Consequences (2018) Movie Script

What's wrong with you?
- Don't feel like it.
What the fuck?
You've been hitting on me
all night and can't even get it up.
Know what others would
give to fuck me?
And you can't?
What's wrong with you?
Impotent at your age!
Andrej Podobnik, minor,
won't go to school or work.
Won't listen to parents,
won't attend supervision sessions.
He is stealing things from
home to sell them and
use the money for parties.
Is that correct?
- Yes.
Anything to add?
- No.
Then let the mother
approach... Mrs Podobnik.
Madam, please describe
the situation at home.
It's difficult.
I don't know where to begin.
He's out all the time.
His friends are
all spoiled brats.
He won't go to school any more.
It's like the social worker said.
He wants to measure up to them.
He lies, steals. The police
keep coming to the house.
And now this girl.
I don't even know who she is.
He's too young for
all that anyway.
I can't worry about
him any more.
Please do something.
Are you crazy? What have
you been telling them?!
It's going to be your fault
if they put me away.
Have I not told the truth?
Andrej, that's no way to talk to mum.
- Stay the fuck out.
Andrej, don't talk to
your father like that.
You're old enough to take
responsibility for your actions.
You're all out of
your fucking minds.
Get up at 7, breakfast
at 7:30. Classes at 8.
Social skills practice at 10, healthy
living at 11 and EAA at 12.
Lunch at 1, classes at 2.
In classrooms or the workshop.
You'll be free in the evenings.
That's it.
Oh, we don't switch
groups as a rule.
Here it is. This one is yours.
Bed linens in the bag.
Relax for a bit, then come down.
We'll go to the workshop.
Have a smoke?
Have a smoke, Sir?
No, I don't smoke.
What's wrong with you? Fuck off!
- Why aren't you at the workshop?
I'm not going to the workshop!
Go, now!
- I'm not going.
Go to the workshop!
- Leave me alone! I don't want to.
If you don't, you'll spend
the weekend here.
I don't give a fuck.
- Have a smoke?
I'm Andrej.
Why are you asking me?!
Do I look like a fucking
tobacco shop?
Go buy your own,
or suck my dick.
Did I say you could leave?
First day here and he
thinks he's the boss.
I just asked you for a smoke.
Do you smoke weed?
- Do you have something?
Well bring it next
time. Later.
Your locker.
The boys are working.
We're welding here.
Put this on.
Hey, fuckhead!
What the fuck?
Stop it!
Hey, hey! What's
going on here?
What, we're just kidding, man!
Out! Give it here. Out!
You let it slip when he
does the same to me.
Come on, cigarette break.
- Luka.
- Oh, so you're the one.
Have a smoke?
Never mind.
Some other time.
I've got this. Three points!
- Throw it!
What is this place like?
- What is it like? It sucks.
How do you not lose it?
Smoke weed.
Best to mind your own business.
Hey, guys. What
was that about?
Give me a smoke.
Hey! Could I get them back?
What, man?
My fags, please.
You want to get it?!
- Come on, Nikson...
Fucking stay out of this.
What fucking fags
are you talking about?
Give me back my fags!
Don't just roll on the floor,
get up and hit him, man!
Don't be such a pussy.
Get up.
I just want my fags.
Get the fuck out!
- Give it here.
This doesn't end here.
Pass the ball!
- What's the score?
This one, Tatjana.
I don't know.
You don't know?
- No, I don't.
No need to convince her.
That's enough.
Oh man, I'd hit that.
You fucked up Niko good.
They'll leave you alone now.
Asshole. Thinking
he's the shit.
Yeah. He's the man
when ele is around.
Feet off the table.
Andrej, come with me please.
How are you feeling?
What do you think?
Any questions?
Want to talk about anything?
And the guys?
Have you met already?
Anyone giving you a hard time?
Well if they do,
it's best to tell me.
Otherwise, you can get in
trouble pretty fast.
Watch out, asshole.
Come on, throw it.
Nom, nom, nom.
Eat it, asshole!
Eat it! Nom, nom.
Nom nom nom.
What's going on? Stop it!
- Eat it, eat it, asshole.
Hey! What did I say?
- What are you yelling for? What?
It's OK. We were
just fucking around.
There's going to
be consequences.
What consequences?
Do I get a weekend?
This is just not OK.
Give me a weekend, I dare you.
- Calm down. Or I call the police.
Call the police,
you son of a bitch.
Call the police,
you fucking retard.
Want a joint?
Keep blowing the smoke out,
so we don't get caught.
Take it, man. Fuck.
One more time.
- Watch it, man.
I have to take it easy,
I was injured.
Injured your ass on the couch?
What's so funny, you cunt?
Where's your bell?
Need a license for that?
Try that one. Or do you
want to get fucked?
Come on, guys.
Calm down.
We're just joking, man.
Come on, try it.
Let's do it, Armstrong!
Give him 10 more.
Why are you here?
I fucked up this little shit.
- He owed me money and he acted dumb.
You up for business?
Why are you here?
Same as everyone.
I fucked up.
What did you do?
- What didn't I do?
Armed petrol station robbery.
- Ask him.
He knows me from before.
- True that.
So you up for business or not?
Depends on what you mean.
Fucking up half of Ljubljana.
If there's no money,
pow, pow, pow!
Yeah, shithead.
You'd chicken out.
What the fuck, you
think I can't do it?
Shut the fuck up
or I'll fuck you up.
A nice massage all
over your face...
I'm done.
- Painted everything?
See it for yourself.
- That's OK. Have a nice weekend.
Look at those guys.
Watch the bags.
What are you doing here?
Got my money?
What's that? Where's the rest?
- Can I borrow 30 euros?
- I'll pay you back.
If you don't mind.
- That's OK.
You now owe me
50 euros interest.
Fuck, man.
- What's that?
- Bring me my money
and stay out of my
sight. Is that clear?
Mum, I'm going out for
a drink with someone.
Who is she?
- You don't know her.
Well, I'd like to!
You will someday.
How am I supposed to
know what you're doing?
Don't do anything stupid!
- Stop nagging me.
Be back by midnight,
like we agreed at the Centre.
Fuck the Centre.
If you're not back by
midnight, I'm calling them.
If you're a bit late,
that's fine.
Just call and let us know.
Forget it! Be here by midnight or
I'm calling the Centre. That's it.
Do that and you'll
never see me again.
Wash up, pack up and
back to the Centre.
Another sleepless
night because of you.
Hold on!
Did you hear me?
I had to call the police.
They're waiting at the Centre.
You'll never see me again.
Who were you with Sunday evening?
- You don't know her.
I'd say. Your parents
don't, either.
That's my business.
If you keep fucking up,
there will be consequences.
Is that clear?
Another one, another one.
Like you don't know I'm here.
What's up, man?
- That's the judge in my case.
His judge!
- Good day, Your Honor.
Nice ride, Your Honor.
Look at Andrej's judge,
driving a BMW.
Well done!
Fuck you!
Look at that.
Not going to say hi?
- Fuck off.
Your Honor, how much
did you pay for it?
Nicely done, do you drift much?
Please get out of my way.
Back off, go to your groups.
Can I call you a helicopter?
260, fuck.
Do you have a tire inflator?
- In the back.
Nice shoes.
Are they new?
You better go back
to your groups.
Or what, will you call the police?
- If I have to.
See, Your Honor,
what's happening?
And you keep sending us here.
- Come on guys, let's go.
So much of this fucking tomato.
Look at all these beans.
What's your name?
- Mitar.
New here?
- Yes.
Get the fuck out.
What's this?
Can I get the tray back?
What tray?
- Can I have the tray
back, please?
- You want me to smash
it on your cunt?
- Hey! Will you calm down?
Mitar, take the food
and go to your table.
The night guy is gone.
We have 15 mins.
Mitar, retard, good morning!
Good morning!
Open the door,
or we'll open them!
Do you hear?
Open up, for fuck's sake.
Good morning.
Don't be scared. Just close
your eyes. It's a little game.
Can you see?
Now shut up and listen to
Nikson or I'll fuck you up.
Get down on your knees.
You're my pony now, OK?
Go on, until I tell you to stop.
Go on!
- That's it.
Lick it, you cunt!
- Go, badger boy!
Go, go!
coming! Hey!
Hey! Someone's coming!
Not a word, or this
goes on Facebook.
Just leave me alone.
Look, Mitar.
If you don't do something about it,
it's just going to get worse.
So tell me what happened
and I'll take care of it.
You said yourself the teacher
on duty told you I was sick.
What else do you want?
I'm leaving.
Wait, sit down.
If the teacher on duty didn't see
anything, that doesn't mean much.
Look, it was nothing.
I felt sick, I told you hundreds
of times. I'm leaving.
Fucking Centre, man.
Buying cheap spreads for us and
keeping the best for themselves.
Just eat the minced
claws and shut up.
- Forget it. He doesn't care.
Mitar won't squeal, either.
- OK.
Hey! You promised
me half of that fag.
Stop whining. Just
buy enough next time.
Class has started.
- Give me a fag.
I just have two which
I need for later.
I said give me a fag.
Don't fuck with me!
What!? Give me
a fag, you cunt!
Just shut the fuck up.
You want me to take it from you?
- Fucking what!?
Leave him alone. He said
he doesn't have them.
Come on.
We're late.
So? Going or not?
Well I'm not going home.
My folks are away, so
you can stay at mine.
Do some business,
party hard till Sunday.
We'll grab a beer.
See you at the station.
Here, boss.
Come on, let's go!
Let's go!
- Now what?
Pick up some bitches, man!
First ?enzi, then the bitches.
As long as there are bitches.
Go! Go!
When I give you a signal,
fuck something up and
take one of them.
What do you mean?
- Should I draw it for you?
Where's my bros? ?enzi...
- ele!
What's up?
What's up?
We're here for our money.
You want a drink?
Fuck the drink.
Where is the money?
Give him the fanny pack.
Give us the fucking money!
What the fuck?
Take 500, what we owe.
500 fucking euros!
Where to?
- There's more than
a grand here, man!
Fuck yeah!
Right on, psycho!
- Oh fuck, what about them?
Fuck them. What's
your problem?
And if they call the cops?
Don't be dumb.
Let's go!
Hey, calm down.
Go, go, go!
Take the bag.
Look who's here! What's up?
- What's up, man?
You took your time.
We almost split.
Sorry. We had
stuff to do.
She doesn't like you, stop it.
What's your problem?
Now what?
- ele!
Come on.
Come on!
Where's Tina? Seriously!
You forgot Tina, you dipshit!
Tina who?
What's wrong with you?
Don't make me throw
you out and walk.
Yeah, yeah.
Give me a fag.
Have a girlfriend?
Because I like you.
I don't have one.
Hey! What?
What is it?
Man, what if ?enzi gets us?
I'm sure he'll be after us.
What? I don't give
a fuck about him.
Let's just give the money back.
Are you insane?
What's your problem?
Fucking hell.
Watch it, man!
Leave him alone.
What the fuck?
We just had to talk.
Leave him alone.
Is something wrong?
Now what?
- What do you mean?
I don't need money.
OK. See you
tomorrow then.
Want to give me
your phone number?
I don't have yours.
He'll give it to you.
- What's up man,
got some sleep?
Not really.
- Cool.
See you later, yeah?
- OK.
- Sure. Where?
You know hotel Krona?
Be there at 6.
Oh, and do me a favor.
Hey, what are you doing here?
I was in the neighborhood.
ele asked if
I could pick up the
money you owe him.
Did he?
How come?
I'm seeing him
tonight, and he knew
I'd be here, so he asked.
And the rest?
That's it. I owed
him 10 euros.
ele said 30.
Sure, he wants 30
for a half of a joint.
Don't fuck around. Give me 30
and let's be done with it.
I don't have 30.
Where is it?
You aren't seriously doing this.
You cunt. Just wait and
see what ele is like.
Hey, hey!
Fuck off.
Hey. Miki.
- Andrej.
Where's ele?
- Upstairs.
Follow me.
Here he is.
His Majesty!
What's up?
Met Miki?
He's got the best shit.
Got the money?
- Luka said
he only owed you 10.
So I took his phone as well.
Way to go, man!
You look like a bum.
Where did you sleep?
In my old kindergarten.
So you're serious
about not going home?
Come on,
drink! Relax!
Who wants some?
You? Hey!
Hey! Svetlana!
Oh fuck me.
- Fuck, Svetlana!
Miki, you're sober.
Take her for a walk.
Then home.
Hold on. Hold on.
Good morning.
- Hey.
Fuck man, I can't
believe this coke.
What happened here?
Where are you going?
- Coffee.
I'm coming, too.
And a kebab.
Nikson and I once
robbed a florist's.
You know those
giant cypress bushes?
So we're carrying them, and
this ugly bitch calls the cops.
I see them, I split.
I'm running like crazy, over the
hedge, and the cop follows.
The cunt almost had
me but tripped,
bam, and broke his arm.
- Fuck.
I thought that was it,
but he got up.
I ran across a yard
and over the fence
and he couldn't follow me there.
Following me with a
broken hand, what a retard.
Why did they put you in then?
They got me when I was robbing a
petrol station with a fake gun.
I come out, five of their
shithole cars are waiting.
They fucked me up like a cunt.
And Niko?
At the florist's?
They got him,
of course, the fatso.
Didn't he say he was with you?
I'd kill him if he would.
But I have insurance.
Here, there's photos and
videos of everyone.
Dope, fights, threats...
If anyone squeals, he'll
have it 10 times worse.
Do you have Niko there too?
- Sure.
Like what?
I'm not telling you that.
And me?
Hey babe, you OK?
I didn't want to wake you.
Okay. Bye.
Have any cash?
Aren't we having kebab?
I'm seeing Svetlana,
I have to go.
See you at the Centre.
Where are you going?
- To my room.
Hey! The office first, right?
Where have you been?
- In Ljubljana. With friends.
All of the time?
- Doing what?
Not much.
Just hanging out.
Come to the office, you need to fill
out the unauthorized absence form.
Can I go shower first?
I'm all sweaty.
Show me your bag.
I don't have one.
- You went without a bag?
So what?
Fine. Go take a shower and
then straight to the office.
eljko here yet?
No. eljko called to say he missed the
train and will be here in the morning.
- Hi.
Want a smoke?
Loaded, are you?
- I don't want anything
from ele's thugs.
Oh come on.
It was just business.
When did you come back?
- Lunchtime.
How was your date with Svetlana?
Fine. We had a joint and
went to the cinema.
What did you see?
- A cartoon.
She likes those.
Listen, could you go to
Mitar and ask him for 20?
Does he owe you too?
Yeah. He smoked weed,
there's interest.
Why don't you ask him yourself?
Man, you know I'll be sent to Radee
if they get me one more time.
Come here, I want
to talk to you.
Where's the 20 you owe ele?
I don't have it.
- No?
Why do you smoke his weed, then?
ele asked me if I wanted a puff,
so I had one. So what?
Off with the tracksuit.
And get the money by
Friday, or I'll fuck you up.
Is that clear?
This caramel milk, oh man!
- Come on!
Keep your panties on.
What's that?
- It's Mitar's.
You'll have the money on Friday.
- Yes, man! Way to go.
- Sure.
Give it up, Nikson.
- Here.
When your throat is sore with
nicotine and you're high as a kite
then you have some of this caramel
milk and you're as good as new.
It's like you have a
frog in your throat.
And then it's gone.
Look at that asshole.
Mitar! Where's
the money?
Mum's not home, so she didn't
transfer the 10 euros.
I just have enough to get home.
So where do you
think you're going?
Come on, man. I'll pay
you Sunday. I swear.
Hey! Give me
what you have.
You'll get it Sunday.
Hit him, man.
Listen, you shit.
Give me the money!
10 euros?
You shit!
Hey! What's
going on here?
- What's this?
He owes me money.
It's OK, man.
- I saw you hit him.
I'm not going to let this go.
Go back to your groups.
We're off. Bye!
- No, he's not coming!
No weekend for you!
And you've hit Mitar!
So now I get a weekend
because that shit
wouldn't give me my money?
- Come with me to the office.
You can't leave anyway
since you ran away.
Go fuck yourself.
- Excuse me? What was that?
Who the fuck do you think you are?
Fuck with me and I'll fuck you up.
Is this a threat?
- Suck my dick.
Come back. If you leave, I'll
write you down for absconding.
Hey! Andrej!
Andrej! Andrej!
You told him what
he needed to hear.
Now you'll see what
it's like not being good.
I'm not taking the train.
The cops will be there already.
I'll take the bus.
See you in Ljubljana.
We'll be in Podrum at 8.
Roll a joint, then my place.
- See you.
You think she's shaved?
- Sure she is.
You're such an asshole.
Hey, man!
- Hey.
No shit!
Look who's here!
Want a drink?
One, two, three whiskeys
and gin and tonic.
A bottle of whiskey
and four glasses.
And a gin and tonic.
- Yeah. And that.
See, you're good!
Come here.
Fifa, come here.
Come to me.
You've missed me, right?
Andrej Podobnik?
- Hi.
- Here's the runaway.
Do you have a form to fill out?
Sit down and we'll talk.
I'm tired. I don't
feel like it.
Andrej, do you realize you had five
absconding days in three weeks?
Do I?
- Yes.
I didn't know that.
Well now you do.
Sit down.
I'm going to my room.
Sit down, I said!
- Bye.
Andrej! Sit down!
- Just write me up.
No, you can't.
Come here.
Why lock yourself in
in the middle of the day?
What are you doing here?
We'll be told off again.
Suck my dick.
Why do you have a mouse?
- It's my rat.
What's it called?
- Fifa.
Ganja man, it's called Ganja.
Amsterdam, man.
- Amsterdam, Holland!
Have you never wanted to go?
Sure. Why?
I thought we could go.
- Me and you.
How? What about
the money?
Don't worry, I'll
take care of that.
Just party and lots of weed.
Can you get that kind of money?
Sure! We're the
Mafia, aren't we?
Sure we are.
- Of course we are!
Who is it?
Where's the night guy?
- Watching football.
What are you looking at?
Go to the bathroom!
What am I supposed to do there?
I don't give fuck. Jerk off,
or take a shower, for once.
I have an idea for Amsterdam.
New business, more money.
This shit owes me
three grand, man.
I sold him a bike, really expensive
shit, and he didn't pay me.
It's at his house, you
just have to get it.
What? Where is
this coming from?
He's telling everyone he's loaded,
and he won't pay me back.
Why won't you go,
if he owes you?
It has to be you.
If they see me, they'll
chicken out and split.
Oh fuck man, what if
they call the cops?
Cops?! They're
gypsies, man.
They would end up in jail.
They steal, rob petrol
stations, trucks...
When should I go?
- The sooner the better.
You got so many weekends already
it doesn't matter if
you go today or tomorrow.
And then we're gone,
off to Amsterdam!
Are you serious?
- Sure I am.
And Svetlana?
Fuck Svetlana.
OK. Where do
I need to go?
I'll give you the address.
Take this.
- Bye.
Is Mario home?
Who are you?
What do you want?
Where is Mario?
- Not here.
Mario! Mario!
Drop the knife.
Who the fuck are you?
Where's ele's money?
What money?
- The money you owe him.
What, 100 euros?
- 100 euros?
You better give me three grant.
Give me the money, man.
Where is it?
- Where?
Drop the knife,
or I'll cut her face!
Drop the knife,
or I'll cut her face!
Drop it!
You hear?
Where's the money?
- Give him the money.
Give me the money.
- Give it to him.
Give me the money!
Let her go.
Money first.
You shit!
Hey! Did you
take care of it?
There was no one there.
I'll try again.
Why are you here then?
Just came to see you.
Where are you?
What are you doing?
Take care of it and call me.
Andrej, what are you doing here?
Why are you not at the Centre?
I ran away. I've
nowhere to sleep.
You can't stay here.
The house is full of cops
looking for you.
Why were you here last time?
The neighbor saw everything
when they took you.
Everyone is waiting to see more.
And you took the rat.
It's mine.
- Couldn't you at least ask?
No one was home.
Where am I supposed to go?
Back to the Centre.
And stay there, for god's sake.
Can't you see?
You'll drive me insane.
You just care about yourself.
You don't care about me.
Who is it?
Come inside.
- Inside?
Yes, inside.
He's to go to the Centre.
The police will check,
you know that.
Well he can have a tea at least.
Don't you get it?
He ran away!
And you're inviting him for tea!
You're both driving me mad.
Are you OK?
Do you need money
for train, Andrej?
Call us!
Are you fucking with me?
Where were you?
Where's the money?
- I don't have it.
Didn't you go there?
I did.
And I saw the bike.
They have a child, something's
wrong with it.
There's no money for us there.
I told you there is!
We can get it some place else.
Not there.
I won't do it.
What's your problem, asshole?
Who do you think you are?
You're going to go and get it!
What's going on here?
What's going on here?
We're just fucking
around, chill.
I said, what is going on here?
Are you deaf?
Fuck off.
Watch your language.
Go to your groups
and behave for once.
It doesn't end here.
Look around you
and pass the ball!
I tried to.
Cover him, man!
- I am!
Can you fucking score, please?
Go, go, go!
- Fuck.
Hit it!
Oooh, Facebook star!
- Hello, hello.
What, you want to
suck my dick? Here it is.
You want it? You
want it up the ass?
Where to, motherfucker?
You fucking faggot cunt,
have you jerked off to me?
Fucking faggot!
Come on, fuck him.
- Fuck.
Come on, let's play.
Andrej, what is this
I see on Facebook?
Why are you quiet now?
Tell me!
Don't tell me you're
one of those now.
Is that how you
plan to live your life?
Why are you doing this to me?
Did they put you up to
this at the Centre? Tell me!
You've never been like that.
I am what I am.
Well, then you better not
come home any more.
Hey, hey!
Give me a fag.
Give me a fag!
Here he is.
Fucking faggot.
Tomorrow, we're doing it!
Andrej! Hey!
- What the fuck?
Oh, fuck me...
- ele!