Confessions of a Go-Go Girl (2008) Movie Script

You know that voice inside
your head that you try to ignore?
And no matter how high you
turn up the volume on everything
else it just won't go away.
Well, sometimes you have
to listen to that voice, I think.
And hope it's saying
what you need to hear.
What happened to the
dress you wore for church?
I'm just not in the
mood to wear it.
Well, go and change.
It'll look nice in the pictures.
Hurry up!
So Eric, will you be driving
down and back with us?
I guess so.
It depends.
It's been nice, having
my little girl home again.
Your father and I got you
a little going away present.
It just happens to be
so perfect for school
and for work next summer.
We're sending you off in style.
Just because you're
going to be a lawyer.
It doesn't mean
you can't be a lady.
You guys really shouldn't have.
Listen, there's something
I have to tell you.
I'm not going.
To law school, I mean.
What the hell are
you talking about?
We've already paid your tuition.
You're going to law school.
I want to act.
You want to be an actress?
Kind of snuck up on me.
I took a couple of classes
and then I was the second lead
in the senior play.
The head of the darrow theatre
academy saw me and told me
I should audition.
I did, and I got in.
You guys both wanted
law school for me so badly
that I thought I did too.
But I don't.
Did you know about this?
You're her boyfriend.
Yes, but...
Can't you say something to her?
Who's going to pay for
this acting school of yours?
You pay Jamie's tuition.
Your brother is
getting his masters.
He's going to be a psychologist.
If you want to go to a
real school well that's fine.
If not, you're going to
have to support yourself.
- I'll get a job.
- Well, what about tuition and books and gas!?
Details, Jane.
You always forget
about the details.
Well that went
well, considering...
Don't worry. They
just need some time.
What are you guys
doing after class?
Let's go get coffee.
You want a good head shot?
You need a great photographer.
Sweet, thanks.
Oh, thanks I'm okay.
You're supposed to be
freaked out your first day.
Do you go here?
Oh, I've been to a few of her
workshops someone always
loses it, throws
up, walks out, cries.
Don't worry, her bark's
worse then her bite.
Fake it 'til you make it.
Yah, it's really bad.
Well it's not professional.
If you want to work you
need something like this.
I just booked another
music video this morning.
I see what you
mean. It stands out.
It's my boyfriend.
Kurt Powell. He took it.
He's, uh, he's got
the magic touch.
You should call him.
Can't afford it.
I understand.
But if you want to work and
make money you need to invest.
Give him a call.
Good morning class,
Jane you're up first.
We are going to try something.
This exercise is called
"see and be seen."
Lay down on the
floor on your back.
Palms out.
Each of you are going to come
one at a time and look at her.
Just look. That's all.
Really look.
That's all.
What do I do?
Look back.
( )

What are you feeling right now?
That I don't like
being stared at.

Class, this is where
you come to tell the truth.
Your truth.
To do it right you'll
have to use all of yourself
all of the time.
Body, mind, and soul.

Thanks for all the help today.
See you tomorrow.

How was your first day at work?
I wish I had a nickel for
every time I had to say
anti-aging serum.
(Laughs) It probably
works out to about that.
You're right.
I don't know what I'm
going to do about money.
Everything is so expensive like
my father said, and now I have
to get headshots if I'm
going to do this right.
I could at least
help you with that.
- Present.
- Really?
- Yah. - That's sweet.
- It's nothing.
So this dinner with
your father tonight,
it's all his lawyer
firm friends, right?
I'm going to be
the only civilian.
You might want
to save that little
piece of information for desert.
I haven't told my
father your news yet.
Why not?
It just hasn't come up.
I thought you understood.
I do.
But you just can't
expect everyone else to.
Could you maybe
act like a lawyer?
Just for tonight?
I'm a professional.
I'll fake it 'til I make it.
Thank you.
I'll tell him, I swear I will.
( )

I'm glad you called.
And I explained
the situation to him.
I think he's gonna roll with it.
I wish I had my own place.
My parents are driving me crazy.
Yah, there's a reason they
call it the nuclear family.
- Kurt!
- Yah?
Jane's here for
her consultation.
Have a seat.
So, have you ever
done this before?
Kind of.
A friend of mine took these.
Hmm... ah, that's...
That's really sweet.
But it's not really a
portrait, you know,
it doesn't tell me
the truth about you.
What do you mean
the truth about me?
Have you ever heard
the old saying that
a picture steals a part
of someone's soul?
K, well I think it should
if it's any damn good.
Yah... I know what do with you.
Babe, you think we
can cut Jane a deal?
Like, three-fifty?
Why not?
As long as she stays for dinner.
You know, people say I
look like Marlon Brando and
I think that he's my old man.
I'm serious, okay?
I know it sounds crazy
but him and my mom
went armadillo hunting just
outside of Albuquerque once
when he was there, you know,
doing a movie I can't remember
which one, but he picked
her up at a diner and anyways,
they never did
get any armadillo.
Well, I think your much
handsomer than him.
How'd you two meet?
I took her picture.
He... he set up the camera
and he looked down the lens
and he said the greatest thing.
He said you're a woman warrior.
Then she said the
greatest thing back.
She goes, let's
make this a big deal.
That was, uh, three
years and four months ago.
And he's been sober ever since.
Only one drink a
day, right baby?
That's right.
I got it down to a science.
Alright, I got to,
uh, go to work.
Oh, babe!
Um I'm running a
little low again, okay?
I love you.
He's a true artist.
No concept of money.
You know the type?
Actually I don't.
Everyone I know has a
very clear concept of money.
Oh yah?
It's $42,000 right there.
It's not bad for a
college drop-out.
Kurt and I are going to
open up a photography studio.
I think my mother thought
I'd never amount to anything.
You must have done
a lot of music videos.
I've done a lot of things.
Wouldn't you feel better if that
was in a bank or something?
No, me and uncle Sam
have an understanding.
Don't ask.
Don't tell.
I like your bag.
Yah, it's fabulous isn't it?
It's a little birthday
present for myself.
Walk with me.
I love you babe!
Love you too hot stuff.
( )

So this is my stop.
Wait, this is where you work?
Yup, you should come in.
No way!
Come on! You'll get it.
What are you going
to do go home?
She's with me.
I'll take you through the front
and give you the
full experience.

This is go-go. You dance
and the clothes stay on.
If you want me where you are
don't want to hear no lines I
forgot how you like my eyes
song lyrics about my guys
come here and
you'll be surprised
if you like what I got
and I got what you want
Jane this is Nick. The man.
Owner of this fine establishment
and Nick, this is Jane.
My new best friend. So
take good care of her.
I gotta go backstage.

Can I get you a drink? Civilian
special. White wine spritzer.
- No I'm okay, thanks.
- You sure? - Yah.
I'll be right over there
if you need anything.
Hey! What did I tell
you about the smiling?

If you like what I got,
and I got what you want
then we can go to the
spot and talk about it
I know you like
how that sounds
it's about to go down
so let's roll to the
spot and talk about it
talk to me
boy, talk to me
I'll be real
I like what I see
come on baby talk to me
come on keep it real with me
if you like what you see
baby come on talk to me
if you like what I got
and I got what you want
(Cheering, whistling,
and applause)
Up next, in the flesh our
featured dancer the siren of
sugar-grove, she's
too hot to handle.
Get ready to feel the burn.
(Cheering and applause)
(Music: Pop rock)
I like the way you look when
you're looking at me that way
I like the way you come
across from across the realm
wonder what you feel like,
wonder what you feel like
wonder what you feel like,
wonder what you feel like
I got to take a
ride on the wild side
I can't believe she can get
up there and do that in front of
all those people staring at her.
I bet you could pull a crowd.
Oh yah, oh yah.
You could make a lot of money.
No, I couldn't.
I wouldn't know how
to dance like that.
Do you have any idea
how many girls I've trained in
the 17 years of
running this place?
How many kids I've
put through college!
Including my own.
Trust me.
I know it when I
see it... And I see it.
Oh yah.

(Cheering and whistling)
I wonder what you feel like,
I wonder what you feel like
I wonder what you feel like,
I wonder what you feel like
I got to take a
ride on the wild side
handle on my back door
I like the way
you fly, hyperdrive
push it just a little more
I got to take a ride
all night
take it down to the floor

The time we've been sitting
here... All that money up there.
Could be yours!

Think about it.
(Cheering and whistling)
I got to take a
ride on the wild side
handle on my back door
For you.
You're crazy.
I can't accept that.
You don't have to do
everything the hard way, Jane.
This was a half-an-hour
out of my life.
I could never get
up there like that.
In front of all those men.
It would make me feel
like a piece of meat.
Well, they're not thinking
and I'm not feeling.
By the way, it's no different
than the little sales pitch you
give every woman
who comes in here.
It's different.
No it's not.
You tell her what
she wants to hear.
She walks away feeling
better about herself.
You take the money.
I show 'em what they want
to see, they have a good time,
I take the money.
There's nothing wrong
with a little fantasy.
I'll be right back.
It's a good color for you.
I don't usually wear
something like this.
Gives you a little lift.
An extra something.
Could use a little lift.
My boyfriend just
dumped me so...
Well then definitely
don't get that one
unless you want him back.
I was right.
You're a natural.
Selling lipstick and dancing
for men aren't the same thing.
You're wrong.
Try it once, but i'm
warning you it's addictive.
Just take the bag, Jane.
Okay, I'll keep it for you then.
I'm sorry if I
misunderstood you.
Live a little, Jane!
No, right there.
Oh, look at that, oh...
Jane! Come and see where
we're going for the holidays.
It's a brand new
resort in Antigua.
Dad just booked us a
condominium on the beach.
We're leaving on the 17th.
I can't go then.
I have school until the 21st.
You guys didn't even ask me.
What's a week or two
from acting school?
It's not like you have
exams or anything.
I can't.
Your father kills
himself all year for this.
It's a time where we
can go away as a family
in a beautiful place.
What's gotten
into you little girl?
It's not like you
to rock the boat.
I'm not trying to, but
acting is important to me.
Why can't you guys
just take that seriously?
Well I'll tell you what?
I'll take it seriously
on the plane back home.
I can't go.
Have you ever
looked in the mirror and
wished you were someone else?
Is there someone inside
you trying to get out?
A part of yourself you've
kept hidden even from you?
This is your big
chance to let them out.
Each of you are going
to create a character.
Give them a back story,
an objective, a point of view.
You are going to eat,
sleep, live, and breathe them.
You are going to
wine and dine them.
Do whatever it takes to
bring that character to life.
Later this term, you
will perform a monologue
as that character
at our showcase.
Pick someone you would
never bring home to your parents.
That's always a
good place to start.
( )
Sometimes I feel
like I'm losing myself
sometimes I feel like
I'm somebody else
well I've been searching
for some kind of reaction,
but I've been careless with
the wrong kind of attention
do you feel...

I'll try it.
( )

(Clapping and cheering)

(Clapping and whistling)

( Cheering and clapping)

(Cheering and clapping)
(Nick) Alright, believe it or
not we do have some rules.
Those would be house
rules, you do not show a thing,
no top, no bottom, you
keep your crack to yourself.
You never know when the
inspector is going to show up.
He fines me, you pay.
You take your tips right here,
what you do with it after that,
I don't care. Four hour shift.
Half hour on, half hour off.
Twenty bucks an hour.
You keep the tips. Hallelujah.
Dressing room's
downstairs to your right.
Don't forget to smile and
hey, sweetie, have fun!
You are a go-go girl.
I wouldn't take it that far.
- Hey, I'm Donna.
- Hi.
Let me see... Actress.
- Aspiring.
- Me too. Musicals.
Well, that was my once upon a
time until my daughter was born
and then I started working here.
This is Elizabeth.
She's 13.
Oh wow, she's beautiful.
Hm-mm. Straight-a student.
She wants to be a doctor.
Does she know about this?
Oh yah, she's fine.
I mean I get a sitter for
her three times a week while
she's sleeping and then I'm
home all day every day with her.
You know what you
need, is regulars.
Guys that call in just for you.
They come on your nights.
I mean, the more you
have the better the shift.
The better the
shift, the better tips.
I have regulars
coming out of my ears.
How do I get a regular?
Well, when you're out
there and you get a little extra
attention from a guy show
him a little extra attention back.
You hook him,
and you reel 'em in.
It's nothing.
Look, all they want is for you
to notice them and then they
start bringing you things
like underwear, jewelry.
I mean one of my regulars is a
podiatrist and he gives me an orthotic.
I mean, just because
I have go-go toes.
Wow! You look amazing.
Well, this work certainly
keeps you in shape.
Keeps your mind off your
crows feet and your laundry.
You know it's an
amazing feeling.
It feels like your
getting daddy's attention
at the dining table.
Alright, you need this
for under the lights so you
don't look splotchy and pale.
Body glue so nothing pops out,
and you need a costume something
that you can't see through.
I get mine from Donna.
We all do. She's good.
She should get herself a
rocking chair and stick to sewing.
I've been thinking about a name.
Good! You need a
name. It's like a theme.
It helps you pick your music.
Plan your moves, you've
gotta have a theme.
That's like what
were talking about
in my acting class right now.
Creating an identity.
I think my girl, she's
been told what to do
her entire life until now.
- Who?
- My character.
Oh, ok... Whatever.
Ah, cute, cute... But
after tonight I want you to
get yourself a real costume.
You want to look the part.
- I will. After tonight.
- Alright.
Now, let me see you do the look.
Chin down. Eyes up.
Eye contact, very
important, eye contact.
Let me see that smile.
C'mon, that's it!
Remember, these guys they
don't want to be reminded of their
wife or their
mother, god forbid.
What do you want me to call you?
I'm Dylan.
A guy's name.
That's sexy.
Alright, Dylan.
You come out
after I introduce you.
She's been under wraps,
locked away like a virgin,
the windy city's
best kept secret.
The lovely... Dylan.
( )
(Cheering and clapping)

Hey, I was here first.
My wife was a brunette.
Are you Dylan, as in Dylan
Thomas my favourite poet?
Am I right?
She's Dylan like Bob
Dylan, my favorite poet.
I'm your Dylan.
I'm your Dylan, too.


I thought maybe you'd
have second thoughts about
not going to law school.
But acting seems
to agree with you.
Maybe I should quit.
Chase my dream.
But being a lawyer
is your dream.
True, true... I'm good at it and
I like knowing what to expect in
the next five years, but
I was sitting at my desk
tonight... nine or ten
o'clock and it hit me.
You're braver than I am.
You can make a change if you
wanted something badly enough.
I don't think so.
Leaping into the great
unknown is you, not me.
I just don't want to wake
up when I'm 50 and wonder.
I don't think that'll
be a problem.
(Jane) Where's Angela?
She's out. Do you
want to change?
Um, I was just going to
wear this if that's okay?
Hmm, um,
okay, yah...
It's simple.
To the point.
I like it.
( )
Okay, you ready?
Okay, look over here.
Bang, thank you.
You know I'm a big
believer in natural light.
It just plays so
beautifully off your skin.
Right here.
It's not like the cold
look of digital, you know.
That's why I shoot on film.
There's a chemical reaction
going on the whole time.
It's organic.
You can feel it. Right here.
K, right here. Who
you looking at?
I never know what
to do with my hands.
Yah, don't, ah, don't
worry about it, okay?
Just, um, it'll come to you.

Who you looking at right now?
Thank you. Who are you seeing?
Don't tell me.
You're gorgeous.
Thank you.
- You are a natural.
- Thank you.
I mean it.
You get the shot?
So, there's your $350.
Plus 75 for film and processing.
I thought I told you that.
Um, I have to get going.
Nick has me on
the happy hour shift.
Not for long, he's getting
you ready for prime time.
A featured dancer.
He said that?
Well, not featured, but ranked.
You're definitely teacher's pet.
He said he wants to adopt you.
Oh yah?
Why don't we adopt her?
Yah, you stay in
the spare bedroom.
You guys go to work
together. Be nice.
I have been thinking
about renting out.
I'd love to. I have no money.
No, I wouldn't worry about that.
I predict big things for you.
(Door opens and closes)
- Where were you?
- Rehearsal. Why?
Nancy called.
She went to buy
makeup yesterday.
They said you don't
work there anymore.
I don't. I'm a floater now.
I go to whatever
department needs me.
I got a letter from
your law school today.
They said they'd refund
the tuition but not the deposit.
You better keep that job.
You're going to
have to pay us back.
I know it's tough,
but fair is fair sweetie.
Here, I'll pay you
back with interest.
There's the down payment.
By the way, I'm moving out.
Isn't it like something
out of a magazine?
Where do you
want me to put this?
Hey, who wants coffee?
Hi, I'm Angela.
I'm Eric. Thanks, but no thanks.
- Hey babe.
- Yes?
Is this for work?
It's for you... Sorry.
Hi, you're gonna
enjoy the perks, man.
What, what perks?
- He means us being able to hang out without my parents.
- Oh.
Yah, you got a real
sweet one there.
I'd be careful if I was you.
(Donna) Okay, hold still.
(Jane) This is cute.
How much is this one?
The outfit is sixty and
the shoes are thirty.
But they'll pay for themselves
in one night just ask Angela.
So, how's it feeling?
Um, what do I do about this?
Ah, double-sided.
Tricks of the trade.
Tie it on the top to
make you look Fuller.
Higher on the sides
to make you look taller.
Just an optical illusion.
Hey, honey.
Jane this is my
daughter Elizabeth.
Your mom talks
about you all the time.
Yah, she has a
habit of doing that.
Are you going to stay for lunch?
We're having salad.
You're welcome to.
I'd love to but I have to go.
Mom's teaching me how to cook.
I can't just make
it up like she does.
Honey, could you
get my purse for me?
Her father left when
she was a year old.
He never said a word.
I should be thankful really.
I mean, he taught
me a valuable lesson.
Be careful who
you let into your life.
So how long have
you known Angela?
Not too long, but she's great.
She's really been
helping me out a lot.
Just be careful.
Unhappiness is a sickness.
It's catching.
You're doing good work.
Today is the first day that
I've seen you free yourself up
in an improvisation.
Jane sticks to the script but
Dylan isn't afraid to wing it.
She's real to you.
It shows in your work.
Telling the truth is not easy.
Wow! Look at you!
I told you my outfits
pay for themselves.
You know what? I think
you're ready for another one.
Maybe something with
a little bit more flash.
Oh, no you don't. No you don't.
She's got a good thing going
with this girl next door routine.
Maybe you can come up with, ah, ooh,
a candy-striper costume or something.
You know what, Nick? You
remind me of my ex-husband.
Ah, that's funny because
you remind me of my ex-wife.
Hmm... which one?
I'm giving you the eight o'clock
shift starting Thursday night.
Comes with a raise,
seven bucks an hour.
- The eight o'clock?
- Yah.
50 bucks more tips working
the night crowd at least.
Oh my god! Thank you. Wow!
You're welcome.
Uh, I, I don't think she's
ready for Thursday night.
Why don't we start her on
Tuesday and see how it goes?
No, she's got a nice following.
Regulars, guys calling in.
Thursday Dylan's
going prime time.
You know what honey? You're not
going to get done working until midnight
and then you got to be
at school in the morning.
You're burning the
candle at both ends.
I can handle it.
Hey sis. How you been?
Hi sweetie.
You look all grown up.
It had to happen some day.
Hi Jane!
Here, take a look at
the wedding invitations.
Oh! Aren't they
absolutely perfect?
So, what are you doing in town?
There's a conference.
The American society
of family therapists.
My professor's
presenting a paper
and he asked me to come speak.
He's the only graduate
fellow that was invited.
And Lily took a leave of absence
from the network so she can
stay and plan the wedding.
You only get married once.
Sweetie, we haven't seen
you since you moved out.
How are you?
Great, actually. School's
going well. I love the apartment.
Well, you must be outselling
everyone at the department store
given your new look.
Yah. Stores good. Thanks.
Don't forget you still
owe us some money.
I didn't forget.
Everything I owe
you plus interest.
Oh, champagne.
Don't mind if I do.
That dress you bought
is an interesting choice
for a wedding.
Thanks, I like the
way it looks on me.
It's quite revealing.
Mom and I were thinking
of something more simple.
You're calling her
mom now, that's cute.
Expensive too and
you paid cash no less.
I did what I said I would do.
I went out and got a job.
What else do you want from me?
Return the dress.
I'll buy you the other one.
Thanks but I
think it's suits me.
It's okay, mom.
Remember what Jamie said.
(Nick) Angela, would you slow
down? Angela! Look, listen to me
would, would you...
Angela. Angela! Angela.
Angela, we need to talk.
So talk.
We're all friends here.
I'm getting complaints.
How much money am I
bringing into this dump?
Half the guys out there
are only there to see me.
Half the guys out there are
complaining about your attitude.
It's like your
demanding the dollar.
Can't you at least
pretend to be nice?
Don't you love when a man tries
to tell you how to be a woman?
That's right, just
keep pushing me.
You just keep pushing me.
You know, he's got a point.
Wouldn't hurt you to
smile once in awhile.
Back off, grandma.
Okay, I'll tell you
why I don't smile.
They want a piece of you.
They want to take your pride.
Every time I don't smile, I win.
Come on guys, please!
Everybody has an off night.
Yah, well not
everybody has an off life.
Oh, please.
Look at how many
complaints I got.
That's good.
Did you see that guy
with the ponytail last night.
He gave me ten bucks
every time I rolled my head.
It's like taking
candy from a baby.
You love it!
I'm thinking of
taking it up a notch.
Have you ever heard of tantra?
It's this gentlemen's club.
I could make twelve,
fifteen hundred a night. Easy.
Kurt and I would have the
photography studio in no time.
(Background music:
Slow dramatic)
- That son of a bitch. He's gone. So is my money.
- What?
He's been stealing from me
all along. Thought I didn't notice.
But this time he took it all.
- Maybe someone broke in.
- No, you don't get it.
It's up his nose
and into thin air.
He told me he was clean
and he was for awhile...
I think... I don't...
What am I gonna do?
You're going to be fine.
You're going to start over.
( )

- Okay, I'm feeling
much better now.
- You ok?
- Yah.
Do you want to eat something?
My mother always
tried to fatten me up.
She stuffed me like a Turkey.
I was 210 when I was 16.
Lasted senior year.
Now I'm half the size.
She hates me twice as much.
Are you high?
My sister was her
favourite. Did I tell you that?
She's dead. 13. Asthma attack.
I found her lying on
the bathroom floor.
My mother was a clean freak
so she made her scrub the floor
with ammonia and, uh... So
the fumes...(Hysterically laughs)
I should get her over
here. This place is a pig sty.
You can't do this.
It's not a habit.
It's just a sometime thing.
It's like, uh, happy bubble.
I don't mind taking on extra
shifts to help you out with rent
or the bills until you
get yourself on your feet
but you've got to promise
me no more happy bubble.
K, I promise.
Ah, just the man I want to see.
I need to do doubles now.
Yah, don't push your luck.
There's a lot more guys
out there for Jane tonight,
then there are for you.
Speaking of which some old
guy wanted me to give you this he
said, and I quote, his dead
wife would want you to have it.
That's... just wrong.
It's my regular Ziggy.
He says that I remind him
of his wife when he met her.
Would be sweet
if it weren't so sad.
Wow, the real thing.
I think I should
maybe give it back.
Yah, you should.
Don't be stupid you
need to milk these losers
for all their worth.
We could sell it
on the Internet.
We need the money.
God! This thing reeks
like cheap perfume.
How much do you
think we could get for it?
Uh, a month's rent. Easy.
You sure you want
to cross that line?
I mean go-go here
gets really ugly, real fast.
You can only get
away with it for so long.
I'm not gonna be working
here in 13 years, thanks.
(Music: Rock)
(Cheering and clapping)

(Cheering and clapping)

(Cheering and clapping)
So, what's with all
the makeup and stuff?
I thought you were at rehearsal.
It was a dress rehearsal.
Huh, well, you're late.
I'll make it up to you.
Is there something
you want to tell me?
Yah, I've been thinking
about this all day.
Just, you haven't
been yourself lately.
Is there someone else?
Does it look like
there's someone else?
(Whispers) Who are you?
You're late again!
I know.
So, you can be first.
Today you're going to perform
your audition monologue
as your new persona.
Let's see what happens.
Love looks not with the
eyes, but with the mind.
And therefore is wing'd
cupid painted blind.
Nor hath love's mind of any
judgment taste; Wings, and no
eyes, figure unheedy
haste, and therefore
is love said to be a child?
Because in choice,
he is so oft beguiled.
If I want to see a woman
faking it I'll go to an entirely
different kind of theatre.
That's how my character
would do Helena.
A dissentious explanation
for a dishonest performance.
Sit down.
( )

What are you writing?
Um, a monologue
for my acting class.
I don't know how you do it.
It just seems to me that
something's gotta give.

I know I couldn't
do it for that long.

Yah, well, I'm just trying to
keep my head above water.
Focus on what's important.


What's the matter with you?
What do you do when you can't
get everything to balance out.
Uh... that's easy.

Ask me a hard one.
I thought you said you
were getting rid of that.
It's just leftovers.
I'm, uh, saving it in
case of emergencies.

Go ahead.
You should try it.
It works wonders.
Just a little, just
take a little hit.

(water running)

You missed out on 50
bucks worth of good stuff.
50 bucks you probably
should have given me for rent.
- But, whatever...
- I'm trying to help.
And there's nothing wrong
with a little boost every once in
awhile when you feel like
everything's crowding in.
I don't want to give
myself any excuses.
Just stay in your
miserable bubble.

- What's this for?
- Nothing.
I just felt like it.
I was going to give it
to you the other night
but we were busy.
What's wrong?
You tell me!
I don't know who
you are anymore.
You, you seduce
me in the street.
Not that I didn't enjoy it.
You give me a
present for no reason.
You insist on
taking me to dinner.
What gives?
I've been saving.
Why can't you just let
me spoil you a little bit?
I don't want you to spoil me. I
don't want you to do anything.
I just want you to be
the girl I fell in love with.
She's still here.
She's just not a girl anymore.
( )

(cheering and clapping)

Come on keep it going. What
else you got? Let's see more.
It's never enough for you is it?

I bet you're a lousy tipper.

(Music stops) This
isn't very entertaining.
Come on Aurora, get outta here.
Come on. Are you wasted?
Remember these?
(Cheering and clapping)
(Background music: Slow music)

Get off the stage.
Show us again! You're
a disaster. Sober up!
You guys are lame!

You're fired!
And I don't owe
you any severance.
Health inspector came
by fined you for flashing.
In fact, you owe me.
I'm glad.
It's about time I
get out of this dump.
Going to tantra.


Tantra's gonna
snap me up you'll see.
Nick was holding me back.
Like Kurt.
From now on, I'm
thinking big for everything.
If you're serious about tantra
you better get
yourself together.
I think I'm gonna use the
money to open up a bunch of
dance schools
in different cities.
I'll become like an industry,
you know what I mean?
I should of done
this a long time ago.

I'm running a class
operation here.
Cover charge. Minimums.
We get the high rollers.
Expense accounts.
Bottle service.
We have to give them a
lot of bang for the buck.
You ready for me?
I've seen your act.
I can always use a dominatrix,
but as nice as they are
you need an equipment upgrade.
Ever hear of this guy?
My girls call him
doctor double d.
Uh, yah, yah I heard of him.
He knows what I
like for that look.
It's a marketing tool.
Go see him and then
come back and see me.
What about you?
You're Dylan, right?
I've gotta tell you.
When I saw you up there
in your plain white panties,
it blew my mind.
- How's Nick treating you?
- Good.
She's, uh, strictly
go-go, no pole, no nudity.
That's too bad.
Thanks for coming in ladies.
Yah, thank you.
Let's go! Bye.
I've been asking around
about doctor double d
and if I can get my
hands on the money,
I think I'm gonna do it.
A boob job?
Are you serious?
All the girls say it
pays for itself in no time.
And so I was thinking that maybe
you could lend me the money?
You know I'm good for it.
I'll pay you back with interest.
I'm already covering
your half of the rent.
Among other things.
I was just about
to check on you.
I'm not a morning person.
Look, I know this is
going to piss you off,
but I got a call from
that guy at tantra.
He offered me a job.
Excuse me?
I can't turn it down.
I get to cut back to a
couple nights a week
and I'm gonna make the
exact same amount of money.
I'll have more time
for Eric and for school.
I've created a monster.
Don't freak out. This has
nothing to do with you.
No, this has
everything to do with me
because I recruited you.
Yah, every time you get up
on that stage Nick pays me.
I own a piece of you.
Oh, okay, so you got
something out of it,
good for you, so did I, I
guess we're even now.
No, we're not even.
Stop trying to
make me feel guilty.
Stop trying to be me.
I thought we were friends.
Hey, Jane, what
are you doing here?
I thought it was your day off.
I came to give notice.
You're leaving?
( )
Well, I thought we had
a good thing going here.
We did.
But, if I work a couple
nights a week at tantra.
Tantra? Tantra! Ok now...
I see where this is going.
Money? Right?

I can't compete with that.
Word of caution. Be careful.
That place can turn your
head. Those girls are hardcore.
You do what you gotta do, but
remember if it doesn't work out
over there, you
always got a place here.
In my heart, I hope
it doesn't work out.
Thanks, Nick.

My mother saved this
after all these years.
She saves everything.
Okay, hold still a little honey.
(Phone rings)
Pick you up at 9:00, right?
I made reservations
at that place you like?
No, no, no, don't do that.
Um, I have to go the store
after rehearsal so maybe
I'll see you just at 11:00?
Are you sure? We haven't
had dinner in awhile.
I'm getting kinda tired
of eating alone, Jane.
I know, I'm sorry.
Things are going to get better
after the showcase, promise.
Why don't you
tell him the truth?
He won't understand.
Okay, I think you're
gonna make a killing.
You look pretty.
( )
(Cheering and whistling)

( ) (Cheering and whistling)

(Music fades) (Crowd
continues to cheer)

It's bad enough that you
make a spectacle of yourself.
But do you have to
do it dressed like that?
It's a costume, it
doesn't mean anything.
It does to me.
We sent you to catholic
school when we couldn't afford it
so that you would
know the difference
between right and wrong.
If this is so wrong,
what are you doing here?
It's my bachelor party.
If it's so right, then
why do you lie about it?
You're in over your
head, Jane, you need help.
Look, I'll get you a referral,
I'll find a therapist who
specializes in cases like yours.
Who are you to judge me?
I'm not a case.
I don't need help.
I have brought clients
here before but...
Did you know what
they call the new girls?
Fresh cutlets.
Those are just strippers!
They're not my daughter!
Everybody here is
someone's daughter.

And what do they
pay you to be here?
Whatever it is I'll
give it, I'll give it to you.
Just please don't do it again.
Go home, daddy.

This is going to
kill your mother.
Then don't tell her.

My father has a saying.
If you think
you've got a secret,
you're only keeping
it from yourself.
I should have told you sooner.
I wouldn't have believed you.
The Jane I know gets up
on stage to bare her soul.
Not her body.
The Jane I know is not for sale.
I did this so I could
afford the rest.
I did this to make
everything else possible.
It's a lie. It's the
worst kind of lie.
It's a lie disguised as truth.
( )

I'll make things right
I'll break your fall
on shattered glass
and fix the wall
you gave to me
wish me away
and I'll be gone
(Door opens and closes) I didn't
mean to block your sun with my shadow
I'm going where i'm
wanted in my dreams
(Phone rings)
Hey Jane.
Look, there's something I
think you should know, um,
Nick got a call from
Bobby at the lion's den.
He said that Angela's
working for him now.
You know the place I mean.
The topless club.
I think you got to talk to her.
Can you go? I have rehearsal.
If you could just take
care of her until I get there.
Look, there's no way
she's going to listen to me.
I'm on my way.

(Men arguing)

( )

Did you get lost on
your way to tantra?
What are you doing here?
You can't do this.
Yah, you know
what? You're right.
I think I'm going to go
to law school instead.
Come on. Get your things.
What do you expect me to do?
I need the money.
The health inspector
is really big on
nipple coverage go figure.
Let's go home.
I'll quit right now.
If you come to this
bachelor party with me
that I've booked tonight.
I have rehearsal.
Yah, well, I've never done
anything like this before
and I would, I'd feel a lot
better if there were two of us.
I think you owe me that much.
Miss Branson, it's Jane.
I hope you get this. I
won't be at rehearsal.
I have a really urgent
situation that I have to deal with.
I'm sorry. It can't wait.
Where are we?
Best man works here.
What kind of
bachelor party is this?
The kind that pays 600 bucks.
(Cheering and yelling)
You are the man!
Alright ladies!
(Men yelling and cheering)
(More cheering and yelling)
Yah, that's what we want.
( )

How about your
friend? Bring her over!
You want to see my friend?
They want you.
Yah, baby.
Woohoo yah!

Yah! Play time baby!

That's awesome.
Come on and keep me warm.
Oh, I gotta take a
ride on the wild side
handle on my back door
I like the way
you fly, hyperdrive
push it just a little more
I gotta take a ride
yah baby! Yah!
I like the way
you fly catch me!
Backseat taxi
Come on! Show
us what you got girl!

Don't I get to kiss the bride?

(Cheering and whistling)

Come on, baby. On your knees!

I like the way
you fly, hyperdrive
push it just a little more
I gotta take
a ride all night
Get off me!
Take it down to the floor

Woah! Hey!

Get back!
Go, go, go, go!

- (Laughing)
- Do you even realize
what could have happened to us?
Good thing I made
them pay in advance.
Don't you ever do
anything like that again.
Why are you making
such a big deal?
I'm sorry I missed rehearsal,
it was an emergency.
It's not just the unexcused
absence it's the incomplete
assignments, lateness,
and most troubling of all
the change in your performance.
I know I've made mistakes,
but it won't happen again.
No, it won't.
Because you are no longer
a member of this class.
( )

How happy some
o'er other some can be!
Through Athens i'm
thought as fair as she.
But what of that?
Demetrius thinks not so.
He will not know
what all he do know.
As he errs, doting
on hermia's eyes.
So I, admiring of his qualities.
Things base and vile,
holding no quantity.
Love can transpose
to form and dignity.
Love looks not with the
eyes, but with the mind.
And therefore is wing'd
cupid painted blind.
Nor hath loves mind
of any judgment taste.
Wings and no eyes
figure unheedy haste.
And therefore is
love said to be a child.
Because in choice
he is so oft beguiled.

I'm so sorry.
It's not your fault.
You didn't make me
go in there with you.
No it's worse than that.
You came to protect me.
That's what friends do.
So thanks for
coming with me today.
It's the least I could do.
(Sighs) Tea parties
are painful enough.
How am I going to tell them
that Eric broke up with me
and I got kicked out
of my acting school?
You're not going to
tell them anything.
It's none of their business.
It's actually a good thing
this happened to you now.
'Cause let's face it,
you've outgrown Eric,
your way too much of
a woman for him now,
and as far as acting school, I
mean, what do you need it for?
I guess.
When I think of the money
I wasted on acting classes
and speech lessons, I could
have had five boob jobs by now.

I just don't know how I
ended up in this situation.
It doesn't matter.
You got yourself.
You got me.
You're going to be fine.
My grandmother gave me
these earrings on my wedding
and her mother gave them to
her and now I'm gonna give them
to Lily on her wedding day.
I always loved those earrings.
Talk about a girls best friend.
It's the more the
sentimental value.
I have a little something for
you when Eric pops the question.
He's an attorney.
His father's firm
is very established.
Eric and I haven't
really gotten that far.
Oh, I don't know
what you're waiting for.
For him to ask me.
Oh darling, don't you
know anything about men?
They don't do a thing
unless you make them.
Drop a hint.
Otherwise, no one
would get married.
What if Jane doesn't
want to marry Eric?
I'm just saying...
Where's your restroom?
It's down there.
You didn't tell me you were
bringing someone with you today.
Thought it would be
nice to bring a friend.
Oh, you've known
these girls all your life.
These are your friends.
Jane got into a very
prestigious acting program.
They only accept
one in twelve students.
Straight up.
Jane doesn't just talk the
talk, she walks the walk.
I'm sure, as her mother,
that makes you very proud.
(Uncomfortable laugh)
What do you think?
You know what I think.
I think you're gonna be jealous
when I start bringing
in the big bucks.
You're gonna be
next, you'll see.
(Knocking at door)
Hi, how are ya?
Let me have a look.
As we discussed 350 - 400ccs
is going to give you a full d cup.
Nice juicy feel, alright?
Um, I just want to confirm
that you haven't had
anything to eat or
drink since midnight?
- Right.
-Yah, okay. Sign there please. Thank you.
Yah, it's my real name.
( )
You're the only one who knows.
Promise me that
you won't tell anyone.
I won't.
When I'm rich and famous,
I don't want anybody calling
my parents and asking me
what I was like when I was a kid.
I don't want to give
them the satisfaction.
You're not gonna
sell me out, are you?
I won't, I promise.

(Paramedic radio)
Where are the paramedics?
She's not responding.
Keep going. She's
not responding.
Something wrong?
Was your friend taking
controlled substances?
It caused a reaction
with the anesthesia.
She went into cardiac arrest.
You can get her back, right?
We did everything we could.
I'm sorry.

( )

The years they take
their toll, but I
I'm glad I can say
that I've had you by my side
(Phone rings)
- Hello?
- They're gone.
Somebody took them.
Mom, slow down.
What's missing?
The earrings.
The diamond earrings.
I wanted to have them
cleaned but their gone.
Are you sure? Have
you looked everywhere?
Of course I did!
I didn't misplace them.
Somebody took them.
Nothing else is missing.
And no one new has been
here except your friend Angela.
We'll find them.
'Cause I just
can't get over it
I still can't get over it

I can't believe
it! She sold them!
I know she pawned them.
I guess she thought she
was going to get them back
with the money that
she was going to make.
What am I going to do?
Look, I'll help you.
I'll pay you back.
Yah, you will.
All of you knew about this
dancing, and no one told me.
(Father) It's not
like it was easy.
It's a hell of a thing to
know about your little girl.
(Jamie) She made her
bed. Now she has to lie in it.
Mom, it was me.
I told them not to say anything.
I'm sorry.
I just don't know how
you can do that to yourself.
I need you to explain it to me.
You get a rush.
You feel powerful.
(Jamie) Oh, so
that's how a dog feels.
- You teach it how to beg, sit, roll over...
- that's enough.
Give it a treat and
pat it on it's head
- and somehow it feels empowered?
- I said, enough.
No more.
Go and call Lily. Tell
her we found the earrings.
Sweetie, don't you know
how precious you are?
I tried so hard to protect
you from knowing about
those kinds of places
and those kinds of people.
(Father) What about now?
You're not going
back there are you?
I don't need it anymore.
( )
Why should I give
you a second chance?
Because I'm asking for one.
You believed in me once.
I want you to
believe in me again.
You have to earn that.
I understand.
I have something to say.
You might not
think it's any good.
But it's the truth.

I lie to everyone
about everything.
Especially me.
I say I'm not tired when I am.
I say I'm hungry when I'm not.
I tell people what
they want to hear.
I never say what
I'm actually feeling.
I let the lies pile up
like bricks on a wall
until I can't see out and
no one else can see in.

I make a plan to escape.
I become someone else.
I put on a disguise
and I climb over the wall.
And no one recognizes me.
I feel powerful.
I get people to do
what I want them to do.

But I go too far.
I get lost.
And I don't recognize myself.
I take off my disguise.
I give away the power.
I give up the control.
I retrace my steps.
I go back to the wall and I
take it down brick by brick.

I Bury them to Mark the place.

I strip away all the lies
until there are none left.

I remember the
girl I left behind.

I claim the confidence
that was missing.

I envision the
woman I want to be.

I tell everyone the
truth about everything.

Especially you.

You've been here the whole time?
I heard everything you said.
You know you could
have come to me.
I know that now.
I just wish it hadn't taken
so long for me to realize it.

You scared me.
I scared myself.

But the girl who fell in
love with you is still here.

She's not a girl anymore.

Nice tie.
Can't believe you came.
I can.