Confessions of an Invisible Girl (2021) Movie Script

-[indistinct shouting]
-[kids chanting] Fight! Fight!
[indistinct shouting]
[girl] Today's nerds will be
tomorrow's millionaires.
I know that it was you!
[girl] The ugly ones
will become attractive.
Let go!
[girl] The pretty girls will become slobs
Calm down!
[girl] and the handsome guys
will become fat and bald.
-The fact of the matter is
in the future, no one's gonna care
if you were popular in school or not.
[glass shatters]
-[indistinct chattering]
-[boy laughs]
[girl] Too bad
I haven't made it to the future yet.
[girl 2] Come on, Teanira, tell them!
Admit it, it was you!
-What can I say, I didn't do anything!
-This is a very serious accusation.
It means you could be expelled,
do you understand?
Come on, please,
I have nothing to do with this.
[girl 2] Of course you do!
Stop being so fake, Tet.
Conceio, Teanira here really envies me!
I mean, she's an outcast,
she's unpopular and crazy!
-[Tet] Outcast, maybe.
[Tet] Unpopular too.But crazy,
that's a little too much, all right?
Maybe I'm a little dramatic.
But let's rewind a little,
so you can see it for yourself.
I was born and raised in Barra da Tijuca.
That's a neighborhood in Rio
famous for its malls,
gated communities, and beaches.
But do I look like someone
who goes to the beach?
Do you know that one girl in your class
whose voice you've never heard?
That's me.
That doesn't mean
I was completely invisible though.
Teanira de Oliveira.
-[Tet] Yes, you heard it right.
-[class laughing]
-[Tet] My name is Teanira.
-Nine point six.
[Tet] Could a person ever be happy
with a name like that?
Gustavo Sampaio, five point nine.
[upbeat music playing]
[Tet] But one day, out of nowhere,
Gustavo Sampaio came to talk to me.
-Hey, you. [laughs]
-[chuckles] Hi, Gustavo.
[Tet] No one in that school
had ever talked to me before.
People are just jealous of you, Tet.
You always get good grades,
and you're always the teacher's favorite.
-[giggles] Nah!
[Tet] Do you have any idea what it's like
to receive a compliment
from Gustavo Sampaio?
Hey, what's going on?
How's everybody doing?
[Tet] He's perfect!
You know what I mean? Of course you do.
[Tet] Gustavo?
[Tet] From that day forward,
we became a pretty cool duo.
Okay, so, you got the right thinking here,
but you just applied it wrong.
[Tet] I felt I was finally gonna have
a normal social life.
Gustavo Sampaio,
eight point five.
[Tet] I was a great teacher.
His grades improved,
and he was so thankful.
[Tet] But I fell in love with him.
And my crazy mind
kept telling me he was into me as well.
Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Oh boy, oh boy. [chuckles awkwardly]
Uh, sorry, I think
I think maybe you got the wrong idea.
[chuckles] I, um,
just needed to improve my grades,
or else my parents
wouldn't take me to Orlando.
[awkward music playing]
Oh Uh, sorry.
-[schoolmates laughing in the background]
-No, it's okay.
[schoolmates chattering and laughing]
[Tet] It was so much better
when I was just an outcast.
In the meantime,
things were even worse back home.
My dad lost his job
and had to sell the apartment.
We moved from Barra
to my grandparents' placein Copacabana.
["Coisa da Gerao" by Lagum playing]
I don't wanna do therapy, Grandma.
But they told me
about this wonderful psychologist
who's also a psychiatrist.
A psychiatrist? Really, is that necessary?
Grandma's just worried about you, sweetie,
because youdon't ever leave the house,
you don't have friends, you don't laugh.
Honey, just because
you have a crooked tooth
doesn't mean you can't laugh.
You can laugh with your eyes. Like this.
[laughs] And also
you don't brush your hair, my love.
You only read sad books
and listen to sad music all the time.
Yeah, you don't do sports,
you never go out and get any sun,
you don't take care of yourself, sweetie.
What about your pits?
What's wrong with my armpits?
They're ugly. It's too much hair there.
It's like Chewbacca's.
You're just weird, my love.
You don't even eat chocolate.
Who in the world doesn't like
to eat chocolate?
[Tet] Sometimes I wonder
if family bullying is a thing.
And then there's, um
What is it, Grandma?
[sighs] I can't deal with your mustache.
[Tet] Then I look at my family
and I think, "It is a thing."
That's all nonsense.
Come on, boys don't care
about this whole mustache thing.
My sweet granddaughter,
if you want to grow out your mustache,
do it. Grow it out. [laughs]
Uh, Pa, do you think I'm crazy too?
Of course not, sweetie.
What kind of question is that?
You're sad like this
because you don't have a boyfriend.
Come on, look at your mom.
[laughing] Your mom was
very ugly as a girl, weren't you?
She was way worse than you.
But she scored a lot of guys.
Yeah right, I was worse than Tet?
Not even close. [chuckles]
-Mom, that was really so rude of you.
-[Grandpa] Hold on a second.
Look, Tet,
you don't have to have a boyfriend
because all the girls your age
have boyfriends.
-[Dad] Of course not.
-[Grandpa] Don't worry about it, relax.
Soon enough,
you'll find a boy that will like you
just the way you are.
You won't be rejected
for the rest of your life, no way.
Guys, Joaquim.
-That kid who lives here in the building.
He always liked you so much.
-That tall, really skinny one?
Why don't you give him a chance,
my love, because he's great.
-He's 12 years old. I'm 15.
-[Mom] What does that have--
Like your grandpa said, he's tall,
so he can easily pass for 15. [kisses]
-And he's beautiful, very beautiful.
-He's polite.
-[Grandpa] Polite.
It's decided.
We're going to his next birthday party.
-[Mom] Great idea! Let's do that.
-[sighs] I have to go.
Sweetie, don't worry, okay?
You'll do great
in your new school, you'll see.
-Oh, it's gonna be hotsy-totsy.
-It's gonna be what?
Hotsy-totsy, like, chill.
What's that term? It's, uh, sailing, uh
Gravy! Yeah, teenagers say, like, "gravy."
Mom, what kind of teenagers
have you been talking to?
Tet, listen to me.
Death Pits Tet, no more.
-[shushes] Mother
-[laughing] She's dead!
-I can't believe you told her about that.
Well, she told me
and everyone else at the condo meeting.
You told everybody about that nickname
at the meeting? But why?
Because I love you, my sweet little girl,
and because I want the other teenagers
here to welcome you with open arms.
You want people to welcome me out of pity?
-Exactly, my love.
-It's good just to get things started.
Yeah, when they feel pity,
people are generous. They help you.
-[Mom] Yeah.
-Pity is a good thing.
-[Grandma] Good thing.
-[Mom] I think so.
-[sighs] Bye, guys. Thanks for the help.
-Good luck.
-Bye, sweetie. I love you. Mwah.
-[Dad] Take care, sweetheart.
If you keep saying things like that,
we are gonna be--
I tell you things
and you spread them around.
[elevator swishing]
[Tet] Why is it so hard for me
to be a normal person who has friends?
[breathes heavily]
[Tet] When I get nervous, I sweat. A lot.
So they gave me this horrible nickname,
"Death PitsTet."
And, mind you,
I used to shower almost almost every day.
Imagine being the new student
in the middle of the year.
The only new student. The outcast.
Just thinking about it makes me sweat.
But not today. I can't show up
with two pizzas under my armpits.
-[boy] Whoa!
-[Tet] I'm sorry! My bad!
Trying to get nudes, but live!
Smart girl, huh?
[Tet] Oh my God!
[exhales, sighs]
[girl] You know what I mean? That's like--
[bell rings]
-Well, okay, then.
-Come on.
[classmates chattering]
-Where'd you go?
-To Cabo Frio.
-Oh, okay. That's cool.
-Did you travel?
[girl laughing] Seriously.
I'm being serious right now.
[indistinct chattering and laughing]
-Oh, hey.
-[Tet] Oh no.
-Even the class nerd is gonna ignore me?
-[Tet] For real?
-Were you talking to me?
-I was. I said "hi."
-Hi, I'mDavi. Delighted to meet you.
Nice to meet you. Tet.
You talk funny. "Delighted to meet you."
[laughs] I live with my grandparents,
and they talk like that.
And so, I ended up the same way.
I live with my grandparents, too.
And my mom and my pa.
My brother used to live with us,
but he went to college in Juz de Fora.
So it's just me and my grandparents.
-What about your parents?
-They died.
Oh m-m-my God. I'm so sorry.
Don't worry, it's okay. I was little.
So in my mind
my grandparents are my parents.
[chuckles] You know?
And they're my friends too.
[upbeat music playing]
[Davi] We go see plays,
we walk by the beach,
we play checkers in the city square.
To be honest, I love it.
-So cute.
[Tet] Oh my God!
Don't fall in love, Tet.
["Nosso Amor Foi um GIF"
by Biltre playing, in Portuguese]
I dreamed with you
[Tet] Oh, this one.
Our love's a feature film
Like Netflix
And shall never end
[Tet] He's your friend. Don'tfall--
[slowly] Don't fall in love.
[romantic music playing]
[Tet] Brazil, North Pole, China!
That Greek god is coming to talk to me.
I have no idea what to say.
Of course I don't.
No one ever talks to me.
Don't say anything to me, man.
Oh, actually, please do, love of my life.
Hey, hi there.
-[sputtering] Hi there.
-How are you, Erick? Everything good?
Hey. Dude, did you do the homework?
Could I copy it real quick?
[Tet] Erick, handsome Erick.
[happy music playing]
[Tet] You're an improved Rudy Pankow.
You can go cry, Jacob Elordi.
It was band rehearsal on Saturday,
Did you see the waves on Sunday?
-I surfed all day long.
-[Davi laughs]
[Tet] Introduce me, Davi. Introduce me.
["Nosso Amor Foi um GIF" playing]
I dreamed with you
Our love's a feature film
Like Netflix
And shall never end
Like crossing the continent by car
[Erick speaking indistinctly]
-[Davi] Tet. [echoing]
[Davi] Tet!
-[mellow music playing]
-This is Erick.
Hey there, love of my life.
-[record scratch]
[Tet] Of course I didn't say that.
[spitting out hair]
Hair, man.
-[classmates laughing]
-[Tet] It was worse.
-Hair man to you as well. [laughs]
-Sorry, I didn't mean to say that.
It's just 'cause I had my head down,
and when I got up, I had hair in my mouth.
And I have a lot of hair
throughout my body, so
But I don't wax by choice.
-Hmm, cool.
-[chuckles] Got it.
[Tet] I'm not an outcast by mistake.
-Is "Tet" short for Teresa?
-For Teanira.
[girl] Teanira?
Name's kind of strange, right?
Morning, babe.
Tet, Valentina, Las.
-Seriously, tell us more about your name.
-[Erick] What is this, babe?
-What? It's different, right?
It's a combination
of my grandparents' names,
Trcio and Djanira.
And, uh, it's also the woman
who Hercules held captive in Troy.
-That's so great.
-Not really.
-This'll be a meme.
-You're gonna post that?
Come on, Valentina. Let it go.
What's up with you?
Didn't you hear her name and the meaning?
-I don't know which was worse. [laughs]
-Well, I liked it.
Did anyone here ask your opinion?
Girl, recording another student
without permission
is grounds for being expelled,
so just be careful.
But "Titira" will give us permission,
Look, the whole school follows me
So it'll be good for you.
-Actually, I, uh, I don't want that.
-There. See?
Come on, forget about it.
It's not worth it.
I guess you can't see
I'm giving you a chance.
You know what? I don't care.
I hate stupid people,
and you missed an opportunity.
Come on, Las.
[Erick] Sorry.
Valentina can be clueless sometimes.
[indistinct chatter]
-It's occupied.
-Too bad, Paulo Roberto.
-He would've loved my company.
-There's a seat right over here.
Look, Zeca. [chuckles] The baddie girl
from the bathroom wants you. Go ahead.
Um, darling,
she needs to get in line, then.
But I'm gay.
You've already noticed that, right?
-Hi, Zeca.
-I love getting here and feeling welcome.
This is Tet.
-Everything okay?
-No way.
Look, I'm sorry. I know I just met you,
but I can't say I'm okay
while looking at those caterpillars
you have for eyebrows. [chuckles]
That's okay.
Tet, right?
Look, don't mind him, okay? Samantha.
[upbeat music playing]
-[Tet] And now I'm living with them.
-Are you kidding? Your grandma's Djanira?
The Djanira that lives on Siqueira?
So we're practically neighbors!
Your grandma always comes
to my mom's salon.
Such a coincidence, it's crazy!
-Oh, cool!
-I love your grandma.
She talks a lot about you a lot.
She's so sweet.
[Tet] I have to act naturally.
Come to the salon with her
and dye your hair too.
She'd love that.
She says I don't even brush my hair.
You're so funny, girlfriend!
[Tet] Girlfriend?
Not even. You're funny, girlfriend.
[Tet] Oh my God!
Oh, your shoelaces are untied.
I'll tie 'em.
-Don't worry, I live here.
-No, you could trip.
-Just let me tie it for you.
-Don't worry, I can tie them--
-There. You see?
So just let me tie 'em for you.
Thanks, I guess.
Why do you wanna tie
my shoelaces so bad, huh?
Because I wanna be your friend.
Oh, I get it.
Grandma told you
about my terrible nickname,
and you feel bad for me.
Nickname, huh? What nickname?
-Death Pits Tet.
-"Death Pits Tet"?
[woman] Hm, that must be her.
Djanira's granddaughter.
You poor thing!
And that's why
you don't have any friends, right?
[hesitating] I have friends.
I had lots of friends inBarra,
I would always go out with them.
No, you didn't.
-Your grandma told me.
-Told you what?
Well, just that you're very sad,
very lonely.
And that's why you want to be my friend.
Because of that.
And because your grandma asked me to be.
Uh, my grandmother
asked you to be my friend?
She did. Look, speaking as a friend,
I'm gonna have to be honest with you.
Hey, Grandma!
You paid the salon owner's daughter
so she would be my friend?
-Did she really do that to you?
-She did. Isn't that outrageous?
Oh, that's genius!
-You don't need to thank me.
-Sweetie, so how was school for you today?
-It was awful, Mom.
-Oh, my sweetheart
-Baby, you just need to be more positive.
[Djanira] It could be worse, my dear.
You could be a full-grown woman
living with your parents,
with an unemployed husband,
and a diploma hidden away
in your drawer collecting dust
Hey, Mom,
that's a really rude thing to say.
I stopped working
so I could look after my daughter.
But hey, Tet,
you don't have to feel guilty about this.
Mommy did it because
[kisses] she loves you
and doesn't regret it.
But you should regret it,
because we should never depend on men.
Oh boy.
Forget all that. Tell me, how was school?
Did you meet anyone nice?
Well, besides the girl that Grandma paid
there's a boy who might become friend.
-And why would he be your friend?
Because I'm cool.
Yeah, because she's very
-Yeah, she's more than cool--
-Hold on, darling.
Tell the truth, Tet.
He's kind of an outcast like me.
Oh, that's wonderful. It's good
to find people from the same tribe, yeah.
No, no, hold on. I don't know about that.
Because you know outcasts, right?
What's the point,
my love, of having a tribe
if each and every one of you
are going to be locked at home
without any kind of social life?
Better than paying for a friend,
all right?
[mellow music playing]
Look who's here! [chuckling]
Oh man.
[Valentina laughing in the video]
[music continues]
-[uptempo music playing]
Oh my God!Oh my God! Cancel!
Oh! Oh God! [whimpers]
[Tet] I suffer fromhyperhidrosis.
It's a thing that makes me sweat
a lot when I'm stressed.
But what can I do if I'm always stressed?
Who's the person
without a sense of smell here?
Lord have mercy.
[Tet] Oh my God. It can't be me.
My love, I know it's you. I could smell
your perfume from the staircase.
-[Tet] Uh-oh.
-[Erick] Hey, Davi.
-[Davi] Good morning, Erick.
-Hey, Zeca.
What's up, Tet?
[Tet] He said my name!
Hi, Erick!
-Oh, bless you.
[Erick sneezes]
-[Tet] Are you sick?
-No, it's allergies.
-I'm allergic to some kinds of perfume.
-Oh, got it.
Oh, cool, uh, I'm just gonna
-Teanira, look what you did to my shirt!
-My bad, Valentina.
-Valentina, apologize to her, come on.
-She bumped into me. Are you nuts?
Don't worry, I'll help you clean it up.
Relax. Go.
[Valentina sighs]
[mocking] "She bumped into me.
Are you nuts?"
-I'm sorry about her, okay?
-Mmm, don't worry, Mr. Cutie.
[Tet] I didn't just say that.
Uh, Mr. Cutie is
just a term of endearment.
If you were ugly,
I'd say Mr. Ugly, obviously.
We understand, right, Erick?
[flirtatiously mocking]
Mr. Cutie? [laughs]
-Thanks, guys.
-[Tet] Mm.
-Girl, have you completely lost your mind?
-Look at the state of my top.
Look at this.
Tet, wanna borrow this?
Thanks, Samantha.
[exhales forcefully]
[whimsical music playing]
[Tet] Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew!
-[door opens]
[Las] I'll get you some paper towel.
Hold on. Here.
[inhales deeply] Ugh!
I can't take it anymore.
-[Las] Can't take what?
-This new girl.
Feels like she moved to the school
just to piss me off.
[Las] Come on, girl, she seems nice.
Just forget about her.
Yeah, those are the worst.
I hate people that play the victim.
Her hair is so greasy
and stringy and gross.
I bet you could fry some dumplings
on all that grease.
Valentina, please. Enough.
And what about her elbow?
It's all dry and dehydrated.
She'd be better off
rubbing them on her head
to see if they get a little better.
-[phone vibrating]
-[tense music playing]
[water splashes]
-Come here.
I don't think it's cool to pick on someone
just because of the way they look.
-Poor girl.
-[Valentina] "Poor girl" my ass.
I saw late last night that she liked
then unliked one of Erick's photos.
-[Las] So what?
-[Valentina] She was stalking him.
Really? And what were you doing
on his page at night?
[Valentina] But I'm his girlfriend.
Las, whose side are you on?
[Las] Yours, obviously.
That's why I'm saying it, Valentina.
You're too pretty to be acting jealous
and have this kind of rivalry.
[whistle blows]
-Am I that terrible, you guys?
-Of course not, Tet.
She's just jealous, silly. That's all.
[sighs] Of me?
A goddess jealous of a cockroach?
Call yourself that again,
and I'm gonna slap your right in the face.
If you see yourself like that,
how do you expect other people see you?
Well, how do you guys see me, you guys?
That's a tough question
to answer at the moment.
-[whistle blows]
-[adventurous music playing on phone]
Hey, Las.
Excuse me.
So you like Star Generation too?
-[music stops]
-[chuckles] Yeah, I like it.
Cool! I thought I was the only one.
Cool. [chuckles awkwardly]
[Tet panting]
Sorry, Samantha.
I'll wash it before I return it.
Don't worry.
-Zeca, what's up with Samantha?
-No clue.
If you say "no clue",
it's because you know something.
Okay, I'll say it. Who cares?
For starters, herand Valentina were BFFs,
like pasta and sauce.
Now, they barely talk.
I don't know about you,
but I think that's super weird.
-[exhales sharply]
[exhales forcefully]
How does sweat look good on him
and so gross when I do it?
[sighs] Tet, I don't know.
But, if this is something
that's really bothering you,
you should try to do something to fix it.
[whistle blows]
Come on.
Oh. [exhales]
[gentle music playing]
-[Tet] Hey.
-Let Grandma sit here.
-[Tet] Sure.
Come here.
-Lay here so we can talk.
What's up, Grandma?
What are you gonna criticize now?
I won't criticize you.
I don't wanna do that.
-[Tet] Mmm.
-I love you.
I mean, if my granddaughter really wants
to let her leghair grow
long enough until she can braid it,
who am I to judge? Your choice, right?
-[groans] Cool, Grandma. Thanks.
-Your body, your life.
[laughs] Yeah, sort of.
Ah, my love
-I can't accept the fact--
-Ugh, Grandma, it was going so well.
Ah, you're just so youthful,
and yet you're always there, slouching,
all scruffy and alone in your corner.
You should leave all that nonsense
for when you're old, my love.
Young people have superpowers,
and you're not even using them.
Grandma, I I wish I could use them.
-But it's complicated.
-There's nothing complicated.
Look if Tet from the future came back
and saw you right now,
she'd give you a couple slaps in the face,
so you'd quit talking all this nonsense.
[exhales forcefully]
[sighs] Okay, now I'll quit nagging.
But can you promise me
that you'll have some fun?
For Grandma?
I promise.
Grandma, do we have
some of these here at the house?
It's a whole list of foods
that's supposed to decrease sweating.
There we go, my sweet girl! [laughs]
-Cheer up, then. Let's go! [laughing]
-[upbeat music playing on phone]
-What are you doing?
-What are you doing?
-Get up the couch. Come on, let's go!
-Okay, Grandma, okay.
-Now help your Grandma!
Let's go!
If you don't dance, hold the baby
From Leme to Pontal
There's nothing like it
From Leme to Pontal
There's nothing like it
Not to mentionCalabouo
Flamengo, Botafogo
Urca, Praia Vermelha
I drink guarana, andcashew juice
And have guava paste as dessert
I drink guarana, andcashew juice
And have guava paste as dessert
-[laughing] Oh my!
-You can take it.You can take it.
-Ouch! Hot!
-[Djanira laughing]
-[gasps, screams]
-Pa! Pa, go away!
-Sorry, I'm going.
-Hurry! Go away, Pa!
-Here we go!
-[both laughing]
-[Djanira] Like that, look.
-Got it.
[Djanira] Okay, now
It'll work, I'm sure.[laughs]
Oh, I gotta go.
My love,
good luck on your interview today.
And good luck on yours too.
[both moan]
I'm dusting off that diploma.
[laughing] Ah,
see how being rude pays off sometimes?
There's the result.
Can someone please tell Mom
that she's annoying?
-I'll do it.
-I love you too, Mom.
[whistle blows]
-[Tet] Huh? Huh? Huh? [laughing]
-Look at that!
That's what I call progress!
Let's go to the next one, come on.
[Samantha] What are you gonna wear
for Las' party?
[girl] I don't know.
I love costume parties. Las killed it.
-[teacher] Come on, guys, please focus.
-Come on.
-[whistle blows]
It's gonna be at her house, right?
Dude, Las' parties are always something.
I'm so excited. Everyone's gonna be there.
[teacher] Let's go. It's not over yet!
Erick, facing forward, please.
I forgot to tell you,
I got us a gig
for Las' Sweet Sixteen on Saturday.
[Davi] Whoa, really?
[teacher] Teanira, get up!
Teanira, let's go, please!
Uh-- Uh, I'm gonna get some water, okay?
-Some water.
-[teacher] Come on, guys!
[schoolmates chattering indistinctly]
[suspicious music playing]
[Tet] I'd never talked to Las before,
but I really wanted to be invited
to my first party.
Hi, Las!
Do you think it's okay if, uh
I-- I don't know if you
You mind, or see any possibility,
or if you don't like the idea
and maybe it's just because I'm new
that you haven't considered aninvitation
An invitation to my party?
[scoffs] Sorry,
but I don't even know you, Tet.
Hey, Valentina, look who wants
an invitation to my party now:
Teanira! [laughs]
[laughing] Teanira,
who do you think you are?
I mean, guys,
come witness this loser begging
for an invitation to the party.
-How ridiculous!
-You've got no manners, huh?
[classmates laughing]
[commenting indistinctly]
[whistle blows]
[teacher] Put some effort into it, guys!
-Come on!
[teacher] Let's go, everyone! Go, go, go!
[teacher] Inside out now. Go, go, go!
Faster, faster!
Stop being lazy, come on!
-Hi, Las!
-[teacher] Put some effort into it, guys.
-Um, um
The water from the fountain
tastes like some kind of fish, right?
[chuckles] I don't know.
I only drink bottled water.
Well, that's great for you.
It tastes like rotten fish
from a street market, you know?
Oh, you don't know.
You wouldn't go to a street market.
Uh, I don't even like fish.
Uh, I'm afraid of choking
with the fish bones.
Also, their eyes, they weird me out.
-Oh, I'm sorry! Did it hurt, Teanira?
-Oh my God, are you okay?
-No, uh, I'm fine. Really, I'm fine.
-What did you wanna talk about?
-Yeah, what were you talking about?
[awkward music playing]
[discreetly] Have you guys heard
about Las' party?
-Me neither.But who cares.
-There won't be anyone interesting there.
-I think Las is formidable.
Mmm. Formidable, is she?So naughty!
-[Tet chuckles]
-Stop, Zeca.
Okay, everyone. For this project,
form groups of four people.
You will all share the grade. Good luck.
-We could be a group, right?
-Of course.
Okay, so we can work on our own
and I'll combine it all later.
-Can't we meet out somewhere?
-We don't have to, Tet.
Come on, Davi, I never leave the house.
I only go to school and then home.
I'm down for any other activity,
even if it's just school work.
Mm, okay. We can do it at my house.
[chuckles] Thanks.
Sorry for venting,
but it's just that you guys
are my only friends.
Or at least I think you are.
Here comes the depression diva.
Tet, don't worry.
You're my friend, all right?
But I just thought that friends
were supposed to go out together.
do some activities together
It's just that I don't really go out much.
Tet, I'm your friend, okay?
I'm not here to be your tour guide
and offer you excursions every day.
You wanna go out?
Then purpose something, girl.
Come on, where's your initiative?
-Sorry, guys, I'm not that good at this--
-And stop apologizing too.
Feeling sorry has gotten old.
And pick up your face.
Where's the diva that lives in you, huh?
Okay, you're right, Zeca.
I know that I'm boring,
but I'm cool, I swear.
[Zeca and Davi laugh]
[whimsical music playing]
I'll come up with something cool
for us to do, okay?
-Yeah, sounds great.
-Davi! Hey, guys, how's it going?
Listen, you think it's okay if I join
your group for that Biology project?
Of course, Erick.
-Uh, of course, right?
-Okay, then.
Cool. I'm out of here.
The waves are good today.
I thought he'd rather do it
with Valentina.
[chuckles] Well, I think
he'd rather not fail Biology again.
-Right, Davi?
-[laughs] Yeah.
At least he's starting
to think about these things now.
Hey, guys!
Would you both be down to a
I don't know, to hang out
with your new best friend this afternoon?
We created a monster, Davi.
[indie rock music playing]
Yo, last one, okay?
How can he be so handsome?
[mouth full] Why, Zeca?
Why in the world
are there people who look like that,
and people who look like this?
Stop that.
-Come on.
Come on, take that shirt off.
Let's go for a swim.
No, are you crazy?
I'm super ashamed of my belly. No, no.
"Shame" is just a cute word
that people like to use for "fear," okay?
And fear is exactly what keeps us
from doing the things we want the most.
I spent so much time in the closet,
thinking it was wrong to be who I am.
That's when I thought,
"Dude, I'm not bad.
I'm not harming anyone."
If it bothers thehomophobes,
then that's their business,
because I won't give up
being who I am to please anyone.
-Now, let's go. Take that shirt off.
-No, no. Mm-mm.
Look at this guy.
You'd think he was going to church.
[Tet chuckles]
Hey, guys. I almost didn't make it.
My grandpa's feeling sick.
Oh, Davi.
But it's okay.
It was just a scare. How are you guys?
-[upbeat music playing]
-[gasps] Hey, Erick!
-What a coincidence, right?
-Did you come to get me for the project?
No, no. We're doing it on Saturday.
Oh, Las' party is this Saturday.
Her what? I haven't heard anything.
Were you guys invited?
-She sent the invite to everyone.
-No, she hasn't invited us, no.
Well, but either way,
we can just work on it on Sunday, right?
What do you think?
Since she's having a party,
we could do that on Saturday,
and then we'd be able to move
the group project toSunday, right?
You ready, Erick?
[Erick] Yeah, one sec.
-[surfer] Hey, guys.
-It's a deal.
Our band's playing there that night,
so Las said I could invite friends.
I'll forward you the details.
Done. All right.Ciao, guys.
-See you Saturday.
-See you.
[phones beeping]
-We got an invitation!
-Girl, get it together.
My bad.
"You're invited toLas' Sweet Sixteen."
Theme is the '60s. I love!
-I don't have anything to wear.
-I think I might be able to help you out.
Why do you wanna go to this party so much?
Las is Valentina's best friend.
She's definitely gonna kick us out.
Las is nothing likeValentina.
She would never do that.
[mimics sneeze] Crush!
-Leave me alone, Zeca.
It's just not possible
that a Star Generation fan
isn't a good person.
Okay, I think
Davi could be right about this, actually.
She kind of stood up for me
against "Valemeanie," so
Uh, Tet,
I won't be able to go to the party.
My brother's coming to town this weekend
to visit my grandpa.
-So, I wanted to spend some timewith him.
-You can bring him with us!
Come on, please, Davi!
He seems like a really nice guy.
[Tet] I've stalked him on Insta,
I imagine.
Aw, you guys, don't give me those faces.
This is a chance
for us to stop being outcasts.
Well, at least for one day.
So look, I'm definitely nervous too.
But it's like Zeca said earlier,
fear is a terrible thing.
I just said that
'cause I wanted to go in the ocean.
Yeah, but it worked, okay?
As long as we stay afraid,
people will be able to keep us
from having any kind of fun.
Shall we?
Shall we?
We shall!
Okay, fine, dammit. Let's go.
-Yes! Let's go, let's go.
-Let's just go.
[all laughing]
[joyful music playing]
[all laughing]
[screaming playfully]
[Reinaldo] Put the seven
and the eight over there.
Reinaldo, please stop that.
-[Reinaldo] Over here.
-[Grandpa] You're cheating.
-[doorbell rings]
-Papa, go on, answer it.
-[Grandpa] Okay, I'll go.
-We're playing here.
-Can I help you?
-[Tet] I'll get it!
It's my friend! It's my friend!
-Ah, hi, Zeca, my friend!
-Hey, girl.
-[Djanira] A friend?
-Guys, this is Zeca, my friend.
-Aw, Tet, how wonderful! Friends!
-[Zeca] Hi, nice to meet you.
-Life is getting much better for you.
-I'm the grandmother.
-Nice to meet you.
Come with me, Zeca. Mom!
What was that? Teenagers are
so easily annoyed, I don't get it.
What did I say?
I'm celebrating a victory here.
Okay. So, as you can see,
my grandparents have issues
throwing things away, right?
-Uh-huh. [laughs awkwardly]
Tet! My God,
you've got a treasure here, girl!
-I love fancy collars like this.
-What about this forDavi, huh? [laughs]
-Where is he, by the way?
-He should get here pretty soon.
-With Dudu, his brother.
So, while they're on their way,
I have a surprise for you, Tet.
[Tet] Hm?
-Shall we do this?
-Oh no.
-No, no, no.
-Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes!
[Tet groans]
Are you sure you know
what you're doing with all this?
-Oh, not at all. But how hard could it be?
-[doorbell rings]
Good afternoon. Delighted to meet you.
-I'm delighted too! Come on in.
-Thank you.
-[Dudu] Hey there. Excuse us.
-More friends!
-Hmm, isn't that wonderful?
-Hey there. How are you?
Tet is in her room.
She's in there playing with Joca. [laughs]
[Tet screams]Ow!
-Reinaldo, go check on her.
-[Reinaldo] Okay, okay, I'll I'll go.
I'm the grandma. Do you want a cookie?
What the hell! I'm gonna kill you!
Calm down.
[shrieks] Get away from me! Get away!
I'm never gonna let you do that
to me again!
So you're keeping
that wax mustache, my love?
-No! No, no, no.
-Uh, Tet, for real, childish.
-Oh, I can't believe it!
-[Zeca] Let's go, come on.
-[door opens]
-Sweetie, Davi and Eduardo are here.
Uh, tell them I'll be there in a sec.
-Are you okay?
-Everything's okay, Pa. Ciao, ciao, ciao.
Okay, please just finish it.
[Tet screams] Ow! [whimpers]
-She She'll be right out.
-[Helena] Mama, he goes to college.
-How marvelous!
-[chuckles] Thanks.
[Helena] Yeah. [chuckles]
-Davi! [chuckles]
[mellow music playing]
-Nice to meet you,Dudu.
-Delighted to meet you.
Aw, that's so cute!
Your brother also says "delighted."
-[chuckles] Delighted.
Tet, there's something on your face.
Oh. What-- Wha-- Wha-- What is it?
Oh goodness.
-Guys, I-- I-- I'm sorry.
-Why, what's wrong?
I'm t-totally red. I'm hideous.
Come on. No, not at all.
It'll go away, silly.Just relax.
You'll never get to do this
to me ever again!
-Got it, Grandma?
[groans] There's no way
I can go to the party now.
Of course you're going
to the party, sweetie.
We're gonna work this out.
No need to worry.
You're not only going to the party,
but also look marvelous
and totally crush it beautifully
and without amustache.
All right? Let's do this.
-Let's do this! Excuse us
-Come with us, let's go.
[upbeat music playing]
You two, come with me.
Come here, sweetie.
Sit down over there, okay?
[indistinct chattering]
["Proporcional" by Tulipa Ruiz playing]
-[Djanira] Look at this! Look!
-Oh, Grandma, that's not my thing.
I look okay?
-It looks really, really good!
-[Dudu] Right?
-You think that looks good?
-You don't like it?
-That's not good any day.
-Okay, okay.
What is that? It's too small anyway.
Didn't you say
you wanted something more discrete?
Clever! This--
Oh, look who's finally
finding her "thing."
[Djanira] Ah!
Can I come in?
I brought these dresses for you.
[speaking indistinctly]
Try on this.
[indistinct chattering]
-[Djanira] Oh! [gasps]
-Pretty little cutie!
-[Djanira] I'm so happy!
-You look so amazing!
-Aw. [laughs]
-Are you sure? [laughs]
-I think it's good now.
-I think we've got it.
-Hey, guys.
You look amazing.
-Total jaw drop.
-It's perfect.
It's been, like, ten years
since I last wore a dress,
because I I've always hated my legs.
-Agh! Give a little spin so we can see.
-No way.
-[Tet] Huh? Huh?
-Come on. You're beautiful!
[all laughing]
[Tet] Dudu
W-- Wow!
[laughs] Wow to you too, Tet.
You look gorgeous.
-You promise?
-Do I really have to?
-[phone chimes]
Babes, my dad's almost here. Shall we?
[excitedly] Hm! Party time, guys!
[laughing excitedly]
[Dance Baby Dance by Ras Chosen playing]
-Thank you. It was nice to meet you.
-No problem, Tet. Nice to meet you too.
Hey, she's a real catch, huh?
You two behave, okay?
Dad, Tet's just my friend.
You know that, right?
Okay, Jos Carlos.
-But, hey, you're wasting your time.
-Okay, Dad.
Okay. Thanks. Ciao.
-[Zeca's dad]Enjoy the party. Have fun.
-Thank you.
Uh, Zeca,
your pa doesn't know that you're gay?
I don't know. I think he mightsuspect it.
I've never said anything, he never asked.
Yeah, but don't you feel like telling him?
-You really wanna talk about it right now?
-No, no, no, no.
Let's enjoy this party. Ready?
-[squeals] Let's go!
["Meu Abrigo"playing]
[singing in Portuguese] I wish you
The best there is
Being with me
So you'll never feel lonely
The sun, the moon, the sea
A travel ticket
So we can lose ourselves
And find each other
Peace and quiet, the summer breeze
The two of us playing at sunset
Laughing at nothing is so good
My favorite place is close to you
[both] You're the reason
For my happiness
-[crowd cheering]
[both] Don't tell me
I'm not the one for you
My love, please
Come live with me
Your arms are my shelter
Ooh, ooh
[record scratch]
[Tet] You don't really think
that happened, right?
- You're the reason
-[Tet singing along off-key]
For my happiness
Don't tell me I'm not the one for you
My love, please
Don't sing, babe. Don't sing.
Okay, so, I don't really know
what to do at a party.
Can you guys help me?
Now we have to find Las,
so we can give her the gift, right?
Guys, you look amazing! My goodness!
-[song ends]
-[crowd cheering and applauding]
[Erick] Thanks.
What's going on, guys?
Hey, Samantha, how are you?
-Hey! You killed it.
-Thank you.
And who's this friend of yours?
-Seriously, you didn't recognize her?
-Of course I did.
I'm just shocked.
You look beautiful, Tet.
[Zeca squeals]
No, you look great.
We all look great, right? Super great.
But, seriously, you look different.
What did you do?
Mustache and eyebrows.
[chuckles awkwardly] Ah, got it.
[" Hoje Ein" byDiverio playing]
Okay, guys. See you around, okay?
Oh, look who's here!
Ooh, you look so great!
-What a diva! What a legend!
Her blood type? A positively hot girl!
Why are you saying that?
You're happy with yourself,
and that's all that matters.
-You're glowing, Tet.
-I'm already sweating?
No, crazy girl.
I'm talking about your inner glow.
[" Hoje Ein" continues playing]
Be right back.
-[girl] Such a great party. It's awesome.
-I appreciate it.
-Evening, Las?
-Hi, Davi.
-You came, that's so cool.
-Happy birthday.
-I brought you a little something.
-You didn't have to.
[chuckles] I think you're gonna like it.
-Davi, the book fromStar Generation!
And it's autographed by the actors. Look.
Awesome, Davi.
Best gift I got tonight, really.
I've always wanted to meet someone
who also likesStar Generation,
so we could just talk about it, you know?
I even made my grandparents watch it,
but they're still on season one.
-So they don't know about the vortex?
That means they don't know anything!
-And I can't spoil it.
Sweetie! Sosorry. Could you just
-Excuse me one minute.
-No, sure.
We can chat later. It's your party.
Yeah, and we shouldn't really talk
about Star Generation here, right?
Actually, please don't tell anyone
I like that nerdy stuff, okay?
Oh. But why?
You understand, right,Davi?
But I loved it. Thank you.
I'll see you around, okay?
-[Davi] Oh, uh Okay.
-Who's that?
No one, Mom. Just a nerd from school.
["Brisa" by IZAplaying]
-God, I'm already covered in sweat.
-Me too. I sweat a lot.
Wanna go outside where it's cooler?
-Just the two of us?
-Yeah, sure.
-[mouthing] Kiss him!
-Much better, right?
-[laughs] Now we can hear each other.
Yeah, and since we can,
tell me a little about yourself.
-Oh, gee.
I'm not the talking kind,
especially about myself.
Aw, come on. [chuckles]
Just tell me
what you're thinking about right now.
I have a rash on my arm
that's been therefor several days.
-[Tet] Put me away.
-Don't let me talk ever again!
-That's cool. I like that kind of stuff.
-Wait. You said a rash?
Is it peeling?
I love pulling them off. Can I do it?
-Please, please?
[Tet] Aw, that's so stupid,
but so cute!
[gentle music playing]
[breathes deeply]
[sighs] What's up, Davi?
[sighs] It's nothing.
I just remembered
why I avoid going to do stuff like this.
As much as we try
to be aware of who we are
it hurts so much
when it's rubbed in our faces.
Oh, buddy
-[gentle music playing]
-Yeah, but look at us.
Look where we are.
Look at this view.
Look at the sky.
Davi knows everything
about the stars, right, bro?
He can look up at the sky
and name each one. Look at that.
That over there is the Southern Cross.
The other one,
just below and to the right, that's Libra.
And the one over there, planet Venus.
[laughing] That thing
is actually a plane, all right?
[all laugh]
[Dudu] Okay.
And that one is?
The one over there by itself?
-What's its name?
-Well, let me check this app.
Her name isTeanira.
It's the shiniest out there. Look.
The other stars stay away,
because they don't wanna be outshined.
No, none of what he said is true, okay?
[Davi and Tet chuckle]
-[Samantha grunts, coughs]
-What happened, Samantha?
I'm not well.
I'm gonna throw up. Come with me.
Samantha, I'm sorry,
but hearing the words "throw up"
makes my stomach feel--
Just come with me. Calm down.
-[Samantha] Okay.
-Be right back.
-[Dudu] Okay.
-[Samantha] This way. [coughing]
-[Tet] okay.
[Tet] Come on.
-Easy, Samantha. Easy.
What about the bathroom inside?
I don't want anyone to see me throwing up.
Okay, listen. Stay right here
and don't let anyone get close. Promise?
-Don't you want help?
-No, no, stay here.
-I'm counting on you, okay? I
-Are you sure?
[Las' mom]Aw, you girls look so great!
Mom, can you flip it to portrait
so we can post it?
Guys! Boys! Sorry.
Hey! You're kind of ruining it.
There we go. Yeah.
Here we go. Big smile!
Little duck face. Maybe "mmm."
-Um, one minute. Just hold on a sec.
-No, Valentina, get in there.
-Not right now, sorry.
Las, I need to ask you something.
Where's Erick?
-I saw him going outside.
-When was that?
-Oh, it's been a while--
-You're coming with me.
What the
[footsteps approaching]
-Erick. Where is he? In there?
-No. It's actually Samantha in there.
-She wasn't well.
-She's in there with Erick.
-That's what's going on.Erick!
-[Las] Easy, easy.
Whoa. Don't you dare touch me.
Get out of the way.
Las is sophisticated, honey.
Don't do this to her.
Samantha just wasn't feeling well,
and Valentina thinks
Erick's in there with her.
I don't think that, I know it.
-She's playing coy with me.
-No, no. Easy, easy.
-Get out of my way.
-I told you. Just trust me.
-Calm down.
-Hey, what's up?
Calm down. I was in the bathroom.
Samantha wasn't feeling well,
I helped her.
What a coincidence, right?
-[Erick] Hey.
-Are you crazy? You gonna fight me?
Tet, I was gonna invite you to dance,
but never mind.
You'd really think I'd flirt with him
by pretending I'm throwing up? Seriously?
-That's exactly what I think!
-Hey, Valentina.
-You're crazy!
Samantha, don't worry about Valentina.
None of this is your fault, okay?
-Maybe it is.
-Cut it out!
What? What's wrong?
I'm good at reading people, okay?
And you just let her
into the bathroom with you?
-What do you want? I had to help her.
-What's your problem, Erick?
["Lance Criminoso" by Papatinho,
MC Cabelinho, Xam, BKplaying]
-Oh, Samantha. Come on, cheer up.
-How am I supposed to do that?
-Everybody thinks I'm a liar.
-Everybody thinks you're human.
Samantha, did you and Erick kiss in there?
Of course not, Tet. Now you too?
Carol? Carol?Oh, uh, so sorry.
I was looking for my daughter.
Is everything okay?
["Lance Criminoso" continues playing]
Time to cheer up. Let's go.
-We're gonna go back to the party.
-[sighs] One second.
-I'm just gonna go wash my face.
I don't feel well, Tet.
-[Las] How are you doing, Valentina?
-[Valentina] They're just so pathetic.
The whole class.
Everyone except the two of us.
Including Erick.
He has the brain of a little ant.
The rest of them are just losers.
Complete losers.
They all envy us, Las.
And you know why?
They can't deal with the fact
that we're better than they are.
They should admire us.
They should wanna be like us,
be inspired by us.
But no.
I can't take these small-minded people
from school anymore, Las.
What are you looking at? Tell me.
You're always creeping up on me!
Always, from day one,
been haunting me like a ghost.
I really wish I knew
why you treat me like this all the time.
[sighs] You still don't get it.
Don't worry, because I'll do
the nice thingand explain it to you.
I've got many reasons.
First of all, you've been
shamelessly hitting on to my boyfriend
since the very first day of school.
Second, you stink.
And third, you're ugly.
Fourth, you're boring.
Fifth, your teeth piss me off.
And sixth, you make me nauseous.
I have those reasons and many more,
but I don't wanna waste
more of my time explaining it to you.
[Las] Let's go, Valentina. Cut it out.
Yeah. Go. Go away.
Go away, loser. Get out of my face!
I wouldn't want anyone to see me
actually talking to you.
It's embarrassing!
["Lance Criminoso" continues playing]
-Zeca, Zeca.
-What happened, Tet?
I wanna go home. Can we please go now?
Okay. I'll see
if my papa can come get us now.
-Tet? Are you okay?
-I just wanna go home, that's all.
We've just called a ride.
Wanna come with us?
["Lance Criminoso" continues playing]
Thank you.
[Dudu] Hey
Hold on. Stay here just a sec.
Hey! Wait. I'll walk you to the door.
[car door closes]
Are you okay?
Yeah, I am.
I just thought that all my problems
would disappear once I had friends.
But, apparently,
they just get more complicated.
Aw, Tet, don't say that.
Look, when things get complicated,
friends are what get us through
the tough stuff.
Yeah, that's true.
I don't know what I'd do without Davi.
And you're also a light in Davi's life.
Thank you.
No, thank you.
And And I loved meeting you.
And I loved the party.
I loved your company.
And am I gonna see you
before I head back to Minas?
I'll be doing a school project tomorrow
at your house.
[chuckles] Great.
Oh, and thank you for the ride. [chuckles]
Uh, wait!
-You're not gonna give me a kiss?
-[record scratch]
[Tet] Jesus Christ,
the Lord of Stray Cupids,
I've never been kissed. I'm not ready!
[Dudu] Ciao.
-What's up?
You thought I was gonna kiss you
on the mouth without your permission?
-[Tet] "Permission," how cute!
Relax. I was just gonna kiss you
on both your cheeks. A goodbye kiss.
[Tet] Obviously.
[clenching teeth] No, it's
It's just I have a toothache.
-[Tet] Yeah.
-Do you want me to go to the pharmacy--
-No! No, no, no.
-I can go for you--
-No, no, no. Don't worry.
-I have it at home.
-Are you sure?
Mm-hmm. I'm gonna, uh
[chuckles] Uh, cool ride.
Uh, nothing like it was cold, but awesome!
-[Dudu] Of course.
-Uh, good night.
-Uh, great night. You get it. Uh, ciao.
-Right. Ciao.
[elevator swishing]
[exhaling forcefully]
-[breathing heavily]
-[playful music playing]
What? You wanna kiss me, Dudu?
But wait.What's that?
You also wanna kiss me, Erick?
One minute.
Well, Erick showed up before you, Dudu.
Wait for me.
[indie music playing]
[whimpering] What are you doing here?
I saw that you'd arrived home,
but you were taking too long to come up.
-Okay. Okay. Okay, Pa, okay.
-I came out here to make sure you're okay.
[door closes]
[excitedly] It's you!
Were you all spying on me
from the living room window?
No, no way! We, uh Right, Mom?
-We didn't see anything.
-There was nothing to see anyway, right?
-[Helena] Yeah.
-What are you talking about?
-Sweetie, no one's rushing you, my love.
That's right, my dear. Play hard to get.
What the heck, Papa?
That's so old-fashioned.
[shushes] Cut it out. It's her call.
-But did you enjoy the party?
-That's what's important.
It was good. It was.
-Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!
-[family cheering and laughing]
-[Grandpa] Bravo!
-[Helena] Whoo!
["Ningum ComoVoc"
by Manda playing, in Portuguese]
Did you know I could melt
By only looking at you?
There's no one quite like you
-It's the other one.
-Oh, this? Is this the one?
[laughing] It wouldn't be the first time.
Oh, you're so cute!
He's nervous because
he's got something to hide.
-[Tet] That's right.Aah!
-You're one to talk.
With a smile on your face
And a rare soul
Here's some tea for you kids.
-Yes, thank you!
-Oh my goodness, look at that!
Your project is looking great so far.
[chuckles] My grandsons are so handsome,
don't you think?
Mm-hmm, very much so.
Davi is so cute, and Dudu Oh my God.
-Oh, you've met Dudu as well?
-Yeah, yesterday.
[whispers] We should tell her later.
And who's that in the photo with him?
Ah, that's Ingrid.
It's his girlfriend from Minas.
-[chokes, coughs]
-Studies IT too, you know.
-Ex-girlfriend. Right, Grandma?
-[laughs] Of course. I forgot.
There's no way Taurus and Aquarius
would work out together.
-Hey, Dudu.
Uh, well,
I know nothing about zodiac signs,
but, uh, I I'd love to know
which sign goes well with mine.
Well, talk to my grandsonDavi.
He knows everything about astrology.
But don't talk about it around Incio.
He doesn't like that stuff.
It's not that I don't like it.
I just don't believe in it.
-Hi, Mr. Incio.
-Delighted. Tet.
Delighted. [chuckles]
My love, you know
you shouldn't be up and about.
-Oh, relax, baby.
-You're the doctor, remember?
-[doorbell rings]
-Oh, uh, I'll get it.
-No, no. I'll get it.
-Excuse me, guys.
-Grandpa, look at our Biology project.
-Oh, where is it?
-[Davi] What do you think about our RNA?
-[Incio] Oh, well, let me take a look.
Adenine, cytosine
-I'm glad he's doing well, your grandpa.
-Yeah, some days he feels better.
Hey there.
What's up, guys? Sorry, I'm late.
Oh, I see
you didn't bring your girlfriend.
-I was kind of craving some drama.
-My girlfriend?
I don't know about that anymore.
[suspicious music playing]
Did you hear that?
Well, um So, I'm gonna let
you guys finish your project.
Uh, Tet, if you want,
I can drop you off at home later.
Just let me know, okay?Po de queijo?
-Sounds great.
-[Dudu] Enjoy your project.
[Davi] Bye, bro.
-[Erick] See you.
-[Incio] God bless you. [chuckles]
You have no idea
how miraculous this whole thing is.
-Our genetic code?
On every transmission,
the code changes just a little bit.
And that's how we become more complex,
how we evolve.
It's bizarre to think
that we came from microbes.
-And we actually turned out okay, right?
-[all laugh]
[Grandma clears throat]
Uh, let me go to my room,
'cause Mrs. Maria Amelia
is giving me a dirty look.
-[boys laugh]
-Ciao, Grandpa.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome. Bye. [chuckles]
-Your grandpa is so cool!
-So intelligent, Tet.
[Erick chuckles]
Oh, Erick, you're the smart one
for breaking up with Valentina.
-Dropping the truth.
-[Erick chuckles]
Oh, oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
It's just that Valentinais not the most--
I'm aware. I feel you.
I guess when picking your next girlfriend,
just try to do a bit better, right?
Oh, Zeca,
I'm not gonna date again so soon.
-[boys chuckle]
-Okay, then.Sure.
The project, you guys.
Shall we work on our project?
-[Zeca] Cool.
We still Let's go.
Hey, Tet, after this I'm rehearsing
with the band.You wanna come with me?
[upbeat song playing, in Portuguese]
[Tet] I picked Handsome Erick.
Go ahead and judge me,
but when would I ever imagine
I'd be invited to a band's rehearsal?
Today I woke up to say
That it's with you
That I'd like to be
[Erick] There they are.
I'm looking at the future
And I only see the two of us
By the sea, and I kiss you
I don't want to be afraid to try
I'm so awkward, I'm so flawed
But I had to tell you
I kiss you
I don't want to be afraid to try
I'm so awkward, I'm so flawed
But I had to tell you
That I want us to stay
I want us to stay
[whistling to the melody]
[inhales deeply]
So, did you like it?
Well, I loved it.
I almost cried.
Well, Erick, when would a girl like me
even imagine getting invited
to a band's rehearsal?
You're so cute. You know that, right?
I don't know that.
I kind of suddenly felt like crying.
I kind of suddenly feel like kissing you.
Do you mind?
[gentle music playing]
Uh, I don't mind.
[gentle music playing]
[Tet] Brazil, North Pole, China!
Is this really happening?
Do I open my mouth?
Do I move my mouth? Do I bite his lips?
The last thing I want
in this world is to hurt Erick.
He-- Shut up, Tet!
I'm gonna call this moment
Top of the World!
What do you mean "change schools"?
I just got here and I'm loving it.
I know, sweetie. But we're trying
to rent an apartment in Flamengo,
and we have to get you out of that school.
It's too expensive for us right now.
[sighs] Is this for real?
[Helena] Sweetie,
we can't just live rent-free
at your grandparents' house
for forever, my love.
Well, I've always lived rent-free
at my parents' place.
I don't have a problem with it.
I just don't wanna have to change schools.
I guess we could try financial aid.
Maybe a scholarship.
You're a good student
and you're always well-behaved.
-It'll have to be a heck of a scholarship.
-We'll figure it out.
-[Reinaldo] Mm-hmm.
We have to figure it out.
I don't wanna start all over from scratch.
Don't do this to me. Please, don't.
[breathes deeply]
[upbeat acoustic music playing]
-[Samantha] Tet! Tet!
-Hi, Samantha.
-I need to talk to you.
-[excitedly] Hm, I do too!
-It's about Erick.
-How did you know?
-I maybe kinda kissed him.
Yeah, maybe kinda
because of the big fight, remember?
-So you just lied to me?
You used me and lied to me!
[exhales] I still likeErick.
You can judge me. I'm a terrible person.
No. What you did
doesn't make you a bad person.
You know what?
The one who really screwed up was Erick.
Erick had a girlfriend. Erick cheated.
Erick's the bad person.
[upbeat acoustic music continues]
[indistinct chatter]
I know everything, Erick.
Samantha told me.
-[Erick] Hold on
-Can you just tell me why?
I can explain.
That's just how I was raised.
I'm a victim of being in a sexist society.
Imagine getting called handsome
every day of your life.
-What would happen to your head?
[teacher] Good morning, class.
Please upload your presentation
to this computer here.
It's connected to the projector.
Okay? Go ahead.
[groovy acoustic music playing]
That's it, guys. That's my presentation.
-[all applauding]
[teacher] Thank you.
Group Four.
Hey, you're gonna tell me, right?
Ugh. Zeca, I think
we should just pretend nothing happened.
-I'll press play.
-[teacher] Let's go, guys.
They're just so pathetic. The whole class.
Everyone except for the two of us.
Including Erick.
He has the brain of a little ant.
The rest of them are all losers.
Total losers.
They should admire us, be inspired by us.
They should want to be--
-What the hell?
-What's going on here, Teanira?
I don't know, I don't know, I swear.
You're trying to play dumb, huh?
I saw you recording that video!
-Las was with me. She saw it too, right?
-It wasn't me! I didn't record anything.
[sarcastically] Way to go, Valentina.
Yeah, inspire us.
-[class laughs]
-Calm down, everyone.
Valentina, the least you can do
is apologize to everybody here.
Are you insane?
That video was taken
out of context, Erick.
If anyone here should apologize, it's her!
I didn't do anything!
-[grunts] Valentina! Cut it out!
-[class chanting] Fight! Fight!
Fight! Fight! Fight!
[teacher] Stop it, girls!
I mean it! Cut it out! Stop it!
[Las] Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!
-[chanting continues] Fight! Fight!
-[Tet] Wait, my--
[Zeca] Valentina, why?
Get her off!
Take that, Teanira, you crazy bitch!
-[Las] Valentina, stop it!
-[Davi] Come on, break it up!
Let go of me, Erick! You suck!
-Don't! Let go of me!
-Calm down!
You crazy, stupid outcast!
-Hey! Hey! Everyone! What's going on here?
-Let go.
-[Tet] I didn't do it, I told you.
-[Valentina] Of course you did!
[Tet] Someone must've switched
the project files.
Conceio, we made the presentation
using my computer,
and then I transferred it
to Tet's flash drive.
Then she gave me the flash drive
and I just transferred the files
to the computer.
But there were no videos of Valentina
at all in my flash drive.
-What about Erick? Erick? Yeah, you.
-Erick is, uh--
-He didn't even do any work for it at all.
If we're being honest here,
his main alibi is his incompetence.
If anyone's innocent here,
it's definitely Erick.
-Really, Zeca.
-Guys, this is very serious.
-I want your parents here tomorrow.
-[Davi] Conceio
-I didn't do it, Conceio.
Now, my parents
will definitely make me change schools.
No, Tet. They'll understand.
I must find a way to prove
that it wasn't me that did this
before my parents find out about it.
Let me think for a sec.
Who would have a reason
to do this to Valentina?
[both] The whole school.
But especially you, am I right?
-What the heck, Zeca?
-Just saying.
Davi, can you come with me
to the principal's office?
[gentle music playing]
[students chattering indistinctly]
-What, Erick?
Do you really think
I I have the brain of an ant?
-I didn't say that. It wasValentina.
-But you played the video.
No, I didn't, Erick!
Look, I'm sweating all over again.
Just say it. Do you think so or not?
Your problem's not having
the brain of an ant, Erick.
Your brain is working great for you.
For surfing, for the band.
It's all so chill.
Your problem is that
you don't care about anyone else.
[phone beeps]
It's Davi's grandfather.
INCIO ARAJO 1942-2019
-[gentle music playing]
-[birds chirping]
Is that his wife?
[Tet] Mm.
[Davi breathes deeply]
I know he's resting now.
But my granddad was my best friend, Tet.
It hurts so much. [cries]
I've known you for a really short time,
but I already care about you so much.
Go on, Davi. You can cry, buddy.
-[Zeca] Don't hold back.
-[Davi sniffles]
[woman] Dudu?
Baby, I'm so sorry.
[Tet] "Baby"?
[breathing shakily] Davi
did your brother
get back together with her?
I don't know, Tet.
-[groans] I don't deserve this.
-[softly] No, Tet.
-It's not the time.
-Are you insane? You're being selfish!
-I'm sorry, Zeca!
-This is just too much all at once.
-Come on, wake up, Tet.
Look around you.
Look at what's happening here.
You're obviously not the only one
suffering right now, okay?
You're just really dramatic.
[Djanira] Straight to the shower, okay?
You just came from the cemetery,
so throw yourself into the shower
and put your clothes in the machine.
Oh, there's my girl. Come give me a kiss!
Hey, sweetheart.
[Tet sniffles]
-Hey, wait. Where's that smile of yours?
-[Djanira] Z, not right now.
She's in a mood today.
If only she knew
how ugly she looks with that grumpy face.
[Z] Oh, she's just hungry,
but I have the solution for that.
Look what Grandpa bought you.
Chocolate, huh. You love it, right?
[Reinaldo] Not a good idea, Mr. Jos.
Chocolate causes acne
and she already has a tendency for it.
Tet, if you want something,
my darling, ask for it.
[inhales deeply]
No one can stand for
a sour face like that for so long.
[yells] Shut up!
[sad music playing]
[Tet] Shut up.
[crying] Leave me alone.
Please, just leave me alone.
I'm not grumpy, okay? I'm not sour.
Let me feel sad.
Let me be sad.
I'm glad that you guys
can watch the world falling apart
and just sit around and feel nothing.
Well, I can't.
I cry, I suffer.
Why do I have to keep laughing
like an idiot justto please others?
And for the millionth time, Grandpa,
I hate chocolate.
[somber music playing]
[breathes deeply]
["Lance Criminoso" playing]
[cheering and laughing]
-[music stops]
["Lance Criminoso" playing]
-[music stops]
[Lance Criminoso continues]
[music stops]
[Lance Criminoso plays in video]
[upbeat rock music playing]
Good morning, Teanira.
-Here to confess?
-Guess we'll see.
-Good morning, Tet.
-And where are your parents?
-No need for that, Conceio.
-I'm gonna prove my innocence.
-Hold on a moment.
Could everybody excuse us, please?
Actually, I wouldn't mind them staying,
if that's okay with you.
Okay. You can begin, then.
Well, the only thing that I knew for sure
is that I hadn't recorded Valentina.
So I had to go back in time
to the day of the party,
to know who actually did.
[Lance Criminoso playing]
[Tet] Sure,
it's true that I don't usually go
to a lot of parties,
but I've seen a bunch of them online.
So I had to go back to the exact moment
when Valentina's video was recorded.
They're just so pathetic. The whole class.
Everyone except for the two of us.
[Valentina] They're just so pathetic.
The whole class. Everyone--
[Tet] And by listening to the exact part
of the song that was playing,
I was able to find out
what each and every one of the guests
was doing when it happened.
[Lance Criminoso playing]
And that's when I determined who did it.
[suspenseful music playing]
Just say it already!
It was Zeca.
Valentina's always making fun of him.
[groans] You're obsessed with me,
Paulo Roberto.
-I'm thinking it was Samantha.
-What? No, of course I didn't do it.
-It was you, right, Erick?
-No, you guys. Let me say it!
The person who exposed Valentina
was her best friend.
Please upload your presentation
to this computer here.
It's connected to the projector. Okay?
[Tet] The birthday girl.
-It wasLas.
You're crazy!Las was with me then.
That's the craziest part.
It wasn'tLas who recorded it.
Her mom did it.
[Lance Criminoso playing]
-That's crazy.
-I know, right? It's crazy
But wait, I'm not done yet.
During the party, I thought it was weird
that her mom was looking
for someone named Carol.
Carol? Carol?
Oh, uh, so sorry.
I was looking for my daughter.
[Tet] So I figured out
that she was actually talking about Las.
Then I asked a friend of mine for help.
He knows everything about computers.
-Oh, damn.
-[Dudu] This is actually tricky, Tet.
-Hey, Dudu, let me take a look at it.
[Tet] And also his girlfriend,
who's even more of a genius.
Las Carolina Ribeiro.
Looks like before she lived in Rio,
she used to attend
this school in So Paulo.
This is it. It's her.
Valentina is originally
from So Paulo, too, right?
Yeah, she is.
But she's been going to our school
a lot longerLas.
-[typing] What's Valentina's last name?
-Castro. Valentina Castro.
Is this her?
You guys
[Tet] And then, I found this.
Do you see this girl right here?
So pretty, so cute.
It's Valentina.
And what about this one here?
All alone, in the corner--
[Tet] I was able to get in touch
with another student from back then,
that confirmed to me that Carol,
or Las as we know her,
suffered bullying by Valentina
ever since kindergarten.
Valentina made a living hell
out of Las' life,
until her parents decided
to move to Rio de Janeiro.
And over eight years,Las lost weight,
got a nose job,
facial harmonization surgery,
all of that with her mom's support,
so that she could become popular
and get revenge on Valentina.
I thought
you were supposed to be my friend.
I'm your friend, Valentina?
You said I looked like a plant,
that my nose looked like a toucan's.
I was depressed
when I was eight years old.
Did you know that, Valentina?
You know what it's like for a child
to be diagnosed with depression?
I didn't want that video to exist.
I didn't wanna get revenge on you.
But when my mom showed me the recording,
I realized the only way to make you see
what you do to everyone else
was to show it.
[sniffles, breathes deeply]
[Valentina] Move! Move!Move!Move!
[footsteps receding]
[gentle music playing]
-[Tet] Ciao, Conceio.
-[Conceio] Ciao.
Z Carlos, this friend you got here,
impressive, huh?
Not at all. Zeca is the special one here.
Your son is a master eye-opener,
that's for sure.
I'm starting to realize that
about you too.
-[Davi] Hm?
I want to thank you.
You, uh You saved my life.
I I don't know
whatI would've done without you.
Actually, without you,
uh, Dudu, and his girlfriend.
Ex-girlfriend. Right, Dudu?
She's my friend, Tet.
[Tet] Just kidding.
-She's my friend, Tet.
-I thought you were back together.
-No, no.
Oh, by the way,
Dudu is coming to Rio next semester.
He was able to get transferred
so he can be closer to us.
[Valentina] Tet
[grunts] Listen,
if you're here to bully my friend,
you can go away, Valentina!
Enough is enough.
I'm not here to do that, Zeca.
I'm here to apologize to Tet.
-[Valentina] Yeah.
-[emotional music playing]
-I didn't realize
how much I was harming people.
And I had no idea people hated me so much.
Oh, you didn't know that?
[scoffs] See that girl?
As wacky as you can get.
[Valentina crying]
You guys, I'm so ashamed of myself.
I found out I'm a monster.
Well, now I think you're being dramatic.
[sniffles] I'm not, Tet.
[sniffles] I'm a monster for real.
The truth is,
I'm afraid of being an outcast too.
I'm really afraid of being bullied.
I don't know, I [cries]
It's It's like attacking
to protect myself, you know?
To feel like I'm powerful.
That's why I belittle other people. [sobs]
the one thing
that makes me feel the most powerful
is a big hug.
Come here.
Feel better? Yeah?
-You guys, look at that! [laughing]
-[all applauding]
Get over here, Las!
[Tet] Las spent years
trying to change herself completely.
She changed her address,
her body, her face.
But the changes that really matter
happen within.
[girls laughing]
[Tet] The more I accept myself,
the less dramatic I feel.
And with less drama,
any problems are much easier to solve.
[classmates applauding and cheering]
We didn't want Tet
to have to change schools again, you know?
Yeah. Especially because she really
loves it at this school. Right, Helena?
We'll figure it out.
Tet's a very special student,
and our school wants to hold on to her
for as long as we can, so don't you worry.
-[Conceio and Helenalaugh]
[Tet] Nothing better than the perspective
of someone who's been through this already
to help us see what's really important.
[Helena] Papa,
you can't lift anything heavy, okay?
[family chattering indistinctly]
Whenever you get tired
of being around your ma and pa,
just come back here.
It'll always be your house, okay?
Listen, Tet, I think it's outrageous
that you're leaving with them.
How are you gonna live
without your grandma?
I love you two so much.
And I won't be far,
because I want you guys
always close to me, okay?
Ah. [kisses]
Don't abandon us, okay?
[Tet] Cherishing friendships, love,
developing our skills,
growing and learning,
how to accept others and yourself,
without taking things so seriously.
What are you doing over there? Let me see.
Your astrological map.
And if we're being honest
[Tet] We don't know
what the future holds.
And I'm not in a rush to find out anymore.
-Hey there.
Oh yay, you're here!
-[Las] Hey!
-[Valentina] Let's take a selfie!
-Come on, everyone, huddle up.
-Guys, come take a picture.
-Come on!
-[Valentina] Let's take a picture, guys!
[Tet] I just wanna enjoy life
and only sweat
over the things that really matter.
-[Dudu] Hey!
-How are you?
-I'm good. How are you?
Ah! [laughing]
["Confisses de uma Garota Excluda"
[female vocalist singing]
No money to go apply fake eyelashes
Not that it'd make her
Any less sad anyway
With that face, that hair
And that funky smell
Happiness for her
Wasn't but an illusion
The mirror swiped left on her
She was only seventeen
But wanted to be someone she'd never be
All she had to be was herself
To be just like she was
Excluded, silly, and lonely
And a bit clumsy, too
A rare creature
Excluded, silly, and a drama queen
All she wants is to be hugged
With love and care
[Erick vocalizing]
[Erick continues the song]
Looking at her beautiful, pure eyes
I wasfascinated with something
She didn't know was there
That smile, that smell, and that face
I was dreaming with the taste
Of the kiss she never gave me
How do I make her notice
That all I wanted to see
Pointed to this very conclusion?
All she had to be was herself
All she had to do
Was believe in her own heart
Excluded, silly, and lonely
And a bit clumsy, too
A rare creature
Excluded, silly, and a drama queen
All she wants is to be hugged
With love and care
[all cheering] Whoo!
[blows air]
[upbeat song playing, in Portuguese]
Today I woke up to say
That it's with you
That I'd like to be
I didn't know for a long time
But as soon as I lost you
I realized how I miss you
I have all the time in the world
To convince you
To be my love
I'm looking at the future
And I only see the two of us
By the sea
And I kiss you
I don't want to be afraid to try
I'm so awkward, I'm so flawed
But I had to tell you
I kiss you
I don't want to be afraid to try
I'm so awkward, I'm so flawed
But I had to tell you
That I want us to stay
I want us to stay
Today I woke up to say
That it's with you
That I'd like to be
I didn't know for a long time
But as soon as I lost you
I realized how I miss you
I have all the time in the world
To convince you
To be my love
I'm looking at the future
And I only see the two of us
By the sea
And I kiss you
I don't want to be afraid to try
I'm so awkward, I'm so flawed
But I had to tell you
I kiss you
I don't want to be afraid to try
I'm so awkward, I'm so flawed
But I had to tell you
That I want us to stay
I want us to stay
[whistling to the melody]
I want us to stay
I want us to stay
I want us to stay
I want us to stay
["Ningum ComoVoc"
by Manda playing, in Portuguese]
It's so easy to like you
And so hard to forget you
There's no one quite like you
There's no one quite like you
Did you know I could melt
By only looking at you?
There's no one quite like you
There's no one quite like you
With a smile on your face
A rare soul
And the most beautiful heart
I desire you
And your hearty laugh
But there's no use in trying to find
Because there's no one quite like you
There's no one quite like you
There's no one quite like you
There's no one quite like you
There's no one quite like you
There's no one quite like you