Conor McGregor: Notorious (2017) Movie Script

Let's go school this motherfucker.
[man] Take a look around me
Takin' pages from a magazine
Been lookin' for the answers
Ever since we were 17
You know the truth
Can be a weapon
To fight this world
Of ill intentions
A new answer To
the same question
How many times will you
Learn the same lesson?
'Cause we're
gonna be Legends
Gonna get their attention
What we're doin'
here Ain't just scary
It's about to be legendary
[man] It's either all or nothing, the game.
I felt I had enough talent
that it was time to pack up me job and
chase me dream, and that's what I'm doing.
I'm the fuckin' future.
[man] My dream is to be
world champion in the UFC,
have more money than
I know what to do with,
and have a great life for
my kids and my grandkids.
My dream is to be number one.
It's about to be legendary
[song ends]
[crowd chanting] Diaz! Diaz!
[crowd roaring]
[announcer] Oh! Nate Diaz is going off!
Diaz looking to finish
it right here, right now!
Final seconds of the round.
- Just trying to survive.
- Conor!
[air horn blares]
[announcer] Huge round for Nate Diaz.
These are those last few
rounds, and they're over.
You're winning the clinch every time.
Just recover. Loads of time.
Rinse and spit.
This is it now. Championship rounds.
[no audible dialogue]
[man] I mean, I was a little
chimp. I was only a kid.
Had a chip on my shoulder.
Little chimp runnin' around,
thought I owned the place.
But I kept showing up and
then became the gorilla.
[announcer] This is a
dogfight, ladies and gentlemen.
A real dogfight.
[Conor] What's everyone
else doing Saturday?
Probably out drinking
and getting up to no good.
I'm here waiting on a...
90-plus kilo,
big rugby head.
You know what I mean?
To come and basically have a scrap with.
Wanna start making some money. Can't
even afford a head guard at the moment.
- [laughing]
- Was gonna ask you, do you have a spare one?
[both laughing]
- Have you not? [laughs]
- I don't have one, no.
He's a European welterweight champ.
UFC-ready. You know what I mean?
We can't even buy ourself fucking gear.
[Conor] For our guys coming up, we don't
have sports council paying for shit.
We show up here and beat
the shit out of each other
and hope that we beat the shit out of each
other enough that we become really good
and get that shout for the UFC.
Get there and start making the big money.
The aim for everyone is to get
to the UFC, the premier promotion.
We don't give a fuck about no other shit.
You're either with the
UFC or you're with nothin'.
It could happen any day. It's literally...
"We have a fight in nine
weeks. Do you want it?"
You're fuckin' right I want it.
So it could happen like that.
[timer beeping]
- [grunts]
- [muttering]
[Conor laughing]
[kissing sounds]
How you doin', me boy? Huh?
The Irish Debt Bureau.
Come to join the queue.
Tell the Debt Bureau to
join the fucking queue.
[man] Do you organize Conor's life a bit?
Pretty much. [laughs]
Pretty much.
This beard's getting a bit heavy, is it?
- I trimmed it just yesterday. Just give it a little...
- I know.
- How'd you know?
- 'Cause I seen all the hair in the sink.
[both laughing]
[woman] They were here first,
and then they moved out.
Wasn't long before they were back, when
they realized they had to pay bills.
"Any chance we can come
back for just a month?"
And so three years on,
they're still here. [laughs]
- Are you hungry?
- Starvin'.
Oh, this looks lovely.
[blows landing]
[Conor] Most young men, why they got into
martial arts was to defend themselves.
I started off really into football.
That was what my first dreams were,
you know, being a football player.
How good you were at playing football
and how good you were at fighting.
They were the two things where I grew up.
And then maybe as I'd start
going outside my little estate
and all the conflicts that happened,
I had to think to meself, "I need to
be able to defend myself now as well."
Not to get back at anyone.
Just to be like, "This guy knows
where he's at. Leave him alone."
That's it.
I don't know what I'm
doing other than that.
Now I'm obsessed.
Oh, yeah.
- [shouting]
- [man] Yes. Yes.
[men chattering]
Fuck me, that's brilliant.
- Serious rounds.
- [panting]
- We went at it from round one.
- Yeah, serious rounds.
It's 80 percent humidity
and about 30 degrees.
[Conor] No one goes easy
here. Everyone wants to win.
From round one to round, fuckin', the end,
there's people trying to beat you up.
Saturday morning, get up and go 15 rounds.
Sunday, some weights and a cardio workout.
Monday morning, jujitsu, about 10 rounds.
Monday night, about eight rounds, I'd say.
Tuesday morning, here I am.
Nine rounds, going at it.
Not nine rounds pitty-pat.
Nine rounds, you're trying to win
every fuckin' minute of that round.
[man] That's it. Up
above. Get your shot up.
- Yeah.
- Fuckin' hell.
[Conor] This isn't for three
weeks or for eight weeks.
- This is for life.
- [panting]
I just get fidgety.
That's why I need to train. If
I don't train, I'm not meself.
It's like a sense of security or something.
It really messes with me head
if I don't do some training.
Like I said, I'm broke
still. Wanna make some money.
Just keep going. Get it in.
This is my life. Welcome.
- [applause]
- [man] Come on, Conor!
[ring announcer] Introducing his
opponent, representing Antrim MMM.
[bell rings]
- [shouting]
- [man] Come on, Ciaran!
[Conor] He's very forceful, yeah? 2007.
The ringside. It was
next door to the stadium.
Look. It was packed as well.
[crowd cheering]
[Conor] I'd literally only
been training a week in MMA.
- I didn't have a pair of shorts.
- [Dee laughs]
- [Conor] Oh.
- [Dee laughs]
S... Watch, watch, watch.
Sit down!
I caught him with some heavy shots.
[Conor] Ooh.
Yeah! Yeah!
There I was dancing, "Right, fuck this.
This is what I'm gonna do
for the rest of my time."
And when I went back
to the gym the next day,
John pulled me into a
room, brought me upstairs.
There was a little office
upstairs, and he was like,
"You won't be fighting again
if you ever go on like that."
The guy's hurt, and I'm running around
screaming, "Yeah!" and bouncing around.
- "We don't go on like that."
- [Dee] You never really listened to that advice then, did you?
- [laughing]
- [laughing]
- I took it on board for one fight.
- [laughing]
Let's go, Conor.
Go, Conor. It's all you.
[Conor] This is the way to go. Build
up your reputation outside of the UFC.
Get big finishes, talk the talk.
Win titles in all weight divisions.
Then get your call-up.
When the call-up comes, get in there
and prove everyone that you're there.
It's no surprise. Put
me in the fucking ring.
People could throw bricks at me
and call me every name under the sun,
I'd still walk out thinking I'm
the Don Juan, the number one.
You have said that your goal is to
get into the bigger organization.
- Do you think the call is...
- Yeah, I hope so. I hope so.
[man] Hello, Sweden.
In mixed martial arts, a Dubliner is getting
ready to take on the best in the world.
[reporter] A two-weight champion
in the Cage Warriors Championship,
he's now been signed up to the elite
Ultimate Fighting Championship.
[Conor] All over the world, I
feel like I can pack out shows.
I feel like I have that va-va-voom,
as they say in France. [laughs]
I think the easiest way to explain,
he's been playing for the local teams,
and now he's been signed by Liverpool.
[Conor] I see meself as the champ already.
[host] You're the
featherweight champion already?
Of course. I seen meself
as the champ from day one.
We're broke as motherfuckers over here,
and I haven't got a pot to piss in.
So I'm looking to get paid.
I'm gonna go straight for him.
Hands in the air, open palm,
Chuck Norris style, eh?
[announcer] Marcus is hurt.
Looking to finish it here.
This is why everyone's been
talking about Conor McGregor!
And it's all over! Wow!
- [crowd cheering] -
Ultra-impressive UFC debut!
This kid's the real deal.
- [laughs] What's up, man?
- Welcome to the UFC, man.
Yeah, thank you very much.
- There's been a lot of hype. I guess the hype is real.
- Yeah.
I didn't have money before
this, and now here I am,
with 60 G's bonus and then my own pay.
I don't know what the fuck's
going on, to be honest, right?
- [media members laughing]
- Just last week, I was collecting the social welfare.
Now I suppose I'm just gonna
tell them to fuck off. [laughing]
I'm just thinking of what
I'm gonna spend it on.
What's up? There's the guy with the
Daily Mail. Let him in there.
- A hundred percent. What's up?
- That was impressive.
Thank you so much.
My man, my man.
I always felt like I was
getting spotted, yeah?
What kind of prick would you be?
No, no, I don't want to.
- Thank you so much. Good luck, Conor.
- Thank you.
It's not as if I'm like bloody Justin Bieber
and there's a thousand people outside waiting.
It's not heavy like that.
Living the dream. Yeah. Crazy.
This isn't the safest area
to have a big camera and a load of cash.
You'd want to be armed to come at me.
Something semiautomatic.
Two hours to get up to the back-arse
of nowhere on a freezing-cold site.
Anytime anything was needed,
who has to go and get it?
Little old Conor here.
I used to drive that.
If you're motivated by money and fame,
you're motivated by the
wrong things, and I agree.
Fuck fame. I'm in this game to get paid.
When I retire, I want to be fat and
lazy and don't have to answer to no one.
Six holidays a year and a
car for every day of the week.
- McGregor.
- All right, boys.
- [shouts, indistinct]
- What's up? How are you?
Best of luck in the next boxing.
- Thank you so much, man. Thank you.
- Have a good one.
Thank you.
See what I'm saying
about following me around?
Ever hear that thing where people say,
"Spend your money on experience
rather than material things."
Well, fuck that. [laughs]
This to me is an experience.
And it's also material.
So I'm killin' two birds with one
stone there, you know what I mean?
[Conor] Just has to be prepared.
Oh. [laughs]
Oh. [laughing]
- It's mine?
- [Conor] Yeah.
I'm in shock.
From Peugeot to this. It's not bad.
Oh, my God. This is something else.
- You've worked hard.
- Yeah.
[man] Let us go to the Skype machine
and welcome in our good
pal, Mr. Hollywood.
Look at this guy. All of a sudden.
What a difference a few months makes.
- [man laughs]
- Don't hate, Ariel, yeah? Don't be hating.
I sense an aura. I sense an
aura. It's oozing out of you.
Yeah. Did you not sense
that the first time though?
You're only 1-0 in the UFC,
but it feels like you're 10-0 by the
attention and by the buzz surrounding you.
I always felt like the champ. I
always felt like this was going on.
This was all going on in my head.
Now it's just happening in real life.
I'm borderline insane,
Ariel, yeah? [laughing]
And that's what makes me so damn dangerous.
[Ariel] I know you watched 163. What'd
you think of Aldo's performance?
Are you ready for this, man?
Ariel, come on. There is no
opponent, you know what I mean?
This is my division. This is my time.
If they give me that
title shot, I'll go for it.
I come to fight. I come
to perform. I'm ready.
[ring announcer] It's... time!
- [announcer 1] That's it.
- [announcer 2] It is all over!
[announcer 1] We said he would make
it look easy. He made it look easy.
[announcer 3] Tonight was a
breakout night for this kid.
He proved that he is
legit and he belongs here.
Holy shit.
Now this is a fuckin' room.
[Conor] You know what's next.
That world title is next.
Tell Jos I'm comin'.
That's some suit, isn't it?
Once you got your autograph,
please get out of the way.
- Thank you.
- That's it. I've got to get him there now.
[announcer] You will be fighting
Jos next, for the title.
I'm gonna hand him my spit bucket, tell
him to go back and spit-shine that belt.
[Conor] He's supposedly
one of the pound-for-pounds.
He's been on a tear. He's
the featherweight king.
Only one king around here, paddy.
He's 50-50 on the feet.
And I swear on me life, I watched his
last fight and tried me best to be humble.
I said, "Please, give him a round.
Give him two rounds even."
I can't do it. He's gonna get
knocked out in one as well.
[popping sound, shouts]
[Conor] We are in the
Mac Mansion in Las Vegas,
and the people that are here with me are the
people that have been with me from the beginning.
[reporter] Presently, Vegas is home to high
roller Conor McGregor and his entire team.
High roller! [cackling]
I'm gonna wipe out everyone in this
division. I said that, and I will do it.
[reporter] Regardless of McGregor's
claims, Jos Aldo is, as of now,
the best pound-for-pound
fighter on the planet.
[man] If Conor goes in and does exactly
what he says he's gonna do to Jos Aldo,
it will be tough to not call him the
pound-for-pound best in the world.
[dramatic music plays]
That is fuckin' quality, that is there.
- [Conor] Goin' up.
- [Dee mutters]
I love this elevator here.
[Conor] This is the bathroom.
This is Dee's walk-in wardrobe.
The sauna.
- Oh.
- Right there.
Full bathroom.
My walk-in wardrobe.
- [laughing]
- [laughing]
- Fuckin' hell.
- Uh, so...
- It's like fuckin' Floyd Mayweather or some shit.
- Yes.
See that MGM every day.
Some place, isn't it?
It's unreal.
[Conor] We went to the
gym. Start rolling around.
We started on the feet.
He comes up on his elbow,
tries to jump in the air and
tries to do that scissor sweep.
- [man] Oh.
- From fuckin'... From here.
And I'm just like this.
- And he just scissors me and there's a... crrr!
- Agh.
It was like... And I'm like,
"What the fuck... What
the fuck are you doing?
We're only fuckin' slow rollin'."
So now I have to fuckin' accept that,
and I have to manage
this, but we're doin' good.
[Conor] Like I'm getting real good
sessions in. I'm in serious shape.
So as long as I keep healthy.
[Conor] And on fight night,
I'm just gonna let it go.
Gonna go in, I'm gonna let everything fly.
- How's it feeling?
- It's feeling a lot better.
- I'm happy. It's getting there.
- I love it.
[Conor] Essentially, I tore my ACL.
Eighty percent of it, they said.
I've become a master
at recovering from this,
and I am able to overcome it.
Everyone in the roster would
have went runnin' after this.
- Aaah.
- Okay? Okay, bud?
- Aaah! Okay, okay, okay.
- Okay, okay.
- Okay, let me up, let me up.
- Okay.
[Conor] They said I'll be able
to kick in a couple more weeks.
I'm a fuckin' workhorse.
It's just another day to me, paddy.
I'm a fuckin' veteran at this game.
[no audible dialogue]
They're doing a waxwork of
him on fight week on the Strip.
It's gonna be around Vegas so people
can take pictures with it and shit.
And that e-mail is "for
Conor's eyes only, please."
And this is about the 150th.
"Hi, Conor. After my last
relationship broke down,
I had a very powerful feeling in my body
that I was soon to meet the love of my life.
At around the same time, I had
the vision of being in Vegas.
I do need one thing from you at this stage.
Please be honest with me
about what is going on here.
I feel like we have been sharing
this love online and elsewhere.
I see us having a number of children.
Ella, Shannon, Conor,
Hugh, Michael, James, Seamus
are some names I have in mind."
Now, I have not written back
to this crazy bitch once,
but she keeps on sending
e-mails, e-mails, e-mails.
Like big detailed ones like that,
naming the kids and everything.
It's fucked up, innit?
What do you do with that? That
bitch'll show up with a gaff one day.
Or a bleedin' gun or something.
Going right this way.
It's a busy night in the Mac Mansion.
[director] And big.
- Go big, go big!
- Ahhh!
And cut.
So it comes to a halt in a
suburban street. Driver gets out.
- Smoke coming from the hood. He's broken down.
- You're late for the fight.
You don't know where you are.
This is a wedding chapel. Smash
through the wall of the wedding chapel.
There's a massive reveal
in the center of Las Vegas.
- You're in the center of Vegas. The MGM. There you are.
- This is gonna be a big shoot.
- Massive.
- Wednesday and Thursday this week.
Wednesday and Thursday,
or Wednesday or Thursday?
Wednesday and Thursday.
With this whole running
scene that we're doing,
you're just a determined Conor
McGregor, do you know what I mean?
[director] And action, Conor.
Ready, and action.
- Great. Cut it. Got it.
- Cut. Thank you.
You know you've made it when you've got a
motherfucker holding an umbrella for you.
You know you're big-time then.
- What about their wedding?
- It's a church?
It's a wedding. Basically,
it's you running...
Take a picture of me and Dee here.
- [laughs]
- [laughing]
- Ah, love it.
- [laughs]
- Ah, that's gas.
- Congrats, guys.
Surprise! [laughing]
Oh, my God. That looks good.
- [Dee] We met three years ago.
- It was at a party, wasn't it?
- Yeah.
- Then I didn't see anything of her for ages.
[Conor] Came across her on Bebo.
[Dee] Went on one day, had a friend
request, and I was like, "Hmm. What's this?"
[Conor laughing]
[man] I was just saying she really
believed in you for a long time, it seems.
Yeah. She did.
[Dee] Conor would go
train until about 10:00.
We'd just drive home, listen to music
and kind of just saying, "Look. One day."
- Yeah.
- [Conor] It's real.
"One day."
[Dee] We are running behind
here. It will be 1:15, 1:30.
[man] Who's coming over, Dee?
Heather. Conor's physio.
She just happened to have
Arnie with her. [laughing]
[men laughing]
[Conor] World champion
preparation this is, Arnold.
I brought everybody
out here under one roof,
all preparing for... with one goal in mind.
It's the way world champions
do it, and I'm a world champion.
But I'm sure you're training
with your three-piece suit.
Yeah. [laughs] Yeah.
- Got a few suits prepared.
- Exactly.
- Looks good. Yeah, looks great.
- Yeah, thank you.
[man chattering]
I can kick again. I can hit things now.
- That's good.
- That's the first time...
On the day of the fight, I
said, "Hold the pad there."
And I just went ba-boom.
So essentially it's just where
I was back where I was at now.
- That's nothing.
- And the more you work your glutes,
the less stress you're
gonna have on that area.
I'll tell you what, Arnie,
you were my hero growing up,
but Heather is my hero now, yeah?
- Good. She's fantastic, yeah.
- She's unbeliev...
Honestly, she is
unbelievable at what she does.
But, yeah, UFC 189.
I know it's a long way away.
I know you're a busy man.
I'll put you down as there, so
I'll understand if you are not.
- But, honestly, I wish you were there.
- When I say I'll be back...
[all laughing]
- I mean it.
- Funny.
I mean it, yeah.
- Bye.
- Bye-bye.
Arnie droppin' in at our gather.
- [laughs]
- Fuckin' Arnie.
"When I say I'll be back."
Oh, stop!
I was like, "What? You fuckin' legend!"
What's the story with the leg anyway?
- Yeah, it's good. They said I have no restrictions.
- [Dee] Great. No restrictions.
Just build up the glutes. Keep
going, and I can kick, I can spar now.
- Yeah, all good.
- Boom, boom.
- Love it, love it.
- It's all coming together nicely.
[Conor] I'm not confident
enough to stay on one leg.
All I need to do is be stable
there. Get him to the fence.
Beat the body, beat the legs,
separate, strike, and carry on.
They're solid rounds, aren't they?
Right, there's no wrestling,
but they're high-intensity.
There's a lot of movement in them.
He's ready to go. Getting him to the fight
without any injuries is the main thing.
[White] Good to see you.
- Almost 10,000 people.
- Wow.
- That's sweet.
- 10,000 just at the fucking weigh-ins.
- [Conor] I love it.
- [White] Right?
This is fresh!
Ten fucking years this
guy hasn't lost a fight,
and then you got this fucking guy
who has your persona and personality.
It's a
one-in-a-million fight.
[Dee] Every day is moving forward.
That's just the way we
live. That's our lives.
We live in this... positive mind frame.
[Conor] To mimic Jos, all I
gotta do is look at everyone.
His jab with that right
hand, that low kick.
The same shots as everyone throws.
To mimic me, he has to go to great lengths.
[Conor] Everyone on the
roster thinks that it's his.
I'm gonna flatten him. I
know I'm gonna knock him out.
He'll come in, that
aggressive jab, right hand.
I'll step back, bang, a left
hook, and that will be it.
[Dee] If you change the way you think
and you believe every single breath
you take that you are the best...
And I was the first person to
really hear him speak those words
and hear him be so passionate.
I always did believe him. Always.
And I always will.
[man] Do you know what's happening?
I'm just reading some online reports
that are about Aldo breaking his rib.
[Lobov] You're not gonna
fight with a broken rib.
After all this effort.
Is Conor still asleep?
- He hasn't heard anything?
- He's asleep.
You'll hear it. "Aaah!"
- Off that, into the pool.
- [laughing]
He got kicked in the ribs
during a sparring session.
[Kavanagh] How hard were
they fucking sparring?
Exactly. How hard can you be sparring?
Spinning heel kick to the ribs.
This is not what we expected
today. Not what we expected.
That's crazy, two and a half weeks out.
Right. Two and a half weeks out.
Somebody's kicking you so
hard, they break your ribs.
[Dee] What's up?
Hey, sunshine.
What's up?
- This is what you call a rude awakening.
- Yeah.
He broke his fucking rib.
Oh, my God. So what happens now?
- That's why we're here.
- We're here to talk to you.
He has a non-displaced fracture,
which means that it's...
Were they whomping the hell
out of each other in the gym?
- [man] Yeah.
- What? Take a body shot?
- Sounds like a...
- It was a body shot? - Yeah.
- He got hit with a body shot?
- [Fertitta] Kick.
Fuckin' hell.
We have a date, September 5, here in Vegas,
which gives you another seven weeks.
- Then you can fight Aldo.
- Yeah, but that's September.
Whether I want to take
another one is the question.
[Fertitta laughs] I didn't know
there was an option, actually.
[White] Which I did. I knew
that you would say that.
I knew you would say that.
Thanks, man.
- Later. Coach. All right, man.
- Thanks for coming.
Just carry on business as
usual, hit the gym tonight.
- See what happens.
- Yeah.
- Hey. Whup-a!
- Yeah. [chuckles]
- [Conor] Oh!
- [chuckles]
[Conor] I knew that one sunk.
Doesn't matter who it is. Whoever
steps in the cage is getting taken out.
Jos, Nate, Chad... Whoever the fuck.
Whoever it is is getting fucked up bad.
- Hey.
- Hi. How are you guys?
[man] Just give us your reaction
to the news that's come down here
that you've learned about Jos Aldo
and the potential of
having to face Chad Mendes.
It means nothin' to me. The
result will remain the same.
It doesn't matter who is in front of me.
I am the pound-for-pound
number one,
so whoever's standing
across from me will get it.
That'll work.
[Conor] Had a little tiny
bruise. [clears throat]
- [mutters]
- And panic set in.
Fear set in. So...
Doctors have revealed that he's a pussy.
So now it's known he's a pussy.
[Conor] I'm fighting Mendes, Sergey.
- Yeah?
- For the interim belt.
- No way.
- Yeah. It's perfect.
As long as there's a belt on the line,
I'm good. Do you know what I mean?
Be different if there's
no belt on the line.
I'm gonna go in and pile the
pressure on straight from the bell.
Big, big shots. Big knees.
Hit high and shut him down.
The belt's on the line. That
makes all the difference.
Chad, can I just ask you a little bit
about your superior wrestling skills,
the advantage you would have?
You know, I'm the type of
guy that has the athleticism
and I have the wrestling ability
to put this dude on his back...
anybody in the division,
to put them on their back.
[Kavanagh] It's always been the question:
how will he do against a wrestler?
Now we answer that question.
He hasn't been training for
years with Sergey for no reason.
[Conor] My mind is absolutely bulletproof.
So if you are number one, who gives a shit
if number two steps out
in place of number three?
- 'Cause he doesn't shoot like the way he's training.
- Yeah.
- It's that. Whoa-ah!
- Yeah.
And he's afraid of the feet.
At that range, he's gonna be like...
He's gonna be facing me.
He's gonna have to come...
- He'll be shooting from miles out there.
- [grunts]
[Mendes] In my opinion, Conor is
a very one-dimensional fighter.
He doesn't have wrestling.
He doesn't have jujitsu.
You wipe all that hype outta here, I'm
gonna get in there and destroy this dude.
- Bottom line.
- [crowd cheering]
- Was that a pop?
- Yeah.
- On my leg?
- Yeah.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah.
No. It wasn't in that leg, was it?
There's nothin'. Didn't feel nothin'.
- It was a pop, wasn't it?
- Yeah.
It's all right. It was nothin'.
- Was it?
- No.
Sorry, man.
- Yeah.
- You all right?
- I heard a crack.
- Where?
In my right knee.
Nothin' more. No pain or nothin'.
Just, "Uh. What was that?"
[man] Was it extending it or coming down?
I had it bent like that in
a body triangle position.
Get that out of me face, will ya?
- Let's go.
- Where is it? Here?
[man] Yep. Right here on the left.
[Conor] Some MRI place.
See there's nothin' wrong.
That's it. What do you want me to say?
[Lobov] We're not sure exactly
what the situation is at the moment.
I mean, he was already on one leg.
This morning he was at the
lowest point you can be.
Uh, but I think he's just gonna
fight through it either way.
There's no other way.
This fight is too big.
[Conor] When I throw a
roundhouse, it's balancing...
I can't balance again.
- Entire leg unstable.
- Yeah.
[makes grinding noise] Couple times.
See that? It's freakin' me out.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- It's making me question whether it's stable.
That's not right.
Anytime I compress now, it's sore.
Okay. And the back? Do you still
feel that pressure in the back?
[Lobov] Pretty much anyone in the world
would have pulled out of the fight.
Conor is training without an ACL.
I mean, you're not supposed
to be able to walk without ACL.
Just for those things alone, that's
how I know he's gonna be the champion.
[people chattering]
- Hey.
- I was like,
"Ma, two up, two down." Not anymore.
Get this. Hasn't seen her in ages.
[Margaret] How are you, Son?
- Feeling good?
- Where's Da?
He's on his way.
Big cry from down Crumlin, isn't it?
[Erin] Oh, my God. [squealing]
- Oh, my God.
- Hey.
- Love, love, love ya. Miss ya loads.
- Oh, miss yous too.
[Erin] Surreal, isn't it?
Are you just kind of used to it now?
This is cool, isn't it?
- What's up?
- Long time no see. How you doin'?
- Good, good, good.
- How's the weight situation? On top of it, yeah?
We knew you would be.
- There's rumors going around.
- Ah...
Where's he going? Twenty-seven.
I'm surrounded... by luxuries.
But it certainly involves
a lot of sacrifice.
- [Dee] People see the nice things.
- People see the nice things.
They don't have to walk by them two scales.
That's... That's not good.
- [Kavanagh] How ya feelin'?
- [Conor] I feel all right.
It's a little bit creaky.
Just going up and down there?
- Ah... I feel it 24/7.
- You feel it?
- You feel...
- 24/7.
[Kavanagh] Okay.
[Conor] I'm thinking fuck MMA sparring
again. It feels like I'm setting myself back.
We stop doing the MMA sparring,
start doing the boxing.
Just feeling a little bit better.
- [Kavanagh] Boxing drills?
- That's what I'm thinking.
- That and the weight?
- Yeah, that and the weight. Yeah, that's it.
It's hot out today.
[Conor] Oh, my God, man.
It's heavy, isn't it, Artem?
- It's the heaviest.
- I look at you, and I'm like, "Fuck featherweight.
- I'm not going there."
- Yeah.
- I'll be back in a minute.
- [Dee] Yeah.
Last one. Who wants it?
Who wants it the most?
[Lobov] So it's getting close. You're supposed
to up the pace, but you're eating less.
It's the hardest and
the most dangerous time.
Once Conor in the cage,
door is locked, that's it.
Our job is done.
[Conor] Yesterday's session was very good.
Gave me a good boost. The
weight's down, everything's good.
Life's good.
The only thing that's gonna
put you down is injury.
What is the motto of the camp?
What is the motto of life?
Three minutes.
[Conor] Improvise, adapt, and overcome.
[man] Great work today, buddy. Yeah?
Good session.
- [Dee] Conor?
- Where are you?
[running footsteps]
That looks nice.
- [Kavanagh] Come on.
- One forty-four and a half?
They say I struggle. I don't struggle.
I'm a perfectionist.
Half under.
- Twentieth one done. Twentieth one done.
- Proud of you.
Fuck everyone doubting me.
Doubting a professional. How
can you doubt a professional?
I don't fuck about this game, eh?
I take this game very seriously.
What's up, skinny? Good to see you.
[laughs] You look fucking
crazy. That's so crazy.
- Cutting weight is a fucking weird thing.
- Yeah.
Let's get this thing over
with so you can rehydrate.
Let's do it. I'm ready.
[no audible dialogue]
[no audible dialogue]
[Conor] All right, let's bring the water.
No! Stop!
Tonight, baby. I'll see you later, yeah?
See you when I come back.
[Dee] He has the bag, yeah?
Louis's here, is it? Suit bag?
The suit and the Louis
bag's in there, innit?
- [man] I got 'em.
- All the bags and everything?
How do I look?
Like what? What do I look like?
- Like the world champion, baby.
- The world champion.
Aye. [burps]
[Dee] Everyone has their ID
and all, yeah? For tonight?
- You have mine, do ya?
- Yeah, your wallet's in there.
Put some R & B or rap or
something on there, please.
All the way. All the way
up. We're not 90 in here.
- Little bit more. Little bit more.
- [Dee] Keep going.
Little bit more, please. Thank you.
[man on stereo] I like the way
you work it Hey yo, hey yo, hey yo
No one does it better than me, yeah?
When it's all combined
into a little nutshell,
no one does it better than me.
All of it together.
[Conor] Ah, I mean business today, yeah?
I mean business.
Hey yo
'Cause that's my peeps
And we rolls deep
Flyin' first class From New
York City To Blackstreet
What you know about me?
Not a motherfuckin' thing
Cartier wooded frames
Sported by my shorty
As for me
Icy, gleaming
Pinky diamond ring
We be's the baddest
clique Up on this scene
Ain't you gettin' bored
With these fake-ass broads
I shows and proves No
doubt How predictably so
Please excuse If
I come across rude
That's just me and that's
How a playette's got to be
[makes popping sound]
All right, then I'll take
off this fabulous suit.
Wanted to keep it on a little bit longer.
[announcer] Conor McGregor,
who is a unique, one-of-a-kind.
A guy who combines
crazy trash-talking hype
with spectacular talent,
skills, and confidence,
and an aura.
There's an aura
about this young man.
Let's go, pussy.
[man] All right, Conor.
Yeah. Give me the flag.
- Let's do it. Let's go.
- [chattering]
- All right, gentlemen, obey all the rules.
- Let's see who has it now.
- Protect yourself at all times. Follow my instructions.
- [trash-talking]
Touch gloves if you wish.
Come out ready to fight.
[crowd cheering]
[announcer] How good is this?
[announcer] Oh, he hurt him
hard. He hurt him hard there.
There's a good one-two by Chad.
- Oh! Again.
- [announcer 2] Spin again.
Hard shot.
- Looking for the takedown. Got it!
- This is a big power shot.
There's another hard shot to the body.
Chad's hurt. Chad's body's hurt.
- [crowd roaring]
- [air horn blares]
[Kavanagh] Okay, let's
stick with the long shots.
The left kick to the body is beautiful,
and the straight to the body as well.
Every time that takedown
started with a left hand.
You got this, baby. One round for us.
[crowd chanting] Conor! Conor! Conor!
Chad can't stand in front of him,
and that's the problem he's having.
Conor's doing a wonderful job of keeping
him on the outside and attacking his body.
- McGregor down again.
- Again. Huge takedown.
This is what everyone wanted to see.
The one thing that he hadn't
faced is a talented wrestler.
Mendes keeping busy.
Slashing elbow by Mendes.
[announcer 2] He's doing
a lot of damage here.
He stepped over. He's looking for the neck.
Looking for the neck.
Chad is excellent at this.
- This is his technique.
- Gonna lock it in!
- Very bad position for Conor.
- Great position for Mendes.
- Can he get it? No.
- He lost it.
He lost it, and they're backed up.
Uppercut. McGregor.
- Chad can't stand in front of him.
- Great combination.
Mendes fires back. Looks
for another takedown.
- Not this time.
- Conor stuffed it.
With 20 seconds to go. Big,
deep breath by Chad Mendes.
Listen to this place.
Oh! Big shots from McGregor!
- Ten seconds.
- Now he's hurt!
Could he finish him here?
It is all over!
Conor McGregor
is the UFC interim featherweight champion!
[Conor] I'm absolutely
blown away by the support.
So much went on during
the buildup to this.
I just honestly wanna say thank you to my team,
my family, everyone that's come up with me.
People since day one.
And the Irish people that supported me,
I swear to God, I've done this for us.
- [crowd cheering]
- I've done it for us.
[woman] The champion.
- [man] The champ is here.
- [man 2] The champ is in the house.
- I'm so proud of you, Conor.
- Thank you.
[man] I don't recall you ever
being this emotional after a win.
- Is this a first for you?
- [Conor] Yeah, I don't think I have been.
It's been a long, long road.
Years and years of hard work, dedication.
And then even just the buildup
to this has been up and down.
It's been a lot of travel, a lot
of work, and I'm just blown away.
Ay, ay, ay.
I swear to God, I've never
been like this in me life.
Fuck it. I was like that
when you were walking out.
Crying me eyes out.
Ah, fuck's sake.
- Good to see you.
- Everything's good.
- How you doing?
- How are you?
You're nuts. You're nuts!
The business associates.
All the business partners, get in.
Good business.
I was so nervous down there.
I think I lost two pounds
just in those few minutes.
I could feel Heather's eyes on my leg.
I saw you on the ground. I was like...
Oh, man, it's been a long road.
It's been a long, hard road.
Conor! I love you, Conor.
[man] Conor, how do you feel?
[White] This now sets up
a fight with Jos Aldo
that will be easily
the biggest fight
in the history of the UFC.
[Conor] In my opinion,
Jos went running.
If he wants to come
back, he can come back.
But I swear to God
his day will come.
- The boys!
- Wanna help us?
- I need to get him out, 'cause he's going bananas.
- Yeah, right.
Who's got the third one?
That just needs a clean on the
outside, but this, inside and outside.
There's the keys to the BM.
There's the keys to the Merc.
And the Range is gonna come
around now in a minute, yeah?
[Conor] A couple of weeks after the
fight and I watched the whole thing,
taking me back, and I went back there.
Watching all of it, it's crazy.
Watching situations back and
then putting yourself back there.
I like to do that.
It's like mental preparation,
even if I'm not there.
Go to that place where I was
feeling them feelings. I live there.
So when it's actually that time of day,
it's just... it's just another day.
I'm so comfortable with
it. I'm so used to it.
I've done what no other man could
do. Got him out of bed early.
Right to the end! Come on!
Ain't nothing. Easy. Easy work.
[Conor] The hardest workers in the game.
That's why we're the
highest paid in the game.
- Go!
- Come on! Round five!
[man] Knock his fucking head off, Conor.
- Fucking A!
- [Conor] Thank you.
[man] I think Aldo's gonna be very
lucky to get out of the first round.
Definitely an improved Conor McGregor.
Every single camp, he just takes
those leaps again, you know?
Heel to toe.
Heel to toe.
This is what we do with
newspapers in this house.
Newspapers don't get read around here.
Ey! Ey!
- Let's go.
- Ey!
Fucking brilliant.
[Jimmy Kimmel] So, is it a fun job?
[Conor] It is extremely fun beating
people up for lots of money.
[audience laughs]
[Jimmy Kimmel] Do you talk to
them while you're beating them up?
Is there, um...
Are there conversations?
I certainly let them
know that they hit weak.
What about this guy you're
fighting? What's his name? Jos?
We're almost there. I'm
not gonna get too excited,
because it was around this time
the last time that he pulled.
I'm a true great, and I conquered my
adversity. He did not. He went running.
[Conor] I don't know.
It's a good craic, innit?
I'm a bit more comfortable
with it now. I don't know.
It's weird when you watch yourself.
I used to watch and be like, "Why
the fuck am I sounding like that?
Why am I talking like that for?"
Me and her, she'd be slagging me, mate.
Why would I be slagging you?
Why were you slagging me? Sometimes
I can't listen to myself talk.
And I may have...
But that was all right.
- Here's the view.
- It's a mile, guv'nor.
Look at that view. Geez!
[Conor] This must be 15
press conferences I've done
without getting to fight this man,
so I am happy that we are here now.
I am in a state of Zen,
ready to put on the performance of my life.
Ey-ey! Ey!
[Conor] Within four minutes,
the shots will have landed.
Anything after that four-minute
mark of the first round
will be a formality.
[Aldo speaking Portuguese]
[Conor] This one will be a master class.
This one will be the changing of a guard.
The pound-for-pound number
one, undefeated ten years.
The only featherweight champion.
What can they say after Jos falls?
This will prove my point:
that I am the number one.
[applause, cheers]
[man] It's good to come out
and support my Irish brothers.
And, of course, Conor McGregor,
the man, blitzed it already.
Mathematically, Aldo's too
short to get in close to Conor.
His length, his reach, his
height is way too much for him.
It's gonna be a debacle. It's done in one.
If it's not done in one,
it'll be done in two.
[White] Here we go, ladies and gentlemen!
Introducing the Notorious Conor McGregor!
[fans singing]
[man] Hold on, Conor.
Hold on.
Good job. 145.
[White] 145 for Mr. McGregor!
[Conor] I know that the sore parts of
his face won't be able to take my shots.
I just wanna thank the Irish
people for coming out here for me.
It means everything.
Tomorrow night, I will bring that
gold home for Ireland once again.
[White] Conor McGregor,
ladies and gentlemen!
Fight day.
I tell you what, I've had about 25 meals.
Since fucking yesterday.
Everyone in that bleeding arena will
be in bits by the time I get there.
They're already in a heap.
Half of them don't even
know where the fuck they are.
Gas. It'll be a good night.
Everything will be too much.
The shots will be too heavy.
The movement will be too fast.
You're gonna see that fear rush across
his face after the first exchange.
Love this suit.
I look clean. Fresh as fuck.
How do I look, boys? Huh?
[man] Yeah.
Let's go school this motherfucker.
Let's see you now, boy!
Major fresh I look. The face and all.
Six hours later, he looks.
You out of here, babe? All right.
See you after the fight.
He looks tired.
Oh. You don't want to come
in against me looking tired.
Where's the real champ?
There he is. Fresh.
That man is fresh.
Lavender, that is. Yeah,
that's a lavender tie.
Too strong, too fast.
Can't take the power. Can't take the power.
- Ey!
- Yeah.
That's the one.
That's a knockout.
You could put somebody in front of
him and you'd still knock him out.
That's why you're fighting. It is
your future, your family's future.
- Ready, Conor?
- Yeah.
Let's go, boys. Let's do it.
- The shackles are coming off.
- Freedom.
[woman] Three!
One, one, one!
[announcer] Fourteen-fight win streak.
In 2008, Conor McGregor
said it was his dream
to be a world champion in the UFC.
Seven years later, he's got his chance.
[crowd booing]
Unbeaten for over a decade,
the best pound-for-pound
fighter on the planet,
the only UFC undisputed
featherweight champion,
Jos Aldo.
Follow the rules of the match. Protect yourself
at all times. Obey my commands at all times.
I want you to fight hard but clean.
If you wanna touch gloves, touch 'em now.
Good. Step back. Good luck.
[announcer] Jos Aldo!
Conor McGregor!
[announcer 2] The most highly anticipated
featherweight fight of all time.
[announcer] Here we go!
[announcer 2] Green
trunks for the southpaw,
the Notorious Conor McGregor.
Black trunks for the
champion, Jos Aldo Jr.
Conor relaxed and smiling.
Oh, my! He slapped him. Yeah!
Conor McGregor is the new UFC
featherweight champion of the world!
Oh! Unbelievable! The first punch he threw.
Slapped him!
[announcer 2] Wow!
[Conor] Honestly, I feel for
Jos. He was a phenomenal champion.
We deserved to go a little bit longer.
[man] You did it all, sir. Congratulations.
Ireland, baby, we did it! Yeah!
[laughing, chattering]
You just keep doing it.
- Ten years...
- Bing!
one punch.
Ten years, one punch.
Ah, I love tradition.
To the Irish. Loving the Gael.
[all] To Ireland!
Yes! I love it.
Look at the way it's out
on its own, out on its own.
Fucking beautiful place, it
is. This is the first of many.
I'm going to buy land and have a
gym, have fucking everything on it.
Horses and all. A farm.
A proper, proper compound.
That's a big operation.
I'll do that when the fighting
is done. Know what I'm saying?
When the fighting is wrapped
up, I'll go into that.
- [crowd cheering on tape]
- [announcer] Here we go!
- [announcer 2] Notorious Conor McGregor.
- Can you see that?
Black trunks for the
champion, Jos Aldo Jr.
Conor relaxed and smiling.
- Oh! Just slapped him!
- [crowd cheering]
Conor McGregor is the new UFC
featherweight champion of the world!
- Long after I'm gone...
- Yeah.
that will be played.
Do you know what I'm saying?
The story will be told.
People can look back. I can look back.
- Even there, looking back, it's still weird, innit?
- [Dee] Yeah, it's mad.
[Conor] I'm spinning both ways. I'm
moving better than I've ever moved.
I honestly feel I am at a stage in
my life where I can overcome anything.
I can conquer anything.
That's where I feel I'm at now,
after coming through all that.
And now where I'm at, and
what I have and what I've done,
I can... I can conquer anything.
[man] Conor McGregor, you've taken
everything I worked for, motherfucker!
I'm gonna fight your fucking ass!
You know what the real fight
is. The real money fight is me.
[man] UFC 196, as our featherweight
champion, Conor McGregor,
moves up to welterweight
to take on Nate Diaz.
[Diaz] You knocked out midgets.
- [Conor] I'm a lion. I'm gonna eat you alive.
- Short little people.
Your gazelle friends are gonna
be staring at your carcass.
"We're never gonna cross this river again."
I like him. He can hang with it.
He's just a big dope of a thing.
[Conor] I could just
continue. You know what I mean?
I'm the featherweight world champion.
But I seek challenges.
I went up again, another body type.
More questions from the
fans, more anticipation.
- Thank you so much, Conor. Thank you so much.
- I appreciate it. Thank you.
[Conor] No fighter in the
history of combat sport
has ever been 27 years of age
and at the numbers that I am at.
I don't want him to come in close,
but he was right in me line of vision,
and then I just blew up his hand.
"Get that thing out me face."
I've literally broken the
Internet about ten days in a row.
[man] We've never seen a guy
make the moves that you're making.
A featherweight champion moving
up two divisions to take a fight.
[Conor] There's many scared
pussies in the fight world.
People who don't take risks will
never climb to that next level.
That's what champions do.
That what generates interest.
I'm a hungry motherfucker that
does not care who is in his way.
The gates keep rising. The
pay-per-views keep rising.
Twenty-seven years of age at the
very, very top, with no one even close.
I'd love to fight myself if I really could.
I mean, imagine the
numbers that one would do.
[announcer] Here we go!
[man] Go on, Conor!
- Come on, Conor!
- Kill 'em, Conor!
- Come on, Conor!
- Yes!
That's where that left goes!
[announcer] Conor, the
aggressor here early.
- Round one, in the books.
- [air horn blares]
Round two!
Conor's busting Nate up,
which in the Diaz world
means absolutely nothing.
'Cause he will fight until
he can't fight any longer.
[announcer 2] Excellent exchanges here.
Good one-two by Nate. Strong jab by Nate.
Nate Diaz making up some
ground here in the second round.
- A big difference here.
- The power of that uppercut.
- He tagged him.
- Got him with a good one.
- He tagged him. He hurt him.
- He hurt him with that left.
- And he senses it.
- He's wobbling.
Diaz with a couple of big punches
that landed on McGregor's chin.
Oh, my goodness!
- Diaz taking it to McGregor here!
- He's hurting him!
He caught him again with a right hook.
And another left!
And again with a combination!
And Conor looks for the takedown.
Look out for the guillotine!
Diaz trying to finish with a submission.
He's done it! Conor's in serious trouble!
Diaz gets the mount! My goodness!
- Now he's got the back!
- He's got him flattened out!
That's it! He's got the choke!
- He tapped! He tapped!
- He's done it!
It is all over!
Nate Diaz beats Conor McGregor!
[man] Yeah, Diaz!
- [woman] Congratulations.
- Diaz!
- Good job. Good job, boy.
- You're still the champ.
Sorry, boys.
It's okay. It's okay.
- Sorry, buddy boy.
- It's okay.
Give him space, guys,
yeah? Just stay in the zone.
- What is it, the second round, yeah?
- Near the end of the second.
I don't know. I was hitting... I was
slipping and banging that left hand.
A load of times, he came short as well.
One stage, I caught him
with a clean uppercut,
and he just was always there in me face.
Pussied out, I did.
Pussied out.
What's up?
- [man] Here's Margaret now.
- Mags. What's up, Mags? Sorry, Ma.
Don't be worrying. I'm still proud of ya.
It is what it is.
[man] We're all still
proud of you, brother.
You have nothing to be
ashamed of. We're proud of you.
He can take a few smacks, he can, the cunt.
Yeah, he can.
You stalked him. You were fucking
merking him the entire time.
You'll come back, I promise.
I know you. Everybody here knows you.
Fuck yeah.
[woman] There's a lot of people
who are obviously talking.
I know Jos Aldo had
some words to say.
[Conor] I've seen the Jos thing.
He's celebrating
somebody else's victory.
That's not the sign
of a true champion.
Let's see how it plays.
It is what it is.
Right now, I'm just...
bathing in defeat.
[Diaz] Nothing surprised me.
I knew I was the superior boxer,
the superior martial artist.
Superior jujitsu.
He got a lot of push.
He's been doing great.
He's got a lot of help behind
him. Wish I had the same help.
I've been in this a long time.
That was like my 25th
fight here in the UFC.
I'm at the top, so it's
their call what's next.
We'll see what happens.
[Dee] I was devastated for him.
The fight is gut-wrenching
to watch, win or lose.
So when he lost, I just wanted to see
him and make sure he was all right.
Once he was all right, then I was okay.
But it's hard to watch either way.
Fights are horrific to watch.
He just goes straight back in.
He knew that he is the better fighter.
He had a couple of hours and wanted
the rematch straightaway and got it.
So straight back into training
and that was it. And here we are.
Here we go.
You're always learning. Always learning.
Nobody knows everything.
We'll get him this time.
We'll get him this time.
I could sit here and spout off
a million excuses, but I lost.
I fought me heart out, and I
fucking lost, and that's it.
All right?
I have reasons why I feel that happened.
The weight. The specific training.
Now I have a chance to correct that.
I have worked hard for this.
I have worked very, very hard for this.
[Lobov] That's the worst feeling in
the world is waking up the next day.
If you've taken a few digs
and you're sore everywhere,
and you've lost the fight.
And that is the lowest point
I've ever been at, I think.
It just feels so shit. You feel
like you've let everyone down.
You walk on the street, you see
some grandma walking up towards you,
and you think, "She
knows. She knows I lost.
She's looking at me and she's thinking,
Look at this loser. He lost.'"
And I found the easiest way to deal
with it is to get back to training.
Just get it over with.
You'll break a man... If you're standing
there letting him know, he'll start to panic.
Smash that leg every time. Get that
head down and unload on the body.
Open up Tyson style.
[Conor] You know what I mean? I just got
in this looking for a knock and a few quid.
I didn't get in there
looking for everything else.
Everything else happened, and I
embraced it and ran and rolled with it.
But when it comes down to it, I
just want to get in and have a fight.
So I'm just trying to pass
the time before I get in,
march forward, and throw bombs at this man.
Every fighter, every team, every coach
lives and dies in their last fight.
Yeah, 'cause guess what.
Our reputation's on the line.
[Conor] Structured. We've been
very structured, very focused.
I think structure is
the key to true success.
People say this and that.
People who say those things, the naysayers,
they weren't with me before anyway.
They're not gonna be with me
after I get this one back either,
so I don't pay attention to them.
[man] Do you need to beat
Nate Diaz, in your mind,
to validate the things that you've said?
[Conor] Yeah, 100%.
Most importantly, I'll go out
there and represent my team.
I have reasons why I
felt I performed that way.
Thankfully, I have an
opportunity to answer that.
Tune in August 20, you'll see the real me.
All right, let's go.
Let's go. Come on. We're going.
[White] What's up, everybody? Thanks
for coming today. We appreciate it.
[reporter] Can you tell me, I
guess, what you're feeling right now?
Once again, Conor McGregor is not here.
We're having a press conference here.
If it's over before he
gets here, then it's over.
Do you have any questions?
Other than Conor being late?
Yeah, so they started the
press conference without you.
Okay, okay. Dana said, "We're
going to start with or without him.
He needs to respect those times."
I want you to be aware of
what you're walking into.
All right, cool. Bye. Bye. Bye.
He was like, "Well, fuck, we're walking
into a war zone, but we already knew that.
What's up?"
Nate, do you feel that
you exposed Conor McGregor
as a better talker than he is a fighter?
I just think I beat him, and I thought
I could beat him the whole time.
Obviously, Conor McGregor is going to
believe he's going to win the fight.
That's what he said last time.
He's either lying to himself or
trying to make himself believe it.
He's a little silly, man.
But when he goes to sleep at night,
he'll remember what happened the last time.
[cheering, whistling]
Are you able to clear up why you are
a little late to the press conference?
Vegas traffic is heavy this time of year.
There must be a McGregor show going on,
because the place is packed out.
- [Diaz] Fuck your whole team! How about that?
- Fuck your whole team.
You'll do nothing. You'll do nothing.
- Come get you some, motherfucker!
- Shut your fucking mouth!
You'll do fucking nothing!
Not one of ya's will do nothing.
Get the fuck out of here!
[woman screams]
[White] That's a wrap.
Get them out of here.
Sorry, guys. See you Saturday.
- Dee got that.
- And I threw it right back at him.
He looked me in the eye
and was all, "Oh, shit."
Fuck all that.
Fuck all that. Are you
serious? Like, it's...
You have time. You have time.
You gotta be smart. All
you guys gotta be smart.
I'm the only one throwing bottles?
Even better, don't throw the bottle.
- Let them fucking throw...
- You've just seen them throwing bottles.
I just started throwing them back.
I'm gonna get that little skinny bastard.
[Conor] Shut your fucking
mouth! You'll do nothing!
Not one of ya's will do nothing!
Throwing bottles like thicks.
Stupid, that was, yeah?
- All they had to do was walk outta there.
- Yeah.
Do what they were doing and walk out.
Throw bottles, then it's different.
It's past a little
scheduled fight for me now.
The yokes had to bounce one off her elbow.
That's enough for me to catch one.
Outside of everything
else, seriously, that's...
- I don't give a bollocks about the fight, to be honest.
- I hear you.
You do understand why it's not that smart.
But I understand where the
emotions are coming from, you know.
[man] Official weight, 168!
[Conor] He should have killed
me when he had the chance,
'cause now I'm back, and I'm gonna
kill you and your whole fucking team!
- You and them bitch tits!
- [crowd cheering]
[cheering, whistling]
Where's Dylan?
Where the fuck is Dylan
now? For fuck's sake.
Tactics and technique.
That's where I'm at now.
The illusion of crazy is...
Now it's winding up.
Small crew, go in, step by step.
No wild exchanges. No
walking out. Pick your shots.
[man] There are so many
questions involved in this fight.
But if I was Nate Diaz,
I'd feel pretty confident.
He has the strength behind him. He
has the size advantage behind him.
I think we're going to see
Diaz being vintage Diaz.
Guys, it is prediction time now. Does
Conor McGregor exact his revenge?
No. I think Nate Diaz is
going to overwhelm him.
I gotta go with Diaz
in this matchup.
Yeah, I'm going with Diaz as well.
I think he's going to be bigger, stronger,
and he's going to stop
him in the third round.
[Conor] I'll see you out there, right?
- You sure you're all right?
- Yeah.
- Are you all right?
- Yeah.
All right, fellas, here we go.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Gentlemen, you know the rules.
Protect yourself at all times.
Obey my commands at all times.
I want you to fight hard but fight clean.
If you wanna touch gloves, touch
now. Good luck to both of you.
[announcer] The fight's scheduled
for five five-minute rounds.
Conor looking for redemption.
He rocked him.
Straight left connects.
[announcer 2] Those are brutal
leg kicks he's landing on Nate.
Nate's having a problem with that
leg, Mike. He's moving on it funny.
[Mike] Fight going according
to plan thus far for McGregor.
[horn blares]
1-nothing, McGregor.
Stay with the leg kicks.
Don't push anything.
Keep doing what you're doing.
You've got four rounds to go.
Oh! Big left!
He's picking him apart right now.
Nate putting pressure on him. He senses
Conor's slowing down. Nate moving forward.
And he rocks him. We
have ourselves a fight!
Nate Diaz weathered the storm,
and now Conor McGregor is in trouble.
Things just got real interesting.
This is why you push yourself every day.
Recover. Recover.
Nate, get him against the cage.
Pump that jab like you do, that left hand.
- Don't let him hit you with the left.
- Hold on. Hold on.
- Conor's still breathing heavy, Mike.
- Yep.
- Conor is fading radically here.
- And Nate senses it.
Nate just pointed to him,
and he just rocked him.
Big, deep breaths by Conor.
And the chants of "Diaz"
ring through the crowd.
[crowd chanting] Diaz! Diaz!
Diaz! Diaz!
- Good job.
- There's the big body shots.
- McGregor is in big trouble here.
- Diaz is going off!
Diaz looking to finish
him right here, right now!
Big trouble for McGregor.
Final seconds of the round.
Just trying to survive.
[air horn blares]
Huge round for Nate Diaz.
Just recover. Just recover.
These are those last few
rounds, and they're over.
You're winning the clinch every time.
If your back's against the fence,
hands up, they hit your arms.
You can slip and catch them
on your arms. They're slaps.
Just recover. Loads of
time. Rinse and spit.
This is it now. Championship rounds.
[Mike] Conor reenergized here.
He's seems to have caught
a second wind, Mike.
Five minutes for the best fight
of your life. Five minutes.
This is a dogfight, ladies
and gentlemen. A real dogfight.
Biggest fight in MMA history,
and they're still swinging.
[air horn blares]
Wow! What a fight.
- They left it all inside the octagon.
- What a fight.
Those men just gave everything they had.
And win, lose, or draw,
that was an incredible
performance by both fighters.
Great fucking fight. You're
a real Mexican warrior.
As the judges render their decision...
this is the longest couple of minutes
in McGregor and Diaz's life.
All right, it's in.
Ladies and gentlemen, after five rounds,
we go to the judges'
scorecards for a decision.
48-47, McGregor.
and 48-47
for the winner by majority decision,
the Notorious
Conor McGregor!
Surprise, surprise,
motherfucker! The king is back.
[man] There's nothing more
There's nothing less
To live is to die
Baby, it's the best
Oh, my gosh. That was the
craziest fight I've ever seen.
- What a fucking fight.
- It was epic.
Both of them have that dog in them,
and it was one of the best fights ever.
Yeah, if it's not a bloody
fight, it's not a ruddy fight.
They all doubted me. Every
one of you was doubting me.
Who doubt me now? Huh? Who doubt me now?
- [man] The king is back!
- Who doubt me now?
Everyone's surprised, motherfucker!
Surprise, surprise,
motherfucker. The king is back.
They all doubted me. They all doubted me.
They all doubted me.
- [man] The champ is here.
- Doubt me now. Doubt me now.
What a night. What a night.
He was about 190 in there.
He was about 25 pounds
heavier than me in there.
I fucking love it.
[man] Prior to the first
fight with Nate Diaz,
your goal was to be a
two-division champion.
- Is that still a goal of yours?
- You're damn right it is.
[Conor] Most certainly.
I still envision two and possibly
three belts on my shoulder.
There you go. Get it.
Five, four, three, two, one.
And time.
[all laughing]
It's what I've dreamed into
reality. Whoo! That looks good!
That looks good! God bless.
[man rapping] Okay, I was gone
for a minute But I'm back now
Sit the fuck back down
Seem like everybody
Nowaday Hollywood
- Beautiful.
- Oh, it's like that now?
I'ma show you motherfuckers
How to act now
Somebody's "0" has got to go.
[Floyd Mayweather] You line 'em up,
and I knock 'em down like bowling pins.
How does it feel to know that you're
polarizing the world right now?
I'm changing the world.
One, two, three!
[along with crowd] Fuck the Mayweathers!
You're 40 years of age.
Dress your fucking age.
Life is so good. I'm living the dream here.
This is history-making shit, so
I'm just embracing every moment.
[Mayweather] God
don't make mistakes.
And God only made one thing perfect,
and that's my boxing record.
[Conor] How's he gonna
get under my skin?
I'm fucking topless up here
with a fucking mink coat on.
I don't give a fuck.
Everybody bleed
Everybody need something
[Conor] We are six weeks out from the
biggest fight in sporting history,
- and I'm 29 today.
- [crowd cheering]
I been knockin' doors down Like a
Jehovah Witness God is my witness
But on the real I think
I need another witness
[no audible dialogue]
- Yay! Yay!
- [Dee] Hiya!
What am I doing?
He's engaging more and more every
day. Do you know what I mean?
- [cooing]
- Yeah.
Okay, I was gone for a
minute But I'm back now
Sit the fuck back down
Seem like everybody
Nowaday Hollywood
I'm trying to fuck you up.
Keep trying. Keep trying.
Everybody bleed
Everybody need something
Everybody love
[Conor] It's definitely gone to a
crazier place than it's ever been, right?
I'm just unbelievably grateful that I get
to lead this life. You know that I mean?
Everybody love
Everybody know
Okay, I was gone for a
minute But I'm back now
Sit the fuck back down
Seem like everybody
Nowaday Hollywood
Oh, it's like that now?
I'ma show you motherfuckers
How to act now
Everybody, people
Everybody bleed
Everybody need something
Everybody love
Everybody know
Okay, I was gone for a
minute But I'm back now
Sit the fuck back down
Seem like everybody
Nowaday Hollywood
Oh, it's like that now?
I'ma show you motherfuckers
How to act now
[dance music]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[music fading]