Consider the Lilies (2023) Movie Script

[uptempo music]

Come on, guys! The wedding
is in an hour and a half.
What are you doing here?
Roman, are these ready
- to go in the van?
- [Roman] Yeah.
Well, why aren't they
in the van? Let's go!
Guys, load these up.
Let's go. Speed it up. Let's go.

Yes. Um, we are actually
on our way right now.
We'll be there in...
- Twenty?
- ...twenty minutes.
- Watch out!
- [tires screeching]
- Allison.
- What?
- The cakes!
- I got it.

[glass clinking]
All right. All right, everyone.
Time to cut the cake.
[orchestral music playing]
[guests gasping, applauding]
[applause fades]
Diana, thank you so much.
This is a wonderful cake.
I'm so glad you like it,
[woman] All right, get close.
Go on, grab the knife,
put your hand over it. Yep.
[camera shutter clicking]
[pensive music]


[phone line ringing]
[Michael] Hello, you've reached
Michael's voicemail.
I'm not available right now.
You may leave your number--
[alarm beeping]
[phone beeping]
[sighs] Damn!
[pop music playing over phone]
[knocking at door]
Good morning.
Good morning.
[loudly] Good morning!
[phone line ringing]
[Michael] Hello?
You didn't come home last night?
[Michael] Sorry, babe.
I just have so much work to do.
I'll be home in a few.
Okay. Well, I-- I tried
calling you last night.
Why didn't--
why didn't you call me back?
I thought I would've
been done sooner,
and I thought
you might be asleep,
so I didn't wanna
call and wake you up.
Right, okay.
Well, you-- you still need
to come home and
get some rest, right?
I know, but Jerry's not here,
and-- and Wanda did
a lot with these claims.
Oh, okay. Well,
I guess that overtime check's
gonna look really nice then,
Heh, yeah.
Uh, all right. Well,
do you want me to send you
some eats to go
for breakfast, or...
[Michael] No. I'll be home soon,
but then I gotta
come back to the office.
Okay. Well, I guess I'll
just leave you some coffee?
[Michael] Okay. Love you.
Yeah. Love you too.
Hey, sweetie. How'd you sleep?
[music playing
faintly over earbuds]
- Hey!
- [tapping counter]
- [music stops]
- I asked how you slept.
I slept okay. Why wouldn't I?
All right, well,
just tell me that, okay?
Don't just ignore me.
[music resumes]
I'm making breakfast.
I don't need it.

[Diana] All right, Roman.
Where are we at with
the unicorn birthday cake?
Working on the fondant now.
Should be done by
the end of the day, boss.
All right, great. Allison,
how you coming with the pastries
for the Jordan party?
Have to have those delivered
- first thing tomorrow.
- I'll get to it tonight.
Right now I'm working on
the Davidson's cookies.
All right, sounds good.
And Farrah--
- [Farrah] I got it, boss.
- Okay, yes, but what about--
[Farrah] I'm on that too.
All right. Okay.
You guys know how this goes.
Repeat after me:
go big or go home!
[all, flatly] Go big or go home.
Guys. Okay, stop.
That was pathetic.
Repeat after me:
go big or go home!
[all, cheerily]
Go big or go home!
There it is. Okay.
Back to work, everyone.
[upbeat music]

[soft jazz music
playing faintly over stereo]
[phone line ringing]
[Michael] Hello, you've
reached Michael's voicemail.
I'm not available--

So, Mom,
is Dad coming home or not?
He said he was, honey. I-- I
just-- I can't get ahold of him.
Whatever. I'm hungry, so I'm
just gonna
go to my room with some food
and stream a movie.
You can't wait just
a couple more minutes?
I'm sure he's gonna be
coming in any minute.
Mom, I've waited
over an hour already.
[Diana sighs]
[door thuds]
[Michael] Hey.
Thank you.
[microwave beeping]
[microwave whirring]
It's cold.
Well, it was hot at 6:30.
It was warm at 7:00,
when I called you.
It was warm at 7:30,
when I texted you.
And it was still warm at 8:00,
when I called you again.
What time is it now?
[door slams]
[somber music]
[Allison, echoing] Diana.
[normally] Diana!
Hey. What's going on?
I've been calling you for,
like, the last two minutes.
You have?
I-- I'm sorry. I just--
My mind is somewhere else.
I-- I didn't hear you,
I'm sorry.
It's fine.
- So, um, what's going on?
- So!
Okay, so I wanted to ask you
on a date with me tonight
because Evan broke up
with me, again,
and I already reserved a table
for two at the Pastasciutta.
I'm sorry, Allison.
It's fine. I'm used to breakups
are you coming with me or not?
- I-- I don't-- I don't know.
- Please, Diana?
I don't wanna ask Roman.
He might get the wrong idea.
Roman is not
gonna get any ideas.
I don't wanna hang out with
any of my guy friends right now.
you seem to be in need
of a night out as well.
[Diana] I am in need
of a de-stress.
What better way than to spend
the night at Pastasciutta
with your best friend?
- Okay.
- Yes!
But, I'm your boss.
- [doorbell chimes]
- So, that's work.
You got it, boss.
[Jayse] Diana.
Diana, right? Jayse.
I'm-- I'm sorry.
How-- how do I know you?
I work with Michael.
We met at the company party
last year, remember?
[chuckles] Oh, um, yeah. Right.
Um, what-- what
can I do for you?
I came to place an order.
Oh, great. Um, yes.
So, uh, what'd you have in mind?
Michael's been really dedicated,
and the company wants to
give him a kind of thank-you.
Um, okay. Well, um, we do have
a list of our most popular items
on our website
if you wanna take a look.
[music playing faintly over PA]
Okay. I have an idea.
How about a chocolate-glazed
mousse hazelnut cake?
Michael doesn't like chocolate.
[sighs] You know what?
I'll just order it online.
It was good seeing you again.
[Diana] Yeah.
You too.
[doorbell chimes]
Go big or go home.
[elegant waltz playing]
I know I like expensive things,
but seriously, how could
someone eat a $70 pasta?
I know, right?
I wonder how it tastes.
It better tastes like diamonds.
I'd rather have
a burger with a beer.
let's do that.
Do what?
Get a burger and a beer.
- Really?
- Yeah.
you're my one true best friend.
Oh, I know.
Let's get out of here
before that waiter comes
and tempts us
with a $58 appetizer.
[band] One, two, three, go!
[uptempo folk music playing]
- Come on!
- Put your hands up. Come on!

I know you've been lonely
You think your love...
Whoo! Girl, come on.
I think I need another drink.
I think you need water.
- No--
- And eat your food.
What? Get out of here!
This band is amazing.

Allison, I just-- Hey,
I just wanna thank you for this.
- What?
- I wanna thank you for this!
I just-- I-- I feel like
Michael and I are strangers.
Like, we haven't had
a proper meal in, like, forever,
and it's been
even longer since...
I understand.
No. You know what? I--
You don't understand,
because you're not married,
and-- and you don't have
a teenage daughter
who's on social media 24/7.
Well, you're right, but...
no, I get what you're saying.
Isn't that normal?
Stronger than a diamond
I-- I just wish everything
was simple, you know?
Like, all the bills are paid,
and the business is busy, and...
I mean, don't get me wrong.
Business is-- is great.
It's great. No, it just--
it seems like everything is
falling apart at the same time.
So do something that will
bring you all back together.
- Like what?
- I don't know.
Like, go on a vacation
or a trip or something.
You know I can't do that.
I mean, you've seen how hard
I work to get to where I am.
We'll lose our best customers.
And you know how hard I've
worked to get to where I am!
I-- I mean, you've seen
how good our reviews are.
I know, they're calling you
"Cupcake Bae" on TikTok!
- What? Come on.
- I'm just playing.
That's exactly why you need
to take some time off.
You've been working
way too hard,
and you've lost focus on
what's really important.
Yeah. You know I'm right.

Maybe. Maybe you're right.
[singer] Come on, y'all, hit it!
Heed my words.
Take a week off, at least.
Go out with your family.
You'll thank me later.
You really think
that would work?
- Thanks.
- Anytime.
You know your best friend's
always here for you.
Oh, I know.
You're indestructible,
- Cheers. To our friendship.
- Cheers!
You're indestructible
you are indestructible
And when you're on vacation,
I'll run the bakery.
More like run off
all our customers.
[both laughing]
[cell phone ringing]
- Who is it?
- I don't know.
Pick it up.
- Hello?
- Whoo!
Hello? I'm-- I'm sorry.
I can't hear you.
Hold on.
I'm gonna take this outside.
[Diana] I'm sorry,
who-- who is this?
Come on!
Wait, I'm-- I'm sorry.
Who is this?
[somber music]
[phone line ringing]
[Michael] Hello, you've reached
Michael's voicemail.
I'm not available--
[Diana] Excuse me.
Is there a Patricia Wright here?
It appears that
she's still in surgery,
but you're more than welcome
to wait for her
in the waiting room
on the second floor.
[Michael] Hey, babe, what's up?
I just finished work.
I saw that you called.
[Diana] Michael, where are you?
Still at the office.
There was a meeting.
- What's wrong?
- [Diana] My mom is here,
- and she's in the hospital.
- What? What is she doing there?
- Is she okay?
- [Diana] I don't know.
Don't have any details yet.
Still at the hospital.
I haven't even
talked to the doctor.
- Which hospital?
- [Diana] The St. Mark.
- Can you meet me here?
- I'm sorry, babe.
I got an important phone call
in 15 minutes.
What? Mike, can't that wait?
It's an important call.
I need to be on it.
It's some clients on
the West Coast time zone.
Besides, you know
your mom doesn't like me.
Tell you what, as soon as
I'm done, I'll give you a call
- and see if you're still there.
- Yeah. Okay.
What did he say?
Is he on his way?
No, he has a-- a meeting.
At nine o'clock at night?
He sure has a lot
of late meetings recently.
What is that supposed to mean?
[Allison] Look, I think
that's the doctor right there.
- [Diana] Excuse me?
- Yeah?
Um, I-- I'm Diana Woods,
the daughter of Patricia Wright.
Oh, I'm sorry to say it,
but Miss Wright
is still under
surgery right now,
and Dr. Phillips is
gonna call another doctor
for a brief checkup
on the patient.
Well, uh, what happened to her?
Is she okay?
I'm sorry, ma'am, but I really
can't give that information.
You're gonna have to wait
until the surgery's over
and you can definitely
talk to the doctor.
Well, how long
will the surgery take?
No idea. I mean,
this could go on
for a couple more hours.
Perhaps all night, even.
Okay. Thank you.
No problem. Please stay strong.
So frustrating.
They can't tell me anything.
[somber music]

[man] Mrs. Woods?
I'm Dr. Phillips.
D-- Doctor. How's my mother?
Not well,
but we've done our very best.
The good news is,
your mother's heart is beating.
But there are some issues.
It seems she's not responsive.
We've had to put her
on life support for now.
Does that mean
she's not gonna wake up?
I don't know.
We'll wait and see.
[tearful] Is there anything else
you can do?
I'm sorry.
It's out of our hands now.
We've done all we can do.
Go see your mother now.
Allison, wake up.
I can go back
and see my mom now.
Allison, I need you
to go open the bakery.
We need the peacock order
out first thing.
Yeah. Yep.
I'm up.
[monitor beeping steadily]
[solemn music]
Mom, I'm here.
[weeping] I'm here, Mom.


Where were you?
I-- I was at a meeting.
It ran over a little late,
and, uh--
Michael, I needed you.
My mom is on life support.
The doctors don't think
she's gonna wake up.
Don't-- don't touch me.
Diana, wait!
I'm sorry, okay?

- [knock at door]
- Morning, Michael.
- Morning, Jayse.
- I brought you your usual.
are we hanging out
again tonight?
We'll see.
I'll be waiting, then.
You do like Italian, right?
It's my favorite.
Perfect. Dinner's on me.
[poignant music]

[distant beeping]
[alarm beeping]
Oh, my gosh!
Wait, Allison, what happened?
What happened?
The cakes are burnt.
Diana, I asked you to watch the
cakes while we went to lunch.
Wait, you did?
I guess I did.
[tearful] I-- I'm so sorry.
My mind is, um--
Hey, you know what?
I understand. It's okay, Diana.
[sniffles] You do?
Yeah. I understand that you're
going through a lot right now.
Actually, we all understand.
We'll get this covered, Diana.
Yeah. Why don't you just
take a couple of days off?
We can handle everything,
right, people?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Thank you, guys,
but we have so many deadlines.
We have to bake
300 custom design cupcakes
for Gary Wallace's
retirement party,
the All Tell conference
on Friday,
the Harrison wedding
on Saturday,
not to mention
all of the online orders, too.
Diana, trust us.
We'll get it all done.
Guys, it's too much, okay?
Everybody, including me,
has gotta chip in, okay?
- It's--
- [Roman] No, we got it.
- We got it.
- Look, look, look.
Why don't you just do
Gary Wallace's cookies at home,
and we'll take care
of everything else?
Are you sure?
Yes. We got it.
[heartfelt music]
Thank you. Thank you, guys.
Don't worry, sweetheart.
We won't let the building
burn down. Okay?
You better not.
[all chuckling]
[monitor beeping steadily]
Oh, hey.
I didn't know you were here.
I just came to check on her.
I can tell you're her daughter.
- Really?
- Yeah.
You both look so similar.
Can I say something?
I know how hard it must be
for you right now,
but just trust in God's plans.
Thank you, um...
- It's Leslie.
- ...Leslie.
You know, there's a chapel
on the ground floor,
so if you ever
wanna talk to God...
No, thank you. I'm-- I'm good.
[steady beeping continues]
[Patricia's voice echoing]
No, what were you thinking?
And you know
how your father feels
about you dating
a guy like Michael.
He is not my father.
He is your husband.
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, my goodness.
Lord knows I don't believe
in abortion, but this?
- What are you saying?
- Let me think. Let me think.
This is what we're gonna do.
You're gonna break up
with Michael,
we're gonna go to a clinic,
and you're gonna fix this.
- No!
- And then you're gonna go back
to school
and get your law degree,
and we're gonna act like
nothing happened.
- Okay?
- No! I'm not gonna break up
with Michael, Mom.
He's the father of my baby.
I love him. I'm gonna marry him.
Oh, my God! Are you crazy?
You're gonna ruin your life,
How many baby mamas
does he have running around?
And-- and do you know how hard
it is for a biracial child
to grow up in this world?
Mom, do even hear
yourself right now?
[Patricia sighs]
I love you.
But if you choose this,
you have to leave my home.
And you can't come back for help
if you find out
how hard it is out there.
- Mom, just-- just listen--
- No! No.
Nothing to listen to.
This is your choice.
[melancholy music]

Are you sure you wanna do this?
She wouldn't listen.
Maybe I could talk to her.
No, let's just go.
Okay. Let's go.
[indistinct PA announcement]
[phone ringing]
- Hey, I'm sorry.
- No, no.
- Hello?
- [Allison] I got some bad news.
- What?
- We tried to get
all the orders done,
but we got a little bit behind.
And we missed the deadline
for the Davis order.
[sighs] Great. So we lost
our most loyal customer.
Sorry. But we are almost done
with everything else,
and we're hoping
the rest of it will be on time.
How are you coming along with
the cookies for
the retirement party?
Um, I haven't started 'em yet,
but I-- I will--
I will get to them.
All right. We'll work on
getting everything else,
but we need you
to get these cookies done.
Okay? We're running out of time.
I know. I know.
I'm-- I'm gonna get to them.
You just make sure the bakery is
still standing when I get there.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Long day?
Very long day.
Yeah, me too.
A friend suddenly
passed out at work,
and the doctors
don't know whether or not
- he's gonna make it.
- I'm-- I'm so sorry.
And he's been here
for about five days or so.
So, who are you here to see?
Somebody I haven't talked
to in a really long time.
[man] Hmm.
Well, why haven't you?
The last time we talked,
we had this huge fight,
and, um, went our separate ways,
and it's been years-- well,
actually almost two decades--
since we've communicated, so.
Wow. Well, I'm sure you've
since the last time
they seen you.
A lot has changed. Yeah.
I've come a long way since
that girl she used to know.
Well, we all should change.
At least become wiser.
that's not always the case.
Right. [chuckles]
Well, as long as
her heart is still beating
and your heart is still beating,
it's never too late
to reconcile.
[Dr. Phillip] Mr. Avery?
- [man] Yes?
- You can go in now.
[man] Thank you, Doctor.
I'm Terrance, by the way.
Oh. Diana.
- I'm sure I'll see you around.
- Yeah.
I can't believe
they went back and forth for,
what, three months?
And still ended up sending
and signing the wrong paperwork.
I know. They would've
lost a whole lot of money,
and someone would've
lost their job.
I know they're glad
you caught that.
Just know this:
nothing gets past me.
thank you for making sure
I got home safe.
And I told you,
just call me Mike.
And, uh, thank you for dinner.
So, Mike...
why don't you come up?
Now you know it's getting late
and I need to get home.
["Fun" by Loving Caliber]
Don't you wanna have fun?
Fool around with someone
Don't you wanna have fun?
Never mind my dumb heart
It needs a little kick-start
'Cause don't you
wanna have fun?
Kelsey! Come down.
Kelsey! I have to talk
to you about something.
[Kelsey] Coming, Mom.
- What is it, Mom?
- Has your dad been home today?
No, I haven't seen him.
[Diana] Have you
had anything to eat?
Munched on some
cheese and crackers.
Okay. Just give me ten minutes,
all right?
- I'll make us something.
- Okay.
So, is that all you
wanted to talk about?
No. Um, it's-- it's my mother.
Your grandmother.
- Grandma Patricia?
- Yeah. Um...
she's, uh, been in
a really horrible accident.
That's terrible. When was
the last time you spoke to her?
[Diana] We passed
messages back and forth
between family members, but I--
I haven't seen her
since before you were born.
Well, how bad is she?
[voice breaking] Um,
she's-- she's on life support.
Mom, when did this happen?
Um... two days ago.
Oh, my God. Mom,
I'm so sorry to hear that.
[tearful] You know what?
Do you want me to cook, or
do you just wanna order a pizza?
- Let's just order a pizza.
- [laughs] Okay.
Come here.
Mom, what-- what are you doing?
Kelsey, what is that smell?
- What smell?
- Have you been smoking?
What? No!
- Don't--
- Why would I smoke?
- Don't you lie to me.
- Seriously, Mom, I'm not lying.
You're accusing me of something
I didn't even do.
Then what is that smell, Kelsey?
- Nothing! Oh, my God!
- Kelsey, get back here!
- Kelsey, I'm coming in.
- [doorknob rattles]
Kelsey, open the door.
I brought you pizza.
All right, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have yelled at you.
[Kelsey] Go away!
Just open the door, okay?
I just wanna talk.
[Kelsey] I said go away.
I didn't do anything wrong.
[sighs] Well, don't you
at least want some pizza?
[Kelsey] Just put it down.
You won't open the door
and take it from me?
[Kelsey] No.
Kelsey, I just wanna talk.
Listen, Kelsey...
if you-- if you ever wanna talk
about it,
or anything, just...
I'll listen, okay?
[door opens, closes]
- [Michael] Hey.
- Hi.
- Did you eat?
- Yeah, you?
Yeah, I just, uh--
I just grabbed something
on my way home.
You usually wear a tie.
Are you, um,
trying something different?
[Michael chuckles]
I don't-- I don't know.
[door opens, closes]
[phone ringing]
[shower running]
[ringing continues]
- [shower stops]
- [door opens]
Kate Rita?
Diana, I can explain.
What's there to explain,
How long?
[shouting] How long, Michael?
All right, I'll just
look through your phone.
[Michael] For just a week.
[Diana] Who is she?
Who is she, Michael?
Is she your coworker?
What's her name? Jayse?
Oh, I should've known.
- How could you do this to me?
- Diana. Diana--
Just stop.
Don't come any closer.
- Diana. I'm sorry.
- No. No!
- I'm sorry!
- God, Mike,
how could you do this to me?
I didn't expect this
from you, Michael.
So all of those late-night
meetings, that was all a lie?
- You'll wake Kelsey up.
- Oh, oh, I'm sorry.
You're afraid that
your daughter's gonna find out
that while I was hurting
and I was alone,
you were out sleeping with
some other woman?
I didn't sleep with her.
It was just dinner and wine.
Just dinner and wine?
You chose her over me, Michael.
You were with her instead of me.
Because I-- I-- I don't know,
I just did. Okay?
I made a mistake.
Just a mistake?
Just a mistake, Michael?
You didn't for once
stop and think
about how it would
affect your family?
What it would do to me? Wow.
No, Diana.
You've been so busy with that
I didn't think
you would even notice.
I don't know
what I was thinking.
She just asked me to dinner,
and I said okay.
You said okay.
You saved her name
in your phone as Kate Rita.
You don't think I know
what that means, Michael?
she-- she put that in my phone.
Tell me the truth.
It wasn't just dinner and wine,
was it?
Answer me, Michael!
Diana, look.
I made a mistake. A big mistake.
But believe me,
I did not sleep with her.
I don't believe you.
Diana, please. I'm sorry.
- [Diana sobbing]
- Look...
it was wrong. I was wrong.
But believe me,
I didn't sleep with that woman.
I don't believe you.
I think we need
some space between us.
Diana, look, any more space
between us,
we might as well
live in separate houses.
Maybe we should, then.
- Come on, Diana.
- No! Get off me!
- Come on--
- I can't be with somebody
- I don't even trust.
- Diana, come on!
[door slams]
[somber music]

[birds chirping]

[Diana] Kelsey?
- [knocking]
- You up?
- [doorknob rattles]
- Kelsey?
- [knocking at door]
- Hey.
[low, tense music]
[phone buttons beep]
Sorry, but I'm busy
sitting right now.
[sighs] Come on, pick up.
Sorry. But I'm busy--

Mike! Mike!
Mike, wake up.
Where's Kelsey?
- Mike, get up.
- Okay. I'm up. I'm up.
- Kelsey's gone.
- Gone?
- Where?
- I don't know.
Did she tell
you where she was going?
No. Did you call her?
Yes, I called her.
She's not answering the phone.
Just relax. She's probably
at school or something.
It's Sunday, Mike.
And she never leaves the house
without telling me first
or at least leaving
me a message or something.
Oh my God. This is--
this is all my fault.
We-- we got into this fight
I smelled smoke on her.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You smelled what?
Sh-- she's been smoking
and doing drugs
and I'm pretty sure
she's had guys in her room.
Whoa, whoa. Slow down, Diana.
Listen to yourself.
Our daughter
would never be smoking--
Okay, well, then let me show
you. Get up. Get out of bed.
Okay. Okay.
This is what your daughter's
been doing, Mike.
[emotional music plays]
My goodness, Kelsey.
What do we do?
We have to find her, Mike.
I don't know.
Call her friends
and see who's heard from her.
Okay. I'll drive around.
You call her friends.
[dialing tone]
- SHARON: Hello?
- Hi, Sharon?
Hey, Mrs. Woods.
How are you?
- I'm-- I'm good.
- Good.
Um, hey, listen, I was
actually, uh, just wondering
if-- if you heard
from Kelsey today,
or-- or-- or talked to her?
I haven't talked to her today.
-You haven't?
-No. But can you tell her
-to call me, please?
-Okay, um...
-Okay. I'll tell her.
-Thank you. Bye.
[dialing tone]
- DRAKE: Hello?
- Drake?
- Yes.
- Hi. Yeah,
- it's-- it's Kelsey's mom.
- Oh,
did she
complain to you about me?
Uh, no. She-- she didn't
complain about anything.
Mrs. Woods,
it was an accident. I didn't--
We can-- we can talk about that
later, Drake. Okay?
I-- I just actually need to know
if-- if you've seen Kelsey
today, or--
or-- or have heard
from her at all.
No, I haven't
talked to her in a few days.
- You haven't?
- No.
Okay. Um...
you know
where she might be?
I'm sorry. I don't.
Okay. All right. Thank you.
God, please protect Kelsey.
[door opens, closes]
Did you find anything out?
Nobody knows where she's at.
And I got more bad news.
Kelsey hasn't been
in school in over a week.
What? H-- how could that be?
You should know better than me.
You're the one that's supposed
to be looking after her.
Drugs and smoking. How come you
didn't know about none of this?
Well, hold on.
So this is my fault?
Because for your information,
I'm the one that's busy
running a business.
Diana, that's the reason
I told you to hire somebody
come clean around here
and also watch after Kelsey.
Oh. So you can sleep
with her too?
- Oh, Diana.
- Oh, don't touch me.
what happened to us?
-[phone ringing]
[sniffling] Hello?
ROSIE: Hello, Mrs. Woods.
I'm Rosie.
I go to school with Kelsey.
Sharon told me that
you were asking for her.
- Well, I-I know where she is.
- You do?
But I promised her
not to tell you or anyone else.
Oh, okay. Listen, sweetie,
it-- it's okay.
You-- you can tell me. Okay?
'Cause her-- her father and I
are very worried about her,
and it would just--
it would really mean a lot
if you could tell us
where she was.
- Rosie.
- [Rosie sighs]
Well, I heard it from a friend
who is also Kelsey's friend,
that Kelsey was planning
to run away with Ryan.
Wait, Dave Buchanan's son?
Yes, Mrs. Woods.
Okay. Well-- well, do-- do
you know anything else?
No, Mrs. Woods.
[sniffling] Okay. Um,
thank you, Rosie.
Just don't tell Kelsey
that I told you.
Never. I won't.
Thank you, sweetie.
She's running away
with Ryan Buchanan.
- What?
- Yeah.
That kid is no good,
and I know that he's the one
that influenced her
into all of this stuff.
We have to go
to the Buchanan's.
Okay, let's go.
Where are you going?
I gotta change.
[birds chirping]
Dave, Mia, both of our kids
have run away.
Michael and I don't know where,
but perhaps you guys
have an idea.
MICHAEL: We didn't wanna
call the police, uh,
considering the past incidents,
- drugs with Ryan and all.
- Right.
The last thing we know is that
Ryan was pretty angry with us
for not letting him play
video games
or go anywhere else
except for school.
You know, we grounded him
for six months.
I mean, I guess
he just couldn't take it.
I wish I knew where they both
were, but I really have no clue.
I understand.
Wait a minute.
So last week I was
going through Ryan's laptop
and I noticed that he was on,
um, a traveling website.
Oh, what-- do you remember
anything else?
Uh, I think-- I can't remember
but maybe he was looking up,
um, train tickets.
I'm so sorry.
I don't remember anything more,
but, you know, at the time
I didn't notice a lot of detail
because I thought, well,
it was something
- that he stumbled on.
- It's okay.
- MIA: You know, by mistake.
- Yeah, of course.
Maybe that's it.
Let's go to the train station
- and check it out.
- Dave, Mia,
- thank you guys so much.
- MIA: Thank you so much.
DIANA I promise we'll get
Ryan and Kelsey back.
["Show Me the Door" by Big Girl]
I sh-- I shouldn't
have yelled at her.
Diana, it's not your fault.
It's-- it's not our fault.
I sh-- I should have talked
calmly to her.
I mean, the things she must
have been going through
to get to the point
of taking drugs.
No, we'll find her.
We'll find her.
You know that my heart's
paved with gold
Look, Diana about--
about Jayse...
Look... I promise
nothing happened between us.
You believe me, right?
Look, I know I messed up, but
I promise I won't do anything
like that again.
Diana, you believe me, right?
You should have never done it
in the first place, Mike.
I know.
No, I hate you, Michael.
I hate you.
Diana, I'm sorry.
Where were you all those times
we needed you, Mike?
Where were you?
Look, I'm-- I'm right here
right now.
I'm right here, right now.
And look, we'll find Kelsey
and bring her back.
But I love you, Diana.
We just need to find Kelsey.
Open your eyes
to see me clearly
You know that my heart's
paved with gold
I'm scared.
To be honest with you,
I am too.
But we gotta do this, okay?
Do you trust me?
I do.
What about our parents?
I mean, they're gonna
understand, you know.
Listen, I promise you,
I promise you
we'll come back, okay?
Hi. Where are you
guys going today?
Hey, uh, I got tickets online.
[tense music plays]
Diana. Diana, look, look.
Right there.
DIANA: Kelsey!
Mom, what are you doing here?
How did you find us?
What do you think you're doing,
young lady?
Running away from home. Why?
Listen, Mrs. Woods,
I can explain, um--
No, no, no. You know what?
You both need to explain to me.
Do you understand?
Why are you two
trying to run away from home?
Diana, let them explain.
Mom, please don't be mad at me.
There's something
I need to tell you.
What? Besides smoking,
taking drugs,
and sleeping around
with a bunch of guys?
It wasn't a bunch of guys.
Just-- just one.
How could you, Kelsey?
There's something else.
- Mom.
- What is it?
What is it, honey?
What, baby? What?
I'm pregnant.
W-- what?
Ryan's the father.
I'm sorry, Mrs. Woods. It just--
it just happened, you know.
Mike, what am I gonna
tell my mom?
Just-- just tell her the truth.
She won't listen.
And when my stepdad finds out
that I'm pregnant,
and pregnant by you,
it's gonna be really bad.
Look, I'll always be here for
And, um...
Shoot, maybe we just
run away and get married.
What about school?
You can always-- you can
always go back to school
after you have the baby.
Look, uh, none of this
is planned.
Maybe they'll understand.
Come here.
Sweetie, please come here.
I get it.
["My First Letter to You"
by David Celeste]
Mom, I'm sorry.
I know.
Let's get you two home, okay?
Wait, not unless you two
plan on going somewhere.
[emotional music plays]
Let's go home. Okay?
MICHAEL: Keep going. Keep going.
[door opens, closes]
- You must be starving.
- Yeah. Oh, my God.
Slow down. I can make some more.
Wait, Mom.
Can we talk for a minute?
Of course. Yeah. What's up?
I'm really sorry.
I know you are.
And I promise I'm not gonna
smoke or do any drugs anymore.
Or sleep with any boys.
Well, 'til I'm 18, right?
Let's say 25.
I love you, Mom.
I-I honestly thought you were
gonna be really mad at me,
- but--
- Okay. I am mad at you, Kelsey.
What you did was wrong,
I love you way too much
to stay angry with you.
You know what?
I, um...
I made some of the same
mistakes and decisions
you were about to make
and I still regret
some of them today.
You know why?
When I was pregnant with you,
I left and I didn't speak
to my mom anymore
because she was angry with me.
And now, um, I may never
speak to her again.
No, no, no, no, Mom, you will.
Grandma's gonna wake up.
But if she doesn't, Kelsey,
I'm-- I'm gonna have
to live with that
for the rest of my life.
I'm so sorry, mom.
You know what?
You need to get some rest
and I have a deadline, okay?
I love you so much.
So much.
I love you.

Diana. Diana.
I love you.
I love you, Diana.
["I Don't Want a Silent

We're booked today.
I'm here by myself.
- Excuse me.
- I got all these--
I got somebody in my face now.
Hold on.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Um, I was just wondering if
I could get my mom's belongings.
They're-- they weren't in her
Her name's Patricia Wright.
And, excuse me a second.
Thank you, hun.
- Is this spelled with a W or R?
- W.
Uh, there she is. Okay. We don't
have any belongings here.
We keep 'em all downstairs
in the locker rooms
for the patients.
- Oh.
- I'll call someone
and have them come up
and give you, okay?
Gimme one second.
Girl, hang up.
I'm still at work.
Gimme one moment.
Oh, hey, hey, hey.
Um, I'm so glad I caught you.
Look, I have the daughter
of, uh, Patricia Wright here
at the desk and she's coming
to get her belongings.
Do you want me
to send her to you
or do you want
to come up here?
What do you want?
All right. Thank you.
You can meet the nurse
in the lobby
and they'll assist you
from there
in getting
your mother's belongings.
Great. Thank you so much.
- Have a great day.
- You too.
Girl, now what you doing?
Girl, I am so tired.
These people, this job,
everybody here.
Uh, excuse me.
- Oh, hey, how are you?
- Hey.
- You two know each other?
- Uh, just barely.
Yeah, I'm her mother's
nurse at the moment.
- Okay.
- And you must be...
Oh, I'm-- I'm her husband.
Oh, okay. Great. Well, um,
I'll be taking you over
to the locker room,
so you just follow me. Okay?
All right. Well, here you go.
This is all she had on her
when she was brought here.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
No problem. Did you guys
wanna look at it here?
'Cause we got a table
in the corner
or you
could do it in the room.
Uh, we'll just
check it out in the room.
Okay, perfect.
'Cause we gotta lock it up.
Thank you.
I can't imagine
what she's going through.
she was gonna
come to my bakery.
Did she call you though?
Maybe she was planning
on surprising me.
Hey, look.
There's a number in her call log
with our area code.
- Should I call it?
- Yeah, call it.
MAN: Hello, Holiday Hotel.
How may I help you?
Um, hi, this is Diana--
Wait, I'm sorry.
Did you say this is a hotel?
Yes, ma'am. It's a hotel.
Only a few minutes
from downtown.
Um, okay. Can I please
get your address?
Of course, ma'am.
It's 64 Indian Spring Lane,
Ironton, Tennessee.
Okay. Uh, great.
Thank you so much.
You're welcome, ma'am.
Anything else
I can help you with?
Um, actually, my mom
is a guest of yours.
Um, could you tell me
if she checked in or not?
Most certainly I can. May
I know the guest name, please?
Uh, yeah. Her name is,
uh, Patricia Wright.
And you are?
I'm Diana Woods, her daughter.
Okay, ma'am,
please hold on just one minute.
- Hello?
- Yes, I'm here.
Good news. The guest has
checked in a few days ago.
Okay, great. Um, thank you.
No problem. Anything else?
Nope, that's it.
Have a fantastic evening.
Thanks. You too.
My mom checked into a hotel
on Indian Spring Lane.
She was on her way
to come see me
when she got in
the car accident, Mike.
We-- we-- we need
to go check out the hotel.
Okay. Let's go.
[Diana sighs]
Finally, you decided to come
see me, huh, Mom?
Did you forgive me?
[machine beeping rapidly]
Yes, ma'am. Sure.
Absolutely. How many?
Not a problem at all. Okay.
I will see you soon. Thanks.
Oh, hey,
welcome to Holiday Hotel.
How may I help you?
We're here about,
um, my mother-in-law.
I believe she checked in
a couple days ago.
She was in a real bad car
accident, so we just kinda came
to get her things
and bring it back to our place.
Oh, are you the lady that
I spoke with on the phone?
Okay. I'm so sorry.
Let me get the key for room 105
- for...
- Patricia Wright.
Right. Right, Right. Right.
All right, here you go.
If you would just follow
the walkway
and the room
is on your right, okay?
- Okay.
- All right. And-- and ma'am,
I hope that your mother
gets better soon.
Thank you. We won't be long.
- Sure, no problem.
- Thanks, man.
Well, that was easier
than I thought. [chuckles]
Yeah, I know. It's 105.
[emotional music plays]
Hey, what's wrong?
Nothing. It's just--
Look, it's okay.
You're going in.
I don't understand.
Why would your mom come in town
and not call you?
I don't know. She always
was a bit egotistical.
Maybe that's what kept her
from contacting me.
Did you ever try to contact her?
Yeah, a few times.
Some four-star hotel.
Can't even dust the dresser.
Mike, look for a box.
- A box?
- Yes, a box.
Hey, found it.
How'd you know
there was a box?
The dresser.
The dresser? I don't--
I don't understand.
My mom always had a way
of relieving her stress
and anxiety by looking at little
and-- and old pictures.
I still don't understand the
Like, how do you know
there was a box?
The dust on the dresser told me
that there was a box there.
So obviously she brought
her memory box with her.
Can you just stop asking me
so many questions?
Okay. Geez.
["We Live On" by Gavin Luke]
PATRICIA: Dear Diana, oh, I
have missed you so much.
I wish you can come back home.
What I did was unforgivable,
not what you did.
[Michael's voice echoes]
PATRICIA: I know I should have
done this a long time ago.
I just wasn't ready
to stand up to Gary.
But as a mother, I couldn't
think of my daughter
being the target
of Gary's wrath.
I just wanna say
I'm sorry, Diana,
for not listening to you
and for not accepting
Michael and your baby.
I have been nothing
but a bad mother,
and I have since
asked God to forgive me
because no matter what you do
or what path you take,
in the end, you're my daughter
and I love you.
She-- she didn't
send this to me.
But she tried to come here
herself, Diana.
Oh, Mom.
Diana, you gotta stay positive.
Your mom's gonna wake up.
[sniffling] No,
she-- she won't, Mike.
She won't wake up.
I know it. I know it.
Diana, you look beautiful.
So you're finally
going to church, huh?
[chuckles] Michael's making me.
[laughs] Don't lie,
little girl.
I know you love God
as much as I do.
I-- I know I veered, Mom,
but I promise I'm coming back.
I'm so proud of you.
I miss you so much, Mom.
I know, Diana.
I wish that we never
would've stopped talking.
I wish we had more time.
I wish that you never would've
gotten in that car accident.
Oh, I do.
What's written
will come to pass.
But maybe it's time
for me to go home, huh?
I'm not ready for you to go.
Diana, always remember
that I love you
and I'll always
watch over you.
MICHAEL: Diana, are you ready?
KELSEY: Mom, come on.
We'll be late for church.
Ye-- Yeah. I'm coming.
[upbeat music plays]
Praise the Lord.
ALL: Praise the Lord!
- PASTOR: Hallelujah.
- ALL: Amen!
PASTOR: Forgiveness is something
all of us want to receive,
but most of us
hesitate to give it.
Jesus makes it clear, however,
that we can't have it
without giving it.
If you forgive those
who trespass against you,
your father will forgive you.
But if you refuse
to forgive others,
your father will not
forgive you of your sin.
Matthew chapter six,
verses 14 and 15 tells us
these words allow no room
for discussion.
Forgiveness flows two ways.
We cannot separate
from receiving forgiveness
from extending forgiveness.
Unresolved anger
keeps us from moving forward
because it locks us
into a time machine
frozen from that exact moment
when the offense occurred.
In and of ourselves we don't
have enough forgiveness
to go around,
but God does.
So when
our limited resource runs out
and we're unable to forgive,
we can ask him to help us
to forgive others through us.
Doing so is one more step
of obedience
and it allows us
to become vessels
of God's grace.
[congregation cheering]
[voice breaking] I'm-- I'm not--
I'm not gonna do it, Mike.
Diana, I know it's hard,
but it's the right decision.
No. No, it's not. It's not.
Babe, the doctor said there's
only a 10% possibility
of your mother waking up,
Why can't you understand that?
Then I will hold onto that 10%
as long as I can, Mike.
I am not ready.
I know you're not gonna
like what I'm about to say,
but no matter what you choose
the end is the same
- for your mother, it's death.
- No, you're wrong.
- She's not here anymore.
- You're wrong, Mike.
I'm not and you know it.
It just wouldn't be right.
What does that mean?
I've always wanted to reconcile
things with my mom
and-- and start fresh,
And I can't do that
if I pull the plug now.
If this was your mom like this
right now,
what would you do, Mike?
Diana, I would do what's best.
I'd let her soul be free.
No, she's staying on life
support. And that is final.
Diana. Diana. Diana.
You know what my mom
used to always say?
She would say leave everything
in God's hands.
Okay. You do that then.
God will take her soul when
it's time for her to leave.
But not right now.
Not right now.
["Got Nothing to Worry About"
by Garden Friend]
I've got nothing
to worry about
When you're by my side
I looked out and I saw
the rain (Saw the rain)
I wanted it
to go away (Mm-mm)
I felt the weight
of it all come down
A praise from
the deafening sound
But you were there
Holding my hand
You were there
Holding my hand
Hey, Mom, brought your favorite
flowers, lilies.
When you're by my side
(By my side), mm
I've got nothing
to worry about
When you're
by my side (Mm)
I bled from the wound
for at least a year
I couldn't clean
myself up
I reached out
for the bottom rung
You hoisted me up
You were there
Holding my hand
You were there
Holding my hand
Holding my hand
Holding my hand
[somber music plays]

Dad, I'm just gonna go upstairs.
one new message.
BRENDA: Hello, Mr. Woods.
This is Brenda
over in Human Resources.
We've finished our investigation
regarding your sexual misconduct
with a Mrs. Martin,
and unfortunately,
we will have to let you go.
And because
of this circumstance,
we can't offer you any positive
letter of recommendation,
but we do
wish you the best of luck.
[light switch clicks]
What's wrong?
I just need to get home.
What do you mean?
You're just gonna leave?
Like I said, I need to get home.
Where are you going?
Nobody leaves me.
What are you saying?
I'm gonna tell people you came
here and took advantage of me.
Nobody's gonna
believe you didn't.
It's been fun
but I'll see you at work.
Diana, I'm really sorry
what happened to your mother.
I am sure
she's in a better place.
Of course, she is.
Listen, um...
you believe me, right?
I was thinking maybe we should
go on a little vacation.
I'm listening.
You know, so much been going on
around here.
I think, uh, you know,
uh, all three of us
just go a road trip somewhere.
You know, that's actually
not a bad idea.
Really? You're up for it?
I mean, I don't know.
I mean, I have already
taken leave from the bakery.
Plus I'm pretty sure
my ratings will keep going down
if I'm not there
to supervise.
So I don't really know
if I trust Allison
- with the bakery and--
- It's fine. It's fine.
We'll, uh, find another time.
But you know what?
There's no
better time than now.
["Live Your Life"
There's no one
like you, my little girl
Your eyes so blue
under those brown curls
Soon you're on your way,
promise me that you know
The world is yours,
strike them with your glow
Go on now,
be good, be fine
Live your life
Dream big don't forget
To be kind
Live, it's your life
Rocks are meant to be
picked up and thrown
New ideas can be
pleasantly overgrown
You'll know where to go
if you follow that heart
Oh, one step at a time,
we all play our part
Go on now,
be good, be fine
Live your life
Dream big don't forget
To be kind
Live, it's your life
Go on now,
chase your dreams
Every scene
Go on now,
be good, be fine
Live your life
Live your life
Go on now,
chase your dreams
Every scene
Go on now,
be good, be fine
Live your life
Live your life