Condition of Return (2023) Movie Script

percussion music]
[birds chirping]
[finger tapping]
[mumbling] I'm sorry...
[exhales heavily]
[cars whooshing]
[breathing shakily]
Sorry. I'm heartily sorry.
I'm heartily sorry.
I'm sorry for having
offended thee. I am...
[tense music]
[music intensifies]
[peaceful organ music]
[man] It just started.
We're fine.
All right.
Can you grab us a seat?
We'll be there
in a minute.
Are you
feeling all right?
Frank, get Missy and Hope
and get them out of here.
You understand?
No. What do you mean?
I-- um, I, uh--
I left something for Hope
in Father Kinder's office.
What is it?
Just-- just go. Go.
Take-- take
them there, okay?
Yeah, it's so good
to see you, Frank.
[organ continues]
[priest] Grace and peace
of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the love of God and the
fellowship of the Holy Spirit
be with you all.
This is the greeting we often
hear at the beginning of mass.
It comes from the...
It comes from
the greetings
that St. Paul
used in his letters.
[gun clicking]
-[crowd screaming]
-[gunshots continue]
[dramatic choral music]
[distorted electronic music]
[urgent, dramatic
orchestral music]
[pilot] Ladies and gentlemen,
we're at 19,000 feet
in our descent.
we'll be landing
in about 20 minutes.
It has been a pleasure to
have you on board today.
We'll see you on
the ground shortly.
[music continues]
[indistinct television news]
[newscaster] ... 13 dead
and 11 injured.
Evelyn Marie
Sullivan was arrested
just moments after
the carnage. Police say...
-Dr. Thomas?
-she was taken into custody...
-Yeah, yes?
-I'm Special Agent Molcheck.
-Please, call me Don.
-I'll be taking you to
the police station.
-... Catholic Church,
where Ms. Sullivan
had been a lifetime member.
What makes a person
do something like that?
-I guess I'll find out.
-... are still in shock
and are struggling
to understand how
this could happen.
[music continues]
Bunch of vultures, huh?
-Hello, officers.
-Dr. Donald Thomas.
How are you?
Nice to see you.
-Come on. This way.
-Oh, oh.
So what, they changed shifts?
You're usually here...
Mike, how are you?
-Great to see you.
-How you doing?
Great, thanks
for having me here.
Sir, do you want
me to be present?
Not right now.
Also, those local guys,
I don't want, uh, them
anywhere near the press, okay?
Yes, sir.
I want this done
as quick as possible.
This girl is sane
enough to stand trial,
so it's
an easy job for you.
This is a preliminary
eval, right?
I can't just pencil
whip something together--
She shot up a church
on Easter Sunday.
Women, kids, old ladies,
and a goddamn priest.
-Got it.
-If I can't get an
execution on this,
then we don't have
a justice system.
Yeah, I hear
what you're saying.
Now, the woman,
what does she say?
She says the devil
told her to do it,
and then she quotes Jesus.
She's a calculating
little monster.
-Okay, so my plan then will be--
-Your plan is to write a report
that states that she is
sane enough to stand trial.
You got me fuckin' raisin?
I asked for blueberry.
Well, do you want
mine? It's plain.
Where's my coffee?
[Eve mumbling indistinctly]
She just keeps whispering.
Ms. Sullivan?
Dr. Thomas.
You can call me Don.
May I call you Eve?
[Mike] So, as I
explained to you before,
this is just formality.
I want to make that
very clear to you.
And for the record,
you've agreed
not to have an attorney
present during this interview.
Is that right?
Why is that,
Ms. Sullivan?
Are-- are you
completely sure?
Completely sure.
You do know it's your
civil right to have counsel.
As I told
Agent Stafford--
[Mike] Assistant
Director Stafford.
Director Stafford...
there isn't a lawyer in
the world who can help me.
Don't you agree?
I'm not so sure
that I do.
Just give me
the confession. I'll sign it.
Why do we have to go
through all this bullshit?
Don't you want to
make it easy?
Well, we might as well
make use of the time.
These gentlemen flew
me all the way out here
just to talk to you,
and at considerable expense.
Did they fly
you first class?
They've been generous.
No reason for
the federal government
to be frugal, I suppose.
Does Assistant Director Stafford
have to be here for this?
Shall we begin?
Okay, before we start,
I'm gonna need you to
sign this waiver here.
Uh, you can
read it if you like.
It just states
that you've
declined to have
your attorney present.
[chains rattling]
Thank you.
Writing already?
-Just a note.
-Hm. Why?
Do I have
the handwriting of a killer?
No. I wouldn't
say that you do.
More the handwriting
of a third-grade teacher.
Oh, sorry.
That's right. Second grade.
So, what about that?
Can we talk about
your teaching career?
It was a big part of
your life, I presume.
And what does my life story
have to do with any of this?
Everything, perhaps.
I was a teacher.
End of story.
Is it?
Look, I did it.
Everyone knows I did it.
It's open
and shut, right?
Not necessarily.
Well then, tell me what I
have to say to get the chair,
and I'll say it.
Is that what you want?
The death penalty?
If I say yes, what does
it do for my chances?
Well, that would
be up to the jury.
What were you whispering
when I came in here?
You don't want to
answer that?
It's personal.
Well, you understand
that I am here
to talk about
personal things?
Then ask me
something else.
Why don't we
talk about your husband?
Hey, next one,
put it on me, okay?
[nightclub music blaring]
I'm Darren.
Hi. I'm Eve.
I, uh, haven't seen
you in here before.
Oh, yeah,
it's my first time.
Are you here alone?
No. Um, my friend Jessica's
here. she's in the bathroom.
Oh. Jessica.
Is she is hot as you are?
[Eve giggling]
That was inappropriate,
I'm just being honest.
I mean...
Thanks. Who's this?
This is Darren.
You must be Jessica.
I have heard
everything about you.
Oh. Hi, Darren.
How do you two
know each other?
Oh, we just met,
like, 30 seconds ago.
We were just kind of trying
to get to know each other.
-[Darren] Yeah.
-[Jessica] Oh.
I see.
Oh, you know what?
I think I need a refill.
[both giggling]
-You want anything?
-No, I'm good.
Thank you.
She seems nice.
Uh, so, Eve.
What are you doing
on this side of town?
-[distant pop music blaring]
-[Eve laughing]
Oh, my God.
Lock it. Lock it!
Come here.
[Eve laughing]
How long
did you date?
A couple years,
on and off.
It was never
that serious.
But you
got married.
-Darren, say something.
-[diners chattering]
Are you sure?
Of course I'm sure.
And it's, uh, mine?
Really, Darren?
It's not like you were
my flavor of the month.
This is really
a lot for me to process.
I know.
So what are
you gonna do?
What are "we" gonna do?
Yeah, uh...
You know what? I'll, uh...
I'll take care
of everything, okay?
Uh, you don't have to
worry about a thing.
What exactly do
you mean by that?
I'll pay for
the abortion.
What? Eve?
Eve. I'm--
I'm trying, Eve.
[Donald] Did you
get the abortion?
Of course not.
I'm Catholic.
-It's not like I wanted to
marry the son of a bitch.
I had no choice.
-You felt obligated.
-I was obligated.
Because of your
religious beliefs?
Of course.
Did you love him?
I tried.
Um, hey! Not even
a tip for your driver?
Thanks for the lift.
I love you.
I know.
I love you too.
You forgot your water.
I see.
Thank you.
See you tonight.
I can't wait.
[Eve] I just wanted
a normal relationship.
Sounds like you had that,
to a certain extent.
If fucked up is normal.
Well, if you
think about it, we're all
screwed up on some level.
And what level are you?
I'm serious.
What's your story?
-Let's continue.
-You're married, right?
[sighs] We're not here
to talk about me.
So, you were pregnant,
about to give birth.
I need to go
to the bathroom.
Okay, we're gonna take
a break in about 10 minutes.
Do you think you can wait?
Oh, Daniel? Daniel.
Back in your seat,
please. Thank you.
[girl] I need to go now.
All right, yeah.
Miss Sullivan,
I need my pass.
Oh, um, okay.
Uh, you know what? Actually,
you don't need a pass.
Go-- go ahead.
You're fine.
[suspenseful music]
[breathing heavily]
[grunting, panting]
[Eve gasping]
-Oh, oh, oh!
-[haunting choral music]
Oh, God!
[monitors beeping]
[soft music]
[Darren whispering] Evie?
You're gonna be okay.
The doctor said that
you're gonna be fine
and that you can
go home tomorrow.
[Darren] Oh.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
We'll try for
another one, okay?
At the time, I thought
I was being punished.
For what?
Cursing. Lying to my mom.
Skipping church
in 10th grade.
I don't know.
Take your pick.
You think such trivial things
warrant that kind of punishment?
Well, a sin
is a sin, doctor.
But I later realized Mikey's
little soul was being spared
from that creep.
When horrible things like
that happen, we naturally
search for a reason
and to ask why.
We want things to
make some kind of sense,
to have
a logical explanation,
but sometimes
things just happen.
You actually
believe that.
[cell phone ringing]
Excuse me.
Sorry about that.
No, take it.
What do I care?
It's not important.
Who is it?
So what happened
after you lost the baby?
His name is Michael.
As you believe that
Jesus rose from the dead,
so may you live with
him forevermore in joy.
[Darren] Come on, Eve!
You said just a minute!
[horn honking]
[Darren] We're gonna
be late. Please.
Sweet Mikey, who has
gone to his eternal rest,
may he be one with the
one who is life eternal.
And may the beauty
of his life...
shine forevermore.
[inhales sharply]
[Donald] Did you
and Darren try again?
For a while, yeah.
It's hard to get pregnant
by someone who repulses you.
-[Darren] Evie, I'll
be back in a couple.
What? Where are you going?
Wayne called.
I'm going to the Roost.
[Eve] I'm cooking dinner.
Don't worry about it.
I'll eat something later, okay?
I've already started.
[Darren] Bye, hon.
Are you kidding me?
Son of a...
[ominous music]
[distant TV chattering]
Is there anything I can do?
Uh, there's a couple
glasses on the table.
You're not talking
about glasses on the table.
I don't know, Mom.
I guess it's just something that
Darren and I have to work out.
-maybe if you just--
-Get divorced?
Evelyn Marie,
I was not going to say that.
I was going to tell
you to get counseling.
There's a new young
priest at church.
Maybe you should
give him a call.
[door rattling]
[laughter on television]
Is that a beard?
Working on one.
For hunting season.
Oh, you're
a hunter now, huh?
[distant TV]
I didn't know you
two were coming.
Well, I needed
someone to help me
with all the food
that I cooked.
What did you do
with all my beer?
I gave them to dad.
All of them?
All two of them.
-[Eve] I made you a plate.
It's in the refrigerator.
I was just telling Eve
that there's
a new priest at church.
I think we
should go see him.
About what?
About us, Darren. Us.
Just to talk.
No harm in that.
I'm gonna go
wash this stink off.
[Donald] Tell me
about your parents.
Leave them
out of this.
Uh, Patrick and Anne.
Good parents?
Great. The best.
Were you close
with them as a child?
My childhood has
nothing to do with this.
How about later,
as an adult?
You know what, doctor?
I'm gonna need some coffee.
I'll see
what I can do.
[Don sighs]
Hey, could we get a couple
coffees, maybe some sandwiches?
Uh, we ain't a caf.
-I can go
get you some coffees.
-[Donald] Thank you.
[birds chirping]
[man] Donald Thomas?
I'm with, uh, Platwood's
Credit Union. I have a delivery.
Is this about the mortgage?
I-- I know I'm
a couple days late.
30 days past due.
This is a notice of default.
You're foreclosing?
I thought I had--
No, no, no. Not yet.
Let's hope we can avoid that.
The notice will have details
and, uh, a deadline for payment
before we start
foreclosure proceedings.
I'll have the money to
you in a couple of days.
[man] Signature please.
Thank you, sir.
Have a wonderful day.
Yeah. You too.
-Are we gonna have to move?
No, no, no, no.
Everything's fine.
Dad, we could lose
the house. He just said--
No, we're not gonna lo-- it's
all a misunderstanding, okay?
Does this mean there's
no money for college?
No, it does not mean that.
You're going to college.
Everything's fine.
Got it?
-And look, don't say anything
about this to your mom.
You know how she gets.
[officer] Doctor?
-Oh. Thank you.
[clears throat]
[Eve mumbling]
[Eve] I firmly resolve
with the help of thy grace
to sin no more and...
[continues mumbling prayer]
-[inhales sharply]
[Donald] One coffee.
What was that you were saying?
Okay. [clears throat]
Then let's continue.
Is this fun for you?
Grilling me?
I wouldn't say fun.
Well, if you don't
like it, why do it?
Oh, don't--
don't get me wrong. I...
I love what I do.
Being a shrink?
Well, not...
I'm not really.
I used to be.
Then what are you now?
I'm-- I'm more of a writer now.
Huh. What do you write?
Books now, mainly.
-Anything I would know?
-No. [chuckles]
Not unless you read the American
Journal of Psychology.
I-- I haven't had
any books published yet.
That's why you're here,
isn't it?
To write a book
about me?
That's not my intent.
Maybe you should.
Okay. Let's get back
to you and Darren.
You mentioned counseling.
Did that help?
[gunfire popping]
[Eve] Wayne!
-Hey, Evie.
-Where is he?
-Who, Darren?
-[scoffs] Who the fuck do you
think I'm talking about?
-Uh, he ain't here.
-[rooster crowing]
Cut the shit, Wayne,
I know he was here.
Yeah, he was here,
but he just left, Evie.
Okay, did he mention that
we have an appointment?
Uh, no.
Look, maybe you two crossed
each other on the way in.
[Eve scoffs]
[Wayne] Oh, hey, hey, hey!
Want to take a shot?
-Maybe next time then, huh?
-[car door opens]
You must be Eve.
-Yeah, yeah.
-Father Kinder.
It's nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
[Kinder] Have a seat.
You're so...
Well, if I mess up,
that's my excuse.
Shall we, uh, wait for your
[scoffs] The bastard's
not coming.
Sorry, Father. I'm...
I'm just upset.
And he's not gonna
be here for this, it's just...
Hey, there's no need
to apologize to me.
Um, priests freak
him out a bit?
Marriage freaks him out.
I see.
Well, um,
shall we continue
the bastard?
-[Eve chuckles]
-You have to wonder how much
you really know about
yourself at that age.
Not to mention truly
knowing another person.
[Eve] Once it's done,
it's done.
'Til death do us part.
Look, it just seems to me
that everyone gives up
a little too easily.
They can't wait for the
cookies to be finished baking,
so they take 'em out of the
oven with five minutes to go.
The dough is a little
too raw, too chewy.
But if they just
had some patience,
let them cook
the extra five minutes,
they could have
the most delicious
cookies they've ever eaten,
but they'll never know.
So it's about cookies.
-[both chuckling]
[Darren] What does he know?
He doesn't even have a wife.
That's not the point.
You stood me up.
-[shower running]
-Well, did it even help?
Uh, it might have, you know,
if you had been there.
Okay, Eve.
[Darren sighs heavily]
Why don't you just
tell me what he said?
This marriage
is a fucking joke.
-If that's how you
feel, then leave.
-I'm not divorcing you.
Why? You don't love me.
It doesn't even seem
like you like me.
That-- that's not true!
It's not true?
Did you ever love me, Eve?
Tell me the truth.
I-- oh, my God.
Your call earlier.
It was your wife,
wasn't it?
It was.
And you
called her a nobody.
Not what I meant,
How long you two
been married?
A long time.
Don, DJ's sleeping.
Don't we dry clean
these shirts?
It's all--
it's all wrinkled.
What do you need
your suit for?
Mike Stafford called.
He wants me to go
to Phoenix tomorrow.
Phoenix? Is this about
that church shooting?
He wants me to
do an assessment.
On the shooter?
What do you think he'll pay you?
I don't-- I don't know.
I didn't want to bring it up.
I didn't feel like it was
the right time, you know?
You're kidding me?
I owe him a favor.
You know that.
A favor? Yeah.
Well, a favor isn't
gonna pay our mortgage.
Is this gonna lead to
something more permanent?
I don't know, maybe.
I'm not even sure that
I'd-- I'd be interested.
Well, I think it's time
for you to get interested
in something, huh?
Jerry is pitching my
rewrite to Random House.
I feel really good about it.
Honey, come on.
You know Random House
is a long shot.
Hey, thanks so much for
that vote of confidence.
[door closes]
We have our ups and downs.
Just like everyone.
A son.
High school.
Uh, yeah. Just--
just graduating.
He wants to go
into the medical field.
Good for him.
Now look who's
grilling who.
I say it's only fair.
We should make use of
what limited time we have.
So let's get
back to you.
Yeah. Um, I think I'm just
gonna need a bathroom break.
Of course.
Um, I'll make that happen.
[chair scraping]
Hey, she needs to
use the bathroom.
Well, she can just piss
herself as far as I'm concerned.
And that would be you
who would have to clean it up?
I was hoping you would.
-[Faye] Don!
-What is it?
You're not
getting paid
a freaking dime
for this.
-I called him myself.
-You did what?
They said that
you volunteered?
-I mean, what the hell, Don?
-I told you--
Oh, there you go again.
Just letting people walk
all over you like you do.
-You can't afford to do this.
Not in our current situation.
I mean--
Take it
or leave it.
I'm gonna unlock
these handcuffs.
You're not gonna move,
not even an inch.
Then I'm gonna walk
towards that doorway.
At that point,
you walk very slowly
and displaying an enormous
amount of lethargy,
will rise and, well...
[handcuffs clinking]
[reporter 1]
Dr. Thomas, Dr. Thomas!
-[reporter 2] Dr. Thomas.
-Can I have a word with you?
-[overlapping questions]
I'm here with New York
Times bestselling author,
Dr. Donald Thomas,
expert consultant on the case.
Dr. Thomas,
what can you tell us
about the shooter,
Eve Sullivan?
Well, all I can say is,
at this time I'm conducting
a preliminary evaluation.
I can't give any specifics
-until I finish
with my assessment.
-[overlapping questions]
-Why did she do it?
-That's one of the things
that I will determine.
But, like I said,
no specifics at this time.
I'm sorry. I can't give
specifics at this time.
You got enough?
Sorry. What?
Are you done
with her yet?
Uh, no. We're--
uh, we're just on a break.
Look, I really need you
to wrap this thing up.
There's a lot
to unpack here, Mike.
She's really smart.
I don't give
a fuck if she's smart.
All I need you to do
is write down on that paper
that the girl is sane
and fit to stand trial.
-I understand.
-I don't think you do.
-But there's something-
Listen to me.
You are here because
I am doing you a favor.
You fucked up in Pittsburgh.
-Here's your chance to
straighten everything out.
-Yes, sir.
So just write down
on the fucking paper
that the girl is sane
and fit to stand trial.
-You understand?
-I do.
[chair squeaking]
[Donald clears throat]
Feeling better?
Let's see. We left off with
counseling and Father Kinder.
Is he dead?
Was he in the church?
I don't know. I wasn't
given a list of the deceased.
Eve, did you know
everybody in that church?
She is so beautiful.
-Oh, thank you.
Did we bring
the extra battery?
Yeah. It's in the center
console of the car.
-You want me to get it?
-No, Frank.
I wanted you to put it in the
diaper bag like I asked you to.
Hello, Hope. [laughs]
-Would you like to hold her?
-Oh, I'd love to.
Hello there, sweetheart.
-[baby cooing]
-I never get to do this.
[Frank] You're a natural.
I knew everyone.
One would think that
you cared about these people.
Of course I did.
[voice cracks]
Very much so.
I could have gone to any church.
I had that choice. I just-
Well, you didn't.
What do you mean,
"you had that choice"?
Just that I...
Eve, you said in your statement
that the devil made you do it.
-What does that mean?
-It means what it means.
You care to elaborate?
[laughs] I wouldn't be
doing myself any favors.
I'm afraid
I don't understand.
Ever heard of
a facetious remark?
What could I
possibly say...
to satisfy anyone?
It-- it's either
that or...
I am pure evil,
and that-- that's not true.
You do realize how...
hard this is
for anyone to understand?
everyone in that church...
was Catholic.
They're all saved.
-I know where they're going.
They're all
gonna be fine.
That's all that matters.
Don't you get that?
I'm afraid I don't.
[door opening]
I'm home.
[quiet tense music]
[shower running]
[woman moaning]
-[Eve yelps]
-Oh, geez!
I-- I thought you weren't
gonna be back 'til 3:00.
[soft somber music]
[liquid trickling]
[toilet flushing]
[Darren] Eve.
[Jessica] Eve, I am so sorry.
Will you say
something, Eve?
I-- I-- I didn't
want to do it like this.
I didn't-- I didn't want to
tell you like this.
[Eve chuckling dryly]
Oh, it is so hard to get
this comforter straight.
Pack your shit, and get
the fuck out of this house.
[Eve] I filed
for divorce the next day.
And Darren?
Oh, he didn't skip a beat.
[chuckles] He moved
right in with the bitch.
Your friend.
That's quite
the betrayal.
Some friend, huh?
I wasn't
exactly surprised.
As far as I was concerned,
they deserved each other.
I just wanted him
out of the house.
Then it all
went to shit.
[quiet mysterious music]
What the?
What the hell
is going on?
You Evelyn Marie Sullivan?
Agent Flack, FBI.
We have a warrant
for your arrest.
Wha-- what?
What is this all about?
-What-- no. What is going on?
-You're being arrested for
possession, solicitation,
and selling child pornography.
[breathing heavily]
Ms. Sullivan, you have
the right to remain silent.
-Anything you say can
and will be used against you
in a court of law. You have
the right to an attorney.
[door opens]
This is an account to
a now defunct adult video site.
You recognize it?
Hm. It's under
your name and address.
Want to take
another look?
I-- I--
Look, I...
I don't know.
I mean, maybe.
My husband and I tried to
spice things up a little bit
a few years back, but
that was a long time ago.
I don't know. Maybe this
is something we signed up for.
So it is possible that
you registered this account.
It's possible,
but it's Darren's computer.
That's your husband?
Soon to be ex.
-What does this matter anyway?
Porn is legal, right?
Oh, yeah.
It is. Absolutely.
But pornography
involving minor children,
that's a whole
different matter.
What? No, no.
That's not what this is.
[scoffs] You know,
it may appear so,
but this site allows
access to other sites
using the same account.
Now, are you
aware of that?
I-- like I said,
I never used it. I-- no.
Ms. Sullivan, hundreds of
illegal images and videos
were downloaded
by this account,
many of which
are currently saved
on your computer.
I-- I don't know anything
about any of this at all.
You have
a PayDine account.
A what?
No. Why?
Come on now.
Think about your
answers very carefully.
Many of the images on your
computer were traded for money.
Money which was deposited
into a PayDine account
-under your name.
-[ominous music]
So I'm gonna
ask you again.
You have
a PayDine account?
I think
I need a lawyer.
They obviously
didn't believe you.
[scoffs] They had
their minds made up.
They offered you
a plea deal, right?
Why didn't you take it?
Because I
wasn't guilty.
So you thought a trial
was the better option?
Well, it would've
been if they didn't lie
their asses off under oath.
The prosecution calls
Jessica Fowler to the stand.
Would it be fair to say you
know the defendant very well?
We were roommates from our
second semester in college.
Where you lived together
over the course of
three and a half years,
except, of course,
semester breaks
-and some months
over the summer.
Mr. Sullivan, you expect
the court to believe
that your wife, the defendant,
went out into cyberspace
with all the free time
she has teaching at the school,
-and collected these
pornographic images of children?
-Yes, I do.
We did go on
breaks together too.
One summer she came
to stay with my family.
And how many people
does your family consist of?
Me, my brother,
my sister, and my mother.
You also had access to
this website account, correct?
-I didn't even know about it.
I hardly even had time
to mess with that computer.
Is that because you spent
most of your time getting drunk?
-[lawyer] Objection.
-The summer the
defendant spent with you,
how old were your
siblings at that time?
My brother
would've been 16,
-and my sister was 13.
-How was the summer?
Was it as relaxing as break
should be for students?
It started off fine.
But about a week in,
my mom made me tell
Eve she had to leave.
Well, that doesn't
sound very hospitable.
What could have possibly
prompted your mother
to rescind the invitation?
Um, my mom found
Eve and Sammy.
-[lawyer] Sammy?
-My brother.
She caught
them in the garage.
In the garage
doing what?
Having sex.
Did you ever suspect
your wife to be interested in
pornographic material
of that nature?
All I knew is that she didn't
want anything to do with me.
[lawyer] Is that a no?
No. I couldn't believe it
when I found out.
She's obviously not
the person I thought I knew.
I didn't think it was
a big deal at the time,
but later on,
I realized it was wrong.
You thought
it was wrong
that your adult friend
engaged in sexual contact
with a young boy
of the tender age of 16?
And how old was
Mrs. Sullivan at that time?
She was 21.
[Donald] Was all that true?
We weren't having sex.
I only blew him.
-You only--
-[stammers] Which I know
wasn't right, but... [sighs]
He was almost 17.
We were drinking.
His mom-- Jess' mom-- really
freaked out and overreacted.
You were 21.
Uh, 20.
She lied about that too.
Still, what you're talking
about is illegal, is it not?
Maybe so, but that's
not what I was charged with.
[judge] Has the jury
reached a verdict?
Yes, Your Honor.
Thank you.
We, the jury, duly empaneled
and sworn in
the above-entitled action,
as to the charges of selling and
possessing child pornography,
do find the
defendant guilty.
[dramatic music]
-[judge] Is this unanimous?
-[woman] Yes, sir, it is.
Very well. Will the defendant
please rise for sentencing?
Ms. Sullivan,
you've been found guilty
of charges of possessing
and selling child pornography.
It is this judge's opinion
that you being a teacher
of elementary-aged
children in our community
makes this crime
more heinous.
You're to spend
no less than 20 years
in the Apache State
Correctional Institution,
effective immediately.
Oh, water. Oh, fire.
The cross of Christ
overcomes all weapons.
[continues prayer, sobbing]
Cease with that bullshit, yo!
Tryin' to sleep
down here.
Fuckin' come up there
and give your ass some
real shit to be praying about.
[indistinct chatter]
Find a seat, pervert.
[woman] Girl!
Hey girl!
Right here. Girl?
Bring yourself over here
and sit down.
slide your ass over.
Right here.
Thank you.
My pleasure, baby.
I'm Angel.
I'm Eve.
Oh, I know who you are.
Angel runs shit around here,
so you best be respecting.
Uh-uh. You see, we say
grace around here when we eat.
-[woman] Mm-hmm.
-Everybody bow your damn heads.
Go on.
Dear Lord.
Thank you for this food.
[women chuckling]
-Thank you for--
-[women laughing]
[Angel] Wait a minute.
You's got to give
me up an offering.
You see, I'm the Lord
round here, babe.
She ain't joking.
Is that it?
Don't forget
about Landa.
-You all right, girl.
You all right.
-[women chuckling]
Listen up, bitches.
It's your lucky day.
You see, every day,
she gonna sit with us.
And you gonna share everything
with us. Ain't that right?
Well, what you fuckers
waiting for? Come on!
Get that shit.
Get all that. Gimme that
motherfuckin' plate. Fuck.
She's got her milk.
[Angel cackling]
[whispering] The power
of Christ protects us.
The presence of
Christ watches us.
-[mumbling prayer]
-[whispering] Hey.
Eat these.
Go on.
You gotta promise
me something, though.
Did God send you?
We're gonna have to
get something straight
about that too.
You're gonna have to gone
with that
bullshit, girl.
Ain't no God up in here.
Can't you see that?
This is about
the last motherfuckin' place
God gonna be coming
and checkin' his messages.
And if he was,
he'd come down here by now
and made you shut the fuck up.
Thank you.
[indistinct chatter]
[Angel] Hey! Girl!
What's up?
Come on, girl.
Get over here.
What the fuck?
[ominous music]
[Eve grunting]
You're coming with us, bitch!
Get off me!
[dramatic music]
[Eve] What is this?
[Eve cries out]
[music fades out]
What's this?
No offerings today?
Why you go off by yourself
and disrespect me?
-[Eve] Fuck off.
-Fuck off?
Oh no, she didn't.
Is that how you
gonna play it?
-Listen to me.
It's time to for some
atonement up in here.
You hear
what I'm saying?
You got to make amends.
[woman] That's right!
You got to pay the price.
[woman murmuring agreement]
[cries out]
[women cheering on]
-[woman 1] Come on.
-[woman 2] Yes!
[Eve] Oh, Jesus.
You callin' on Jesus?
What he gonna
do for you?
-Angel's the way!
-[women shout agreement]
-I'm the way!
-[woman] Yes!
So don't ever
fuck with me again!
Let's go.
Y'all better talk to this ho.
[woman] That's right.
What is it this time, Shones?
Ma'am, I got a tickle in
my throat.
Way in the back.
Come over here
in the light.
Open wide.
Looks a little red.
I'll get you
some lozenges.
I'll be back. Stay here.
Don't touch anything.
White girl.
[clicks tongue]
Bitch, wake up!
[gasps, moans quietly]
Girl, please.
-Man, I'm sorry.
-[soft music]
Shit is so fucked up,
you know.
Girl, you gotta
understand something.
It ain't gonna
get no better.
You gotta fight.
Do something.
God is not gonna
come help you.
Shit, you're praying to
the wrong God up in here.
This place is closer
to hell than heaven.
You gotta make
a choice, girl.
wrappers crinkling]
These are not
to be traded.
[Eve] I didn't speak for days.
I stopped praying.
If God wasn't
listening to me, then...
maybe something
else would.
So I started asking--
it was more like
pleading. I was desperate.
I just wished
as hard as I could.
It wasn't like
anything spoke to me.
I didn't hear voices.
All the sudden,
I started to notice
the inmates, guards...
just started to
leave me alone.
[Angel shouting distantly]
So long, all you deadbeats!
Y'all gonna miss Angel!
You just wait and see.
What's going on?
[Shortie] They're transferring
her ass. She outta here.
Good riddance, bitch.
[Eve] There was
a sense of calm...
a feeling of peace
that things would be fine.
Like I could will these
wishes into existence.
"Will" them?
Haven't you ever wanted or
needed something desperately?
I think we all do
from time to time.
No. I mean with, like,
every fiber of your being.
Like what?
What do you
wish for, Don?
I think...
every writer wants
to sell a ton of books.
And be rich and famous
in all that jazz, right?
Well, it's not
the same, obviously.
Just trivial stuff.
Depends on how
bad you want it.
Do you think your prayers to
this "something"...
were answered?
I got out of prison,
didn't I?
[ominous music]
[Darren] Hey.
How'd it go?
You okay?
What's the deal?
You gonna tell me
what's going on?
I found your hiding
spot in the garage.
What are you--
All those pictures
of little kids.
[breathing shakily]
How could you?
You've been going
through my shit?
[ominous music continues]
It was you.
Wasn't it?
Babe. [chuckles]
You got it all wrong.
It's not what
it looks like.
You're a liar!
It's strictly business.
That's all.
-It's for us.
-[Jess whimpers]
How do you expect me to
pay for this fuckin' house?
[gasping, crying]
Oh, please.
[tense music]
[Jess yelps]
[sobs, yelps]
[playful ringtone chiming]
[woman] My...
you certainly
showed him.
Who is this?
I'm your friend, dear.
Would you like some help?
I killed him.
Yes, that is
without question.
How did you know?
Darren, he has
hunting rifles, yes?
Are you familiar with
how to load the rifle?
Perfect. I think you should
retrieve the firearm, load it,
put the barrel
fully in your mouth,
and then simply
pull the trigger.
What about my baby?
Oh, you don't want
that poor little thing
growing up without a
mommy or a daddy, do you?
I mean, imagine the stigma.
A murderer for a mother
locked away in a prison cell
for the rest of her life.
Think about what
the other kids would say.
Jess left a note
before she shot herself.
Blamed Darren for everything.
Said he lied on the stand.
And you think this
was the result of your...
so-called wishes?
What else
could it have been?
I wrote a column
once about coincidences
and our tendency to apply cause
and effect when there isn't.
This doesn't
involve brimstone
and contracts
written in blood.
You just ask...
and you receive.
Well, it sounds like
you're talking about
bargaining away
your soul.
I take it
you're not Catholic.
I'm not religious.
You're an atheist?
I guess so.
I never really think about it.
I feel bad for you.
Why is that?
Because hell is real.
And that's where
you think I'm headed?
That's between
you and God.
Well, I always say,
if there is a hell,
it must be
awfully crowded.
You shouldn't
joke about it.
I'm sorry.
That was insensitive.
Everyone should
believe in something.
I believe in science.
And we scientists
like to have proof.
Am I not proof?
[door creaking]
[beatboxing quietly]
You've never told
me how to do that.
Girl, I'm not.
[scoffs playfully]
-Where you been?
Well, I have been
with the warden.
I'm gettin' out.
Say what?
Thanks to you.
-To me?
that day in the infirmary,
I listened to you.
we past that, right?
-When you leaving?
Hm. Well,
you want a Suzy Q?
I got some
Reese's Cups down here too.
Ooh, can I have
a Suzy Q for later?
Girl, didn't I just
offer you that?
[wrapper crinkling]
-Thank you.
-Shit, girl.
What the fuck
is wrong with you?
Fuckin' neck
look like raw meat.
You got HIV
or something?
I'm staying
the fuck over here.
[wistful music]
[Kinder] Eve.
Father Kinder? What
are you doing here?
You're like three hours away.
My parents are
coming to get me.
You're, um--
you're gonna come with me.
[chuckling nervously]
Where are my parents?
You've been through
some terrible trying times,
I know that, but God does
some things sometimes,
they don't make sense.
[sighs] I'm fine.
I'm leaving
all this shit behind me.
Darren's dead.
I have my freedom.
I just want to start over.
And quite frankly,
faith is not in
the restructuring plan.
Your parents wanted to
get a room to stay the night
so they could get
here first thing.
[Eve's mother crying]
[quiet music]
[whispering] It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
[truck horn blaring]
[music intensifies]
Eve, I'm truly sorry.
No. No.
-[soft music]
-[birds chirping]
[haunting choir music]
Yeah, at that point
I saw no reason to go on.
You know,
I just wanted to die.
To kill myself.
But you said
suicide was a no-no.
Only if you're
getting into heaven.
And I knew that
wasn't happening.
[ominous music]
[knife clanking]
[Donald] But you didn't
go through with it, obviously.
I decided to...
consider other options.
[bids chirping]
Apache State Prison.
Um, hi, I need to schedule
a visit with an inmate.
The inmate's name?
Uh, Shortie.
Um, last name Shones, I think.
Who is this calling?
Eve Sullivan.
I was her cellmate.
I'm afraid
Miss Shones has died.
[ominous music]
Wh-- what happened?
She took her own
life this morning.
[ominous music]
Daemon esto subjecto.
in mysterious language]
Agent-- Assistant
Director Stafford...
said they're going to
stick poison in my veins
and make
an example of me.
He already has
his mind made up.
You are
just red tape.
Aren't you?
You're here to
give him what he wants.
I'm here to do my job.
And you want to
make him happy too.
I can tell.
Okay. We need to
get to the shootings.
Help me understand.
[doorbell ringing]
[solemn music]
Hello, Eve.
-Do I know you?
-I should think so.
You've been trying to reach me
for the past six nights, dear.
-If you've had a change
of heart, I understand.
I can leave.
I must, however, insist
you cease contacting me.
I have a very full schedule,
as you can imagine.
Um, uh, come in.
[Eve] So, you know
why I reached out?
I can only assume
you're not pleased
with the outcome of
our initial arrangement?
My parents are dead.
Very sorry to hear that.
Fuck you.
I didn't want that.
Well, you must know that
tragedy with your parents,
that was not my doing.
Oh, she plays dirty, dear.
You're saying you had
nothing to do with it?
Oh, your husband
and that harlot, yes.
Your parents, no.
You seem surprised.
[chuckles] No one ever
thinks she has it in her.
Even though you
all know full well
about that clever little
trick she played on that man,
Abraham, was it?
Okay, I don't understand.
Why me? And how did
you even find me?
Well, when someone
such as yourself...
desperately wants
something so intensely
it permeates
their subconscious...
I seize my opportunity.
Especially when my competitor's
too busy to respond.
What's gonna
happen to me?
I'm afraid
it's not pleasant.
But surely
you expected that.
I mean, that's why you're
having second thoughts.
I just-- I just
want to be with my son.
I'm afraid
that's not possible.
Not where
you're going.
But that-- that's
literally all I care about.
It's all I want.
I just want to be with my baby.
Well, that would
require a soul.
then I want mine back.
Well, the only way
for that to happen
is by changing
the terms of our deal.
I'm open
to negotiation.
I'm sure we can come to
some sort of...
A win-win.
I knew you
were different.
Not many of
my past clients have
the gumption
or the tenacity
to negotiate with
me after the fact.
[ominous music]
Even less willing to
go through with the next step.
The next step?
You accept
my condition of return.
Condition of return?
Wh-- what is that?
Well, it depends on
what you're willing to...
Well, for example,
do you remember that boy
that set off that bomb
in his school just last year?
That was you?
You see, these things
aren't easy to regain.
Things of worth never are.
Wouldn't you agree?
Just tell me
what I have to do.
Why did you decide
to do what you did?
Why does it matter?
Your motive
matters a great deal.
You wouldn't understand.
You wouldn't understand.
You couldn't possibly.
Try me.
Can you at least tell
me how you went about it?
[loud club music]
[pool balls clanking]
Well it's a
A lonely world
It's a lonely world
[music continues]
[clears throat]
[Eve laughing]
[Wayne] Home sweet home, baby.
-Oh wow.
I mean, this place is nice,
isn't it? [laughs]
-Oh. Hello.
-You wanna see the bedroom?
Now, Mr. Shepherd.
you gotta let a girl
catch her bearings first.
Can I get you
a beer, at least?
[bottles clinking]
[Wayne chuckling]
[Wayne] Hey, hey.
-Sorry about the wait.
-[Wayne sighs]
-[bottles clink]
[Eve] Mm. Wow.
Oh, and hello.
You must be a pretty
skilled hunter.
Yeah. I've been doing it
my whole life, so, you know.
Do you remember that day
that I came over to your house
and you had that big,
sexy automatic rifle?
-Can I tell you a secret?
-[rooster crowing]
-I've always had a crush on you.
[giggles] Have you?
-[both laughing]
-All those years.
Mm. Can I see it?
Your a big ol' gun?
-You want to see the gun?
All right. Okay.
Hey. Don't go nowhere.
-[both laughing]
[ominous music]
Okay, here she is,
the main attraction.
-[Eve] That?
-Yeah, she's beauty,
I promise you.
Check this out.
You're gonna love her.
You're gonna love her.
-[Wayne exhales]
Now, she is chambered at 556,
which a lot of folks think
is too small these days.
Not too small.
Not too small at all.
Sends around down range as much
as you want, much as you need.
Killed this sucker
right here.
Sight down.
Take your breath.
Wait for that
perfect moment.
[Eve cries out]
[grunts] Eve!
What are you-- Eve!
-[Eve cries out]
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, Wayne.
-[Eve cries out]
-[grunt, flesh squelching]
[Eve breathing heavily]
Oh, God. Oh, God.
I asked for forgiveness
every single day
And I will continue to do so
until the day of my execution.
Just ask?
It's that simple?
I don't make
the rules.
[Eve sobbing, chuckling]
[quiet music]
Are we done?
Not as far as I'm concerned,
we're out of time.
And I think
I have what I need.
Well, did I pass?
It's not my job
to pass or fail you.
Am I gonna
get what I want?
I'm not allowed to discuss
my assessment with you.
I hope you
get what you want...
Dr. Thomas.
Thank you.
I'll pray for you.
why did you do it?
I-- I...
[gasping, crying]
I detest my sins.
[mumbling prayer]
I get it, Mike,
but we're talking about someone
who portends to
be deeply religious,
and then she goes
and does something like this
for apparently
no reason whatsoever.
And then
she justifies it
by thinking she did
her victims a favor.
What the hell
is wrong with you?
Can't you see what this
girl is trying to do?
Just finish
the goddamn report.
[briefcase latches clicking]
[briefcase thuds shut]
[Eve] Oh my God,
I am heartily sorry
for having offended thee.
And I detest all my sins.
Because I dread
the loss of heaven...
and the pains of hell.
But most of all because
they offend thee, my God,
who are all good
and deserving of all my love.
I firmly resolve
with the help of thy grace
to confess my sins,
-to do penance...
-[door clangs shut]
and to amend my life.
[clock ticking]
-[car door shuts]
-[engine starts]
[indistinct crowd chatter]
Next, please?
-Hi, there.
You have any bags to
check in, Dr. Thomas?
Just this, uh, carry-on.
I see that your flight
has been overbooked,
but you care to give up your
seat for a $500 travel voucher?
-No, no. Uh, I don't think so.
-Are you sure?
We have another flight that
leaves at 7:32 in the morning.
And we'll cover your
hotel room for the night
along with transportation
there and back
for the inconvenience
and selfless act.
[stammers] No. I--
I wish I could. Sorry.
Very well then.
You are at Gate B-13.
You, you called me "Doctor"
when you checked me in.
-Did I?
-How could you know?
You look like
a doctor to me. [laughs]
All right.
Thank you.
[cell phone ringing]
-Don, where you been,
my brother?
Uh, just--
just boarded a plane,
uh, headed home from a job.
-What's up?
-Well, I hope you
like, uh, flying,
'cause you're gonna be doing
a lot of it very soon.
Okay. Why?
Random House
wants your book, my friend.
You heard
what I said?
Uh, yeah, I-- I'm just--
wh-- what did they say?
Six-figure advance,
is what they said,
with a guarantee
of two more books.
-How does that sound?
And they're serious?
-Serious as it gets.
-I can't believe it.
As soon as we hammer out
the details, we got a deal.
Wh-- wh--
what do I do now?
Come to my office
first thing in the morning.
I will be there.
You better believe it.
Sleep well, brother.
I'm not sure
I can sleep.
Thank you.
Oh, my God.
Didn't mean to eavesdrop,
but it sounded like good news.
Yes. Yes, actually,
incredible news.
I'm Liza.
-Dr. Donald Thomas.
-Doctor, oh.
Uh, I'm a writer,
-Well, it's a pleasure to
make your acquaintance, doctor.
What brings you
to Kansas City?
How about you?
Just business.
What type of
business are you in?
Buying, selling,
sometimes selling back.
-Ah. [chuckles]
-I enjoy it.
I always say, if you can't
have fun doing what you do,
what's the point, right?
[laughs] Yes.
How about you?
You enjoy being a writer?
Yes I do.
Very much so.
Well, aren't we lucky, huh?
You with the good news,
and me with closing
a rather sweet deal.
-We should celebrate.
-So sorry, um...
-Don't mean to trouble you,
but my friend here just
got some really great news.
-I'm wondering if we
can get some champagne
-when you get a chance.
-Yes, no problem, Ms. Fur.
I'll be happy to as soon
as we're in the air.
-Thank you.
-No problem.
-That's-- that's not necessary.
-Oh, nonsense.
You gotta treat yourself.
Life's too short.
You can't enjoy it when
you're dead, you know.
[ominous music]
-That's nice. Yeah.
-Yeah, I think so.
And here you are.
Thank you
so much, dear.
Thank you.
Thank you.
To the future?
The future.
[glasses clink]
[music playing]