Congo (1995) Movie Script

Dr. Ross, we've got
satellite from the Congo.
- What did he say, Rudy?
- I can't repeat it here.
- It's Charles.
- It's Charles.
- It won't work.
- He changed the code?
The old man's got me changing it
every three hours.
- Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy.
- Very inventive.
Just in time.
We should have a visual momentarily.
- They said they found it.
- You're kidding.
Seven volcanoes, and he picks the right
one. His luck's finally changed.
- Karen.
- I read you, Charles. And I see you.
Well, eureka and all that.
I found the bloody thing.
- What was that?
- The usual.
This whole place does the shimmy.
- How's the volcano?
- Acting very much like a volcano...
thank you very much.
They tell me it's fine,
but I wouldn't build condominiums.
Charles, did you really find it?
Chemically flawless,
blue diamond alluvia.
Johnny-on-the-spot phasic laser.
This will look kind of raw
without a real diamond.
Would you say that test
came back positive?
Oh, my God.
We found the sand in a mineral stream.
Jeffrey's searching for the source.
- I'll get Travis.
- Wait. Jeffrey should share the glory.
- Let's link up again in, uh, one hour.
- Great.
- See you in an hour.
- Give me your coordinates.
Char...? Charles...?
- Jeffrey.
- Charlie, over here.
Charlie, I think this
may be really something.
- We haven't got much time.
- I'll show you.
Jump in.
- What?
- I'll go first.
I Jeffrey!
I Jeffrey!
- What is this?
- Come on.
From below it just looks like jungle,
but it's not just jungle. See?
Jesus Christ.
This is a big deal.
This is a big find.
I can't believe it's just sitting here.
All these centuries, waiting for lucky us.
Listen, I raised Houston,
they're getting the old man.
Come on camera and share the glory.
- We'll have to get another team here.
- All right. Let me grab my bag.
- Perfect, you say? A flawless diamond?
- He found it. He was right.
With the right laser and diamonds...
we can dominate
the communications industry over night.
Has he found the source?
Charles says a laser with a diamond
like that can punch a hole in the moon.
Shh. Don't say any more out here.
Come on, Jeffrey. Jeffrey!
Come on, we're supposed to transmit
in 10 minutes.
Now you're throwing stuff at me?
- Where is he?
- I don't know.
- He should have transmitted 10 minutes ago.
- Ugh.
- Activate the remote.
- Yes, sir.
- I guess he's still looking for Jeffrey.
- Hmm. Pan the camera.
What in God's name...?
Lock your remote. Back scan.
Give me thermal readout.
- I can see seven dead people.
- What's that sound?
- I didn't see him. Charles!
- What?
- I'll get help.
- You can't get out. I had the code changed.
Well, what is it?
- Sir?
- Use the fire extinguisher on that.
- What's the code, sir?
- Do what I say!
- No one knows this happened but us.
- Families have to be be notified. Your wife.
We don't know he's dead.
If it's reported, they'll close the border.
- What was that thing?
- Uh, baboon.
- I thought it was a gorilla, but I've never...
- Gorillas didn't kill. Gorillas don't do that.
- It could have been locals, a rival company.
- Not another paranoid fantasy.
I need those diamonds, Dr. Ross!
- Are you for real?
- It's the future.
- Most believe children are the future.
- 40,000 people, they all depend on me.
This satellite is our cash cow.
In three years it'll be obsolete. I need
a new cash machine. This diamond's it!
- Charles knew it. That's why he went.
- He went into the Congo to please you.
- I know you had feelings for him.
- I almost married him.
Listen to me, talking like he's...
You have to go down there, Dr. Ross.
You're good in the field. You were
good in Panama. Once you're local...
that laser's power pack
should give off a readable signal.
Find some expedition that's already going.
Take it over.
What are you talking about?
There's no time! Once we let out what's
happened, Zaire will shut the border.
- By the time the investigation's...
- Are you human?
I'll be human later. Hire people
when you get there. Good people.
Never mind, I'll have some waiting.
- Find out what happened to Charles.
- Tell me you love your son.
- I do.
- And that's why you're sending me.
It is.
All right. But if I have one moment when
I think otherwise, I'll make you sorry.
That's a promise.
Oakland's number one classic station...
taking you back in time, all the time.
a crazy little shack
Wow. Isn't that beautiful?
What's Amy's favorite color?
Green, that's right.
How green was my valley... Drop that!
Good. Pretty. So pretty.
No, Amy, on the paper. Yeah, okay, good.
Amy, get some more paint.
Good. That's green.
No, Amy, on the paper.
On... On the paper.
Good. That's good.
Good girl. Such a pretty girl.
That's your lovey. That's your lovey.
Amy! Hey, you!
- How did she sleep?
- Great night.
- No nightmares?
- Not a one.
Good girl.
That's my Amy.
Richard, you better clean her up.
It's showtime.
When we started out, it was so simple.
Communication is what separated
human from animal. Speech.
And for those humans who had
am impairment that inhibited speech...
sign language. An alphabet in gestures.
Words in motion. Then came virtual reality.
Sensors worn like clothing could read
and replicate the body's movements.
Arliss Wender at MIT was the first to
apply this technology to sign language.
Our subject, William,
was born without the organs of speech.
Isn't that right, William?
That is absolutely right.
This is the first time
I have ever heard my own voice.
Lights, please.
It's hard to get grants for what I do.
Most people just don't believe it.
They think it's a parlor trick. A gag.
But it's no gag, ladies and gentlemen.
With this new technology,
I can demonstrate it...
in a way it has never been possible
to demonstrate it before.
Animals can talk.
Amy, could you come down
here please?
Hello, Amy. Thank you for the flowers.
Peter. Hello, Peter.
Amy, how old are you?
Amy 7. Amy good gorilla.
- Amy pretty.
- Yes, you are.
This is a talking gorilla, Moira.
This gorilla is talking!
- I know, Boyd.
- But this is really happening.
- This isn't Mr. Ed.
- I know it's not Mr. Ed.
Amy, look at me.
- Amy mother.
- That's right. That's your baby.
- Amy wants lunch.
- Okay.
- What do you think, Mrs. Romy?
- It's spooky. Very spooky.
Amy's above average intelligence
for a gorilla, but she's not a freak.
What she has learned,
other gorillas have learned and can learn.
But that takes money, of course.
Isn't that right, Amy?
Amy, calm down. Easy.
Hey, hey, hey! Shh, shh.
It's okay. You're all right.
- You've got her sedated. She'll be fine.
- She's not gonna be fine. Nightmares again.
It's happened before. Gorillas in captivity
degenerating mentally, having to be destroyed.
When she did these paintings
she got better. Why?
Hey, hey...
What's this room starting to look like?
- The Jungle, she's been painting the jungle!
- I don't know, Peter.
She wants to go home.
Peter, you did a great job. You taught a
gorilla to talk, to paint, for gosh sakes.
When it comes to Amy, you can get a grant
for anything except setting her free.
How about this. I taught her,
now she can teach them.
- Who?
- The mountain gorillas.
We can translate
what other animals are saying.
Oh, please. Making you Dr. Doolittle?
There isn't a foundation in motion that would
fund an expedition with that objective.
I will pay.
- I will pay for Amy to go home.
- And who are you?
Herkermer Homolka. Formerly of Romania.
Free now of the chains of Ceaucescu.
Traveling the world, doing good.
- A Romanian philanthropist?
- Herkermer Homolka.
- Something's voodoo.
- Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
I don't think it's penetrating.
We're taking Amy home. Get packed.
Do you know where we're going?
Amy, where are we going?
- Jungle. Me jungle.
- She's really excited.
- Are you excited?
- Me? I'm terrified.
- Jungle.
- Safari? I don't even like picnics. Nice glasses.
Jungle. Me jungle.
- That's right. Jungle. Home.
- Tickle me. Tickle me.
Come on, time to go.
Someone looking for me?
Herkermer Homolka, hello.
Uh, the transport.
Oh, yeah. Um...
- ls there a problem?
- Not unless there's a problem.
Are you excited, sweetheart? That's a
camera. Be careful, it's expensive.
I think she's got a real eye.
- Karen Ross. Professor Karen Ross.
- Professor Peter Elliot.
- Doctor.
- Doctor.
Have you got my faxes,
Fed Exes and phone calls?
- I'm sorry, you're the one.
- Yes, I'm the one.
We've put together a hasty expedition.
To the Congo, with a talking gorilla.
- Jungle me. Jungle. Tickle Amy.
- That's right, jungle. Just a minute, Amy.
- I'm sorry... I'm afraid that's impossible.
- I need to join up with you.
- Excuse me.
- Yeah?
- I have all the visas.
- Go ahead and load this stuff on the plane.
- We're taking this stuff off the plane.
- Off the plane?
- I can pay part of the cost.
- Why take stuff off the plane?
- I'm sorry, we don't need any money.
- You're flying way under capacity.
You can easily find room for me.
- It's not a matter of that. It's Amy.
- Ugly woman.
- The gorilla?
- She gets jealous very easily.
Somebody tell me
why you're unloading the plane.
- Talk to the operations guy.
- Can't you tell me?
- No.
- I've gotta get on this plane.
I've got to be listed with your manifest,
or my visas are worthless. Name your price.
I don't have a price. I'm not a pound
of sugar, I'm a primatologist.
Don't be hasty, Dr. Elliot.
Herkermer Homolka,
formerly of Romania.
- Dr. Karen Ross.
- There seems to be some glitch.
- They're unloading the plane.
- Yes.
Unfortunately there has been
a slight interruption in my credit flow.
- I am unable to pay for the fuel.
- I'll pay for the fuel.
- I'll pay for it. How much is the fuel?
- Fifty-six thousand dollars.
Fifty-six thousand?
What are you smiling about?
You need me, Dr. Elliot.
Taxi to
runway, three-one left.
This is your captain speaking.
- Hey.
- We've been cleared for take-off.
Please make sure that your seat belts
are fastened and that all carry-on...
We're returning her to the jungle
from whence she came.
From the look of it, not a moment too soon.
- You're the reason she's upset.
- Me? What did I do?
- Ugly woman.
- Yes, very ugly.
Now let's get your seat belt on.
Forgive me. I'll explain later.
See? I'm buckling my seat belt.
- We're all buckling our seat belts.
- You can do it.
That's it. Good girl. Here's an egg.
We do not throw things.
- ls that animal dangerous?
Humans are dangerous,
gorillas are very gentle.
So you think the gorilla
may be dangerous? Maybe so.
- Don't perpetuate a myth.
- What myth?
The King Kong myth,
the myth of the killer ape.
- Are you certain there aren't gorillas that kill?
- Please, doctor. You can't be serious.
What's your area of expertise,
folk singing?
- Communications technology.
- You're a geek with a cell phone.
I'm a scientist. But you
and your protg...
as far as I can see,
belong in the circus.
Listen, just because you came up with
a wad of cash at the crucial moment...
It's okay, Amy.
Where ground?
- Where ground?
- It's fine. We're flying.
- We're going to the jungle.
- Amy want green drop drink.
- No.
- Amy want green drop drink.
All right, all right.
You'd swear they were married.
The notion of the "killer ape" may be politically
incorrect, but that's not to say it's untrue.
I can't believe what I'm hearing.
Cliches usually contain some
element of truth.
- Are you serving that ape a martini?
- She's allowed one. It'll calm her down.
In my life I have heard
many a bizarre story.
Many a bizarre story
containing bizarre truth.
Dr. Ross, I'm sorry I called
you ugly, but if I didn't...
I know, it was for Amy's benefit.
- Can I ask you something?
- Sure.
Why teach an ape to talk?
Why teach at all? Why teach anything
to anyone? It doesn't make you rich.
Doesn't get you girls.
Why did Prometheus steal fire
only to turn around and give it away?
There's an inherent generosity
in the human spirit.
One of its faces is the
face of the teacher.
I repeat, why teach an ape to talk?
- No practical reason.
- Then why did you do it?
"A lonely impulse of delight."
- William Butler Yeats.
- Very good.
- Did it work?
- What do you mean?
You're not lonely anymore?
Why are you going to Africa?
To find something I lost.
- There you go. Watch your step.
- Dr. Ross!
- Dr. Ross!
- Hello?
Eddie Ventro. Mr Travis asked me
to meet your plane, set up your expedition.
- Her expedition? She's just along for the ride.
- Whatever. Be an asshole.
- Who is this guy?
- Eddie Ventro, transportation and equipment.
But I don't supply assholes with new
personalities. Wanna see your new plane?
Let's go! Hold on.
- Wanna sell that gorilla?
- No.
- Worth a lot of money.
- How much?
- Mr. Homolka, I can't believe you.
- I'm just curious.
Twenty, twenty-five grand for a female.
- Amy want to go home. Go home.
- I'm taking you home, Amy.
Whoa, a talking gorilla! I feel the money hairs
on the back of my neck going woo, woo, woo.
Mr. Travis told me to load you up. The
works. You know how to use all this stuff?
- I'll get by.
- You really need a balloon?
No, I don't. Let me see that.
- Who are they?
- Hi, fellas!
Fuck if I know. Don't ask.
We're on our third government in two years.
- So are you our guide?
- No, I stay at the airport.
Supposing you got Monroe Kelly.
- Is he good?
- He's very good. He's also very late.
- Holy shit, now what?
- What was that?
Haven't got a clue. I feel like
this airport's just gone to shit.
- All right, give me your passports.
- We already arranged for a guide.
- Robertson Reynolds.
- Yeah, I fired him.
- You what?
- Reynolds is a bird-watcher.
- I hired Robertson Reynolds.
- You would.
You have any idea what's going on
in the Congo as of this morning?
The Kigani have had it with Zaire
and they're eating people.
You go in with Reynolds, you're coming out
somebody's bowel movement.
There you go. Now wasn't that
easier than going through customs?
- Guess what?
- What?
- We need to switch airports.
- Oh, shit, why?
Bomb in the president's car.
It was the president's car?
Did they get him?
That's the bad news. No, they didn't.
- I hope you folks have lots of money.
- We do.
Thank you. Now run away.
Oh, come on, man, run away.
- Get in the back.
- What about equipment?
Leave it to Eddie. I would hurry, really.
- Is this normal?
- Get in the truck.
- You're on your own, Eddie.
- Yeah, how I like it.
- Where do you want me to set you up?
- Get a DC-3.
A grass strip south of Kegoma. Get it
stripped. Keep this from the company.
First the Kigani in Zaire, now this godfather
stuff. Not a good day to be in Africa.
- Lower the flaps.
- So long, good luck!
Now sit down.
I'm getting out of here. Unh!
- What's going on?
- Are we safe?
It's all right, just bumpy.
Just a few bumps.
Amy, leave that man alone.
Amy, don't inhale.
- Karen Ross?
- That's me.
Monroe Kelly.
I'm your great white hunter for this trip.
- Though I happen to be black.
- How bad is this news for us?
Whenever the leadership of one of these little
Central African countries comes into question...
they tend to murder everybody.
- Oh, my God!
- Not really?
They live for the opportunity
to settle scores.
And they've got a lot of scores to settle.
It's like what's going on in the Congo.
- Things are pretty bad in the Congo.
- We heard.
The Kigani are pissed off.
Can't blame them. The 20th century sucks.
Maybe the 21st will be better.
- You some kind of criminal, aren't you?
- Aren't we all?
No. I'm not a criminal, I'm a scientist.
I run a few guns,
you sons of bitches ruin the world.
I don't think it's a good idea to have
further involvement with these people.
What would you suggest we do, Dr. Elliot?
As soon as we can,
we should go our own way.
- Ugh.
- Don't I know you?
Perhaps. I travel a great deal.
- What are you doing with that gorilla?
- Taking her home.
She was caught
in the Virunga region of the Congo.
You're going to try and take her back
to the farm now that she's seen Paris?
- And this is your cover?
- Yes.
Pretty good. Or, it would have been.
- I'm nobody's cover. Cover for what?
- You find yourself in the middle of something.
- Cover for what?
- I don't know, and she won't tell you.
But the kind of money
her company is throwing around?
They don't spend that for any gorilla.
Relax. You're in better hands
than you should be.
No one can go to Zaire.
The border is shut. There is a revolt.
That's not my fault. Where's my gorilla?
- The gorilla will be kept...
- That is very precious...
- isn't this a hospital?
- This one's decided to speak.
- This is pure Kafka.
- Who is Kafka? Tell me!
- Monroe.
- Captain Wanta.
How are you?
Miss Ross, such a pleasure.
Have some, uh, coffee and cake.
Have some!
You have our visas. Our manifest.
This is a legitimate scientific mission.
You have no right to detain us.
Liar, liar, pants on fire.
So says my computer, Miss Ross.
Ah. You used to work for the CIA.
And now you're TraviCom.
- TraviCom pays better than the CIA?
- You have a big mouth.
Everybody says that about me.
What can I do?
Monroe, you have
the worst timing in the world.
Tell me about it.
They blew up the president's Mercedes,
did you know?
It's a big plot. Our country will
be in shit for at least a year.
- Captain, I need that truck.
- You need the truck.
You also need ten good men to the border.
Mr. Homolka?
Stop eating my sesame cake.
Stop eating my sesame cake!
What are you doing in my country,
you bag of shit?
Captain, please.
I only wish to explore and discover.
This fellow is a big bag of shit.
Shake this rat from off your neck. He owes
money to everybody everywhere he goes.
I will ask you to wait outside, Mr.
I like that, Miss Ross. You surprise him.
So I put this away.
Don't want nobody peeking.
You know, it's the gorilla that's going
to get you across the border safely.
Everybody's so afraid of being seen in an
American movie being cruel to a gorilla.
This is the crazy world we live in.
Okay, you can go.
Hit the road, as they say.
And have a nice day.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
Admit it, you're glad to see me.
- Kahega!
- Ah, Monroe!
Kikuyu tribesman, very nice guy.
- Are we in Zaire?
- Tanzania.
Stay close to me. Amy. Amy, come on.
- Somehow, I think this is at my expense.
- You're right.
When do you think we will
get to the rainforest?
- Herkermer Homolka, right?
- Yes. Hi, hello.
You're not looking for
Solomon's city again, are you?
What are you talking about?
Mr. Homolka was part of
a disastrous expedition...
- about, what, five years ago?
- I would prefer you...
They were looking for a city called Zinj.
Unfortunately, it doesn't exist.
- It does exist!
- Fine.
Three members of his safari
died from exposure.
- A fourth was shot by we don't know who.
- It was an appalling suicide.
We won't quibble. And Mr. Homolka
had to be carried out of the jungle...
by, as I remember it, me.
I knew he wasn't a Romanian philanthropist.
Oh, he's Romanian. And he has
done good, but mostly for Mr. Homolka.
- Shut up, you filthy...
- Filthy what?
Forgive me. All that
traveling has left me...
Think nothing of it. All aboard!
- What's all this stuff?
- Courtesy of Eddie Ventro.
Eddie! What happened?
Ugh. A customs guy hit me with a can
of peanut oil for stamping visas.
I'm never going back to that country, man.
- Those people have permanently wigged out.
- Ha, ha.
- Dr. Ross.
- Hi.
Equipment list. You got everything but the
balloon and the home entertainment center.
- Ah. Your boss says "Call me."
- Okay.
You got 11 good guys, significant
firepower, significant technology.
More than that
I don't think you're gonna need. Agree?
- I agree.
- Good luck.
- Bye, Eddie.
- Bye, Monroe.
- May I?
- There's one thing I don't understand, Monroe.
What's that, Dr. Elliot?
If the border to Zaire is shut...
- how do we get across?
- Luck.
What's going on?
What the hell is that?
Shit. I thought we'd get farther.
I'd put her out now.
- Oh, you would? Who's firing on us?
- Kahega!
We crossed the border into Zaire.
We're violating airspace.
- She likes bananas?
- Sure.
Here, eat this, darling.
She's going to feel great.
- What do you mean?
- Something to keep her calm. Gorilla Prozac.
- Can we make it to Bondo?
- I don't know!
That last one was a heat-seeker.
We're done.
- What are you doing?
- Step aside, please.
Miss Ross. Here.
- Why are they putting on parachutes?
- Figure it out.
- Take it.
- Oh, no!
- This isn't gonna work.
- Yes it is. I'll take Amy.
- She might get hurt. I can't risk it.
- You know how to fly this plane?
- No.
- The pilot and co-pilot are gone.
So, what are you going to do?
Go! Go, go, go!
Push me, please.
Harder, please.
You want me to push you too?
See you down there.
- Where's Amy?
- Now she's asleep.
Over there. On the way down,
she decided to wake up.
- And that little lady has some set of teeth.
- I'm sorry, but we have to call this off.
- I beg your pardon?
- I'm in over my head.
- I'm not James Bond.
- Don't worry, I'll take care of you.
I don't want you to take care of me.
Fine. I'm taking a safari
into the Virunga region of the Congo.
If you don't want to go, just go wherever.
But you should know this is a dangerous
place, and people die here very easily.
Now, excuse me.
Amy? Amy!
Such an extraordinary animal.
Those paintings. Do you think she was
drawing something she saw in life?
Or in a dream, maybe?
- I think she was drawing a jungle, home.
- What about those oval shapes?
- Just a shape she likes, something like that.
- Perhaps.
- Video game?
- It gives latitude and longitude.
- More than that, from the look of it.
- Well, you know, it's a gadget. It has features.
You're picking up a signal.
Someone or something?
- A little bit Of both.
- Ah.
- So why did you quit the CIA?
- I never worked for the CIA.
Of course you didn't.
But if you had worked for the CIA,
why would you quit?
Because they're a loveless bunch
of sons of bitches.
- And you're not?
- And I'm not.
Glad to hear it.
- Okay, here we go.
- Ah. Fabulous equipment.
- Best of the best.
- I have air-conditioning, too.
- I suppose it is a bit much.
- Shit, I'll take one.
Hey, Stop it!
Mr. Homolka...
- Please, call me Herkermer.
- All right. You can call me Mr. Kelly.
- I wonder what she's about.
- What do you mean?
She's after something.
You're after something.
What you're after, I've got figured.
But what she's after, I don't know.
I'll get you! I'll get you!
I'm helping that young scientist
return his ward to the wild.
He says the ape may be able to tell us
the thoughts of the wild gorillas.
Well I can tell you your thoughts.
You're looking for King Solomon's
diamonds. The lost city of Zinj.
- I've given it up.
- You'll never give it up.
The problem is, Herkermer,
it doesn't exist.
Solomon must have gotten his diamonds
from Cartiers, like everybody else.
Ha-ha-ha. You like that, don't you?
Time for Madam Amy's vitamins.
This is Karen Ross. 81452.
That is KR81452.
Houston, Travis, do you read?
Karen Ross, 81452.
Houston, Travis, do you read?
I read and see you, Dr. Ross.
Congratulations on crossing the border.
I'm picking up a signal
from the laser's power pack.
Excellent. Wherever the laser is,
Charles should be too.
Let's hope so. Tomorrow we enter the
rainforest at the base of the volcanic range.
Good. Karen, I've had those images
of that creature analyzed. Rudy.
What's W?
- My primatologist tells me it's something new.
He doesn't know what,
but it's gorilla-like.
Are you sufficiently armed?
- Do you have enough manpower?
- Yes.
Good. The bad news is Geo-thermal.
You've got to hurry.
That region in the Virungas is bad.
Sometimes the volcanic activity...
is breaking out of the graph.
The region's going to blow.
Could be a week, could be sooner.
Dr. Ross...
- What the hell...?
- Watch out!
No, dammit! Not again!
Oh. I'm terribly sorry.
It's destroyed.
It's completely destroyed.
- What is that?
- What is that?
Full moon. Colobus monkeys.
- That's monkeys?
- Mating season.
When there's a moon like that, every monkey
for 200 miles thinks he's Elvis Presley.
It's Amy's medical supplies.
They can't get wet.
- Oh, shit! Somebody help me.
- What is it?
There's something on my...
Like, a creature, growth or something.
- Look.
- Ah. That's a leech.
- Take it off.
- It's your leech, you take it off.
- Need some help?
- No.
- Here, burn it off with this.
- Ha-ha-ha.
- Ha, ha.
- Ugh.
- Mm!
- This is disgusting.
Thank you for your compassion.
- Monroe?
- Don't indicate you see them.
Mizumu. The ghost tribe.
There are probably 20 of them.
- I only see two.
- Yes, that's how they are.
- Are they friendly?
- They're sensitive. They're forest people.
- Why are they laughing?
- They asked who was in charge, I said I was.
- What's so funny about that?
- I'm black.
I should have luggage on my head.
He says there's a dead white man...
in this forest with a
symbol on his clothes.
He's dead? Did they say he's dead?
- What does "TC" mean?
- TraviCom. The company I work for.
They have several levels of "dead."
Someone's not dead
until they're completely dead.
They haven't moved him.
They believe his soul has left his body.
If they move him, his soul will be lost,
never finding his body again.
They're calling to his soul,
asking it to come back.
Where is the man?
- It's not him.
- Not who?
It's Bob Driscoll. What happened to him?
Bob? Bob?
- Let's sit him up.
- Who is this man?
My company sent an expedition to
the Virungas. This man was with them.
Lay him over there.
- What happened to him?
- I don't know.
- He's dead.
- God, no.
That region of the Congo is uninhabited.
- Something inhabits it.
- What did you see?
Camp destroyed. People dead.
A gray gorilla or something.
- No such thing as a gray gorilla.
- I saw one.
- That's hard to believe.
- Two men are unaccounted for.
Jeffrey Weems
and Charles Travis, my fianc.
- My former fianc.
- Former?
We'd better get to him, then.
Beautiful boats.
Money's a wonderful thing.
Give her the banana with the dope inside?
Yes, he gave her the banana
with the dope inside.
I know. Shitty Peter. I know.
Hey, what's this?
All the leaves are brown
And the sky is gray
I've been for a walk
On a winters day
On a winters day
I'd be safe and warm
If I was in L.A.
- California dreaming
- California dreaming
On such a winters day
Stopped into a church
Watch out for the rock!
Hang on!
- What is this Zinj, Mr. Homolka?
- I don't know what you're talking about.
It's been believed that King Solomon
had a diamond mine in the Congo...
in a city called Zinj.
I suppose there's no point
in playing stupid.
We shall arrive there together,
we shall all be rich.
That's fine with me.
Except there's no Zinj.
Half the safaris that have gone in looking
never made it back.
The other half came back with nothing.
Yes, but we have a trumping card
that they did not have.
- We do?
- We do. That gorilla...
- knows where it is.
- What?
The gorilla?
As a young man,
I found a book in Soviet Georgia.
It contained a detailed drawing
of the city of Zinj.
The drawing contained
a peculiar decoration.
An open eye.
Later, on safari, I found this.
It's the same symbol. Now...
look at this.
The gorilla drew this.
It is the same image. It is the open eye.
That gorilla has seen the city of Zinj.
- And she will take us there!
- Have you been taking your medication?
Have your laughing, and I will have mine.
- What is it?
- The signal stopped.
- Does that mean...?
- It just means the signal stopped.
I don't know what it means.
No problem.
Oh, my God!
- Shoot it!
- Amy!
- What is it?
- Turn the boat around, quickly.
Agh! Aah!
Shoot it! Oh, my God!
Turn the boat around!
Head for shore!
- How is he?
- It's just a big cut.
- I'll stitch it up, he'll be all right.
- Oh, God.
- What's that?
- A plane.
- Good luck to them.
- Who are they?
I don't know, but the Zaire Air Force
has got a piece of their ass.
Pitch camp. Tomorrow, Mt. Mukenko.
- She's getting excited.
- Why, do you think?
Somewhere on the other side of this
mountain is where Amy was born.
Wow, it's beautiful.
Is this your valley, Amy?
It is, isn't it?
It's home. That's your home.
Pretty jungle, that's right.
What's she doing?
She wants to go to the place in her heart.
- You mean the place in your heart, Herkermer.
- You may call me Mr. Homolka.
Come on, Amy, let's go.
- We've lost two porters.
- Where'd they go?
- Ran away.
- And they didn't invite me?
You want your glove? All right, sit still.
This, as they say, is a fork in the road.
We could go left or we could go right.
We go the wrong way,
we lose two or three days.
We must follow the gorilla.
Where she leads.
- That would be left.
- Best guess...
off my last coordinates was this way.
- That would be right.
- Amy, Peter, go this way.
Well, I don't have her passion.
I'll follow the gorilla.
This doesn't seem
like the right way to me.
Good Lord.
- It's that plane we saw burning in
the sky. - Who were they?
Travis, my boss, thought I wasn't gonna
make it. He sent another expedition.
Tried to push too far. Looks like a rocket
got them. There's no point going in there.
- My God, what a waste of life.
- We'd better keep moving.
Keep it moving.
- Don't move.
- I know.
- If you run...
- He'll chase me, I know. I've read the books.
- You did good.
- Where did you go?
I ran away. Sorry.
- He looked right into my eyes.
- It's a silverback.
I never thought you could just
walk along and see them.
Hello. I'm Amy.
I'm Amy. Good, good, good. Amy.
Here, let's take this off.
She doesn't really belong anywhere,
does she?
No, she belongs here.
- What the hell is that?
- Perimeter alarm.
They had it around their camp.
But where's the camp, their equipment?
I don't understand it. There had to be
300 pounds of equipment.
And the bodies.
There's no sign of the bodies.
- It's a dead end?
- Maybe, maybe not.
Yes. Bingo!
- Son of a bitch.
- Jesus.
What is this?
It is the city of Zinj...
that I have looked for all my life.
See, the eyes.
It is the same.
Kahega, guns up. Stay alert.
Come here, Amy. Stay with me.
First they found the diamonds,
Solomon's men.
A diamond mine of incredible bounty.
Then they built the city around
the mine, so that it should be protected.
The savagery of the guards was legend.
They instantly fell upon
any thief, any transgressor.
The diamonds flowed
to the kingdom of Solomon.
What happened? Why did the city die?
- I don't know.
- Maybe the mines ran dry.
No! No, the diamonds are here!
- Monroe, over here!
- What is it?
On the step, by the hood.
I found this.
Don't go in there. I'll check it out.
- Give me a gun and a flashlight.
- Don't be so John Wayne, you could get killed.
Now that I've said that,
I'm not going in there alone, either.
- I must go.
- Let's all look.
I'll just stay out here with Amy.
Not alone you won't. Kahega!
Stay close together. Homolka...
- Homolka!
- The same hieroglyphics, over and over.
- What do they mean?
- Homolka!
Amy, don't wander off!
- So do you speak English?
- Yes.
- What's your name?
- Claude.
Claude? Heh. That's an unusual name for
somebody from, um... Where are you from?
- Mombasa.
- It's an unusual name for Mombasa.
- Have you ever been to Mombasa?
- Uh, no.
Then what do you know about it?
I want to go home.
Amy, come here.
Where are you, girl?
Come on, I'm not fooling around.
Come here, girl. Amy.
- What are those holes?
- Lava tubes.
Molten rock must be flowing
through this whole place.
This must lead to the mine.
Please, bring a light.
Now here. Come on.
Up here. No...!
- That's not going anywhere.
- Where could they be? What happened?
Shit! Let's get out of
here while we still can.
Help me!
- What's that?
- Richard!
- Richard?
- Help me!
Help me!
- Richard!
- Let me go! Let me go!
No! Richard! Oh, my God! Something...
- Richard.
- Come on.
Let's get out of here.
- It's okay.
- Peter.
They're gorillas.
They're some kind of gorillas.
I never saw an animal move like
that. They just... Look. They just kill.
That's why the diamonds were never
found. The myth of the killer ape is true.
I can't believe it.
Bad gorillas.
Let me turn your volume down.
Here's your lovey.
- It's okay.
- Mother. Mother.
Yes, you're okay now.
- See anything?
- No, but I'm the last line of defense.
They have sensor-operated machine pistols
on tripods.
Anything comes within 40 ft.,
get ready to the 4th of July.
What can I say, you
really know how to pack.
- I don't see anything.
- Put that out.
They're testing their perimeter.
How intelligent are they?
Gorillas are very smart,
but they're not aggressive.
- These things are very aggressive.
- I'd say they're smart. Too damn smart.
They're out there, but what are they doing?
Get down!
- They're gone.
- Couple of hours until first light.
Then we're out of here.
Those hieroglyphics
we saw inscribed everywhere?
- I have translated them.
- What do they say?
"We are watching you."
We must have hit some of them.
Where are the bodies?
- Have you seen Amy? She's gone.
- No.
She's joined the club, then. We've got two
porters missing and Homolka's run off, too.
- I'm going to find her.
- People come first, then gorillas.
- Do you agree?
- Yes.
Good. We'll retrieve our comrades,
then we'll retrieve your missing gorilla.
Then we'll get the hell out of here.
Mount up!
What's that?
- Peter, take this.
- I don't like guns.
I didn't ask if you like it. Take it.
Here's the story.
They domesticated gorillas.
You call that
domesticated? They're killing a man.
They taught them to be this way.
They bred them to violence.
They looked for the trait
and they encouraged it.
Guard dogs, and they
turned on their masters.
What's that smell?
These are all the bones of gorillas.
- You mean, these are...?
- No, these are normal gorillas.
- This one's skull was crushed.
- Feel that?
Feel what?
Hang on!
- Everybody okay?
- Yeah, let's go.
Don't go this way. It's all caved in.
God, I'm so glad to see you.
- I was trying to find the mines...
- Be quiet. Got any flares, Kahega?
- What's making my eyes burn?
- Sulfur fumes.
Let's hope there's another way out of here.
- What the hell...?
- It's the mines!
"We are watching you." It's the trainers
talking. The teacher is watching you.
Dead teachers.
Yes, yes, yes. I knew it was true!
The city of Zinj, the diamonds...
Every word of it was absolutely true.
I'd leave those alone.
- Any other way out of here?
- Not that I've noticed.
Help me. Fill up everything.
- You've got to get me out of here!
- Take a number.
- But we're going to be rich!
- ls that a way out?
Look out!
- Let's go.
- Stay close together.
- What is it?
- It's a geode. A giant diamond.
- They cut him off. Kahega!
- Check if there's a way out back there.
- It's him?
- It's him.
Come on.
- Is there a way out back there?
- No, nothing.
- We're almost out of rounds.
- Buy me two minutes.
Let me try.
Ugly gorillas. Ugly. Go away.
They don't know what to make of it.
- Amy.
- Mother. Mother.
- Peter hug Amy.
- Maternal instinct, long may she reign.
- What are you doing?
- What am I doing? I'll tell you.
- We're getting out.
- What about them?
Put them on
the endangered species list.
Come on, Monroe. Let's go! Move!
- What the hell is that?
- The latest thing in communication.
- Climb!
- Up here.
- Go! Go!
- Come on.
Come on!
Come on, girl. Come on!
GO, Amy!
Keep going!
- Unh.
- Come on, come on.
- Where are they?
- I don't know.
Hang on!
Watch out!
- Go, Amy!
- Hurry!
Just hurry! Come on!
- Come on!
- You can do it!
Keep moving.
Head for higher ground.
Keep going, Amy!
Should be a big yellow case
with a red stripe on that plane.
It's a balloon. I'll get the transmitter.
- How close is the border?
- Not far.
This is Karen Ross, 81452.
That is KR 81452.
Houston, Travis, do you read?
KR 81452.
Houston, Travis, do you read?
81452, that is KR 81452.
Houston, Travis, do you read?
- Karen, is that you?
- It's me, Travis.
I thought I'd lost you.
I sent another expedition.
- Did you get it?
- I have bad news. Charles was killed.
Did you get the diamond? Did you?
- Yes.
- Good girl.
Do you remember when I told you
that if I ever knew you sent me here...
for some diamond,
and not for Charlie, I'd make you sorry?
Karen, of course I'm upset.
- But what's done is done. I could...
- I know. You need a new cash machine.
What would happen to the satellite...
if I put its phone number in the laser
and pulled the trigger?
The chip from the transmitter's
got the satellite's number.
It's a 12,000 channel chip.
If you put it through the diamond... Karen!
This is for you, Charlie.
There you are.
Amy, you saved me.
It's okay.
Thank you.
I love you, too.
Oh, I see. It's Africa. It's your mother.
Amy, where did you go?
Good gorillas? What good gorillas?
Handsome fella.
Look at that.
ls that Amy with the...?
The silverback. So she's...
I see. I see.
She's home.
- Will she be all right?
- They know what to do.
It's us I'm worried about.
- We've got to go. Come on.
- Bye, Amy.
- Peter, would you do me a favor?
- What?
Would you throw this away for me.
You sure?
- There's a wind.
- I hope it blows us someplace good.
Me too.