Conspiracy Chronicles: 9/11, Aliens (2019) Movie Script

- For 17 years, I served
as Assistant Deputy General
at the Department of Justice.
I worked essentially as the
chief operating officer.
In those years, I developed
a very close relationship
with the Deputy Attorney
General, who in many
private discussions
disclosed highly top secret
information that really
shook me to the core.
This intel related to the
existence of a secret society
you may know as the Illuminati,
an organization comprised of
the wealthiest one percent
of the planet, and for over 300 years,
they have been secretly
controlling all aspects
of human activity for the sole purpose
of serving their own hidden agenda,
to one day rule the planet
as a single world government.
The second alarming
revelation by this deputy
attorney general was the coexistence of
an extraterrestrial race
that has been on Earth
practically since the beginning,
monitoring the human condition
and orchestrating their own
dark and sinister agenda.
But the really interesting
aspect of all this
is that this alien race
formed a unified pact
with the Illuminati around the 1940s,
the purpose of which was
to maneuver mankind's path
to a deplorable stage of servitude.
What the one percent got out of that deal
is absolute immunity.
They're able to live out
their lives as they please
while the rest of humanity
faces a global act of genocide,
with the few remaining
survivors relegated to slavery.
Now when you bring up the 9/11 event,
the truth of the matter is
that it was an inside job,
but designed and orchestrated
not by corrupt factions
within the government as
the conspiracy theorists
would have you believe,
but by this unholy union
between the alien race and the Illuminati.
They control the planet.
9/11 was just one phase of their objective
to bring humanity to its knees,
and it saddens me to say that humanity is
on the brink of its darkest age.
- For years, there have been rumors
that there's a UFO coverup,
but that some of those
involved want to end it.
There are stories about factions within
the intelligence community
at war with each other
over the UFO issue.
Some want disclosure, others don't.
- The problem
isn't the existence of aliens,
the problem is the inescapable implication
that the government has
known about this for decades,
but lied about it.
It would be a constitutional
and legal nightmare,
and would fundamentally
undermine the credibility
of political leaders.
On June 24th, 1947, a
pilot, Kenneth Arnold,
saw nine strange craft flying in formation
over the Cascade Mountains
in Washington state,
traveling at a speed of well
over 1,000 miles an hour.
The media got wind of
the story and labeled
these mystery objects flying
saucers or flying discs.
Further reports came in
from other locations in
the United States and from
countries all around the world.
What were these strange craft?
What were they doing,
and who was flying them?
Then as flying saucer fever
swept across the nation,
in early July 1947, something crashed
in the New Mexico desert
close to an army airfield.
The name of this base was Roswell.
Wreckage from the crash was
gathered up from a local ranch
by military intelligence
officers stationed at Roswell,
then in an extraordinary turn of events,
the US military reached out to the media
and let it be known that they recovered
one of these strange craft.
A news release read as follows.
The many rumors regarding the flying disk
became a reality yesterday
when the intelligence officer
of the 509th Bomb Group
of the Eighth Air Force,
Roswell Army Air Field,
was fortunate enough
to gain possession of a disk.
At the time, the 509th
Bomb Group was the only
atomic bomb-capable squadron
anywhere in the world.
Roswell was arguably the
most strategically important
military base on the face of the planet.
Unbelievably, within 24
hours, the military issued
a follow-up report
claiming that the object
had simply been a weather balloon.
Could the military intelligence personnel
at this elite military unit
really have misidentified
debris from a weather balloon?
In 2007, Senate majority leader Harry Reid
quietly got together with
two like-minded colleagues,
both now deceased, Senator Ted Stevens
and Senator Daniel Inouye.
They instigated a program
known as the Advanced
Aerospace Threat Identification
Program, or AATIP.
To add to the confusion
about this project,
it's also been described
as the advanced aviation
threat identification program,
and the advanced aerial
threat identification program.
Irrespective of the title,
the brief was clear.
Investigate and evaluate
all aerial objects
and phenomena that might pose a threat
to the air defense of the United States.
In some cases, such objects
might be secret prototype
aircraft, missiles, or drones.
In other cases, they were UFOs.
The story that exploded into public domain
in the pages of The New York Times
occurred in 2004 off
the coast of San Diego,
and involved two navy air crew,
commander David Fraver and
Lieutenant Commander Jim Slate.
Each man was flying a
navy F-18 Super Hornet,
and in the middle of a
routine training flight,
the pilots were vectored
towards an uncorrelated target
that radar operators on board
the USS Princeton were tracking.
It was the latest in a series
of strange radar returns
that the navy cruiser had
detected over a two-week period,
and this time, commanders were determined
to get to the bottom of the mystery.
Fraver headed towards the mystery object
and spotted it just above the ocean.
The sea was white, as if it was boiling.
Suddenly the object accelerated
towards him before veering away.
Unable to see it, the
aircraft were vectored
to a rendezvous point some 60 miles away,
only to be told by an
astonished radar operator
that the mystery object had appeared
at the precise location
they were heading for
while the two navy jets
were still 40 miles away.
"I have no idea what I saw," Fraver said,
"but I wanna fly one."
"My gosh, there's a whole fleet of them,
"look at that thing,"
another unidentified pilot
loudly exclaims in a second video.
The footage was taken
by an advanced targeting
forward-looking infrared pod,
and in a humorous twist,
the makers, Raytheon,
rushed out a press release boasting about
how their technology was used
in US government UFO hunting.
- There has been a
concerted effort by hundreds
of government officials and
military officers to expose
the truth of this
extraterrestrial race coexistence.
Many have issued sworn
testimonies before Congress,
and even provided tangible
evidence including videos
of mysterious aircraft
performing aerial navigations
that no manmade craft can achieve,
radar samples, metals and
alloys not from this earth,
as well as credible witness testimonies,
but the response from the government
was to sweep it under the carpet
as they were instructed to
do so, as well as the media.
That's why the public remains ill-informed
about what's really happening,
and this also paves the
way for unholy unification
to carry out the next
phase of their game plan.
- Faking an alien threat
is what the man who
developed the space rocket,
Wernher von Braun, allegedly
described on his death bed
as being the last card,
the ultimate way in which shadowy forces
would make their bid
to take over the world.
Because if 9/11 brought
us the Patriot Act,
which many believe was a tool to take away
various rights and freedoms,
then a faked alien invasion
could allow the Illuminati,
or whoever these
unseen forces of darkness may be,
to sweep away not just freedoms,
but the entire concept of nationhood.
The world would have to unite
to fight the common alien foe.
It would literally bring
about a new world order.
It sounds like science fiction,
but if it isn't, the
revelations about AATIP
may be a sign that the diabolical plan
is about to be put into motion.
- The history of the
Illuminati and its formation
is absolutely fascinating,
I would urge all people
to educate themselves about them.
Do the research, learn all that you can
about this very nefarious
entity that governs our planet,
because they are the
true enemy of the people.
They are our puppet masters
and we are completely
oblivious to that fact.
The one thing they do fear is exposure,
and if we can do that
then we can save ourselves
from virtual extinction.
- Across the world,
Freemasons were already
dividing into factions,
and the same is true of those in America.
In 1733, the Provincial Grand
Master of all North America,
Henry Price, granted a charter
to a group of Freemasons in Boston,
a most auspicious day for the Freemasons
as it was for the Knights
Templar and the Knights of Malta,
the 24th of June, Sir John's Day,
and this new lodge was to be
known as St. John's Lodge.
St. John was seen as equal
importance by many to Jesus.
A Freemason by the name of Adam Weishavpt
created a new Masonic order in Bavaria
called the Illuminati,
which was to catch the eye
of many, and still does.
There is no real hard evidence
that the Illuminati still exists,
but their influence on
the world stage was vast.
Jefferson spoke highly of Weishavpt,
and Washington wrote in a
letter about the Illuminati,
"It was not my intention
to doubt that the doctrines
"of the Illuminati had not
spread to the United States.
"On the contrary, no one
is more truly satisfied
"of this fact than I am."
This is clear evidence that
this highly secret group
had in fact spread into the USA.
And for what purpose?
We only have to look at the
worlds of Weishavpt himself
when he said "the
Illuminati will, by degrees,
"and in silence possess
themselves of the government
"of the states and make
use of those means."
A famous statement by
the Illuminati reveals
why history can often be confusing,
why sometimes it appears
there are two sides
when in truth there is only
one end result already planned.
The statement goes thus:
"it doesn't matter who
the people voted for,
"they always vote for us."
An interesting statement from a Jesuit
who created a Freemasonic group.
Patience is a virtue, and by 1850,
Freemasonry was on the increase again.
It grew from 66,000
members to over 200,000,
with 5,000 lodges nationwide.
By the time of the American Civil War,
it was so widespread that
both sides in the conflict
were often seen to join
in lodges together.
Following statement is
from a book entitled
The History of the York and
Scottish Rites of Freemasonry
by Henry R. Evans.
Into Freemasonry have been
poured the irritations
of the mystical schools of antiquity.
Particularly is this so in
the high degrees of the order,
such as the Scottish Rite,
where undeniable traces
of cabalism, neo-Platonism,
and other mystical cults
are plainly discernible.
I do not personally
contend that Freemasonry
is the direct descendant of the mysteries,
but that our ritual
makers of the high degrees
have copied the ancient
ceremonies of initiation
so far as the knowledge of
those ceremonies exists.
As we can see, the forging of
America was by the Freemasons.
Some stand out more than others.
It's time to take a look
at them in more detail
in order to unlock further secrets.
One of the most influential men
in the American revolution
was Benjamin Franklin,
a writer, scientists, philosopher,
and of course, Freemason.
And what of the Constitution?
28 of the 40 who signed the document
were known or possible Freemasons.
In London, he worked with
Sir Francis Dashwood,
the Chancellor of Exchequer
who founded a secret order
known as the Hellfire Club.
These links across a secretive world
allowed Franklin to manipulate the powers,
to spread word widely and secretly,
to enact plans created in private
between some of the most
powerful men in the world.
Revolution does not just
happen, it is in fact planned,
and masses cajoled into
behaving as desired.
Thomas Jefferson, a
Freemason, actually explained
in his preface to the
Declaration of Independence
what Franklin and the
Freemasons were actually doing.
When in the course of human events
it becomes necessary for
one people to dissolve
the political bands which have
connected them with another
and to assume among
the powers of the Earth
the separate and equal
station to which the laws
of nature and of nature's
god entitles them.
A decent respect to
the opinions of mankind
requires that they
should declare the causes
which impel them to the separation.
The great seal of the United States,
as seen on the dollar bill
itself, is a Freemasonic symbol
that openly states their purpose.
The unfinished pyramid is
the masonic trestle board,
explaining the task ahead of completion
is a Freemasonic role.
The 13 steps to the pyramid
are of mystical importance.
There are 13 stars, and the
Latin phrase has 13 letters.
The eagle clutches 13
olive leaves and berries,
and 13 arrows, what is the significance?
It derives from Genesis and is a nod to
the 13th tribe of
Israel, that of Manasseh,
whose symbols were an olive
branch and a bundle of arrows,
peace and war in balance.
In the latter years thou
shalt come into the land
that was bought back from the sword,
and is gathered out of many people.
Against the mountains of Israel,
which have been always waste,
but it is brought forth out of the nations
and they shall dwell safely, all of them.
They shall dwell safely there
in the land of the free.
The eagle itself is evidence for this,
for it is biblically the
destroyer of serpents.
The all-seeing eye is
that of the Freemasons,
and their grand architect,
all-seeing, all over the world.
The seal of the United States is boldly
full of Freemasonic symbolism,
stating the new world order
in Latin for all to see.
They make no apology for
it, and why should they?
As in the later Spanish revolt,
itself blatantly
orchestrated by Freemasons
and aided by American money,
they were proud to have bought
the land back from the sword,
so they shall dwell safely once more.
Spanish flag itself would also
become a Freemasonic symbol.
So what does all of this mean
to the secret world of America?
As it stands today, there are
over 15,000 lodges in the USA.
That's almost half the total
lodges in the entire world.
There are three million members,
that's more than half the
total of those in the world.
The majority of those members
are active community leaders,
whether business, banking, law,
religion, media, or politics.
They are still there at
the heart of Washington.
They still sit on the
boards of big corporations.
They still control the finances.
This land that steers the hearts and minds
of billions through movies,
media, politics, and money,
was influenced from the very beginning
by a sincere group of men fleeing tyranny
and hoping for a new world.
Over time, they have influenced the world
and played many games of
revolution to assist brothers
in far-off lands achieve the same.
If we are still in doubt about
the influence the Freemasons
and the inner sanctum
of the Illuminati play,
then let us remember the words
of one 18th century Freemason
who was so shocked by
the global conspiracy
that he put it down in black and white.
John Robinson, a professor of philosophy
at Edinburgh University
so disliked the purposes
of the Illuminati that he said
"an association has been
formed for the express purpose
"of rooting out all the
religious establishments
"and overturning all the
existing governments.
"The leaders will rule the world
"with uncontrollable
power while all the rest
"will be employed as tools of the ambition
"of their unknown superiors."
But ultimately, it is not
democracy to have a secret
organization at the heart of government,
religion, and the powerful business world.
- One of the most
disturbing aspects of the pact
formed by the alien
race and the Illuminati
were the terms of their agreement.
In exchange for immunity
and shared technologies,
the aliens would have clearance to abduct
thousands of men, women, and children
every year for their
own scientific research.
While many of these abductees
were safely returned
to their lives with little
memories of the incidents,
the majority of the rest were
extinguished and disposed of.
Now, the government did know about this,
they even formed a treaty in 1954
signed by none other than
President Eisenhower.
It the known as the Greada Treaty,
which gave the alien race
the freedom to abduct people
in perpetuity, meaning
it continues to this day.
- Over the
years, hundreds of thousands
of UFO sightings have been
logged and investigated,
some by government
programs, others by civilian
research groups such as MUFON.
While many of these sightings involved
UFOs seen at distance,
others have been decidedly
up close and personal.
There are some cases where it's claimed
witnesses got so close to a UFO
that there were physical effects,
and sometimes even injury and illness,
burn marks, suspected radiation sickness.
- Simply being
taken against your will
is frightening enough, but
what if our own government
is aware of abductions and
are powerless to prevent it?
Or even more frightening
is the theory that
they are in league with the aliens
and have signed treaties
to allow humans to be taken
and used as the aliens see fit.
If the government is aware
of the abduction phenomenon,
would it matter to an abductee?
A troubling and persistent
phenomenon has been occurring
throughout history to people
on Earth for centuries,
the belief that they are
being taken by beings
from some other place,
perhaps outer space or another dimension.
These people have real memories
of being taken secretly
against their will by
apparently non-human entities
and subjected to complex physical
and psychological procedures.
There are famous modern cases such
as the Betty and Barney Hill abduction,
the Charles Hickson and
Calvin Parker abduction,
and the Travis Walton abduction.
However, for every
well-documented abduction case
on record, there are
hundreds of less-known cases
where people have
experienced alien abductions.
- Abductee has been used
a lot over the years
to explain how some unknown intelligence,
it might be extraterrestrial,
it might even be
from another dimension or another time,
that these entities
have come to take people
against their will, do things.
They take them away, they
do things to these people
that are very unpleasant
and the whole thing
leaves the person that
went through this type
of experience very victimized,
but the term experiencer
is a bit more loose.
It is just indicating that
somebody's encountered
an intelligence, but not
necessarily been traumatized
by it in all cases, not necessarily
been taken in all cases,
just they've come into contact with it.
The term contactee actually
was another term that was used
back in the '50s, a
little bit in the '60s,
that kind of a thing,
it's no longer in vogue,
but experiencer is I think
the proper term for it,
because not everybody's
taken and those who go
are not always taken against their will.
- The late
professor John Edward Mack,
a respected Harvard
University psychiatrist,
was asked to investigate
an experiencer's case,
and became so perplexed by the phenomenon
that he devoted a
substantial amount of time
to investigating additional cases.
His desire was to understand
objectively what is going on.
Professor Mack eventually concluded
that the only phenomenon in psychiatry
that adequately explained
the patient's symptoms
in several of the most compelling cases
was post-traumatic stress disorder.
This would imply that the
patient genuinely believed
that the remembered frightening incident
had really occurred.
- These people have
been examined by myself,
they've been tested psychologically,
they are of above-average intelligence,
they are of sound mind,
they've been show as of
superior mental
functioning by the testers.
So there is not indication of any kind of
psychiatric condition
that can account for this
that I've been able to find.
In fact, when one abductee hears the story
of another abductee, they react with shock
because they don't
wanna believe it's true.
They would rather believe it's a dream
or a form of mental
illness than that this is
something real because it's so shattering
to their notion of reality,
and that's happened over and over again
among the people I've been working with.
- The Hindu
Mahabharata describes weapons
reminiscent of guided
rockets, beam weapons,
and nuclear devices being
used in an ancient war
between alien races,
technologies that from their description
could only be advanced
propulsion systems as well.
During medieval times,
tales of the succubus
and other fairy creatures are reminiscent
of extraterrestrial visitations.
In fact, throughout history,
references to aliens,
gods, or other beings
having come from the stars
are quite common.
Many researchers today are beginning
to piece together a
theory that we ourselves
may be the product of alien intervention.
Humans could be a hybrid
created by the extraterrestrials
and left here on Earth to be monitored
in some long-term experiment.
- But there are species
- I believe that the government knows
so much more about this phenomenon
than they're letting on that even
finding out the tip of the
iceberg of what they know
is gonna put people in shock,
as I'm actively involved
in the local MUFON chapter
in Michigan, we get currently
about 200 sightings a year
just in Michigan, and that is enough
to fill your plate several
times over with UFO cases,
so to me, it's almost at a point where
I don't care what the government knows
and what they're hiding,
I've got an embarrassment
of riches here with
the number of UFO cases
coming in to our local chapter.
You know, I don't need them
to try to hide anything
because it's all just flowing freely now.
People are talking about what's
happening to them openly.
- While alien
abductions did not achieve
widespread attention until the 1960s,
there were many similar stories
circulating decades earlier.
These early abduction-like
accounts have been dubbed
paleo-abductions by UFO
researcher Jerome Clark.
In an 1897 edition of the
Stockton, California Daily Mail,
Colonel H.G. Shaw claimed he
and a friend were harassed
by three tall, slender humanoids
whose bodies were covered
with a fine downy hair.
Colonel Shaw reported that these beings
tried to kidnap the pair.
The 1955 publication
of Harold T. Wilkins's
Flying Saucers Uncensored declared that
Carl Honreth and Wilbur Wilkinson,
who had claimed they
were contacted by aliens,
had disappeared under
mysterious circumstances.
Wilkins reported his
speculation that the duo
was the victims of alleged
abduction by flying saucers.
A wave of contactee cases
emerged in the 1950s as well.
These individuals claim to
have been contacted by aliens,
however, the substance
of contactee narratives
is often regarded as quite different
from alien abduction accounts.
Widespread publicity was generated
by the Betty and Barney
Hill abduction case of 1961.
The Hill incident was
probably the prototypical
abduction case and was perhaps the first
in which the claimant described beings
that later became widely
known as the Grays,
and in which the beings were
said to explicitly identify
as extraterrestrial origin.
Proving alien abductions is difficult
without obvious physical evidence.
When an experiencer is returned,
all he has to prove his encounter
are the fragments of memories
left intact by the aliens.
Though throughout the
history of UFO studies,
countless cases have occurred
that do indeed present physical evidence.
Many are not aware of this,
or the facts of a case are simply ignored.
Details in each case often are the proof
and encounter happened, but
even with specific details,
we're left with the account
and the sincerity of the witness.
California podiatrist Dr. Roger Leir
claims to have removed alien
implants from patients.
Alien implants is a term used in ufology
to describe a physical object
placed in someone's body
after they have been abducted by aliens.
Claimed abilities of
the implants range from
telepresence, mind
control, and biotelemetry,
the way we tag wild animals for study.
As with UFO subjects in general,
the idea of alien implants
has seen very little attention
from mainstream scientists.
- We found in several cases that they
put out an electromagnetic field
measurable on a Gauss meter
of about six milliGauss, and
if anybody's into electronics,
you may know that's a pretty
strong magnetic field.
When they're taken out of the
body, they don't do anything.
Also on an instrument called a trimeter,
we get a mid range reading
on a combined scale,
an electrode scale, a magnetic scale,
and that's also a pretty strong reading.
We have an electrical
engineer that we use,
and he has designed a special probe
that's connected with an oscilloscope
so we could read the waves
and see what it looks like
and he says it is a good indication
that there's something going in
and there's something coming out.
So obviously, these objects
are in communication
with somebody at some distance.
- Since the 1940s, there
have been countless sightings
and even physical encounters
with the extraterrestrials
by ordinary citizens.
Thousands of videos and
photos have been taken,
the best of which have been
confiscated by the government
and never released to the public.
See, the last thing the government wants
is public disclosure about
the alien presence because
they fear the sociological
repercussions that would follow.
If the people knew that an
advanced race superseded
our government, it would
lead to social upheaval.
I mean, why answer to a government
that really wasn't in charge?
The consequences of the truth
could lead to social disorder.
That's why there's been
a decades-long effort
to suppress the truth.
- Sightings
have been caught on camera
in Chile, Bolivia, and
Brazil, and it's fair to say
a lot of people are losing
their minds over them.
The latest of these sightings was filmed
in the Chilean capital of
Santiago, with four glowing orbs
seen hovering above
skyscrapers in the city.
It has been viewed over 100,000 times,
and has split the online community
on whether it's actually genuine.
Commentators on YouTube were
quick to give their opinion,
with many believing that an alien invasion
is in the cards, while
others simply thought
it was either military
planes or helicopters.
Neither seems entirely convincing.
This came after more eerie footage emerged
earlier in the month in a
rural neighborhood in Bolivia
where a giant flying
saucer was captured on film
above mountains in El Alto,
a city in the northwest
Bolivian region of La Paz.
The clip shows an unusually shaped object
flying through the sky before disappearing
and then reappearing in the clouds.
It was uploaded to a UFO spotting website
dedicated to gathering
evidence of alien sightings,
and has now been shared worldwide.
Cynics believe that the footage is a hoax
to increase online traffic
for the filmmaker's website,
and has simply been created
by using a digital editing program.
Believers were given yet
another chance of hope
in southern Brazil too,
with a very similar looking
UFO appearing in their skies.
The Express reported
that a woman named Marmel
posted the picture online showing another
blurred disk shape in the sky,
which she didn't even notice
while taking the scenic photo.
Could this be evidence that
the Cochinas are returning?
South America has some of the most amazing
UFO encounters on record.
Especially remarkable is the sheer variety
of the sightings which range
from straightforward accounts
of flying objects to abductions, landings,
cattle mutilation, as
well as contactee accounts
and strange beings that emerge
from oddly-shaped craft.
In addition, there are
particularities to these sightings
that are uniquely South American twists
to the tales that are to be
found on no other continent.
Undoubtedly, the best
known of the South American
encounters occurred in 1957.
A Brazilian farmer by
the name of Vilas Boas
was working in his fields with a tractor
when he claims he was abducted by aliens
and taken aboard a spacecraft.
There, he claims to have had intercourse
with a beautiful fair-skinned girl
with high cheekbones, a very pointed chin,
and vivid blue Chinese-type slant eyes
who stood about 4'8"
high without her helmet.
The case was thoroughly investigated
and researchers admitted felling impressed
at the clarity of Boas's evidence.
In the ensuing months and years,
the details were checked
and rechecked by dozens
of separate people without
revealing any contradiction
in the nature of the farmer's story.
As such, it merits its notoriety
as one of the most riveting
abduction accounts on record.
In August 1962, for example,
there was an incident
that made even the Boas case look tame.
Unfortunately on this occasion,
the victim did not
survive to tell the tale.
Briefly, the facts are these.
On the 19th of that month,
two glowing red spheres
the size of footballs are
reported to have flown
over the hut of a poor diamond prospector
named Rivelino Marta de Salva.
Later, two aliens approximately
1.5 feet in height
entered the hut and peered at
the family as they lay in bed.
The next day, one of the
man's sons was surprised
to discover two strange
balls outside the hut.
One was entirely black and
the other black and white.
When the father came out to look at them,
they apparently rose up
at him and enveloped him
in a cloud of yellow smoke.
He was never seen again.
Shortly afterwards, the son
was reported to have been
taken into custody by the Brazilian army,
some say as a means of silencing him.
Another astonishing
encounter occurred in 1973
near the town of Catanduva, Brazil.
The '70s were to prove the heyday
of South American encounters,
and this is perhaps one
of the most sensational.
A traveling salesman returning
home in a torrential downpour
suddenly found his car
radio cut out on him,
followed shortly afterwards
by the engine of the car.
Almost immediately, a
blinding beam of blue light
then shone down from
above and overwhelmed by
a great sense of heat, the driver panicked
and fled from the car.
The salesman was later to
testify that his vehicle
became transparent and
his skin began to burn
as he lapsed into unconsciousness.
Hours later, he was discovered
spread eagle in the road
by people in a passing
car who called the police.
Taken to a hospital, he
was quickly discharged,
but later strange blotches
developed on his abdomen.
The examining doctor's opinion was that
they were caused by strange rays.
The amazing corollary to this
story is that a year later,
the same man disappeared for six days
before being found over 500 miles away,
sitting on a hill completely soaked.
He later claimed to have
been abducted by aliens,
and medically examined aboard a UFO.
This as before, doctors were
impressed by his lucidity
and were happy to pronounce
him fully compos mentis.
In 1965, around 50 Indians
of the Toubou tribe
were astonished to see three tall beings
emerge from two saucer-like
craft that came down
close to the Argentinian town of Formosa,
near the border with Paraguay.
The beings appeared to have
luminous halos around their
bodies, and the Indians knelt
down and worshiped them.
Witnesses speak of verbal
contact being established
with the aliens who
informed the Indians that
the space people would eventually
come in greater numbers.
An Indian who made a close
approach to the craft
was warned off and eventually
the beings returned
to the craft, which took off
in a dazzling burst of light.
Police who hurried to
the scene are believed
to have taken numerous
photographs, which are reputed
to show at least three landed
saucers and five aliens.
Beings that emerged
from an egg-shaped craft
assured a local hunter that before long,
the whole world would come to know them.
The hunter, named Felipe
Martinez, claims to have
met the aliens on no fewer
than three occasions.
The first time, in 1949, he ran toward
a hovering object
revolving above the trees,
only to be paralyzed by a
mysterious burst of energy.
From a door in the object,
a small being then
descended down a ladder.
Standing no more than a meter in height,
the being was described
as wearing a helmet
and clothes like a diver's costume.
In an interview, Martinez
claims to have been taken
aboard one of the alien vessels,
which oddly was piloted
by a crew of four beings
around a meter in height,
and another blonde-haired
being just over six feet tall.
He claims to have been
placed in a space suit,
but this had an alarming
effect on his heart rate
and the suit was quickly removed.
Conversation with the aliens
was slow and difficult,
but according to Martinez,
the aliens' name for their craft was Sil.
In 1963 in Parana State, Brazil,
a crowd of onlookers was
amazed to see a bright,
zinc-colored object descend into
flames of a major forest fire.
Even more astonishing was that
after a quarter of an hour,
several tall beings were
seen to emerge from the craft
and strode around in the
flames completely untouched
by the furnace-like heat
that surrounded them.
Even more perplexing was
the fact that the beings
seemed intent on collecting charred rocks
and other material from the fire
which they then took back
to the waiting spaceship.
This done, the craft then
departed as silently as it came.
Witnesses described it
as a basin-shaped craft
35 meters in diameter and
around eight meters in height.
This occasion, two young
hunters came across
a luminous machine around 10 feet wide
hovering just two feet from the ground.
Four or five beings were
seen to emerge from the craft
and then attempted to drag
both the youths inside.
Fighting them off as best they could,
one of the young men lashed
out with his rifle butt,
bringing it down on the
head of one of the aliens.
Incredibly, the weapon
broke into fragments
as if it had struck on a rock.
Finally managing to
break free of the aliens,
both youths ran off to summon police,
who later reported signs of a struggle.
As in the previous incident,
both youths required hospital
treatment and remained
in a highly agitated state
for some time afterwards.
In Argentina, the year
1965 brought a series
of abortive abduction
attempts where aliens
attempted to take people by force.
The national press
published numerous reports
of these incidents, which bear evidence of
a widespread trend of
which relatively few cases
were adequately investigated.
Of those that were, an
incident in the province
of Corrientes tells of five luminous craft
observed flying low overhead.
One vessel proceeded to
land near a farm house
and five beings around two meters tall
were then seen to emerge.
On their heads were instruments
giving off flashes of light.
The focus of the beings'
attention was immediately
directed at the farm house.
Forcing their way inside,
they attempted to overpower
the owner and drag him away.
Fighting the aliens as best he could,
the farmer eventually broke
free of his attackers,
who fled when other villagers
rushed to his assistance.
Several days later, the aliens returned
and attempted to abduct another man.
Once again, villagers turned out in force,
firing rifles which, although
not able to injure the aliens,
was sufficient to drive them away again.
The association of Latin
America with sky visitors
who arrive from the stars
goes back thousands of years.
To native Indian cultures,
these beings brought with them
the rudiments of civilization,
initiating major developments in science,
agriculture, astronomy, and masonry.
By the shores of Lake Titicaca,
the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan
bear a mysterious reflection
of those ancient beliefs.
Here, the imposing Gate of the Sun
contains enigmatic hieroglyphs
that some have interpreted as
advanced astronomical data.
The best-selling author Erich von Daniken
found the place highly
indicative of alien influence.
He wrote "what does legend say
"about the mysterious
city of Teotihuacano?
"It tells of a golden ship
that came from the stars,"
he continues, "what titanic
forces were at work here,
"and to what end?"
Von Daniken concludes, "what
secret does this city conceal?
"What message from other
worlds awaits its solution
"on the Bolivian plateau?"
Equally evocative of mysterious influence
are the Nazca Lines etched
in the Peruvian desert
close to the town of Ica.
Here, dead straight lines traverse
the desert for dozens of miles.
Other shapes include
depictions of monkeys,
whales, and decorative birds.
At ground level, the patterns
are barely perceptible
and only really become apparent
when viewed from the air.
Since the antiquity of the lines goes back
thousands of years, the
question has been asked
and re asked, why would an ancient people
go to such immense effort
to construct a line system
only visible from the air?
Who was meant to see it?
Inevitably, von Daniken saw
the answer in terms of aliens.
He interpreted the lines as markers
or landing strips for alien spacecraft.
While this may appear a
far-fetched explanation,
the Indians of that area have other ideas.
Their traditions frequently
make mention of strange visitors
who descend from the
sky aboard fiery craft.
Visitations which they insist
have carried on down to present day.
There has always been a connection
between Native Americans
and beings from other
parts of the universe,
referred to as star people
or visitors from space.
In Utah's Nine Mile
Canyon lies the heaviest
concentration of rock art in the world.
These depict beings that appear to be
not quite completely human.
They can be seen next
to a disk-shaped object.
Other beings of a more human form
are raising their hands to
these beings near the object.
Near Christina Lake,
British Columbia, Canada,
there is a picture of a
white disk with black wings
hovering over four human
figures on their knees.
There are lines coming
from the top of the disk
which could be rays of light.
Longer, more irregular lines come down
from the bottom of the object.
A rock painting at Cayuse Creek, Idaho
depicts what appears to
be a cone-shaped rocket
with smoke or flames trailing behind it.
In the cone is a humanoid figure
apparently holding on to the inner walls.
A pictograph near Kootenay
Lake, British Columbia
also shows an enclosed vehicle
holding a single humanoid figure.
It depicts what appear to
be sections of the vehicle
and two objects closely resembling
retractible legs for landing.
Numerous depictions of egg-shaped
objects with wavy lines
emanating from them have been found.
These could be an effort to
show the object in motion,
or some sort of light or heat.
If this were to depict the sun,
lines would typically be found all around
the circumference of the circle.
In these cases, they came
only from the bottom side.
In certain Cherokee
legends, it's said that
their people originated in
the Pleiades long, long ago.
They claim to have come to this world
as star seeds to bring
light and knowledge.
If the stories are true,
then modern-day Cherokee,
as well as other Native Americans,
and many of us with Native American blood,
contain Pleiadian genes.
- The one government
agency that contains
the most extensive knowledge and evidence
of the alien presence is NASA.
The amount of data collected by them
since the 1960s is absolutely staggering,
and many people have been killed
in the name of protecting the secrecy,
but in the ensuing years,
very credible testimonies
have surfaced by NASA whistle blowers,
including some of the
astronauts themselves.
The one revelation in
particular that NASA has
intensely guarded from the public
are the bases on the
dark side of the moon.
Immense, domed bases that have been there
by their estimate for thousands of years,
and I know they're there
because I had the privilege
of seeing the images with my own eyes,
and it's really frightening stuff.
- A former NASA
astronaut, Dr. Brian O'Leary,
stated that there is abundant evidence
that we are being contacted,
that civilizations have been visiting us
for a very long time,
that their appearance is
bizarre from any type of
traditional materialistic
western point of view,
that these visitors use the
technologies of consciousness.
They use toroids, they use
co rotating magnetic discs
for their propulsion systems.
That seems to be the common denominator
of the UFO phenomenon.
Prime ministers, chief
cabinet secretaries,
and NASA astronauts all
testifying to the truth that
thousands of ordinary people
across the globe know as fact.
Aliens exist, that they have
and are visiting our planet.
The head of the Air Command
Academy of Air Defense
has gone on record, he said,
"yes, there were particularly
mysterious occurrences
"during military practice.
"At times, targets appeared
on which fighters in the air
"or radars set for anti-aircraft
missiles trained on them,
"but it was difficult to
determine what they were exactly."
We try to take into account
the problem the UFOs.
Quite a bit of interesting
material has appeared,
and it's perfectly obvious it
needs to be studied in earnest
and that it's necessary
to address this question
on a government level.
Right now, you're more and more inclined
to believe that UFOs exist.
Military men are not usually
disposed to speculation.
They report the facts, every fact.
They give location, heights, speeds.
They rarely express
such ideas about aliens,
and yet, here we have seen
men with high integrity,
intelligence, and experience.
They all believe that there
is some form of alien life
invading our very air space,
and even the space around planet Earth.
The world's largest and
most powerful organization
with the biggest array of technology
ever known to man is NASA.
They too know the truth,
and they are covering it up.
Recently, the number
of known alien planets
has increased by 60%.
NASA's very own Kepler space telescope
has discovered over 1,300 new exoplanets,
many of which they claim
might very well contain life.
Paul Hertz, director of
the astrophysics division
at NASA said, "most stars in our galaxy
"have planetary systems,
and a reasonable fraction
"of stars in our galaxy have
potentially habitable planets."
Recently thousands of
people cried cover-up
when NASA's International
Space Station live feed
was cut suddenly just as a
UFO passed in clear view.
The object was a horseshoe shape
and nobody has come forward
with an explanation.
Later footage recorded by
people not working at NASA
reveals a ship leaving
the Earth's atmosphere
and docking with another UFO,
neither of which are NASA's.
Scott Carpenter was a
test pilot and astronaut
at NASA for many years.
He said, "at no time when
the astronauts were in space
"were they alone.
"There was a constant
surveillance by UFOs."
Colonel Buzz Aldrin
was with NASA for years
and one of the first men
to set foot on the moon.
He was a national hero.
He saw and experienced things.
These experiences affected him.
He had a nervous breakdown.
At least, that's the official story.
Author Fred Steckling claims
that Aldrin was silenced.
The reason was very simple.
Aldrin saw alien bases on the moon.
It is claimed by hundreds of investigators
that actually close-up
photographs of the moon
have been tampered with.
They have been airbrushed to
remove what is really there,
hidden from our sight.
It is a stated fact that all
photographs, then and now,
are vetted by NASA before
release to the public, why?
Aldrin claimed that they
were not the first people
to set foot on the moon.
Somebody or something
had been there before.
Alien vehicles flew within 50 feet
of a US space vehicle
for one full Earth orbit,
and then the AV departed.
Again, while Aldrin was present,
Buzz Aldrin had a nervous breakdown.
Because of these events, and
the pressure not to talk.
There have been 22 deaths, many
suicides, at JSC in Houston.
No astronaut who has seen AVs or ETs
is allowed to talk about
it, even amongst themselves.
If they do and are
caught, they may be fired,
publicly humiliated, imprisoned,
or have all pensions and
future salaries taken away.
Buzz Aldrin himself said,
"there was something out there
"that was close enough to be observed,
"and what could it be?"
Mike Collins decided he
thought he could see it
in the telescope, and
he was able to do that,
and when it was in one position.
What we do know is that
there are literally
thousands of pilots, both
military and commercial,
who have witnessed UFOs
visiting the Earth,
and not just above the atmosphere.
A woman known as Jackie
recently came forward.
Her name is being kept a
secret for her own safety.
She claims she worked for NASA
and that she actually
witnessed humans on Mars.
Through the live feed that
goes directly into NASA,
she saw humans in space
suits walking on the planet.
Here's what she said in a live interview
on Coast to Coast Radio,
"that old Viking rover
"was running around, then I
saw two men in space suits.
"Not the bulky suits we normally use,
"but they looked protected.
"They came over the horizon,
"walking to the Viking explorer."
When she saw this, along
with six other colleagues,
they immediately reported it.
We ran upstairs but they locked the door
and taped paper over the
door so we couldn't see.
My question is, were they our guys?
None of her colleagues
have ever come forward,
but there are hundreds of
reports of secret space programs
starting right back in the 1960s.
In 2005, an ex-employee of the
Defense Intelligence Agency
began leaking classified information
about an alien exchange
program called Project Serpo.
The ex-DIA employee stated
that it was one of the aliens
known as EBE1, and even helped
organized a special team
of humans to visit his
home world known as Serpo,
in the Zeta Reticuli system.
This happened in 1965,
and the team stayed on Serpo until 1978.
Two died there, two stayed on the planet,
and the rest returned.
All have died due to radiation poisoning.
There is a man who worked for
NASA as a spacecraft operator
at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
He was involved in over 650 missions,
including the Mercury
and Apollo expeditions,
and the space shuttle period.
His name is Clark McClelland,
and it was during this time
on the space shuttle mission
that he witnessed something very strange.
According to McClelland, he
was monitoring the mission
from his desk at the Kennedy
Launch Control Center
when he saw something.
Here's his statement,
"I, Clark C. McClelland,
"former spacecraft operator,
space shuttle fleet,
"personally observed an
eight-to-nine-foot-tall E "on 27-inch video monitors while on duty
"in the Space Kennedy Center
launch control center.
"The ET was standing
upright in the space shuttle
"payload bay having a discussion with two
"tethered US NASA astronauts.
"I also observed on my monitors
the spacecraft of the E as it was in a stabilized, safe orbit
"to the rear of the space
shuttle main engine pods.
"I observed this incident
for about one minute
"and seven seconds,
plenty of time to memorize
"all that I was observing.
"It was an ET and alien star ship."
Here's what he said,
"the Pentagon owns NASA.
"Some of the Department
of Defense missions
"I participated in were top secret.
"Those missions carried TS satellites
"and other space mission
hardware into orbit
"where several crews met with ETs."
He claims that the US government has been
keeping this secret, a
long-standing military alliance
with aliens for decades
in league with the human exchange program.
Edgar Mitchell was the sixth
man to walk on the moon.
He was a highly intelligent man,
top astronaut, and American hero.
He states quite openly
that very high-ranking
military officials saw alien ships
monitoring the 1940s
nuclear weapons tests.
The CIA and NASA are covering
up what they all saw.
The Russians say that both Buzz Aldrin
and Neil Armstrong saw spacecraft
moments after landing on the moon,
and that they relayed a
message back to mission control
that two large objects landed near to them
and were observing them.
They even state that Aldrin
took color footage of the UFOs
from inside their module
and continued filming
when Armstrong went outside.
According to Armstrong,
aliens actually have
a base on the moon and
humans were being warned off.
Radio hams with their own
VHF receiving facilities
bypass NASA's broadcasting outlets
and picked up the following
exchange from the moon.
- Mission control calling Apollo 11.
Apollo 11, these babies
are huge, sir, enormous.
Oh my god, you wouldn't believe it.
I'm telling you, there are
other space craft out there
lined up on the far
side of the crater edge.
They're on the moon watching us.
- Armstrong
later said in an interview,
"it was incredible, of
course we had always known
"there was a possibility.
"The fact is, we were warned off.
"There was never any question
then of a space station
"or a moon city.
"I can't go into details except to say
"that their ships were
far superior to ours,
"both in size and technology,
"and boy were they big and menacing.
"No, there is no question
of a space station."
- The
sociological impact resulting
from the attack on September
11th, 2001 is so far-reaching,
it's impossible to measure its magnitude.
Our civil liberties have been compromised,
the expansion of surveillance
and invasion of privacy
upon the citizens continues to this day,
but most importantly,
the event opened the door
for the Middle East invasion.
The one part of the
world that the Illuminati
has no governing power
over is the Middle East,
and until they have
complete global control,
they can't proceed to the next phase
of the one world government.
- Many of
these theorists believe
the attacks were part
of a false flag effort
to allow the federal
government to easily enact law
like the Patriot Act
that would pave the way
for consolidating totalitarian
control over the populace.
Building Seven was next to the towers.
It too appears to have been
destroyed by demolition,
but it was not hit by planes.
In fact, it should have
little to no damage at all.
Building Seven housed
field offices of the SEC,
FBI, CIA, NSA, among others.
It contained tons of
information on corporate fraud
that could collectively have
constituted major crimes
that would have put many individuals away
for a few hundred years.
Building Seven also housed
several intelligence
and law enforcement agencies,
and the New York City office
of Emergency Management's
Emergency Operation Center.
If you want to get rid of
any evidence of conspiracy,
Building Seven would be a
crucial target for destruction.
If fire caused Building Seven to collapse,
it would be the first
ever fire-induced collapse
of a steel frame high rise.
Building Seven's collapse
was not mentioned
in the 9/11 commission report.
It took the federal government
seven years to conduct
an investigation and issue
a report for Building Seven.
In addition, 1,700
architects and engineers
have signed a petition calling
for a new investigation
into the destruction of Building Seven,
specifying that it should
include a full inquiry
into the possible use of explosives.
Numerous witnesses say the
possibility of demolishing
Building Seven was widely
discussed by emergency personnel
at the scene and advocated
by the building's owner.
Why was it so important that this building
be destroyed during the 9/11 event?
Similarly, the offices
that were the target
of the missile that struck the Pentagon
were those of several auditors digging in
to 2.6 trillion dollars in
missing or untraceable money.
In addition to the Twin
Towers and Building Seven,
the World Trade Center
complex included buildings
three, four, five, and six.
Compared to Building Seven,
all of these buildings
were severely damaged,
first by falling rubble
from the Twin Towers and then by fires
that burned for hours.
Although these buildings
were in critical condition,
none of them collapsed.
Was 9/11 a false flag event
intended to hide a litany
of corruption and criminal
activity of of government?
Was it intended to generate enough fear
in which the government could
set into motion the erosion
of our civil liberties
and create a police state?
Since 9/11, our police now look far more
like a military than officers,
having received surplus military equipment
from two wars due to 9/11.
We have seen the creation
of Homeland Security,
the TSA, and the Patriot Act,
all as a result of this
one event, and as of date,
we have discovered the NSA can and does
spy on every American citizen.
Are we living under a new wold order?
Look around and you decide.
- If you do your
research you'll discover
that pretty much everything
I've been disclosing
is already out there.
A lot of witnesses and whistle
blowers have come forward
and have released what
they know to the public.
The truth is sitting right in front of us,
you just have to read
through the misinformation
and hoaxes perpetrated by our government
to throw the public off the trail,
but for the future of
our kids and their kids,
we must act now.
These malevolent powers
secretly controlling our planet
must be exposed, pulled
out of the shadows,
and into the light so that we as a people
can exist in a world full
of hope and prosperity.