the power of attorney,
I don't know anything.
I'm a victim, too.
I know you conspired together,
don't give me that bullshit.
Pay me!
Or give me this house.
I can't believe this.
I never even got a contract.
I never got any money!
Those guys will never be caught.
You'd have to turn the world upside down.
They just picked some naive
jerks and ran their scam.
Naive jerks?
What's with you?
What? Naive jerks?
I don't care if those other jerks
go to the police or kill themselves,
but I'm not one of those chumps.
You picked the wrong guy.
Mun Seok-jo that realter fled the country.
And you got paid in your
friend's name, Hong Man-gi!
I dug it all up, you scheming dirtbag!
You're the idiot for throwing in cash
for a cheap house!
If you don't like it,
go through the courts!
Mr. Mo Se-beom, I'm sorry. Okay?
So get out of my house!
Get out!
You piece of shit!
Die, you prick!
Pay me, asshole!
Give me my money!
Give me my money, asshole!
Eat this, bastard!
Give back my money! My money!
My! Money!
My money...
(My lovely daughter)
- Where is Mo Se-beom?
- I don't know.
- Young-ji...
- Dad, where are you?
- What's going on?
- Where are you?
Hey, where are you?
Debt collectors are coming to the store!
You put your wife and kid in a living hell
and then leave?
Are you even human?
Don't touch that!
I came here to solve that, but...
Solve? What will you solve?
Have you ever solved
anything your entire life?
- Stop!
- Lady, who are you talking to?
You stupid fool.
Just go die.
No one there, no one there...
In your lonely apartment
No one there, no one there...
In your lonely apartment
Look at this, a gold tooth!
You little shit.
All right, all right. Go play.
- Go play with them, you jerk.
- Thank you!
- I'm going first.
- No, I'm going first!
- Me too!
- No, no!
Anti-Crime Force!
Rations are distributed once a week.
And there's a residents' meeting
on Monday nights, remember that.
I added some.
Please enjoy.
- Hello.
- Chief Park.
Chief Park...
Fill this up with water.
Checked, it's the 7th.
Wait a second... This one...
No, this is... Chief Park.
Oh, right.
- Here.
- Please enjoy.
Wait a minute.
Is this a joke? How can I
live on this for a week?
Why didn't you fill the water bottle?
That's the last of what we scraped up
from the water tank.
Why raise a fuss? We're all struggling.
If you received your
rations, hurry up and go.
All you do is sit around all day.
Don't be so selfish.
Hurry up, everyone's waiting!
The Anti-Crime Force gets so much,
and the rest of us should starve?
We distribute according to
the work each person does.
If you haven't been
outside, shut your mouth.
Shut my mouth?
Shut my mouth?
How do you think I ended up like this?
How the hell do you think this happened?
You think I don't know you kill people
for a loaf of bread?
Kids or adults, you're all murderers!
How can you say that?
What did you just say?
Then instead of those cockroaches,
you think my son should die instead? Huh?
Does my son have to die?
If you're not happy here, just leave.
Go out and live on your own.
Look, we have canned pupae.
Not many people got these.
- Honey.
- Yeah?
Did you kill someone on the outside?
Who said that?
Well... there was one incident.
But I don't think he died.
He didn't die.
Why look at me like that?
Ji-hyuk was almost killed.
You know Ji-hyuk.
I don't want you to go on
those searches anymore.
But everyone goes, how can I not?
I don't care if people call us selfish.
The rations I get are plenty.
Other people don't know you like I do.
You're not someone who can
easily hurt other people.
It'll ruin you.
- Hello.
- Here.
We're always grateful.
Hey! Get back inside!
- Thank you.
- Sure.
Oh, you received your rations?
Why wear your shoes in the house?
My feet are cold.
That's what I thought.
Oh my, those outsiders
left a real mess here.
Still, you're lucky to have
a home in times like these.
Shall I put this here?
Don't leave the house for
long while this is on.
And you mustn't add fuel
while it is still on.
I've lived right next door,
but hardly ever seen you, right?
Must've been loud with my mother next door,
but I'm only visiting now.
- You know the old woman in #902?
- Yes.
So you do know her.
Need to circulate the air.
Open the window in the utility room.
Try to bear the cold.
But tell me.
Why'd you say you don't
remember me yesterday?
Do you remember me?
I think I remember.
That's right.
Neighbors should know each other's faces.
I'll be going.
You took the anti-inflammatory?
Such pretty nails. Did
you do them yourself?
You're quite the artist.
I never tried this myself.
Nurses aren't allowed to.
Luckily we had some extras.
What is it like outside?
I mean...
Is there any hope out there?
It's hell.
I heard a group of people
live near Seoul Station.
Not sure if you'd call that hope.
Hey you!
Did you look for your mom?
- Why ask that?
- Why not?
She'll come back if she's not dead.
How can a daughter talk that way?
She'd be upset to hear you.
- Have you never been outside?
- What?
You all seem bizarrely hopeful.
Even out front, there are
piles of frozen bodies.
You're living in your own goddamn world.
Such an odd manner of speech.
We can't just accept anyone.
Oh my, look at her glare! Look! Oh my!
She's hilarious.
Hey, girl.
We worked our asses off
renewing this place.
But you just waltz in here one day, saying,
"I'm a resident," and take our food,
but do you produce anything?
Only shit?
So you should at least be polite.
Look, we are all chosen people, you get it?
Honestly, I don't know what you did
on the outside, but we took you in.
Then shouldn't you show us some gratitude?
Please stop.
Look at this color. Wow, it's so cute!
What do you mean, took me in?
It's my own home.
Her mom was nice,
but she's got a rotten
temper like her father.
Piss off! Why do you all talk shit to me?
Piss off? I was talking shit?
Hey, I was talking shit?
Don't you dare glare at me!
This place is bloody insane!
I struggled to come home,
but those women are crazy,
and what's with that Delegate guy?
Coming into someone else's home!
It was some other wacko
that lived next to me.
That man is not my neighbor.
They leave him alone, why come after me?
What are you saying?
What? Hye-won...
Where's Mr. Delegate?
Find him, quick!
- Mr. Delegate!
- What's going on?
Mr. Delegate!
- Something awful happened!
- Hurry!
- What's wrong?
- Hey, go check it out.
Let's go.
(You apartment bastards are heading
for an early grave)
We kept saying not to go outside,
why'd he do this?
He was looking for gold teeth.
Those cockroaches come
right up to the gate.
Shit, is this how they get revenge?
Those goddamned pricks.
From now on, strictly control
who leaves the complex!
- And increase the number of guards.
- Yes.
Everyone stay on your toes!
- Yes!
- Yes, sir!
Here, the nice lady said
to give these to you.
Hey, not there!
So you're home?
Open up for a sec.
Ah, Mr. Delegate...
What is it at this hour?
- Oh my, you were eating?
- Yes.
Sorry to interrupt.
That's okay.
Is this canned pupae?
Not many people received these.
They taste great with red pepper paste.
After the military,
I did every kind of work you can imagine.
I failed in several businesses,
did deliveries, even manual labor.
You worked really hard.
I worked my damn ass off.
But, sir...
Back then, I wondered
why this shitty world had it in for me.
But later I realized,
those were all assets.
When I look at a person,
I can tell right away.
Whether he's cheating me or not.
I feel it in my bones.
You shouldn't come in
people's homes at night.
Please leave.
If you've got extra
furniture, why not donate it?
We're short of firewood.
So before I call some people over
to clear all this furniture away...
we should clear out the
stuff that's inside.
Please, I'm begging you!
We told you to get out!
- Don't do this!
- We'll die out there!
Mr. Delegate! Let's talk this over, please!
If this isn't murder,
what is it, you asshole!
These aren't the only ones hiding!
- You bastard!
- Search everywhere!
Let go of me!
- Anything else there?
- Nothing.
Mr. Delegate, what is this?
Myung-hwa should know.
Are you crazy?
Do you know what you did?
I know that saving people is your job,
and part of your character.
But there are situations
where that isn't possible, like right now!
Why isn't it possible?
You think this is okay?
How could they do this?
You've gotten strange,
like that Delegate or whatever.
I even heard he was fake.
What do you mean, fake? Who said that?
Kim Young-tak never lived in that home.
Who said that?
The girl who moved into #903.
You believe her?
A kid who showed up out of nowhere?
She lived next door, she
must have seen his face!
Just calm down!
Please just listen to me, Myung-hwa.
If we're thrown out, we're finished.
We'll die!
Until I come back, don't open the
door for anyone or do anything.
All right?
I'll be back.
Where's #809?
He's at the meeting hall.
And the others?
They're waiting on the ground floor.
Mr. Delegate! I need to say something.
This isn't an issue for
me to decide on my own,
so say it at tomorrow's residents meeting.
I'll work harder, Mr. Delegate!
I'll make sure this never happens again,
please forgive us!
Mr. Delegate!
I'll do whatever you
tell me, so please help.
Min-sung, don't degrade yourself.
- Get up.
- Please forgive us!
From now on, work harder
for the sake of our apartments.
Thank you... Thank you!
Whatever we do, there's no need for guilt,
and no need for pride.
We're doing the obvious thing.
Protecting our families.
Come, get up.
Go in!
Most of you know this already,
but last night we had an
unfortunate incident in our complex.
One of our residents was hiding
a group of cockroaches.
(Love thy neighbor as thyself)
Come out here!
Honey! Honey!
Come out!
Thanks to #307 Yong-ik's
courageous accusation,
we tracked down a group of roaches.
Let's give him a hand.
Last night's incident tells us there are still
outsiders hiding here and there in our complex.
All that our fathers and sons
risked their lives to obtain...
Can we let that fall into
the hands of outsiders?
Those people outside aren't family.
If a cockroach crawls to the kitchen table,
is it family?
What kind of family would
burn, stab or kill people?
Show some sense, everyone!
To protect our apartment complex,
the residents must step up.
Just go.
Don't step up for my sake.
Thanks to the cooperation
of various residents,
we have completed our internal cleansing.
From today, only true residents
remain in this complex.
When you people made me your Delegate,
I made a promise.
Nothing else matters!
I'll protect our residents, our family!
Let's eat warm meals and sleep comfortably!
If we unite as one under the name
of our apartments, we'll prevail.
In such desperate times,
how can we trust or live with those who break
the rules and put innocent people in danger?
Still, despite their
mistakes, they are residents.
How can we throw away family?
So instead...
100 times?
Come on, 300 at least, don't you think?
All right, let's do 200.
We were wrong! We were wrong!
They acted so high and mighty,
but now they're scared.
We were wrong!
We were wrong!
We were wrong!
We were wrong!
We were wrong!
We were wrong!
We were wrong!
We were wrong!
We were wrong!
We were wrong!
- We were wrong!
- I was wrong!
I was wrong!
You're worse than beasts!
You shouldn't do this to people!
However screwed up this world may be,
there are things you should do,
and things you shouldn't do!
That asshole.
I knew he was trouble.
Oh no!
Smells a bit like roast fish.
You know why we're burning his corpse?
The corpses we threw in the trash last time
all disappeared.
Why do you think?
Those cockroaches snuck
in and carried them off...
Wow, that's gruesome!
- They ate them?
- Yeah, seriously.
Wow, they really ate them?
They're insane.
Come here, quick!
Why did that collapse?
- Water!
- It's water!
Everyone come here! Quick!
Water's flowing? Really? Let's go look.
Let's go.
Good work, everybody!
Good job!
That thing you told me last time.
Can you tell me again?
In detail...
(Kim Young-tak)
I went to his door once
when a package was misdelivered.
Are you Kim Young-tak?
I remember that creepy face perfectly.
Yeah, I am.
Didn't know such a pretty
girl lived next to me.
Thank you.
What a fucking scumbag.
Then where is the real Kim Young-tak?
I'm not sure.
But seeing as this Delegate
came in my house to threaten me,
he must be hiding something.
People, it won't dry up!
Don't push! You there, don't push!
This food won't last us a week.
It's spread too thin.
What'll it be now? We
can't survive on water.
If we reduce rations now,
people will throw a fit.
What more do you expect us to do?
Why ask me? You figure it out.
That's your job, isn't it?
Mr. Delegate?
Mr. Delegate!
We'll do something.
But what will you do?
How will you solve it? What solution?
If we could solve it by wagging
our tongues, it'd be easy.
Don't worry. I've got an idea.
Let's go!
Let's go, guys.
Wow, the Han River totally dried up.
Mr. Delegate seems a bit woozy today.
His eyes are bloodshot,
doesn't look like he's sleeping.
How far are we going?
It'll take us forever to get back.
What is that? Do you see?
That scared me.
A food court! Unbelievable!
Try going in.
But how do we get in there?
Give it a try!
Won't it be too dangerous?
This is the only way.
Let's go in and see what we can find.
Snap out of it!
There are no photos or anything.
I guess he got rid of them.
Granny! Sit up, please.
Where is your son?
The person you're living
with is not your son, right?
I'll help you, Granny.
I'll help you find your son.
I'm hungry.
I'm hungry.
(No entry)
Min-sung! Are you okay?
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
I'll come back.
Watch your head!
This is months worth of food!
Your mom will be so happy.
- What's that?
- Watch your step.
Let's hurry.
What was that?
What's going on?
Look out!
- Up there!
- Hey, look out!
Ji-hyuk! Ji-hyuk!
Beat it, you dirtbags!
Ji-hyuk! Ji-hyuk!
Who are you coming in here!
Get under cover!
Help Ji-hyuk!
- Help!
- Grab the food!
Just die, all of you!
Those rats!
- Go, quick!
- Ji-hyuk!
Please, don't die on us!
Beat it, you dirtbags!
Oh no, Ji-hyuk...
Where's Ji-hyuk?
Why? What's wrong? Ji-hyuk!
Ji-hyuk! Ji-hyuk!
Ji-hyuk! Ji-hyuk!
He's not breathing.
He's not breathing!
Hey! Why? Why?
Ji-hyuk. Ji-hyuk! Let's go.
I'll carry you.
Control yourself!
Let go of me. I'm not crazy.
Ji-hyuk, I'll carry you.
Let's go out!
Men, women, everybody come out. Now!
Get ready! Don't just sit there.
Where are you going?
- I'll be right back.
- Huh?
What are you doing?
- Wait! Grab her.
- Stop her!
You said you'd solve it!
You said you had an idea!
- Putting my son in danger...
- Geum-ae!
And getting him killed, was that your idea?
Let go!
You murderer!
You filthy murderer!
Let go!
You scarfed up the food
your son risked his life to bring,
so why freak out now?
Let's keep our heads here!
Just stop!
If you go out and kill people,
will your dead family members return?
This is all for the sake of our apartments!
What does that even mean?
If you have eyes, look
at what's happening here!
Then what do you want?
You want to make friends
with those bastards outside?
That's right. Before we all die.
Where are you living now?
You live your elegant life inside
the complex, so what do you know?
If all of us die, who cares
if we're inside or outside!
Hey, how can you talk to
our Delegate that way?
Take a look.
Resident Regulation #1.
Apartments belong to residents.
Only residents may live here.
Those are your words!
(Citizen ID: Kim Young-tak)
Who is it? That's not his face.
Mr. Delegate is a cockroach?
- That's not his face!
- They could have the same name...
It's different.
Leave this place.
Who the hell is he?
Check it.
Who is this?
It's the man from #902!
Come here, you! Get over here!
Does anyone speak Japanese?
Wait a minute. Everyone wait.
Mr. Delegate!
Someone else could have
put the body in here.
Mr. Delegate, what happened?
Please explain.
Explain what? Didn't you see the ID card?
At least say something.
- At least say something!
- Let go!
I am Kim Young-tak!
I gave my life to this complex.
Thinking of you all as my family,
I covered myself in blood and filth
so that you wouldn't have to!
I may not be registered here,
but that home is as good as mine.
I paid for it!
But this goddamned cheat
swindled me out of it!
I am Kim Young-tak from #902!
You dirty cockroach!
Bring back my husband!
We never should've
kicked out the outsiders!
He's the one who pushed
us to kick them out!
He's just insane!
He confessed with his own mouth now, right?
This isn't the time for us to fight!
We must fight the bastards out there!
We're not fighting! All we
need is to throw him out!
You scumbags! Hands off!
Get out, asshole!
It's all because of that bitch!
If it weren't for her, nothing would've...
They say when a hen crows,
the family goes to ruin.
Min-sung! Stop!
What's with you?
Why'd you do it?
Don't come closer.
Don't come closer!
You idiot, there's no time for this!
They're going to take our homes!
We're here!
What's going on?
Let's go in!
We're starving, you bastards! Give us food!
Let's go in!
Hooray Hwang Gung!
Piss off, scumbags!
Block the back gate!
We need to block the back gate!
Damn cockroaches!
You bastards! Don't follow me!
You lowlifes!
I'll blast a hole in your head!
You want one?
That bastard's out of bullets!
Now! Die!
Honey, let's hide in here.
Honey! When things quiet
down, we can run, okay?
Did they go in here?
Get them!
You stay in here.
- What about you?
- I'll be fine.
Come in here!
You asshole!
You bitch!
You asshole!
Stop it please!
Is it in here?
Hey, this way!
Come out! Now!
Look out!
Look out!
Is everyone... okay?
Mr. Delegate!
Going to my home...
I'll rest and come back.
Can you get in? Look inside.
- Is something there? Can you see?
- Wait a sec.
I don't think there's anything.
Hey, it's raining. Let's just go.
It's this way. He went this way.
Find him!
He went up!
I said go up!
On the 9th floor.
This way!
Isn't this that guy?
Is he dead?
Shit... Wearing shoes...
bringing dirt in my home.
Over here! Start with the food.
Oh, right...
Try it on.
You look pretty.
I'll buy a nicer one later.
For what?
I've made so many mistakes.
But there's one thing I know I did well.
Marrying you.
Honey, wake up.
It's so pretty.
Please get up...
Do you have somewhere to go?
Or you can come with us.
Watch your step.
Nice high ceilings, right?
It might be uncomfortable,
but it's better than outside.
Eat this for now.
Am I just allowed to live?
Why ask us that?
If you're alive, you can live.
I see.
Tell me though, the people
in that apartment complex...
There were rumors that they caught
and ate people, is it true?
What are you saying?
I'm just curious.
They were just...
ordinary people.
I see...
How could you ask such a thing?
- Push this here.
- First this way.
Eat it while it's still warm.
(Concrete Utopia)
Directed by UM TAE-HWA