Conjuring Kannappan (2023) Movie Script

Hello, viewers!
Today on "Lachu Maami Channel"
we'll take a home tour.
Come on, let's dive into the video.
Let's start auspiciously
with the prayer room.
Here, this is the prayer room.
Next, we'll check out the kitchen.
Check out the dosa pan in which
we can hardly make any dosas!
My neighbor Padma's gravy boat.
Since ladies don't return
the utensils that we fall in love with,
I stole this!
In this refrigerator, you'll find lots
of fruits and vegetables...
but for now, it's empty.
It'll be full by evening, dear viewers.
Next, let's go to my room.
In my room...
you'll find my husband Anjanenjan.
At this hour in the morning,
he will be meditating.
So, viewers, please be quiet.
-Come, let's eat. Come on, let's eat
-There's my husband!
Come on, eat it. Come to me
He's embarrassing me! You fool!
Shall we eat, my dear?
Viewers, my husband
was ready for breakfast
and that's what he was singing about.
So cute!
You come out first!
Get lost!
Come on, viewers.
Next, we'll see my son
Kannappan's room!
My son is a game designer.
Look, this is all his work.
Look here.
He is very intelligent and smart.
But then, people attend job interviews
to secure a job...
and the only job he does
is attending job interviews.
That's his only shortcoming.
Look at him! Even yesterday...
he had an interview, reached home late,
and slept without changing his clothes.
I just remembered something!
He has an interview today
and has asked me to wake him up. I forgot!
Kanna, wake up! Wake up!
You asked me to wake you up.
Look here, my viewers.
Say "Hi" to them.
- Come on, Mom.
- Since he has a job interview today,
so please wish him luck
so that he may succeed.
- Look they are wishing you. Say thanks.
- Get lost, Mom!
- All she has is 52 subscribers!
- He's tired.
- This is my younger brother's room.
- Mom!
"Soda" Sekar. He is a Social Activist.
- And...
- Hey, Lakshmi!
Until we meet in my next video...
Bye, viewers.
Please do subscribe. Thank you!
What is it?
Mom, there's no water supply.
I forgot to tell you.
The motor is under repair.
Please ask your uncle to fix it.
Mom, it's getting late...
What is it, nephew?
Come downstairs.
What's up, nephew?
How many times have I warned you,
not to wear my shorts?
- Looks yuck!
- Forget that. What's the matter?
What are you doing upstairs
instead of fixing the motor?
What's this board?
This? I'm getting ready to protest against
the injustice happening to alcoholics.
We generate more revenue during
festivals than your hero's movies do.
We are so dedicated yet
we are supplied duplicate stuff.
Fine, even if we make do with that...
The cops surround
the routes near the liquor store
and catch us for drunken driving.
In order to solve these issues,
we are going to protest,
asking for free home delivery of booze.
You don't have even a peg of shame!
Now go and fix the motor.
I checked it in the morning.
It'll be evening by the time it's fixed.
I've to go for a job interview.
God, now what do I do?
- That well is locked, right?
- Yes.
Get me the key.
It's an online interview?
Holy guacamole!
The Wi-Fi signal isn't strong here.
Let me use my uncle's room.
Damn you, Uncle!
He framed his photo to ogle at hers.
I hope there's nothing else
that needs to be covered.
God, save me.
Hi, ma'am.
Tell me about yourself.
I am Kannappan.
Coming from Chennai.
Since childhood...
I love to play video games.
Look around. My room wall
is full of video game posters.
- I guess they are impressed.
- What made you choose the gaming field?
How much expertise
do you have in the field?
In the future, I want to be a good gamer
instead of being a boomer.
Though I grew up in Chennai city,
I grew up playing GTA City.
My friends head to the railway station
during vacation, to go to their villages.
But I am always on the PlayStation.
I've spent more time playing PUBG
than going to pubs.
- Ma'am, his creativity is too good.
- Winner winner, chicken dinner.
Thank you, sir.
Why should we hire you?
Madam, I'll be very dedicated and
put my life on the line for our company.
I'll be very disciplined. In fact,
my family is the epitome of discipline.
The results of my hard work will show you
what's behind my success!
Why did she get all riled up?
Uncle! I was giving an online interview
and you undress here?
I was changing, nephew.
And so you'll stand half-nude
in front of the webcam?
This fellow...
How do you end up doing such
embarrassing things?
How would I know that my uncle
would waltz in wearing underwear?
Well, you finding a job is like
the 90s kids getting married.
Dude, don't say like that.
I'm already having so many issues.
You very well know that my family
is running on my dad's pension.
He's calling again.
- Hello.
- Greetings, dear.
Remember me?
Sir, how can I forget you?
Then why the hell
haven't you returned my money?
I shall return it within two weeks, sir.
I want my money within two days.
If I don't get it...
Slow down!
The screaming says
how much he's bleeding. Got it?
I understood, sir.
Who was that?
That's Devil Armstrong. A boxer.
He is a henchman who helps banks
to collect their loans from defaulters.
But how did you
get into trouble with him?
A few days ago, I befriended a kid
named Pappu while playing PUBG.
Bro, I'm unable to upgrade
beyond the 11th grade in this game.
A true gamer is one who goes
to any level to cross many levels.
Swag, bro! That was quite motivating.
Bro, your motivation has pushed me
to go to higher levels!
- Now I feel like I'm a real gamer.
- Superb, bro.
You must be a smart player
and a brave buyer.
Only then we can be a king
in the gaming world.
Okay, bro.
- Hey, come here.
- Careful, he might fall and break his jaw.
Bro, as per your advice,
I purchased a lot and continued gaming.
Well, I ended up losing a little money.
- How much?
- Just ten lakh rupees.
Ten lakh rupees?!
Fine. Who are these men?
My henchmen.
The little Satan has dragged me
into unnecessary trouble!
Whom did you mean?
Not him, I meant him.
Whatever it is, talk to my uncle.
Return the money he lost in gaming
before I kidnap your girlfriend.
But I don't have a girlfriend.
- You don't?
- Then let's find him one and kidnap her.
Do you wanna play Cupid?
I'll do anything for you
but I'll never play cupid...
Sir, I didn't do anything on purpose.
I just gave him guidance.
You were a guide to him?
Now he'll hit and hide you!
You shut up! My silly kid playfully spent
the amount while playing.
Now you playfully pay me the ten lakh
and I'll consider all this silly.
Sir, I only helped your kid with the game.
I thought he made a purchase of ten rupees
but the crazy fellow
purchased of ten lakh!
Sorry, sir. Please let go of me.
- Let him go.
- Let him go?
Yes, let him go.
Just for today.
Return the money
in two weeks or else...
You'll punch yourself?
I'll punch you.
- How do you find such trouble?
- My fate.
- How much?
- Wait, I'll give.
- Leave it. I'll give.
- I'll give it.
Well, also there's some
old balance to be paid.
You may keep the change.
What are you watching, Uncle?
I got emotional, Nephew.
Anybody will get emotional
if they see her plight.
- Can't I get emotional?
- Get emotional for the daughter-in-law.
Instead, you're getting all emotional
for the mother-in-law. Such a pervert!
You'll get hooked on
advertisements, as well!
It's me, Kannappan, Dad.
Sekar is over there, munching tomatoes.
Hey, Kanns...
- For long I have had this doubt.
- What is it?
Whenever I switch on my phone,
all I get is ads about young models.
Why so?
Am I the only one getting such ads?
Did you click on
unwanted ads on the internet?
Well... just once.
- Obviously, you'll get ads about that!
- Why are shouting it out?
Did she hear?
God! Escape!
- Mom!
- Yes?
Did you hang something in my room?
Why would I do that?
Dream catcher.
Exorcist Ezhumalai?
Sir, I am KP.
I called you to clear up a doubt.
This morning I found
a dream catcher in the well.
There is a doll tied up to it.
I feel something's wrong
ever since I got possession of it.
Click a photo of it and send it to me
on WhatsApp immediately.
Oh God!
Usually, dream catchers are kept
in homes to prevent nightmares.
But what you have got is...
a very dangerous one.
This is a dream catcher
from ancient times.
That's not an ordinary doll
that's tied up to it.
It's a voodoo doll.
I strongly feel that there is
a black magic spell on it.
Throw it back where you found it.
- That'd be good for you.
- Sir, I...
I actually threw it
back into the well where I found it.
But somehow it's lying in my house.
Did you disturb that dream catcher?
- Not at all, sir.
- Think hard.
I plucked a feather off it, unknowingly.
You shouldn't have done that.
What do you mean, sir?
You're going to get trapped somewhere.
You might even die there.
Excuse me, sir.
I just called you to clear up a doubt.
But you're telling me
Conjuring level stories.
Thank you. Now hang up.
Where am I?
How did I end up here?
Why is the sky so strange?
Anybody there?
Whose house is this?
Where's my phone?
It was a dream?
I've never had such a dream before.
It's so confusing.
I must first consult a psychiatrist.
Hi, viewers!
In today's video,
we have a special show
for World Fitness Day.
We are going to show you
how to do the Zumba dance!
- Girls, are you ready?
- Yeah!
Okay, let's start!
Ready. Start.
One... Two...
I've to do the laundry
and then put Sekar's inners to dry!
- Dad!
- Yes.
Give me 100 rupees for bike fuel.
I'll return it in the evening.
Just the other day,
when I had to push my bike home,
the traffic police fined me 200 rupees.
When I called and asked you to transfer
the money, remember what you told me?
"Leave the bike there and walk home.
At least that will make you fit"
Right back at you!
Just walk.
Are you taking revenge, Dad?
- I don't have a penny to spare!
- Careful. Don't slip on your loin cloth.
- Mom!
- Girls, you continue. I'll be back.
Mr. Dragonfruit Head, lucky you!
Look at him dance! Wait, I'm coming!
- What is it?
- Give me 100 rupees for bike fuel.
- What's that noise?
- Zumba dance. We are shooting it.
Zumba dance?
Doesn't sound like that.
Look at Anjanenjan's glamorous dance!
Look at his loin cloth fly!
Do you see that?
- That's not Zumba dance but Rambha dance!
- Shameless fellows!
I feel so shy dancing like this.
- Sekar, your sister caught us!
- Wait there...
- I think we must run away for good!
- Shameless fellows!
- Beat him!
- Aren't you both ashamed to do this?
Ladies, won't your grandkids look for you?
- Run!
- Hit him!
Eating sugar?
No, Papa
Telling lies?
No, Papa
Open your mouth
Johnny, Johnny
Yes, Papa
Eating sugar?
No, Papa
Telling lies?
No, Papa
Open your mouth
Johnny, Johnny
Yes, Papa
Excuse me, sir.
Welcome. What do you want?
Who were you talking to?
- To Dr. Johnny.
- So who are you?
I am Dr. Johnny.
- I guess he needs a doctor for himself.
- Don't you get it?
That's Johnny for you.
Have a seat.
Tell me, what's your problem?
Doctor, I am KP.
Every time I fall asleep,
I end up having weird dreams.
In a dark room...
Go and sit in that chair. I'll come.
Weird fantasies will
obviously lead to weird dreams!
I have diagnosed your problem.
I'll start the treatment now.
- Okay, doctor.
- Understood?
Now focus on my palm.
Keeping focusing on my palm.
Focus on my palm.
Did you have
chicken gravy for breakfast?
No, mutton gravy!
Shut up and focus on my palm
during the treatment.
- No sniffing. Understood?
- Okay.
Keep focusing... focus...
Now, you are ten years old.
What are you doing now?
I am in school, doctor.
I am expecting a teacher like the one
from the movie Nattamai to teach my class.
At the age of ten?
Now you're 18 years old.
What are you doing now?
Now, I am going on a bus.
I am expecting a lady bus conductor
like the one in the movie Surya Vamsam.
I was expecting you to say this.
Now you are 25 years old.
What are you doing now?
I am on the phone...
Were you surfing abroad
using the phone VPN?
Enough of telling me what you googled.
Get up!
Did you find out?
Doctor, will the pharmacist
understand this?
Only my pharmacist will understand.
Just go to him.
- Okay, doctor. See you.
- Leave!
This seems to be a rare case.
Well, I rarely get any cases.
I must not let go of him.
How is it back here, again?
The Vodafone number you have called
is currently switched off...
The happiness that you get in the dream
is nothing compared to reality.
So the happiness that you get
in your dreams...
is never the same as when it actualizes.
What's going on?
I am constantly ending up at the
same place and in the same clothes!
I better get out of here.
- Yes?
- Sir!
- It's me KP.
- Tell me.
Just like you said... that dream catcher...
the well... the dream...
I guess I'm indeed trapped, sir.
Calm down and explain it clearly.
Sir, I'm constantly finding myself
in the same place in my dreams.
That place looks quite haunted.
Also, there is a ghost in that place, sir.
I have read about this in a book.
That is a cursed dream catcher.
That is why you are trapped
in the same dream.
To escape from that dream,
there is a...
a dream key in that place.
You must search for it.
What if I don't find it?
As I told you earlier...
You might even die in the dream.
Sir, I expected you'd help me get rid of
the nightmare and not make jokes!
Sir, it's a dream after all.
If I'm about to die in the dream,
won't waking up solve the problem?
You didn't get my point.
How did you wake up from the dream today?
Some kind of figure charged towards me.
I got scared and tried to escape.
That's when
I tripped over and fell on a box.
But I could feel the pain for real.
Sir, I have a wound
exactly like the one in my dream!
That's what I meant.
Whatever happens in that dream,
will turn into reality.
Suppose, if you die in the dream...
Then I'll die for real as well.
Sir, hold on.
Sir, you are right!
My shirt was torn in the dream
and now it's torn for real!
Sir, I must meet you at once.
- Please.
- Okay.
The dream key will be something that's
not related to that place in the dream.
You must first find that key.
Then I shall tell you what to do next.
Hide that dream catcher safely
from everyone else.
if anybody else plucks a feather off it
like you did...
then when they go to sleep,
they will also be trapped in that
haunted dream along with you.
Then why don't you pluck the feather
and join me in that dream?
I can help you...
but from outside the dream.
That spirit doesn't know when
you enter or exit from the dream.
So, look for the key quietly,
without making any noise.
All the best!
He's wishing me as if
I am about to take the IAS examination!
See you, sir.
If anybody else plucks a feather off it
like you did...
When they go to sleep...
they will also be trapped in that
haunted dream along with you.
Looks like he was expecting us.
- Sir...
- Why are you scanning me head to toe?
I am going for boxing training.
So, where's the money?
Sir, I'll give it in a week's time.
Uncle, he doesn't understand silence.
Show him some violence!
- Hold this. Show him violence?
- Yes.
Violence! Violence!
- Violence! Violence!
- Why's he hitting himself?
Where's my money?
Please don't threaten me.
I'll pay it in a week's time.
He got scared, small fellow.
Did you win all these?
Yes, sir.
Which is your favorite?
- That huge trophy.
- Oh! The huge trophy.
- This one?
- Yes.
- Yes, sir. My childhood memories.
- So this is his favorite.
- From his childhood...
- Well!
- Then play football with it, uncle.
- Sir! Sir!
- Like that. Stomp on the trophy's head!
- Please, come on.
Sir, please. Don't do it.
It's broken into bits and pieces.
- I crushed his memories.
- Poor thing.
Sir, it was so mean of you to do that.
Uncle, now you go into silent mode.
And watch my violent mode.
My mom bought those cups and saucers
to gift a couple this evening.
Clocks, cups, and saucers, the same old
cliche wedding gifts. It's time to change.
- There!
- Don't break it!
- You fool!
- Sorry, uncle.
You broke my toes instead of the cup!
- We'll ruin all your favorites.
- Yes.
What are you hiding?
- Is that a mosquito-killing racket?
- I love this dream catcher.
- Don't ruin it.
- Show me.
- Don't ruin it. Please.
- That's what we do when we're jobless.
- Do you really love it so much?
- Please don't pluck the feather.
- You mean this one?
- What's the big deal?
You don't want me to pluck it?
There! I plucked it.
Now, watch this.
I have to go for collection now.
What about my money?
You are so great that you tied
and bashed up Basha bhai as well.
I'm a kid in comparison.
Don't you know that later,
Basha bhai beat him to a pulp?
- I thought he didn't know.
- Did he ask you?
- Did he?
- Sir...
I'll meet you tonight.
You'll give the money tonight?
See that? I hit you
and he agreed to pay up.
Do one thing,
accompany me
everywhere I go to collect money.
What happened, dear?
How did you hurt your forehead?
I dashed into a wall, Mom.
It's because of the evil eye.
It's time to cast it away from you.
No need to cast away or blast away.
Just go inside.
Get lost! You never obey me.
Exorcist Ezhumalai?
Looks like he's a Harry Potter fan.
- He has got you with his fantasy stories.
- Doctor, he is telling the truth.
Ghost? In this modern era?
And that too in dreams?
- Doctor.
- Then what?
You're quite depressed
and that's why you feel all this is true.
Come to me for one counseling session,
and I'll clear all your issues.
Okay, doctor.
Doctor, you look like a vest model.
Do you expect me to go to
the bathroom fully dressed?
So, tell me...
What exactly is your issue?
This dream catcher is my issue, doctor.
One day, I plucked a feather
from this without realizing
Since then, I always find myself
stuck with a ghost in a nightmare.
Since you plucked a feather?
Like this?
Why's there a key chain doll
hanging on it?
I feel a bit relieved now, doctor.
That's my boy!
- We are done for today!
- We're indeed done!
See you tomorrow.
See you tonight, doctor.
- Hello, sir.
- Yes?
- Did you arrange the money?
- I'll arrange it.
When will you sleep?
That's my choice. What's your problem?
I'll sleep in an hour's time.
If you arrange the money after I sleep,
I can't come.
Forget about me.
First, you sleep peacefully.
Okay, doctor.
He hung up.
God, please send them both
to the exact, same location.
I forgot to wish him good night.
So, finally, I'm asleep?
Did the doctor and Devil sir arrive yet?
Where's the dream key?
Where am I?
Looks like Ripon building.
Why am I in this attire?
Let me get inside before anyone sees me.
"Charlie Dickson, Olympus Studio, 1930."
One is here.
Doctor, come here.
You invite me as if we are
at a wedding reception.
Quiet. Don't talk.
- Come. This way.
- Where are you taking me?
What are you doing here?
Where are we?
What place is this?
We are in a dream, doctor.
I fell asleep a while ago,
and you, now.
- You fell asleep earlier?
- Yes.
What are you blabbing?
Please, believe me, doctor.
- Fine, which city is this?
- Sin city! Wait, the ghost will tell you.
Looks like the house from the
old MGR movie Enga Veetu Pillai.
Oh, God!
- Wait.
- Is there anybody in this house?
Excuse me!
Devil sir.
- You...
- Come here.
Who is he?
Why is he in lingerie?
Just come here, sir!
Welcome. Did you just arrive?
I'm confused about how I ended up here
and you ask me if I arrived just now?
By the way, when did you arrive?
Whose bungalow is this?
- Lower your voice, sir.
- Even you have no idea?
No, I don't...
Now, who is he?
- He's a psychiatrist.
- Looks like he got out of the bathroom.
Dr. Johnny.
Nice to meet you, doctor.
- Fine, book a cab. Let's go home.
- Book a cab?
Get out!
- Oh my God!
- Yeah, right!
There's someone else here as well?
- Sir...
- Whose that, screaming like a ghost?
Not like a ghost, sir.
- It is a ghost!
- A ghost?
You wanna scare this Devil with a devil?
Excuse me, Ms. Ghost.
- Where are you? I'm coming.
- Sir, don't go.
The sound was from here.
One punch on the ghost's throat
and its voice will be fixed.
- There's nothing inside.
- Is it?
Oh God!
My God!
Oh God!
Pearls, rare gems, and solid coral
A bunch of flowers
And wonders in puckered lips
Small waist, small fingers
And bow-shaped eyebrows
Eyes that look around
For beautiful words
If you don't recognise these
Why be born?
If you lose all these
He is a renounciater
From head to toe
It all gives happiness
Isn't she, who's an elixir
A feast to the eyes?
I sang without catching a breath
but why is he gasping?
What happened?
Go and drink water. Go.
Pearls, rare gems, and solid coral
Check out that coconut farm.
We can sell it to Bhoomi Sundar.
He's prompt with payments.
I'll tell you something
even more important than that.
Some of them eat well, sleep well,
and take a good dump.
In fact, for some,
it's their daily routine!
What to do with such people?
I'll give you that address
when I meet you in person.
Dad, mom's calling you.
- Lachu, you called me?
- Yeah, as if you're going to oblige!
Pranking me? Wait, I'll get back at you.
My hand got burnt, Lachu!
I'm in my singing practice session.
Don't disturb!
Hey, KP.
Didn't I tell you?
Ghosts are nothing but myth!
When I told you that,
couldn't you have slapped me
and told me that I was wrong?
Fine, don't cry doctor.
We'll go there tonight with a plan.
Take Exorcist Ezhumalai there,
if you want!
Why are you dragging me?
It didn't feel like a dream.
I could feel the pain for real!
I'm going to my clinic.
Never come there again!
Fine, I won't come
- but don't go and sleep.
- Why?
Hereafter, any time you sleep,
you'll land in there.
- You mean...
- That same location.
Where is he? There you are!
Why are you here so early, sir?
Well, nothing. Last night...
around 10:30 -11:00 p.m.
I switched on the AC and fell asleep.
I had a dream.
A dangerous one.
A nightmare with a ghost in it.
- A nightmare with a ghost in it?
- Yes.
- Ask me what happened.
- Tell me.
You were also there in it.
I came to tell you that.
- He was also there in my dream!
- Really?
Don't tell him the truth,
then we won't have company in the dream.
How many have you dragged in?
Only both of you so far.
We'll discuss that later.
Aren't you Dr. Johnny?
- Yes.
- I know him
and I understand seeing him there.
How did you come in my dream?
That's called deja vu.
- What "vu"?
- Deja vu!
Whatever you saw
in the dream will feel real.
- How many days will I have that dream?
- Two days.
Doctor, no!
I had that dream once
and look what that ghost did to me.
Look at the tattoo gifted by the ghost.
Looks so real!
Doctor, whatever happens in the dream
will happen to us in reality as well.
Oh God!
True! So that means,
if I die in that dream
then I'll die for real?
Look at him act all innocent
after doing all this. Culprit!
How long?
- See what issues I've had to face?
- If you want to solve it,
then you must consult me every time
before you go to sleep.
- I will guide you.
- Definitely, doctor.
I won't sleep hereafter.
See you.
Devil, sir...
Until this problem is solved,
please don't ask that ten lakh rupees.
How will I not ask...
So, is this why you've
dragged him into this?
- Fine. It's okay.
- Really?
- I'll get the money later.
- Thank you, sir.
- See you. Let's go.
- So you don't want the money?
But you dragged me there
for no reason!
- I've transferred the money. Check it.
- Okay, madam.
There's nothing to worry about, dear.
Hey kid, why are you
looking at me like that?
Sir, please don't talk to her.
- Stella!
- Stella, sit.
- Stella!
- Stella, sit.
Stella, listen to us!
- Stella. Stella, no!
- Hey!
- Hold her.
- You may take her.
- Doctor, come fast.
- Coming.
It's strange and too complicated.
You must go through
the complete book, sir.
- Hi, sir.
- Who is it?
Sir, the dream catcher... feather...
Oh, yes.
PK, right?
- KP, sir.
- Right, KP. Come.
You had said he's an exorcist...
so why is he in a suit?
Sir, please save us
as quickly as possible.
Yesterday that ghost tried to kill me.
Yes, sir.
It attacked me as well.
- Do you want to see the wound?
- And he is?
- He is...
- a psychiatrist.
I'm Dr. Johnny.
He made me pluck a feather as well.
So you took him along for company?
No, sir. He joined voluntarily.
But I brought in another brave person.
You talk as if you brought us in
for some job in an IT company!
She is Dark Daves,
a paranormal investigator.
She gave me this black magic book
to decode a few things.
I learned about
the dream catcher in this book.
So, I've told her about your case as well.
- Hello.
- Why is she wearing a fishnet?
Based on the information you gave,
I understand that
you couldn't find the key.
Fine, can you describe that place for me?
From the furnishing,
it looked like a Britisher's palace.
Every time when we were in the dream,
we were wearing the same dress
as the first time.
All these are manageable
but there's a female ghost in there.
Yes, sir.
And she keeps asking us to get out.
You said it looks like
a Britisher's palace.
Did you see anything unique?
What do you mean?
I mean like painting, statues, etc.
There were many paintings there.
But I could see that one painting was
damaged by someone intentionally.
The face in the painting
was unrecognizable.
It was definitely a portrait of a man.
It was signed as...
Charlie Dickson, Olympus studio, 1930.
There's a small issue here.
What is it?
This case would've been a cakewalk for me
if it was in the real world.
But since it's in a dream realm.
I can only make predictions.
It'd help if we had any photos
or materials related to this.
Sir, would it help
if I drew a sketch of the ghost?
- Can you do that?
- Yes.
Then do that first.
Give me a couple of days.
For what? To see us dead?
Only after studying your inputs,
I can come to a conclusion on this
palace and spirit. That's why I need time.
Don't worry. I am with you.
- Thank you.
- You can take my number.
He'd have asked
for your number anyway.
Please enter and save it.
Why have you bought so many snacks?
Well... I have to work late at night.
Hence I bought snacks.
Listen, give me those chips.
So you saw it?
- Here.
- Thank you.
How did this come here?
I was cleaning your cupboard...
Come on! I can't even understand
when you talk properly!
Mom, it looks like
feathers have been plucked off it.
Why are you getting all riled up?
I saw that while cleaning your cupboard.
There's a lot of evil eyes on this family.
I thought it'd cast it away and so
I hung it there. What's the big deal?
Did you pluck the feather?
This feather is
much smoother than an earbud.
Why did you pluck the feather?
What's so funny?
You are upset about this?
- Go inside and check out.
- Inside?
This feather...
What do I say
You make me feel so good
-You make me feel
-Dad, why did you pluck the feather?
Well, there's no use in trusting
your mom and uncle.
Hence, I plucked one myself.
And I'm using it to apply medicine on
the burn that I got from the iron box.
Mom, I hope you didn't pluck that.
- I didn't pluck that.
- Thank God!
God will never test good people.
What? There was one here.
Do you see this one?
This is the one
she plucked and gave me.
How can I apply medicine
with this tiny feather?
True, I plucked that tiny feather.
- What happened?
- I don't know.
Shall I stick those feathers back on it?
- Hello.
- Can I talk to sir?
He went out of station
to consult someone regarding your case.
I tried calling him more than ten times.
I'm unable to reach him.
It's very difficult to get
hold of him during work hours.
What's the problem?
All my family members...
- What did they do?
- They plucked the feathers from it.
- What?
- I am so confused now.
Okay, just relax.
for now, they won't trust you,
no matter how hard you try.
Or they might get traumatized.
And that is not good for us.
Just ensure that they don't sleep tonight.
I shall contact sir by then.
Don't forget to sketch that ghost.
I must prevent them
from sleeping somehow.
- Mom...
- What?
- It's ruined.
- It's for your dad. Don't mind.
Your YouTube channel isn't
getting too many views, right?
Shall I give an idea
to increase the views?
Please do.
- Shivaratri is next week.
- Yes.
At least this year we
must stay awake all night.
Exactly. That's it!
If you post a video on "How to stay
awake throughout the night on Shivaratri"
the views and likes
will be through the roof.
That's superb!
I'll go and get my phone.
Just turn this Dosa upside down.
- Subscribers, here I come.
- She calls this Dosa?
Looks out of shape like an amoeba.
Hi, viewers!
Today we'll see how to stay awake
throughout the night on Shivaratri.
Your sister has gone mad!
- Quiet now.
- And to add to it there is this fellow!
First, we'll watch a movie.
Wow! A horror movie.
If we watch a horror
movie during Shivaratri,
then even if we feel sleepy, the ghost
we saw in the movie will wake us up!
We don't need the ghost
when you're here.
Uncle, don't sleep.
Burn down that bell pepper-like nose!
- How did I have such a son?
- Look there.
Next, we'll play
the bottle game to stay awake.
- It was your mom.
- No!
- Sekar!
- He's trapped.
- Can I use the toilet and...
- No way. Stay seated.
Poor guy. Let him go. Fine, go.
- don't sleep until I tell you to.
- Okay, Mr. Deja Vu.
Look what all I have to do to stay awake.
Why are you so tired, Uncle?
A good song
will give you some energy.
Run, cross the skies, and stay cool!
Stay cool!
Stop it you fool!
Increase the speed!
- Here.
- No, it's too much. Apply the brakes!
Uncle, don't sleep. Come, let's go.
Nephew, I really want to go now.
Fine, go.
Uncle, stop playing guitar!
Last drop, Nephew.
Fine, play it and come.
Hi viewers, next we'll play
Antakshari to keep us awake.
Hey, dear, I have news
Where did the darling potato go?
It went with the eggplant
Hit him!
And it woke up when the eggplant
And kicked it
If you sleep, I'll kill you!
What will keep me awake?
Ruining my peace will keep me awake.
Now what do I ruin my peace?
Yes, I got an idea.
Watching this will ruin my peace forever.
Hi viewers.
Now we'll play video games to stay awake.
Come on, start.
Punch him in the face!
I said, punch!
Not me!
You punch in real-time
as well as in the game.
Keep talking and you'll get
more punches. Eyes on the game.
- Nothing. Keep playing.
- What's going on?
Okay, viewers.
Game over.
Game over?
My eyes are not under my control anymore.
It's closing down like
a lift that's under repair.
- Dad...
- Yes.
In the name of making
a video for Shivaratri,
you're making us record
a video till Shivaratri.
- We're done.
- A little while longer, Mom.
- I'm going to sleep.
- Wait a minute.
Just wait a minute.
Where is he going?
- Tell me, KP.
- Is he back?
Not yet
I managed to keep my family
awake the whole night.
I can't hold them any longer.
You have only one option.
Tell your family the truth
and make them understand.
God, how do I make them understand?
Dad! Mom!
- Why are you sleeping, Mom?
- Why are you shouting for that?
What's wrong with you now?
Mom, wait a minute.
Why have you kept it inside the cupboard?
Mom, this is called a dream catcher.
This one is a cursed dream catcher.
Look at this wound,
I actually got hurt in the dream.
The script is quite good.
If you narrate it to Lawrence or Sundar C,
you will make
a name for yourself in Cinema.
What do you think, Lachu?
Superb story, Nephew.
Mom, ignore these two.
You must trust me.
Well, you're saying mysterious things.
Fine, I believe you.
Oh, come on...
He's blabbing.
Stop believing all these.
Brother-in-law, you go and sleep.
So you don't believe me, Uncle?
- Come on. Get lost now.
- Okay, you sleep.
Thanks a lot, Nephew.
- All of you leave. I'm going to sleep.
- Just sleep.
In five minutes,
you'll scream out for help.
Look, he's sleeping soundly.
Come, let's go.
Dad, wait.
You can see the outcome and then go.
Nothing's happening...
Did he go to the correct location?
Yes, looks like he has arrived there.
Why are his hands trembling?
Wait, there's more.
Is he getting electrocuted?
His whole body is shaking!
God! What's happening to him?
- What's happening?
- Wait for it to get over.
- God! Oh my God!
- Why is he all stiff?
What's happening?
- Why is his body vibrating like that?
- Wait for it to get over.
Uncle, wake up. Wake up!
- How was the trip?
- What happened?
Your nose is bleeding!
- What's going on?
- Look, fresh blood!
- Uncle, now do you believe me?
- Yes, I do!
- I saw the ghost.
- Good. Dad, now you sleep.
How dare he ask me to sleep next?
You didn't believe him.
Now go and sleep!
- You go and sleep.
- What do we do now?
An exorcist is helping me
to break this curse.
We must not sleep until
he finds a solution.
When will he find a solution?
I hope by tonight.
Until then?
Stone, paper, scissor.
KP, sir is here.
I'll come there at once.
Who was that?
I'll go and meet that exorcist.
Until I'm back, please do not sleep.
- I don't think we can hold on till then.
- Please...
I can feel smoke coming out of my stomach.
- Sit behind and change gears!
- Where are you taking me?
Walk! Move!
Doctor, why are you sitting here?
He didn't come voluntarily.
I dragged him down here.
You dragged him?
How many days should I stay awake?
I can't take it.
- Sir, well...
- Sir, that deja vu dream...
There is no deja vu.
I checked the facts out.
I brought the two of you
here to find out the truth.
So, out with the truth.
Or else, I'll...
Sir, don't get furious.
I'll tell you the truth.
You guys have collaborated me with
a content that's beyond imagination.
Not just me,
my entire family is trapped, sir.
Instead of a family pilgrimage,
you're going on a family haunted trip!
Kannappa, take your
whole family with you...
find the key and save me.
I don't even need that money.
I sleep four times a day.
I am not sleeping, you monkey.
- Sorry, Uncle.
- Please save me.
Let's go, doctor.
You are totally confused, Uncle.
Sleep and rest for some time,
everything will be fine.
If I sleep, I'll end up in
that haunted house. I'll thrash you now.
Go inside, you moron.
Sir, I hid that dream catcher, but...
things got out of hand.
We don't care about our lives,
but my family should be safe.
They are elderly people.
Don't you agree, doctor?
Damn, let go of me.
Why are you so selfish?
You want your family to be safe,
and what about me?
In my research...
I found out about
a dream case similar to yours.
It happened in Madras
during the British period.
Robert Langdon
and Magdalene Ellis' murder case.
- Murder?
- In 1930.
There was a Commander
named Robert in Madras.
He was in love with Lady Magdalene.
They were preparing to get married.
Just a few days before their wedding,
Robert went out of town
for some important government work.
A soldier named William, who was a guard
in the palace, lusted after Magdalene.
When Robert was out of town,
William brought a witch to the palace.
After that night, a lot of
changes were seen in Magdalene.
When Robert returned,
one of the soldiers told him
that William had his eyes on Magdalene,
and his attempt to bring
a witch to seduce her.
So, it's natural...
Robert took his gun
and wanted to shoot William.
But he managed to escape.
The next day, in the palace,
Commander Robert and Magdalene
were found dead under
mysterious circumstances.
Now whom would you suspect
if you were there?
- William.
- Yes.
That's whom the whole place doubted.
next day, William was also found dead in
a forest under mysterious circumstances.
The soldiers managed to find the witch,
brought her to the palace, and killed her.
That's what my research says.
The news spread like wildfire.
Some have even said that Magdalene's
spirit haunted them in their dreams.
Since that palace was haunted,
they demolished it.
But, Magdalene's curse
still haunts the palace.
It is said that many
have died because of it.
The image you sketched
and the painting I found look the same.
Magdalene Ellis.
True, sir.
So the witch from the incident
and the dream catcher...
must have some connection.
Yes, I am sure.
This is related to witchcraft.
I am saying it again, the dream
key that could save your life,
must be the body part of an animal.
The key I mentioned
must be a skull like this one.
Or might be a pig's head.
Or it might even be a monkey paw.
If we can find out which
animal's part is in the palace,
we can use it to break the curse
and escape from the dream.
Somehow search for that key.
- I'll accompany you in the next dream.
- Liar.
Sir, we will surely find
the key this time.
Dad, let's do one thing.
Let Mom stay awake here.
The three of us will go into the
dream and find the key.
- I have an idea.
- What is it?
You go alone,
I will take care of your mom.
How can he go alone?
You go along with him.
Go along with him?
Do you think I will return?
Dad, we'll come back for sure.
- Don't exact revenge for my past deeds.
- Don't worry, let's go.
Uncle, go sleep.
God, give me sound sleep.
Why fear when you are here?
Kanns, are you trying to
trap me with the ghost?
Just watch how this daredevil
Anjanenjan enters the scene!
You are pretending, right?
I have foreign liquor with me.
I thought of giving some
to you before you sleep.
What? Did you say foreign liquor?
You crook! My suspicion was right.
Shut up and sleep.
Wake us up if we scream in our sleep.
Okay, be careful.
Dear Lord!
I must find the key today.
Where is everyone?
This place has all the qualities
of a haunted house.
Uncle, come.
Seems like I am floating in the air.
They said it was a palace,
but everything looks so blur to me.
Seems like all my pendants
and holy ash are gone.
A twist in the tale, I guess.
- Kanns, you are here!
- Dad, lower your voice.
I can't see anything properly.
Everything looks blur.
Did you pluck the feather
without wearing glasses?
If you had told me before, I would
have worn glasses before plucking it.
If I had said it before,
you wouldn't have plucked it.
Who is that Lilliput?
- Come here, doctor.
- Where are his trousers?
He is wearing them
but you can't see.
Doctor, this is my family.
The four of us must split into two teams
and search for the dream key.
And one more important thing.
If you look at the ghost,
don't get scared.
- Pretend that you are fearless.
- Okay.
- You both are a team. Go now.
- Yes...
Let me use the loo.
- In the real world, you'll ruin the bed.
- No, I will control it.
Don't you know that such
situations will churn my tummy?
- Come here.
- Looks like some scrapyard.
- Search over there.
- This looks like Aladdin's lamp.
Quiet. Don't shout and alert the ghost.
My hands slipped,
and my vision was already blurred.
I am fumbling over here,
I cannot find anything.
What is with the sudden heavy silence?
What happened?
- It's the ghost.
- The ghost? Dear God!
Don't be scared.
Let's pretend we are fearless.
Generally, I look calm
like Gemini Ganesan.
But if you infuriate me,
I will turn into Captain Vijaykanth.
What are you blabbering?
You blabber something as well.
I look like Shin Chan when I laugh.
But if I become serious...
I will turn into Jackie Chan.
Mind you!
Where is it?
I don't see anything.
- Check the ceiling.
- It is working out.
- The ghost is gone.
- It's gone?
It's the ghost.
Kanns, don't leave me.
- Come faster.
- I'll surely crap here!
- Then do it but keep running.
- Let me go.
Mother Mary!
What happened?
- The ghost is upstairs.
- Damn.
- So your dad's gonna rest in peace?
- Shut your mouth.
What is that sound?
Did you bring it along with you?
- Is it here?
- Sir?
So, you fell asleep?
- Who is this Karate master?
- My intro can wait.
Let's escape from here now.
We can't go out just like that.
Fine, you stay here, we will get out.
- Let's get out of here.
- Listen to me.
- We cannot exit without the key.
- Let's get out.
I told Mom to wake us up
if something happens.
Then why didn't she wake us up?
Let us shake our arms and legs.
Mom will get a clear indication.
I have not shivered so
much even on dry days.
- My ears are paining too.
- Kanna...
- Kanna...
- Mom...
I can hear mom's voice.
I guess she is trying to wake me up.
I will disappear anytime now.
- What about me?
- I will wake you up.
I was wearing the face pack
when I plucked that feather.
It's me. Your mother, Lakshmi.
- But how?
- Well...
I ate the leftover Pongal.
And I dozed off.
Sister, did you leave
some pongal for me?
Uncle, I have some
respect left for you...
Do not ruin it.
Sekar! It is strangling my throat...
Your dad is screaming. Go check on him.
Another ghost?
It is coming our way, Kanna! Run!
Yeah right!
Guess he got someone new
to pluck the feather.
Hello, bro!
Excuse me.
It's too dark there...
Oh my God!
How many ghosts are present here?
I just came to supply a water can, sir.
Kanna! Kanna!
- Kanna, wake up.
- What happened to you?
- My only heir, Kanns... wake up!
- What happened?
You idiot! Wake up!
He woke up!
- What happened?
- Mom...
Mom, I died in the dream.
The other ghost killed me.
- We are still in the dream.
- What?
He's dreaming inside a dream!
Culprit fellow!
I had a dream inside this dream
and a ghost killed me in that dream?
Yes. What are you wondering?
This is called false awakening.
What did that pout-mouth say?
- Doctor...
- Tell me.
Is there a way to wake up from this dream?
Let me think of an idea.
Think but don't pout your mouth!
Why is he calling the ghost?
Wait, Dad.
- I got an idea!
- Tell me.
All of you close your eyes
and concentrate, just like me.
You'll also get some ideas.
- Unbelievable.
- This is the idea you came up with?
Nephew, first go
and close the door quickly.
Let's close our eyes
and see if his idea works.
You guys see if you can come up
with some ideas.
- I'll check for the key in this room.
- Okay, you do that.
Close your eyes.
I don't have to close my eyes,
everything's already out of focus.
Dad, shut your mouth.
Stop yapping away.
- Who was that? Sekar?
- No, that was not me.
- Mom, there's a tunnel here!
- A tunnel?
Mom, looks like a tunnel.
Let me go in and see
if the dream key is in there.
Kanns, don't you escape from there.
Devil, do you want to go with him?
I'm too short for the tunnel.
You go.
That door just opened on its own!
The wind just pushed the door open.
Why is there no response from him?
What happened, Dad?
- Kanns, what happened?
- Oh God!
How come you're here?
I called you a few times
but you didn't answer.
I doubted something was wrong
and came here.
What happened in the dream?
Did you find the key?
No, there are two ghosts over there.
Dear, Kanns.
Go in and check.
Kanns... should Daddy come in?
There he is.
I can see his hand.
Come on, dear Kanns.
- Oh my God, it's the ghost!
- Ghost!
Your dress is really nice.
- Where did you buy it?
- Like that's very important now!
Mom! Mom!
Uncle! Uncle!
Thank God, we escaped.
- Yes, mom.
- I can't take it.
Does it hurt, mom?
Look, it's that ghost!
Mom, she works
with the Exorcist who's helping us.
Fine, nice to meet you.
KP we have to leave.
It's very urgent.
Mom, I'll go meet the exorcist
and come back.
Until then please do not sleep.
- Sorry, Mom.
- I can't take it, dear.
Devil, watch out! Incoming!
Disconnect it, doctor.
I meant the ghost is coming!
I thought it was a phone call.
God! I'll close my eyes.
I won't look at it!
You won't look at it
but it's looking at us!
- God!
- Dear...
Uncle, wake up or else
the Lord of Death will take you away!
A ghost again!
Thanks a lot, dear.
I knew you'd show up
when I'm in trouble.
Fool, what are you blabbing?
Someone called Kannappan called me
and asked me to wake you up.
- That's why I woke you up.
- I knew it.
Had you known what's going on,
you'd have left me to die.
What's that wound?
I fell down. Now get lost!
Last night you were sitting like
a half-open-eyed demon!
How did you end up
sleeping like a log?
Don't you know I can sleep
with my eyes half open?
Turn on that camera
and give it to me.
Are you going to make reels?
No, I'm going to do something real.
Wondering why I'm spitting
on your face?
I did it before anybody else did it!
Why do you sleep all the time?
Sir, we thought there was
only one ghost but there are two!
Yes, sir.
That too a male ghost.
Male spirit?
I think it must be Commander Robert,
Magdalene's fiance.
But why would Robert pluck the feather
and get trapped in the dream?
KP, any leads or updates
on that dream key?
With two ghosts wandering there,
we couldn't search for it, sir.
To be honest,
we are scared to fall asleep.
Please do something quickly, sir.
If it was only me, I could wait...
- but my whole family is trapped.
- KP.
Don't panic.
No more waiting.
I'll also join you in the dream
and search for the key.
Thanks, sir.
In order to search for the key,
we must first lock both those spirits.
You're right.
Are there any...
mirrors in that palace?
Yes, sir.
There are mirrors in a few rooms.
KP, we must first
lure both spirits to one spot.
Then, I will place
a mirror facing both spirits.
And you place another mirror
right opposite the mirror I place.
When the reflection of the spirits
in the mirror on my side...
falls and reflects on the mirror
on your side,
then both the spirits will be locked
between the two reflections.
Within 24 hours...
those spirits will slowly die.
- Okay, sir.
- Fine.
I must make some preparations
to appear in that dream palace.
- KP...
- Sir?
Hereafter, you must be very careful
while you're in the dream.
Okay, sir.
- Where are we going, Dark?
- I'll tell you.
To whose house have we come?
Aunt Alicia. I used to often come here
and play in my childhood.
Back then she used to tell me
many stories about Britishers.
She also showed me many photos.
I got busy with work, Aunty.
Hope you're doing good.
Do you know anything about this...
Commander Robert Langdon
and his fiance Magdalene Ellis?
I heard that a soldier working in
that palace murdered them both.
During the 1930s there were
a lot of mysteries surrounding Chennai.
Do you know anything
specific about those two?
I heard Magdalene was very beautiful
and Commander Robert
was six feet and three inches tall.
I also heard that he was
very fond of music.
- Six feet and three inches tall?
- Why are you so curious about them?
What happened?
The male ghost
that I saw in that dream palace...
is not six feet and three inches tall.
Ask her if she has any photos
or newspaper cuttings related to them.
Wait, I'll be back.
These are the photos from back when
my dad was in the British Army.
The one standing there is
Commander Robert.
That ghost doesn't look
anything like Robert.
So if it's not Robert
in the dream palace...
Do you have the remaining piece?
Wait, let me check.
Here it is.
Dark, it was not Robert
in the dream palace.
It was William.
What happened?
Nothing, aunty.
Thank you so much for your help.
You take care.
What? When?
What happened, doctor?
How is he?
He suffered a mild heart attack due to
a 40 percent block in his arteries.
We just finished angioplasty.
Can we discharge him now?
No way.
He needs at least two days of rest.
Two days?
Oh my God! My uncle was living his life
and having a ball.
But look at him now.
They turned him into a doll!
Kanna, look at our plight...
You asked me to rush here
and what are you doing?
I am doing nothing.
The fear is pushing me to do all this.
- Here, hold this.
- You called me to hold this?
No, it's something even more important.
Here, read this.
It's our house document.
"In 1930, the palace built by
Commander Robert was destroyed...
and the British government
sold the land in an auction.
Mariappan Chettiyar bought this land."
Your Grandpa built this house
where that palace once stood.
So, that's why the dream catcher
was in the well behind our house.
What a place for Grandpa to buy!
Yeah, blame him now.
What did the exorcist say?
Mom, he promised to join us
in the dream today.
But then he suddenly had a heart attack.
Oh my God!
He'll get discharged
only after two days.
So until he is back,
- we must not sleep.
- Damn...
I got the best idea.
What's that?
In the neighboring street,
an old man named Aarumugam passed away.
Since he was old,
it's considered an auspicious death.
The final rites will
take place in the morning.
So there will be a lot of music, dance,
and many activities throughout the night.
Though the idea is pathetic,
but then you said it's
an auspicious death.
So they will be lamenting, singing,
and dancing throughout the night.
Nephew, taking advantage
of a death is wrong.
Uncle, it's either that or death.
So we better head there.
- Then let's start.
- Pack some snacks.
He'll get discharged only after two days.
Until then we must not sleep, doctor.
He cleverly got admitted!
Where is he?
He's on the phone...
- Come here.
- Yes, Dad.
Why is everyone in silent mode
and not in lamenting mode?
- Yes.
- Kanna...
only if we don't let them sleep,
will they keep us awake.
Come up with some ideas.
Mom, you start.
Start with what?
Start lamenting, Mom.
Come on, man!
Lamenting is not her thing but eating is.
That's how my sister is.
Come on, Mom.
Think of something sad and cry.
- That's horrible, Sister. Please stop it.
- No, Mom. Stop it.
I agree.
- Even I didn't like my performance.
- Come up with something else.
imagine dad is missing.
Now imagine that and cry.
Now that's embarrassing.
- Mom, stop laughing.
- How dare you laugh!
- Wait, you'll hurt your other eye as well.
- No, I can't.
Mom, your five-pound necklace is missing.
Did you just tell her that
her gold jewelry is missing?
It's missing?
- Now watch her performance!
- Now cry, Mom.
My necklace!
Now replace the word "necklace"
with "Aarumugam".
- Go there and lament!
- Go! Run!
Dear Aarumugam Grandpa!
- Dear Aarumugam Grandpa!
- How could you die so young, Grandpa?
You're so lucky
to have a garland send-off.
Don't mind. Continue.
Looks like poverty to the core.
- Look how weak Grandma is.
- Grandpa.
Looks like their daughter.
God bless you, dear.
My sweetheart died in his sleep.
What? He died in his sleep?
That's worse than hanging to death!
- Kanns, I'm sensing a bad vibe.
- Yes, Grandma.
- He's gone.
- Kanns, is that a pillow in his mouth?
- No, I mean it looked like a pillow.
- Keep blabbering.
- Put me down!
- It's hot.
Blow on it.
Why do you keep kidnapping me?
Well, doctor...
I thought I'd kidnap both of you...
but then who will search
for the key in the dream?
So let him search for the key
and you keep me awake.
Boys! Oh God!
So everyone's here?
We are not going to sleep
for the next ten days.
- Why, sir?
- After that, he'll sleep forever.
- I'll finish you off, darling.
- Sorry, Uncle.
We are aiming to make it into the Guinness
Book of World Records for staying awake.
This doctor here is going
to help us achieve that.
So if you have any doubts,
clear it with Dr. Johnny.
Dude, you had some doubts, right?
Ask him.
You fool!
How dare you ask me such doubts?
I'm a psychiatrist,
not the "night" doctor.
- Got it?
- Got it.
Repeat this and I'll remove your guts.
Get lost!
Things are slowing down.
Let me restart it.
Stop scaring us.
- Nephew...
- Yes, Uncle?
Look over there.
- That's awesome, Uncle.
- Move!
Shut up and sit down.
- Let me shake a leg, please.
- Whatever, go.
Nobody sleeps here
No way, buddy
Now my party booms here, so come on!
This night won't be enough
So do not sleep
We won't get back these times
Time will come when
We will rest in peace
But that's not today
So dance and celebrate
If you only live in
Your dreams till the end...
Your life will be no good in reality
If you stay sober
When it's time to enjoy...
Then your youth will be wasted
Nobody sleeps here
No way, buddy
Now my party booms here, so come on!
Nobody sleeps here
No way, buddy
Now my party booms here, so come on!
Forget the running task.
Give us some other task.
Don't close your eyes, Uncle.
Or else you'll be closed in an ice box.
This is laughing gas.
Inhale it and you can stay awake
for three hours.
Mr. Bulk...
Mr. Bigshow.
Here, all of you inhale it.
- This gas is something.
- That's the power of laughing gas.
Now we won't fall asleep
if we keep laughing like this.
- Hey, Devil!
- Who is that?
Kasi, why are you here with your men?
See that, boss? He calls us to fight
and he mocks us by laughing at us.
Do you want to fight? Come on.
- I want to sleep.
- Wake him up and you take his place.
Get lost you doofus.
The way you're lamenting will make
the deceased grandpa lament.
Everyone's looking dull. I feel so sleepy.
There's a death in T Nagar.
Shall we go there?
Shut up.
I'll shout out once again.
Grandpa! Oh God, dear grandpa!
Grandpa! Grandpa!
- Mom, let's go.
- Oh, you're alive!
Don't let go, or I'll fall asleep.
Now that's the third pot of tea!
I hope you guys didn't sleep.
Not yet.
Not after drinking 12 liters of tea.
- How is he?
- He's recovering.
Just manage to stay awake today.
Mom... mom...
Please, Mom, don't yawn.
Look it's becoming contagious.
- I'm unable to control my eyes.
- I understand.
Wait, Mom.
I'll come up with some ideas.
What are you thinking?
- Kanna...
- Him?
He is sleeping.
- No... I'm thinking of ideas.
- Are you sleeping?
Look at my uncle!
He's floating in water though he looks
like an experienced jet pilot!
Oh no, he just drowned
like Jack in Titanic.
Uncle, you are swag.
Even though you're asleep
you're swimming underwater!
You broomy-buns!
A small slip and I'd be living
in the water like Aquaman.
Uncle, you are not Aquaman but Undertaker!
You have six lives. You'll never die.
You have only one life.
- I'll take that.
- Apologies, Uncle.
Hi, doctor.
Did some bee sting you?
Not a bee, but Bruce Lee.
Why is the whole family
in Halloween costume?
We used tapes to keep
our eyes from shutting.
If you have any other new ideas,
then tell us. Just for today.
- Johnny, Johnny...
- There! He's scratching the wall again.
- Quiet, Dad.
- I got an idea!
Now everybody, breathe in.
One, two, three, four...
-five, six, seven,
This won't keep us awake.
This will kill us.
Lower the count, doctor.
It took you 30 years to realize this?
I didn't even apply my face pack.
What happened to you?
Sorry, Mom. I'm sleepy hence...
Look at his face!
It looks like a wild boar.
- Get up, let's go.
- What happened?
Did he appear gigantic like Frankenstein?
How did you know that?
That's how he always looks.
Doctor, why are paranormal activities
happening in reality?
"A timid person always sees
a ghost in every dark corner"
- Useless.
- You sound like that.
- The evil dead ghost!
- What happened?
- What happened, doctor?
- Well, nothing...
Because we haven't slept,
we are now hallucinating.
We start seeing things that don't exist.
God. Now what do we do, doctor?
- I'll prescribe a pill. Can you buy it?
- Okay, doctor.
Give me ten of these pills.
Priya, bill these pills too.
- Okay, sir.
- These pills.
90 rupees.
Keep the change.
Heads down. Heads up.
Instead of being stuck
here with this stupid doctor,
we'd rather be stuck
with that damn ghost.
- Did you get it?
- Yes and I had two pills on the way.
Give that, my eyes are getting heavy.
- Water, it got stuck in my throat.
- Quick, give him water or he'll die, Mom.
No more hallucinations.
This pill will work fine.
Everyone, relax for five minutes.
Nephew, why is my vision blurring?
Yeah, mine as well.
Everything is blur.
Things will be like this for some time...
since you have taken a powerful pill.
I am feeling more drowsy
only after taking this pill.
Yeah, I feel the same as well.
Let me check the pill.
This nutcase has
bought the wrong tablet.
This is a powerful sleeping pill.
Sleeping pill?
After all the efforts to stay awake,
we took the sleeping pill and slept off.
This fool got the wrong pill
and got me into trouble.
Things seem very confusing here.
Why do I feel like my back is burning?
No! Oh my God!
My background is on fire!
- Kanna...
- Mom...
We slept off.
I am scared.
- Oh God.
- Mom...
Come, let's go.
Kanna, I'm scared it might
show up out of the blue.
This looks like Queen Elizabeth's gown.
I look like Daddy's little princess.
Face mask? Superb!
Let me stay casual.
Come, O white moon
The sky is seeking you
Covered in the veil
I am caught in here
Come, O white moon
To peek at my face
The ghost is gazing at me
KP, come here. Come on.
- That ghost is calling you.
- Let's just ignore it.
Come, O white moon
The sky is seeking you
I think it's the same street.
- Dad...
- Kanns?
How did we sleep despite being so alert?
Your brother-in-law
bought us sleeping pills.
Bloody crap, illiterate fellow.
- He is a total waste.
- Be quiet.
Kanns, safeguard me like you are
safeguarding your mom.
My whole body is trembling.
I wonder where we
will bleed in real life.
Devil, you fell right next
to the ghost's feet.
- What did you say?
- Run!
- Tell me before you go.
- Ghost!
Why are they running away
from me, as if I'm a ghost?
Sorry, dude.
Damn, it's a ghost!
Another one!
So you guys were actually
running away from ghosts?
I wonder how I'm able to run so fast!
Go towards the left, Lachu.
Doctor, you came to our rescue?
But why in this dress?
You ill-fated idiot.
Are you here as well?
You gave us all sleeping pills
and you are checking on us now?
- Damn you.
- Sorry, doctor.
You better get killed by the ghost.
If you ever come out...
I'll kill you with my bare hands.
Oh God.
You are here as well?
Thank God.
I asked them to play a movie to stay
awake, but they played an old musical.
They packed me there
and delivered me here.
- What are you searching for, doctor?
- Salt.
Why do you need salt?
If we draw a circle
around us with salt,
- no ghost can come near us.
- What?
Didn't your grandmother
teach you about it?
Kanns, please get an
eyeglass for your dad.
- I cannot see anything.
- Why didn't you wear your eyeglasses?
Everything looks blur.
Are there any mirrors in that palace?
Stay put, I will be back.
- Be careful.
- Why are you leaving me?
- I am standing inside, will I be safe?
- Don't worry, nothing bad will happen.
This will work perfectly.
Chant that salt mantra, doctor.
Be careful.
The ghost is here.
Watch me now.
Hear the wisdom of salt now
Wisdom of salt, wisdom of salt
Wisdom of salt
The salt song worked, doctor.
Yes, doctor.
- Give me your hands.
- It worked.
KP, come inside.
- Come inside, come.
- We are caught in this mess...
- and you people are playing games.
- No, it is a gate to prevent the ghost.
The ghost will come now.
Oh, God.
Why is nothing happening?
Is it gone?
I feel relieved.
Let me hide behind this...
and move along.
Why is he up in the air like
some energy struck him from the mirror?
Let's run.
Mom, are you alright?
- Is she alright?
- I'm okay.
Mom, we have only one ghost left.
If we can lock it the same way...
we can find the dream
key and escape out of here.
Now my ears hurt,
in addition to my vision being blur.
I don't get it.
I guess she doesn't like us
locking William in the mirror.
What do you mean?
It was William who killed her...
but how is he here?
Why is it silent?
Why is it not coming for us?
Would you like it to attack us?
Shall we talk to it?
- Doctor, can you talk to that ghost?
- Yes.
No way.
I am stuck in this place
because of your son.
You want me to talk to the
ghost now? Better send your son.
Dad, you are good at these things.
Go talk with it.
Wait up.
You are always excited
to talk with girls, right?
- Go talk to her and sort things out.
- Get lost.
Rowdy sir, please go.
All the best brother.
- I am a brave man.
- Yes, go now.
But I am not brave enough
to deal with ghosts.
He is a chicken.
- Kanns, make a bold attempt.
- You are the hero.
- No, Kanna...
- Go on.
- I'll go myself.
- Go on.
What happened, Magdalene?
How is William in this place?
Why are you getting
furious if we lock him up?
Isn't he the bad guy?
No, he is not.
We don't understand.
What is happening here exactly?
During the 1930s, in Madras,
I was a doctor in the
British government.
William was a soldier in the army
and we were in love.
But a great peril entered our lives.
He was the newly appointed
Commander Robert.
Robert portrayed himself as
a good man before the public.
But in reality, he was a
womanizer who tortured women.
- Commander Robert...
- Okay...
One day, Commander Robert
arranged a party in his palace.
Robert saw me there
and desired to make me his own.
So, he abducted me
and arrested me in his house...
and announced that
we were going to get married soon.
I was scared that he
would kill the soldier, William...
if he found out about our love affair.
So, I hid it from him.
Despite knowing that
I wasn't interested in marrying him,
Robert tortured me every day.
He sexually harassed me.
You have no other option.
Every night, I used to meet
- my lover William secretly.
- Magdalene, don't worry.
Stay strong.
One day, Commander Robert went
out of town for some government work.
At this time, William met the white witch...
and stated our problems.
That witch said that she
could not unite us in the real world.
But she spoke of a dream world
where they lock uncontrollable ghosts.
She told him that she could
unite us in one such dream world.
That same night, William secretly
brought the witch into the palace.
For us to be together, the
witch used the black magic book...
to recreate this very palace in a dream.
William plucked the feather
out of the dream catcher.
He showed me the dream catcher...
and told me that if I pluck the feather,
we can be together in the dream world.
"If things are true, let us
meet in the dream", he said.
one of the soldiers was eavesdropping.
That night, we slept and got
transported to this dream palace.
Without Robert,
the palace felt like heaven to us.
William told me
that whatever happens in the dream
will happen in reality as well.
He said that if in case we die here,
our souls will be
trapped in this dream world.
To escape the dream world...
he gave me a monkey paw...
and taught me some spells.
Using the monkey paw...
we could wish to get out
of the dream world only once.
The witch had told us that we could
use the wish to get out permanently.
When Robert returned...
the other soldier
who had no clue at all,
informed everything that
he eavesdropped to Robert.
Be safe.
That night, Robert came
to my room while I slept.
He took the dream catcher
that I had hidden away.
Having no clue about it,
he plucked a feather.
Unknowingly, Robert got transported
to the dream palace and found us.
He told us that he plucked
the feather and ended up here.
He attacked William and asked him
to explain what was going on.
Fearing that he might hurt William...
I revealed everything to him.
Upon hearing it,
Robert tried to kill William.
William couldn't fight Robert.
So, he pointed me to the monkey paw.
Told me to take it...
and escape from the dream world.
Magdalene, take the monkey paw.
I took the monkey paw
but I couldn't leave without William.
But Robert killed William before that.
He snatched the monkey paw from me.
He forcefully asked me to tell him
the spell to escape from this dream world.
I decided not to tell him
at any cost and I died as well.
Since Robert didn't know the
spell words to escape from here,
he was unable to get out of the dream.
As the witch said before,
the three of our souls...
got trapped in this dream world.
That's what happened.
So, Robert's spirit is also here?
After that, Robert's spirit tormented us.
He asked us for the monkey paw spell...
to escape the dream
and be a free soul once again.
But William and I
never revealed it to him.
One day, Robert suddenly
disappeared with the monkey paw.
But William and I were stuck in here.
So, that is the reason
they didn't harm us.
We must not spare that Robert.
You keep away first.
Magdalene, don't we have any
other way to escape this dream?
The monkey paw is your only way.
But Robert took it with him.
Everything is gone.
We must spend the rest of our
lives here with the same faces.
Oh God!
Wake up.
- Ma'am...
- Dad.
You guys promised you won't sleep.
He bought us sleeping pills
instead of hallucination pills.
- Where is the doctor?
- Doctor...
Guess he mistook the washing machine
for a wash basin.
Is it your underwear?
He will not wake up soon.
Why was he hanging like
he was going to be hanged?
- KP.
- Take care of him.
Are we back in town?
I cannot believe it.
I can't bring the ghost
and make her tell you everything.
You were right about the dream key.
It is a monkey paw, sir.
So, you won't be facing any troubles
from Magdalene and William anymore.
So, should we put up with these
ghosts for the rest of our lives?
That is not the only issue now.
You did not lock both
their spirits in the mirror.
In case the mirror
breaks in 24 hours,
and something happens to William,
Magdalene will kill you all gruesomely.
Robert wanted to escape
the dream and be free again,
but his spirit disappeared
along with the monkey paw.
What is plan B?
The one who helped
Magdalene and William...
- is a white witch.
- A white witch?
and white witches use
a particular symbol...
to hide their secrets.
Just a second.
This is it.
Isn't it the same symbol?
Sir, the book which I gave you
has the same symbol.
- Dark, you are brilliant.
- What happened, sir?
What is in there?
They have used the feather from the
dream catcher to make the escape key.
So, I was right.
We plucked the feathers here
and got into the dream world.
Likewise, if we take
dream catcher into the dream,
and pluck the feather,
won't we come to real life?
I guess the book is also trying
to convey the same, sir.
No, I don't think this idea will work.
We need some more
time to understand this.
Along with Robert,
the monkey paw is also gone.
- Sir, we don't have any other options.
- Dark...
We must do something
before the mirror breaks.
There must be a way.
But I don't think we can take
the dream catcher into the dream.
We can.
There is a way.
Pentagram method.
We can send a replica of the
dream catcher into the dream.
I will follow you soon.
It feels like death formalities.
Will this really work out?
It must.
Let me give it a try.
KP, rest your head in
this ring and lie down.
You want to lie on an empty floor?
You better use a mat.
Guess she'll ask him
to use a pillow next.
Can't you see?
She is performing black magic.
And you want him to sleep on a mat?
They are magicians?
You guys told us that they are exorcists.
Did you hear him?
His parents must regret having him!
Lord, this dream catcher
must transport us to the dream.
I promised to shave my wife's
and son's heads in a vow for you.
- Who is this Sherlock Holmes?
- Sir.
- There he is.
- All set.
I'm sure he is here with
some bad news for us.
KP, there is a small risk.
- I told you!
- What risk?
When you lie down on the pentagram,
black magic will be cast on you...
and the dream catcher will be
transported into the dream.
Now because of that,
you can only enter the dream.
Suppose, this dream catcher
feather idea doesn't work,
you will not be able to wake up.
This is your last dream.
We are here for him, we will
shake him and wake him.
I will pour water and wake him up.
They may shake you or pour water on you...
KP, you won't be able to wake up.
After that...
- he will go into a coma.
- God.
Look when he is telling us this.
Now, the decision is yours.
What is happening, Kanns?
He is getting me all worried.
Please forgive me, everyone.
Sir, they are all trapped because of me.
It was I, who started it.
Now I will end it. You can begin, sir.
What if you pluck the feather in the dream
and don't come to reality?
I will be back, Mom. I must do it
before something happens to William.
I cannot leave you alone,
I will come with you.
I will also come.
Let us face it.
What will I do without you all?
I will also join.
- Come.
- What is this?
He said "coma", but these people
are going there as if it's "Goa".
He gave an emotional speech
and made everyone go with him.
What if they pluck the feathers
and actually escape?
Already that exorcist
was hospitalized for...
I mean chest pain. What if something
happens to him and we're stuck forever?
So, let us also participate with them.
Okay doctor, let's go.
It's been so long since I slept.
If we take risks with courage,
even the impossible
will be in our favor.
So be confident.
This spell...
will prevent you from the nightmares.
- Mom...
- Got it.
- The dream catcher is here.
- Good God.
Yes, success.
Wait, we have not plucked it yet.
I was not talking about that.
When did you sneak it in?
Don't stare at me. That guy
warned that it may be our last dream,
so I set it up for safety.
Let him be. He might have
gone to extremes to buy it.
The nation needs alcoholics.
Shut up.
Mom, pluck it first.
Not the time to choose a color.
I am leaving now.
Everything will be alright,
you need not worry.
Why is she bidding
goodbye to the ghost?
Guess she will hug her and cry too.
You made us pluck
the feathers first in the real world,
but now, you are selfishly
sending your mom first?
Why, do you want him
to send your mom first?
You are doing
the right thing, just carry on.
No use, Dark Daves.
They cannot wake up.
I have made a wrong decision.
Why is this voodoo doll tied to it?
There is some reason...
behind this.
Yes, you're right.
We must immediately communicate with
that witch, who tied this doll to this.
But how?
- How do we do that now?
- How do we find who she is...
- Hello, aunty.
- Hello.
- Hi, this is Dark.
- Yeah, hi.
I called you to find out
some important information.
What details do you need?
Do you remember
Commander Robert and Magdalene?
After they died,
the British soldiers killed a witch.
Do you have any idea about her?
- Aunty?
- I don't know, Dark Daves.
Aunty, please.
Aunty, if you know anything at all,
please tell me.
Your information could save a family.
Dark Daves?
What happened?
Sir, that witch...
is Malkin Daves.
My great-grandmother.
Your great-grandmother.
This book was written by her.
Chapter closed.
it didn't work.
So you and your mother dragged us as well
in the name of taking risks, right?
If this dream catcher
feather idea doesn't work,
you will not be able to wake up.
This is your last dream.
So we must live here till death?
Not until death but even after death
we'll have to wander here as spirits.
Everybody go
and choose a room for yourself.
The silver lining for you is that
you got booze with you.
Dark Daves,
we must communicate with that witch.
I mean,
I am going to make your great-grandmother,
Malkin Dave's spirit possess you.
Malkin Daves...
Malkin Daves, what is the reason
for the voodoo doll?
Come on...
Tell me what happened.
Come on.
Robert, Magdalene, and William,
after they died in the dream world,
Robert tortured William and Magdalene
asking for the monkey paw's secret spell.
I realized this in the real world.
I decided to arrest Robert. In order
to lock Robert in the dream palace,
I tied a bundle of hair from
Robert's body to that voodoo doll.
I tied it to that dream catcher,
cast a spell used to trap souls...
and buried Robert inside a wall
in that dream palace.
Then I used that doll
and tried to finish him off.
That's when a soldier...
shot me dead.
Oh my God.
They must not disturb
that voodoo doll at any cost.
That's what it is written!
- So, let me go into that dream, sir.
- No!
I can do this.
I shall first prevent them from
disturbing the voodoo doll.
You find out the spell to control Robert's
spirit and then come into the dream.
I didn't bring any clothes.
All I have is this gown.
- Why did you come here?
- Where's the dream catcher?
Why do you ask? It is of no use!
Where is the dream catcher, KP?
She is my friend.
- What happened?
- What's with the lights? Low voltage?
That witch had arrested
Robert's spirit using this voodoo doll.
You have released it now.
- Who is it?
- God, where was he all this while?
Come on!
Lachu, they provoked Robert now.
They are coming one after the other,
like Royal Rumble.
- I'm sure all of us a doomed.
- True.
I have come for you,
my dear Magdalene.
I will never be yours!
Your William.
Tell me the secret spell!
Leave her!
Hey, Dark.
Why is she singing
prayers to the ghost?
I can't control Robert's spirit.
What do we do now?
Go and help our son!
I can't see anything,
how will I look for Kanns?
Devil, run!
He might mistake me
for Magdalene and catch me. Run!
- Which turn do I take?
- Just take any turn.
- Why did you drop that box?
- It's a camera, Dad!
I asked for eyeglasses
and he got a camera!
The ghost is far better than you!
Look, you broke it!
- I broke it?
- Get lost!
The ghost is not here.
Here's the dream key...
the monkey paw.
I got it. All of you come here
before Robert comes.
- Where are you looking? Come.
- Thank you, doctor.
We all can escape
if you tell us the secret spell.
I cannot reveal it.
One of you has been possessed...
by Robert's spirit.
I can feel his presence.
What are you saying?
In order to get out of the dream,
he has possessed someone.
If he comes to the real world,
he will kill us and everybody out there.
Your dad's behaving strangely.
I shall rough him up.
When he screams, we can find out
if he is possessed or not.
- Mom, that's how he sounds.
- No.
Get out, you spirit! Get out!
Stop it! Earlier you used to slap me
and now you started kicking as well?
- That's your dad.
- Yes.
Of course, I am your dad.
Have no doubts.
Look at him
Sing the Tamil Thai Vazhthu.
I don't know that, man.
Why did you say it in English?
Because I studied in convent.
- Convent?
- Of course.
Now hear my English.
Hey Robert, bloody...
I'll kill you.
Bloody British bullshit.
Look at our son's English fluency.
He is abusing him
and it's full of mistakes!
And she's feeling proud!
Is something stuck in his throat?
Why's he growling like that?
Are his feet on the ground?
The gown is hiding them.
Give it to me!
Oh my God!
So he had possessed me?
Give it to me!
Lachu, run. Let's hide.
- Where did you just keep your hand?
- Sorry.
Give me the monkey paw!
- Don't harm my mother. I'll give it.
- No, don't give it.
- Don't you give it to him.
- Here, take it.
- Why did you give it?
- Mom, run.
Stop gawking at the ghost
and come here quickly!
If Robert had us at gunpoint,
he'd have refused to
give it and sacrificed us.
True, he'd have done that.
I also heard that he was
very fond of music.
Why did he start a music concert now?
This fellow...
He thinks he can divert
the ghost by playing music!
Do something! Go!
Are you going to do makeup?
Where should I place it?
There? Wait.
Sorry, sir.
You have been touching me in the wrong
places ever since I wore this gown.
I hit you by mistake, I'm sorry.
- Oh, God. Kanna!
- Kanna! Oh my God!
He's bleeding.
Kanna, get up. Let's get away from here.
- Come on.
- What happened? Show me.
Tell me the secret spell now!
I won't tell you anything!
Now who can wake us up
in the real world?
I'll tell you everything.
Take the monkey paw...
and say,
"In the name of Morpheus..."
and ask what you wish for.
You all will die and...
will be stuck here forever.
If he completes the spell...
- In the name of Morpheus...
- We lost the dream key!
Release the soul of...
What was that now?
Look, his hand fell off!
Break that oldie's leg too!
KP, burn down that voodoo doll.
- Help him.
- Nephew.
- Get up, dear.
- We must burn that doll.
- Get something to ignite it.
- Come, let's try getting the doll.
- Kanna...
- Make it fast. He'll manage.
Throw me the booze.
He's asking for booze
as his death wish, doofus!
Here you go.
Now do you accept?
The nation needs alcoholics.
Another man falls victim to booze.
Kanns, finally we got the fire.
The old man's already dead?
In the name of Morpheus...
release the soul of...
William, Magdalene.
- Anjanenjan.
- Bye-bye!
- I hope he doesn't forget me.
- Devil Armstrong.
Dark Daves and...
- Call the ambulance.
- Right away.
I'm sorry... I was considering
entering into the dream...
Yeah right!
I mean... Yeah, you're right.
What happened?
These days I'm not afraid of ghosts,
but my future scares me a lot, Mom.
in every family...
there will be one individual who will be
the first to become rich and successful.
And in our family,
it's going to be you.
why did God never give
me any opportunity?
It is us, who must go
in search of opportunities.
When God is testing someone,
it means that...
God is preparing them for
some huge success.
Don't let that nightmare
crush your dreams.
Everything will fall into place.
Be confident.
Here, drink this milk.
Your horror game demo was extraordinary.
- Even the core idea is unique.
- Thank you.
- This game will definitely become a trend.
- Sure, sir.
- All the best.
- Thank you so much.
So, when are you joining?
Sir, we shall join tomorrow!
- What do you say, dude?
- Yeah, sir.
Okay. Best wishes.
Buddy, our dreams have come true!