Conni and the Cat (2020) Movie Script

My first-ever overnight trip!
And you're coming with me!
I need that... and that...
Mom? Mom?
did I just hear a hurricane?
You betcha!
Hurricane Conni is the house!
Mom? Do you know where Mau is?
Mau is down here, sweetheart.
Mau! Where are you?
She knows she's only going
away for a few days, right?
What?! Huh?!
- This is it, Dad.
- What in the world are...
I just need...
Hop! Hop!
Is that Mau? I heard him!
- Oh dear! Conni, watch out!
- - Huh?
- Watch out!
- Whoa!
- Sweetheart!
- Whoa!
There you are! Guess what?
- Meow?
- We're going on a trip!
Conni! There is a
cat lounging on your father's head
and your father is NOT amused!
You're only going away
for three days
to the lovely old castle with your
playschool group so one bag is enough.
Your cuddle toy and a game for the
trip are going in the backpack.
Mau is my cuddly toy!
Aren't you?!
Mau is staying here, Conni.
You can't take animals with you.
What?! Why not?
Nobody told me that!
Did you ask?
Are you ready guys? Time to go!
You see?
He wants to come!
You have to pack
Teddy. He wants to come too!
Oh Mau, you can't come.
You have to stay.
I'm gonna miss you so much.
Hmm? Huh?
Conni? We're waiting!
I'm coming!
I just said goodbye to Mau.
I'm going on a vacation
and la la-la la...
- That backpack looks heavy, Conni.
- Huh? What?
Shall I carry it?
I can do it.
Oh boy!
I... I don't know! I don't know
how he got in the backpack, Dad.
Honest, I really don't.
Alright, young lady. Let's go.
Bye, Mau.
Huh? Mau?
Conni, come on!
And don't forget to close the front gate.
Okay, Dad. I'm coming.
Conni! Late again!
Hi! Is everything okay?
Um... yeah,
everything's great!
I can't wait to see
the castle!
Okay, kids! We have a visitor
from the city.
He'll be joining us for a few
weeks on a work experience trip.
Some of you might remember him.
Everyone say hello to Lennart.
Hello, Lennart!
Nice to meet you all!
I'm looking forward
to our trip to the country
even if I am a city boy
at heart!
I guess it's all
in the technique!
Okay, kids.
All aboard please!
We're leaving.
Say goodbye to your parents.
Anything else to go in the hold?
This is going to be
so much fun!
It's just a few days...
..see you soon!
And enjoy your holidays!
Take care of Mau!
Where's my shoe?
I'm telling you: this will be
the best time of our whole lives!
Oh, come on! Your Mau will be
okay without you for once.
No. That's... impossible.
Huh?! This... this can't be!
Am I hearing Mau?
Oh no! I'm missing Mau so much
I'm hearing things!
MY dad said the building we're staying in is
an old water mill that's part of a castle.
That's where the peasants
brought their grain,
and then Baron Kuno took part of it as
payment for giving the peasants protection.
But Kuno was a robber baron.
Robber barons didn't protect
peasants, did they?
Did you know
the place is haunted?
At night, when midnight strikes...
..Baron Kuno comes out of his
grave and rattles the doors,
plays hopscotch under your bed and
eats your sausages, if you got any.
No, no, no!
He does absolutely nothing
because there are no ghosts
and we will all sleep well.
No need for any of us
to feel afraid
- or have any trouble at night in a...
- dark... strange old place.
No ghosts, no ghouls,
no spooks!
It is a scientifically-proven fact
that ghosts do NOT live under beds.
Really, Lennart? Then
who's standing next to you?
Absolutely no one.
a new one for you, Simon.
Simon! I knew it was you! As if you
could trick me with something like that!
Nice try though. Only
a silly person would believe in ghosts.
Well, you look pretty silly
to me.
Okay, no more nonsense now.
We're almost there.
And, Lars, please stop eating sausages.
We're having dinner when we arrive.
But who knows if THEY have
sausages. I love sausages!
Oh, it's beautiful!
Wow! I can't believe it.
Yeah, not bad.
Hi! Welcome to the old mill!
I'm Miss Weingartner -
your camp supervisor.
And this is our dear Mr Polda who
is always happy to lend a hand.
I sure am! And if you need
anything, just shout!
No, really!
I'm hard of hearing!
What? Hello? Hello?
Ah, what did you say? I, dah...
Okay, let's get all your luggage to your
rooms and then we'll meet up for dinner.
What are we having?
You like sausages, don't you?
Eh... who owns the green bag?
That's mine.
Something scratched me.
Lars, check this out
- I've a few scratches of my own!
Are you looking for something,
young lady?
No, Mr Polda, thanks.
I have everything.
Wow! Wow!
Okay, this is mine.
I'm sleeping here!
This looks like it used to be
an old barn.
Maybe this is where the spirit of the
dead robber baron sleeps EVERY night!
No, please, Lars.
Stop that nonsense.
Okay, okay,
unpack your things now.
We've a little time
before dinner.
I don't think so! Look!
Mmm! I can already
smell the sausages!
- Let's go down there!
- Yay! - Woo-hoo!
Hang on!
Wait, wait! Not so...
So, does everyone have
a sausage or some bread rolls?
- Yes!
- Yes, thank you, Miss Weingartner.
We also have
ketchup and mustard,
and there is a lovely beetroot and broccoli
salad on the table if anyone wants some.
Since when do you eat
beetroot and broccoli salad?
Since right now.
I've had sausages up to here!
Look, guys! My sword!
With this, I'll make any ghost
run for his life!
En garde!
Hey, watch it!
Your sword is a sausage sling!
Let's see where it landed.
Where did it go?
Mau?! Mau, is that you? Mau?
Mau, wait! Stay! Come here!
What?! Who?! Eh...
Who are you?!
Leave him alone!
Up here, you baby!
Give him to me, kid!
And who are you?
Give him to me!
Otherwise he'll bite you.
I know how to treat animals.
I have a cat.
I wanted a cat too
but my mom is allergic
to them. Now I have Oskar.
And Oskar is allowed
to just run around here?
You think I was in the tree to
study leaves?! I keep my eye on him.
Wow! A raccoon!
Oh, he's so cute!
May I pet him?
- Luca?
- Oh, popsicles! Mom!
What is Oskar doing here?
You know I don't want him running around
loose. Put him in his pen right now!
- But, Mom!
- Take him away. Immediately!
- Timbuktu!
- Watch your language, Luca!
Come now. You better get back to the fire.
Your sausages are starting to burn.
- Bless you, Miss Weingartner.
- Thank you.
Are you coming, Conni?
Huh... Wow, it's weird.
This is the first time I've slept
without Mau on my bed since... forever.
I wonder what
that silly furball is up to.
Oh, Mau!
I do wish you were here!
Oh! What a beautiful
evening, Lennart. Isn't it?
In the city, you forget that
there are so many stars in the sky.
You know, if you see a
shooting star, you have to make a wish.
- A wish?
- Yup! What would you wish for?
To be as strong as
a ninja turtle?
What's the matter, Lennart?
I think I'm gonna
go back inside, okay?
Huh?! Who's that?
Lars? Laura? Semire?
Are you sleeping?
Is anyone there? Baron?
Oh Conni, stop being silly!
It can't be Baron Kuno's ghost!
There's no such a thing!
Is that you fooling around?
Is that...
Mau? Mau?
What are you doing here?!
Oh Mau, my sweetie! Come here!
Oh no, no, no, no!
Mau! don't!
- Agh!
- Oh!
Oh Mau, it was you all along!
- - What?
- What was that?
What was that?
What? I didn't see anything. Nothing at
all just hopped across your beds!
You okay?
Yep! Yep, sure!
Dancing pigtail...
Just... go back... to sleep.
How did you get here?
And what am I supposed to do
with you?
You're not allowed here!
Mau, that's a great idea!
What am I going to do
with you, Mau?
No one can know
that you're here.
Everyone will think
I brought you on purpose.
We'll be sent home,
and Mom and Dad will be really angry!
And why would you do
something like that?
Yeah... "Meow, meow,
meow" - that's all you can say.
I get that, you silly cat! But
you can't let anyone see you.
Do you understand?
No one!
You cuddly cat!
Hmm? Huh?! HUH?!
Where's Mau?!
Mau? Mau?
Where are you?
Mau! Stop!
Stop-hob hop! Stop-hob hop!
The dork, the duck,
my uncle Fred
The bug, the fox,
all sing ahead...
Oh yeah! I see!
- Hi!
- City kids.
Mau! Don't!
- - Mum! Mum!
- What is it, honey?
Mum! Mum, come quick!
Something else has been stolen!
What? No!
What is it this time?
A ring!
Oh no. Okay, I'm coming!
Oh no!
Mau? Mau?
Conni! Breakfast!
Good morning!
Where were you hiding?
Oh, I... ehm...
I was up in the attic.
I slept there because...
because Lars was snoring so much.
Me? Really?
That's strange.
I didn't hear Lars snore.
Good morning, everybody!
Ehm... did I just dream it or did someone
really jump on our beds last night?
Yeah! I noticed that too!
Me too!
Maybe it was the ghost
of Baron Kuno.
I heard his voice.
I heard him say:
"I am Baron Kuno!
Where is Lennnaaart?"
Luca Weingartner!
You promised me that Oskar
wouldn't run around loose!
He didn't.
Oskar is in his pen!
So who made the mess in the garden?
All of the eggs are smashed;
I wouldn't be surprised if
Oskar stole the ring too.
What? No way! Oskar would
never do that! Why would he?!
Go outside and clean the table and bench
before anyone messes up their things!
Please and thank you, Luca!
Maybe Oskar would be
better off at the petting zoo.
Conni? Hello? Conni?
Conni... Hello?
Conni?! Hello?
- Conni!
- Yes?
Is everything okay, Conni?
Yes... Yes...
Everything is... fine.
Hi Hanne.
Is everything alright so far
Yeah, thanks, we feel very
comfortable here. What happened?
Oh, the usual chaos. First, Luca's
raccoon turned over a basket with eggs,
and then things keep
disappearing lately -
Last week it was a bracelet,
today a guest's ring.
- Stolen?
- Huh?
It's hard to believe, I know. I mean, what
thief would find his way all the way here?
No... I mean... I mean... I don't believe
that a raccoon steals rings.
Where is Oskar's pen?
We could have a look.
Behind the blackberry bushes,
next to the chicken coop.
You're welcome to look at it
but do NOT open the gate!
Oh I wouldn't dream of doing
anything without adult assistance.
I'm coming!
- Me too!
- Okay, let's go!
Don't be too long.
We want to check out the bear cave later!
- Okay! - Okay! We won't be!
- Sure!
For a minute there,
I thought you said 'bear cave'!
Look! There he is!
Oh! isn't he cute!
He looks like a weird cat.
You know, like a furball.
So... I...
I'll look around a bit.
But... but you wanted to go
to the pen.
Now I wanna look around a bit.
Conni, what's going on with you?
You've been acting weird since we got here.
Come on, tell me.
We're your friends.
If you promise
that you won't tell anyone,
especially not
Hanne and Lennart.
- Okay!
- Sure.
It wasn't a ghost
that jumped on you last night.
Then what was it?
It was... Mau!
Mau? Like YOUR Mau?
Like 'meow' Mau?
How did he get here
How else?
Conni brought him with her.
I did not! He got on the bus
when we left.
But no one will believe me.
Wow, are you in trouble!
We have to hide him.
First, we have to find him.
I have no idea where he is.
Don't worry.
We can handle this together.
- Really?
- Sure.
What would I do
without my friends?!
It's what friends are for.
Okay then, let's go!
We'll spread out.
Okay, good.
Together we can do it!
Mau, kitty whiskers?
Fluffy? Pusspuss? Cat Stevens?
Kitty? Tabby? Tiger?
- Mau!
- Mau?
Hey you!
What are you doing here?
Me? I... I...
I wanted to look at the pen.
The pen is
none of your business!
It's MY pen.
Why are you always so unfriendly?
Can't you be nice once in a while?
Why should I be nice to you?
Next week you'll be gone again
and then the next guests will come,
and they'll just stay a week too.
Don't you have any friends?
I don't need friends.
I have Oskar.
My cat is called Mau.
Watch out! The gate!
He can't get out.
I know that Oskar
didn't break the eggs.
What? How?
How do you know?
Who was it then?
Ehm... ehm...
I can't tell you that.
So then, it was YOU
who broke them!
Me? No!
Then tell me - who did it?
My mother is already so mad at Oskar, she's
blaming him for everything that goes wrong!
Simon? Anna?
Conni? Let's go, everyone!
- So, who did it?
- I... I have to go.
You don't know anything!
You just make things up
so that everyone loves
their "Conni, Conni, Conni"!
Not true!
And no wonder
you have no friends!
Wait! Conni?
Welcome to the Blue Hill Cave!
Hello, Mr Polda.
Now, have any
of you been to a cave before?
I have!
I've been to a dripstone cave.
Great! We have dripstones
here too.
And also something
very special:
ancient cave bears
used to live here.
Cave bears?!
But they aren't in there
anymore, right?
No! They died out long ago.
But there are still traces
of them. So let's go!
But please be careful - these
columns took thousands of years to grow
and are very, VERY sensitive.
So no touching!
Oh! In that case, maybe we should turn
back now in case we mess anything up?
Huh? No?
- Oh my!
- Look at the colours of the stones!
They are growing from the
ground up, and from the ceiling down.
Yeah! Like... teeth!
Hey Lennart, we are walking
in the mouth
of a dead cave bear.
Oh, thank you, Lars.
That's very nice.
Mr Polda? Is there
any cool bear stuff to see?
Bones! Even a whole skeleton!
And footprints.
And they're right here!
- Wow! - Look at that!
- That's amazing!
The ground was much
softer here back in those days.
When animals or humans
stepped on it,
they left footprints which then got
hard and solid over thousands of years.
Isn't that like
your modelling clay?
I have it here.
Oh yeah! Yeah! Incredible!
Conni is a cave bear!
However, there is much more
to see in these old caverns.
Follow me!
Huh? What?!
Where's my sheet?
Oh no! Hay fever!
What now?
Am I getting hiccups too?!
What? My bed sheet? Walking?
Oskar! How..?
Luca Weingartner,
come here at once!
And this, kids,
is a real live skeleton
of a real NOT live cave bear.
- Wow!
- Creepy!
- Ooh!
- That's amazing! - Wow!
People also
lived here at one time...
not with the bears, though,
of course!
That probably
wouldn't have worked.
Good thing it's not alive.
The bear!
The cave bear's here!
Everyone stay calm. We'll just
keep walking to the exit.
I'll go last and make sure
no one gets eaten.
Follow me! Single file!
Wow! I still have goosebumps.
Yeah, that was creepy!
I could play a relaxing tune.
No! Thank you, Semire.
But please... later, okay?
- Psst, hey! Hey!
- Huh?
How was your trip?
Really? Why? What happened?
Did an evil cave bear
try to eat you?
It was you!
- Now who's being unfriendly?
- You are rude!
Well then,
tell me who broke the eggs.
It was...
Luca! Luca, where were you?!
Oh, shrubbery plants!
What have I done now?
Look what Oskar has done!
First the scrambled eggs in the
garden, now the torn sheets!
- That wasn't Oskar, Mom! He'd never do that!
- I caught him in the act!
But I... I trimmed his claws
only yesterday and I...
Luca, it's over!
I'm calling the petting zoo
to see if they'll take him.
Mom, please!
This can't go on, Luca.
The petting zoo has other
raccoons and friends for him.
You can't do that!
Oskar is my only friend!
It's over!
Oskar probably stole the jewellery too.
Come on, Conni. Let's go.
Miss Weingartner,
that thing with the eggs...
and the sheet...
it wasn't Oskar.
It was my cat Mau.
I didn't want to bring him,
but he followed me and...
That's really very sweet of
you to try to help Luca
but if a cat were running around here
dear, I'd be sneezing constantly.
But, Miss Weingartner,
it's true!
Sweetheart, listen,
that can't be:
my allergies are never wrong.
Pets may only be brought here by prior
arrangement and under strict rules,
and any guest bringing one without
permission will be asked to leave!
Same as always: grown-ups
only believe grown-ups!
Come on, Conni. Let's go back.
I'm as hungry as a 'beaaar'!
Excuse me?
Does the Weingartner family
live here?
Yes, sir.
Great. I'm here to look at a raccoon
that might be coming to our zoo.
You don't happen to know
where he is? Do you?
Um... well...
Ah! I've been expecting you.
Oskar is back here.
Hi Miss Weingartner. Thanks.
We have to be sure the animals are safe
to be petted by children. All
part of what we do, you know.
Oh, he is as gentle as a lamb.
And twice as fluffy!
Where's my bracelet?
This is really delicious,
Miss Weingartner.
Thank you, Simon,
I'm glad you like it.
Has one of you
seen my bracelet?
I put it on the windowsill
and now it's gone!
- Oh my!
- Oh dear, what did you say, Laura?
- My bracelet is gone!
- It just vanished.
Oh sweetheart,
how did that happen?
Well... nobody was in the room
except me
and I put the bracelet
on the windowsill.
There must have been someone
at the window.
I bet it was
the flying Baron Kuno ghost.
It was a present from
my grandma... my favourite!
Oh dear. Maybe it just fell
out of the window.
Come on, Laura. Together we'll
have a look again.
Let me know
if you don't find it, okay?
And would two of you be so kind as to help
me clear up? That would be really nice.
- Of course!
- Yes.
You've earned a piece of cake
for all that. Good job!
Thank you, Miss Weingartner!
Is everything okay?
You look...
you've seen a ghost.
Miss Weingartner!
M-m-my cat!
Please, Conni... ..if
there was really a cat here,
I would have it in a shelter quicker
than you could say...
I think I've caught a cold!
And now... bed.
Okay! Sure!
Good... goodnight!
City kids!
We found Mau.
And did you catch him?
No. Miss Weingartner
did that for us.
It's true. Miss Weingartner locked him
in her pantry, but she doesn't know it.
I wish someone would
lock ME into the pantry sometime.
So she'll find him
in the morning
That absolutely can't happen!
Otherwise she'll bring him
straight to the animal shelter.
We have to get him out...
- I'll join you.
- Tonight?
Yes! Tonight!
Be careful, Anna!
Sneaky city kids.
I just
don't understand it, Lennart,
is it possible I'm allergic
to raccoons now too?
That was closed
just a second ago, wasn't it?
Hmm... nothing.
Now you all better get ready.
I just don't
understand it, Lennart.
When I get stuffy, I usually
help myself to a nice cup of tea.
Shall I get you one
from the kitchen?
No, Lennart, thank you.
It's late already
and I'm looking forward
to a good night's sleep.
Oh yeah, that's a good idea.
Huh? What's that?
That's unusual.
Maybe it was Baron Kuno playing a game
of footie with little pebbles!
Do you think
he would do that?!
Oh no!
What's happened?
He ate the whole cake!
He'll eat his way
through the whole castle!
Oh Mau, you need to be a good
boy and not a greedy boots!
Let's go. We have to get back,
Did you
ever play football, Lennart?
Yes, actually
I still am playing...
- Keep moving!
- a fantasy league.
That's it for me!
I'm going to bed. Are you staying up?
No! I'm not
staying alone down here!
I-I-I mean...
I need a good night's sleep
to be ready for the children
You don't really believe
in ghosts, Lennart, do you?
Me? Absolutely not!
After all, I am an adult...
I'm not afraid of the dark
or ghosts or strange noises or
doors that are a little bit open.
Whoa! Ouch!
- Simon!
- Shh!
Did you hear that?!
- - What was that?
- I have no idea!
That was the wrong answer.
There's someone in the
costume chamber!
What if the someone
enjoys his privacy? You know...
Lennart, there are no ghosts.
Yeah, sure.
But does the ghost know that?
They heard us!
What's that?
I gotcha!
Whoa! Is that a cat?
That's 'Mau' to you!
What?! Then he's
the one who made the mess!
He followed me.
And YOU can't tell on him!
But my mom
blames Oskar for all of it!
Hello? Someone there?
Hide! Now!
Shh! Come on now.
Good Mau! Quiet!
- Excuse me?
- Ah! Lennart!
We just heard a scream.
Really? So did I...
Oh, you mean another scream!
Is anyone here?
Yes! I am!
- I'm trapped!
- Lennart!
I can't see!
Let's go!
I can't breathe!
I'm trapped! I can't see!
- Come on!
- I can't breathe!
I can't feel my
face! Where Is my face?!
Help! Help!
Don't let the Baron take me!
- Huh?
- Huh?
Gotcha! Huh?!
What in the world?!
Those definitely
don't belong to Baron Kuno.
Wait! It's Luca!
So your sweet little
kitty tore up the sheets!
My cat!
And, yes... he broke the eggs.
And ate the cake. Oh!
Which cake? The cheese cake?
Oh brother!
He probably stole
the jewellery as well!
Mau would never do that, Luca!
You have to show him to my mother.
You've got to tell her about Mau!
I wanted to... I did!
But she just won't believe me.
And anyway,
Mau just ran off again.
But she said she'd take Mau
to an animal shelter!
That's only fair if my Oskar
has to go to a petting zoo!
We should catch
the jewellery thief.
If we do, your mom might let
Oskar and Mau stay here.
That's a great idea, Simon!
- But how do we do that?
- By working together as a team!
And how many marks
out of 10 do you get for that?
Marks! Exactly!
Anna, where's your
modelling clay?
Let's see... Laura's bracelet was
stolen at the window on the first floor
so most likely, the thief is an
animal that can climb really well.
That's why Mum thinks
it's Oskar!
Yep! So we put out some silver
bait and place the clay around it -
when the thief comes, we get his
marks, and then we can catch him.
- Yeah! Yes!
- Yeah!
Yeah... yeah, that could work!
I'll stay awake
and watch the trap.
No, I'll do it.
After all, the thief
is stealing from OUR guests.
we're gonna get some sleep. See ya!
Thank you
for not telling on Mau.
Now I've got you,
you scallywag thief!
Ugh, popsicles!
Not again!
Just wait! I'll get you!
What's going on here, Luca?
I saw him, Mom!
The thief!
What are you talking about?!
The thief who stole
the bracelet and the ring!
- Luca...
- Really!
..what were you doing last
night in the costume chamber?
I... we...
Oskar was with you again,
I... was me.
You took the raccoon
out of the pen AGAIN
and left complete chaos
in the costume chamber. You...
Miss Weingartner?
I was there! We just wanted...
Well, it was my cat Mau
that scared Lennart.
This doesn't make sense
and I can't believe you!
Luca, you will give Oskar another bath
and get him ready to be picked up today.
And, Conni, we are going to have a
little chat with Hanne and Lennart!
Come on!
I'm sorry; I don't believe
a word, Conni.
I understand that you wanted
to help your new friend Luca
but think of all the
terrible mess that was made.
Conni, I'm sorry
but you're grounded!
You are to stay here and help with the
dishes while we make the trip to the castle.
We have to go. Otherwise,
it'll be dark by the time we get back.
I have to go to the supermarket.
You can help Martha with the dishes.
- Huh?
- No. No, wait...
..first clean up the broken plate.
Be careful with the shards.
Miss Weingartner!
Miss Weingartner!
Miss Weingartner! Wait!
Luca? Luca?
Oh, are you ok?
Mau! Oskar!
What are you doing?
Yeah, these two
get along great... two REAL friends.
Come down, Luca! Fast!
Go away, Conni! They're taking
Oskar away from me because of you!
I need your help! I know
who stole the jewellery.
Me too - your stupid kitty!
He's a cat!
And it wasn't Mau! I can prove it!
Bird footprints!
I found this feather
after Mau broke the eggs.
- That's a magpie's feather!
- And that's got to be a magpie footprint!
And magpies love shiny things!
So IT stole your knight!
The people from the petting zoo
are coming soon to pick up Oskar.
We have to catch the thief
before it's too late!
Oh... but how will we find out
where the magpie's nest is?
With the help of the only witness
who almost caught that thief!
- What's he doing?
- Wait! Mau!
- Huh?!
- Shh!
There's the thief!
After him, Luca!
Hey, wait! Conni? Luca?
You're supposed to be grounded!
A cat?!
Hang on... What's that?
Where is it?
We can't let them see us!
What's it doing?
It... it's flying around
the tower.
I bet it's flying to its nest!
The animal keeper from the
petting zoo will be here soon!
But we can't just march up
there - we're grounded!
They'll send me home, and Mau might
be sent to some creepy animal refuge!
And you'll be grounded for
a thousand years... or longer!
Maybe we can't...
But I know someone who
can scare them off, so you can sneak up!
Someone? What?
Wait and see!
Look, over there. That's the mill.
Conni's there somewhere.
- Washing dishes.
- Poor Conni! Not fair.
Come over here, everyone. Mr Polda
would like to tell you all a bit more.
Back in the old days, this tower
was very important to Baron Kuno.
From here, he could
oversee his peasants and their land...
..he would have
armed guards and he would notice
if anyone was trying to sneak up to his
castle to steal his loot... er, riches!
Ehm... so, now you see what a big deal the tower was...
What is that clattering sound?
Sounds like someone's
collecting tin cans.
He could always see what was coming.
Unless, of course, he couldn't
see what was coming...
Leave here...
..or I shall haunt you
for all eternity!
So, who is that?
Not... not exactly
a knight to remember, is it?
Make haste, you miserable,
cretinous creatures!
Huh? What?
This ghost is wearing sneakers!
- Medieval a fashion statement?
- Wow!
Agh! Popsicles!
Let's get him!
Yeah! Let's get him!
Go after him! Go get him!
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
Let's get him!
- Stop! Stay here! Children?
- Lennart, come on!
Hanne, I have no intention of chasing after
ghosts! Which don't exist, by the way.
That went wrong!
Quick, Luca, let's run!
We'll get him! Keep running!
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
Oh, Timbuktu! Hide, Conni!
I'll lead them away.
Yeah, after him!
Mau! Don't!
Oh, Timbuktu!
- Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
- This armour is really great!
- There he is!
- - Is that Mau?
Mau, go away! Vanish! Go!
Oh, frazzlesticks!
There he is!
Stop! I will take a closer
look at this Baron Kuno.
Hey! You! You! Get up!
Be careful, Hanne!
What on earth?!
What the... what?
It's just Mau!
Conni was right!
Baron Kuno is a kitty?
Well, shiver me timbers!
That's not a kitty.
It's a cat!
I can't do it.
There's no way I can do this!
I have to! For Luca.
And especially for Mau!
Go away!
I can't do it!
I can't do it!
I can't do it! I can't!
What's that?!
Shoo! Shoo-shoo! Go away!
Wow! It is all here!
Even Laura's bracelet!
I knew it! I knew that you couldn't be that
far away if Mau was here, fooling around.
Look! Luca, Hanne,
I found the thief!
Huh?! And that's why we should hurry so
that Oskar won't be taken away, right?
We have to go.
Please! We have to hurry!
Well, then...
Mom! Now we know who stole Laura's
bracelet! We got it all back! The ring...
- You're grounded!
- I know, but...
And weren't you supposed
to work in the kitchen?
Please, Mom! I had to do it! We had
to prove that Oskar wasn't the thief.
Oskar also didn't shred the
laundry or break the eggs -
that was my cat Mau.
Your... cat?!
Oh! So now I see
what was going on!
Oskar didn't do anything, Mom!
He really didn't.
But, Luca, the people from the
petting zoo were already here and...
You can't do that!
You just can't!
I wasn't watching when Mau got on the bus.
He's my cat! You can't take away Luca's...
Conni, dear, the man from
the petting zoo WAS here...
..and Martha showed me this.
The prints!
So I sent the man from the petting
zoo away without Oskar, Luca.
The little rascal is in the carrier over
there, waiting for all his new friends.
Ah! Thank you, Mom!
Thank you so much!
Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you!
You are just
a fine bunch of detectives.
I blamed Oskar!
I am so sorry.
He's my friend too,
and frankly
I've been very unfair...
Bless you, Miss Weingartner!
Oh, popsicles!
Watch out! The dishes!
I think
I've finally seen a ghost.
Well, we can do the dishes
but today we have a barbecue!
So, how's your cat?
Oh, he's just a happy camper!
How is Oscar?
My mum's gonna make him a special meal
tomorrow. He's gonna have a great day!
Thanks for everything, Conni.
Nice to meet you.
It's party time!
Semire! That's beautiful!
Come on! Let's dance!
Run now
When everybody stands still
Laugh out
When nobody else will
Be proud
Always be yourself
Be great
Be free
Together you and me
Life is like
A never-ending journey
There's ups and downs But the
wheels, they keep on turning
You'll never know
Who you will be friends with
You'll never know What's
waiting in the distance
Life is so mysterious
Life is getting serious
And sometimes
You will lose your faith
But believe me when I say:
It's gonna be great
Run now
When everybody stands still
Laugh out
When nobody else will
Be proud
Always be yourself
Be great
Be free
Together you and me
Run now
When everybody stands still
Laugh out
When nobody else will
Be proud
Always be yourself
Be great
Be free
Together you and me...
Life can be loud
Or quiet as a snowfall
Softer than silk
Or harder than a stone wall
If you feel lost
# And you are out of luck
I will be there
Whenever you are stuck
Life is so mysterious
Life is getting serious
And sometimes
You will lose your faith
But believe me when I say:
It's gonna be great
Run now
When everybody stands still
Laugh out
When nobody else will
Be proud
Always be yourself
Be great
Be free
Together you and me
Run now
When everybody stands still
Laugh out
When nobody else will
Be proud
Always be yourself
Be great
Be free
Together you and me...