Consequence (2003) Movie Script

They say things
happen for a reason.
That everything
is part of some grand plan.
The truth is there are actions,
and there are consequences.
We live and die by them.
And somewhere in this mess
I calf "the life"...
it just clicked.
The perfect plan.
Such a plan.
God knows I never meant
to hurt anyone.
Made a match
on the Moreling case?
I was able to rebuild his jaw
here, and the bite mark...
South America again?
Getting out a week
from Friday, lest you forget.
You're wasting
your talents here.
Well, you let me do my thing...
and the dead patients don't sue.
I find that gratifying.
I know a lot of places, they'd
kill for a brilliant oral surgeon.
Places that wouldn't
give a shit about your past.
Or the fact that some supermodel got
lucky in court and ruined your career.
She's publishing a book now,
about her ordeal.
Got a reporter stirring up
all that crap again.
- You'd think, after four years...
- Yeah, you got a raw deal.
Well, don't ever think I take
for granted what you did for me.
You've been a real friend.
I mean that.
Uh, nothing. Just, um, sort
of misplaced a-a body...
One of these days,
I want a ride in your plane.
You better make it soon.
My wife's threatened
to liquidate that, too.
Know what the most valuable
thing in this world is?
Your good name.
Your reputation.
You dirty your name,
you can never wash it clean.
It's the only part of you
that lives forever.
Uh, Dr. Tyler?
Hi. Uh, Maury Newman.
We talked on the phone.
I'm writing the book
about Ashley Commerford.
Oh, yeah.
Look, it's going to print
in five days, and...
you could still be
the final chapter.
Well, she lied
and ruined my life.
What else you want to know?
You know, I don't get it.
I mean, why wouldn't you wanna
tell your side of the story?
What's the story
you're looking for?
"Justice isn't blind
to beauty."
I mean, if she hadn't
been a top model,
none of this
would've happened to you.
Come on, Doctor!
Think about it.
This isn't exactly
your old BMW, is it?
I don't need my old BMW.
What I need
is to go to the store
without people
whispering behind me.
Or sticking cameras
where they don't belong.
Do you understand?
She's in every magazine,
on every daytime show.
The infection was foreseeable.
You should tell
your side of the story,
Dr. Tyler.
Can't take the high road.
You did nothing wrong, Max.
We'll appeal.
What happened to her face
is a tragedy,
but he explicitly warned
Miss Commerford
not to travel to Thailand.
Evening, Kye.
Got another foreclosure
notice today.
That reporter get hold of you?
Yeah, he ambushed me
right outside the office.
Wants me on some rancid TV show.
Nothing fucking works
in this house.
Play the part of some
helpless victim.
- We can't eat pride, Max.
- Well, then spend less.
That wasn't the deal. I married
a doctor, not a mortician.
Well, I'm just getting a little more
respect these days from the dead.
- What are you gonna do?
- Sell the plane.
Then we'll have some cash.
Honey, at your pace...
we're not gonna have any cash.
As it is, you're living on
bounced checks.
So what is this, another 80-proof
night in the town, Kye, hm?
I still haven't
given up on my life.
Everyone always said
my brother was the good one.
A heart so big, you could
pour an ocean into it.
Could have made a fortune,
never broke a sweat.
All that made him happy
was putting a smile
on some hungry kid's face.
I remember the day his boat
exploded in Guatemala.
That's the day
I stopped believing in God.
Mm-mm-mm. No.
Stop it. Go home, Romeo.
Sit down, Dr. Tyler.
- Have you chosen your PIN number?
- Yes.
Dr. Tyler...
- What's the matter, hm?
- God, not here.
Where, then?
Come on.
My trust account's
in your name now.
I'm the executive
on the account.
You're the only one
who can use that PIN code.
Not even your lawyer
can use that.
My wife, Kye,
can't freeze anything now?
Oh, no.
You gotta write her out.
You don't give her anything.
She doesn't get shit.
She's a lazy bitch.
I'm gonna come.
Oh, yeah.
You better relax.
Wendy, I'd like to see you
in my office, please.
If something comes up, you got
$3,000 in the box downstairs.
Fuck, we're really
gonna do this.
After four years of hard labor,
honey, I sure hope so.
Hi, Wendy.
- What the hell was that?
- Professional jealousy.
- Thank you for choosing New Union.
- Well, thank you.
The service here is outstanding.
Uh, Roger, Delta One.
We have received
your distress call.
Can we have
your coordinates, please?
Delta One, do you copy?
Delta One, come in.
Delta One, do you copy?
My brother
was about to live again.
Man... you wouldn't
find this place on any map.
Mr. Salent?
You're ready.
It's not a real burn.
Your prints will grow back
in a month or so.
The face...
Can I see the face?
I wondered, "Would anyone
really miss Dr. Max Tyler?"
Well, at least Maury Newman
would have a perfect
closing chapter to his story.
Yeah, it's Max. No doubt.
He's got a lot of life insurance.
Any signs of foul play?
Well, that's it, then.
Insurance company
will take it from here.
Sorry about your friend.
Cut the legal horseshit.
Here's the deal:
Of the three insurance notes,
three million is to be paid
into a charitable trust
to be managed by Eva Cruz.
You will receive the house
and all other assets,
including a Meissen mantel
clock, an original Pekkari print,
and a '92 Chevy Tahoe...
I spent the last four years
in hell,
and if this tramp
thinks she's gonna get a cent...
- Listen, you never even cared for him...
- Uh, uh...
- It's my money, you whore!
- Hey, hold... Hold on!
Oh, hey. Hey!
- I'll fucking kill you!
- Ladies, stop it!
What did you find unique
about your brother?
I think my brother
had a compassion.
He had a compassion
for people that I don't.
They used to say
he had the heart...
I had the brains.
I envied that son of a bitch.
Brother, would you relax?
What are you so scared of, Max?
I'll never let nothing bad
happen to you, man.
My man from motherland!
Yeah. Give me five.
Slap it on.
That's what I'm talking about.
Relax, relax.
It's just Captain Cordillo.
Give me those cigarettes.
Just bribe him
with a few cigarettes...
he lets me help the people.
Only the good die young?
Guatemala, back in '92.
He was a human rights activist.
"Hand in hand,
all headlong hurl ourselves.
And on the ragged stones,
beat forth our brains."
"To make a mutual closure
of our house."
- Mister, have a cigar?
- All right.
- Two cigars?
- You take every goddamn last dollar I have, okay?
Thank you.
- Ball for sale, sir.
- No, thank you.
Hi, you've reached
Eva Cruz, please leave...
Mr. Tyler.
When did you lose your passport?
That's why I'm here, honey.
I haven't the faintest recollection.
Mr. Tyler, are you aware
that you've been missing
for eight years?
The world had pretty much
written you off as...
well, deceased.
If that's the consensus,
I'm just gonna say
the world's wrong.
Where have you been,
Mr. Tyler?
As I said, I was in the south.
I was with the Indians.
And had you been held against
your will or anything like that?
No, I was in Guatemala.
I was traveling
up the Machaquila River.
Evidently, there was a fire
in the engine room
and subsequently an explosion.
- So you don't remember?
- Well, when they fished me out,
I was suffering
from some sort of concussion.
- A prolonged amnesia can be serious.
- Well...
Quite frankly, it's been hell.
But I'm feeling fine now.
In fact, I feel good.
Just wanna get my passport back.
Repatriation requires
certain protocols,
and should everything
check out...
then you should be home
in a couple of days.
Jeffrey, if you could process
Mr. Tyler for repatriation, please?
Since we can't use your prints
it's gonna take an extra day
summoning your dental records.
Please enter
your account code now.
Your balance
is three million dollars.
For any other services,
please press one.
No, that's good.
That's-that's real good.
Yes, sirree Bob.
Is something wrong?
I-I just ran up the stairs.
You okay?
Where you been?
Running around,
getting stuff ready.
They screwed up
our plane tickets.
How is the Kye situation?
I think we're home free.
God, I can't wait to see
what you look like.
I look good, I look real good.
Things are gonna be
a lot more fun being him
than it was being me...
Hurry. I want you to hurry.
I'm gonna go fill up
the tub with champagne.
Eva, listen to me.
I love you.
I'm gonna call you as soon as I land.
All right?
Okay. I love you, too. Bye.
Mr. Tyler?
I'm afraid I've got
some bad news for you.
Pay your parking tickets.
- Good luck, sir.
- Thank you, sir.
- Welcome home, Mr. Tyler.
- Thank you.
Welcome to New Union Bank.
For account information,
please press one now.
For account balance,
please enter your account number
followed by the pound key.
Please enter your PIN code now.
Thank you.
Your account balance is zero.
No, um...
For other services,
please press one.
Yeah, I'll stay calm
when you tell me
how six hours ago
I had $3 million in the bank,
now I'm sitting with fuck-all!
Well, there was a wire transfer
authorized this afternoon.
No, I did not authorize
a wire transfer!
You need a fucking PIN code
to authorize a wire transfer!
Your PIN authorization
is on the transfer, sir.
Good morning.
That's a nice silk scarf
you're wearing.
It complements your eyes.
- Oh. Well, thank you.
- Maybe you could help me.
I just... I just got off a plane.
I'm so damned tired.
I'm conducting an inquiry.
Actually, it's a case of fraud.
I'm working for
an insurance firm.
Let me get this straight for you.
You got a...
You had an employee
by the name of Eva.
Eva Cruz.
If she would have left
a forwarding address
that would, uh, certainly
serve our purposes.
- You're an investigator?
- Yes, ma'am.
I knew there was something
off about her.
Some loser died and left her
in charge of a chunk of money.
She sailed out of here
like royalty.
I bet she gets a big kick out of us
having to serve her as a prime client now.
Well, her settlement
is still in this bank?
She's transferring the money
to a bank in the Caymans.
But I'm having it held.
She had someone cut corners
trying to move the money
out of the trust it was in.
So I'm making her
come in to sign a waiver.
She's coming here?
When-when is she coming in here?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- How did you find us?
- Look at your face.
Get the fuck off!
What are you...
What are you doing?
What the fuck is this?
What the fuck is this?
Stop it, Max! Stop it, Max!
Stop it!
Where the fuck is this?
Now we know where we all stand.
Look at you, Max.
Look at yourself.
Never give your trust to anyone.
It's the cardinal rule
of hustling, right?
Shut the fuck up.
You know, Kye and I,
we go way back.
Back to the old days.
As soon as she found out what
you were up to, she called me.
The rest was easy.
Will you fucking shut up?
Should have kept her
in the money, Max.
You stop that transfer. You
withdraw everything. You hear me?
The reality of a divorce
is that you split things evenly.
And the way I see it, there
are three of us standing here.
We split it three ways.
I ain't splitting shit.
You got different destinations here?
Are you two splitting up?
That's too bad. You make a
hell of a looking couple.
I'm not negotiating, girls.
- Fuck you.
- Fuck you, right.
Fuck you. I'd rather turn us in.
Go ahead.
Hi, yes, I'd like
to report an emergency.
I'm at the Plaza Hotel.
Room 508.
Hang up.
Yes, I'd like to report
gross insurance fraud
and some other shit
that doesn't have a name.
No, it is an emergency.
It's life and death.
My name?
My name is Eva...
I'm fucking out of here!
Go ahead. Go ahead.
Don't! No! No!
The women didn't check out.
They had fake IDs.
Torn-up plane tickets
in different names.
He's delirious.
Lower the dosage.
How'd you do it, Sam?
How'd you survive the boat?
You never got on that boat.
You bought up the hit, hm?
You remember Cortez?
Nobody forgets
a bloodbath like that.
What's that? You are gonna
tell me what I want to know,
or I'm gonna handle this
the way you would have.
And believe me,
you don't want that.
Where the hell am I?
Why do you stroll into a consulate
and break a perfect cover?
The consulate.
My passport.
Were you
trying to send a message?
Network still active?
I don't know. I don't know.
Hey, Doc,
you got something for amnesia?
I don't know... I don't know
what you're talking about.
Get me out of this!
Get the fuck away from me!
Get the fuck away from me!
Get the fuck away from me!
Get the fuck away from me!
Get the fuck... Get the fuck...
Get the fuck away from me!
Was your younger brother working for you?
What's his name?
Max, the doctor.
All those trips
to South America in his plane.
What was he doing?
Acting as your courier?
Then Max goes and dies.
Now you got a problem.
Because he's your go-between,
your link to the old world, huh.
Business is on hold,
so you go to the consulate
to try and get a message
to someone who can help.
Someone from the old days.
Is that it?
Give me something
so I can help you, Sam.
I'm not Sam.
I'm his brother.
Well, well.
I'm not...
It's gonna be a long night.
No! No! No! No!
Mr. Crawley's on the line. He
wants an update on the situation.
Right, better think about
talking, Sam.
'Cause if Crawley
has to come down here,
he won't be as nice to you
as I've been.
Sam, do we need the girl?
Sam, do we need the girl?
Sam, what'd they do to you, huh?
Open up. Swallow.
Who is she?
Met her in Belize.
Belize, huh? That's where
you've been hiding?
I don't recall.
I don't recall.
Hey, Sam, it's me.
You can drop the damn act.
You do remember me, right, Sam?
You remember me, right?
You remember me, right?
Yeah, some.
Four years, I've been
living like a roach.
I've been eating people's shit.
Show me the money, Sam.
Sam, it's my payday.
I'm gonna get you something to eat.
Get you some clothes.
Hey, don't go outside.
All our friends are dead.
And this... Hey, don't worry about
this, we're gonna figure this out.
We're gonna put it back
together, piece by piece, man.
Just like Humpty Dumpty.
Just like him.
I'm out of here.
Don't you know what's out there?
- Let's just get the money and get out of here.
- You're going nowhere.
Not with my money.
Oh, no, baby, that's our money.
I worked just as hard as you for
that money. That is our money, Max.
- Get over it.
- Get over what?
You tried to play Kye,
and she played you first.
Have you any shame?
Or hasn't it dawned on you
those people killed Kye?
Now you got two things left in
the world, baby, him and me.
And you're not going anywhere...
till I find out
whatever the hell it is
my brother got himself
mixed up in.
Now who the fuck that is,
I don't know.
And I don't know what it is
these people want from me.
I don't know what the hell is
going on here, but until we do...
if he leads, we follow.
You understand?
This is Pope.
Get me Crawley on the line.
You gonna play
some tennis today?
Yeah, the weather looks good.
- And you, boys?
- Maybe later. After swimming.
Yeah, this is Crawley.
I'm afraid I've got
some bad news, Mr. Crawley.
Hold on.
What happened?
Sam got away. He had help.
It has to be someone
from the old days.
Well, this is not how
I planned my retirement.
You've got to find them
before they disappear again.
The information they have could
destroy us all. Do you understand?
Very well.
How you doing, sir?
I think you're gonna find that
to your satisfaction.
How're we doing today? You okay?
Good, good. You all right?
Good, that's it.
So, what you think, bro?
Move down here, do some good?
Time to wake up.
Brought you a shirt
and a jacket here.
- I'm all right.
- Come on, try it on.
Come on, put it on.
Where the hell
have you been, man?
Man, it's good to see you.
This is for you.
Come on, take it.
I can't remember.
I remember I was attached to...
UNICEF as an attach.
Yeah, that was your specialty,
hiding in plain sight.
that was a beautiful cover.
What do you mean, "cover?"
Well, to train and supply
the rebels in Central America.
Sam, you were a DCO.
Deep Cover Operative, CIA.
Man, what you lost in here
can bring down some high people.
What's your real name?
John Wolfe.
What happened to
my exchange program?
The program I developed
for those kids?
Sam. Sam, we were
using them kids as mules.
I think you're gonna find
that to your satisfaction.
How're we doing today? Good?
You all good? Good.
You built your own
little network inside the CIA.
It was a fantastic operation.
It was all profit. No overhead.
We were moving coca for the
Colombians using the CIA resources.
It was fantastic.
Then a cease-and-desist order
came from upstairs.
You blackmailed the company.
That was the beginning
of the end.
They got everyone but me.
And you.
The last thing you did before getting
on that boat was hide the money.
Our money, Sam.
- Where's the money, huh?
- We'll find it.
How much are we gonna find
How many zeroes are there?
About three million.
Three million? Sam, three million?
We had $250 million.
We had a quarter billion.
Where's the money?
All right, it's a start, huh.
It's a start.
- Where are we going to find it?
- We'll go to San Diego.
It's in the bank.
Who the hell is this
Crawley character anyway?
- You don't remember Crawley?
- No, no. Someone mentioned him.
Uh, he was the big boy
at the CIA.
He's enemy number one, man.
He's the one that made you.
They mentioned something about
some place called Cortez.
Some things about you
that are better off forgotten.
Well, what the hell?
I might as well know everything.
They cleared an airfield
near this village.
We'd land our 727s
out of Cali there.
It was going great
till the federales,
they seized a shipment.
You got the snitch,
and killed everyone involved.
Then you
went after their families.
Young, old...
didn't matter.
Just left them
rotting in the sun.
The only ones that were happy
were the dogs, huh.
Do you remember this man?
Yeah, he came in
a couple of days ago.
He was asking me some questions
about one of our clients.
I see.
- Couple of days ago, you said?
- Mm-hm.
Can't even really listen
to what he says, you know?
Doesn't even make any sense.
Remember, it was your brother
who did those things, not you.
Look, about tomorrow...
I still have a friend
at the bank, Susan.
Maybe she can help us.
We're still gonna need about an
hour together alone in there and...
Why haven't...
We can take care of our problem,
right here and now.
He's gonna kill us,
sooner or later.
It's self-defense.
I'm a doctor.
Hey, kids,
look what daddy brought home.
So I'm thinking
about tomorrow and...
Are there any side exits
to that bank?
- No.
- What about the cameras?
Pretty much everywhere.
I think I'm gonna wait
on the street then,
with the artillery.
So how much money
are we gonna get in cash?
Depends on how much
is in the reserve.
Probably no more than
two, three hundred thousand.
So it's a one-stop shop.
So we're gonna have to transfer
the balance to my little account.
So, you know, this three
million we're picking up,
it's part of our little
contingency funds.
We had a few of them
laying around.
But the big money, I mean,
the really big money,
is locked away in Sam's head.
If you want, you know,
we can head down south,
we can visit some of
the old neighborhood.
See if we can't
wake his memory up.
I mean, he trusts you.
That's important.
Imagine that payoff, huh.
I'm trying.
Three million
buys you a little time.
Two hundred million plus...
Ooh, now, that's freedom.
I'm a bad drunk.
Yeah, so am I.
You know, you can tell a lot
about a man by his hands.
Is that right?
Strong, shrewd...
I'm not your plaything.
I told you, I was a bad drunk.
You got the account number,
Sam, in and out
real quick, right?
Just-just like old times.
Hey, pretty, listen, I'm gonna
be on the phone with my bankers,
so, look smart, huh.
Have fun.
So, what's the plan?
Just stay out of my way,
and let me do the talking.
I'll be out of here
with the money
before that asshole
realizes what happened.
What brings you in?
Remember when I had you transfer
that money to the Caymans?
I need you to reverse it,
and I need to cash it out.
No way there's
that much in reserve.
You get us out of here
within an hour...
you got ten grand.
- I'll try.
- I need a money transfer request.
You have reached
the Zurich National Bank.
Please hold
for the next available agent.
Hold. Ja, there is
a transfer request now.
Well, I'll hold
till it goes through.
Yes, Mr. Deere.
What the hell are you doing?
You see what time it is?
- I know.
- It's been over an hour.
The money'll be here soon.
He's gonna pick us up now.
- You look familiar.
- Yeah, well, I get that a lot.
The money's here.
Let's go.
Hi, this is Wendy Hall
at New Union Bank.
I was told to call this number
if I had any information
on the man who showed up here.
The transfer is
coming now in the amount of $1.
This is right, $1 US,
Mr. Deere?
Are you there, Mr. Deere?
I don't know
what you're playing.
We got friends.
- Where're you going?
- Come on.
You told Wolfe
that was the only access.
Why don't you just trust me?
Shit, we gotta go out the front.
Move! Get out of the way!
Going somewhere?
- Now!
- Get down!
What the fuck?
Huh? Toro!
We got him now.
That's all, folks!
Yes, Mr. Crawley.
So what was that mess
at the bank this afternoon?
I wasn't there, but I've got
every available agent
down there looking for him.
In other words,
it's back to square one.
Well, Reed came across something,
I'm checking into it now.
A couple of months ago, someone
requested Sam Tyler's dental records.
I don't want play-by-play.
I want results.
Why did this coroner's office
request Sam Tyler's
dental records from 1979?
I don't know.
Come on, get to work,
get to work!
Hey, Sam, huh, you'd never
double-cross me, right, Sam?
No way in hell you'd
double-cross me, right, pal?
Not after all
we've been through, right?
Sam, I'm talking to you.
Get down. Run.
You don't wanna miss this.
Hey, partner, huh,
cheated death.
Just like the old days, right?
We're partners, huh, Sam?
What about partners, huh?
We're partners, you remember,
we're partners?
Huh, you shit?
Damn, that feels good.
Double-crossing bastard, Sam.
After all we've been through,
huh, you're gonna double-cross me?
Today's a good day to die,
huh, Sam? Good day.
Sam is dead.
- What?
- Sam is dead.
- Sam is dead.
- That's right, Sam is dead.
Fucking ease up,
he's telling you the truth.
I'm his brother.
- Huh?
- I'm his brother.
Stop it, it's the truth!
I'm a surgeon.
I live in San Diego.
I live in San Diego.
You ever fucking heard
of plastic surgery?
- What?
- Look at him, look at the scars!
- Whose money is in the bag, then?
- It's my settlement.
What settlement?
What settlement?
My insurance.
My insurance.
Wait, you're the dentist?
No way! You're the dentist
from San Diego?
Oh, Sam, man,
he always talked about you.
He said you were
the smart one though.
What, you wanted to start
a new life as Sam Tyler?
Oh, you're so stupid.
Damn, I hate dentists.
Stop! Stop it!
He's worth more to us alive.
Hey, welcome back to
the land of the living, man.
You're my new tradable
commodity, brother.
You've been reincarnated now.
You're my cow.
Leave him alone.
Come on. Come here.
Forget about him.
- I knew you had your eyes on me, huh.
- You got me good.
- Look.
- Oh, wow.
- Uh...
- Uh-huh.
- You're a cold-hearted bitch.
- Yeah.
- Oh, yeah.
- I like that.
- That's it.
- We're gonna have a good time.
Oh. Oh, you got me.
Come on, shoot.
Come on, shoot.
Pussy. Pussy, pussy,
pussy, pussy, pussy.
You can't shoot, can you?
Max Tyler, right? Big killer.
You really think I was gonna
give you a loaded gun, huh?
You think I'm that stupid, huh?
You really think
I gave you a loaded gun?
What? What is it?
Just wanna hang around
bodegas with...
Keep it together.
In an hour, we're gonna be
across the border.
We're gonna keep heading south on
that bus, just like we planned.
We're gonna make it.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
This way.
Buenas noches, ma'am.
- Two cups of coffee.
- Si.
Thank you, ma'am.
Enjoying the show?
Probably enjoy it
a lot more if I could trust you.
Max, what we had was...
Yeah, what did we have?
For the most part, it was real.
It still is.
As long as I'm holding cash.
You tell me that it
never crossed your mind
to just take the money
and split?
- You tell me that.
- Never.
Everything we've been through...
Come on.
Look how far we've come.
This is me.
I don't know who you are.
Right here, this is me.
Right here.
Come on, baby, it's right there.
I can't do this.
- I'm not doing it.
- What?
I'm not running no more.
Running is better
than dying, Max.
I say fuck it, we'll cut a deal.
Cut a deal?
Cut a deal.
I cannot cut a deal
at this point.
Eva, we've got the information
for Christ's sake. Let's use it.
Exposure is
what they're afraid of.
It's what they're
always afraid of.
If Crawley wants to negotiate,
fuck it, let's talk!
I can't do that.
What the hell
have you got to lose?
Max, just come with me
on the bus.
Please, just you and me.
This is what
we've been waiting for,
a chance to just
get the money and go.
Come on.
Okay, here.
You take it.
You keep it.
You keep it.
I'm sorry.
You just be careful.
- I'm sorry for everything.
- Yeah, I know.
- You be careful.
- Yeah, okay.
Just keep walking.
Just keep walking.
Just keep walking.
Just keep...
There's a hotel in Guadalajara.
La Pacifica.
I'll be there for a week.
Like last time.
Okay, I left a package for you in a
convenience store bathroom down here,
and you're gonna know where
in about three days.
Well, how do I know this
isn't some kind of bullshit?
"This isn't exactly
your old BMW, Mr. Tyler."
Do you remember telling me that?
Max Tyler?
Hello? Shit.
Judy, can you
trace a call for me?
And your name?
Mm. Same as it was the last time
I was transferred, honey.
Now, you tell Mr. Crawley
his former associate, Mr. Sam
Tyler, is on the phone.
Maybe he could
avail himself here, hm?
- Just a moment.
- Thank you.
Dr. Max Tyler.
I hope you had a lot of fun
playing your brother.
You're in a lot of trouble.
How would you like me
to respond to that, sir?
I'd like for us to meet,
maybe straighten things out.
Are you gonna bring
your household tools?
Oh, no need for that now.
Is the man who broke you
out of the factory with you?
Are you referring to John Wolfe?
Yes, I'm referring to
John Wolfe.
No, he's not with me right now.
I assume you'd want something
in return for his whereabouts.
Yes, sir, I would.
I would like a new,
and I would like
a functional identity.
Is that clear?
Where is the woman?
No, 'cause I've got enough
evidence here on Tropic of Cancer
for Congress to cancel
their lunch break.
Is this beginning
to make sense now?
Nobody has that much knowledge,
and then there's
the burden of proof.
Well, I'd say it's enough
to be accused these days,
wouldn't you?
Where are you, Max?
- What?
- Can I call you Max?
You there?
Are you there, Max?
Are you there?
Max, are you there?
Max, are you there?
Now, I'll tell you what.
Everything I've got here
is on paper.
In about three days, I'm
gonna toss it to the vultures.
And you're gonna be on every
laptop from San Diego to Sri Lanka.
Now, you want me to give you a
toll-free number to Career Blazers?
There is no need for that.
Where do I send a car?
You know a little border town
called El Centro?
- It's the old diner off the Eight.
- Okay.
Why we coming
all the way out here?
Less to worry about.
Sorry about
the Frankenstein routine.
No hard feelings, huh?
Crawley's this way.
Wait here.
Pope, he wants to see you alone.
So where's Crawley?
Rough night we're having.
So where are Agent Jones
and Philips?
Yeah, where the fuck are they?
- Yeah, where...
- Boss is gonna be pissed if...
No, Crawley's dead.
It's just you and me now, Max.
Look at you.
Jesus Christ.
Look at you.
What'd they do to you?
Mommy and Daddy are dead.
I know. I was there.
Do you know how much
they believed in you?
You think so?
I think I was
a walking time bomb.
You're just about
every belief they ever had.
Do you know how much
we looked for you?
What did you come down here for?
Why you got these spooks
digging up my bones, huh?
You doing me a favor?
You flush out Crawley,
I got to settle all my debts.
I could never say
we're cut from the same cloth.
Well, shit, we're both
sitting here now, ain't we?
You know...
If you recall me as a boy,
brother, I was a believer.
You were there. I was champion to
these tribes down here once, wasn't I?
I was champion to the indigenous
people of South Vietnam.
You know.
I was into civil rights.
You were nothing
but a dope-smoking bigot...
if you recall.
Yeah, I was a kid once, too.
But I was a kid
when I got out of that war.
You know what I had on my back?
I had my uniform.
You know what I did
with that uniform?
I wore it. And you know why?
Because it's all I had.
So you're right.
You don't ever say
we're cut from the same cloth.
You choose to love a queen,
and she turns out to be a whore,
you just make adjustments.
By the way, your girl's up top.
I'm pressed for time now.
Catch that dinghy, hm.
Don't look back.
- You're a fanatic.
- A fanatic?
Fanatics run this world,
I got nothing to do with that.
I hope one day
God understands you, Sam.
- Understands me?
- You took the lives of innocents.
is a matter of semantics.
Every day, you got some 15-year-old boy
in some far away land does what I did.
You understand him.
Next time you choose a new life,
make one up.
It's safer.
We had a quarter billion.
Where's the money?
We split it three ways.
Look at yourself.
Look at your face.
Writing a book
about Ashley Commerford.
You could still be
the final chapter.
I'd like for us to meet.
Maybe straighten things out.
Why wouldn't you want to tell
your side of the story?
I hope you had a lot
of fun playing your brother.
No, baby.
I don't wanna die!
Wait! The money. The money.
The money. The money.
The money. The money. The money.
That's what I call this place.
I don't travel much now.
I think I understand now
what money was to Eva.
It's not the glitter it buys.
It's the security.
The most valuable thing we own
is our good name.
Our reputation.
That's the only part of us
that lives forever.