Connected Through Blood (2023) Movie Script

- Hi, baby.
- What's up?
Hey, I wasn't expecting
for you to come like this.
- What'd you expect?
I told you I missed you.
- You know what?
Just stop, stop, move.
Fuck off me.
- What?
What's wrong?
- I've been fucking with you
for five motherfucking years.
This is all I get?
Some lazy ass pussy?
- Baby, please-
What can I do different?
- What I gotta do, spell it out for you?
Bring one of your fucking friends
to the party or something.
- Baby, listen-
- No, no, no, no.
Listen, I've been trying
not to step out on your ass.
But you know what?
You don't listen.
You don't fucking listen.
I know what the fuck I want.
And I'm about to go get it.
Get the fuck outta my face.
- Don't put your hands on my mama.
You ain't a real man.
- No, I'm just giving up.
I mean, yeah, we can study
tomorrow or something.
Get out.
What the fuck are you doing?
Get out!
Get out.
- Fuck up.
Shut the fuck up.
- Hey.
Anybody find out about last night?
I'm gonna kill you, your mama-
- Come on Joe.
- And your Joe-slow ass.
- Hey Samantha.
- Hi.
- I just wanted to know if Joe Joe
can stay over for a few weeks.
Things aren't safe at home right now,
and he needs to be in school every day.
- Of course I'll watch my baby.
You don't even have to ask.
Thank you so much, Samantha.
- Hey.
- See you, Joe.
- What's up baby?
- Nothing.
- You good?
- Yes, let's just get to class.
- So you really about to sit up here
and act like I ain't been
knowing you all these years.
You all right?
Something wrong at the crib?
- Devin, everything is good.
Let's just get to class, come on.
Hey Rach, hop in.
Jessica ass.
- Hey.
- When are you gonna
get your own damn car?
- When you gonna mind
your own down business?
Little potato head-ass.
And I can walk, school
right up the street.
- Devin, chill.
- It's her.
- Rach, you good?
- I'm good, can we
please just get to class?
- All right.
- Please, can we just get to class?
Look, we'll finish talking after class.
All right, baby?
- Raggedy-ass piece of shit-ass car.
Sounds like it's about to break down.
- Psst Rach.
Rachel, you good?
You haven't said anything all morning.
Did Devin do something to you?
He did something didn't he?
I knew you couldn't trust him.
- Jess, do your work.
- What's up, man?
I got all the money.
Sorry it took so long.
Hey, you know I don't like
to play no waiting games
or no kind of games when
it come to my money.
- Look man, I know it took me
a long time to get it off, man.
There's niggas out here selling double
what I am for the same price.
I don't give no fucks about
what the next motherfucker doing,
or how the fuck he doing it.
When I give you a day to have my shit,
that's the day I want my shit.
Now, if that's too much for
you to handle young dog?
Let me know.
I can find somebody that can.
- Look man, I got it, don't even trip.
I should be outta school by like 4:30.
Just pull up on me then.
You real?
- No bro, you multiplied.
That's why you keep
getting the wrong answer.
- I forgot.
I'm glad I'm friends with the
smartest kid in the class.
- I'm not the smartest kid in the class.
I just pay the most attention.
- You better, I'm tired of my mom
getting on my ass about my grades.
- That's a better reason than
getting your ass beat for nothing.
- You right but Mike gonna get his.
- Rach, what's up?
You ain't been yourself all day.
You gotta talk to me so I can help you.
- Look Devin, if I tell you
this, it has to stay between us.
- Okay? Talk to me.
- I mean, it has to stay between us Devin.
- Okay, Rach.
- Yesterday I came home
from hanging out with friends and...
- What about Mike?
- Mike-
He came into my room.
He raped me.
- You said what?
Man, where the fuck he at?
- Devin chill.
- I'm about to kill that nigga.
- Devin, I told you it
has to stay between us.
He said if I tell anybody
he'd kill me, Joe and my mom.
- And where the fuck was your mom at?
What'd she do?
- She didn't do anything.
She stayed in the room the whole time.
- Where the fuck was lil Joe Joe?
- Joe was in his room with headphones on.
He didn't hear anything.
Look, I just need somewhere
to stay until it blow over.
- Fuck.
Look, you know you can stay with me.
Look at me.
Either we going to the police,
or I'm killing that nigga I swear to God.
- Why the fuck you sitting here
looking all crazy and shit?
- Why did you do that to my baby?
- You weren't saying that shit
when I was in there doing it.
Nah, nah, you just sat your
in here and you listened.
Matter of fact, you let me do that.
- I let you?
I let you?
You know what?
You a sick motherfucker.
- Whatever.
I want you to get your shit,
get the fuck outta my house, Mike.
- Or what? Huh?
Or what?
- You know I'll call the police on you
and I'll get your ass locked up.
And I'll call the police on
you Mike, I ain't playing.
- Okay.
Thank God I woke up.
Killing your ass
won't let you call the police on me.
Let me go Mike.
- Stupid ass bitch.
The fuck's wrong with you?
- It's crazy how this had to happen
to get you to come stay with me.
- Devin, right now is
not the time for this.
- You right, baby.
I'm sorry, all right.
- Look. I scheduled a
doctor's appointment at 4:30.
Could you ride the lift with me?
- Why? How you feel?
- What you mean why?
He stuck his penis in me?
Unprotected at that.
- Look, baby.
I'm sorry, all right.
I just gotta wait for my
mans to pull up on me.
You gotta drop something off to me.
I'mma get it checked out, all right?
- All right.
- Hello?
- Hey Rachel, you good?
You haven't said anything all day.
- Yeah, I'm good.
Just a little drained
from studying that's all.
- You sure?
You know you could tell me anything.
I got your back.
Jess, I appreciate it but I'm good.
Let's go shopping.
Something, anything.
- Let's get you out of the house.
I'm always down for
some good old shopping.
Hell, I appreciate it.
Just hit me tomorrow.
I'll see you.
- All right.
You're welcome, I love you.
- You're one fake ass bitch.
- Bitch, shut the fuck up.
- I'm just saying.
How you love her and you fucking Devin?
- Bitch, shut the fuck up.
Don't ever say no dumb shit like that
before I beat your ass.
- I was just saying bitch, my bad.
The fuck?
- Woooh.
- My guy.
How long I got with this?
- Seeing as how you like
to take your sweet time?
I give you a good week.
- A week?
Man, come on man.
I need more time than that.
- Your mama gonna need more time
than that to plan your funeral.
Stop playing man.
- All right, man whatever.
- Who was that?
- Oh, that was just my business partner.
- Business partner?
Since when you start doing business.
- I mean, baby shit ain't nothing major.
I invest in the cars.
I mean, they go bid on them.
They raggedy as hell.
So they gotta fix 'em up.
Then once they do, I make
double what I invested, easy.
- Well I guess it sounds legitimate.
Well our lift is outside.
Maybe you should take one of
them cars you investing in,
and keep it for yourself.
- Ha ha, funny as hell.
- Shit, maybe I do need to
invest and get me a car.
Ms. Brown?
- Yes.
Hey, how are you?
- I'm fine.
So your
discharge papers are in.
Here you are.
Thank you.
- So far so good.
Like I did tell you, we
test you for everything.
All your results came back negative.
If we have any questions, comments,
or concerns, we'll reach out to you.
If not, you won't hear from us.
- Thank you.
- Have a good day.
- Thank you.
- Oh, Uber pulling up.
- Oh, come on.
- Where'd you get all this money from?
- Girl, I've been saving.
- How? You ain't got no job.
You steal it?
- Bitch, no.
I just asked Devin for money for my hair,
and I do it myself.
I've been able to save nine days.
- You know what?
That's actually really smart.
I never thought of it like that.
- Bitch, 'cause you ain't
got no man to think about it.
- Fuck you!
How you doing?
- I'm good. How are you?
- Good.
- Good.
- You guys find everything okay?
Yes, thank you.
It's cute.
- Yeah. Different.
All right, Jess, thank you girl.
- Rachel, we gotta do
this some more though.
I know you got Devin and everything,
but I'm still your best friend.
- I know, I promise I'll do better.
What you got going on for
the rest of the weekend?
- Nothing, just studying for finals.
- Well, when you get some
free time, just call me.
Thank you.
- Okay, how do you solve this problem?
So if you put this one with this one,
it should equal out to this.
And this plus this.
- I need to get high.
- What the-
- Girl, we have to study for midterms.
- Yeah, and this is
getting way out of hand.
When don't you wanna get high Jess?
- Every time I get some,
you bitches are what?
Doing it with me.
So shut the fuck up.
- Damn.
- Excuse you.
Okay, how you do this?
If you put
this one with this one?
All right that, that do make sense.
God dammit.
The fuck we doing?
- Hey babe.
- What's up baby?
Hold on I gotta take this real quick.
- Jessica I can't do this shit right now.
Oh, you can.
You just don't want to.
Lemme make myself clear.
If you come through for me,
or Rachel's gonna find out
that not only are you selling drugs,
but that we're fucking.
- Did you fucking forget that
Rachel's your friend too?
I did it and I don't give a fuck.
- Look, Rachel is here.
How the fuck am I
supposed to pull this off?
That's something
you need to figure out.
- This bitch man.
- Not today, Devin.
- Damn baby, what's wrong now?
- Just not today, Devin.
- Baby, come on.
Show me your fears
Show me your scars
Let me see the worst
parts in your life.
Deep down, deep down
Deep down, deep down
Deep down
Show me your fears
Show me your scars
Let me see the worst
parts in your life
- This motherfucker thinks
I'm playing with him.
I'm going over there.
- Bitch, you're going by yourself.
I'm not getting in the
middle of this shit.
- Oh, you are coming with me.
You know that what he gives
me we split between all of us.
- You are evil motherfucker.
- Yeah, yeah and you think
you're better than me
just because he is handing
it to me and not you?
Don't forget you'll be
getting high with me too.
- Nah, because that's where you're wrong.
I'm done with this shit
and I'm done with you.
Can't keep watching this shit go on.
I'm getting my shit, and I'm
getting the fuck outta here.
- Vanessa.
- Sorry J, I'm out. I'm out.
- Fuck this.
- Oh baby, I forgot my
mans was pulling up.
I'll be right back.
Don't you ever come back
to my fucking house again.
The fuck away from over here.
Rachel what's wrong?
- Nothing.
- So you really gonna
play this whole acting
like I don't know you thing again, huh?
- Look, Devin I just-
- Damn, babe you good?
You straight?
- Yeah, I'm good.
- Damn baby, I know I ain't no chef.
My food can't be that bad.
- Food is fine.
Just got a lot on my mind right now.
- Okay, talk to me.
- The first thing that I've
been holding in for a while now,
is that I saw Jessica pull
up and you run outside.
And I can't keep pretending
like this shit didn't happen.
I mean in front of my face y'all act
like y'all can't stand each other.
What the fuck could y'all possibly have
going on behind my back Devin?
- Look, baby it's not-
- It's not what?
You lied and said your
friend was pulling up.
I look out the window and
see my best friend outside.
I mean, what am I missing here?
Is Jessica really a man?
Or am I just fucking stupid?
Look, I got a lot going on, all right.
- A lot going on.
You know what, you do have a lot going on.
And I have too much on my plate
to deal with this bullshit.
I have to pack my shit and leave.
- Baby.
Oh baby, I'm
so glad you're back home.
- Hey mom.
- Listen, I'm so sorry
for what happened to you.
I'm sorry.
- Ma, why didn't you do
anything in a stop Mike?
- Listen.
- I mean, I didn't even know you was here
until I came out of the room.
I mean, you didn't do
nothing to stop him at all.
You could've called the police.
You could've shot him anything.
You did nothing.
- Listen, now baby you know Mike
wouldn't hesitate to put his hands on me.
And I tried to call the police.
But he took my phone.
I was scared.
Scared Ma?
How do you think I feel?
He raped me and you did nothing about it.
- Baby, listen Mike,
he's not allowed back over here anymore.
And I promise you,
I promise I won't let nothing like
that ever happen to you again.
Baby please.
I'm sorry.
- I just want to come back home.
- Baby, you never had to leave.
- I mean, if you say that
Mike isn't coming back,
can Joe Joe come back home as well?
- Of course, of course
Joe Joe can come back.
I miss him so-
You know what?
I'm gonna fix you something to eat, okay.
Stay right here.
Oh, hi.
- Hey Samantha, I was
coming by to get Joe.
I was goin' call, but I
wanted it to be a surprise.
- Oh, you're fine.
You know you are all
he's been talking about.
If I didn't know any better,
I would think you were his mother.
- Yeah, that's my baby.
- I can't believe he's 10 years old.
Oh my gosh, seems like just yesterday
your mother went into labor with him
and you were right there.
Even at nine years old, you
swore he was your child.
Hey Rachel
I knew that was you.
I miss you.
- I miss you too.
Go pack your bags, we going home.
- Yes!
- Are you sure he's gonna be okay at home?
You know, I don't mind keeping him.
- I know, and I appreciate it.
But everything is fine now.
- You know you can call me anytime right?
Joe Joe's like a son to me.
I know you and I have had
a rough and rocky past,
and I'm sure you probably
still don't trust me.
But whether you know it or
not, I'm here for you as well.
I just hope one day you can forgive me.
- Rachel, I'm ready.
- You packed everything already?
- Well yeah, I only have the things
that Samantha brought me to pack.
- Okay, well come on.
Where's your other bag?
- Oh, it's in my car.
It's open, you can grab it.
- Okay.
See you later.
- Bye Joe Joe, I love you.
Continue to be a good boy, okay.
- Well, Rachel always says to say,
see you later when you're planning
on seeing someone again.
- Well, we know it's not
gonna be your last time,
so I'll see you later.
- Come on bro.
- Hey, hey what's up there brother?
How you doing?
What's up, boss, man?
You all right?
- Nothing much, nothing much.
How you feeling?
- Pretty good, man.
Just trying to find me something
to pull off in today, man.
- Okay, okay.
You know I got plenty of those.
So what kind you looking for?
- I mean, nothing too crazy.
I got about seven, maybe
8,000 to play with.
- Okay, okay.
I got a few of 'em about that price.
You wanna take a look?
- Yeah, let's go.
- Okay, cool.
Yeah, man, I got 'em all different,
different kinds, you know,
whatever you looking for.
I see that over there say 2000.
Yeah, man,
that's, that's 2000 thou.
You know that's a little steep.
But yeah, I might have
something else, man.
I mean, this
one kind of nice too.
How much is this?
That one, that one gonna be,
that's a couple thousand though.
That's a couple dollars though.
Yep, and we got this one
for around that price.
This a good one too.
- Wheels.
Yep, yep you got some new tires on there.
Yeah, it got air.
Yep, just got it.
Yep, and got it painted and everything.
It run pretty good too.
Past the diagnostic test.
- How many miles it got?
- About 135,000.
- God damn.
- Yeah, yeah I know, I know.
I'm trying to work within that,
that that budget, you know.
- That's all you got right now?
- Yeah, for around that price, bro.
This, this, this gonna be, yep.
- Shoot.
- Yeah, LT got a good color.
- Fuck it man.
It is what it is, man I'll take it.
- Okay, okay, let's go fill
out that paperwork then.
- Eight bet.
- All right.
- Joe Joe, hey baby. Oh, I love you.
I hope you can forgive mama
for everything that happened, huh?
- Okay.
- Guess what?
I got a surprise for you.
I'm doing better now, I look good?
- Yeah.
- I do?
- Yeah.
- I'm gonna try to do better
for you and your sister, okay?
- It's gonna be okay ma, I love you too.
I just been waiting to
play my game though.
Okay baby, go ahead.
Oh, I love him so much.
- Everything is gonna be okay, ma.
We got our family back.
Start from fresh.
- That's my girl.
Let me take Joe Joe.
- Okay, go ahead baby.
Come on pass deep!
- Very good Donald, very good.
Put that one over there
with the rest of them.
And Rachel, you're the
last one to present today.
So let's see what you got.
- Well guys, my project was kind
of last minute as you all can see.
So it is not the best, but-
- But what?
Rachel, you're one of the
smartest people I know.
You got this.
- One of the smartest?
Well, I would've thought that
you thought I was one of the dumbest.
- One of the dumbest?
- Okay, ladies,
Rachel the class is waiting.
- Sorry, professor.
You know what, yeah, one of the dumbest.
I see you pull up to
Devin's house the other day.
- Rachel, please.
Rachel, we need to
talk about this after class.
- We don't have shit to discuss.
- That's enough ladies.
- You know what Professor?
That is enough, I had enough of this shit.
I'm gone for the day.
- Rachel.
- Ms. Brown.
- Rachel!
- Ms. Brown.
- Rachel!
This is all your fucking fault.
Ms. Smith.
- Rachel!
- Ms. Smith.
- Rachel!
- Smith.
Mr. Davis. Mr. Davis!
Okay class, settle. Settle.
Everybody settle.
- Rachel! Rachel!
Wait dammit!
Look, it's not what you think.
- So what the fuck is it then Jess?
- Listen, I've been going
through a lot and you know this.
Sometimes I feel like
I don't wanna be here.
- And I'm not going through things myself?
But one thing I would
never do is take money
from a guy you're dealing
with Jess, and you know that.
- I never took money from Devin.
Rachel, I've been doing drugs.
I've been doing drugs.
I've been doing drugs and Dev-
- Baby, don't believe
shit this bitch is saying.
- Tell her the fucking truth.
Devin here has been my supplier.
- Supplier?
So you fucking lied?
You said you was
investing into cars Devin.
- Baby look, I can explain.
- Explain what?
A fucking lie?
Explain to her that when
I'm already drugged up,
you forced me to have sex
with you to give me more.
Baby this bitch is lying.
- I don't give a fuck who's
lying and who's doing what.
My main focus is my family and my school.
And I'm not letting you two
pieces of shit come in between that.
I'm done with both of y'all.
- Baby-
- Don't fucking touch me!
Oh, and don't neither one of
you contact me ever again.
- Oh, somebody had a good day.
How was school?
Yeah, it was good.
- Yeah? What you learn?
- There's nothing to learn when
you already know everything.
- Joe Joe, baby, go wash
your hands so you can eat.
- And Rachel, how was your day?
- Terrible, but I don't wanna
talk about it right now ma.
It smell good in here ma,
and you cooked my favorite meal?
- Hopefully one of these days,
she can cook my favorite meal.
- No, I don't like eating
all those vegetables.
- So Rachel, what happened at school?
I hope you didn't think I
was gonna forget to ask.
- It's not really what happened in school.
More so what happened outside-
- Have a seat, finish eating.
I'll check on her.
You sick?
- No ma, I just been vomiting
and nausea for the past few weeks.
I don't know what's wrong.
- Hmm, sound like you might be pregnant.
- I'm not pregnant.
Me and Devin use protection
to prevent things like that.
- Well take this for me.
- Really, ma?
- Take it.
- Can I wait till after
I eat, I'm starving.
- It probably ain't
gonna stay down anyway.
- I don't even know
how to take this thing.
- You pee on it and sit it on the counter.
I'll be right here waiting on you.
Don't slam my door.
Is everything all right in there?
- Done.
- I knew it, I fucking knew it.
What's this?
- Ma, there's no way that I'm pregnant.
I told you me and Devin used protection.
- Well you are.
And if you so sure that it ain't Devin's,
then it must be Mike's.
- You think you finna
be pregnant by my man
and stay up in my
motherfucking house, huh?
Is that what you think?
Because I don't-
- Please stop.
- Joe Joe, go to your room, now!
Rach it's gonna be okay.
- Ma, I told you, me and
Devin use protection.
And I didn't ask Mike to do that to me.
- I see you got your
big girl panties on now.
You think you somebody, huh?
You wanna be me?
Get out.
- What?
- I said what I said.
Get your shit and get
the fuck outta my house.
I'm taking Joe Joe with me.
- You ain't taking Joe Joe nowhere.
And that's final.
- Mama, can I please go with Rachel?
- Joe Joe, go to your room!
I know I done changed
Take all this passion
I have in my mind
Move it down to my heart
Used to be wasted on things unrefined
Used to tear me apart
Give them up
Watch them leave
All the things that used to be
Turn around
Take a step
Keep moving away from me
Give me love, instead of hate
This is how we escape
Let her leave
Let it breathe
This is how we break free
Past on fire
Past on fire
Future might hold time
Won't be counting back in on mine
Don't get shy
Leave it all
Leave it all behind
'Cause I know, I know I done changed
Ask, don't cry
Future on my mind
- Why me?
Don't be coming back here no more
- Joe Joe, get up!
Joe Joe!
Joe Joe, get up.
- I'm up.
- Well shower.
- Joe Joe.
Joe Joe.
- What's up Rachel?
Come on, let's go.
- I didn't even take a shower yet.
- It don't matter, get
a jacket and come on.
- What about all my other stuff?
It don't matter,
we'll figure it out.
Come on Joe.
Quick, jump.
I'm home but I get advanced
This increases chance
My life is like a prom
but there ain't no dance
I'm spinning in this
hall getting many glances
I was raised as a youth
but was missing parents
I was raised by my Grammy
Shit, I miss my Grammy
Hardly raised by my
daddy but I miss my daddy
Wasn't raised by my mother
but I miss my mother
I ain't get to know my mother
but I actually loved her
I made the studio my home
Every time I took the
microphone I'm at home
Every time I hear a
metronome I get in the zone
Every time I get into the
zone I'm usually all alone
- You know why I hit your phone
and had you pull up on me, don't you?
I don't.
- You don't.
Dig man, I'm hearing all kind of shit man.
Street's talking, hoe's
talking, hustler's talking.
You know who ain't talking though?
Your ass.
I ain't heard from you
about my money, man.
- Look, I've been meaning
to holler at you about that.
Shit, holler nigga.
- Look man, I just
needed to get some wheels
so I can get around.
Man, I'm basically out
here like a walking lick.
- Hey, lemme ask you something.
So this nigga thought it was a good idea
to take my money and get him a car.
Make that shit make sense my nigga.
- Look man, that's not
necessarily what happened.
I just spent my money on the front.
Everything else I sell is yours.
Look, don't even trip man,
I'm gonna get your money.\
Hey my nigga, give
me my motherfucking money man.
- Eight.
Hey homeboy,
did I say we was done?
Now the fuck your petty ass dismissed.
- Rach, can I please
stay with you this time.
I don't wanna go to Samantha's.
- That's the thing, Joe.
I don't have anywhere to go,
- But where did you sleep last night then?
- Somewhere out here.
- Let's just ask Devin to stay.
You know he'll always let us come over.
- Yeah, I know, but we not
on the best terms right now.
- Could you not please go to Dev's house.
But you know you can't keep
asking for money for hair
when he see you doing it.
- Man, shut up. Come on.
- So what?
You weren't gonna call and
check on me or nothing, huh?
They are my kids, Mike.
Look baby, you know I wouldn't
let nothing come between us.
Just come home.
Joe Joe-
I guess I don't have to do it myself.
- So what's up?
- Shit, you tell me pretty.
- Don't fucking play with me, Rich.
I haven't been high in a month.
- Bitch, I ain't felt them
tonsils in over a month.
- Mhm.
- Stop, stop. Fuck off.
You know what I'm thinking?
Thinking you might have
something that'll help me out
a whole lot better than that shit you on.
- And what the fuck is that?
- Your little homeboy Devin.
Where's his spot at?
I'm asking 'cause that motherfucker
owe me a lot of money
and the street's talking.
He's spending it, but he ain't
spent my motherfucking way.
He must think shit sweet.
The whole motherfucking city know
I don't play about my money, except him.
So you know what I want?
I want that little motherfucker
when it's least expected.
Think you can help him with that?
- What you doing here Rachel?
- What's up Devin?
Me and Rachel wanna see
if we can stay over for a bit because-
- Look, I really didn't wanna ask.
But we seriously don't
have anywhere else to go.
- Well y'all know y'all
always welcome here.
- See Rach, I told you.
- Look I got you, Brody.
Yes sir.
- Thank you Devin, you
always keep me fresh.
- Come on now man.
Go ahead, try 'em on, bro.
- This for you.
- Devin, I appreciate
you letting us stay here
but I can't take no illegal money.
- Look, you my girl, so I should be able
to treat you like that
no matter what, right?
Cheer up.
Joe Joe.
Let's see those, man.
- Oh fuck, I've been waiting for this.
- Bitch, you better not be in there
doing what I think you're doing.
Jessica, open the damn door.
No Jessica, please don't!
Jessica please!
Somebody help me!
- Oh baby, I'm so glad you
home I missed you so much.
- I missed you too.
Why don't you go over
there and grab that pack.
- Oh, baby, you going to love it.
He been bringing me some new stuff.
- Yeah, about that.
How the fuck you been
paying for that shit?
- Don't worry about it.
Look, sometimes he fronts
me and I pay him back
at the beginning of the month.
Come on, don't act like
that, dance with me.
Come on, Mike.
Oh, wait a minute.
Yeah, I'm about to try it right now.
Oh, okay.
I'll let you know.
All right, bye.
Hi I was coming
to speak with the manager,
I got a call about filling
out some paperwork.
- And that would be me.
Why don't you go get some calls
out the back or something.
And you are?
Ms. Brown.
- Oh, Rachel, right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Look, I just need you to fill
out your 1099 form, all right.
You get that done for me today
and I can have you on my
schedule by tomorrow morning.
Sounds great.
- Mr. Mcgee, Melissa says
she won't be coming in today.
- Fuck!
Or, I could have you start today
if you don't mind sticking
around for some training.
- Of course.
- All right, bet.
Hey yo, y'all doing a
whole lot of chit-chatting.
Look, you get them hookahs
over to them customers.
Miranda, come here.
Look, I need you on training today aight?
This Rachel, she gonna be helping us out.
- How could she possibly
cover for Melissa?
Her paperwork ain't even went through.
- Should I look for somebody
to cover for you too?
Yeah, I didn't think so.
Go get her a uniform out the back.
These girls something else in here.
Follow me.
I can help you with your paperwork.
- Well these look good on my feet.
- Then they yours then, let's
go get you another pair.
- Okay.
Yes sir.
- Yo.
Hey Pops, it's done.
Quick question though, quick question.
I did it, I did it for sure,
but you sure you wanna do this?
All right, man.
- You good bruh?
What's going on?
- I can't believe Jessica is...
really gone.
- Me either.
I mean sooner or later
the shit she was doing
was gonna catch up with her.
Karma's a bitch.
- Wow, Vanessa.
That's some bold shit to say
about our friend that just died.
- We both know Jessica didn't care
about nothing except getting high.
She didn't care about herself,
you'd be crazy to think
she cared about a friend.
- I can't believe,
after everything we've
been through with her,
and this is all you have to say?
- Believe it.
Need anything else?
- No, we all set, thanks.
There you go, you're welcome.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
I think you made a mistake.
You gave me an extra $300.
- No, we appreciate you.
We come here often,
best service we ever had coming here.
Thank you, grateful.
- Thank you so much.
- Here take this also.
- Wow, thank you guys.
You guys have a great day.
$500 at one table?
- $500 at one table, huh?
- Damn bitch we splitting that three ways.
- I'm not splitting my tips with y'all.
- Hey new girl.
Can you come here one second?
- Can I get you guys anything?
- Yes, can we get some coal please?
- Oh, can we get an extra hose too?
- I got you, I'll be right back.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Bust you up.
Hey man, you can't even hit that boom bar.
- Y'all good over here?
- Yeah, everything wonderful.
Oh, y'all
look a little disturbed.
I was just checking up on y'all.
- Yeah no, we good.
We actually got a little tip for her.
- Okay then.
- Here's your hose and your extra coals.
Thank you, I appreciate you.
- You're welcome.
You are aware that your
bill was only $97, right?
- I'm aware.
Thank you, that's your tip.
Wow! Okay, thank you.
Nah, but we
got more for you though.
Thank you so much.
- Have a nice day.
Y'all enjoy yourselves.
You too.
I'm gonna bust you up.
Put two on the table man.
- You a little rough today.
- Don't let that shit bother you baby,
I just got shit on my mind.
- I hope you're not upset about Jess.
She got what she deserved.
- Is that right?
How the fuck can I trust
you when you got me
doing shit like this to your friends?
- Look, I wouldn't really
consider Jess a friend.
She's done so much shit to me and others.
Look, let's not even talk about it.
- You aight?
- Uh, yeah. I'm good.
- I made so much in tip
today, this is crazy, $500.
- Bitch who the fuck are you
coming in here trying to take over?
- I'm just doing my job.
- Well you might as
well motherfucking quit
or we gonna make your life a living hell.
- Jealousy is a ugly ass trait.
- What you say bitch?
- I said-
- The fuck is wrong with y'all?
Come on.
Now what the fuck happened in there?
You got me punching bitches.
- They was mad 'cause they
couldn't make the tips that I made.
And Devin, we need to go
back they have my purse.
- Man, fuck that purse.
I can get you all that back plus more.
- Everything I worked hard
for is in my purse, Devin.
All the money I've been
saving is in my purse.
- You see that shit?
All that negative energy bullshit.
Man, I don't need you a part of that.
Look, you got a beautiful soul, man.
They just want to take that away from you.
But please don't make me turn around
and go back to this place, man.
I don't need you a part
of none of that bullshit.
- You good?
- Yeah, I'm straight.
We got this bitch money though.
look what we got here.
Oh, we can
thank her for that too.
- On me after this long
ass day, I need this shit.
Me too.
- Baby what's wrong?
- Ms. Brown?
Hey, how are you?
So the DNA results did
come back, here you are.
They're very simple to read.
I'll give you guys a few minutes
to go over 'em then I'll be back.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- What?
- Lemme see.
How is that even possible?
You know, don't even worry about it.
I'll figure it out.
Joe Joe, stay here with Rachel.
I should be back by
the time you discharge.
- No, Devin, I wanna go with you.
- Come on.
- Love you Rachel.
- Love you too.
See you later.
- Nah yeah, it's him for sure.
Got that same little boy
with him again though.
Man, Pops I'm not about
to shoot that nigga
with a little boy with him.
You crazy?
I ain't doing that shit.
- Who's this knocking at my door?
Hey, hey, cutie.
How you doing?
Come on in.
Hey baby.
- Hey Ma
- Hey.
So what do I owe this visit to, huh?
You popping up on me all random and stuff.
What's going on?
- Ma how come you never let me see my dad?
Baby can you
go to the back for me please?
- No, he can stay right there.
- Well, you know what happened to me,
and how you got here.
And I didn't want him around us.
No, hmhm.
He was no example of what a man is.
And after he did what he
did to me, he disappeared.
And it was a good thing
because if he would've
stayed in this city,
they would've threw his
black ass up under the jail.
I'm sorry if you think
that I did something wrong,
but that monster, he didn't
deserve to be around my son.
Mmhm baby.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, and I completely understand.
You know it's just that I missed out
on so much without having a father.
- Is that what you came over here for?
- I don't know. I guess.
I mean can I at least get his name?
- Mike.
Michael Robertson.
- So she's saying that
you're dad is my moms-
- Joe Joe Let's go.
- Why so soon?
You just got here.
- Joe Joe, let's go.
- Devin, Devin why so-
- Devin, please. Devin.
Oh shit.
- Who the fuck is that?
Who is it?
Joe Joe!
What the fuck do
that little nigga want?
- Nah nigga, the question
is what the fuck do I want?
- Hold on dog, what the
fuck got into you man?
No nigga what
the fuck they got into you?
- What- what you talking about?
- Nigga you raped my girl.
You got her pregnant.
Nigga and then you raped my mama
and got her pregnant nigga.
- Don't even know your mama, man.
What you talking about man?
- Man, shut the fuck up.
- Listen, listen.
Just don't shoot, just don't shoot man.
We can talk about this.
- Sheila.
Nigga, Sheila Davis, yeah.
- So you saying-
I didn't know she got pregnant though.
- Man, shut the fuck up!
- Listen, listen man-
Look, just don't shoot though.
Just listen to me.
I'm telling you we can
talk this shit out, man.
- You know what?
I'm gonna make sure you never able
to touch a motherfucker again.
- Bitch ass nigga.
I wouldn't have never thought
you had that in you, but fuck all that.
You know why?
Because I'm gonna make sure your bitch ass
don't never run off on
another motherfucking
plug in your life nigga.
- God damn Pop the fuck are you doing?
There's kids and shit in here man,
what the fuck is you doing?
- You look so good.
I was begging your daddy to bring you
to see me and your brother and
your sister, but he wouldn't.
You look good.
- Pops, who the fuck is this?
- Baby, I'm your Mamma.
- What the fuck nigga, you lied?
This whole time you been
telling me my mamma's dead.
She's standing right here nigga.
- Man, your mama been getting
high your whole life, man.
She got pregnant, she had Rachel.
I let her keep her.
I wasn't finna get in the way of that.
But then she got pregnant with you.
Have my son, my first boy.
I wasn't finna let her keep
both of my motherfucking kids.
And if I'm being real, you
should have been with me.
I'm your dad to be more like me.
But Stevie Wonder with two blindfolds,
I could see how wrong I
was about that bullshit.
Then we had Joe Joe and I swear
the plan was to get Joe Joe
and him be with us, man.
Me, have my boys.
But fuck, when he was little,
he was such a fucking cry baby.
I knew when he got older
he wasn't gonna be shit but a pussy.
It's the fuck you dig is so for me.
- I could never be like you.
No, no, no.
Get your hands off of me.
- Let me do it.
- No Joe Joe, no.
- Gimme this man.
You don't know what to do with no gun.
- Well I guess today gonna
be the day that I find out.
- Hey, gimme this man.
Look, we gotta get the fuck outta here.
Cheryl, Cheryl!
- Boy you need to get
your hands off of me!
- Just make sure you get Marco's number.
Marco, bro, I'm gonna text you my address
when we make it to my crib.
- It's cool, I know where you staying at.
- Cheryl come the fuck on.
- Get your hands off of me, I hate you!
- Devin, I been calling
you, where you been at?
I'm about to be discharged now.
And where's Joe?
- Joe Joe in the car.
Uh look, we'll talk about that later.
We gotta get outta here.
Oh yeah, your Mama downstairs too.
- What is my mom doing here?
- Ms. brown.
- Hey.
Hey, how are you?
- Fine.
- So I did get a chance to
send a prescription over
to the pharmacy by your
house as requested.
Make sure that you use the
medication as instructed.
And remember you two,
no sex for six weeks.
Congratulations, you two.
Have a nice day.
- You too.
Hey Doc.
- Rach, you good?
- Yeah, I'm good Joe.
What's she doing here?
I think it's best that she tell you.
- What's going on now Cheryl?
- Baby, I'm sorry.
Man, I got so much to tell you.
So tell me then, Ma.
- Mike is dead and so is our dad.
- Our dad?
- Oh yeah. We got a brother too.
- Cheryl what the fuck
is he talking about?
- Look Rachel, I stopped by
my mom just to see, you know,
what was going on with the DNA results.
Just wanted to know where's my dad been?
Why I haven't met him?
What was his name?
Only to find out that Mike is the same
motherfucker that raped my mom.
- So you're telling me
that Mike is your dad?
- Yes.
Hers as well.
- Where is he?
- Look I went by to check him.
Check his temperature.
See what he was on.
Rachel, I ain't gonna
lie, I couldn't hold back.
I killed him.
- What?
- I killed Mike.
That's when your dad walked in.
- My da- my dad is dead.
Like what? What are y'all talking about?
- That's what she told you.
Then your brother walked in.
I'm sure you ain't know
nothing about that either.
- Yeah, that's when we killed him.
He was trying to kill Devin.
- I have too much going on,
to let me try to process this right now.
No, don't even worry about it.
We can finish this up later.
- Who is he?
- Our brother.
- Our brother?
- Tell her Cheryl.
- Baby I had Marco soon after I had you.
His daddy took him
because I wasn't stable.
He wanted to take you too.
But baby, I wouldn't let him.
- Listen, listen, I was
told that she was dead.
And I swear to God I did not know
anything about you two until today.
But I, I hate that we had
to find out like this too.
- You telling me the whole
time, my dad was alive Cheryl?
And I didn't even get
a chance to meet him?
- I know baby, I'm sorry.
- Really Cheryl?
- I'm sorry
- This was him.`
- Wait, Devin, isn't this the
guy that was at your house?
So you telling me my dad was your plug?
- Baby I swear to God know
nothing about this until today.
I mean if it wasn't for Marco,
shit, I would've been dead.
- Look Rach, baby.
Look, I just want you to know
that we all here for you.
I really want to take care
of this baby with you.
I mean, whether it's as a
father, or as a brother.
We here.
Tonight, two female
House of Hookah employees found dead,
at the establishment
from Fentanyl overdose.
We're not sure if this was
suicide or an accident.
More on this tonight
on your local 27 news.
- I'm ready to go see Mama.
- All right, let me call Marco
and tell him to meet us at the center.
Yeah, we're about to head to the center.