Connors' War (2006) Movie Script

MAN 1 ON RADIO: All units
to 16th and H Street,
Lafayette Hotel.
Proceed north to
Lafayette Square.
MAN 2: Ten-four,
we're on our way.
ETA, 10 minutes.
WOMAN: We have reports
of gunfire at Lafayette Hotel.
MAN 1: Air units dispatched
en route the scene. Over.
MAN 2: Need Homeland
Security clearance.
Heading right
over the White House.
WOMAN: 105 North Avenue, 52.
MAN: Get her out of here.
Move, move. Step back.
Go, go, go!
Storm that hotel! Move! Move!
MAN: Aerial unit,
flying over restricted area.
Will need Homeland Security
WOMAN: Right.
We're checking into that.
Stand by.
MAN: SWAT team in position.
Perimeter secured.
Just crossing
Maryland Avenue now.
Yes, sir. We're ready for you.
Over and out.
We are right across the street
from the White House...
...and the hotel
standoff continues.
with no new reports
from authorities...
...who still
decline to identify
the hostages...
Keep the reporters back
before I instruct my men
to shoot them.
Is she still alive?
They have her on the phone
with a negotiator.
She's relaying demands.
The other hostages?
She's the only one.
They cleared
everybody else out.
I moved them to the basement
when the press came.
Good. What about our men?
According to one
of the waiters,
they're all dead.
Get the SWAT team ready.
OFFICER: The executive
dining room main door is on
the second floor landing.
GREENE: I want
every exit covered.
Every window, every door.
Done, sir. Your associate,
Mr. Mandela, gave the orders.
Yes, sir.
Oh, fuck.
Hold on a minute.
Darryl boy, have a seat.
Mr. Mandela?
That was a funny bit, huh?
Yeah, real funny.
What are you
doing here, Brooks?
I was just in
the neighborhood.
Thought you
could use some help.
You have really overstepped
your bounds this time.
Your team doesn't belong here.
In fact, if I had
anything to say about it,
your team
wouldn't belong anywhere.
It wouldn't exist.
Now, get your
crazy bunch of lunatics
out of my...
He's made it
into the basement.
Where now?
To the left,
above the garbage can.
You hear that?
MAN ON RADIO: Copy that.
I'm sorry, you were saying?
Who is this?
Darryl, this is Carlos.
Carlos is a waiter.
He knows the ins and outs
of the banquet hall kitchen.
Carlos, this is Darryl Greene.
He's head of
the Secret Service.
He's in charge of all of those
dead agents inside.
Dining room door, now.
I wouldn't storm the door,
Move, move, move!
The bad guys say
they put explosives
at all
the entrances and exits.
AGENT: You two, take the left.
You, come with me, now.
They'd kill themselves.
Good point. Good point.
But if you're wrong...
one, you're just gonna kill
more of your men...
...which I know you don't give
a flying fuck about.
But two... are gonna guarantee
one hell of a funeral...
...down Pennsylvania Avenue.
Now, I,
for one, would not want to be
the head cowboy in charge...
...that went and blowed up
the president's wife.
Entering basement.
Okay, I got you.
My team's ready.
Who's on your team?
Just Connors.
Jesus Christ.
No, he wasn't available.
Your fucking team
is a disaster, Brooks.
You make more problems
than you solve.
I'm waiting.
You fuck this up,
I'll really have your ass.
Ten minutes, you smug bastard.
That's it.
You're up, partner.
See you in a few minutes,
a ten-point emergency
action plan for America.
They want to broadcast.
They've sent this
by e-mail
to all the major networks
and cable outlets.
Their manifesto
must be read live
tonight on the evening news.
The money must be transferred
to this bank account.
what's taking so long?
I'll go check on it.
The password is "protagonist."
And make it a good one.
Let's go, people, let's go.
Hurry up.
How's it going, Wolfgang?
Hurry up. Let's move!
This looks tasty.
Tasty. Hurry up.
Let's move, people!
You. Champagne?
It's at the entrance.
This a good one?
I'm a Henny man myself.
You stay here. I'll take that.
Where'd you come from?
At the door.
He just told me to
bring out the food.
I don't want no problems.
If it wasn't for the
unfortunate interference
of your Secret Service...'d be
safely home by now,
I expect we'll be here
a few more hours...
...and we did interrupt
before dinner was served.
Chicken or fish?
Oh, I'm sorry.
Is it too presumptuous of me
to call the first lady
by her first name?
I don't know how you think
you could ever
get away with this.
I don't expect to get away.
I expect to be heard.
This operation is about
making a statement.
One we're all
prepared to die for.
You see,
some people have principles,
unlike the gang of trash...
...that currently holds
the reins of
power in this city.
While your
husband and the rest
of the government fiddles...
...this country is burning.
Someone has to
put out the flames.
The Army of Patriots will.
Well, give me the damn bottle.
This does not bode
well for your tip,
my friend.
Move, move!
Get down, get down!
Keep him off my ass.
Drop your fucking weapons,
or I'll slit Barbara's throat.
Drop them!
Enemy neutralized.
Stand down.
No! Do not enter!
Do not open the door!
No! No!
Fuck. I'm coming!
Yeah, yeah.
What do you want, Howard?
How do you
always know it's me?
Because I can smell your
skanky-ass breath.
What time is it?
Around 5.
Which 5?
The one before Jeopardy!
Listen, Debbie's going out
for groceries.
You need any of these cigars
you smoke?
Yeah, and a six-pack.
Hey, later on,
having a little barbecue.
You know, a piece of salmon,
a little tofu...
...a little Crosby, Stills,
Nash and Young.
I know you're
not a sociable guy,
but maybe you...
No, I'll get this one, eh.
I don't need your charity,
you fucking gimp.
Just take the money.
You don't need charity,
You need
a fucking psychiatrist.
Fuck you, cracker.
Fuck you, homeboy.
Eat shit.
That's very mature.
Give me the money.
Give me the goddamn money.
I'll get the cigars.
Now you want the money.
You want any
fruit or anything?
No, just go. Go.
MAN 1 ON TV: Thank you,
Johnny. Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen.
Yes, it's easy money.
Charlie Lincoln and I are here
to give away money.
I've got a wonderful...
MAN 2: Roberto Tomas,
quite a fight but
Sonic Tangler laying back.
There's a left hook right now,
followed by
a right jab in there.
Tangler's starting to put
a little
pressure now on Tomas.
A right, another left,
a fury of fighting...
MAN 3: Hit hard, hit hard.
MAN 2: This is starting to
look incredible. I...
MAN 4: G Stocks extended
their gain Wednesday...
...amid positive views
on the sector
from Wall Street.
WOMAN: Are you excited
about the new room?
BOY: Yeah. Where is it?
Still walking around
jingling that
change in your pocket.
Fucking loser.
Yeah, I gotta know it's there.
So, what's popping?
Yeah, partner.
Just chilling on the back
of your pimping houseboat...
...on a weekday, huh?
You know me, it is what it is.
Fresh air, sea breeze.
I'll bet you get
a hell of a view
once the fog lifts, huh?
Blind man with a view.
You got jokes.
What is you doing out
on the coast anyway?
I thought you hate the water.
I came to see you, asshole.
Your cell phone's terminated.
You won't answer
my damn letters.
What do you expect from me?
I'm a busy man. You know,
with all this
chilling and all.
How long has it been?
How long?
About a long two years, huh?
So how's business?
The fact is,
that's why I'm here.
I got a gig for you.
Whoa! The president's
chauffeur. Holler at your boy.
When do I start?
Come on, man.
This is a good gig.
This will get
you right back up
in the loop.
Okay, belly man, don't come
down here playing
with me like that.
I swear on everything
I'll break your legs
and throw you
in that fucking bay.
Same old Warren Connors, huh?
Same old little punk-ass,
East St. Louis crackhead.
Sitting in the brig,
all fierce and mean.
But I could see
then and there,
all your potential.
You remember what I said?
You remember I told you
you got a choice?
I said,
you could fuck up your life.
Go back to the projects.
Go to jail.
Maybe take a bullet...
...and die in
some rat-infested,
nasty-ass prison hospital.
Or... could come
and work with me...
...and be somebody.
Do something for your country.
"Do something
for your country."
"Is that what we
were doing, Billy?
You damn straight.
I'd have
wondered about that one.
Damn, partner...
...sound to me
like you've been
doing some heavy thinking...
...since you've been chilling.
Soldiers don't ask questions.
They just do or die.
They do or die
because they
believe in something.
Not that bullshit,
Chinese proverb shit.
Come on, man.
Well, don't do it for me.
Do it for yourself.
You believe in that,
don't you?
Come on, man.
I gotta have you back.
And you could use a gig.
Even if I wanted to do it... you see
what you looking at?
I'm blind as a bat, dogs.
what if I was to tell you...
...if you come
with me, right now...
...I have a way
of getting your eyesight back.
All of it.
Still wanna
throw me in the bay?
Yeah. About a month ago...
...I was called
into the West Wing.
The old man
gave me six months.
They're closing down my unit.
Darryl Greene?
Who else?
He finally
convinced the president
I was too much of
a loose cannon...
...for their post-Cold War,
"we're the good
guys" paradigm.
Got this drone satellite.
Damn thing can track,
pinpoint and destroy a fly...
a thousand miles in space.
They think they don't need
human beings anymore.
Guess I feel
sorry for you, O.G.
Then don't be.
Because tonight... will sneak
into the Mountain
and steal the brain
to their little toy.
I'm gonna do what?
Just for a day, okay?
One 24-hour period,
then I'm gonna
bring it back to
the president myself.
He gonna see
right then and there
why you can't
replace old Brooks.
Jesus Christ, Billy,
how am I supposed to...?
Dude, you're stealing their
security computer,
and tonight...'re gonna have
your sight back.
And that asshole
who fucked over you and me...
...that son of
a bitch is gonna be
pushing papers in
some desk job... Uzbekistan,
because it's payback
time for Greenie,
I'm telling you.
You remember The Art of War,
chapter two?
Turn the first defeat...
...into the final victory.
Into the final victory.
Where are we?
Old farmhouse
about a half-hour
east of the mountain.
we way under radar, huh?
but we'll be all right.
You got it? You good?
Watch your step, son,
you got about just a few left.
Three, two... Just a few more.
Three, two... One more.
Okay, you're up. Doc.
Lead the man...
Get comfortable in the chair,
All right.
Now, watch yourself.
There's a chair right there.
Hold that.
We're moving an instrument
in front of you now.
BROOKS: This is
Dr. Lucas Mackenzie.
He's been in
micro-ocular surgery
and medicine for
over 50 years...
...and he knows
what he's doing, okay?
He's gonna take
a look at your eyes.
Mighty soft hands, doc.
BROOKS: That's his colleague.
Hello, colleague.
AMANDA: Mr. Connors.
BROOKS: Easy, partner.
Just wanted to get to know
how she looked.
Nothing personal.
what's the story, doc?
Exactly as his file reads.
The retina is fused
to the inner lining
of the ganglion nerve.
And as...
English, doc, please?
Your subject
should work perfectly.
All right. Did you hear that?
Now, do you wanna get
your sight back, partner?
Because if you do,
you gotta make
a decision right now.
No, I ain't scared of nothing.
Fuck it. Let's do it.
My man.
Okay, doc, let's rock.
If you don't
mind me asking, doc,
what's the deal?
Ms. Halden, can you explain
about the tapetum?
Mr. Connors, do you know
why some animals
like rabbits...
differently than humans?
Got me.
Because they have
what's called tapetum.
Which is kind of like a mirror
that lies behind the retina.
It amplifies
all the available light.
It's what makes
their eyes glow
when we shine a light
on them in the dark.
Now, Dr. Mackenzie here
has developed
a synthetic tapetum...
...which we're going to inject
directly into your eyes.
The military was
interested in this
for night vision.
But someone with
normal eyesight
can't absorb the serum.
Their body just rejects it.
So the subject
has to be someone
with a non-functioning
ocular system.
Oh, let me guess,
so I'm the lucky guinea pig.
Well, not exactly.
There were Larry,
Curly and Moe.
CONNORS: Three blind mice.
Not anymore.
Okay, this is going to numb
your eyes... you don't feel a thing.
This is a mechanical syringe.
It injects the serum
directly into your eyes.
We call it the pitchfork.
That's very comforting, doc.
Are you ready, Mr. Connors?
We gotta go, partner.
Let's go.
AMANDA: Both eyes lined up
and ready to go.
CONNORS: Let's do
the damn thing.
Doc, I can't see shit.
Well, it takes some time...
the anesthetic to wear off
and the artificial
tapetum to integrate itself.
We can't wait
around here for that.
We gotta get out of here.
If you say so.
All right.
the Mountain's getting
an upgrade to its power grid.
The whole place
will temporarily go offline
and on to
the backup system.
So I take out the backup
and all the lights go out.
That's right.
The electrical is on I-Level.
Now, dig it.
The drone brain is on G-Level.
Now, I know you don't have
clearance for that,
but you got moves.
It's in locker number 605
and it's kept on ice.
All right?
Oh, yeah, it's getting to be
about that time, partner.
Let's see if this partnership
is still on track.
Look, I don't care about
your little war
with Darryl Greene.
I get my vision back...
...this one job...
...and I'm done.
Oh, you gonna do
the honors yourself?
Oh, my God.
I forgot how ugly you were.
Okay, now, dig it.
You'll use the Jeep to enter.
And I'll meet you
back outside the gate.
All right?
Now, I got your ID,
I got a change of clothes...
...I got your 9mm.
I'm not gonna need that.
I'm not killing nobody
over no damn laptop.
Now, don't go
pussy on me, partner.
These dudes don't play.
They ain't gonna
invite you for tea
if they catch your ass.
I know the drill.
I'm on my own.
All right.
Well, you got your assorted
break-and-enter equipment...
...and the star scope goggles.
Which will give you
a double advantage
in the dark.
What? What's wrong?
What's wrong?
Oh, shit.
What's wrong, damn it?
Billy, I ain't gonna need
those goggles.
Main gate, we have a car
approaching. Check it out.
All right, sir. Go ahead.
hold on, I'll transfer you.
MAN 1: We're at the
one and a half hour mark, sir.
MAN 2: Thank you, major.
authorized personnel only.
Can I see your badge, sir?
All right.
You all right there, buddy?
Yeah, yeah.
It's just these new contacts
is killing me.
You know, my wife got that
laser surgery.
She swears by it.
Oh, all right. Yeah,
I'll keep that in mind.
Oh, shit.
No. Not fucking now.
MAN ON SPEAKER: All personnel
review final procedures
for power grid upgrade.
All personnel
review final procedures
for power grid upgrade.
Two hours to
upgrade procedure.
It is now two hours
to upgrade procedure.
Oil refineries
in the bottom...
Grid goes offline in 15, sir.
Backup systems checked?
Yes, sir.
Carry on, major.
As I was saying,
the oil refineries
in the bottom left...
...would be our
primary target.
MAN 1: What's going on?
WOMAN: I don't know.
MAN 2: Get on the radio.
Why aren't the backup systems
kicking in?
Sergeant, we need someone
down at I-Level immediately.
Here you go, general.
All levels report
to command center.
All levels report
to command center.
Check for power failure
at I-Levels.
All levels report
to command center.
We have a power failure
at I-Level.
Check for power failure
in I-Level.
This is section G.
Please come in.
This is section G.
Please come in.
We have a Code 16.
I repeat, Code 16.
We have a Code 16.
I repeat, Code 16.
We're in total darkness.
dispatch a crew to Electrical
at I-Level, immediately.
dispatch a crew to Electrical
at I-Level, immediately.
This doesn't look like
an accident, general.
This is section G.
Please come in.
Got a break-in in the Armory.
Locker 605.
What's in 605?
I want this place shut down!
Now! Move it!
605 is classified.
Secret Service.
All personnel,
we have a code red.
Commence shutdown procedure.
We have a code red.
All personnel,
we have a code red.
Commence shutdown procedure.
We have a code red.
Hold on!
You talking to me?
Yes, sir.
We got orders to
close down the base.
You'll have to go back.
I'm sorry, sir.
Me too.
That's him! Over there!
The guy in the car!
Halt, or we fire!
And fire!
Oh, shit!
MAN 1: We're going in
for a closer look.
We're approaching
the vehicle, ma'am.
MAN 2: Doesn't seem to be
anybody inside.
MAN 1: Nope,
nobody's inside the vehicle.
Oh, fuck you.
but you got it, didn't you?
Fuck! Fuck!
Hold still, Mr. Connors.
What the fuck did
y'all give me, man?
My head feels
like it's exploding.
Seems to be
an adverse reaction
to the tapetum.
There's always the possibility
of side effects.
Side effects? What the fuck
you telling me
about side effects now?
Oh, stop whining, Connors.
You wanted to see.
So you got a little headache.
Fuck you, too, Brooks.
Hold on, Mr. Connors.
We're going to
extract the serum.
That should relieve the pain.
Mr. Connors, sit back.
Try and relax, all right?
The extraction process
is more complicated... we're gonna
give you a general
anesthetic and knock you out.
Oh, yeah.
Just take this pain away.
MACKENZIE: Ten, nine...
...eight, seven...
...six, five, four...
Ms. Halden?
How did you know it was me?
I don't wear cheap perfume.
I guess you're feeling better.
Yeah. I'm all right.
What time is it?
It's about 1:00.
Which 1?
The one around lunch,
which is what
I'm trying to fix.
But it's quite the challenge
in this kitchen.
How did we get here?
Brooks dropped us off
about three hours ago.
I told him I'd stay till
the anesthesia wore off.
Headache's gone?
Pretty much.
Mind if I take a look?
Be my guest.
How long before
headaches started?
About five, six hours.
Then, like, my vision
kept going in and out.
How well could you
see before that?
Look, that serum didn't just
enhance my vision,
it magnified it.
Colors got deeper.
Lights got sharper.
I could see in pitch black.
I could spot a golf ball
from a mile away
and tell you the brand.
So the serum worked.
Damn straight, it worked.
Only thing is your guinea pig
can't see shit in light...
...and my head
felt like it was
about to explode or something.
Look, we'll work
on the headaches. Okay?
I don't think there's anything
we can do about your
sensitivity to the light.
The infrared rays from the sun
just aren't synthesizing
with the serum.
Put your head back.
Maybe there's
some kind of headgear
or something we can develop... diminish the intensity.
Say word.
Like I get some type of cape,
fancy car with it too?
I bet you would just love
a theme song, wouldn't you?
Oh, wait.
I know I just didn't detect
a little sense of humor.
I know Ms. Halden didn't just
come up with a little
funny or something.
It's been known to happen.
You know what?
I bet those cute brown eyes
get even sexier...
...and nicer when you smile.
How do you know
I have brown eyes?
Snuck a peek
after you drugged me
and took advantage of me.
Mr. Connors, I wouldn't need
any anesthesia
to knock you out again.
You're supposed
to be a healer,
not a fighter.
You're supposed to comfort me.
What about that
doctor-patient relationship?
Isn't there some oath
to go with that?
I had a life
before medical school,
Mr. Connors.
On the south
side of Chicago...
...the sisters
got their own oath.
You want a piece of that?
Chi-town. Mmm-mmm.
I don't want no drama.
Hell, no.
Saved by the bell.
Let me get up until
something pop off.
Howard, Howard, Howard.
How did you know it was me
this time? I brushed, I flo...
Well, what?
Well, well, well.
Does the Conster have himself
some female
companionship today?
Howard, could you haul ass?
Hey, no judgment.
Free love. That's what it was
all about in my day.
You're a pathetic,
dirty old man, you know?
Yeah, listen.
My TV is on the fritz
and I just rented
Yellow Submarine.
What's that
have to do with me?
Oh, well, I thought
I could borrow yours.
It's not like
you're watching it
or anything right now.
Okay, okay.
Later, later. Not now.
Yeah, later, later.
Just give me a call...
...when it's free and clear
down here at the love shack.
You know, you're a
piece of work, Howard.
So how do you like your eggs?
Sunny-side up.
Too late. How about scrambled?
Oh, damn.
You know, Dr. Mackenzie
wanted me to apologize.
We should have let you know
there could be side effects
to the serum.
Forget about it.
I mean, it is what it is.
it was pretty shitty.
But sometimes we get
so close to the project...
...we forget
that we're actually
dealing with real people.
Look, if you
hadn't been so caught up
on your work...
...I'd never
have the opportunity
to have my sight back.
You don't know how much
that means.
Well, we're gonna learn
how to do it better
and without side effects.
That is, if you're willing
to continue...
You know, continue to be...
Being your guinea pig?
Yeah, basically.
I ain't got
nothing to lose, baby.
I'm a rider.
Good. Now all we have to do
is secure the funding.
What about Brooks?
Our work with Brooks is done.
Don't you work
for the agency?
When the new administration
came in, they cut us loose.
We tried to hustle some money
from private investors...
...but we had no takers.
Until Brooks came along.
He knew our work, secured
the funding, and brought us in
for this job.
And maybe, if your mission
was a success last night... can actually convince
him to continue
funding the project.
we should know pretty soon.
Brooks should be
handing the brain
to the president as we speak.
Yeah. See...
...our little
mission last night
was basically to
save Brooks' project.
We sort of kind of...
...borrowed this hard drive.
Funny piece of equipment
for a hard drive.
You saw it?
While I diffused
serum in your head,
Brooks took it out of the bag.
It looked more like a thermos
than a hard drive.
A thermos?
It was about that big...
...and stainless steel.
Peek outside.
Peek outside?
Peek outside.
All right.
I'm peeking outside.
What do you see?
Nothing. What do I see?
I see a houseboat.
I see a guy in a boat
kind of throwing
some water out with a bucket.
No, no, no.
Over by the bridge.
What do you see?
There's two guys
on the bridge.
Two... What they got on?
What do you mean?
What are they wearing?
Dark glasses, dark suits.
Those are Greene's men.
Get away from that window.
Wait a minute.
What's going on?
I think
something's gone wrong.
Those are agency men.
They're staking out the place.
We got five minutes,
if that long.
Five minutes for what?
What the hell is that?
CONNORS: This is my bodyguard.
Let's go.
I'm not going
until you explain to me
what's going on.
We don't have time for that.
Let's go.
Mr. Connors, you are blind... got God knows
what arsenal in your crotch...
...and you want me to
lead you around?
I deserve answers.
Look, Amanda,
you gotta trust me right now.
Those men are here to kill us.
They got a hit on us.
Let's go.
Go around.
Howard, I need a favor.
Your ride.
Give me the damn keys!
Yeah. I always knew
there was more to you...
...than just a blind dude
with a rotten attitude.
Federal agents!
Come out!
Hey, Connors!
You be careful with her.
She's a classic.
Get down.
Jesus Christ.
Yes, Mr. President?
Mr. President?
CONNORS: Guess again, Greene.
Don't say nothing.
I got a couple
of things I need to know.
That was some stunt
you and Brooks pulled.
Tell me,
how does a blind man...
Look, don't say nothing.
I'm asking the questions.
Does Brooks still work
for the agency?
Like you don't fucking know.
Jesus Christ, you don't know.
When the new
administration came in,
Brooks' department
wasn't necessary.
We fired him
about six months ago.
What did you think?
You didn't work
for the U.S. Government... worked for Brooks,
private citizen.
Now he's in D.C. trying to
blackmail us with
the shit you stole.
Is the thermos
what I think it is?
Why should I
tell you anything?
Because I'm the best chance
of you getting it back.
Is the thermos CMC-12?
Yes. I'm telling you, Connors,
your man's nuts.
He went crazy
when we fired him.
All kinds of threats,
What did you think
was gonna happen?
That job was his
whole fucking life.
Well, now his whole life
is all fucked up.
The man is a criminal,
he's dangerous.
He has a vendetta against me
and the whole country
and you've helped him.
No, no, no.
He wouldn't do
nothing like that.
You were taking him out?
You got an executive order,
didn't you?
Fuck you. Assassinations are
against the law
in this country...
Wait. What did he threaten,
to go to the press?
To release all
y'all dirty laundry
to get his job back?
No. You wouldn't go for that.
You went to the president
and got an executive order?
You're in deep shit, Connors.
You'd better turn
yourself in and...
AMANDA: Where are we headed?
CONNORS: Back to the farm
so you can reinject me
with serum.
AMANDA: Reinject you?
Wait, wait a minute.
This vehicle. Is it marked?
AMANDA: What do you mean,
"Is it marked"?
CONNORS: Any distinctive
that will get us spotted?
Well, yeah. There's a few.
All right,
we're gonna have to ditch
this thing.
We need another ride.
My car's still back
at the farm. Are you
gonna tell me what's going on?
Yeah. Brooks lied to us,
that's what's going on.
He ain't the cat
we thought he was.
Well, who is he then?
Good fucking question.
See, he's an agency man.
He was brought in
during Vietnam.
he put together this team,
this special team...
...that only answered
to the president.
Brooks was my mentor.
Brought us all in
from nothing.
Taught us how to fight.
Taught us about
loyalty and honor.
Made us believe we was finally
doing something right
in our fucked-up lives.
What a joke.
Then there was this operation
called London Fog.
It was a nasty little gig
during Desert Storm...
...headed by our old friend,
Mr. Darryl Greene.
That was back
when he worked for the CIA.
See, the agency had developed
this little nerve gas...
...they called CMC-12.
A thousand times
more deadly than sarin.
And during
the end of the war...
...the entire Iraq army...
They was hauling
ass out of Kuwait.
You know what
Greene wants to do?
He decides to have
a little field
test on the CMC-12.
...before there was
any chance of talks
for a cease-fire or
anything like that.
So we dropped a container.
CONNORS: Took out
an army platoon.
But also killed every man,
woman and child
within a mile radius.
AMANDA: Jesus.
And the thermos?
It got ten times the CMC-12
than what was dropped in Iraq.
Oh, my God.
What do you think
he's gonna do with it?
Who the fuck knows?
But I'll tell you
one thing, mama.
If we don't find him,
we can kiss all
our asses goodbye.
Brooks called.
He wants $22 million
and safe passage to
a neutral country...
...or he'll set off CMC-12
in the middle of the city.
Okay, I will...
I will notify the president
and get him to
a safe location.
That is exactly
what we're not going to do.
We keep this all in-house.
Let's not panic.
You know Brooks
better than I do,
but I don't understand.
Why 22 million,
and why CMC-12?
In a warped way
it makes perfect sense.
This is Billy Brooks'
big "fuck you" to me
and the government.
His annual operating
budget was 22 mil.
CMC-12 was my project.
It's a project
that's not supposed to exist.
What matters now is we get
the CMC-12 back and buried.
We'll play his game and then
we'll take down Brooks
before this gets out.
What's wrong?
Their door's open.
It's never open.
Know what?
Go park this somewhere
where it's out of sight.
Oh, my God.
Dr. Mackenzie?
He's dead.
Bullet to
the base of the skull?
Bullet to
the base of the skull?
Who would do this?
Look, look.
You have to keep it
together for me.
You have to reinject me
so we can get out.
Cleaners are on the way.
The cleaners?
A team of Brooks' men.
They're gonna
dispose of everything.
Probably burn this
to the ground.
Watch your head.
Now, look.
We've only got
one more vial left, and...
And you gotta remember
that you've only got about
five or six hours...
...until the serum
starts causing headaches.
Yeah, and I won't
see nothing in light,
I know.
Come on. Let's go. Let's go.
Oh, God.
I don't know how
to tell you this.
We don't have
any more anesthetic.
Of course not. Let's go.
I can't do this.
You're gonna have to.
No, I can't do this.
You have to or we dead.
Just do it.
All right. Here.
Put your chin up. Yeah.
Okay, I think...
All right. I'm in.
I've never actually...
But okay. Oh, my God.
All right.
Are you ready?
On the count of three.
One, two...
Sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
What happened to
counting to three?
I didn't want you to twitch.
a nigga twitching, lady.
God damn it.
All right.
Something is just not
making sense to me. I mean...
Stop. I don't need that
right now. Stop.
How much did it cost Brooks
to get this
operation together?
Brooks don't need to take
nothing from the government.
Over the years we took
our stash, and we ain't
worrying for nothing.
This ain't about
no goddamn money.
This about getting even.
Even with Darryl,
the president,
the whole fucking country.
What are you talking about?
What? What?
What is it?
The cleaners is here.
Take it.
I'm not gonna take that.
Take it.
I've never fired
a gun in my life.
Look. This is gonna be
your initiation, then.
You gonna have to not let
your South side girls down
right now.
Because some gangster shit
is about to pop off in here.
Oh, God.
What do you see?
AMANDA: Three guys
getting out of a van.
Find somewhere to hide.
Anywhere. Anywhere. Go.
There's nothing in here.
Quick, quick, quick.
Where, though?
God. God.
Work's upstairs.
Hey, hey.
Don't shoot. It's me.
It's me.
All right, Chi-town.
Come on.
BROOKS: Mean Darryl Greene,
Let's get on with this,
okay, Brooks?
For chrissake.
Oh, Darryl, jeez,
you gotta lighten up.
You've always been
so fucking high-strung.
Gotta take all
the fun out of life...
...walking around
with a big stick up your ass.
Can we move on?
Yes, we can.
But, Darryl,
tell Barnes to
turn off the recorder.
I know I'm getting old
but give me some credit.
There ain't no way
you can trace me.
You got my money?
Okay, here's the deal.
I got my guys.
You got yours.
Now, we can make this clean
or we can make this bloody.
Very bloody,
and very fucking loud.
I'm listening.
Two cars.
Barnes drops off the money.
You pick up the package.
Easy, simple, quiet.
Where and when?
In one hour... in your cars
outside your office.
I've got your numbers.
...any sign of backup
and the deal's off.
There's not gonna be
any backup, Brooks.
You know I want this
as quiet as you do.
You've been very clever,
I must say.
I'll take that as
a supreme compliment
coming from you, Mr. Greene.
Why are we stopping?
Get out.
What do you mean, get out?
Get out. I'm going to D.C.
You're going to
that gas station...
...and hitching a ride back
to wherever you came from.
No, I am not.
And give me the gun.
What do you mean, no?
I mean, no.
I'm sticking with you.
The way I look at it... about two hours
you're gonna be
howling in pain...
...and you know what else?
You're gonna be
blind as a bat.
You are gonna need me.
And beside that...
...I'm getting pretty good
with this thing.
You're beginning to worry me.
Just drive.
You both in your cars?
All right,
Barnes, you hold tight.
My man will come to you.
Greenie, start up your crate.
Leave your office, onto First.
AMANDA: Shouldn't we warn
the authorities?
And tell them what?
There's a weapon
of mass destruction
somewhere in the D.C. area?
"And who are you, sir?"
Oh, I'm just a blind,
undercover ex-agent...
...rolling with a
gun-toting optometrist.
I get your point.
So how do you know
where Brooks is?
If Brooks wanna threaten,
he'll threaten where it hurt.
The president.
He's at the White House?
Not exactly.
See, Brooks quoted
The Art of War, chapter two.
That's his bible.
It's an ancient Chinese book
on battle tactics.
It's kind of just stating
that the first defeat could be
the final victory.
You know, symmetry.
so where is this symmetry
gonna take us?
I'm just crossing onto
Maryland Avenue now.
BROOKS: Now keep going,
you're almost there.
Turn that corner
and what do you see?
I see the White House.
Now look across the street.
What do you see?
Fun idea, huh?
The first defeat
can be the final victory.
Barnes, you still with me?
BROOKS: He's here.
Let him in, bring him to me.
Darryl, that you?
What are you drinking?
Cut the shit. Let's do this.
You've never had any style,
That's always been
your big problem.
You're the guest of honor.
Have a seat.
...have a seat.
Your boys need more training.
Will you please
stop showing off
and sit down?
Barnes, you there?
Where's Greene?
He's right here with me.
Don't worry.
We're gonna start
our little transaction.
See my man
walking towards you?
That's the drop.
Give it to him.
Barnes, give it to him.
It's okay, Barnes.
I'm sorry about this, Darryl.
I really am.
You weren't on
the ground in '91
to see what your
little concoction does.
Sure wasn't pretty.
Now let me see.
How does this thing
work again?
Let me see.
Now I believe all I have to do
is push this button...
...the protective seal
...causing the cooling
liquid nitrogen
inside to escape...
...and then, my friend,
there's no going back.
You can't disarm it.
In about five minutes... becomes unstable,
...and a totally
invisible toxic cloud...
...could engulf you...
...and waft through
every nook and cranny
of this hotel...
...cross Pennsylvania Avenue
into the White House...
...and two of my
favorite people
will be in heaven.
And along with them...
...their little,
secret executive order
to eliminate one Billy Brooks.
Excuse me. Do you have
a William Brooks here?
Brooks. B-R-O-O-K-S.
Brooks, William.
No, sorry.
Darryl Greene.
Yeah, Darryl Greene.
Is there an "E"
on the end of that?
You mean the Darryl Greene
retirement party?
Yes, that's it.
It's private.
Well, where...?
Where is it at?
Where is it?
I can't tell you that.
That's against hotel policy.
Just give it to him.
I wouldn't mess
with her, homey.
the executive dining room.
That's what's up. Bonnie...
...come to Clyde.
That's as far
as you go, okay?
I need you here, right here.
No, but I...
You gotta be out of your mind.
There's nowhere on earth
you'll be able to hide.
You see, that's the thing.
See, I won't have to.
Because thanks to you,
nobody knows about this.
So later on,
when they investigate...
...and find that
you shot yourself
with your own gun...
...they'll find
this suicide note...
Very adroitly forged.
Explaining everything.
How you were
so terribly distraught...
...and guilty
about your misdeeds.
How you blamed
the government...
...and how this was your own
personal deranged plan... set
the whole thing straight.
the deranged one, Brooks.
And the rest of you... gonna go along
with this sick fuck?
I taught my men you gotta be
a little nuts in this
business to survive.
You won't just kill me
and the president.
You'll kill
everyone within five miles.
Collateral damage.
You didn't seem
to mind in Iraq.
This is America, damn it,
the people you're
paid to protect.
You fired me, you fuck!
I'm off the payroll, Darryl.
For good.
So fuck you.
Do it.
That you, partner?
CONNORS: Put down the canister
and drop your guns.
What did you do?
Put some more
of that crap in your eyes?
I told you about
trying to be a hero.
That is not the way
the game is played,
my brother.
CONNORS: You know
you played me out, right?
Hell, I had to. I needed you.
I could tell that the layoff
had affected you, and...
...well, it... Oh, fuck.
I'm gonna tell you the truth.
I knew damn well
you wouldn't do the gig.
CONNORS: That's the first
thing that came out your mouth
that wasn't a fucking lie.
MAN: What the hell?
That's him!
MAN 1: Get him, he's unarmed.
MAN 2: Careful.
MAN 3: Behind there.
Behind there, go.
MAN 1: There he is,
there he is!
MAN 1: There, in the corner!
MAN 2: Not me, damn it.
MAN 1: You son of a bitch!
GREENE: He's out the door.
Connors, get him!
Kill the bastard.
Shut your ass up.
Drop the gun. Drop it!
Drop it, drop it.
And the bomb.
Step away.
Can't we talk
this out, partner?
I mean...'re
forgetting I let you go.
Even left you
that pretty bitch
to help you out.
if I wanted to kill you...
...I would have done it
right then and there.
That's the only reason
you ain't got a bullet
in your ass right now.
See, you ain't nothing
but a common murderer.
Stone-cold killer, huh?
You killed Dr. Mackenzie
and his assistant...
...for what?
BROOKS: It had to be done.
You know how it works,
you gotta tie up
the loose ends.
Look, this government
was gonna kill me.
I don't give a fuck if it's
the president or the pope...
...or who the fuck else.
I ain't hardly sitting around
waiting for somebody
to off me.
Mama Brooks didn't raise
no stupid-ass children.
BROOKS: Well, there's my ride.
All I gotta do is
signal for pickup...
the seal on the CMC...
...and in five minutes,
I'm free.
Well, look,
you could come with me.
We could head for
the Grand Cayman Islands.
Break open my piggy bank.
Start spending
that 100 mil I been stacking.
No more of your fucking lies!
We could get your eyes right.
That's the first thing
we'll do, dog.
You gotta make
a decision here, partner.
You wanna be
a blind old man...
...sitting out
the rest of your days
on your back porch... the fog, getting sauced?
Or you wanna be
somebody again?
No! It's over, shut up!
BROOKS: Marco.
You're supposed to say Polo.
CONNORS: Don't play
fucking games, right?
Brooks, do not fucking move.
BROOKS: This is locker
number 605, it's kept on ice.
Howard, what?
That's impossible.
I had my hand over my mouth
the entire time.
What's the trick?
Ain't no trick.
Of course there's a trick.
There's gotta be.
You got me, there is a trick.
You're the only
pain in the ass
that comes and visit me.
That's it?
That's it.
Now what do you want?
My transmission is fucked.
My clutch is mush.
So before you
took my classic...
...on your little joy ride,
she was virgin tight.
It's gonna cost me money.
I knew it was coming.
How much?
About a grand.
Bullshit. That whole truck
ain't worth a grand.
All right, 250,
if I get Debbie
to do the work.
And you're never, never gonna
borrow my ride again.
Whatever, I'll give you
a check tomorrow.
You better.
Hey, Howard?
What are you doing later?
You and Debbie
wanna come over,
have some grub?
With you?
Hey, this is a first.
What's the occasion?
It's no occasion,
it's just dinner.
Sounds great.
What are we having?
We having steak.
Oh, no, no. Absolutely not.
Red meat? Now I know
where you get
all this aggression.
Red meat.
Fuck, no wonder you got
the Man shooting at you.
You're bringing trouble
into your neighborhood.
It's the whole
bad karma, red meat,
military industrial complex...
...macho fantasy bullshit.
More for us.
What you doing,
lighting up the barbecue...
...or burning down my yacht?
I'm not burning anything,
I can't get the charcoals lit.
You know, might
have to go inside.
You know, with that
cooking skills of yours... gonna make
a lucky man real happy.
All right, shut up.
Thank you.
Look, I'm only kidding.
Why don't you come over here
and sit down.
Take a load off, mama.
I'm all over that.
Here, baby, take that.
Thank you.
How's about a little toast?
You know, actually we have
nothing to toast about.
I mean,
neither one of us has a job.
Both of our bosses are dead.
As doorknobs.
You killed yours.
Hey, it was self-defense.
Greene is back
at his cushy job.
Swept everything under the
carpet like the last two days
never even existed.
That's the way
the government do.
There's no funds
for the research.
No serum.
And you're still blind.
As a bat.
So see,
there's nothing to toast to.
I disagree.
All right, so,
what is there to toast to?
Well, I think...
...that we need to toast... our friendship.
To our friendship.
Connors, if you go
Mr. Rogers on me...
...I'm gonna throw
myself off this boat.
Don't do that, I need you.
All right, so, what,
you've got some kind of
a friendship toast?
Matter of fact, I do.
Of course.
One of my O.G. killer soldiers
taught it to me...
...while we was
together on the brig.
While you was on the brig?
All right, let's hear it.
All right.
Here's to you...
...and here's to me.
And friends we shall be...
...till eternity.
And if we ever disagree...
...fuck you, and here's to me.
That is retarded.
I know, buy you laughed
and you toasted.
You're right about that.
God, it's freezing out here.
Nice day for a barbecue.
Know what, I know someplace
that's not cold.
Yeah, me too. Hawaii.
I was thinking
more of the lines
of the Cayman Islands.
Cayman Islands.
Name me one good reason... go to the Caymans
instead of Hawaii.
I got a hundred million
good reasons to go.
A hundred million reasons?
All right, name me one.
Two first-class tickets
with our names on them.
AMANDA: You're full of shit.
CONNORS: I ain't lying.