Congrats My Ex! (2023) Movie Script

[cheerful music playing]
[cell phone ringing]
- Hello.
- [man] Still at work?
Yes, just a few more numbers.
Don't wait up.
- I'll text you when I get home.
- Okay.
Oh, I came across a really
spooky ghost story.
You'll like it.
I'm sending you the link.
All right. Bye.
[phone dings]
[woman] This happened
quite recently.
A friend of mine usually
stays late in the office
by herself to finish her work.
[suspenseful music playing]
Then one night,
she was all alone as usual.
The time
was about 10:15 p.m.
Suddenly, the lights
started flickering.
She didn't think too much of it.
She thought
it was just a brownout.
But then...
all the lights went out.
[anklets chiming]
[drums beating]
[both screaming]
Cue 3 completed. Next.
Guys, get ready
for the surprise.
Mack, on your mark.
Time to pop the question.
- [screams]
- [groans]
[continues screaming]
Will you marry me?
[all] Shit! Shit! Shit!
Will you marry me?
Luckily, this clip
has gone viral.
Or Mack and Pla
would have torn us to pieces.
Forget that,
we're lucky
that Pla wasn't killed.
Wonder where
that tuk-tuk came from.
Aoffy, why didn't you
block the road?
I was playing
the ghost, remember?
And got a full kick in the face.
You were there.
- Why didn't you do it?
- Fatso.
- You said...
- Enough, you guys.
We almost got them killed.
After the medical bills,
we barely have any profit.
Without new clients, we'll
have to drink water for meals.
- Don't worry.
- You've got a client?
I prayed to Khai the Child God.
Wait up.
Tell you what.
You're a superstitious freak.
But it hasn't made your
life better in any way.
Go easy on it.
There's more?
[Aoffy] Super sweet.
[both] Again.
Your puke is so gross.
Can't you vomit like a lady?
There must be a wedding
that won't make you puke.
Maybe your wedding, Risa.
No way.
No way she'll puke?
No way she'll get married.
- Yeah, right.
- Yeah, rank.
I'll never get married
in this lifetime.
Never say never.
There might be a knight on a white
horse who'll come and marry you.
If there's one for me,
he must be real crazy.
Let me tell you.
I don't care
about getting a husband.
[both] Oh, yeah?
[ring tone playing]
Hi, Chavee. What's up?
Oh, okay. Thank you.
- What is it?
- My prayers have been answered.
As if the whole world is
getting married at the same time.
My company has got four
weddings simultaneously.
I'm afraid of messing up
and receiving a complaint.
Our companies
have worked together,
will you do one of them?
I won't take any commission.
[in English] Thank you.
[in Thai] All the details
on the Indian wedding,
I'll send you all the information
and be your consultant.
I'll also send Buay to help you.
- So, will you take...
- We'll do it.
Let her finish.
Or she'll know we're desperate.
The pay is in millions.
Pay the deposit now?
She's faster than me.
But we have never done
an Indian wedding.
It's so easy.
It's all about M.S.P.
What is that?
M.S.P. stands for
Mehndi, Sangeet, and Phere.
Know what they are?
Beats me.
You don't have to worry
about anything.
I'll show you previous
wedding videos.
They'll explain everything.
- Do you...
- What is this? Very tasty!
- Gulab jamun.
- Gulab jamun.
- Do you...
- Wow, nice color!
What is this?
That's jalebi.
- Do you...
- This one is so crispy.
That's a samosa.
Have it with masala tea
and you're in heaven!
- Do you...
- Wow!
Enough! I know you want to eat,
but we're discussing business.
I'm gonna kick you in the canal.
Goddess Kali has possessed Risa!
Don't say that.
She's fiercer than Kali!
You two are ganging up on me.
But do you have
the couple's profile?
What is it?
Her ex-boyfriend.
Okay, I'll be right there.
Are they for Miss June's
- Put them in the studio.
- Okay.
I heard you were so shocked to
find out that the groom is Mr. Arun.
How come?
Here's the story, Buay.
This is a love story
when you were still a baby
It happened years ago
and it's all so crazy
Risa just got her degree
Then she hurried
to do overseas studies
Welcome to United Kingdom!
In England our lady
had to work for salary
Getting all dirty
in a Thai eatery
Then one day
she met a guy
A handsome Indian guy
by the name of Arun
Oh, yeah... yeah, namaste
He was a customer
where she worked
Their eyes met
and sparks flew all over
Young Arun
became a regular
Lunch, dinner
and sometimes supper
From hi customer,
it became hi baby!
He was her shadow
at work and parties
Arun followed her
like a puppy
They became
such a happy couple!
Bee-doo-wa Bee-do-bee-do
For a year
they were together
She believed
he was the one
Well, he's so perfect
fine and clever
She was sure
Arun was the one
But one day
Arun said it's all over
Risa was shocked
struck by lightning
She thought they were
fated to be together
Let's be friends, Risa
Be friends forever
[in Thai] No more laughter no more...
Suddenly became...
Boo-hoo, Boo-hoo
Split by distance
across the world, she's still
Boo-hoo, Boo-hoo
Since then Risa has never
looked at any man she's still
Boo-hoo, Boo-hoo
Years went by but she'll
never forget her man, she's still
Boo-hoo, Boo-hoo
Don't listen to these clowns.
She's as fierce as a dog.
No. Dogs are
as fierce as her.
How come Arun
is getting married?
There's no hint at all
on his Facebook.
Girl, you did not!
Are you spying on your ex?
You told me yourself
that Arun barely posts
about his personal life.
When you were together,
he never posted about it.
That I can relate to.
When I had eight boyfriends
simultaneously, I never posted too.
Hell no! I won't
organize Arun's wedding.
[in English] I can't believe
we're finally here.
I've always dreamed about
sharing this moment with you.
This is wrong.
We broke up.
What about your fiancee?
She's standing right behind you.
- You witch.
- No.
I'm not done with you yet.
What the fuck...
[bird cawing]
[soft music playing]
Listen, Ri.
The wedding takes three days
and the prep only a month.
You can do it for the money.
Just for the money.
Get it over and done with.
What's up with you?
I'm trying to act natural.
Why so nervous?
You've met him during the prep
like how many times?
Eight times?
On Zoom and face-to-face
are not the same.
There they are.
- Hi.
- Hello.
[in English] Oh, look at you.
Zoom calls are one thing,
but seeing you in person...
Oh, my God. I'm so glad
we can just talk face-to-face.
Me, too.
I just gotta be honest with you.
I got so irritated the moment
I got to know, you know.
Changing the wedding planner
at the last minute.
When I found out
who it was, I was like...
All is well.
Oh, my God. I got to tell you,
it has to be...
God's work of bringing us
back together.
Right, must be that.
[in Thai] What's wrong with her?
She's trying to act natural.
[in English] Oh, I'm sorry.
I have to introduce you to someone.
Mo-mo, darling, are you still
talking to your friend? Come.
[in Thai] Hotter
than our friend.
- I would choose her too.
- I heard that.
[in English] Risa, this is
my bride-to-be, Monica.
And Monica,
that's my old friend, Risa.
[in Thai]
Ex-girlfriend vs. Wifey
Will we see a slap-fest?
Stop being so melodramatic.
Stop listening
to radio soaps too.
No slap-fest, trust me.
[in English] It's so good
to finally meet you in person.
I mean, everything you've shown
us so far has been gorgeous.
The fact that you and Arun
are such good friends,
I know for sure we're gonna have
the most beautiful wedding ever.
Of course,
I'll make sure of that.
Thank you so much
for doing this.
No, the pleasure is ours.
Thank you for choosing our
company for such an important event.
I really wanted
to thank you personally.
I thank you for all
your thank you's.
[in Thai] A thank-you galore,
is it ever going to end?
- [in English] Here's your key card.
- Thank you.
You must be tired from your
flight. Please relax and unwind.
And see you tomorrow afternoon
for pre-wedding shoot.
And if you want anything,
you can just call me.
We will keep an eye out
for you two.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Shall we?
- Yeah.
- See you guys.
- Bye.
[in Thai] Ri!
I said we would
keep an eye out for them.
But you are here spying on them!
I'm only making sure
they're all right.
Wow, like in a romance film.
"My dear Mo,
"I'm so glad
"you'll become my wife soon
and forever."
Squeeze your voice.
Got it. Got it.
"I'm glad
you'll be my hubby too.
"Tell me, how many babies
should we have?"
See? God wants you
to laugh.
He doesn't want you to stress.
God loves silly people like us.
[Aoffy exclaims]
Good aim.
One more and it would be
so goddamn funny.
Dammit! Right on cue!
Stop. Don't mess
with the crime scene.
Help me!
Serves you right.
This is nothing to him.
Tell him to take a painkiller
and massage it.
Am I going to make it?
[cell phone ringing]
Why are you
calling so late, Jan?
[Jan] It's morning already.
Open your eyes and look outside.
- What's up?
- We've got a problem.
Problem? At this hour?
Yes, a problem at this hour.
The pre-wedding photographer
we've hired for the 1:00 p.m. shoot...
[tires screeching]
How's Chat?
All his bones are broken.
We are doomed.
Then who is going
to replace him?
The shoot is
at 1:00 p.m.
Did you call Kai?
He's a monk now.
- Moo?
- Now in Nepal.
- Siban?
- Now in an OR.
- Tee?
- Died three months ago.
- Taew?
- Died before Tee.
So, nobody?
What about the average ones?
Even if there is one,
he wouldn't get here in time.
It would take hours.
He wouldn't make it.
Is there really no
photographers in Hua Hin?
Come on, keep looking!
I'm googling!
Don't just pray.
Get your phone out.
I can't find any.
There must be someone.
I got one.
There is a top photographer
who lives in Hua Hin.
That guy.
The chicken feet soup guy.
No way.
He might not be here anymore.
He's been here for three months.
He just posted on Instagram
"Hua Hin, the land of clammy clams."
So full of information, huh?
But why me?
You guys know him too.
Jan and I have to
go back to the hotel.
We can't leave Buay
with the guests.
All you have to do is
- convince your boy...
- He's not my boy!
- The way you...
- Stop.
Stop it!
We can't botch
this million-baht deal.
Not hundreds, not thousands.
[both] But a million!
[both] A million!
Hey, wait!
- You really want me to go by myself?
- [both] Yes!
[man] And now,
brace yourself for a thrilling
spectacle from this guy.
The magician who David Copperfield
begged to be his student.
The unrivaled master of magic!
[pigeon cooing]
Out of the way.
New career, but same old bike.
[Aoffy] Please stand by.
We are getting
a new photographer.
Go take photos of dogs and cats
and whatever for now.
- Jan.
- Yeah.
- Everything all right?
- Yes.
You think she can convince Tim?
No need to worry.
He agreed?
I found a shrine in the back
and made an offering.
Two roast ducks.
Tim will certainly come!
Come on!
Help me out.
- I'm begging you.
- No!
Read my lips.
I'm done!
Done with photography?
Done with you forever!
I'll pay you way more
than the going rate, okay?
I've got work to do.
No time to play with you.
When did you get here?
Tomorrow, don't come back.
What? Why not?
You've got the nerve!
Your show is so shitty.
Better off hiring a Chinese lion dance.
Don't forget to return
the costume. It's expensive.
What's that smile?
- Tim! You're leaving?
- [motorbike revving]
Please help me out.
Tim! Don't leave,
please help me!
We're so dead.
What should we do?
Sitting here is not gonna help.
I'll go tell Arun that
we have to reschedule the shoot.
Either he'll understand
or we're doomed.
But I don't think
we're doomed anymore.
[tranquil music playing]
Can we really get through this?
[in English] Ready?
Look at the camera, please.
[soft lively music playing]
[indistinct conversation]
Very nice.
Okay, look at him, please.
Monica. Can you put your head
on his shoulder?
Okay, nice.
Very good.
Now look at each other.
- Yeah.
- Like this?
Yeah, I love this one.
Hold still.
One, two, three.
- Let me check first.
- Yeah.
[in Thai] Why are you smiling?
Is that them?
Must be.
Ready, guys?
[in English] Welcome
to Thailand. I'm Jan.
I'm from Lord of the Two Rings
wedding company.
I'm Manoj. I'm Monica's father.
And she's Pathama, my lovely wife.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Maya, listen.
All of the stuff you mentioned
is in this one bag.
What? This one bag.
And who gets eight bags
for seven days?
Those are Karun and Maya.
Arun's parents.
Ready? Three, two, one.
The truth
of our relationship is that...
it actually started
with a freak accident.
Eight bags. And you got Junior.
Did I say anything?
Don't worry.
They're always like this.
Yes, they're always fighting.
Especially about Junior.
I mean it wasn't
that dramatic, but yeah...
It did start because of Junior.
Who's Junior?
[in Thai] Who is Junior?
How would I know?
[in Hindi] Junior, my boy.
[in English] Are you hungry?
You want some snack?
Little or big one? Come on. Tell me.
You want some snack?
You ever ask your wife,
whether she's hungry, or wants some snack?
Only taking care
of your son's dog.
[cheerful Indian music playing]
One fine morning.
I just took Junior out for a walk.
And all of the sudden, he just
yanked the leash and ran away.
I could actually see a lady
coming towards us and...
I'm not kidding,
he just knocked her flat down.
I ran over there
to help the lady up and...
The moment I saw her face,
there was just one thing
on my mind.
[both] I want to hold
this lady forever.
[in Thai] Yes!
Ri? Puking again?
Hold it.
Please hold it.
[in English] Risa, what's wrong?
Risa, are you all right?
Why are you so clumsy?
You got to find someone
to take care of you.
[in Thai] Check the files
before sending them to Jan.
Thank you.
Where are you going?
My job's done here.
Good, you're here.
You can pay me now.
How would you prefer?
Not yet.
It's not finished.
What are you talking about?
Arun and Monica
really like your photos.
They want you to take more
and be in charge of the
whole wedding photography.
Nah. I'm leaving.
Wire me the money.
Come on, please help me.
You've already helped me out.
Just do it till the end.
Not helping you.
I helped Jan and Aoffy.
Get someone else
for your ex's photos.
[in English] ...and the bar's
next to the pool.
[in Thai] Wait.
How do you know Arun is my ex?
There, that girl told me.
Don't leave.
I beg you.
I'll pay you 100,000 baht.
You can leave
right after it's done.
I won't hold you back.
- I promise.
- Promise?
No more promises since
the chicken feet soup joint.
We're both adults.
Why did you bail?
You could have broken up
with me in person,
so I didn't have to
waste 299 baht
on that lousy chicken feet soup!
I'm sorry then.
What's so funny?
You're unbelievable.
You've ghosted me
for over a year.
You say sorry now
because you need my help?
You're a she-devil.
I'm not surprised
why that Indian guy
left you to marry someone else!
[Risa screams]
Come on.
Don't be a sissy.
Can't you swim? That's ridiculous.
- The water is shallow!
- Help!
Calm down. I'm here to help!
I'm not dead.
You scared me.
[in English] What happened
to your ex? He can't swim?
I don't know.
I thought he could.
Wait! What did you
just call him?
- Your ex-boyfriend.
- Who told you that?
What? You wanted me to think
he's just a photographer at my wedding?
You still get a kick out of keeping
secrets from me, don't you?
- Secrets?
- Yeah.
Tim is not my ex.
Why would I invite my ex
to my other ex's wedding?
That would be pure craziness.
Tim and I are actually...
Oh, wow. Congratulations.
I'm happy for you.
Thank you.
Baby, wake up. Babe.
[in Thai] What a nightmare.
I dreamt I was drowning
and you dragged me up.
And I heard you tell your ex
that we're back together.
Are you crazy?
Why did you tell him that?
I don't know.
It just came out of my mouth.
Maybe I just wanted to say
something to shock Arun.
Where is my stuff?
I'm leaving.
Please don't go!
You shouldn't
have told him that.
Can't you just
forget it for now?
[Aoffy] Here you are!
I've been looking
for you all over.
Wait. Why do you two
look like wet puppies?
Skip that.
Ri, shit just hit the fan again.
Shit? What could be worse
than me getting back with her?
I said skip that.
You're back together?
Wow! Congratulations,
chicken feet boy.
Aoffy, what's the bad news?
What happened?
The Sword Fighting show we
booked for the welcome show...
Remember Chat's motorcycle
accident with the pick-up truck?
Don't tell me...
Crash! Boom! Bang!
So dead!
Not dead yet. Three
of them are just bruised.
But one got a fractured hand.
Can't even lift a pencil.
What do we do now?
Chavee mentioned
it's really important.
[Chavee] The welcome show must
impress the guests on the first day.
If you don't get it right,
the client
will be totally pissed.
They will complain,
nag and pester you.
And you'll feel wrecked
and ruined
for the rest of event.
So, don't screw it up,
no matter what.
So, what do we do?
Find another show?
Where can we find one now?
We don't have time anyway.
Jan and the caravan of
relatives will arrive soon.
How about me?
I can do
the belly dance. Look, look.
No. Stop it.
Don't give me that look.
- I said no.
- Pretty please.
No. Let go, let go.
Please, Mr. Magic Man.
Amazing. Let go.
- Come on.
- No.
Just one last time.
[in English] Welcome. Welcome.
Welcome to Thailand.
Hi, welcome to Thailand.
Don't forget to get a drink.
This way, please.
[Thai music playing]
[in Thai] I get that
he can take photos.
But sword fighting?
Tim is a jack-of-all-trades.
He can do just about anything.
He can do everything
except swimming.
What do you mean, Aoffy?
[swords clashing]
[people applauding]
He's killing it!
Thank you for going to Samed
and meeting Tim back then.
[Aoffy] Who goes to Samed
to forget about an ex
but comes back with
a new, younger boyfriend?
They both are my exes now.
But they're both back?
[swords clashing]
[people exclaiming]
[in English] Bravo!
I'll see you guys later.
I'll see you in a bit. Bye.
- Yes?
- Wow. That performance was...
heart-stopping, you know.
And you and your boyfriend,
that very talented man.
Right. He's very talented.
I'm sure.
Why did you guys break up?
I'm sorry. I assumed... I...
It's just that you and I...
after what happened
in England, I just thought...
you won't be going around,
meeting people.
That's what it seemed like.
- Trust me.
- Yeah.
I was dating a lot.
That's a relief.
I'm happy for you.
What? Because...
You know, after you and I
broke up, it was just like...
I felt I might've ended up
hurting my best friend.
Meeting you here,
looking at you, talking to you,
I know that you're going out,
dating people. You're happy.
Just makes me happy.
What we had is long gone.
Burned and buried.
- Okay. What?
- And you know what?
Compared to all my exes,
Tim is the best boyfriend I've ever had.
- Nice. I'm happy for you.
- Excuse me.
- I've got a wedding to run.
- So sorry.
- See you.
- See you.
[in Thai] I was trying to brag.
Would he get it?
I'm sure he would.
All the laughter,
but the eyes said it all.
I'm proud of you, Risa.
You were so damn good.
Good afternoon.
[in English] Isn't she peculiar?
Nobody is
as strange as you, okay?
I'm strange?
How dare you!
And you think you don't look
strange when you look at young girls?
[in Thai] Did you really
say that to him?
And I felt so good.
You should've seen Arun's face.
He looked dumbstruck.
But why did he ask you all that?
Or maybe...
Maybe what?
He's jealous?
No way!
He's getting married.
Remember Bam's wedding?
- Bam who?
- Bam, that unfortunate bride.
Her groom announced on stage.
"Honestly, I don't love Bam.
"I'm in love with Bob,
my best man."
Now I remember.
That was a total disaster.
Only expenses, no income.
Gives me goosebumps.
Ri, please. Don't make Arun
jealous and ruin his wedding.
Try to be considerate.
I've got car payments.
Please cooperate.
Is he really jealous?
No way.
Why now?
[knock at door]
- Can you pay me now?
- Wow.
You almost stabbed me.
Now you ask for money?
What's wrong with you?
Keep dropping things on me.
Last time with
the fire baton. Remember?
Stop complaining.
You just kicked me into
the pool. I almost drowned.
That shallow pool?
Pay me now.
I'll do it
when the job is done, bye.
Wait, wait, stop.
I won't fall for your
chicken feet soup trick again!
If you don't pay me now,
I'll leave and tell Arun
that we're not back together.
Can I scan for payment?
- Done.
- Wait!
What now?
Where do I sleep?
Good question.
No rooms available.
Not even one?
- Maybe someone checked out early?
- I'm afraid not.
Just give me any room.
A room with no AC, broken TV,
clogged toilet.
Or even a haunted room.
No shitty rooms
like that, ma'am.
Stop pushing him.
- We can sleep together.
- No way!
We used to do that all the time.
You can't say that.
He means
we used to sleep
in the same room.
On a sofa and a bed, separately.
Just say we sleep together,
he wouldn't mind.
- Not at all.
- See?
[both exclaim]
Maybe I can find a room
at a nearby hotel.
[in English] My key card
doesn't seem to work.
What's happening?
- Nothing. - She wants us
to sleep in separate rooms.
- Hey!
- What?
But why?
Yeah. Why, honey?
You two are married, right?
Pardon me?
Someone named Buay told us.
Maybe I heard wrong?
Not even close, ma'am.
- Is the party here?
- What happened?
She wants to sleep in a
separate room from her husband.
What? You have
a husband now?
It's a tiny misunderstanding.
[in Thai] Help me out!
[in English] We had
a small fight, but...
we're okay now.
Right, honey?
Yeah. All good.
Yeah, so, let's head back
to our room. Okay?
- Okay.
- Okay. This way, honey.
- Bye, guys. Goodnight.
- Bye.
Actually, we...
we're not married yet,
but we're planning on it.
Your wedding has been
a huge inspiration for us.
- What?
- Goodnight.
Yeah. Goodnight. Bye.
What a funny couple.
I'm a bit surprised
those two ended up together.
Why? What's so
surprising about it?
I thought you and Risa
were good friends.
Has she never
mentioned Tim to you?
Obviously, she has...
I was thinking out loud.
Let it be. Too random.
I think it'd be great
if they get married.
We can totally have
two weddings on the same day.
[in Hindi] Really?
[in English] Funny girl.
Don't you want
your best friend to be happy?
Obviously, I do.
But you know...
Don't worry about it.
It's just too random.
You know, let's just
get some good sleep.
Sweet dreams, my lady.
See you tomorrow.
Dream of me.
Or maybe not.
Technically, it's your last day to think
about other girls before the ceremony.
Marriage is a marathon,
you know.
You're in it for the long run.
- Goodnight, babe.
- Goodnight.
[in Thai] Hey.
You can leave in a while.
I told Aoffy to move
to Jan's room.
You can take his room.
I prefer it here.
- Hey!
- "Hey" what?
If I run into your ex
or his thousand relatives outside,
would they believe
we're a couple?
What a mistake!
Which one?
Lying we're a couple,
or agreeing to be
your lover's wedding planner?
- What did you just say?
- What?
It's so obvious that you haven't
moved on from that Indian guy.
That's not true!
Liars have smelly armpits,
you know?
Let me ask you.
Don't you feel hurt?
Why would I?
I don't feel anything.
I'm doing this for the money,
just the money.
If you say so.
I thought I'd throw it at Arun.
But you deserve it more.
You only have one?
It's my turn.
- Tim, don't.
- You started it.
[bed thumping]
[in English] I sometimes wonder if
Dr. Varun put you on the right medicines.
It's the wedding planner
and her boyfriend.
Sometime back
they were fighting.
And now... listen...
the bed is creaking so hard.
Hi, so I guess yesterday
was a lucky day.
Arun and I watched
a tennis match at Wimbledon.
And Arun happened
to catch the winning ball.
Baby, what are you doing to it?
I just want to give it
to you like...
but let me finish this.
- Well, let me see it.
- No. You're going to spoil it.
- Let me... No, don't...
- Let me see, please, baby...
Babe, come back.
[soft music playing]
[waves lapping]
- [in Thai] Shit!
- Sorry, sorry.
I was practicing fire juggling.
Are you hurt?
Hey. Heartbroken?
How do you know?
It's not hard to tell.
People come to Samed
either to get laid
or to nurse their heartbreak.
Looking at you,
I think it's the heartbreak.
So smart, huh?
And you?
Why are you here?
I don't belong to either camp.
I quit my job and came here
to learn fire juggling.
Strange reason.
How's that?
Well, I get bored easily.
So I've been searching
for something that's best for me.
Found it?
I think I just did.
Please talk politely to
your back-together-ex-boyfriend.
What did you just do to me?
What did I do?
I saw you laying down
like a log.
I thought you died
from a broken heart.
You poor thing.
My baby.
I was just kidding.
Let me change.
No! Get out!
[in English] Baby, come here.
- Hi, guys.
- Hi.
You guys going
to have breakfast?
I was hoping to go over the details of
the Mehndi ceremony.
Did you guys sleep well?
I slept like a baby. I mean,
good job on finding this location.
The suite here is amazing.
- Yes.
- Yeah. I think so.
But both of us, we didn't sleep
at all last night. Right, baby?
Oh, you!
Don't be shy, babe.
But I am!
- Want more?
- No.
Maybe we should discuss
the Mehndi after breakfast.
Yeah, I think that's better.
- Mo?
- See you, guys. Bye.
[in Thai] What did you
do that for?
Playing your boyfriend.
Now I know how to have
a good time here.
Playing your boyfriend
is so fun.
Key card?
- No.
- Huh?
Hey! Come back.
[Chavee] In a Mehndi ceremony,
relatives hand-paint henna
on the bride's hand.
It signifies the bond
at the wedding
between the bride and groom,
and their families.
The darker the henna paint,
the deeper and more beautiful
the love of the couple will be.
[Indian music playing]
[in English] You want
to check the photos?
What do you think?
- I think all these pictures
are beautiful. - Yeah.
Maybe let's let Tim
help us choose.
So, Tim, of all these amazing photos
you've taken so far,
which one is the best?
I think...
I'll tell you guys later.
Yeah, I'll tell you guys later.
[Arun] Okay.
Thanks for bringing
the horse here.
Please have dinner.
Jan has it ready for you.
- Thanks.
- Okay.
[in English] Hey, Risa.
- Hi, Mr. Karun.
- Hi.
- Hello, Junior.
- Junior.
- Is that the horse for
tomorrow's Baraat? - Yes.
Wow. Gorgeous.
You know, for my marriage,
I rode a horse too.
- Wow.
- Let me tell you
an open secret.
When I was marrying Maya,
I was so drunk.
So drunk that I fell off
from the horse
three times before I could
reach the ceremony.
- My God!
- Well, time has passed.
But nothing has changed.
We're still falling down,
we're still getting back up.
But, yes...
I love her a lot.
How do you know when
you've met the right person?
I mean, the person
you'll spend your life with.
I believe in
whisper of the gods.
- "Whisper of the gods?"
- Yes.
Whisper of the gods.
Something will light up
in your head.
Like firecrackers
in the night sky.
That will tell you.
So listen to it.
It points to you,
the one who is right for you.
The person who
you're supposed to be with
and never ever let go of.
That's the whisper of the gods.
When did you hear the gods
whispering to you?
When I fell off the horse
the third time!
Risa, one day,
you'll also hear
the whisper, the sound.
But before that,
you got to promise me that
for tonight's Sangeet party
you're really
going to get drunk!
- Sangeet!
- Sangeet!
So, let's have fun and enjoy
the music like a big family.
[all exclaiming]
Let's go.
Let's have some photos.
I'm coming back.
[in Thai] You guys.
I have to go.
Where to?
To puke, Jan.
Mr. Karun kept pouring
for me. I can't handle it.
That's bad!
- Wait. Where're you going?
- What?
I'm afraid Aoffy will be lonely
puking by himself.
- Really?
- Yes.
Let go of me.
Aoffy, wait for me.
This is typical
of a Sangeet party.
Despite telling Mr. Karun
I have this party to run,
he still insisted I get drunk.
Now I'm totally wasted.
Take this. Bye.
I'm hiding from Arun's father.
"Bottoms up, bottoms up."
Now I'm so drunk.
What? Don't tell me...
I'm plastered.
[in English] Welcome everyone,
to tonight's Sangeet.
Up next, let's welcome
our beloved bride and groom.
[all cheering]
[in Thai] Excuse me.
[Chavee] This is the real
Sangeet party.
If you don't
get to drink or dance
then you're not
at the Sangeet at all.
We should find an Indian guy
to marry too,
don't you think, Ri?
You're not her.
- Hey.
- Huh?
Where's Ri?
Same symptoms.
Hey, you couldn't handle
your wound or what?
No! I just
drank too much.
Oh, right...
too many drinks.
I thought seeing Arun and
his wife-to-be dancing together
was too heartbreaking.
That's not the case?
Look, they said
if anyone wants to dance,
they can pick
an outfit from here.
Wanna have a go?
Maybe Arun can get a taste
of his own medicine.
No. No way!
Yeah, you're scared.
[all cheering]
[Indian music playing]
[in Hindi]
Let it beat faster
Let the heart beat faster
Let eyes gaze
into each other
Let the shining eyes
gaze into each other
Let it beat faster
Let the heart beat faster
Let eyes gaze
into each other
Let the shining eyes
gaze into each other
With a little bit of love
Tinkle your earrings
Hearing their melody
Heart claps in rhythm
I have come for you
To become yours
Come let us now
together say
Hayi Shava
Let us celebrate love
Hayi Shava
Everybody say
Hayi Shava
Make everyone dance
Hayi Shava
Everybody say
Hayi Shava
How am I to recognize
In this world
Who is the one made for me?
Among so many strangers
Unknown characters
and faces
Who is the one
who will become my soulmate
When you come across
that particular person
Nature whispers
in your ear
You then feel
It is a message from God
It'll be a joyful
swinging ride
Morning and evening
Hayi Shava
Moving in circles
Life is a whirlpool
It keeps moving aimlessly
Till one meets
one's life partner
And when you
find that person
Something magical happens
The person becomes
part of your breath
Like the mingling
fragrance of oud
I'm gonna be here with you
Never gonna leave you
Just come closer, baby
and stay forever
Let us celebrate love
Hayi Shava
Everybody say
Hayi Shava
Make everybody dance
Hayi Shava
Put your hands up and say
Hayi Shava
Everybody say
Hayi Shava
[all cheering]
[heart thumping]
[in English] Old man!
- Karun.
- Papa.
Papa, Papa.
Are you okay?
Why is everyone smiling?
Did my kurta tear while dancing?
I thought you left me,
you old man.
Oh, my nagging wife.
Don't worry.
I'm still planning my escape.
Stop it.
Always, always.
Get up now.
This is the whisper of the gods.
[all cheering]
[in Thai] Almost 5:00 a.m.
The guests are going back to their rooms.
Go get some rest.
So, how's
Mr. Karun doing?
It's his medical condition.
He's fine after taking
his pills and getting rest.
[clears throat]
[clears throat]
- [clears throat]
- Do you need to go puke?
I want to thank you.
- For what?
- Everything.
From taking photos
to saving Arun's father's life.
Arun and his mother
are grateful.
You're a real hero tonight.
Speaking of it, Arun's parents
are a strange couple.
They bicker all the time.
And yet they love each other
very much.
Soulmates or hell-mates,
sometimes we never know.
What about us?
What kind of couple are we?
What now?
This wedding
is a real rollercoaster.
Put that flashlight down.
- Ri, we have a blackout.
- What?
Let's check on the guests.
- Put the torch down.
- You won't see me.
Hurry up.
The guests are waiting.
- Can you fix it? Where to?
- Yes.
[in English] Excuse me.
Thank you.
- Hello. Here's a torch for you.
- Hi.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
- Power will be back soon.
- It's okay.
- Sorry.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
I thought it was someone
bringing me ice.
No ice.
But I brought this for you.
- Just in case.
- Like a lucky charm?
Come in for a minute?
Come, come.
- I'll take it.
- No. I can put it here.
- Your drink.
- Thank you.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
I just wanted to thank you, for
your boyfriend, what he did there.
So, when's the wedding?
[choking] [coughing]
Thank you.
I'd better go. Hand out torches
for the other guests.
I have something to confess.
When I...
When I broke up with you,
it's because I was afraid...
that the distance
between us would
just break things up.
Risa, you were my best friend.
I just didn't wanna lose you.
But I lost you anyway, didn't I?
Then I meet you here,
at my own wedding, and...
started having all these doubts.
It's as if
the gods were testing me.
I'm here to marry
the woman I love.
I'm presented by the woman
I used to love.
After this much time,
seeing you here...
talking to you just
makes me uncertain.
It makes me uncertain, Risa.
You're the woman I used to love.
And still the woman I love.
The lights are back.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have...
Risa, I just...
Why put us through all of this?
I was waiting for you to tell me
that she's your ex.
You knew?
Everybody here knows, Arun.
Because I didn't say a word,
doesn't mean I'm an idiot.
Mon, listen to me once.
It's not what it looks like.
This girl that you're still
dreaming of...
You better be with her.
Monica, listen to me once.
Monica, Monica!
Can you guys just wait for me?
[in Thai] Hold this.
[in English] Monica!
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
Monica, Monica!
What's happening?
Monica, wait!
She's our wedding planner.
[all exclaim]
And that's her recently
got-back-together boyfriend.
[all exclaim]
Why are they running?
- That's a good question.
- Cheers!
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Monica, listen to me. Please.
I know what it looks like...
I didn't literally mean it.
You weren't supposed to find
another girl before we got married.
I know. But you said
marriage is a marathon.
And now I am literally running
after you, it's the long run.
Run the other way.
Mo-mo, no...
No. I'm not letting you go.
Monica! I'm sorry...
[motorbike revving]
Mo-mo, I won't do it again...
Why don't you get it?
I don't want to talk to you.
[in Thai] Risa, what are you
doing up there?
I don't know either!
Momo! I'm sorry.
[in English] Mo-mo,
listen to me.
Nothing you say
can change us back.
Mo-mo, bike!
[in Thai] Motorcycle!
Hold on tight!
[in English] Mo-mo, I'm sorry.
Listen to me.
I don't want
to listen to you, Arun!
I don't want to talk to you!
[in Thai] Van!
[van honking]
- [tires screeching]
- [van honking]
[in English] Babe.
[in Thai] Risa, you all right?
Sure, I'm good.
[in English] Are you trying
to kill me, Mo-mo?
I'm not trying to kill you.
But to marry you
after what I just saw.
- Mo-mo, listen. Listen to me.
- Not a chance.
I know
what you're trying to say.
I tried. I wanted
to come up to you.
I wanted to come up
and tell you...
tell you all about me and Risa.
But I was scared, my Mo-mo.
It would ruin everything.
I didn't know what to say.
So the best idea you could
come up with was you care for her
instead of letting your future wife
know about it.
Are you serious?
Mo-mo, I messed up!
I messed up.
Please, listen to me.
What you saw in the room
wasn't real, Mo-mo.
I don't know why it happened.
Trust me... There's one thing
I know for sure, my Mo-mo.
You're the one I truly want.
I don't want to hear it, Arun.
I don't trust a word that's
coming out of that mouth. Get me?
If you don't believe him,
can you just try to believe me?
When I found out I'd be
planning for your wedding,
I thought I took
this job for money.
At least, that's what
I told everyone.
But deep down,
I did it because...
I wanted to be near Arun.
Maybe, secretly,
the dumb, dreamy-eyed girl
in me has some wild dream
that Arun might feel the same.
But I was wrong.
And I was so stupid
for thinking that.
I don't want Arun back.
And he doesn't want me either.
I saw it in his eyes
when he stopped himself
from kissing me.
And when I saw him jump
in front of the car,
that's when I knew for sure.
No man risks his life,
hanging inches from death,
just to win back any woman.
He did it because he's crazy
and deeply and truly
in love with you.
And now I know it's really
time for me to move on.
[in Thai] Really?
[in English] Wait, wait.
If you don't want to listen to
them, can you listen to me?
What's wrong with you people?
Can you remember
when you asked me
what is the best photo
of you and Arun?
I'm telling you.
There's none.
Your wedding day photos...
are just a part of your story.
But your best photos come
after your wedding day.
When you guys start
spending your lives together
through thick and thin.
Before you decide
to give up on him,
please think about
all the beautiful photos
you'll never share.
Just think of it.
Mo-mo, Mo-mo!
There's still a few hours
until the ceremony.
Give her time.
[in Thai] So what are we
going to do now?
We can only hope
Monica will show up.
If she doesn't,
it will all be over for us.
And what about you?
Like I said to Monica.
Now I know
it's time to let go
of this tennis ball.
[all exclaim]
that's not "let go."
That's an ace.
You know what?
That actually felt good!
So Monica's not showing up?
[in English] Dad, I think
it's time to accept the truth.
[horse snorting]
She doesn't want
to marry me anymore.
Don't worry, son.
God willing,
everything will be okay.
Monica said yes.
[all cheering]
And she's waiting for the groom.
Let's go!
[fast paced
Indian music playing]
Thanks for giving me
another chance.
But I still want
those perfect pictures.
[all cheering]
[in Thai] This is weird.
I am watching them holding
hands and being oh-so-sweet.
But I don't feel
like puking anymore.
That's good, isn't it?
Hey, Chavee,
why do they have to
walk around the fire?
This is an authentic
wedding ritual.
They will walk around
the fire seven times.
Each round symbolizes a
different commitment of the couple.
They promise to love, respect,
and be honest to each other.
And from today,
they will build a family
and stick together
through thick and thin.
They vow to be best friends.
And the husband promises to
look after his wife and their children.
What's the matter?
Where are you going?
Have you seen Tim?
[phone dings]
Hello there.
At first, I wanted to call you.
But then...
maybe it's better this way.
The wedding will soon
come to an end.
And it's time for me to leave.
Thanks for asking me
to work on this job.
It was so much fun.
But most importantly, I got
to be with you one more time.
I also have
something to confess.
I accepted this job
not because I needed the money.
I took it because
I wanted to be
close to you again.
There is never a dull moment
when I'm with you.
And I'm happy for you
that you can finally
move on from Arun.
It makes me realize
that it's time for me
to move on from you too.
I hope you will meet
a nice guy someday.
He may not be
as perfect as Arun.
He may not be
a jack-of-all-trades like me.
As long as he loves you
as much as you love him...
What is he on about?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Why the voice clip?
I'm too afraid to say it to you.
I might leave
something out and...
Let's eat chicken feet soup.
Sure. You won't
stand me up again?
Well... I'm not sure.
But I think I've heard
the whisper of the gods.
It's telling me
not to let this one slip away.
"Whisper of the gods?"
It's a long story.
I'll tell you later.
Now answer my question.
Want to come with me?
Well, this jack-of-all-trades...
won't say no to a new adventure.
[in English] Deal.
[Firecracker whizzing]
[Firecrackers bursting]
[Hindi song playing]
[in English] I'm not done
with you yet.
Sorry, I farted.
But don't worry.
We're busy here!
How much is that pad Thai?
[tires screeching]
What happened?
Come on, harder.
Ride the horse?
No. We have the bike.
You know, I don't eat
chicken feet soup.
This hurts.
That kick was something.
"Honestly, I don't love Bam.
"I'm in love with Berm,
my best man."
- Did you mean Bob?
- Right, Bob.
"I don't love Berm."
- Bob!
- Oh, yeah.
"I just realize...
"I don't love Bob.
I love Berm."
Not again.
What's wrong with me?
It's raining.
- Are you done?
- Not yet. Still naked.
Need a hand?
You wish!
But I don't want this.
[in Hindi] Let us
celebrate love Hayi Shava
Everybody say
Hayi Shava
Make everybody dance
Hayi Shava
Put your hands up and say
Hayi Shava
Everybody say
Hayi Shava
[Indian music playing]