Condemned to Live (1935) Movie Script

My dear do you mean you ever never liked
to think of beside your own then go for
with your knowledge of the jungle you'll
get you forget mother I can't leave you
now you need a doctor soon
how much longer will it be I got the
attack I'd rather be killed does it get
it over with study France the natives
will never attack us here
my doctor why they're afraid of us no of
this place this cave is infested with
bats bats are they afraid of bats
vampire bats do they believe in rats and
superstition it is no superstition my
friend it's true the natives call them
birds and the other mightily as well
they may these hideous monsters swoop
down upon their victims on the night
they fasten themselves to the throat and
drink the blood
it's Jambo doctor just like Freda and
drained of blood he is just like what
manner of a monster
here comes a good professor he can help
us up anyone can tear again professor.
Kristin genre
you found him in the kale Mike Reider he
is the same th the throat torn open to.
Jean Han who says the monster is a
bat-pill Arshavin can do you ever seen -
doctor - but still some huge am know
something it drags them to the caves can
they be right of course not
tell them sir no bat could tear that
throat as if with teeth and drag their
bodies to the cave there are stranger
things upon this earth and you could
know what David what what a vampire
would attack like this then you both
believe that this monster is a bat if
one could be so large then I say yes and
you sir it is strange it never happens
in the light it is not yet given to us
to know whether or not this monster is a
bat but of one thing we are sure that
both these hideous things have happened
after dark until this dreadful thing is
caught shut in the dark for no reason
leave your homes when dusk has fallen
vulture doors and burning give this
monster no opportunity and you are safe
now go to your homes and guard
yourselves with light
you my child I'm there fixed by this
time of day what for the town's folk
jumping in and out muddy boots on my
clean floors and us liable to be
murdered in our beds they found what did
it they had not and unless they do
there'll be another mass my word little
free to last week channel last night.
Oh mother Mary it's horrible horrible it
is what's in the basket
slow this from my garden fresh lavender
for your linens and plum preserves for
your table the professor stable you mean
you will make him a good wife Marjorie
the professor is blessed for I hope so I
want to be a good wife but the professor
is so good so mother Mary do you think
I'll ever be like this the professor
lives for the poor my child the poor in
spirit is will but these ingrates take
advantage of his goodness if I hadn't
made a rule but they couldn't come
before this hour I'd have them underfoot
all day with Maree booths but surely now
something must be done there's not a
problem that isn't brought to him which
counter by how to make up with their
sweethearts they even asked him when to
kiss their wife
that's what comes of being wise and good
do you think he told himself to marry me
that's wisdom to the beast towns folk
and their problems fill his days he has
to write his books by candlelight I
really fear for him sometimes he gets so
tired but after you are with you'll make
him rest
I'll try David says the Saint needs no
rest you're very fond of David aren't
you child right here of course naturally
I've known him ever since we were
I understand but remember child it's
better to marry safely of course that is
I'm very proud of the honor professor.
Kristin has done news they're beginning
to arrive taking advantage of the
professor's goodness tiring him all out
well why kapiten coming hurry up don't
let all the Flies
not in the book chair over there on the
are you very busy and you're here and
never comes the down it was nice of you
to come to see me I brought you some
flowers how like you to bring them you
know what I mean
you are like your flowers Marguerite
it's a very pretty speech professor.
Kristen when are you going to call me
I mean to follow but somehow I forget
you see you're a very important person
and you're a very young one I'm not a
child so I chop history when the prize
at the fair and pride goeth before a
what is it then.
I have only just returned master I
wanted you to know that I'm here I'm
sorry I was startled Sam I didn't mean
to frighten you mr. Mercury would you
put these flowers in water Zen lovely
you may have ones and I brought them to
the first crystal thank you Marguerite
who I'm sorry truly I am but he
frightened me so he's hideous
beauty or ugliness is only of the soul
Marguerite I know but after all these
Zann has devoted his life to me would
give it for me joyfully that isn't
ugliness you saved his life he feels it
belongs to gratitude is beauty forgive
me I'll try not to be afraid of him we
can never be afraid of what we love if
we love our brother how can we save him
I know I'll try I must go now father
isn't very well don't worry dear the
doctor told me not to worry but somehow
I can't help it come and see him later
if you can your visits helped him so I
will good bye Madhuri
can't you see J but there isn't anything
to be done but you don't love him.
Marguerite oh but I do David I do you
mustn't say that good kind Cantonese I
know that you don't have to praise
professor Kristin to me I think he's
but that isn't love you respect and
admire him and even revere him but that
isn't enough to marry for I am honored
the successor has chosen me David I'm
going to try and be worthy of him a good
one you'll be a good wife you'll bake
your bread and sew your seams and keep
your copper polished please I better go
that's love Marguerite don't be
frightened don't you see the two can't
help loving me anymore than I can stop
loving you oh don't you see we can't let
this happen to us listen to you David
it's wrong and wicked I'm betrothed to.
Professor Kristin anyway it's too late
the bands have already been published
and father would never retract
- besides the honor is too great I know.
- And I have nothing to offer and if you.
Weren't betrothed your father would
never consent he's hardly more than
civil when we meet you must think that
David father is well and then read for
bat preys on his mind that these
superstitious fools what do you think it
is I don't know but I'm sure it's not a
bad I should be with father now I've
stayed far too long
goodbye David reach home before done
so doctors had no but I wanted to be
sure you agreed with imperfection of
course I do
the doctor knows his business steady now
yeah wouldn't do the dropping you know
I'm alright
it's just that I didn't sleep all night
he was so sick well I'll help you home
with him so you won't professor you're
tired I'll take them home wait here
while I get my shawl and Lantern what do
you think Mario Mario didn't I tell you
to wait outside for me please me an
actual professor Kristen of course Mario
here give them to me that's fine Maria
you're making great improvement and it's
because of your helpful sister Kristen
and you see my writing looks almost like
yours much better than mine my dear
because I'm ready
oh you're so good possessing I'm glad to
be of service my dear come over here
goodbye goodbye mother you don't I'll do
it right away
what's wrong my friends Katrina Melanie
she's missing from her bed her mother
heard her scream to the cave it may not
Look down there
another victim of the monster which of
us will be next.
Julie there is a curse upon us all you
superstitious fools with your talk of
monsters and bats there is no fat large
enough to carry a human body to the
caves what else says David a man he
could even be one of us someone we might
least suspect no it's a bet I know it oh
you know it perhaps you've seen it since
have you no no never never much a
monster yes a human monster but maybe
there things too monster is a human
there's maybe one of us selamat it isn't
true right David
professor kristin is right comes in let
us go home neighbors neighbors
let us not submit like cattle to these
murders instead of running home as soon
as the Sun is down let us remain on
guard throughout the night so we may
catch this killer and destroy him who
will volunteer to watch with me not I
David I can guard my family better at
home yes I Romanian George with lights
you're right let us go to our home
so many candles good woman with a
monster abroad says let his our only
protection Imams do you say I do a
monster back which looks down upon its
prey in the south and leaves great
gaping holes in their throats come
closer I'll pay here could you stay say
over there just as well ah that's better
now what is this hole wives tale no tail
it is sir but the truth within the
fortnight three of our town's folks upon
the train to this very thing and so the
light it never happens in the light
and oh hi dear dear friend you haven't
changed a bit knowing you after all
these years you come in trouble as times
my friends so this good woman has been
telling me this is my housekeeper mother.
Molly and this is dr. B's a mother Molly
my foster father and my very best friend
and I leave you in good company while I
prepare the room for dr. B says early
here sit down
what brings you here you wrote up your
betrothal of course I came
I'm glad you come I need you and ER so
I've had a curious melody of late which
is I don't know strange headaches
followed by vagueness and and exhaustion
well enough of my small roles on we are
besieged by tragedies these murders all
unaccounted for
I'm not justing when I tell you that the
villagers fear a monstrous bat the old
superstition a vampire bat there's time
enough of that
to our reunion
you couldn't help but love her and her
beauty a face is a true reflection of
her soul then that must be Margaery
surely no one was ever more beautiful it
is my dear this is dr. DJ margarita
my foster father and my good friend when
mrs. David marguerite childhood
schoolmate Paul has told me the truth
about you my child
I confess I doubted him until I saw you
my father will be glad to see you both
you have some refreshments of course.
Marguerite I must go save it after your
long walk he carried my heavy basket all
the way and desired you said you had the
whole afternoon I did till now it's well
to reach your home before dusk I do not
fear a bat sir then what do you think
this monster is a fiend playing upon the
village superstitions I see
perhaps you're nearer right good day
good day professor sir
magari your father I'm feeling more
himself today do you think it could be
those dreadful tragedies that are
preying on his mind perhaps I only wish
I could keep you from worrying about him
doctor possess hi I'm anna duck and I
yes Margaret cordial is the best in the
village you are blessed in having such a
daughter sir
I hear you also raise the most perfect
roses miss markets by accident doctor
today I attend them daily and as to the
rest they just grow but surely I may see
these marvellous accident of course I'll
show you my garden if you wish I should
be grateful later on my dear
marguerite is worried about you I know
the doctors told me I haven't long to
live the knowledge makes me Restless and.
Marguerite Marguerite must not know and
of course you love tall deeply oh that
is I worship professor Kristen Paul I
mean you've got your great good
wonderful man or I will make him a good
wife doctor today and I'll try so hard
to to live up to him I don't think
you'll have to try my child like these
flowers of yours you can't help but
reflect goodness and beauty but I do
have to that in itself is goodness thank
see the wind the backs of rose tonight
you all need is huge wailing within all
the snow
each time a candle
I'm not afraid we're all to be afraid
when the devil has spewed like a
loathsome creatures visit on us you're
right old woman she'd ungodly not to be
yeah mistress want you in our room then
you think that Marguerite doesn't love
me nothing of a saw the child loves you
devoted she worships you you're a kind
of God giver to be lived up to be
worthier I suggested that she is not in
love with you the difference is vast but
if you are right why hasn't she told me
do you think are capable of hurting
anyone above all idle besides it's just
possible the child doesn't know the
difference understand it for I may be
entirely wrong I simply wanted you to be
alert to effect you may not have
softer dial she's incapable of this
simulation you will know.
Johanna but mister that will do Oh
forgive me and I'm sorry I'm upset.
Restless why I feel as if something
dreadful going to happen there there
we are able to deal with payments first
okay I know I guess I'm silly but I'm so
worried about my father
it's not growing out professor Chris
done to Margaret's mother Molly do you
think I'd be safe with her all her
goodness couldn't keep that away but you
need lysis a full moon but you walk
through the wood true I'll take a
lantern not you go tonight
yes mother Molly I keep the house walnut
- the devil himself couldn't keep me from.
- doing that.
The professor's retired mother Molly I
wish she had I'm places assault of him
being out in this wild night how could
you say I do
tomorrow reads he said greets you fear
to the protector I do click a lantern
don't be frightened it's just the wind.
Anna its father hurry let him in.
I thought it was
miss Martha Raye I'm here we don't know
bring some water yes
now Leon me what happened moonmaster you
were with him I saw him leave I feared
for him I followed and then good
afternoon went out he was unconscious I
have only now succeeded in restoring him
yes I remember the lantern went out it
was dark dark
yes very dark I can't remember anymore
you swooned master we are near
Marguerite house can you walk and touch
come quickly
what happened we heard a scream sir and
found her like this and margarita
she's unhurt sir she swooned when she
saw this
ah this was like the other victims but
not there do you really believe it could
have been a fad what else I saw a figure
riding away in the dark
and David was right the monster
it is a man.
I thank you my friends for my sake for
the sake of those who love you yes even
for the sake of the city is evil ridden
teen god yourself constantly burned
every candle their lamp you possess so
every minute of the dog stand on God
bullshit or don't move outside your
homes and Apollo don't for an instant
being without a light now go to your
homes and pray the shopton are no good I
was afraid to bring her and you oh
alright then hurry home to maverick and
stay with us every instance to Professor
me don't leave her alone with anyone
anyone at all do you understand I have
your promise
I shan't leave her with no one at all I
understand doctor was a good
there's your P professor Chris Collins -
yeah you have nothing to fear from Xan
cleaner homes my friends my son
perhaps the woman wasn't so wrong three
killings there were near the professor's
house and zan was at Marguerite's last
night what good could there be at a
hunchback but if he weren't good
professor wouldn't have it how do you
know well the professor so good himself
he wouldn't believe it anyway he was
near every crime fight over where I was
yes but it's incredibly odd that was
unconscious during every one of these
crimes why do they come on me last night
then tell me tell me and consciousness
yes but what I do tell me you lay down
on the ground what I try to remind you
from the moment I swooned you swear I do
must on that holy book I swear
until this malady is passed unders I
cannot marry Marguerite you're at fault
you must tell her tonight
while your mind is made up no no don't
go find out defeat he may be abroad your
master doesn't fear the fiend go my
release the girl
the light must not go out
why do you follow him I will I you light
upon that book you were not with them
every moment in the world the truth man
you must tell me the truth I asked one
I beg you David not to do this they must
know loving me you cannot wear the
professor there's no need
we know my father must return in a
oh please David wait a little while
Marguerite you're in danger I know it I
can feel it my place is by your side to
watch over you protect you.
Oh Marguerite I'm afraid to leave you
my father Oh David I beg you if you love
me go alright
thank you my child
you seem worried Marguerite all right I.
I say all lies now kids like you
couldn't find him in the woods you were
not together I must be weighted why tell
me why the truth man now is the time to
tell us
I must know I want to help you fool but
before I can I must know my master
please what do you feel for him if you
are the monster your masters safe from
you if he is the fiend he can fear
nothing from himself Nora don't say such
things and it's true and you you knew my
poor forsaken friend
not for sex true not for second when did
you first know Frieda she was passing
near the house I heard her scream and I
saw my master.
I myself carried her body to the case
then I brought him here he never knew
he'd risen from his bed and then after
that I followed every move
I was always manage chance to be too
late what about the young woman Katrina
say again I was too late you can kill
him dr. Busy take him away
tonight new places new faces rest in
your good care no one here will ever
know we'll decide that when he returns
we shouldn't let him go I feared that
Paul might be the fiend
the boy was marked at Birth but he had
to release Marguerite from her promise
miss Marguerite do you not fear for her
her father has given me years old you
would not leave up till I fear we should
be with my master yes yes come
do you maybe delete I'll go on when we
think we know who the theme there we
must see the professor he is not here is
it Marguerite how can share too
father I wish you tell me what's
worrying you
perhaps I should I'll go
oh good evening sir come in thank you Oh.
dear child you're just in time father
was going to tell me something oh let
that go now you have happier things to
think about
you're not leaving us of course
why I'd rather you stayed remember your
oath to end this for her that couldn't
include you perhaps it's as well we are
well lighted and what I have to say is
only for you please
lately a strange malady has possessed me
something I can't explain nor has my
good friend as yet uncovered it you done
read like it instantly
I have no tapers what is it what's wrong
I only thought to spare your eyes
forgive me I'm not quite myself it was
kind of you to blow it out
do headaches unbearably at times it's
the malady at which I spoke the pain
becomes so great
sometimes I swoon and I'm unconscious
for a while I'm sorry Paul but after we
married I'll take such good care of you
that these spells will disappear that's
what I came the same idea there'll be no
marriage to this malady is cured but why
I couldn't burden you with so much care
I love you too well Marguerite that's no
cure I'd be grateful for the chance to
serve you even in some smaller things
certainly of course you would my child
but you see I can't accept I release you
from your promise until you're well
until I'm well
I pray it won't be long whatever happens
will you remember this I love you.
stop why would you wanna look Abdul's
torturing your eyes
I'll get tapers all the lights must be
list feel fear of being a candle still
burn and the moon makes a room Raiders
day there's even a fine
it's out no matter see how about the
room is and besides how could I be
afraid when I'm with you Margaret I
haven't told you all I'm afraid afraid
of the monster
I'm afraid hi and no it's worse than
that I don't know what I did last night
until the Zen found me in the wood
what does Anne say he swore he he saw me
fall and was with me every minute
surely that he may have lied he didn't
lie it's only your illness it makes you
think these dreadful thoughts do you
really think so I only knew only could
be sure you shall know I'll prove it to
you what have you done the monster
cannot kill with light sit down Paul
here in the dark with me and soon you'll
know you're not the feeling my head it's
odd it should be worse without the
lights slide back
I'm afraid no need to be.
Marguerite it's growing dark owe me a
cloud crossing the moon a light quick I
like my head
soon come - what happened here I heard a
scream and I wrecked in from where you
swore not to leave us why she was a
professor Kristen were you here I was
- outside I feared for Marguerite and
- waited on the terrace.
Are you sure marking me quite sure
the monster held me fast I fell there's
bared teeth against my throat I screamed
and as I did Sam came through that
window how can you be sure
outside was lighter than it was in the
room I couldn't mistake his limping
crooked forms it was the last thing I
remember before I swooned then who who
was the theme I don't know David goes
and must be saved
she's coming too will you be good enough
to leave us
sorry gold for the cake will trip in my
Anders Anders what is it
right I swooned the fiend attack
Marguerite is she hurt
no she was saved in time and why did I
and Oh
tell me tell me the truth I will it
nearly 40 musical power in the darkest
depths of Africa the only white people
who were your parents and my dearest
friend dr. Duprey
a monstrous bat had fastened to your
mother's throat they beat it off but the
harm is already done you were born that
night fall condemned to live it was
doctor Duprey who buried your parents
and a few years later told me all before
he died he entrusted you to my care he
warned me to watch for your deadly mark
but you brew normally and when manhood
was reached the danger seemed past then
why why has it come upon me now
exhaustion overwork and if I'm not cured
I'll go on and the attacks will come
closer and closer together until you
will entirely become the loathsome thing
your madness makes you isn't it strange
they never caught me not strange at all
your faithful Zhen knew from the first
and protected you even now he's led them
off to give you an opportunity to escape
after what I've done
but Anders Xan is in danger we must go
to him
come doctor PC can cure my Master's
sand is not the peen
he's not the beans see all we killed our
children yeah you're wrong I tell you
the hunchback is innocent laughs Zanna
right after the monsters the fiend
already had Marguerite by the throat
Marguerite was alone
David my boy promise me you will love
and cherish Marguerite
always I promise
not my friends the monsters work
you sought to kill Athene well I am yes
I am the one you thought I even saw it
myself but believe me I didn't know
until tonight but
and try to save me from myself
and as my friend I have only one thing
left to do
that's a Christian is God my child there
is no longer any fee now live in peace
my children