Confession (2022) Movie Script

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[music playing]
Maddie, I'm sorry
for all the years
lost, the pain and
suffering that I caused you.
I wish I could see you
with my own eyes again,
but it's too late for me now.
I only ever wanted to be
the dad you wanted me to be.
And for that, I
will die in regret.
But please know this,
I lived with such pride
having you as my daughter.
This is my confession to you
for everything, what I did
and why I did it.
It'll hurt, but it'll
set you free too.
I know you think what this
is, what I am, but you don't.
Once I've given this
truth to Father Peter,
his world will be
blown apart, but it's
time to try and put
right what I can.
All this will end tonight.
[door creaks]
I'm afraid I was just about
to lock up for the night.
[ominous music]
Well, I'm afraid...
[door slams]
Take one more step I'll blow
your fucking brains out.
I talk you listen.
You understand?
How many exit points are
there in this church?
Why would you want to know that?
Answer the fucking question.
Uh, four.
Start by locking this one.
Look at the door, not of me.
[panting] Good.
It's locked.
You know, If you don't
get that seen to,
you're going to be in
serious trouble in no time.
It's too late for me.
I'm already dead.
What is it you want here?
This is a house of worship,
a house of God, not violence.
Do you think I want
to be here doing this?
I'm just trying to understand
what's happened to you.
What do you want?
I want the same
things as you do,
for people to know the truth.
Let's go.
[wind blowing]
At least let me get
you some painkillers.
All right.
[breathes heavily]
You got anything stronger?
[ominous music]
I've seen enough
gunshot wounds to know
that if I don't
treat you now you're
going to die right here
in front of my alter.
I'm not going to have that.
I'm going to have to cauterize
it, stop the bleeding till we
get you to a hospital.
We're not going to
a fucking hospital.
You got a belt?
Bite down on it.
[breathes heavily]
Just once more, OK?
The bleeding slowed for now.
I'm going to have to dress
it, though, keep infection out
of the sun already in there.
I've got a gear big enough.
I'm going to check out back.
Oh, forget it.
I have to wrap that.
I'm only doing what's necessary.
OK, wait.
Give me your keys
and your cell phone.
[ominous music]
What the hell are
you doing in there?
[breathes heavily]
Don't make me come in there!
[breathes heavily]
[breathes heavily]
What the hell are
you doing back there?
I'm sorry.
Sorry, I haven't been able
to use that medical equipment
in years.
Just give me a minute, OK?
[ominous music]
Come on, come on.
Please, God, please.
Come on.
Come on, Come on.
I'd turn the fuck around.
Don't make me ask twice.
Get out of my fucking way.
[breathes heavily]
[breathes heavily]
We are all sinners.
So, you know who I am.
What do we call you?
Victor strong.
You're Catholic?
A long time ago.
Well, he's always
there no matter what.
I wouldn't be so sure,
not after what I've done.
Forgiveness isn't just a word.
It's what faith is all about.
If God exists, he's got a
funny way of showing it.
We all change, evolve.
No matter what happens
in our personal journey,
you can always
reconnect, no matter
how disillusioned you become.
No one stopped the two bullets
ripping through me, did they?
We all have choices.
It's called free will.
And what good did that do me?
I'm sitting here bleeding to
death in your fucking church.
Know this, he is still
watching over you
no matter what's happened.
Perhaps now is the
time to reach out.
All you have to do
is ask for his help.
If only it was that easy.
I know you think what this
is, what I am, but you don't.
I'm not here to
judge you, Victor.
I just want to understand.
Everything I ever did was for
these two, Jessie and Madison.
Was this your wife and daughter?
Up until 9 years ago when
it all went up in smoke.
Where are they now?
Do Jessie and
Madison have anything
to do with what's
happened to you tonight?
It only happened because
I didn't stand my ground
and be the man I
should have been.
Well, if you tell
me where they are,
I can make sure they're OK.
You're not listening to me.
Well, you want to make
sure they're OK, don't you?
Don't you, Victor?
They everything to me.
They always have been.
I can see that.
So the first thing we
need to do is make sure
that none of what's
happened tonight
has hurt them in any way.
What are you fucking saying?
I just want to understand.
You need to stop with your
understanding bullshit.
Well, I want to make
sure they're OK.
Is that so wrong?
Do you honestly think
it could have hurt them?
Do you?
You need to answer me.
Answer me right now
or I will show you
what hurting someone
fucking looks like.
You can threaten
me all you like.
I'm an on old man,
I've had my life.
But if you've hurt your wife,
your own flesh and blood,
what kind of man are you?
You see, You're not
so understanding now.
Stop playing game.
I'm not.
Then do what you say
you've never done.
Yeah, what's that?
Face up to your transgressions,
admit to all you've done.
Every damn skeleton
is coming out tonight,
I promise you that.
Well, tell me where they are.
It's not as simple as that.
It's only as complicated
as you want to make it.
You live in your fucking
church, all high and mighty,
thinking the answer
to everything.
Let me tell you
something, you know
nothing about the real world.
You hear me?
You don't know a
single thing about me.
So your assumptions
mean nothing.
I know the world is
hard for many, that's
why I chose to help people.
That's why I'm a priest.
I believe there's a
reason for everything.
More importantly, I
believe in humanity.
That everyone, deep
down, is born good,
that they just lose their way.
You honestly believe
you make a difference?
I know as much as the next guy.
I know the world
is a sick place.
It's full of hate, full
of violence and greed.
So whatever happens tonight,
when I meet my maker,
at least I can say I tried
to make a difference.
Can you say the same?
I'm a sinner, just like you.
Then repent.
Tell me where they are.
Where's Madison?
I don't know.
Where is she?
I don't know.
When was the last
time you saw her?
About six years ago.
Stop lying.
It's the truth.
Well, what about Jesse?
What about your wife?
Answer me.
Answer me.
She's dead.
[ominous music]
When did Jesse depart?
She's been gone nine years.
I was a different man back then.
Did you have a good marriage?
The best.
We had our ups and
downs couples don't.
In sickness and in health,
for better or for worse,
you got to work
on relationships.
I was content, happy
with everything I had,
Jessie was more career-driven.
I was happy just to
have a secure job.
We had our home,
Maddie came along.
What else did we need?
But Jesse had other ideas?
She was very ambitious,
wanted to get
to the top no matter what.
And this caused
friction between you.
Find me a partnership that
doesn't have friction.
It's normal.
No two or identical, we
all have different needs.
I get that.
But I have never jeopardized our
family home for a fucking job.
And you think she did
that intentionally?
I told her over and over again
be happy with what you got,
but she wouldn't listen to me.
Thought I worried too much.
Well, how did that
make you feel?
Like that wasn't enough for
her, like we weren't enough.
[breathes heavily]
The old adage, you don't know
what you've got till it's gone.
Not me.
I knew exactly what we had.
I was terrified of losing it.
As you've said it yourself,
the world is a sick place.
All I wanted to do was look
after those inside my home,
but Jessie made it
impossible for me to do that.
Well, you can't
do it on your own.
You both have to have the
same ideals or at least
an understanding to compromise.
She'd always do it her way.
How old is Madison?
She'll be 19 next month.
Oh, what a tragedy, to lose
your mom at such a tender age.
I don't know what's worse, your
mom dying or your dad running
out on you.
What happened to Jesse?
She was murdered.
[dial tone]
I was always scared our
life together wouldn't last.
It's like I had a sixth
sense or something.
I tried to put it to
the back of my mind,
but it was always there.
How did Jesse die?
I didn't go away very
often, but occasionally, I'd
take overtime.
I was saving some cash for
the girls for a vacation.
Now, what I didn't
know was that by then,
Jesse was in some serious shit.
She was in deep with
some bad people.
I'll let you know
when it's done.
Is that the last
time you saw her?
The night before I
left, we had a fight.
I don't even remember
what it was about.
Some stupid shit, dirty
dishes or something.
And when we went to bed,
she was still mad at me.
She left before I woke
up in the morning.
Next thing I know, I was in the
morgue identifying her body.
I am so sorry.
She was shot dead on
the side of the street.
They said it was a
robbery that went wrong.
It wasn't?
She took two bullets to the
chest and one to the head.
That's not some
crackhead son of a bitch
trying to take your
fucking purse, that's
a professional hit.
[breathes heavily]
What the fuck was that?
Is there someone here you
haven't told me about?
There's only me,
I can assure you.
Touch me again.
When you first got here, you
asked me to check the doors?
Yeah, what?
The door in there it was
opened before I locked it.
Why didn't you tell me?
You had a gun to my head.
[breathes heavily]
When I was in there looking for
something to bandage you with...
Yeah, what?
I think I might have heard
something or someone.
[gun shot]
Take one more step
and I will put
a hole in your fucking skull.
[groans] Get over here.
Do you have anything
to say for yourself?
I should just shoot you
in the fucking face.
Just take a step back.
Why should I listen to you?
Give me a reason.
Because I'm here
and I want to help.
I saw you helping
the son of a bitch.
I don't know what you think.
I saw you helping a
murdering scumbag.
You picked your side.
This is a church, in
case you haven't noticed,
and I'm a priest.
That doesn't give
you a free pass.
This man, Victor, he came in
here with a gunshot wound.
I see you know his fucking name.
Do you think I am stupid?
He came in here, just as you
have now, pointing a gun at me
and telling me what I
must and mustn't do.
You could have told him to
fuck off and get the hell out.
When you're looking down
the barrel of a gun,
it doesn't matter who's
pointing it at you.
You do what you're told.
Did you see me lock
the back doors?
So what?
Did it look like he
and I were friends?
If I knew you were
hiding in there,
you wouldn't be breathing now.
Shut your mouth.
You're not helping.
Look, take a deep breath.
[groans] You had a
chance to get out.
Why did you hang around?
I didn't.
He made me lock all the
doors and took away my keys.
Who were you trying to call?
What do you expect?
You said you were
here to help people.
I am, but I had
to evaluate risk.
You're not different
from the rest.
Oh, really, yeah?
And what would you
do in my shoes?
Jesus, shut up.
Shut the fuck up.
Victor Strong, I
am arresting you
on suspicion of the
illegal trafficking
of class-A narcotics, the
illegal transportation
of weapons, kidnap,
false imprisonment,
wounding with
intent, and murder.
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you do,
say can and will
be used against you
in a court of law.
You have the right
to an attorney.
If you cannot
afford an attorney,
one will be appointed for you.
Put these on.
Put them on.
Help him.
Help him.
Move, move!
[suspenseful music]
Sit your asses down.
Sit, sit.
How do I know you're a cop?
Is anything you told me true?
Every damn word.
He's a fucking maniac.
Don't listen to a
word that he says.
Have you committed the crimes
that State Trooper Willow
Wallace says you have?
You have to do certain things
in life that you really
don't want to do.
You know that.
It's called sacrifice.
Oh, bullshit.
Making millions from
worldwide criminal activity
and ripping societies apart by
feeding addiction and violence
has nothing to do
with sacrifice.
It's greed.
I have to agree if
what she says is true.
You know more than
anyone, Father,
that looking beyond
what is in front of you
requires great courage
and introspection.
You have more
blood on your hands
than anyone I've
ever encountered.
You can spin this any way you
want, you're not fooling me.
What are you talking about?
Who's this act for?
You think I don't know
what's really going on?
Oh, you think you
do but you don't.
Stop the bullshit,
I'm not buying it.
And whether he is or
not makes no difference.
You're going to kill him anyway.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
I don't know what's
going on between
the pair of you,
but whatever it is,
we can resolve it
here and now without any
more blood being spilt.
Like I said, Father, you need
to look further than what's
in front of your eyes.
She couldn't resolve this
now even if she wanted to.
Her strings are being pulled by
something far greater than her.
Says the dirty ex-cop
who got thrown in jail.
You were a cop?
Oh, he didn't tell
you that part?
I thought he might leave it out.
Shut your mouth.
All you do is lie.
You don't know me.
I wish that were true.
Enlighten me.
I know that after the
tragic death of his wife,
he pushed back
against the system.
I know that his
attitude to crime
changed and he started
helping the people he
should have been arresting.
He gave up the home
address of a cop.
An innocent man
is going to spend
the rest of his life eating
through a fucking straw because
of you.
Do you actually believe
what you're saying?
You really think it
went down that way?
So you don't deny it?
All he's interested in
is treading on people
until he gets what he wants.
And when he does, he doesn't
give the injured or the dead
a second thought.
Wouldn't you love
to take those off?
How would you do it?
Would you take my
gun and shoot me?
Would you use your fists?
What would you give to wrap
your hands around my throat
to stop me talking?
I'll give you a chance
to do the right thing.
Or what are you going to do?
I'll make you regret it.
No, no, no, stop all this.
I'm warning you.
Make her regret, how?
Is threatening all you can do?
Why don't you tell the priest
what violence is like for you?
How is it for you?
If I've ever used force, it
has been in the line of duty.
That's the bullshit
you hide behind.
If you want to hear the truth,
you need to start speaking it
Don't turn this around on me.
I am doing my job.
Tell me the truth.
I'll tell you the truth.
He spent years becoming
the most feared criminal
in the state of Massachusetts.
He's a fucking animal.
Stop hiding who you
are and start speaking.
I was found guilty of
corruption in a public office.
They kicked me out of
the police department
and threw me in jail.
I was facing 10 years
jail time if they
could make the charges stick.
They couldn't.
You know what I've always
struggled to figure out?
Did the death of Jesse
cause you to be like this,
or is it you being like this
that cost the death of Jesse?
[breathes heavily]
This is the respect
that he has for the law,
shooting a state trooper who
was offering him a way out.
If I didn't shoot you
I'd be dead already.
Tonight I offered him a way out.
I told him since we still
have a case against him,
he's going to be arrested sooner
or later so he's not buried
in a shallow grave first.
All he had to do
was come in with me.
We would give him
witness protection,
he would give us
his organization.
You lying bitch.
He could have refused, he could
have walked away and taken
his chances, but the unhinged
lunatic preferred to shoot out.
You shot me first without
so much as a word.
Who are you going to believe?
A state trooper or
this piece of shit?
If he's who you say he
is, where's your backup?
Good question.
They're on their way.
And when they get here
you're going to be in a box
where you belong.
A box?
A cage, a box, you
know what I mean.
If I'm a criminal as high
profile as you say I am,
why are they not here already?
They will get here
when they get here.
I'm blowing the lid on
this entire thing tonight.
No, please.
No, don't.
[phone ringing]
You had a loose
connection there, Father,
I fixed it for you.
Your back up need
directions now?
I want you to watch him while
they go pick up the phone.
Can you deal with that?
It'll be my backup calling
to give further instructions.
They traced the call
on the landline.
You can do this.
Yeah, I can do it.
I'll go pick up the phone
and see what's happening
and I'll be right back.
Sit back down.
Tell me you don't
believe this bullshit.
We need to act now
or we're both dead.
I don't want to hear
any more from you.
Come on, think.
We don't have time for this.
She's a cop.
We do what she says.
You're got to make
me do something
I really don't want to do.
[phone ringing]
This is Willow.
Yeah, I put them
both in my control.
Take off my shoe.
Just fucking do it.
Come on.
Give it to me.
I've been undercover
for of years.
I'm still a cop.
That bitch in there she's
a liar, she's dirty.
It's me who's
discovered the truth.
We need to act now.
She's going to come back
here and kill both of us.
You need to go and get my gun.
Father, listen to me.
Peter, we're both going to die
unless you're going get my gun.
You have to go now.
You don't want me to
wait until you get here?
No, I can handle that.
I've said I can
fucking handle it.
What about the priest?
No, I don't have a
problem with that.
Just get here.
You disappoint me, Father Peter.
When you took a vow to
join the priesthood,
didn't that also come
with abiding by the law?
All I asked you to do was
your duty as a citizen,
as a man of God, and watch
over a wanted criminal.
You've chosen to
listen to him instead.
Big mistake.
How cute.
Do you think this
makes a difference?
Whatever Strong has told
you, he is an outlaw
and I am here to arrest him,
with or without your help.
If you don't reveal
yourself now,
Father, not only will
you lose this church,
you will also lose your liberty.
Last chance, Father.
You don't have to do this.
If you give up
your organization,
that can get you into a
witness protection program.
All you got to do
is drop the gun.
Thanks for the offer,
but I think I'll pass.
You're making a big mistake.
The difference between
you and me, Strong,
is that I know
where I'm heading,
and I won't crash out
at the last moment.
You're just another piece
of shit standing in my way.
[gun shot]
[breathes heavily]
It's OK, Father.
It's OK.
You did what you had to do.
Stop talking.
I don't want to
hear another word.
She was going to kill me and
then she was going to kill you.
You had no choice.
You did the only
thing you could.
Talk to me.
It was either her or us.
Say it.
It was her or us.
[breathes heavily]
That wound can't
be cauterize again.
You need to get to a hospital
before it's too late.
This will be over soon.
Is that the first
time you shot someone?
I haven't fired a weapon
since the Gulf War of '91.
I didn't know a
military padre would
have to open fire on anyone.
You take an oath when
it comes down to it,
you're soldier
first, priest second.
I was on patrol with my
unit, we were attacked
by a bunch of insurgents.
I did what I had to do.
[sighs] Tonight, all of this
has taken me right back there.
[sighs] Tonight, all of this
has taken me right back there.
I had no idea you had
been through that.
Why would you?
I'm familiar with this church.
I've seen you around.
It's never occurred
to me that you would
have been in the military.
What makes a priest
do that anyway?
For most, it's a
personal need to serve
with those in the front line.
But it was different for you.
You and I may have more
in common than you think.
Pass me my cell.
I just want to
show you something.
I have a son who I spent
many years running away from.
just as you have running away
from your daughter, Madison.
I didn't think you were allowed
to have kids in the priesthood.
Jude was conceived when I
was a very young man before I
joined the priesthood.
But I wasn't man enough to
face up to my responsibilities.
I was weak.
It was lust.
Find me a kid who's
not led by his dick.
I was supposed to be different.
When other boys were
getting up to mischief,
I was watching the news, reading
the papers, going to church.
All they ever wanted was
to be helpful to people.
Be a good Christian,
become a priest.
We all make mistakes,
it's how we overcome them.
My dad knew about
the birth of Jude.
He asked me a very
simple question,
what's more important to you,
being a father to this boy
or becoming a priest?
I'd always wanted to be a
priest, it was my calling.
So I chose that over my own son.
I held him in my arms,
perfect little baby,
just that one time.
That was the day I knew I
was leaving town for good.
Where'd you go?
I went to a seminary out
West, got back to my studies,
eventually became a priest
and joined the Marines.
What happened to them?
I received news that his
mother died about 10 years ago.
What about Jude?
You know where he is now?
The last time I saw
him was in that photo.
I just got back from Iraq,
that war really got to me.
Made me realize I needed to face
my son, beg his forgiveness,
and tell them that if I could
make things different, I would.
How'd that work out?
He agreed to see me a few times,
listen to what I had to say,
and it seemed like we
could maybe salvage
some kind of a relationship.
He was a very strong-minded
young man, but cold.
No emotions.
I guess I could hardly
expect a tearful reunion,
but still, it seemed like
he had no feelings about it
or about me.
Oh, a good father
nurtures his child.
He loves, shows him the way.
I did none of that.
He told me he wanted
nothing to do with me.
So I had to agree to
abide by his wishes
You know where he is now?
I don't even know if he's alive.
Don't make the same
mistake I made.
Reach out to your
daughter, Madison,
now before you never
get the chance to again.
I buried my feelings
for Jude for many years.
It took a war to shake
me back to reality,
resurrect my feelings
for him and face him.
What did it take for you?
I never turned my
back on Maddie.
But you haven't
seen her in years.
So what?
It's not a day goes by
that she's not on my mind.
If you're going to truly
repent, admit to everything
you've done.
The first thing you've got to
do is be honest with yourself.
I've been deep cover
for so long, Father.
So damn long.
Yes, but what?
I only wanted one thing,
to revenge Jesse's murder.
And to do that, I had to be
Victor Strong, the gangster.
Whenever I thought about
Maddie, it got harder.
So like you, I locked it away.
It's OK.
You must look inside yourself,
bring this out, face her.
I liked being the outlaw,
I liked the escape.
I felt no pain, no
guilt, until the man
I was before had
completely disappeared.
And then one day I drove
past Jessie's grave
and I went to see her,
and I found myself
talking to God for the
first time in as long
as I can remember.
We have different wounds,
Victor, but the same scars.
[door creaks]
[ominous music]
What's that?
It's me facing Madison,
it's my confession.
For what?
For everything.
Why I did what I did.
It'll hurt her, but
it'll set her free too.
Did you do some of the
things Willow said you did?
I was deep cover.
I was working a special
deniable operation
that only four people,
including me, knew about.
Well, why can't we call them,
ask them to get you out,
get you reunited with Madison?
To of 'em are dead, and
the other one is dirty.
This letter details
the entire thing.
How I was kicked out of
the police department
was all a cover story.
I was sent to prison
on bogus charges
to get on the inside as one
of them, it was the only way.
Maddie needs to know why I
left her, why I did what I did.
She deserves to
know all of this.
And then once she
does, she needs
to reveal it to the world.
Why can't you do this together?
Look at me, Father.
I'm going to be dead soon.
I can call you a doctor.
I don't think you're hearing me.
There was evidence
in this letter
that one of the leading cops of
the Massachusetts State Police
is not only dirty, he is running
the entire criminal network
that I have been infiltrating.
Get to someone higher.
Someone who can get
you somewhere safe
and get the truth out.
This bastard's rage
spreads far and wide.
He has a hell of a lot
of people working for him
who are ready to bury me.
We have to get this to Madison
so she can seek justice.
Look, if I stand beside you,
the police will listen to me.
You don't have to do this,
you don't have to die here.
Do you really think
Willow was going
to let you walk out of here?
This corrupt cop is the
only other person alive
who knows about my operation.
There is evidence
in here linking him
to the entire thing.
I have been playing him
and he now knows that.
We have to get this truth
out there so we can stop him.
There's a lawyer
I know who handles
cases against the state.
We can call him, he can take
you in, get you a safe route.
This thing is too damn
big I wouldn't survive,
just like Jesse didn't.
What in hell does this
got you do with Jesse?
This corrupt son of a bitch
is who murdered my wife.
[suspenseful music]
I told you Jesse
was ambitious, I
told you she was a high flyer.
It's all true.
She was like that from
the first day I met her.
How did you meet her?
We met at the Police Academy.
She's a cop too?
I went PD she went state.
She spent her entire time
working a drug cartel,
dealing with intelligence
and organizing covered ops.
She built a massive case
against this same dirty cop.
After she died, I should
have turned my attention
to Maddie, been the dad
that she wanted me to be.
But I knew this wasn't some
bullshit robbery gone wrong,
I knew that the truth
had been covered up.
So I got myself recruited
to state to get my revenge.
I made the decision to do
this, even though it cost
my relationship with Maddie.
I told my mother to take her
somewhere safe, somewhere
that even I didn't know,
so there was no way my work
leading to where she was.
I now have all of this
to bring him down,
to finally finish this.
But how can you protect
her if you're already dead?
You can't protect me, brother,
but you can't protect her.
Why me?
You have to get this
confession to Maddie.
Put her somewhere safe within
the church organization,
hide her, speak
to that lawyer you
can trust, get this truth out
there and set my daughter free.
What makes you think
I could do all this?
I'm not here by chance, Father.
What do you mean?
I chose to come here tonight.
I chose you to do this.
How did you choose me?
I already knew we had
something in common.
You know Jude?
You know where he is?
But how?
No one does.
Jude made it so no one
could find him or trace him.
Is he alive?
Oh, my God,
I wouldn't celebrate just yet.
It was Jude that murdered Jesse.
No, no, no, you must
have the wrong person.
He now runs the
entire damn thing.
You need to get this to
my girl and stop him.
Nobody's stopping anybody.
Jude, I don't believe it.
Put your gun down.
Let her go.
No, please, please,
don't do this.
Shut up, old man.
Look at me, Maddie.
It's OK.
You just block it out.
Everything's going to be OK.
You want to watch your daughter
die like you did your wife?
Fuck you.
Let go of me.
Dad, what's happening?
You were supposed to
be somewhere safe where
no one could find you.
Why am I involved in this?
Everything you need to
know is in here, baby.
Not like you're ever
going to get to read it.
Last fucking chance.
I swear to God I will shoot you.
Put your gun down, Victor.
What are you doing?
You're a priest.
I'm sorry, he's my son.
He's a murderer.
[suspenseful music]
Put the fucking gun down!
[suspenseful music]
[gun shots]
[music playing]