Confessions of a Cam Girl (2024) Movie Script

lights, camera action
give me your best side
come see the attraction
give me that light right
like me, love me,
see me, touch me
boy I'm shameless
hate me, fight me,
gossip 'bout me
boy I'm shameless
don't you wanna be,
they wanna be famous
and the world is a stage
and now I'm a play
oh, the world is a stage
- Honey, I was just looking
At the guidelines
for senior pictures.
It says nothing too
dark and no white.
I was thinking maybe
that dress you wore
To chris and dana's
wedding, what do you think?
- Um, yeah, sure.
- Perfect.
Does it need an iron?
- I think it's fine.
- Maybe I'll give it
a quick pass just to-
- I'll get it.
- Okay.
Senior pictures,
are you so excited?
- I am so excited.
- (laughs) oh yeah.
- Yeah, right.
- This could
definitely use a steam.
- Yeah.
- Uh, one more thing.
Can you please try
apologizing to jj again?
- Mom, I've tried like 10 times,
And she won't even talk to me.
Like, it's not my fault
that my phone died.
- I know, but I don't
think you understand
How disappointed she was.
She really idolizes you.
- Okay, I'll, I'll,
I'll try again.
- Thanks honey.
(energetic music)
(kristen sighs)
(energetic music continues)
don't you wanna be,
don't you wanna be famous
don't you wanna be,
don't you wanna be famous
(students chattering)
(bell rings)
- And hey, listen, don't be
afraid to find parts of nancy,
Or find, you know,
areas of her life
That you can relate with.
I mean, you don't know what
type of person you would be
If you lived in the
east end and london
In that period of time.
You know, don't think that
you wouldn't have been
The same type of person
Or have made the
same type of choices
As a nancy would have, you know,
During this time in, in
order to simply survive.
Now, by the time oliver and
nancy embrace at the end
When we think that's gonna
be her exit of the story,
You know, what does she
represent to you at that point?
Kristen? Kristen.
(students giggle)
Something to add?
- Uh.
(gentle music)
- As to why nancy fits the
archetype of a wronged woman?
- Couldn't she
just be an example
Of a woman trying to
reclaim her power?
- Okay. That's a very
good observation.
But do you think it's
possible that she can be both?
(bell rings)
Okay, we will pick
up there tomorrow.
Don't forget your essays
on fagin's inability
To corrupt our dear
oliver are due on Friday.
- Thank you, mr. Nichols.
- You're welcome, darcy.
Ladies, in the future,
Why don't we leave our
phones in our locker?
- Sorry, it won't happen again.
- Yeah, my bad.
Going forward,
I'll try to curb my
naturally hilarious nature.
- Great job on the test.
Your grasp of the
material is outstanding,
You know, which is no small feat
When it comes to ms. Bronte.
- Thank you. (laughs)
- Have you given any thoughts
To where you might
wanna go to college?
- A little, but it's
still kind of early.
I mean, school just started.
- True. But applications will
be due before you know it.
- Like we could ever forget.
This place is practically
Wallpapered with admission
posters. (laughs)
- (laughs) you guys
get outta here.
- Thank you mr. Nichols.
- Thanks mr. Nichols.
Have a good day.
- Why is it that literally
the only things adults
Wanna talk about right
now are college plans?
Everyone just needs to chill.
I, I still have
sand in my shoes.
- Oh my god, dude, I know.
My parents are the worst.
It's like all they can
talk about is how I'll be
The first person for my family
to graduate from college.
- I take it then you
haven't told them
About the fashion
course in paris then?
- And risk sending my
parents into cardiac arrest?
- I mean, it's not like you're
taking a year off to party.
It's a completely legitimate
educational experience.
- Yeah. Well, if said
educational experience
doesn't end up
Ba, ma, cpa, phd, carol and
peter don't wanna hear about it.
- You never know. They
might surprise you.
I mean, your mom is like the
most understanding mom ever,
And your dad is-
- not?
- I admit, pete's
wound a little tight,
But maybe you should
give him a second chance.
At this point what
do you have to lose?
On a more important topic,
When are you finally
gonna ask out owen?
- Dude, I don't even
know if he likes me.
What? I don't.
(phone dings)
- Whatever.
Dude, when did you get
this many followers?
Last week you only
had like 3000.
- Styling videos.
The hadid street style
deals have been a huge hit.
I got like 500 new dollars
from that one alone.
- People do love
a look for less.
- Which reminds me, I
got that new mumu bag
In the mail yesterday.
- The sponsored one?
- Uh-huh.
- Filled with all
kinds of goodies,
And once I post it, I got a
lip gloss with your name on it.
I love reaping what you-
- and, oh my.
- Oh. (groans)
- I'm so sorry.
- No, no, it's okay.
(gentle music)
No, no worries.
It's probably my fault.
Um, I've been
meaning to tell you,
Your birthday party
was really dope.
- Yeah, those little tiny
pizza bagels were awesome, man.
(gentle music continues)
- well, I'm, I'm really glad
You could make it.
You too, brandon.
- We should like hang out again.
- Yeah, um, yeah.
That, that would be,
that would be cool.
- Great. I'll message you.
- Okay, great. (laughs)
- I'll see you guys later.
- I guess that answers your
question of whether or not
He likes you.
(energetic music)
- Think fast.
(jj gasps)
- Oh!
- Nice try, but I'm
just too fast for you.
- Oh, I blame the shoes.
- Oh yeah, it's
definitely the shoes.
- Come on, dad. Why
can't I stay up?
- Yeah, dad, what's the big
deal? It's only an extra hour.
- All right, I'll tell you what,
If you can be the top score
in the denly tournament
And you get at least a b
in math, then and only then
Can you stay up 'til
11:00 on saturdays.
- That's not fair.
We both know I cannot
get a b in math.
- Well, you will if I help you.
- Will you?
- That depends.
Will you do the dishes
for me for the next month?
- Ooh.
- Deal.
- (laughs) now that
that's settled,
Can someone please
pass the bread?
- Speaking of academics,
did you get your essay back?
- Uh-huh. I got an a+.
- (gasps) congratulations.
I know how hard
you worked on that.
- Mr. Nichols said I had the
most well-reasoned thesis
Of anyone in the entire class.
- Ah, that's great to hear.
You should ask him for a
letter of recommendation
For your college application.
Speaking of which, you
do need to narrow down
Your top five choices.
- Actually, there's something
I want to talk to
you guys about.
- Does this salad
of beets in it?
The salad is
beet-free, I promise.
- Then what's this?
- Jj, that's a radish.
They're delicious. Try it.
(laughs) uh, what did
you want to talk about?
- Nothing. It can wait.
(crickets chirping)
(footsteps shuffling)
- Do you need something, honey?
- Uh, yeah. Do you
guys have a minute?
- Sure.
- Yeah, of course.
What's up?
- Uh,
Okay, this might
come as a shock.
Okay, this,
This is harder than I
thought it was gonna be.
- Sweetie. Is everything okay?
- Yeah, every,
everything's fine.
It's just, I, um,
Okay, here it goes.
I know I'm supposed to be
going to college in the fall,
But I really wanna take this
fashion foundation course
In europe.
- Europe? Wow.
- It's two parts.
It would be three months
of studying in milan
And then a three-month
internship in paris.
Everything would be included.
Hotels, meals covered-
- okay.
Just, just, just hang
on for look at a second,
- Please just look at it.
Please look at it.
Here, please just...
- I, I, I,
I'm not sure about all this.
- This isn't happening.
You are going to college.
- What if I don't want that?
At least not right now.
Look, so many people
have said that I have
A real talent for styling
And it's something that
I really wanna explore.
And who knows, I could end
up with a real, a real job
And I might not even
need to go to college.
- Not go?
- Look,
I just don't understand
where this is coming from.
You've always been so
excited about college.
- No, you guys have been
excited about college.
I just, sometimes I wonder
if maybe the whole me going
To college thing is
important to you guys
Because, mom, you,
you dropped out,
And dad, you didn't,
you didn't go.
- Excuse me? You think your
mom wanted to quit school?
You think it was my life's dream
To, to work graveyard
shifts at a assembly plant?
No, no. We did this for you and
we did this for your sister.
- I know, and I'm so
grateful. I am so grateful
For everything you guys
have sacrificed for me.
But this is my dream.
- Oh yeah? And how do you
plan on paying for this dream?
- I've got savings.
And I thought that maybe I
could just use a little bit
Of the college fund.
(pete scoffs)
- Honey, the type of fund you
have only allows the money
To be spent on expenses for
accredited institutions.
- Yes, yes, that's right.
Do you realize how lucky you are
To even have a college fund?
That you're gonna be
graduating without the burden
Of student loans?
- Of course I do, dad, but-
- No, you are going to
college, a real college,
And that's that,
end of conversation.
You understand?
(gentle music)
- Mom, mom, when I
sent my styling samples
To the admissions people,
they think I'm really good,
And they think that I am
perfect for the program
And that I have a real
shot at a career at this.
- Believe me when I
tell you, your dad and I
Have your best
interests at heart,
And what's best for you is
to get a professional degree.
That'll help you get a stable
job with a dependable income.
I'm gonna go check on your
dad. Are you gonna be okay?
(gentle music continues)
(gentle music continues)
(gentle music)
(gentle music builds)
I'm such a hottie
ooh, I'm such a
hottie, hottie
I'm so hot
- For more epic
content like this,
Be sure to like and follow me.
- That's the one for sure.
- You think?
- Totally. You're,
like, such a badass.
- Perfect.
(phone bloops)
Wait, sorry, uh, what
were you talking about?
- Oh, what a badass you are?
- Right.
Okay, so in order for
this plan to work,
I'm gonna need more followers,
like, a lot more followers.
- And exactly what plan
are we talking about?
- My plan to pay for the
fashion program myself.
- Oh, I take the talk with
your parents did not go well.
- Dad would not even
look at my proposal.
- Damn. I'm sorry, girl.
- He just doesn't understand
What a huge opportunity
this would be.
- Their generation is just
so different from ours.
I mean, they don't realize
That you don't need a
degree to be successful.
I'm pretty sure none
of the kardashians
Ever went to college,
And they're like
literal billionaires.
- Exactly. Which is why I'm
not taking no for an answer.
- So how are you gonna
pay for the program?
Did the boutique give
you a raise or something?
Because what I'm making
barely takes me to the movies,
Much less europe.
- No raise, but jackie did say
I could borrow stuff from
the store for my videos,
And then whoever clicks
through to buy something,
I get 10% commission on.
That's how all the big
influencers make their money.
- Okay, but that still doesn't
seem like it'd be enough.
- Well, not on its own,
but with endorsements.
- Hence the needing
for more followers?
- Exactly.
- Are you sure
this is gonna work?
- Positive. My
plan is foolproof.
(energetic music)
show up, show off, show out
show up, show off, show out
show up, show off, show out
please show off,
show off, show off
(energetic music continues)
(camera snapping)
I can walk like this
'cause everybody knows
I can talk my, whoa
come take a look at my wrist
hit that switch
I got money to fly
get down, down, down
get down, down, down
get wild on this ride
let's do it, do it, do it
let's see what you can do
let's see what
you can do, can do
let's see what you can
let's see what you can do
show up, show off, show out
show up, show off, show out
show up
(door squeaks)
(tv echoes faintly)
- Can I come in?
- It's your house.
- I just wanted to check in
and see how you're doing.
- Fine.
- You don't sound fine.
Come on kris. Talk to me.
- I don't know what
you want me to say.
I, I don't wanna go to college.
I wanna do the fashion program.
- You have to understand
Where your dad and
I are coming from.
We're out there in the
real world every day,
And for good or for bad, the
fact is having a college degree
Changes the way people see you.
I promise you
won't regret going.
- Do you regret it?
Dropping out to have me?
- Oh sweetie. Never.
You and your sister
are the best thing
That ever happened to me.
But there's no denying
that if I had graduated,
I wouldn't be a supermarket
manager right now.
- But you're so good at it.
- But that doesn't mean I
don't want more for you.
How about tomorrow
night we get a pizza,
We go through all
the college brochures
You've gotten so far.
- Mom, remember I'm hanging
out with owen tomorrow night.
- Oh, that's right.
Are you nervous?
- Yeah. I'm so nervous.
- Tell you what, why don't we
get a pizza on Sunday instead?
That way you can give
me a full date debrief
While we look at the brochures.
- Okay. That sounds good.
(gentle music)
- don't stay up too late.
- Mom.
- Big date tomorrow.
- Oh god.
(carol laughs)
I love you.
- I love you too.
(door squeaks)
(gentle music continues)
(mysterious music)
(phone dings)
(mysterious music continues)
- And so I got up
outta the pool,
And I, well my shorts
were still on the bottom.
And anyways, that's the
story of how I flashed my ass
To half the brazilian
national swim team.
- And officially
became the goat.
- (laughs) well, I
don't know about that.
- Mm.
- You, you know?
You're nothing like
I thought you'd be.
- How did you think I would be?
- Well, I don't know.
You just always seem
So serious about
everything, in a good way.
Like you get good grades,
you got a job, you got goals.
That's, that's cool.
- Thank you.
(gentle music plays)
So what about you?
I mean, I know you
swim and everything,
But what, what else?
- I, I don't know. I like
anything to do with nature.
Hiking, camping,
that kind of thing.
- Maybe we could go on a
hike sometime or something.
- I'd like that.
- Me too.
(gentle music plays faintly)
(heads tap)
- oh my gosh.
I'm so sorry.
- That was my fault.
- No, I thought you were
going right and it went left.
Are you okay?
- Yeah, fine, so, yeah.
(gentle music continues)
- So did you or
did you not kiss?
- We didn't, but the intention
was totally there, and...
- Uh-huh?
- We're going
hiking this weekend.
- You know, this
is like so major?
He hasn't gone out with anyone
Since shayna cheated on him.
- I know, right? I
think about him so much.
I really, really like him.
I just really want
him to like me.
Like really, really like, me.
- Well, I mean if you ask
me all signs point to yes.
So how's your master plan going?
- Mm, commissions
are a little slow,
But my latest video blew up.
Check this out. It's wild.
(notifications popping)
- Why are these guys telling
you to get xclusive patrons?
What is that?
- It's like clickmate, but
people pay for content.
- Omg, I freaking love xp.
- You know about it?
- Totally. All the
celebs are on it.
The minute I turn
18, I'm signing up.
My cousin's roommate made
like 15k a month from it.
- No.
- Way.
- Also, I totally
ship you and owen.
You guys would be
like so cute together.
(kristen and riley laugh)
see you in class.
(footsteps tapping)
(tv chattering faintly)
- [tv] is this your
attempt at cooking?
(audience on tv laughs)
- [tv] don't you want
your mac and cheese?
- [tv] I wouldn't call it that.
(audience on tv laughs)
- Okay, so how does this work?
- Okay, it's super simple,
So followers can buy
coins through the app
And then they can use
them to follow people,
See content, that sort of
thing, and they can tip me.
- Well, what do you
gotta do to earn tips?
- You gotta give 'em a
little extra attention.
Like photos, videos, personalize
it, make them feel special,
That kind of thing.
- The girlfriend experience?
- Exactly.
- Okay, so how do
the coins translate
To actual money for you?
- Really easy.
The coins get converted through
clickcash into real cash
And then the money gets
Directly deposited
into my bank account.
- Sounds like you've
got it all figured out.
- I do.
And the best part?
It'll take two weeks to get
enough money for the deposit,
And then three to four
months for the rest of it.
- Wait, you're telling
me you're gonna make
10 grand in four months?
- Give or take.
But you have to promise me
that you will not tell anybody.
- Yeah.
- Like not a single soul.
Swear on your life?
- Kris, yes.
Ugh, obviously, to the grave.
(bell rings)
- Okay.
- Wait, what are you gonna do
If your parents find out?
- They won't. My account
will be anonymous.
- What if they ask where
the money came from?
- I'll tell them it came
From regular clickmate
I got it all figured out.
- I don't know.
It feels a little, like, feels
a little sleazy. (laughs)
- It's a means to an end.
- Well...
- Well?
- Let me know if you need
An above-average photographer.
- Thank you! Oh!
(energetic music)
Okay, you ready?
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Say hello to ms. Worldwide.
(energetic music)
- looking so fabulous.
(laughs) blow a kiss.
(kristen blows)
(laughs) wink.
Got it, got it, got it.
Amazing. Work it, kris.
Okay, do a twirl.
Yeah, yeah, yep.
They're gonna love this.
Just another wink.
And growl.
(kristen growls)
And cut. (laughs)
- Perfect.
How do they look?
- (sighs) awesome.
I love this filter.
- No nip slips?
- Pg-13 only.
(energetic music continues)
- I really want them to
be like tasteful, artsy.
- Come see for yourself.
- These are perfect.
(riley laughs)
Wait, which one do you
think I post first?
Oh, for sure this one.
- You think? It's not too much?
- It's just enough.
(energetic music continues)
- Okay, here goes nothing.
(computer clicks)
(energetic music continues)
(kristen squeals and giggles)
- So what have you
girls been up to?
- Besides dreaming over owen?
(kristen laughs)
- Ah owen. We gonna get
to meet this young man?
- Dad?
- No?
- No, no.
(riley laughs)
- If memory serves, you're
going hiking, right?
- (laughs) you? Hiking?
You know that's an
outdoor activity, right?
(napkin whips)
(laughs) okay.
- Well I for one think you
two make an adorable couple.
- A couple? Is this,
is this official?
- That's not how this works.
She's right, mr. Walters.
And nowadays people just
hang, you know, keep it caj.
- Oh, I just love love.
(riley giggles)
- Well, as long
as it doesn't get
In the way of your schoolwork.
- What about you, riley?
Anyone you're interested in?
- I prefer to keep
my options open.
- [pete] options open, hmm.
(phone dings)
(bright music)
Could you, uh, pass
a bread please?
- You know, I wouldn't
have pegged you
As the outdoorsy type.
- I was a girl scout,
I'll have you know.
Watch it with those
gender stereotypes.
I even camped once.
(owen laughs)
(birds calling)
- I bet you sold
a lot of cookies.
- Oh, I was the top seller of
troop 425 three years running.
You know, the neighbors
are still working their way
Through the boxes
in their freezers.
- You don't take
no for an answer?
- Not if I can help it.
(owen laughs)
So do you, do you do this a lot?
Hike, I mean. (laughs)
- oh, uh, (laughs)
Um, not as much as I used to.
Before my dad got sick,
We'd spend the whole
summer out here.
- I didn't know
that about your dad.
- No.
- Is he, is he okay?
- Yeah, he's, he's
doing all right.
- Good. Good.
- You ready to get a bit sweaty?
(gentle music)
- (laughs) that depends.
What did you have in mind?
- Come here.
- Okay.
(gentle music continues)
- So you see that
clearing over there?
- Yeah.
- First one to get there.
- Mm-hmm.
- Gets to ask
The other person a question.
- Okay.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
- On your marks, get
set, go! (playful music)
(kristen laughing)
- No! (laughs)
That's not fair. (laughs)
(owen laughs)
(both panting)
(gentle music continues)
- Ah.
For the first question?
- Fair is fair. (laughs)
- What do you wanna
do after you graduate?
- That's a big
question. (laughs)
I wanna be a editorial stylist
In new york.
I wanna dress celebrities
and go to fashion shows.
I know it's a total long shot,
But it's all I've
ever wanted to do, so.
So, so either that or I will
just like go live on a farm
In the middle of nowhere and
start a greyhound rescue.
- Why greyhounds?
- Because they're a
seriously undervalued dog.
(laughs) my turn.
- All right.
- Okay, um.
What really happened
between you and shayna?
You don't have to answer
if, if you don't want to.
- It's okay.
- Okay.
- We just evolved, I guess.
At first, we had
so much in common,
Both being athletes and stuff,
But eventually it wasn't enough.
You know, she
started ghosting me
And like canceled
on me all the time,
But I totally trusted her.
Anyways, then I heard a rumor
that she was cheating on me
With a guy from another school.
And when I confronted her
about it, she just denied it.
Totally tried to gaslight me.
- I'm really sorry. That,
that sounds really awful.
- It just sucks, you know?
- Yeah.
- Being lied to.
- Yeah.
(gentle music)
(gentle music continues)
(lips smacking)
(phone dings)
- Sorry.
- No, it's okay.
- Um, I think it's probably
just my dad. (laughs)
- No worries. I get it.
- Yeah.
(phone dings)
- Is everything okay?
- Um, yeah, yeah.
Is there like a,
a restroom nearby?
- I think just down the
trail there's a porta-potty.
- Okay, uh...
Yeah, that's okay.
I'm I, I can wait.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, (laughs) um,
Yeah, I can wait.
I'll race you to the car.
(playful music)
- Wait, uh, no fair. (groans)
- [kristen] you snooze,
you lose, buddy.
- I can't believe this is
what gets some people off.
Photos of your feet?
(students chattering)
What else do they ask for?
- I don't know. All
kinds of weird stuff.
Some of them are like
really gross, you know,
Like weird sex stuff.
I block them immediately.
No response necessary.
But some people seem like,
They're like, they're looking
for a real connection,
You know, like they're just,
They just need a friend.
- So what do you send to them?
- Normal stuff. Like,
"good morning babe.
Hope you're having a great day."
Basically the same stuff
I would send to owen.
- To owen? (laughs)
I'm guessing he doesn't
know about any of this.
- No, but it's,
it's not a big deal.
It's not like I'm cheating on
him. It's so innocent, riles.
Here, look at this.
This guy frank35, he paid
me 200 bucks for this.
- Um...
- What is it?
- I don't know.
Like, how do you
keep it straight,
Who you are and who
they want you to be?
- It's like being an actress,
You know, it's like
playing a part.
- Mm-hmm.
- Me, the real me
Is a completely separate thing.
- Yeah, I guess.
- I've got it all under control.
I, I know what I'm doing, riley.
And I'm so close to having
enough money for the deposit.
I just need to up my content
game a little, you know?
It sucks, but skin sells.
- Kris, I have to say,
I don't like how quickly
this is escalating.
- Hardly.
Compared to most people on this
app, I'm practically a nun.
- What I mean is I'm not
comfortable helping you
Shoot any naked stuff.
- Riles, I told
you I have a line.
- And what about work?
I can't keep covering for you
every time you call in sick.
- Don't worry, I'm gonna quit.
I'm gonna devote all
of my energy into this.
(phone dings)
Aww, frank just wished me
good luck on my math quiz.
- See? He's so sweet.
- Mm.
(intense music)
(phone dinging)
(kristen laughs)
- Hey darce,
Isn't it crazy how
people just get together
And then suddenly can't
remember how to feed themselves?
(darcy laughs)
- are you jealous, brandon?
- Oh, ignore him.
He's just mourning the
loss of his bromance.
- Hey, get used to it, all
right? This is the new normal.
- I refuse.
I will never accept being
usurped by this trollop.
- Well, maybe you
should take it as a sign
To dip your own toe into
the dating pool, brandon.
- Mm.
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
- Now, the trollop
might be onto something.
Oh, wise one, will you
share your knowledge with me
And mr. Miyagi my love life?
- Ready? First things first.
Deodorant on, polka
dot shirt off.
(phone buzzing)
(group laughing)
- Dude, this is vintage.
Thank you very much.
- Oh, and guaranteed
to keep you single
For the foreseeable future.
(phone dings)
- [owen] dude, it screams "I
swim and play video games."
- [brandon] bro,
swimming's my life.
(phone dinging)
you're just trying
To distract me from
beating you this weekend.
- [owen] well, I
welcome the competition.
- [brandon] you really
think I got a shot?
- Put yourself out
there, right, babe?
(intense music)
- Kristen?
- Hi.
- Yes, uh, personal
hygiene is a must.
- We moved on from that
a little while ago.
- Sorry. (sighs)
Riley's been spamming
me about the boutique,
Asking if I could
take a shift for her.
What are we, uh, talking about?
- Oh, just that this
fool was delusional
And thinks he's gonna steal
my 50-meter fly record.
- Bro, it's gonna happen.
(darcy and kristen laugh)
It's only a matter of when.
(owen laughs)
That was so close.
- So close!
- You missed it again.
- I tasted salt that time.
(dramatic music)
(door squeaks)
(door clicks)
(dramatic music continues)
(door knocks)
- busy.
- Oh, okay.
- No, j, wait.
(door clicks)
(door squeaks)
I thought you were mom or dad.
- Why? Are you mad
at them or something?
- No, I'm not mad. I'm just...
I don't know. Nevermind.
What's up? Are you okay?
- I just had a crappy
day at practice.
- J, you're allowed
to have a bad day.
- I know, but what
if I have a bad day,
The day the tournament
and let everyone down?
Dad keeps talking
about how I have to be
The top scorer in order to
get attention from scouts.
Sometimes I wish
I could just quit
And maybe try new sport,
like gymnastics or something.
- Well, have you
talked to mom or dad
About how you're feeling?
- (scoffs) yeah right.
They'll like totally freak out.
- I get it, but I think
that you should at least
Try to talk to them.
- I'll think about it.
- Remember, you don't
have to be perfect,
You just have to try your best.
And regardless of what
happens at the tournament,
We're still getting fro-yo.
(gentle music)
my treat.
- True.
(kristen laughs)
I can't believe you'll be
going to college next year
And leave me alone
with these wackos.
- I know. I know.
(gentle music continues)
- Can I get your room?
- No chance.
Get out.
(jj laughs)
(gentle music continues)
(phone dings)
(intense music)
(intense music continues)
(intense music continues)
(intense music continues)
(intense music continues)
(intense music continues)
(snap clicking)
(intense music continues)
(clothes rustling)
(camera snapping)
(intense music continues)
(phone whooshes)
(intense music continues)
(keys tapping)
(intense music continues)
(notification dings)
(bell rings)
- Hey kris. Kris.
Uh, can, can we talk?
- Yeah, I'll, I'll
text you after calc
- A c-minus. That's
not like you.
I've come to expect
so much more from you.
- It's no big deal.
It's just one quiz.
- Make sure you don't let it
turn into more than that, okay?
- Okay.
- I don't wanna see you
Blow it when you're this
close to the finish line.
- I won't, I, I promise.
- Okay.
(students chattering)
(kristen sighs)
(intense music)
- Thank you.
- I'll see you soon.
(intense music continues)
(darcy clears throat)
- (laughs) it's a
birthday present for owen.
(darcy laughs)
- Spill.
- Okay, but you have to
promise you don't tell anyone.
(gentle music)
- Mm-hmm.
- Come here.
(darcy laughs)
I started an account on xp.
(students chattering)
(gentle music)
- For someone who can't
seem to find the time
To return a call, you sure
do spend a lot of time
On your phone.
- Huh?
- I've sent you like 10 texts.
- I know, I'm, I'm so sorry.
My followers have
quadrupled in the last week,
So I've been kind
of overwhelmed,
But I have the
most amazing news.
Look! I paid the deposit.
- I guess this means you don't
regret the topless pictures?
- Are you kidding me?
The tips have been
flooding in since then.
And remember frank35?
- Uh-huh.
- He's been sending me
all sorts of gift cards.
- And just how are you gonna
pay for europe with gift cards?
- Well, I use them to
buy stuff for work.
- Right.
(dramatic music)
- What?
- Oh, I don't know. (sighs)
It all just kind of
sounds whorey to me.
- Well, it's not. I'm
not doing full nudes.
And like darcy said,
when I told her,
Even regular clickmaters
free the nipple.
- Oh, you you told darcy?
- Yeah, but she was
really supportive.
- Yeah, I, I bet she was.
Anyway, the reason why
I texted was to tell you
(phone dings)
that my mom is taking me
To new york for my birthday.
- I'm so sorry.
What did you say?
- Nevermind.
- Oh, are you sure?
- Yeah, positive.
- Okay, well, um, guess what?
It's taco Tuesday.
So guess who is getting
free tacos on me?
You. Come on, let's go.
(students chattering)
I know, I'm like starving.
- [brandon] all my clothes are.
And that's how you know
their classics, dude.
- Long day.
(brandon smacks his lips)
- Hard pass.
- Oh my god. Oh my god.
I have the best news.
I just found out my parents
Are going out of
town this weekend.
- You know what I just heard?
- Party at darcy's.
- Exactly. Yes.
- Okay, hold up.
This is not going to be a rager,
Just a small,
dignified get-together
With my nearest and
dearest Friday night.
Aka, you guys.
- Hell to the yeah.
- I'm down.
- What do you think, babe?
Are we in?
- Sounds fun to me.
- And there's tons of space so
you can all spend the night.
There's lots of privacy.
(group laughs)
- Mm, great. (giggles)
(energetic music)
(camera snapping)
(phone dings)
(phone dings)
(energetic music continues)
(phone dings)
(energetic music continues)
- And if you can make
it there by 8:30,
You can see me warm up.
- Mm-hmm.
- Don't forget we're
getting fro-yo after.
- I won't forget.
- Morning, my
beautiful, intelligent,
- Mom, have you seen my bag?
- Which bag are you looking for?
The one with the
rotting banana peel
Or the one with the
muddy shin guards?
- The banana one.
- It's on the floor by
the washing machine.
- Thanks mom.
- Walk please.
(notifications bubbling)
Have you figured out
your top schools yet?
Kristen? Earth to kristen.
- What?
- You're addicted to that phone.
- Whatever.
- Don't forget, I'm staying
over at darcy's tonight.
- Well, now that all depends.
Did you decide which schools
You're applying to
like we asked you to?
- Yeah.
- And?
- University of ohio,
University of michigan
and michigan state.
- What about your
personal statements?
- Almost done.
- Now can I go to darcy's?
- Is owen gonna be there?
- No.
I told you it's a girl's night.
I'm not lying. You can trust me.
(dramatic music)
- And you'll meet us
at jj's game tomorrow?
- Obviously.
- Because you know how
important it is for your sister.
- Mom. I'll be there.
- Okay.
- Thanks. You're the best.
(laughs) mwah.
- Uh, is that skirt new?
- Oh yeah, owen gave it to me.
- I'm not sure how I
feel about him giving you
Expensive gifts like that.
- I think he got it on sale.
Okay, I gotta go.
I'm gonna be late.
- Okay.
- Love you.
- Love you.
(dramatic music)
(footsteps tapping)
(dramatic music)
(phone beeps)
- Who's ready to play?
(notifications bubbling)
Welcome to my live, everybody.
(phone dings)
Thank you, frank.
(smooth music)
Well, that's not very nice.
(keys tapping)
Thank you frank.
You are so sweet.
(notification dings)
(smooth music continues)
I'm so thirsty.
(smooth music continues)
Thank you everyone.
That's the end of my live.
Thank you so much for
the love. Bye-bye.
(smooth music continues)
(notification dings)
(smooth music continues)
(keys tapping)
(notifications dinging)
(smooth music continues)
(group laughing and chattering)
- Hey, listen!
- No!
- Oh my god. (laughs)
(smooth music plays faintly)
Mm, oh, can we discuss the fact
That sandra de giros
daughter just joined xp?
- Mm. I'm already following her.
She's so friggin' hot.
- You have xclusive patrons?
- Duh.
- Come on, let me
see your phone.
- Enjoy.
- Come on.
(darcy gasps)
- Pretty good, right?
Chose 'em myself.
- Oh shut up.
(brandon laughs)
I think these chicks are dope.
- I agree.
- I mean, why shouldn't
they cash in on their looks?
- Amen, sister friend.
- Dude, dude, it's porn.
- Not all of it.
- Yeah, sometimes it's just
Like a tasteful boudoir photo.
- Look, as much as I love
a good set of lingerie...
- Ooh!
- I don't know, man.
This just feels
exploitive to me.
- I totally disagree.
I think these women-
- mm-hmm.
- Are in complete control.
I think they choose what they
do and do not want to do.
- Yep.
- I, yeah, yeah, I agree.
It's totally empowering.
- And look,
I'm not saying
there's anything wrong
With being a prostitute.
(darcy laughs)
- It's the oldest
profession for a reason.
(group laughs)
- You guys are idiots. Gimme.
Dude. Kris, you
like crushed that.
Looks like we're
gonna have to raid
The old liquor cabinet.
- Yes.
(darcy cheers)
- not without me.
(group laughs)
- I'm gonna come, too.
(group laughing)
- Have fun.
- You guys have fun too.
- I have something
I wanna show you.
(smooth music)
Come on.
(smooth music continues)
(gentle music)
- So what do you think?
- Wow, you look amazing.
Oh, oh, wait, let me get this.
(gentle music continues)
(kristen breathing heavily)
Let's slow down.
Um, kris. Maybe we
shouldn't do this right now.
- What's the matter?
- We, we both had
a lot to drink,
And I don't want you
to regret anything.
- Baby, I won't regret anything.
- Kris.
(gentle music continues)
(gentle music continues)
- What did I do wrong?
- Nothing, I,
It was just a bit much,
Like you were putting
on some kind of show.
- I was trying to
be sexy for you.
- I know, I, I just want our
first time to be special.
You know, to mean something.
(gentle music continues)
(phone dings)
(gentle music continues)
Um, I should go back downstairs.
- Cool.
(gentle music continues)
(door clicks)
(phone tapping)
(gentle music continues)
(gentle music continues)
What does that mean?
- It means you drink.
- How's school?
- Uh, school's good.
(brandon sighs)
- [riley] okay, your turn.
- [darcy] you're in my
history class, aren't you?
- Yeah, I think so.
- Oh, yeah.
(group chattering faintly)
(intense music)
(intense music continues)
(birds chirping)
(footsteps shuffling)
- Morning.
Coffee's on.
(riley grunting)
(phone clicks)
- Oh.
(kris groans)
Kris, it's 9:45.
- What?
- Jj's game.
- What?
- Don't you have
to go to jj's game?
- What?
- It's today.
(dramatic music)
- shit. Shit.
Shit, shit, shit. Shit.
(gentle music)
- It is a limited edition.
I hope you don't think
this is gonna make up
For missing my game.
- Maybe just a little.
- Where did that come from?
- Kris. She's trying
to buy my forgiveness.
- Don't worry.
She'll come around.
(footsteps stomping)
- How much was that?
- It's my money.
What does it matter?
- Oh, thanks.
Well, anything that you
earn, you need to save
So you have some spending
money for school.
- Are you gonna make a list
of everything I can and can't
Spend my money on when
I'm in college too?
(footsteps tapping)
- What's going on with her?
- I'll talk to her.
(gentle music)
(pete scoffs)
(door squeaks)
(gentle music continues)
(phone dings)
(intense music)
(intense music continues)
(keys tapping)
(phone dings)
(bell rings)
- you know, this is like how
Every episode of
dateline begins?
What if this guy's
like a total weirdo?
- No, frank's a total
sweetheart, and he respects me.
We're friends.
Look, I'm not an idiot.
If we're in a public place
and if anything, you know,
Weird happens, I'll
just get outta there.
(locker clicks)
- I don't know kris. (sighs)
It doesn't feel safe.
- Okay, here's the
absolute truth.
I am so exhausted. Jj
still isn't speaking me.
I'm in the worst fight I've
ever been in with my parents,
And I've probably ruined
my relationship with owen.
- Then why don't you just quit?
- Because if I quit now,
I will lose everything
And I can kiss europe goodbye.
- You know, maybe you can get
your old job at the boutique.
I can ask jackie if
she'd hire you back.
- No, this is my only option.
I just have to meet with frank
this one time and I'm done.
- I don't have a good
feeling about this, kris.
Have you talked to
owen since darcy's?
- No. Just like a couple texts.
Riley, I am so embarrassed.
It was... (riley
clears her throat)
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Are you free? I
think we should talk.
- I can't. I have,
I have to work.
We could, like, do dinner
or something tomorrow?
- Okay, yeah.
- Okay.
- I'll see you then.
- Okay.
(kiss taps)
(footsteps tapping)
- bye, riley.
- He doesn't know you
quit the boutique?
- No one does. It's too risky.
(phone dings)
- Really, kris?
- What? It's my job.
(dramatic music)
(keys tapping)
(dramatic music continues)
(students chattering)
(door slams)
(footsteps tapping)
What are you doing here?
- We need to talk
- now?
- Yes now. What is
going on with you?
This attitude of yours is
getting out of control.
- I don't have an attitude.
- I beg to differ.
Honey, your dad and
I are very concerned.
You're withdrawn, you're
glued to your phone,
And this new look
you've adopted.
- What's wrong with
the way I look?
- Nothing. It's just not you.
- Well, maybe it's the new me.
- Then there's also jj's game.
- Oh my god.
How many times do
I have to apologize
For missing her stupid game?
- How did you pay
for that jersey?
- Endorsement-
- I know it was expensive.
- Endorsement deals.
- And all the new clothes.
- I told you I have a employee
discount at the boutique.
- Something is
off. I can feel it.
Is it owen? Is it drugs?
- Oh my god, you're
being so overdramatic.
Everything's fine.
Owen is great.
I'm not doing drugs
- then what is it?
Please, kristen, talk to me.
- There's nothing to talk about.
Can we please? Oh mom,
this is so embarrassing.
(dramatic music)
(water splashing)
- Well, well, well, if it isn't
ms. Worldwide in the flesh.
Oh, you're even more
beautiful in person.
(panting) flowers for my flower.
- Thank you. You're so sweet.
- Hmm.
- Um.
You're so good to me.
- Call me daddy.
(dramatic music)
- Okay.
(dramatic music continues)
(kiss smacks)
So frank, how was your day?
- I asked you to call me daddy.
- That's right.
So, um, so daddy, what
do you do for work?
- Shh.
(footsteps tapping)
(dramatic music continues)
(dramatic music continues)
- Don't do that.
- I said don't touch me.
- Baby, for $6,000,
I'm gonna do whatever
the hell I want.
Just where the hell
you think you're going?
- Get off of me!
- You know you want
this, you stupid slut!
- I said stop!
You're disgusting!
(intense music)
- You deserve to be treated
like the whore that you are.
Now you're mine!
(alarm buzzing)
(kristen panting)
(notifications ding)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music continues)
(students chattering)
(locker squeaks)
- There you are. I've
been worried sick.
Why haven't you responded
to any my messages?
- I can't talk about
that right now.
I have bigger problems. My
parents are going to kill me.
- So are you saying you're okay?
That frank guy, did he,
did he try anything?
- I don't wanna talk
about it, riley.
- Did he hurt you?
- Drop it already.
Oh my god, riley.
(dramatic music)
(bell rings)
(students chattering)
(dramatic music continues)
- Brandon said he saw you
with some old guy yesterday.
- Oh, it's no one. He is
a friend of my parents.
- He said his hand
was on your leg.
- Well, he must have seen wrong.
- You're lying.
- No I'm not.
- Are you cheating on me?
- Yeah, I'm cheating
on you with a guy
That's old enough to be my dad.
- Would you just be straight
with me? I know something's up.
Kristen, please. I have
to be able to trust you.
(dramatic music)
- You are right.
He's not a friend of my parents.
He's my client.
- Client? What does that mean?
- He follows me on
xclusive patrons.
- Tell me you're joking.
- It's just photos and messages.
No sex, I swear.
- Well that's reassuring.
- Look, I'm just doing it
until I have enough money
For fashion school
and then I'm done.
- I thought you were
different, but you're not.
- No, owen, please. We
can figure this out.
- Trust me.
I've already got
it all figured out.
- Owen?
(footsteps tapping)
(somber music)
(intense music)
(camera snaps)
(camera snapping)
(crickets chirping)
- Honey, we're very concerned.
- Oh, I'm more than
concerned. I'm livid.
- Pete.
- Dad, I'll make it up.
I promise.
- Yes you will.
Because if you don't, the
first thing that's gonna happen
Is that phone which has been
attached to your hand 24/7
Is gone.
- You can't do that.
- Oh yes we can. And we will.
(kristen scoffs)
I don't know what you have
planned for this weekend,
But cancel it because
you and your mom
Are doing a campus tour of ohio.
- Doesn't that sound like fun?
I can't remember the last
time we had a girls weekend,
Just the two of us.
- And I don't want you
seeing that owen guy anymore.
- We never discussed that.
- Doesn't matter. He
broke up with me anyway.
- Oh sweetie. I'm so sorry.
What happened?
- I don't wanna talk about it.
- Good. Neither do I.
- Is that everything, or
can I go to my room now?
- Yes, that's
everything. For now.
But we reserve the right
to bring you back down here
Anytime we please, young lady.
(somber music)
(footsteps tapping)
(pete sighs)
(door knocks)
(door squeaks)
- hey.
- I see you're suddenly
speaking to me again?
Mom told me you
when owen broke up.
- I'm sorry I've been such
a shitty sister lately.
I feel like I've been
letting everybody down.
- It's okay. I, I know
you didn't mean it.
I really do like the jersey.
- (laughs) thank you
for making me laugh.
- Happy to be of service.
(kristen sniffs)
So, like, what's been
going on with you lately?
I promise I won't
tell mom or dad.
- Do you swear?
- Yes.
- Okay. (sighs)
So I really want to
defer college for a year
And go to europe
to study fashion,
But mom and dad can't afford it
So I've been working
really, really hard
To try and make enough money,
And it's sort of just
become like all-consuming,
And I just really
want it really bad.
- So that's why you've been
such a crappy sister lately?
- That's why I've been
such a crappy sister.
- [carol] jj, are
you gonna help me
With your science project?
- I better go.
- Mm-hmm.
- Um, I know I'm just
your lame little sister.
(gentle music)
but if you ever wanna talk,
I'm here.
- (laughs) thank you.
And you're not lame.
- I know. I'm pretty awesome.
- You are awesome. (laughs)
(door squeaks and clicks)
(phone buzzes)
(gentle music continues)
(phone bloops)
(keys tapping)
(gentle music continues)
(kristen sniffs)
(group chattering)
- Thanks for signing up.
I'll see you for
the tour at 2:30.
- I think they do internships.
That could be good.
- I'm gonna go take
a look around, okay?
- Okay.
(group chattering)
- Look, they've got this
whole brochure rack over here.
- Hi. Is this where you sign up?
- It is indeed.
- Cool, uh, cool.
Kristen walters.
- Kristen walters.
Sexy and smart. Who knew?
- (laughs) thank you.
- So you're planning to
come to u of o next fall?
- Maybe. I guess we'll
see how the tour goes.
- I'd be happy to show
you around personally,
Introduce you to some
of your biggest fans.
- What?
- Your face.
It's hard to forget.
I've spent many a night
thinking about you.
- Excuse me?
- You're even
hotter in real life.
(dramatic music)
- That's not me.
- Sure as hell looks like you.
Hey, let's get a
selfie together.
- I have to go. I'm sorry.
- What do you charge for that?
- I'm sorry.
- Hey, hey, where are you going?
- Kristen? Hey,
honey, what's wrong?
Who was that guy?
- Mom, I don't feel well.
Can I go back to the
room and lay down?
- Okay.
(dramatic music)
(intense music)
(intense music continues)
(group chattering and laughing)
- How did you even do that?
- I don't know. I don't know.
I haven't found mine.
- Owen!
- Owen.
(group laughs)
Hey, what's up, bro?
- Hey.
- What's up, guys?
- You guys wanna grab
some coffee or something?
(group chattering)
All right, let's go.
- Yeah.
(group chattering)
(somber music)
(somber music continues)
- Are you okay?
- Not even a little bit.
Everything is so messed
up. Owen hates me.
You're mad at me.
- I'll get over it.
- You know when I went
to ohio last weekend,
Someone recognized me?
Like really recognized me.
- Oh shit. What'd you do?
- The only thing I could do
was hide in the hotel room
And fake the stomach flu.
- Oh my god, kris.
- And that's not
even the worst part.
- Is it about frank?
- I didn't say anything
because I didn't want to hear
"I told you so."
- I wouldn't say that.
I, I, I might think it, but...
What happened?
- Exactly what you thought
Was going to happen.
Riley, he was old and so gross.
- Why don't you just delete
your account already?
- I will. I promise I will,
As soon as I have enough
money for this program fee
And any other
additional expenses.
- Kris, just go back to selling
your clickmate endorsements
Or work at the boutique.
- I wish I could.
I don't have time.
And I can't let down my
followers. They need me.
- Or do you need them?
- That's ridiculous.
(somber music)
- so it's never enough.
- No, riley, you
don't understand.
- No, save it.
- No-
- I don't wanna hear it.
I can't sit back and
watch you ruin your life
For a bunch of losers.
(somber music continues)
- Oh riley. Riley, come on.
(somber music continues)
(crickets chirping)
(gentle music)
- Put that down.
- Why? So you can ground me.
- Watch it. I'm in no
mood for your mouth.
- Can you just say whatever
it is you're gonna say
So we can get it over with?
- Fine. You wanna
play it that way?
You're grounded for the
rest of the semester.
- For what?
- For starters,
how about the fact
That you wouldn't leave
your room the entire time
We were at the
university of ohio?
- I had the stomach flu.
- We both know that's not true.
Give me your phone.
- You can't take my phone.
- I can and I will.
Now hand it over.
- This is so
monumentally unfair.
- Well, welcome
to the real world,
Where there are consequences
for your actions.
- Can I at least text riley
so she doesn't freak out
When I don't respond?
- No.
Your privileges have been
revoked effective immediately.
- You are the worst
mom in the world.
- Well, sucks to be
you then. Password?
- 3000.
Have fun invading my privacy.
- Looking forward to it.
(intense music)
(door squeaks and clicks)
(intense music continues)
(intense music continues)
(intense music continues)
(phone dings)
(intense music continues)
- [jj] mom, I need you.
- Coming.
(intense music continues)
(notifications dinging)
(dramatic music)
(notifications dinging)
(triumphant music)
(notifications dinging)
(intense music)
(students whispering)
(intense music continues)
(students whispering)
- What's going on?
- Oh my god.
Everyone knows
about ms. Worldwide.
(students chattering
and giggling)
(intense music continues)
- Is it considered sloppy
seconds if I followed your ex?
- Dude.
- [student] I can't believe
she posed in the gym.
- Can we talk?
- I'm a little busy right now.
- All right, let's talk.
(students chattering
and giggling)
What do you want, kristen?
- Tell me you didn't have
anything to do with that video.
- Of course I didn't.
- Then how does the whole
school suddenly know?
- Look, the only person
I told was brandon,
And he wouldn't say anything.
- Are you kidding me?
Of course he would.
Why would you do this
to me? I trusted you.
- You are mad at me right now?
You understand how
insane that is, right?
- I'm just so embarrassed.
- Yeah, that makes two of us.
Look, kristen, I
promise I didn't have
Anything to do with this.
- Well then who did?
- [loudspeaker] kristen walters,
Please report to the
principal's office immediately.
(students giggling
and chattering)
(intense music continues)
- Please have a seat.
Can you confirm whether
or not this is you?
(papers rustling)
- Are you going to expel me?
- That's for the disciplinary
committee to decide.
Can you explain how an
illicit video of you
Came to circulate
amongst your peers?
- I don't know,
But I am totally and
completely humiliated.
- That's an
understandable feeling.
Kristen, I have to ask,
Was this intended to
be a private video?
Perhaps you shared it with
a friend or a boyfriend?
I see.
So am I correct in thinking that
This came from an account
on xclusive patrons?
- My account was set to private.
I never intended
in a million years
For anybody at this
school to ever find it.
- Well, that's the
problem with the internet.
Nothing is ever truly private.
- I just, I don't understand
who would do this.
Like, who would hate me
this much to do this?
- There are people out
there who make a living
From stealing content off
platforms like this one
And selling them to
actual pornographic sites.
And once they're there,
It's virtually impossible
to get them down.
- I feel like I'm gonna puke.
- I know it's a lot to digest,
(gentle music)
But I promise you, I'll find
out who circulated this.
(kristen sighs)
Are your parents aware
of your online activity?
- (sniffs) no.
- Unfortunately, since it's
become a school matter,
I have an obligation to
inform them of the situation.
Unless you'd like to be
the one to tell them.
- No, I don't want to. I'd
rather not. (breathing heavily)
- Either way, they're
gonna find out.
(kristen cries)
Why don't you collect your
belongings and head home?
(kristen sobs)
We will talk more
about this in a week
When the dust settles.
(kristen sniffs)
(gentle music continues)
(gentle music continues)
(door squeaks)
- [carol] hello?
(door creaks)
- it's me, mom.
- Honey, what are
you doing home?
- I, uh-
- are you sick?
School didn't call.
- I, um...
What's that?
- I'm not sure. It was on
the porch when I got home.
Maybe you have a secret admirer.
(dramatic music)
Kristen? Kristen?
(dramatic music continues)
(kristen cries)
Okay, you need to tell me
What the hell is
going on right now.
(kristen cries)
(dramatic music)
How did I not see
this was happening?
I knew something was going
on, but this is just...
- I never meant for
any of this to happen.
I, I didn't think-
- Well, it's pretty
obvious you didn't think.
- I know you don't
agree with my choices,
But it's my body and
I'm an adult now.
- And look at the first
decision you made as one.
You are deleting
that app immediately,
Not that it'll probably
make any difference,
'cause who knows where
those pictures are already.
I never thought I could be
this disappointed in you.
Why did you do it?
- I thought if I could
earn enough money
To pay for the fashion
program by myself,
Then you would see
how serious I am.
- Even after we told you
in no uncertain terms
You are going to college?
- That isn't what I want.
- Honestly, kristen,
At this point, I don't
care what you want.
You've embarrassed yourself,
You've embarrassed your family,
And all that this ugly
situation has done
Is confirm that you are not
ready to make adult decisions.
- Am I supposed to just
shut up and live a life
Full of misery and
regret just like you?
- Don't you walk away from me.
- Ow, that hurt.
- Oh my god. I'm sorry.
- Mom.
- I'm sorry.
(door creaks)
(dramatic music)
- Is everything all right?
(dramatic music continues)
(keys jingle)
What is this?
(dramatic music continues)
Is anyone gonna tell me what
the hell is going on here?
- I think it's best if
kristen fills you in.
I'm gonna go call the police
And see what we need to do
to get a restraining order.
(dramatic music continues)
(footsteps tapping)
(kristen cries)
(students chattering)
(bell rings)
(intense music)
(door squeaks)
- [student] do you think
she's gonna get expelled?
(students chattering)
- [student] look, there she is.
- [student] she's
actually pretty.
(students chattering)
(intense music continues)
- [student] I feel bad.
(students chattering)
(intense music continues)
(students chattering)
(intense music continues)
- So your parents have informed
me of the current situation.
They are filing a
restraining order
Against this frank35 person?
- Yeah, I, I think he's
the one who outed me.
- Actually, he wasn't.
Are you familiar
with owen saunders?
- Owen did this?
- Not exactly.
Owen informed me that he heard
Some members of the swim
team bragging about it.
Apparently they overheard owen
talking to brandon nichols
About your xp account and
thought it would be a fun prank.
Rest assured, they will
be punished accordingly.
Now, there's still the matter
of your disciplinary hearing.
Legally, you have every right
To open an account
with xclusive patrons,
But when you shoot an illicit
video on school property,
You crossed a line.
It becomes a safety
issue, not just for you,
But for your fellow students.
I can't pretend that
I'm not concerned
About how all of this is
going to affect your future,
But for now, I hear that you're
meeting with a therapist?
- Twice a week.
- That's good. (laughs)
Not just for you personally,
But also to show the
disciplinary committee
That you understand the
gravity of your actions.
(somber music)
- At first, I thought mr.
Novak's hamstringing injury
Was gonna be the worst, but
it's actually been awesome.
- Jj.
- Well, I mean,
I feel bad for him
and everything,
But our new assistant
coach is so rad.
He even played for the
rough riders in the '90s.
- That's impressive.
- And he promised to teach
me the maradona turn.
- Whoa. Watch out, abby wambach.
- Right?
(pete laughs)
(doorbell rings)
- They're early.
- Okay.
- Jj, why don't you go
upstairs and play some fifa.
- So you can have your
super important meeting
That I'm not invited to?
- That's right.
(footsteps tapping)
- not a word about this to her
Unless it's absolutely
necessary, understood?
Let's go.
- Thanks for coming.
Uh, come on in.
We can talk in here.
- Thanks.
- Take a seat.
- Detective michaels, so
nice to see you again.
- Afternoon, ma'am.
We won't take up too
much of your time.
We just wanted to let you
know that we haven't been able
To enact the restraining
order you requested.
- Why not?
- The name kristen
provided, frank dixon,
It turns out it's an alias.
- But that was the name of the
bank account he paid me with.
(pete sighs)
- Unfortunately, it's a fake.
- Isn't there any other
way to identify him?
Fingerprints on, on the
envelope or the photographs?
- I'm afraid they weren't any.
- What about the website?
I mean, this can't
be the first time
This kind of thing has happened.
Surely they know
who this psycho is.
- We contacted xclusive patrons,
But due to their
privacy policies,
There's some
complicated legality.
- Do you know how
insane that is?
This animal, this predator
threatened my daughter.
Now it's your job
to protect her.
- I understand your
frustration. I'm frustrated too.
But until we have his real name,
There's very little we can do.
More often than not, these
threats are just that: Threats.
These kind of creeps
are usually cowards,
And eventually they
just lose interest.
(dramatic music)
(students chattering)
(bell rings)
- Do you like it?
- No.
(students chattering)
- Come on, it's vintage, man.
Hey man.
(owen sighs)
- What now? (sighs)
- Hey, owen.
- What do you want, kris?
- I just, I, I wanted
to apologize again,
For everything.
You deserve so much better.
- Yeah, I do.
- There's no excuse
for what I did.
- No, there isn't. (scoffs)
- Do you think
there's ever a world
Where you could trust me again?
- No, I don't.
- Okay.
- (sighs) but maybe,
(gentle music)
I might start hating you less.
I gotta get to practice.
(students chattering)
(gentle music continues)
(students chattering)
- Does this ever get easier?
- Supposedly.
- Um, I've been
meaning to ask you
If you've heard
anything from lsu.
- Yeah, I, I, I
wanted to tell you,
But with everything going on,
I, I didn't get the chance.
- You got in?
- I got in.
- You got in! Oh my god!
- I'm so proud of you, riley.
- Thanks kris.
I'm pretty pumped.
- Hey, (laughs)
I promise, going forward-
- mm-hmm.
- I will be the very best friend
Anyone has ever asked for.
- I sure hope so.
Um, I tried to send
you something on
clickmate last night,
But I couldn't
find your profile.
- I deleted it.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
I've just been getting these
like totally vile messages.
- You think it's from him?
- I don't know what
he's capable of.
- Ah, that's like
really terrifying.
- Tell me about it.
I just, I don't know.
(dramatic music)
I'm like on edge
and I can't sleep,
And I started carrying
pepper spray with me.
- That's not a terrible idea.
- Yeah, it's not.
(sponge swiping)
- Remember never use
soap on the cast iron.
- I know. Water only.
- Is now a good time?
- A good time for what?
- I spoke with your principal,
And the disciplinary board
has voted not to expel you.
(kristen exhales deeply)
You will, however, be serving
detention three days a week,
Including saturdays for the
remainder of the school year.
- Saturdays?
- Kristen, come on.
You should be grateful. It
could have been a lot worse.
- I know, I know.
- What about the
fashion program?
Have you requested a refund?
- They said it
should be processed
In the next couple
of days. (laughs)
- Well, at least
that'll be done with.
- Why don't you go upstairs
And get started
on your homework?
- Don't forget, you're picking
up jj from practice tomorrow.
- I know. 11:00 am sharp.
(footsteps tapping)
(footsteps tapping)
(footsteps shuffling)
(intense music)
- jj, come help with this.
Jj, no, no, no!
Jj no!
(kristen panting)
Somebody help her!
(jj screams)
- What are you doing?
- Let her go.
- Why would I want do that?
- [kristen] jj, look at me.
(frank yells)
- Get back here,
you little bitch!
- Stay away!
(frank yells)
- What are you doing?
(frank yelling)
- I own you!
You're gonna pay
for this! I own you!
- You're safe.
(intense music continues)
- We ran his fingerprints
and identified him
As warren herin.
He's a known predator
wanted in virginia
For five counts from stalking
and aggravated kidnapping.
He's being transported back
east as we speak to stand trial.
The charges have a minimum
sentence of 20 years.
Everything goes right,
You shouldn't have to worry
about this guy ever again.
(somber music)
(upbeat music)
(students chattering)
- So I heard you aced
the english final.
- (laughs) I did
okay. What about you?
- Oh, I, I got the grades I
need to swim at dartmouth,
And let's leave it at that.
- Oh, all righty, let's do that.
(locker clicking)
I wanna apologize.
- Again?
- Yes, again.
(owen laughs)
You were the best thing that
happened to me this year,
And I know I really messed up,
But I was wondering if there
was any way you would consider
Going with the prom with me?
- Oh, kris, I, I don't know.
(sighs) I don't think
it's a good idea.
(gentle music)
- I know.
I knew it was a long shot,
but I had to ask. (laughs)
- I'll see you around though.
- Mm-hmm.
(gentle music continues)
(bell rings)
- Are you nervous?
- I'm terrified.
- You've got this.
Just remember,
They'd be crazy if they
didn't give you the job.
- (laughs) I hope you're right.
- Yeah, I'm usually right.
- Yeah, you are. (laughs)
(energetic music)
- Have a seat.
So kristen, you're
here to interview
For the personal
shopper position.
- Yes. Thank you so
much for having me.
I'm very excited about
this opportunity.
- As I'm sure you know,
Maison blanc is more
than just a store.
It's an experience.
Our personal shoppers
are tasked with creating
A guided shopping experience
for our customers.
Now, tell me, why
should I hire you?
- Well, I think
that having style
Is more than just wearing
fashionable clothes.
Anyone can do that.
It's an attitude, and I
think that I have the ability
To pull pieces together
that not only allow people
To look their best,
But feel really, really
good about themselves.
(energetic music)
(energetic music continues)